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Published: November 28th, 2011 at 12:00 am ET


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Published: November 28th, 2011 at 12:00 am ET


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1,177 comments to FORUM: Extended Discussion Thread for November 28 – December 12, 2011

  • 2 high school students died in Tokyo

    Dec 12th, 2011

    Both of them died of cardiac arrest. One is a boy (17~18) ,third grade of the high school. There is no school lunch. He did not play sports hard. He was just studying for the entrance exam of university. He called in sick on 11/29/2011 ,and died the next day. The other one was a […]

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    For all!

    In our Unity we are Strong and One…

    In division we are easily vanquished and succumbed.

    United We Stand…divided we fall….

    Family and EneNews Community will save us all!

  • PayAttention

    Facebook “like” and join’s Facebook page

    He’s been warning about the dangers of atomic fallout for years !

  • PayAttention

    admin – love the ENENEWS apparel !

  • Teachers in disaster area suffering depression

    A survey has found that one in 3 teachers in the disaster-hit Miyagi Prefecture suffers from depression.

    A local teachers’ union surveyed 3,375 teachers at public elementary and junior high schools in the prefecture in September and October.

    1,029 teachers, or 30.5 percent, said they have experienced mild-to-moderate depression.

    The percentage of teachers reporting …

    • or-well

      Teachers are the spoons that feed the children their first doses of the “party line”, enforce conformity to shut up and do as your told/believe what you’re told/be a good Japanese/don’t question authority.

      Dump that lunch from home and eat the radiated school lunch provided.

      Lets all gather (contaminated) leaves and roast (contaminated) sweet potatoes because THATS WHAT WE DO AT THIS TIME OF YEAR – ALWAYS.

      Depressed ? TOO BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      They’ve played their role in creating good little victims. Thier hands are not clean.

  • Japan launches new spy satellite
    Japan launched a new spy satellite into orbit on Monday amid concerns over North Korea’s missile programme and to monitor natural disasters in the region, officials said. The Japanese H-2A rocket carrying an information-gathering radar satellite lifted off at 10:21 am (0121 GMT) from the Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan. “The rocket was launched …

    They don’t even know how to get inf. on Fuka and now spying on Who/where ??? ???

  • WorseThanChernobyl

    So… who else is buying some of that cute, pink enenews underwear?

  • U.S. asks Sony, other companies to detail ties to Iran, Syria

    Dec. 13, 2011

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked several companies to explain how much business they do in Iran, Syria, and Sudan — all countries that have been identified…

    ~ something to do with the hijacked drone ?

  • Top genome researcher to quit / Frustrated expert wants to develop anticancer drugs in U.S. (Dec.13)

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Whoaaaa cowboy.

    Slow down Mike…

    Lets watch and see and pray.

    Red alert???

    Red alert: Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 possibly collapsing, say sources, mass evacuations may be necessary:

  • Russia, South Korea to carry out radiation tests around Japan’s ocean

    By majiroxnews


    TOKYO (majirox news) — Russia and South Korea are nervous about Japan’s radiation runoff into the Pacific and increasingly skeptical about the Japanese government’s announcements about it. In the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, Russia sent radiation-collecting airplanes into Japanese airspace, which had to be chased off by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Russia was unapologetic about it. “As we are close to Japan, we must obtain accurate…

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      WoHO!! This could be interesting. These scientists may not use the TEPCO doctored figures of radioactive emissions. They just might take their own measurements. Woods Hole should take note.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Recycled radioactive metal contaminates consumer products
    “…Thousands of everyday products and materials containing radioactive metals are surfacing across the United States and around the world….”

    • lam335 lam335

      This is only going to get worse. Since the Japanese can’t incinerate the piles of cars destroyed by the tsunami (and contaminated by Fuku), I’m betting some of this scrap metal will find it’s way into metal supplies–and thereby into consumer products.

      But it’s not just Japan. This is an old article, but worth looking at. I don’t know what the current status of these plans are, but it’s really disturbing:

      “Nuclear spoons: hot metal may find its way to your dinner table – Dept. of Energy’s proposal to recycle radioactive metal into household products – Cover Story”

      It’s a good time to invest in a Geiger Counter.

      • lam335 lam335

        Another link (also old, but also worth reading):

        “Warning: DOE To Allow Release Of Radioactive Materials Into The Marketplace”

        If anyone knows more up-to-date info on this issue, I’d be interested in learning about it.

        • lam335 lam335

          I truly believe, if most people would pay attention long enough to see the big picture with nuclear power (including this fact that they’d rather profit by selling contaminated metal to be used in consumer products than pay to dispose of it properly–not that they actually have a plan for that either), if most people actually noticed these things, hardly anybody without a vested interest in the industry would support it.

