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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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51,104 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Singapore's capitalism plays both sides
    "Businesses in Singapore hope to cash in on Trump burgers, Kim tacos
    Local businesses in Singapore, which see the summit as a great marketing opportunity, hope to capitalize on the frenzy. The event has inspired businesses to add Trump- and Kim-themed offerings to their regular menus, from tacos to drinks.z" Well, just par for the course…

  • DUDe DUDe

    'CEOs don't want this released': US study lays bare extreme pay-ratio problem

    The first comprehensive study of CEO-to-worker pay reveals an extraordinary disparity – with the highest gap approaching 5,000 to 1

    The first comprehensive study of the massive pay gap between the US executive suite and average workers has found that the average CEO-to-worker pay ratio has now reached 339 to 1, with the highest gap approaching 5,000 to 1.

    The study, titled Rewarding Or Hoarding?, was published on Wednesday by Minnesota’s Democratic US congressman Keith Ellison, and includes data on almost 14 million workers at 225 US companies with total annual revenues of $6.3tn.

    Just the summary makes for sober reading.

    In 188 of the 225 companies in the report’s database, a single chief executive’s pay could be used to pay more than 100 workers; the average worker at 219 of the 225 companies studied would need to work at least 45 years to earn what their CEO makes in one.

    • DUDe DUDe

      The mandatory needed global cap on maximum allowed monopolization should be in that ratio..a balance as it that fits in the balances of Nature we are part of..its only logic..

      • DUDe DUDe

        Infinit squeezing squeezing..good thing cannibalisme by the boss is forbidden so far..and then you still have to pay infinit increasing taxes..taxes no longer to serve society in any way but to still the infinite thirst for more by the capitalist vultures that are only in politics to steal taxes , collect bribes and deregulate their own shady business..and if your still surviving thanks to two or three jobs and no sleep there are always "funny" way's to be forced to finally sink like civil forfeiture totally with the sickness and pollution in your blood and the cost of having disabled special needs kids thanks to said deregulated poisson "deliverers"..writing the next laws to their own benefit at your further expense..and now put it all on a timeline forever increasing..happy day's for all../sarc

        Report: Wage Theft is Pervasive in Corporate America; Big Banks, Insurers are Among Most-Penalized Firms

        — A new report finds that many large corporations operating in the United States have boosted their profits by forcing employees to work off the clock, cheating them out of required overtime pay and engaging in similar practices that together are known as wage theft.

        The detailed analysis of federal and state court records shows that these corporations have paid out billions of dollars to resolve wage theft lawsuits brought by workers. Walmart, which has long been associated with such practices, has paid the most, but the list of the…

        • DUDe DUDe

          Walmart, which has long been associated with such practices, has paid the most, but the list of the most-penalized employers also includes Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other large banks and insurance companies as well as major technology and healthcare corporations. Many of the large corporations are repeat offenders, and 450 firms have each paid out $1 million or more in settlements and/or judgments.

          These are among the findings in Grand Theft Paycheck: The Large Corporations Shortchanging Their Workers’ Wages published today by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First and Jobs With Justice Education Fund. It is available at

          • slandermen Deadboy

            Yeah. Not just corporate america. Auto manufacturers for instance, worldwide. Electronics manufacturs, semiconducting, even just IT service stuff related to say, Apple, Google, Intel, etc.

            Huge amounts of collusion, planned obsoletion, regulation, design and other changes to force adoptions, etc. Hiring, non-competition clauses.

            So yeah, when corporate assholes (like musk or bezos or fuckerborg) tell me something. I think…wait…fuckoff.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Seriously. Take Back Your Power

    "A Mass Action of Liability"

    Obe, I think you would appreciate this…. Check it out, bro'.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It is a beautiful country!

    Where else can one rape and pillage the human livestock like this.. and do it all legally.

    Rumpster knows! Embrace the love!

    Buy American..means bigger..much bigger.. CEO payouts and larger bonuses!

    These are the people that need those tax breaks!

    • slandermen Deadboy

      England, Israel, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sweden, etc.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Obe, pls. see my comment above.

      File notice of action of personal liability – write your own contract. Play their game, beat them.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Natural..someone needs to have done unspeakable things to them for such a my first thought..

    Widespread uranium contamination found in India's groundwater

    Aquifers across India contain uranium levels above WHO safety standards

    DURHAM, N.C. – A new Duke University-led study has found widespread uranium contamination in groundwater from aquifers in 16 Indian states.

    The main source of the uranium contamination is natural, but human factors such as groundwater-table decline and nitrate pollution may be exacerbating the problem.

    Several studies have linked exposure to uranium in drinking water to chronic kidney disease.

    "Nearly a third of all water wells we tested in one state, Rajasthan, contained uranium levels that exceed the World Health Organization and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's safe drinking water standards," said Avner Vengosh, a professor of geochemistry and water quality at Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Israeli army edits video of Palestinian medic its troops shot dead to misleadingly show she was 'human shield for Hamas'

    Edited clip condemned by Palestinians and rights activists as attempt to ‘justify’ 21-year-old Razan al-Najjar’s death

    In the full clip, however, the young woman goes on to say she was present at the protests to “save the wounded at the front lines”. She does not mention Hamas, the militant group which controls the Gaza Strip.

    Her death has become something of a rallying cry for Palestinians, who have named her “the Angel of Mercy”. In footage that has emerged since, she can be seen throwing a tear gas canister away from people lying on the ground.

    “Razan al Najjar is not the angel of mercy that Hamas propaganda attempts to portray,” the IDF’s Arabic language spokesperson Avichay Edraee wrote on Twitter.

  • DUDe DUDe

    “Disabled for life” by Israel’s shoot-to-cripple policy…

    And the response by Western leaders to the wanton slaughter in Gaza and Israeli snipers' use of high velocity dum-dum rounds on civilians? Some are happy to leave the rogue state to investigate itself.

    In a press release dated 19 April MSF surgeons in Gaza report “devastating gunshot wounds among hundreds of people injured during the protests over recent weeks. The huge majority of patients – mainly young men, but also some women and children – have unusually severe wounds to the lower extremities. MSF medical teams note the injuries include an extreme level of destruction to bones and soft tissue, and large exit wounds that can be the size of a fist.

    “Half of the more than 500 patients we have admitted in our clinics have injuries where the bullet has literally destroyed tissue after having pulverized the bone,” said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, Head of Mission of MSF in Palestine. “These patients will need to have very complex surgical operations and most of them will have disabilities for life.”

    She is reported saying that she hadn’t seen these kind of injuries before. The wounds appeared to be caused by ammunition with an expanding ‘butterfly’ effect.

  • DUDe DUDe

    "Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty: A Half Century Later, Still No Justice

    In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters off the coast of Gaza to monitor the progress of Israel’s attack on the Arab states. The Liberty was a lightly armed surveillance ship.

    Only hours after the Liberty arrived it was spotted by the Israeli military. The IDF sent out reconnaissance planes to identify the ship. They made eight trips over a period of three hours. The Liberty was flying a large US flag and was easily recognizable as an American vessel.

    Soon more planes came. These were Israeli Mirage III fighters, armed with rockets and machine guns. As off-duty officers sunbathed on the deck, the fighters opened fire on the defenseless ship with rockets and machine guns."

    "Now Ennes has published an updated version, which incorporates much new evidence that the Israeli attack was deliberate and that the US government went to extraordinary lengths to disguise the truth.

    It’s a story of Israel aggression, Pentagon incompetence, official lies, and a cover-up that persists to this day. The book gains much of its power from the immediacy of Ennes’s first-hand account of the attack and the lies that followed."

  • DUDe DUDe

    Trudeau’s flawed biofuels plan repeats U.S. mistakes, undermines climate goals

    Earlier this year, Mighty Earth chairman Henry Waxman, the former Congressman and environmental champion from California, wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a warning: tread carefully with biofuels policy.

    Without the full range of safeguards, which Environment and Climate Change Canada has so far declined to include in its proposed Clean Fuel Standard (CFS), Canada is following in the footsteps of the United States and Europe. In those places, biofuel policies have caused extensive environmental damage and increased climate pollution, even compared to oil and gas. (More here, here and here.)

  • DUDe DUDe

    Hopefully the depression and addiction is not transplanted with it..

    Opioid Overdose Deaths Are A Growing Source Of Transplant Organs
    People who die of opioid overdoses are often otherwise healthy, Volk and his colleagues concluded, and typically die of insufficient oxygen to the brain.

    • slandermen Deadboy

      Excuse my cynicism, considering the pharmaceutical and medical industry. This is gonna sound bad, but I hope for as many transplant failures from opioid victims as possible.

      • DUDe DUDe

        They should not be able to complete the loop of diabolical profiting..i agree with that..but the innocent should never be sacrified in the quest for justice/revenge.

        • slandermen Deadboy

          I'm just saying, the pharma/medical industry profits from those people, I'd prefer if they don't.

          I know, it's inconsiderate, but fuck that.

        • slandermen Deadboy

          How many of those opioid users would you say were essentially innocent, if not for societal horseshit? Perhaps not a majority, but to me it seems that would still be a lot of, basically innocent people.

          • slandermen Deadboy

            Let me try and rephrase that since I'm bad at english. I figure, considering the damage of pharma and the medical industry, it may be worth demonizing the relevant perpetrators, so to say, to avoid worse damage.

            Sure I'm just speculating and making shit up, but what if they're lying about organ damage there, fraud in the medical industry? So what if it's not as good as they suggest it seemingly is, but you know, there's a lot of money involved with that. What if, that also propagates further pharma reliance?

