Former Ambassador: No. 4 reactor a top national security issue for entire world — Could start “the ultimate catastrophe”

Published: May 11th, 2012 at 2:28 pm ET


Doomsday scenarios spread about No. 4 reactor at Fukushima plant
Shukan Asahi Weekly Magazine (via AJW by The Asahi Shimbun)
May 10, 2012
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[…] Mitsuhei Murata, 74, a professor emeritus at Tokaigakuen University who once served as Japan’s ambassador to Switzerland, said, “The existence of the No. 4 reactor has become a major national security issue for the entire world that does not take a back seat even to North Korea’s missile issue.”

He had called for a halt to operations at the Hamaoka nuclear power plant even before the Great East Japan Earthquake struck last year, leading to the nuclear crisis.

“If an accident should occur at the No. 4 reactor, it could be called the start of the ultimate catastrophe for the world,” Murata said as a witness at an Upper House Budget Committee hearing in March. […]

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Published: May 11th, 2012 at 2:28 pm ET


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31 comments to Former Ambassador: No. 4 reactor a top national security issue for entire world — Could start “the ultimate catastrophe”

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Just released.
    NPP FLOOD EVALUATIONS Looks like quite a few are on the list.
    #NRC prioritizes industry responses to request for post-Fukushima flood hazard evaluations.
    Does it make me feel better? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

  • SteveMT

    His choice of words is telling. "Ultimate catastrophe" seems to equal final catastrophe, IMO. More people of this stature need to come forward to increase the pressure to do something while there is still some time left. The question is: Is TEPCO and the governments of the world listening?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      In a word: NO

    • americancommntr

      No person or company should be allowed to own or operate a facility with the capacity to destroy a large geographic area, a hemisphere, or the whole world.

      This is a sobering point to make to congressional representatives and senators. It crystallizes a thought that's common sense and in many minds just waiting to be realized.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    NewEarthquake: 4.5 earthquake, eastern Honshu, Japan. May 12 2:59am at epicenter (1h:26m ago, 77km WSW of Fukushima,…

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Has me feeling like I am in an extended version of On The Beach 2000 (just saw all of it last week on YT).

    At what point do I simply do a long road trip and say my last goodbyes to many friends and family, even if I don't tell them exactly why?

    Just feels so surreal.
    Never imagined in my life I would see these sorts of political/administration sort of people step up to the plate and call things out the way that they really are.

    Yet another reminder of what the late Buckminster Fuller concluded from world history (as he had studied it in depth)….

    It is human behavior that humanity, collectively, will paint itself into a corner until it is left with 2 choices….
    CHANGE or DIE.

    Sad thing is, our option for change in the nuclear scenario appears to have been missed.


      @fireguyjeff: at least you can go to your grave knowing you figured (most of it) out. I know that's not too reassuring; except that you're exhibiting courage to face these universal truths; which has benefits that elude the others.

      They thought (like most do) that it's only a matter of technological advancement. They should have paid closer attention to Roddenberry's messages (author of the early Star Trek series); one of his most noted being, "A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away." Very sad how most humans resist the truth, until that distinct sound of dirt falling upon the coffin lid is heard. What's even more depressing is that many good ones will have to suffer the stupidity of but a handful of selfish people.

      Stay true to the dream of life…

    • I had the same feeling watching that movie – felt more like reality as it is now, and must be especially so for those living around Fukushima – who know what is going on – and are living it every day now.

      Would any of us be over-reacting to say that the lives of all those in Japan and maybe North America (and other parts, like Korea, China, Russia) rest on the ability of SFP4 to withstand something like a force 7 or higher when they only guarantee it up to about a 6 – according to a guarantor we have known has lied in the past?

      More like a global security issue, not just a national security issue:

      We seem to have fabricated 3 eternal bombs with no 'off' switch(which should be hitting groundwater around now?) which spurt unseen human-killing particles, and a fourth waiting like a monster to devour us all. Which probably proves that even though we have many smart monkeys in our troop, some with Nobel prizes, we seem to lack the necessary collective wisdom to actually save ouselves from nuclear annihilation.

