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Published: March 1st, 2012 at 12:00 am ET


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Published: March 1st, 2012 at 12:00 am ET


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  • Disaster plan update on agenda

    County is working to improve its ability to predict how, where radiation would travel in case of an emergency

    Two days after the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will hear an update on the county’s emergency preparedness activities.

    The update will be part of the morning session of the board’s weekly Tuesday meeting at the county government center. After the disaster in Japan, supervisors asked that Ron Alsop, county emergency services coordinator, regularly brief them on emergency response …

  • ruth

    LA Times
    A year after tsunami, a cloud of distrust
    Suspicious of data provided by the government and news media, many people now conduct their own radiation research. They surf the Internet and seek out podcasts that offer alternative perspectives on the dangers and what to do about them. They flock to the Twitter accounts of nuclear scientists.

    In what's being called the "measurement movement," people rushed to buy their own Geiger counters and dosimeters to check for radiation exposure. At a Tokyo electronics store, one salesman said he was amazed at how knowledgeable customers had become about the sophisticated equipment, with many asking numerous technical questions as if they were shopping for high-end stereo systems. year after tsunami, a cloud of distrust,0,5531592.story?page=2hangs over Japan

  • ruth

    What Fukushima accident did to the ocean
    By Ken Buesseler, Special to CNN

    Other measurements show trends that are more worrisome. Levels of radioactivity found in fish are not decreasing and there appear to be hot spots on the seafloor that are not well mapped. There is also little agreement on exactly how much radioactivity was released or even whether the fires and explosions at the power plant resulted in more radioactive fallout to the ocean than did direct releases of radioactivity caused by dumping water on the reactors to keep them cool.

    As a scientist and a marine radiochemist, I am trained to provide answers about radioactivity in the ocean—how much is out there, where it is, and what its fate is likely to be in the future. Today, we haven't gone very far beyond the first question, which was key on March 11, 2011, but hardly seems sufficient one year later.

  • lokay5 lokay5

    The Farallones off of San Francisco were the dumping ground for the West Coast.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Progress Energy customers on hook for $1.1B for nuclear plant that may never be built
    March 11, 2012
    “The projected cost has shot up to $22.4 billion, and the completion date went from 2016 until sometime after 2021. Under the new law, the more Progress spends, the more customers have to pay in advance, and the more money ends up in the utility's pocket.
    “Cooper called the advance fee a "waste of money." He said legislators and state regulators who think it helps customers are intellectually dishonest.
    "’These people are fools, let's be clear,’ Cooper said. ‘They're fools because they're saying things that simply make no sense.’
    “Cooper, among others, predicts Progress will never build the Levy plant.
    “In fact, Progress recently persuaded the state not to stand in the way if it decides to cancel the engineering, procurement and construction contract for Levy. “

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    The Age of Consequences
    This great and scary outlook for the world re. climate change implications has a bit about nuclear weapons:

    "The 2004 Report of the U.S. Electromagnetic Pulse Commission pointed out that the detonation of a single nuclear warhead between 40 and 400 kilometers above the Earth could cause
    “unprecedented cascading failures of our major infrastructures,” primarily “through our electric power infrastructure” crippling “telecommunications…the financial system…means of getting
    food, water, and medical care to the citizenry…trade…and production of goods and services.”

    The Commission noted that states such as North Korea and Iran, possibly working through terrorist groups, might not be deterred from attack(say using a relatively small ship carrying a simple
    SCUD missile) in the same way as were our adversaries in the Cold War.

    The Commission concluded that detonation of a single nuclear warhead at these altitudes could “encompass and degrade at least 70% of the Nation’s electrical service, all in one instant.”

    It also notes that, as a result of fire safety and environmental concerns, locally stored fuel for emergency power supplies such as diesel for generators is often limited to about 72 hours’ supply.
    Food available in supermarkets generally supplies about one to three days of requirements for customers and regional food warehouses usually stock enough for a multi-county area to last
    about one month. (…)

  • Kaleidoscope of the Heart: A year later, what's important to you?

    … There is a Japanese expression that goes: "Once you've swallowed the food you forget its heat," meaning we tend to forget bad or dangerous times once they're past. Of course, it's not entirely a bad thing to let painful memories fade; it lets us get on with our lives. However, this doesn't mean that we should forget the realizations we came to and the promises we made at the height of the disaster — like taking good care of family and friends from now on, or getting a handle on our material desires.