            I dunno hey. I don't trust people, institutions and definitely not industry.

            • slandermen Deadboy

              And I have absolutely no shame in saying I refuse to donate organs. Not that any of mine are healthy or functional, but still…it's the thought that counts.

          • DUDe DUDe

            Why not a majority ? Everybody is being setup..i actually have more respect for those that lose the batle against painkillers/antidepresiva/opiods addiction then those that lose the battle against greed addiction..
            But clearly , the most innocent are those depending on those organs..for their body i mean..not for the profit

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    I heard they discovered some kind of organic molecules on mars.

    Man is keen on finding alien life. We hope were not alone in the universe.

    my imagination goes further…I imagine encountering alien giants!

    I imagine what it would be like when man travels to a far distant planet…where the oceans are illuminated with light. Alien giants swim in the beautiful seas and have such amazing vision they can see inside your body as if you are transparent. Those alien giants would have much larger brains than humans. Imagine these Poseidon like gods swimming to the deep blue, speaking with such force it is louder than thunder, as they sing and talk to their friends half way around that planet. The sound of their voice would be so loud it would shake your body to mush.

    When mankind meets these alien giants what will he try to do? Kill and eat them? Force them to pay taxes and tell them capitalism is the only way? They need nuclear? Try to capture one and bring it back to earth to put in a zoo? Would these giants simply snuff the life out of puny man? or would they be friendly?

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Just as the Fed created money to buy Treasuries and MBS during QE, it now destroys money as these securities “roll off” the balance sheet."
    But I heard a long time ago that it was against the law to destroy money.

    • slandermen Deadboy

      Holy shit am I gonna be in trouble then.

    • razzz razzz

      This is a good thing. Retiring debt as it is paid off ends any interest (bond) payments. The money was created electronically out of thin air and now disappears back into thin air.

      This opposed to the Euro central bank that has been buying (via their version of QE) most all the debt paper from Euro member banks so each of those banks will have enough cash to operate with. If the Euro central bank stops buying member banks debt, a Euroland banking crisis occurs. Euro central banks can't even think about retiring debt which leads to more debt thus causing the member banks to go belly up. They will go belly up anyway once rates begin to rise because their debt payments will cost more as interest rates move higher and higher.

      Interest rates will go up because the US will begin raising its Fed bank lending rates as they end QE. You going to buy a Euro bank 30 year bond @ .5% or a US Treasury 10 year bond at 2%? Euroland is screwed.

      As a note: When they say 'the Fed' or 'Feds' that means the Federal Reserve Board, not the Federal Government.

  • razzz razzz

    'Dennis Rodman gets emotional after Trump-Kim summit'

  • razzz razzz

    If the SS fund was allowed to invest in the stock markets, the money would be another source of funding companies with working capital. Investing back into the Country itself and earning dividends for the SS fund at the sametime. Of course unless you use California's CalPERS as an example where they make 'politically correct' investments then end up losing taxpayer's money.

    'How the Socialists Keep the Poor – Poor'

    "…Everyone knows I donated my time to try to reform Social Security and privatize it back in the 90s. I was even shuttling between the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, Bill Archer, and the House Majority Leader Dick Army. I argued for the privatization of Social Security to allow it to become a wealth fund allowing it to invest in equities…

    …Had Social Security simply become a wealth fund as so many nations around the world have adopted, it would NOT be in danger of a financial crisis today. This is the result of the Democrats who always want to strangely keep the poor poor and punish the rich. They talk about income inequality and portray this as “unfair.” Yet, the very way the “rich” make their money is through investment, which the Democrats have rejected for more than 40 years…"

  • razzz razzz

    'Supply v Demand-Side Economic & What is Never Discussed'

    "…Demand-Side Economics cannot possibly work when the biggest debtor is government and the raising of interest rates only increases their deficits that come back as tax increases reducing the net wealth of the people and lowering economic growth.

    This is why we are headed into a Crash & Burn. There is no other outcome possible. Government is crowding out the private sector so the annual rate of economic growth has steadily declined. The transfer of wealth is not between the RICH v the POOR. It is between Government v the People. They point the finger at the inequality of income is growing. But this is not wages, it is that assets will always rise against the currency in progressive economic declines. They will point to that gap as the problem. But states like Illinois and California have net migrations outward because of the tax burden – not because some CEOs make too much…"

  • DUDe DUDe

    Nowaday's with the new and improved will be so much safer and people shoulden't protest so much because we need it anyway etc blabla right

    As US rushes to build gas lines, failure rate of new pipes has spiked

    The push to build new pipelines to transport abundant shale supplies appears to be having a materially adverse impact on pipeline safety.

    According to a Pipeline Safety Trust analysis of federal data, new pipelines are failing at a rate on par with gas transmission lines installed before the 1940s.

    "I think new models of anything — a new model of a car, a new computer, whatever — have problems when they're first put in. You have to get the kinks out. That's probably part of the explanation, but there's also some suggestions that we're trying to put so many new miles of pipeline in the ground so fast that people aren't doing construction … the way they ought to," Carl Weimer, director of the Pipeline Safety Trust, told attendees at a National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives annual meeting in Tempe, Ariz.

    "The new pipelines are failing even worse than the oldest pipelines," he said.

    The trust looked at the annual average number of incidents per 10,000 miles of onshore transmission lines over 2005-2013 based on when the pipelines were installed, as reported to the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

    The safety watchdog found a so-called bathtub curve with high points on the ends and…

  • DUDe DUDe

    Inflation Explained: Your Role As A Milk Cow

    Traditionally, inflation has been defined as “an increase in the amount of currency in circulation.” Such an increase almost always causes an increase in the cost of goods and services, since, more plentiful currency units lowers their rarity, as compared to the supply of goods and services, which remains roughly the same. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising if a 20% increase in the amount of currency units translates into a 20% increase in the price of goods and services.

    Unfortunately, in recent decades, even dictionaries have been offering a revised definition of inflation, as “an increase in the price of goods and services.” This is a pity, as it makes an already confusing subject even more difficult to understand.

    This is especially true for the average guy who has a minimal understanding of economics, but does realise that, even if his wages increase (which he regards as a good thing), he never seems to get ahead. In the end, he always seems to be worse off.

    So, let’s see how simply we can break this down. And, let’s do it from the layman’s personal point of view.

    • slandermen Deadboy

      That explanation/article is why you should be kinda wary of people who ask for higher minimum wages and shit like that, since it aids monetary inflation. Effectively, it will just make it worse for everyone. It also goes with entitlement and kinda fosters a reliance on state and a form of greed.

      • slandermen Deadboy

        Not entirely related, but ADR in the comments there makes a pretty important observation about accounting trickery. Google may know something about that.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        " Effectively, it will just make it worse for everyone. It also goes with entitlement and kinda fosters a reliance on state and a form of greed."


        It really hurts the bottom wage folks, if they borrow, they will likely pay higher interest, on something they could not afford to begin with. Higher cost in the end.

        Taxes go up. Fees. All manner of bullshit. All to have a wheelbarrow full vs a handful. More currency in circulation means higher indebtedness to the citizen, who has to 'make good' on the 'IOU'.

        A Mind game that keeps the top at the top.

        A friend got 'another' property tax hike…it is now $143,000 a year, 10ac, a self storage biz, 5ac is developed.

        They only paid $65,000 for the bare property 10yrs ago.

        Got to love inflation. Little people have 0 chance

        • PlowboyGrownUp

          Some years ago I was buying some shoes or something. I asked the owner why these shoes increased in price lately. He had the gall to say "well, ya'll just got a raise out there at that plant, so I'm giving myself a raise" or something similar. 🙁

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The crooked game board is rigged..always..has been rigged. Nothing better than playing on a rigged game board..

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        The rigged game is called 'rulala' , a Code maxim. aka rulaconduct.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Either ones clings to it and constantly suckles it or one might be cast/pushed away and then one might/will probably go/be very hungry. The design is the many clinging on desperately.. as the life force is slowly being drained away. The strongest will hang on the longest until it is dry.

  • slandermen Deadboy

    I had a dream of a tsunami or perhaps not a tsunami, but some sort of large flood on some semi-barren lightly sloped area, there were a bunch of really tall pretty much dead trees.

    I'm pretty sure it's prophetic and just fever dreams.

  • slandermen Deadboy

    I had a dream of a tsunami or perhaps not a tsunami, but some sort of large flood on some semi-barren lightly sloped area, there were a bunch of really tall pretty much dead trees.

    I'm pretty sure it's prophetic and not just fever dreams.

  • slandermen Deadboy

    Here's how communism/socialism goes, when you have capitalist businessmen in government, even if they appear to appeal to populism or whatever sentiment.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      S. Africa "The Constitutional Review Committee on Land is busy consulting the public about changing the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation. This would mean making government the owner of all private land and property in South Africa, forcing citizens to rent for life."

      This is happens with capitalism. In the U.S. more people must rent, and it can be extrapolated when everyone must rent. Call it feudalism if you like. Its certainly not equality or the meme that if you work hard everyone can achieve the American dream.

      On the other hand, if a government 'owned' all the land and rented it cheaper than one could possibly buy it and pay taxes on it, then it could be a better system

      Poverty stricken people need land they can just live on for free, like all the other species. I dont have a just system for the others, other than population reduction and usury free loans. Land ownership, especially large tracts is a contentious issue.

      • slandermen Deadboy

        "On the other hand, if a government 'owned' all the land and rented it cheaper than one could possibly buy it and pay taxes on it, then it could be a better system"

        And what government, with corporate ties, with psycho and sociopathic mentality and society, provides that better system by effectively raising your (in general), animal and and environmental rights, vs corporate and classist rights?

