FORUM: Methods for combating radiation and its effects

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:25 am ET


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Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:25 am ET


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  • StillJill StillJill

    My new fascination,…..How's this for a mission statement?

    "Welcome to

    An Eye for all Your Iridology/Nutrition Needs
    The World´s Largest Resource of Iridology and Nutrition Products

    "I really believe that the world is changing. People are changing. People are searching for a greater fullfillment. We will look at the past as a primitive time. War, money, drugs, greed, power, racism. These are primitive words. Words of the second millennium.

    Cooperation, exchange of ideas, common goals, respect for nature, equality and natural means of diagnosing and dealing with disease are words of the third millenium, the new millennium."

    Frank Navratil BSc. N.D.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Repost for AFTERSHOCK–

    February 17, 2012 at 12:40 pm · Reply
    @StillJill: speaking of which, I just found this on Natural News…

    Vitamin C proven to help protect Fukushima victims from radiation poisoning, cancer

    I've got to jump out of here for a bit, so if you can, post this in the general interest section…

  • pazsion

    Having trouble trying to start my own thread for this but,
    My neice has a head cold after playing outside for a while.

    The doctors keep prescibeing asthma medications, albuteral, prednisolone nasonex and budesonide this time.

    The effects of these medications are life threatinging and irreversible. And could be more dangerous then our current levels of radioactive exposure.

    What else can i use to help relieve her chest and nasal congestion and irritation, fatigue assoiciated with radiation exposure. And convince her mom NOT to use these drugs and her 4 year old…Her daughter is not asthmatic. And shows no symptoms associated with asthma. She only gets this maybe once a year.

    Recently it has occured after rains. And exposure to radiation, by playing outside. Her parents and mine remain ignorant about radioactive risks. And take no precautions or limitations.

    2/17/12, me and several people i know report fatigue and respiratory issues. Some almost daily.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Where does the child live, pazsion? State/local I mean.
    Is she drinking milk,…mucus causing at the very least?

    Without her parents onboard,….you have an uphill battle I'm afraid. I started treating my roommate's dogs when they had radiation sickness,…and was asked to leave after 4 years. Some folks will not allow help.

  • Sickputer

    Went today and bought more apple pectin capsules and big Vitamin C capsules.

    Got to thinkiing today about the use of rice in so many processed foods. We have no idea where the rice and rice flour comes from.

    Maybe from Fukushima, sold to Thailand and relabeled and then on to other countries. I am beginning to look very hard at food labels and see so many cereals, potato chips (like Pringles) that have rice flour as an ingredient. I am going to cross all those items off my list…no reason to take chances.

    Certainly Japanese exporters will be glad to sell their rice cheap because of the radiation stigma. Hilary Clinton made a secret agreement with the Japanese last year that we would accept all food exports with no testing for radiation:

    And it's not just rice…Japanese beef may be turning up in restaurants in many countries. If theyc an't sell it in Japan they will export it and try again. Same with tea leaves, tobacco, fish, you name it…if it is contaminated and they can't sell it in Japan they will try to relabel and sell it elsewhere.

    • ML

      I just tried shopping at Costco. Labels are primarily only stating where the distributer is. Food is coming from all over the world to US distributors and it doesn't appear on the label. I think you can only trust local sources. Corporate America has been poisoning us with high fructose corn syrup, sugar and petroleum based fertilizers. They have coerced other countries to follow suit.
      Now you have to be careful about radioactivity.
      What a myth that the government protects its citizens. No, it protects its commerce. So stay alert. Stay informed. Buy local. Call companies and find out where their products are coming from. Don't buy if you don't trust.
      Your municipal water company isn't filtering out radioactivity. Use revers osmosis to filter water.

  • How Millions of People Worldwide Successfully Treated Cancer with Low-cost, Natural, Alternative Cancer Treatments

  • StillJill StillJill

    Mitigating isotopes are ALL predicated on keeping the digestive tract and colon cleaned out and moving, not to be TMI! This is VITAL friends!

    In that endeavor,…..we MUST consider taking more SYSTEMIC DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, my friends! This will wind up being a HUGE help toward survival-IMO!

    • ruth

      I just started taking Systemic Digestive Enzymes a couple of months ago and they have settled my stomach considerably and my soothed my gallbladder that occasionally acts up. No gallbladder problems since starting the systemic digestive enzymes. They are expensive but I think worth it.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes, they are expensive. I road tested them one other way. I used them a few months ago for about a month,…one bottle, then gave them up. Then I got that GI bleed, etc,…. I really was MUCH better on them. No bloating, almost no nausea, and my stomach empty time was better, so my food didn't ferment, as I have gastroparesis.

        I am getting more and more convinced that there is a window of time when 'we' ingest one or more. 12-24 hours,…get it out,….or live and die with it!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Another thing I have added to my daily routine I'd like to share, as it is really helping!
    This is only day #3, but very good results so far already.

    I read and can find the site if needed, about the health benefits of the lemon. (I knew about it's alkaline ash,…and it's use in gallbladder/liver flushes). They suggested every morning upon arising, in a blender, one whole lemon, (peel, seeds and all–I cut mine into eights for the blender), 3 Tablespoons full of Extra Virgin Olive oil, and 1 cup of purified water. Give her a twirl and drink 'er down fast!

    Cleans out the bilary tree, excites proper bile production (for digestion), and alkalizes the crap out of you,…literally! 🙂

    Rumor has it even, that the EVOO helps penetrate the cell walls too!

    Slight laxative effect.

    Stay clean,….it's the only engine you've got, eh? 🙂

  • vital1 vital1

    Here is a free book on stress management. Keeping relaxed will save you energy, keep you happier. The more relaxed you are the better your immune system will be able do its job and eliminate toxins.

    This is about the body dynamics. If you can stay more relaxed and practice the other great suggestions here in this forum it will all contribute to you and your family staying healthy.

  • vital1 vital1

    The whey power food supplement which is a dairy product suggested in the book should now be substituted with Chlorella, or Spirulina instead. Chlorella, and Spirulina appear to be excellent for helping to eliminated radioactive toxins from the body. If you have them in powder form mix to taste in fruit juice.

    Check out what country the Chlorella or Spirulina brand you intend to purchase comes from before purchasing. A lot of Chlorella, and Spirulina is being produced in Japan. Maybe safe coming from Southern Japan but who knows?