    Among my Tokyo patients are business men who have wrecked both their mental and physical health through overwork, and women who have lost the will to live after a lover tricked them out of their money. Just after the disasters, though, everyone must have done a little self-examination, and must have asked themselves: "What's really important to me?" …

  • Bobby1

    Graphs of Cs-137 body burden after Chernobyl, from Professor Mori's WINEP blog: (Japanese)

    Person A had the highest body burden about 12 months after the accident. So if you ignore the Fuku emissions since last March, the highest amount of cesium in our bodies would be around now.

    Person B ate mushrooms, and you can see how his (her) cesium burden repeatedly spiked. Mushrooms are a no-no.

  • arclight arclight

    Serious long lasting contamination found in hungary!

    Iodine 125 with a half life of 60 days found in grass clippings near the institute of
    Hungarian production of radioisotopes.

    “..CRIIRAD warned in its letter of 15 November 2011 on the need
    quickly determine the source of contamination "because people close to the
    source could have been and still be exposed to large doses…” "

    “…Health consequences in France
    Given the levels of contamination measured particulate iodine 131 in France
    November, and detection limits obtained on gaseous iodine, it is possible to state that
    doses induced were very low.
    However, the question of the impact for those close to the place from which
    radioactive discharges arises. It arises with the more acutely than the precise origin of
    discharges could not be identified until several days after detection of the radionuclide in the air

    “..November 15, 2011, resumed the next day in a
    press release, CRIIRAD stated: "Most worrying is the fact that several
    weeks after the start of the contamination, no authority, nor at the international level, nor
    national of any country whatsoever, was able to identify the origin of
    contamination. It is urgent because people close to the source and may have been
    still be exposed to large doses…”

    “Discharges would have occurred from September 8 to November 16, 2011.
    According to information published on the official website HAEA

    Would have a permission of annual releases of 1600 GBq
    or 1 600 billion becquerels.
    The translation of the text did not know if this authorization concerned all
    radioactive substances or specifically iodine-131. It would be necessary to have
    discharge permits to ensure official. However the director of the institute referred
    this limit, indicating that the release of iodine-131 made since the beginning of the year (624
    GBq) were 39% of the annual authorization, this comforted the idea that 1600 GBq

    • arclight arclight

      were 39% of the annual authorization, this comforted the idea that 1600 GBq
      131 I could relate.
      According to the director of this institute, the installation would have dismissed 300 GBq of iodine-131 in the atmosphere…”

      “..The authorities indicated in any case a release of 324 GBq I-131 between September and 16
      in November. This is a very high value.
      In its press release dated November 21, 2011 (in French and English), the
      CRIIRAD wished alert Hungarian citizens on the importance of such a release and
      recommended that discussions be initiated urgently expertise level of contamination
      131 in the environment of the site in Budapest and that, pending the results, it is
      asked local people not to consume products and plant products
      from local dairy. CRIIRAD asked that other radionuclides are
      sought. The release is reproduced in Appendix 1.
      CRIIRAD shows contamination by iodine 131 and iodine-125…”

      “….At the request of CRIIRAD, Hungarian citizens have sampled the grass
      November 29, 2011, in two stations close to the institute Izotop Intézet, 200 meters southeast
      the entrance and 2 miles north / northwest.
      These samples were received on December 8 CRIIRAD and spectrometric analyzes
      gamma was conducted from Dec. 8 to 9 to identify the natural radioactive elements
      and artificial.
      The measures listed in Table T1 ( table on link) indicate contamination of
      green grass with iodine 131 (10 and 18 Bq / kg) and an even greater contamination
      by iodine 125 (95 and 153 Bq / kg).
      Contamination of grass clippings (and dried) collected near the green grass is almost
      3 times greater…..”


