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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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47,941 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "wheat-opioid peptides can 'sedate' the bowels so much that constipation is caused.(13) Because some wheat-opioids are extremely powerful, some schizophrenics can even be cured by not eating any wheat-products anymore.(14)

    To compensate the analgesic effect of the opioid peptides, wheat-products very often contain rosemarin-extract, which is a powerful 'upper'. "

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    Where is GOM, I need to speak to her.

  • SadieDog

    This is priceless! “Besides the backpacks, other security measures — including increased police presence and a requirement that students wear an ID tag at all times — have been introduced at Stoneman Douglas since the February massacre.

    Though some students say they do feel safer with the new policies in place, several said this week that the school environment now feels stifling and “like jail.”

    “I definitely feel safer, but in no way is school going to be a place of cognitive education and creativity when it feels like a jail cell,” junior Jack Macleod told CNN.”

    Oh, the hypocritical irony. It warms my heart.

    • These stupid indoctrinated sheep are willing to take ALL my ability to protect myself, and yet are not willing to carry an ID.

    • Warms your heart? It makes me sick to my stomach that these news outlets are using these kids for ratings now.

      And a jail? But he feels safer? No bigger publicity stunt statement could be imagined.

      Lock the doors from outside access and keep the entrances covered with proper people watching them and ID required?

      Humm that already being done in places like Israel with astounding sucess and they have real terrorists threats daily!

      They don't have these mass shootings and their kids not only get educated, they get to live to actually use that education later in life.

      Isn't that what we do at home to keep our children safe these days?

      But naaaah let's not do the things that are already proven to work and save children's lives, let's complain about it instead and allow more children to die is the answer?

      Woh, a fine answer to a real life threatening problem huh.

      Splain it to me Lucy….

      • SadieDog

        Using these kids? Idiot. You mean the 4 or 5 that have pimped themselves out as lying govt pawns? Lol.
        David Hogg’s father was FBi. His mother works for CnN.
        There was… once again, NO shooting.

        • So you are convinced yet again there was no shooting, according to you there never is and all the real news is made up and the fake news is real according to you huh. and it's all made up except for the fairy tales you spout…

          And you think I'm the idiot?

          Check your dumb ass into the nearest loonie bin fool.

          What a complete and udder shit for brains you are.

          Someone needs to intervene with you, but I'd expect you've run all the sane people around you off already.

          So the shootings are fake but you've apparently hallucinated that this is a site for loonie toons to sit around and post fools fictions and insults on huh.

          You are pathetic and should get a nice rubber room somewhere.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            "And you think I'm the idiot?"

            Yes, we know who.
            Now, we know why.


            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I hear Q says that Mexico is now sending/assembling their troops to/at the border in retaliation for Rumpster's moves with our troops.

              War on the border sounds like fun! Yippee!

              • I wouldn't put allot of stock in those rumors obewan…

                That would be like bringing a box of rubber bands to a bazooka fight :-).

                The squawking of these humorous bed time stories by these blogger style news agencies is not only totally fake, it's completely ridiculous!

                And by the way the Texas people had enough volunteers on the border as of yesterday to guard the border and to defeat the Mexican military and any caravans of desert crossing immigrants on their own.

                Do you think Mexico would send troops against America?

                And risk ruining relations with the US?

                What a joke…

                All a bunch of hoowie designed for publicity.

                This kinda of thing happens all the time with or without troops.

                Look here's a caravan from 2 months ago and only one of the 10 suspected trucks was found and stopped.

                No wall would have stopped them as they simply drove right through the border crossing and right past the people hired to inspect these trucks.

                76 Immigrants, Including Children, Packed into Tractor-Trailer:


                And there will be no caravan (the latest fake story publicity stunt) from Central America coming anywhere close to the US border, much less crossing it in the desert on foot.

                "A caravan of Central American migrants is expected to end its journey in Mexico City rather than pushing north to the U.S. border, organizers said on April 4"

                Melissa Macaya, Rusvel Rasgado/The Washington Post

            • That's humorous Air Sep…

              And BTW I scored in the top 2 percent on my mensa test in school…

              How about you? Don't even know what that is? Hummmmmmmmmmm.

              You aught to change your handle to "baseless no fact spouting insulter for nothing better to do" Although I doubt you could get enough letters in there.

              Look here's a new free icon for ya too…


              And here's something to think about…

              10 Tests To Prove if You're DUMB:


              • I give it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

                And a bucket of freshly shoveled BS.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                The minimum accepted IQ score for mensa on the Stanford–Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148.

                I categorically state theres no way in hell Hippie Dog has IQ levels that high. Its like him saying hes a studio musician….pffft

                • Well one thing is for sure you don't…

                  Saying? Well saying has no intelligence, first you have no possible way to know so intelligence would dictate saying that statement proves something…

                  Second Aren't you the one that bombarded us with comparisons of k-40 and heavy metal radioactive poisons and then bragged about how much time you had spent on that total snipe hunt? Nuff said.

                  You do know what a snipe hunt is right?

                  I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with fake facts written eloquently with big words and fake numbers and facts while trying to refute real certified (ten ways to sunday) data that proved not only were your numbers and ideas wrong, the numbers you said were trying to prove there was no problem actually proved there is a HUGE problem.

                  And please understand that I'm not mad or saying it outta malice, I'm saying it because it's true.

                  So let's keep debating it, maybe it'll help someone (even you and me) to understand the truth about the truth instead of fake distraction to waste allot of time on tripe that only confuses and blinds folks to the actual facts and reality…

                  What was the score of the game? Yea that knowledge will help save people…

                  Is potassium comparable in ANY WAY to heavy metal nuclear waste? NOT!!!

                  Did someone blow up the twin towers? You bet they did, they did it with fully fueled jumbo jet airplanes!!!

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    my thread on K-40 is here


                    I havent updated it so no need for regulars to rush over there. Much more to come….

                    The comparison of potassium radiation to nuclear fallout is central to the discussion of nuclear and is one of the major faults of institutes like Woods Hole

                    • Yep one is (natural potassium) a natural nutrient that is required for many functions in the body, the other is a unnatural heavy metal, man made (sometimes radioactive) toxin…

                      So K40 (NEVER found in nature as a pure substance) is a minute part of natural potassium. The other man made radioactive waste would be like drinking car antifreeze at levels so small you can barely detect them (micro grams are too big of a measurement for these substances) and these heavy metal and ceramic toxins are such a poison to anything alive that it WILL be the cause of your premature death.

                      And a run on sentence doesn't even come close to doing that fact justice.

                      If you ingest that stuff (radioactive heavy metal toxins)…

                      …It's not a matter of if it will kill you, it's only a matter of when.

                      Double ignorant wowsers.

                  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                    AA 11–carrying 9,717 gallons of jet fuel, 14,000 gallons under capacity.

                    UA 175–it had 9,118 gallons of fuel in its tanks.

                    AA 175–and its tanks were 4,000 gallons under its 11,500-gallon capacity.

                    Jeez lamar, you take the art of a goose-egg far and wild, stick with pick-up lines on woreout lesbians. Mensa-boy…hahahaha


  • here we are again, Hippiedog supporting the establishment narratives, whilst urging everyone to "filter" sheesh.

    Then hippie claims that one building fell down first because it was hit lower. Completely ignoring that the building were hit at way different times. Shameful.

    Only 695 people have viewed my work on the 911 USGS debris testing which clearly shows radioactive materials at levels 100 to 200 times background levels.

  • I support truth, I don't care who says it as long as it's true.

    I debunk Bullshit, I don't care who likes it.

    I work to get real facts out in a sea of lies and disinformation, I don't care if you believe the lies and propaganda or not.

    I tell the truth, I don't care if everyone else is lying or not.

    I will continue to spread real facts, I don't care if it makes me unpopular.

    Think about that and don't get trapped in a fairy tale world.

  • Jebus Jebus

    "Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration."
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 3, 2018

  • Isorted through and mass deleted thousands of spam at nukepro, but also found around 100 legitimate comments that had been flagged as spam too. These are now published.

    If you have been commenting, check it out.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "‘I was wrong’: Judge admits jailing people for pot ‘haunts’ him after cannabis saved his life"

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Mom stands up to dental bullying when dentist threatens to call CPS over missed dental appointment"

  • Didn't terrorists try to use explosives against the WTC years before 9/11. Even is explosives were used on 9/11, I don't think anyone can prove who placed the explosives there.

    As to present speculation about Trump and Russia, just follow the money. Trump would be a pauper beggar on the streets except for all the money he has received from Russia. Trump even brags that he never pays any income tax on his billions because of all his previous bankruptcies. All his creditors were robbed of billions by his bankruptcies. His business model is definitely not America first.

    I pay my taxes as a loyal American.

  • Demagogues use bullying to distract and hide the fact that they are stealing people blind.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Sick Temper Tyrannis

    Tyranny… What is it? Does the word mean anything any more? Like so many terms it has been distorted to serve the ends of powerful interests until its meaning has been blurred. In its dictionary definitions the common element is the exercise of power without accountability to the ruled.

    High-powered academic research has established beyond debate that Americans have nothing to say about what is done in their name by the State. Their opus wasn’t needed. It’s painfully clear by now that we are ruled tyrannically and if you’re not flaming furious about that, you’re dead.

    Or maybe you’re like The Marchers. Maybe you are a Marcher. Marchers are good people, pushed to the streets by outrage and pain they have no effective way to express. They assemble in great numbers for unity and impact but tyranny ignores them. Their outrage–in the huge rally against the Iraq invasion, say–has no effect. It’s permitted for exactly that reason. Nothing will be done about guns and gun murder after the recent march because the people’s will doesn’t matter. Go ahead: resist. And then..?

    Similarly, the figurehead of our tyranny can order the massive, blundering, wastrel military machine that eats our money and makes us hated the world over to destroy victim countries, entirely against the will of most Americans.

    The American Empire, barely into what the Neocons loopy braintrust touted as “The American Century”, is a bitterly conflicted, viciously…

    • DUDe DUDe

      The American Empire, barely into what the Neocons loopy braintrust touted as “The American Century”, is a bitterly conflicted, viciously class-stratified, economic hollow shell, run on debt, and led by sick frauds and sociopathic incompetents toward what will be the greatest system implosion in history.

    • Nothing will be done in terms of outlawing all guns, nor making stupid laws that restrict some guns, but such restrictions would have no effect on mass murders, or negligible effect whilst creating destruction of one of our most basic freedoms, the freedom to defend yourself.

      So pretending that "since we are already under tyranny" why the hell not take away the guns, even those guns are a major factor in keeping local and federal governments from becoming "bat shit crazy Orwellian tyrannical". So this pretense is not just a disgusting false argument, it is a very dangerous ploy. Combined with the advent of "perfect propaganda" as "benefited" by the new electronically monitored society using cell phones, text, and email and immediate propaganda analysis of effectiveness via social media and NSA devouring of all the electronic sources, these type of bald faced lies must be swatted back by those who can still think and communicate.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        quite right. Never follow the commands of police, governments and sergeants if they are wrong or misguided. This is a version of the principles of our countries founding fathers.

