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Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:25 am ET


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Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:25 am ET


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  • A compilation article on natural methods of mitigation, part 2 of my 3-part series (next comes decon)…

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    Does anyone know if the Berkley water filter system is able to filter out most radiation particles? We are thinking about buying one. I am interested in any comments on if anyone is familiar with them?

    • WildTurnip WildTurnip

      From their site, they say the elements filter to below detectable limits: Radon 222

      Use the bar on the left and scroll down to Black Berkey® Elements

      I suggest calling and talking to someone at Berkey Water –

      Monday through Friday
      9:00 AM to 5:00 PM-Central Time

      I have been using my Berkey for about 5 years now and love it. I recently bought a counter top reverse osmosis system. I use both — RO –> Berkey.

      • trinityfly trinityfly

        Thanks for the info Turnip. Just curious, why did you go with a R.O if you already have a Berkey?

        • WildTurnip WildTurnip

          Radionuclides in Drinking Water

          "Reverse osmosis has been identified by EPA as a "best available technology" (BAT) and Small System Compliance Technology (SSCT) for uranium, radium, gross alpha, and beta particles and photon emitters. It can remove up to 99 percent of these radionuclides, as well as many other contaminants (e.g., arsenic, nitrate, and microbial contaminants)."


          "Reverse osmosis does not remove gaseous contaminants such as carbon dioxide and radon."

          Since I already had a Berkey to remove other contaminates, I wanted to be able to remove as much radiation as possible so got an RO system as well. I live in a rural area, and my water is pretty good as far as taste — Nestle bottles water from my area's aquifer as "Ice Mountain".

          • trinityfly trinityfly

            Thanks Turnip…great info.

          • SnorkY2K

            A regular water softener is a great way to reduce the amount of radioactive metal ions from your water. Using a water softener will also help your other water purification steps.

        • WildTurnip WildTurnip

          trinityfly, in case you are interested, this is the RO system I bought.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi trinityfly

      You might want to look into this one. Besides a counter top model they also have under the counter, and also for the whole house.
      Looks like they are back ordered, people just might be getting wiser.


    • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

      I talked to the experts at US Water Systems about radioactive particles, and here is basically what I was told. The expert recommended for hard water, a water softener first. Then only pleated filters, the higher quality USA made ones. Next a UV Sterilizer & I use USA 5 micron, then a 1 micron pleated. I then use 2-charcoal canisters (*1 is not enough for safety) & R.O. membrane followed by a charcoal post filter. If fallout is possible changing the charcoal as often as weekly, as to not have hot particles hanging around causing potential problems.

      • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

        I asked about clay and zeolite & he did not recommend it as effective for drinking water systems.

    • petfish


      Read ENENEWS everyday. Just received the 2011 Water Quality Report,
      County of Maui MAKAWAO SYSTEM (drinking water). The line of interest reads:

      Radiologicals, Beta particles 4.1 pCi/L. Referenced: EPA considers 50pCi/L to be the level of concern for beta particles.

      Question: Did the EPA recently raise the limit for drinking water from 3pCi/L over a 70 year period or did they just change the parameters a bit?

      Thank you in advance


      • Incredible find Petfish

        Jeff MacMahon at Forbes on April 14 2011

        "EPA does not allow drinking water to contain more than 3 picoCuries per liter of radioactive istotopes like iodine-131 and cesium-137."

        [end excerpt]

        Iodine-131 and cesium-137 are beta emitters. 50 picocuries a liter!

        That is more than 15X what it was!

        Can we confirm that the EPA raised these levels?

        If they did that alone seems to me evidence of a conspiracy to hide the scope and effects of this disaster.

        • This is very strange!

          Look at this EPA Chart

          Alpha particles are given in picocuries

          Beta particles are given as follows:

          "4 millirems per year"



          • Same here

            To protect public health, EPA has established drinking water standards for several types of radioactive contaminants combined radium 226/228 (5 pCi/L); beta emitters (4 mrems); gross alpha standard (15 pCi/L); and uranium (30 µg/L)

            [end excerpt]

            Why did they switch to mrems?

            Because they are more challenging to estimate as opposed to the measurement of a quantity in water?

            • petfish

              I went to the EPA web site and found a doc. forgot which one? using the search: radionuclides allowable limits in drinking water.

              found a table pg 37 (better with numbers) says that 50 pCi/L of beta particles is of concern and one one should drink it over a long period. talks about alpha, gamma limits.

              now the question becomes how does this stuff bio-accumulate when we water our garden? eat the food etc. guess i'll have to invest in large pre-filtration unit in before watering? and do some more homework.

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            I recall Enformable had the e-mails between two administrators at the EPA last fall concerning his issue and hiking up the levels. Hmmm I'll see if I can find the article.

          • arclight arclight

            4 millirems

            1 rem = 10-2 sievert (Sv)
            1 millirem (mrem) = 10-5 sievert (Sv)

            from this google cache.. if you think this is useful better save it too word.. it will be gone soon..


            "..Exposure Levels

            EPA has established a maximum contaminant level of 4 millirem per year for beta particle and photon radioactivity from man-made radionuclide's in drinking water. Cesium-137 would be covered under this MCL.

            The average concentration of cesium-137 which is assumed to yield 4 mrem/year is 200 picocuries per liter.

            If other radionuclide's which emit beta particles and photon radioactivity are present, the sum of the annual dose from all the radionuclide's must not exceed 4 mrem/year…"


            so they were just under the 4 mrem/year if i read this right.. that was lucky.. amazing how it spreads out evenly and isnt found in hotspots..

            • arclight arclight

              actually the sum total of radionuclides is more?? ooer!

            • Thank you Arclight

              the previous figure from Jeff Macmahon was 3 picocuries per liter

              Petfish's water agency is saying 50 picocuries a liter is ok

              And the document you found is saying 200 picocuries a liter is fine?

              Am I confused or as the EPA just raised the allowable level from 3 to 200 picocuries a liter?

              I hope I'm missing something and am confused!

          • petfish

            thank you majia,

            maybe that news article was mistaken or i just read the wrong doc. w.r.t. intent? guess have to look at when the doc was made? and if so can the EPA change the original – though this would not make since because someone else would have a copy.

            • The EPA document i looked at was updated March 2012

              I think they may have raised the allowable level from 3 to 200 picocuries a liter!

              I'm hoping i'm confused about this….

              • Probably so. Look at the FDA standards for milk and food:

                The specific Derived Intervention Levels are here:

                The specific “FDA derived intervention level or criterion for each radionuclide group” are as follows “for all components of the diet” for Strontium 90, Iodine 131 and Plutonium 238 and 239
                Sr-90 160 Bq/kg
                I-131 170 Bq/kg
                Pu-238 + Pus 239 + Am 241 is 2 Bq/kg
                Cs-134 + 137 1200 Bq/kg

                These guidelines state that the “alternate units for milk” in picocuries per liter are the following:
                SR-90 4400
                I-131 4700
                Cs-134 + Cs-137 33,000

                These are the levels tolerated in milk by the US FDA.

