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Published: February 2nd, 2012 at 2:20 am ET


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Published: February 2nd, 2012 at 2:20 am ET


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528 comments to FORUM: General Discussion Thread for Feb. 2 – 8, 2012

  • Fukushima I Nuke Plant (12/14, 15/2011)

    Uploaded by arevamirpal on Dec 17, 2011

    A bleak scene after another against some dramatic wintry sky.

    The video was shot by TEPCO on December 14 and 15, in preparation for the big day on December 16, the declaration of the end of the plant accident by Japan’s Prime Minister Noda.

    From the beginning, the Japanese captions as they appear:

    (Initial screen) Current condition of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, work progress. Video taken on December 14 and 15.
    Reactor 1 building
    Reactor 2 building, from the backside
    Backside of Reactor 4 building, looking toward the central waste processing facility
    Watertight bulkhead, ocean side (near Reactor 3, in preparation)
    Water injection pump to the reactors
    Central control room for the contaminated water treatment system
    Area G sludge storage facility (for sludge from AREVA’s system)
    Area H storage tank location
    Area C putting insulation on the pipes for the winter
    Putting insulation on the pipes, near the central waste processing facility
    Worker carrying insulation materials at the backside of the process main building
    Debris removal from the upper floors of Reactor 4
    Bringing debris inside the tent, by remote control vehicles (carried out at night)
    Construction of a new power transmission tower
    (Then for some unknown reason, the video repeats, this time without captions.)

    For more Fukushima I…

  • People as these are building and running Nuke Plants !

    : O

    We are fallible and mistake ridden through and through !

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yeah Doc,…and DMV butt munchers too,…running the show.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      Until just a few years ago,I was on an SCCA GT-1 racing team and every one of our crew knew the dangers of nuclear reactors because we were familiar with what can go wrong with even the most precisely engineered and impecably maintained machines. None of us were ever surprised when a nuclear plant failed, and all of us knew it was just a matter of time before something like Dai-Ichi would happen, but NONE of us ever expected a TRIPLE header!

  • 01/Feb/2012 HORIBA PA-1000 Environmental Radiation Monitor Radi of radiation measurements at 1m above ground

    01/Feb/2012 放射線測定器 堀場PA-1000で地上高1mの放射線測定 Radiation Measurements

    Uploaded by jeaen on Feb 1, 2012

  • san onofre nuclear power plant leak february 2012.flv

    Uploaded by newsworthyable on Feb 2, 2012

    February 2012 mox news reports on radioactive leak at California’s Nuclear Power Plant in San Onofre. When I was younger I attended a anti-nuke rally with Dr. Michio Kaku. Now he seems too wrapped up in his rockstar carrer as a super genius scientist to speak out against nuclear power as much as he did when he was younger. I suppose age will jade anyone. But I still think he knows and cares but has too much to loose to be targeted as a “Protester” or a “99%er” or a “Clean Energy Advocate” or a “Liberal”…I don’t know but I think we need people like him to help support a movement which has atrophied since the 80’s.

    • arclight arclight

      omly 110 proposed builds to go!!

      no nukes! 🙂

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        a little more encouraging news.. only 2 minutes or so.. worth watching, it gives just a little hope for alternatives.

        • James2

          No – it’s more spin.

          At the beginning of the video that guy says they have allocated 32.7 Billion dollars for “clean energy” initiatives.

          Scrolling along the bottom it says 93 million dollars for wind projects, 115 million for “competing solar” technology, 800 million dollars for biomass (whatever that is) and 400 million for Advanced research projects. Plus 2.4 Billion in tax credits – not sure if that’s in the 32 billion or not.

          By my calculations that’s $1.408 Billion of $32.7 Billion or 4.3% of the money spent on renewable energy – where’s the other 95.5% of the money going???

          We all know where 95.5% of the money is going, don’t we?

  • CB CB

    Two Russian Bombers Surveying Japan: I don’t have any other information on this yet, but this is what appeared i…

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      They have been doing that for some time.. also, China has been invading Japan’s sovereign waters with their ships to measure.

      Jet fighters have been scrambled in the past… nothing happens, but Russia and China absolutely know a whole lot about the contamination levels of the ocean.. and guess what? they are not sharing!

      • Cataclysmic,
        In the future that may come back to haunt Japan with legal recourse !

