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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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40,388 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017


    Obama admin’s 35-yr lease of Port Canaveral to Middle East company with Russian ties endangers U.S. national security.

    "The next time you watch a freight train pass by a railroad crossing, or hear the evocative sounds of the mournful horns of trains passing in the night or railroad crossing warning bells as flatbed rail cars double – stacked with cargo containers roll by, or see a flatbed semi-truck hauling a cargo container down the highway, keep in mind that President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration awarded Saddam Hussein’s rogue nuclear mastermind access to Florida’s Port Canaveral cargo container terminal, a U.S. port of entry that gives Russia and states of its choice unfettered access to the entire United States."

    • FaunaLord q

      Ah come on. That's nothing. Just recently the "crown jewel" of the american oil refining industry, port arthur( was it? I don't fucking remember, but it doesn't matter, because you're ignorant. Yes yes, that's not personal, it's universal) was acquired rather entirely by saudi aramco or something?

      That's cool. MAGA.

  • FaunaLord q

    Simple psychology. So this purple shit, what's the deal with that? I mean, watch any ad, tv show or something, chances are, purple features prominently. I actually understand that, even if it doesn't make sense to most. It's pretty much just marketing. Seriously, check it out.

    Why is this not mentioned more often? You're all conspiring, aren't you?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Now Meltdown patches are making industrial control systems lurch
    Automation and SCADA-flingers admit fix has affected products

    SCADA vendor Wonderware admitted that Redmond's Meltdown patch made its Historian product wobble. "Microsoft update KB4056896 (or parallel patches for other Operating System) causes instability for Wonderware Historian and the inability to access DA/OI Servers through the SMC," an advisory on Wonderware's support site explains.

    Rockwell Automation revealed that the same patch had caused issues with Studio 5000, FactoryTalk View SE, and RSLinx Classic (a widely used product in the manufacturing sector). "In fairness [this] may be RPC [Remote Procedure Call] change related," said cybersecurity vulnerability manager Kevin Beaumont.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Lots of WW out there, others,,,ummm many.

      Keeping the smoke in is really difficult, more so as we go.
      Seems simple wire is problematic.
      Autonomous is only a people/prep/trust issue.

      We passed going back a long time ago.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Convenience and surprised AI will be future entertainment…

        • AI? Really??? Right now it's a junk cellphone to stare into and use as a type writer instead of a phone…

          So your'e typing on a perfectly good cell phone? Really????

          Hey dude what are ya doin? Typin on a phone…

          Really does the phone not work?

          Kinda NOT at all like jumping outta a perfectly good airplane huh.

          Or using the perfectly good phone in your hand as a actual telephone either.

          …and the fools do it while they are driving and/or supposedly working too all the time?

          I expect that'll be enough for awhile…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Cyber-attacks are a top three risk to society, alongside natural disaster and extreme weather

    A report has warned that ransomware, Internet of Things hacks, and industrial attacks could be almost as big a problem as natural disasters and extreme weather.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Researchers already believed the disease was caused by the pathogen Pasteurella multocida, but they were baffled by the die-off because the bacteria had likely been living harmlessly in the saigas' tonsils up to that point. This led researchers to wonder why the bacteria suddenly became deadly on such a vast scale among the nomadic animals with the distinctive pendulous nose.

    The international and interdisciplinary team of researchers studied previous die-offs — two similar events occurred in the 1980s — in saiga populations, uncovering patterns that showed an increased likelihood of such events when the weather is unusually humid and warm, as was the case in the days leading up to the deaths in 2015. This triggered an opportunistic bacterial invasion of the blood stream.

    • Jebus Jebus

      While the team of vets, botanists, lab scientists and ecologists did not examine the link between climate change and warmer weather during their research, Richard Kock, who helped carry out the study, speculated that there may be a connection. The Professor in Emerging Diseases at London's Royal Veterinary College said there is a trend of rising temperatures — and warmer and wetter weather over the past 40 years, adding that a similar event could happen again.

