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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:06 am ET


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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:06 am ET


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  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I tried telling these girls about Fukushima at Walmart but, like most Americans, they were busy with more important things

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    TR-3B Astra

    A nuclear aircraft.

    1:48 minutes in.


    rotating electrostatic propulsion?

    Think it's real?

  • freebywill

    US_NPS Vogtle 3;4 (GA) under construction FITNESS-FOR-DUTY REPORT

    "On May 17, 2017, at 1852 [EDT], Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC) contractor informed SNC that a contractor Fitness-for-Duty (FFD) collector failed to follow the process defined in both NRC Regulation 10 CFR 26.105(b) and contractor FFD procedures.

    The collector was fully trained, qualified, and knowledgeable of the process requirements.

    This determination was made based on initial department investigations and corroborated via independent investigations performed by the contractor.

    SNC has determined that this is reportable under 10 CFR 26.719(b)(3)."

    • freebywill


      "Pursuant to 10 CFR Part 21, Valve Automation, Inc. (VAI) is writing to inform the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that, due to a retroactive application of a more stringent parts classification analysis, the adaptor plate contained in Bettis Brand Seismic Qualified G Series Spring Return Actuators (the 'Affected Actuators') is now classified as 'critical,' and therefore subject to certain inspection and dedication requirements which may not have been satisfied in Affected Actuators sold in the period between 2010 and 2016.

      "VAI has not received any information that absence of the inspection and dedication activities as a result of the prior classification has resulted in a safety hazard. In addition, VAI does not have the ability to determine whether or not a defect or non-compliance as defined in Part 21 exists. We are notifying customers and recommending remedial inspection of the Affected Actuators.

      • freebywill


        * * * RETRACTION FROM DAVID ALLEN TO S. SANDIN ON 5/18/17 AT 1459 EDT * * *

        "Event Notification EN 52669, made on 4/06/2017, is being retracted because additional reviews have been performed supporting that a loss of safety function did not occur.

        "Watts Bar Unit 2 has concluded that there was no loss of safety function, because when the door was found open it was capable of being closed and able to support the control room envelope function. A simulation performed on 04/07/17 also showed that with the door in question opened 1-2 inches that the control room pressure would have remained above the TS required positive pressure of 0.125 inches of water.

        "The control room envelope is designed such that the door is expected to be opened to allow personnel entry and exit, and thus positive pressures in the control room will fluctuate. The event that occurred is similar to a number of individuals entering and exiting the control room in series. Since the control room envelope function was not lost, this event is not reportable and NRC Event Number 52669 is being retracted. The basis for this conclusion will be provided to the NRC Resident Inspector."

  • freebywill

    US_NPS Status Brief for Friday May 19, 2017 ……………………….

    Ginna 1 (NY) @ 85 % – still trying to exit RFO
    Indian Pt 3 (NY) @ 32 % – exiting RFO
    Pilgrim 1 (MA) @ 1 % – exiting RFO

    Watts Bar 2 (TN) @ 0 % – day 58 of shutdown for damaged steam gen

    Monticello 1 (MN) @ 100 % – exited RFO

    Arkansas 1 (AR) # 14 % – attempting to recover from a 19 day shutdown
    Arkansas 2 (AR) @ 0 % – RFO day # 052 – reason for delay in RFO exit

    Palo Verde 3 (AZ) @ 60 % – attempting to recover from 5 day shutdown

  • freebywill

    Sample pic of the speadsheet I developed to track reactor activity

    Data sources are the daily NRC Event Notice reports and Reactor Status reports.

    This dataset is for commercial nuclear poison spewers (NPS).

    There are a bunch of research and test reactors at colleges and other gov't locations but info on daily operations are non existent.

    • free– just an idea, and of course I am sure you have many hours into developing that spreadsheet.

      Consider placing it on Google docs where others could access it, or if you want I could host it at Nukepro or one of my other domains. Also, I understand if you want to keep it proprietary.

      stock out

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    WheepingWillow2 video- Mt. Sakurajima near the Sendai Nuclear power plant in southern Japan blew the fuck up. Haven't heard that. Shit. Damn. Well, at least it did not blow up when Typhoon Malakas was over it. Maybe typhoon season will not be seeing that kind of clusterfuck since some pressure was released. Next time they build a nuclear plant in Japan why not just go ahead and build it right on a volcano, you know they want to

    Sendai reactor could have its power lines toasted with just a bit of ash on the lines. GRRRRRRR I'm getting a bit too much daily data news. I am supposed to be sleeping. Just had three cups of camomile tea but the world is sinking. Can I sleep now. I don't know.

