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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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21,530 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • Also, nothing in the field of theoretical biology or mathematical game theory supports your moralist claims about the virtue of altruism. (The so-called Price-Equation is a mathematical model to analyse the evolution of altruism among populations. But biologically speaking, altruistic behaviour is just group egoism and there is no scientific consensus which groups are meaningful to understand the phenomenon of natural selection. The ridiculous abstractions “Humanity”, “Nature” or “The Ecosphere” certainly aren’t.)

    Coming from the field of humanities, I try to approach science issues with common sense and humour. I have studied the Hegelian “Science of Logic” – one of the most difficult philosophical theories ever created, a lecture that couldn’t get much tougher – AND Karl Marx, Capital Volume 1-3 for more than ten years. To me, you people on this forum seem to be just too dumb and dull to challenge my point of view. I hope you understand that I cannot answer every message you write me individually; I just don’t have neither time nor willingness to engage in such tiresome discussions. I’m not an utopian believer in any ideal society, far from that, but I know for a fact that society objectively gravitates towards a communist “Omega Point” which is similar to the thermodynamic equilibrium state (a heuristical fiction).

    • DUDe DUDe

      "To me, you people on this forum seem to be just too dumb and dull to challenge my point of view."

      Wherent you that one that tried to bribe Kevin Blanch if he bended over to your viewpoints or something..?

      Are you also sended by a fascist gawd ?

      Why don't you just fuck off ?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      wintermute, Im so glad Im not your dog; "nothing in the field of theoretical biology or mathematical game theory supports your moralist claims about the virtue of altruism."

      You no doubt decide to feed your pets or help your friends based on mathematical game theory and the Price equation.

      You do see that you make the complaint that you cant go on responding to everyone, even though nobody seems at all interested in engaging in your pseudo intellectual BS

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      And you, sir, sound like a malignant narcissist.

      • Wowsers HoTaters who has the malignancy and how much of it?

        Juice, juice, juice with real (and clean) fruits and vegetables, and put forth the effort it takes to filter your water and only eat clean foods, your life and the lives of your family members depend on it.

        But that's just the truth, so don't take that more seriously than it truly is.

        Clean food? Study that.

        Real help when needed? Study that too.

        Real truth? The real deal no matter what the soap opera (space ship) fools study.

        Nuclear power? A real problem that can (and may just) end the world for many…

        What's next? It ain't a bunch of playing tiddly (tiddlie) winks and studying salt while we all get poisoned and die from a heavy metal maniacal invention designed to cover for the same fake ego power we see everywhere, including here?

        Aren't most of these things past their (sell by) safe operational date? Or is everybody suddenly in the business of swatting human flies now (your own grandchildren and their grandkids too?).

        Think about that one for a moment…

        Would you drink out of a milk jug that was out of date? But we allow these nuclear metal poison factories to run amuck while good people die as a result?

        Time to step up and say no more.Does a fuel pool have shielding? Nope.

        Is there a off switch? Yep but not for the actual poisons coming out of them, you can shutoff the cooling but you can't shutoff the heavy metal radioactive poisons they produce for millennia.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Pretty solid basic understandings…we do not have much time left.. to turn the tide.

          • yep and it's time to start turning the die without excuse obewan…

            No whining or crying (not you obe), no more tecinacal excuses for keeping these posion factories runnung and producing deadly material that even our best and brightest can't find a place for…

            No more excuses for making money at the cost of out children and grandparents…


            Not one day and anyone that is responsible for allowing these poison factories to run should be held personally accountable for that…

            That'll stop em huh…

  • Karl Popper, in his book “The misery of historicism” accuses Marx, by publishing a book on the “Law of the Tendency of the Profit Rate to Fall” of confusing the notions of “Law” and “Tendency”. Popper is wrong and apparently doesn’t understand infinitesimal calculus, otherwise he would know that nothing prevents a “Tendency” from being at the same time a “Natural Law”.
    However, dialectically speaking, scientific “progress” and moral “regression” are two sides of the same coin. In that sense, and in that sense only, you could say that the dumbing down of American population is a real thing. The libertarian philosopher Joseph Farrell rants about this dumbing-down tendency in scientific education due to the new “Common Core Standards”, commenting on another author as follows:

  • “Farley saw the hidden side of the testing busy-ness, from the bottom all the way to the top. In spite of having made money from the “industry”, however, Farley leaves no doubt where he stands. Writing in his book in which he reviews his experience in copious and oftentimes simultaneously humorous and frustrating detail, Farley indicates that even though he worked in the testing business, he is univocally opposed to it, having seen it from within. Summarizing the experiences toward the end of his book that led him to these conclusions, Farley makes an even more significant observation, one pregnant with philosophical, political and socio-cultural implications that we explore in this book, for he had concluded that testing was not really about establishing whether a student had any real competence about the subject. The real goal, in his experience, was really merely to ensure that certain ‘keywords’ or concepts occurred in student responses, whether or not the student actually understood the meaning. Standardized testing, in other words, resembled not so much a test or assessment in any real sense, but rather, an “educational” version of the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance program, where super-computers are programmed to look for the occurrence of certain keywords in certain arrangements and frequencies in email correspondence or telephone conversations”.

    • Now you are startin to scare and there is no basis in fact for that completely subjective crap…

      "but rather, an “educational” version of the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance program"

      What a complete load of crap… Is the teacher a muddled up wad of fool?

      I expect not in the real world, in fact teachers do care and are a stop gap of BS everywhere!!!!

      The ailens have landed? Not thinkin so Wintermute…

      Steppin on your'e own peter? A way better bet of fact 10 to 1…

      More crappiola for the tards?

  • Are you guys interested in spreading and learning the truth or just insulting people and running them off what you think (vivaciously) is your somehow your personal solemn territory?

    As you discredit yourselves with nothing real to refute and absoulutly no educative statements for these poor misguided people?

    Speaks volumes as to the motivations here…

    Never insult, educate, never use language that refutes the cold hard facts, show the real proven truth…

    If all you do is sling "unthoughtout" insults ya just give a faker (whoever that may be) ammunition to show you as inept even if you know the facts…

    Time to fight fire with fire and never fight a falsehood with piss and moan, ya may even get some actual true information you didn't already know by stating facts instead of insults…

    Class dismissed…

    Van Halen – "Hot For Teacher":

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I got it, HD is slinging insults that the posters are insulting and running off readership.

      You know there are many more forums where you could whip the people into shape…why not go where your words of wisdom and constant insults will be appreciated?

  • q q

    I guess I didn't point this out, when I linked this article. This is from June.

    Just mentioning it again.

    "Because of the proximity to North Korea, they may blame North Korean weapons testing if there is a major accident. The Takahama Nuclear Power Station is on the Sea of Japan."

    What happened recently?

  • freebywill

    A behind-the-scenes look at Scott Pruitt's dysfunctional EPA

    Career employees at the agency say political appointees are shutting them out of decision-making. They worry that the public will suffer.

    By Rachel Levenemail 5:00 am, November 9, 2017 Updated: 5:12 am, November 9, 2017

    What happened with Superfund is hardly an anomaly. Today’s EPA is wracked with internal conflict and industry influence, and is struggling to fulfill its mission, according to more than two dozen current and former agency employees. A few dozen political appointees brought in under the Trump administration are driving policy. At least 16 of the 45 appointees worked for industries such as oil, coal and chemicals. Four of these people — and another 21 — worked for, or donated to, politicians who have questioned established climate science, such as Pruitt and Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla.

    Career staff members — lawyers, scientists, analysts — are largely being frozen out of decision-making, current and former agency employees say. These staffers rarely get face time with Pruitt and frequently receive top-down orders from political appointees with little room for debate. They must sometimes force their way into conversations about subjects in which they have expertise.