  • Noah

    Chelation Protocol Report
    one year post 311

    Every four months I have the family take a hair analysis to monitor internal heavy metal contamination. As Enenews readers all know, that radioactive isotopes are mostly comprised of radioactive heavy metals in various states and concentrations. The bodies total heavy metal load can include radionuclides such as Strontium, Plutonium, Uranium and Cesium 134 and C 137 etc. High Heavy metal levels within the body can indicate possible accumulations of radioactive metals within the human body.

    Daily oral and dietary chelation gradually reduces heavy metal levels and by inference reduces radioactive heavy metals as well.

    Mrs. Noah had high levels of Uranium (from suspected cosmetic and dietary sources) in her body. Through oral chelation protocols that I have published here on this site, those U levels have been reduced, along with mercury, to very low levels indeed! Achieving satisfaction level of 95% reduction. U levels is one radioactive heavy metal that hair analysis tracks quite will. Her follow up hair analysis continue to reflect downward trends as chelation continues through time.

    On very effective protocol that I developed myself (published first here at ENENEWS) is my Apple Pectin Protocol. Below is the protocol modified for travel.

    Apple Pectin Protocol for adult use at Restaurant while traveling.
    1. Prior to eating take 5-8 caps of powdered apple pectin with a generous cup of purified water.
    2. Begin eating.
    3. Mid-meal take another dose of 5-8 caps of powdered apple pectin.
    4. Continue eating to end of meal, including dessert (no dairy)
    5. Take another dose of 5-8 caps of powdered apple pectin.
    6. Add 3-5 caps of modidifed citrus pectin to chelate heavy metals entering the blood stream with your restaurant post 3-11 meal.

    Needless to add, travel with a large supply of apple and citrus pectin, along with your favorite chelators and anti oxidants.

    Very nice, simple travel…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Very helpful Noah,…thank you!

    My bottle of apple pectin said 2 a day! That is all I have been taking! 🙁

  • Today the Best Health Degrees website put up an "Infographic" presentation [How to Survive a Nuclear Holocaust] of the info from Home Health Physics/15 Ways to Protect Yourself, that is really nifty. I urge folks here to print it out (I want to make big posters and distribute them to classrooms). It comes with an embed code too, so anyone is free to put the whole thing up on their own websites. Please do! Here's the link:

    and here's the embed code:

    <a href=""><img src="; alt="Survive a Nuclear Holocaust" width="500" border="0" /></a><br />From: <a href=""></a&gt;

    I hope the information can help people, that was always THE POINT.

  • concern1

    Hey all been reading enenews for a bit thanks for all the info. I would like to keep hot particles out of my water and found a filter that removes things from water down to .015 microns and is portable I am wondering if this filter will be helpful removing hot particles from my water.
    Anyone have a better idea for a portable water filter under $400. Thanks again for all the good info the posters here have provided it has been very educational.

  • How to Prevent Radiation Sickness and Treat Nuclear Radiation Poisoning

    Nuclear Radiation Poisoning

    There are those people (usually the ones who are in that business) that will tell you radiation is safe. The feel that is the mainstream news doesn’t report it, then it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately for those who “used to live there” it is safe, only when they’re far away. PBS has done a lot of research on this topic to see how people, animals and plants are coping, and they found out they’re not. Even in Chernobyl which blew many decades ago, it’s still toxic for humans! And the “experts” tell us that it’s safe for you! Yeah, Right.

    Is Nuclear Radiation Safe?

    The PBS special “Radioactive Wolves” examines the state of wildlife populations in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, an area that, to this day, remains too radioactive for human habitation. Safe? Not on your life. There are nuclear radiation …

  • Graviola – CANCER KILLER! ???

    Graviola: "CANCER KILLER – Natural Cancer Cell Killer 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo! I have received 100s of emails to repost this story:

    The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo. …

    This tree is low and is called graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish and has the uninspiring name “soursop” in English. The fruit is very large and the subacid sweet white pulp is eaten out of hand or, more commonly, used to make fruit drinks, sherbets and such.

    The principal interest in this plant is because of its strong anti-cancer effects. Although it is effective for a number of medical conditions, it is its anti tumor effect that is of most interest. This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types. …

    Anyone heard of this or tried it ??

    • Bobby1

      Expect a law against this plant to be enacted soon.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Graviola was just on my list of things to add! You blew my mind Doc! (as always!)

      One caution,….they say to back off of coQ10 while taking this one,…because of cellular activity that gets impeded for some reason.

      Have spent the last hour researching,….does sound promising!
      Might even grow one in the greenhouse,…but they say the extraction/manufacturing is tough business.

      Thanks for the final nudge! 🙂

  • Bobby1

    Professor Yury Bandzhevsky, statement on March 7, 2012… Pectin is effective at removing radionuclides from the body for only a short period of time:

    "Belrad" Statement

    From 1990 to 1999, the Gomel State Medical Institute of Clinical and experimental Conducted a Series Studies on the Effect of Cs-137 radionuclide Incorporated on the Vital organs in the body.

    I was the President of the Gomel State Medical Institute During this time period. I was Also the chairman of the Department of Pathology, Supervising this Research. I emphasize That all Radiometric Studies in THESE Studies Were Conducted only at Gomel State Medical Institute (Now University)…

    From 1992 to 1998, the Gomel State Medical Institute on Studies Carried out a number of experimental a number of sorbents, including pectin. "Belrad" did not participate in these studies. The results of these studies were presented in several publications. Only then, "Belrad" became interested in these studies themselves. When I was in prison, "Belrad "SEVERAL of my Published Books. I Have no relationship with" Belrad "Now.

    I do not Think That Pectin is ABLE to Solve the problem of removal of Radionuclides from the Human body. THESE May be Used only for a short additives period of time.

    Professor Yury Bandazhevsky

    March 7, 2012 (Japanese)

  • jec jec

    Chelate out radation-pills under development at Berkley. Well…may be..but DNA damage will occur until the particles are flushed out. AND..sadly..the "flushed products"..where do THEY go. this a one time type treatment, or continuous? KI is a one or two time get the heck out of the danger protect the tyroid while you remove yourself physcially from the contaminated area.

    thoughts? Or one more PollyAnna story??

    • StillJill StillJill

      This has BIG Pharma written all over it. The FDA will swoop on whatever 'remediation meds' they can peddle.

