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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


Thread Guidelines: This off-topic discussion thread is posted to be used as a place for discussion of topics not related to Fukushima and/or nuclear issues.

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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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40,388 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Night.. DUDe.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Scientists Discover Ancient Mayan City of 10 Million People Hidden Under Jungle"

  • Jebus Jebus

    So what is on the chopping block? Some of the most pristine terrain left in North America, according Belote. He examined the five WSAs included in the bill, looking at noise levels, light pollution, proximity to population centers, presence of roads and human activity, wildlife connectivity, and the presence of large carnivores such as grizzly bears and mountain lions.

    The Sapphires and West Pioneers WSAs have more intact wildlife communities than 95% of national parks in the contiguous US. The Big Snowies WSA is the “quietest and darkest” of the five.

  • razzz razzz

    'Indulgences & Protestant Reformation v Banking'

    "…Interesting theory, but the indulgences were never that major level with the economic system. What the Protestant Reformation did was the beginning a Capitalism for previously only the Jews were bankers and they tended to be restrained overall and were not lending down to individual consumers. The Protestant Reformation was funded by rich merchants who wanted to be bankers, but the Catholic practiced the Sin of Usury just as did the Muslims. The Protestant Reformation opened the door to Christian banking and then credit became widespread. This leveraged the economy and thus here is where the line is drawn for the rebirth of Capitalism."

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      This is where this all differs from 'sharia' law.
      The Saudis don't even follow it.
      It will never happen.
      SCARY to the Jewish run banking system ..I'm sure.
      Both considered dajjal.

      "Paying or charging interest. "All forms of interest are riba and hence prohibited".[19] Islamic rules on transactions (known as Fiqh al-Muamalat) have been created to prevent use of interest."

      Islamic banking and finance

      Talk about a point of contention.
      It's always been not a contest about faith but MONEY.

  • razzz razzz

    'Newt Gingrich: SpaceX’s Falcon rocket is a tremendous step toward reasserting American leadership in space'

    "…For perspective, SpaceX says this is, “a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage, and fuel.”

    SpaceX owner Elon Musk also said the rocket system could launch payloads “direct to Pluto and beyond” without the help of a gravity assist.

    This successful test flight should serve as a serious motivator for the National Space Council to jumpstart the nation’s focus on manned space flight.

    When President Trump reinstated the Space Council on June 30, he challenged its members to “think big” in space again. The day before the new Space Council met for its first meeting on Oct. 5, Vice President Mike Pence wrote in The Wall Street Journal that the council “will refocus America’s space program toward human exploration and discovery.”

    The council must redouble its efforts to meet these challenges.

    Specifically, the Space Council should heed Vice President Pence’s charge: "To achieve these goals, the National Space Council will look beyond the halls of government for insight and expertise”…

    …The private sector has shown that the conventional wisdom of the slow-moving, risk-averse space bureaucracy is wrong…."

    • razzz razzz

      Missed the money quote from the link above:

      "…As Dr. Robert Zubrin, president and founder of the Mars Society, wrote after the launch: “Seven years ago, the Augustine commission said that NASA's Moon program had to be cancelled because the development of the necessary heavy lift booster would take 12 years and 36 billion dollars. SpaceX has now done that, on its own dime, in half the time and a twentieth of the cost. And not only that, but the launch vehicle is three quarters reusable.”…"

      • FaunaLord FaunaLord

        I love the taste of bullshit propaganda in the morning. Not as much as wine, but, that'll do.

        So, aside from the government association, the subsidies, the fakery, etc.

        I have discovered a word for these types. I will call them currency sinks. They deprive the now with garbage hopes of the future, their appeals for progress. Now remember to support the economy, preorder some Tesla cars (oh you've got that promised rebate thingy? a promise is just a promise).

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          currency sinks…not bad.

          The glorification of U.S. capitalism from Musks business is just so ludicrous I dont have energy to elucidate.

          regarding Armstrongs 'Indulgences & Protestant Reformation v Banking' Did he actually make a point? The questioner was full to the brim with a BS theory. Hail the jews and their usury for the little man! Jee-ZUS!

          razzz, please use some discrimination if you are going to pump us with Armstrong

  • razzz razzz

    FaunaLord: Kratom

    CodeShutdown: Stop whining, it's embarrassing.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    I highly recommend the book: The Banking Swindle, money creation and the state by Kerry Bolton.

    It has just the right amount of Jesus, economy and mob mentality.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    Here's a review and/or synopsis. It includes highlights likenoting nazi industrialized econ…sorry I mean, nationalist socialism, is the ideal capitalist idea.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    And just in case you're wondering, I'm not fucking buying that horseshit communist garbage either. Because I still haven't seen evidence that it is simply not just another hierarchy with people for themselves at different levels and ultimately fascism.

    Hail piracy.

    • FaunaLord FaunaLord

      In other words, stop being so "productive". This economics growth fuckheads always talk about always hides the lessening of actual worth. You work for money, you are its bitch. Wake the fuck up.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Gotta love nationalistic socialism.
    Look.. Humans working, and when robotic, the new well touted industrialization take these jobs?
    Where shall we be?

    • FaunaLord FaunaLord

      What would you say china currently is, with the gleeful association with say, america, or whatever other capitalists and imperialists, including slave labour camps, detention simply for not following state policy, hardcore atheism, etc?

      Is it not both hypocritical and fascist? I mean, they're merely trying to expand…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is the song that came to mind.
    How can it not?
    Ya, one I meant to play here, as we all like to play our favorites sometimes maybe even

    Ronnie Lane & Pete Townsend – Annie

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    I'm gonna say it again. If your appeal is based on money, you don't have enough of it to afford a soul.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    I love how Gump tells people "this shit is fucked, and I'm a continuation of this shit" and people are like "finally, the change we needed". Those trickle down economics apparently do result in something, eventually, that something, pretty much nothing.

    And I love how communists think being told by fascist surveillance state, what to do, is a great idea. After all, they were told to think that.

    Know your place.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    I talked with an australian guy, well, I say guy, but he'd prefer me to see him as a girl, which I do, but not in that way. He was like "you must be the kind of idiot that doesn't believe in vaccination, and what about LGBT bathrooms?" He even brought up private bathrooms in his argument of public bathrooms. It occurred to me he's a moron.

    I had to explain, the difference between a private bathroom is that typically, people respect privacy and would rather not infringe on your bowel movement resulting from G-minor. This escaped him. I mentioned, so here's the solution then, how about a special bathroom where only one person is allowed at a time? Ironically, he said "but that already exists, it's for the disabled. Go figure, oh well, he didn't believe I'm Azathoth, either. What a retard. Shit, he said my identifying as Azathoth is nothing like him identifying as a woman, even though he has a penis (which he argued he could fix with surgery), even though he has no womb. I told him, yeah well, I can stick of bunch of tentacles on me, look, azathoth.

    • FaunaLord FaunaLord

      As a petty disclaimer, I don't mean to offend the minority of people who are actually transsexuals or whatever, honestly, don't care, just mentioning the fact that you shouldn't be imposing on 45% of the population and that horseshit agenda trying to make more state-owned, confused degenerates through a combination of psychology, pollution, diet, drugs and associated institutionalized agenda.

      So yeah, fuckoff. Now go suck on big brother's tits.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    Humanity, you know how difficult it is being the only knight left, right? It's not that I want to die, it's more that I can't.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I'm gonna sue my neighbor because he doesn't want me to shit on his lawn…

    Wyoming mulls bill to sue Washington over Millennium coal permits

    Fly the shit to China in helicopters…

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Thousands of Israeli families who have been searching in vain for answers since their babies mysteriously disappeared in the early 1950s – shortly after Israel’s creation – have been thrown a lifeline.

