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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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44,895 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • Deadboy

    Someone help me with this, I'm like an uneducated high-school dropout and I don't know shit about banks and economics and I need to know to efficiently bankrupt the living fuck out of you.

    So like, I want to collude with this financial institution to rip off a bunch of investors (not just). I get the idea the first thing I would do is go to a bank or something with these guys that I'm colluding with to vouch for me (in a way). Ok cool, so I got a huge loan, that's debt that's created now, right? Maybe even some sort of government grant, subsidies, incentivised deductions, etc.

    What next?

  • Deadboy

    Ok so, now that I have some sort of "capital" or something. I can convince a bunch of dumbfuck investors to invest. That's rad. It happened. Now, if that financial institution also happened to be an insurer, possibly with links to central banking, double bonus.

    I will of course be paying myself significant bonuses, salaries, and compensation from, what you could call investment capital. Of course I had no intention of running a legitimate functional worthy business. That's why I chose casinos. Anyway, it's designed to fail, since oddly, they're also competing against some of my other casinos, right about the same time and in the same place.

    Weird, despite all kinds of government costs resulting from my 3-4 bankruptcies within about a year or so, I still happen to be a billionaire. I dunno who pays for that debt, the interest on the debt, the loss on tax, the labour related issues, the non-payments, etc. If they bitch, I sue them.

    • razzz razzz

      Deadboy: I have no idea what you are trying to prove. Banks do not loan to everyday joes when they can make a 20% profit or more issuing credit cards. The only reasons they bother to do house loans is because they turnaround and sell them to government thus avoiding any potential losses.

      Your pretend scenario only applies to friends of big banks especially congress critters and their relatives and well connected people. Any illegalities resulting in fines only has to be less than what the potential profit can be otherwise considered the cost of doing business.

      Many examples in nefarious dealings i.e. Dianne Feinstein and husband, Harry Reid and sons, to name only a few. Only the elite can get away with such scams.

      • Deadboy

        That's kinda what I was saying, systemically, fraud and corruption is inherent, perhaps even enforced, certainly "rewarded". Just, not for the average citizen.

        I was using a very specific case of fraud that you may have heard about to sort of convey that idea.

  • ruh roh….looks like I'm out

    "I know stock comes from your stock market work. But didnt you say you weren't aware of the nefarious action of the FED till recently? You even posted the video with Corbett."

    Totally wrong. I may have said something like "I haven't posted any articles on the evil Fed" which is far different than saying "I had no fucking idea about the Fed" as you insultingly suggest.

    eff you is a totally appropriate response to that type of insult.

    And not a single response to show me one other viable, long lasting, prosperous society that has been based on anything but capitalism….

  • Deadboy

    "And not a single response to show me one other viable, long lasting, prosperous society that has been based on anything but capitalism…."

    Except, can you show me a viable long lasting prosperous society based on capitalism? Considering related industrial damage, exploitation, debt and such.

    You have some interesting unqualified qualifiers there, like "viable" "long-lasting" and "prosperous".

    Also remember that most of your capitalist gains are DIRECTLY related to 200+ years of continuous warmongering and shit like dat.

    • Deadboy

      Oh yeah, ironically you appeal to "larger scale" implementations. Which is fucking bizarre, because of course that tends to globalism.

    • Deadboy

      Also, there, in fact ARE societies that are still functional
      (of course, smaller scale), despite all the capitalist and even "inclusion at all costs" communist horseshit, after thousands of years.

      • no communist type society has lasted thousands of years. 1 example?

        • Deadboy

          What? There are tribes in africa, asia and south america…

          It depends on your definition of communist, because typical bastardized communism, just like capitalism sort of leans to industry and, how do I say, utilization of state assets?

          • Deadboy

            That means jobs.

          • LOL when an argument can't be made, "they" always resort to "you didnt define that, you cant define that"

            • Deadboy

              Stock, I'm saying typical communist implementations, in the hegelian sense are of course corrupt bastardization.

              Shouldn't be that hart to understand. It's why you have proxy wars you're incapable of admitting.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              stock, you didnt watch the two short chomsky videos. If I may say so, you could really stand to improve your understanding of the communist vs capitalist or democratic meme was all about, historically and still today.

              Chomsky is a pretty good bet. Maybe you would like him more as a younger man?


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                stock, watch these. Short enough. What you and others think of as communism is just some amalgamation of media rhetoric.
                China and Russian werent/arent communist. But it was easier to fabricate them as 'enemy' to make up a meme…evil red commie…axis of evil…red devils

                you were propagandized and cant see beyond it. Reading helps overcome government psyops




                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  oops, forgot the links….Chomsky on the cold war. I think stock/razzz missed these



                  • shite you almost lost your show by playing the ape card!!!!!!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      I missed the chance to play the ape man card?!?! Let me fix it right away. Ape men like stock and the rest of us share about 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. Koko the gorilla has a vocabulary of more than a thousand signs, understands about 2,000 words of spoken English, and initiates most conversations with people. Her IQ is between 70 and 95 on a human scale—100 is considered a "normal" human IQ. How well would humans do on a gorilla IQ test?

                      Thus Humans are insane ego maniacs to think they are vastly superior to other animals. Not only that, scientists are sure we are losing brain size AND intelligence. At this rate, mankind will have the brain capacity of a chimpanzee by the time nuclear waste decays to 1/10 its level of radioactivity

              • Chomsky is kind of an asshole in my book, gets some stuff right, then is an asshole

                • Thank you for pointing that out. As smart as Chomsky is he's a hard line liberal and like the thinking of a hard core conspiracy theorist he will find any excuse to say government the primary reason for innovation- laughable. Government did not create the wealthiest middle class the world has ever seen. We are witnessing the destruction of the middle class through centralization of power, but according to Noam logic we should be getting wealthier with all this war. 

                  • Deadboy

                    "Government did not create the wealthiest middle class the world has ever seen."

                    History seems to suggest government was influential in that shit btw. Unless of course, you can explain the continuous foreign military imposition and related devastation in a sort of benevolent, patriotic way.

                    That's probably wrong about the wealthiest bit. Maybe applicable for a short while. You may recall those days with glee and see the legacy in the results of your country and environment today.

                    And if not government, what, a bunch of foreigners?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    where does this come from; "Government did not create the wealthiest middle class the world has ever seen." You? Is that a supposition of what you think Chomsky is driving at? I didnt get that at all. If he said that, I havent seen it.

                    On the other hand, are you insinuating that capitalism created the wealthiest middle class the world has ever seen? If so, you ought to check your list of what wealth is.

                    Im struggling to find a train of logic here. Does this help your thesis?

                    the five most capitalist countries in the world;



                    • A crapload of facts put together in the wrong way with a certain also wrong view, results in….even worse than just a lie.

                      Chompy is a huge believer in big gov, big gov creates everything important, like say teflon (which sucks by the way), big gov creates all innovation…..etc.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      you may have not grasped Chomsky's view of government. Instead of finding you a piece of his literature, Ill give my own take on it. I understand Chomsky to expose the collusion of government and corporatism, thus showing the terms often used, like democracy and capitalism are not even correct.

                      It seems to me that the conservatives are always re-inventing Chomsky's views wrongly, fitting them into their preconceived views of socialism, communism, even anarchy, and thus miss his points altogether.

                      The examples you give, that government creates the important things, like computers, the internet and industrial processes is just such a case in point. The argument there is not that we needed government to do it, but that government sequestered intellectual 'capital' on behalf of the military industrial complex and therefor the cries from the capitalists that the free market forces of the U.S. created all good things is demonstrably false

                      Personally, Im inclined to call it fascism; the collusion of big business and government, enforced by the military. Although capitalism is equally applicable

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  "Chomsky is kind of an asshole in my book, gets some stuff right, then is an asshole"

                  stock, feel free to explain and justify your judgement on Chomsky. Thus far you have nothing.

                  In fact, Chomsky is intellectually superior to most people, and for some mysterious reason (reading one would suppose) he has an inexhaustible backup of historical facts. It goes without saying that neither you (stock), nor anyone else on this forum comes remotely close to Chomsky. You would loose any debate, no question about it. End of story.

                  Nevertheless, Im open to hearing if you have anything at all…

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    I just laid out quite a thread on capitalism elsewhere. Proponents are more than hopeful, they go so far as to cuss at people with any other ideas. In light of the fact that mankind, who is perhaps at least 200,000 years old (where you going to draw the line?), and bees who are a few million years old, have not relied on this system that capitalists insist is the only viable one, their hubris and insistence receives the mortal blow of reality right out of the gate.

    Capitalism wasnt needed by Eagles, Dolphin or the builders of the great cathedrals. You dont need it for your family or your farm. Its really only needed for the people that make their living from it. The following is only a small part of the story. Productivity (think automation) is the reason the unsustainable capitalist workings seem to sort of work;

    "weve been hoodwinked. Using data by the U.S. BLS, the average productivity per American worker has increased 400% since 1950. One way to look at that is that it should only take one-quarter the work hours, or 11 hours per week, to afford the same standard of living as a worker in 1950 (or our standard of living should be 4 times higher)."