    And that is a big mistake, said one of Pruitt’s predecessors.

    [ much more at the link ]

  • q q

    I was looking at robots recently (like that sophia thing).

    You know, I may not be all that clever, but it didn't take me very long to spot the bullshit.

    Spoiler alert. Basically, most (all of them, actually) of those are ads with fakery, check it out. You would have like a scripted scenario/"interview", someone speaking, or typing (which then may actuate some of the robot's "features".

    If you want to see scary robot…

    Luckily that thing is dumb as shit. But, if you combine the appeals for "robot" rights and the advertisements, endorsements, you do get to a pretty grim vision.

  • freebywill

    Electric Car Sales Surge 63% Globally

    Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain momentum on the world market.

    Global sales of electric and hybrid cars are 63 percent higher than the same quarter last year, and up 23 percent from the second quarter, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report.

    China is the top market for EVs, accounting for roughly half of global sales in the third quarter. Europe and North American were the second- and third-biggest markets, respectively.

    China offers incentives to help increase the number of low-emission cars on the road.

    “The Chinese government is very focused on pushing up EV sales," said Aleksandra O'Donovan, BNEF advanced transport analyst and one of the authors of the report. “One reason for that is the local pollution levels in the cities, and a second is for China to build domestic heroes to compete internationally in this market."

    Electric vehicle sales are poised to surge worldwide as an increasing number of countries such as China, Scotland, France and India announced intentions to ban diesel and gasoline cars in order to cut emissions.

    [ more at the link ]

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      They are better cars..

      • Question?….

        Does a "electrick" car produce less pollution over it' lifespan than a real hot rod car idling down the road?

        Bet the gas car goes faster, stops quicker and makes less pollution than it's electric counterpart.

        …and for far less effort and money right now, today, as we speak, reality.

        Ya just can't travel through time… Because ya just can't go someplace that doesn't exist….

        How about them apples…

        RICK DERRINGER – Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo (1973):

    • Where's the energy coming from to run those cars that cant get around the block without a dead battery?? It (actual energy) has to come from somewhere man…

      A terrible idea that only keeps the killer electric machine running..

      Is electricity the real beast from biblical times?

      I'd have to say (unequivocally) yes to that…

      Ya like apples?

      How about them apples…

  • freebywill

    Why Pipeline Opponents Cheered Monday's Keystone XL Approval

    Yes, it's true that the Nebraska Public Service Commission voted Monday to approve the long-gestating Keystone XL (KXL) tar sands pipeline. But don't score it as a win for TransCanada—or as a "boost for Trump"—just yet.

    That's because the commission approved the "mainline alternative route," and that's not the route that the pipeline operator wants.

    It could take years before the project finally gets off the ground (if it ever does), as the alternative route includes 63 miles of new pipeline not yet approved by the federal government and plenty of landowners could stand in the way.

    As Crystal Rhoades, a commission member, wrote in her dissent: "The route violates the due process of landowners. There are at least 40 landowners along the approved route who may not even know that their land is in this pipeline's path. Since they might not know that they are in the path of the pipeline, they may not have participated in this proceeding."

    And you can bet with last week's 210,000-gallon oil spill from the existing Keystone pipeline in South Dakota that many landowners wouldn't be thrilled about the project.

    Even TransCanada seemed lukewarm about the commission's decision.

    [ watch for land takes via eminent domain ]

    • But I'll bet the last time you needed something you got in your car and went to the store to get it right? Was it cold outside? Raining? Windshield wipers going? Heater running?

      So these really bad things you speak of aren't really bad huh…

      What's really bad? That outdated nuclear plant killing everyone and everything around it.

      Takes decades to cool it ozzz, is that really confirmed (real) global warming?

      20 years before it stops making heat on it's own after being extracted from the cooker? Really? Global warming??