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          I think Japan is in over it’s head and ought to ask for help from it’s neighbors.. but, surely, Japan does not wish to compensate these nations for the damage to millions of peoples’ food, and future cancers.

          • James2

            They have no plans to compensate their own citizens, let alone anybody in a foreign country.

            Remember the story awhile back that said whoever’s land the radiation lands on owns it and is responsible for cleaning it up?

    • Seems to be the second time, last summer they did several loops around the island of Japan !

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        They have been more regular than that. I recall in September the reporting on NHK, I think, and the reporter said the Russians had done this 5 times in the past month.

        • Cataclysmic,

          I’m not surprise, may be Japans numbers did not match the numbers they were getting on the first test and best to do their own checking !

    • CB CB

      Sorry EX-SKF in regards to the lead on the story intro. Driving, cutting, and pasting like an idiot.

  • James2

    Folks, you need to get the SF milk story out to all other blogs immediately.

    It’s increasing it’s views by about 100 count every few minutes. There is clear interest on this story.

    we need to get word out now – however they will kill enenews if it goes viral. We need to have it headline every nuke blog – right now – you can do this…

    • StillJill StillJill

      James2,..not to rain on your parade,…but all the folks I’ve been trying to warn for 10 months,….can go pound sand!

      Even Noah was allowed to pull up the door to the ark and say, “Go away”!

      • James2

        Believe me, I understand your frustration.

        However, there’s a time for news – and when you have hard data that shows milk is dangerous to feed to your children – then mothers tend to take notice. .

        • StillJill StillJill

          Not even on this site,…do we have all Mothers restricting milk.

          Sorry,…I’m 25 years sober today,…and I need a GD drink!

          • James2

            How are you feeling these days?

            • StillJill StillJill

              Thanks James,…I posted on the combating thread yesterday that my GI bleed has healed. Three months it raged,….but Friday I had another CBC,…and Monday the Dr. called with the good news. We canceled the ERCP throat thingy too.

              Inferred sauna, colloidal silver, or quitting coffee, eggs, and creamer, did the trick.

              I feel the cesium in the foods more now however, and my hair is still falling out. The rash is gone, as are the bruises. Bad produce here in Cali. has me tore up,…so it’s up to the greenhouse to help me mature these great veggies we have started.

              Even my roommate is waking up. Weird. The cleaner I get his diet,…the straighter he thinks. His stage 4 cancer is going into remission. It had spread to his lymph nodes and sinuses. They sent him home to die. He took me on as a cancer coach/roommate. Somethings are still going right. What a miracle I get to witness,…again and again! 🙂

              Thanks for asking friend!

              • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                Good News and Good Friends 🙂

              • James2

                That sounds like a tough road.

                I saw a friend go two weeks ago- got to see him one last time before he slipped out – lasted three more days mostly out of it.

                It’s never pleasant, but I know he did the things he wanted to while he was alive. I guess that’s what life gives to us, and we’ve got to take as much of it as we can.

                As I said before, make sure you have someone that is trustworthy helping you with decision making. I know it’s so hard to make correct decisions when you are sick and tired.

                And don’t spend too much time here – unless it gives you a lift. I’m very happy this place is here, but at the same time very unhappy it has to be. It can get depressing at times. Good Luck, I’m thinking about you…

                • StillJill StillJill

                  That is very kind and heartwarming,…the thinking of me. Many can’t seem to pull off empathy anymore. That is why ENENEWS is so precious to me!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Have been posting at a Weston Price Foundation S.F. group about this for months. Some of the mothers write to me and thank me. I feel like I’m preaching to the choir sometimes when I keep writing and warning people about the need to protect themselves and their loved ones. Can only hope to raise awareness a few people at a time. But if this helps to save the life of, or protect the health of even one child, then all of this will be worthwhile.

          Weston Price Foundation advocates consumption of milk (preferably raw milk), traditional foods, nutrient dense foods such as eggs, and meat. Biodynamic farming is something favored by many WPF’ers. Not what many of the “experts” are advocating for health here in the Western World.

          Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting into empty space and wonder if I’m irritating the heck out of people. Then I’ll get an e-mail and someone will thank me for continuing to update them on the situation in Fukushima, and the UC Berkeley monitoring results. People are educating themselves, and some of the ones in the group now follow Enenews.

          We ARE making a difference.