      I will not trust the AMA, or anything gov,…university,…only Naturopaths, Holistic medicine, or folklore!

      No trust!

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    I find it convenient that such a conservative Christian spokesperson is throwing in his vote to legalize pot. I would not have expected this ever from Pat Robertson…

    I believe that he has been asked by the government to take this stand as scientific case studies have shown chemicals in marijuana have cancer fighting abilities…

  • Noah

    Pressure wash the outside of House & concrete surfaces
    What I am doing now

    One of the keys to nuclear hygiene is dust control. Environmental dust/dirt clinging to the outside of your doors (including garage doors) can be swept/blown into your home if you do not keep the outside of the door clean.

    I have been pressure washing exterior surfaces, then wiping them down. ShamWOW cleaning cloth, (As Seen on TV Product.) works really well to wipe down wet door surfaces after wash down. Works better than cotton rags, which only spread the dirt around. To maintain the shamWOW. Soak the shamWOW in baking soda, then wash with detergent, air dry.

    Use common sense protection. Mask up and gloves when decontaminating surfaces.

    The soil samples taken from outside my home has risen from 14% to 27% over background, from April 2011 to March 2012. The dust clinging to the car, shoes and exterior of house has become a concern due to rising radiation levels.

    Though levels in food are low. The soil and sand accumulate the particles and sink deeper and deeper as time progresses. Hence higher levels.

    Where I live, we have no naturally occurring ground radioactive ground ores or gasses, or daughter products. What ever is in the soil was transported here via jet-stream and deposited by rainfall.

    I am preparing for the ocean borne radiation plume that will reach Hawaii in 90 days. Especially, dealing with carbon based Buckey balls that are floating like oil on top of that ocean plume. These carbon nano cages were formed when sea water was used as a coolant and contacted hot fuel rods. The Fukushima Buckey Balls are filled with random radioactive atoms of every type. They are light and float on water or in the air and within tiny water droplets and mist/fog/clouds. They are highly mobile in this carbon matrix and tough, almost armored. They are new, unique, never before in existence until 311.

  • vital1 vital1

    Testing our food for radioactive contamination is now important as you can't trust your government.

    Some of you have been using your Geiger counter to test food and liquids. Geiger Counters are not sensitive enough to be of much use testing food or liquids, although it is better than nothing. Unless the food or liquid is considerably contaminated or has fallout on the surface, it won't show anything above your background level.

    If you are going to test food with a Geiger Counter, here are some suggestions to maximize a Geiger Counters ability to detect food radioactive contamination.

    Think of background radiation as noise. The lower the noise the more likely you are to hear the sound of a radioactive isotope's whisper.

    1. Find a location in your house with the lowest background levels. A brick and tile building may have twice or more higher background levels of radiation than a wooden building

    2. Don't do food testing in a basement where radon gas may have concentrated over time. Testing higher off the ground can also reduce background levels. Never do food testing on tile, granite, concrete, or brick surfaces as these have elevated levels of radiation in them.

    3. Do your testing when the local background level is lowest. This is generally just before sunrise, so the the earlier in the morning, the better.

    4. Set your Geiger counter to detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation all at once, if possible.

    5. Don't place it directly against fruit and vegetables etc., the surface contact could also contaminate your Geiger counter and prevent it from providing accurate measurements in the future. Place your Geiger counter or pancake probe as close to the food as possible. Wrap the Geiger counter or pancake probe in cling wrap, or place it in a water proof plastic bag right next to, and touching the food or liquid container.

    • vital1 vital1

      6. Use as large a quantity of the food or liquid as you can, to do the test. I try to use 1kg (2lbs)amounts. The larger the volume the more radiation will be released by a given source.

      7. Test using counts per minute setting, for a set time. Set the count test time for as long as practicable. The longer the testing time the more likely contamination will show up as a significant number of counts above your normal background. Example if you tested for ten minutes divide the number of counts by ten to get counts per minute. Compare that number with your normal background counts per minute for that day. If there is a significant difference you may have detected radioactive contamination.

      8. Build a lead testing chamber to shield out as much background radiation as you can, if possible.
      Place your Geiger counter or pancake probe in the the testing chamber with the food or liquid sample. Lead is expensive, and toxic, so use rubber gloves when handling or touching it. Once the chamber is built, seal the lead with paint or another metal cover. You can purchase sheets or rolls of lead roofing which are already painted. The walls of your testing chamber will need to be at least.

      10mm (1/3”) thick. The thicker the better.

      You really need a scintillator spectrometer to test food and liquids properly, for radioactive contamination, plus skills to work this equipment properly.

      Food contamination is specified in Becquerels per Kilogram or Litre, and numbers are tabulated in the 20 Bq to 500 Bq/kg range, depending on the isotope for food contamination.

      Two parallel Geiger counter SBM20 tubes can measure down to 2000 Bq/kg activity, which is a factor of 100 too insensitive for detecting radiation in food. A scintillator can detect radiation contaminated in food. Also the scintillator needs to be in a lead shielded environment with the food sample during testing. The lead shielding is to help screen out background.

      • vital1 vital1

        I have build an experimental lead chamber and used a Gammascout Geiger counter for testing food and liquids using the principles above to maximize its sensitivity to see what I could achieve.

        (NOTE:If you do build a lead food testing chamber make sure you don't have the lead lid rubbing against lead creating lead dust as you open and close the lid. If lead gets on your food it is toxic.)

        An Inspector Geiger Counter with a pancake probe would probably be more sensitive and more likely to detect radioactive food contamination.

        If any off you have any other suggestions please let us know.

        I am investigating cost effective, easy to use food testing equipment. I have found a couple units so far, ranging in price from $1,7000 to $11,000

        “Myths about Geiger Counters” a video by anti-proton, is also worth watching.


        Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is, quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything, just distribute the lifesaver.pdf (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

        Put it everywhere, libraries, notice boards, web pages, forums, Facebook,
        and tweet! Think outside the box.

        • vital1 vital1

          Here is a better way, download and print the Geiger Counter food testing guide. I turned it into a PDF format that you can open, and print in adobe.

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            Thanks for all that info, vital1. Re your point #5, someone is claiming in the thread "Alpha radiation detected on school street in Minamisoma" that alpha can not penetrate a plastic baggie. Do you know for sure, and if so, could you clarify it in that thread, as the whole purpose of the thread seems to hang on that question.