    The mystery of the missing children has plagued Israel for decades, with evidence mounting that at least some of the babies were trafficked by hospitals and orphanages – possibly with the connivance of Israeli officials.

    Other documents indicate some children may have died during experiments conducted by hospitals without the parents’ knowledge or consent."


    THIS ARSENAL, dumped at sea, includes ammunition, explosives and chemical weapons such as sulfur mustard (mustard gas), arsenic, cyanide, lewisite (a gas that blisters the skin and irritates the lungs) and Sarin (now classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations).

    Just before 10:10 on a warm summer night in 1917, German soldiers loaded a new type of armament into their artillery and began bombarding enemy lines near Ypres in Belgium. The shells, each emblazoned with a bright yellow cross, made a strange sound as their contents partly vaporized and showered an oily liquid over the Allied trenches.

    The fluid smelled like mustard plants, and at first it seemed to have little effect. But it soaked through the soldiers’ uniforms, and eventually it began burning the men’s skin and inflaming their eyes. Within an hour or so, blinded soldiers had to be led off the field toward the casualty clearing stations. Lying in cots, the injured men groaned as blisters formed on their genitals and under their arms; some could barely breathe.

    And then they died.


    Million Dollar Point

    Ready to cry? Amazing images of the war dump – Million Dollar Point

    It was discarded by personnel of a WWII American military base named ‘Buttons.’

    Vanuatu archipelago, called Espírito Santo.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Cape Town is bracing for “Day Zero” — the day it cuts off running water for 4 million people
    The South African megacity has been struck by a historic drought, and now it’s running out of water.
    Feb 9 2018

    • FaunaLord FaunaLord

      Where's the communist propaganda though?

      I mean it's not like Patricia De Lille is kinda considered to be a corrupt "socialist" state agent or anything like that.

      Did the governments previously, or currently, perhaps think of desalination? Why would they? They have a nuke plant there and a pretty solid film industry. Oh and lots of drugs.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Bannon: 'Anti-patriarchy movement' will 'undo ten thousand years of recorded history'


    One can only laugh..
    Sorry a woman's laughter can erase a lot of things…lol.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Oh the wonderment of being on top and with all the power.

      • FaunaLord FaunaLord

        I used to love women. Really, not even kidding. Then I understood that they're no better than men.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          True..they are as bad as the men.. and can be very deviant.. all on their own.

          Yet, I have no choice..nature created me the way I am.

          They happen to far superior to the male…even with all their faults.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            oops..They happen to "be" far superior to the male…even with all their faults.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Now better but no less..
              Equal then..
              It's the 'playing field' that has ben tilted for a long time.
              Another flaw of human society..

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                That would be .."No better".

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  So between the sexes (and everything in-between), everything is going down the tubes.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    How 'inclusive".

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      There is good and bad in all types of the species.
                      Society's mush brain is falling for basic generalizations.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Well, perhaps, all will be happy after endocrine disruptors of various sorts turn our spawn into multi-sexual/asexual mutants.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Works perfectly for depopulation..

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I find myself surrounded by morons..they appear to be everywhere.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Me, too, obe.
                      Sometimes, I wonder, do I ask too much ..but I think not.

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Trump Gives Wife Beater Praise He Usually Reserves for Child Molesters and Nazis

                      WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In comments to reporters at the White House on Friday, Donald J. Trump stirred controversy by lavishing an alleged wife beater with praise that he historically has reserved for child molesters and Nazis.

                      Reporters who heard the President’s comments were taken aback since, in the past, the President had given no indication that he held wife beaters in the same high esteem in which he holds supporters of child abuse and white supremacy.

                      “We knew that President Trump considered child molesters and Nazis very fine people, but this was the first time he had put wife beaters up there, too,” Tracy Klugian, a member of the White House press corps, said. “We wanted clarification as to whether he considered wife beaters as fine as those other two groups, or finer.”


                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Accused Sexual Harasser Blake Farenthold Wants You To Forget He Owes You $84,000
                      The GOP congressman spent lots of taxpayer money to settle a harassment lawsuit. He said he’d pay us back. He hasn’t.

                      Farenthold spent $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former female aide three years ago. Details of this settlement weren’t public until early December 2017, at which point the congressman said he would retire at the end of 2018 and would immediately repay the money to the Treasury Department. He never sent the check.

                      By late January, his office said he was “waiting to see what changes the House makes to the Congressional Accountability Act before repaying the funds.” On Tuesday, the House passed a bill to strengthen that law, which provides workplace protections in Capitol Hill offices. But now his office says he’s waiting to see if the Senate passes the bill, if the president signs it, and if this theoretical new law will inspire him to pay up.


                    • DUDe DUDe

                      We need a feminism for the 99%. That's why women will strike this year

                      On 8 March, we will go on strike against gender violence – against the men who commit violence and against the system that protects them

                      "In the one year of the Trump administration we have not only been pelted with verbal abuse and misogynistic threats in the guise of official statements, the Trump regime has put in place policies that will continue such attacks on us in deeply institutional ways."

                      "#Metoo has not just exposed individual rapists and misogynists, it's ripped apart the structures that enable them "

                      "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act guts exemptions that benefit low-wage workers, the vast majority of whom are women. It has plans to savage Medicaid and Medicare, the only two programs left in this cruel neoliberal landscape that support the elderly and the poor, the sick and the disabled, family planning and children – and hence women, who do most of the care work. And while the act denies health care to immigrant children, it introduces college savings for “unborn children”, a chilling way to establish by legal fiat the “rights” of the “unborn child” thereby assaulting our fundamental right to make decisions about our own bodies."

                      But that is not the whole story.


                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Why domestic abusers thrive in Trump's White House

                      The White House knew for quite some time about Rob Porter’s history of domestic violence but continued to rally behind him

                      It’s no secret that Trump respects men who keep women in their place: “You have to treat ’em like shit.” Perhaps that’s why top White House staffer Rob Porter got a hero’s goodbye this week, even as a picture of his ex-wife’s battered face was splashed across the news.

                      Porter, accused of assaulting both of his ex-wives and a former girlfriend, gave his resignation but “was not pressured to do so”, according to press secretary Sarah Sanders. In fact, Sanders lauded Porter as having the full confidence of the president and Gen John Kelly, and took the time to read Porter’s statement, in which he called the accusations “vile” and a “smear campaign”.

                      This came less than a day after Kelly called Porter “a man of true integrity and honor” in response to the allegations. So much for women being “sacred”. As it turns out, the White House knew for quite some time about Porter’s history of domestic violence – he couldn’t get security clearance because of it – but continued to rally behind him. In fact, Kelly promoted Porter soon after finding out about the abuse.

                      The only reason Porter left at all was because the picture of his ex’s bruised face surfaced. Given that Trump has been shopping around the theory that the Access Hollywood tape of him bragging about grabbing women’s genitals isn’t…

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Given that Trump has been shopping around the theory that the Access Hollywood tape of him bragging about grabbing women’s genitals isn’t really him, I almost expected the White House to call the picture “fake news”.


    • FaunaLord FaunaLord

      I'm quite happy with the pwording there. It is sufficiently pussywhipped. I think it's really funny though that people think patriarchy (alone) is to blame. But hey, I guess you have to advertize in some way or another.

      Now remember to look to my left, or is it right? No need to analyze.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    The weirdest thing happened earlier. So someone let one of the dogs into this house. I didn't know about this, so I walk into the bathroom. And the dog is just standing there in the shower (which is open), like depressed not knowing what to do. I thought "what the fuck". So I called her. She was like "but dude, I'm stuck here". That was fucked. So I figured okay then. Placed my hand near her (through the shower entry) and called her again. This at least made her realize she could actually get out. It was amazing. She considers me a magician now.