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      I did too..have been since March. Not a peep except comments about how much everyone wants snow or how “negative” I am, how stifling of a parent I must be, or how I’m not a good Christian…the list is endless. No one gives a rat’s ass or they don’t have enough integrity of the spherical kind to take responsibility for themselves, just enough selfish cowardice to bitch me out for popping their bubble, and..many have chosen to discommunicate so yeah, I’m with Jill..although, I don’t know what pound sand means so I’ll say f em instead;) March 11 is my cutoff date for sharing info with morons I know. Can’t help those who prefer a radioactive dose over a dose of reality. It’s certainly not like they don’t know.

      and Jill, glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better! I too have noticed food tastes a lot worse lately. I’m guessing some has to do with time and accumulation in foods but it seems the more we detox the worse it all tastes?

  • $4M Needed to Clean Up Lead, Secure Mines

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — An international watchdog said Tuesday it will cost about $4 million to clean up toxic lead and secure mines in northern Nigeria, where activists say “the worst outbreak of lead poisoning in modern history” has taken place.

    At least 400 children have died since March 2010, and thousands more continue to be exposed to dangerously high levels of lead, said Human Rights Watch researcher Jane Cohen.

    The children are being exposed while processing ore in these informal mines not owned by any company, or when their miner relatives return home covered with lead dust. The children’s food and surroundings also …

  • James2

    something funny going on here. Can anybody see this post???


    Just caught this article in my local paper… “Nuclear plant’s neighbors want radiation monitors” – San Onofre near San Clemente, CA

    • James2

      Just have them go look at their insurance policies and come to the realization that it doesn’t cover them for a nuclear disaster. Their property and their health and maybe even their livelihood is 100% dependent on that plant not melting down.

  • StillJill StillJill

    They can ‘want’ all they want,…unless they have BIG bucks,…or know someone BIG,…there will be no monitors!

  • CB CB

    Enformable: Researchers first trip into Fukushima no-entry zone finds tsunami may have been over 21 meters: Researchers incl…

  • Tuni Tuni

    2 days ago in St. Petersburg Russia. Looks like transformers blowing up,,,,,,,and not nuclear reactions but still scary. Third video down.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thanks Tuni,…things that go BOOM, and make you think Hummmmm?

  • CB CB

    Worldwide VOLCANO news – Etna is currently erupting !

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Weird..snow started about 20minutes ago and my new carbon monoxide detector started to chirp. It has stopped now. I understand these detectors detect ions..

    • CB CB

      Sad the stress you must feel.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        @CB yes. my heart rate has picked up.

        I keep meaning to thank you for the finnish nuclear worker tip.. his understanding has been roaming around my brain since. I think he is on to something. ..I have read about methane explosion in other places, but with no emphasis or explanation. It also answers my need to understand the madness and the sheer arrogance of this industry. It occurs they might have really believed they could strip the bad isotopes from the atom.. so stupid as opposed to nefarious, which only makes it slightly less horrible..

        • CB CB

          I love this site. A community of sharing information, up to the minute news, live chat with experts in the field, complete with video and audio. ENENEWS and members paints a complete picture of the reality and gravity of Nuclear Power. I try to limit my opinion, everyone has one.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Hi Cataclysmic. Older CO detectors had a reputation for false alarms, but the new ones are supposed to be reliable.

      I stumbled on this advice: “Strong cleaning supplies as well as cooking with alcohol have been known to set off CO alarms. Might want to check if any of those activities have been taking place.”

      That’s from a firefighter forum discussion of CO alarm issues.

      Of course I hope your snow has nothing to do with the chirps you got.

    • Cataclysmic,
      Odd you should say that, My fire alarms are new just hung them and new batteries, but every few minutes the chirp lightly with background white noise !
      I am going to change batteries tomorrow and see if they continue doing it, most of the ones I have had in the past will do this if the battery is running low and the chirps will get loader as the battery runs down !

      • alexa

        Xdrfox, I noticed that a lot of new batteries in my house do not work anymore. I bought a GPS device and tried to test it but could not find a working battery.

    • This is why NASSA has been paying attention to the Sun and the flares of late, I got word last year it is more of a concern to gov. them Fukushima !

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Pattie, thank you for posting. It’s not clear from the graphs (graphics) what is being measured in a couple of the pics from the links. Would you please explain what is being measured?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      If you would please post the source for the last link, I’d like to do some research on this. It’s not clear what’s being measured. I watch “space weather” so this is of interest.