        • slandermen Deadboy

          The way I see it, government trying to own land is greed. It is hypocritical greed. Not only is it hypocritical greed, but it appeals to mob mentality, or rather, security in aggregation.

          Those hierarchies are clearly still evident, I don't see the benevolent or altruistic actions related to that, if I then start to account for nepotism, fraud, etc. well, fuck that.

          Is it a good thing that many people believe government ownership (despite numerous examples of corruption, incompetence, damage and failures) is going to help? Considering the history, relations, associations, when a corrupt government asserts "rights" over operations, regulations, it's not good.

          I could for instance try and explain some of the agricultural socio-economic impacts from disruption for the sake of state corporatism, but, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Sounds like you do! Chuckles!

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Deadboy, I agree totally with what you are saying here. But these are the same problems with supposed non government private ownership capitalist ways. I mean whats the difference?

            There is a difference in concept. In an ideal manifestation, government is 'owned' by the public. This would have the potential of eliminating the profit motive of land ownership.

            Profit through real estate is not an ethical thing. Its easy to see this. The already rich will own more and more land until there is total feudalism. This is a mathematical certainty

            So call it a 'public land trust' or any other name besides government and you have the potential for a system that would work for generations to come (if only there were generations to come!).

            But the problem is acute already. There are people on this forum who could use an acre or two to live, grow relax and flourish, but they cant afford it. This is obviously due to mankinds real estate/economic beliefs coupled with the people to land ratio. Too many people, not enough land

            Government is supposed to work and be beholden to the public, not the other way around. Overlord figureheads create the subconscious image of the king/monarch which fools people into thinking they are subservient to the government.

            Thats why we need a new structure of government. Why have one figurehead? Just get a team of experts, ditch the expensive suits and call them servants of the people. I dont want no effin president overlord, its…

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              I didn't know how good I had it while growing up long ago. A few acres to plow, and hundreds (neighbors) of acres to run around on. These days kids generally are limited to lots where the houses are, and worse, to a thing they are looking at in their hand. You know, a smart phone.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              a government of the people and for the people, should set aside at least some land that people can live on and farm. This would work out if there were less people. As it is, The average population density of the U.S. is 87 people per square mile.

              The real estate wealth extraction scheme has created feudalism. When stock sings praises about Trump upholding U.S. sovereignty, its simply fake news. rhetoric. Smoke and mirrors, hypocrisy and deeply disturbing.

              How long before all the farm land is owned by huge mergers, foreign countries and oligarchs?

              Those rich will extract more wealth from the people through hardly hidden yet unseen cost of goods, rents, fees and usury. They will then buy more land. We are already screwed through this ideal of private land ownership

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              whats stupid about the following statements? razzz? stock?

              "the Economist announced in 2014, had outperformed most asset classes for the previous 20 years, delivering average U.S. returns of 12 percent a year with low volatility.

              Craig Dobbins, a professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University, “Farmland and other real estate investments are good investments"

            • slandermen Deadboy

              "There is a difference in concept. In an ideal manifestation, government is 'owned' by the public. This would have the potential of eliminating the profit motive of land ownership.

              Profit through real estate is not an ethical thing. Its easy to see this. The already rich will own more and more land until there is total feudalism. This is a mathematical certainty"

              I'm not disagreeing, I'm saying I don't see much evidence of ANY governments, or "experts" (btw, who decides what an expert is? A bunch of easily convinced morons, influenced by institutions we know to be lying assholes?) doing anything that in practice extends beyond monarchy/feudalism, which in the modern sense is really corporatism and associated attempts at ownership.

              Don't tell me there is a government that knows what's best for me, because there isn't.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Deadboy, you are right.

                Still, there are a lot of people and there are countries. Some management could be a good thing….or maybe not. Infrastructure, land trust, education, emergency medical…

                Trump is an expert in being a rich arse, little else. Can we not improve on it? He makes a panel of 'experts' but theyre all shit. Maybe the people should decide who looks into environment, roads and bridges, economic monitoring and national debt. I know, its tough because the public are idiots and cant possibly know a good from bad guy.

                Still, there must be a better way. Off the top of my head, imagine a university without ties to government or corporations. Try. Then imagine the youth, who are almost always more progressive and engaged, debating with professors in civil engineering, economics, agriculture and anthropology to devise some criteria for candidates. This would help set a base. You have to have experts…Im not going to jump into AirSeps shoes and turn some valves on high pressure gas tanks…

                Getting the asses out of military or high dollar business suits would be a step in the right direction. Change their titles. 'Commander in Chief' is particularly ugly

                By all means, people shouldnt throw up their hands and say no other option exists than the current shit that is fresh on the heels of Monarchy and Feudalism and heading straight back toward it. Be creative man

                • slandermen Deadboy

                  I agree with most of what your saying. But before that, if there isn't a recognition of stupid shit, you can't possibly expect better.

                  Do I think "experts" like bill gates, elon musk, I forgot that other fuckhead's name, but people typically also associated with government have any use? No, I don't. I consider damage, I consider monopolies, I consider military associations, etc.

                  But typical money appellants (that is actually a word, woohoo), that would be the vast majority of society, would of course support that sort of shit, despite indicting evidence.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    DB, float me some solutions

                    One person suggested government free tracts of land that were free to re-invent civilization. Free from the usual rulalaw. I like this idea. Heck if we just took back the land that China and Italy own, we could have tens of thousands of acres to play with. Go organic, take the police gun and make a plow with it. The Commander in Chief would have no power there, but could lend a hand with the dirt and veggies. Marinaleda is a kind of prototype and there must be many. Somebody should look for them

                    • slandermen Deadboy

                      I can't provide solutions, because some of my ideas are counter to most of society, they're inherently rejected. I don't own land , I can't tell you what you're supposed to do with it. Go ask some experts, again.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              capitalism at work. Want an acre or two at affordable prices? sorry bub, everybody bought an I-phone and the cable guy bought the land and now you cant afford it.

              Heres a reliable equation; More money/land for the me = less money/land for you

              It makes the case for a non private people owned communications system, farming system, home buying system, manufacturing system. Call it public, or call government public and call it socialism, its up to you. Words and phrases arent important, the truth behind them is all that matters

              John Malone is the largest single landowner in the US, with 2.2 million acres of land. the billionaire is one of the most powerful men in cable. If his $55-billion takeover of Time Warner Cable gets the green light, Malone’s Charter Communications will be the nation’s second-largest cable company. Heres what the guy who bought land you might have had with your cable bill looks like. Hes a capitalist success story


              He admires his friend John Mallones yacht, which you also paid for

              • slandermen Deadboy

                So like, three guys you shouldn't fuck with. Two of them isn't me.

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                I wonder what I'm paying on property tax for that 2.2 million acres.

                Glad to see the yacht is flying a foreign flag, maybe I'm not paying the tax on that too.

                Man, I really hate this discussion. 😆

                This will all end someday, again. And again. And again

                Probably not peaceful.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Ted Turner is another one. He didnt buy 2 million acres, we bought it for him, paying for cable. This is the glory of privatization, the republican ideal. The beauty of it is that those private companies can make a handsome profit on their cable business, then charge you to rent the land they bought. Its win win

                  CNN founder Ted Turner alone owns over 2 million acres of land

                  I understand he wants to protect wilderness. If true, then its better he owns it than some Saudi Arabian prince

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Teodoro Mangue, the second vice president of Equatorial Guinea, bought a $30 million estate in Malibu. As a free democratic capitalist, I was going to buy that estate but figured I should buy some groceries instead.

                    Smithfield Foods, Inc. in Virginia, is a meat-processing company and wholly owned subsidiary of WH Group of China. the company is the largest pig and pork producer in the world. 32,000 hogs a day are killed in Smithfield

                    Its a capitalist success story and Im pretty sure razzz could buy some stock, the profit yields would come from increase in pork meat…not that I want to eat it!

                  • "Ted Turner is another one. He didnt buy 2 million acres, we bought it for him, paying for cable."

                    And how do you know? You heard it somewhere?

                    A person that buys a potato actually owns that potato, only problem (and why the bank won't loan you money to buy a potato) is that you will eat the potato and it will turn into something unusable (crap in the toilet) so the bank won't loan on that.

                    But if you have shown a real habit of paying them money to loan you something like a car that was worth half of the stated value and then will pay them to loan it to you and pay the fees and interest on that "loan", they will loan you anything and almost any ammount all the while acting like you actually own it.

                    A person that is "loaned" something doesn't own it, the bank does.

                    They ain't makin no more dirt so that's a sound loan… Does he own it? Not at all

                    Does the bank own it? You bet ya.

                    So you can use it because you are paying interest and the bank figures you will pay that money for nothing because you have before.

                    So does he own that or does the bank own it?

                    Smoke and mirrors and news that's not news for attention and something to do when there's nothing else to do I'd expect…

                    If you understand the potato loan, you'll get it.

                    If you don't you will have no idea who owns what…

                    Think about that for a moment. Ownership means you own it.

                    A loan is a loan..

                    • Gees look at that big house, he must be rich huh…

                      Look at that nice car, He must be wealthy huh…

                      Get behind the scenes and what it looks like and you will find they don't own any of it…

                      The bank does, it's just "loaned to them because they will pay them to do it…"

                      But he has to get up and go to work every day at 4am to pay for the loaning of it with it hanging by a tread…

                      That's modern day enslavement…

                      If you think the guy is a liquid billionaire you probably think the aliens have landed..

                      And why do so many of these people (that seem to have it all) kill themselves?



