Former Official in Fukushima: “This is a disaster of all humanity… the entire world” — “It’s on an international level, huge consequences” — “Now bigger than anything we can cope with” (VIDEO)

Published: January 17th, 2014 at 11:44 am ET


Democracy Now on location in Japan, Jan. 17, 2014:

At 37:30 in

Katsutaka Idogawa, Futaba’s mayor during 3/11, the town where part of Fukushima Daiichi is located: I believe it’s really important for the Prime Minister to look at what he’s actually been responsible for, and have regret, and really deal with what they have done — before they can actually go forward and do anything. The disaster now is bigger than anything we can cope with, it’s a disaster on international level, and huge consequences — so he needs to really recognize this.

At 41:00 in

Idogawa: The nuclear power disaster is not just of Fukushima, this is a disaster of all humanity, of the entire world.

See also: [intlink id=”mayor-white-ashes-fukushima-daiichi-began-fall-after-explosion-black-sensed-lethal-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”mayor-debris-fell-sky-after-unit-1-explosion-thought-be-many-people-town-everybody-stopped-talking-moment-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the broadcast here

Published: January 17th, 2014 at 11:44 am ET


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170 comments to Former Official in Fukushima: “This is a disaster of all humanity… the entire world” — “It’s on an international level, huge consequences” — “Now bigger than anything we can cope with” (VIDEO)

  • retali8 retali8

    Exactly , I'm seeing a lot of Japanese abroad recently, word is getting out but these poor people can only stay as long as there visa allows them to before facing the nightmare again, but yes some countries have started accepting environmental refugee from Japan !

    • retali8 retali8

      Fukushima is a violation of human rights, could it not be told otherwise unless you were to be all steeple and sleep your way through this whole disaster, those that are alert will survive longer than the sheeple.

      • ocifferdave

        I would love to hear from more enenews warriors daily that live or, even safer, lived in Japan here in the comments.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA


          This person is an American living in Japan and has a firsthand point of view of this disaster. You may want to check him out, comment on his vids and see if you can entice him to comment here.

          Jon Doe

        • KidIcarus KidIcarus

          Ociffer, I lived in Japan for around a year in 2005. Some of the best memories of my life are of the people and the country. And my most spiritually life-affirming experience was when I climbed Mt. Fuji on an August night and watched the sun rise from the peak.

          It feels very personal to me, this systematic poisoning of a country I love.

          You may laugh, but on 3/11, I felt a "great disturbance in the force". I thought it was just my emotional attachment to the footage of tsunami and earthquake devastation. At the time, I was vaguely pro-nuke and believed the official line that Fukushima Daiichi's situation was nothing to worry about.

          I wonder now if the great disturbance I felt was something greater. A universal sigh indicating the beginning of the end?

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            @kid…. you wrote"I felt a "great disturbance in the force". " I have told many people when this happened I had felt the same thing.

            The year preceding this event I knew many people who kept seeing the number 11 11 everywhere. I believe the collective unconscious of humanity felt this coming. It is not something I can prove scientifically, but the same people quite seeing 11 11 after the tsunami/earthquake.

            • KidIcarus KidIcarus

              Very interesting, NBUSA! I'm coming to believe that there are two sides of human progress / evolution – scientific vs. spiritual. I believe that America, in particular, has worked very hard at cultivating a "cult of science" – we have relentlessly upgraded our technological achievements, and sneer at anything that can't be proven –

              But we are spiritually bankrupt. Spiritual development is laughed at. It's shamed and derided.

              I have spent most of my life brainwashed. In the last year, I've started to untangle things a bit. And I'm no longer afraid of being "crazy" for experiencing the things I experience.

              We are living in strange days, strange things are happening, and we will see stranger things in the days to come.

              I tell myself to stay balanced – "cool, calm, centered".

              And BTW – I used to see 10:14 on the clock all the time in the 1990s. Never did understand why – never seem to see it any more.

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                Kid….Ditto on the first five paragraphs… the sixth however…10:14..did you find anything correlating?

                • KidIcarus KidIcarus

                  @NB – No – I never did. Maybe it will be revealed in time… who knows? I'm intrigued by your 11 11 phenomenon, and have read of it elsewhere. Any other number "sightings"? Anything after 3/11?

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                Kid…this is a YT vid showing many symbols referencing Japan and 3/11/11 in the moving Knowing that came out in 2008.

              • AlexfromNB

                Other people around the world had exactly the same sense of forboding about the same time. Interesting. It seems that people are in fact connected on many levels and it seems likely that we all have this ability but some are more atuned to it than others.

            • vicky13 vicky13

              Hiya Kidlcarus,,

              Is interesting because we have a global mass conscious group that does reiki, wicca, and white light work twice a day in our time zones at 11:11 aimed at the planet as a whole.

              We are tracked by the Princeton mass conscious lab on their super-computer,,


              I too had bad vibes I could not explain for years before Fukushima happened. I thought it was the 3rd jihad that was giving me such an alarm at a "soul level". Then fukushima happened and that feeling in impending dread disappeared instantly, I knew then what it was.

              • KidIcarus KidIcarus

                @Vicky – I am very interested in that. Can I get more information?

                • vicky13 vicky13

                  Hi Kidlcarus,,

                  Here is a wiki about mass consciousness,,


                  They show our original map from the yahoogroup that was started in 2009. The founder of the original group disappeared and the group went inactive couple of years later. We still do our 11:11's however twice a day.

                  • We Not They Finally

                    We'll check it out too.

                    Unclear that a shift in mass global consciousness will alter PHYSICAL conditions, but this is still what we want to "go for."

                    • vicky13 vicky13

                      HI Kidlcarus and WNTF,

                      Was very interesting when the original yahoogroup was running we had a "Green Dot", on our front page, connected to the Princeton computer.

                      When the dot was orange or red,, it signified that globally there was much strife and violence happening. When we did our Reiki/White light meditations on our 11:11 time zones, we could make the dot turn green, which signified that strife had dropped on the planet.

                      Was quite the mystery how we all got invited to join together. Apparently the founder of the yahoogroup contacted Reiki Masters, White Light Workers, Wiccans and Buddhists around the world and invited us to join.

                      Was a pretty cool experience to be involved in. The founder claimed to be a remote viewer from some black ops lab. He disappeared a few months after getting the group together, and the group fell apart a couple of years after. No one but him had admin rights on the group, so it eventually folded.

                    • vicky13 vicky13

                      Here is the link to the "Dot" we used to focus our Reiki/WhiteLight energy on,,


              • tsfw tsfw

                Vicky have you ever heard about remote viewing? Some say it's still used by the U.S Govnt.


                • vicky13 vicky13

                  Hi tsfw,,

                  yes I have heard of remote viewing. Apparently there are black ops labs in the States. The Russians also are active apparently with their own labs.

            • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

              @ newsblackoutUSA

              Hehehe I read this and looked at the clock and it was 11:11 =]

          • deaddolphins simonhhh

            "…I wonder now if the great disturbance I felt was something greater. A universal sigh indicating the beginning of the end?…."
            Kidlcarus…I was in Thailand at the time and saw Unit 3 explode…what appeared immediately to be a dirty nuclear bomb…I gasped…with my background I knew this was extremely serious…I had indirect contact with one of the founders of Canadian Greenpeace…His immediate comment at the time…"We're toast…"
            1000 some days later…we are now IMO deep down the "rabbit hole"

            • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

              simonhhh: dont' mean to get all meta-physical as I know it's a favorite target of the pro-nukesters, but I find it interesting that Edgar Casey (sleeping prophet) predicted Japan will go into the ocean or should go into the ocean.