  • and Code, you never cleaned up your prior mess that I posted at nukepro… must have some type of "completion adversion", its a sign of TDS.

    here is a new mess for you to clean up, on your attack on capitalism.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      stock, thanks. First off, you should read it. Start with Kennedy's piece. Then you should re think if you want to frame my whole dialogue there as a product of the globalists. They didnt influence my thinking. The globalists mouthpiece is mainstream media and I dont use it ever.

      I think others would agree, what I wrote is not a mess as you say, but your preamble attempts to make it so

  • Deadboy

    That's right stock, you're not funny.

  • Deadboy

    Who hasn't been posting recently. Just saying.

  • Trump’s Damning Defense
    A secret letter from Donald Trump’s counsel doesn’t exonerate the president. It implicates him.

    “…But beneath these imperial claims, the letter inadvertently substantiates much of the case against Trump. Here are the key points, in chronological order….

    “The letter from Trump’s lawyers, informed by internal documents, reveals what they can dispute and what they can’t. It tells us he’s guilty.”

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Dutchsinse points out a curiosity in Arizona image feed from GOESsatellite.
    worth a look

  • Suspicous0bservers dude.

    I sent Ben an email yesterday pointing out the Hawaii earthquakes, he picked it up and ran with it. He did another unusual mid-day update today after the huge EQ at 4:30 AM Hawaii time which then wiped out hundreds of houses and filled in a bay.

    Also sent information to Tulsi Gabbard, they don't want to panic people, but for all we know, a dozen people vaporized in their beds last night.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Incredible images show devastating lava flows from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano which wiped out 'hundreds' of houses in just ONE night – including Big Island mayor's second home

  • Majia with some good brain candy
    Truth as an "Object of Government" as PsyWars Escalate

    Truth has now become an object of government as the production and status of facts is problematized in an escalating psychological war that was professionalized by Edward Bernays, among others, and ratcheted up by a renewed Cold War. See my post here:

    Today the psychological warfare over public opinion has achieved arms-race-fervor, as illustrated in this article here:

  • Deadboy

    I wanna do a poll here.

    Who thinks stock is full of shit?

  • Chompy—

    On the domestic front, the Cold War helped the Soviet Union entrench its military-bureaucratic ruling class in power, and it gave the US a way to compel its population to subsidise high-tech industry. It isn't easy to sell all that to the domestic populations. The technique used was the old stand-by-fear of a great enemy.

    but he doesent understand Russia Russia Russia, now?

    New enemies have to be invented. It becomes harder to disguise the fact that the real enemy has always been "the poor who seek to plunder the rich" – in particular, Third World miscreants who seek to break out of the service role.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      stock, I dont follow this, please explain;
      "New enemies have to be invented. It becomes harder to disguise the fact that the real enemy has always been "the poor who seek to plunder the rich" – in particular, Third World miscreants who seek to break out of the service role."

      Does it coincide with this in any way; the poorest 80% Americans pay about 1,5 trillion dollars per year to the richest 10 percent

      • That quote that you question is not my own, its from your boy Chompy.

        • Deadboy

          "New enemies have to be invented. It becomes harder to disguise the fact that the real enemy has always been "the poor who seek to plunder the rich" – in particular, Third World miscreants who seek to break out of the service role."

          Yeah and? Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, South America, other parts of Africa. Of course he understands Russia to some degree, you may notice in many of the proxy wars Russia was also involved, hence the polemic. That's why you have Al-Qaeda and ISIL or whatever, proudly backed by the CFR.

  • This one is so good I just had to post it again…

    If you haven't taken the few moments it takes to watch it, you defiantly should…

    Not only is it hilarious, this kind of thinking relates to everything in life!

    Use it with nuclear waste or with renewable energy or the food supply or our politicians (a really great formula for politicians :-)…

    The Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix:

    Hehehe… No naughts required…

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    New book. April 2018
    The Overstory. Richard Powers.

    "The overarching philosophy of the work is that human beings, either willfully or not, do not understand the amount of destruction they are causing to the world’s flora." –a review.

    Just got it. Haven't read it yet.

    • Yepper the land scrapers know not what they realy do or what they wreak on the world…

      The homeowner that rides that lawnmower every week 1 inch from the ground just can't seem to figure out why the grass won't grow. But they love riding around stirring up contaminated dust for us all to breathe for no reason.

      Them bulldozer operators scraping every living thing into a great big hole they dug just don't understand that if ya can't breathe, more parking really doesn't matter…

      What fun and whatta a pay check! You won't need one (a paycheck or a lawnmower) when you (and everybody else) are dead.

      Dane brammage?



      Biblical History?


  • danger kitty danger kitty

    New book. April 2018
    The Overstory. Richard Powers.

    "The overarching philosophy of the work is that human beings, either willfully or not, do not understand the amount of destruction they are causing to the world’s flora." –a review.

    Just got it. Haven't read it yet.

  • Money is fake, production is real.

    But to understand that you have to understand true economics.

    It's about production and resources and technology development and defense.

    So the debt clock ticks on but really means nothing because a piece of paper is never the value of the promise, no matter what (unless you need kindling to start a fire when you are freezing to death).

    Think about it. Money is valued by the contribution given by the country that prints it.

    That's fiat currency?

    That's how money is valued.

    What can that country as a whole actually produce or do or contribute?

    What's a dollar?

    Paper and ink… How much is a dollar really worth?

    Well that little piece of linen paper is worth around a nickle ya know a small piece of nickle (5 cents). And the production costs are worth around 2 pennies (2 small pieces of copper). AND it's been that way.

    So what's the actual value of a dollar? What does that country produce in terms of production and resources and technology development and knowledge and defense?

    Why are so many currencies almost totally worthless on the open market?

    Well let's see here…

    Production and resources and technology and knowledge and defense.

    MMT: What Is Money And What Gives It Value?:

    Here's a really good one if ya have some time.

    The True Cost of Economics:

    • Here's another good one….

      Richard Wolff – What is Money? Why do some have more than others:

    • Deadboy

      "Money is fake, production is real."

      This is the funniest doublespeak I've read in a while. That is literally the communist state industrial mantra. Oh look, it applies to capitalism too.

      • Deadboy

        Isn't it also quite bizarre that you try to defend money mechanisms for some, while saying that sort of shit, too? I mean, that seems kind of like hypocrisy, boy.

      • Well if you knew anything about paper money or those numbers on a computer screen you would know it's a scoreboard of things produced… There is no value to money itself, it's designed to simply keep the score of the proverbial game.

        And did you know that the whole paper money system was originally designed to put more money into the general public's hands? Yep. It was designed and implemented to help you and me, not make a few rich, but to distribute wealth more evenly.

        But "Huston we have a problem", Education has now taught people how to cheat this system and the lawyers keep em outta jail so they continue to ridiculous levels…

        Look here's a great explanation based on a real conversation about this problem…

        Wolf Of Wallstreet Matthew McConaughey [FULL SCENE] [HD]:

        So paper money and numbers on a computer screen are simply score keepers…

        The problem is some are cheating the score, some aren't playing in the game and many don't even know what the game is.

        • Deadboy

          Not a game I want to be playing, thanks. But again, you're not addressing the monetary support of all that enslaving bullshit you like so much.

          • What? Putting words in my mouth?

            Don't assume something simply because you (obviously) didn't get what I was saying…

            I'm not a communist and I don't favor any kind of enslavement.

            Did you not watch the links to the real economists above?

            And BTW this is a game you play even if you don't want to.

            After all you spend money don't ya? Who said you had to want to play the game to be in it?

            Maybe you have money problems?

            From trying to sit on the bench perhaps?

            Some of the crap assumed here is mind blowing, but all that assumption lifestyle causes is a disconnection with reality and a lacking of real facts.

            Then we start seeing those problems manifest in the way of your money and happiness and sanity.

            Wanna be poor and live in a fantasy world of your own construction?

            OK, you can do that, no one's stopping you…

            Wanna be productive and honest and live a well grounded and educated life? Go right ahead and do that too.

            I'll promise you that the latter one is a whole lot better for you and it's more fun too.

            • Deadboy

              "What? Putting words in my mouth?"

              Nope, just going by your posting history, appeals, ignorance and such.

              "Money is fake, production is real.

              But to understand that you have to understand true economics.

              It's about production and resources and technology development and defense."

              And pinocchio is your favourite president.

            • Deadboy

              I'm a geometer and physicist btw, the fuck do I care about economics. That's derivative bullshit.

              You do like to suggest a lot about what people should or should not be doing. That must be insecurity and why you need so much money for imposing with "defensive technology".

              • Deadboy

                Hey to be fair, I think people should be dead, so.

                • Deadboy

                  You're probably gonna need more money to defend against my pagan gorilla tactics.

                • "And pinocchio is your favourite president."

