Former Tepco Engineer: Fukushima meltdown was ignited by quake, not tsunami; Serious damage caused reactor to lose coolant — Lies will likely be exposed before long — Expert: “I think all units sustained damage from quake” (AUDIO)

Published: November 17th, 2013 at 8:42 pm ET


Japan Times (Abridged translated article from Sentaku Magazine), Nov. 17, 2013: [Toshio Kimura, a former Tepco plant engineer who worked at Fukushima Daiichi for 12 years] is strongly of the view that pipes in the plant were damaged seriously by the quake before a subsequent tsunami […] “So I demanded that Tepco release the relevant data […] it was found later that the data did not represent the whole data. […] Analysis of the data showed […] the core flow [of coolant] fluctuated and eventually became less than zero […] before the nuclear power plant was struck by the tsunami. Kimura believes that piping rupture was the very cause of the loss […] a pump designed to draw up water from the bottom of the containment vessel seems to have been activated frequently, indicating that damage to piping caused coolant to leak and accumulate at the bottom of the vessel. […] radioactive contamination was taking place at a much faster rate than was estimated by Tepco. […] a plant operator tried to enter into the reactor building at 5:19 p.m.[but] the dose of radioactivity was too high [Tepco has claimed the reactor water level was at the top of nuclear fuel at 5:46p]. This shows that the meltdown was taking place earlier than Tepco estimated. This corroborates Kimura’s inference that immediately after the earthquake, piping was damaged and coolant started leaking, thus rapidly lowering the reactor water level and igniting the meltdown. […] It likely will not be long before “lies” by Tepco are brought to light.

WERU News Report, August 7, 2013 — Dean Wilkie, nuclear reactor operations, management, construction and plant engineering at a U.S. Department of Energy test reactor (at 12:00 in): I think all the units sustained damage from the earthquake. I do believe that all the units suffered by having equipment failures, perhaps pipe breaking — different things off of the reactor vessels. Each one of those makes the situation worse from an accident standpoint.

Full interview available here (two parts)

Published: November 17th, 2013 at 8:42 pm ET


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61 comments to Former Tepco Engineer: Fukushima meltdown was ignited by quake, not tsunami; Serious damage caused reactor to lose coolant — Lies will likely be exposed before long — Expert: “I think all units sustained damage from quake” (AUDIO)

  • Mack Mack

    "NRC not holding Diablo Canyon nuclear plant to earthquake safety standards"

    "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is not holding the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California to the same standards it requires of every other nuclear facility to address potential earthquake hazards, according to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists."

    • We Not They Finally

      And there is NO legal recourse? People power did shut down San Onofre. Unfortunately, it seems to take that. Regrettably, people power may have to be struggling for their very lives by and by. Whoever has the channels, the strength, the will, the channels to do it — organize!

  • dosdos dosdos

    I was just reading this one. TEPCO is still holding back evidence in hopes that it won't have to show it was lying about knowing that the earthquake damaged the reactors before the tsunami arrived.

    This will give Niigata Gov. Hirohiko Izumida the argument he needs to prevent TEPCO from starting up its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, as well as giving reason to prevent all the other capable reactors from restarting.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Every meltdown to date has had a different cause. And each by total surprise.

    The one before Fukushima was operator error (Chernobyl). One before that was mechanical error (Three Mile Island).

    To sum it up, the concept of controlling nuclear failed. It's a failed concept.

    • pattersonp

      Yes, exactley. They didn't anticipate 'hot' fuel at all… They didn't anticipate transport vectors like ground water, Pacific ocean, food, air, etc. They had not a clue what nuclear fallout was.

      it is probably one of our biggest mistakes ever to let nuclear fuel be created, used, bought/sold, etc. The others are obvious: mismanagement of food, land, air, and natural resources.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The shockwave from the earthquake of magnitude 9.0 shattered the cores in 3 reactors and ruptured containment structure causing a nuclear detonation. 80% of fuel may already be outside containment after 2 years of flushing water down the hole.