              • GOM GOM

                Syke. Was reading some stuff of his last night. Spent time in Va. Beach, Va., his home . They have an amazing place called the Edgar Cayce Center. Not all seer's are always on target but he was incredible. Did everything for free until he just couldn't. As for Japan going into the sea? The world, if it is to survive in any way, needs to SINK JAPAN immediately. But now, how do you sink a STAR? [fuku]

              • deaddolphins simonhhh

                SykeWar…funny you should bring that up…a "long time ago" when I was in my twenties…I lived and traveled in Kashmir and up in Ladakh…I remember carrying with me a little pile books…one of them being written at the time by a controversial character…The Sleeping Prophet…Edgar Casey and his top 10 predictions…one of them being "…America's west coast will be destroyed and there will be widespread destruction in Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as in many portions of the west coast. Land will appear off the coast of America. The Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River…and another startling prediction being, "…Japan will eventually go into the sea…"
                There you go SkyeWar, just goes to show you eh and he died in 1945 near the end of WW2…


            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              I heard the Mayan calendar had the date as the end of the world …

          • We Not They Finally

            KidIcarus, no one is laughing. Your sensitivity is honored.

            Just three days before 3/11, my husband was sitting at the kitchen table, repeating over and over again, "Something terrible is about to happen. It's the beginning of the end."

            It's always been that real to s — it's just humanly, emotionally, hard to come to terms with. Even with wars, they are disruptive and violent, but you see what is happening out in the open, and it's confined to some one locale, and eventually things recover.

            This is silent, invisible, lasting, escalating, and confined nowhere. Splitting the atom turned out to be a pretty demonic thing to do.

            It doesn't diminish who we are spiritually, but it does give great challenges ahead.

        • RJ RJ

          Hello ocifferdave, been here for ten years. Way down south and west. More worried about PM2.5 at the moment. Two people I know have told me stories of people they know coming down with strange symptoms. One was this week. Middle aged man, temps of 104 with no other symptoms. They still eat fish without a care. Good thing I really don't like Japanese food so much.

          • GOM GOM

            RJ. Down here NW Florida on the Gulf there are fish houses [restaurants] they stay packed. Found out my daughter went to one, after stern warnings not to. She is 17. Told her "if you get sick I am not going to take care of you" and I mean it. The Gulf is full of oil eating synthetic franken-bacteria No thanks on any level, no less INGESTING the stuff… A word on your avatar. If you are Native American, my condolences regarding the massive slaughter of your people by the very ones that are now taking out the whole planet.

          • ocifferdave

            Thanks for your comment, RJ!

            Do you know anybody with a Geiger counter?

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        retali8: the very fact they're burning tons of nuclear waste which clearly pollutes the air of other countries is an INTERNATIONAL CRIME! A case should be brought before the ICC.

    • AlexfromNB

      The US should open its doors to environmental refugees from Japan as soon as possible and bring their industry and work ethic with them.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        AlexfromNB: hell ya. If we can give free amnesty to illegals from Mexico, we surely can offer refugee status. They should just walk through the openings in the fence in mexico, learn how to say "hola", and they're all set.

  • Soon, some will be using the word 'regrettable', others, will just continue saying "It's of no immediate concern".
    – ChasAha Dec 2012

    "The reactor that is my soul has reached criticality."
    – enenews user johnnyo

  • Holygeezer

    The real truth is starting to come out now. And even so, I suspect it will be far worse then most can imagine. The trick will be to hold onto our sense of humanity as it continues to unfold. Blessings to one and all.

    • GOM GOM

      Holygeezer. We had a hot discussion last night/early am on the 'Gamma Ray Haze' thread. I had commented that this event only happens in space. Obewan replied that Fuku is now the equivalent of a STAR. Don't faint. They have created a star ON the planet. Or should I say "it" has morphed into a star? Is this far worse than you can imagine?

      • ocifferdave

        Not surprising at all.

        and a great star fell from heaven [nuclear fallout], burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. The name of the star is called Wormwood [radiation]; and a third of the waters became wormwood [radiation], and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter [radioactive]

  • Socrates

    White ashes fell after the explosion, I sensed that this was lethal…It is an international problem.

    That is exactly what I said. Three years later, after all the official lies, the grim new reality sets in. No "talking heads" telling half truths can obscure the facts. There will be permanent ecological and biological consequences for many lifetimes, perhaps virtually all eternity.

    Yes, Fukushima will change everything. Maybe it will provide the event that triggers martial law in the US. Food, air and water are affected. Even trillions of dollars will not fix it.

    We are all being exposed to much lower levels than the sailors on the USS Reagan, but we got effective doses that are continuing.

    More safety costs, etc. Electrical costs are climbing. How can healthcare costs be reduced now?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Socrates, agreed with all your points….unfortunately every element of government and business is ran this way today…there is no concern for the long term, every thing is used up and tossed aside for the next money making scheme. The only difference with Tepco is they are operating a nuke plant and poisoning the world.

      The biggest corporate criminals were rewarded in 2008 with trillions of taxpayer dollars for committing massive financial fraud upon the world.

      Our current society appears to lack empathy, insight, and motivation to change the status quo.

      Nuclear Plants along with other "business" ventures like Big tobacco, uranium mining, Chemical plants, and other have been getting away with genocide for years.

      The USA is a corporation no different in many ways than Tepco.

      • Socrates

        Everything is being run for short-term profits. Ike Eisenhower built interstate highway systems. Top tax bracket was 91%. Money had to be reinvested in our country. Union wages built a middle class.

        But evil forces within our society were hard at work. The book "Brothers" is my next book to read. We had to decide as a society if we would elevate corporate profits and neocolonialism to a religious status without regard to a social contract.

        The decision was made to asset-strip, outsource labor, and ruthlessly plumber the environment without regard for future generations. Many went along with this empire of greed. Globalization is a disease.

        JFK, MLK, JR., RFK and many others were pushed aside as obstacles to the agenda.

        Prosperity has not been generally shared. America has been looted and plundered yet only those who knew another era can see the difference. We were struggling toward a better world.

        America has a nightmarish quality of hypocrisy promoted by Roger Ailes and neo-Nixonites, neo-Confederates, and the corporate-owned media that does not report the facts.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Socrates…agreed on all points…sadly. 🙁
          Don't know if you've heard of this song…but thought I would share because of your username.

          Lyric from the song:
          You heard of honest Socrates
          The man who never lied:
          They weren't so grateful as you'd think
          Instead the rulers fixed to have him tried
          And handed him the poisoned drink.
          How honest was the people's noble son.
          The world however did not wait
          But soon observed what followed on.
          It's honesty that brought him to that state.
          How fortunate the man with none.

          • weeman

            Wise words are spoken and lyrics tell the story.
            Right on brothers, sisters, human beings.

          • Socrates

            That fate awaits anyone who speaks truth to power. Thank you for your kind words and your not – to – subtle warning. But to remain silent in the face of nuclear annihilation, accidental or not, is also death.

            The nuclear juggernaut rolls on because it is a gold rush, means of electricity, and a war machine – the envy of empires and the means to control the world on so many different levels.

            The Midas touch with the biggest, meanest stone ax, a captive star… to much temptation for many men, many of whom do not care about the risk… You know the type.

    • weeman

      What was the origin of ash, nuclear reactors are made almost exclusively of steel and concrete and as far as I know that would produce very little ash, there is only one thing I can think of that would produce vast amounts of ash, guess, now that did not take long did it?

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Yes, Fukushima will change everything. Maybe it will provide the event that triggers martial law in the US. Food, air and water are affected. Even trillions of dollars will not fix it.
      Martial law has the provision in case of a natural disaster
      Guess all bases were covered
      The probability of an accident from a npp must be a given don't they have shelf lives of twenty to 30 years
      And the blind faith that by then they would have advanced science enough to fix it .