                  I don't have a favorite president…

                  I am just mature enough not to whine and cry over spilt milk…

                  And I'm loyal to my country so when someone is elected I'll stand with them, that's our system, that's what made this country great.

                  I do think the best man for the job didn't even get to run but that's over now for the next few years…

                  Then we'll see who's elected next. Complaining instead of looking for a candidate to get behind for the next election is a fools folly. Usually done by those who don't know what to do and aren't even trying to find out.

                  So complain complainers!

                  But what ever you do don't get educated about money…

                  Then you can waste your time complaining about being broke.

                  …and don't even bother to study who could be the next president. Just stay distracted by the bullshit instead.

                  That'll give ya something to do when ya get bored from having nothing else to do huh. Ya know if you were doing what you needed to do, you wouldn't have the time to be bored or complain about stuff you can't do anything about anyway.

                  And to be fair there deadboy, I'll bet you would have trouble kicking your own ass.

  • razzz razzz

    They are beginning to run out of other people's money to fund these socialist agendas. US is no better with Medicare and Social Security funds drying up.

    'German Healthcare Deficit 300% Greater than Expected Due to Refugees'

    "…In the United States, the Medicare tax is a fixed percentage of your gross pay as well with the percentage rate of 1.45%. There is no income cap for Medicare tax, so all of your gross pay is subject to this tax. Your employer pays another 1.45%.

    The statutory long-term care insurance deficit in Germany came in at about three billion euros, which was much higher than expected. In fact, it was about 300% higher than the government’s forecasts. The Central Association of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV) has come out and stated that the sharp rise in the deficit was triggered by the reforms of the past two years. The move is to raise taxes even further since once benefits are given, they cannot just take them back. But what is absent from the discussion is the deficit has risen not simply because of the reforms. This sharp increase is due to the refugees who must be taken care of even though they do not work or pay the tax."

    • But what money, there is no money…

      There is only contribution and exchange of goods…

      How do we keep the score? Little pieces of paper…

      What Is Money And What Gives It Value?

    • Interesting, employee and employer contributions to health care around 4% total in Germany, but in USA healthcare is 20% of GDP.

      So 500% more, and worse results.

      • Yep Healthcare in America is officially out of control!

        Why? Because it's big business here and there will always be a percentage of people that don't give a rats ass about helping anyone but themselves.

        They will rush a new untested drug to market when there was a simple and proven treatment already there. Then the simple stuff goes away and the untested stuff sickens you. That's considered "good for business" by some.

        The same drug in America can cost 1000 percent more than in another country.

        Why? Is it no one in that country will use that crap to start with?

        Supply and demand? Go to mexico and check the prices of a simple asthma inhaler. 1 10th the cost and no prescription required. But no one uses them there because they use food and other natural and inexpensive proven treatments instead. In some severe cases some may use a inhaler for a short time but then actually cure the problem.

        But people that go to the doctor routinely for no good reason pretty soon develop some reason to return and keep returning.

        Why do we need so much healthcare? We used to be the healthiest nation on planet earth. But then the checkups and the pills started and the poor diet was never addressed. Why? It was good for business.

        Got heartburn? Here eat this high dollar pill.

        Having trouble breathing? Here eat this high dollar pill.

        Gotta pain in your fanny from sitting on it all day every day? Here eat this high dollar pill.

        Naught to do with the GDP.

  • razzz razzz

    What he is saying is that smart money is beginning to leave the EU looking for a safe haven to park money out of harms way.

    'Scandinavia Receiving Capital Inflows As Well As Poland & Hungary'

    "…You cannot have a system that dictates from the center but then refuses to actually respect the member states are one political body. This European Experiment has been a complete failure because it is trying to create some sort of half-baked-country in name only.

    The EU should have remained as simply a trade union. Leave it at that. Centralized control was the downfall of Russia and China under a communist state system. People know best how to expand and respond to economic conditions. Germany depends on an export model and Greece depends on a tourist model. These are starkly different economics models.

    Moreover, the EU should respect the individual member states that one-size does not fit all. Furthermore, the average family is better equipped to save for their future than pretend social programs that if operated by a private individual would be a criminal charge of fraud."

    • Yep and the "sovereign" states in EU all are sick of the forced migration into their countries that they pay for, and realize the long term existential risk. At least 70% really "get it" and up to 90% realize the risks without seeing "the plot"

    • And it should….

      Consolidation negates the whole idea of monitory systems…

      So when you remove the small area assessment of contribution you make the producers carry the non producers…

      This devalues the currency as a whole and can lead to collapse very suddenly.

      A small area is predictable on production…

      But consolidate it into a large unpredictable area and the currency goes to shit overnight from the non producing and non trading areas…

      Think USSR on that one.

      So a area that does not produce can not trade anything, that is a zero sum economy…

      The area right next door may be producing in spades and IS trading and has strong currency.

      So if ya mix the two together all you do is water down the strong producers with no producers right? And weaken the strong, it never makes the non producers produce.

      Better just to give em some strong currency for a time and see if they will actually produce. If they don't that's the fact of evolution of production and the fact of GOD's laws.

      For those that do not work should not eat.

      • razzz razzz

        Not quite Hippie Dog. The EU banking system does not share the pain equally. Smaller failing countries have to pay/contribute to the central EU bank even if they have to take/steal depositor's money and deliver it to the EU central bank.

        Add to that when smaller countries with each their own banking system signed up to be a EU member, their debt was automatically reissued in or denominated in the new euro currency. Guess what happened? The value of the euro went up and that caused the weaker EU members debt owed to also go up for no other reason than a stronger euro.

        See, any productivity ends up at the central EU bank while weak countries foot the bill and are left with crumbs to run affairs within their borders.

        That is also why Euroland needs to deal with Iran by selling big ticket items i.e. Airbus so a steady flow of income continues whether Iran goes nuclear or not.

        Related business model: Airbus vs Boeing:
        'Big Plane vs Little Plane (The Economics of Long-Haul Flights)'
        If EU countries need help, they can get a loan from the EU central bank which causes even more pressure from new debt owed, puts local bank deposits at risk of being confiscated and sent to the EU central bank for payment on the loans.

        • I think you miss my point here…

          This is not about vast countries, this is about people, families and family owned small business…

          The weak in a failing economy don't make deposits.

          So when the EU comes to collect they take the strong producers in that country's money making the strong producers weaker in a place that needs those that produce. This equates to less production and less jobs in that area and creates more of a burden on those already struggling areas…

          So "the strong" and "the weak" is not referring to a country. The strong are individuals and the weak are not countries either, the weak are also individuals.

          So the burden is in making a monetary system that does not conform to the individual small areas under it's umbrella. A buck one place may buy a dinner (in one country) while that same buck in another more affluent country may not even buy a order of fries…

          See where I'm going with this?

          This is why the euro is sliding into some real trouble and will be in real trouble very shortly…

  • Deadboy

    What would the conservative excuse for bailing out bankrupt and failing coal and nuclear operations with a history of lobbying be?

    • Deadboy

      "In a Q1 2018 filing, Miller noted that his firm was lobbying the Energy Department, the Executive Office of the President and the U.S. House of Representatives on “issues related to grid resilience” for FirstEnergy.

      In addition to the $330,000 FirstEnergy paid Miller in 2017 and so far in 2018, according to filings, the firm has also received $60,000 each from the Nuclear Energy Institute and Southern Company. A $110,000 lobbying filing for Pacific Electric & Gas mentions issues such as “climate resilience” that Miller’s firm brought before the Department of Energy, Executive Office of the President, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

      While it’s not unusual for a company to hire lobbyists to pursue its interests in the halls of influence, Miller’s previous ties to the Trump administration are worth noting. As the Associated Press has reported, Miller ran Perry’s presidential campaign just two years ago and helped him through his confirmation process as Energy Secretary.

      He has also contributed to the campaign coffers of Greg Pence, Mike Pence’s brother, who just won a congressional primary in Indiana. The president of America First Action, a pro-Trump super PAC (political action committee), also confirmed to the AP that Miller works with the group as a volunteer."

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        DB, Ill take this one. Miller and Trump have to get the tax payers to fund Nuclear and Coal in order to fight the NWO. Its so obvious

        • What would be obvious to most would be the fact that we don't have enough solar or wind or nat gas plants in place to carry the grid.

          So I totally understand the coal bailout.

          But I guess that's just too simple for some.

          And nuclear? Even more obvious.

          Nuclear is a money pit, these plants have not and will not ever turn a profit in real life and once they are shut down someone will have to pay to take care of the waste and maintain the spent fuel pools and the plants for decades… Then ya gotta do something with the waste. Then ya gotta either tear em down and dispose of them (where?) or babysit them until the end of time

          At least while they are running they almost (sometimes) cover their cost to operate is the thinking.

          I say shut em down NOW! Power bills won't matter if we are all dead

          But you know all power bills nationwide will certainly double as a result. That would mean my $150 house bill will then be $300 dollars or more!

