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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:06 am ET


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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:06 am ET


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  • North Korea EARTHQUAKE – Nuclear test fears as tremor felt in hermit state

    AN EARTHQUAKE with a magnitude of 3.2 rocked North Korea today, sparking fears of a fresh nuclear missile test by Kim Jong-un’s tyrannical regime.

  • freebywill

    Updated Spring 2018 ReFueling Outage (RFO) schedule for US stations

    Updated 20180129

    02/04/2018 Diablo Canyon 2 – @ 93 % – coastdown
    02/08/2018 Hatch 1 – @ 91 % – coastdown
    02/15/2018 Calvert Cliffs 1 –
    02/16/2018 LaSalle 1 –
    02/20/2018 Browns Ferry 3 –
    02/23/2018 Grand Gulf 1 – @ 87 % increasing power

    03/01/2018 DC Cook 2 –
    03/03/2018 Brunswick 1 – 98 % – coastdown
    03/03/2018 Susquehanna 1 – 99 % – coastdown
    03/04/2018 Catawba 2 –
    03/05/2018 North Anna 1 –
    03/06/2018 Indian Point 2 –
    03/17/2018 ANO 1 –
    03/18/2018 Beaver Valley 1 –
    03/18/2018 Wolf Creek 1 –
    03/20/2018 Braidwood 1 –
    03/21/2018 Limerick 1 –
    03/21/2018 St Lucie 1 –
    04/21/2018 Quad Cities 2 – @ 97 % – coastdown
    03/26/2018 Farley 1 –
    03/26/2018 Davis Besse 1 –
    03/31/2018 Palo Verde 3 –

    04/01/2018 South Texas Project 2 –
    04/07/2018 Hope Creek 1 –
    04/07/2018 Shearon Harris 1 –
    04/11/2018 Nine Mile Point 2 –
    04/15/2018 Surry 1 –
    04/20/2018 Sequoyah 1 –
    04/23/2018 Oconee 3 –

    • freebywill


      "On January 26, 2018, a containment entry was made to identify the source of elevated Unidentified Reactor Coolant System (RCS) operational leakage.

      A through-wall leak was identified on a Class 1 piping weld on the letdown line at 0853 EST.

      It was determined that the leak was RCS pressure boundary leakage.

      Ginna entered Technical Specification (TS) LCO [Limiting Condition for Operation] 3.4.13, RCS Operational Leakage, Condition B. for the existence of pressure boundary leakage.

      This condition requires the plant to be in MODE 3 within 6 hours and MODE 5 within 36 hours.

      The leak was isolated and TS LCO 3.4.13 exited at 1015 EST.

      "This event is reportable within 8 hours in accordance with 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(ii)(A) for 'Any event or condition that results in: (A) The condition of the nuclear power plant, including its principal safety barriers, being seriously degraded'.

      "The Station [Ginna] is developing an evaluation and a repair plan at this time.

      "This condition has no impact on public health and safety.

      "The licensee has informed the NRC Resident Inspector."

      [ note: No detail on rate or total volume of water leaked or the rad activity of the water. Power history shows they did not lower power during containment entry. ]

    • freebywill


      "On 1/30/2018 at 1750 [CST], the Reactor Pressure Control Malfunctions ONEP [Off Normal Event Procedure] was entered due to main turbine load oscillations of approx[.] 30 MWe peak to peak. At 1822 [CST], a manual reactor scram was inserted by placing the Reactor Mode Switch in Shutdown […].

      "Reactor SCRAM ONEP, Turbine Trip ONEP, and EP-2 were entered.

      Reactor water level was stabilized at 36 inches narrow range on startup level and reactor pressure stabilized at 933 psig using main turbine bypass valves.

      "Reactor Water Level 3 (11.4 inches) was reached which is the setpoint for Group 2 (RHR to Radwaste Isolation) and Group 3 (Shutdown Cooling Isolation).

      No valve isolated in these systems due to all isolation valves in these groups being in their normally closed position.

      The lowest Reactor Water level reached was -36 inches wide range.

      "No other safety system actuations occurred and all systems performed as designed.

      The MSIVs are open with decay heat being removed via steam to the main condenser using the bypass valves.

      Off site power is stable, and the plant is in a normal shutdown electrical lineup.

      RCIC (Reactor Core Isolation Cooling) was out of service for maintenance, and the reactor water level did not reach the system activation level. […]

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        reactor scram…now that was a butt pucker. translated to horse power thats forty thousand horsepower oscillations. Scotty in the engine room "capn, weve lost cooling to the dilithium crystals… shes gonna blow…no immediate danger mind you"

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I've got an LG steamwasher/dryer. The drain pump is inop or the drain hose is clogged. I can't afford not to have the unit down for repairs during the winter months. Packing clothes on a motorcycle is no fun.

        I just drain the thing into a pan and manually drain it. My water has no radionuclides in it (I hope). Can I get in trouble for that? I mean no radioactive death juice so it can't be clean and green right?