    • pattersonp

      No. it doesn't work that easy. You have to remember, knowing what we know now TEPCO and Japanese government STILL TRIED TO tell to the world it was a cold shutdown. They knew from week 1 that 3/6 were melted with other critical events not to mention other possible leakages at other reactor sites, etc.

      Most of the explosions were gas-related, not like lighting a match to the fuel rods and watching them go pop. It seems THAT simple knowing what we know but it doesn't work that simply.

      TEPCO screwed up in a bunch of little ways as well in the beginning. They actually stopped cooling one rector to cool another. And the big one is air versus water cooling, they scrweed up. However, the quake caused so much damage that meltdown was going to occur whether or not they vented, cooled the cores, etc. No one thought a 9.0 would hit, the tidal waves were icing on the cake.

      • Grampybone Grampybone

        Reports suggest that unit 3's core burst outward and downward out of containment during detonation. Status of the other 2 cores are unknown. TEPCO has lied about the detonation from the start. Air cooling = radioactive release and critical fission. SFP4 Went critical from exposure. All events have been measured at 5000c classifying them as nuclear fission events not gas related hydrogen ignition. Sheer force of the quake alone was enough to make the containment fail. I do realize the lies TEPCO has been propagating since the start. It is only possible to state fact as on observed and reported status of a given situation. Using unconfirmed information will only make redacting statements and muddled information. I could state the full scale of how I view this situation and it's true nature, but just now the press is confirming what I have known since day one…2.8 years afterwards.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Its all really bad 🙁

        • tarpus

          So many and so much at stake for these people trying to convince us that it was the Tsunami and not the quake that emptied the water out and that it was only hydrogen and not a nuclear explosion…the fact remains that nuclear power plants are unsafe and nature can destroy them at will. Humans have no business operating these things at all, unless you put them on the moon for example. If it melts down, oh well…

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    No shit eh?

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    Actually this was proven days after the accident with spikes of radiation detected before the Tsunami hit!

  • Socrates

    All that disinformation to make the gullible believe that a once in five-hundred year tsunami caused it rather than the every twenty-year earthquake – just to cover their butts.

    TEPCO rolled the dice and we came up snake eyes.

    This scenario will only repeat itself randomly until we all die. The nuvlear industry will dance 'til the music stops because they make so much money. Until and unless civil liability attaches and subsidies are withdraen, no regulator can hope to regulate nuvlear gangsters.

    It speaks volumes that they needed to lie. Do we really want to place our live in the hands of liars? I don't want any corporation to have life and death power ovrr me.

    No industry has ever placed safety over profits without full civil liability gor all of the damages.

    • Angela_R

      "Do we really want to place our lives in the hands of liars?" Personally, when I ask a question I expect a truthful answer. However, how much truth can people bear? Many do not inquire, and when told turn a deaf ear or a blind eye.

      In September this year, a landslide closed off the tunnel to the Monju Nuclear Plant, a MOX fuel fast breeder reactor, once described as the most dangerous nuclear facility in the world, view some details here: : to my knowledge there has been no update since the landslide.

      The Tepco administrators are being hammered, but I do believe that they are trying to do the best they can. Telling lies though, imo, is not on. And then ask yourselves, what is happening to the nuclear waste of other countries.

      But then how many people can accept the truth?

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        "However, how much truth can people bear? Many do not inquire, and when told turn a deaf ear or a blind eye."

        The silence is deathaning. Intentional

        We are effected by the truth whether it is disclosed or not. At least if we knew when to shelter during high levels of fallout and what to avoid, how to protect our children, at least we could say we gave it a shot.

    • pattersonp

      Are you not aware of the theory that atleast reactor 3 was a weapons-grade facility, hence the 'mox'-type fuel (plutonium, +oxides,etc)? I entertain that idea sometimes because it makes a lot of sense for cover-ups, etc. Obviously SOMETHING was there or Something else happened – i.e. quake caused damage, not water damage to backup generators, etc – that they are frantically covering up for the wider 'industry'.

      These are the type of people we are dealing with. They think we are scum and don't even deserve to speak to them.