      "I think it (the saiga) is an indicator of environmental change — a sensitive indicator that doesn't have the privilege of air conditioning," Kock told DW. "It tells us about the planet and is an indicator of things at a biological level, which is very concerning."

      Thats hard to read so much speculative justification for such a result.

      • DUDe DUDe

        A Federal Ban on Making
        Lethal Viruses Is Lifted

        Federal officials on Tuesday ended a moratorium imposed three years ago on funding research that alters germs to make them more lethal.

        Such work can now proceed, said Dr. Francis S. Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health, but only if a scientific panel decides that the benefits justify the risks.

        Some scientists are eager to pursue these studies because they may show, for example, how a bird flu could mutate to more easily infect humans, or could yield clues to making a better vaccine.

        Critics say these researchers risk creating a monster germ that could escape the lab and seed a pandemic.
        Continue reading the main story

        Now, a government panel will require that researchers show that their studies in this area are scientifically sound and that they will be done in a high-security lab.

        The pathogen to be modified must pose a serious health threat, and the work must produce knowledge — such as a vaccine — that would benefit humans. Finally, there must be no safer way to do the research.

        In October 2014, all federal funding was halted on efforts to make three viruses more dangerous: the flu virus, and those causing Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

        But the new regulations apply to any pathogen that could potentially cause a pandemic. For example, they would apply to a request to create an Ebola virus transmissible through the air, said…

      • Saiga eat Lichen

        Lichen are formed from Chitin

        Chitin Bio-magnifies radiation

        Radiation increase morbidity and immune system function.

        fucking asshats

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        I lost my keys…of course global warming is at fault. I never lose them when the average temp is half a degree less.

        But those were the good old days. Now Im getting older and fatter. Thats because of global warming. And those mass shootings? Yep, global warming. Ever wonder why the woman isnt interested in you anymore? Thats caused by global warming too. Theres only two things we have to worry about…global warming and terrorism…which is caused by global warming. In fact global warming is also caused by global warming….everything is

        • FaunaLord q

          Are you thinking what I say you're thinking?

          Are you sure the terrorism doesn't cause global warming? I mean, think about it. Let's go speak on TV and warn people. They need to know that terrorism causes global warming and global warming causes terrorism. And you, as a citizen, using like a 50th the energy that say, a politician or lower level indoctrinate would use, you are the problem, so you need to change. Otherwise, warming terror.

          Oh yeah, who are the guys always speaking about global warming and terrorism and funding and shit like that? I seem to have not noticed something about them.

  • DUDe DUDe

    The US Should Drop Its Quest for World Domination, and Learn to Live and Let Live

    " … the USA is in fast decline, its people are increasingly impoverished and increasingly killing each other, the police are murderous, justice corrupted, the government a debacle, the leadership made up of generally right wing criminals, gangsters, and confidence men …"

    I have just read through the new United States National Security Strategy released by President Trump in December 2017. There have been many comments on it, most of them focusing on the hostility in the document towards Russia and China but also some question of what the Strategy is. Well, after reading page after page of delusions, bombast, bragging, bullying, lies, fantasies and deep-seated megalomania, you discover that there is no strategy.

    They don’t have one. The only use that document has is as irrefutable evidence that the government of the United States is what they like to call a Joint Criminal Enterprise intent on seizing control of the world for its sole interests. Fortunately, they have, apparently, no idea how they are going to achieve that goal except through war, war, and more war, and if that doesn’t work some more war until they collapse from exhaustion, like a mad, rabid dog.

    • So the Ashkenazi Jews want world domination, and US wants world domination, do ya think the AJ's would perhaps want to control the USA's financial system, the media, and the entertainment industry, and to co-opt the lefts idealogy for destruction of USA morals and wealth?

      Sounds like a James Bond plot with evil actors.

      Ascribing that to the right, is just SO WRONG

      It is the exact opposite.

      • DUDe DUDe

        "do ya think the AJ's would perhaps want to control the USA's financial system, the media, and the entertainment industry, and to co-opt the lefts idealogy for destruction of USA morals and wealth?"

        "want to control" , no , they are in control..