      • arclight arclight

        A release of 624 GBq of iodine-131 is likely to lead to unacceptable doses
        local population. To calculate doses, should know the distribution of releases to
        time, the height of the discharge point, the weather, whether there are
        cultivated areas and fields in the vicinity .. We do not have these elements.
        But for comparison, it is useful to indicate that the Belgian authorities responsible for
        setting authorizations for discharges to 131 IRE (National Institute of Radionuclides) to
        Fleurus considered an effective dose of a milliSievert corresponded to an annual release of
        279 GBq (conventional discharge conditions) or rejection concentrate 84 GBq of 35 days.
        In the case of the Institute of Budapest, local people could then undergo dose
        well above 1 milliSievert that is to say at the maximum allowable annual
        advocated internationally (ICRP).
        CRIIRAD therefore calls launched an emergency level of expertise
        iodine-131 contamination in the environment of the site in Budapest and, pending the
        results, it is asked local people not to consume the plant products
        and dairy products from local sources.
        Furthermore contamination with iodine-131, it is also important to check levels
        releases for other radioactive substances (other fission products and activation) without
        omit the rare gases, tritium and carbon 14. Iodine-131 is indeed extracted from
        materials irradiated by a nuclear reactor adjacent to the Institute of Isotopes.
        It should quickly check whether the measuring device of releases from these facilities
        (Institute of nuclear reactor and radioisotope) is reliable and if the quantity of release of iodine-131
        announcement has not been underestimated.
        It should also deal with serious malfunctions that reveal this case:
        setting discharge permits very high (*), failing to control discharges, lack of
        transparency, failure to protect the population.
        Editorial: Bruno Chareyron engineer in nuclear physics, laboratory manager
        CRIIRAD (Valencia, 11/2011

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hi arclight, excellent findings, as usual! Thanks!

          *bread, worried

          • arclight arclight

            wait till you see my next eurdep epic 🙂 coming to a you tube near you soon.. and dont worry! the good lord/higher power/ etc is looking out for you!! 🙂

            same avoidances as after chernobyl… err maybe an industrial mask/air tank too! (with emergency wine intake of course!) 🙂

            humour is better than a tumour!

            think nice thoughts.. that helps too, apparently! 🙂 lol!

  • arclight arclight

    “….Radioactivity levels are corrected for the decrease occurred between the time of
    sampling and the analysis and are expressed at the withdrawal date is on 29
    November 2011.
    Indeed, the physical half-life of iodine-131 is 8 days, that is to say that its radioactivity is
    divided by 2 every 8 days.
    The physical half-125 is 60 days, that is to say that its radioactivity is divided
    by 2 every 60 days. Officially radioactive releases were arrested Nov. 16.
    It is worrisome contamination as important as near to and
    distance of 2 kilometers from the institute, which is more contamination from iodine-125 which
    persists much longer in the environment. These results were forwarded to
    several associations of environmental protection in Hungary for information
    This case raises serious questions whose treatment is beyond the scope of this note….”

    “……A release of radioactive iodine 300 + 324 GBq or 624 GBq as that reported by Izotop
    Intézet for 2011 is indeed 28 300 times higher than the release of radioactive iodine
    made in 2009 by the nuclear power plant Tricastin (France) and 130 times
    those made by the reprocessing plant at La Hague (see table in link below)…”

    nice little iaea coverup then?? do the people of budapest know??

    • Bobby1

      I bought some Danish ham around that time, it gave me major thyroid swelling. So I put it in the freezer, and waited 80 days (10 half-lives) for the I-131 to decay away. After defrosting it, I tried it again, it still made my thyroid swell. So it wasn't just I-131… I-125 in the ham would explain it… but I-129 (half-life 15 million years) would explain it too.

      • arclight arclight

        there was alot of i 125 though.. no main stream press coverage ??

        • Bobby1

          Press coverage, are you kidding?

          The table on the last page of the pdf shows that cesium was there too, in the French measuring points. Did that come from the Hungarian lab too? Funny, it's the same ratio of cs-134 to -137 as Fuku…

          • arclight arclight

            the euro reactors seem to emit beta and alpha the iodine levels are usually low ! the medical uses and science applications would use both cesiums or they got a double hit? interesting point though..

            • Bobby1

              The iodine-125 couldn't have come from Fuku, it had to be from a leak. But beta levels were astronomically high in the USA, especially on the west coast, from late October to mid-December. It's hard to believe that some of it didn't make it to Europe.

              So the solution is… Europe got hit by both. Denmark must have been in the convergence zone.. I threw out all my Danish food, but the food from the rest of Europe seemed fine. Finally an explanation for this little mystery.

