Former Tepco employee: Plutonium and uranium in Reactor No. 3 has all been blown out — This was no ordinary explosion — Gov’t is concealing truth (VIDEO)

Published: November 12th, 2011 at 8:55 am ET


Title: WDR: Leben in der Todeszone – Life in the deathzone (german, english subs)

Uploaded by: 007bratsche

Upload date: Oct. 31, 2011

Description: This report was broadcasted on October, 18 and 24 by the german TV-station WDR. WDR is a part of the public channel ARD. Their Japan-correspondent went to Minamisoma for a week and talked to people there about their lives after the Fukushima catastrophe. Thanks to sievert311 and tokyobrowntabby who told me about this report! Please forgive if I wrote wrong some names; I could only refer to the audio…

Excerpt at 3:50 into program

And then Mr. Haneda tells us he used to work for TEPCO, the nuclear power plant operator. He was at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, when the accident took place.

“Unit 3, Fukushima – this was no ordinary explosion. There has been a chain reaction of uranium and plutonium. That’s all been blown out. But no  one does measurements. I believe the government does not want to have them done. Not only Tepco is lying – even our government is concealing the truth.”

A chain reaction of uranium and plutonium, if that’s true: it would be something like an atomic bomb explosion.

Watch full video here (embedding disabled):

Also published today: [intlink id=”fukushima-man-reports-seeing-yellow-flash-when-reactor-no-3-exploded-from-over-30-miles-away-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]


Published: November 12th, 2011 at 8:55 am ET


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71 comments to Former Tepco employee: Plutonium and uranium in Reactor No. 3 has all been blown out — This was no ordinary explosion — Gov’t is concealing truth (VIDEO)

  • radegan

    Gee, he could’ve read about that here months ago…

  • Riddle of the radiation sweeping across Europe: UN nuclear agency mystified by soaring levels

    Read more:

    Very low levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected throughout Europe, but the particles are not believed to pose a public health risk, the U.N.nuclear agency said on Friday.
    NASA have released images of 2,400 stars, known as the Tarantula Nebula, that are producing intense radiation and powerful winds, believed to be the cause for the detection in the atmosphere

    Read more:

    • Misitu

      “NASA have released images of 2,400 stars, known as the Tarantula Nebula [*], that are producing intense radiation and powerful winds, believed to be the cause for the detection in the atmosphere”

      Nothing you can do about this, it happened 160,000 years ago;

      * “Its luminosity is so great that if it were as close to Earth as the Orion Nebula [1,344 ± 20 light years], the Tarantula Nebula would cast shadows”.

      Apropos of stars causing radiation, that would be GAMMA RAYS, ¿no?

      Interstellar radiation creating 131I – I beg to differ; afaik 131I is created as a consequence of nuclear fission.

      These are not just straws that are being clutched at, they are MARKS AND SPENCER straws [apols non UK readers this refers to a snobby xmas food advert from a year or so back].

  • dosdos dosdos

    To me, the most tragic thing is that it took almost eight months before the children were given dosimeters. There is no way to tell without a full body scan just how much radiation to which each child has been exposed in the first eight months, and those are hard to arrange because of the scarcity of the scanners.

  • recent rumors stating that the amount of Tepco employees assumed dead range from 4000- 7000+

  • ben ben


    If this is true this needs to be told to people.

    • arclight arclight

      hi ben, welcome to the webs best kept secret! cos of the google search tool!!

      “We need some mainstraim media to report this.”

      categary D in the uk except scotland who dont give a feck about english sensitivities anyway!
      the iaea
      categary A in japan
      some geezer touching you up at airports in the us
      the iaea
      euthanasia in kazahkstan (coming to a theatre near you soon)
      oh and the IAEAWPPADKWHOWTOFED and possibly the pope (bought loads of condoms or something)
      hope that explains everything

  • oscar419

    This should be required viewing for anyone who wishes to stay on the planet….