      • tarpus

        China released a statement saying that they knew it was a secret weapons program…
        Good article…

        • Horse Horse

          Thanks for the link. Good read of the secret history of Japan becoming the largest stockpile of plutonium in the world. China is just signaling that they are keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Japan really has a problem with leaks lately. The Pacific ocean is dying and the western US is next. Radiation makes secret wars possible.

  • jonnyboy jonnyboy

    could someone help me understand, why the west coast is in more danger than say, just western N america…

    what exactly is making the coasts, and the cities there in more exposed?

    is it the rain? weather patterns..?.. how far inland would YOU feel safer? thanks,

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      The Coast range…Cascade range…Rockies…all rain out the radiation to some degree. However, alot of the stuff from Japan goes NE towards Alaska and can then loop back down bringing rain & snow to the mid west and NE. That stuff sometimes bypases the NW. Nowhere is really safe. The Willamette valley is being shown to be a big radiation trap at times of stagnent air.

    • Mack Mack


      This animated map of the initial Fukushima-radiation-plume gives you an idea of which areas were hit hardest by the plume.

      For example, you will see that much of Texas seems to have been spared and yet Florida got hammered:

    • pattersonp


      First, look at a map of Japan. understand, study and realize where it is in realtion to asia, europe and then look at west coast of USA, Mexico, Canada. Second, google a brief understanding of tidal currents of the water itself. Third, consider any other vectors of transport — radioactive food? electronics? air? cars? Fourth, consider what nuclear fall out is. We are talking about atleast 2 dozen different isotopes being created because of neuron loss, electrons, etc. Then consider beta,gamma,etc radiation.

      Finally, look into how much release has occurred and what is happening right now (SPF4 fuel rods 5 stories up, more criticalities of nuclear fuel, melting/melted corium, water contamination, china syndrome, etc.)

      What have we learned: Nuclear radiation is extremely transportable and extremely dangerous and Japan/Fukushima is litrerally a nipple and the earth is sucking from its teet the worst radioactive garbage MANKIND EVER CREATED (most of the fallout ARE NOT NATURAL ELEMENTS but MANMADE!)

    • We Not They Finally

      jonnyboy, there is also the Kuriosho current. It flows from Japan to somewhere in the vicinity of Washington State, then splits both north and south. So that contaminated water blankets up and down the coast.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      There is also sea spray. I forget the term for that. It is also a problem for the coast line of Europe.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Proximity to the Irish Sea and Leukemia Incidence in Children
        at ages 0-4 in Wales from 1974-1989
        First Report of the Green Audit Irish Sea Research Group August 1st 1998
        Chris Busby, PhD
        Bruce Kocjan, BSc
        Evelyn Mannion
        Molly Scott Cato MA, MSc
        Green Audit Aberystwyth, Wales SY23 1PU
        Occasional Papers 98/4; August 1998

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Also there were HAARP created rain stalls on the West Coast to help get rid of the radiation from the atmosphere before it reached Washington, DC.

  • razzz razzz

    Fukus', Daiichi is a very old nuke plant site with (proven) bad reactor designs. Those reactors should have been retired long ago and certainly not have undergone shroud replacements to extend their life. Jump to the US, same problems, quakes, poor Mark l reactor designs, old/ancient plants. Those sites should be shut down immediately for the sake of safety and general reasons and principles.

    So, Daiichi began the first stage of melting down (losing cooling water) as the main quake was shaking the plumbing all to hell (who would have thought that?) but TEPCO only admits meltdowns 3 months later. I would consider that criminal activity. Japanese government wants people moving back in to still and forever highly contaminated areas. I would consider that criminal activity.

    The only saving grace is the 50+ Japanese reactors that are shut down.

    At this rate we will never know what happened at Daini: Fukushima Watch: At Fukushima Daini, It’s Safer Inside Than Outside…

    • lickerface lickerface

      Have you noticed that the readings at Daini seem faked? I bet that place got hit just as hard as Daiichi considering all the lies.