  • freebywill

    Public Trails on Radioactive Land Called a Bad Idea

    EMMA GANNON May 19, 2017

    DENVER (CN) — The Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge, with public trails on nearly 5,000 acres of some of the radioactively polluted land in the nation, at an old nuclear weapons plant, should not open until the secretary of the interior can certify it is safe, five environmental groups say in a federal lawsuit.

    “Rocky Flats is among the nation’s most polluted places,” the complaint states. “Its name is synonymous with plutonium, a laboratory-developed, radioactive chemical element that was used at the facility to produce nuclear triggers for almost 40 years during the Cold War. After the FBI raided Rocky Flats and the operators’ mismanagement and misconduct was exposed, a federal jury in Cook v. Rockwell found that Rocky Flats plutonium had migrated onto neighboring properties, where it will remain ‘indefinitely,’ causing an ‘increased risk of health problems.’ The case concluded in 2016 with a settlement of $375 million to Rocky Flats’ original neighbors.”

    "… 15,000 homeowners near the site, 27 miles northwest of downtown Denver, were awarded an average of $25,000 apiece …"

    The Fish and Wildlife Service does not comment on pending litigation.

    [ more info at the link ]

  • freebywill

    Cleanup at Idaho nuclear landfill on hold after pit collapse

    UPDATED: Thu., May 18, 2017, 10:57 p.m.

    “Our crews had been exhuming waste for about 30 minutes when a portion of the pit wall where the excavator was operating sloughed off and the excavator slid into the pit,” said Simpson. “We’re working on a path to remove the excavator from the edge of the pit and basically make some additional enhancements to protect the operators and the excavators from this point forward.”

    The excavator was digging inside a large building at the 97-acre Subsurface Disposal Area when the side of the pit collapsed. The pit is about 21 feet deep, and the operator remained inside his protective cab for about 90 minutes afterward while crews worked to make sure it was safe for him to leave.

  • freebywill

    Conservative election manifesto signals the end of new nuclear power

    Oliver Tickell & Ian Fairlie

    18th May 2017

    After years of pro-nuclear bombast from the Conservative Party, its 2017 manifesto hasn't got a single word to say about nuclear power, write Oliver Tickell & Ian Fairlie. Instead it announces a renewed focus on cutting energy costs, and a big boost for increasingly low-cost wind power; while both Labour and Libdems offer only weak, highly qualified support for new nuclear build. And so the great British 'nuclear renaissance' reaches its timely end.

  • freebywill

    More violations found at Pilgrim

    More violations found at Pilgrim
    Posted May 17, 2017 at 6:59 PM

    By Christine Legere

    PLYMOUTH — Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station continues to fall short, according to the quarterly inspection report published by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission this week.

    Issues range from failure to comply with federal requirements for reporting incidents to lack of a long-term solution for disintegrating panels whose job is to prevent a nuclear reaction from occurring in the spent fuel pool.

    “If Pilgrim was a horse, it would have been shot and put down by now,” David Lochbaum, director of the Nuclear Safety Program for the Union of Concerned Scientists, wrote in reaction to this latest report.

  • freebywill

    Nuclear waste removal starts in Andreeva Bay

    Thomas Nilsen
    May 18, 2017

    Earlier this week, the first seven of totally 22,000 spent nuclear fuel elements that are stored in some dilapidated concrete tanks were taken out. The tanks make up the most hazardous Cold War heritage in the Russian north.

    … Litsa fjord on the Barents Sea coast of the Kola Peninsula …
    … Norway is 55 kilometres away …+

    … seven assemblies in each container, a total of 3,143 container transportations will be needed …

    … the containers will be unloaded from the vessel and placed in special-design railway wagons for transport to Mayak, a reprocessing plant just north of Chelyabinsk in the South-Urals…

  • freebywill

    A ‘nuclear renaissance’ turns into a financial quagmire: Plant Vogtle

    "Southern Company’s chief executive has said more than once that the giant utility’s project to build two more nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle would be history-making."