          But That's nothing compared to big industries power bills doubling right?

          And who has all the lobbyists? Power and industry right?

          The power and industry representatives in congress are by far the most powerful and influential in all of Washington.

          Again I stand for NO MORE NUCLEAR ASAP.

          But most industry doesn't want a 50 thousand dollar a month power bill to double.

          That's why I said anyone that lumps coal and nuclear together is lying to you or doesn't have the correct facts.

          No MORE…

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            how much does nuclear contribute? 10% or less? How is shutting down nuclear going to double your electric bill? Japan, which had a much higher percentage of power from nuclear, had rates go up 15%

            HD, you appear to say one thing while trying to deliver the opposite message

            • Not at all silly word and subject twister…

              The bill will double from the maintenance and disposal of these nuclear plants…

              They burden the system even when operating (cost money every month instead of make it) and that means even more burden when closed… So 10% using your crazy math makes no difference and is also wrong again…

              What's the real numbers?

              coal (39%), natural gas (27%), nuclear (19%), Hydro (6%), and other renewables (7%).

              Again because 0% production means ALL the money going for security, upkeep and disposal will have to come from the rest of the industry. The rods have to cool onsite for 5 years before anyone can move them and then where do you propose we move em to? Where's that power coming from?

              And a 19% increase in power costs wouldn't come close to the increased drain of shutting them down all at once.

              Then we would have to get almost 20% of all our electricity from somewhere else. Ever heard of supply and demand? That means the cost per unit will go up across the board from ALL other sources…

              Gees sometimes I think you are a teenager playing games under the name codeshutdown…

              What are you 15 years old or do you just not have a clue from living off someone else all your life…

              Do you not understand the simplest of things?

              I would be amazed if you could tell us a real fact just once.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                20%? interesting, not all sources agree


                Japanese rates went up 15% and they had Fukushima and shut down all their reactors at once. Of course the costs are incalculable and will continue for generations to come. On that we agree

                Your claim that rates would double sounds like a typical scare tactic.

                • But that was and is temporary shutdown…

                  As usual you are clueless to the most obvious things…

                  Naught into naught equals naught times naught equals code shutdowns knowledge in real life math….

                  The fairy dust math she does she seems to think works for her though…

                  Smoke much crack codeshutdown?

                  Or are ya just a glue sniffer….

                  Wowsers with a no fact spreading loonie on top…

                  Here study this one…


          • Trying to power the grid is actually an extreme national security risk. If everyone had their own solar and wind, we wouldn't need the grid. There is the technology in solar alone to provide 4 TIMES EVERY ENERGY NEED (including electricity) IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I took online a Stanford University graduate class on solar power. It was open to everyone in the world. I didn't take the final but I probably wouldn't have passed it anyway, but I did get 100% on all the online problem sets and watched and read all the lecture notes.

            Nuclear and fossil fuel energy is only worthwhile to those in power because it is a way of controlling people. If everyone can produce all their energy including all the corporations, etc., it isn't so easy to control everyone. So much wasted life, so much wasted money.

            Only the truth will win in an argument.

            • Ok so where ya going to put all the batteries you will need to keep power after dark?

              Who's going to keep up 90 million individual households power supplies and keep em safe? Where are you going to dispose all of the waste materials from solar panel construction and disposal of old units and failed units and dead batteries?

              You'll need around 30 batteries to power a single 500 square foot home and these things produce heat and gasses (some explosive) when charging and discharging, even when operating properly, what happens when they malfunction?

              So where ya going to put 30 batteries weighing 60 pounds a piece? How are you going to maintain them? Where are these 2.7 BILLION batteries going to come from?

              How much toxic waste will be produced to make 2.7 BILLION batteries? Where are you going to dispose of the non recyclable parts and chemicals in 5 years?

              If it was as simple as you make it sound we would already be doing it. Perhaps you should actually go to a real school instead of playing word quizzes and thinking you know something…

              …These online class things are where the term toilet paper degree comes from. Why toilet paper degree? I don't really know why they call em that… They make terrible toilet paper as well! They only give you enough facts to keep you paying them for the next half a lesson in nothing.

              Wake up sheeple!!!

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                my friends off the grid are laughing at HDs nonsense.

                Its always the same; supporters of the system argue its impossible while people who are off the system look on in the comfort of their homes, shaking their heads at the greed and lies

                • And what about you fool… Are you off the grid? Nope this one doesn't even have a job…

                  And who are your friends that are off the grid?

                  I'll put my home up right now that everything you just said is a lie…

                  Grow up codeshutdown…

              • Ok so how was that for truth winning a argument doc….

                And that's only a small slice of the problems with individuals powering their own homes and that was based on a 500 square foot home…

                So you tell me Anne, does truth win a argument on individual power supplies?

                • Yea I'm sorry man but that's a load of looks good but doesn't and won't do the job anytime soon for any amount of money.

                  If we are talking about backup batteries then yea if you cut everything off but the lights when the power goes out they do supply something for a short period.

                  All the rest is double talk to sell you something.

                  Trying to use that to power your entire home full time would be like putting a roof and a windshield wiper on a moped to drive to work.

                  And that's what they don't tell ya.

                  Maybe the tech will advance but it will take a total revamp of your home to make it work ya know.

                  All DC wiring, DC lighting, ammonia fridge, nat gas or LP AC unit (not just the heater) And solar panels that stay in the sun all the time.

                  So I have trees all around my home and it stays relatively cool in the summer, should I cut down my 70 year old trees for solar? Would only create more of a load on my energy needs.

                  So these things sound really good but just will NEVER be a fit for 90 million households.

                  That's just simple fact with no marketing jargon for a buck.

                  "LG Chem's battery holds 6.5 kWh of energy and costs roughly $4,000, but the inverter is sold separately. That price also doesn't factor the cost of installation"

                  What? 6.5 kWh? At what amp hour? How many amps are you drawing?

                  Running a AC unit? What about the refrigerator? Water Heater?

                  I'd give it 4 hours at best before frying something from under volt.

                  Sad but…

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    You ever notice how the Sun just glares at ya…

                  • And by the way… I worked as a touring musician for 10 years and had a great inverter and a 4 battery setup before most even knew what that was…

                    Back then a small inverter cost around a dollar a watt.

                    So a 250 watt inverter was 250 dollars…

                    Double for the larger ones…

                    A large inverter like 1000 watts was around 2 thousand dollars…

                    I lived on the road for 2 years straight using dc lighting and a ammonia fridge…

                    I had 4 batteries onboard and a DC generator to charge the batteries.

                    So I really do know beyond doubt what it's like to "live off the electric grid".

                    My experience is where my comments and true knowledge from experience comes from, not a book or a brochure full of pretty pictures…

                    You learn real fast how to count and convert watts and amps and amp hours to practical everyday use.

                    Even used a DC (12 volt) hair dryer…

                    Anybody out there got one of those?

                    • Deadboy

                      You payed $250 for a 250w inverter, holy shit. I bought a 150w inverter for $10, new.

                    • Deadboy

                      Sorry, can't dumb as fuck and I can't spell.

                    • Deadboy

                      Sorry, it was almost $15.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      None of that means anything to anyone but you.

                      The world is flowing towards that storage choice.

                      A choice that will have far less negative impact on the environment, on many levels, than the history of the current fossil fuel and nuclear monoliths.

                      And it takes the money away.

                      Redistributes it.

                      Nobody, here certainly, is shutting them all down at once. Everybody is not buying battery packs, yet.

                      Say what you need to, it is all flowing in a direction. The world is not America…

                    • And one of the best DC generators I ever built was made with a 2.5 horsepower Craftsman edger motor and a Chevy alternator (because the GM alternators had the regulator built in)

                      Mounted it on the back bumper of a travel trailer and when the batteries went dead (2 600 CCA deep cycle batteries) I'd pull the rope and run a tank of gas out (2 hours or so) and they would power the trailer lights (interior) and a TV and VCR for around 4 hours.

                      So that trailer could be off the "everything grid" with a tank of water and a bottle of propane.

                      Full fridge and freezer (to -20 ammonia powered, Ya get to -20 freezer from a flame no bigger that a cigarette lighter), Full hot shower, stove, oven, toilet, TV, VCR, Nintendo, and slept 6. And drop it anywhere for a home away from home.

                      It was 300 square feet total and you could run the central heat, but no way to run the roof AC unless plugged in.

                      That's life off the grid!

                      Putting that into a current AC home? A great idea if you rewire and replace every appliance and light fixture!

                      But if you are trying to use solar you will still would need a ass load of batteries (30 or more) and maintenance and lots of solar panels and wind power to make it work. Even if you replace every appliance with gas (including the fridge and the AC unit) and used dc powered lights.

                      If you think these small batteries work just lookup how many fires have been caused by a I phone battery.

                      Real is real, size matters.

                    • Yea man I sure did back in the early 90's those things were expensive back then and a 250 watt weighed 20 pounds and was as big as 2 full sized dictionaries.