        But what is that "USA morals and wealth" you talk about..gained by spreading democracy and killing the planet or something ?

        And that "lefts ideaology for destruction" ?

        Both political executive body's are rotten to the core and have the same masters..but at the moment , the thugs de jour , are rightwing no?

        • DUDe DUDe

          Or you could poll ALL the country's in the world where USA is currently sticking its dirty empirical fingers in (indeed with the gleefull zionist jew in the background clapping its fins most of the time) if that article is SO WRONG…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        stock…different views. Right vs Left is a failed team vs team concept. Im not going with either stupid camp…suggest you review your allegiance.

        considering the right is in favor of preemptive nuclear war…you lost your team right there. Why be an apologist for stupid overlords and minions?

        Somehow when the word conservation turned to conservative, the right went off the deep end. Theyre all versions of Joseph McCarthy with their emotional snobby self righteous attitude, bonding to memes and scripts like belligerent buzz cut juveniles. Indoctrination is the key word here. Old school, stiff and indoctrinated.

        Just say the words 'earth first' to a right winger. It IS the only important thing now…believe it or not

      • FaunaLord q

        "Ascribing that to the right, is just SO WRONG

        It is the exact opposite."

        You said it guy. It is the exact "opposite" of the same coin, and it is just SO wrong.

        I tried to join a political party, the right didn't want me, the left couldn't have me.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Well, I'd argue there are lots of left and right wing criminals.

      Obama and co. were no boy scout troup.

      The swamp is deep and wide, and it covers a lot of territory.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I suspect some of the left-wing criminals are going to be hung out to dry soon.

        • DUDe DUDe

          I hope full spectrum..till the end lol..

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          I would like to see this list of names with each specific crime for that individual within the confines of current US law.

          When Trump lied directly to the American people about not benefiting personally from his current tax law changes and then it is discovered he and his family will net billions personally from that same legislation..

          ..should that action be against the law?

  • Jebus Jebus

    "A wide range of actions imperil the planet and threaten the future of humanity and other species. This essay notes some examples of crimes and harms damaging to the environment and human and non-human species as well as various forms of response that have called for more effective and appropriate models of justice and law than currently prevail. This leads to a discussion of several suggestions regarding the development and expression of an earth jurisprudence and to the history of a proposal that “ecocide” be recognised internationally as a crime. Analysis of documentary sources traces this idea from debates about the concept of genocide to consideration by United Nations officials as to how crimes against the environment might be defined, and shows how near such a proposal has previously come to acceptance and enactment. The article concludes with an argument for supporting a law of ecocide as the 5th Crime against Peace."

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Unlocked :::::::::: time is a membrane

  • FaunaLord q


    "The space agency is working with the US Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration to test such a system. It’s called KRUSTY (Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling Technology), and it’s being ramped up to full power in a few weeks."

    NASA, being the most useless fucks in the world since forever, still, records and shit. KRUSTY, like Hell'sHairy Clingon, it's old dry and total shit, the fucking downtown browntown clown.

  • FaunaLord q

    I feel like there is this need for me to shame people into their rightful places, in oblivion.

    Sure I'm not new this, so I can't say start, not really. But I'm human, so talking shit comes naturally.

    Hey so I was looking at society and I noticed this. There's a parasite quite unlike others, it is given access to a whole fucking world to support it, and yet, it fucks that up, it is that incompetent, collectively. Other species don't need that level of support, other species hold no such insecurity.

    And of course, the very prestigious masonic rhetoric.

    What is this species? The newest relic.

  • razzz razzz

    'Government Shutdowns – Just Politics?'

    "…Back in 2013, Obama deliberately tried to cause as much harm to the country as possible to blame the Republicans. He went out of his way to disrupt the country even stopping tours of the White House which was absurd. Obama even went further than necessary to create as much havoc as possible. He put up temporary fencing around the National Mall which was a simple grass park that stretches from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. It cost money to put up fences to stop people from walking on open grass.