    "Customers of Southern subsidiary Georgia Power already pay a Vogtle-related surcharge that adds about $100 a year to the average residential bill, with the ultimate effect on ratepayers yet to be determined."

    "Meanwhile, Southern CEO Thomas Fanning, who as recently as last year said the project was going “beautifully,” got a 2016 compensation package worth $15.8 million, including a $2.7 million bonus………"

  • freebywill

    More than 1K metric tons of spent uranium fuel still in temporary storage in Nebraska

    NICHOLAS BERGIN Lincoln Journal Star May 18, 2017

    Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station powered kitchen blenders, cash registers and televisions in eastern Nebraska for more than four decades by harnessing the energy released by splitting uranium atoms.

    Deemed too expensive to keep running, the power station’s generators ceased spinning Oct. 24. Yet a highly radioactive legacy remains.

    Spent fuel rods — nuclear waste potent for thousands of years — will remain along the Missouri River’s west bank for the foreseeable future.

    Fort Calhoun and the larger still-operating Cooper Nuclear Station, south of Brownville, had 1,010 metric tons of used uranium fuel in temporary storage as of February, according to the Nuclear Energy Institute.

    • freebywill

      Anyone know how many kilowatts are used to keep a spent fool pool operating ?

      • Down The River Down The River

        Good question freebywill. It’s probably in the megawatt range.

        I have always wondered how much electricity an NPP complex uses when it’s not generating power. The lighting alone must use several megawatts.

        I have tried looking into this, but no luck finding anything. This information is not readily available.

      • free– BTW loved that spreadsheet screen cap on how you pull data into the spreadsheet on Nuke reactor operations and problems. I assume it is mostly automated, like just an F9 is needed?

        RE cooling pool and other energy to store spent fuel…you could try asking the NRC directly at their blog. Somehow they took me off their email list, imagine that.

        Here is the open forum

        • Down The River Down The River

          Might be a good idea stock, but I’m a bit apprehensive about asking technical questions on the NRC blog, I may not like who shows up at my front door.

          • I wouldn't worry about that. They hooked me up with all kinds of good stuff like burnup tables. There are actually engineers and scientists there just doing a job.

            The corruption starts at the top…so it good to know people in low places.

  • freebywill

    Hanford-type accident won't happen at Oak Ridge, executive officer says

    "The recent accident at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Wash., likely had East Tennesseans wondering if such an accident could occur at the government facilities in Oak Ridge that hold the nation's largest supply of enriched uranium."

    "The answer from Michael Koentop, executive officer of the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management, is no."

    [ too cheap to meter, defense in depth prevents any release, we didn't do it, there can never be a melt out, trust us …. oops we didn't think that could happen ]

  • freebywill

    Great Lakes community contemplates nuclear plant closure

    By Rebecca Thiele
    May 01, 2017 | 2:00 PM

    "Mike Neiss of South Haven, Michigan, worked at Palisades for a short time in the 1980s.

    “It’s just a very sad thing, and I think it’s not only going to affect us economically, but socially the town will change as well,” he said. “Since it’s going to be pretty much summer home owners and summer rentals. And we’re going to miss that neighborhood and that community feel.”

    Other residents are happy to see the plant go. Palisades is one of the oldest nuclear plants in the country and has had several emergency shutdowns."

    [ typical references on how Palisades "benefits" the community, very little mention of its detrimental effects ]

  • freebywill

    EQ – M 1.7 – 15km N of Richland, Washington
    2017-05-20 03:05:34 UTC 46.419°N 119.259°W 0.2 km depth

    [ This is approx 4 km SE of Columbia NPS which is in refueling day 7 which means the RPV is open and fuel removal is in process. ]

    • jec jec

      What is unusual…0.2 KM depth. So how deep is the RPV in the ground? 0.2 km? Plus a quake there..kind of different.

      Wonder how the dam takes it? State of Washingtons,Wappapamm Dam, the dam which was built without the anchors into bedrock-whoops? The one that is 'self healing' when the water is dropped..?? Hanford is down river or below the dam…

      And then do those old underground tanks like earthquakes. I can see it now..quake ruptures old tank..but accident is a 'natural' event like Fukushima's tsumani.If designs or age out of equipment gets impacted..its caused by Mother Nature..not the stupid humans who built this stuff.