        Wish I knew someone in Japan who get me something radioactive so people will look the other way.

        … oh what a long winter

    • freebywill


      "At 1310 hours [CST] on January 31, 2018, the Unit 2B fuel pool radiation monitor spiked high due to an invalid actuation which caused the U1 and U2 reactor building ventilation system to isolate, B train standby gas treatment system (SBGTS) started, and the control room ventilation system also isolated as designed.

      Secondary containment vacuum was lost for approximately one minute, and then subsequently returned to an acceptable level in accordance with Technical Specification, 'Secondary Containment.'

      As a result of this transient, secondary containment was inoperable for approximately one minute.

      No emergency conditions were determined to exist.

      Troubleshooting of the radiation monitor spike is underway.

      [ So this is confusing, I read the first paragraph as the rad mon spiked because the isolation trapped rad gas in the SFP area,causing the spike, yet the last sentence implies the rad mon spike may be the cause of the isolation. }

      ( Also note it started in " Unit 2B fuel pool ", unit 2 is scheduled for RFO in April, so they may have been moving SF around and caused the rad mon spike. ]

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "In a study published earlier this month, researchers discovered that yeasts are surprisingly capable of withstanding radioactive and acidic conditions, like those that would follow a nuclear detonation. A species of yeast called Rhodotorula taiwanensis can even form a type of shield, called a biofilm, to stop radioactivity from spreading."

  • Why is France building a new nuclear reactor? I thought they were closing down and phasing out nuclear energy.

    UPDATE 1-EDF's Flamanville nuclear reactor startup schedule is tight -ASN

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      3 Min Read, if you please

      "EDF said in October it planned to load fuel in the long-delayed Flamanville European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) by the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, and aims for it to be fully up and running in late 2019.

      At the end of 2016, the ASN had ordered EDF to close 12 reactors following the discovery of excessive carbon concentrations in the steel of their steam generators, which makes the components more brittle. The ASN authorised their restart in March 2017.

      Chevet said that the financial restructuring of the French nuclear industry was also positive for nuclear safety.

      After years of losses wiped out the equity of nuclear group Areva, the firm was split up and recapitalised by the French state in an operation that was finalised late last year.

      Areva’s nuclear reactor unit has been sold to EDF while its nuclear fuel and uranium mining activities have been split off into a separate unit and rebranded Orano.

      The ASN wants EDF to upgrade safety at each of the reactors, including studying the possibility of adding a core catcher, a giant ashtray-like concrete bowl below the reactor that can contain the nuclear fuel in case of a meltdown."…more…

      A lesson learned from Fuku? bummer

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Nice. Be sure to check out the link there.


      "For example, potassium 40 (K40) is a typical natural radioactive nuclide. According to the Japanese government, the average internal exposure dose for adults from K40 is about 4,000Bq/year or 0.17mSv/year. See the website below (in Japanese).

      The ICRP risk model (2007) allows us to estimate the approximate risk posed by K40. The calculation shows that K40 is responsible for approximately 4,000 cancer cases and 1,000 deaths every year. If the same amount of radiation was added to that of K40 in the human body by artificial sources, the cancers and mortalities would be doubled to 8,000 and 2,000 a year, respectively. Based on the ECRR (2010) model, which criticizes the ICRP risk model as a severe underestimate, these figures should be multiplied by 40, reaching 320,000 and 80,000, respectively.

      The extract you cite from the Fukushima government website is completely fake: "In Fukushima, the indoor radiation doses are now so reduced that no radioactive cesium can be found in the air. Therefore, no radioactive particles can invade the human body during respiration". Reports from civic radiation measurement stations refute this claim. For example, dust collecting paper packs of vacuum cleaners used in Iwaki City, Fukushima prefecture, are radiologically measured and 4,800-53,900Bq/kg radioactive cesium was detected in…

  • The Crazy Nuclear Plan Lurking In The Trump – Russia Scandal
    November 29, 2017

    “…The plan itself made news as yet another half baked business idea trying to attract attention a few years back. This would build 20+ nuclear power reactors in the middle east. With claims that it would somehow create peace and prosperity if you squinted at it just right the concept seemed doomed for the waste bin….”


    @ CodeShutDown

    Hey – Hope you're well. (I'm hanging in there, some improvements )

    Question: If you have the time, could you make a little list linking to comment threads and/or research papers that touch on the mystery why radiation from K40 is a peculiar exception to dose harm. Anything hinting of it having to do with electrical signal functions inside cell metabolism, or the frequencies (?) of keV decay energies, and such, would be lovely.

    Reason for my asking is a hunch that there's dynamic similarities to levels at vastly different scale (atomic / molecular / immune/body / social dynamic / international geopolitical / archetypal / …) and how insights in one might have parallels at another. The behavior of the immune system in regards to cancer cells, or how communities tend to defend malignant narcissists, etc. seem to have an element of confusion re. interpreting anti-social behavior. ingested fallout seems to do something similar.