        Governments must work FOR the people at the BEHEST of the people, not the other way around. Never give all your power to government, the neighbor, the church or the mafia, which often are the one and the same.

        • Giving that advice would get people shot. The intent of BLM is to get people killed, to create division based on race and division of those who think rule of law is necessary versus those who would pretend that no government/no rule of law is necessary or it can be dismissed at any time you want.

          The globalist agenda, which had controlled an co-opted the liberal agenda, is the root of so many of our problems and it is totally intentional. fuck them!

          • Jebus Jebus

            "You have two weeks to weigh in on land management plans for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments."


          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            stock your view is not the only plausibly correct one. Many great thinkers through history realized the effect of relying on law rather than a just and ethical naturalism of the people. What animal species do you see spinning wildly out of control because they dont have a book of law? Indeed, law creates lawlessness. Thats what you dont seem to appreciate.

            Consider laws as well thought guides. Do you ever exceed the speed limit? Intent of law should have priority over letter of law.

            'Prior to the arrival of the Spanish (1598) and the Anglos (1846), Navajos governed themselves and resolved disputes in their own way. They resolved disputes by "talking things out." The judges were the hozhoji' Naat'aah, or peace chiefs. They were leaders, chosen by community consensus, because of their wisdom, spirituality, exemplary conduct, speaking ability, and skill in planning for community survival and prosperity. They mediated disputes by encouraging people to fully talk out their problems, in order to reach agreed settlements and restore harmony in the community. Unlike European law, traditional Navajo law was not based on power but based on relationships, respect, and mutual need.'

            • I like it, and it seems like that process could exist on small scales and scales in which people couldn't easily relocate. Meaning their process wouldn't work when the "fuck up" decides to just move to Baltimore

              I am saying its a nice idea, but can't work on broad scales in a "modern civilization"

              Punishment was never the theme of Indian Family Law. Rather our code was standard of behaviour addressed to the needs of individual, family and community. The considerations entertained the following concepts:

              • maintenance of dignity;

              • re-introductions

              • to self

              • to family

              • to community;

              • apology and, from time to time, compensation;

              • education;

              • crime prevention;

              • counselling (individual and family);

              • rehabilitation.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                this is a presumption; 'I am saying its a nice idea, but can't work on broad scales in a "modern civilization"'

                What didnt work for the Navajo was the invasion of the european with his enumerable laws and ideas of civilization. Actually, it doesnt work for me either. I see ravens that are as smart as seven year old humans, living in some kind of harmony, yet with zero laws and police. Would Orca, conceivably our equal in many ways with their larger more complex brains, benefit from a slew of human conceived, or even orca conceived law books?

                I dont know how to get rid of laws, that is, I realize their necessity. Yet Its all too clear that in a world with ever more laws, a country with ever more militarized police, the whole thing is going to hell. So this assumption of 'rule of law is the only way' obviously wasnt correct either. The world is my witness and my proof

                • Just do a thought experiment, expand the Navajo method to a large scale, the whole US perhaps….

                  And one factor to put in, is what you know about human nature.

                  It fails miserably.

                  Not meaning to be combative, but your examples are more of an apologist approach than an argument that the "constructive" approach to law enforcement of the Navajo could be expanded in modern society to large scales.

                  And the frequent excerpts into the animal kingdom rings pretty hollow in my book.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    stock, I dont know why the animal kingdom examples ring hollow. Is it because we believe a-priori that man is the lowest out of control evil fool that walked the earth, in need of ruling over by reams of laws or else all hell breaks loose? We think of ourselves as the HIGHEST most INTELLIGENT animal, why then are we in need of the most external control? What does an orca society herded and controlled by human law look like in your mind? A step up to civilization, or a force that creates control struggles, inequality, outlaws, reduction of spirit and so on?

                    Let me ask you…does strict conformity to rule of law only apply to the united states, or do you think its a mandatory ideal in Mao Tse Tung's China, Hitlers Germany, Stalin's Russia and Mussolini's Italy?

                    Henry David Thoreau wrote an essay on civil disobedience. In fact a necessary part of civilization since antiquity.

                    'Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal of a citizen to obey certain laws of the state, and/or demands, orders, and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power.'

                    We NEED civil disobedience now in this age of rampant corruption and militarized police

      • or-well

        All those guns have NOT protected you from the biggest criminals in the Nation.
        For those in doubt as to who they are – that would be the government and its corporate cronies, including the nuclear industry.
        Don't worry – you'll get to keep your guns,, because "they" haven't even begun to milk you for all the possible fees and imposed expenses that could be applied in relation to gun ownership and ammunition purchases and also because theirs are bigger.
        Nighty-night, sleep tight.

        • Yes they are the biggest criminals, now in a real way. Government steals more in "asset forfeiture" than all the burglars combined.

          I dont see much fees coming. Shall not be infringed is pretty clear.

          Obama tried to make guns illegal by making lead super expensive.

  • DUDe DUDe

    The bee..errr canary in the coalmine..err sewer Earth

    Insect Decimation Upstages Global Warming

    Everybody’s heard about global warming. It is one of the most advertised existential events of all time. Who isn’t aware? However, there’s a new kid on the block. An alarming loss of insects will likely take down humanity before global warming hits maximum velocity.

    Without any doubt, it is difficult to imagine how humanity survives without insects, which are dropping dead in bunches right before our eyes. For proof, how many insect splats do people clean off windshields nowadays? Not many…. How many fireflies do children chase at night? Not many….

    Several naturalists and environmental writers believe the massive loss of insects has everything to do with three generations of industrialized farming and the vast tide of poisons pouring over the landscape year-after-year, especially since the end of WWII. Ours is the first-ever pesticide-based agricultural society. Dreadfully, it’s an experiment that is going dead wrong… all of a sudden!

    For the immediate future, the Paris Accord is riding the wrong horse, as global warming is a long-term project compared to the insect catastrophe happening right now! Where else is found 40% to 90% species devastation?

    The worldwide loss of insects is simply staggering with some reports of 75% up to 90%, happening much faster than the paleoclimate record rate of the past five major extinction events.


      • danger kitty danger kitty

        Hi, DUDe. I didn't realize the insect depopulation was so widespread. Here in my piece of Southern California Oak Woodland, we normally have a very diverse insect population. In 2013 and 2014 we had zero insects. Zero birds also. My County had the largest number of bird species in the United States. Before Fukushima.
        Now, in 'recovery', only 20% of insect and bird species have returned. And the number of individuals per species is only at 20%. So to put it another way 80% of bird and insect species are gone …

        • DUDe DUDe

          Hi dk , 80% that's a serious sudden loss in biomass , for a planet working almost half its Sun's life or something on its biodiversity it achieved..unfortunately, a serious mass of bio-energy lost , like evolved enough to be considered perpetual food and genes/possibillities..for a small planet like extinction like this is unprecedented..extinction unprecedented on top of it in speed..something must be pushing serious hard towards dead on this planet..biological be so suddenly..

          Our industrial revolution..and our slave consumer numbers exploding in the orgasm of our inbred masters too..could have nothing to do with it..

          Take any living multy-cellular organisme , human or planet or whatever lol..cut it open , and you will never find pure algoritme of greed as sole drive of what keep all interactions in the matrix of balance going any composed lifeform..coörporating creatures and their chemics to the highest most complex levels can agree on a mutual beneficial equillibrium before they are saturated..before they evolve to invent greed..unlike an algoritme deliberately created to benefit a few over many many others..incompatible with the
          chemical bath-laws/nature it is swimming in..

    • Its funny how the super corrupt elite have focused peoples attention,energy, and money on the idiocy of "global warming" when the real problems have been completely ignored.

      WAsting resources on "global warming" is disgusting, and a sign of just how brainwashed people have become. there is weather changes, as there has been throughout the centuries. If there is any man caused effects, we can barely measure it or prove it.

      In 14 seconds, the sun adds more energy to the earth, than all the nuclear bombs ever exploded. Cosmic ray nucleate clouds. Sun and Earth magnetism create a somewhat protective "shield" for cosmic ray. When the sun is "quiet", less sunspots, and thus less magnetism, more cosmic rays get through, creating more clouds and thus a cooling trend. This is our current status.

      At the tail end of a massive El Nino, which was amplified by the death of phytoplankton and krill caused by radiation absorption into their chitinous structures (which bio magnify radiation like a sponge) and the off gassing of said creature which also nucleates clouds. At the tail end of this "warming" we now enter a cooling period.

      I increased the footage of my greenhouses by 250% this year.

      • DUDe DUDe

        Funny how many "good" people keep humanity in control of evil..forcing it to suicide..surely we can't keep a drop in the ground /sarc..and as long as its there..we will postpone talking about the directly or indirectly fucked up by man planetary heat exchange mechanisme..

        Lighten up y'all , a new summer full of heat records is coming , unless the golf stream etc switch to cause a iceage..i know what half of humanity will be quick to explain that as proof of no manmade climate destruction etc..

        • DUDe DUDe

          stock , do you think it is possible for a living planet that has a moderated by life climate optimised for said life to die without having its climate affected ?

          • You have lost grammatical sense.

            I spent decades as a "climate apologist" stating "of course man is affecting the climate". Then I gathered the data, the statistics that show 95% of all temperature data can be predicted by only 2 factors….sunspots (magnetism/GCR and related cloud nucleation) and the Pacific Decadel Oscillation. And also understanding the nefarious objectives of our sociopathic "leaders" that want to transfer wealth and control all energy sources by creating the false bogey monster of CO2.

            • DUDe DUDe

              And we all go down togheter..grammatical sense..sense of right and wrong..will it matter who lost what..

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              since cloud cover is a much greater driver of climate than Co2, at least within the realistic variations, and since cloud cover is impacted to a significant extent by plankton, trees, bacteria and other life, then its obvious that mans deadly impact on the biosphere will affect the climate. Singling out Co2 and trying to capitalize on it is the crime and the stupidity.

              Lynn Margulis, the late wife of Carl Sagan suggested that plankton act as a living thermostat, helping to regulate global temperature. She was one of the founders of the Gaia theme which sees life on earth as a network of cooperating systems.

              Margulis faced long standing criticism from the science community but was largely vindicated. She was outspoken about the world trade center demolitions. She wrote a book, which I have not read, but it must be interesting; What Is Life?
              Lynn Margulis Dorion Sagan

              • Killing the bottom of the food chain, and then pretending that all the sea life death is due to domoic acid directly caused by evil CO2 and global warming is the stupidity and the crime.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              stock, you can see the grammatical correctness of DUDes statement by inserting some punctuation marks;

              "stock, do you think it is possible for a living planet that has a moderated-by-life climate optimized for said life, to die without having its climate affected?"