                      Made lots of heat too, basically the cover was expanded steel on 3 sides (ya know like cat walk grate).

                      Now you can buy one for 10 bucks that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

                      That's how long I've been playing "off the grid". And totally off the grid! Tank of water with a DC water pump and a full hot shower off the grid…

                      I have a home now but back then (late 80's early 90's)? Home was where the truck was.

                      Had allot of fun too… Going to play a rock n' roll gig? Take a shower in the parking lot while the rest of the band was cooking dinner and playing Nintendo…

                      That's "off the grid" man…


                  • Deadboy

                    Considering the lithium mining monopolies and shit related to pollution, I kinda wouldn't buy any lithium stuff, anyway.

                    However, there is lead calcium crystal. Not sure how expensive it is (probably a bit more), but it's more robust in general.

                    If I'm gonna use lead, why not in a battery that can't explode and lasts longer than other batteries and has better cycling properties and so on. But, that's maybe some bias.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      That is true. Given the average cost for each, at this time, lead acid just takes maintenance.

                      The majority of the fleet I look after, are DC machines.

                      Maintenance is the key to more cycles. Cables clean and tight. In a home situation the maintenence is even easier. Most don't want any maintenance…

                    • Deadboy

                      All I know is that lead crystal has been used in some extreme/lazy maintenance conditions and they perform quite well (from what I've seen, I can't say personally).

                      But still kinda hoping for renewable (that means like, hemp and shit) based supercapacitors or something.

                      I do favour common elements though, for obvious reasons.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      The money is drying up for what was.

                      The double standards just crack me up…

                    • And that's a HUGE point…

                      If you make pollution producing these batteries how can you justify making BILLIONS of them?

                      You can't…

                      It's not clean, green or safe and where have we heard that one before…

                      At the current level of technology there is simply NO way to make a home power supply efficient for the masses…

                      Think about all the pollution created by the manufacture of batteries and solar panels and mining of the rare metals required for manufacture.

                      That's not clean.

                      What about the disposal of several billion batteries full of toxins in 5 years.

                      That's not green.

                      Think about a meltdown of batteries and the ensuing fire and off gassing as a potential problem for every home in a neighborhood too.

                      And exactly who would maintain and routinely inspect these individual homes?

                      That's not safe…

                      Clean, green and safe?

                      Robbing Peter to pay Paul makes no sense huh…

                      It's those same old problems in a different wrapper…

                      Pollution and risk!

                    • Deadboy

                      Nope, it isn't clean. Especially not lithium. Something like lead however is so fucking common, I dunno. If practical superconductors can be made from pseudographene, that'd be great.

                      But getting back to pollution, you do also have to consider the pollution with other energy supply, including mining, refining, waste disposal, and just simply operating pollution.

                      The usage of shit like cobalt requiring slave labour and exploitation, basically bullshit trade fraudulence, etc isn't cool at all, it'd be nice to avoid that.

                      But hey, you just take a look at some respiratory disease levels in coal states, eh, it's not good.

                    • Yea man…

                      One of my best friends is from West Virginia and has had family members in mining. And I sad had because they are no longer with us…

                      And one of the biggest coal ash pond failures in history is in my state. And they polluted everyones well water for miles down stream.

                      I hate the current system and think it must be changed at any cost.

                      But home solar ain't it man…

                      Let's start by converting ALL coal to nat gas (interim power).

                      Then lets build nat gas plants using the jet engine boiler principle.

                      Add solar and wind and balance the grid with smaller grids that share power in times of need ONLY!

                      And convert every light in on the planet to DC led's EVERY LIGHT!

                      No more building new buildings to use AC only Place a converter on them and run EVERYTHING IN THE HOME ON DC POWER! Every fan, every light, every electric heater, EVERYTHING!

                      That conversion would only need a new meter base if the AC and water heater and stove and refrigerator And washing machine and clothes dryer ALL ran off DC.

                      And it wouldn't be the end of AC inside the home as the power coming to the meter base would still be AC so you could place a few circuits in the home for straight AC power (bypassing the converter) for those appliances that wouldn't work otherwise (for the interim while the appliance manufacturers catch up).

                      That's a real solution and it's as simple as a converter, some rewiring and some new appliances.

                    • Deadboy


                      Okay you guys figure that shit out and continue with fracking and shit.

                    • Yea hatin that one too…

                      Ever see water burn?

                      If ya haven't watched this one it's a MUST SEE!!!

                      Light Your Water On Fire from Gas Drilling, Fracking:


                    • So is fracking the answer?


                      That's not a guess, that's a proven fact.

                      Now listen to this guy try to tell you it's human error (same ole song and dance)…

                      The Truth About Fracking:


                      What a total crock…

                      Ok let's suppose for a moment he's telling the truth (yea right)…

                      What about all the earthquakes caused by fracking?

                      Oklahoma Had Over 900 Earthquakes Last Year Because of Hydraulic Fracturing "Fracking"!:


                      Don't believe it?


                      Here's a simple experiment…

                      Step one:

                      Take the slats out from under your bed and take em outside and stomp on em until they almost break in two and make sure to splinter and crack them real good…

                      Step two:

                      Put said broken up slat supports back in the bed frame and replace the mattress carefully…

                      Step 3:

                      Get into said bed with a fine looking woman…


                      Delayed but sudden loss of altitude resulting in undesired shaking and damage to the imediate area :-).


                      So we can drill good gas wells without the need for fracking but that's expensive and takes time. If you are a greedy person that doesn't care about anyone but yourself then use fracking and get rich quick now…

                      Why does this happen? Supply and demand…

                      how do we stop it?

                      Use less now!!!!!

                      Less energy use is the ONLY answer…

  • Deadboy

    "In 1998, Congress removed bankruptcy rights from student loans for no good reason. This created a predatory, inflationary lending system where the government profits over $50 billion per year on the lending system, and even profits on defaulted loans- a defining hallmark of a predatory lending system-"

    I don't quite remember what was happening, but I seem to recall Clinton being president. If only people would mention some of the derivatives and leveraging stuff, but hey.

    • Deadboy

      "If only people would mention some of the derivatives and leveraging stuff, but hey."

      Come on, someone more versed in politics, finance, history and shit should be able to tell me about that. Maybe stock or razzz knows, surely they do.

      I mean, I know a little bit (very little) about it, but I do also know some physics and if you do some, I dunno, speculative forward integration of that shit (starting with Reagan administration iirc) that is one broken system. The cool thing though, is I specifically remember Clinton administration making it just that much worse.

      • Deadboy

        And no I don't your shitty explanations of what derivatives and leveraging is and why it's good or some shit. What I was saying was, look at what happened in which administrations, regarding that, and look at what happens about 15 years later, in those respective cases, roughly.

    • Higher education used to be free in this country. People used to be able to work for their living expenses and then go to school for free or $45. – $35. for registration fees.

      But the wealthy don't want people educated and they wanted student loan interest and they want indentured slaves.

      Unless equal pay for equal work becomes an amendment to the Constitution, over half the population (women) are slaves.

    • razzz razzz

      Not sure what you are trying to prove this time but the picture is worse than you stated. If parents were involved in a student's loan then they are also on the hook for payback. The whole student loan thing makes no sense as a liberal goal for universal free education contrasted with the US going after deadbeat loans with no chance of the debt ever being forgiven. Really shows the value of a college education as being not worth the paper a diploma is written on. Trade school or apprenticeship is more worthy, college can always come later.

      Derivatives are traded over-the-counter hence have very little oversight since they are private contracts. If they are not allow here, they are done offshore without oversight. Their structure can be very complex where targets are set to time of day including certain prices being hit. The parties involved are on the hook to do due diligence to make sure the contracts are funded properly and can payout. Used like insurance policies to counter possible bad bets elsewhere, taxpayers endup backing the paper as calls of to big to fail (banks usually) resound to scare congress into bailouts for someone else's mistakes.

      Congress alway looms large in the background when allowing laws to setup these crisis. Should let them go broke then start over after picking up the pieces.

      • Deadboy

        Thanks razzz, I didn't really need the explanation, but that was quite good.

        • Deadboy

          What I was asking though, was like, can you remember what happened in the Reagan and Clinton administrations (associated corruption too, of course), specifically, regarding debt as well as derivatives and leveraging regulations ?

          It could explain some of those bubbles. Also, closely related to wars. It may also explain some of the inflation.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      OK, supposed justice, but what does this have to do with "white privilege"?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Was the person raped a person of color?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Just checked background on this and the issue appears to be victim blaming (of women and rape victims) not white privilege. Or am I missing something?

          • Deadboy

            The guy raped a girl that was passed out, pretty much, from what I read. His father was associated with stanford and influential, figure out the rest.

        • Deadboy

          If I didn't know better, I'd think he's referring to the fact that it is easy to demonize white man, just because. Sure, that guy is/was an asshole, and that brock turner cocksucker too.