                      Because they don't really own anything…

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Ted Turner has a mortgage on 2.2 million Acres?

                      As far as the potato goes, I could take my Visa card and go buy any amount of groceries I want. Then I can default on the payments, declare bankruptcy, and through increased cost to your banking system, you effectively bought my food.

                      That's the beauty of the current system

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      That's why we owe 20 trillion dollars

                    • Yea you could do that once…

                      Ya wouldn't get to pull that a second time…

                      And if you don't get arrested you may could hide behind bankruptcy law…

                      But do that with something that can't be resold like a potato and you will go to jail…

                      Do it with land and declare bankruptcy and they will sell it at action and hold you responsible for the difference and loan fees…

                      Get it?

                      It's recoverable funds because fighting over land is like 2 fleas fighting over the dog they live on…

                      Fighting over a already digested potato is not worth the trouble.

                      Default on a potato that's already been eaten and is in the sewer? Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 bucks… All property seized to make up the difference to the penny.


                    • "That's why we owe 20 trillion dollars"

                      Nope the real reason the current score in fake numbers is off by trillions is because we don't manufacture anything anymore.

                      The reason we don't manufacture here anymore is because of the pollution produced…

                      The technology is catching up now so that will change soon but the trillions of dollars is a fake as a number on a computer screen. It really means little to nothing when speculating about the future.

                      And it you don't understand futures, it's easy to get sucked in and think all is lost from some fake score and blab for the sake of blabbing on a computer screen…

                      The GDP numbers are completely different than the other fake numbers out there…

                      The only score that has actually changed is our countries (US) pollution production.

                      A very involved equation that really has nothing to do with national debt.

                      It's about national health and ability.

                      Things that make you go hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

                      Know what I mean Vern?


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Ted Turner has a mortgage on 2.2 mil acres?

                      Yes or NO, your ball.



                      •The average American has a credit card balance of $6,375

                      Do you also believe there is a 'debtors prison'?

                      Wake up, smell the coffee.


                      Getcha some.

                    • Look it up yourself genius…

                      After all I am stupid according to you and don't even know that cow bones are made in a cow through reactions of minerals all working together…

                      You mean that you don't know but I may know something you don't?

                      Wow what a revelation in true facts…

                      Ya think he paid cash for 2 million acres?

                      And them cows are lined up at the pharmacy drive through for calcium supplements too…

                      Wake up trolls… Research real facts before runnin that head and you won't look so stupid to those that actually know…


                      Open mouth, insert foot…


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Good luck with the hippydog cattle calcium theory. Maybe u can sell it to the U of North Carolina.

                      Meanwhile, we can look at some facts, and surmise why cattle need calcium supplements and monitoring.
                      And no, they won't be at the drive up, they have no thumbs to hang on the steering wheel.
                      Steer-ing wheel…?

                      "This generally involves close attention to mineral and fiber levels in the diet prior to calving,,,"


                      Apparently, they don't make calcium, or they would not come up short. Imagine that


                      You supply the saddle. 😉

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Made me think. I wonder if other hoofers need calcium. Looks like it is possible.

                      Does not look like they are making it.


                      Just a little help to get you out of the hole you have dug for yersef.

                      Come to think of it, even women come up short on calcium through childbirth, bones,teeth suffer.

                      Where is all this calcium coming from?

                    • "This generally involves close attention to mineral and fiber levels in the diet prior to calving"

                      Are you insane or just wanting to look like a complete idiot air septic tank tech?

                      I would be ashamed to even think something that stupid much less post it publicly.

                      So according to you a 100 pound calf is borne with all the nutrition it takes to develop the bones of a 2000 pound adult?

                      Are ya on drugs son?

                      Cow bones are created as the animal grows by reactions of MANY different minerals/nutrients and the bodily functions involving them.

                      So potassium is a major part of that reaction and thus is a MAJOR part of the makeup of cow bones. So if Cesium is present in the diet it will be used as potassium and wind up incorporated into the bones of the adult cow.

                      Strontium too.



                      This is biology 101 and is not a theory but is fact and is known even by high school biology students (15 year old kids).

                      What a completely stupid thing to say that it's a theory and then try to tell me it has something (anything at all) to do with prenatal calfing.

                      Where did you go to school?

                      Please tell me so I can be sure no one I know ever goes there.

                      You either need a high school diploma or a lobotomy.

                      Your twisted fairy tales are just too unbelievable for me to know for sure which one you need.

                      Find a good Psychiatrists and then maybe we can discuss the theory of crazy stupid…

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      So, hippy slog, it's not crazy to say, like you do, that ALL radiation clears the body in 30 days if you are not deficient in minerals?
                      Why do we even worry about Fukushima?
                      Must be harmless, huh?
                      You say you're anti nuclear?

                    • What I stated in plain English was…

                      In terms of biological half life Most (now see that word most?) of the cesium that IS (notice that word too) going to leave your body does so in a few weeks to around 30 days…

                      I never said all or none or any of those silly untrue words you try to put into my mouth fool…

                      If you can't read and comprehend what you read written in plain simple English what the hell are you doing here?

                      Oh that's right, you are being the worthless troll that you are.


                      Buss off you worthless shit talker…

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      HD, qualified stall mucker, did you really say this?

                      "And them cows are lined up at the pharmacy drive through for calcium supplements too…"

                      Yep. You did. Imagine that.

                      "Oral administration of a dose of a calcium salt in a gel has been advised by some veterinarians"

                      If they are not eating it in their food, is it a… "supplement".?
                      I think most folks with a brain can comprehend that.


                      Unlike you, I am not making shit up.
                      Unlike you, I have not spouted ridiculous therories. LIKE:

                      "So yes cesium does decay into a component of calcium in the animal body.

                      I call that a yes! Cesium does decay into calcium but only through animal/human metabolism, but that probably brings up more questions than answers right?"


                      No need to ask if you said THAT!

                      You are your own worst enemy. Maybe a nice big cup of STFU can save you. In a mug specially for you.


                      That dozens of times/and people have pleaded with you to save yourself, you continue to jack yourself off in full view. Sad, your time would be better spent in a stall with a hand-some stud, at least you could sell the results.

                      Can you borrow money to pay taxes on 2.2 million acres? 🙂

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Hippy slogger, you said this?
                      "What I stated in plain English was…"

                      Plain english? Your posts are incomprehensible gibberish delivered in a breathless DJ patter. Sprinkled with dog droppings of YouTube videos.

                      The nuclear material you come up with always slants back to Woods Hole and their bias that low-level fallout is harmless.

                      Somebody sent you here to act as a wrecking ball on this website.
                      Why do they want you here, drivel mutt?

                    • I would also think anyone other than a useless arguing troll would understand that that is not a natural process and has nothing to do with the subject of how a cow eats grass and makes bone in nature…

                      They feed em hormones to but what does that have to do with the natural way a cow develops? Eats grass? makes bones?

                      Answer? Your BS has nothing at all to to with thwe subject, just a bunch of distracting blab by a troll blabber troublemaker…

                      Keep on stepping on your own feet useless troll… It not only suits your mental midget ass, it proves beyond doubt you are either a complete fool or a useless toll for all to see…

                      You and the other useless troll (litterbox kitty) need to grow a brain and get a life that matteres

                      Wow plop goes the weasels again…


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      dk, I think your on to it.

                      Now, for the most fun and entertainment, we can rub the dogs nose(knows?) into every lunatic outburst it has, you know, when it runs out of 'handy' entertainment of its own.

                      I suppose it could rally up some support here.
                      I mean, even a 3 legged dog can hike his leg with enough effort.

                      It seems to like being the court jester/fool, I don't mind helping it to see it's dreams come true. Seen plenty of happy well trained folks, just another brick in the wall.

                      Funny, for a business owner, revealing what a goof-nuts you are seems counter productive. Maybe his putter ran out of steam.

                      Trimming trees my friend, cleaning up down wood, about 5 yards of chips, 10 to go.
                      We will have a lot(LOT)of apricots this year, I feel like cutting them all down.

                      Be safe out there.

                    • Well there's the evidence admitted by your own hand AST…

                      You have just confessed without doubt to be a trouble making troll!!!

                      That confession is letter for letter the definition of trolling too looks like the intelligence level is obvious there…

                      What about you Danger kitty insulter…

                      Why don't you confess too and admit that is all you two are good for….

                      "The nuclear material you come up with always slants back to Woods Hole"

                      So first of all, no it doesn't, it slants to actual science.

                      And why would I pay attention to the experts on radiation with millions in equipment and more PHD's working on these problems than anyone else on the planet. According to you that's stupid huh…

                      OK so who should I study? You? Would be waiting till the end of time to get a article out of you that has anything to do with why we post on this site (radiation and pollution).

                      So your idea is to ignore facts and sling childish insults instead huh.

                      The sad part is you either don't know any better or you still haven't figured out that everybody already knows you are worthless as a contributor on this site and do nothing but play little kiddy games…

                      You should change your handle to Dumbass Kiddy (Games)…

                      Would be way more fitting.

                      Go root around in your own crap and piss, then lick your paws and wipe all over yourself lil litter box kitty…

                      Just don't think for a moment your'e gonna get petted by me.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      I don't think we can call what I do to you trolling.
                      I prefer to think of it more like taking out the trash.
                      Goof Nutz trash.
                      Woman insulting trash.
                      To someone that has trashed almost everybody on this site, at one point in time. Not to mention the multiple attack on more than a few people.
                      Recall asking dude 'do you like dick'? Insulting s*** to heart of the Rose?
                      Hillbilly hound dog?
                      Probably not probably you were drunk.