    • nohobear nohobear

      Hands down, you have the best avatar. Kind of says it all. Well done.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Not trying to compete in a “best avatar” contest,lol…but guess where mine was found if my brief description wasn’t noticed a week or so when I updated my profile to include my present avatar? -“A lead-lined thong will be awarded to the first lucky contestant to answer correctly” *while limited supplies last*~LOL~

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Okay,either nobody knows or nobody cares?!!LOL, But it is ironic that the cute,plucky little fella with the “Pu” on his hat is the “retired” TEPCO mascot “Pluto-kun” which was featured in their many anime/cartoon propaganda features geared towards children to “cutesify” & promote their “product line” as being so “harmless & safe and a sound method of producing electricity”!~The avatar I’d chosen was taken from a clip in which “Pluto-kun” hands a glass of pure liquid Plutonium to a young schoolchild while telling him “Go ahead & drink it,it’s “barely”absorbed by the stomach or intestines at all and naturally leaves the body with no harmful effects at all”??!!!-And people wonder why the Japanese people continue to consider nuclear energy even after this ongoing event threatens them & the rest of humanity with extinction?!! Thanks to “programming” by TEPCO that started at an early age for those people still undecided or God forbid-in favor of restarting all of Japan’s NPP’s and a big thanks to “Plutonium-kun”,”Denko-shun”,and “Cosmos-san” and their circus-faced mentors for the resulting indecision & apathy helping seal their fate,as well as the rest of ours as a result!!

      • oscar419

        thank U very much…

  • I think Tacoma’s link to Daily Mail article where they propose elevated radiation is coming from distant stars is a good example of mainstream lies. If the plutonium and uranium from #3 really is all gone where did it go to? The thing is what we know of nuclear fall out is mostly from bombs which push radio-active particles high up in the air. Nuclear power plant did explode but continues to emit radiation that gets taken away by ground winds. Most people don’t realize that winds are in layers. I used to crew a hot air balloon. First thing you do is send up a helium toy balloon to check for wind direction. The balloon will change direction sometimes as it rises because even though on ground level wind is coming from the north at 500 or 1000 ft up wind is in a different direction. Despite the pilot having access to Canada Environment reports and Transport Canada flight info etc. we still needed to send up a balloon to determine take off point. So where the discharge from the Fuki poison factory lands is anyones guess. I see no high profile study on this just assurances that everything is OK. We here who have educated ourselves aren’t buying it.

  • looking for the truth

    See what happened to me today:

    This repost was first broadcasted at WDR, a local public station in Germany on Oct. 18 and 24.

    Then, it was re-broadcasted at the germanwide program “Weltspiegel” (Mirror of the world) at Nov.6
    They even had a page at their news section that day. I commented there how happy I was that the report was broadcasted nationwide.

    Today, neither the news page nor the report itself nor any mentioning about broadcasting it Nov.6 can be found…

    That’s the public, taxpayed TV in Germany!
    No wonder people are enraged!!!

    • Are they enraged? I can’t even talk about this with my close relatives. Living on west coast of Canada. People are not enraged. Those with money are enjoying their life and those without money are complaining about being poor and then buying beer and cigarettes to try to enjoy life. No one talks about Fukushima. Not on any news. Big news item is always the economy. I think people are going to die from this radiation, maybe me or maybe you. But it won’t happen today or next year. The economy is what interests the powerful as the economy is the engine that harnesses the masses to make a few people rich beyond your wildest dreams. I am interested in clean water and air. If I have those 2 things everything else falls into place. The ultra rich want the economy to remain intact for as long as possible. If people know the true situation, they won’t be interested in the economy. If all countries defaulted on their loans the economy might be ruined but the people will still have life, wine, women and song.

      This nuclear disaster threatens the economy. Better for 10 20% or even 50% of the population to die of cancer slowly over time, then a mass panic and divorce from the economy. I’m sure the number crunchers have estimates of deaths somewhere too. What they are doing by hiding the truth is self serving,pre-meditated and criminal.

      God Bless

      • looking for the truth

        I was misleading at my comment – they’re not enraged because of Fukushima – they should be in my opinion, though – but because governments spurn their human rights.