      • GOM GOM

        Clam. How smart you are. Obama recently extended COG [continuity of government?]

        • Gasser Gasser

          Rare film from 1932 – Patton sics US Troops on Vets ~~~

          After watching this film ,I can understand how Rosevelt was very easily
          elected just (3) three months after this very poor solution to a very REAL
          problem was handled I can't help but wonder what the USA would have looked
          like today if this situation had been handled much, much ,much better

          How soon we all forget!!!!!!

          *Don't think this could happen again!!! IT WILL !!!!!!*

          VIDEO: 1932 – young Patton, young Eisenhower, young MacArthur, Pres Hoover.

          Walter Winchell reporting.

          Do you think the military, acting on orders from a broken federal gov't, won't march against it's own??

          Hard to believe this happened only 80 years ago.

          • SadieDog

            Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Gasser….wow, I am going to pass this along. This is how the government really feels…we are a crowd that needs to be herded and controlled.

            This reminds me of the what happened to the occupy movement in some locations like Los Angeles after they had been infiltrated by black-ops agitators.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              It was not only la infiltrated have you read the foi docs released about the snipers that were at OWS to take out the leaders , hmmm leaders in occupy there weren't any , there were some fantastic organizers . I was in boston and we had no less than 80 cameras on us plus a ton of radiation given us . We had agents there too . One man his name was Phil , he wore a kilt he agitated everyone and derailed every ga that was important in making decisions . When we got cleaned out we watched agents shaking his hand as he left and was never spotted again at any occupy or anywhere . Brilliant man I must say though . I am a child of the tail end of the sixties and I am fully aware . And the masses will be only too soon . I say catch me if you can there are too many of us enlightened now . And tearing it down is not the answer the youngins with all the hormonal angst are the black bloc and I do feel that they are used by the gov to exact a bad name on activists of all walks of life . They stick around they usually get it and calm down . I do not care what anyone says occupy did this country a service it created discourse and it brought organizers together , no one was talking for so long as the system bleed folks they thought they did something wrong to bring about their economic hardships but they learned it was all a set up . Ahhh the elite are fools you cannot have such a divide , history proves it . Seems like I'm prattling but it is all connected. Am I afraid ? Yes a leetle

          • Socrates

            Great video about how the veterans of WW I were treated by some of those same generals who would have fame in WW II and even KOREA.

            The same forces behind President Hoover tried to enlist General Smedley Butler to install fascism in America. Imagine having trillions of dollars and seeing starving millions, out of work, and looking to government to fund their hard – earned war bonuses! Taxes on the rich might have to be raised.

            Those individuals behind the overthrow plot were never prosecuted. They are still around as families and corporate interests. Some family descendants are recently in politics, and have been since the 30s. I went to school with more than a few. When you have that much money, democracy is used more often than not to manufacture consent. That way the goose that laid the golden egg will go on producing. FDR saved capitalism. Eisenhower had top marginal tax rates at 91%. Patton was bumped off and MacArthur fired.

            Globalization erodes the middle class in America. Unions are not able to protect wages except for prison guards. Hoffa's had the Teamsters vote for Nixon. Those dirty hippies of the 60s… Forget about the Freedom Riders. Divide and rule.

          • name999 name999

            excellent historical footage Gasser.

  • Stupidbutnotbumb

    South America is just like America… Only south.. Think about moving there.. That's all. Not trying to scare anyone, just thought you all should know we have options! We still have time, but the clock is ticking

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      high readings in brazil

    • GOM GOM

      What about Key West? Really. That is way down. You could always get out by cruise ship or one of the merchant ships in Miami. I am seriously thinking about it. Only thing holding me back is I have a teen. Not good. Thought about Australia but read about mega pollution blowing in from China. [and now picking up radiation with it] I just don't know. But as Clam said about martial law, I don't want to be immobilized either. Yeah, hide out like the pirates did, in Key West.

      • ocifferdave

        Puerto Rico!

        Don't need a visa.

        Can fly there via credit card in a day.

        Far South under the jet stream that blows over Japan and carries junk into Florida and above.

    • name999 name999

      appealing but it is not easy to leave one's country and make a home elsewhere…

      I moved to Chile to get away from the U.S. and the wars they are involved in. The other main reason was Fukushima fallout in the northern hemisphere which is very serious and it will get much much worse.

      Chile is a great place and it has many opportunities. I love Chile. I think the people are warm and inviting. The police are good and helpful and would never act like the police in the US. The government is stable and only corrupt at the very top

  • Nick

    My gut instinct since 3/11 has told me that this was a nightmare.

    I can't even stomach an "I told you so."

    We are virtual voices in the wilderness.

    Our rants. Our raves will barely slow down the weapons production, the new minefields, the next and "better" safer and more durable generation of nuclear power plants.

    Humans are an aggressive species.

    All I can do now is watch the aggression turn to sorrow and horror in a few more sentient beings as they wake from their slumber.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Nick, I am not so sure that man is an aggressive species, since he has been is taught to be an aggressor. Teach aggression (via stage wars and pumped history) and you will get aggression, since their are massive profits to be made by the few/through acts of aggression. 🙁

  • Nick

    Do not be lulled into "detox" ideas. No diet in the known Universe can reverse the effects of ionizing

    This is as real as it gets folks.

    Are we going to build huge biosphere domes with sophisticated filters. living inside for generations?

    This sh*t is everywhere.

    If some radioactive atoms are toxic at the atomic level, how can you believe that there is such a thing as a SAFE dose?

    This headline should have appeared all over the globe on 3/15/11, the day #3 went kaboom.

    But no, the diabolic fools tried to keep humanity in the dark.

    Get ready. Tough times ahead.

    • artika rama

      nick Big thumbs plus Nick . It had to be said . A lot of people will not like to hear this but the truth is there is not much any diet any detox will do against radiation . Do not believe all that hype about detox or natural remedies or alternative treatments against radioactivivty . IMPORTANT NOTE !!!!!!!: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT CANCER !!! THATS A WHOLE DIFFERENT ISSUE !! I DONT WANT TO DISCOURAGE ANY CANCER PATIENTS GETTING ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS << infact i strongly suggest people to do it .!!
      I hope this will not be misundertsood .
      Thanks Nick for bringing this subject up.

      • The damage radiation does to molecules and cells in biological tissues is not 'prevented' by any measures. But this damage only happens when the radionuclides decay. If they haven't decayed yet, there are things you can do with diet/supplements to limit concentration damage.

        Day to day care – as a way of living – to ensure your body gets an ample supply of nutrients and micronutrients helps quite a lot to prevent uptake, storage and/or use of radioisotopes – dietary/supplement care. Like KI to prevent uptake and concentration of radioiodine. Natural potassium and calcium. Any ingested radionuclides that are NOT absorbed pass on through in no more than three days (normal system). Because your 1-cell thick stomach and intestinal linings will still be vulnerable to decay of isotopes moving through (as well as kidney/bladder and liver because they do the cleanup on aisle 6), regular care with a number of herbal preparations can help. I like milk thistle/dogwood tincture, but syrup or oil preparations of recc'd herbs will work better for some people.

        Immune /healing system stimulants, because when damage is done it's the immune system that tries to fix or eliminate the problem. A robust immune system is probably why some survive a high dose that eventually kills the person next to them. Lots of good antioxidants. Because ionization generates oxidants (loose electrons).