    If there is a shutdown, the closures would inflict far less pain on citizens this time because Trump has no intention of using it as a political weapon as was the case of Obama. The 2013 shutdown closed down many government functions for 16 days until House Republicans relented on their demands that a spending bill includes a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Obama won and forced the Republicans to back down.

    So here we are in 2018 and the Democrats are once again trying to hurt the country as much as possible to get their demands. Politics is just about confrontation. Why we have these budget confrontations with a debt ceiling is absurd. Nobody intends to stop spending and nobody intends to pay off the debt. Debt ceilings are always raised. Why pretend anyway?"

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Armstrong is confused. There are no markets. The real world is trade. Hes confused by the onomastics.

      Endless money printing and debt does two things; creates inflation and transfers wealth from the masses to the elite. OF course, being a low life middle man skimmer, Armstrong likes it….his little dark corner in the fetid caverns of capitalism/fascism And people follow him around like little puppies in the dark, squeaking

  • FaunaLord q

    Fuck, I'm only getting that AIDS vaccine results next week. That's fucking disappointing, I was getting giddy about the prospect of people adopting a new marginally effective measure, at least, in marketing terms, but in reality an engineered virus through vaccines. This is an eradication, and you're all on the list.

    I mean like you do this experiment without adjuvants and shit like that. It's like 30% effective, so basically as a newborn you should get fucked. Not in that sense, just with a little jab. Then you can wonder about it 30 years later, in that cancer ward.

    • FaunaLord q

      Sorry for my recent, how should I say, excitement? No, not quite. What's that fucking word? Misanthropic discipline? That's not a word, but it's close. Anyway, doesn't matter.

      I mention it because I happen to be cancer and I know Bill Gates and Gill Bates, intimately. In his anus, even. I mean come on, this vaccine is from a fairly prominent university, involves people I know personally, and even better, the B&M gates foundation often sponsors our genocidal strategies.

      No more brown people. Well fuck, america already achieve that. Everything is either black or white, according to dumb fucks.

      • FaunaLord q

        "white" people say Bozo is black, "black" people don't know they're brown. Truth is, he was just a clown.

        What's next, you gonna tell me about how Whoopi Goldberg or Oprah Winfrey are "black", despite their genetics?

        I love racism, it makes us understand how fucking shit we actually are. Obviously, as a fucking whole, we can't face it so denial, normalcy, indoctrination, you know, the shit that keeps the economy going nowhere.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Black people are African American descendants.
          Brown people are the whole range of other brown people.
          And it's huge..
          To acknowledge the different races is fine.
          Acknowledging color and racial difference is rather like discerning the various flowers.
          One may prefer certain types.
          The essential nature of the flower does change.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Oops..doesn't change..
            Would it want to??

          • FaunaLord q

            I know exactly what you mean, but my point was about the indoctrinated bullshit. The way politics and society polarizes. And to be quite fair, people try to use that after being indoctrinated and adopting that very same rather flawed mentality, even if it's blatantly bullshit. What was that other DNC woman that claimed to be black, rather than a piece of shit? Well…I dunno, I kinda figured she's not black and just a piece of shit. Her name obviously isn't worth remembering.

            Let's face it, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Whoopi Goldberg. These are not just africans, are they? Something tells me, there's like not just african genes in that or is Michael like a common name from Sierra Leone or some shit? I bet it isn't.

          • FaunaLord q

            "Black people are African American descendants."

            That's actually pretty good, it has this implicit mention of inheriting society's bullshit. An african american, that's fucking black, at least according to hundreds of millions of dumb fucks.

            Truthfully, most african americans are descended (ouch) from american idealogy, but they may also have some british, or french or dutch or german or jewish genes.

            You know what's fucking black? Charcoal.

  • FaunaLord q

    Who like magic and miracles. My fingers are getting itchy. Think of something. Something real shit. Now imagine fire. Real shit, on fire. It happens. Check it, give it like a few days or a week so. It'll make the news. You know, rather than the "news" making the situation.