    And having reread that, if you paraphrase or reinterpret it slightly it is pretty fucking creepy. But that's okay.

  • There really is no need to analyze…just start at the top of the page, scroll smoothly down to the end. Don't really read anything, just catch words and phrases and see what your brain does 🙂 My brain told me we are dead or dying at sundown, with so many adverse things going on surviving until supper-time is not possible.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I speak up because I realize my mortality is not about me…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Some come to the realization naturally, others have to wait until they realize they have nothing left to lose.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The done in and done for double bubble up.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So many important judgmental stands to consider..
    We're so busy..

    Can someone be long-haired and Christian?
    Feb 10 2017

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A Pentagon budget like none before: $700 billion

    Do we care no.. hurrah for militarization?
    And after we have weapons coming out of every orifice.
    Then what?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "This is not easy. Nor is our vocabulary to understand the nature of man’s place in a constellation of forces adequate to the task. The language used by writers, including the great John McPhee, to describe geographies has a flavour of engineering textbooks. Terms like “sea floor spreading, crustal plate subduction, continental suturing” permeate this genre. These phrases convey a sense of precision and knowledge even if I often find myself struggling to make sense of it all. Geographical systems seem so terrifying in their consequence, so relentless in their march, so impervious to human presence. It is little surprise that geography, or even nature, rarely preoccupies the modern mind except when disaster arrives home in the form of a fire or a tsunami.
    Yet, as experiences from Fukushima or California’s wildfires attest, irrespective of our linguistic limitations or distractions, our societies rest precariously on the continued benevolence of nature’s forces. Despite such occasional reminders, our modern life and education still remain geared towards wilfully misreading our place in nature. Perhaps we do so, so that we may live yet another day without the anxiety of living with the knowledge of our own finitude."

    The Knowledge of Our Own Finitude

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Humans evidently don't have it cognitively.
    All they really have is a pocket of loose change.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Secret diggy-doggy messages.

    NSA sent coded messages through Twitter
    It was hiding secret communications in plain sight.
    Feb 10 2018

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    You are being tracked. Deal with it.

    For some of will be less tech.
    Those whose lives have not become one continuous selfie, and understand the 'hook up' when convenience becomes commodity.

    (Those bored with listening to AI's BS.)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Not really.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm a little 'wary' anyway.
    And sometimes .. rock out for no reason…lol.

    Billy Gibbons – Sharp Dressed Man (Live From Daryl's House)

  • DUDe DUDe

    The Growing Danger of Ecosystem Collapse and Trump's War on Nature

    Capitalism is incapable of interacting with nature in a sustainable way.

    Humanity is on a path of ushering in the rapid disintegration of the natural world as we know it. Given the lateness of the hour, what is called for is an emergency effort to mobilize humanity to save the planet. We are confronted by the necessity to quickly act on all the scientific warnings issued over many years: to end fossil fuel use and transition to sustainable energy development; to create planetary reserves, especially for key ecosystems and areas of biodiversity on land and in the oceans; to restrict and walk back grazing and animal agriculture while reforesting and rewilding large areas on the planet; to stop the endless expansion of human development eating up green space and natural habitat; to move against pollution, stop use of destructive pesticides, and overharvesting in the oceans and land.

    All this and more could be done, and would give us at least a fighting chance of preventing some of the worst destruction to come, including the possibility of an overall collapse of living ecosystems that threaten human survival. Standing in the way are not people per se, but the pattern of organized economic life under capitalism. Capitalism, driven by competition, profitability and national economic/political interests, is incapable of interacting with nature in a sustainable way. It is incapable of meeting the…

  • DUDe DUDe

    Is it possible for everyone to live a good life within our planet’s limits?

    Imagine a country that met the basic needs of its citizens – one where everyone could expect to live a long, healthy, happy and prosperous life. Now imagine that same country was able to do this while using natural resources at a level that would be sustainable even if every other country in the world did the same.

    Such a country does not exist. Nowhere in the world even comes close. In fact, if everyone on Earth were to lead a good life within our planet’s sustainability limits, the level of resources used to meet basic needs would have to be reduced by a factor of two to six times.

    These are the sobering findings of research that my colleagues and I have carried out, recently published in the journal Nature Sustainability. In our work, we quantified the national resource use associated with meeting basic needs for a large number of countries, and compared this to what is globally sustainable. We analysed the relationships between seven indicators of national environmental pressure (relative to environmental limits) and 11 indicators of social performance (relative to the requirements for a good life) for over 150 countries.

  • freebywill

    FBI Destroyed Evidence — Sophia's Arm Blown Apart at Backwater Bridge — Court Document

    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    By Brenda Norrell Censored News

    MINNEAPOLIS — The FBI has destroyed vital evidence which would have revealed what munition blew apart the arm of Sophia Wilansky, 21, when she stood at Standing Rock in North Dakota, and peacefully defended the Missouri River from Dakota Access Pipeline.

    […] A piece of shrapnel was found in her shattered arm.

    The FBI has refused to return the evidence it took from her hospital room in Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where she was transferred from Bismarck, for its trauma center.

    In Minneapolis, the FBI took clothing that Sophia was wearing when she was struck, and the shrapnel found in her arm that was blown to pieces.

    According to the government's own documents, these items of evidence were destroyed during the FBI's testing.

    The FBI has refused to return the evidence to Sophia, allow a chemical analysis& of it, or respond to the family's requests for the evidence.

    The federal lawsuit, filed in federal court in Minnesota on February 2, 2018, also states that a grand jury was convened in the investigation, […]

    However, the government then halted the grand jury.

    No one has been charged, despite a year long investigation.

    [ FBI coverup – much more at the link ]

  • DUDe DUDe

    What if Antarctica’s dormant, ice-covered volcanoes wake up?

    Antarctica is a vast icy wasteland covered by the world’s largest ice sheet. This ice sheet contains about 90% of fresh water on the planet. It acts as a massive heat sink and its meltwater drives the world’s oceanic circulation. Its existence is therefore a fundamental part of Earth’s climate.

    Less well known is that Antarctica is also host to several active volcanoes, part of a huge “volcanic province” which extends for thousands of kilometres along the western edge of the continent.

    The volcano–ice melt feedback loop
    Most dramatically of all, a large series of eruptions could destabilise many more subglacial volcanoes. As volcanoes cool and crystallise, their magma chambers become pressurised and all that prevents the volcanic gases from escaping violently in an eruption is the weight of overlying rock or, in this case, several kilometres of ice. As that ice becomes much thinner, the pressure reduction may trigger eruptions. More eruptions and ice melting would mean even more meltwater being channelled under the ice streams.
    Mt Erebus is one of Antarctica’s most active volcanoes. The rocks in the foreground are the remnants of several younger subglacial volcanoes., Author provided

    Potentially a runaway effect may take place, with the thinning ice triggering more and more eruptions.

  • DUDe DUDe

    The 16 “Billion-Dollar Disasters” That Happened in 2017

    2017 was the U.S.’s most expensive year for climate disasters on record

    Three massive hurricanes, severe storms and wildfires across the U.S. caused more than $306 billion in damage last year, making 2017 the most expensive year for climate disasters on record.

    According to data released by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), which tracks the nation’s major weather and climate events, there were 16 “billion dollar” disasters in the United States in 2017, tying the record set in 2011 for most billion dollar disasters in a single year.

    The total cost of each disaster includes insured and uninsured losses, including physical damages to buildings and infrastructure, along with factors like costs for businesses and damages to crops. Sources of data include federal and state agencies, the U.S. Army corps and the Insurance Services Office.