    -Michaël VB (MVB)

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Hello MVB, It will take a little time to assemble. The absolutely definitive research paper does not exist, so we can only infer and theorize. There is one paper that did a meta search of frequencies and found bands of healthy and unhealthy frequencies and their octaves, which seems to be what you are getting at.

      Some very high frequency oscillations natural to cell structures has been identified. DNA seems to have electromagnetic/photon resonance. Octave and heterodyne effects are a given in any resonant system.

      'Resonance signals can be quantified to identify the types of cancer cells with a certain degree of DNA methylation. These measurements reveal the existence of molecular resonance fingerprints of cancer DNAs in the terahertz region, which can be utilized for the early diagnosis of cancer cells at the molecular level.'

      But on a different subject, the specific activity or radiation/density ratio stands out. Very few atoms of fallout radionuclides constitutes a toxic dose. A micro- bioaccumulation of even 10 to 100 atoms is already a significant local hot spot of radiation. Even when not decaying, the body may be able to sense the foreign nature of isotope.
      Nuclear spin catalysis as new trend in biophysics

      MVB, I would post my information on a k40 thread at cafeRadLab because everything is drowned out on…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Not only DNA but many cellular features are naturally vibratory and of course every molecular bond has resonance frequencies. A lab diagnostic technique uses frequency specific signatures of double bonds for example.
        On the whole, physical vibrations will be super damped because viscosity rules at small sizes. Resonance factors may not apply in a biological action. Standard mechanical/chemical views of biology are suitably explanatory and exclude electromagnetic and resonance effects.

        Low-frequency vibrations of DNA molecules.

        infrared spectroscopy

        The interaction between electromagnetic fields at megahertz, gigahertz and terahertz frequencies with cells, tissues and organisms: risks and potential

        Busting the assumed equivalence of background radiation and nuclear fallout would be a huge step in overturning the established science which allows nuclear, legally and conceptually. Bioconcentration factors of certain amino acids, some fungal and microorganisms, cellular recognition of isotopes could all play a role. More obscure studies like biophotons and quantum cellular processes may come into play. The cell and body are informationally unified. Thats a long distance! Positron emission scans use gamma from antimatter annihilation as a diagnostic.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          eye can see a single photon. Biology is perceptive!

          Given photon traps to magnesium nuclear spin differentiation, its not inconceivable that biology has the ability to differentiate potassium radiation, deal with it in some way, if not use it for biological advantage

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            sorry, its a little disjointed…it takes quite an effort to put together a quality thesis. I think one is just lucky to have the mental predilection and influence to intuitively follow a fruitful line of research. If the primary research proofs are lacking, one is out of luck

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA
              'although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.'

            • MVB MVB

              Thank you. That will give me a few to get started with. Much appreciated.

              cafeRadLab… Alright. Last time I considered I never made it to the end of the 'banned' members list and then somehow moved on…

              I've practically come to enjoy the disaster soup that ENE became, trolls and all, very real-life.
              "Who can you trust?" No one! So nuclear. 😉

              • MVB MVB

                Cool, Pia – I see her on Twitter sometimes – passed along some of my recent blog posts w/ links…


                Something else… mid-Dec, I sent a urine sample to a lab for gammaspectroscopy. Only K40 detected with 95% certainty, with 3 other ones failing to make the certainty cut (Ac-228, Ra-228 & Th-232. From local foods grown in this thorium-rich region? All ND, < MDA, with 95% cert. though)

                Interestingly, of the quality control samples [one is done 'blank' and the other one spiked (with Am-241, Cs-137 & Co-60)]: the blank one "identified" these (and of course this just being noise that baraly makes the cut, and falls well below MDA, so all considered Non-Detected, just interesting which one were at first 'identified':
                Sn-117M Te-123M
                BA-137M Cs-137
                Tl-208 Bi-214 Th-232 Th-234 U-238
                The only truly striking bit is this: all were '<MDA' (U , undetected), except Cs-137, which, due to a wide peak was deemed a false positive and tagged IU = Identification Uncertain. Funny "blank"…

                Anyhow… Will be hard to proof a covered-up fallout event, at least as far as it showing up in urine goes, if the reference point is 'uncertain' or spiked with the very isotopes that would show up in case of (bomb) fallout… Anyhow, thought it was worth the shot, but all-in-all, it didn't reveal anything. (Was just trying to figure out what made me so sick. Still in limbo as far as the hard sciences angle goes)

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                MVB…this is the main thing; nature untouched by modern civilization is the foundation of natures quest for biological excellence. It included this radioactivity from the beginning. The healthiest animals that ever lived had it. No exclusion zones, no genomic instability, no bystander effect. Now Bandazhevsky showed the SAME level of radiation from cesium137 causes heart disease.

