Former nuclear worker sues Japan gov’t over heart attack — Had been suffering nose bleeds and fatigue

Published: February 18th, 2012 at 8:37 am ET


Title: Former nuclear worker, heart attack victim sues gov’t over workers comp claim
Source: The Mainichi Daily News
Date: Feb 18, 2012

  • A former nuclear plant worker who suffered a heart attack decades after being exposed to radiation has filed suit against the government, demanding it recognize his claim for workers compensation
  • Similar cases may emerge on the heels of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, in which many workers have been exposed to radiation
  • According to the complaint and other sources […] he was not given sufficient instruction on radiation protocols
  • to boost efficiency he worked without a mask or sound-making dosimeter
  • Before long, he began suffering from nose bleeds and fatigue. He had a heart attack in 2000
  • A doctor at Nagasaki University Hospital who examined him saying, “The possibility that his disease was partly triggered by radiation cannot be ruled out”
  • Gov’t guideline for recognizing sufferers of atomic bomb-related diseases […] lists heart attacks as one of the health problems caused by radiation exposure

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Published: February 18th, 2012 at 8:37 am ET


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5 comments to Former nuclear worker sues Japan gov’t over heart attack — Had been suffering nose bleeds and fatigue

  • or-well

    No imminent threat,
    no cause for worry!
    Oh…we mean
    too long ago,
    awfully sorry,
    no causative links.
    Same old story,
    negligent worker,
    stress, radio-noia,
    caused your "heart blinks",
    or illicit drugs –
    were you Yakuza employa?
    Go ahead, chase your case
    all over Japan,
    for all those like you
    we've got a good plan –
    we'll deflect and cost you
    plenty of Yen
    or make you an example
    all will understand.
    When you get desperate
    from Justice denied,
    we'll see what it takes
    for your silence to buy.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Dire, dire, my friend!

      Their only hope will be class action,…in the millions!
      But,…someone's gotta blaze the trail!
      Grease the machinery,…I suppose.

      There's honor in that! 🙂

  • ageezerofgiza

    He's bound to lose his case. They will show he's been sleeping with a banana on a long haul flight for ten years. Nothing to do with Fukushima.

  • datura17

    it is going to be mighty interesting when spring comes and the landscapers get out there with their backpack blowers and start blowing the dust around, both in Japan and elsewhere. I can see large clouds of dust and dirt blowing towards Tepco management from landscapers. Oh, NOW you can see that too?? Amazing isn't it? Not to mention the innocent people…..just keep smiling, it will be ok.

    <sarcastic rant>

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Both of you nailed it ..sadly.. They have our money (via subsidies, tax breaks, money made to sell to make weapons (that we pay for in taxes) & the money we pay for electricity)-to pay those expensive lawyers to keep anyone in court for years.