            I've been asking around, but can find no definitive answer yet. I can't do an empirical test because I don't have a known alpha emitter to check with.

            • vital1 vital1


              "Wrap the Geiger counter or pancake probe in cling wrap, or place it in a water proof plastic bag right next to, and touching the food or liquid container."

              Yes, Alpha radiation can be stopped by a plastic bag. If you are testing a liquid the container holding the liquid can stop it.

              Alpha is a helium-4 nucleus so a few centimeters of air, a piece of paper or your skin can stop it. The skin on the vegetable or fruit can stop it also.

              If your food has radioactive fallout on the surface and you touch it with your Geiger Counter you may contaminate the Geiger Counter. This could interfere with future testing results.

              If you want to test for alpha you would have to place the Geiger Counter close without touching the food, minus the plastic or cling wrap protection.

              Food testing scintillator detectors which are much more sensitive than a Geiger counter can't detect alpha radiation.

              If you are doing testing out in the street you would need to hold the Geiger counter as close to the source as possible without touching it to detect alpha. Placing the Geiger counter on wet or dusty radioactive contaminated surfaces could contaminate it.

              Just my opinion 🙂

        • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

          Many thanks vital1 for the link to a most informative crash course in Geiger counter Myths. Fuku means that there are now millions of Geiger counters in the hands of newbies like me the world over. Knowing what to expect, and what not to expect, when using a Geiger counter will keep you from becoming discourged with your results. This is a tool that can tell you quickly whether the environment has grown dangerous during a nuclear emergency, when you may encounter a plume of radioactivity. It may save your life by alerting you to dangerous situations, allowing you to escape before serious damage has been done to your body. Since radiation is undetectable by other means, unless you have a Geiger counter, you will only have FEAR. Personally, I would rather have a little bit of certainty and some information guiding my actions in dangerous situations. This is why I have made a Geiger counter a part if my life from now on.

  • Bobby1

    Parents credit cannabis for toddler's radiation recovery

    MISSOULA- The parents of a Missoula 3-year-old say that if they had listened to the doctors their son would've died. Cash Hyde is now cancer-free for a second time and his parents say marijuana is his best medicine.

    "Cashy went through 30 rounds of radiation without one nausea or pain medication besides medical cannabis," Cash's dad, Mike Hyde said.

    When Mike and Kalli Hyde learned Cash's brain cancer returned in October, doctors told them he had a 30% chance of surviving five years. They said recurring brain tumors have a rare chance of shrinking, and at best, they could only stop it from metastasizing further.

    The Hyde's switched Cash to an all-vegan diet, alkaline-adjusted water and cannabis oil and the tumor's growth slowed by 55% buying them time to wait for proton radiation.

    The radiation shrunk the tumor. Now it's gone, and Cash is returning to a normal life laughing with his older brother, Colten, and playing with Play-Doh. But it wasn't easy for the Hyde's to get back to this normalcy.

    "I've had to break state and federal laws just to keep Cashy alive," Mike Hyde said.

    The Hyde's don't look at cannabis oil the same way as some of Montana's lawmakers.

    "I know that I'm not a criminal," Mike said. "I know that I saved my son's life, and if I have to go sit in jail for that, that's way better than a pediatric oncology floor."

    Cash takes hydrocortisone and cannabis oil twice a day in his gastronomy tube. It's a formula the Hyde's say works even though they're going against doctors recommendations of different pharmaceutical drugs- drugs that the Hyde's believe have much worse side effects.

  • StillJill StillJill


  • Bobby1

    I want to plug the antioxidants lutein, zeoxanthin and bilberry, and how they helped with my recent eye problems. My right eye started bulging out and I was losing vision, but after taking these substances I noticed improvement after a week. There are a lot of eye problems listed on the Japanese radioactive symptoms board, and they will be common for the forseeable future, so this is something to keep in mind.

  • Choto

    Hi all!
    I would like to introduce to you a publication veteran
    nuclear affairs. CIAR (Collective Research on
    radioactive weapons) and AMC (Association of complementary medicines).
    On this website you can consult WEAPONS AGAINST WARS bulletins in English and Castilian (Spanish). These bulletins are being published since 2003.
    I think it will gain interesting information on radioactive weapons, radioactive contamination and health issues and criticisms of drugs among others.
    For Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. I think it will also be a discovery and an important way of illustration. This site does not sell anything, not commercial.
    Herewith the latest video of the founder Dr. A. Embid, talked about pollution
    radiation and cancer. Also another link to an external website with reviews and testimonials of victims. I firmly believe that what is said in this video is one of the greatest apologies about the truth about nuclear've ever seen. It is unfortunate that this not yet translated. But worth it if you have
    a friend who speaks Spanish, to translate it.
    A hug to everyone.

    And the original video at :

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re my health situation,I've mentioned that I've had a cough, since shortly after the big quake & destruction of the reactors at Daiichi (for the past year, that is to say).

    Well, this last week I made an effort to improve my diet – I'd had an 'oh, well, what the hell' attitude since the debacle & had slipped in my diet. I'd started eating chips & drinking too much red wine (a bit of a death wish, actually, I think, so grieved have I been). But finally I just figured, enough already with this & stopped with the chips & wine & to my surprise this cough has become much less frequent. Also, I'm generally feeling better.

    I am actually a real 'health food nut,' mostly vegan, try to eat lots of raw food. So this was a real departure for me, eating chips etc. on a regular basis.

    BTW I do have to be careful with my diet because I don't have a strong constitution – if I'd not discovered & gone on the Gerson Therapy about 25 years ago, I am sure I would not have lived this long.

    So, for what it's worth, I'm relating my quite impressive improvement (in the cough) just from giving up the chips & wine and Gerardelli's (sp) choc. bars. I am now back to healthier vegan diet; actually, like many vegans, I've reached the point where eating meat seems repulsive, though I still can be tempted by eggs, cheese & seafood – but an additional reason for being vegan, for me, is that I deplore the cruelty of the way animals are treated in the factory farms & don't want any part of that.

    Anyway, I'm impressed to see my cough going away just from resuming my vegan fruit/veggie/grain/bean diet – ideally with lots of raw foods. For others, might be worthwhile to experiment with this way of eating. There is much evidence that it is the healthiest way to eat – our natural diet.

