FORUM: Discussion Thread for Jan. 3 – Jan. 10, 2012

Published: January 3rd, 2012 at 8:00 am ET


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Published: January 3rd, 2012 at 8:00 am ET


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299 comments to FORUM: Discussion Thread for Jan. 3 – Jan. 10, 2012

  • Anthony Anthony

    Forget Mayan 2012 prediction, expert says the world ends in 500 millio

    n years

    By Terri Theodore, The Canadian Press | The Canadian Press – 13 hours ago

    Goldblatt believes a “runaway greenhouse” effect will be the true end to life on Earth.

    He will present his theory, The Physics and Chemistry of the Apocalypse: Runaway Greenhouses, during a seminar at the University on Tuesday.

    When the Earth was formed, the sun was about 30 per cent less bright than it was now and as it gets brighter, the Earth’s atmosphere will become “optically thick,” he said.

    It means, Goldblatt said, that only the top of the atmosphere can radiate head out into space, while Earth’s surface gets very hot.

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  • James Tekton James Tekton

    RED ALERT!!! ((Cross thread multi-posting))

    You hit it on the head here everyone.

    James2, you have been alerted all this time for good reason brother. Follow your heart.

    Nuckelchen, you too have done exceptional work keeping our eyes focused on this.

    We have all been feeling it.

    Just in: Nightmare in Japan!!!

    Earthquake very recently on the first of January has caused the tank on the number four spent fuel pool to crack and the rods to bounce around causing a meltdown. There is no water in the cooling pool according to reports coming in.

    Fukushima province is being evacuated and this is why we are seeing so many people and vehicles headed up there. It is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY NOW there and no one is talking about it except for here on EneNews.


    People in Tokyo MUST get out before the stampede!


    We all have been feeling this and pointing something out for weeks and now we are being confirmed that there is an ONGOING EVENT HAPPENING NOW!!! Number four spent fuel pool is in meltdown and it is most likely going to crash and burn unless Mighty Mouse shows up real quick to stop it.

    We must all know now that the highs and lows we have been monitoring and measuring are REAL and VERY DANGEROUS and there is a lot more going up into the atmosphere RIGHT NOW. We are talking plutonium, the real deal!!!

    Heads up everyone who has a counter. REPORT YOUR READINGS ON THE PERMANENT RADIATION REPORTING THREAD MORE OFTEN PLEASE. Two times a day will allow us to track patterns in the jet stream. This is a community event. Get jiggity people!! Heads up to the skies to watch the jet stream above you and please also report your data on the PRRT because we also now find out that there is plutonium going up there and worse. What goes up, must come down. Watch closely the winds…

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  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Roger that. There is a problem Houston!

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  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Going into overtime.

    Got to go to sleep, but this was to amazing and important to not post and get out as soon as possible.


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  • Why did you write “Scorched Earth”?
    I have been working on the Agent Orange issue—that is, chemical warfare in Vietnam—since 1980. I have also been teaching courses on the Vietnam War for thirty years, and talking to anybody and everybody who is willing to listen about what the U.S. did to the Vietnamese people and the environment. All these years later we have not apologized to the Vietnamese, and we mistreated our own veterans, refusing to acknowledge that they were sick and dying from something, which I believed very early on was their exposure to Agent Orange. I felt if I could show that the Vietnamese were suffering from the same kind of illnesses that vets were suffering from, that I could make the case that anyone exposed gets sick and often dies an early, painful death.

    Read more:

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  • *PIC* Deformed fish found in lake downstream from oilsands
    The fish are hard to look at.
    One whitefish has a golfball-sized tumour bulging from its side. Another is simply missing part of its spine, its tail growing from a stumpy rear end.
    One has no snout. Another is coloured a lurid red instead of a healthy cream. Others are covered with lesions and still others are bent and crooked from deformed vertebrae.
    All were taken from Lake Athabasca, …–deformed-fish-found-in-lake-downstream-from-oilsands

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  • CB CB

    HA, yeah day shift, night shift. Very true, Some working day, and the night shift. Thanks for all your efforts! I’m so sick of being Moderated by ENE. More than 1/2 my comments are moderated. I’m sure this one will be also. Love you all.

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  • CB CB

    Someone put in a Hue Yaahhhh for me please.

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  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    test, all comments were posting above these two Jan 7th entries. I’m just posting this to see if it will get future entries to post beneath it.

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