                      Rally up your troops fuk wit.
                      Or go cry in the corner with your pointy hat on.
                      No one here cares, haven't you noticed that? That no one actually has an in-depth conversation with you that's meaningful?

                      Now that there, that's a true sign of a troll. And you ain't the first obvious one here.

                    • Well there you go stating fact that you are a textbook troll yet again.

                      So you thing sitting around trying to come up with some twisted outta fram lie based on tid bits if information all misquoted and strung together for some kinda sick fun….

                      But you said it yourself…

                      "I don't think we can call what I do to you trolling."

                      Your'e right, you don't think…

                      And here's the classic taunt of a useless troll….

                      "Rally up your troops fuk wit.
                      Or go cry in the corner with your pointy hat on.
                      No one here cares"

                      Boy that was some really useful information on radiation and pollution….

                      Ya know most people that know nothing, know nothing because they are messed up in the head.

                      And rarely do they know they are messed up in the head. If they knew they would be on the road to recovery…

                      So that's two posts in a row you took the time to prove beyond doubt that you are being a totally useless troll.

                      You know nothing about the fact on the subjects you say are wrong, that's textbook learning disability.

                      And when I point out a truth that someone doesn't want to hear they attack and give away their ignorance most every time here…

                      I would be embarrassed if I didn't even know high school bioligy but you go out of your way to prove you don't even know that bones grow using potassium ans a major reactor and Cesium mimics potassium and becomes incorporated into bones as well as soft tissues…

                    • And after that is proven it's some other excuse to be a worthless troll…

                      Hey here's a Idea, if you don't want me to tell you something you think is fact is not true then research and post the truth on these subjects to start with.

                      The aliens have not landed, there is no way to travel through time and cow bones grow as the cow does for years and will take up cesium in the crass and incorporate it into it's bones.

                      Grow up ole troller and stop with the ridiculous BS statements or continue to be embarrassed (and found out) by the stupid crap you yourself type out. You accomplish nothing that does anybody any good except to prove you know not what you are yapping about.

                      And apparently (by what you have typed here just today) you don't even know what a troll is while you are being one.

                      Here try learning instead of trolling for a change…


                      Open mouth, insert foot.


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Rally them up drunktard.

                      And thanks for clearing it all up, eloquently I might add.

                      All I need is an interpreter and dictionary

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Hey, Mr. H dog. No thanks, I have nothing to confess.
                      You are the trash. Those of us still here value this website. Not going to let a corporate tool come in here like a wrecking ball without tagging the bastard.
                      Just doing my job, security. Making sure wherever you go, you are tagged and mapped like you would for any hazard like a shipwreck or a reactor meltdown.
                      So you slant towards science, huh? Don't you find it odd, that in all of North America, there are just two guys with nuclear ties standing watch for us?
                      Woods Hole is one of those guys. Buesseler. The guy who says you could swim in the ocean off the West Coast for a year and get nothing worse than one extra chest x-ray. He doesn't specify whether that's external or internal contamination, either. He's completely wrong of course, because the science of health physics is completely wrong. That's who you always slant to, hippie dog.
                      And the discussions you always try to break up with your idiot dog droppings are precisely the discussions that are about the deceptive lies of health physics.

                      Troll dog.

                    • HD, radiation is destroying the bones of cattle. Is this what's on your plate?


                      Weird Mutant Cows Manufactured for Beef Production

                      New Test Detects Bone Disease In Cattle

                      When an old genetic disorder resurfaced, USDA and university geneticists collaborated to develop a DNA test to identify carrier animals.

                      Genetic Defects in Beef Cattle – Kansas State University Animal …

                      Working with Commercial Cow-calf producers … mutation. Dwarfism. Dwarfism. • Not all dwarfs are “genetic dwarfs” … Bones contain no marrow cavity, are.

                    • Distribution of radioactive cesium and its seasonal variations in cattle living in the "difficult‐to‐return zone" of the Fukushima nuclear accident
                      Whole-Body Counter Evaluation of Internal Radioactive Cesium in Dogs and Cats Exposed to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
                      Metabolism of cesium-137 in rats and farm animals1
                      Beef containing radioactive cesium served to elementary school children in Kanagawa
                      90Sr in teeth of cattle abandoned in evacuation zone: Record of pollution from the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
                      • Kazuma Koarai
                      • , Yasushi Kino
                      • , Atsushi Takahashi
                      • , Toshihiko Suzuki
                      • , Yoshinaka Shimizu
                      • , Mirei Chiba
                      • , Ken Osaka
                      • , Keiichi Sasaki
                      • , Tomokazu Fukuda
                      • , Emiko Isogai
                      • , Hideaki Yamashiro
                      • , Toshitaka Oka
                      • , Tsutomu Sekine
                      • , Manabu Fukumoto
                      • & Hisashi Shinoda

                    • Great Information Doc…

                      Thanks for the posts…

                      And yes the Cesium counts and Strontium counts in bones are quite disturbing…

                      What was the whole point of my original post on cesium and bone absorption?

                      This is why you shouldn't boil bones for broth anymore because these poisons concentrate in bones "over time" more so than soft tissues.

                      And because of the density and makeup of bone they are much harder for the immune system to get rid of from bone than soft tissues so they build up and stay there resulting in bones being a "hot spot" for contamination.

                      So a test may reveal the levels dropping in mussel but these readings will not drop as fast or as much in bone once incorporated.

                      And much of these contaminates once incorporated into hard bone are there to stay, forever (or until boiled out when making bone broth).

                      Thanks for the informative links and posts on this subject Anne.

                      Let the whiners whine, (ast and danger kitty games), all they really accomplished is to make it easy to spot and prove who the real do nothins are around here.

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Hey, idiot h. dog, its pretty obvious you bought yourself a copy of the idiot's guide to neuro-linguistic programming.
                      You haven't mastered it. Your pacing is way off, which is kind of funny when you consider your last name.
                      You are running through positive anchoring too fast, that's what's causing your pacing to be off
                      And your negative anchoring is way over the top. That's what I call conflation ; you know where you do that little thing– linking words like fairy tale with the name of the poster you are defaming? Thats not even believable.

                      Why do they want you here, Lamar?

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Mr. H. Dog,
                      Thank you for your recent submission. I can't tell you how much it means to me, I just can't. There are no words.
                      Unfortunately your post does not meet Enenews' standards. Please feel free to display your ignorance at some future date..
                      * agenda to disrupt (paid?l
                      * wallpaper artist
                      * posts videos unrelated to post
                      * barely comprehensible
                      * poor reading comprehension
                      * not up to speed re: nuclear
                      *UNWANTED DISC JOCKEY
                      *SPAWN OF SOCREF

                      Big shoes to fill…tagged & bagged

                    • And for the 1000th time old learning disabled ones….

                      I don't give a dippidy damn what someones opinion is.

                      When I study woods hole I STUDY THE ACTUAL CERTIFIED TEST RESULTS.

                      But then I can figure out what they mean…

                      And how many years ago did he say that?

                      Before the wave of water born radiation hit (2011-2012)?

                      The water born radiation didn't hit until late 2014…

                      Seems like all you can figure out is something to whine about danger kitty!

                      No wonder you are so absolutely clueless and post nothing productive.

                      I actually study readings instead of he said she said rumor mill tripe and old news conferences. Recon the situation has changed in 7 years? A no brainer to a normal intelligent person.

                      So ignore the expert readings and use that as a excuse?

                      Boy Danger kitty you sure are smart, why haven't I been depending on you for readings and facts all this time?

                      Because all you do is bitch and talk a bunch of shit instead of contributing anything of value, that's why!!!!

                      Silly trolls….

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Hahaha, HD. And Woods Hole is looking so hard, in PLANKTON FREE WATER!
                      You so smart, hippy dog…

                    • Bikini Atoll radiation levels remain alarmingly high

                      New measurements made decades after Pacific island used to test nuclear bombs

                      June 6, 2016

                      “Radiation from the 23 nuclear tests conducted near Bikini Atoll in the 1940s and ’50s has lingered far longer than previously predicted.

                      “Radioactive material such as cesium-137 currently produces, on average, 184 millirems of radiation per year on Bikini Atoll. And some parts of the island hit 639 millirems per year, researchers report online the week of June 6 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Those measurements, made last year, surpass the 100 millirems per year safety standard set by the United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which controls the island.

                      “Scientists had predicted that, by now, radiation levels would have dropped to 16 to 24 millirems per year. But those estimates came from extrapolating from measurements made in the 1970s. The mismatch probably stems from incorrect assumptions about how rapidly radioactive material washes off…”

                    • So go ahead and make up some more excuses to act like (and I'll bet it's not a act) a complete idiot Danger Kiddy (non productive on ANY level) Games.

                      So is that a degrading statement aimed at you? Or is it a factual observation based on what you type out and post here…

                      1+1=2 Last time I checked…

                      No great mystery there just read this ones (danger kitty) totally non productive and trolling by definition posts to know for sure…


                    • The nuclear industry is based on outright lies.

                      When I took a free online class on nuclear engineering, the professor simply taught outright lies.

                      When I posted information, as a woman, I got terrible harassing emails. When a man posted something contradicting the professor, the professor profusely apologized to that person that he didn't know about the correction.

                      Someone I used to know who got a masters degree in Nuclear Physics at UCLA was a TA there back in the 1950s. He had to automatically give every woman who was studying physics a failing grade.

                      One of the lies is that all radiation becomes a stable isotope. They just don't mention that it could take 1000s to millions to billions of years.

                      Another lie is that no one has died from Fukushima.

                      Another lie is that beta radiation is harmless. Again not true.