              • arclight arclight

                the prevailing winds from the usa seemed to largely hit norway, scotland and maybe denmark too.. no independant girger in norway.. the richest country in the world! ??

                the monitor at the azores switch offs hint at regular releases from the usa too! think greeenland gets alot of that!

                its hard to tell the fukushima emmissions in the uk when the european ones are so high since mercoule.. though i got high readings before but sporadic with lower values showing on the gieger.. we rarely get below 0.10 microsieverts/hr until the last few days.. now im waiting for the catternom hit! merde!

  • Thousands stage Japan anti-nuclear protest
    Sun Mar 11 2012

    Tens of thousands of people have rallied near Japan's crippled Fukushima plant demanding an end to nuclear power as the nation marked the first anniversary of a disastrous earthquake and tsunami.

    Memorial ceremonies and anti-nuclear demonstrations were held across the northeast region where an estimated 160,000 people were forced to evacuate after the monster waves triggered a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

    Around 16,000 people gathered at a baseball stadium in Koriyama some 60 kilometres away from the plant.

    Participants called for an end to nuclear energy in Japan and compensation for victims from operator Tokyo Electric Power, a year after the March 11 quake-tsunami sparked the world's worst atomic disaster in a generation.

    "Our town has turned out to be another Chernobyl," ….

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    From March to June 2011, the global radionuclide network of the CTBTO, detected radionuclides emitted from the Fukushima nuclear power plant for a period of more than 6 weeks at all of the monitoring stations in the northern hemisphere. Very high concentrations were observed which in some cases even exceeded the functional capabilities of the high sensitivity monitoring systems.

    Due to the early observation of Te-132 it can be concluded that the fuel in the reactor core was damaged shortly after the earthquake and tsunami.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      "For the first four weeks, the radioactive materials remained confined to the northern hemisphere but by 13 April was detected at stations located in Australia, Fiji, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea indicating that it had reached the southern hemisphere (CTBTO, 2011)."

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Busby-genomic instability & the population problem

    This is a 7 min vid. in which Busby clearly explains that the genomic instability caused by nuclear fall-out exposure continues on for generations, is not a short-lived phenomenon.

    In the non-nuke discussion thread I posted many quotations from global elites frankly calling for population reduction pretty much by any means.

    I'd like to point out that the pop. explosion has been a phenomenon of 1.) 3rd World nations, & 2.) the Muslim nations.

    Leuren Moret has pointed out that the birth rate in Iran has dropped from an average of 8 children per couple down to only one or two; she attributes this drop in fertility to their massive exposure to DU. So the heavy use of DU in the Mid-East is resulting in a big drop in births/viable births, in all of the Middle Eastern nations exposed to the DU.

    This still leaves, for the elites, the 'problem' of the high birth rate in other 3rd World countries, such as many African nations.

    Here is my BASIC POINT as regards this troublesome problematic high birth rate. It is well known that with a rise in average income comes an increase in education, from which comes an increasing knowledge & use of birth control methods. In other words, increase a country's prosperity, & the people automatically lower their birth rate(as has happened in Europe, Japan, & the USA).

    So, IF these 3rd World nations were not being financially raped/exploited by the large Euro/American trans-nationals, with the permission of corrupt governments installed there by these interests, often after the original govt. was removed by CIA-created conflicts – if these nations were not in 'financial bondage' to these Euro-American exploiters – they would LONG AGO have lowered their own birth rates.

    The global pop. 'problem' has in fact been largely created by NWO cabal which is now calling for genocide to 'solve' it.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      I would like to add to this statement:
      "Leuren Moret has pointed out that the birth rate in Iran has dropped from an average of 8 children per couple down to only one or two; she attributes this drop in fertility to their massive exposure to DU. So the heavy use of DU in the Mid-East is resulting in a big drop in births/viable births, in all of the Middle Eastern nations exposed to the DU."

      I don't know the time span that Iran's birth rate dropped from 8 to 2, but Iran also has a more educated population now and I think this adds to the drop in birthrate.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        @Poor Daddy…Actually, I see this statement was added by Poor Daddy, so I address my question in my comment (next down) to Bleep, to you instead.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Bleep…Since I know that most of Leuren Moret's DU studies were done in/with Iraq, I need to ask if your quote from LM above is accurate. Is it really the birth rate in Iran, or is this a typo, and should be Iraq? Thanks.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Sorry. I see that it is Iran. Just read Wild Turnip's VT article referred below. I haven't talked to Leuren in a few years and didn't know she was working on this. Sorry for any confusion.