                • petfish

                  Hi majia,
                  from the news article (thank you ) the FDA calc's dose all at once and the EPA calc's dose over a 70 yr period. so it seems the EPA new dose MCL is 200pCi/L? over a 70 yr period? It looks like things have changed. I'm confused too.
                  I looked at previous water testing: The Makawao System for year 2010 there was no line for beta particle detection. Also for other Maui water systems. However, for the Wailuku System for 2010 it read 3.2pCi/L. Im thinking that the medical waste from hospital could be responsible? I will find out the water test for Wailuku for 2011. I would guess it came up to ~7pCi/L in line with the increase in Makawao results if from Fukushima. Aloha and thanks

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    RE: Water Filtration/Purification

    In response to LabMonkeyWithAGun 's comment this morning:

    Yes, what I'd read is reverse osmosis, ion exchange resin treatment, post carbon filtration will get 95% – 99% of the isotopes (cant' confirm the figure w/o finding the article).

    Using zeolite and clay somewhere along the line in the water purification process is probably a good idea.

    I wish there were results (study?) discussing what all of these processes will do, applied together. That is, distillation as a possible step, reverse osmosis, ion exhchange resin, post carbon filtration, and use of zeolite and/or clay at some step in the process (the beginning)? Does anyone know if such a study has been done?

    'Recently talked with engineer who owns water purification product store. He said ion exchange resin use isn't recommended for home use. "If it fails, it will fail catastrophically and you, as a home consumer won't know it has failed" was his comment (paraphrased).

    Have been buying purified water from a vending machine. Am also concerned the vending machine water process (all of the above except the zeolite and clay, distillation) removes the fluoride. Doesn't fluoride removal often require a special type of filter?

    How do other people here ensure their water is free of fluoride, if living in a community where it is used? Recently read the fluoride-containing compounds sometimes found in municipal water supplies can be radioactive.

    • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

      The zeolite is already used to remove cesium- first step of kurion process, left with strontium ladened water- that has leaked several times over winter. Haven't seen any reports on recent leaks. But I don't think they have stopped.

      • trinityfly trinityfly

        Ok….we have been adding powdered zeolite to our water in a glass for over a year now. How do you add it to your water system? Really curious about that?

    • WildTurnip WildTurnip

      HoTaters, yes, a special filter is needed to remove fluoride. When Trinityfly asked about the Berkey water filtration system, I didn't mention it, but if you want to filter the fluoride out of your water, you will need to buy a separate filter for the system. Luckily, I live in an area that doesn't add fluoride to our water.

      Fluoride Action Network

    • SnorkY2K

      Ion exchange columns making de-ionized water can fail. However, the failure can be detected with a meter. De-ionized water quality is often described by either the conductivity or resistivity and meters of both types can be purchased for less than $200. Ion exchange columns can either come in a cartridge that is changed out or in tanks that are recharged by either adding HCl or NaOH.

      The exchange tanks would be quickly exhausted with zeolite added to the water. Reverse Osmosis (RO) should be used in between. Many food production, hotels, and industrial sites rent DI tanks for quality and taste purposes. The tanks that I have rented from Calco Ltd. in Hanover Park, IL USA come in pairs with a light that stays on as long as the first tank is above 10,000 ohm-cm. In that type of pairing, the second column takes the load when the first tank is exhausted and the first tank is taken for recharge and the second is moved into its place and a fresh tank added in the second slot.

      We also used such pairs in up to six banks behind our primary DI and secondary DI columns. While we did hourly tests to verify, we found that the lights were very dependable. Our effluent was cleaner than tap water which led the Illinois EPA to constantly monitor our effluent for Am241. When we had a valve failure and dumped 10000 gallons, they would do a complete walk-through to verify.

  • demo demo

    The internet research I did post 3/11/11 led me to believe that reverse osmosis is the only system that removes radiation. A home system is expensive and wastes 4 times as much water as is filtered so, instead, I buy reverse osmosis filtered water from Glacier vending machines in front of supermarkets or drugstores. 35 US cents per gallon. Bring your own jugs.

  • demo demo

    Reverse osmosis removes minerals from the water, but we're all taking extra mineral supplements anyway I hope.

  • TruthBTold

    If you or anyone you care about take Iodoral brand iodine/potassium iodide supplement in either 12.5 mg or 50mg, please take note. We tested ours with Int'l Medcom Inspector and found both strengths 450% above background radiation. Between 185 CPM and 214 CPM. Please inform all that might apply to.

    • WildTurnip WildTurnip

      Wow. Thanks for that. I just scanned mine (12.5 mg)with an Inspector Alert and got 110.6 CPM. Background was 36.4 CPM. Both were 10 min counts.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi TruthBTold, wow! I just googled the supplement you mentioned, and that's some serious stuff, or not? They recommend an intake of 5mg daily for a 125 lb. woman. That's enormous, I think!
      They also say this:
      "Work closely with your physician while on the Iodoral program. Report to your physician any history of thyroid surgery and/or radiation, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (Hashimoto), and any previous problem with your thyroid. Before starting Iodoral, your physician (He/She = He) will order blood tests for hematology, blood chemistry and thyroid functions. He will also perform an ultrasound of your thyroid to measure the size and appearance of your thyroid. Depending on the results of the thyroid function tests and ultrasound, he may order some blood tests for thyroid antibodies."

      This seems to be far more than a "supplement", imho. Here in Europe, the recommended intake is 200microgram/day, which is easily achieved with a varied diet. I don't know anyone who takes iodine as a supplement….

      • andii

        According to FDA, for complete thyroid blocking (for emergency) 130mg per day. But you are right B&B, one must be careful about the dosage.

      • WildTurnip WildTurnip

        I'll post these links again in case anyone missed them, because they contain important information.

        Iodine for Health
        by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD


        Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Nutrient
        David Brownstein, M.D.!


        Interesting paragraph from Dr. Miller's article:

        "Iodine has an important and little understood history. This relatively scarce element has played a pivotal role in the formation of our planet’s atmosphere and in the evolution of life. For more than two billion years there was no oxygen in the atmosphere until a new kind of bacteria, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), began producing oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Cyanobacteria also developed an affinity for iodine. The most likely reason is that these organisms used iodine as an antioxidant to protect themselves against the free radicals that oxygen breeds (superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide, and hydroxyl radical). Studying kelp, researchers have shown how iodine does this and have found that kelp will absorb increased amounts of iodine when placed under oxidative stress. Other researchers have shown that iodine increases the antioxidant status of human serum similar to that of vitamin C."

  • vital1 vital1

    I have started the draft of the free manual for setting up a home based DIY food testing lab for radioactive contamination. As I create it, I will post parts here for comment and suggestions. It will be a work in progress.

    The Beeresearch equipment I suggest here is the most cost effective I could find after a lot of research. It costs around AU$2000 to $2250 depending on which package you purchase.

    There are two packages that will do the job. You will need to place a AU$500 deposit on ordering, and it may take several week before it arrives. This will depend on scintillator availability.

    Package one consists of a 2” x 2” inch scintillator crystal, is the more expensive of the two packages. It is priced at present at around $2250 plus freight. These prices will probably change with time, and depend on the availability of the type of scintillators available.
    1 x GS-1100A
    1 x 2" NaI(Ti) Detector.
    1 x SHV cable
    1 x PVC Carry case.
    1 x Local Freight

    Or this package.