                Its a metabolic thing…a complex metabolic change of inflammation, micro messenger RNA, reactive oxygen species. Low level radiation from fallout is not about DNA hits, its about metabolic alteration. This much is known. Now why there is a difference in radiation quality…thats the cutting edge science…yet to be elucidated.

                nature is a web of information. She didnt need cell phones for it.

                The bystander effect is very complicated. This diagram represents what they know so far. No doubt more to come

                'Research shows that because of the phenomena characteristic for low dose radiation the risk of cancer induction from exposure of healthy tissues to low dose radiation can be greater than the risk calculated from linear no-threshold model.'

                The bystander effect can cross organs, animals and even species

                Remember that these are non radiated organs and…

        • FaunaLord q

          Terra hurts. Fucking listen you dumb fucks.

          Resonance rules at all points, it is much easier to propagate than fake light. So much harder to understand. Just ask NASAT.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Q factor is a dimensionless parameter that describes how underdamped an oscillator or resonator is, and characterizes a resonator's bandwidth relative to its centre frequency. In q's case the word fuck has presents a large narrow peak or undamped use relative to a normal bandwidth of vocabulary. Sometimes referred to as an undamped or unhinged psychological phenotype

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "These measurements reveal the existence of molecular resonance fingerprints of cancer DNAs in the terahertz region, which can be utilized for the early diagnosis of cancer cells at the molecular level.'"

        Could the inverse of that frequency kill cancer cells?

        Rhetorical question.

        I'm loggin off. Time to enjoy my weekend.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Now Canada wants to frac "CALGARY, Alberta, Jan 29 (Reuters) – The revolution in U.S. shale oil has battered Canada's energy industry in recent years, ending two decades of rapid expansion and job creation in the nation's vast oil sands.
    Now Canada is looking to its own shale fields to repair the economic damage."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Prior to the 1970s, the US and other countries conducted more than 500 nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere. The tests blanketed the world with radioactive fallout, and in 2002, a study by the CDC and National Cancer Institute found that any person living in the US since 1951 has been exposed."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Humanetics Corporation (Humanetics) has recently completed two research studies funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI), which evaluated the potential of Humanetics’ investigational drug, BIO 300, to mitigate the toxicities from space-like radiation exposure.

    The research tested BIO 300’s ability to protect both animal and human cells from space-like radiation exposure (e.g. protons and mixed-fields). One focus of these projects: evaluating BIO 300’s ability to protect the cardiovascular system. This is of special interest to NASA due to concern for radiation-induced cardiovascular disease. Protection against space radiation is required for long-duration missions in space, including a manned-trip to Mars."

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Going to bed now. I'm still watchin.

    Just toss out a money making idea… someone could make a pop-up book about Fukushima Daiichi. Maybe a little thermite in the binder for that China syndrome effect on the coffee table.


  • The experiments of plutonium and humans showed that plutonium is not secreted in the urine but stays in the body for many years.

    Cesium also stays in the body because its molecule so much larger than K-40. It stays in organs and is not evenly distributed to very cell as K-40 is when K-40 is part of natural potassium.

  • freebywill

    Exelon debates value of Byron nuclear plant

    BYRON, Ill. (WIFR) – The Ogle County Board of Review makes a decision on the value of the Byron power plant after Exelon says the current value is too high.

    Exelon filed an appeal saying the value they were given by the assessor was too high; that value was $546 million, however, the board of review agreed to keep it at that amount.

    The school district was asking for the property value to be assessed at $647 million, however, Exelon asked for $158 million according to Ogle County Supervisor of Assessments James Harrison.

    "There's a lot of things to look at in these appraisals. One of the things that sort of bothers me is the inconsistency of the Exon appraisals over the years. They ask for this and then they ask for that. The school's appraiser seems to be a little more consistent," says Harrison.

    If Exelon chooses to, their next step will be to file with property tax appeal board.

    [ Excelon trying to lower it's tax bill, another example of a nuke station holding taxpayers hostage. ]

  • freebywill

    Nuke plant reaches milestone. Final fuel assembly removed from CR3.

    by Buster Thompson Jan 29, 2018 Updated Jan 30, 2018

    [ Last of the spent fuel moved into dry-cask storage. Taxpayers/ratepayers paid for the dry-cask storage facility. 39 unit horizontal. ]

    Since June, Duke has been transferring these fuel assemblies, which contain a package of 208 radioactive fuel rods, from the plant’s inside fuel pool to an on-site dry-cask storage facility.