      Raises temps around the (nuclear) plant by more than 5 degrees and destroys all the wildlife in the surrounding area (including you)? Is that a contributor to real global warming? And some still think we need electric cars? The energy to propel these things still has to come from somewhere boys…

      Make some electric power…
      While producing deadly materials that will never be safe in our lifetimes, our grand children's lifetimes, their grandchildren's lifetimes and beyond…

      …so you think that electric cars are the future?

      Dane brammage at it's finest folks…

      • Mark Knopfler – Working on it (from Wag The Dog):

        Why does a dog wag it's tail? Because the dog is smarter than his tail, if the tail were smarter, the tail (or tale in many casses) would wag the dog…

      • freebywill

        No YD, I gave up gas powered transport almost 10 years ago for a variety of reasons.

        One being the enviro damage I was helping to perpetuate.

        Two being the financial costs to support parasitic gov and corps.

        I live close enough to a variety of retail outlets to be able to walk. I have approx 30 days of foodstuffs on hand, the majority of which is non perishable so I don't have to go groc shop during foul weather. I get what I need during fair weather, if I do need to go out when it's raining or cold, I dress accordingly and endure it.

        While some of the EV re-charging stations currently rely on grid pwr an increasing number are solar/wind energy extractors.

        As time progresses these will become the standard and the efficiency will improve.

        Some workplaces even have employee/customer hookups to solar/wind recharging stns so your charging while at work.

        Solar carport

        Eventually there will be more EV recharging stns as the infrastructure is built out.

        Still drive a fossil fuel auto?
        Any solar panels on your house, business?

        Btw, fuel assemblies only take about 5 yrs to cool down enough to be casked.

  • freebywill

    The Hidden History of How California Was Built on Genocide

    Sunday, November 12, 2017 By Mark Karlin, Truthout | Interview

    The genocide of California's Indigenous nations was the foundation upon which settler colonialism built the "Golden State." In this interview, historian and author Benjamin Madley argues that understanding the 19th century genocide in California will assist scholars in "re-examining the larger, hemispheric Indigenous population catastrophe."

    Elected California officials were the primary architects of annihilation. State legislators created a legal environment in which California [Natives] had almost no rights, thus granting those who attacked them virtual impunity.

    [But] the state of California did not act alone. The US Army played a crucial part in the California genocide, first creating the exclusionary legal system, then setting genocidal precedents, helping to build the killing machine, participating in killing and finally taking control of it. In total, US Army soldiers killed at least 1,688 to 3,741 California [Natives] between 1846 and 1873.

    18 mins | American Indian Activist Russell Means Powerful Speech, 1989 |

  • I ask again…

    If you put a untrained monkey at a typewriter forever would he type out a Shakespeare play by accident? Eventually?? Randomly???


    P.O.D. – Lost In Forever (Scream) [Official Music Video]:

  • Black Alert:

    This message is in no way true and is a complete joke. (flash site or not) accepts NO responsibility for rumor or fake crap or attitude or crazy made security problems? Maybe… 🙂

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Massachusetts "Police Arrest Pipeline Protesters—And Get Paid by the Pipeline’s Owner
    In just five months, an energy company has paid Massachusetts State Police nearly $773,000 for extra security details—as they’ve helped arrest protesters fighting a pipeline."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Vitamin C is similar in structure to glucose. Animals that can make their own Vit C use glucose to make Vit C. When we need Vit C we crave sweet foods because if we ate as nature intended, the only sweet foods available would be fruit, which would supply us with Vit C and satisfy our need for something sweet.

    Vit C is required for many chemical reactions in the body, from carnitine and sperm production to immune function in dealing with colds, cancer etc In 1935 Dr Klenner reports successfully curing polio with 80 Gm of Vit C per day."

  • DUDe DUDe

    Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections are Bad for America (Controversies in Electoral Democracy and Representation)

    Comments :

    "I mean, this is just a farce against basic democracy. We pick the representatives. The representatives do not pick the people. DO not make this guy the top census operator."