    It uses, a 1.5” x 1.5” inch scintillator crystal, this kit is priced around $2000 at present.
    1 x GS-1100A
    1 x 1.5” NaI(Ti) Detector.
    1 x SHV cable
    1 x PVC Carry case.
    1 x Freight

    What is the difference besides price? The larger 2” crystal means everything is more sensitive. This means detecting radiation contamination in food will be a lot quicker. Also the larger scintillator crystal provides a wider range of isotope detection.

    • vital1 vital1

      So I suggest if you are going to do this, you purchase the more expensive package. Even though this is the most cost effective option I could find to do food testing effectively, some people may still only be able to do this as a group purchase.

      You will also need to build a DIY lead testing chamber to get the best out of this equipment. The minimum cost for that could be around AU$300 for the lead. I am looking at other ideas for building a shielded chamber, that may work out cheaper.

      Be aware you will need to dedicate some time and effort to set this all up, and get it working properly. If you have someone available with some technical skills, it will make the whole process a lot easier. The free manual' once complete, should be a big help.

      Here are a couple screen shots showing off the charting features, and isotope identification.

      This is a chart of a radium clock dial, kindly loaned to me to test, by enenews member Spectrometising. Yes, it is that radioactive.

      This next chart is of the gamma radiation from a ionization smoke detector, very close up. These types of smoke detectors are based on Americium 241, which has a Kev (Kilo electron volt) energy signature of 60 Kev. All isotopes have a Kev signature, this is how you identify them. I did not dismantle the smoke detector.

      • vital1 vital1

        This is the Gamma radiation detected directly through the normal casing and up close to the detector. (Note: You should never pull apart an
        ionization smoke detector!)

        The chart below is of a 625 gram sample of Bentonite Clay. The peaks on the far left in this chart up to the 88 Kev mark, are not from the Bentonite clay, but secondary X-ray artefacts created from background gamma radiation passing through the lead shielding of the testing chamber. I need to put a copper liner in the lead shielded testing chamber to remove the secondary X-ray artefacts. Just having problems sourcing copper in my location at present.

        The peak on the far right at 1460 Kev is Potassium Chloride, referred to as K40. This is caused from the radiative K40 in the wooden building I did the testing in. K40 is in pretty much every living thing.

        • vital1 vital1

          Most clays will have some radioactivity in them. If you look at the line at the bottom of the chart, at the peaks between numbers 183 to 660 Kev, this appears to be radioactive lead P-214, if my calibration is correct. Small amounts, but in my opinion, ideally if you are consuming something as a food or a tonic, it should not show any peaks in this region. Bentonite Clay needs further testing by others with this sort of equipment, to verify this. Also, samples mined from other locations may test differently.

          If my calibration is correct, the peaks of interest where at,

          kev Tested Kev Results
          31 to 94 secondary X-rays?

          RA-226? 193 197
          Pb-214? 250 252 258 Twin peaks
          Pb-214? 303 310
          Pb-214? 365 372
          Pb-214? 624 634

          Peaks in these charts are relative to the quantity of the samples used, plus the length of time the testing took. You will need to get an understanding of this to fully interpret the testing results from this equipment.

          For instance, the peaks in the chart from the sample of radium that
          weighs a fraction of a gram, on the clock dial, where very large. The Bentonite clay sample was 625 grams, a hugely bigger test sample of material. It was also tested over a much larger period of time. You need to take into account, time, distance and quantity, to make a proper assessment of the results.

  • CB CB

    Body Rash – Prednisone 20mg tabs.
    Take 4 tablets by morning for 4 days, then 3 tablets for 4 days, then 2 tablets for 4 days, then 1 tablet for 4 days.

    ~ I don't know if its a cure, but I was rash free on day 5. The only medicine that touched it.

    • andii

      CB, Prednisone is a very strong medication, not normally prescribed for ordinary rash. (what is ordinary though lol). Unless the treatment is lupus related, something like anti-histamin might work too.

  • throwing_stones

    is there a site with a list of food companies that source from Japan? would be nice to know down to the ingredients where processed food comes from.

    • Sickputer

      TS sez: "is there a site with a list of food companies that source from Japan? would be nice to know down to the ingredients where processed food comes from."

      SP: You and me both. But food importers fall into my classic definition of nuclear engineers: liars and damn liars.

      So with a dearth of hard facts how do you know the origin of that rice flour ingredient in 5,000 US processed foods? How about milk whey (can be highly contaminated and it is in many foods). Or tea leaves…where is your tea coming from?

      My policy is…read the label…so I have cut out hundreds of popular US foods (some of my former favorites) because they list rice flour and/or milk whey. Those are taboo words to me just like corium is to Tepco.

      But the food I do eat might just omit listing those ingredients.

      Food processors lie, mislabel the origin of crops, etc..

      SO best bet…buy local or buy southern hemisphere. I picked up some really nice Chile apples today…three different varieties.

      Buy local meat to avoid Japanese meat that might be on the market. Watch out for big fast food chains as they be brining in cheap imported foods. It's cheap because it may be contaminated.

      The good thing is most consumers do have choices and the farther away from Japan all the better the reason to buy local crops.

  • andii

    How to Neutralize Nuclear Wastes (using a type of HAARP) in 9 minutes by Tom Bearden

    The technologies exist(!?) but they are suppressed by TPTB, typical!! I'm not so sure though the picture of Benjamin Fulford appearing on the same blog so should I take this information as a pinch of salt?

    If anyone has got a good idea, they get ridiculed or killed :O

    • andii

      …and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has such electron beam irradiation system.

    • unsub unsub

      Interesting link.

      This sounds like a dream come true for the nuclear industry, so they would obviously want to use this technology to ameliorate there bad press. They are not, so I doubt it is more than a theory at this time. One thing is for sure, if they ever solve this problem it would take an impress power to stop the nuclear industry from screaming it out of every media source.

      Then again who knows. It would be ironic if this disaster at Fukushima motivated the nuclear industry to divert some of their billions to solve the waste neutralization issue. Something similar to the rapid advances in weapons technology that happens in times of war.

      [ Cool Japan ?]

  • andii

    Mitsubishi has developed this equipment but not even used for it. Kyoto Uni supposed to have one like it too. How ironic is that!? Obviously, they want to kill as much Japanese (and rest of us) as possible so they are not using it for I guss.

    Apparatus for Direct Conversion of Radioactive Decay Energy to Electrical Energy (US Patent # 4,835,433)

    Photoremediation (I-131, Cs-137, Pu239 to I, Cs, Pu & Pb by 10MeV beta rays)

  • andii

    "US Patent # 3,939,366 entitled "Method of Converting Radioactive Energy to Electric Energy and Device for Performing the Same" issued to Yasuro Ato, et al., on Feb. 17, 1976, discloses an apparatus in which radioactive energy is converted to electric energy by irradiating a semiconductor material with radioactive decay products to produce a number of electron-hole pairs in the material. A magnetic field is applied across the semiconductor material in a direction perpendicular to the direction of diffusion of the electron-hole pairs and to the direction of the applied magnetic field thus collecting the electrons and the holes at electrodes provided on the respective end faces of the semiconductor material to produce an electric potential across the semiconductor material. While the conversion efficiency of the system disclosed by Ato, et al., is considerably higher than that disclosed by either Burke or Ginell, the power output of the system is not great enough for applications such as electric automobiles or satellites."