      Would really help to get the real scoop on SFP4's seismic abilities, or lack thereof.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    Deep bow to Dr. Mitsuhei Murata. This man is why conspiracies of silence don't usually work. Because not all "public servants" are out simply to line their own pockets. Because some "public servants" ARE public servants in reality. Because if a conspiracy of silence keeps a topic like Fuku out of the MSM, there are still those "in the know" who will speak out. Those members of the Japanese public without Mr. Murata's credentials should continue to speak out forcefully against the conspiracy of silence on Fuku. Fuku is not going away. Fuku has unleashed the poisons that can kill all of humanity on planet Earth if we continue to do nothing. Fuku needs urgent national and international attention. We urge all members of what we affectionately call TPTB to come forward now to combine your voice with that of Dr. Murata. No nukes. Not ever. Encase Fuku 1-4 in concrete now!

  • jackassrig

    Thousands of ships crisscross the Pacific every year. Some of the VLCC and ULCC are in the range of million barrels capacity. When they discharge the oil, they will head out to sea to clean their tanks for a new cargo-diesel, gasoline, kerosene etc. They will also trim the ship by pumping sea water into the empty tanks. With all of the radioactive sea water, they will be pumping many barrels of glowing seawater into their tanks. When they get close to their destination, they will discharge the seawater to free the tanks for cargo. So these ships will be discharging water all over the planet much like the jets carrying bed bugs and bacteria to far away lands.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Wonderful spot on comments above. I cant add a thing.


      @jackassrig: not sure of the actual quantities of ballast/bilge water that would be circulated around the world, but your point is worthy of serious consideration. Thanks for putting this out here…

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Good thinking, jackassrig. It will happen, as you suggest.

      I take some comfort in reflecting that most vessels will not be picking up radiation from concentrated sources, such as near Fukushima, and they will not be purging their tanks in harbors. However, slowly and steadily, they will contribute to making the problem much more widespread than it needed to be.

      The nuke industry will assure us that such dilution is a good thing, and statistically it is. Each living creature will be only slightly more likely to be affected, but for those unlucky ones who lose the statistical lottery that is small comfort.

      Here's a link to a typical modern regulation on bilge dumping. Ships often cheat a bit, but they can't get away with making a big oil slick these days in most parts of the world (where people might see it):

      Having said that mildly reassuring bit, I am reminded of how the US Coast Guard sank the derelict Japanese trawler off Alaska recently, letting its fuel disperse with no apparent attempt to deal with any possible contamination. Governments make and break their own rules at will. In that vein, I wonder what became of those US Navy barges rushed to the DaiIchi site early in the crisis so they could be filled with radioactive water. Long time no see.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Noooo!! Mdinoregon:
    A Higher Price Tag for a Nuclear Project

  • jackassrig

    I learn much from this site. I have very little knowledge about nuclear. Thanks for the non paying effort.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    RT @StopNukePower Previous update on 'Corruption of Governance' here: – Download report here: #…

    • Fall out man!

      Those are very interesting links Whoopie. It says a lot about how our governments work. Just reading the executive summary alone gives a fair idea. MP's approved 10 new nuke plants for the UK on the basis of a misleading, selective and downright false summary of the government's own research on what electricity production options and usage would best serve the UK. Basically, it appears that the Nuclear power industry has control over the public servants and not the politicians.

      First the government's analysis of options is incomplete and analysis of costs of various power options is incomplete. Even so, 10 nuke plants would not be justified. But then of course that information is 'summarized' for MP's to make a decision on. The summary of the government's analysis of power options for the UK shows a bias in favor of Nuclear power. All the industry has to do is capture key politicians and key public servants collating the information that MP's will base their decisions on and they can manipulate parliament into doing their bidding.

      No doubt that is a template for a great deal of how our government works.

      As an aside, there is a youtube interview with Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist in the USA who was jailed for corrupting public officials. My favorite quote from him is this loosely quoted : "Once a government employee knew they would have a job with one of my clients on retirement, we owned them. They thought of things to help my clients even we hadn't…

      • Fall out man!