    "This right-wing professor has been assigned by Trump to fix the next U.S. census. He can't be confirmed by the Senate to head the Census Bureau, so Trump will make him the deputy, for which no Senate confirmation is needed. And Trump will not appoint a real director, so this statistical nontrainee will run the fix. This book lays out his program to undermine democracy in America through gerrymandering. Shame, shame!"



    #1- Stop reading about all the hype on ridiculous vitamin cures. Cancer is nothing more than tangled bad cells.

    #2- There is only one way to attack these mutant free-radicalized cells.
    Organic MUSHROOMS. Taken in the purist form: whole food supplements from New Chapter

    #3- The other most importment..

    Essiac Tea/supplements–KjS1wIVlMpkCh0vlAzIEAAYASAAEgI_aPD_BwE

    The Arrest of Canadian Nurse Renee Caisse Over Native Indian Cancer Treatment.

    • GOM GOM

      Introducing Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger

      Everyday, 3-6 cups with raw honey.

      Good alterative as Turmeric cannot be ingested long term.

      Target has it here.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      'Cancer is nothing more than tangled bad cells.' OK, closer to truth than your 'earth is shaped like a bowl' theory. You are in the medical field? "Mr Norbit, the lab report came in and were sorry to inform you that you have tangled bad cells" "now if you will just sign over the entirety of your life savings and assets, we can begin the poison injections"

      Obviously you never had to fight cancer. Also, you didnt read my links to cancer over the last couple of weeks. You havent studied cancer or cancer treatment and have no clinical experience treating cacner

      That said, the mushrooms and essiac are fine. My experience is that mushrooms didnt really help much…although I dont say they dont help. New Chapter is good, a little pricy. Essiac might have been a cure in more alive, environmentally pure times, but now treating cancer is a super challenge. Its a major, comprehensive trip. You need to clean out toxins, clean the liver, take large quantities of herbs, most likely go to a clinic that uses IV vit c and other orthomolecular cocktails, keep trying protocols.

      No doubt HD will chime in with Gerson. Gerson is good but the protocol takes a real dedication. Green coffee enemas, calf liver and carrot juice (yuck!), large quantities of various forms of potassium. If Gerson were alive, I have no doubt he would update his understanding and protocols

      The only magic bullet is black salve for skin cancer. Even that has scary possible outcomes.

      • danger kitty danger kitty

        Hi Code, this Avemar stuff seems like a silver bullet to me –>
        I didn't have cancer, I was merely in the end spiral of RAIDS. Extreme weight loss & fatigue. Losing control of my legs, very similar to what some of the sailors from the Ronald Reagan described. I could tell that I would be in a wheelchair and then gone in just a few short weeks. I had just seen this exact scenario played out in my wife. She spiraled down in 10 short weeks.
        Within a week of taking avemar I had gained 20 lb back. After another two or three months I got back 20 more pounds. I consider it pretty miraculous. It is used by some oncologists; usually what they call integrative oncologists, either with or without the usual burning and poisoning. My acupuncturist healer says that she seen people with stage 4 cancer come out into total remission with the stuff. Tripling down on the dose. Single dose runs about $180 a month.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Danger Kitty…Im glad you have had remarkable results with that product. Another plant source of benzoquinones is this plant

          A possible addition or substitute might be pyrroloquinoline quinone. You might get more quinone for your money

          I wanted to clarify the magic bullet; I meant that when one is battling cancer, rarely does one particular product wipe it out. A systemic comprehensive approach is required. This means dietary changes, cleansing, elimination of carcinogens in the environment etc.

          I have seen this; we tend to latch onto one product or treatment, and then are disappointed the cancer is still there. Treating cancer is DIFFICULT! Black salve is a chemical burning that does wipe out skin cancer dramatically. I observe any remaining margins can become more aggressive,…faster growth. Black salve didnt take away the CAUSE of cancer, which is multi factorial.

          The reason I say there is no magic bullet is because if a person is in the grips of cancer, they cant afford to think a bottle of this or that is going to cure them.