  • openeye openeye

    BTW Kevin, you really helped me by reminding me of the Yazuka factor, and I have researched it–it is VITAL in the whole Fukushima picture. I even bought Jake Adlestein's book: his courage helps me to overcome learned helplessness, which is one of the most effective MOs of mass mind control.

    I did a search of the alternative media on this 3/11 anniversary and came up with the following: "Planetary Genocide": Fukushima One Year Later : The Poisoning of Planet Earth" by Dr.Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Global Research 3/8

    A valiant article, but again, not by one of the most high-powered among the truth sleuths.

    Jones' main page had not reference to Fukushima today–in fact it hasn't been updated to the current date all week–on some days it was two days behind (re "Today's show").

    Kevin, if you see this I really need your take on the ulterior agenda explaining why the most impressive of the truth sleuths have avoided systematic and in-depth coverage of Fukushima. You said that except for Corbett there is an ulterior motive at work. PLEASE help me to understand this in greater detail. You said it was related to the "limited hangout" of 9/11 truthers, but the big gun sleuths I am referring to–Chossudovsky, Tarpley, Watson et al have been anything but limited in filling the vacuum of MSM, until…the most important issue concerning the future of sentient beings and planet earth.

    There is so much at work contriving to drive us insane–for me, this issue is one of the biggies–it steals my fire. So many thanks to all here who keep it stoked!!!

  • StillJill StillJill

    "-it steals my fire."

    Gosh I love the use of language with you openeye,…and so many others. Like or-well's "Palms open facing in,…landward,…calling you back home". These sentiments stir even the Angels I'm certain.

  • openeye openeye

    Will the more technical posters pls evaluate this for us? It's about L.A. radiation as off the charts, and about "buckeyballs" which I haven't seen mentioned here.

    I figured out how to listen to Shimatsu at The latest mp3 is terrifying.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    HAARP And How Fukushima Radiation Beamed Down To Australia
    By Yoichi Shimatsu
    Former General Editor – The Japan Times Weekly World Exclusive – Links Encouraged
    “The oddity of an eight-fold rise in radiation levels on the Caloundra Peninsula in southeast Australia, as reported in the South Coast Daily, defies logic since nuclear particles should have been diluted and more evenly spread after traversing the distance of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) from Japan. Nuclear dust out of Fukushima actually travels over a much longer span before reaching Down Under, circling the globe several times and swirling madly due to air resistance to the Earth’s rotation.

    “Since a radiation spike near Brisbane cannot be explained by the normal laws of geophysics, the hot particles from Fukushima must have taken a short cut between the northern and southern hemispheres. In fact, a fast track does exist, an alternative route via an “artificial radiation belt” arching through the upper atmosphere from Alaska to Australia….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      "Following the New Years earthquake in Japan, much more concentrated dosages of Fukushima particles were measured in Australia in a mere five days. …"

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      "While a significant dose was delivered for a relatively short period, the threat remains for more radiation fast-tracking to Australia if Fukushima experiences more flash events. The fact that a surprising amount of radiation showed up in Australia so quickly, it can also be surmised that the meltdown of spent fuel rods at Reactor 4 was intense. Indeed, local residents reported that the Fukushima plant was evacuated in the first week of January. …"

      • StillJill StillJill

        I well remember the earthquakes near New Years! Almost snuffed me out in fact. I am thinking James2 has been correct. I (feel) that #4 has burned since around that time. Just what I think I know. (That makes sense now, doesn't it?!?) 🙂

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      "Despite threats and shooting deaths, our team continued to pursue those responsible, resulting in the prosecution of high-level politicians and their kin involve in the formation of Aum Shinrikyo as an international arms-purchasing front following the collapse of the Soviet Union. …"

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @PoorDaddy – education could have something to do with Iran's drop in birthrate. Would be interesting to look at the statistics, when the drop occurred relative to the onset of the use of DU in the area.

    • WildTurnip WildTurnip

      @bleep – I just finished reading about this very subject.
      Transcript of an audio broadcast – “The Real Deal” Radio Show (February 3, 2012)

      Host: Jim Fetzer: James Fetzer Ph.D.