      • WWJD WWJD

        @lickerface – Whenever a storm passed through Japan using this:

        I always see the radiation monitoring stations act just as expected so I do NOT believe they are faked. In fact, today I created a list of stations from Fukushima that clearly show a rise in readings around October 22nd. These rises have not yet returned to previous levels. The BIG question is, did something happen then that caused TEPCO to decide it is time to attempt to remove the spent fuel rods from #4?

        Here's the link to the list I created but you must be a chart member to access sorry. I will post a reply below showing a screen shot of one of the stations chart so you can see what I am talking about.

        Radiation monitoring sites in Fukushima Japan that all show a clear rise around 10-22-2013

        • WWJD WWJD

          Here is just one of several Fukushima sites showing a rise on October 22, 2013 that has not yet returned to previous levels:

          • lickerface lickerface

            That makes sense why we had the ~320 CPM peaks in my home during the October 30-31, 2013 rainstorm near Austin, TX (9 inches of rain). We had average CPMs between 175 and 222, as I was resetting the counter every ten or twenty minutes throughout the duration of the storm. I did not think to measure that night/early-morning until the alarm went off on that PRM-9000.

            Hawaii received a peak from the 23rd thru 24th, and that makes me curious. I wonder how an elevation on October 22nd causes peaks on the 23rd in Hawaii. How can that jet stream only take a day to get to HI but then 7-8 days to reach central TX? Perhaps the comtamination had already been up high in the atmosphere, and a long rainfall was needed to grab it?

            I need to just buy the damn cable for the PRM-9000 and also buy the software to become a member the best way. I'm a do-it-yourselfer who usually builds my own cables, but I haven't looked into the pinout to that data cable. My stubborness…. :/ I suppose I'm waiting on more funds to purchase another PRM-9000 for use as a constant data monitoring source. Anyone in the same boat?

            • WWJD WWJD

              @lickerface – If you didn't already know, I own a Mazur 9000 too. I also own the InspectorEXP, Polimaster 1703MO-1B many GMC-200, a GMC-300 and a Black Cat Systems GM-45. The Black Cat Systems unit I am running through NETC not Black Cat Systems. I would suggest for you to buy the $85 GMC-200 geiger counter it comes with the usb data cable and it works with your Mazur 9000. The cable alone is a $20 value, with the Mazur 9000 the cable is extra as you already know. I suggest you buy the GMC-200 and use that as your 24/7 unit connected to NETC. Only use your Mazur 9000 for field testing or during times you know higher levels of radiation have been detected. I also highly suggest having the GMC-200 on an air purifier for better detection and have the GMC-200 running through the Raspberry Pi with custom software from NETC. My outside 24/7 air purifier unit is connected to the Raspberry Pi.

              • lickerface lickerface

                Thanks for the info!!! Any reason to go for the 300 instead of the 200?

                I am curious if you got accustomed to reading the 200's data and knowing how your PRM-9000 will correspond. In other words, if I see 33 CPM on the 9000, does that necessarily mean the GMC's will measure a third that value?

                I am just wanting to be consistent since we know others with the 9000. I will get a GMC 200 or 300 as long as the numbers I tell them will make sense and are something they can imagine (being familiar with the 9000). Thnx!

                • lickerface lickerface

         They also got a 320 now. Looks like the 200 is strictly for use with software, I see. $85 isn't too bad. I may get one that data logs onto itself as well, since I feel like we all need 2 counters to "check" the other when we question results. I see that the 200 measures beta and gamma, but not alpha. Has the differences between the 200 and 9000 caused you any headaches? I'm assuming you use the 200 strictly for online data presentation to the network, correct? I'm curious if it has fully met your criteria for solid, accurate readings like your more expensive counters show.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Excellent answers but in simple terms the radiation moved west from Japan east directly to the west coast of the Americas. It has traveled both through the air and the water currents etc. Air once it hits land starts to slow down allowing the radioactive isotopes to be released/dropped close to shore and 50 miles inland and/or directly on shore. These radioactive isotopes then become part of both water and land areas. They are still hot depending on what they specifically represent. They will move/work their way back to the ocean from inland drops/areas via mountain range rivers, rain etc. The eddies and bays will accumulate these hot radioactive isotopes in pools that will land on beaches etc. As tides go in and out these radioactive isotopes can then be re-released into the immediate surrounding areas via winds and other transport vectors locally. These first arrivers will stay and bioaccumulate on the shorelines/local areas first.. 🙁