        Here are some of the basic techniques used to corrupt our governments as told by lobbyist Jack Abramoff. These are just the "legal" methods of corruption. The nuke industry has gone much further than this. Whoopie's report link above shows the end result – subsidies and expansion for an industry that causes such health and environmental damage that it is incompatible with life.

        Jack Abramoff in his own words – Check out things from about 3:00 into it, this link starts there…

        • Fall out man!

          Actually, I misrepresented what he Jack Abramoff was jailed for. He was never jailed for corrupting public officials, that of course is totally normal and legal in both the USA where he worked and I would say almost any other country in the world. In fact he was jailed for overcharging clients and tax evasion. Both of the latter decisions sounded questionable. But better to jail him for that than look into the "legalized" corruption angle. He's actually a likable guy when you see him interviewed.

  • pahldixon pahldixon

    I'm shining a bright ray of hope in the form of a proven method of supplementation to withstand current and future nuclear situations. Please see: (revised to be cheerier and more even-tempered) for links to a product that greatly helped people and animals after Chernobyl, and another product that eliminates mutant cells — which is good news! (

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Wonder if Obama is concerned. Or even knows.

    • Max1 Max1

      Acknowledging the concerns means also acknowledging the potential disasters awaiting us here in America…
      … DOing THAT will cause great funding gaps in the President's election cycle from Corporate energy. Makes for bad relations, you know.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        What about AFTER the election? If we push him hard enough?
        OR IS HE A LOST CAUSE? Dunno. He's been a major disappointment on many things imo.
        Anyway…hope you saw this
        RT @StopNukePower Previous update on 'Corruption of Governance' here: – Download report here: #…

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          I haven't read it. (waiting on my sister in messenger) Outnow replied: "I read the Executive Summary. Special interests, especially those closely connected to defense aspects of the fuel cycle and enrichment and mining, milling, transporting – all have their lobbyists and PR folks augmenting their directed campaign contributions towards vulnerable politicians with rubber-arms that can be twisted. Go along and you get along – despite the clear evidence that nuclear can be safe or cheap, but not both. Alternative non-fossil fuels are cheaper and safer so why indeed choose nuclear? $$$$. It's the ultimate energy scam.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi TheBigPicture

      Quote: Wonder if Obama is concerned. Or even knows.

      I doubt he can say or can do anything about it, just like any other party's have a say or can do anything about it.

      We are all run by the high corporations, they even own the media.

      I didn't realize this until the Gulf Disaster, when the corporation was protected more than the public.

      Public rights are disappearing, look how the Katrina people were treated. New laws have been put into place, and it's not for our benefit.

      President Kennedy warned us of a secret society, and we are not invited.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The ultimate catastrophe..I thought that already has and still is happening..This is being carried around the world.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Hey WindsolarPlease, Whoopie, everyone, will you go check out Nuck's latest on the webcam thread and tell me what you see? Thanks, greatly appreciated, hopefully it is nothing.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Maybe I can answer by saying..Why do you think Tepco went on vacation during this time?

  • I do not understand the why of this madness.

    Everybody knows there has to be satellites circling overhead getting views of this disaster. How can anyone continue to with hold this for the public??
    Money and dollar signs for souls.
    Madness. Absolute madness.
    Sad at this I am.

    • el

      hi mission. it is indeed sad.

      I recommend a revision of History, and reading ALL planning documents from the UN, as far back as you can go.

      With these two things in perspective, it will be clear as to the why….

  • jbvtme

    I believe it was Einstein who said nuclear energy will eventually kill us. How did it happen? The folks who designed and executed the technology aren't human. Look at a picture of John D Rockefeller. Tell me he's not a lizard. The internet is filled with accounts of shape shifting amphibians like the Clintons, Bushs and Obamas. Their plan is to depopulate the planet using radiation poisoning. Then they move back under ground for 100,000 years where they came from. FYI, the earth is populated from the core to the surface. Check out Dulce, New Mexico.