  • SadieDog

    "'Coming out of a long in-port maintenance period we have to ensure that Ronald Reagan and the remainder of the strike group are integrated properly as we move forward,' said Rear Admiral Charles Williams…"

  • Jebus Jebus

    Just something I noticed.

    Scroll down past the pretty map.

    It's ringing…

  • Jebus Jebus

    In other news today, again, and again, everywhere…

    Fool On The Hill Live

  • razzz razzz

    'Report blasts plans to store nuclear waste at San Onofre
    Posted: May 17, 2017 10:38 AM PST'

    Also along the same lines from the same local San Diego TV station…

    'Report blasts plans to stop nuclear waste at San Onofre'

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Mechanical Japanese warrior could be able to withstand Fukushima high radiation. A few modifications would be needed. But it's do-able

    Why wait two hundred years for new technology?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Media everywhere told this story: Wild Monkeys to be fitted with radiation monitors by Fukushima University. This will get readings from the ground level, and at various levels in the tree canopy.

    Dozens of media entities reported this story.

    Yah… Scientists are gonna do this, they are. they really really are. No really. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. NOOOO REALLY. Seriously. Indubitably. NO doubt.

    Didn't happen. It's been more than five years now. Does no one in media do follow ups? I guess they just say what they are told. Calms the masses. Yeah. They are doing all they can. Now they are going to dump 920,000 tons of radioactive water in the ocean. This proves it, they DO care.

    Next they will tell us they are strapping radiation monitors on giant squid. and King Kong. and Gamera

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Forest fires in Fukushima Forests. Monkeys used the smoke as a cover, broke into Fukushima University and stole radiation monitors. Hacked in and uploaded the readings. Police are investigating. Monkeys are now crowded in with Julian Assange making life in the embassy very crowded. USA seeks extradition.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      In more important news, tame mutated degenerate monkeys don't even have to be fitted with radiation monitors. A cost analysis has deemed the radiation monitors to be unprofitable when a clearer assessment could be done by studying epidemoliogical damage and correlating it observed and predicted models in more localized trials.

      A recent study shows:

      In some cases, the recently propagated GMO variety of degenerate monkeys (homo-socioincorporatem) even promote nuclear radiation, while being subjects for testing and validating effects, adding to the overall worth and value added benefits of the nuclear industry and cancer racketeering as the industries are closely related with significant support from agriculture, "national interests" in the form of government, psychiatry, big pharma, the military industrial complex, the popularized entertainment industry, by fully utilizing these simple, disposable assets.

      For more information, each asset is accordingly assigned a UUID so as to not produce ambiguity in our optimized databasing and you could access this information given sufficient clearance and a suitable fee.

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        See, if you search for Jack, you gonna find shit.

      • unincredulous unincredulous


        Funny they said they were going to use the monkeys in 2011, but in 2013:

        "In the eastern part of Fukushima Prefecture, including the restricted areas, about 3,000 Japanese monkeys have been identified [12]. However, scientists are not currently permitted to enter the restricted areas for animal research. "

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Monkeys only live to about 20 years old the article says. We should see generational mutations more easily with the species. You would think "scientists" would be trampling each other to gather data in the restricted zone. After all, they say there are a thousand or so workers at the FDNPP working all the time. And they announced that full protective gear is no longer required in many areas at the power plant.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          …and they ARE gathering the shit out of data on the monkeys. The health of the monkeys, but the radiation readings at various levels in the canopy, and on the ground in the forests and mountains is what the articles said they would be providing.

          And I bet they have the data but we don't see any articles with those results. Maybe somewhere behind a pay wall.

          The water cycle that is why this info would be important. With the data a computer model could show the toxic shit moving about like the monster it is

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            Forest fires, contamination burning, typhoon flooding, tanks dumped in ocean.

            As the scientists say, a "tremendous opportunity for study — but oh, no, it's not an immediate threat to public health." So So they hide the data so as not to panic the public because that would cause fear and that would be bad. We are so irrational, us silly guys.

            It would help us to be rational if they would stop lying and hiding data all the time. So "irrational" I will be

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        The monkeys "don't have to be fitted"

        No, but the stated purpose of using the monkeys was to measure radioactivity in various levels of the canopy of trees.