    Duke plans to send these assemblies to the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2036 for future storage, but that timeline is dependent upon when the department can provide a federal repository for the nation’s spent nuclear fuel assemblies. [ Taxpayers will pay again. ]

    [ Crystal River 3 is the unit they ruined in 2009 when they tried to save a few dollars and ended up cracking the containment. Approx $3 Billion to repair. They (Duke) tried to get everyone else to pay for it but couldn't so they shut it down permanently. ]

    [ CR3 ia about 60 mi N of Tampa and 60 mi NW of Orlando. Spewing nuclear poison on kids starting in 1977, Disney World opened in 1971. ]

    [ Yeah, Orlando, Make a wish. ]
    [ ' Such a shame what happened too little Susie, she seemed to be doing so well. Well I'm glad she got to go to Disney World. ' ]

    [ Insidious. ]

  • freebywill

    Nuclear’s Resurrected Safety Lie of “Duck & Cover” – Bo Jacobs, Hiroshima Peace Institute – #345

    This Week’s Featured Interview:

    Bo Jacobs is a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute and author of the recent article, “We Cannot Survive a Nuclear Apocalypse by Ducking and Covering.” He discusses the recent spate of articles promoting the long-discredited “Duck and Cover” method for “surviving” a nuclear attack and analyzes the psychology behind this misleading bit of pro-nuclear propaganda.
    Duck and Cover – see and hear the propaganda film we were talking about:

    [ Here's the movie the pic comes from, the missile sequence the pic comes from is around the 57 min mark. ]

    126 mins | The Day After (1983 Full, Original – 1:75:1 Aspect Ratio) |

    [ This docu about a missile explosion in Arkansas shows why they are to incompetent to have newkiller weapons or newkiller anything for that matter. ]

    114 mins | Command and Control – Nuclear Missiles in America | Complete PBS Documentary |

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "More signs of worldwide nuclear decline
    The Swedish Environmental Court has said no to a proposed repository for a high-level radioactive waste site in Forsmark, Sweden. The final decision on the dump now rests with the Swedish government. In Britain, a scheme to bribe communities with $3.5 million a year just to explore hosting that country's radioactive waste has been met with derision both from traditional nuclear opponents such as Greenpeace to the conservative Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper, The Times. An earlier dump scheme was defeated in Cumbria (picture.) In South Africa, newly-elected ANC leader, Cyril Ramaphosa, who is expected to soon supplant embattled president, Jacob Zuma, has declared that the country can't afford new nuclear plants…(from email) article in French

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Gots to work hard to make money to upgrade my computer experience so… Advertisers can profile me better and videos don't freeze up so I can distract myself from Fukushima and… stuff

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Maybe it should be called the Doomsday Drug.
    As President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un trade insults — fueling fears of nuclear war — a local biotechnology startup is preparing to roll out a treatment for a public health threat that until recently seemed remote: radiation sickness."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Ionizing radiation can cause cell damage that leads to cancer. This kind of radiation comes from rays that enter the Earth's atmosphere from outer space, radioactive fallout, radon gas, X-rays, and other sources.

    Radioactive fallout can come from accidents at nuclear power plants or from the production, testing, or use of atomic weapons. People exposed to fallout may have an increased risk of cancer, especially leukemia and cancers of the thyroid, breast, lung, and stomach. "

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    The govt takes plenty of time (and money)
    "ST. LOUIS — The Environmental Protection Agency plans to clean up radioactive waste at a suburban St. Louis landfill by removing most of the Cold War-era nuclear material and capping the rest, the agency said Thursday.

    The announcement of the $236 million project ends years of wrangling over what to do with radioactive material illegally dumped more than 40 years ago at West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, material that sits dangerously close to a smoldering underground fire at an adjacent landfill. " The Washington Post no copy link

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    or maybe do some illegal dumping… then I could go to Venezuela for some sex parties.

    People are still mutating and nothing seems to stop them

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Well if I get a faster computer with more memory they can add programs until I have to have a still faster computer with more memory. So here I go… bought a computer online for thirteen bucks and fifteen for shipping. Got to get some thermal paste. Cleaned the fans and heatsink. Now I imagine that I should not bend over with that paste in my hand for too long. Capitalism might get the wrong idea. It seems that a communist plot has intervened in my case and decided that I am only fit to clean toilet seats.

    Wish I was a kid again with nothing better to do than watch the Road Runner

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Too sexy

    Need a video like that for Fukushima coriums.

    I'm too radioactive for my building
    Cameras and paparazzi taking pictures and fainting
    I'm to deadly for Milan, New York and Japan. Oooh. Especially Japan.

    Good morning off to work.

    I'm too sexy for my job

  • freebywill


    "At 1057 CST on February 1, 2018 with the unit in Mode 1 at approximately 27% power, a manual actuation of the Reactor Protection System (RPS) was initiated due to an unexpected trip of the B Recirc Pump with A Recirc Pump in fast speed.

    B Recirc Pump tripped during transfer from slow to fast speed resulting in single loop operation.

    Operators were unable to reconcile differing indications of core flow.

    This resulted in a conservative decision to initiate a manual scram.

    The cause of the B Recirc Pump trip and the apparent issues with core flow indication are under investigation.

    The plant is currently stable in Mode 3.

    "The plant response to the scram was as expected. All control rods [fully] inserted as expected; the feedwater system is maintaining reactor vessel water level in the normal control band and reactor pressure is being maintained with steam line drains and main turbine bypass valves.