    Try it out, seriously, just pray. I'm a pretty solid catastrophist, no jokes.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I think of fructification.
    From where cometh life..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hopefully there will always float other ideologies that involve other types 'interface' other than what Humans are presently up to.
    Always supposedly groping for 'that' knowledge ..while other wonders how many times they have been and have to be told.

    • FaunaLord q

      I can only be told bullshit so many times. Eventually, what happens is that I can longer raise my eyebrows. Poker face and shit. It's a simple transmutation of gesture. I converted the energy to raise my eyebrows and focused it on two middlefingers. I say fuckoff, you cunt, sort of compulsively.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    That's mature..
    Go get some food ..q.
    Try some coffee…

    • FaunaLord q

      But coffee is hepatotoxic. I noticed most "food" is too. It's so fucking weird, I don't drink much (for the previous two weeks or so) eat a shitload, and I get like inflammation flares. I drink a fuckload, but don't eat…hmmm.

      Coffee kinda sucks shit, I used to drink lots of coffee, like, lots. So no.

      If I want to take a shit early in the morning, a joint and some coffee normally is pretty good for promoting flushing. But if I eat less, I don't need to shit as much. What to do?

      • FaunaLord q

        "Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine; see the image below) is the most widely consumed stimulant drug in the world."

        I'm not a chemist and I can't really explain to normal humans what that means, but I guess they need their meth.

        You're all on drugs, dumb fucks. Sugar (ok no, maybe rather aspartame or, or, even worse), MSG, taurine, caffeine, casein, gliadin, whatever.

        Doesn't this picture make it obvious?

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I'm back now.
          I have spent the last few years helping our autistic family school age..I get to go back to work.
          A cup of coffee ..well earned.
          Otherwise, I drink Tulsi.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            I'll say this too.
            I refuse to leave this world to future generations heading in the direction of self-destruction without fighting about it unto my least breathe.
            I REFUSE.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here ..a song you might like, while I search for toxins..

    Monster Magnet – Space Lord + Lyrics [HQ]

  • FaunaLord q

    Oh, revelations.

    If freddy mercury wasn't quite as gay and played metal, he'd still be mediocre compared to that guy.

    What a shitload of things to hate. And it fucking deserves hate, none of that lukewarm pandering shit.

  • FaunaLord q

    I can't find actual juice to buy, what's up with that.

    It says like 100% orange juice. But then it also says anti-foaming agent.

    Marketing is fucking tricky hey?

    The orange juice that's in there, is really 100% orange juice. But, the contents of the orange juice, is not 100% orange juice.

  • FaunaLord q

    Okay like, I'm fucking sick and tire and done with this shit. Every fucking time I let out some light, it just gets abused. So fuck that then.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Only humans are dying to be saved…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Is there an afterlife for corporations?

    Troubled Toshiba plans to eliminate negative net worth by selling Westinghouse claims to U.S. hedge fund

    The company has agreed to sell claims related to Westinghouse Electric Co. to the Baupost Group LLC for $2.16 billion, with the transaction set to be completed by the end of the month. Westinghouse-related shares will be sold by the end of March to Canada’s Brookfield Business Partners LP, which will acquire the U.S. nuclear unit.

    The value of Westinghouse itself is $1 after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March.

    Following the sale of Westinghouse-related claims and shares, Toshiba will likely secure net assets of ¥270 billion.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Artificial intelligence only suggests that human intelligence be manipulated…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Differential pressure is how all work is done…

  • Jebus Jebus

    2017 Was the Warmest Year on Record for Oceans

    Global warming is real, and it’s happening now. Within hours of the announcement by scientists in the US that 2017 was at least the third warmest year recorded, if not the second, over the Earth’s land and oceans, there comes a further revelation: 2017 was also the warmest year on record for the global oceans.

    Just a little bit warmer.

    I think of a membrane and pressure differentials…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Will the weather get worse in 2018? – 1/19/18

    The relationship states that for every degree rise in temperature, the water-holding capacity of the atmosphere increases by 7 percent, so in a warming ocean, the air above the water has a much greater capacity to hold water and thus store more rain that can feed more powerful storms.