    I used to grow & juice wheat grass, which is excellent – but now I am using a green juice powder that is supposed to be raw. Also take probiotic pearls, & zeolite, also psyllium…

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    there's nothing you can do. the aliens will collect the best members of our species and the other billions will rot and die. thanks for playing online chess, now shutup and die.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Even the aliens are a lie. Every time a country invades another's airspace, they claim it was a UFO. The NWO will broadcast holograms of alien invasion to bolster their claims of the necessity to form a one world government, fascist, of course. Pie in the sky.

  • Noah

    Dealing with I-129
    Lifestyle Changes in a Post 311 World

    The companion of radioactive iodine 131 is I-129.

    Long after the 80 day full life of I-131 is over, it's companion, I-129 lingers on with a full life decay cycle of 157 million years.

    Present in the environment at a 3 to one ratio, to I-131, this hardy isotope remains a real threat to human health.

    The Noah Family has continued to take protective levels of Potassium Iodine daily, having reached iodine sufficiency sometime during the summer of 2011. Daily maintenance dosage continue to this day because of the persistence of radioactive iodine in the bio-sphere.

    All life on the planet is being effected by the 311 event. New I-131 & I-129 is being continually produced and released into the environment. I do not foresee an end to this crisis, but more of the same, as the Fukushima nuclear volcano continues to erupt.

    Ironically, the 311 event has leveled the playing field. All mankind is equally vulnerable to the contamination. Youth, Fame, power, good looks, wealth, offer no particular protection from contamination. Truth coupled with wisdom (correct action) has now become the greatest health advantage in this endless crisis. TO be deceived by lies, means a much shorter life. Those spouting the lies reveal the depth of their own ignorance and delusion. For the first time in history we will see the results of their self-deception in a matter of months.

    Take heed that no man deceive you.

  • vital1 vital1

    Ultimately whether this disaster happened or not, it is all about living everyday to the full. Respecting your follow man, and every living creature on the planet.

    Focus on maintaining your health and well being. Numerous enenews users have provided a great deal of very positive information here that can help you and your family live a very happy healthy life no mater what happens. Make use of it!

    Here are a couple of free books that have information on how to maximize you personal resources. These techniques when used with the other information provided in the enenews forums can help a great deal.

  • Noah

    The Coming Collapse of Fuel Pool 4
    & Air Quality Concerns

    The Collapse of Fuel Pool 4 will mark a pivotal turn in the 311 story. The resulting fires from burning spent fuel rods will send radioactive cesium, etc. into the atmosphere and ocean at levels never seen before in history. It would surpass the impact of all nuclear detonations and Chernobyl combined.

    My first thought is for the impact on air quality, which would spread world wide in a matter of days. The next the impact on water and food.

    What I am doing now

    My highest priority is to accelerate the completion of my nano nose air filtration device, which is being designed to capture the Fukushima Buckey Ball (FBB). The device will allow for safer high altitude jet travel, as well as use during outdoor work, or walking. The Noah family has only used HEPA filtration for indoor air purification. I hope to add this nano air filtration device to our inventory soon, as I enjoy travel.

    The development of Nano air filtration is more complex and involved the use of nano fiber matrix for charged carbon based FBB capture.

    All for now, back to work.

    • Sickputer

      Oh Noah…love your idea, but around here the rednecks and cops would probably harass and/or arrest anh adult wearing nostril filters (too subversive-looking) or even arrest you for a regular N-95 paper face mask unless you have a doctor's note.

      All the sneaky bank robbers and political terrorists and even the Anonymous group have led to increased interest in mask laws (no masks also in Denmark or Germany).

      Interesting subject… Majia mentioned it before her plane trip to the west coast conference. Smog in Japan made paper masks for big city dwellers de riguer for 25 years, so they should get a free pass, but the rest of us will stick out like a freaky criminal. I guess we could paint a radiation symbol on the N-95 to really tweak people's psyche. 🙂

      Here's some information on US laws:

      But keep working on your idea… When TSHTF there won't be as many laws except for one (martial law) and your invention may even get approved by the new PTB. >:->

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    April 6, 2012 at 10:39 am · Reply

    The Basics of Natural Farming…now this is what I call an inspiration! Mikail's garden in Preston Hollow, NY.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    *love it

  • Noah

    The 311 Event & Air Quality
    The Coming Collapse of Fuel Pool #4

    Air purity is and will become more of an personal and public health issue due to the coming collapse & burn of fuel pool #4.

    I expect that the increase of radioactive nano particles will exponentially rise, contaminating the air, water and ground to new levels never before seen in history. Average background levels of radiation will rise worldwide, with radioactive burdens per square mile moving upward. The rods will burn steadily, with bursts of activity. As previously, smoke/steam plumes will enter the jet stream and distribute throughout the planet.

    An adult presently inhales 12 billion nanoparticles an hour, many of which are radioactive. I expect that the percentage of radioactive particles per cubic meter of air to rise shortly after the event, then taper off due to dispersal factors, then gradually rise over time. However, the mixture profile of airborne nano particles will forever change, favoring a larger exotic range of Fukushima isotopes.

    To Prepare
    I highly recommend the use of nano HEPA grade air filtration for use in home, office and car. Use your N-95 rated masks after the inital collapse for outdoor excursion.

    Use this time to upgrade your existing inventory, tighten up your nuclear hygiene practices and protocols.

    • Noah

      Reference for Above Post

      "In approximately 1 hour we breath in 12 billion nanoparticles from the background in environment (i.e. there are approximately 50,000 nanoparticle per cm3 of air). Many of these background particles may be radioactive."

      An Overview of Current and Propose Radioactive Nano- Particle Creation and Use
      By L. Scott Walker
      Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Noah,
    Then we will have a melt through/ china syndrome of a hot mass of 460 tons burning it way into the earth as the X vessel reactors did, … will anyone survive this ?
    How could living things survive this !
    We have not had full effect's of the release so far and more coming each day until, … there is no until !

    • Noah

      The new radioactive nano-particle normal will make necessary adaptive behavior and lifestyle changes and innovation. As you already know, the large scale animal die offs serve as "canary in the coal mine" indicators of what is now inbound.

      The advent of the Fukushima Buckey Ball (FFB), made my sub micron HEPA filters inadequate for the task. It am working on an entirely new invention based on nano filter tech originally developed for NASCAR high performance racing engines. This nano filter I have combined with polyester material which naturally holds a negative charge, attracting the positively charged FFB. Both materials are reusable, air pulse-able and washable for decontamination.