          I'd suggest the problem lies with the institutions. Judge, associated with well, supposedly highly respected judicial service, right? With Brickhead over there (and his father) obviously associated with highly respected institution with significant legacy. So…wait…yeah I do think there is some sort of racist legacy there, actually.

          Though, it seems to me, neither that judge or brock have been introduced to justice just yet.

    • Privilege apologists, LOL

      Lets take it back to corruption and the lack of prosecution of same…..

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Nuclear Production 2016

    Poison fire
    Death ashes
    Sky falls down
    A life turns to deaths gentle embrace

  • Deadboy

    "The biological effects of low level electromagnetic fields and a possible potential relation to cancer causation are controversial. There have been several epidemiological studies of the possible adverse health effects associated with environmental exposure to extremely low frequency (0-300 Hz) non-ionizing radiation, such as that emitted by power cables and electric substations, linking such exposure to leukemia, brain cancer, male breast cancer and skin and eye melanoma

    (1-11). Far less attention has been paid to health hazards from environmental exposure to radiation in the RF range (100 kHz to 300 GHz), including the radiation emitted from cell-phone equipment, in the frequencies of 850 MHz, at field strengths much below those required to produce thermal effects. The few epidemiologic studies that did report on cancer incidence in relation to RF radiation (mainly from occupational exposure including microwave and radar and from living in proximity to TV towers) have generally presented negative or inconsistent results, or were subject to possible confounding from other exposures (12-20). Laboratory studies in this area have also been confusing and conflicting. While some animal studies suggested that RF fields accelerate the development of cancers,other studies found no carcinogenic effect (21)."

    • Deadboy

      2004 study, sort of inconclusive, but suggestive.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        They lump radiation into wide band widths. This wont work. You have to get specific and look at the heterodyned frequencies too and the octaves and suboctave frequencies because these will all manifest in tissues. Biological effect is frequency specific. This is a big fault in scientific studies of EM effect.

        • Deadboy

          Perhaps, but considering that's 2004 and the range they use covers quite a bit of practical application, it is still worth consideration, imo, especially after having read some other studies.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    check this capitalist success story

    note to our investment class friends; make sure you put money into big pharma because at this exponential rate, the return on investment will become asymptotic to infinity in a few short years! Think of the wealth you will earn! Your contribution to society! You can then purchase all the real estate and make big money on rentals…with all that cash you can get into lending for even greater returns. Do it soon, before the price of one house is worth more than all the money on earth (easy to figure out with online interest payment calculators)

  • DUDe DUDe

    Trump’s Nixonian Moment has Arrived

    In asserting via a tweet that he had the power to pardon himself President Trump veered into the direction of Richard Nixon who said to David Frost in the famous 1977 interviews that “when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal, ” or he was aping Nixon from a 1973 press conference when the latter declared “I am not a crook.” In either case, Trump’s tweet shows increased desperation as his defenses against illegal behavior–whether primary liability for collusion with the Russians or other elections crimes–or obstruction of justice, fall.

    Consider first the legal argument Trump made in his tweet that he can pardon himself. As I argued in Counterpunch and many others have pointed out, few if any reputable constitutional law scholars would support him on this argument. Basic principles of law such as checks and balances and separation of powers stand for the proposition that presidents are not above the law and that no person, not even the president, has unlimited authority to pardon himself from being accountable to the law. Presidents are not kings, they cannot be prosecutors, judges, juries, and executioners all at the same time.

    • I wonder what the law says about pardon powers? Funny no one links to that exact language. Facts are so annoying.

      • DUDe DUDe

        Guilty as Fuck! probably..about someone that , during an investigation , has to check the water (media) with statements like that..and kardashianfatas silly PR stunts but good enough for the dumbed down muricans..

  • DUDe DUDe

    Congress about to hear a voice that it's never heard before, Deb Haaland

    There have been 12,244 men (and a few women) elected to the U.S. House, the Senate, or both since March 4, 1789. None of those representatives have been Native American women. As Debra Haaland put it during her campaign: “Congress has never heard a voice like mine.”

    Get the microphones ready. Halaand won the Democratic primary for New Mexico’s 1st congressional district. She still faces a Republican challenger in November, but there are two factors to consider here. First, it’s a district that mostly favors Democrats. Hillary Clinton won the district handily. And, beyond that, this is not a cycle that is working for Republicans anyway. Haaland is now the favorite.

    “No candidate ever wins anything on their own,” Haaland told her supporters, thanking the many volunteers and campaign staff that worked so hard to make this happen. “Ours is a victory for working people. A victory for women. And a victory for Indian Country.”

    • Deadboy

      What an indictment, in a way.

      I do hope the systemic partisan association and influence doesn't corrupt her, if she's not already corrupted, to the point of being a token gesture.

      I do hope you can excuse my cynicism and shit, I care not if you do, however.

      • Deadboy

        230 years or so for american congress to have an indigenous american representative.

        That's what I mean.

        • Deadboy

          Sorry I did mean woman there, of course. But I mean, that's 230 years of patriotic racist imperialist capitalist uhm…misogynous, uh, warmongering…fuck, fraudulent…uhm, deceitful, treacherous governance.

          Do you really want to make that great again?

  • Tweeted to Avenatti today

    hey Mikey, he likes it. What I would like to know is what was Daniels trying to get from Trump to cause an agreement to be signed just before the election. Sounds kind of like extortion. And — who is backstopping Daniels on this, after all this is not just a defamation issue, its a felony

  • Volcano alert, 4th cycle of Quiet/Swarm and then large EQ
    we are on step 2.

    Severe enough I left messages for 2 USGS scientists on Oahu and the Mayor on the big Island.

  • ruh roh — pretty close to calling out dB as a troll, now trying to minimize Fukushima, confound. troll tactics. Also tries to insult and discredit stock (always a clear sign of a troll)

    ""Did Fukushima cause the crash of the pacific ecosystem?"

    Tentatively, I still have to suggest no. Biomass decline and industry before fukushima was probably enough devastation, by itself."

    Mass Die Offs anyone? Just a coincidence? Compounded, sure, coincidence, snow balls chance in hell.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The result is always the sum of the parts…

    2011 Japan Tsunami Released Ozone-Damaging Chemicals Into the Air, Study Finds

    Chemical Aftermath: Contamination and Cleanup Following the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

    Chemicals considered safe alone may trigger cancer in combination

    Chemicals in tsunami debris could pose coastal threat

  • Deadboy

    holmium oxide, nitrogen oxide, phosphorus oxide, repeated. Something like that.

    Supposedly it's like begging.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Nothing else matters. Ocean is Earth's solution. It is everything…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Nothing escapes man. Looking at a pale blue dot. Everything is Ocean…

    • Deadboy

      I'm gonna give it a break and continue meditating, but with more isolation. Too much stupid shit.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Plenty of stupid shit..dishwasher went out. Checked everything and spent time researching what could be the problem. So turns out the control board is bad..look for one and see they are around $150 new…and cross your fingers used at about $80 with no guarantees. So thinking this machine is 14 years old..scratch my head and think is 14 years a long time for a machine to work? Hell they are wanting 80 years out of Nuclear Power I am thinking no.. 14 years actually sucks. But then I start to think in the capitalistic terms of..

        ..oh boy I can sell another piece of shit about every 15 years and if I build junk now I can sell another piece of shit even sooner! Yippee! Repeat customers..repeat profits!

        So I go to 5 main retailers looking to buy a new dozens of different kinds and brands and head was spinning. How much do I want to pay for another piece of what I am thinking.

        I go to the fanciest and most expensive ones and read the comment sections..and find out most are just fancy pieces of junk. No matter what I read or how they try to sell me these various pieces of all is still junk.

        So I go to the same brand that gave me those 14 years and I buy the cheapest one/piece of junk they sell. Knowing that the odds of this one lasting 14 years is a crap shoot just like it would be for the most expensive and fanciest one sold.

        Capitalism only flourishes by selling various pieces of junk over and over.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Because of your example of the built in obsolesence of consumer goods these days, corporate mass consumption engineered for profits, there are a tremendous amount of major appliances used and in fine working condition for a tenth of the cost of new and people get rid of them before they are worn out just because they can. I have only ever purchased new hot water heaters in my lifetime. The same could be said for basic transportation…

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            Jebus this is true. People get rid of machines in good order because they can and want the new shiny one…. gotta keep up.
            "The same could be said for basic transportation…" Indeed there are many older vehicles out there that could last one a lifetime with proper care and maintenance…especially if you can work on them yourself. Though I will say when it comes to replacement parts I have found it is best to stick to OEM or the more expensive brand in most cases.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            True..I could have replaced the control board. Which is at a very inflated capitalistic price point…people have to make a profit..the more the better says razzz.

            So had I replaced the board how would I know that the pump, motor or heating element wouldn't go next? There is no way to know why the control board went out or if something within the operation of the unit was causing the over heating on the control board.

            So spend the $150 with potentially more problems headaches with the older components still present.. or spend the $280 for a brand new basic model that will do the exact same cleaning with a warranty.