                      The radiation from Fukushima will INCREASE FOR THE NEXT 250,000 YEARS.

                      Woods Hole is only publishing information about ocean currents. They are not measuring how much plutonium has increased in the ocean since the 1940s. Or if they are they are not publishing the information.

                      I heard Buessler in a question and answer period that calculating the risks from the ocean water are similar to calculating the risks from smoking.

                      [People continue to smoke even though they know they are destroying their lungs and that it will kill everyone around them from second hand smoke.]

                    • "Bikini Atoll radiation levels remain alarmingly high"

                      Absolutely and now with the Fukushima release in the northern pacific we have a real problem in that entire basin!!

                      When people talk about natural radiation from potassium readings in bananas and coconuts now do they know it's from potassium and not cesium?

                      You really have to wonder if they are testing them for fallout or just a GM click and saying they are safe because they are naturally radioactive.

                      We need to be VERY careful where we source those foods from because not only will they pass the general radioactive tests for import, they love potassium and will readily absorb cesium (thinking it's potassium) like a sponge!

                      Scary stuff to think about huh…

                    • "Woods Hole is only publishing information about ocean currents. They are not measuring how much plutonium has increased in the ocean since the 1940s. Or if they are they are not publishing the information."

                      You are right they test for Cesium 137 and 134 primarily.

                      And there is a reason for that.

                      Testing seawater is the hardest and most labor and detector incentive process in rad testing.

                      Because of all the natural "junk" in sea water it makes it very difficult and time consuming to detect anything with any accuracy.

                      So they test for 137 and 134 because they are the easiest of all isotopes to detect among all the electrolytes/minerals found in seawater.

                      The rest is a extrapolation to estimate the other quantities of fallout types so it's not a measurement.

                      It's a mathematical equation based on known inventory and losses from the source.

                      Since woods hole is a testing institute and not a mathematical estimation authority you won't hear them speculate much on the estimates of isotopes they don't test for.

                      But if you get into the foya documents and study the inventory and what the losses were you can extrapolate what other substances are in the sea water with good (but not perfect) accuracy by looking at the 134 and 137 reads.

                      If you wand to know when the last fission release occurred look at the 137 to 134 ratios.

                      This is why they focus on those those two isotopes (137-134).

                      It can be used as a indicator of fresh fission.

                    • A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Sci, 796 pp.

                      By Zimmerman Paul
                      One of the attachments to this website:

                      [one of the chapters:] The Most Heinous Crime in History, p. 151
                      “…Quite obviously, the currently accepted model ‘cannot deal with small volumes and inhomogeneities of dose, and for this reason is unsafe to apply to internal radiation’ (ECRR) . According to current statutes, a member of the public is permitted in any one year to receive no more than a dose of radiation to the whole body of 0.5 rem. It is thought that the organism can absorb the energy of 0.5 rem, and undergo the amount of ionization produced by this energy throughout its molecular structure without causing any significant health detriment. And yet, the single particle of depleted uranium transfers in one year 170 rem to the tiny cluster of cells in its immediate vicinity. This small conglomerate of vulnerable cells is driven into extreme chemical chaos by this single alpha-emitting particle. Until the risk to the hit cells is determined by experimentation, it is scientifically unwarranted to conclude that an inhaled depleted uranium particle is benign. This example highlights an important principle: It is at the level of the cell where radiation effects become significant, not over large masses of tissue….[cont.]

                    • [cont.]…An honest approach to radiation safety would be grounded on this fundamental fact.

                      “Busby has performed similar calculations to the one presented above. In his example, a particle with a diameter of 2 microns is lodged in the lymphatic system (Busby 2003). As with the previous example, the dose to the cells in the immediate vicinity of the particle is 150 rem (1500 mSv) per year. By comparison, Busby provides a calculation of how the ICRP would calculate the dose averaged over the whole lymphatic system which is considered to be a mass of 800 grams. By this method of calculation, the yearly dose to the lymphatic system is only a meager .0000021 rem (2.1 x 10^-7mSv).…”

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              its all american! You watch sports, and your money goes to the pockets of a few rich guys who buy the land and stuff which then you can no longer afford because it " outperformed most asset classes for the previous 20 years," and had "excellent leverage potential"

              "Sports magnate Stan Kroenke—who owns the Denver Nuggets, most of Arsenal soccer club, and the St. Louis Rams—has bought a vast Texas ranch, covering 520,000 acres "

              Im suggesting in this equal opportunity country that unincredulous buy Stan's ranch but I think hes investing in a pair of work gloves instead

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                you could correctly argue there will always be the haves and have nots. But the haves have it all now and the public suffers. Food riots coming soon! Trump making america great for foreign investors!

                "between 2004 and 2014—the latest decade covered by the USDA data—foreign ownership of American farmland has doubled to 27.3 million acres." Corporations or rich monarchs from Saudi Arabia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany will continue to buy U.S. farmland. The result will be rising food and land prices

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  39 percent of all U.S. farmland is rented or leased
                  80 percent of all rented farmland is owned by non-farming landlords.
                  Rented farmland is valued at $1.1 trillion in total
                  91.5 million acres of farmland (or about 10 percent) are slated for ownership transfer in next 5 years

                  If you wanted to buy Iowa farmland in 1970, the average going price was $419 per acre, according to the Iowa State University Farmland Value Survey. By 2016, the price per acre was $7,183 a colossal increase of 1,600 percent.

                  Thats a capitalist success story. Its good right? Im sure razzz and stock and Trump agree, its great.

                  who paid for this land? Actually, you did, even though someone else owns it and rents it out. You paid for it in increased cost of food.

                  This is why razzz says invest in food. Because you can make money on desperately hungry people and produce nothing in return. The free lunch is embedded in the public mentality and hailed as a great thing.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  This is a capitalist success story, this is our free, democratic, free market capitalist beauty at work;

                  'Dow and DuPont, Agrium and Potash, China National Chemical Corp and Syngenta, Monsanto and Bayer (seeds and chemicals): These are the big boys in the agribusiness field, and they’re slowly shrinking and consolidating. “Across food and agriculture, the amount of pending mergers and mergers that got green-lighted last year and this year is phenomenal, it’s in the hundreds,”

                  there’s been a 52 percent spike in seed costs for corn from 2012 to 2015, and if you go back further, prices in both soy and corn have increased more than 300 percent since 1995—the year patented genetically modified cotton seeds first hit the market.

                  Farmers buy the Monsanto seeds and spray them with Monsanto pesticides, because there are no other options. “Rapid consolidation of the private seed sector has coincided with the erosion of hundreds of independent seed sellers across the countryside,”


              • slandermen Deadboy

                Well would you look at that. I wanted to post this but it seemed out of place. Now it doesn't.

                So Holtec (indian, Nikki Haley related) promoting nuclear shit in and around texas, hey also, where's Perry from? Anyway, you also got orano/fluor/areva/batelle shit, and of course, the pride and joy of american liberty, saudi aramco owned (shell-associated) port arthur. You know, for 60% of the american oil. From Venezuela, previously. And about 10% from angola. But now, mostly Saudi Arabian. The other weapons and nuke deals go well with that, however easy it is to ignore. Along with the paranoid westerner mentality, deflection, insecurity, etc.

                Which of that shit isn't related to government and corporatism?

                Anyway, regarding your psychotic ( to say the least) mentality. This kinda makes it evident.


                Delusional perspectives of importance.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  president threat map….good one DB. Thats why we have a police state.

                  They should have another map…who is a threat to the public

                  DB says "Which of that shit isn't related to government and corporatism?"

                  its all related. But you could call it capitalism too. In fact a better term might be global fascism

                  whats in a name?

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  We owe 20+ trillion, $20,000,000,000,000.

                  It will be like a garage sale with 10cent shoes.

                  Ever hear of someone selling their home to survive?

                  We are selling a country.

                  • slandermen Deadboy

                    You think you only owe $20 trillion? That's interesting, because from what I've seen, that's off by about 2 orders of magnitude.

                    • slandermen Deadboy

                      Not that I'm suggesting other countries are any better off. They've sold out your "future", what else do you think pays for that?

  • DUDe DUDe

    I wont return untill i can look myself in the eyes again , that might be soon , it might be never..meanwhile "i'm fired" , as the saying goes..


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    By the roolalaw, of coourse:
    "Blueprint of Monsanto’s “black ops” public relations machine REVEALED: See the names of fake front groups and science hacks who took part"

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "COOL SUITS provide an effective way to keep an individual cool and comfortable. In doing so, they could help to reduce heat-related injuries and problems. As a result, they enhance comfort and safety. The invention features a practical design that is convenient and easy to use so it is ideal for individuals age 12 and older. Additionally, COOL SUITS are producible in design variations and a prototype model is available upon request." That will be a hit!

  • slandermen Deadboy

    This is sort of hypothetical, but I was wondering, if I had significant influence in the genetics department at MIT, how much damage could I do?

    • slandermen Deadboy

      To be fair though, it certainly isn't just MIT. We've had some surprising capitalist success stories resulting from research in wisconsin, for instance. For some bizarre reason I'm reminded of Atlanta too. I don't quite know or remember why.

  • Jebus Jebus

    "It's a natural winnowing of the herd. They're not competitive. They're an antique. They're a fossil."

    "If you consider nuclear green, then you have to ignore high-level radioactive waste."

    More Than Half Of The Nation's Nuclear Power Plants Are At Risk Of Closing

    Notice that twitters filthy tag on it say's:


    • slandermen Deadboy

      "If you consider nuclear green, then you have to ignore high-level radioactive waste"

      Let's start with low-level shit, instead. Mining. Unfortunately though, that doesn't just apply to "nuclear". Kinda weird that, how lots of "clean green" also involves…radioactivity. But yeah, I'm not trying to downplay the nuclear shit itself, just saying, it's also a factor (less significantly) in other forms of "renewable" energy "solutions".