        I bet they just don't want to get into the embarrassing situation of showing how many of the monkeys die. We know they have high levels of radioshit in their bodies. Higher than 100 bq/kg. Eating the monkeys would not be within safe limits, so we know they are suffering

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    What? Dana Durnford got a $50,000 drone with IR camera?

    This should be interesting.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    All the deaths of sea life on the west coast… where is the EPA strike force banging down doors at industrial sites to find toxic releases? They say it's not Fukushima. So what is it? It's pretty important to find out. or not. I guess. If all the cats, and dogs, and coons and shit were dropping dead we'd all be hysterical

  • freebywill


    "At approximately 0805 CDT on 05/19/2017, Cooper Nuclear Station was notified by the National Weather Service that the Shubert radio transmission tower was not functioning.

    This affects the tone alert radios used to notify the public in event of an emergency condition.

    This is considered to be a major loss of the Public Prompt Notification System capability, and is reportable under 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(xiii).

    "Nemaha County, NE, Richardson County, NE, and Atchison County, MO authorities within the 10 mile EPZ [Emergency Planning Zone] were notified by Cooper Nuclear Station of the condition and the affect on the tone alert radios.

    The first county was notified at 0834 CDT and the last was notified at 0836 CDT.

    Backup notification method will be utilized.

    Notification of other government agencies makes this condition reportable under 10CFR50.72(b)(2)(xi).

    "At time 1007 CDT on 5/19/2017, Cooper Nuclear Station was notified by the National Weather Service that the Shubert radio transmission tower was returned to service.

    odd sequence –
    Friday May 19, @ 100 % – brief outage of emergency alert sirens,
    Saturday pwr @ 32 %,
    Sunday pwr @ 20 %,
    Monday pwr @ 67 %

    [ it's possible that the unit was brought all the way down Sunday and then restarted…

  • freebywill


    "Pursuant to 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), notifications are being performed for a valid actuation of the reactor protection system resulting in a full scram.

    The actuation was a result of pre-startup testing.

    The generator coastdown protective relay was left in service which needed to be bypassed to facilitate the testing. [ operations error – they forgot to bypass the relay ]

    This resulted in a reactor scram occurring.

    "The reactor was subcritical with all rods inserted at the time of the actuation.

    All systems functioned as designed.

    [ this event occurred on RFO day # 026 (Friday), the unit reports @ 30 % Sunday and 48 % today ]

  • freebywill



    "The purpose of this notification is to retract a previous report made on May 2, 2017 (EN 52724) […]. The notification […] involved an event where Combustion Turbine Generator (CTG) 11-1 could only be started locally such that required operator actions during an Appendix R safe shutdown scenario could be delayed. […].

    lt was verified that Fermi 2 procedures contained actions to ensure Appendix R safe shutdown capability under the plant conditions during the relevant time period.

    A time validation study was performed [May 9, 2017] which verified that the operator actions could have been completed within the time described in the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR) for initiating Standby Feedwater flow to the reactor pressure vessel.


    […], the condition of CTG 11-1 during the time period from November 21, 2016 until March 18, 2017 would not have prevented compliance with […] safe shutdown requirements.

    […], the event does not represent an 'unanalyzed condition that significantly affects plant safety' […].

    Therefore, EN 52724 can be retracted and no Licensee Event Report (LER) [,,,] required to be submitted.

  • Latest Nukpro's Shelter-in-Place in a Radiation Emergency, or just any old Run of the Mill emergency.

    Print it out you can use the check list provided. It also has a notes section, with links to free resources to enable you to do more research on the subject.

  • freebywill

    The licensee indicated that no increase in radiation levels were detected.

    [ EPA data for December 2016 stacked under the date and unit pwr.]

    [ Notice the EPA data missing from 12/09 to 12/13 ]
    M0.8 – 15km SSE of Desert Aire, Washington
    2016-12-13 01:21:13 UTC 46.556°N 119.839°W 7.8 km depth
    M0.6 – 14km SSE of Desert Aire, Washington
    2016-12-13 00:22:15 UTC 46.559°N 119.847°W 8.5 km depth
    M0.9 – 11km SE of Desert Aire, Washington
    2016-12-12 07:16:42 UTC 46.610°N 119.808°W 7.3 km depth
    M0.5 – 16km NNE of Richland, Washington
    2016-12-09 03:08:18 UTC 46.429°N 119.222°W 10.9 km depth

    [ nothing very big, just enough to shake the pudding ]
    [ Could these EQs have caused a problem at the substation that led to the reactor scram ? ]

  • freebywill

    What the hell is this? A possible close call at Columbia in Dec 2016 revealed in yesterdays retraction.