        My way of thinking is just the opposite: we will face an economic collapse if we keep on like we do now, resulting in much trouble – maby more than we could imagine now. But as long as we don’t completely ruin our planet, there will be a chance to get to our feet again. If we allow one further incident like Chernobyl or Fukushima, we’ll probably not be able to do so again…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          I try to look for a glimmer of hope,however I’m sadly resigning myself to the reality that we no longer have the option to prevent “one more” Fuku or Chernobyl as they both appear to be ongoing events which are worsening in their own insidious ways.Now I guess I might as well admit it to myself,as well as those I care about deeply who just won’t face the horrible reality of what was at stake before we allowed this crap to go on to the point that nature had reached its breaking point. It’s a hopeless situation now and should some advanced life form stumble upon the remains of our civilization & society they would probably not see the intelligent,caring & noteworthy sentiments & traits displayed by our species because the evidence of our self-destructive tendencies & efficiency at destroying everything else that shared our habitat intentionally or incidentally far outweighs any semblance of the true definition of “intelligent beings”. If Spock read this I’m sure he’d interject with his objective.analytical & logical conclusion that highly intelligent E.T.beings of superior intellect would establish that our species-if allowed to continue and possibly colonize other worlds would pose a threat to any civilizations humankind could “infect” should they be given a chance to co-exist with,and would compete for their natural resources.In other words-we are primitive,self-destructive,aggressively parasitic organisms that cannot be allowed to make advances in technology,specifically space travel as we’d most certainly destroy the Universe if given the opportunity. We are disgusting creatures,probably viewed by E.T.beings as “cockroaches” & maybe we were given the “gift” of nuclear technology to assure that we’d never advance far enough to become a “threat” or “nuisance” to other worlds had we not begun a marked decline thanks to our own abundance of flawed characteristics and a bit of help from our “little green friends”?!!LOL!

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            Just to make another useless point-Please don’t be offended or get angry with me for some of the ridiculous crap I’ve been coming up with at times! Everybody has their own way to deal with the ridiculous excuses we keep getting from “official” sources and I am admittedly adept at making a jackass of myself when faced with things beyond our control that scare the living shit out of me!! Sure I’m mad!! I can’t even begin to go there though at the moment because for one thing I’m “heavily” medicated right now thanks to the stabbing pain from my chest through to my back on the left side and have been coughing up more blood and I’m getting a lot of crap from my loved ones for refusing to go to the appointment my Dr. made for me-of all places to follow-up,they want me to go for x-rays at the nuclear medicine dept. of the hospital!!! Are you kidding me?!!-I’ll take my chances & “hope” it goes away on its own like it did in the past,although it wasn’t quite as bad as it is now. And given the “situation(s)” & shambles my life is in right now I am not afraid of or even against the idea of not waking up one day in the near future either. It’d sure beat sitting here waiting for it to happen via nuclear crap or having to see my kids or wife go that way before I do?!! So I’ll shut up with my dumb stuff and quit making jokes & half-truths in some cases and get back to worrying about what this crap implies for my families future if they even have one to speak of! Sorry for typing while semi-obliviated on narcotic pain meds & benzo’s! Have a great weekend,or at least try!!PEACE

            • Misitu

              I don’t think anyone here will get angry with you, JB. We have all been through the anger thing, several times over, in and out; just when you think you can relax, another wallopping great piece of bad news or lie revelation comes out and hits you.

              Anger and black humour is a natural reaction to this calamity.

              Best wishes,


      • Anthony Anthony

        Totally agree & stuck on Coast like you too. Have really felt like dropping out of society since 311…uber spendy in BC makes it insulting to pay high taxes we do while witnessing zero support even scientifically from my govt since 311.

        • Same here, at least two of my family think I’m nuts.

          I’m on Vancouver Island, west coast.

          Sometimes I have to recheck my own sanity.

          Last time I checked, there were 72,000 Hiroshima bombs riding the Jet Stream into my back yard.

          I think I may have to leave this place, before the nosebleeds start.

      • HamburgGeiger

        The same over here. In Germany Fukushima is not in the media and not in the peoples heads. Nobody wants to know about it. And if there is something in the media it is mostly eyewash.

      • Misitu

        I worked in local government in the UK for a mercifully short while but did encounter one or two situations where decision making was required. Any government body faced with the need to make decisions urgently – without reference to The Elected Representatives – ends up doing this either
        (a) badly, or
        (b) by counting the numbers affected and the duration of the annoyance.

        If you choose (b) then whatever happens nobody is going to say you did a bad job.

        It appears that events since mid March this year have received a response of type (a) from the honourable Japanese government authorities.

        But maybe that is just appearances. Maybe they really DID do the numbers exercise. Mindful of the capacity of honourable Japanese industry to come up with the goods with the precision of the proverbial Swiss Watch, let’s say they did.