    Sorry to cause pressure by being heavy…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Lost in Space? The Zuma Satellite

    The Zuma satellite (USA280) is curious. It’s a classified satellite and so there’s no public description of its purpose. Satellite watchers usually pick up some clues about the purpose of a classified satellite by who made it and what orbit it is put in. For example, spy satellites that are imaging the ground in visible light often use sun synchronous orbits (close to a polar orbit) so that they can see the earth at a constant sun angle, which is helpful in detecting changes. Signals intelligence satellites tend to be at around 63 degrees inclination (the angle the orbit makes with respect to the equator).

  • Jebus Jebus

    Rocket Lab sends Electron rocket into orbit, marking milestone for moon mission

    This mission was nicknamed “Still Testing,” but unlike the first mission, the objective was not merely to test Rocket Lab’s hardware. The rocket had the additional task of putting three nanosatellites in orbit: an Earth-imaging Dove satellite for Planet, and two Lemur-2 satellites that the Spire space venture would use for tracking ships and monitoring weather.

    The company, which has headquarters in Los Angeles as well as New Zealand, already has picked up contracts from NASA and Seattle-based Spaceflight for small-satellite launches. One of Rocket Lab’s highest-profile customers is Florida-based Moon Express, which aims to use an Electron rocket to send its MX-1E lander on the first leg of its journey to the lunar surface.

    Co-founded by Seattle-area entrepreneur Naveen Jain, Moon Express is a leading contender in the Google Lunar X Prize competition, which would award $20 million to the first team to reach the moon, travel 500 meters and send back live imagery.

    The deadline for accomplishing the feat is March 31, and although the contest is coming down to the wire, today’s successful launch signals that there’s still a chance for Moon Express to win the prize. In a tweet, Moon Express CEO Bob Richards offered “huge congrats” to Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck and the launch team.

  • FaunaLord q

    I just had an epiphany or something. I was sitting on the toilet and taking a shit, but naturally, thinking of Gwyneth Paltrow. It occurred to me why Donald Trump said, "grab them by the pussy", which was quite profound.

    Like you need something to hold on to, and since she won't be using that, in terms of physics, it only makes sense. You'd want to bend her over and fuck her in the ass right? I mean she even wants it, she SCREAMS for it.

    I mean you could do the caveman shit and club her over the head, but someone already beat you to that. You could drag her by the hair, that doesn't work, it's too sensitive. Figure out the rest. I don't want to be too explicit.

  • FaunaLord q

    Welcome to the church of dealy stan. We will be listening to a fat lady singing now.

    First, for the children.

    Then, for the comfort.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm listening now, q.
    But now something really headline worthy..
    The government shut-down might prevent the military from seeing the NFL title games.
    I thought the military was pissed at them for lack of respect.
    Never mind all that ..this is headline serious.

    Gov't shutdown might block US troops from seeing Sunday's NFL title games
    Jan 21 2018

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What cha got during the pulling life back out of the primordial soup again?
    As that redundancy makes for cyclical.
    Human progress ..round as their well touted wheel.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    As if Human death mongers can stop time itself.. at death.
    Humans speak of renewal and salvation like an end stop.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "The California Department of Health issued guidelines highlighting the health risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure, and encouraging the general public to minimize their exposure to it. The statewide guidelines came after certain cities such as Berkeley and San Francisco released local warnings that their citizens should make some distance between their mobile phones and their bodies."
    Nothing there about radioactive particles…

  • FaunaLord q

    Listeriosis in Tshwane (Pretoria), South African capital. Contamination from an abbatoir, restaurants. 1000 cases, 200 dead.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Doomsday Clock announcement, Jan 25 2018

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And that's it ..we tell it in the passing of the days.
    No shame in a humble offering.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Like here, we are never going to Mars.
    But we can further weaponized space.

    Op-Ed: US successfully tests small nuclear power plant for Mars mission

    It's like, why would Norwegians want to migrate to the US.
    Leave the 'pale blue' dot for Mars?


    11/17 – Abe Collapse..Trump

    2nd collapse in public..

