Former Fukushima Governor who took on Tepco: My friends committed suicide — One still in coma (VIDEO)

Published: March 26th, 2012 at 10:51 pm ET


Title: The Fukushima Lie
Source: ZDF (German TV)
Author: Documentary by Johannes Hano, camera Heiko Käberich, Toby Marshall
Upload Date: Mar 22, 2012
Uploaded by: Steven Morello
Translation by: Steven Muschalik
Subtitles by: Jerry Sa
Original Link:,1872,8235273_idDispatch:11369630,00.html

Transcript Excerpt at 7:25 in

Narrator: Eisako Sato was Governor of the prefecture for 18 years in Fukushima. Member of the then ruling conservative party LPD (Liberal Democratic Party).

Sato is a man of the political establishment who even accompanied the Japanese royal couple on their travels.

He let himself be convinced that the nuclear industry posed no danger for the population.

But then Sato lost his trust.

Sato: I received 20 faxes from informants from the nuclear power station about my prefactor. Two of those were also from Kei Sugaoka.

The Minister of Economics, instead of checking the accusations, directly passed on the information to TEPCO.

Then something happened that I can hardly believe. TEPCO simply falsified the reports.

I then wrote a newspaper article saying that if they continued to do this that there would definitely be a serious accident.

Narrator: Now the bureaucrats must act. 17 reactors are switched off.

A new investigation discovered that the electricity company TEPCO has been falsifying documents for decades, has hushed up serious incidents, including a nuclear meltdown in Fukushima that was concealed for 30 years.

Executives resign, staff are punished but receive new posts. Nobody is charged.

The most responsible at TEPCO Tsunehisa Katsumata is even promoted to president of the company. He excuses himself with to governor Sato for the fraud and unethical behaviour.

Sato however doesn’t rest. He continues to criticise the rapid growth of nuclear energy.

This however goes against the game rules of Japanese nuclear politics.

In 2004 they take revenge.

Sato: On the 27th of December a newspaper report appears in which I was accused of being entangled in illegal real estate sales.

The author was a journalist who was actually specialised in nuclear politics.

The story was a pure fiction. Then my brother was arrested.

The responsible solicitor was from the department of the minister president had been temporarily moved here.

His name was Morimoto and he told my brother that sooner or later we would destroy your brother the Governor.

It went so far that 200 people from my circle of friends were put under pressure.

They told them: “Speak badly about the Governor – that is enough for us”.

Two or three couldn’t stand the pressure and committed suicide.

One of my department leaders is still lying in coma.

Narrator: To protect his friends and colleagues Sato resigns.

A court later confirms his innocence but the troublemaker who dared to break his silence is finished.

Published: March 26th, 2012 at 10:51 pm ET


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