      Dr. Busby: Christopher Busby, Ph.D.
      Leuren Moret: Leuren Moret, B.S., M.A., PhD (ABD)

      Fallujah, Fukushima, & the Global Radiation Catastrophe, Part 1

      Transcript excerpts

      L. Moret: And what I discovered when I was writing a War Crimes Complaint for the Malaysia War Crimes Conference, is I started looking at Iran, and I looked at the demographics. And what I found was astounding. The Iranian fertility rate in women was over eight children per woman before Chernobyl in 1986. And one year after Chernobyl the fertility rate for the country of Iran had dropped by one child to seven children per woman. By 2002 the fertility rate had dropped to two children per woman. And by 2007 the fertility rate had dropped below one child per woman.


      L. Moret: And not only that — this is from the CIA Factbook, and then as soon as I started printing these out, the site was blocked so I couldn’t get anything, but I do have what I printed out then. And then between 2006 and 2007 the Iranian population was about 68.8 million in 2004. And in one year it dropped from 2006 to 2007 from 68.8 million to 65.2 million.

      • WildTurnip WildTurnip


        L. Moret: Well it goes with the extermination of people and the increases in infant deaths and the decline in fertility. The death rates increased. They started in 2006. The death rates started increasing in Iran. And then I started realizing, I started gathering a lot of information, like where are the dust clouds concentrated in Iran. They are over the Alborz and the Zagros mountains. The Alborz Mountains go east-west at the southern end of the Caspian Sea, and the Zagros go north-south on the border of Iran with Iraq. That is where the snowfall and the rainfall is the highest. That is where all the water comes from for Iran.


        And I realized when I started following monsoons in that area, that region, and also I was just kind of investigating the geography and the weather, and I realized that Iran has been targeted with an intense nuclear war. Much more intense than in Iraq and Afghanistan since 1990, because Iran is getting clobbered with radiation from Afghanistan, from the war in Yugoslavia, and from Iraq. And they are getting more than Iraq and Afghanistan. They are just having catastrophic death rates. A catastrophic decline in fertility. They are below the replacement population needed now. And we have been carrying out — the British and the U.S.– a nuclear war against Iran without anyone even knowing it.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Leuren Moret: 100,000 excess deaths in North America in 2011 from Fukushima
    "Ms. Moret states, “A report on beta levels in the US has established the background levels from 2010, in order to assess and monitor the increases in environmental accumulated Fukushima radiation throughout 129 US cities using EPA data since March 11, 2011. For each time period the beta level increased by many times the 2010 level for the same time period:

    “March 15-31 5.09X background (2010)
    April 1-30 2.01X background
    May 1-23 1.15X background”

    "Ms. Moret continues, “The March multiplier effects were the highest reported through May, also very high in some cities, with significant increases in all cities tested:

    “Tucson AZ Radiation is 18.20X times higher than 2010
    Eureka CA Radiation is 53.05X times higher than 2010
    San Diego CA Radiation is 11.42X times higher than 2010
    Honolulu HI Radiation is 23.98X times higher than 2010
    Hilo HI Radiation is 12.49X times higher than 2010
    Salt Lake City UT Radiation is 16.77X times higher than 2010”

    "Ms. Moret notes, “The top beta increases in 15 cities were Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Tucson, San Diego, Honolulu, Riverside, Orlando, Hilo, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Omaha, Sacramento, Jacksonville FL, Idaho Falls. March 15-31 rainfall was 8” in Eureka CA, 3.80” in LA, 4.10” in Sacramento, 4.72” in San Francisco, 4.02” in Orlando FL, 6.53” in Hilo, 3.38” in Portland, and 3.58” in Olympia WA. There were also differences in the amount of dry deposition (AZ, UT, CA, HI, FL) in some states compared to wet deposition (CA, HI, FL, WA, OR).”…

  • pure water

    Equipment for automated spectrometry of the human body, such as the SCRINNER used in Belarus, are designed to measure the activity of radionuclides in the human body. These devices should be routinely used in all countries situated downwind of active atomic power plants. Moreover, real large scale public prescriptions should be issued, clarifying the advantages and limitations of iodine tablets, of sheltering measures, of first aid gestures, of evacuation perimeters, of the emergency plans … This is why, in all countries, civil society organizations should consider the importance of creating a system of radiological control that is independent from the official system.

    From here:

  • openeye openeye




  • Bobby1

    Musician Tatsuya Yamaguchi of the band Tokio was measured with internal contamination of 20.47 Bq/kg of cesium. According to Bandazhevsky, 60% of people exposed to this level develop electrocardiogram abnormalities. (Japanese)

    Includes a video with English subtitles, promoting the eating of contaminated Fuku food.