      The loading of FBBs on the surface of the polymeric nano fabric, stacks so that air molecules accelerate around them, rather than slowing, a unique valuable characteristic of nano filters, they don't easily clog.

      I am attempting to miniaturize the nano filtration system I have designed into a nose filter. Wearing insert-able nose filtration to protect against nano particles is an ideal adaption to the new normal.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Noah, I am really impressed by your technical knowledge and your efforts to invent filters to help mitigate the effects of increased levels of "background" radiation due to Fuku.

        Your statement about polyester attracting the FBB reminded me of something that I've been wondering about for quite awhile now, post-Fuku. I live in N. Seattle area and noticed that the air seems "charged" as well as clothes made with artificial fibers after being removed from the dryer.

        This is beyond what one would normally experience with typical "static electricity" from the dryer. Over the past year, this static electricity has seemed to have increased substantially, to where I receive painful "shocks" when removing my clothes from the dryer. Anti-static cling sheets in the dryer do not seem to help.

        What's more, whereas in the past, the static charge in my clothes seemed to dissipate after awhile, this charge NEVER GOES AWAY, and indeed, only seems to be getting worse. For example, at night, in the dark, I can run my fingernails across my robe or a blanket made of artificial fibers and bright green sparks shoot out from them. Indeed, I now try avoid wearing any artificial fibers or using blankets made from artificial fibers as doing so actually seems to "hurt" and make me feel drained…Strange, huh?

        So my question is: what exactly is this phenomenon of static electricity? What causes it? Electrically charged ions in the air? Well isn't that what radiation…

        • What-About-The-Kids

          (Continued from above)

          …So my question is: what exactly is this phenomenon of static electricity? What causes it? Electrically charged ions in the air? Well isn't that what radiation consists of, electrically-charged ions? What is the difference and how can you tell? Has static electricity been a phenomenon long-before man started spewing man-made radioactive isotopes into our atmosphere, or are "static electricity" and "static cling" just a clever Atomic Age catchphrase for increased levels of man-made radiation in our environment? Inquiring minds want to know…

          • What-About-The-Kids

            One additional observation regarding static electricity: During the fallout last Spring, I was constantly giving off electric "shocks"when after getting out of my car (which is not garaged so has been exposed to any and all Fuku fallout since 3/11.)

            I also remember two episodes in which, while sitting in my car during sunny days, my eyeball started twitching/pulsating. Not my eyelid, but the actual eye itself. I had NEVER experienced this before or since.

            Also, after hiking in the Cascades last June, and putting our hands in a running stream, that evening, my child's tongue had a strange pulsing near the left tip of the tongue. It lasted the entire night and the next morning. Again, we've NEVER experienced anything like this.

            Just a couple more observations as a fellow witness to this post-Fuku world. Perhaps by sharing these, they may help others identify similar phenomena? Somehow, I feel compelled to share, in hope this may be helpful in some way…

            I have lots more to share as well, especially health-related experiences & observations about family, friends and friends' family and friends, on the West Coast that I've either experienced or heard about. Too many unprecedented strange health problems this past year to be coincidental, IMHO. Not sure which thread to share them under though, as there isn't one dedicated specifically to health matters…

            • Noah


              As reported above, "there are approximately 50,000 nanoparticle per cm3 of air". The Fukushima 311 event has added substantially to that load, in the form of nano particles, many of which are very light Fukushima Buckey Balls(FBB)s. These nano particles are in a state similar to, but not identical to gas. The FBB particles are ionizing due to its radioactivity, and are positively charged.

              The rise of nano particle density per cm3 of air has given rise to a "plasma", enhanced by microwave generators (cell & super cell towers). The charged carriers make the plasma field above Seattle more electrically conductive.

              The increase of electrical conductivity of city air explains the rise of the intensity and frequency of "shocks" from static discharge you have been experiencing.

              I have attempted to "ground" my vehicle with an old fashion grounding strap, (purchased from my NAPA Auto Parts store for about $4 bucks). What's a grounding strap? Something that xdrfox and I would remember. They would been seen hanging from cars and trucks, dragging slighty on the roadway, in the good old days.

              The grounding strap, discharges the static electricity before it can zap you. This reduces the negative charge state of your car, so that the positively charged radioactive particles would be less attracted to the surface of you vehicle. Since grounding my car stays cleaner, less dust and dirt, polish lasts longer, saving water, wax and time.

              • Noah

                Dealing with static discharge

                Principle of grounding

                Just as grounding the car, by decreasing it's negative charge, making it less attractive to positively charge radioactive particles. You can decrease your attractiveness to radiation, by grounding your shoes while walking outdoors. Modern synthetic rubber soles do not naturally permit a ground contact. However, you can purchase a grounding strap for your shoe, which bypasses the insulating sole and will discharge excess electricity into the ground.

                Your hair (naturally negatively charged) on your head is especially attractive, not only to the opposite sex but to radiation as well. When moving through rainfall, use an umbrella to protect your hair. In dusty situations cover your head with a hat, if possible.

                Look for the right fabric
                Some modern polyester fabrics are woven with threads that are anti-static and do not attract dust or positively charged radioactive particles, being almost neutral.

                Cottons and natural fibers are good.

                • What-About-The-Kids

                  Thank you so much, Noah, for your thoughtful and detailed response to my questions. This all makes perfect sense now, and confirms my suspicions. (I am very sensitive to my surroundings and notice when things seem "different.")

                  Thanks to you, I have something positive (no pun intended) and proactive to focus on to help mitigate the build up of the static charge! I'm sure my nerves will thank you, as it is unsettling and exhausting to constantly feel like one is being electrically charged over and above what is normal.

                  Much appreciation to you! I wish you all the best in your inventions. I will look up Dr. Zhu's work too. Sounds fascinating!

          • How does static electricity work? (Everyday Mysteries: Fun Science …

            Question: How does static electricity work? (Everyday Mysteries: Fun Science
            Facts from the Library of Congress)

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Thanks, Dr. Fox. 🙂

              "Static electricity is the result of an imbalance between negative and positive charges in an object. These charges can build up on the surface of an object until they find a way to be released or discharged. "

              My question remains:

              Is this "imbalance" greatly amplified due to the presence of radiation in our environment? The Wiki entry mentions using air "ionizers" as a way of removing static electricity from the air.