    What the study doesn’t account for, says study author Adam Smith, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), are health care-related expenses and the costs associated with loss of life. Smith told the PBS NewsHour over email that because of this omission, the study’s “estimates should be considered conservative with respect to what is truly lost.”

  • DUDe DUDe

    Deforestation and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming

    From logging, agricultural production and other economic activities, deforestation adds more atmospheric CO2 than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world's roads

    Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that cutting and burning trees adds more global warming pollution to the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world combined?— Mitchell Vale, Houston

    By most accounts, deforestation in tropical rainforests adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads. According to the World Carfree Network (WCN), cars and trucks account for about 14 percent of global carbon emissions, while most analysts attribute upwards of 15 percent to deforestation.

    The reason that logging is so bad for the climate is that when trees are felled they release the carbon they are storing into the atmosphere, where it mingles with greenhouse gases from other sources and contributes to global warming accordingly. The upshot is that we should be doing as much to prevent deforestation as we are to increase fuel efficiency and reduce automobile usage.

    • FaunaLord FaunaLord

      What's really cool about deforestatin, is that you can replace the forests with grass or agricultural fields, which come with with a slightly higher carbon cost. In the case of agriculture, turning it into a net carbon producer!

      Woohoo, who needs oxygen?

  • DUDe DUDe

    Short-Term Folly': U.S. Adds 38 Percent More Oil and Gas Rigs

    The number of oil and gas rigs in the U.S. has increased an astonishing 38 percent over the past year. That's according to S&P; Global Platts Analytics, which reported this week that the country had 1,070 rigs at the end of January, up from just 773 a year earlier.

    Experts expressed fear that all of this new development does not bode well for the planet. "This will have a very significant climate impact," said Romany Webb, climate law fellow with the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law. "The oil and gas industry is a huge source of methane, which is a really potent greenhouse gas. And then on top of that you also have the carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of this oil and gas. So this is very concerning from a climate perspective."

  • DUDe DUDe

    Trump Administration Sued for Suspension of Clean Water Rule

    Multiple states and conservation groups are legally challenging the Trump administration's decision to delay the Obama-era Clean Water Rule.

    Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put a two-year suspension on the rule, also known as Waters of the United States (WOTUS), which protects large water bodies like lakes and rivers but also listed smaller waterways such as streams, ponds and wetlands for federal protection.

    The decision to withdraw and replace WOTUS was advocated by industry groups like the American Farm Bureau Federation and the American Petroleum Institute, as well as Republican politicians and farmers, ranchers and real estate developers who viewed the rule as an infringement on property rights.

    WOTUS was supposed to take effect in the coming weeks after the Supreme Court decided last month that cases regarding the matter should be heard by district courts. However, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt's action halted the rule from implementation to come up with a more industry-friendly alternative.

    • irhologram

      And WHO could be against clean water? Why the Feds do SUCH a good job Re: water issues, by selling West Coast water reserves to China! And by drilling so many gas wells into the California aquifer Porter Ranch was close to blowing up! Don't forget accommodating border to border fracking in Michigan, because, glory be, you can light the faucets! The BLM NEEDS to be able to reroute streams and rivers to drive farmer/rancher owners off minerals or even off sun drenched land they covet for solar! And just LOOK at the great results in Detroit! And the nuclear leaching St. Louis/Brighten landfill! Many on ENE are CRAZY to think damming rivers upstream from nuclear plants is reckless. Say it!! BIG GOVERNMENT knows best! (OK, Sarc. Lol)

      Yes. That was hyperbolie. But maybe, the other side of this slanted story suggests the better way is to resolve the use of natural resources through DISTRICT courts, by the people who live IN THAT STATE, or on that lake, and not by Corporate lobbiests, who own legislators evonomically, who decide FOR the people, AGAINST the people, and in no way BY the people.

      This is a State's Rights vs. Federal Government issue. Its "stealthy." It's 1984 "Double-speak," just couched in different terms. James Madison would be very surprised we think this is a new issue.

      It's very concerning to hear folks say, "Hey, you're right, Fox, us chickens are clueless what's good for us!" Loud squawking predictably, and perpetually, follows.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Our enemy, ourselves
    Ten commonsense suggestions for making peace, not war

    End of a not bad article…quote..

    "Isn’t it time to stop praising our troops to the rooftops and thanking them endlessly for what they’ve done for us — for fighting those wars without end — and to start listening to them instead? Isn’t it time to try to understand them not as “heroes” in another universe, but as people like us in all their frailty and complexity? We’re never encouraged to see them as our neighbors, or as teenagers who struggled through high school, or as harried moms and dads.

    Our troops are, of course, human and vulnerable and imperfect. We don’t help them when we put them on pedestals, give them flags to hold in the breeze, and salute them as icons of a feel-good brand of patriotism. Talk of warrior-heroes is worse than cheap: it enables our state of permanent war, elevates the Pentagon, ennobles the national security state, and silences dissent. That's why it's both dangerous and universally supported in rare bipartisan fashion by politicians in Washington.

    So here’s my final point. Think of it as a bonus 11th suggestion: don’t makeour troops into heroes, even when they’re in harm's way. It would be so much better to make ourselves into heroes by getting them out of harm’s way.

    Be exceptional, America. Make peace, not war."


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      To the rationale mind peace is preferable.
      Another rather immutable position.

      • DUDe DUDe

        Pentagon's Nuclear Doctrine – Retrograde and Reckless

        Russia and China responded by condemning the aggressive nature of the Pentagon’s latest doctrine, as they have done with regard to two other recent strategic papers published by the Trump administration.

        It is deplorable that Washington seems to go out of its way to portray the world in such bellicose terms. The corollary of this attitude is the repudiation of diplomacy and multilateralism.

        Washington, it seems, is a hostage to its own imperative need to generate a world of hostile relations in order to justify its rampant militarism, which is, in turn, fundamental to its capitalist economy.

        The lamentable, even criminal, danger of this strategy is that it foments unnecessary tensions and animosity in world relations. Russia and China have repeatedly called for normal, multilateral relations. Yet, remorselessly, Washington demonizes the two military powers in ways that are retrograde and reckless.

        The Pentagon’s latest nuclear doctrine goes even further in its provocations. Based on dubious accusations of Russia’s threatening behavior (“annexation of Crimea”, “aggression in Ukraine”), the Pentagon has declared it will rely more on nuclear force for “deterrence”.

        That can be taken as a warning that Washington is, in effect, lowering its threshold for deploying nuclear weapons. It overtly states that it will consider use of nuclear weapons to defend American interests and allies from “nuclear and…

        • DUDe DUDe

          It overtly states that it will consider use of nuclear weapons to defend American interests and allies from “nuclear and conventional threats”. The language is chilling. It talks about inflicting “incalculable” and “intolerable” costs on “adversaries”. This is nothing short of Washington terrorizing the rest of the world into conforming to its geopolitical demands.

          The US military-industrial complex has become a voracious monster way beyond anything that Eisenhower may have feared. It is no longer a threat merely to American life. It is a threat to the life of the entire planet.

          Objectively, the US has no foreign enemy endangering its existence; neither Russia nor China. Not even North Korea, despite its anti-American rhetoric, poses a direct threat to the US.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            the use of nuclear weapons to stop others from having them is the height of hypocrisy

            you cant say 'Its an intolerable risk of destruction death and ecological damage for countries to have nuclear weapons' and then go and use them. What do Republicans not see here….

            • DUDe DUDe

              " What do Republicans not see here…."