  • openeye openeye





  • Today March 13th 2012.
    Solar activity currently hampering seismic activity. (Likely a 4.4 or greater today in the east honshu region)…

    Noah data:

    Liss charts showing significant signs of eq precursor signals near japan / honshu region.





    A moderate G2-class geomagnetic storm is underway following the arrival of a CME on March 12th at ~0930 UT. The CME's impact caused strong ground currents in Norway. At the same time, photographic Southern Lights were recorded over New Zealand and Tasmania. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras

    TG update:
    Storm almost a G3.

    Solar wind speed has heightened by 300-400 km a second since 3am. (Solar wind
    speed: 723.7 km/sec
    density: 0.9 protons/cm3
    explanation | more data)

    Watch for eq activity within the next 24hours.

    • *march12th

      Monday, March 12, 2012 at 12:32:49 UTC
      Monday, March 12, 2012 at 11:32:49 PM at epicenter
      Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
      45.239°N, 147.680°E
      131.6 km (81.8 miles)
      15 km (9 miles) W of Kuril'sk, Kuril Islands
      364 km (226 miles) NE of Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan
      426 km (264 miles) ESE of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
      1254 km (779 miles) NNE of TOKYO, Japan
      Location Uncertainty
      horizontal +/- 14.1 km (8.8 miles); depth +/- 2.8 km (1.7 miles)
      NST=337, Nph=342, Dmin=423 km, Rmss=0.66 sec, Gp= 36°,
      M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=6
      Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
      Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
      Event ID

      Very likely east honshu will have a quake soon…

  • G3 (this is the effects possible in a g3 solar storm).

    Power systems: voltage corrections may be required, false alarms triggered on some protection devices.

    Spacecraft operations: surface charging may occur on satellite components, drag may increase on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and corrections may be needed for orientation problems.

    Other systems: intermittent satellite navigation and low-frequency radio navigation problems may occur, HF radio may be intermittent, and aurora has been seen as low as Illinois and Oregon (typically 50° geomagnetic lat.)**.

    Kp = 7
    200 per cycle
    (130 days per cycle)

    G3 (this is the effects possible in a g2 solar storm).


    Power systems: high-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms, long-duration storms may cause transformer damage.

    Spacecraft operations: corrective actions to orientation may be required by ground control; possible changes in drag affect orbit predictions.

    Other systems: HF radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes, and aurora has been seen as low as New York and Idaho (typically 55° geomagnetic lat.)**.

    Kp = 6

    600 per cycle
    (360 days per cycle)

    Updated 3/12/2012 @ 17:00 UTC
    Incoming Shocks Detected / G2 Geomagnetic Storm
    ACE detected an incoming shock this morning after 08:00 UTC. The Solar Wind jumped to near 600 km/s and a Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse measuring 96 nT was detected. A G2 Geomagnetic Storm (KP=6) is now in progress. Initially a CME impact was predicted for late tonight. The shock this morning could be unrelated. More information to follow.

    UPDATE: Another sharp increase in Solar Wind was detected by ACE, this time to over 700 km/s. Click on the image below.

    ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 6
    Threshold Reached: 2012 Mar 12 1155 UTC
    Synoptic Period: 0900-1200 UTC
    Active Warning: Yes
    NOAA Scale: G2 – Moderate

    SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse
    Observed: 2012 Mar 12 0921 UTC
    Deviation: 96 nT
    Station: Boulder

    03.09.2012 – Premier Radio reported that the U.S. Air Force is now on alert for possible falling satellites and the FAA has ordered all commercial aircraft to fly below 32,000 feet.
    When all three graphs below hit 9, is when the sun has become extremely violent and a world-wide power blackout may be emanate

    One is at a 9 now. The others at 6 and rising…

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    M-Class 80% X-Class-40% I did not see any graphs at 9 about 7.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    Will be checking my local health food store with a geiger counter for imported and domestic radiation. I was educated as a biologist, and understand bio-accumulation. My readings will be outside packaging, hence will ignore alpha. If someone has been doing grocery store radiation monitoring, can you please provide some tips for getting through the process quickly and effectively? What settings should be used? I was going to use mSv, but amopen to suggestion. Maybe using 100 cpm Alertlevel will also do the trick. Now that the next growing season is here, shouldn't there be a network for information by people who are checking grocery store products for radiation? Admin, perhaps a new thread here on ENEnewsis in order.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    Please post messages like solar storms in FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues)

    ***NEW 1*** Comments not related to Fukushima or nuclear issues are to be posted in the NEW Off-Topic Discussion Thread, NOT the General Discussion Forum.