  • Noah

    Thank You WildTurnip for 13May2012 post regarding nanospheric form Vitamin C

    For the past month I have been researching as well as using the concepts first put forward by WildTurnip on 13 May 2012 here on this very thread. I have been very impressed with the body of science behind the idea.

    It does indeed enable RNA/DNA repair and the restoration of damaged/degenerated connective tissue & collagen

  • demo demo

    Anyone know if Therapure 440 air purifier will do? "Hepa type" filter does not need to be replaced but can be cleaned by removing and vacuuming. Costo $98. made by Envion.
    Costco also still has several kinds of cheese that are aged pre-Fuku, sea salt from Brazil's north coast, much more expensive Himalayan pink salt, 13.5 lb bags of Arm/Hammer baking soda.

    • andii

      I'm not familiar with Terapure 440 but there is another type called Airvax from Korea, the filter lasts 3 years and it is electrically charged + and – to traps nanoparticles (0.3 micron).
      I find fan noise distracting but I bought this because it's really quiet and you won't hear it if you select the silent mode so you can sleep even if it's on. There are 3 settings (hi, Mid, lo) and comes with a remote control.

      • demo demo

        Apologies for having often been usa-centric. Appreciating the geographic diversity here.
        Thnx, andii, but the Airvax is out of my price range @ $236 on E-bay. Therapure is quiet on the low setting, but I don't know if it filters radioactivity which is what i want. It says it filters viruses, bacteria, fumes, smoke (108) , pollen (163), dander, mites, mold spores and dust (149) up to 200 sq feet. "Helps" remove airborne particles as small as .1 microns.

        • andii

          No need to apologies demo. $236 on ebay seems excessive. May be you could find out what price the US distributor is selling, Summit Enterprise Inc based in NJ

          In terms of perspective (apparently),
          nanoparticles are under 0.1μ
          House dusts 0.001~100μ
          Bacteria & virus 0.01μ
          Red cells 7μ

          Try to find out if Terapeure filter is electrically charged so that even nanoparticles (isotopes) stick to the filtre. They say that this is the next generation of air filtre after HEPA but it could all be hype. I find Korean products much better than Chinese make though lol

      • lam335 lam335

        I personally know nothing about Korean-made air filters, but I just saw this conversation and remembered seeing the following discussion on the POTR blog website:

        iwunder007May 20, 2012 12:04 PM

        Thanks for all the efforts and explanation. It does not go unnoticed in Korea.

        Until three weeks ago, we were running HEPA filters regularly. After making a call to the air filter company, we found out that for the HEPA filter
        1. The material is sourced in the Philippines
        2. The filter is manufactured in Japan and then sent to Korea sold under the C****Y brand. *the company told us the the material is imported into Osaka and then manufactured locally.

        We stopped using the filters upon hearing this info. (we have a 2 and 4 year old).

        Now I am considering to reuse the filters temporarily until I following your reports.

        The filters are replaced every two months.

        What are your thoughts on the filters?


        Ms. XMay 20, 2012 12:37 PM
        @iwunder007, we would run a vacuum cleaner over the filter before first use (or turn the filter on outside for a few minutes). Following those precautions, our SWAG is that any remaining inherent contamination is trapped in the filter and that the filter will remove more contamination from the environment than it would introduce into it.

        The one exception to that would be if we ran a Geiger counter over the new/unused filter and it registered noticeably radioactive. In such a case, would look for the another filter with…

          • lam335 lam335

            Sorry, cut out a few words:

            … another filter with a lower reading and proceed as mentioned above.

        • andii

          Hi Iam335,
          Thanks for bringing that to our attention. You are quite right, we must check EVERYTHING. Just because it's made in Korea, Germany…etc we never know where the raw materials or parts come from. I think some manufacturers are less responsive to enquiries than others.

          I agree with advice given by iwunder007.

        • iwunder007

          I'd like to add some more info regarding the Korean made filters. The brand we are using is Cow*y owned Wooj*n. They did test the filters back in September 2011 but have not done since then.

          I tried to order a bunch of filters but they use JIT manufacturing process.

          The HEPA filters are replaced every 8 months. The product is marketed as a Cairs brand. It seems that all their HEPA filters are made in Japan. The material is brought throw the port at Osaka for processing.

          A quick test over the filters seemed fine.

          The water filters also have some processing done in Japan before resale in Korea.

          I am shopping around for some more filters/ filter systems for my office and at home. I understand it is possible to have HEPA filters designed for existing air system. Is this correct?

          One more thing, if you live in Asia it is quite possible that your toilet paper / notebooks might be contaminated as alot of pulp processing is done in Japan (near Fukushima from what I heard). It is possible however to find domestic toilet paper that doesn't use the pulp or chemicals from Japan.

          Today, a Korean teenager asked me if I thought is was OK to buy Japan facial cream / make up products. Imagine that one….

  • demo demo

    Don't take Adya Clarity. It's dangerous:
    A clerk at Pharmaca told me the Japanese use it to neutralize radiation. Don't believe it. Black mica supposedly, but 2nd highest ingredient is aluminum and also contains arsenic. Fortunately, its high price might have prevented more people from buying it and being harmed by it.

  • Noah

    Why we need –
    Remediation of Internal Exposure
    (For those who are new to this site)

    “Any person living in the contiguous United States since 1951 has been exposed to radioactive fallout, and all organs and tissues of the body have received some radiation exposure.”
    – 2002 National Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    As we well know, since 2002 this exposure has increased substantially due to the 311 event.

    I have categorically summarized for you all the advice and protocols for remediation of internal exposure that I have read or personally posted here at ENEnews.

    Remediation falls into three basic categories.

    Three broad categories of Remediation of Internal Radiation Exposure by Oral Supplementation
    1. Anti-Oxidants
    2. Competitive Inhibitors
    3. Chelators

    I encourage you to continue the fight to protect yourself and your family by use of supplementation. The knowledge, health and experience you will gain will last a lifetime and benefit others in the sharing.

    Here at ENEnews, You will find a wealth of information, lists and protocols which encompass these three categories in previous posts. The best information lay hidden in the early months right after 311.

    • 8thandLamar 8thandLamar


      Anybody interested in an enenews "current summary of topic"? I've been lurking all along and rounding up the needed info is still very challenging. I can't imagine what it must be like for a newbie.

      Thanks for the timely orientation, Noah, I've recommended your posts to many (rather, the few that can hear)!

    • Noah

      The Most Essential Anti-Oxidant

      One of the three categories of Remediation of Internal Radiation Exposure by Oral Supplementation is "Anti-Oxidants". Since 311, I have been searching for an anti-oxidant that counteracts the oxidizing effects of internal low level radiation exposure.

      As long time readers of ENEnews well know, cancer, heart disease & stroke, and accelerated aging are the result of free radical damage from ingested radioactive particles.

      We have all compiled lists of effective anti-oxidant foods and supplements that have been proven effective as free radical quenchers. However, I have been convinced by the evidence, that the single most important and essential anti-oxidant to combat internal radiation exposure is Vitamin C.