              Their own dehumanisation in to monsters for all to see ? How they are stretching the spectrum of hypocrisy behind what was thought possible ? Same like with their inequality/trickle down bs massmurder..

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    Woohoo. Best news ever. So good I can't even repeat it.

    Fuck it. Read my suicide note. Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, fuck off.

    Remember those possessions you had? Good luck explaining that at the gates.

  • FaunaLord FaunaLord

    Oh yeah, Razzz, thanks for the Kratom reminder. Getting a bunch of it tomorrow. Can you OD on it?

    • FDA Warns About Dangers Of Kratom Herbal Supplement…

      You know I find it ironic that the FDA will warn you about Kratom Herbal Supplements but gave doctors unfettered freedom to prescribe opiates for decades don't you?

      We have known for hundreds of years that opium and most other opiates are a killer and a life and brain changer. And always causes permanent changes in the brain!!!!!

      And yes "Permanent" and "always" used in the strictest terms!!!!!

      You don't see many "Permanent" and "Always" statements used in science but opiates are substances that these terms fit to a T!!!

      But look out for Kratom…

      And ask your doctor about opiates…

      Just tell em your pinky toe hurts for maximum potency prescriptions…

    • Here's some good info on Kratom deaths…

      The fact is that it (Kratom) is relatively safe in natural form when used responsibly, definitely safer than opium products!!!!

      Just don't by a processed powder or pill, then you are trading one "man altered" substance for another and the dangers are the same or worse.

    • irhologram

      Fauna Lord. Kratom is great for chronic pain. TY Code! The first 2 weeks. Then you develop a tolerance and take more thinking its harmless. But larger doses run your blood pressure through the roof. Luckily, the elevation isn't permanent if you stop cold turkey…but it take lots of beet root powder to lower BP in order not to stroke out…or get varicose veins, lol….

      It takes about a week to go back to normal. You will need to use a blood pressure cuff several times a day if you do begin taking additional pills due to tolerance making them less potent… IMPORTANT: if you DON'T monitor, the BP spike will happen without your knowing… Ongoing you'll monitor how often and how much beet root to take.

      Do NOT see a doc if your pressure suddenly elevates from Kratom, because then, you'd be hooked by the medical mafia to take BP pills you don't need…like Alice in Wonderland every 2 hours…a pill to make you big, one to make you small. Lol Way out of whack whacky. And high BP would be on your medical record as a health predictor, causing future errors in diagnosis.

      Not sure how long until tolerance fades…I'd think more than a month, like other drug tolerances. And then, use it PRN when really needed.

      But it DOES work, AND produces a better mental state, happier, which will help you, I'd think. Just respect dosage. And/or, take ten 1000 ml fish oil caps for 5 days. Way quicker/works way better than antidepressants. (Wink)

      Happy pilling.

      • "You will need to use a blood pressure cuff several times a day if you do begin taking additional pills due to tolerance making them less potent"

        There's what to avoid at all costs, can you guess what word says it all here?



        Anything else is robbing Peter to pay Paul methodology and that is no less dangerous and solves nothing in the long run!

        Trading one problem for another is the parlance of our times and pills are pills…

        Wanna do yourself some real world good?

        Drink natural dark red wines!

        Cabernet is my fave and I drink around 2 large bottles a week!

        Here's something that just happened to me personally, about 10 days ago I took a nasty fall.

        Broke my nose and cracked my kneecap. Very painful! A cracked kneecap is documented to be one of the most painful injuries you can sustain!

        Knee was swolen up the next morning and had amassed a large amount of fluid on the cap area.

        Did I take a prescription? NO! I have a paper shredder for those slips of paper.

        Purchased 4 large bottles of Cabernet wine.

        Over the next week drank the wine in it's entirety along with a solid natural diet.

        Today (11 days later) I am pain free and functioning normally (still have a small bump on my nose). All bruising, fluid and pain is gone and although I won't be running any marathons (I don't anyway) I am back to full function and pain free use of my leg without so much as a aspirin…

        • FaunaLord FaunaLord

          Yeah well I can't get straight leaf.

          • Well first…

            I don't eat kratom but if you have a addiction it seems to work (from what I've read) in natural form.

            Do I eat pills in any form? NOT AT ALL! It's all the same on tolerances and intestine problems from buffers, any pill! You don't need or want those fillers and the entire pill making process makes that product a nill for activity and for health.

            I don't claim any benefit from kratom and am not recommending you use it.

            If you want my advise get some top notch whisky for the really painful times and drink dark red wine at least 2-3 times a week (barring any specific health problem that would prohibit it).

            But as far as fresh goes…

            Here's where to get the real organic plant ground up like coffee.


            Another example is bee pollen…

            Fresh refrigerated bee pollen is a stimulant!

            Fresh from the hive in little balls that have the consistency of peanut butter when eaten! A teaspoon of real bee pollen is better than drinking a pot of coffee for a stimulating effect!


            Bee pollen pills do nothing like this. There are no discernible effects from eating bee pollen pills as the true bio activity is destroyed in the processing of and digesting the tablets.

            But they (pills) last for years sitting in that bottle.

            Nothing is nothing anyway…

            Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing:


        • irhologram

          All internal intake is to be in moderation. Including food. You're aware of people who live to eat, instead of eat to live?

          Using correct dosage on that wine, there, are you Hippie? Lol

          Here's a little clue as to why an injury that quickly heals is different from one that doesn't. Were you functional during your inebrieted pain? Lol. But NOW you're functional? Lucky you!

          See, folks who find no relief, heroic, agonizing day after sleepless, body screeming night… Who refuse dangerous, addictive, perscription opiates… can turn to kratom, and have LUCID minds, and bearable pain levels… NOW they're functional.

          Its not about addiction. I can speak personally from experience. It is not additive.

          • Thanks for nothin there irhologram.

            So you dismiss proven truth for a mudsling?

            How many pills do you eat a day and how are ya feeling today for it?

            Wow naysayers abound here, only problem is that the evidence of disease both phisical and mental are also very obvious too.

            You think red wine is bad but pills and blood pressure cuff machines are good?

            Tell us ole wise one what pill to eat next.

            And please explain how we got here before pills and doctors and their profit machines.

            Please tell us ole wise one, how did our ancestors survive without 911 and ambulances and cellphones and pills and doctors.

            For us to be here today.

            Is it just a blind person that goes to the chemical house (doctors office) and does whatever their told to do without any real information or knowledge of what they are doing to themselves?


            50% of ALL hospital admissions can be attributed to doctors, their procedures and so called medicines given to patients.

            Why don't you study those facts for a change…

            Or do you need a high dollar prescription refilled to live sick instead.

            Ohhh but whatever you do don't do it naturally and watch out for the devil red wine while eating chemical concoctions instead because you think you need them (some stranger told you you did) huh…


            Why was there red wine in the Bible? If it wasn't wine they would have called it juice.

            Danebrammage knows no bounds.

            • irhologram

              Hippie. I haven't taken any Kraton, at all, for a week. Its necessary to manage tolerances, and its necessary to take command of my choices.

              No, the blood pressure possibilities in overdose are DEFINATELY BAD. I don't recommend it. Lol That's why I tired to warn the guy. But if you get sucked into the medical mafia conveyor belt because you were ignorant of possibilities, that's bad, too. I don't recommend it. That's why I tried to advise him of how to deal effectively with poor dose decisions he may make. READ: "HE" may make. Not me. Him.

              How did our ancestors survive? They drank meade, smoked various exotic concoctions, and grew medicinal herbs for which they burned witches when they healed folks out from under "coin" due to doctors.

              And.., I think I already made my point about wine… Anything in excess…

              Chill. Go take your BP. Lol

              • I hear ya irhologram!