              Its a cogent point. "Earth First" should be the motto of every human at this point. Dont poison it!

              What is more impacting on the climate and health of the planet;

              A) Co2 from coal and oil use


              B) Benzene, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Formaldehyde,
              Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Mercury, uranium and thorium from coal and oil use

              • It is a good point, we should pollute less, which has been the objective of my career.

                But the lies of "fighting CO2" needs to be exposed for what it is.

                Also what if putting "earth first" at any cost caused your family to die, or be marginalized or have morbidity?

                Unless we expose and mitigate the sociopaths at the top, none of the other problems will get solved.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  I agree wholeheartedly that unless we expose and mitigate the sociopaths at the top the problems of civilization and its impact on the ecosphere wont get solved.

                  But the other question; what if putting earth first causes harm to your family; its incongruent. Since life on earth is an interconnected web, whats good for the earth is good for health and wellbeing. Conversely, poisoning the earth will poison and starve ape-man. Native cultures often realize this intrinsically from their closeness to the natural system.

                  Its vital because we are losing animals and species and creating dead zones at an alarming rate!

                  • DUDe DUDe

                    "Its vital because we are losing animals and species and creating dead zones at an alarming rate!"

                    Its desertification from the inside out..and every other angle in a bio-sphere..

                    The bacteria in the soil..oceans..guts..and every where else..insects..and up..its all just biologic..we dont seem to realise we are bound to it..and own it some respect too..if we respect ourselfes..

              • DUDe DUDe

                "What is more impacting on the climate and health of the planet;

                A) Co2 from coal and oil use


                B) Benzene, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Formaldehyde,
                Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Mercury, uranium and thorium from coal and oil use"

                Code ok but you forgot option here and now..

                C) A + B + All the bio-nondegradable waste from what we all "need" to fabricate from that fossil stuff the Earth burried in her innerds..and so life adapted to That bio-chemical reality before we came..and then we went nuclear..

                "What is more impacting on the climate and health of the planet;"

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  DUDe, I think mankind has the technology and resources to make things with a low poison impact. But the ideals and methods of capitalism and corporatism and also the huge overpopulation of humans prevent it.

                  I think people can have 'things'; buildings, transport, gadgets, and still live harmoniously, to a large degree, with nature.

                  the fight and argument for climate change is not a real one unless we see earth as an interconnected and inter-depended web of life. I can sympathize with stocks revulsion to the singular focus on Co2.

                  in my mind, its a design challenge. i.e. non toxic manufacturing, waste management, energy sources.

                  Civil engineering and planning is not good. It mirrors our presumption of what society, work and humans place in the ecosphere is. The public uses over half, perhaps over three fourths of his efforts to support the skimming and waste endemic to this ideological, economic and political system.

                  The people need a more utopian vision; "free man". Economics, society and conduct are grossly at odds with that concept at present.

                  • DUDe DUDe

                    to be sustainable in a interconnected has to find and respect only or atleast mostly interexchancheable laws and other conducts of behaviour in that interconnected bio-matrix the human species is part of like any eat or be eaten at first sight , or the second lol
                    Meaning clean the environment or feed it , pollinate it..never pollute it unless you need to survive you can breathe and stuff..gas it..transform it by being..togheter in resonance with the planet create a balance that benefits the possible evolution/diversification/intelligence of ALL..without mayby any of the species individually realizing it..but its about time humans realize what laws they do that..what is that resonance..?

                    And its own the only species it is at the same time absolut dominant..and operating by the opposite algoritme of life..materializing billion years of evolution life in to pollution is what our economic future is based on..since the economic now is..are we living creatures ? We don't behave like the others..what laws are those..those human creations ? Greed and Monopolization and Corruption married in blood , papers and money is just people that can vote with money ? As much as they want ? And so many other levels of leverers with their this hypnotized human subbubble..a clock within a clock but spinning against it..against creation..and is dominant.."succesfull"..not progress..but transforming us during our hypnotized existence to…

              • DUDe DUDe

                a moderated-by-life "

                " "Earth First" should be the motto of every human at this point. Dont poison it!

                Yes thats how i ment it thx..

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Dude, you have very good excellent sense/cents!

                  Stay the course!

                  Every man made machine created that burns fossil fuels is an unnatural created pollution source and detrimental to all life the exists on this planet.

                  It really is only a matter of time now..the time clock is still ticking.

                  You are a very powerful Jedi my friend! 🙂

                  • DUDe DUDe

                    Thanks :obe) ole jedi I wish i was more balanced..more consistent , capable of being integer understood on more levels/peoples or something..heard where i could not speak..heard where i spoke wrong..listen and remember when i was spoken too..added effect would be good..on critical mass..and as above so below..on and I..and mines..and theirs..and..and that wave..

                    Ah..we are just humans..

  • DUDe DUDe

    Calif. lawmakers introduce bill making it easier to prosecute cops

    As a consequence of the March 18 shooting in Sacramento, California, of Stephon Clark—a 22-year-old, unarmed black man—Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation Tuesday in the California Assembly to change the standard from “reasonable force” to “necessary force” for when police officers can open fire on someone. A number of black community leaders called the bill a “good first step.”

    The current law has been on the books since 1872 and states that a police officer can use “reasonable force” to “effect the arrest or to prevent escape or to overcome resistance.”

    • There are other laws that define and direct how "deadly force" can be used. Those EXISTING laws need to be enforced.

      The above substitution of the word Necessary instead of reasonable, may be a "first step" but it missing the mark entirely, rather than addressing the problem. The problem should be solved in a completely non-ambiguous way.

      Also, those groups like Open Society which fund civil resistance against police, and teach young black men that they don't have to listen to the commands of police (you are required by law to follow the commands of police, even if they are wrong or misguided)….those groups shall be found guilty of manslaughter which shall be applied to their leaders and strategists, especially when discovery of their written emails and texts shows that they are engaging in a planned plot to create said social chaos.

      • DUDe DUDe

        And how shall you find prison/"justice" for profit and the system around it..and the society that allows it and steal taxes for it and the law enforcers being triggerhappy racist's more then happy to fill them by all means lol ?

        "that they are engaging in a planned plot to create said social chaos."

        Carefull with the pitchfork comments then..

        • Prisons for profit are worse than a joke. Prisons at all area joke the way they are run in USA. What could be the possible outcome of throwing someone in prison for years….a productive talented person, well adjusted and ready to contribute to the community?

          Fucking pretty much a snow balls chance in hell. Prisons create career criminals.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        How can this be correct; "you are required by law to follow the commands of police, even if they are wrong or misguided"

        Only by constantly overthrowing the 'overlords' can civilization attain civility. It may sound crazy and anarhic but there is a great deal of historical and psychological information to support this statement

        • It is correct, and BLM as funded by Soros and his butt buddies, is teaching black men that they don't have to listen to police, then they get shot.

          Of course, there is ALSO police actions that are completely wrong and fall outside the "BLM training". Don't confuse or equate the two.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Any law that forces you to follow wrong and misguided commands is a bad law and should be thrown out. They should make that a law!

            • In a police "confrontation" things will not work if the citizen can just decide to obey or not.

              I would postulate that if that were "allowed" there were be even more violent and deadly interactions.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Human livestock ownership by any farmer/country does grant their respective police specific enforcement rights and privileges that all those now by law trapped human livestock will not have.

                This is necessary to control and maintain order within all the by law designated areas and corrals which were only created for holding their now and future assets which are their most productive precious assets..the trapped human livestock.

                Some countries build walls on their borders for human livestock retention while others shoot any human livestock attempting to leave their designated areas/corrals.

                Stock knows simply based on the name..

                • hey I am live stock, ouch.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Not thinking as a citizen I can not stop a speeder and then when he tries to move away from me in his car.. that I can shoot him dead because he did not agree with me.

                    Not thinking as a citizen that I can go to a park and see a kid playing with some type of gun.. and then just pull up in my car and shoot him dead.

                    Not thinking as a citizen I can just go up to someone wearing a backpack and stop them and frisk them and then go through their back pack…and do it 800,000 times in one year.

                    Just a few examples of Stock slavery protocols and can taste the freedom!

  • DUDe DUDe

    Beer time , goodnight.

  • To be clear, planes did fly into those buildings, AND the building were demolished on purpose.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Stock, et al: "Government Climate Fraud Continues To Accelerate"

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "How to ditch Google: Start using these Framasoft online apps instead"
    I don't know how to do this yet.

  • razzz razzz

    'Monetary Policy is a Complete Failure? Will Shutting Down the Fed Solve All the Problems?'

    "…No matter how long I have been at this, trying to overcome manipulating interest rates as a tool to try to control the economy is just totally insane. It reminds me of the skit in Blazing Saddles where the Black guy puts a gun to his own head and says if anybody moves, the black guy gets it. How can a central bank raise interest rates to fight inflation when the government is the biggest borrower in the system?

    The government deficits will rise because their interest expenditure if the central bank raises interest rates to try to stop inflation. This will increase deficits perpetually because governments continuously roll their national debts and never pay anything off. The central banks have lost all control and the press is just too stupid to even understand the problem…"

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      They understand the problem was designed this way long ago..they will end up owning everything. There is a price to pay for everything..thank the Romans and then their created myths.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        the press may or may not understand but the bank certainly does. Free money! The game is how to siphon the most wealth without killing your host. And how much exactly do they think they can siphon without killing the host? About as much money as goes into housing and community, education and energy and the environment combined. And the public thinks this is fine? Thats why theyre called zombies. That big blue military spending is also a sucking of wealth from your pocket. They cant do anything productive so we have to support them. This is part of the reason you work eight or more hours a day. Otherwise, only two or three would be required. The other reason is the capitalist system means you pay $20 for a $1 item

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    A sinking ship that sunk (article is a small book)
    "“The Clock Is Ticking”: Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades
    A recording salvaged from three miles deep tells the story of the doomed “El Faro,” a cargo ship engulfed by a hurricane."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    5.3 earthquake off SoCal, not too far from San Onofre where those canisters are stored.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I read something about north carolina up above.

    I would like to include south carolina in that data too…

    Top secret flights carrying NUCLEAR WASTE from Britain to US 'to run until late next year'

    Four US Air Force flights carrying highly enriched uranium from Dounreay power station in the Scottish Highlands are said to have left Wick John O'Groats airport bound for South Carolina

    Only sometimes aeroplanes take off, but they always land…

  • razzz razzz

    Democrats have given us a class or caste system, rich vs poor even though everyone used to have the same chance to succeed. Now its special interest guided.

    'Bernie Sanders Admits the Democrats Are a Failure'

    "…What Bernie fails to grasp is that government is far too corrupt to actually govern and provide any true improvement in the lifestyle of the average person. The entire Socialist agenda has been devastating on absolutely every front. The introduction of Social Security shifted the focus away from inter-family security being replaced by the state. Kids no longer save to take care of their parents for that is the government’s job. Eastern Europeans still rely upon the family as you also see in China.