      I have to say though:


      Hardly reads like risk to me. What like risk to me, is say, plutonium pits, 40 year nuclear fuel plant license renewals, foreign corporate mining (thanks to ignorant, malicious and downright pathetic governance).

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      nuclear is a winnowing of the herd. I know more than one person who has been winnowed from nuclear. With the onset of mass autism and lowered intelligence, its only a matter of time before mankind is winnowed entirely. Good riddance, who needs that chaff?

  • slandermen Deadboy

    Like I'm fucking inebriated and on drugs and I'm insane and uneducated and uhm, I dunno stupid too. Probably something else, I dunno.

    But I was considering, in inflationary terms, like very crudely, how far into to future we've been sold out.

    So the very fucking vague math the alcohol told me about, suggests to me, around 50 years or so. That's the shit we're selling now, practically. We're selling promises of 2067 or some shit, while ignoring the damage now. This is called futures, and security.

    • slandermen Deadboy

      A) if you're selling shit that doesn't exist, you're talking shit. B) selling shit you rely on, in advance achieves what exactly? Ok sure, some people, a lot of them will actually believe that sort of predictive programming and enslavement, along with the environmental damage is totally OK.

      Considering the effects of those very same implementations, so far, seems like a really fucking bad idea to me.

  • Jebus Jebus

    great trump-kim summit
    propaganda shakes hand out

  • Kim Jong Un appeared to score an 'A+' victory — Trump's work is 'incomplete'

    • Tuesday's U.S.-North Korea summit was heralded as a success by both parties, but many outside experts said Pyongyang emerged as a real winner.

    • The reclusive state not only won a halt of U.S.-South Korea joint drills, one of its major security concerns, it also benefited from the optics of international legitimacy.

    • Washington, on the other hand, only received a vague promise to denuclearize.

    "’I suppose President Trump would get an incomplete … for Chairman Kim Jong Un, it's an A+,’ David Adelman, former U.S. ambassador to Singapore, told CNBC on Wednesday.

    “Miha Hribernik, head of Asia research at consultancy Verisk Maplecroft, echoed that sentiment in a post-summit note: ‘Kim Jong Un emerged as the clear winner, having extracted a number of concessions from the U.S. in exchange for little of substance.’…."

  • One Koch Brother Forces the Other Out of the Family Business

    An arch-conservative political machine will be down one billionaire but have more clout than ever.
    By Jane Mayer

    “,,,Koch Industries, the second-largest private company in the country, which began as oil refineries and pipelines, and has grown into a multinational conglomerate encompassing lumber, paper, chemicals, coal, fertilizer, and sophisticated financial-trading operations….

    ” The conservative stalwart William F. Buckley, Jr., called the Kochs’ views ‘Anarcho-Totalitarianism.’…

    ” Political allies, many of whom have have been subsidized by the Kochs in one way or another in the past, now fill numerous key Trump Cabinet and administrative posts….”

    • Jebus Jebus

      Antarctica lost 3 trillion metric tons of ice in the last 26 years

      Between 1992 and 2017, the Antarctic ice sheet shed roughly 3 trillion metric tons of ice—causing the global average sea level to rise nearly a third of an inch (7.6 millimeters).

      That’s a lot of ice. There’s another number, though, that’s more pressing: how fast Antarctica is now melting. According to a paper published in the journal Nature on Wednesday (June 13), authored by a team of 84 scientists at 44 scientific institutions around the world, the rate of ice loss from Antarctic is speeding up, fast.

      Between 1992 and 1997, it was losing ice at an average rate of 49 billion metric tons (49 gigatons) a year. By a decade later, between 2002 and 2007, that average annual loss went up to 73 billion metric tons—a 24-billion-metric-ton increase.

      The assessment is an analysis of 24 different satellite-based measurements of ice loss on the continent, making it one of the most comprehensive studies of Antarctic melting to date.

      That leap in ice loss is concentrated in West Antarctica, where losses jumped from 53 billion metric tons of ice in 1992 to 159 billion metric tons in 2017. Scientists have long been eyeing the West Antarctic ice sheet as the least stable region of the continent, and a NASA-lead study confirmed that ice losses were accelerating there earlier this year. East Antarctica appears to be losing ice more steadily.

        • I'm 60 miles east of Phoenix. The drive towards Phx is getting really bizarre. Desert plants falling over dead due to drought. Cactus, tree's and bushes. Shriveled up and dead. The coming dust storms of the summer will bring more than just dirt in the air. Ice is melting faster and faster, everywhere. I look for a very active fire season in the southwest where we now have 2 seasons. Winter and fire.

          "…turn the earth to sand and still commit no crime…" Moody Blues

          • PlowboyGrownUp

            "416 Fire becomes 5th-largest wildfire in Colorado history as blaze expands to 25,900 acres"

          • GOM GOM

            Good to hear folks are paying attention to own extinction. lol

            We got something going on here that I'm relating to Kiluea. June started out sunny & hot, but about the 5th day or so, temps dropped from mid-90's to 75-85 day with only a 10° drop at night.
            This is ridiculous. Most of you know where I live.

   is constantly 'rumbling', lots of lightening..with or without rain, it rains everyday. Very dark daytime.

            Not complaining about the cooldown, but this can't be good.


      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        That is not good..I was wondering why 6 inches of rain fell in an hour this past winter.

        Now I know..

        • GOM GOM

          The weather will 'shift' locally, not every area will be affected. Abrupt global climate shift continues out-of-control.

          Say good-by to loved ones now. Prepare as best you can. Get mobile.

          I fear we are on the cusp of 'runaway warming'.
          Runaway climate shift is not a scientific recognized term. Runaway, though not being communicated: the accelerating data looks like the state of the climate is set up for feedback runaway global climate shift.

          Extinction. The 6th.

          This is not fear mongering.

          As of late, the scientific community is now using the term 'runaway' in conjunction with the ever warming Arctic. That, in itself, is unprecedented.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Not a word on main stream news or even coming out of our capitalist white house..concerning this information and/or that fast approaching number 6.

            Floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, droughts, wildfires, massive rains, sink holes, diseases and cancers..advice is to keep up on all those insurance payments!

            Chaos approaches..

  • Trump’s Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron

    Even by this blowhard’s YUGE standards, it’s been an exceptionally bad and destructive week of terrifying our allies and legitimizing our enemies.


    For anyone who 'gets it', the following should be Breaking News

    The Feds raised the interest rates a whopping 2%. I truly hope you are prepared..and I mean that sincerely.

    Remember that 'hyper-inflation boat' in the horizon that I used to talk about? Well, it just docked.

    The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) judges inflation at the rate of 2 percent.

    'The Great Hyperinflation':

    “Regarding the Great Depression, … we did it. We’re very sorry. … We won’t do it again.” Ben Bernanke, November 8, 2002, in a speech given at “A Conference to Honor Milton Friedman … On the Occasion of His 90th Birthday.”


    For anyone who 'gets it', the following should be Breaking News

    The Feds raised the interest rates a whopping 2%. I truly hope you are prepared..and I mean that sincerely.

    Remember that 'hyper-inflation boat' in the horizon that I used to talk about? Well, it just docked.

    The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) judges inflation at the rate of 2 percent.
    Common sense dictates otherwise.

    'The Great Hyperinflation':

    “Regarding the Great Depression, … we did it. We’re very sorry. … We won’t do it again.” Ben Bernanke, November 8, 2002, in a speech given at “A Conference to Honor Milton Friedman … On the Occasion of His 90th Birthday.”

    In a 2016 report, financial expert Charles Hugh Smith made the case that it would:

    What would happen if the real rate of inflation was revealed? The entire status quo would immediately implode. Consider the immediate consequences to Social Security, interest rates and the cost of refinancing government debt…

    The next post is a brilliant summary and/or educational look at the real economy.

  • 'Despicable': Outrage Over Trump's Plans for Tent Cities to Imprison Child Migrants

    …tent-towns for babies in the Texas heat, what could possibly go wrong?…

    Hows all that winning workin' out for ya?

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    5 1/2 min in, lightning. Is this where the lava is going into the ocean? I can't read the writing, upper left panel in the video.

  • slandermen Deadboy

    Einstein, the racist? Who knows.

    Yeah it kinda makes sense , if I considering some things related to academia. Strange hypocrisy too.

    "There is separation of colored people from white people in the United States. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it."

    "Einstein wrote of people from China (as reported in The Guardian) that, "even those reduced to working like horses never give the impression of conscious suffering. A peculiar herd-like nation… often more like automatons than people.""

    But then again…people do talk a lot of shit.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    Watch out where you sit, or go, or, well, you'll see what I mean.

  • razzz razzz

    'The Real Economic Numbers: 21.5 Percent Unemployment, 10 Percent Inflation And Negative Economic Growth'

    "…Of course it isn’t just the U.S. economy that is troubled either.

    We are living in the terminal phase of the greatest debt bubble in global history, many nations around the globe are already experiencing a very deep economic downturn, and our planet is literally in the process of dying…"

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This guy gets it too!

    The National Debt Scam

    • Obe…please watch this video, Thanks.

      Richard Wolff Federal Reserve is NOT the problem

      Richard Wolff is one very smart man, watch his wonderful video's with joy, joy at really understanding what money and value mean. Don't just watch this one, there are plenty more.

      • slandermen Deadboy

        "Richard Wolff Federal Reserve is NOT the problem"

        I've read some things today. Wel maybe not the only problem.