    [ This unit was attempting to restart after 23 day shutdown ]
    Entergy's River Bend-1 nuclear unit in Louisiana shuts for planned maintenance

  • freebywill


    "A non-licensed [employee] supervisor had a confirmed positive test for alcohol during a random fitness-for-duty [FFD] test. The individual's unescorted access to the plant has been [terminated].

    [ just another drunkard, usually prohibited from working at an NPS for a couple of years ( gives them time to practice drinking ) then they go work at another unit. ]

  • freebywill


    "Nine Mile Point unit 2 experienced an unusual event due to a small fire in the turbine building that was immediately extinguished and then reflashed.

    The fire was declared out at 1119 [EST], 2/1/18.

    The fire was caused when steam leak repair injection equipment failed and leaked onto hot piping.

    There was no equipment damage or impact to plant operation.

    The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade. Offsite assistance was not required."

    The fire resulted from Furmanite repair of a Moisture Separator Reheater inlet flow control valve.

    The unusual event will be terminated when sufficient lagging is removed to verify the extent of leaked fluid.

    The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.

    Notified DHS SWO, FEMA, DHS NICC, and NNSA (via e-mail).


    The unusual event was terminated at 1211 EST.

    The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.

    Notified the R1DO (Janda), NRR EO (Miller), IRD MOC (Grant), DHS SWO, FEMA, DHS NICC, and NNSA (via e-mail).

    [ note no info on amount of leakage, didn't even lower power during event ]

  • freebywill

    Nuclear Power Problems with Robbie Leppzer, Arnie and Maggie Gunderson

    Nov 22, 2017 at 10:52pm

    The first guest, documentary producer Robbie Leppzer, discusses his latest work, Power Struggle. It's an account of the grassroots campaign to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, and the problems that remain after the plant's closure. Next, nuclear-power critics Arnie and Maggie Gunderson return to Project Censored to explain some of the continuing hazards facing Fukushima, Japan, years after the meltdown there. Finally, Poets Reading the News make a second appearance on the show.


    Robbie Leppzer is a film producer with over 30 documentaries to his credit.
    Arnie and Maggie Gunderson left careers in the nuclear power industry to devote themselves to educating the public about nuclear power's hazards.
    Elle Aviv Newton and Jenna Spagnolo are the co-editors of Poets Reading the News.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    I have started a thread on the important subject of k-40 and background radiation over at caferadlab. Anyone is encouraged to help me understand and expose the differences in biological effects from different sources of radioactivity

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Science can in one instance be brilliant

      Then totally be unable to just grasp that simple fact. Our human organism can handle bananas. It can't handle the products of nuclear fission. I can't keep beating my head against the wall about the K-40 thing.

      The scientists can explain why the sky is blue, but if one day the sky wasn't blue they would just deny it. They would still say the sky was blue and try to explain why it appears otherwise, but it's still blue.

      When I discovered the Fukushima disaster I was fresh out of college (getting near 50 though. Now I just clean for a living and my patience is shot

      Good luck on your persistent inquiry into the matter.

    • Jebus Jebus

      From the little bit I know, the word Melanin gets used a bit.

      There are three types in mammals.

      Pheomelanin, Eumelanin, and Neuromelanin

      There are many studies on Pheomelanin, (the red head in everyone), and UV light. Some are saying it is UV net negative to have more.

      Neuromelanin, (brain matter pigment). Yes, protection evolved.

      There are also two subtypes of Eumelanin,(our color, or pigment).

      What most refer to as Melanin.

      A little makes improved vitamin D generation, a lot and you have trouble making that from the Sun.

      Pheomelanin as well as eumelanin is present in human epidermis.

      Everyone must see, she is so complex, no humans lifetime can explain her…

    • Jebus Jebus

      I find it amazing how looking at an elephant and a mouse at the molecular level, they have much the same parts…

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (Japan) (AFP) – Fukushima's nuclear power operator is hoping to double the number of visitors to its tsunami-ravaged facilities by 2020, seeking to use the Olympic spotlight to clean up the region's image."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "WASHINGTON, Feb 2 (Reuters) – Concerned about Russia's growing tactical nuclear weapons, the United States will expand its nuclear capabilities, a policy document released on Friday said, a move some critics say could increase the risk of miscalculation between the two countries."
    What happened to the nuclear non-proliferation agreement?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I got a great idea for Fukushima, and the nuclear problem in general.

    A while back a woman caught my attention by smelling soooo good. It was like a Disney moment: little sparkles floated around her and I was entranced. I asked her what she was wearing. It was Bath and Body work "Thousand Wishes" fragrance.

    If our government has trillions of dollars to spend, I say we use helicopters to dump "Thousand Wishes" on all the nuclear plants, employees, and proponents. At least they can smell good. Cheaper than actually doing something about — like that's going to happen

  • freebywill

    Grand Gulf – just finished gathering the last of the 2017 reactor status data.