              I seem to remember watching some YouTube videos of either Dutchsinse or Potrblog ("Pissin on the Roses") as they were using Geiger counters to measuring Fuku fallout in their air filters and had used an ionizing air filter in the process…

              • What-About-The-Kids

                Make that "using Geiger counters to measure…"

              • What-About-The-Kids,
                That would also be why the newspaper radiation detectors you can make easily, hanging doubled one inch strip, they were posted here early on about second month ! The static with the radiation make the radiation apparent by papers actions ! I will look lightly for the post, it was posted several times !

                • What-About-The-Kids

                  I'd love to see the links to that discussion, Dr. Fox! Thanks for mentioning it!

                  I think that was before I found this site, so I missed seeing that. Sounds fascinating and would be great to know how to do a no-cost test for radiation. Don't have access to a Geiger counter, and would love to see if the newspaper effect shows anything…

      • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

        @Noah, you go! Remember you have ready and willing guinea pigs here to try out your new product any day- :). We need more people like yourself to work on these foreseeable problems and solutions regarding increased radiation particles in air, soil, and water. Figure out a way to filter water for radioactive isotopes and you could win the Nobel Peace Prize (that is, a real one). Ahh, peaceful ionized particles, rendered useless in their endless pursuit of spreading more radioactive energy..imagine. A supergalactic wave might do it for us in the future but meanwhile we have lots of work to mitigate this cascade of destruction. All the power to your efforts and success with this project.

        • StillJill StillJill

          Quite right bluerthenblu–We need more Noahs!

        • Noah

          "Figure out a way to filter water for radioactive isotopes and you could win the Nobel Peace Prize" -bluerthanblu

          The distinction & honor of that discovery should go to Professor Huai-Yong Zhu from Queensland University of Technology Chemistry Department. He invented an titanate nanofiber that can remove radioactive material from contaminated water. I hold Dr. Zhu in high regard, as well an his associates at Penn State.

          Dr. Zhu approached the problem using nano tube/nano fiber technology for particle capture.

          One gram of titania based nano fibers is adequate to treat one ton of radioactive water.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Thanks Anne! We have the exhaust fan,…and we bought a 60% shade cloth also. Come on SUN,…….Mama needs her (cleaner) veggies! 🙂

      Great info Anne! 🙂

  • HamburgGeiger

    Hi, I just received my ordered bentonite. I`ll read more on that subject, but can someone please tell me in short how much one should take per day and how you take it? Thanks


      Hello HG – I take a spoonfull and mix it into a bottled water and shake it up really good and drink it down. It is kind of wierd the first time, like drinking dirt? It helps to have it in the bottled water container because the clay sinks to the bottom and you have to keep shaking it up to keep it mixed. I felt the difference the next day after drinking it. I have also used it for severe heartburn (rare), but it works!


      Oh yea, drink it on an empty stomach. Don't drink it after taking your daily medications, if you take any – it will pull them out of you. Drink it before your meds or a meal.

    • HamburgGeiger

      Thanks, Kondy. I`ll try it for the first time now. Never imagined I would have to take something like that. Really a strange world we live in.

  • StillJill StillJill

    My bentonite clay says 1-2 teaspoons as a serving. It says 3 servings a day for intense cleaning,…or very poor health,….2 servings a day for moderate use,….and 1 serving a day for maintenance. I also learned along the way that if you encapsulate the clay,…here are the numbers to know. 00 sized pills–5 is equal to one teaspoon.

    What I am doing with my clay: I take 2 teaspoons full mixed up in water. (The pamphlet says 8 to 1 mix) they suggest 1/4 cup in a plastic bottle,…add 2 cups of distilled or R/O water,…shake like hell, bottle or jar to 'let breathe' for 10-15. Return cap and shake vigorously again. Anyway,…I drink 2 ounces 2 times per day,…but I also swallow 5 more pills of the stuff, equaling three doses, full strength.

    Drinking it is better,…more bio-availability for cell saturation! 🙂

    You can also bathe in the stuff,….1-2 cups in hot water. I made a mud-pack this week for my finger wound,…it went away in four days,….as opposed to the earlier one which took 5 weeks to heal!

    A 'healing reaction' may occur for the first week. This is a GOOD thing,…although you won't think so at the time. I shall not go into that more now,…as it can become a 'self-full-filling' prophecy!

    • HamburgGeiger

      Ok, thanks StillJill. Mostly I plan to drink it. It is really expensive here in Germany, about six times the US-price. Well, most things are. So I feel it is more effective to drink it then take a bath in it. But maybe I try that, too.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes,…it is too expensive for me to bathe in also.

        The bath soaks are baking soda, epsom salts, and MSM anyway. Are they more reasonably priced than the bentonite over in Germany, I hope?

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    Lymphoma, does the clay have any effect on this?

  • StillJill StillJill

    Oh crap Tumrgrwer,….is THIS a new diagnosis? I thought you were dealing with lung tumours?

    To answer your question,…YES!!!!!! It helps with Lymphoma!

    The deal is this: The clay has a STRONG negative electrical charge, if you will,…they call it, 'Living clay'. The heavy metals, IE) isotopes are those also,…have a strong positive charge. The negative charge wins in this case,….and bentonite has been proven to both absorb,…and adsorb. It sucks up like a sponge,…or magnetic charge, if you will. It also has a unique 'cage structure', with many sides,…that grabs the heavy metal, isotope, toxin, virus, even some yeasts and fungus,….also fermented foods, you name it. A REAL 'clean-up' machine!

    Also,…it is non-toxic,…..and it is a rapid transit material.

    There are no bad side-effects,…other than the inconvenience of a healing reaction as old 'stuff' gets loosened up,…and for a BRIEF while, in your bloodstream,…looking for an elimination channel. No 'down side'! 🙂

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      Thank you StillJill, i hope your feeling better. Your energy keeps pouring through the keyboard. Tuesday, I will know for certain. A biopsy of my throat and nodes should give them all the cells they need to figure this out…the lung rumors are multiplying but not growing. A good thing since 2007 they have been trying to tell me I have lymphoma. I keep proving them wrong but the weight loss, nite sweats and fatigue are catching up.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        I wish you well, Tumrgrower. May you have to change your enenews name after a clean bill of health in your check up on Tuesday! Sending healing {{{hugs}}} to you!

        (And as always, to you too, StillJill!) 🙂

        • StillJill StillJill

          Thanks What-About-The-Kids!