            In the back of mind.. if I plug in that control board and it burns out too..that is all loss.

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              Yes obe one must be practical in their decisions especially pertaining to circumstances. I was just saying there are good used machines out there especially if you have the knack or like to tinker.

              • earthsmith earthsmith

                I happen to like older models and find even their individual parts are rebuildable….that's just how I operate. I don't like new stuff…it actually kinda makes me feel weird.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Yes there are, but I am getting old and my tinkering days are slowly drifting away.

                I could have tinkered with this one..but chose not too…based on its aging components. I do not move or preform as fast as I once did either.

                Installing the new one will be a challenge and tough enough for me.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Well trying to think this through before the new one arrives..I decided to pull the control board out and turn it over and see what damage occurred. Appears one of the connectors burned hot enough to burn the case the board sits in.

                So I took a q-tip rubbed away the burned areas and took a sharp knife and scraped away the burned copper and coating to expose the pin and copper wire still left.

                Got a piece of wire and some solder and gave it a shot, thinking the new wire would help make the connection, since some of the wire was burned away..and would not reach the exposed pin. Put everything back together..plugged it in..dead as a door nail. No power at all..bummer.

                So take a break and realize the wire and my make shift solder extension job may not be making a proper connection with the exposed pin. Heat up the iron again and melt off the previous work removing the piece of copper wire I had added. Simply ran solder from remaining cooper across the board directly to the exposed pin..hoping to make the connection this time.

                Plugged it in and bam..power everywhere. Ran a normal wash cycle which ran for over an hour and then I cancelled it. Then I ran a quick rinse cycle..cycle ran as normal and turned off. No blinking lights or resets needed of the board.

       honey is going to cook a large pasta meal tonight and generate some dishes and she will run it tonight. Yippee! Food again!

                I will let you know if it runs properly. Heck could have been a bug in…

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  I would prefer too keep this one..since buying a new one is adding to the death of this Earth. We shall see how things work out tonight.

                  Keeping the old and buying old is really a form of modern recycling and this helps the Earth by slowing down new resource consumption and also slows down adding more waste to the Earth's fragile environment.

                  Do you think the Rumpster would spend the time to solder a board to help save this Earth?

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Naw..not fixed..not running the full 1.5 hours and after digging further there is a class action suit against whirlpool, kitchen aid and kenmore.

                    These control boards have been lighting up like flares burning some places down. Recalls/reimbursements will include some machines, but not all, and all one can get is some money.

                    So we are back to junk..everything is junk..I will need to buy more capitalistic junk.

                    All this particular dishwasher junk …was made in the U.S.A.

                    Bend over and live the dream! 🙂

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Butt then..maybe they learned..time will tell.

                      Lots of capitalistic junk out there.


                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      Obe,You got the makings of an appliance repair helper. That's what we, the appliance man and I, the helper have done several times on those control boards. He has cut back on work lately…there are places that repair boards, but the price is pretty high.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Brings me right back around to "why the board burned" in the first place. That one seems to be the mystery for everyone out here.

                      Some people have had 3 boards burned out..bad boards?..or bad hard parts?..burning out the boards.

                      Would be nice if someone could actually identify "why" they burn out. Replacing them is the easy part.

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      Why the board(s) burned out? Yep, that's the hard part. Sometimes they say lightning did it. On one case, a squirrel caused a current spike and ruined 3 appliances. Sometimes it was bad boards from the factory, we think.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Make sure the 'steam vent' at the top of the door is clear.
                      Mine was not(soap/grease gunk)caused a leak
                      18 years old Kenmore

                      My Mom's door leaked a little, rubber diverters at bottom out of place, vent fine
                      29 years old Maytag
                      Leaks/steam can play hell with PCB's.

                      If you really need a new one, check Lowes returns…many 1/2 price w/full warr.

                      And do check reliability, more cost does not always mean better.

                      I have never bought a 'full price' or 'sale price' major appliance in my life.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              ..but then I consider that $280 all loss too.

              But $600 divided by 14 years equals $43 dollars a year to keep my wife happy.

              This was actually cheap.. especially for someone like me.. that likes to eat!

              • earthsmith earthsmith

                Happy wife and stomach is good!

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  She actually is the best cook I have ever seen or experienced anywhere.

                  I have told her for 40 years..I could sell this!

                  Alas..she does not want to run a restaurant.

                  Yes, I am very happy and actually live in my own created utopia!

                  Don't tell created utopia.. will not save this world.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          capitalist market forces create the worst cheapest stuff that people will accept, forcing desperate workers to make it at the cheapest wage.
          Capitalists excuse this as Darwinism, at least subconsciously.

          There are a couple of other capitalist markets though; the one for the rich. Those products are the best and nicest pieces of cheap junk that can be made at the cheapest prices. And then there is the military market, where they make the best stuff at the most expensive prices imaginable. Thats because the public pays for it all by rule of law and threat of imprisonment

          • RAY-D-8-TED-DREAMS

            Actually the cheapest stuff is produced in Communist China who is flooding the world with it to undermine the economies of the free world. It's called 'economic war' and it is aided by people who are brainwashed to believe that cheap stuff is produced by 'capitalists'.

            • Deadboy

              Excuse me? So you're tell me, those capitalist companies like intel, apple, fuck, pretty much anything you can think of, using chinese labour and resource exploitation and stupid cunts buying that shit, over and fucking over. Is because china is the problem?


              • Deadboy

                I may have to mention that your governments and financial institutions also typically allow and are associated with. Despite their contradictory appellation, which in common english, you may understand more simply as hypocritical bullshit.

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              Brainwashed you be….lol ! It's called outsourcing a CAPITALISTS DREAM!

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                wiki does a fair job on critique of capitalism

                Prominent among critiques of capitalism ; capitalism is inherently exploitative, that it is unsustainable, that it creates economic inequality, that it is anti-democratic and leads to an erosion of human rights and that it incentivizes imperialist expansion and war.

                Capitalism drives selling as many products made as cheaply as possible. This has created a waste problem of 4.5 pounds of trash per person each day (compared to 2.7 pounds in 1960). It also inundates the public with advertisement catering to a lowest common denominator and a non productive army of skimming sales people, all of whom must be supported by the cost of product.


                • Deadboy

                  Soon we're gonna have to also explain how "socialist/communist" agendas and remiges are typically also, industrialist capitalism.

                  That's going to confuse some people, probably.

                  • Deadboy

                    Excuse my dyslexia. Someone missed the opportunity to practice eugenics in 1982.

                  • earthsmith earthsmith

                    Confusion is key

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    "Soon we're gonna have to also explain how "socialist/communist" agendas and remiges are typically also, industrialist capitalism."

                    I was working on that yesterday, relating to stock, but the information made zero impact, and only seemed to fuel stocks belief that anti capitalism is a NWO tactic.

                    Such opinions cant help the reputation of those making them, to anyone who actually looks at the information

                    'my god, if the NWO freaks manage to return the world to its pre capitalist pristine state of a few hundred years ago, the world will blow up and all the people will die I tell you!!!" The EVIL! its so obvious

                    • Deadboy

                      "I was working on that yesterday, relating to stock, but the information made zero impact, and only seemed to fuel stocks belief that anti capitalism is a NWO tactic. "

                      Of course it is, comrade. Abuse all words, twice.

                    • Deadboy

                      I like angola as a shining example. Not only because it relates to me personally, not only because I remember it well, not only because I remember america vs russia. Not only because china now owns it.

                    • Deadboy

                      I mean, it's got racism, imperialism, capitalism, communism, militarism, deferral.

                      Coz I mean, the first thing you think of when you think of Angola is "the 50-somethieth anglo-saudi-judeo-dutch state of communist merk", you know, that one with the gold and 10% of "american" oil, diamonds, it's right by the congo and some other places too and well…because theft.

                    • Deadboy

                      Saudi-Anglo-Dutch-Jeduo. Ye.

                      SADJ sounds cooler.

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      I like Andorra, haven't heard of any trouble there. I never been there.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Thinking code nailed it..only thing that money…all the rest found in this simply bullshit.. shoved into the human brain…for the acquisition of mo money.

              • DUDe DUDe

                In the Beginning was the Word

                How much longer can it be before demand is openly made for universal abandonment and eradication of Capitalism?

                Already a few wise, principled, deeply informed voices are fiercely, acutely critical of the system. Some assert it can’t be reformed, ameliorated and argue that efforts to broaden it, make it better, more inclusive, are futile, useless.

                But where is the voice drawing the only possible honest conclusion: that it must be completely abandoned and replaced by a system that honors life before it renders the earth a collapsed, befouled, garbage-gagged, chemically and radioactively poisoned waste dump and kills us all?

                No one in a position of influence will just say it plainly.

                One powerful dissuading force is the massive inertia of conventional wisdom. He who calls for Capitalism’s end will get what all visionaries since Galileo have gotten: outraged condemnation and universal ridicule. TINA will be cited. Yet, as Gandhi said, “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you: then you win”.