          But most think they’re too busy to pay attention because they don’t really think it impacts their lives.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          Hang in there lam335. All that radioactive metal in Japan will have to go somewhere. Hillary has said it’s o.k. to send their products here, so, soon, there will be another article regarding how we are recycling radioactive metal.

          I sent those links to others.

      • lam335,
        They are building them washing machines to wash all the big stuff !
        Japan trying out a giant washing machine for radioactive cleanup … Dec 3, 2011 … Japan looks to giant washer to clean Fukushima debris, MY … a giant washing machine to get rid of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident …. Prevention of new build nuclear power stations and replacement of nuclear …

  • Bobby1

    Korean newspaper: Women who live within 5 km of a nuclear power plant are 2.5 times more likely to get thyroid cancer than others. (Japanese)

  • Latest Decon Technology Out of Japan: Screwdriver

    (No, not the cocktail, although it may be a good idea anyway.)

    Soldiers of Japan’s Self Defense Force are deployed to decontaminate the most contaminated areas within Fukushima Prefecture, cleaning up the municipal offices (quite tellingly). What’s their weapon? …
    These suits are bothersome to me, looks like all these folks are in the Cross-hairs !!

  • PayAttention

    keep an eye on this…

    “Internet piracy bill: A free speech ‘kill switch’ ”

  • PayAttention

    $662 BILLION DOLLAR Defense bill agreed on.

    And this in the article….Can anyone analyze and explain this to me:

    “The legislation also changed the waiver provision, which allows the executive branch to move suspects from military to civilian custody, so that the president can issue a waiver, rather than the defense secretary. Levin said this was done at the request of President Obama, who spoke with Levin last week about the bill.”

    • Isac is still an expansive endeavorer of 16, to 17,000 US citizens there, lets see who has influence in 6 months, US or IRAN ?
      Pull our hands out of a bucket of water, it goes back as before hand was in the water, same common in Afghanistan !

      I remember Viet Nam ! 68-69 and the boys, dead and walking wounded !

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      He concentrates as much power in his hands as possible. I felt certain all the time that he would sign this bill–not veto it. The only reason he would have vetoed it was if he did not get even more power than he already has. He craves absolute power, and we all know what absolute power does to people: it corrupts absolutely.

      My understanding is that he can now legally hold one of us without benefit of habeas corpus, he can pluck us up in the middle of the night and torture us if he wishes and nobody will know about it. Is there really any difference in what the Gestapo did and what we now propose to do?

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    How many of you remember these haunting visuals from nilu?

    And the use of pulse energy to ward it away:

    And these from what was starting to be a great site to check in at for the plume maps.:

    Look at all the places they are checking the radiation at and wonder, why is this info no longer available?
    But did you notice how high those amounts were? What makes anyone think it has stopped?

    They are still doing these maps, but will not give them up to the public because they tell the horrible truth for all to plainly see. This is the real evil of cover-up hard at work to deceive the mass mind.

    We are in a window of calm before the storm and the best time to be doing actively as much as we can to help ourselves get ready for what could be coming. We must also help others and encourage in nice suggestive ways to our families, you never know what can happen, and an ounce of prevention, and awareness is more than skin deep.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    i’m down here in Scottsdale for the week. Went to the
    Trader Joe’s here. Same yuppie-health energy-vibe as
    perhaps, Santa Fe. I was tempted to push some enenews info
    on a couple of Happy Twenty-somethings, but,
    I feel I’m blessed to NOT be worrying about future survival,
    and felt like, wow, if I give them too-hot info, rejection–
    and too-easy info, so what? I feel the need to give people
    the WHOLE picture,
    the picture that includes all the Prophecies now coming True.
    The Almighty has given endless patience,
    we’ve still lived ignorantly, rebellious.
    Those complaining about the “Religious Right” need to Know:
    The Main Message of The Christ is “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”.
    We have Failed in This, and even Intentionally Worked Against This.
    Immanuel is Foretold by name, way back in ISAIAH!
    I appreciate the dogged positivity of those trying to make the best
    attitude, BUT NOW, as scripture likes to say, Reality is What IS, really.
    There is ONLY your Souls to be SAVED,
    not your old “lifestyle”,
    not “society”,
    not any Terrestrial future of this Lifetime.
    Christ knew you before you lived.
    All the World is A STAGE, upon which you ACT!
    there is not much logical Use in “holing up” until the Evil “passes”.
    Thank You Yahshua!
    by His stripes we are Healed!