        Let’s say they said to themselves something like,

        “This really is the end of civilisation as we know it, should it get out. We have done the numbers. Actually we did the numbers when we composed the Emergency Ops Manual for Fuxushima, Appendix B, Multiple Core Accidents. We keep doing the numbers all different ways and they all come out the same, within plus or minus a few percent. Japan is Toast, like Americas’ West Coast”.

        A lamp bulb went on in a fresh out of university lad and in the silence he said, “If we tell them it’s all over, there will be mayhem, and our good friends the Yanquis will be finished, the Great Dollar QE Hoax will be discovered, America will collapse due to the inherent weakness in her Me Greedy religion, and the Chinese will eat us alive.

        “Have I missed anything important?”; there being many heads shaken, he continued, “But, if we keep it discreet, then yes folks will get sick – morphine’s cheap after all – but a good percentage will get through it and anyway nobody will be able to trace the smoking gun even if it’s staring us in the face a couple of hundred klicks from Tokyo”.


      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        For what it’s worth-I’m in the same boat & maybe I am nuts?! I’m definitely poor and I don’t drink anymore,but I’ve been tempted more & more lately to take it up again. I smoke cigs & my “nerves” have proven to keep me from following thru with any serious attempts to quit-I just buy bags of cheap tobacco & when I can afford it,filtered tubes to make my own.Nobody wants to hear about a horrible reality which implys “impending doom”-absolutely no tolerance shown for anything that might infringe upon their own “plastic world’s” and no concern for anyone with a message of concern that would suggest they look beyond their selfish,petty,self-centered lives & look beyond their material ambitions to even think about the implications not only to the children & those of us who see this issue for the threat that it represents-or they might be rudely awakened to the fact that they will lose all the crap they value so highly and won’t be enjoying their wealth & the “toys” they’re so concerned with & focused on!!It’ll all be useless crap aside from some items that will be of use that I would strip their corpses of for the benefit of my surviving loved ones! I admit that these troubled times have caused me great pain when reflecting on the resources & huge sums of money I’d squandered away foolishly,but NEVER would again if my luck changes(in time!)~but I’m truly amazed & equally disgusted by the fact that the worst kind of people have the most resources & positions of influence that could affect the rest of us so badly! -Gotta go!! My daughter needs me to get her from work-she got sick & needs to go to the ER?!!!

  • Tuni Tuni

    I live about 20 miles from this plant. I wonder what else is not being said about the massive cracks in the containment. Now they want us to pay for their cost cutting measures by using a cheaper contractor!!!!!

    • Anthony Anthony

      The govt staff who created the mess should be financially tied personally to the resurrection of your country first somehow. You the citizens have already paid so, so much. Govt program funding from all directions should be channeled to pay before citizens are shaken down even further. My God.

  • sworldpeas

    I’m a little more then frustrated by the Japanese… I’m starting to enter a state of BITTER RESENTMENT. How come we are not seeing the Japanese FLOOD this website with posts? it’s the 3rd most popular website yet not a single word is uttered? wtf The population is being as complicit as Tepco. They would rather eat the radioactive mushrooms and send their kids to a radioactive school yard then to be called a “monster” FAIL FAIL FAIL They are failing themselves, their children and the world. It’s not the problem (fukushima) that concerns me it’s how it is being dealt with that is BOILING MY BLOOD. Before I totally fuckin scream… can I PLEASE get a stabilizing wire on the GD CAMERA!!! and PULL YOUR HEAD OUT JAPAN!!!!!

    • mungo mungo

      you are so right, come on you japanese, prove to us that you have some guts… the old way of japanese politeness MUST STOP NOW…do we have to insult you to get a response? wake the fuck up japan, or fall asleep and die. sorry, but there it is.

    • Anthony Anthony

      I am always pulling myself back from here too… Most times it is non Japanese members with the loudest horns discussing topics with virtually no or minimal Japanese members input. Something doesnt seem right in this regard.

      • arclight arclight

        japan has adopted a war situation class a censorship law! the elderly of japan are the highest percentage of population and honorable according to japanese culture…the older you are the less prepared for change…did you see the post with the family of an activist asking the son to divorse his wife!! this is not unique to japan by the way!!

        censorship by law and corporation means that the massaes are truly asleep! and thats not uniquely japanese either..

        personally after seeing kurwsawa films repeatedely for twenty years … i think im bit of an authrity in the field 🙂

        would be nice to get some real stories, would give more perspective on enenews..thats what we are largely missing though we look for citizen links. just a musing

        domo arigato in advance!! 🙂

        thanks for posting tuni

      • Misitu

        Anthony, hello again.