    The Democrats seriously altered the black family, which was once stronger than even the white community because they needed each other. With the introduction of welfare, they began to pay girls for the number of children they had and created an incentive not to get married. Similar programs in New Zealand provided total care for a girl if she had no idea who the father of the child was. Even the white community found the number of women who had no idea who the father was rose dramatically because they received free housing. The ethnic or race does not matter – it is economic incentives to undermine the family structure…"

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Progress! It is much worse for the human livestock.. than one can imagine.

    • And the whole concept of feminism was sold as freedom for females, but really it was just to shove them into the workforce, more slaves working = more to skim.

      Plus the kids could be "educated" by "the system" at an earlier age.

      NWO says win-win

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        This would be a capitalistic pig win…had nothing to do with the NWO.

        Think lots of sex and tons of profits while improving bottom productivity costs.

        We are the NWO..wake up!

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        was feminism sold to force women into the work force?

        Capitalism is the reason women had to join the workplace in droves.

        Unbiased private-sector efforts to calculate the real rate of inflation have yielded a rate of around 7% to 13% per year,

        That means if you made $30,000 in 1988, you would need to make $500,000 per year now to have the same wealth. Thus, we see the need of women to enter the work force. But man and wife dont each make $250 grand, so why arent we in abject poverty?

        Part of this is due to outsourcing. U.S. manufacturing, and intellectual work, has been exported to cheaper labor countries. While management was high on this 'leverage', it also stripped the U.S. of real productivity. Now the U.S. is a nation of truck drivers. Please look at the map

        This is not real productivity, like growing, building, making, educating, inventing etc. Yet…it is still considered part of the gross national product! Thats a dangerously absurd notion!

        A family farm where the kids just drive around in trucks all day long wont survive! That is an analogy.

        There are many activities that have zero or even negative productivity. War, in the net is one of those. The U.S. spends a grotesque amount on this. Many became rich, many are…

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          capitalist ideology is taken for granted as good, even equated with the freedom of democracy. The downside of capitalism is well known; capitalism is inherently exploitative, unsustainable, creates economic inequality,is anti-democratic and leads to an erosion of human rights and it incentivizes imperialist expansion and war.

          One must be careful about categorical thinking and terminology; There is no pure feminism, no pure democracy, capitalism, socialism, left or right. These are emotionally charged concepts that people line up behind, one side or the other, like teams. Its more insightful to see what is behind the trends.

          Wilhelm Reich in his book 'the psychology of fascism' points out a social-religious, psychosomatic cause of political dysfunction;

          'the sexual inhibitions which constitute the prerequisite of the continued existence of the authoritarian family and the essential basis of the structure of the lower middle class individual are brought about with the aid of religious fears which thus become sexual guilt feelings and deeply anchored. This leads to the problem of the connection between religion and denial of sexual pleasure. Sexual weakness undermines self-confidence; compensation is effected by rigid character traits or brutal sexual behavior. The necessity for sexual self-control, for maintenance of sexual repression, leads to the development of compulsive, emotionally highly charged ideas of honor, duty, courage and self-control.'

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          You are a slave to elite capitalists….really!

          in the United States, the average household has more than $16,000 in credit card debt. Collectively, we owe nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt, on which we pay an average interest rate of 18.76%

          The average home owner in Hawaii would have a monthly payment of about $3,234 for a 30-year mortgage, before taxes and insurance

          The national average for a home loan is $222,261 with a $1,061 average monthly payment for a 30-year mortgage at 4 percent.
          That means $159,738 = Total Interest Paid on Loan

          for every one hour you work to pay for your house, you work an extra 45 minutes to pay usury to capitalists. This is worse for renters because you end up with nothing at all.

          More U.S. households are renting than at any point in 50 years. 36% of household heads rent their living space! Like a game of monopoly, the real estate guy won and you lost.

          65% of households headed by people younger than 35 are renting

          The burden of being a debtor to capitalists shows in the increasing number of adult children who live with their parents. doubled since 1964

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          The concept of "work ethic" has become increasingly meaningless since the industrial revolution. The efficiency of mechanized production has tremendously reduced labor….or has it? No, now your wife must work and your kids live with you because of the real dwindling value of money and your percentage of the wealth. How did this happen?

          The first realization of what was happening produced the term 'robber barons' The masses share a small percent of total wealth. The wealthy did not 'make' their wealth, it is sequestered from the public as this graph shows

          Now THAT is a capitalist success story!

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            what makes a country great? Education? Scientific discovery? Feeding our people and taking care of the environment? Invading other countries and being embroiled in constant war? …Sovereignty?

            We give as much money in usury payments as we spend on science, education and the environment combined. For those receiving this free wealth, its a fantastic capitalist success story!

            Sovereignty is not applicable anymore. The U.S. cant produce much of anything and be competitive in the global capitalist/fascist system. Like water flowing to the lowest level, its just a question of time before the U.S. wealth is exhausted and citizens are at the global mean of wealth….very poor, btw. The huge employment of the military complex, the medical system and drugs, insurance companies, middle men everywhwere means that real productivity is nearly non existent compared to the founding condition of the country. Extracting wealth is the only driving factor, yet one must PRODUCE wealth in order to extract it. What will a nation of blood suckers feed on?

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              What makes a country great?
              One without "humans"…..coming to a planet near you.
              Yeah you can trust government, just ask a Native American.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              This person and those paying her should be thrown in jail..

              Judge Judy's $47million salary is NOT too much, says real life court after TV star explains how she gives 'a take it or leave it' list of demands to CBS producers every three years

              Read more:
              Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Does Japan need more rule of law or more civil disobedience?

              Its a noble idea; Thou shalt live by the rule of law rather than the rule of men. Problem is, the laws are made by men!

              Japan's State Secrets Law: Hailed By U.S., Denounced By Japanese

              'The penalties for violators are harsh: 10 years in prison for civil servants who leak classified information; five years for citizens convicted of abetting leaks. The law covers defense, diplomacy, counterterrorism and counterintelligence. But it also empowers bureaucrats — not just in defense, but throughout government — to lock away documents for up to 60 years.'

              what constitues a state secret? A lot of it is concerning military and military information shared with the U.S. and perhaps other heads of state.

              ' Measures including embargoes on imports or exports that Japan carries out for national security purposes or thereto relevant policies'

              '…Important information collected on the protection of lives and bodies of people, or information collected from foreign governments or international organizations in relation to prevention of Designated Harmful Activities'

              Taro Yamamoto, a Japanese legislator, says the law “represents a coup d’etat” leading to “the recreation of a fascist state.” The powerful Asahi Shimbun newspaper compares it to “conspiracy” laws passed by totalitarian Japan in the lead-up to Pearl Harbor, and warns it could end independent reporting on Fukushima.

  • Dazy Dazy

    Hope y'all don't mind my disrupting all the arguing :). I have what I think is important evidence regarding eliminating cancerous conditions. Firstly, thanks to everyone for the info, much good research to jump off from here.

    As some of you know, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of uterine cancer. That diagnosis, fortunately, turned out to be incorrect. The pathology was released prematurely before the chem stains were complete. The pathology report didn't look right to my surgeon so he did a follow-up and turns out I did not have serous cell cancer, but I did have uterine cancer.

    The day after I found out about the (not serous) cancer I began a modified Gerson diet, supplements including dandelion root supplements and tea along with an extremely potent cannabis tincture 1:1 cbd/thc. I took the dandelion and cannabis tincture protocol with the specific purpose of reducing vascular growth to the tumor and to cause apoptosis of the cancer cells.

    I was bleeding heavily from the tumor (severe anemia), but within one week of intensive cannabis protocol the bleeding had almost completely stopped but I was still bleeding heavily at night so I doubled the dosage and within another week bleeding had nearly stopped at night. The week before surgery I eliminated all supplements plus sharply reduced my tincture use and started bleeding again. Pathology after surgery indicated the tumor was undergoing apoptosis; possible clear cell had not developed.

    Cancer is…

    • Dazy Dazy

      Cancer is gone. I'm now doing maintenance dose at a reduced level which is appropriate in case of distant metastisis.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Good to hear of your success Dazy.

      • Dazy Dazy

        Thank you both. If anyone has need of more specifics on the making and use of my cancer fighting protocol I will be more than happy to share.

        • PlowboyGrownUp

          Where can that tincture be obtained?

        • PlowboyGrownUp

          Dazy, could you tell the general dosages, dandelion, etc?

          • Dazy Dazy

            Re. dandelion root and tea: one 400mg tablet dandelion root plus up to 3 cups of dandelion leaf and root tea (teabags I purchased).

            Cannabis tincture: I serendipitously started making 5 months prior to treatment (to treat chronic fibro pain) so I had plenty on hand. Tincture can be acquired from govt dispensary or legal cannabis shops but is fairly low strength compared to what I can make and the cost is unaffordable at the quantity you need to take to fight the cancer.

            I first decarboxylated the cannabis to get a 1:1 ratio of cbd/thc which is supposed to be the most effective for cancer fighting. this is the research I used for decarboxylation. 235-240 degrees farenheit for 45 minutes to one hour. To eliminate oven fluctuation first break the cannabis up into very small peices and leave in the stems (do not grind, must do this by hand) then wrap the material in foil like a flat burrito, also wrap your baking dish with foil. Once the cooking is done put the foil burrito in the freezer till it cools.

            Once the material has cooled simply put it in a dark jar covered completely with Everclear (highest alcohol content available is best for extraction). Agitate this mixture daily. It will have an effect after a couple of weeks, very nice after 30 days and extremely potent at 4-6 months. Keep your jar in a dark place and ideally in a warm cupboard which helps activation.

            • Dazy Dazy

              Re. dosing with cannabis tincture: you cannot pussyfoot around with your dosage or it will cause the cancer to act aggressively because it can fight back. My max dosage was x6 droppers every 2 hrs in whatever I was drinking: coffee, tea, juice, almond milk. I did this protocol for 30 days with results. According to my research the minimum length of time to have an effect of apoptosis to 30-90 days although I had positive effects on vascular growth to the tumor within a week.

              Finally, once the main cancer has been eliminated it's been found that a reduced dose of 25-30% of maximum dosage has a positive result in eliminating distant metastasis vs. remaining on the high dose which is less effective.

              There is a machine called MagicButterMaker that can make the tincture in 8-16 hours but is a very aromatic process and I haven't tested with it. I've made edible butter that is very strong so I presume the tincture would be good as well using the machine.

              A reference for strong = very experienced cannabis users find my edibles to be extremely potent.

              1-2 ounces high grade decarboxylated material per pint of Everclear is the recipe for the tincture.

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              Thanks Dazy. Wife is taking IV vita C (Chiese Medicine Dr) for a small glioma which was removed surgically. From what I can find, the vita C, if contacting a cancer cell, produces some h2o2 which zaps the cell. Will know if it's helping after an MRI, middle of May.