    Here's 2017 December data for Grand Goof. Only the date and message because this site doesn't tab data fields and the power fig would offset the msg field.

    20171223 HOLDING POWER
    20171216 24 HOUR XENON HOLD
    20171211 INCREASING POWER TO 100%
    20171208 NO DATA FOR THIS DATE

    [ cont. ]

    • freebywill

      The entire years data can be viewed here

      This data is compiled by scraping the NRC daily RS data and dumping it into a spreadsheet so it can be sorted by unit to get the continuous listing.
      It's formatted as a push-down stack of entries by date so it reads from the bottom up.

      This unit only logged 124 days at 100 % thermal power which usually equates to 100 % electrical power.
      They sync to the grid around 16-18 % power so they may be adding power to the grid from that point on,
      I have no info on what the minimum thermal power to produce electrical power is.

      Exited shutdown on Jan 29, 2017 that had been ordered by the NRC for one of those major inspections starting on Sept 08, 2016.
      From reading the data it makes one wonder just what the NRC inspected.

      The year is plagued by equipment breakdowns and constant references to ' rod pattern adjustments ' and ' rod sequence exchanges. '
      From a read run once ( sry forgot to log link ) I think the rod pattern adj/sequence exch are adjustments in the control rod assemblies and is done to balance the core to keep hot spots from forming.
      There seems to be a lot of flow problems which are most likely due to the constant pump problems.
      The frequent start/stops of the reactor also cause xenon buildup issues.

      Because of the 28 day data hide by the NRC I can't see specifics so far this year but this unit hasn't been able to achieve 100 % power and is currently in it's second…

  • freebywill

    Long Islanders Issue Call to Arms on ‘Radioactive Plume’

    February 2, 2018 AMANDA OTTAWAY

    CENTRAL ISLIP (CN) – Long Island is on the brink of “environmental catastrophe,” residents claim in a federal complaint, accusing New York and U.S. authorities of letting radioactive waste spread in the groundwater.

    Filing suit Thursday in U.S. District Court, the group Long Island Pure Water says suburban Bethpage owes its “plume of radioactive material” to the decades of improper waste handling carried out by the U.S. Navy and the aircraft manufacturer now known as Northrop Grumman.

    “These claims are pure fiction and the facts are clear – the public is not exposed to or drinking radium contaminated water,” spokeswoman Erica Ringewald said in an email.

    Residents say the presence of radium in one local well caused the water district to shut it down.

    But tens of thousands of people receive their drinking water from the 25 public and private wells southeast of the Navy-Grumman site in Bethpage, and the complaint says “several [of the] wells are known to be threatened by the plume.”

    [ more at the link ]

  • Jebus Jebus

    Radiation exposure from depleted uranium: The radiation bystander effect.

    Depleted uranium (DU) is a radioactive heavy metal used primarily in military applications. Published data from our laboratory have demonstrated that DU exposure in vitro to immortalized human osteoblast cells (HOS) is both neoplastically transforming and genotoxic. In vivo studies have also demonstrated that DU is leukemogenic and genotoxic. DU possesses both a radiological (alpha particle) and chemical (metal) component but is generally considered a chemical biohazard. Studies have shown that alpha particle radiation does play a role in DU's toxic effects. Evidence has accumulated that non-irradiated cells in the vicinity of irradiated cells can have a response to ionization events. The purpose of this study was to determine if these "bystander effects" play a role in DU's toxic and neoplastic effects using HOS cells. We investigated the bystander responses between DU-exposed cells and non-exposed cells by co-culturing the two equal populations. Decreased cell survival and increased neoplastic transformation were observed in the non-DU exposed cells following 4 or 24h co-culture. In contrast Ni (II)- or Cr(VI)- exposed cells were unable to alter those biological effects in non-Ni(II) or non-Cr(VI) exposed co-cultured cells.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Transfer experiments using medium from the DU-exposed and non-exposed co-cultured cells was able to cause adverse biological responses in cells; these results demonstrated that a factor (s) is secreted into the co-culture medium which is involved in this DU-associated bystander effect. This novel effect of DU exposure could have implications for radiation risk and for health risk assessment associated with DU exposure.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Belgium's neighbors fear a nuclear incident" '70 new cracks discovered last year'

  • freebywill

    Hey mister, your rust bucket is leaking. Here are some examples of how stations are hiding reactor problems from public view.

    Normally we get alerted to problems when an Event Notice (EN) is posted, but as noted in a previous post problems are reported to the NRC that don't require an event notice. One of the things they use is to classify a problem as 'planned maintenance' so they can avoid filing an EN and alerting the public.

    Here are some examples of recent problems.

    20171211 FORCED OUTAGE – REPAIR RCS LEAK (LESS THAN 0.1 GPM) [ 2 days ]



    20171009 SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE OUTAGE [ 10 days ]


    In each of these cases the unit was at 100 % before Shutdown. No Auto or Manual SCRAM, no RPS or other safety system actuation, no other item that exceeds technical or operating specification so they don't have to post an EN.