                Wasn't trying to seem gruff but this pill crap has to be battled.

                EAT NO (as in none, zero, zilcho, nadda, nit, ahah, period) PILLS IF YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY.

                Get it from the plant… This is a lost art that my great grandmother was a expert at.

                No ambulances, no emergency room, no 911 on the cellphone.

                A horse ride to town? Sick or hurt? Please…

                And at times throughout history a child sick at home meant spreading it and that meant no one was coming to help you.

                Not been that long ago that things that kill people today were common things to avoid and instead of a pill, the cure was a herb from the garden or forest.

                Let's face facts…

                Daily pills don't work.

                ….if they worked they would have worked by now.

                Short term? Can be a lifesaver!!!!

                Daily? Just say no…

          • "Were you functional during your inebrieted pain? Lol. But NOW you're functional? Lucky you!"

            Functional everyday and a little blurry from the whisky in the evening… (half a 5th over the course of 12 to 15 hours).

            And it's not some miracle, it's a recipe.

            Here's what worked for me (and me alone) just last week…

            After injury…

            Started whiskey next day (NOOOOOO pills)…

            Got up at 5am, walked to my home office chair with a coffee. Worked a few (stayin off my knee).

            After half a pot of coffee began the initial pain regiment…

            Not going to recommend a whisky but TOP SHELF ONLY!

            Top grade natural coffee (no creamer) in the morning and then start sippin.

            And fast, one meal a day max, don't eat before dinner and then go to bed or get into the recliner.

            If your'e trying to control pain no juices before whiskey.

            Follow the label directions on top shelf, top grade whole (not blended) "Sippin Whiskey"…

            And plan a real meal (I loved my crock pot during this painful time).

            Beans, roast beef and veggies, soup, whole foods… In one pot!!!

            The immune system is the key to all healing (duhhh) and also why we age.

            Calcium pills? Nopper… Ever looked at a cow bone? Where did that come from? Vegetables!!! Cows eat greens!!!! That's where the available calcium is!!! Cow bones are huge compared to ours… They stop drinking milk as calf's…

            …and never drink it again.

            So it's a treatment, just not a well…

            • The pillessss pain control (part 2)….

              After a day or 2 of the whiskey and crockpot (whole foods once a day before bed) treatment, oh and ya better get a 1/2 gallon of whiskey for the original pain control program…


              Day three.

              Start with the DARK red wine…

              Somewhat less on pain control initially but after around 48 hours (2 to 3 large bottles) the morning will reveal no pain!!

              Just don't get carried away too quickly or you may have to repeat the entire process…

              Side effects may include bad breath, your pee smellin funny and your crap turning the toilet water blue….

              …oh yea other side effects may include laughter, happyness and vibrant health.

              …would that be so bad?

              Juice Weasel:


              Hehehe… 🙂

              Juice Juice Juice!!!!!


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        "the blood pressure possibilities in overdose are DEFINATELY BAD?" Going to "stroke out" taking kratom? How many times more dangerous is alcohol than kratom? No deaths from it and has been used forever in S Asia. Compare to alcohol. Two nurses have told me patients on alcohol have the highest negative outcome…worse than street drugs.

        So, Irholo, when you have a glass of wine do you constantly monitor your vitals? Risk of bleeding out from esophageal varices, liver failure, stroke…its all there.

        In Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for decades as an herbal medication. In many Southeast Asian countries, chewing Mitragyna speciosa leaves is a not uncommon practice and not considered addictive. Extracts of kratom have been used to treat chronic pain, diarrhea and cough. It has many health positive effects when used appropriately

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Umm.. It seems not Sugar Candy Mountain for all.
    The Raven shows his colors.

    Racist Bullying? Religious School In Texas Argues Courts Can’t Intervene.
    A religious school is being sued after it punished alleged racist harassers with one-day suspensions.

    "Now, in a move that’s raised eyebrows among lawyers and legal experts, the school is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed by invoking the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine.
    This legal principle, also called the church autonomy doctrine, holds that religious institutions do not need to follow the same laws as non-religious entities, like public schools, if it conflicts with their religious doctrine."

    The ecclesiastical doctrine ..oh, wow.
    Always supposedly the exception.. always part of the cull.

    • "A religious school is being sued after it punished alleged racist harassers with one-day suspensions"…

      …"the school is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed by invoking the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine".

      And the school is right too!!!!

      1) This is not a public institution, it is a private school that is attended by choice… This is America and if you don't like it go somewhere else!!!!

      2) Harassment is harassment. Plain and simple! If the school decides it will not tolerate harassment in any form, that is their choice and it's the proper choice too!!!

      3) Freedom to believe what you want is a cornerstone of America!!! And is a principle that made us strong as a nation. Otherwise we are practicing socialism and that goes against everything we should be standing up for!!!!!!

      Now before anyone gets mad, I'm not a racist. For me it's WHO you are not WHAT you are that counts!!!! I could care less about the color of your skin, it's who you are and what you do that counts for me.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Ya.. as if those pinnacles of righteousness are shining examples of morality.
        I don't give a rat's about the law sit based on supposed religious piety…

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

 computer.. touchy today…
          I don't give a rat's about the law suit.
          It's abstention based on supposed piety.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Who is going to intervene ..GOD?

            • FaunaLord FaunaLord

              I heard he's doing nothing. What a dick, he doesn't even really want to impose.

              • Well first FaunaLord that's not true, you just don't see it…

                And second this is the proving ground for you…

                How will you react and what will you do for a fact and proven by your own hand…

                If GOD was constantly intervening every time someone did something stupid or wrong where would evil be proven?

                You'll find out when you are judged on what you did here, not from GOD stopping you, but what was actually done for the record in reality, proven.

                Not you may would have done it, not it may would have happened…

                What was done! The idea that GOD should intervene like a babysitter negates everything this world is about.

                Without freewill you are nothing more than a meat robot.

                Do you think GOD would waste time on such a charade?

                If you do, you gotta another think commin.

                Judas Priest – You've Got Another Thing Coming:


                • This brings up another great philosophical question…

                  Do you think Judas betrayed Jesus?

                  He was seen talking to Jesus very upset before he went to turn in Jesus, he also threw away the money he was paid by the captors…

                  So did Jesus tell Judas to go and tell them where he was?

                  Lots of speculation there but could it have been that Jesus feared for his flock traveling with him?

                  Did Jesus think they would fight for him and kill for him?

                  Was Judas following direct instructions from Jesus he never wanted to follow?

                  If that is true (we will never know for sure) is Judas blamed for being a traitor when he was following very hard instructions from Jesus he never wanted to follow but did anyway out of loyalty?


                  That's kinda like trying to compare Plutonium to potassium huh…

                  Error and assumption are the mothers of all evils.

                  Judas Priest – You've Got Another Thing Coming:


            • Well I don't know about you but I see the intervention by socialist that want to tell everybody how to act, what to say, what to believe and what information is released to the main stream public.

              Always pushing their agenda on what is right and what is wrong.

              That kind of intervention has been tried time and again with disastrous results! It's been proven throughout history that this kind of meddling in private affairs creates a prison within our supposed free lives and leads to ultimate poverty!!!

              Not only for the population but also the government leading to the countries that practice these kinds of "do whatever I tell you to do and believe whatever I tell you to believe" to fall into war and be taken over by another system.

              Just crack open a history book to see that awful truth proven time and again.

              Is that proof of intervention? You bet ya!!!!

              Is it a life ender for many? Yep…

              Is it necessary to repeat the same social experiments over and over again already knowing what the eventual outcome will be from these practices? Not at all!!!!

              So could this be a intervention from GOD?