        The sentiments expressed on ex-SKF and Fukushima Diary (among several other local sites) are in line with those expressed here by non Japanese observers.

        I would say that West Coast North Americans have a strong interest in the progress of the ongoing contamination albeit they are highly frustrated in seeing nothing being achieved and are literally disempowered.

        Such as myself, without strong roots either in the damaged land or the victims elsewhere, nevertheless feel for the earth, for the human community, for the ravaged biosphere and use such of our talents as may be available to think, write, persuade, in short, to try to provide some material for those who are most threatened or those who have more courage to actually do something.

        I find myself writing, impelled by events and the monstrousness of this calamity, to try to bring surgical clarity to illuminate what is said elsewhere.

        I hope I can be useful. Useful or not, I suppose I will continue to contribute in the hope that this gives strength to others.

        My sympathy and condolences to the people of Japan and the surrounding lands and elsewhere that is being ruined by 311.


        • Anthony Anthony

          Hi Misitu
          You are definately mind feeding comrade in this human journey. The seriousness of the issue provokes many reactions inside and out. Most of it comes from wanting a simple happy ending.

  • Irradiated emperor family

    Nov 12th, 2011

    In my previous post ,

    I reported Japanese emperor is hospitalized for fever.
    Also,the daughter of prince royal was sent to the hospital for mycoplasma pneumonia.
    Additionally,Crown Princess Masako got a cold.
    She is suffering from coughing and fever.
    She was planning to visit Japanese emperor in hospital,but she had to cancel it.
    5/11/2011,royal family visited Fukushima.
    For the “harmful rumor” of Fukushima’s agricultural products,
    they bought …

  • *PICS* Gingko die before turning to be yellow

    Nov 12th, 2011
    Every year,gingko turn to be yellow in this season. Streets look like it’s covered with yellow carpet.
    However,in Yokohama,gingko is dying before turning to be yellow. Even only in Yokohama,most of the gingko have their leaves wither and die quietly. From the research on twitter,in Kamakura,Chiba,gingko is dying in the same way. Back in September,I posted about withering plants.

    I suspected it might be because of brine damage but …


    *PICS* Chernobyl’s Red Forest:

    Current state of the Red Forest

    *PICS* Red Forest in Chernobyl Zone


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Shocker! HP NEW MAIN

  • Tanuki San

    After reading the other day how carefully they tested and treated the workers at the Idaho lab who were exposed to a relatively tiny amount of plutonium dust, and knowing how much plutonium was in that reactor, it seems like quite a few people in Japan, and maybe even elsewhere, must be doomed if plutonium causes cancer in most cases. It seems like by now some independent person could have sent samples of contaminated dirt to a lab to have them tested for plutonium–so I’m not sure why we don’t already know how far and in what concentrations it has spread. Maybe few precautions are being taken with food in Japan because the government knows that most people have already been exposed to plutonium and will probably get cancer from it anyway regardless of what they eat. Sorry for my pessamistic speculations…

    • They were exposed very early on, could play as a reasoning tool for TEPCO and Gov. for there future/past actions !

      The fire at the storage that burned on the day of the quake also would have put much into the air from another area/source also !

      • arclight arclight

        didnt they have millions of stored rice in the same docks? what happened to that!!??

        • This is fair trade rice from outside Japan, notably US, and in Japan they do not eat rice from elsewhere. It’s showing up on the docks because they have to buy it from us because of some agreement, and there it sits — probably still there … I’d guess most of it, if under cover, is not too badly affected — yet. May show up in animal feeds …

          • arclight arclight

            i did an earlier post about japan trading in millions of tons of different types of rice stored at tokyo docks… japan is/was self sufficient in rice and bought and traded surplus rice as an important part of its economy i believe!!

            does fair trade rice add up to hundreds of millions of tons of rice…they released a load after the rice shortages..wonder if they were filled up again… posted the data on exports to and it was a strong market still!!

            interesting area ive been wondering about!
            thanks for the extra info

          • Misitu

            So, the animals will get foreign, uncontaminated rice, while the people will get local, contaminated rice.