    None of these events appear to have released anything into the environment at the time of the event, but the sneak thing they do is collect any leaked water, store it in tanks, and then discharge it a little at a time.

    NPS – Nuclear Poison Spewer – always leaking all the time.

  • freebywill


    "At 0445 [EST] on February 4, 2018, […] inoperable containment penetration thermal relief check valves 1-CKV-31-3407 and 1-CKV-31-3421 associated with one train of the Containment Incore Instrument Room Chiller system.

    During surveillance testing, the thermal relief check valves failed to open and pass flow as required by acceptance criteria.

    The two penetrations were subsequently drained and isolated in accordance with the surveillance procedure to remove any thermal expansion concerns.

    Technical Specification 3.6.1 was exited February 4, 2018 at 0512 once the two penetrations were drained and isolated.

    "The purpose of the thermal relief check valves is to allow flow from an isolated penetration back into the upstream containment piping to prevent over-pressurization due to thermal expansion.

    Over-pressurization of an isolated containment penetration could potentially cause the penetration or both of the isolation valves to fail and provide a direct flow path to the environment from the potentially contaminated containment atmosphere under certain Design Basis Accidents.

    [ unknown if these are the same type of check valves mentioned in a PART21 notice I posted previously. ]

  • Jebus Jebus

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's recent inspection of Indian Point as part of a series of requirements imposed on the nation's nuclear power plants after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 turned up one minor problem. Inspectors found that at temperatures below freezing, the diesel fuel being used could solidify and damage portable emergency equipment.

    The problem is of very low safety significance and the inspection finding was classified as "Green," Sheehan said. The NRC inspectors identified the condition and the licensee took immediate actions to ensure the equipment was supplied with suitable diesel fuel that would not be susceptible to this condition, he said.

    Nice fore thought on emergency, emergency generators…

  • Jebus Jebus

    I hope you are well, Admin.

    There are a hundred of these PSA's up…

    Lethal levels of radiation have been detected at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, seven years after it was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Workers at the now-shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) have completed the first transfer of a canister filled with nuclear waste to a newly constructed storage facility within the site’s premises.",amp.html

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "The announcement from the Exelon Corp. that the Oyster Creek nuclear plant will shut permanently in October, ahead of schedule, was billed as an economic and energy issue. The reality is that shutting the oldest nuclear reactor in the U.S. is a health issue.
    After October, production of huge amounts of more than 100 radioactive waste products after splitting uranium atoms — the same chemicals found only in reactor operations and atomic bomb explosions — will cease.

    Enormous amount of waste — the equivalent of what was released at the catastrophic Chernobyl meltdown — will remain at the plant, stored in pools of constantly-cooled water (recent waste) or steel-and-concrete casks (older waste). These chemicals, mostly plutonium, strontium, and cesium, must be secured for thousands of years, away from any human contact."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Maybe if I simplify…


    According to Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), radiation levels of eight Sieverts per hour (Sv/h) have been discovered within the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was destroyed after a massive earthquake and a tsunami in March 2011.

    While 8 Sv/h is deadly, outside of Fukushima's Reactor Number 2 foundations of a much higher level of 42 Sv/h was detected.

    A strange occurrence, and experts are still arguing what caused the discrepancy. One possible explanation is that cooling water washed radioactive material off debris, taking it somewhere else.

    But here's a truly terrifying catch: according to the report, Tepco highly doubts the new readings, because, as was discovered later, a cover was not removed from the robot-mounted measurement device at the time of the inspection, NHK World reports.

    I don't know how else to say it. It's in the ground.

    I propose that the next scene after the anthropocene be labeled now.

    On account of there won't be anyone to label it the nukeyocene…

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's in the ground. Never Before. By the sea.

    The Ocean is the Earth.


    One last question.

    Is it decaying or diluting, away, as it pours into the sea?

    How much is too much?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    New Unit 2 Probe Shows Low Radiation And Uniform Temperature
    “Temperatures and radiation readings along the probe route show consistently low radiation levels and no fluctuation in temperature. The radius of the pedestal is 3 meters. If there was any significant amount of nuclear fuel containing debris in the center of the pedestal the radiation levels would have been much higher. TEPCO’s claim that they found fuel debris may only be partially true. They found some fuel debris but what they found as documented so far didn’t contain considerable amounts of nuclear fuel pellets in the melted debris. This raises new questions about TEPCO’s refusal to release all of the footage and still images from this work including the central pedestal floor area.”

    What does this mean?
    Answer: No corium present.

    Earlier study showed no corium in the reactor vessel.
    Low radiation means no corium in pedestal area.

    No videos of the floor of the pedestal were released by Tepco.
    What is Tepco and Japan hiding here?
    Is the corium at the bottom of a corium lava tube?
    Is the corium ex-containment vessel?
    Where oh where is that damn corium, eh, Tepco?

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