        • artika rama

          joyb This is a rather controversial issue and probably i will not make a lot of friends by sayiong this but there are a lot of healers claiming they have cleansing / protecting ways against radiation but most of it is based on misunderstanding the way biology works the way our body worls , how radiation effects our body , etc etc .
          It is a rather complex issue but lets just get some facts so may be we can start discussing about it .
          Its true the damage only happens when the radionuclides decay but they allways decay , thats what radionuclides do , from the moment they are created . But minerales have radioactive and NON RADIOACTIVE forms ,,so its only the radioactive forms which are harmfull.
          In short if you have a radioactive isotope in your body its allways harmfull.
          There are things you can do with diet supplements etc etc is also a very simplified view of the whole metabolic process.
          The only thing we can do is to PREVENT isotopes getting into our body , and in that sense yes there are things ( very limited ) we can decrease the amount of SOME isotopes into our body .
          About supplements , unfortunately not much options ,not much to do about that , infact excapt from iodine intake there is not many other effective options , thats why governments buy huge amounts of KI tablets when there is a risk of nuclear accidents etc . The rest of the supplements dont help much ,, continued ,,

        • artika rama

          joyb some isotopes get absorbed and some just pass through thats correct but if they are in your kidney that means they are allready absorbed and are also in your blood , thats how they get to your kidney in the first place right .
          Herbs to help against isotopes ,,hmmmm i dont believe any herb can help much , i know about that japanese soup and kelp and so on but these dont work ,, i am sorry . To make a long story short , there is no real science behind it IMO.
          Antioxidants have been advertised for many years for many things , but usually its the farmaceiutical companies trying to ake some money rather then what is good for you . There is not much vitamins can do against isotopes.
          In fact some products which are natural , like milk are the biggest risks when you have isotopes in the environment Those are products where we see much of the bioaccumulation (we have been disccussing in this forum for many times.) of those isostopes.
          It is a very complex issue , and every statement is enough cause for a discussion , and i know many people believe in natural supplements etc ,, BUT I have a message thats been bugging me for sometime and it is this ,,
          We are dealing with a NEW threat . forget what you learned about healthy lifestyles about natural food that would be good for you etc etc ,, ALL THAT IS out the door now . GAme has changed , the rules have changed . Healthy lifestyle in a NON radioactive world is totally different than one in a radioactive world .hope this…

        • name999 name999

          Using baking soda to brush my teeth gave me surprising benefits with stonger less sensitive teeth. I only did it because it was cheap.
          Since reading here I have started to add a potassium/magnesium supplement and I have
          more energy for sure.

          The more intense the contamination the harder to fight it.

          • guevara3712

            you can mix the soda with a little coconut oil too, it's awesome. sometimes we flavor it with a drop of pure peppermint oil too.superior to storebought pastes in every way, in my opinion.

    • artika rama

      nick This is exactly what i like about enenews . Everyone bringing their input , learning from each other . Great job

    • tbg

      Why do you think detox is fake? Its very real, when they were making the bomb and had accidents, they chelated mych if the plutonium out. Radioisotopes are absorbed by your body as minerals, so if your body is at max saturation it has a much better chance of eliminating the contamination. ALA and DIM increase the body's radiation resistance. Lipisomal vitamin c or astathanxin are powerful antioxidants, there are proven medical methods of removing some radiation from your body and chelating out heavy metals. I take everything with 2 grains of salt but its not all bullshit. Give up if you want but fuck that, tepco aint killing me til im dead.

      • Socrates

        Best to avoid exposure. This is going to be harder as time goes on. Much radiation damage is through free radicals and reactive oxygen species. DNA is repaired constantly so long as single-strand breaks rather than double – strand breaks occur. Programmed cell death can be modulated. Mitochondrial DNA and epigenetic material is affected by healing intracellular processes, not the least of which are your state of mind.

        Education and honesty in public health policy is needed. We should take a frank worldwide inventory of the actual threat and adopt the best practices. Bankers and military should not be in charge. They lack the empathy required to transcend the problems they themselves have caused. A higher level of intelligence is required to fix a problem than that which created it.

        • Socrates

          Forgot to state that nutricueticals, minerals, vitamins, organic spices, a paleolithic diet, exercise, meditation … All extremely important… lead a clean, principled life.

          I survived being downwind during Nevada testing, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. There are many other toxic exposures. We will get through this together. There is hope.

      • Sam Sam

        We all have to keep as healthy as possible and do whatever it
        takes to do so. Our thoughts affect our immune system. Keep
        positive. Go to Dr. Sircus and read. The naturalpathic approach
        is one of the best. Do not become fatalistic even though we all
        know that internal emitters do harm. As dire as things seem
        we have to have enjoyment in the little things of life. Food is
        one of them. keep posting what you know. helps everybody.
        Your fighting spirit is totally welcomed here.

        • artika rama

          sam About our thoughts influencing our body/ our health , i totally believe that too . SOmetimes loosing hope is the worse you can do to your health . Even though we are facing the biggest disaster ever, we must still , keep a positive attitude i believe. TY

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Good morning !
        I myself was macrobiotic
        I started with the strict one for a month
        I was seventeen
        I took out all dairy, all meats , flours aka wheat processed foods
        All night shades, sugar
        All veggies that we're not grown with the season I was doing it , they had to be organic
        Incorporated seaweeds
        Whole grains
        I experienced what was called a healing crisis
        I was so sick but when I came out the other end my thinking was clear I never felt better in my life , I stayed with it for 10 years till I got pregnant and we discovered I was not getting enough protein , the baby needs it for brain development in the last trimester
        Not to mention when breast feeding you have to eat off turkey plates
        Macrobiotics give the body a way to process the food easy so that it can take care of other things
        It has been proven to help with cancer, it was not studied by the cancer institute
        A good book is the cancer industry
        Or we are all sampaku
        And anything written by the Michigan Kushi institute .
        I attest to it , it may seem difficult at first but all craving can and do go away
        I may have forgotten some things that I did and did not do
        There's the yin and yang bit but I did not get into that so much , after a while my body told me what to eat
        Macrobiotics rule
        I am inspired now to go back to this way of eating if I can find non irradiated foods seaweed plays a large part of the diet

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Spelling error michio Kushi

          • razzz razzz

            'Macrobiotic Diet
            What Should I Know About It?'


            Most of time people are better off being mixed eaters along with everything in moderation. Mono diets or eating from one or two food groups might be fine for older persons but kids need special attention to their nutritional needs. Also, hyperactive or athletic persons have to pay more attention to their intake versus a sedentary lifestyle.

            People can become easily misguided when exposed to media esp. when growing up with the constant barrage of lies or misinformation to sell products. Your cravings are sweet but sodas and candies really take advantage of ignorance. FDA and such only end up promoting the money interests. Along the way, there are some good guidelines (governmental) setup to follow but seems there is more bad than good going on when it comes to health issues.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              Yes razz our constitution can dictate certain ways to eat macro , at first I did the strict to clean out and gradually introduced other foods but still stayed away from meats dairy and other nasties .

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              That site is run with a lot of help from the industry , you have to read between the lines . And you can supplement b12 under tongue . That is always the argument with that . Lentils ,spinach and pineapple together are great blood builders I know my hemicrit levels were so low be caused I hemmoraged in birth that I had to incorporate that . Rich in iron and the pineapple and spinach worked together for the body

            • Good observation, razzz. I've always been a 'grazer' – like to eat a little here and there all day, mostly raw, lots of sprouts, nuts and seeds. Hub has SuperMetabolism (eats lots, skinny as a rail) and gets much active exercise, needs much more protein, fats and carbs than I do. Big on beans and pasta, lots of cheese/cream/butter. I'll spend hours making a big-ish dinner, then not eat any of it. Luckily the grandsons who live with us scarf up anything, but they're darned handy at planting and harvest time, eat whatever's coming in gladly. If they don't eat it raw while they're in the garden, that is.