      The most essential nutrient.
      If I must prioritize my anti-oxidant list, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is at the top of my list.

      The form of Vitamin C is important.
      In 2011-2012 Liposomal Vitamin C began to move to the forefront of the collective mind. The greatest minds in bio-chemistry and medicine begin to grasp the significance of this form of C.

      Liposomal form Vitamin C is 6-8 times more effective than intravenous, IV administered C. If you understand the work of Linus Pauling at all, you will immediately see the implications.

      This form of C is readily accessible and inexpensive, as you can buy the ingredients (Non GMO lecithin & ascorbic acid) and make it yourself in your home with a blender & ultrasonic…

      • Noah

        Vitamin C and cancer

        It is commonly known that cancer patients suffer from both sub-clinical scurvy as will as classic scurvy and present with typical scurvy symptoms. The reason for this is cancer cells are glucose hungry and mistake the Vitamin C molecule for glucose. The molecular structure of Vitamin C and glucose are remarkably similar. In an attempt to absorb more glucose for energy, cancer cells grab out all the Vitamin C they can get, the results is the patient experiences scurvy.

        Linus Pauling theorized that if he could overload the cancer cells with Vitamin C, by increasing blood plasma levels, the cancer cells would lase out through per-oxidation. The ascorbic acid would react with cellular copper and zinc and produce hydrogen peroxide which would kill the cancer cells from the inside, with oxygen. Pauling, using IV administered C achieved a 50% cancer cell death rate. At 50% IV C qualifies as a therapeutic agent.

        Not to be outdone, researches at Harvard, used oral C to test Paulings theories, but failed to replicate Pauling's results. The Harvard study was used to discredit the efficacy of ascorbic acids role as a cancer killer.

        The use of oral C by Harvard hampered the ability of C to reach therapeutic blood plasma levels. It was no wonder why Pauling's 50% cancer cell kill rate could not be duplicated.

      • Noah

        Liposomal Vitamin C achieves high blood plasma levels

        The success of Vitamin C as an anti-cancer ortho-molecular therapeutic agent seems to depend directly upon the level of blood plasma levels.

        Liposomal Vitamin C has been demonstrated in 2008 by Hickey, Roberts and Miller to achieve extra ordinary ability to reach and surpass blood plasma levels in excess of the previously assumed maximum of 220 µm L-1. Large oral doses of liposomal ascorbate resulted in plasma levels above 400 µm L-1.

        "In vitro treatment of human Burkitt's lymphoma cells with ascorbate, at 400 µm L-1, has been shown to result in ∼50% cancer cell death." Burkett's findings validated the conclusions of Linus Pauling. This is why I have not recommended Harvard Medical to aspiring student. Using oral form ascorbic for plasma studies is the work of a dunce.

        Sustained therapy with liposomal ascorbate is indicated for theraputic protocol. This protocol is sustainable and affordable with the use of homemade liposomal C.

  • demo demo

    Getting a geiger counter or dosimeter?
    Info from 12:05 am to 7:41 in comments here:
    Also from another thread, Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified, chart made by a regular enenews commenter:
    (in Japanese @ Bottom)
    Radiation Alert Inspector, $530 to $600 Amazon

  • raek

    Has anyone read this e-book on ways to protect your family from radiation? I have not read it yet myself but I am thinking of promoting it and I would like to get some feedback on it. If there is anyone who has already read it please let me know. The best place to leave a comment for me is here or at my youtube channel name: sakuramane2004 (I am an American mom living in Japan and I have some videos-not great ones- but some interesting ones about what I am dealing with in the battle against the radiation.
    This is the link to the site advertising the book. http://dabc531ksgp-52pi–

  • vital1 vital1

    DIY Food testing lab set up, free guide, first draft, is now available for

    Any suggestions to improve the guide are welcome. If you find a section you don't understand let me know. This means someone else probably won't. It is a work in progress, but should be enough to get those started who want to set set up a cost effective food testing lab for their home, or community.


    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
    quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or podcast below. (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

    This informative podcast on New Zealand radio station GreenPlanetFM carries more weight when trying to convince friends and relatives. It has with mine. So if you can use it as a resource please do. The interview starts after a bit of an introduction on synchronicity.–NZ.html#00000193

  • Sickputer

    Method number 1 for combating radiation and its effects:

    The Zombie solution: (requires a cutlass and an Enewnews T-shirt to really strike fear into the hearts of the undead):

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Easy way to make your own air purifier
    Thought this video was interesting.


    • WindorSolarPlease

      BTW..I wouldn't let this run while sleeping incase the motor got to hot.
      While running it, keep an eye on it.

      Better yet, if you can afford a Hepa Air Purifier get it instead of doing this.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Link via Sam Stone ..Feel like a radiated sitting duck? Things you can do to mitigate the problem.

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

    "Face it. None of us will make it out of this world alive, but we might just be able to make things better along the way. Since we are constantly being bombarded by radiation, which is a clear and present danger due to the Japanese Fukushima reactor melt down, we find ourselves facing the very real prospect of imminent demise. So, what matters most is how we react to the situation. We can succumb to fear and go out cowering, ignore the situation and pretend it isn’t happening, or face it and embrace our circumstances, doing all that we can to make things better for ourselves and the people around us. I choose the latter, and hope you do too."

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I have heard taking Zeolite, internal liquid Iodine drops (not Iodine Tincture which is used for external), and Spirulina together is ok.

    Is there anything else that should be taken with these three things, since zeolite strips away the bad and the good, or is this enough?

    Please make it simple for this old lady. Thank You

    • Can anyone tell me how to find "safe" zeolite, not contaminated?

      • Also, I see on Amazon that there are many different kinds- ranging from drops to powders.

        My husband is not well and I'm convinced it is from flying up in the jet stream so frequently.

        He has had a persistent cough for months and it is worsening, plus other symptoms.

        I thought we would try the spirulina and zeolite but I am a complete novice on these items' uses

        • Bobby1

          majia, spirulina and chlorella from the north Pacific should be avoided. I am running out myself, and am looking for some more. A Google search shows spirulina from Australia and New Zealand is available. This algae concentrates pollutants as well as radiation… this is why it is healthful, because it concentrates them and removes them from the body. But algae from contaminated environments can be that much worse for the same reason.

          I don't take zeolite or clay internally because they may be contaminated with heavy metals.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Oh crumbs Bobby1 did I get my spirulina from the North Pacific?

            I have no clue where this comes from?

            • Bobby1

              WindorSolarPlease, the jar of spirulina that I have doesn't say where it is from… so I assume it's from California or Alaska or somewhere. I think it is pre-Fuku though, but I got it several months ago.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Same here majia I'm just winging it.
          I just ordered zeolite and spirulina

          I just took a wild guess

          This is where I got my pure zeolite

          Where I got my spirulina

          I have no idea about this stuff. I need Noah and his wife to live with us. lol.

          I also might get Iodine drops the kind you add to water?

          I am not a doctor so don't follow my lead.
          At this point I'll try most anything.

          If anyone has suggestions, please suggest.