    • Anthony Anthony

      I appreciate your thoughts.

  • Radium 226 sample found at Tokyo residence

    Nov. 12, 2011

    The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology confirmed Friday that a small amount of radium 226 had been found in a container in a residence in Higashiyama in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward.

    A ministry spokesperson was quoted by Fuji TV as saying that the resident, a woman who has lived in the building for a long time, found the substance in a metal container in a wooden box in a storeroom in the building.

    After she reported unexpectedly high levels of radiation emanating from the box on Oct 31, the ministry sent a radiation expert to the property to inspect the container and found that it contained a small piece of radium 226 measuring around 3mm in diameter and 2cm in length. The ministry said the surface of the box measured 250 microsieverts per hour, but that the amount dropped to 6 microseiverts at a distance of one meter, …

    Radium (Ra) has no stable isotopes. A standard atomic mass cannot be given. The longest lived, and most common, isotope of radium is 226Ra with a half-life of 1600 years. 226Ra occurs in the disintegration chain of 238U (often referred to as the radium series.)

  • oscar419

    🙁 That Gentleman in the pictures operates with more honor and integrity than TEPCO ever will be capable of

  • kintaman kintaman

    > “Our gov’t is concealing the truth”

    I knew this from the moment I saw the first reactor explosion on 3-12. I turned to my wife and said we must make preparations to leave Tokyo asap. I predicted the government would lie and the food would become contaminated. I hoped this would not happen but I knew it would. All I needed to reference was Minamata ( to know that the evil and corrupt government would do this.

    This will go down in history as one of humanity’s darkest hours. Those responsible for this disaster will be remembered as monsters. I sincerely hope that they will all be held FULLY accountable.

  • goathead goathead

    We need to declare our own court and try these guys in their absence!! Create an entire list!! Publish it on the web!!
    It may be seen as humorous at the start but eventually it will be taken seriously. Only we the people can give it credence!!

    • dpl dpl

      We can use the deck of cards theme it worked so well for that war crimes against humanity farce in Iraq. Hooah!!

      • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

        Fuku Cards! I like it, but you’ll never fit all the criminals in a deck of 52! Lotsa American Officials including Obama, lotsa Canadian non-radiation testers, the whole EPA, IAEA, NRC, all MSM outlets, all nuclear energy corporations, Congress, Senate….and the list goes on…and on………and on.

    • ben ben


      That’s also what Kosako Toshiso wrote in his resignation letter:

      As for the names of who decided or participated in this kind of procedure which completely disregarded the previous decisions made at the Office of Radiation Regulation, they should be released openly to the public. I strongly advise this.

  • wagamama

    To those of you complaining that Japanese people are not posting here: You are ethno-centric idiots! Japanese people speak Japanese. They have their own forums and websites. The majority might have enough English to browse this site, but they won’t be able to understand it all, and probably aren’t confident enough with their English to comment. Duh!

    • mungo mungo

      wagamama- i can sort of read japanese using an online translator, so can the japanese… i agree with you that people cant just leave…. if this had happened in the uk i couldnt just move to another country either, and anyway, it would have to be so far away as to be impossible to escape

  • wagamama

    While I’m at it, I’m also sick and tired of reading comments here about Japanese people being stupid for not leaving Japan. GET REAL. Most people in Japan simply do not have the money or the English ability to leave Japan. Also, many people do not want to leave their extended families — parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles.
    My husband is Japanese. We were able to leave Japan because he can work internationally. We were very, very fortunate. We left his entire extended family, our friends and neighbors behind. We left a house, for which we are still paying the mortgage.
    I have several activist friends. They are staying in Japan to FIGHT the system and try to help. They are well aware of what the risks are. I think that they are SO BRAVE.
    I also have many friends and neighbors who are not activists. They are in denial, yes, to various degrees. It would be very difficult for them to leave Japan, so they just have to go on with their lives. Japanese culture is more fatalistic than American culture. So people are saying, “there is nothing we can do, so we just have to live with this.”

    • I have said same and echoed this many times here, all people have to do is to look at the Gulf and see the millions that should have left during the oil gusher and after because of dangerous contaminates or the poor that were in the path of Katrina that should have left, or the fire in Los Alamos this year or many other situations, things are never as easy as outsiders believe them to be !