              Reminds me. Must get seeds started…

        • Sam Sam

          Keep us informed about cleaner sources of
          seaweed in your search.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Yes Sam I am afraid that the operative word may be cleaner
            And yes I'm still on it about seaweeds that is
            I think I'll call them today

            • Sam Sam

              Have 4 packs of nori seaweed pre 3-11
              still on my self. pull date has since passed.
              Sea weed from Japan. bought right after
              3-11 from Japanese grocer. throw them
              away or eat them? I do not have
              geiger counter to test. leery to eat it
              assuming waters off Japan radiated
              prior to 3-11 from all their nuke plants

        • Good on you for macrobiotic! Hub and I have been ovo-lacto veg for 40+ years. Have a local (organic) goat farm, our own pet pekin yard ducks (2-4 very large eggs a day, I give lots away to friends/fam because we can't eat that many).

          When we first made the transition it wasn't hard. We weren't that fond of red meat anyway, and never ate pork. But getting off the chicken and finding foods – even bread – that didn't have lard or tallow back then was a challenge. Turned me into an obsessive label-reader. So I concurrently decided that if I couldn't pronounce it, we weren't going to eat it (additives).

          It's TRAINING your cells to do their designed job. The standard Amerikan diet makes cells very lazy. They don't have to work to find nutrients, too much protein and fat, and lots of chemicals to make them sleepy. Once they get used to doing some work, they find they like it. For decades if we encounter some disagreeable ingredient or additive it's made us uncomfortable or sick. Our systems reject the 'poison'. At that point "Listening To Your Body" makes perfect sense, and will serve you well.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Nick: I don't agree with your "detox" methods are useless rant. It's well known, at least to me, what drug works for one may not work for another. Everyone's different. I myself have taken medication that works, that others say did not work for them. My opinion is take nothing off the table. And I should mention, we're not talking about a cure here. If it relieves the effects of the condition, isn't that a good thing? I don't think anyone is saying diet is a cure-all.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Nick…"Elysium" the movie comes to mind…a safe place for the elite out of the pollution and away from the riff raff.

    • GOM GOM

      Nick: I feel your grief. Here is a gift to you and all. Now relax, get headphones, and listen… ..just click iWhales..

      • GOM GOM

        This link brings you right to their site now. Cool. Make sure you watch Whale Song. She is telling a story by her actions…beautiful. Nick I feel so bad for you and everyone, including myself. How does one cope with this? As my friend at survivalacresblog puts it… "A Time To Cry"…

  • bluetick

    Japan is basically wiped off the map as a nation.. Lets just stop beating around the bush.

    this will soon be happening here if it isnt already

    Contaminated Japanese rivers unleash 'perennial supply' of radiation into Pacific Ocean

    Learn more:

    • GOM GOM

      blue. Thanks. Now go punch in 'trees are dying' on you-tube. Just look at the time frames of these vids and what the vid is about. No need to watch them really. One tree takes up enough pollution in it's lifetime to protect you…

  • deaddolphins simonhhh

    artika rama
    "This is exactly what i like about enenews…" obviously there are other sources of alternate news…But enenews is the most focused on "THE" most important issue of this era…and some brilliant posting

    • artika rama

      simonhhh Its almost visible how people are getting more and more educated day by day 🙂 I mean if we all will have to become nuke scientists ,well ,,, WE WILL then 🙂 its amazing isnt it .

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And no chance of stopping it.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Researchers 'Detune' a Molecule: Scientists Control the Bonds Between Atoms in a Buckyball
    Jan. 16, 2014 — Rice University scientists have found they can control the bonds between atoms in a molecule.
    Share This:

    The molecule in question is carbon-60, also known as the buckminsterfullerene and the buckyball, discovered at Rice in 1985. The scientists led by Rice physicists Yajing Li and Douglas Natelson found that it's possible to soften the bonds between atoms by applying a voltage and running an electric current through a single buckyball.
    The researchers detailed their discovery this week in the online Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
    "This doesn't mean we're going to be able to arbitrarily dial around the strength of materials or anything like that," Natelson said. "This is a very specific case, and even here it was something of a surprise to see this going on.
    "But in general, if we can manipulate the charge distribution on molecules, we can affect their vibrations. We can start thinking, in the future, about controlling things in a better way."
    The effect appears when a buckyball attaches to a gold surface in the optical nano antenna used to measure the effects of an electric current on intermolecular bonds through a technique called Raman spectroscopy.
    Natelson's group built the nano antenna a few years ago to trap small numbers of molecules in a nanoscale gap between gold electrodes. Once the molecules are in place, the…

  • Socrates

    The earth was a Garden of Eden, but life was short and cruel. We have enjoyed much middle – class lifestyle comforts here in the US of which we should be thankful for. Most of us are spoiled in many ways while corrupt to hypocritical in others. Maybe this single event overseas in a foreign land can open our eyes to the plight of the majority of humanity.

    Our capitalistic ways have limitations. Chris Hedges writes eloquently about the death of liberalism and the class of businessmen who have co-opted any real reform. Militarism and brutal austerity programs have reversed swords-into-plowshare policies. Everything is corporate. Energy is the number one concern in geopolitics. Oil backs our currency.

    Things are rapidly is changing all for the worse as far as the Bill of Rights and our social contract. Profits over safety, etc. The middle class took a huge pay cut while Wall Street fat cats and energy tycoons grabbed all the wealth they could. Industries that get bailouts are not careful when taking huge risks. Wall Street, BP spill and Fukushima all have a common thread – place g profits over safety without effectively having to pay damages or suffer consequences will end our society. I trust juries more than government. Our constitution guaranteed the right to a jury in all cases. That was the conscience of the community. That protected us against King George. Mere regulation is NOT enough.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Magnetic Nanoparticles Could Aid Heat Dissipation in Nuclear Plant Cooling Systems and Electronics
    Nov. 20, 2013 — Cooling systems generally rely on water pumped through pipes to remove unwanted heat. Now, researchers at MIT and in Australia have found a way of enhancing heat transfer in such systems by using magnetic fields, a method that could prevent hotspots that can lead to system failures. The system could also be applied to cooling everything from electronic devices to advanced fusion reactors, they say.
    Share This:

    The system, which relies on a slurry of tiny particles of magnetite, a form of iron oxide, is described in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, in a paper co-authored by MIT researchers Jacopo Buongiorno and Lin-Wen Hu, and four others.
    Hu, associate director of MIT's Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, says the new results are the culmination of several years of research on nanofluids — nanoparticles dissolved in water. The new work involved experiments where the magnetite nanofluid flowed through tubes and was manipulated by magnets placed on the outside of the tubes.
    The magnets, Hu says, "attract the particles closer to the heated surface" of the tube, greatly enhancing the transfer of heat from the fluid, through the walls of the tube, and into the outside air. Without the magnets in place, the fluid behaves just like water, with no change in its cooling properties. But with the magnets, the heat transfer coefficient is higher,…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    My apologies I cannot cut and paste links at this time , is there's trick on an iPad for this do let me know it would make my life easier as well as give me the ability to share more effectively . I seem not to have a problem with windows .but I have to program it in and remember a masss of passwords . It's a Linux as well , not set up yet .