  • openeye openeye

    @ Still Jill: I can never find the posts on this forum! Still Jill, I was not jesting about not knowing about the swimming in CA. My sister never calls me (she says she's too busy dealing with the early Alzeimers of her hubby) and I am afraid she has been taking terminal risks such as guzzling CA wine.(She did respond to my warning about LA public drinking water, but that's the extent of our discussion of any precautions she's been taking, and she and her hubby have long a lifestyle based on wine and cheese.) It's a case of my not really wanting to know, I guess, as I am not asking, by email or my calling her.

    I am SO sorry about your son: my only child–a daughter in her mid-30s in ME –is I am sure also taking risks. Her hubby makes jokes about glowing. It is hopeless, though I keep sending warnings anyway. (No grandkids–he has a vascectomy.)

    After you wrote here about your symptoms, I had a crying session in which I pictured myself as the only one left on earth in either my family or that of my life partner(who died in 2010 at only age 59 of a freak accident, or shall we say a breaking heart?). His son is only 20 and does not want to hear any warnings about anything; his sister and parents think I am insane when I express my knowledge, though we all love each other deeply.

    So all of this is why I treasure the people here–this is my only family I can find. Don't even ask about some of the "spiritual" groups I have tried–talk about heads in the sand.

    BTW: My partner and I RV'd all over NM in 2009-10 and could not find a single place we'd want to live.

    Do you know the medmarijuana laws in AZ? I have been worried sick about you and am so glad you'll be moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Dearest openeyes! 🙂

    I have no family either,…it's me and my two dogs. It seems many tender-hearted ones are left entirely alone these days. My take is that 'we' are just too real and emotional for them.

    They say that to have loved and lost is better. I don't know. I have never been loved. But I do know that it at least makes you know you are lovable. But to loose it,…….well, I take that back,…my Ashley Noel loved me,….and loosing her killed a huge part of me.

    So very sorry you have had that loss openeye,….although it fits with your level of compassion-IMO.

    As for where I'll move,…'s open. Arizona is in the running,….but they are having high rad readings!

    There are 13 more states with pending laws,….quite strange they are almost all in the midwest breadbasket,…where the trials have been the hardest-IMO. Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and I can't remember the rest. These bills on the floor are quite promising. Some states are even restricting the number of patients a Dr. can recommend, (25) a year. I like that. I want medical ONLY for those with numerous, chronic diseases.

    So,… search will go on. I am also considering Brazil,….called my atty about a settlement I may 'settle early' on. There is not one iron I have not put back into the fire in the past 48 hours.

    Have had my arm grabbed violently three times in one month. This ol'e cowgirl knows the dance that that is a prelude to! It's packin' time,….hope to be out on the 3rd!

    • openeye openeye

      Still Jill,

      You made my heart sing with your kind words!

      I too have been thinking of Brazil but it seems overwhelming, e.g., could I still get my only income/Social Security retirement?

      I'm sure you know this but Dr. Sircus is there now: here's the latest–

      "For those interested in my plans for the future of Sanctuary in Brazil, [in this blog] you will find my design for what will go on there…" (Jan. 2012).

      I wonder if many moons is anywhere near the dear doctor.

      I do not have rad readings for my part of AZ–got scammed when I ordered a geiger counter online and am not sure where to look for the rad maps/new to this site. Where have you been looking?

      I can just picture your madcap life right now–boundless blessings with this!!

      Big hugs,



    Nuclear Data Measurement Facilities for Supporting Advanced Fuel Cycle Basic Science Research Needs

    Con Beausang (University of Richmond), Michael Dunn (ORNL), and Bob Haight (LANL)
    July 17, 2006

    WHITE NEUTRON SOURCES: Neutron Sources

    I was goofing around looking up "white neutron sources" and found this paper. I can't believe it is even out there! It details all the special "neutron" labs, and exactly what they do and contains all kinds of links.

    Example: Located on the campus of Michigan State University, The National Superconducting Cyclotron Facility is the leading fragmentation based rare isotope research facility in the United States.