          • danger kitty danger kitty

            Code, I agree that it's never any one thing that's going to help with disease. I have a large number of supplements and herbs I take. I am fortunate to have found some of the best, perhaps it's just because I've been at it for so long. I've spent two thirds of my life, that's no exaggeration, 2/3 of my life under attack by heavy metals, most of them radioactive It's come in three waves, starting at conception. That's right, I was born with beta burns, and a whole lot else. Not whining, I've been able to keep alive thanks to a lot of different nutritional and herbal products.
            My standard for healing substances is that they produce noticeable results within 2 or 3 days. Avemar meets that criteria as does vitamin C, the glutamate that you've written so much about, good mineral supplements, spirulina,cayenne etc.
            Looking for a good multi mineral, trace mineral supplement because the one I had used is not a good idea anymore. It was azomite. Azomite was amazing but it is mined from an open pit mine and in the Age of Fallout thats not advisable.
            It's good that I am no longer dying but I'm still looking to recover all my energy. The product I'm trying now for that is Sun Horse Energy, Mojo 8.5. Seems to be working nicely without being over-stimulating. It's a combination of about 20 adaptogenic herbs from around the entire world.
            That PQQ looks interesting, aaand its on Amazon, on its way to me. Wish I hadn't put up those anti-drone nets…

            • danger kitty danger kitty

              And of course Energy Medicine is a big part of my healing routine. Qi Gong meditation, acupuncture and acupressure, walking barefoot, and the healing powers of being completely disgusted with the piles of stupid that represent Modern Life. I laugh big belly laughs over that everyday!

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              danger kitty…you REALLY need to address the high blood pressure! That was you right?

              If you feel effects from the benzoquinone in that avemar product, but would like to explore other sources, I would take a look at this list and see if any are used for the ailments you experience. Then you could buy in bulk


              The vit C levels you talk about are considered dietary, not pharmaceutical. To do major battle with C you need to take every few hours, try blending with lecithin, try the zucchini method, and in dire times, get the IV

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Nigella sativa (black-caraway, also known as black cumin, nigella and kalonj)

                a quinone containing plant with anti cancer anti inflammatory use

                Thymoquinone: potential cure for inflammatory disorders and cancer

                'One meta-analysis of clinical trials found weak evidence that N. sativa has a short-term benefit on lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and another found limited evidence that various extracts of black seed can reduce triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol.' I would check that they werent taking too small of quantity. Herbs…you can usually use a lot! (not always of course!)

              • danger kitty danger kitty

                Code, the blood pressure is now under control by medication. It took a couple of weeks with a new med to get it there. It was like trying to steer the Starship Enterprise with a broken rudder. But it's still symptom management. Remember the high blood pressure was the result of that contaminated spirulina that measured 10 counts over background in 4 oz of powder. It's just ridiculous that the doctors don't take that powder into the nuclear medicine lab, run it under a gamma scintillator and see what it was. Then they could work on chemical chelation of the metals. They manage the symptoms and call it done . Absurd!
                I'd rather chelate and detox the RADS herbally anyway. But the blood pressure is controlled by medication I'll Give It 2 years tops cuz I ain't going to be on ANY medication for the rest of my life.

            • "Code, I agree that it's never any one thing that's going to help with disease. I have a large number of supplements and herbs I take"

              As long as it is real herbs and not some tablet someone convinced you was good…

              Eating iodine? Are ya sure?? Reaaaaaally sure???