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    oMicroalgae and Aquatic Plants Can Help to Decrease Radiopollution in the Fukushima Area
    Microalgae and Aquatic Plants Can Help to Decrease Radiopollution in the Fukushima Area
    Jan. 9, 2014 — After a huge earthquake caused severe damage to the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, Japanese plant scientists have been working to determine the impact of radioactive contamination on wild and cultivated plants. In a special issue of Springer's Journal of Plant Research, these experts examine the potential adverse effects of radioactivity on nature and society.
    Share This:

    Of particular interest is an article focusing on the efforts of a research group led by Yoshihiro Shiraiwa of the University of Tsukuba. Seventeen microalgae, aquatic plants and algae that are able to efficiently remove radioactive cesium, iodine and strontium from the environment were identified.
    The findings add to existing bioremedial options which could help to decrease radiopollution in the Fukushima area.Such measures are of utmost importance, because a large quantity of radioactivity has been released into the atmosphere.
    At the same time, the volume of radio-polluted water is increasing daily because of the continuous injection of cool water and the incurrent of underground water into the still defective reactor. Because the plant strains identified are easy to harvest and dry, they could be potentially useful to recover radioactive cesium from a huge volume of radio-polluted water if…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Testing a new way looks like it's not working , help I need a teenager for a few minutes

  • Nick

    Hard to imagine that all of the trillions of dollars spent on weapons and nuclear energy and we are still
    grappling in the dark about HOW to deal with radiation on a biological level.

    Even if someone "detoxes" there is so much radiation in the biosphere already so that the detoxing would have to be ongoing 24/7/365.

    Since there is no such thing as "clean" food or water, such an endeavor only has a chance via the placebo effect.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the placebo effect is very powerful, but it can't be maintained 24/7/365.

    I get that folks don't want to give up hope and are convinced that this or that detox "works."

    In a sense I view personal health as somewhat selfish IF it doesn't address the bigger societal issues.

    Yeah, you can stock up on mineral-chelated-spirulina-grown-with loving-spiritualwhatever-from waters-found deep inside the earth,etc…….. But what if the water itself is contaminated?

    The key is to create a new paradigm that includes health for all AND attacking the root cause of environmentally triggered illnesses at the same time.

    I am leery of anything that claims to rid you of cesium 134. What about I-131, strontium-90, C-14, etc, etc?.

    Even Findhorn's giant vegetables are suspect because I suspect they got gigantic from radiation! (gigantism is one bio response to radiation).

    Organic anything is a misnomer. ……but I grew these kale plants with only the best organic soil amendments I could afford……….did you use…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Even Findhorn's giant vegetables are suspect because I suspect they got gigantic from radiation! (gigantism is one bio response to radiation).
      Finhorn is not from radiation I reade those books thirty years ago and I know there's a difference in organic vs conventional . You can taste it . I do believe in devas

    • name999 name999

      Our bodies are intelligent and will take what is needed from food water intake as long as we are
      ingesting clean healthy materials. If the materials are toxic, the water, air and soil, there is
      nowhere to run. Still best to consume the highest quality foods and waters available but
      one has to face the facts.

  • Nick fertilizer? yep…..oops

    • Sam Sam

      do some research on bio-dynamic soil
      enrichment. the key is seems to be to
      have an alive soil full of microorganisms
      and full of minerals. supplement soils
      with calcium and potassium to help
      reduce intake of cesium and strontium.
      little bit helps. fish fertilizer used to be
      great but now?

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Biodynamics are the balls , I made teas that fed oxygen used molasses in it . It's full of organisms that's what the soil should be and that's what health is

  • Nick

    So where are the soils clean?

    The soil fungi healthy?

    And for how long?

    Radiation is insidious. You can detox vast swaths of land only to have another batch of, say xenon gas daughter down to cesium134/137, and recontaminate. THAT is exactly what's happening in Japan. It's also one reason cesium134/137 levels are trended down as much as models suggested around Chernobyl.

    The spigot of nasty radiation has to be terminated.

    Since our governments across the globe don't give a rats ass about any of it, no more organic healthy produce except under
    climate/water filtered biodomes.

    Get a grip folks, Fukushima is a planetwide horror story.

    • Sam Sam

      You do what little you can to the soil
      you are growing your food in. you can
      buy soil innoculants, minerals etc to
      put into your soil. you can build a greenhouse
      over your food growing to keep the rain off.
      Yes the air is not totally clean.
      yes radiation is insidious and you
      cannot detox any piece of land
      and say it is clean as it does get
      recontaminated. do we give up?
      Stay positive as best as you can.
      It does help your immune system.

  • GQR2

    Hmmmm Leukemia other "rare" cancers that are happening these days, sudden deaths of the formally fit. This didn't used to just happen. "No one to blame"
    My memory is ok. Those cases were rare. We had chicken pox, measles, freak accidents in childhood. The Polio Vaccine.
    Only once in awhile a cancer or heart defects and disease in children. There was DES, Thalidomide.
    There was the willingness once to admit cause and effect and err on the side of safety.
    ( come to think of it my sister when young had osteo myelitis ! We were soaked in DDT circa 1963
    The skies were Blue, very very blue, not milky white.

    The doctors will gas light people, just as they are doing in Japan.

    The Japanese are suffering so greatly. My heart breaks for the beautiful people land and culture.

    There is no group of people or professions that are large that haven't sold out, been blackmailed, bought off – the betrayal is full spectrum. Groups like Nurses some of the best people in the world, stripped of power to influence. Its a fete a compli its not a question of stopping them. Its a question of surviving them. The doctors are despicable for their ignorance and collusion.

    Holding onto our humanity as Holygeezer said above. The poisons will not mitigate with time, they will only become more known.
    Well we are in this together.

  • J.

    The link below shows some hard, published science data about ongoing contamination of the ocean from Japan's costal rivers.

    Pass it on

    “Our findings show that [the] Fukushima accident produced original tracers to monitor particle-borne transfers across the affected area shortly after the catastrophe,” wrote the authors of the study in their abstract. “We thereby suggest that coastal rivers have become a perennial supply of contaminated sediment to the Pacific Ocean.”

  • retali8 retali8

    Video for Fuku severity to be understood by new users coming to enenews;

    first hand nuclear nightmare from a japanese point of view;

    no matter where you are, remember a piece of Fuk-U-shima is everywhere!
    check this…

  • Veracity Veracity

    I have a question for you smart people. Maybe you know something about this. I have an autoimmune disorder, which you probably know it means my immune system works overtime trying to repair things that aren't broken or damaged, etc. Do you know if that will help keep the radiation from damaging my cells & organs?

    Not that I want to linger on in a toxic world with toxic food and water and air. I was just wondering.

    I had a sinking feeling on 3/11 like many of you mentioned above and I knew this meant the beginning of the end. The gov has been preparing for martial law like there's no tomorrow (sorry but the cliche fits ). Life on planet earth will resemble syfy soon.

    Blessings to you all.

    • We Not They Finally

      There are lots of simple effective remedies you can do at home. Anti-oxidants — to stop "free radicals," which includes broken-off atomic particles — is essential for one thing. And vitamin C is great for that, BUT in pill, or even capsule form, it is only 20% absorbable. We were just recently turned on to LIPSOMAL VITAMIN C. That encapsulates (only-water-soluble) vitamin C in (fatty) lecithin, to be four times as absorbable by the cells at least.

      VERY easy to do at home: Three level tablespoons non-GMO lecithin, one level tablespoon non-buffered vitamin C powder. Mix into 16 oz filtered water, blend for two minutes. Throw into an ultrasonic cleaner for six minutes, and you have it.

      Ultrasonic cleaner VERY easy to find and use. Go to a hardware store, one with pint capacity will run about $35, one time purchase.

      We love this remedy because it will work synergistically with whatever else you do nutritionally. And you can make a quart of the stuff at home for all of about $3.