    Original EN
    "On December 18, 2016 at 2320 [PST], a leak was discovered on the High Pressure Core Spray (HPCS) system minimum flow line.
    The leak is located at a bolted flange downstream of the manual isolation valve HPCS-V-53.
    The location of the leak is not isolable from the suppression pool.
    This provides a direct path from inside the Primary Containment to the Reactor Building.



    "Engineering evaluations indicate that there was neither a High Pressure Core Spray (HPCS) system inoperability nor a condition that resulted in a significantly degraded principal safety barrier (Primary Containment). Therefore, this event does not meet the reporting criteria in 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(D) and 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(A), and Event Notification# 52443 is being retracted.

    "Bases [sic] [Basis] for the retraction are:
    (1) Extent or accumulation of water flooding the HPCS room would not have prevented the system from fulfilling any of its designated safety functions, if the system had received a starting signal due to an emergency; and

    [ cont ]

    • freebywill

      [ cont ]

      (2) the consequences of the HPCS Minimum Flow Line leak into the Reactor Building were within the dose limits and did not have a significant effect on Primary Containment integrity;
      therefore, the Primary Containment was degraded but operable.

      [ huh ? , " Extent or accumulation of water flooding the HPCS room " – no direct mention in the original EN that water was flooding and/or accumulating, was just a leak ]
      [ buried in this statement " This provides a direct path from inside the Primary Containment to the Reactor Building. " which means the Reactor PRessure Vessel was leaking rad water into the containment ]

      [ " the consequences of the […] leak into the Reactor Building were within the dose limits " ]

      [ notice the absence of amount of water leakage but the term flooding kinda indicates it wasn't a small amount ]

      [ This retraction doesn't say that the event didn't happen, it just says they didn't have to report it. By issueing a retraction they don't have to file a Licensee Evaluation Report (LER) detailing the extent of the leak. ]

      [ Here's the Reactor Status detail stack alongside the event notices for that time period, notice they inform the NRC ops of the scram but not much about the leak ]

      • freebywill

        [ here's the initial scram EN ]

        The following conditions have occurred:

        "Turbine Governor valve closure
        Reactor high pressure trip
        +13 inches reactor water level activations
        E-TR-B (backup transformer) supplying E-SM-7/SM-8 (vital power electrical busses)
        Complete loss of Reactor Closed Cooling (RCC)
        E-TR-S (Startup transformer) supplying SM-1/2/3 (non-vital power electrical busses)
        E-DG-1/2/3 (emergency diesel generators) auto start
        Low Pressure Core Spray (LPCS) and Residual Heat Removal (RHR) A/B/C initiation signals
        Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIV) are closed

        [ the high pressure may have caused the initial seal leak at the flange ]

        RCIC and High Pressure Core Spray (HPCS) were manually activated and utilized to inject and maintain reactor water level.
        [ so when they tried using the HPCS it made the leak a flood ]

        Pressure control is with Safety Relief Valves (SRV) in, manual.
        [ to slow the leak rate ( flooding ) they reduced pressure in the RPV, where do these vent to ? ]

        Level control is with RCIC and Control Rod Drive (CRD). { and turned off the HPCS ]

        RCIC has experienced an over speed trip that was reset so that level control could be maintained by RCIC.
        { and overode the RCIC saftey relay to keep the RPV from draining }

        [ cont ]

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    My pizza is done. I could not turn the oven off. Firefighters were called. They pumped 80 tons of water per second into the oven three days later. They are still pumping. I can't find my pizza. The oven blew up. I looked and the pizza is not in there. Must be down in the broiler. I'm sure of it. Pepperonis all over the yard. Cheese on the neighbors' window. The neighborhood was evacuated. Strong odor of pizza and the firetrucks out on the lawn. Heat waves coming out of my apartment. The lawn is flooded. I keep telling the neighbors they should come back. They won't be mad at me will they? It wasn't my fault. I will send them a bill for their trouble. I gave one neighbor a Coke. Keep waiting but the asshole hasn't returned the favor.