          Your kids are very fortunate, BTW! 🙂

          • What-About-The-Kids

            Aw, shucks. Thanks, StillJill! Helping kids have the best life possible is my passion! The joy I get from helping children pays infinite awards to my heart and soul. 🙂

        • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

          Thank you What-About-The-Kids, a new bill of health is what I need. But, I am still growing thingys in my body. Sometimes I think they were ment to be and have a reason.

          • What-About-The-Kids

            I'll be thinking of you and saying a prayer for you!

            Glad to see StillJill and the healers here have given you some good tips on cleansing & chelating heavy metals. Gives hope in offering concrete, proactive steps to take and feels empowering!

            Thanks to all for your excellent, helpful suggestions, as always. Go out and seize the day and live this day, as every day, to the fullest! xoxo

      • StillJill StillJill

        Tumrgrwer,….are you saying that you'll have the biopsies Tues,…..,or just getting the results from a recent biopsy?
        Would like to know when to pray EXTRA hard!

        I hope you will try the bentonite clay my friend. That, and an inferred sauna is what I would do in your shoes. Oh, that's right,….I am in your shoes,…pretty much! 🙂

        Misery does indeed like a little Co,….but you? No,….you need a 'recovery' my friend! 🙂

        • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

          Good morning StillJill! Have just ordered the clay and the sauna, that'll take a little more saving. The biopsy is on Tuesday. Had an MRI of the head and neck and those results made the case for a biopsy. Remember in February the docs did the lung biopsy and could not get enough cells for diagnosis. I'm guessing this has nothing to do with fukushitty stuff, but the information here is mighty powerful. Thanks to you all…Enenews'ers.

          • StillJill StillJill

            That makes my evening Tumrgrwer! The fact that you were proactive,…so quickly. (Most of us 'talk about doing something', for long periods of time before doing them). Not here! I sure love that!

            Teachable homo sapiens–how DELICIOUSLY rare! 🙂

  • Need to do this before the FP falls !

    How to store drinking water for long term storage
    Here is a convenient way to store water, and to properly disinfect the water, for long term storage. For those that are in to storing food, do not forget the water. Your body needs water before it needs food.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Potassium Iodide

    If, or should I say when, Fukushima deteriorates further I want to be ready to take Potassium Iodide if needed. So when does one determine that they should take it and give it to their children?

    The CDC’s website says “You should only take potassium iodide (KI) on the advice of emergency management officials, public health officials, or your doctor.” With the government not wanting to admit even now that there is a problem with radiation from Japan I do not trust that the “officials” will let me know when to take it. So I’m going to have to make the call for myself and hope I’m right.

    As Fukushima will be ongoing wouldn’t one have to continue to take potassium iodide for the duration of their exposure?

    Arghhh, stop the world I want to get off!!

  • StillJill StillJill

    @enoughalready45–Some of us here are taking Lugol's solution (Potassium Iodide), as suggested by Dr. Helen Caldecott, and others.
    I, personally, started placing a few drops onto my thyroid each morning about July of last year when I saw one of her videos.
    In small doses,…either on your thyroid, abdomen, or wrist, is said to 'fill-up' the thyroid for 24 hours.

    Other's will chime in I'm sure.

    I feel that the time is already here.

    Today my Doctor diagnosed me as having an enlarged thyroid! 🙁

    Best to you my friend! 🙂

    • WorseThanChernobyl

      I apparently have an enlarged thyroid right now too. I also live on the West Coast. I definitely need to move somewhere else, but where?

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      Now this is what I need. Thanks again StillJill, baking soda, who would have thought. Now even I can afford that. Was trying to buy a geiger counter but only saved 275 and need over 500 for one that will download to a macintosh. I will get one, sooner or later. The Iodine, can you let me know which kind/brand your using?
      Thanks again…

      • StillJill StillJill

        Tumrgrwer,…I buy "J. Crow's Lugol's Solution". I get it from Swanson's vitamins for about $10.00. 🙂

        Yes,…that and baking soda are the only one's I can afford the full prescribed amounts on. Glad you liked the info!

  • bigfatscaryman sdyogini

    Hello all….super soldier dad just took my kids, 4 and 5 to Hawaii, bummer, I usually have them on the sea vegsbandnspirillina chlorella chloryiphyl, clay, apple pectin etc, but 2 weeks without what can I d to seriously detox?

    Help please?


    • StillJill StillJill

      sdyogini,…you're a good Mom,….and the situation is out of your control for 2 weeks. Been there, done that. It sucks!

      They'll be spoiled rotten and in need of you in many ways,…you'll do fine. 🙂

      Keep doing what you're doing.

      • bigfatscaryman sdyogini

        sucks doesn't touch it, it's making me a bit panicky…thanks so much for your encouragement…maybe fast and saturate them with solid nutrients and bowel movers….they're gonna hate me

        • StillJill StillJill

          sdyogini,…I swear,…I was thinking the same damned thing but was afraid to say it!

          You're the real deal! 🙂
          Always a GREAT thing!

          That's why they'll do fine!

          Yes,…clear those bowels–to be sure! 🙂

          • StillJill StillJill

            Besides,…the "Fun-Daddy" usually wins their loyalty. You get to do the hard work,…which they CAN hate you for,…while it's off to Disney World with the part-time Daddy. Tough act to follow my friend!

            Here's the white piece of paper,…I'll hold it up here in front of the wall,….about your height. You can "Bang Head Here", K? K!

            With Ya for the long-haul Sister! 🙂

            • bigfatscaryman sdyogini

              "fun daddy" may not win this one, I got all the good lovin and all the time, finally someone NOT calling me paranoid!

  • Pardon Me, Your Food is Glowing
    April 13, 2012

    If the one-gallon jugs of milk in the dairy case seem to be glowing, it may not be just from the fluorescent lights. You won’t hear about this from the mainstream media, but the world’s food supply is becoming increasingly tainted by radiation emitted from the Fukushima disaster.

    Recently, on the West Coast of the United States, radiation levels were found to be unsafe. Thankfully, the Environmental Deception Protection Agency has responded quickly: they’ve closed down 8 of their 18 radiation-testing facilities in California and upped the “safe amounts” of radiation that we can absorb. I’m sure we can all now breathe a deep sigh of relief.

    Just in case you don’t find the EPA’s response to the crisis to ,,,