      Is it flux in earth’s magnetic field?

      Please elaborate. This is important!

  • PattieB PattieB

    That pic was 2008… they have gone NUTSO! lately with HAARP!… no telling how large a hole we have now… funny thing? Could this explain recent ‘Glitches’ in our nuke reactors as of late?

    If ALL our grid goes… One week after… we are in deep nucular waste dump!

  • GOP targets child tax break for illegal immigrants

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans are looking to deny child tax credits to illegal immigrants — refund checks averaging $1,800 a family — in an effort that has roused anger among Hispanics and some Democratic lawmakers.

    The proposal, which would require people who claim the federal credit to have Social Security numbers to prove they’re legal workers, is being offered as a way to help pay for extending the Social Security tax cut for most American wage-earners. It would trim federal spending by about $10 billion over a decade.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada says …

    Republicans and some Democrats say what’s crazy is even having a debate over whether the government should be cutting checks to people who have sneaked into the country illegally. It’s hard to imagine there isn’t a healthy majority, even in the Democratic-controlled Senate, to stop the practice …

  • CB CB

    Ecogreen4us – Which Countries is Constructing New Nuclear Reactors Today? |ecogreen4us
    Good informative video in that link, still dont know how to embed.

  • CB CB

    @DrHCaldicott tweets
    It is not finished #Nuke dangers nowhere near resolved: Kan’s crisis adviser | The Japan Times Online:

    Intrigue and secrecy within nuclear agencies. Emails bare NRC’s #Fukushima chaos | The Japan Times Online:

    • CB CB

      Yahoo – Domestic manufacturing base moved to the U.S. Midwest Toyota, HV “Highlander”

    • CB CB

      A very important moment in time. Occupy the NRC » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

      • CB CB

        Weekio – Cold Snap Forces Germany to Restart Nuclear Reactors

      • StillJill StillJill

        Great piece,…thanks CB!

        I’m from Ohio,…loved this part,..Whoopie will too in the morning,…she wants famous people to speak out.–

        “Congressmen Dennis Kucinich has been leading the charge on the grave situation at Davis Besse as can be seen here, while our other elected officials have been silent. Together with Dennis we of Occupy Toledo have been outraged that the NRC would continue to put industry profits ahead of the health and safety of all of us and the entire Great Lakes Ecosystem after being called out on this practice time and time again.”

        • CB CB

          Right StillJill! Today driving home from work I caught my daughter holding an umbrella after getting off the bus. The only one of a bus load. Kids stomping in the rain, one holding tongue out to catch some, and walking slowly as if I were still a child back when. Walking in I noticed the followers in the garden were starting to grow from unseasonable warm weather. Monday night I noticed a Moonlit rainbow circle around the moon. I’ve had a friend die from pneumonia last month, young and full of life. Sister in NY says Dr. Office full of sick people, with flu like symptoms. They are in the snow belt. She had metal mouth early April. Hygiene here is most important.

          • CB CB

            The uncomfortable talk with my child separated her for the rest of the kids on the school bus, watching the weather report I told her it might rain coming home. Just that gave her the knowledge needed to help guard herself from the fallout. Yet 11 months later our leadership has yet to acknowledge the elephant in the room, give guidance, and outline preventive measures one could take to reduce exposure.

        • lokay5 lokay5

          Sorry everyone, I know this is WAAAAY off topic,( although it is nuclear related) but seeing as you spent some time at Chico State you and other residents or former residents, might find this interestiing. I know I did;

          • StillJill StillJill

            Did not know that!!! Good friend on Keefer Lane suffering cancer at 53,…hubby is 56 with diabetes, gout, arthritis,…I’ll be damned! Thank you! Will send this to her.

  • CB CB

    Enformable Open
    handouts_120208_09-e.pdf: Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station February 8, 2012 Tokyo Ele…

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    Japan to Install Vent System for Reactors After Fukushima Crisis (WTF haven’t they learned anything?)

    Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

  • PattieB PattieB

    Black on sky part… yet white on ground backgound sections…? what’s with that!?


    “State-run ITAR-TASS quoted an unnamed source at the institute who said by late afternoon the fire had been extinguished.”

    Oh…ok, then. :/

  • GoFrodo

    What’s going on?? The viewcounts were all reset!

    The California radioactive milk thread was over 7,600 and now it’s at about 5.