    • jonnyboy jonnyboy

      ok.. so if you are inland 500 or 1000 miles, the overall exposure from wind and rain currents is far less than 50 or 100 miles inland…. this is what i wish to establish… of course over time it accumulates all over….

      • flatsville

        There are people in Sweden who suffered with cancer due to Chernobyl rain-out.

        Still can't eat the mutton in some parts of Scotland due to pasture contamination from rain-out.

  • We Not They Finally

    Well, technically the reason the Japanese have wanted it to be the tsunami, not the earthquake, that caused fatal damage, was to NOT have to boost anti-earthquake standards before re-opening plants. But obviously, those plants should not be re-opened under ANY circumstances.

    Americans cannot control what happens in Japan. It looks like even ordinary Japanese can't control that. But the spectre of already-mass murderers itching to kill yet again and again, is beyond the pall.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Jonnyboy the air currents do not stop at the shoreline and they keep moving via the Jet Stream and at each mountain range they encounter they will once again slow down and release more radioactive isotopes.

    These isotopes keep circling the world/globe and some say the initial cloud released moved(s) around the planet every 40 days. The cycle repeats every 40 days. Depending on the amount of release no one is safe a 1000 miles inland. My research indicates most cancers are found under these jet stream currents patterns worldwide. The dilution method does not work so well with Radiation Contamination and it becomes a crap shoot based on the dispersion methods which are very sporadic in nature.

    Safety is no longer in the scenario for anyone living under the jet stream flow patterns.. 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Jonnyboy, Here is a great link to watch and you will see how all the varied stream patterns work. It is my belief that the skin cancer/all cancer skyrocketing rates are based on these falling radioactive isotopes in all forms still dropping out of the sky since the original weapons tests 40 years ago. We are not a very bright species.. 🙁

    • Sol Man

      No, not bright at all. The spark can't span the arc when hubris trumps intelligence. It could have been different.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It's the danger of the rods..meeting open air ..that really gets me.
    Does it really matter now after months and months of debris itself..bulldozed..trucked around..broken rods,etc.pulled up by crane (IN THE OPEN AIR).. and dumped in the sea.
    Months of removing broken rods,etc..from all over the plant.. thrown into the sea.
    NO! why does it matter so much now?

  • GW

    Not even a moron believes the story about a 9.1 level earthquake.

  • GW

    How come all 4 reacors blew when one was completely de-fueled?

  • GW

    MagnaBSP and Stuxnet. Wake up.

  • JMR

    So we know that they have lied about every aspect of this disaster. I'm pretty positive myself that these plants have to be leaking more than 300 tons of water a day. Does anyone here have any estimates or guesses how much water is really escaping into the Pacific daily?

  • Shaker1

    GW, if you look at the picture of the reactors in the article to which tarpus linked about the rumors of a secret weapons program, notice that Unit 4, which was supposedly subject to hydrogen migration from Unit 3 (Do I have to say I don't believe that?) the interesting thing about the damage is that the panels down to the lowest floors are blown out between the columns, whereas in Unit 3 with its show and the prelude of Unit 1 allowed those lower panels remain. It strikes me that the whole of Unit 4 would have had to have been filled with hydrogen, and that they were too unaware to open the damned doors, at the very least. I've been asking all along, since I'd seen the original pictures, why that is the case, and it's one reason why I'd entertain the thoughts that Patti B put forward. What did happen in the lower portions of that building? Was it simply more damaged from the quake and tsunami that those panels were weaker than the other two building where explosions happpened, or was there something happening in the lower floors that wasn't happening in the other buildings? It could be something as simple as fuel in transit inside the loading dock, but I'd like to know.