              It has been shown to be a nation ender every time freedom is intentionally suppressed by government so that's pretty consistent if you ask me.

              I'd have to say it would be a law from GOD when it's that consistent wouldn't you?

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Then wait on God.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  It's evident that intuitions of faith are also responsible for systematic abuse.
                  Been going on for ages.

                  Let it roll..

                • Why wait? This is another idea that seems off base don't you think?

                  In a world where the clock is ticking every second?

                  I should wait for something?

                  Is waiting a empowering statement? Nope!

                  That just doesn't fit when you have limited time here huh…

                  Ranks up there with the trinity being a all in one solution to the idea of GOD doesn't it?

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    And the filter is??

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      The 'church' can be involved with matters of the 'state' but not the other way around.

                      Both are pariahs anyway.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      …piranhas, and pigeon hole pimples

                    • Your discernment of the truth is your filter.

                      Your willingness to see that it's a percentage that is in every institution, in every plant, in every water supply, in every animal.

                      You have to filter the truth just like you have to filter water and discern what foods to eat and what poison foods not to eat…

                      Here's a good one!

                      Did you know that so called mad cow disease was caused by the feed manufactures grinding up cow bones and putting it back into the feed for calcium content?

                      Yep the tests looked great and it gave them a top notch rating for calcium in the feed.

                      Only one problem, cannibalism causes a disorder known as Kuru.


                      Mad cow disease? Nope Kuru disorder…

                      Ask a hundred people and find out how many know that simple fact.

                      The distractions from truth allow evil to continue.

                      Don't allow yourself to be distracted by tall tales and catch phrases…

                      There is always a purpose for these distractions and they are never good nor do they produce any good outcome.

                  • earthsmith earthsmith

                    The Truth needs no filters. It stands on its own in the wide open for all to see.
                    To try and filter the truth is for shills and charlatan's.
                    Which one are you?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Ya, the 'faithful' are just full of discernment..

                    • Come on earthsmith really?

                      Filtering the lies from the truth is the key!

                      Without that ultimate filter you will be so confused you could'nt find the truth in a barrel full of thuth with only one lie slipped in…

                      And then it's a barrel of apples. One bad apple? Only takes one lie slipped by you to confuse the whole thing into a rotten bunch of junk no one (that bought into the lie) could figure out.

                      Seems it (propaganda crap swallowed down as true) is working too… For some.

                      I'm just not one of em because I can filter the truth from a lie. Perhaps we should actually study how to do that vigorously huh earthsmith.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Because you have discernment ..doesn't mean other do.
                      It depends on how far they want to stay from the various dogmas that entrap the spirituality of human.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Prayers will get it..
                      Salvation but a few 'Hail Mary's' away..

                      Weepy Fugitive CA Pastor Begs For ‘Prayers’ After Allegedly Raping Underage Chinese Tourist
                      Feb 11 2018


                    • "Prayers will get it..
                      Salvation but a few 'Hail Mary's' away.."

                      That's really sad there heart…

                      …Do you really have heart? Can you find truth in the lies? You will be confused trying to do that, that's how they designed it.

                      Eat brain candy and you like it? It tastes good? Rotten teeth and poor health is the outcome.

                      Get into the real and simple truths and the lies fall away like tree leaves in the fall.

                      Would you like to debate about trees loosing their leaves every year?

                      Didn't think so… There are no deceptions there so there is no debate.

                      It's like arguing about it getting dark at night and the light mysteriously appearing in the morning…

                      If you happened to have lived trapped in a cave all your life you wouldn't already know those facts…

                      And imagine how you would feel if you had to actually explain every little thing about day and night to someone.

                      My way of explaining it would be to simply say… Be outside for a while and actually see day and night for yourself.

                      Only then can you know it well enough to be able to reject the myths some actually believe about something as simple as day and night.

                      And the world is in fact round and day has light and at night it get darker but the sun will come up tomorrow…

                      "Annie" (1982) – Tomorrow:


                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      I really don't think so HD. It is of the doing that everything anyone would think to know or seek, to be filtered. You simply can't filter the truth it stands on its own for anyone to find. People choose to filter the truth so as not to have to face it. I see it everywhere..both.

                    • Not trying to filter truth earthsmith….

                      Trying to filter lies and errors…

                      There's the key I'm referring to!

                      If you waste time on half truths you will be too busy studying them to see the real truth.

                      Get it?

                      If you are reading a totally fake article or comment while something real is happening then you simply wont see it, and wont have the time to see it or react…

                      Your'e time will be spent studying a snipe hunt while the real facts are there in front of you.

                      Most just aren't looking and/or studying them.

                      So instead it's gloom and doom and confusion, These will get propaganda programmed and would think nutrasweet is safe or aspirin tablets are a natural product or even that nuclear is clean or green or safe….

                      People are so scared they don't want to even think about it much less study it…

                      There's a real propaganda campaign and a real pain for many that can't get past it.

                      Know what I'm saying?

                    • If that was true you would eat rocks or poop not knowing any better and be gone…

                      …Now there's ya some evolution.

                      Be a dur hurrrr in every way and that would be the norm? Seems to actually be that way, some places, with some people.

                      A great one to think about here…

                      Evolution (4/9) Movie CLIP – It's In Me! (2001) HD:


                      Oh and not trying to filter truth earthsmith.

                      Trying to filter lies and errors.

                      There's the key I'm referring to!

                      If you waste time on half truths you will be too busy studying them to see the real truth.

                      Get it?

                      If you are reading a totally fake article or comment while something real is happening then you simply wont see it, and wont have the time to see it or react.

                      Your'e time will be spent studying a snipe hunt while the real facts are there in front of you.

                      Most just aren't looking and/or studying them.

                      So instead it's gloom and doom and confusion, These will get propaganda programmed and would think nutrasweet is safe or aspirin tablets are a natural product or even that nuclear is clean or green or safe.

                      People are so scared they don't want to even think about it much less study it.

                      There's a real propaganda campaign and a real pain for many that can't get past it.

                      Know what I'm saying?

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Oh My! Poor Tourist! Pray more!

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    HD, gots some explainen to do! 🙂

                    Obviously seeing.. is not believing…the mind tricks are very clever!!

                    Seeing is believing: From millions watching the Pope to masses of meditating monks, incredible images capture the world’s biggest religious gatherings

                    Read more:

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Enslavement of the feeble human mind..appears to be very easy to do…based on the above link. Obey!

                      The world's very rich masters..just got much richer.


                    • Not into that obewan…

                      Nothing to do with knowing GOD either by the way.

                      That's men doing what men do and is a HUGE part of the confusion..

                      Kiss my ring?

                      Recon how many diseases were spread from that one ritual?

                      Dip your finger in holy water? ALL pure and natural water is holy, ya don't need a child molester to bless it for it to be so!

                      Wonder what that guy had on his fingers when he dipped it in the water? I don't need to know nor do I want to know about that because it does nothing, serves nothing good and is nothing miraculous.

                      It's ritual and ritual alone. Kinda like bashing everything you see takes away from finding real truth and getting the truth out there to those that need it.

                      The moral of the story?

                      Better watch (and constantly question) what you think you know if you really want to actually know what's true.

                      Oh yea and it's not only written in the Bible, it's a plain and obvious fact that GOD hates rituals by anyone in any form.


                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      You have no clue what you are talking all.

                      You have been hoodwinked like billions of others all over the world.

                      The rituals had nothing to do with religion as they were built in for a protection of the masses they were profiting from and controlling.

                      The sharing of such things guaranteed all people were exposed to the same thing for antibiotic buildup of/for the diseases that moved through the populations. Simple thinking..good results.

                      Same with the kosher thinking and practices.