    So, what's new? Can I come over and cook you a pizza?

  • freebywill

    US nuclear regulators greatly underestimate potential for nuclear disaster

    The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission relied on faulty analysis to justify its refusal to adopt a critical measure for protecting Americans from nuclear-waste fires at dozens of reactor sites around the country, according to a recent article. Radioactivity from such a fire could force approximately 8 million people to relocate and result in $2 trillion in damages.

    This image captures the spread of radioactivity from a hypothetical fire in a high-density spent-fuel pool at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania.

    In this scenario, which is based on real weather patterns that occurred in July 2015, four major cities would be contaminated (New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.), resulting in the displacement of millions of people.

    Published by researchers from Princeton University and the Union of Concerned Scientists, the article argues that NRC inaction leaves the public at high risk from fires in spent-nuclear-fuel cooling pools at reactor sites.

    [ much more at the link ]

  • Southern Company says has 'A+' support from Trump on Vogtle
    Says has gotten A+ support from Trump on Vogtle. Says has invested $5.4B in Vogtle expansion.
    Read more at:


    The Muslim mayor of London assures everyone that there is no reason at all to be alarmed to see military working the streets of London.

    hmmmm, this don't smell right to me

    Still waiting for all the kids at that concert to YouTube their videos up. ….

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Johnny Depp, high school dropout.

    19:55 […]
    21:00 "You're freaked out about your past. Your worried, you're scared to death of the future and that's all you're thinking about. But then, now doesn't exist. Ya know? And I think that's a grave mistake that we make."

    Well, hell, when things happen, the government doesn't tell you what's happening. They wait till it's in the past to tell you and steal the urgency, the immediacy. Fuckers that they are…

  • Shite Man, they are even good at governing themselves

    Code say "So what exactly is the central Washington governing body good at governing? Maybe its time to get rid of that whole concept…go back to the states. Sure, if you want to invade other countries, its useful to get funding from all 50 states…I cant argue that"

    If the Federal government went back to doing their job, as defined in the Constitution, and no more, much would be accomplished. Trump is on this.

    And the Swamp hates it.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Trump is busy re-instating the constitution, getting rid of the patriot act and all that other BS, whittling down Washington to "assistant" rather than "overlord"?

      …pf….pft…bwa HAHAHAHAHA…..thats a good one stock. You DO have a good sense of humor

  • freebywill

    Nuclear power is so expensive even some conservatives are turning on it

    Nuclear power is so expensive even some conservatives are turning on it The nuclear industry is so uncompetitive that half of U.S. nuclear power plants are no longer profitable. And if existing nukes are uneconomic, it’s no surprise that new nuclear plants are wildly unaffordable.

    New York and Illinois have already agreed to more than $700 million a year in subsidies, and if all northeast and mid-Atlantic nukes got similar subsidies, it would cost U.S. consumers $3.9 billion a year. Things are so bad for the nuclear industry that, recently, even conservatives have started to publicly oppose the subsidies the industry needs to survive.

    “Ever since the completion of the first wave of nuclear reactors in 1970, and continuing with the ongoing construction of new reactors in Europe, nuclear power seems to be doomed with the curse of cost escalation,” explained one 2015 journal article, “Revisiting the Cost Escalation Curse of Nuclear Power.”

  • freebywill

    Deconstructing Pilgrim: The will of the people

    By Diane Turco

    Cape Codders take the lead once again. Last week, votes tallied in all Cape towns (except for Barnstable due to fall elections) showed citizens overwhelmingly support a call for public safety. This ballot initiative called on Governor Charlie Baker to speak out as chief safety officer to ensure that high level nuclear waste now stored in the vulnerable spent fuel pool at Pilgrim be moved to safer dry cask storage. Understanding the dangers, citizens demand our government protect us.

    Back in 2013, every Cape Cod town voted for then-Governor Deval Patrick to call for immediate shutdown of Pilgrim. These townspeople understood the serious threat Pilgrim presents to our communities. But Patrick did not respond for months. After much public pressure, a State House rally and sit-in at the governor’s office, Patrick finally sent notice to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Even with the citizen vote, it took direct action to move Patrick in the right direction.