              • Dazy Dazy

                Very good idea for the VitC intravenous, had I the money I would definitely be doing that as well; have read exceptionally good things about it. Best of luck to you both.

                • PlowboyGrownUp

                  When we first went there and came time to pay, the helper said we 'didn't have to pay it all today'. So far we have been paying it all.

                • PlowboyGrownUp

                  A book, "Hydrogen Peroxide Modern Miracle" by Dr Douglas, reveal many things I hadn't heard of. On is that the body actually makes peroxide, it's part of the immune function. Side note-the body also makes bicarbonate to regulate PH.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Hi Dazy, would recommend Liposomal Vitamin C. There may be a recipe here on the Combatting Radiation and Its Effects forum (if we even still have that one). Or you can find a recipe for it online I'm sure. Not hard to make. Said to be the best when dealing with cancer or chronic illness, immune system issues.

                  I'd also recommend Japanese Knotweed (Hu Zhang) for its strong cell apoptosis activity. Stephen Harrod Buhner, Master Herbalist, has a lot to say about the anti-cancer effects of Hu Zhang.

                  Have been doing a little study on cannabis and the role of terpenes. Some of the terpenes in cannabis act synergistically along with terpenes in other plant substances. There is a whole new field of medical research opening up around that.

                  I'm all for you using cannabis for cancer. Believe I cured squamous cell carcinoma on my nose in 2014 using CBD oil. I got the SCC shortly after being exposed to heavily irradiated rain water (which got on my face) between March, 2011 and around April, 2012. By 2012 (spring) I had a big SCC nodule on my nose. The CBD oil pulled it out by the roots. It was pretty gross. It has been used to cure astrocytomas (brain tumors) too. UCSF has research papers out on this now.

                  Just jumping in here. Glad to hear you are doing better. Wishing you the best, glad you are here.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    If you are following a protocol that works, great. Understood if you don't want to make it more complicated than it already is. Have had to do complicated health protocols in the past, and it's understood – it can be time consuming and taxing.

                    Gasser here and Obewan have both posted a maple bicarbonate syrup recipe said to be great for controlling cancer. A lot of people here swear by that one. StillJill who was here in 2011-2012 said she used bicarb to kill pancreatic cancer. I think she was stage IV at one time, and had been cancer free for at least a couple of years.

                    There is hope. Wishing you many blessings and the blessing of good health. HT

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      More than controlling cancer. Depriving it of the conditions necessary for its life – so it dies back, and the immune system eliminates it or gets it under its control.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Use organic sunflower lecithin for lipo vit C. Dont believe the hype about massively increased absorption and cellular transport. Mixing in a blender -may be- nearly as effective as getting into ultrasonics. Its not known why people like Dr Levy have such good clinical success. He is financially associated with a company that makes it..

                    even lecithin is not entirely free from suspicion. intake of phosphatidylcholine, a major component of lecithin, temporarily raises blood levels of the compound TMAO due to microbial action in the gut. a study showed that people with the highest blood plasma levels of TMAO were 2.5 times as likely as those with the lowest levels (under 2.5 µM) to suffer a heart attack or other major adverse cardiovascular event (Tang, New Eng J Med 2013)

                  • Dazy Dazy

                    I have been trying to remember the word "liposomal" for a week. Thank you, HoTaters! and thank you for your kind wishes.

                    I've saved Gasser's bicarb/maple syrup recipe for just in case. There's a lot of anecdotal support for that. We're going to make a topical for my husband's recurrent squamous skin cancer spots out of the tincture I made. Very happy to hear of your success with the CBD oil.

                    I'll look into the knotweed for sure and delve into synergism of herbal compounds (related to cannaboid receptors?) Sounds like promising and interesting research.

              • PlowboyGrownUp

                Also no-meat diet, a few food supplements, about a quart of blender liquefied broccoli daily, plus sprouts…

                • PlowboyGrownUp

                  No oils of any kind. No salad dressings on salad. etc

                  • Dazy Dazy

                    Eliminating all sugars including alcohol was part of my protocol as well. Sugars feed the cancer.

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      Yes, no sugar here as well. I don't understand it though, because the body makes sugar for the cells to use.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Plowboy…it seems to be the metabolic use of sugar. Maybe sugar restriction resets the metabolic dysfunction of mitochondria and the shuttles that take sugar from the cytosol to mitochondria


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Mayo is quirky. Cancer is largely a disease of control functions rather than functions. Its a systemic metabolic disease. But knowing this still does not answer the question of cause. For Mayo to create and answer the myth 'good people dont get cancer' is crazy…sign of the times

                      from the paper "hallmarks of cancer"…note all hallmarks are associated with signalling.

                      (1) Cancer cells stimulate their own growth (self-sufficiency in growth signals);

                      (2) They resist inhibitory signals that might otherwise stop their growth (insensitivity to anti-growth signals);

                      (3) They resist their programmed cell death (evading apoptosis);

                      (4) They can multiply indefinitely (limitless replicative potential)

                      (5) They stimulate the growth of blood vessels to supply nutrients to tumors (sustained angiogenesis);

                      (6) They invade local tissue and spread to distant sites (tissue invasion and metastasis).

                      overgrowth of candida yeast is associated with a refined sugar diet. Yeast my interfere with the fine control mechanisms of metabolism. Yeast can also bioaccumulate radioactivity creating hot spots. Ionic and voltage hot spot gradients can interfere with how the body grows…morphogenisis. Dr Simoncini has clinical success treating cancer by reducing candida

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Pretty sure they were just clarifying bad they did not tackle all the religious crap circulating for thousands of years.. while they were at it.

                      Myths are Myths until science can prove otherwise..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Global pharmaceutical giant Merck this week nominated Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. John Noseworthy for election to its board.

                      they wear the attire of the elite

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      All U.S.institutions wear the attire of the elite..why they slapped that pyramid on every dollar that the commoner is reminded and will know their that all seeing eye helps control our brains..via the illusions and myths they continually create.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      This is interesting if true..

                      Trump's new tax law means top 20 per cent of Americans earning at least $150,000 'will pay 87 per cent of total income tax' in 2018

                      Read more:
                      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      From Code's link up above "A rather provocative proposal is rising in the field of oncology: Cancer is a metabolic disease. Mitochondrial respiratory dysfunction is openly proposed as the origin of cancer"
                      It doesn't seem provocative to me.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      the metabolic understanding of cancer, revolving around information pathways, is actually key to overturning the failed and outdated radiation health physics model.

                      Because nuclear fallout is mainly about changes to these metabolic functions rather than direct DNA damage, nearly all disease can now be linked to fallout to some degree rather than their position that there is no proof of causation. Its a major step forward.

                      low levels of fallout cause metabolic shifts that radiation from potassium at higher levels does not

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      General note – biology & chemistry – If you want to learn some about it, here's a link
                      (other subjects too). Short videos, I have watched a few, got a long way to go.

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      "Even the most aggressive cancers which have metastasized have been reversed with baking soda cancer treatments. Although chemotherapy is toxic to all cells, it represents the only measure that oncologists employ in their practice to almost all cancer patients. In fact, 9 out of 10 cancer patients agree to chemotherapy first without investigating other less invasive options.

                      Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make money from it. That’s the only reason chemotherapy is still used. Not because it’s effective, decreases morbidity, mortality or diminishes any specific cancer rates. In fact, it does the opposite. Chemotherapy boosts cancer growth and long-term mortality rates and oncologists know it.

                      A few years ago, University of Arizona Cancer Center member Dr. Mark Pagel received a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the effectiveness of personalized baking soda cancer treatment for breast cancer. Obviously there are people in the know who have understood that sodium bicarbonate, that same stuff that can save a person’s life in the emergency room in a heartbeat, is a primary cancer treatment option of the safest and most effective kind." A link in there leads to a bicarb/molasses video, it might be 'gasser'

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      cont – " It is also a powerful buffer against radiation exposure, so everyone should be up to speed on its use. Everybody’s physiology is under heavy nuclear attack from strong radioactive winds that are circling the northern hemisphere."
                      note – the Dr of Oriental Medicine says that an all vegetable/fruit diet will alkalize the body.

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      "2019 Emergency Room Medicine for Cancer Treatment
                      Sodium bicarbonate offers us an opportunity to quickly change the pH of tissues and this offers a logical and safe approach to cancer/kill off of fungus and yeast infections…
                      What will come as a surprise to most allopathic physicians is that the healing agents we have selected are not pharmaceutical medicines but highly concentrated nutritional substances. We are talking specifically about magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate. These basic emergency room substances, along with ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) make up our core protocol which together, along with other minerals and vitamins like selenium, zinc and vitamin C, can beat back the ravaging power of cancer and even diabetes."

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      2019 should be 2010

    • Great to hear you are better Dazy!!!

      And yes Gerson is the way to go!!!!

      Very smart!!!

      Jay kordich used gerson to cure bladder cancer in his 20's and lived to be 93!!!

      Jay Kordich, The Father of Juicing, dead at 93:

      Here's his story with bladder cancer and the cure that lasted a lifetime!!!

      Interview with Jay Kordich – Part Two Cancer & Gerson Therapy:

      Glad to see it helped you Dazy and you are very smart to have used the real and proven cancer cure!!!!

      Keep spreading the word!!!!

      • Dazy Dazy

        Thank you, Hippie. Raw cannabis can be juiced as well as it's a super food like dandelion. It's been shown to have dramatic effects on the general mental and physical health of the elderly in particular.

      • "…Raw foods as a dietary health treatment was first developed in Switzerland by medical doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner, inventor of muesli. After curing himself of jaundice by eating raw apples he conducted experiments into the effects on human health of raw vegetables. In November 1897, he opened a sanatorium in Zurich called "Vital Force," named after a "key term from the German lifestyle reform movement which states that people should pattern their lives after the logic determined by nature". It is still treating patients today. Other notable proponents from the early part of this century include Norman W. Walker, inventor of the Norwalk Juicing Press, Max Gerson M.D. who used a diet to cure Albert Schweitzer of type 2 diabetes after previously curing Schweitzer's wife of pulmonary tuberculosis when all conventional methods had failed. "In a carefully monitored clinical trial, 446 out of 450 skin tuberculosis patients treated with the Gerson diet recovered completely…."

    • DUDe DUDe

      The first coordinated effort to boot Pruitt from the EPA just launched

      The groups backing the campaign to “boot Pruitt” argue there is more than enough evidence to prove Pruitt is unfit for his job. Their online petition, to be delivered to the EPA and White House, outlines the complaints: “It’s clear where your priorities lie, Administrator Pruitt — with polluters and your political benefactors, not American families. For your numerous ethical breaches, alarming dirty dealings with polluters and the irreparable damage that you’ve done to our health and environment, you must resign immediately.”

      • LOL "unfit" the new meme for "this doesn't fit with the establishment narrative"

        • DUDe DUDe

          Now you are just shilling like a psychopath..

