FORUM: What should be done about Japan burning radioactive debris?

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:30 am ET


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At 7:30 in

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:30 am ET


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2,089 comments to FORUM: What should be done about Japan burning radioactive debris?

  • jackassrig

    WWII the Navy used blimps to spot subs. Maybe they're looking for something underwater.

  • califnative califnative

    repost – AST, Teri, thanks. My post above was TMI. It was impossible to capture the faint flashes seen coming from the left side of R1 when looking at JNN cam. AST your right that arrow was top of the stack, thought it was a part of the flash. I think Nuck would be have the best opportunity to slow the video down and see it the best. I thought these flashes on JNN were showing on the Futu traffic cam, lighting the whole sky

    but I could be wrong – but that was the alarming part to me and why I brought it up.

    So one last effort if anyone wants to confirm they see faint flashes on JNN cam, focus on left side over R1, full screen, enlarge if possible.

    Video markers are:

    2.08 this is the strongest flash

    Note there are many screen "glitches" on this particular video, I think it's intentional making it difficult to watch.

    Teri, your right this is coming further north near R5,6 out of view on cam1/4. This all may not mean much but the effort to try and catch them when they're hiding something is.

  • Horse Horse

    7-29 Spark count average rate of 20 sparks an hour showed some slowing of activity from the 7-27 rate of 30 sparks an hour. Fuku fog activity seemed a little less too. Its a lot easier to count when there's less of them.

    @Cali, I couldn't see any lightening or brightening in the cam1 or cam4 recordings, no help. They know what to keep out of cam views and keep us guessing.

    • califnative califnative

      Hi Horse – I noticed there've been less sparks too, suppose the heavy toxic saturated atmosphere is suppressing them. Graphs look good πŸ™‚ First time seeing a double spark with different colors, nice catch

      I saw one on 7-29 during the fog-out

      Speaking of saturated atmosphere πŸ™

      Thanks for checking out Nuckelchen's video to see any flashes, they're pretty faint.

      • Horse Horse

        I saw the flashes you found in Nuck's vid too. Don't have anymore than you do. Lovely lavenders, the colors in the saturated sky show just how yuk that air must be. Teri does a good job documenting those colors. ChargedBarticle used to post pictures of dawn skies back when it was mostly pink and I'd know someone was there watching. All the TEPCO 'look like we're busy' must mean more news coming, yet they couldn't seem to do much last month. Got Nuck's link waiting to go.

        • mt1000

          the vids from Fuk Daiichi channel (x60 speed up) also have occasional color shift on the screen. Big magenta blocks where camera adjusts or something, not sparks.

          • Horse Horse

            mt1000, I guess it could just be from something in the time lapse. Seen the big blocks caused by buffer underruns. At times I see block distortions when lightening strikes and at suspected high rad events, guess EM effects the cams. When the time lapse only catches part of it, might cause a sudden flash. Don't trust the timelapse to tell the whole story.

      • jec jec

        You know, I saw lots of sparks or flashes(and posted about it here) when it was snowing in the early days(2011/2012 winter) before they moved the webcam to the current CAM1 position. I tried to capture the flashes..thought it might be radiation particles reacting to water droplets or snow. I mean a one for every 10 snow flakes.

      • +1

        Double Spark.
        (Purplish and a Yellow)

        20 per hour… Hmm… what's up with that? 😐

  • jec jec

    From BBC, here is a photo of what we saw lifted off in the webcam/CAM1 the other day. Good image of that 'lift attachment' we have been seeing hanging from cranes over the past months..

    • jec jec

      Note cam the holes in the 'tent'–on the opposite side from CAM1. Might be all over, but clearly seen on the ocean side of building roof. On purpose..or is this from 'accidents'..?? Cant think they vented the roof like that.

  • jec jec

    CAM1 has crane working over Reactor 1. It picked up a block/container of ?? and then dumped it into the roof opening. Time is 06:30 8-1-2015 JST time. CAM 4 is usual view, nothing seen other than the usual emissions around the buildings. Reactor 4/Unit 4 building looks to have more pixels active on the left side than usual–in the dark greyed out rectangle areas.

    Last night, saw on JNN what look to be more (and new) water tanks in the area of the bright lights at base of Reactor 2/Unit 2 and Reactor 3.

    • jec jec

      CAM1 over Reactor 2 building, just above roof on left side, a small dark area in the sky close to the roof. Artifact on the lense maybe? Its showing pixels.

  • jec jec

    08012015 19:42 JST time. CAM1 is hazy, lots of emissions (white solid) on right side of screen over Reactors 3/4. Looks like a single white object(light?) over the Reactor 3 building in the far distance. Looking at CAM4, south view towards the other buildings, there is haze, and a blue color to the air on the left side. Lighting of the buildings as usual.

    Futabagun webcam shows dry roads, highly lighted sky over Fukushima,and a small red globe in the sky midway up at 19:50. At 19:54, it was gone. Have image will post it.

    JNN shows a dirty brown haze all over, and very dim buildings.Nasty to look at.

    Yes, I post alot of uninteresting comments. BUT…