    • freebywill

      Cape Downwinders Promote Voter Initiative to Move Nuclear Waste

      PLYMOUTH –The Cape Downwinders initiated a Non-Binding Public Advisory Question Campaign this spring that passed in 14 Cape Cod towns.

      The question is expected to be brought to Barnstable voters at fall election.

      The effort is meant to be a citizen’s petition to Governor Charlie Baker to speak up for public safety.

      According to the group, the campaign is aimed at alerting citizens of the ongoing dangers presented by the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth.

      The Downwinders are also encouraging the newly formed Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel to take on the challenge as a first step to safer and secure on-site waste storage.

      The panel’s first meeting is Wednesday night in Plymouth.

  • freebywill

    EBR-I museum opens Friday

    Idaho National Laboratory’s historic Experimental Breeder Reactor-I Atomic Museum opens Friday.

    The EBR-I museum, located 50 miles west of Idaho Falls off U.S. Highway 20, is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Guided and self-guided tours are available. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week.

    EBR-I was completed in 1951 and was the first nuclear reactor to produce a usable amount of electricity. It was operated until 1963. President Lyndon Johnson dedicated the reactor as a Registered National Historic Landmark in 1966. It is one of 10 National Historic Landmarks in Idaho.

    The museum also includes displays on EBR-I’s sibling, Experimental Breeder Reactor-II, which once powered most of the site.

    [ for those that feel they aren't getting enough low level rad exposure ]

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    British website.

    Nuclear information Service

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Kids poking about in a nuclear plant. Abandoned. Disappointed because "haven't found a radioactive thing"

    Mothers, do you know where your children are?

    signs on the walls that say "cool shit —>" wtf

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncensord

    Biorobots? Nope. Flesh and Blood

  • freebywill

    Couple of good vids on EON about SanOnfre seaside spentfool storage scenario

    22 mins | No Radwaste Dump on the Beach! |

    " The group organized this press conference just before the May 11, 2017 CEP meeting. CitizensOversight is one of the lead plaintiffs challenging the California Coastal Commission’s permit to SCE that allows the lethal long lived waste to be buried on the beach. "

    [ Ray Lutz of Citizens Oversight, Karen Hadden of SEED coalition from Texas,
    Torgan Johnson Urban Planner, Gary Hendrick ]

    36 mins | Public Opposes 'Crazy' San Onofre Radwaste Plan |

    Published on May 25, 2017

    Highlights of public comments on Edison's plan to store 3 tons of nuclear waste on the beach at San Onofre, from the May 11, 2017 Citizen Engagement Panel meeting in Laguna Hills, CA.

    Local residents agree its a crazy plan and want it moved. But a proposal by two corporations to ship it to Texas or New Mexico for private profit is equally crazy, says visiting Texas activist Karen Hadden.

    Its a problem that will be faced by over 100 other reactor communities across the country as aging US nukes are increasingly shut down.

  • freebywill

    House Democratic leaders question Millstone’s need for state assistance

    May 26, 2017 11:34PM
    By Eric Bedner Journal Inquirer

    Dominion officials have said that they are not immune to the same issues that have led to the closing of nuclear power plants throughout the country, but they are not required to disclose their finances in order to pass the bill.

    Critics have said the power plant is not in substantial financial trouble, citing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology study determining that Millstone is on pace to become the nation’s most profitable nuclear plant in the country in upcoming years.

    While Aresimowicz said he is sensitive to the fact the facility provides about half the state’s total power, he’s not in favor of passing legislation simply to help Dominion increase its profits.

  • SadieDog

    May 25, 2017
    Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
    The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission relied on faulty analysis to justify its refusal to adopt a critical measure for protecting Americans from nuclear-waste fires at dozens of reactor sites around the country, according to a recent article. Radioactivity from such a fire could force approximately 8 million people to relocate and result in $2 trillion in damages.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    What exactly ARE the particles emitting radiation in the Van Allen radiation belts? Charged particles of WHAT? What elements? Banana-131?

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    Good news! Eskom is still trying to, yes, STILL, build nuclear power plants here.

    The bad news, I'm back to troll.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Former PM Koizumi of Japan says ABE is a liar on Fukushima
    TEPCO admits lying about Fukushima.
    US sailors sue Japan government for lying about Fukushima

    Pretty big lie, yepper.

  • freebywill

    Mid US Last seven days EQs with NPS and EPA stations added

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