              Can't b (for sure sure) huh…

              Real whole foods are easy to spot and any old and/or bad stuff is easily discarded as trash too…

              Not so with tablets or powders or pills or liquid elixirs…


              Incubus – Dig:


              • danger kitty danger kitty

                Wasn't talking to you drivel mutt. The only thing that comes out of your mouth is a mixture of smegma and the fresh raw materials for coprolite. There's only one way that got IN your mouth in the first place.
                You act like you know all, see all, and pee all over yourself. The reality is you are a pretender. Not the band.
                You are on notice, drivel mutt, do not respond to my posts, do not talk to me. That will be all, HD.
                kitty logging out…

                • Nor was I takling to you pussy…

                  Try to get a grip on something, even if it's just knowing when to keep your trap shut Daaaaaaaaanger Kitty…

                • And now Dannnnnger Kitty wan't me to nor respond to the silly, stupid crazy unwitting post that total waste of a case types out here…

                  Funny that this idiot would bait a argument with me huh….

                  I've ignored this fool like the plague after realizing that this one doesn't have the good sense GOD gives a dog…

                  But now Daaaaaaaaaanger kitty wants to play with a real dog huh…

                  Pathedic fool, get a grip on something, even if it's the fact you have no real grip on anything…

                  Go away and stay there fool…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    words discombobulated write person wrong response much? Drugs youth brain scrambled? Old now business fathers wing disability? On holding dear for life slip away insanity side effect drugs? Think try but slip away word and spell gone to Valhalla?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      "now Dannnnnger Kitty wan't me to nor respond to"

                      Please, nor respond me to wan't also. Note please make of it

                      thaaaanks in advaaaaaance

      • GOM GOM


        No need to speak of infamous 'credentials'. My philosophy is, anyone can pass a test for a license. That, and time, have pretty much cemented the idea.

        Fact is, corporations (AMA) control your 'health life' through manipulation such as propaganda & fear. Fear of death is a great tool.

        Law dictates that a Physician MUST recommend chemo for a cancer diagnosis.

        It is illegal to treat cancer other than with chemo, surgery, and radiation.

        [Just a sidenote, but isn't Vit C a natural substance? Seems like insurance is paying for it. Kickbacks too. And it's dangerous in high dose].

        That seems somehow OK?

        But to offer folks a chance through alternative research & supplementation..
        grab your torch & pitchforks

        "Obviously you never had to fight cancer"

        Obviously, you forget my Downwinder experience..

        Enough of this nonsense. You remain a pathetic bore. Just re-read your own post..;)

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          several studies show that high levels of Vit C are well tolerated…safe. You say its dangerous and not therapeutic! This is bad advice by almost any standard.

          Chemo, radiation and surgery…those are dangerous. Vit C is not

          I didnt think my post was a pathetic bore. I speak from gritty experience

          If you had cancer (an actual diagnosis?) and cured it with essiac and some other teas, good for you. Most will NOT find it that easy, I guarantee you. In fact I doubt your success story

          • danger kitty danger kitty

            I've used high doses of Vitamin C to get rid of really bad colds and pneumonia. 5000 to 8000 units per day.It works best if I drink lots of orange juice while doing it. Getting some of the whole food as well as the concentrated vitamin C.
            In my list of core healing nutrients above I forgot to mention garlic. Lots of garlic. To get that much garlic I need it in extract form. The combination of garlic and cayenne apparently has kept my arteries clean, too Had my first and only lifetime CT scan about a year ago (never again), and my arteries are clean at 64. When my father was that age his were 90% occluded. Both of us heavy smokers. I quit a few months ago.
            They say that the garlic softens up the plaque on blood vessels and the Cayenne mechanically scrubs it off. I hope Frank is listening…

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          GOM, I dont know whos credentials you are talking about. IF by chance you mean to say you passed a nursing degree I can say you present a danger to patients. Scary. But perhaps your point remains; a medical degree does not mean you will get good treatment from the medical establishment for cancer or other diseases. True survival and quality of life statistics are dismal…the treatments barbaric, extraordinarily expensive.

  • Are we really doing it?

    Or are we just pretending to do it…

    The real questions…

    Joe Bonamassa – Mountain Climbing:


    Final word on cancer:

    The cancer paradigm is based on an archaic cut, poison, and burn approach, which often has dismal, deadly results; it’s important to realize that there are other options available, but your oncologist isn’t likely to tell you about them.

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