          • LOL "we can't actually establish a reason under the law that this person should be subjected to a rarely taken removal from office…."

            So instead, let's just call them "unfit" and keep up dozens of media lies, to keep unrest present in the populace, since that is our ultimate goal… extract power and transfer wealth in the midst of chaos.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              stock, are these lies; the desks costing 70 grand, the 18 round the clock body guards, Pruitt is a lawyer and politician with no education about the environment and ecology, he spent 28 grand…maybe a lot more..on a phone booth. I guess the rule of law doesnt cover insane politicians

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Pruitt can do whatever he wants to..he is another pig that controls the law.

                We must all understand our place within the pyramid.

                Freedom one can taste it!

                The most miserable zoo animals in the world: Heartbreaking photos show animals locked in squalid cages and tied down with rusty iron chains that are so tiny they can barely move as tourists ogle them in Thailand

                Read more:
                Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Pruitt is a lawyer. He sued the EPA several times. The rich psychopaths make the rule of law and use it to their benefit. This is the problem with the rule of law concept.

                  The entire team of Trump are all billionaires and millionaires. They didnt work hundreds of times harder than ordinary people to get that wealth. The wealth is expropriated from the masses one way or the other.

                  Politics is sick and always has been. The public must forget patriotism and continually overthrow their overlords. Unfortunately they gave all their power away, so now they are trapped…and dont even know it. Slaves in our great indoctri-nation


                  • LOL Code's Law—–

                    Rule of Law = Bad
                    Patriotism = Bad

                    Overthrow overlords = Good. These are not the overlords you are looking for, LOL

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      oh yes, the overlords in government, even the lowly administrators have always been a problem. Look at what happened in China. Mass corruption, starvation and misery due to these administrative thieves and tyrants and their psychopathic leader.

                      If there is laughing to be done, you can laugh at Pruitt the lawyer who made millions, sued the EPA and installed 18 body guards and a secret phone booth for his job as environmental protector….

                      Im laughing that your man Trump is friends with Silverstein and Giuliani, two of the many criminals involved in the WTC demolition.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Tillerson got his drilling rights and now he is out of there!

                    Americans have always been considered saps..and easily controlled.

                    Think 9-11 and WMD…Chuckles!

                    Some people got theirs and they will do whatever they have to protect what they got…lie, steal, cheat, look the other way.

                    It is what it is..the end will not be pretty.

                    Maggots will eat each other, and yes, humans will do the same.


                    Bill Hicks – It's Just A Ride – YouTube
                    Video for this is just a ride▶ 2:07

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      P.S. Pruitt is a maggot of the worst kind..he is very hungry..for more of everything. 😉

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Facebook on the hill!


                      Another dog and pony show for the saps..

                      Everyone's data is already gone..sold to the highest bidder.

                      That data sold and now compiled and now sitting in data bases all over the world.. is never coming back home.

                      Everyone has been compromised already..but enjoy the show.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Facebook CIA connection – YouTube
                      Video for CIA + facebook youtube▶ 5:27

        • SadieDog

          I’m a bit confused by that statement myself.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Mexico Agrees to Pay for Trump’s Psychiatric Care (satire)

    MEXICO CITY (The Borowitz Report)—Hoping to resolve the seemingly intractable conflict over immigration, Mexico surprised the world on Thursday by agreeing to pay for Donald J. Trump’s psychiatric care.

    Speaking to reporters, the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, said that he had authorized funding for the psychiatry and proclaimed, “Work on Donald Trump could begin tomorrow.”

    While some Mexican taxpayers argued that a full course of psychiatric treatment could prove more costly than a border wall, Peña Nieto warned against skimping on such a necessary expense. om “When the safety and security of the world is at stake, eight hundred dollars an hour is a bargain,” he said, but added that Mexico would try to find a therapist who takes insurance.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Illinois Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days To Turn In Guns Or Become Criminals

    Residents of a town in Illinois were just handed down an unconstitutional decree from their local government, they now have 60 days to give up their guns or be fined up to $1000 per day…

  • DUDe DUDe

    In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family

    The question came as civilian casualties have reached "unprecedented" heights during Trump's presidency

    President Donald Trump has shown little concern for civilian casualties overseas during his tenure as commander-in-chief, and according to a report published Thursday by the Washington Post, he actually wishes there were more of them.

    Reacting to footage of a drone strike in Syria in which the CIA waited until the target was separated from his family before firing, Trump reportedly asked, "Why did you wait?"

    While Trump's question was immediately denounced as a display of "actual sociopathy," it was perfectly in line with his campaign rhetoric insisting that the best way to combat terrorism is to "take out" the alleged perpetrators' families.

    In an analysis published in January, the watchdog group Airwars estimated that civilian deaths from bombs dropped by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria in 2017 rose 215 percent from than the previous year.

    "This unprecedented death toll coincided with the start of the Trump presidency, and suggested in part that policies aimed at protecting civilians had been scaled back under the new administration," Airwars concluded.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Report: Trump didn’t seem to care if a drone strike killed civilians
    An unnerving story about the president’s regard for civilian lives reflects his attitude on the campaign trail

    President Donald Trump is responsible for the most powerful military the world has ever seen, but many still question whether he has the moral capacity for the job.

    A new report from the Washington Post by reporter Greg Jaffe brings these questions to the fore. Trump's behavior in a meeting about drone strikes, as recounted by anonymous sources, given the impression that he has little regard for civilian lives:

    ". . . [W]hen the agency’s head of drone operations explained that the CIA had developed special munitions to limit civilian casualties, the president seemed unimpressed. Watching a previously recorded strike in which the agency held off on firing until the target had wandered away from a house with his family inside, Trump asked, 'Why did you wait?' one participant in the meeting recalled."

    “We’re fighting a very politically correct war,” Trump said in 2015 during the campaign. “When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families."

    At the time, other candidates pointed out that this would be a war crime. But Trump advocated other war crimes during the campaign as well, like torture and taking a sovereign nation's oil. Trump decided early on that he wanted to be a norm-breaking candidate, and advocating war crimes was just another norm he broke…

  • Hey all. Just wondering what your take is on the China trade war Trump seems eager to pursue. You all may not be aware but China has a huge electric vehicles industry and long term plan is to ban gas and diesel vehicles. Also China is working on trading oil in Chinese currency fully convertible to gold. The Petro yuen may replace us$ for oil trade. Not really sure what Trump is doing but China has a plan.

    • Simplistic view, but, maybe if the entire world wasnt force to chase USD via oil, it would become an "honest currency" honesty valued and in the case its true, honestly devalued.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      wealth and health of nations and the planet is not achieved by the motive of profit. The country that can rid itself of the oil men, the bankers and the real estate tycoons will come out on top.

      Such a country will aim to reduce jobs and work load, decentralize energy, provide nearly free manufacturing for communities with 3-d additive manufacturing, go solar regardless of cost, design homes with passive solar and make them inexpensively, taking out the usury which nearly doubles the price of a home. They will reinvent the city by creating hamlets surrounded by green belts of nature. Rivers and streams will be returned to treasured life streams of purity rather than garbage disposals. Herbs of any kind will not be illegal, including psychotropic ones. Gardens, both private and communal will provide much of the food. Replacing the grid of roads with flowers fruit and vegetable. Education will be free or nearly so with virtual classrooms and independent curriculum's. Free time will double or triple, resulting in creative, peaceful healthy and noble peoples. Birth control available to all women. A vibrant and diverse youth will be free to understand themselves and the universe free of state, political and religious doctrine. Its about time…or is it too late?

    • Wow, a giant red flag for sourcing our so called cures…

      So industrial hemp has no real THC content, the moral of the story here is you can't get high on it. Mostly only good for rope and fabrics.

      But CBD oils are used for medicinal purposes as of late and have proven to be invaluable as a medicine time and again.

      Buyer beware!!!! And it all comes from the stigma surrounding smoking pot…

      So we have to source our remedies carefully! With the stigma surrounding these things, many buy these products from mysterious sources in secret, this must stop!!!

      The myths surrounding pot cause problems that haven't even been thought of yet!

      CBD oil doesn't get you high! In fact you could drink a tanker load and not get high but what if it's unscrupulously sold from a remediation project by someone looking to profit?

      But pot is illegal?

      And naturally grown pot is safe with no death rates or cancer…

      Now I'm not a pot head and really don't know how some people function smoking pot all day everyday but they do, and many seem to function well…

      When faced with a black box warning drug that shows side effects like suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and unexplained violent outbursts? Pot may be the answer.

      Smoking pot is not hemp or CBD oil but can be easily confused with it.

      Scary stuff and a subject that needs to be brought to the forefront of discussion.

      Let's clarify the differences any time we get the chance!

      Great post…

  • Medication linked to violence and mass shooters…


    "Every mass shooter in the last 20 years has had 1 thing in common…PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO"

    This is a great hour long video that shows the links from the past between antidepressants and violence.

    It's getting harder and harder to get any information on what drugs these mass shooters are taking or withdrawing from when they loose it and start killing.

    This is a great compilation of evidence from past killings that show the link clearly.


    Another good one to watch is…

    Dr. Jean Stolzer, Ph.D. in excerpt from "Speed Demons: Dying for Attention" documentary, blames psychotropic drugs for mass shootings in America.

    And ssri's in particular are a proven trigger…

    Here's a interview with a expert witness in many cases of mass shooting type crimes…

    The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Mass Shootings Dr. Peter Breggin, MD:

    So there is a real problem, what are the solutions?

    Get em off these mind and brain chemistry altering drugs ASAP.

    If a person must have these drugs to survive, make these drugs available only to those that are committed to a mental institution and never send anyone home with any of these classes of drugs to administer to themselves unsupervised!!!!

  • "…What Centenarians Recommend

    "In interviews and surveys with centenarians, the following themes come up time and time again when asked to explain why they’ve lived so long.7 This list contains things most of us have quite a bit of control over. The same cannot be said for predicting the emergence of reanimation technologies and rejuvenation drugs.

    Keeping a positive attitude

    Eating real food

    Managing stress Clean living (not smoking or drinking excessively)

    Living independently

    Strong family ties

    Exercising (most report basic activities like walking, biking, gardening, swimming)

    A network of friends

    Staying mentally active and always learning something new


  • Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use!po=56.7308

    People who make money off human misery and naivite are propaganda agents.
    There is no difference between big pharma and marijuana sellers and drug dealers. Both use propaganda to make money. Neither care about the complete truth.

    The government can more easily control people who have diminished mental capacity and who are zonked out.

    With genetic engineering marijuana is much more potent than in the past and much less benign. Destroying one’s brain does not lead to long life.
    The same people who argue for a clean environment irrationally overlook the genetic engineering and selective breeding of marijuana and the use of pesticides and herbicides.

    It is no wonder that Alzheimer’s and autism are spiking enormously as are other mental illnesses and depression and diabetes.
    When the motive is profit, there is no truth.