          • Does anyone have info on ways that zeolite and MLM companies can put forward false claims. I've collected a couple but they need to be checked:

            1. already contaminated with heavy metals (cage structure can't absorb any more minerals)

            2. insufficient quantity of zeolite to make a difference
            3. zeolite can be rendered ineffective through liquid release of harmful minerals instead of trapping them

        • Thank you both for the suggestions

          • WindorSolarPlease

            majia, sorry I wasn't any help. I have no clue about this.

          • Sam Sam

            I have been taking Osha root extract in a formula called Respiratory
            Defense for sinus and bronchial issues. American Indians during the
            flu pandemic of 1918 (?) used the osha root to stay healthy..
            Does seem to help. Do not know if this would be of help for your

            • WindorSolarPlease

              Thank you Sam, wonder if it pulls out the effects of radiation?

              • Sam Sam

                I do not know the answer. You could call Gaia Herbs and inquire. Here is
                their description of Osha Supreme and Respiratory Defense
                Seems a lot of people have been suffering from acute sinus and
                bronchial issues this season that may be related to the immune system
                under duress from Fukushima radiation.

                Osha Supreme
                Concentrated synergistic formula

                Supports Healthy Functioning of the Respiratory SystemSupports the Immune System and the Upper Respiratory TractPromotes Healthy Mucosal Tissue
                Herbs: Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Echinacea Angustofolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Aerial Parts, Echinacea Purpurea Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed, Elecampane, Goldenseal, Grindelia , Irish Moss, Licorice, Mullein, Oregano, Osha

                Respiratory Defense
                Promotes respiratory immune health*

                The respiratory system is responsible for pulling oxygen out of the air and delivering it to the blood. Maintaining respiratory health can be difficult in the face of seasonal challenges. Respiratory Defense provides synergistic herbal support for the immune and upper respiratory systems, helping restore health to mucosal tissues of the lungs and sinuses.*

                Concentrated Synergistic Formula
                Herbs: Barberry , Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Echinacea Angustofolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Aerial Parts, Echinacea Purpurea Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed, Goldenseal, Grindelia , Hyssop , Irish Moss, Lobelia, Mullein, Oregano, Oregon Grape, Osha, St. John's Wort Flower Buds, St. Johnswort Flower…

        • WildTurnip WildTurnip

          majia, I suggest the lyposomal encapsulated vitamin C as discussed here:

          Please read about the New Zealand farmer with Swine flu.

          You can purchase lyposomal encapsulated vitamin C or make your own. Very easy to do and costs next to nothing.

          Also more info down the thread.

          Note: Due to more research, I now make lypo C with the addition of baking soda to neutralize the acid.

          • Sam Sam

            How much baking soda do you add per batch?
            I am about to start making some. Your information
            helped me get started on this. thanks.

            • WildTurnip WildTurnip

              Basic recipe:
              Single batch – I do a double)

              1 cup distilled water
              3 Tablespoons lecithin granules
              (stir and wait a couple of hours)

              1/2 cup distilled water
              1 Tablespoon ascorbic acid crystals
              (stir until dissolved)

              Add the lecithin/water to a blender; blitz for a few seconds. Add the ascorbic/water to blender (with the lecithin mix), and blitz a few secs. pour into the US bath and run for at least 8 minutes while stirring gently with a plastic spoon or straw. Pour into jar(s).

              Now, to use the baking soda method…in two separate lidded jars mix:

              1/4 cup distilled water
              1 Tblsp ascorbic acid crystals
              (stir until dissolved)

              1/4 cup distilled water
              1 heaping Tblsp baking soda
              (stir until dissolved)

              Use a larger jar for the ascorbic /water solution. You need to slowly pour the baking soda/water into the ascorbic acid water while stirring. It will bubble. Once the two are combined add to the blender with the lecithin water, and continue as normal.

              The taste, while a bit salty, is sooo much better than without the baking soda, and
              will make your lypo C's pH similar to our blood pH.

          • eatliesndie eatliesndie

            can I use sodium ascorbate instead of ascorbic acid and leave out the bi-carb?

            • WildTurnip WildTurnip

              Yes, according to the comments from the video's author, you can.


              "Thanks for your informative video! This came to mind after watching. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemist, Researcher for 18 years and Professor of Chemistry for 33 yrs.wrote that by taking vitamin C (ascorbic acid) (1 tsp) with baking soda (1/2 tsp) in 1 inch of water, letting it fizz and then diluting to 1/2 to 1 cup with water, resulting sodium ascorbate is non-acid, very pure and a thousand times more soluble than vitamin C. Sodium ascorbate. Thought you may want to give that a whirl as well.

              IndianaBoys 3 months ago

              I did try sodium ascorbate from pure powder a while ago. Seemed to work, but yields less C per ounce because the ascorbate is not pure ascorbic acid.

              ad7077 in reply to IndianaBoys 2 months ago"

              I just add the bi-carb as I have a large container of ascorbic acid crystals. It's not much effort to add the baking soda/water.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Dr. Blaylock MD – How To Protect Yourself From Nuclear Radiation; via A Green Road

  • WindorSolarPlease

    If there was full disclosure, it would help us in taking things to combat the radiation and its effects.

  • demo demo

    Ioding/Betadine=new fashion statement/conversation starter. Works well for instant suntan! Apply a thin layer with cotton swab to arms/legs. Liquid antiseptic can also be used for henna-type body art. Use the same design patterns and apply more heavily for darker temp tattoo. I read that if your skin absorbs it quickly (10 minutes), that indicates you are iodine deficient, which is very common.

  • matina matina

    This makes some interesting reading: Biokinetics of Radionuclides and Treatment of Accidental Intakes. in this case the 'accidental intake' involved a single acute inhalation of an
    acidic Pu(NO3)4 solution in the form of an aerosol ‘mist.’ I wonder how many single inhalation doses we all had. don't foget aerosolised Pu was detected as far as Europe form

  • CB CB

    California Prunesium juice – home remedies for constipation.

  • Sickputer

    Thanks Anne for crossposting this survival guide to the Combating Radiation Forum.

    Some really heavy thinking went into some of those equations. *;-)

    Maybe above my little social scientist brain, but I get the gist of it.


  • Please join the Radiation Health Solutions group on Facebook at and download a copy of our Nuclear Radiation Health fact sheet at or use it in Google docs at

  • demo demo

    Feedback sought for this draft half page flyer:
    We are ALL Hibakusha now. HEALTH tips.
    Globally, there are over 400 nukes. Some are spewing. Easy radiation mitigation measures:
    1. Establish a shoe-free household. Outdoor footwear stays outside.
    2. Wash hands often, especially before touching face or food and after being outside.
    3. Stay out of the rain which, though diluted, does contain radioisotopes in the northern hemisphere. If you must go out in the rain, wear a waterproof poncho which remains outside. If socks/pants legs get wet, put them straight in the washing machine (or plastic bag). Add borax to laundry. If hair gets damp, shampoo asap.
    4. Supplements: antioxidants, vitamins/minerals especially lyposomal C alkalized with baking soda (recipe @,) iodine (careful-not too much!), E, B’s, D, calcium, potassium, magnesium etc to avoid absorbing radioisotopes like cesium/strontium. Drink “live” green smoothies w/ banana, fruits, citrus, veggies, fresh herbs
    5. Use Reverse Osmosis filtered water. Fill jugs at dispensers in front of supermarkets. $0.35/gal
    6. For detox (also of heavy metals,) soak 20 min. in hot water with 1 lb baking soda and/or bentonite or zeolite clay.
    7. For additional detox/chelation, consume:
    a. green tea. miso (preferably not from Japan nor Korea unless pre 3/11/2011)
    b. mushrooms grown indoors (Those sold @ farmers markets are often grown in barns. Ask.)
    c. kelp and other sea veggies, spirulina, chlorella,…