    Footage seems to show Japan's prime minister falling over and rolling into a bunker while playing golf with Trump

    JANUARY 18, 2018 AT 2:07 PM · REPLY
    Shinzo Abe..Cancer?

    .."the prime minister collapsed"

    The health of a head of state is top secret” – especially when it’s bad.

    Abe's health will be under scrutiny again's-health-will-be-under-scrutiny-again

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A lot said here.
    The lead topic nuclear production accidents.
    I chose this.

    "The Defense Department trained at least 17 high-ranking foreigners at some of its top schools who were later convicted or accused of criminal and human rights abuses in their own countries, according to a series of little-noticed, annual State Department reports to Congress.
    Those singled out in the disclosures included five foreign generals, an admiral, a senior intelligence official, a foreign police inspector, and other military service members from a total of 13 countries, several of which endured war or coups."

    The Center for Public Integrity's top national security investigations in 2017

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Finger to chin..
    Duh, duh..let's wonder.

    Is Plutonium Exposure Behind the High Cancer Rates Near a Former Nuclear Weapons Facility in Colorado?
    A former Superfund site embodies the painful past and uncertain future of nuclear cleanup in America.
    Jan 8 2018

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law
    That’s peanuts compared with what the Koch brothers will save.

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's a mad man made world…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Endangered right whale's calving season peaks, but no young seen – 1/18/18

    Scientists watching for baby right whales off the Southeast U.S. coast have yet to spot a single newborn seven weeks into the endangered species' calving season — the longest researchers have gone without any sightings in nearly 30 years.

    Bad weather that has limited efforts to look for whales could be to blame, rather than a reproductive slump. But scientists also worry it could point to another low birth year for the imperiled whales after a grim 2017, when 17 confirmed right whale deaths far outpaced a scant five recorded births.

    Mass of dead and dying seabirds on Bay of Plenty shores in New Zealand – 1/18/18

    The Western Bay and ARRC Wildlife Trusts are urging the public to be aware of seabirds washing up on Bay of Plenty shores.

    Julia Graham, Western Bay Wildlife Trust chairperson, said there was a mass seabird mortality with many dead or dying birds being washed up on the beach.

    "Many of these are juveniles that cannot survive in this rough weather and episodes of mass die-off are a natural course of events," she said.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Mass seabird deaths swamp wildlife trust

      Western Bay and ARRC Wildlife Trusts are handling exceptionally high volumes of birds needing care.

      “There is a mass seabird mortality with many dead or dying birds being washed up on the beach,” says ARRC Wildlife Trust director and veterinarian Dr Liza Shneider.

      “Many of these are juveniles that cannot survive in this rough weather.”

      “Our volunteers work long hours and do everything that they can but we are extremely stretched,” says Liza.

      She requests that the public leave dying birds on the beach.

      “This is nature taking its course,” says Liza.

      “Episodes of mass die off are a natural course of events. Even the best medical care rarely facilitates survival, especially since many of these birds become highly stressed in captivity.”

      • FaunaLord q

        Western Bay and ARRC Wildlife Trusts are handling exceptionally high volumes of birds needing care.

        Arrogant cunts, (no real offense intended, I understand some people try to help), but I have to generalize. They don't need your human care, they need for you to fuckoff.

        “Episodes of mass die off are a natural course of events. Even the best medical care rarely facilitates survival, especially since many of these birds become highly stressed in captivity.”

        Right, exactly, mass dieoffs are a natural course of events, especially when you nuke shit.

        • Jebus Jebus

          It was more than nuclear shit.

          Nuclear shit was just the force multiplier…

          Chemical Contamination, Cleanup and Longterm Consequences of Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami  日本の地震と津波、化学汚染・除染・長期的結果

          In the weeks after the March 11 disaster, Toxic Watch Network compared Pollution Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) data against flood maps to derive a preliminary list of reporting facilities that were likely inundated by the tsunami. This map shows the 130 such facilities identified by Toxic Watch Network in the upper Tohoku region. It does not include all potentially affected facilities—for instance, those in the lower Tohoku region or those in the Kashima industrial complex, located in the neighboring Kanto region.

