Prime Minister’s former adviser: Gov’t worsened radiation exposure — Says thyroid cancer expected in children from Fukushima and nearby prefectures

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 4:52 am ET


Former adviser says government worsened radiation exposure, DPA, June 11, 2011:

A former adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan accused the government of aggravating the radiation exposure of local residents during the nuclear crisis, news reports said Saturday.

Toshiso Kosako, professor of radiation safety at the University of Tokyo’s graduate school […] said the government had delayed the release of forecasts on the spread of radiation compiled by the Nuclear Safety Technology Center’s computer system, Kyodo said, citing the April 27 report.

He urged the government to conduct an epidemiological study in Fukushima and neighboring prefectures as thyroid cancer was expected to develop among children. […]

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 4:52 am ET


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17 comments to Prime Minister’s former adviser: Gov’t worsened radiation exposure — Says thyroid cancer expected in children from Fukushima and nearby prefectures

  • BlackRain


    I’m making a prediction now and going out on a limb.

    I scored 914 at Zombie Trailer Park, and I slept at Best Western last night.

    I predict you might want to sign a petition to roll back reckless radiation limits and protect hundreds of thousands of Japanese children. 100% on line.

  • Novamind

    No one wants a Fukushima necklace!

    • BlackRain

      Absolutely not.

      “Chernobyl necklace” is “slang” for thyroid cancer, as is “Fukushima necklace” … now.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Give them the Seppuku knife or a revolver and put them in a locked room and tell them to do the honorable thing.

  • FanJapan

    Crime against humanity

    “are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority.”

    Here we are…

  • So there we have it from Kosako-san – as near an open admission as we are ever likely to get that there is a ‘deliberate’ element to this terminal mess.

    Reviewing the entire situation since 3/11 it is hard not to come to the conclusion that spreading radiation as far and wide as possible has been the main aim from the start.

    I know my Chernobyl history backwards (having been ‘slightly’ involved at the time) and this time around bears no relationship whatsoever.

    Just WHO (World Homicide Organisation?) is responsible for this complete breakdown of all that ‘authority’ is supposed to accept as its mandate from the People, to care for the People?

    Has it not now become demonstrably and obviously the case that Governments the world over have become the enemies of their People?

    Looks like it to me…

    This is a War against Humanity – identify the enemy:-
    John Coleman – Conspirators Hierarchy

  • Anti-nuke protests in Japan, 3 months after quake

    Read more:

    Also, a reminder that all is not what it seems at Daiichi. However hard one tries, this guy and his appalling conclusions can no longer be ignored:

    “Reactor 4 is building 7, demolished by explosives. Reactor 4 had been defueled and was undergoing replacement of it’s internal stainless steel shroud, yet blew it’s containment anyway. That is the FINAL smoking gun, an empty reactor is inert, and cannot produce an explosion, yet one happened at 4 that was so powerful it destroyed the structure leaving it in danger of falling over. Overheated open fuel pools cannot produce hydrogen because in an open fuel pool the water boils off at 100 Celsius, and won’t be present in pressurized form at 2,000 degrees Celsius to liberate it’s hydrogen by losing it’s oxygen to the zircon cladding in the fuel rods. The rods will prefer the free oxygen in the air and burn long before attempting to claim the oxygen in whatever humidity there might be. Because fuel rods only contain 20 percent fissionable material, they also cannot produce the “prompt criticality” “The most qualified nuclear engineer in the world” Arnie Gundersen has spoken of. I got to the bottom of the Arnie Gunderson story, and added the results of that investigation further down the page. He has been put on a pedestal and pumped up enormously by a press that wants a misleading story, all the while he is a despised outcast of the greater engineering community. The explosion at #4 was flatly impossible absent the use of an explosive device, and as a result the disaster at Fukushima is FAR FAR WORSE than ANYTHING Gundersen is willing to say. Gundersen is towing the line and hiding the true magnitude of what happened there because if it became widely known serious questions would be asked. When have you heard Gundersen talk about a totally missing reactor?”

    It is indeed time for ‘serious questions’ if only to ameliorate the utter misery Japanese people will now experience for generations.

    Comments, please? (As a comparison, who remembers ‘Mike Vreeland’ and his June 2001 warning about 9/11?)

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      This website loses credibility, in my opinion, when the author of this article starts talking about how wonderful the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is and that it should be kept in service.
      In my opinion all nuclear plants should be decommissioned, and all nuclear weapons should be destroyed including depleted uranium.
      Earthquakes caused by HAARP and other ionospheric heaters are real and devastating earthquakes.
      This article posits both HAARP and nuclear weapons as the cause of the problems at Fukushima. This sounds like if you don’t believe one explanatin, you’ll maybe believe the other.
      But much of Japan is now much lower than it was previously. And Fukushima is not the only nuclear plant or reactor damaged.
      One of the Achilles heels of the nuclear industry is that it is vulnerable to terrorist attack.
      This is a reason to decommission the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. Not the opposite which is the position of this article.
      This article sounds like a Tavistock disinformation article.

      • @anne “This article sounds like a Tavistock disinformation article.”


        Now if only millions could bring themselves to understand this, mankind would soon step back from the brink of ‘Idiocracy’ (‘Brawndo’ mean anything to you? ;-).

        But that would entail destruction of innocence – IMO the very worst crime committed by the OWO over the generations.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          It also bothered me that there was no mention of the corruption and coverup of incompetence in the nuclear industry itself. Nuclear reactors are unsafe in ALL circumstances, and even worse when there is corruption, incompetence, and use of unsafe parts.
          For all we know, Japan may have had a nuclear accident which was the cause of the earthquake and tsunami.
          I have heard from a deceased worker at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant that they had a FIRE EVERY DAY when they were still open for production.

  • It disturbs me to no end, will be hard to watch this slow moving health catastrophe !

  • StillJill StillJill

    That’s the thing Doc,…me too. I’m sure your mind has fastforwarded also,…to the point where they REALIZE they’ve been dooped? And, they look into our eyes-and they ‘get it’! They also ‘get it” that it’s too late,……

    • Too sad to think about, feeling so helpless for these children, remember the pic links of children/mothers I was posting a while back, knowing then, knowing now !

  • StillJill StillJill

    This must be something like how the Good Lord feels,…watching our dumbasses, huh?

  • Sunday, June 12, 2011
    A professor of zoology at the Tokyo Institute of Technology would not rule out the possibility of the birth defect being caused by radiation exposure to the mother rabbit, but he told Flash it would be difficult to ascertain the cause of the mutation. a radiation meter on the farm premises displayed a count of 2.4 microsieverts per hour. Needless to say, no one at this stage even wants to think about the potential effects on the humans who will be born from around this autumn.
    Liabilities aside, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) faces…