    • artika rama

      veracity There were some studies about hyperimmune system being a defense against cancer and some signs that people with hypersensitive immune response could have a limited advantage on prevention against cancer – Limited is the emphasized word .
      However radiation is not cancer . There is not much our immune system can do against radiation and i know i am getting on some peoples nerves by saying this but not much supplements , detox products or diet can do either . It is a misunderstanding that people approach radiation as just another toxin , or a chemical or a biological molecule ,, it is NOT ,,
      People get lost when it comes to radiation and they try to use the same remedies they have learned over the years against chemical – biological attacks , against radiation as well.
      These things have nothing to do with radiation and there is nothing our immune system can do against radiation . The only thing our immune system can do is trying to repair the damage, get rid of it AFTER its done . Thats no remedy as long as the source of the problem which is radiation is not dealt with .
      It is rather complex but in short , when it comes to radiation all the rules change , healthy diet , natural products nutritious diet etc et EVERYTHING has changed now . Game has changed , the rules have changed . FOrget everything you know ,vitamins to protect yourself against radiation etc. Doesnt work . I am sorry .
      ONLY PREVENTION = not to get it . Once you got it not much you can do…

    • Socrates


      The National Cancer Database in 2010 put forth a statement in 70 or so pages describing the intracellular effects of ionizing and ultraviolet radiation on the human cell. There are high level exposures and low level but continuous. There are four different areas where the cell is affected. Low dose but continuous exposures are very different on three of four levels.

      Your question deals with a hyperactive immune response and exposure to low dose but continuous ionizing radiation. Your immune system is already programming cells for death. Abnormal cell growths is promoted by inflammation from ROS – radical oxygen species. The trick is to balance the immune system in your case. I would consult an immunologist before tinkering with these complex systems with vitamins and supplements.

      If your autoimmune disease is ulcerative colitis, then speak to a gastroenterologist; if is is lupus or arthritic, speak to your rheumatologist. If I had more specifics, I could give you some ideas. Only with a complete medical history, physical examination and testing should anyone, particularly a non – physician give you medical advice.

      The more you learn, the more issues there are. One-size-fits – already advice shows ignorance. Artica understands the science more than many.

      • artika rama

        socrates Thanks for your kind words , i am just learning , like many of us here . 🙂 Since we cannot get any decent info from MSM we have to take the matters in our hands and got to educate ourselves. At least we have internet and we have sites like this , (enenews ),, so we can meet and exchange information .
        The way things are going , soon we will all be nuke experts i think :)) If thats what it takes ,,,, so be it then 🙂
        Peace my friend .

        • GOM GOM

          Akita. How about this information USGS: 5.4 today, Izu Islands. I looked up Izu in Japan. It is Honshu Prefecture. Isn't that where the reactors are? Are they purposely not saying Honshu? WTH?

          • artika rama

            Gom Hi gom . I don't know ,, yet ,, sorry ,, But i am interested to know . One thing for sure , I don't trust any news coming out of Japan . Will try to find out though .
            PS : my Internet connection comes and goes , so I get disconnected often . Will continue tomorrow .
            Take care . 🙂

    • Daisy207

      Hi, I have a condition called Hyper IgE – my IGE levels are over 7,000 and are supposed to be between 50-100. It causes me to have to deal with constant asthma and infections – some people have skin problems. I am injected with 375 mg of Xolair every two weeks to keep it under control. If I encounter an allergin – my body goes into overdrive and essentially says "kill the host" – so I can get very sick very fast. I do think however, that because my immune system is in constant overdrive – I am more protected from some things than others are. Hope this helps – look up more information on it – its a genetic thingy – my father and sister had it.

      • artika rama

        Daisy207/ veracity hi daisy, hi veracity .daisy , Your condition is different than veracities . You have too many antibodies against foreign substances , which makes you over sensitive against that substance (which usually is a protein) but veracity have an autoimmune disorder where her antibodies can't see the difference between self And non-self . Two different thing s. in theory in your case one might think that you could be less susceptible to certain diseases but I don't think it would work the same way for veracity as well .
        In short 1-autoimmune and 2-hypersensitivity diseases are not the same .
        I don't think it's appropriate to give medical advice on Internet . I am sorry.
        I just don't like people getting all excited about special supplements /therapies that can help against this and against that and then get disappointed in the end. The worst thing one can do is give false hope . BUT I am NOT saying you should nt try any alternative remedies,, I just see a lot of healers or therapies etc which give false promises , false hope to patients just to make some money and that is bugging me . People shouldn't believe anything just like that just because its s advertised on Internet , just because they say it works ,, instead be skeptical when you learn about that marvelous new treatment . Ask second opinions . If its not harmfull well why not try ,, ofcourse go ahead and try it . In that case you have nothing to loose , right .
        Wish you get well soon ,…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Without knowing your disease this is a good place to start..

  • Veracity Veracity

    Thank you for your responses. I have very mild psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. As stated above, nothing really matters when it comes to radiation. I tried so many natural remedies but finally got on methotrexate, which goes against my "grain" but life became unbearable and now its more normal. Im not bed ridden anymore. Also, I never get sick, never had strep throat, never get the flu or colds. Guess I WILL get radiation tho. That's inevitable. Bad way to go…


    • artika rama

      Veracity sorry to hear that . I hope you get well and stay in remission ( =more normal you say )
      Strep throat flu colds etc all BILOGICAL diseases , our immune system have mechanisms to deal with them but radiation is a physical property , just like heat , So just like one can catch flue but can not catch heat , it's also not possible to get radiation , it's not a disease.
      You can get the isotopes , the molecules that CARRY the radiation ( the carriers ) but not the radiation itself. We can inhale the isotopes , or ingest them and they have different types of isotopes with different levels of radiation (dose ) and different types of radiation (alpha beta gamma )
      Sometimes its just rays ( eg X-rays ) so without the carrier.
      So there is NO WAY our immune system can deal with radiation . Our immune system can deal with Proteins , viruses , bacteria etc but NOT with radiation . radiation is NOT like a substance but more like heat , a PROPERTY . Totally different things .
      In short
      1:your risk is exactly the same as everyone else's in getting radiation .
      2:your immune system can do absolutely nothing against radiation even if you would get all the supplements , all the vitamins there exists m even if you would have the strongest immune system . It wouldn't help NOT A BIT .
      If I would take a lot of Vitamins can I walk through fire ? No way . Impossible . The same thing here . No diet can help . Period .
      We can only prevent it getting in our body .
      Get well…

  • mungo mungo

    Water leak found inside Fukushima reactor building
    The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says it has found water pouring into a drain inside the number 3 reactor building.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company says it is yet to determine where the water comes from, or how much radioactive material it contains.

    The company said that the water leak was spotted on the first floor of the reactor building on Saturday by a camera installed on a remote-controlled robot used for removing rubbles. It said that the water flow was about 30-centimeters wide and constant….
    From nhk news

  • mungo mungo

    And this…A record high level of beta rays released from radioactive strontium-90 has been detected at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant beneath the No. 2 reactor's well facing the ocean, according to the facility’s operator.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) measured the amount of beta ray-emitting radioactivity at more than 2.7 million becquerels per liter, Fukushima’s operator said as reported in Japanese media. The measurements were taken on Thurs.
    From Russiatoday.

  • artika, I understand your point, and to the degree you are viewing it you are also right. And it highlights best courses of action. I agree, the BEST thing you can do is avoid the radiation. Now let's assume everyone in the northern hemisphere has basically missed the boat on that one. We all have some, no matter how much we try to avoid it. You jump right from there to "you die" on in this scenario "we all die". That's where you need to broaden your vision. See we all got exposed to Chernobyl too. I know Chernobyl was capped and this one will go on and on. Some people that were exposed via Chernobyl died from it quickly, others that received less, got cancers and died 5-15 years or more later. So all were not affected the same. Simple strategies like avoiding anything from Japan or the Pacific can help to minimize your exposure. Reverse osmissis water filtering, or at least aging it 3 weeks and then filtering through zeolite and Benoite clay. Or the most extreme but safest, get your passport and plan on moving south of the equator. Getting back to green tea, vitamins, etc, you said "The only thing our immune system can do is trying to repair the damage, get rid of it AFTER its done . Thats no remedy as long as the source of the problem which is radiation is not dealt with ." There is that all or nothing thinking. Assume Fukushima will kill EVERYONE on the planet and we are in a crazy, real life version of Hunger Games (Radiation Games).