                      Think ancient common sense practice to help with the survival of the population/species that were simply animals attempting to climb out of the dark abyss.

                      No god..obvious by now..all gods are different above..what do you not see in the above link.

                      Study it very closely/ Wake up!

                    • irhologram

                      All seemed to ignore Hippy's assertion that evil is across ALL strata. What you're talking about is hypocrisy, which IS evil, but only 1 form of evil. And evil, or murdering the spirit, lack of harmony, stunted quality of life, dark perceptions, frozen feelings…are across ALL strata.

                      Y'all turn inside out if "religion" is involved. But good…and evil…it is now proven… are frequencies. As is all disease. As are words in languages. We can "beam" sentences into your mind in an amusement park or the military can plant mind-control thoughts in your head.

                      So the ecstatic, prayerful, luck-manifesting, sincere believer is in a blissful frequency. And the Satanic ritual, pedoephile, serial torturer, child killer is at the other end of the frequency scale.

                      One extreme is called "good;" the other is called "evil." Both, in the extreme, have been proved to have extraordinary powers of charisma, situational event control, and sense of purpose, and historical direction

                      The "concept of religion" is treated here as if extreme good doesn't exist at all. Its just that the very fact of rising to positions of control in either frequency, good or evil, often requires evil, maybe usually.

                      But a blind eye seems turned toward evil done in the name of bad. Its orchestrated before your eyes IN CONCERT, yet you see it as fragmental. It works together, across all aspects everywhere. As does good.

                      Discernment is sorting based on frequency, not institutions.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Not buying it at all..he mentions god way to much for my taste..

                      These are brain controllers at work here..nothing more and nothing less.

                      No need to dress it up as something else…or as good vs evil in some elaborate charade designed for the human mind.

                      Both good and evil and god are manmade constructs created by very clever ancient in context.. and still clung to by many now trapped inside the very matrix designed to control them all.

                      Do not interpret frequencies for embraced or forced insanity..not the same at all.

                    • irhologram

                      Obe! Insanity IS a frequency. Lol

                      Unfortunately,your own "construct" isn't logical, because it doesn't apply current known science facts regarding frequency in relationship to matter in the electro/magnetic universe. Or even the movie, "The Secret". Lol

                      Besides, your concern seems to be semantic, because you haven't used the word you seem to mean. Hypocrite. You believe Trump is a hypocrite, right?

                      Biggest problem in the New Testament, said to be the only thing The Creator hates. Lol We're seing it everywhere, and yes, in government.

                      It would be just a curiosity to me that you think this. Something to muse about. But, sigh, its a reflection of the Hegelian Dialectic… Divide us. Make us feel unconfortable in the presence of Blacks, or rich or poor, or city folk, or Southerners, humanists, Christians, Muslims, etc.

                      Its the stated tactic of George Soros, put in place shortly after WWII. I know you already know this. Maybe it will help you understand why it creeps you out. Soros and Rothschild have been very successful.

                      But facts are facts. At present, though, your observation is right. Good and evil are out of balance. Evil is amplified way up.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Nigel Farage: Instead of Russian Collusion, Press Should Look Where George Soros' Billions Are Going
                      Feb 18 2018


                      I don't think he even caresabout th eissues just as long as it causes unrest..

                    • Yepper Soros (much like many here) is only interested in a weakening of the middle class by fairy tale propaganda.

                      It's cheap.

                      It's effective.

                      It's not even traceable to it's original source.

                      It's a friggin fairy tale for mental midgets.

                      Once weakened (takes a while) then the country is ripe for takeover.

                      But much like a phisical war there will be ruins everywhere to rebuild.

                      They will just program it into your brain and then wait for you to tear your own stuff up.

                      Well gee golly they got work now rebuilding and it's only them remaining to make the money?

                      Wowsers what a total crock of dictatorship tripe huh.

                      Hard to invade a real family unit, much easier if they are sick and/or confused.

                      So distract them with babble on the internet and confuse them so they get sick and addicted and can do nothing without their leaders and their pill supply?

                      Kinda rings true eh? Gotta have them blood pressure pills or you could have a stroke?

                      If you are eating them daily (blood pressure pills) that's real reality for you.

                      It's not a lie! If you have been eating blood pressure pills everyday ya can't just stop.

                      And if you would actually study history and lies and propaganda you would already know those facts.

                      There is nothin new under the sun, just more new ignorance from old distractions.

                      And watch football while children die too.

                      How bout that quarterback huh.

                      Brain problems create even more problems.

                      Ya think?

                    • Damn obewan is the light saber low in battery?

                      May I suggest a 50 dollar nicoderm patch kit for you? To help?

                      Nahhh not only is it just not the same, It'll hurt ya instead of helping…

                      OOOMMM OOOMMM OOOMMMM…

                      Where's it actually at?

                      How about a little fun? After work? With those that build with you together??


                      Good for the soul ya know and it's true proven to actually help your grandchildren and their children…

                      A real unit? Really?? Nahhhhhh…

                      The Lacs – Keep It Redneck:


                      …No debate required.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Missing the point kids..when a little kid is instructed to rock back and forth.. while reciting the koran..this is not a frequency..this is a forced action placed on him by others. God? Chuckles!

                      No! Men and Women are shoving something into this kid's brain.

                      If this brain washing is successful..once again.. it has nothing to do with frequency and more to do with interpretation of that knowledge shoved into his brain.

                      If he believes in 72 virgins if he kills others and is not his fault and not his frequency. In this case the evil was taught to the kid. No god was ever involved..ever.

                      Very sick adult humans were.

                      Insanity is a contagion..not a frequency. We catch it from each other's brains…not from any god. The danger with promoting the god myths are that by promoting such hog wash we spread the contagion unknowingly. Many in the past caught it too..just look at Hitler and the many others.

                      Human constructs..promoting our human insanity.

                    • And is the point for good or bad?

                      Real questions lead to real answers…

                      Or is it a way to distract?

                      Wonder? So do I…

                      13 Psychology Tricks That Work On Anybody:


                      And then ya learn if ya care…

                      Wanna be immune? Know better.


                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Making no it?

                      Women has 1200 pairs of shoes inside a closet built just for her shoes..quite insane.

                      Some might say she is blessed. Chuckles!

                    • Here's some kids rocking back and forth obewan…


                      Jammin man…



  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They had to have token.. and it's going to be tricky to get rid of him, so they are going to try and make him into a 'conspiracy monger'.
    A clear moment of narcissistic denial, he is correct as the results of the
    situation, the masses will have a little snicker.
    They offered a test in Hawaii.
    The results ..FEAR THEN DEATH.. perhaps a passing thought about the power grid, (more likely one's loved one's).

    Ben Carson, or the tale of the disappearing cabinet secretary
    Feb 11 2018

    "It was Christmastime in Washington, and Ben Carson couldn't stop talking about the apocalypse.
    "Did you know," the secretary of Housing and Urban Development asked his acting chief of staff Deana Bass at a Capitol Hill holiday party, "that if North Korea detonated a nuclear weapon into our exosphere, it could take out our entire electrical grid?"
    Bass shook her head.
    "What's that movie where there's complete lawlessness and anarchy for one night a year?" Carson said, calmly resting his right hand over his left. "'The Purge'! It will be like 'The Purge' all the time.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Loved ones"..

    Hey, diddle dee, hey..
    See the silly games we play.
    Now, look up, die and go away..

    Better ..FD??

    • DUDe DUDe

      I needed a day off after silly paranoia to reset and dismantle bad thoughts..stretching a bit because of hangover..worse of timing i guess..understood..i will not addres you directly for a while then Heart ? sry..:(

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