  • demo demo

    c. kelp and other sea veggies, spirulina, chlorella, blue/green algae (not from the Pacific nor polluted Klamath Lake, Or.)
    d. fruit pectin, especially the white parts of grapefruit and oranges. (Remove the yellow/orange outer rind with a carrot peeler after washing.)
    e. turmeric. cilantro (greenhouse grown, or soak in baking soda solution after rinsing, then rinse again.)
    8. Peel potatoes, apples, etc after scrubbing–removes 100% of radiation. (Scrubbing and then soaking in a baking soda solution removes less, recommended for non greenhouse produce that can’t be peeled.)
    9. Forego food from the Pacific or from Japan. The southern hemisphere is less contaminated.
    10. Radiation bioaccumulates in meat/dairy, so mostly vegan is healthiest. Or find pre 3/11/2011 aged cheeses.
    11. Use a Hepa air filter where you live/sleep/work. Wear a N95 face mask when flying.
    12. Do what makes you happy (except Pacific swimming or much consumption of sugar or other unhealthy substances.) Physical exercise, positive attitude, friendship/community, love, spirituality, yoga, creative expression, and meaningful endeavors like activism for a better world are all great immunity boosters!
    Even adopting a few of these tips can help. It only takes 15 days to establish a new, healthier habit.
    More info:
    (inviting corrections/constructive feedback re above draft half page flyer)

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Demo,
      Thank you for this wonderful compilation of an easily achievable action plan! I'll be distributing this with your permission! Thanks everyone at ENENews for your passion, commitment and hard work. You're making a difference 🙂
      Thank you Admin 🙂

  • Noah

    Good Progress Towards Nano Particle Chelation

    As I have reported in prior posts, due to distance from Fukushima, the majority of the global population will experience fallout in nano-particle form. For this reason, I have shifted my efforts to focus on nano-scale radioactive particles.

    My prior posts have dealt with micron scale dust particles that kick about the environment. Safeguarding the home with mechanical filtration is a given and part of the new normal of living within a post 311 world. Nuclear Hygiene is the watch word of the day.

    The above post by demo gives a good sampling of the critical elements of post 311 nuclear hygiene. Since 311 I myself have published actionable information that will fall within demo's 12 points. It will be well with you to take heed again to the basic points he has made. It is a good summation of remediation techniques disclosed here by bloggers since 311.

    The Noah family practices these protocols daily. I endorse this list. If I had more time today I would expand on several points, especially #5.

  • demo demo

    Thanks, Noah. Please expand when able. Carrying the filtered water jugs is difficult, and I can't afford a whole house filter, so I conserve. Tap water has less radiation than rain water, doesn't it? So it does help to wash & soak veggies in tap water? I soak my body in tap water w/ baking soda/clay, then just use RO water for final rinse. Reasonable?

  • kalidances

    My personal opinion is that medical marijuana will help ease/cure cancer-related issues.

    Please do your research. This link takes a few seconds to load. Please be patient.

    About Granny Storm Crow:

    • demo demo

      Medical cannabis is a miracle medicine, nothing better for pain, insomnia, Parkinsons' trembling, epileptic seizures, appetite stimulant for people who have cancer, etc. It's a tragedy that more people are not helped because most doctors don't suggest it. (Even if they dare not prescribe nor recommend it, they could at least mention that some patients find it helpful.) I would not have known but for an ACLU documentary "The Drug Wars." The "high" (which I dislike) is a less objectionable side effect than most other prescription drugs or alcohol. Soon there'll be a pain reliever derived from it (TCB?) that does not cause the "high."

  • demo demo

    Seaweed/kelp from Maine that's tested negative for radiation:
    As you know, sea veggies are great for mitigating radiation exposure if they aren't contaminated.

    "I use the physics department at University of Maine at Orono to test
    for radiation. Our hay season on the water is May and June, and
    that's when the sampling and testing is done. I also confer with
    other seaweed companies that also use UMO for testing, so many
    locations on the coast of Maine are actually sampled and tested.

    We are free and clear of the radionuclides being emitted from
    Fukushima. There are other naturally occurring radionuclides in
    nature (like potassium 40) that always show up, and if your instrument
    is sensitive enough, bananas will register, along with a lot of other
    foods high in potassium.

    Not to worry. Rest in the Light, abide in the Heart.


    Larch Hanson
    Maine Seaweed LLC

    • This is an obvious lie.

      "We are free and clear of the radionuclides being emitted from
      Fukushima." – Larch Hanson

      'Free and clear' means zero to me.

      Nothing has been spared from Fuku Fallout.
      Don't tread on me!!!
      Don't lie to me!!!

      "There are other naturally occurring radionuclides in
      nature (like potassium 40) that always show up, and if your instrument is sensitive enough, bananas will register, along with a lot of other foods high in potassium." – Larch Hanson

      ANYTIME they talk about bananas they are treating you like a 1st grader. Talking about natural radiation and Fuku Fallout cannot be compared.

      Is there ANY cesium, strontium or PLUTONIUM in that seaweed? That's what we want to know. Not some canned statement that is total bullsh!t.

  • demo demo

    Do you know if a zinc plated galvanized steel tub is good for baking soda/epsom salts/sea salt and/or bentonite/zeolite clay detox hot soaks? If any of above react with the metal in an unhealthy way, I'd like to know before I buy the tub:

  • ML

    Check this out re: methylation and gamma radiation exposure

    Not that long ago, I found an NIH summary of vascular dementia and it had listed high homocysteine levels as the number one reason for vascular dementia. Homocysteine is high when B12, folate and vitamin B6 are low. But does a higher demand for DNA repair lead to some lack of these nutrients? YES. This is the case. Based on NIH studies:
    (Note: high homocysteine has been implicated in heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms)
    I shared this with an physician versed in anti-aging and he stated: This study suggests gamma radiation is demethylating. It gives credence to using L methyl Folate and SAM-e to repair damages. Consider Trimethyl glycine as well…


  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Potassium iodide (KI) availability? Advice requested, please.

    For some months my wife has been trying to buy KI tablets at drug stores and health food stores in Eastern Canada. Clerks and pharmacists say things like "it was taken off the market after Fukushima" or "we used to carry it" or "what do you want it for?" or "we don't have it" or "leave your name and number"…. Generally odd stuff, since KI was a perfectly legal over-the-counter item before 3/11 and supposedly still is.

    This of course leads to an online search, from which all trails tend to point to this site:

    The brand they carry is "radblock". Searches for "radblock" all look pretty normal (normal in the context of health supplements, meaning not exactly mainstream but generally credible-seeming), except for this zinger:

    … in which the heavy hand of the FDA whacked the manufactureer of "radblock" in the name of consumer protection long before 3/11.