    It looks like enenews was bought by the drug industry. And I suspect that it is extremely naive to assume that Big Pharma is not part of the marijuana industry.

    First the corrupt food industry gets people addicted to junk food, and then people want to find drugs to combat their bad eating habits.

    If people ate pure whole plant foods they wouldn't need any drug cures at all. Modern culture is extremely sad and basically extremely self-destructive and addictive.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      The assumption that marijuana is just like pharmaceutical drugs or that the business surrounding them is the same is not correct.

      The role of cannabinoids in adult neurogenesis

      Prolonged CBD treatment appears to have promising therapeutic effects for improving psychological symptoms and cognition in regular cannabis users.

      Scientists Discover Another Way Marijuana Helps The Brain Grow

      there's a great deal of information that proves cannabis can help—rather than hurt—the brain. Instead of killing brain cells, cannabis may actually stimulate the production of new ones. It can also block some of the negative effects of cognitive stress and protect consumers from various forms of dementia. Indeed, marijuana may actually benefit the human brain much more than researchers previously thought.

      • There are harmful side effects. To pretend otherwise is not reality.

        What Smoking Weed Does to Teen Brains
        A Look at the Scientific Research

        • SadieDog

          Anne, do you or have you smoked pot?

          • I never have and I never will. But the argument from a person's experience is totally a false argument. You will never know what it is to go through life without ever having used marijuana.

            There has been decades of scientific research. There are no drugs without some negative side effects.

            I believe that God has only the best caring for humans when He bans the use of mind altering drugs.

            I am not in any way a self-destructive person and I never will be and I will never engage in self-destructive behavior. I am quite sure that I do not know more than God does.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              to assume that god created the herbs and plants of the earth, only to ban them through some kind of mind control over policy makers seems ludicrous.

              Check the death rate of marijuana and then check for any pharmaceutical drug, even legal over the counter ones and get back to us with some reality, thanks

              • People don't eat hemlock because they know it would kill them.

                My body even at 77 years old still has too much estrogen ad my cancer was estrogen sensitive and can come back.

                I avoided many plants and herbs when fighting cancer and since because I can't handle the estrogen.

                God didn't create GMOs or smoking either.

                I don't eat animal products either because they cause a person to have more estrogen and as well to cause calcium to leave the body when it is needed to prevent osteoporosis.

                God gave people brains and discernment and that is why it is important to protect one's brain.

                And this is a silly argument because you give to authority to God anyway and don't believe in the Creator.

                God didn't create synthetic marijuana nor did He create the potent strains of marijuana now in existence. He didn't create nuclear bombs or nuclear energy either.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  God didnt create potent strains, but he banned marijuana?

                  Find those mortality statistics and then answer why god made marijuana illegal, even though it never killed, but makes acetaminophen legal which kills thousands

                  Thanks for any effort to be rational and balanced

                  • PlowboyGrownUp

                    acetaminophen – wiki "In September 2013, an episode of This American Life titled "Use Only as Directed"[153] highlighted deaths from paracetamol overdose. This report was followed by two reports by ProPublica[154][155] alleging that the "FDA has long been aware of studies showing the risks of acetaminophen. So has the maker of Tylenol, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a division of Johnson & Johnson" and "McNeil, the maker of Tylenol, … has repeatedly opposed safety warnings, dosage restrictions and other measures meant to safeguard users of the drug.""

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                So THIS is what God looks like. I couldnt believe my eyes…God really was made in the image of man.


                But why did God (Anslinger) ban marijuana?

                “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, results from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and others”

                Sure, that may all be true as Dr Anne herself might agree, but actually God had a financial reason for banning pot.

                Hearst and Anslinger were supported by Lammot du Pont of the DuPont chemical company and a variety of pharmaceutical corporations, all of which had a financial interest in defeating hemp to promote their own products. ( Andrew Mellon, the Treasury Secretary who appointed Anslinger to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the wealthiest man in America at the time, was—along with Mellon Bank—a financial backer of DuPont.)

            • SadieDog

              Then you have no point of reference. So, you shouldn’t really comment on the subject.

            • Just remember to source your information like you would source your medicines Doc…

              Let's see here, so we have Sadie dog (there was no shooting hallucinogen hallucinogenic hallucinogister) and code shutdown (potassium is to nuclear waste as fictitious crap is to fluffy bunny sounding total wastes of time and fictions) telling you what?

              One thing is for sure GOD didn't ban natural stuff, God created it to begin with. However fools will always abandon truth for eloquent sounding lies…


              Fools abuse everything and abuse anything including simple obvious truths.

              And you just gotta a dose of that sad truth from the two raining expert (fool) practitioners of that (fiction is actually fact) here on ene…

              And remember…


              There is no spoon (and never was) if it doesn't suit them and their baseless opinions.

              Hehehe wowsers (and a fresh bucket of turds)…

              And remember there is no real news or facts and there is no one that knows anything except for those expert sounding dumbasses that actually (in reality) know nothing.

              There's some truth, or is it….

              Naught into naught equals naught times naught equals naught…


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                finally, a scientific equation describing your brain capacity. Lest there be any doubt;


                "Naught into naught equals naught times naught equals naught…"

                • danger kitty danger kitty

                  Elegant equation there, Code, but my little kitty brain is SO confused… where does the spoon come in? Or is there NO spoon?

                • More genius comments from the totally fake genius crowd…

                  "where does the spoon come in? Or is there NO spoon?"


                  "finally, a scientific equation describing your brain capacity. Lest there be any doubt;


                  Hehehe… Yep those comments tell the true tale huh.

                  Is it blogging that caused the brain damage or was it brain damage that caused the blogging?

                  Chicken? Egg? Really?

                  I give it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and a huge belly jumping laugh at the idiocy!!!

                  Now here's a conspiracy you can probably latch on to and study… Wow more real fake facts to expound on.

                  That aught to keep ya busy for a while so you can ignore your real life problems a little longer…

                  Potasium is to nuclear waste as thermite is to the world trade center. 🙂

                  • Oops spelled potassium wrong and forgot the link…

                    Dane brammage from blogging?


                    Idiocracy Trailer with HD video:


                    • Oh and ya gotta look at the video from this angle to see the conspiracy…


                      Wow proof positive huh…

                      Blog to your congressman about this cover up and waste his time and then waste even more time and brain cells trying to prove it too…

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Hippie dog/drivel mutt, you can't even follow Code's discussion on potassium. Not being able to spell it is the least of your deficiencies.
                      YOU, HD, are the graffiti.
                      Just want it to be clear.
                      You enjoy the rest of your evening, lil puppy…

                    • Daaanger kitty is to intelligence as misspelled potassium is to fools that try to compare it to nuclear waste…

                      The drivel is all yours….

                  • danger kitty danger kitty

                    Half price!

                    Get the hottest new app! It's excreting & fun!
                    It's called Drivel Pup, developed by STOIDIRUS!
                    Comes preloaded with an agenda to disrupt; pretender to wisdom in ALL subjects! Shows no shame when it inevitably loses! Instant reset!
                    No security issues, because there is no content!
                    Discaimer: After extended use, the Drivel Pup app may self medicate with alcohol, rendering it incomprehensible.

              • Uing mind altering drugs is the same a sorcery and witchcraft which is spoken against many times in the Bible. Rationality is a gift elevating humans above the animals. To deliberately distort reality and allow ones mind to lost its rationality is to allow demon possession.

                • In the New Testament Jerusalem is no longer just a geographical location, but each Christian is the temple of God. God resides in the heart of a Christian and each Christian is a witness to God's saving grace. Getting drunk or zonked out on drugs is destroying God's temple.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    That change must have worked out really well for the reaping of and for the gathering in of additional tithings..

                    Thout shall not steal..some never got the message.


                    • You know that's right obewan and it's even worse than that…

                      Confusion abounds…

                      You know it when you see people that think a natural plant is a drug and pills are ok because some doctor (a stranger) or a commercial on TV told you it was ok to take them.

                      These same people think the trinity is real. It's not real or even biblical…

                      Rumors abound for the weak mind and the weak in spirit to latch on to.

                      Those that truly know GOD already know better but it's a hard sell to those that are blind even though their eyes work.

                      A plant is NOT a drug and pills are not plants even if someone used part of a plant for a ingredient. It is man made, that's the real definition of a drug.

                      Cocaine is a drug, aspirin is a drug, natural plants are not drugs. They are plants…

                      And plants have good uses, regardless of the programmed minds that are so blinded they can't tell a seed bearing plant from a drug think.

                      Are we evolving backwards? I'd have to say yes to that one…

                      Here's a good one on that fact I had to show again for anyone that missed it…

                      Case Study – Trevor and Carol Versus Clevon:


                    • HD, you are always complaining that someone is misrepresenting you, but you are purposefully misrepresenting me.

                      I don't take pills of any kind. I live in a state where marijuana is legal, but that doesn't make it benign. Cigarette smoking is legal and is just a plant, but everyone knows that it kills many people every day.

                      I don't even watch TV ever since 2011, and I certainly don't fall for any ads.

                      And, yes, the Trinity is real and billions of Christians know the reality of God in all of His manifestations.

                      There are plants that are drugs and drugs that are made out of plants. Don't you know any biology at all? What do you call hemlock? Where do you think digitalis comes from? If you don't need it, it is certainly just harmful. There are plants you should put in your yard because they are poisonous to children. Do you eat poison ivy? Alcohol is just fermented plants, and some kinds of alcohol will make a person blind. How many humans have been destroyed by alcohol? I don't drink or smoke anything. Why destroy the mind and body God gave you as a gift?

                    • Yep altered by man in a way that makes the negitive selection weaker…

                      So they rush you to the hospital and save your life so you can have more children and then send them to war to get killed over money or land or some invisible line in the dirt.

                      So natural selection has been replaced by economic selection…

                      With some very bad results that are easy to see…

                      Good article! Bookmarked that one for future study…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      HD, you see some things very clearly.. while still struggling with other things found in plain sight.

                      Yes, negative selection is very real.

                      Mass Animal Deaths 2018 – Updated List of Worldwide Die Offs

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      This may soon be the norm..and a result of negative selection ..poor kid.

                      Desperate parents of a 2-month-old baby girl born with part of her brain and skull MISSING beg for money for life-saving surgery

                      Read more:
                      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                    • It has been for years…

                      The difference? Time and improvements in communications…

                      …we have to be careful with out new found powers though.

                      Free information is a double edged sword…

                      ..Know what I mean Vern?


                      Hehehe :-).

                    • Check it out obewan, I've found the explanation to Everything (and all of it too)…

                      Alert, Alert…

                      Car 9 has spotted a suspicious looking flying object and has called the authorities looking for a explanation while driving by a secret army base, and then they called their authorities and then they called their authorities and those authorities call their authorities and guess what?