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    The 2011 Geminid Meteor Shower
    “Dec. 13, 2011: The 2011 Geminid meteor shower peaks on the night of Dec. 13-14, and despite the glare of a nearly-full Moon, it might be a good show. …”

    “A comet nearly as wide as two football fields (200m) is plunging toward the sun where it will most likely be destroyed in a spectacular light show on Dec. 15/16. Although Comet Lovejoy (C/2011 W3) could become as bright as Jupiter or Venus when it “flames out,” the glare of the sun will hide the event from human eyes. Solar observatories in space, however, will have a grand view. Yesterday the brightening comet entered the field of view of NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft:…”

    Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Japan earthquake: Danger of nuclear disaster after Fukushima plant

    Tour Of Quake-Hit Fukushima Nuclear Site Japan

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Nuclear Power Plants and Earthquakes

    “…Eleven reactors at four nuclear power plants in the region were operating at the time and all shut down automatically when the quake hit….

    “The operating units which shut down were Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi 1, 2, 3, Fukushima Daini 1, 2, 3, 4, Tohoku’s Onagawa 1, 2, 3, and Japco’s Tokai. Onogawa 1 briefly suffered a fire in the non-nuclear turbine building, but the main problem centred on Fukushima Daiichi units 1-3. First, pressure inside the containment structures increased steadily and led to this being vented to the atmosphere on an ongoing basis. Vented gases and vapour included hydrogen, produced by the exothermic interaction of the fuel’s very hot zirconium cladding with water. Later on 12th, there was a hydrogen explosion in the building above unit 1 reactor containment, and another one two days later in unit 3, from the venting as hydrogen mixed with air. Then on 15th, unit 2 apparently ruptured its pressure suppression chamber under the actual reactor, releasing significant radioactivity. Inside, water levels had dropped, exposing fuel, and this was addressed by pumping seawater into the reactor pressure vessels.

    “Then a separate set of problems arose as the spent fuel ponds in the upper part of the reactor structures were found to be depleted in water. Unit 4 was undergoing maintenance, and all its 548 fuel assemblies were in that pond, along with other used fuel, total 1535 assemblies, giving it a heat load of about 3 MW thermal, according to France’s ISRN. Unit 3’s pool contained 566 fuel assemblies….”

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Fukushima catastrophe could be apocalyptic reupped because all should see

    Harvey Wasserman: Japan nuclear leak could bring apocalypse

  • lam335 lam335

    “Gov’t panel sees renewable energy costs dropping to level of nuclear energy by 2030

    Technological innovations will help reduce the cost of renewable energy to a level near that of nuclear power plant energy by 2030, a government cost-examination panel has estimated….

    At the same time, technological innovations could help reduce the cost of producing energy by wind power to at least 8.8 yen per kilowatt-hour by 2030, while the costs for solar power could be reduced to 12.1 yen — roughly matching the production costs of nuclear and thermal power plant energy….”

  • lam335 lam335

    “Fukushima Ocean Radiation Was 50 Million Times Above Normal, But No Threat: Scientists”

    “…Despite the alarming concentrations, the radiation rapidly diluted in the currents northwest of the plant, the scientists contend, and they should pose little or no threat to human and marine life. However, little is known about the effect of radiation on the lowest levels of the coastal ecosystem.

    “We don’t know how this might affect benthic [bottom dwelling and subsurface] marine life, and with a half-life of 30 years, any cesium-137 accumulating in sediments or groundwater could be a concern for decades to come,” Buesseler said….”

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Iam: which assertions in Forbes constitute total disinformation for we, scientifically, in fact do know (as you know) at least THAT radionuclides bioaccumulate up the food chain and a marine environment is not an inefficient; but a highly efficient environment for bioaccumulation. It’s sad that 80% of all canned tuna–top of the food chain–is caught in the Kuroshio current to the E and NE of Japan. I believe that world dominant military and covert orgs (including certain university labs, such as U.C. Berkeley Lawrence Livermore Lab, in on nuclear everything from the beginning) do absolutely understand at least the fundamental risks of INTERNAL radionuclide contamination for biological organisms. The risks are well known. The mighty dollar prevents the transparency and SHARING of information required for the masses of non-billionaire humans to protect themselves. The tens of millions of non-human species also being exposed to INTERNAL ionizing radiation sources through bioaccumulation, apparently, have no one to protect them.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    I’m OUTRAGED about the Canadian govmt.’s decision to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol. That is just insane.

    They quickly decided to quit just before year’s end, because otherwise they would’ve had to pay 14 billion $ for not reaching the goals they committed themselves to.

    So if Canada leaves, there’s others to follow. And as India, China and the US still refuse to do commit themselves to any international regulation, the rest of the world can’t make up for that. They signed the death sentence of the African continent and willingly accept the suffering of billions of people today and in the future. It’s such a shame.