    So I'm left wondering who is doing what to whom. Anyone got any advice?


  • Noah

    Oral Chelation
    De-corporation of Ingested & Absorbed Nano Particles

    Through Chelation heavy metal nano particles of various elemental weights can be removed from the human body.

    Tissue samples, fecal/urine analysis, blood and DNA sampling have confirmed the effectiveness of chelation to speed decorporation, by implication remove heavy metals from the human body.

    Case studies using Chelation modalities in remediation of PU, U, C, I, etc. can be cited to validate effectiveness.

    Proposal & Hypothesis
    In a post 311 world, in which the new environmental norm exposes the human body to a endless/constant low level exposure to heavy metal nano particulate by food, water and air pathways. It is proposed, based on this assumption of constant and ongoing ingestion, that chelation therapy be ongoing, regular, daily and constant. The therapeutic modality: Oral Chelation, due to low cost, availability, non-toxicity, and effectiveness.

  • Here's how mitigation worked in the 'old' days.

    Video – Radiation Control at a Nuclear Reactor 1954
    Almost funny.

    Not so funny.
    (In 2007. Interesting story of how the CEO was fired for not following orders on a restart of the reactor she claimed was unsafe.)

  • vital1 vital1

    There are a lots of questions to be answered here.

    I tested 1 kg of Zeolite with a scintillator in a lead and copper lined test
    chamber. The test shows that it has radioactive lead and Bismuth Isotopes in it. Most soils do, these are created from uranium and thorium decay, in most soils.

    People are taking Zeolite to remove radioactivity from their bodies when it has it in it already. OK, they only take a small amount at a time, so maybe it doesn't matter? The second green marker in the chart, marks the largest peak for Lead 214.

    It is less radioactive than the Bentonite clay that I tested. If you look at the red highlighted peaks in the Bentonite clay chart, these peaks indicate the presence of radioactive lead. See test chart.

    Is it a risk or an advantage to take these substances internally?

    Do they actually remove radioactive contamination from a persons body?

    Are the radioactive isotopes in them being absorbed when they pass through the digestive system?

    It is generally agreed that consuming radioactive, or stable lead is not a good thing!

    There is a big difference between using these items as a mud pack, and ingesting them.

    • vital1 vital1

      This type of testing only shows the radioactive isotopes that emit Gamma
      radiation in the samples. There may be stable lead and other heavy metal
      contamination also present.

      The big question, is it safe to take these substances internally?

      After testing, I personally would not ingest these substances without a lot of further research, showing that they are actually doing something positive.

      These items need further testing by others with this sort of equipment,to
      verify this. Note, samples mined from different locations may test


      DIY Food testing lab set up free guide, first draft. The next planed update to this guide will be an isotope Kev identification table.

      If you have any suggestions or additions to improve either guide, please
      post suggestion into this forum.

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    An essential water filtre bottle if you must visit Japan?
    According to the description, it eliminates 100% of:-
    Radium226, Radon222, Strontium, Plutonium, Uranium, Cesium137, Iodine131.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    5 things you will need right after natural or nuclear disaster

    From Henri's video above:
    Instincts-trust yours
    Move out quickly-before others get the idea to evacuate
    Cash, ATM may not be working
    Radio, but was not useful in Japan due to gov’t disinformation
    Communication method/Phone/Map
    Didn't need generator, used winter clothes for cold

  • vital1 vital1

    The second draft of the free DIY food testing lab guide is now available for download. Updates have mainly been to the test results section, the addition of a basic isotope chart, more reference links, and typo corrections.

    It is now linked to this web page "The Food Lab". This site has a list of the latest Food Lab, and International food contamination detections. A lot of these are linked back to enenews articles on food detections over the last year. The idea being that if you can't afford to set up this type of equipment you can quickly find out what is contaminated by looking at the list on this page. It is by no means a complete list. It is a work in progress, so if you know of any other sites or pages listing food contamination results, please let me know, and I will add it to the list.

    Free Geiger counter use Guide.

    If you have any suggestions or additions to improve either guide, please
    post suggestion into this forum.

    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

      You might want to consider adding a section to measure food in their dried state rather than raw minced veg etc to improve the accuracy of measument.

      People have started to do this in Japan and the cesium level shot upto 4 times more than as if it was measured in raw state. Also if Beta is included, it could push the figure upto 8 times more. This means that food testings done by the government are all rubbish because nobody is bothering to dry fish, meat & veg etc

      You can charcoal meat outdoor (because of the smoke) and cesium can still be measured. The only thing is you must be careful not to inhale any ash if there is any. But if you watch carefully, it needn't to burn that much, just leave it when it becomes black and still in solid state.

      Also these links are helpful for energy reference, half-life etc.

      • vital1 vital1


        Thanks for the feedback. Yes, drying food can make a big difference to food testing results.

        And thanks for the links, the first one I have already have in the guide at the top of the isotope list page. The others would be useful also.

        Will add to next release.

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    Interesting graph. Although the data was quoted from ICRP publication No.111 (2009)…

    Grey = 1 Bq per day
    Black = 10 Bq per day
    Dotted line = 1000 Bq all at once

    The graph shows that smaller amount ingested daily is actually more harmful and stays in your body.

  • vital1 vital1

    For those of you who can't afford expensive test equipment, you might find this page helpful. "The Food Lab" page has a list of the latest international food detections of radioactive contamination.

  • 6feetunder 6feetunder

    Roy Process for the Neutralization and Elimination of nuclear waste: interview with theoretical nuclear physicist Dr Radha Roy from 1991 Satellite Broadcast of EIS, Earth Information System.

    The following youtube needs to go viral around the world. If this will work holds the key to cleaning up the mess that man has made on this planet through irresponsible nuclear inventions and their use. This approach would immediately deal with the contamination in Japan and the ability to eliminate all nuclear waste and spent fuel. The mere fact that it look possible to drop all the half life element to 14 days, would obsolete nuclear weapons all together and would negate the driving war engine.

    Get this viral so it lands in the hands of people to make this a scientific breakthrough into a momentum of reality. For those motivate by things other than saving the Earth from assured destruction, then thinks of the business opportunity of becoming a planetary "cleaner" ….

    No Time To Waste

    • Jebus Jebus

      Although this looks to be a process, by which nuclear waste could be neutralized, by the acceleration of nuclear decay, through gama ray excitement, it would only serve to support the proliferation of nuclear power across this planet.

      This is basically the process that the industry is promoting in their fast burn up reactors, or IFR's

      This does not address the radionuclide contamination after a nuclear event has spread these toxic substances everywhere.
      There is no way to clean up the environmental contamination that a nuclear accident spreads across thousands of miles of land and sea. If you promote more nuclear power plants, you promote more possibilities that there will be another accident, as the last 50+ years have so vividly shown.

      Any theory, process, or method that expands and extends the nuclear industries strangle hold upon this planet's lifeforms is just a panacea for the nuclear industries failed technology.

      The only way to stop the contamination of this only planet earth's biosphere, as it stands now, is to eliminate the processes that are contaminating it.

      The answer is to stop nuclear power now and then start the processes that we need to clean up the mess already made.

      End ALL nuclear power industries NOW, and you save all life on earth from a certain and final nuclear hell.