                      Somebody desired to blog about it and made it up as they went along…


                      It's one of them there strange and widely unknown miracles ain't it…

                      …wowsers. 🙂

                • Drugs and the Bible: E, Shrooms, Cocaine, Crack, Marijuana
                  Ecstasy, "E", Rave drug, dancing death, MDMA, methylenedioxy-metamphetamine, Marijuana, hash, pot, joint, Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, Magic mushroom, Psilocybin, Shrooms, Amanita Muscaria, Mescaline, peyote cactus, Cocaine, snort,
                  by Steve Rudd

                  “Intro: Gal 5:20 Sorcery/witchcraft, is from the Greek word, "Pharmakia" the same word we get pharmacy from. it means the general illicit use of drugs (same application as today) and the use of drugs to cast spells etc. …”

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          whats worse for your brain, blogging or drinking marijuana tea?

          In one study, the researchers selected seventeen subjects with high internet use and another seventeen naive internet users who rarely used the internet. Using a magnetic resonance imaging scanner, they performed a scan to "acquire 3-dimensional T1-weighted images" of the subject's brain. The results of the scan revealed that large internet use "impairs gray and white matter integrity in the orbitofrontal cortex of the prefrontal regions of the brain".[30] According to Keath Low, psychotherapist, the orbitofrontal cortex "has a major impact on our ability to perform such tasks as planning, prioritizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and controlling our mention".[31] As a result, these online gaming addicts are incapable of prioritizing their life or setting a goal and accomplishing it because of the impairment of their orbitofrontal cortex.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Abby Martin Interview Critical of Israel is Blocked by YouTube in 28 Countries"

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "We work for Google. Our employer shouldn't be in the business of war
    In this open letter to Google’s CEO, over 3,000 employees urged the company not to work on a Pentagon ‘AI surveillance engine’ used for drone warfare
    Open letter signed by Google employees"

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Another capitalist success story!
    Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

    do they know you can only suck so much blood from your host before you kill your source of existence?

  • DUDe DUDe

    The future of the world is under threat from artificial intelligence and more must be done to keep people safe, experts have urged.

    Threats include possibilities that are hard even to imagine, like the ability to generate entirely believable, but completely fake, videos

    A new report compiled by 26 of the world’s leading experts paints a terrifying picture of the world in the next 10 years. Physical attacks as well as those on our digital worlds and political system could drastically undermine the safety of humanity, it warns, and people must work together now if they want to keep the world safe.

    The use of artificial intelligence is likely to empower all kinds of people – including rogue states, criminals, and terrorists, the report warns. If people including policymakers and researchers don’t work together on that threat, it could permeate into some of the most fundamental parts of our lives.

  • SadieDog

    Another video splainin the 2nd amendment. A good one.

  • DUDe DUDe

    I was wondering if the British did it themselves to blame Russia , but VT is the only one that dared saying it..


    Moscow: UK hiding info on Skripal case hints at likely intel involvement

    It took a while, much longer than we thought it should take, but Russia has finally broached the topic of the nerve-agent caper being British Intel spy psyop. That has been VT’s suspicion from the beginning, which hardened each day via what the Brits did and did not do.

    The premature claim of Russia as the culprit was obviously tied into trying to leverage the shocking news coverage of the event, and their hoping that all of the past Russophobic training of the British public and the EU would pay off, which it has to a large extent.

  • SadieDog

    One dead in a fire at Trump Tower… shenanigans.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Shell predicted it would get sued over climate change back in ’98.

    Now, those lawsuits are here, and that prediction could bite the multinational oil company in the ass.

    A treasure trove of documents released Thursday provide new evidence that Shell, like Exxon, has been gaslighting the public for decades. The documents, dating as far back as 1988, foretold “violent and damaging storms,” and said that “it would be tempting for society to wait until then before doing anything.”

    At that point, the documents predicted, “a coalition of environmental NGOs brings a class-action suit against the U.S. government and fossil-fuel companies on the grounds of neglecting what scientists (including their own) have been saying for years: that something must be done.” Sound familiar?

  • DUDe DUDe

    The Colombian government has been ordered to take urgent action to protect the Amazon rainforest by its own supreme court.

    In a historic ruling, the country's most senior judges said the state had not done enough to tackle the destruction of the environment.

    The court recognised the Amazon as an "entity subject of rights" – meaning it has the same legal rights as a human being – and ordered action plans to be drawn up within four months.

    "It is clear, despite numerous international commitments, regulations … that the Colombian state has not efficiently addressed the problem of deforestation in the Amazon," the supreme court said.

    Colombia's rainforest covers an area roughly the size of Germany and England combined but is slowly being destroyed by farming, agriculture, cocaine production, illegal mining and logging.

    The judges said the rate of deforestation – an important factor in climate change – increased by 44 per cent between 2015 and 2016 and lead to "imminent and serious" damage to children and adults.

    "Without a healthy environment, subjects of law and living beings in general will not be able to survive, let alone safeguard those rights for our children or for future generations," said the court.

    The ruling comes after a group of 25 people aged between seven and 26 filed a lawsuit claiming their constitutional rights to life, food and water were being violated.

  • SadieDog

    It’s abput that time. We need some new blood here at ene. Please comment if you are lurking or reading. So sad we only have the same 30 people all the time. 🙁

    • SadieDog

      Or should I say, the same 20 people and a couple with 5 or 6 alters.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        only two people used the word alters to describe the same person using different log in identities; You and Anne. Also, it is you and Anne who claim that Im the same as so many other people. Add to that various lunacy factors for both of you and one could raise a valid question whether you two might be 'alters'

        here we go again…what attack number is this

        try to attract talent to ENEnews if you want more commentors

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            sorry..I think I have brain damage due to internet use

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              so…who are these alters that you were thinking of then?

            • I seriously doubt the internet has anything to do with your brain damage…

              Get a job and a real life based on factual real world things and then see how you feel…

              And that one was for both you and the fake fact finding sadie rat dog too…

              Don't forget to get Daaaanger fake fact and insult spreading kitty in on it too…

              Too stupid to believe? Truth is stranger than fiction folks…


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                god created CafeRadLab so you and the other …special ones couldnt follow me there and muck up the works. Amen!

                Can I get a hallelujah?!?!

                Praise the Lord

              • danger kitty danger kitty

                Whut am I in on? I thought I had a spoonful of facts I was about to ladle in here but now I find out there is no spoon!
                As far as I can tell you are objecting to something Sadie Dog and Code said to Anne regarding some of her ridiculous statements about cannabis; how 'God banned it', lol. Must be a slow day for you drivel mutt.
                You seem to bounce back pretty quick, like one of those bouncing clowns. You had your face shoved in the dirt the other day, arguing about the World Trade Center. Now you're arguing about cannabis, for fucksake. That's a nice, safe low stakes game…

                • First I wasn't arguing (a sane person would already know that) and second it doesn't suprise me that you would say I got my face shoved in the dirt over the dumbest most obvious lie on the planet today…

                  Where's that thermite again? Ohhh they covered it up huh…

                  Grow a brain or check yourself into the nearest mental hospital ASAP.

                  Did blogging cause your dane brammage or was it the brain damage that caused all the useless blogging…

                  Simple stuff if you gotta healthy brain, complicated crap if ya don't.

                  Shit for brains….

        • SadieDog

          And I don’t want to attract talent. It’s not a strip club. Some more honest caring people would be nice.

          • Being borne cute is not a talent…

            Walking around naked because you are cute is not a talent either…

            Spreading fake facts is a talent (and you seem to have that one in spades).

            One problem though… Pretty soon you will start to believe your own lies.

            That's what's known as insanity and sane people seem to have all the talent in spotting that one.

            Wow so you don't want any real talent here, just insane sheeple that will caress your ego huh…

            How predictable and obvious.

            Do any of you actually read your comments before hitting the post button?

            The world may never know.

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            Alters , flip side bent knee nausea
            Inversion coercion salting falters
            Saw said, shaft fed caulking hawkers
            Spit shine heel defined can kicking paupers
            By all accounts missed on all offers
            Natures door propped by ecological torture
            Mans brain washed by voodoo dogmas
            Robots and bibles veiling cosmic orders
            Paying the price, life without borders

        • Identity theft #10,560.

          You know good and well who Sadie Dog is and who I am and we are not the same person at all. I would NEVER write any of his posts or any posts other than myself who is only one person and no one else.

          You are the one, Code, who listed all the different names under which you post. It was a shock to me because of all the terrible hings that you have said to me using different monikers.

          • Actually, when Sadie Dog said so many unkind things about you it really hurt me. I just wanted to post a few articles, not get in a big fight. I have seen marijuana destroy the lives of people and hurt their chances for a future. I was posting in case someone reading was interested. I know the posters here weren't interested in what I was posting. Also, true to form people here had to start attacking me. You pretend to be for free speech, yet you are a complete control freak and don't allow anyone to have any opinion besides your own opinions. Truly sad, in my opinion.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Too sick to comprehend..makes you wanne "spray" politicians..too sick to save from themselves..and a threat to everyone else alive..

    Death from the sky in northern B.C.

    The images are alarming. In photo #1 — a wetland with abundant green grasses, broad leaf plants and young trees, an ideal habitat for insects, amphibians, birds, and mammals. In photo #2 — the same wetland gripped by a grey death after being sprayed from helicopters with the herbicide glyphosate. Most of the vegetation (except for a few coniferous trees) is now dead and the insects and other animals gone.

    Despite its alarming nature, this scene is played out every year over thousands of hectares in the northern Interior of BC with the Prince George and Quesnel regions being ground zero for the bulk of the spraying (Photo #3).

    Currently, between 10,000 and 20,000 hectares of forests are sprayed every year mostly in the Central Interior. Since 1980, over 1.3 million hectares have either been sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate or manually brushed in the province.

    The rationale the government is using to justify this massive spraying is that it promotes the growth of conifers like spruce and pine (which are immune to glyphosate), while killing other broadleaf species like aspen, birch, cottonwood and willow.

  • DUDe DUDe

    The Pentagon's Scary Plan to Militarize Ocean Life

    The US military has plans to create genetically modified marine organisms that can be used as underwater spies for the military. Fantastic as this idea may seem, the Pentagon's research arm, DARPA (or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), has actually launched a new program that aims to tap into the "natural sensing capabilities" of marine organisms, who are highly attuned to their surroundings, to track enemy traffic undersea.

    The project out of DARPA's Biological Technologies Office, called the Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors (PALS) program hopes to use everything from bacteria to large fish to find underwater vehicles by recording the creatures' natural reactions to these vehicles and sending the data to an outside base.

    Though the program states that if any modified organisms are used it would require "appropriate environmental safeguards to support future deployment," it is highly likely that a genetically modified marine organism released into the ocean will interbreed with an organism of the same (or similar) species whose genes hadn't been tinkered with. And as the animals breed with each other, they will cause more and more of their kind to adopt the genetically modified traits. With time, the entire ocean could be filled with GM creatures and that could lead to changes in marine ecosystems that we can't even begin to anticipate.


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