  • razzz razzz

    'Winnipeg Grain Exchange Closing…'

    "…The markets are lining up and what they are showing is that we are in store for climate change, but it’s getting much colder and that is far worse than global warming. Civilization expands when the climate warms, and it contracts when it gets cold. This is also why Kim Jong-Un of North Korea used missiles to force the West to accept his country back into the world fold. Why? North Korea lost more than 2 million people when the crops failed in 1995/1996. The summer of 2017 saw a dramatic decline in crop production in North Korea, down by some 30%. They are headed to another cycle of cold and starvation. His father’s policies of feeding the army first has created a 1 million man army with nothing to do. People joined the army just to eat.

    Everything we see in the computer’s projections WARNS that we are indeed in for climate change, but it is a natural cycle not caused by humankind. We are looking at a sharp rise in food prices in the years ahead. The closing of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange is strangely the way the commodity industry always works. You see mining companies close at the lows and expand at the highs. They can never see the future even when it punches them in the face. So stockpile food as we enter this period of rising prices. There will be shortages in the years ahead."

  • Deadboy

    Well, at least you can count on city councils to make good ethical, humanitarian decisions. And they innovate too. I mean, just look at this impressive new pest control technique.

    "City plans to open homeless camp on former Durango uranium mill site, though radioactive materials left on site might present hazard (Colorado)"

  • Deadboy

    I have this D-link router box, old router. It has this logo thingy on it that reads "Printed with soy ink", which is some kind of accomplishment, apparently.

    But the striking thing was, that logo has a flag on it and I'm sure it's supposed to appeal to americans or something since it basically looks like the american flag.

    The neat part though, is that that flag only has one star. You can see the subtle communist propaganda in that, right?

  • Here is stock market performance under several president’s. It was best by far under Clinton.

    But some of you didn’t want another Clinton.

    Whoever doesn’t know history will repeat the worst mistakes of history.

    It’s also called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Those who manipulate the stock market wind up making money, especially when their mistakes are passed onto the taxpayers as happened under the second Bush at the end of his second term. Then the taxpayers have to pay for all the financial loses.

    • Deadboy

      Oh my.

      This may take a while.

      • Deadboy

        For now, I'll mention derivatives again. You may want to look it up Anne, if not, I'll help you with that later.

        I like the reagan vs clinton plot there btw, for now. For obvious reasons.

        • Deadboy

          Here's something minor to satiate your partisan idiocy.

          "The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 (CFMA) is United States federal legislation that officially ensured modernized regulation[1] of financial products known as over-the-counter derivatives. It was signed into law on December 21, 2000 by President Bill Clinton. It clarified the law so that most over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives transactions between "sophisticated parties" would not be regulated as "futures" under the Commodity Exchange Act of 1936 (CEA) or as "securities" under the federal securities laws. Instead, the major dealers of those products (banks and securities firms) would continue to have their dealings in OTC derivatives supervised by their federal regulators under general "safety and soundness" standards. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC) desire to have "Functional regulation" of the market was also rejected. Instead, the CFTC would continue to do "entity-based supervision of OTC derivatives dealers."[2] These derivatives, including the credit default swap, are a few of the many causes of the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent 2008–2012 global recession.[3]"

          "Signed into law by President Bill Clinton on December 21, 2000"

        • Deadboy

          The gravedigger is near, he's no kidder, you hear?

          Early in Thursday night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton took a curious tack in answering Bernie Sanders’s accusations that she’s too beholden to Wall Street: She went after the Vermont senator for voting for a bill that her husband signed into law when he was president (and which she herself did not oppose). “While we’re talking about votes,” Clinton said, “you’re the one who voted to deregulate swaps and derivatives in 2000, which contributed to the over-leveraging of Lehman Brothers, which was one of the culprits that brought down the economy.”

          This was a reference to the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which Sanders did indeed vote for—a rare (possibly lone) example of him supporting the broader policy of financial deregulation that Bill Clinton carried out."

          Ouch. Let's take two down at once.

          Sorry Bernie, you can fuckoff too.

          • Deadboy

            It should be noted however that of course, the idea that Lehman Brothers brought down the economy is a slightly ridiculous. Of course the systemic corruption and complicity is/was far more prominent than admitted, it's just, it was convenient to blame them.

            • Deadboy

              See, in one simple discussion between two democrats, you find out they're both hypocrites and helped implemented mechanisms to basically make your life worse. And the topic was about a third democrat.

              I think I noticed a pattern here, 1,2,3… stupid shit.

              I don't trust, vote or believe in people who do that sort of stupid shit.

  • Deadboy

    Sorry about that anne, but you gonna get trolled with democrat garbage for a while.

  • Deadboy

    If I was a judge and had to sentence people. I would fuck with people so bad.

    Brick Turner. Sorry, you've got a lifelong construction job in the desert now.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Monsanto name to be wiped as BAYER consumes the evil corporation, creating the world’s largest chemical giant with a history of crimes against humanity"

    • Deadboy

      Even the germans across the road are like "bayer? No dude, we don't trust them or buy their shit"

      • Deadboy

        Hey wait a minute.

        I remember reading something about Trump and shit like GE and other stuff also related to Monsanto. Even this, exerpt seems to remind me of something.

        "Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld

        The Hillary Clinton campaign Monsanto lobbying revelations do not stop with the Podesta Group.

        Clinton campaign Treasurer Jose H. Villarreal is a consultant with the lobbying firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, which has received $150,000 from Monsanto and $60,000 from BIO so far in 2016. Prior to becoming a consultant for Akin Gump, Villarreal was a longtime partner of the company.

        Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP also receive a regular annual payment of around $200,000 from Monsanto. This lobbying firm also provides lobbying services for Monsanto in India.

        Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is an American international law firm and the most profitable lobbying firm in the United States."

        Well that's interesting.

        • Deadboy

          "John Podesta himself was White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton, an official Counselor to President Barack Obama and is now campaign Chairman to Hillary Clinton."

          Well, at least democrats are consistently shit.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            all the presidents are criminal. One reason is that the system of 'making money' demands criminality. Leaches must suck blood, they have no choice.

            Man can only imagine extracting wealth from man, whereas the trees only think of extracting wealth from the sun. Thus the first is criminal and small minded and the second is a light being

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              The median annual Lobbyist salary in Washington, DC is $120,513, as of April 29, 2018, with a range usually between $97,119-$166,182 not including bonus and benefit information and other factors that impact base pay.

              Bribery is considered illegal, while lobbying is not. This is the crucial difference; Bribery is considered an influence of political power by offering cash that affects political outcomes.. Whereas lobbying is considered an influence of political power by offering cash that affects political outcomes.

              More importantly, the first is against the rule of law while the second is not, and the rule of law is everything, even greater than god

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                So a Democracy allows the people to elect their own criminals to office.

                Then all the other criminals line up to fill their pockets with money taken by force from the people via forced taxation.

                The people then pray via various fake myths created by older/ancient criminals to ease their many pains of today…while not realizing the whole thing is actually run by the mafia.

                • Deadboy

                  Pretty much, it's like a kakistocratic / kleptocratic state industrialist popularity contest where the goal is to talk as much bullshit as possible and then stab everyone in the back being a hypocritical piece of shit.

              • earthsmith earthsmith

                Wow y'all need to take a chill. It's just mob related, you know the legal mafia…government

                • Deadboy

                  I just had my chill pill.

                  Anyway, talking about mafia shit. Ronald Reagan administration and Bill Clinton administration, if you look closely and consider some other factors, in many ways very similar policies and implementations, actually (take the bias out of that graph anne posted and it is AWFULLY similar, for instance).

                  Essentially, in terms of corporate, for lack of a better term, support, both were great in some aspects (mainly for fraud) with derivative and leveraging regulations.

                  Of course, the Reagan administration is known to have been super corrupt, much like the Clinton administration.

                  I'm sure someone can tell me something about some of the other administrations related to that, too. I honestly don't really look at that sort of shit anymore. When I downloaded a pdf from a central banking entity in ireland offering me unlimited leveraging for minimum investment of $200k (iirc), I was like, yeah, I'm gonna go drink instead.

                  • Deadboy

                    Not that those graphs actually mean anything, due to the fact that it is short term sentiment and collusion reflected in those graphs, as well as mostly being the result of already existing legacy.

                    Democrats for instance like to say "Obama inherited Bush's shit". Yeah, that works economically too, btw. And you happen to have invested Bill clinton's shit and it's cost you probably hundreds of trillions of dollars, no jokes.

            • Deadboy

              "At least, from what I've read."

              Not true, Trump is different. Having associated with the same sort of people, having psychopathic traits, repeatedly stealing from citizens, using and promoted through the same system, suing people, etc. I mean obviously none of that could have criminal connotations, that's why he feelds the need to claim he can pardon himself. Not that it would be insecurity surfacing or anything like that.

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