          Chemicals in tsunami debris could pose coastal threat

          The risk of chemical contamination is sizable, especially considering that many of the tsunami-affected areas on the Japanese coast were industrial and used many different types of toxic chemicals in manufacturing operations.

          • Jebus Jebus

            These guys are closed down right now but the site is still up.

            Chemical Aftermath: Contamination and Cleanup Following the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami


            Maybe they have just passed their prime…

          • FaunaLord q

            It was more than just unclear.

            Let me try and rephrase.

            hey, we're humans, and because we're humans we do stupid shit that kills the environment, and to be fair, us too. So like, now, we're in denial, and instead of addressing the fact that we're the problem, we will pose as saviours in our futile attempts at salvation. We will project this insecurity as if the environment (animals included) relies on us, even though we kinda fucked it up. It's not like we have a collective narcissistic infantile delusion coupled with what I can only describe as at least sociopathy. Then what we'll do is say that no, no, it's not that our toxins and industries and nukes and wars general greed and fuckheads is the problem. Nope, we can scapegoat and deflect.

          • The Toxicity Multiplying Effect.


            In my opinion, it is not just the radioactive contamination from Fukushima directly poisoning the sea and causing the large Pacific Ocean die offs, it is a combination of interrelated factors, because everything is interconnected.

            North Pacific Ocean water is now a mixture of toxic industrial chemicals washed out to sea during the tsunami, and a variety of radioactive isotopes, not just Cesium, but also Tritium, Strontium, Americium, and Plutonium, etc. A lot of these isotopes are heavy metal toxins, as well as being radioactive. All this has now been added to the toxins that were already in the Pacific Ocean, before Fukushima.


  • FaunaLord q

    Holy shit. I didn't think this applied to inventory management. Intuition is great though. I was actually thinking of how shit Java is.

    "What does 'Just In Time – JIT' mean

    Just-in-time (JIT) is an inventory strategy companies employ to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs. This method requires producers to forecast demand accurately.

    This inventory supply system represents a shift away from the older just-in-case strategy, in which producers carried large inventories in case higher demand had to be met."

  • FaunaLord q

    Oh my, the ring of fire, is on fire.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Sick of drug companies’ eye-popping price hikes and ridiculous shortages, the feisty hospital systems announced Wednesday that they’ve banded together and formed an unnamed non-profit to make their own steady supply of affordable generic medicines."

  • DUDe DUDe

    Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People

    The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts.

    We have been hearing a lot recently about a revolution in the way we think about human health — how it is inextricably linked to the health of microbes in our gut, mouth, nasal passages, and other "habitats" in and on us. With the release last summer of the results of the five-year National Institutes of Health's Human Microbiome Project, we are told we should think of ourselves as a "superorganism," a residence for microbes with whom we have coevolved, who perform critical functions and provide services to us, and who outnumber our own human cells ten to one. For the first time, thanks to our ability to conduct highly efficient and low cost genetic sequencing, we now have a map of the normal microbial make-up of a healthy human, a collection of bacteria, fungi, one-celled archaea, and viruses. Collectively they weigh about three pounds — the same as our brain.

    But there is another major revolution in human health also just beginning based on an understanding of tiny organisms. It is driven by the same technological advances and allows us to understand and restore our collaborative relationship with microbiota not in the human gut but in another dark place: the soil.

    • DUDe DUDe

      Monsanto's Roundup Destroys Healthy Microbes in Humans and in Soils

      Microbes Prove Their Value in Humans

      While some microbes cause disease, the majority of these cells assist us with everyday processes, such as digesting food and keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

      According to an article published this month by, 70 to 80 percent of your immune function resides within your gastrointestinal tract or "gut." Poor gut health is associated with autism, behavioral disorders, diabetes, gene expression and obesity.

      If, as this recent article in the Atlantic claims, "The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts," then the new Séralini study doesn't bode well for us humans—especially if we keep dousing the world's soils with glyphosate, and consuming glyphosate-contaminated foods.

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