  • In Radiation Games there is no winning, only adding or subtracting future days. There are 3 parts to this game. the most important one you are already rightly focused on, avoiding the radiation or minimizing it. Remember you are playing for days; it's a survival game. Now parts 2 and 3 come into play, that is how quickly will it kill you or Part 3 will something else get you first. See in this insane world their are LOTS of ways to go, and many of the things suggested by people focusing on part 2 can be very helpful in part 3. See, reality is radiation causes mutations in all life. That includes viruses and bacteria. Want to speculate on how many different viruses and bacteria there are in the Pacific? That means in the near future our immune systems will be under threat for an unending series of new viruses that they have never seen before (because they never existed before) and they have no specific immunity to. It's a game of playing for time, and doing the most you can with the time you have.

  • So I can promise you WE WILL ALL DIE. That's always been true 🙂 But Fukushima will not kill us all directly by the radiation. People will starve to death, governments will topple, people will be slaughtered (that's what all those hollow point bullets are for) and people will die of the diseases caused by their internal radiation. But if I die from cancer from Fukushima, then it will be the cancer that kills me. If I'm insane I could go double or nothing on the chemo, or I could attack it with say hemp oil and soursop. I'll bet one way I'd get more days than the other 🙂 That's why my plan. Move to Uruguay, get land, grow hemp for the medicinal oil, and sour sop. I expect their will be a demand for natural anti cancer remedies, people just trying to add enough days that the radiation finally does them in directly. Oh and raise and train seeing eye dogs. Sorry, the picture doesn't look good, but there is still days to live, and get things done.

    • Mark Wonclunker

      Have you checked that you can get a visa?

    • artika rama

      rocksteady03 Thanks for the long raply 🙂 I wasnt able to get online for a few days )disadvantages of living in an under developed country 🙂 I agree with you on most topics . That we can move to southern hemisphere and FOR A WHILE we can avoid radiation . Its temporary though . Everything in this world mixes with everything . Ocean currents , weather animals etc etc ) the radioactive isotopes have such a long half lives that they will be eveeywhere eventually . Its jusyt we humans have dificulty of imaginign that kind of long time scales we have the habbit from experience that "everything will pass" menatlity , since our experience with chemicals polluiton etc has all ways been temporary . WELL RADIATIOON IS NOT . Imporatnt point i use caps lock ., not because i am shouting , 🙂 absolutely not. Just to emphasize it .
      Ofcourse you are right , having a strong immune system can protect us from infections that we could get from eventually muatated microorganisms , theoretically its possible that some miocroorganim may mutate in such a way that it can turn into a pathogen when it wasnt and then infect us . Still , that would be the least of our worries that something like that could happen in the first place, under these circumstances , second: it will be just another infection , NOTHING TO DO WITH radiation ,
      Getting our immune system strong against radiation has absolutely no effect . Impossible . continued.

    • artika rama

      rocksteady03 Consider taking vitamins to protect your body from fire ,, trying to becaome resistant to fire ,, to becoma fire proof ,, does that work ? can i take lots and lots of vitamins and nutrients and start walking into a furnace ? HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT ,, i am sorry but thats the treality .
      SOme of the points you made i dont totally agree :
      1. Now let's assume everyone in the northern hemisphere has basically missed the boat on that one : ont agree , radiation did NOT HAPPEN ,, its an ongoing process , everyday we take in more and more radioactive particles and the more we take the higher the risk we are going to get cancer so prevention is the key.
      2;You jump right from there to "you die" on in this scenario "we all die" No i never said we all are going to die , only a percentage will die but even a few percentage makes millions of people per year for thousands of years , so , yeah millions and millions will die .
      3;See we all got exposed to Chernobyl too , not really , the survivors of chernobyl did get through it , the ones who are affected didnt , many died and many are dying because of it .
      4 Simple strategies like avoiding anything from Japan or the Pacific can help to minimize your exposure , Reverse osmissis water filtering, or at least aging it 3 weeks and then filtering through zeolite and Benoite clay: absolutely ,, its part of PREVENTION , thats what it means . continued 🙂 going to be a looongg message hope they dont block me for…

    • artika rama

      1; "The only thing our immune system can do is trying to repair the damage, get rid of it AFTER its done . Thats no remedy as long as the source of the problem which is radiation is not dealt with ." There is that all or nothing thinking : Not really , its called symptomatic treatment , you DONT treat the cause , but you treat the disturbance its causing , as long as radioactive particle stays in your tissues will keep damaging the next cell and the next and so on . Its only symtomatic doe3snt solve anything , the radioactive particle stays in the tissue and keeps killing your cells.
      2;Assume Fukushima will kill EVERYONE on the planet and we are in a crazy, real life version of Hunger Games (Radiation Games).: Thats NOT TRUE ,, i never said that , you may assume that , not me . I dont think fukushima is gooing to kill everyone . CHeck out my previous message above , about percentages and so . will explain it.
      3 Want to speculate on how many different viruses and bacteria there are in the Pacific? : Theoretically this is TRUE ,nobody can deny it . however when there is nuclear disaster spuwing hundreds of tons of the most radioactvie substances into the environment , i think trying to prevent ourselves from this deadly poison should be a much higher priority then postulating that some virus will mutate and kill us becouse of it . Imagine the BP disaster and imagine everyone trying to figure out what viruses would mutate from it instead on focusing on…

    • artika rama

      1;So I can promise you WE WILL ALL DIE. That's always been true 🙂 But Fukushima will not kill us all directly by the radiation : I NEVER SAID THIS ,, YOUR WORDS NOT MINE , i dont think we will all die . Check out my previous message about percentage risk and how it relates to millions being killed.
      2; If I'm insane I could go double or nothing on the chemo, or I could attack it with say hemp oil and soursop: You are talking about chemo , which is a CANCER treatment NOT RADIATION treatment , again you are having difficulty to see the difference between radiation and cancer , TWO DIFFERENT THINGS ,,RADIATION IS NOT CANCER,, not the same thing ,,
      I know these are confusing times and we all have to learn a lot about this new threat to most of us.
      I am only typing these messages NOT FOR THE SAKE OF DISCUSSION , but as informtaion , so that everyone reading these pages can understand better what we are dealing with . Nobody knows the answers , neither do i . we are all learning as we go .
      ALL I AM SAYING IS , FORGET EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED TO PROTECT , / TREAT YOURSELVES FROM MICROBES , CHEMICALS ,, AND EVERYTHING WE KNEW TILL NOW !!!! Its changed , now we ahve to deal with a NEW THREAT ,, old remedies DONT WORK << we all have to think rifferenltly now , what was healthy years ago may not be healthy anymore. GEt informed.
      Thanks and take good care
      PS if you have that place in uruguay send me the adress i migh come for a visit 🙂

  • BTW here is that novel I finished I think a lot of you here would enjoy it 🙂

  • I got a passport in June of 2011, I consider it my most valuable possession and the best purchase I ever made 🙂 If another major shoe drops from Fukushima you want to have your running shoes on!


      Get out while you can!
      I moved to Chile to get away from the U.S. and the wars they are involved in. The other main reason was Fukushima fallout in the northern hemisphere which is very serious and it will get much much worse.

      I live in Valdivia, Chile. Trout in the streams! Houses and land for CHEAP!

      Chile is a great place and it has many opportunities. I love Chile. I think the people are warm and inviting. The police are good and helpful and would never act like the police in the US. The government is stable and only corrupt at the very top