        • slandermen Deadboy

          We can pull out some examples. This is small potatoes, but it does show some of the mentality and bullshit.

          "Dudley was criticized for remarks over food inflation in 2011 when he argued that you have to look at all prices when looking at inflation. He noted that some prices like the iPad were effectively falling as the next generation was twice as powerful at the same price. A member of the crowd shouted "I can't eat an iPad".[9]"

          That's the New York FRB president saying that. It's a pretty disingenuous attempt at deception. "next generation was twice as powerful at the same price". That's even before you consider moore's law/transistor counts and the related manufacturing yields/increases. Which btw doesn't really hold true, but mostly it did. But if he accounted for say, manufacturing costs *outside* the US, maybe that would kinda throw some doubt over his statement there. Along with that, electronics generally don't appreciate in value, so I'm wondering what he was saying.

          To paraphrase, "Well, look, we're ripping you off, there is definitely rather noticeable inflation, we'd rather not tell about though and use a very poor comparison or analogy to true you and convince you fucking morons to trust us, since you've been stupid enough to trust us for…"

          Something like that maybe?

          • slandermen Deadboy

            *analogy to trick you

            Too sober.

            • slandermen Deadboy

              Tell me which of this suggests to you the FED isn't a (possibly the) problem.


              "Primary dealers

              A primary dealer is a bank or securities broker-dealer that may trade directly with the Federal Reserve System of the United States.[32] They are required to make bids or offers when the Fed conducts open market operations, provide information to the Fed's open market trading desk, and to participate actively in U.S. Treasury securities auctions.[33] They consult with both the U.S. Treasury and the Fed about funding the budget deficit and implementing monetary policy. Many former employees of primary dealers work at the Treasury, because of their expertise in the government debt markets, though the Fed avoids a similar revolving door policy.[34][35]

              Between them, these dealers purchase the vast majority of the U.S. Treasury securities (T-bills, T-notes, and T-bonds) sold at auction, and resell them to the public. Their activities extend well beyond the Treasury market, for example, according to the Wall Street Journal Europe (2/9/06 p. 20), all of the top ten dealers in the foreign exchange market are also primary dealers, and between them account for almost 73% of forex trading volume. Arguably, this group's members are the most influential and powerful non-governmental institutions in world financial markets…"

              • slandermen Deadboy

                Current list of primary dealers

                "…As of July 1, 2014, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the list of primary dealers includes:[36]

                Bank of Nova Scotia, New York Agency
                BMO Capital Markets Corp.
                BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
                Barclays Capital Inc.
                Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
                Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
                Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC
                Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc.
                Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
                Goldman, Sachs & Co.
                HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
                Jefferies LLC
                J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
                Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated
                Mizuho Securities USA Inc.
                Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC
                Nomura Securities International, Inc.
                RBC Capital Markets, LLC
                RBS Securities Inc.
                SG Americas Securities, LLC
                TD Securities (USA) LLC
                UBS Securities LLC.

                The Primary Dealers List is available at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York website. Changes are available at Changes to Primary Dealers List."

                So let's take a look at a couple of things, ignoring the apologists, for a moment.

                Firstly, I want to know, which of these corporations there on that list would you argue produces something of actual value. I'd love to see that.

              • slandermen Deadboy

                Okay, let's start with this.

                "Many former employees of primary dealers work at the Treasury, because of their expertise in the government debt markets, though the Fed avoids a similar revolving door policy.[34][35]"

                I find that kind of ironic, considering the intrinsic association. So I call bullshit there. Another example of why that's bullshit is looking at state FRB boards.

              • slandermen Deadboy

                Can someone explain to me that guaranteed 6% dividend? I dunno much about this stuff but I found that pretty strange. Perhaps a factor in inflationary terms, more than anything?

              • slandermen Deadboy

                "Arguably, this group's members are the most influential and powerful non-governmental institutions in world financial markets…"

                Is obviously not true either, numerous contradictions related to that, even just on that wikipedia page.

              • slandermen Deadboy

                I could write a whole series of books on this stupid shit, purely because there are thousands of articles, papers, journals, books, etc dedicated to more of that bullshit.

                But I feel the need to say fuckoff instead. And for stupid apologist assholes who want to promote that shit, I feel a rather similar sentiment. Fuckoff, you cunts.

      • GOM GOM

        Richard Wolff ?? The executive editor of MSNBC ??? The Journalist guy ??

        Surely you jest. Right?

        MSNBC: in league with the 3rd Reich.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Taffy, I think Wolff is wrong. At least the 10 minutes that I watched. He just explained the current system, saying it must be this way because thats how it works. If so, Ive got a great deal for Wolf. We both want a summer home on the beach, but we dont want to spend 5 million. Simple solution; I loan him 5 million and he loans me five million. We use the banking system of loaning on paper even though we dont have the cash on hand. Now with a sweet interest rate of say 10%, over the course of 16 years, we have each paid off the home PLUS another five million. Our monthly bill was heft; $52,000, but since I receive that amount from him, and he me, there is no actual outlay. Wallah! Two free 5 million homes on the beach. Richard Wolff thinks this is great and so do I.

        Of course its illegal for the common person to do all the stuff that governments and bankers do. It should be self evident why. Although, mysteriously, most people nod their heads and think it must be possible to get free houses with the right portfolio. People actually think that if you invested young, you can retire by 30 or 40 and live on returns for the rest of your life. Well hell, thats a no brainer, the banks or government should simply invest for everyone and have the whole country retire. Wiping out poverty, inequality and the need to do anything all in one easy schwharooo.

        • slandermen Deadboy

          I had/have no idea who the guy is until GOM mentioned it, but seriously, 10 minutes?

          You're getting pretty good at counting.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Some jews have this way of explaining things as if its obvious and youre an idiot. Never trust someone who says 'trust me'

          Ashkenazic Jews were among the last Europeans to take family names. Some German-speaking Jews took last names as early as the 17th century, but the overwhelming majority of Jews lived in Eastern Europe and did not take last names until compelled to do so. The process began in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1787 and ended in Czarist Russia in 1844.

          In attempting to build modern nation-states, the authorities insisted that Jews take last names so that they could be taxed, drafted, and educated (in that order of importance)

        • slandermen Deadboy


          That's probably how the reasoning goes in the cult of mammon, it's like allah, but a derivative. Not that it's religious bullshit in a way.

          It takes an existing word like voila and bastardizes it, so now it's somehow less economical, misappropriated and less correct.

          Sounds about right.

          • slandermen Deadboy

            Oh shit, apparently wallah is also hindu. Sorry about that.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            trust me Ivan Tchotofukov, the reel verd is wallah.

            It was so easy to fool the people. Call theft a return or yield, put up an ad that reads 'Free houses!' and suddenly youre in business

            the little people will actually argue for you

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              Give me more, give me more
              We so love being poor

              Bring all the huddled masses
              No matter the classes
              How we love ramming it up yer azzes

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Chuckles! Never not once.. anything for, zero, nada.

                Pay to play, pay to play, pay, pay, pay!

                Maybe give up one's citizenship…then reenter the country.. as an immigrant?

                Then work only for cash while getting big bucks from the government?

                Send your kids to college for free and get free healthcare and free legal.

                Have 10 babies right away.

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                Can someone explain 'inheritance tax'?

                Not the part that you worked your whole life for yourself and family.

                Not the part you have paid taxes and fees as mandated by law, your whole life, on virtually everything.

                Not even the part your 'real' property tax continues,
                dead as you may be, it continues forever.

                I got all of those parts.

                This part.

                The government of, by, and for the people…they need a big piece, because you, fukin died. Seems right?

                Because you owe them that, on top of what you could do for them while you were alive?

                Maybe it's this?

                If you work for something, you should be taxed. Spread the wealth so to speak.

                If you give some of that wealth to someone after it is all taxed, they should pay more tax on it, because they did not work for it?

                It should be shared with all the others, because they did not work for it either? Obviously they should be taxed. More obviously, why would they care?

                Am I getting close?

                I keep hearing people say 'the younger generations don't have much motivation". 😆

          • slandermen Deadboy

            Wait a minute, what if the french learned that from arabs or some indians?

            What if they heard an arab pronounce something that's similar to "voila" phonetically, and it meant "praise jesus" in arabic or in hindi "one in charge".

            And now, americans, having adopted a fair amount of european culture are pronouncing voila as "wallah", considering the linguistic and entropy being the further degenerates that they are, after having adopted french (as we've established, degenerates), hindi, muslim, and other abrahamic religious culture.

            And that, is why america is a municipality of Rajasthan.

        • it's a shame you didn't make it all the way through…too bad for you :-(((

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Taffy…really? OK for you, I will listen to Wolff. But if its the same schluck as the first ten minutes Im gonna be a little pissed

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            OK Taffy, I watched the whole thing. I see now Wolff is "Probably America's most prominent Marxist economist."—The New York Times

            His premise seems to be 'Worker Self-Directed Enterprises' existing within the capitalist milieu. Maybe this is why the first ten minutes or so rubbed me so irritatingly

            at 14:30 Wolff explains the Federal reserve system…a bank of the united states designed to control banks, with the proviso that bankers could sit on the board…a kind of 'regulatory capture'

            at 18:52 'dont focus on the fed…it doesnt really make sense'
            He doesnt talk about banks anymore but it almost seems he is saying bankers provide a service, the FED provides a service, and even though they may be greedy, we need it so leave them alone.

            Instead of (for my taste) cutting to the core of the problem, he proposes these worker cooperatives within our system of capitalism. I didnt read his book obviously but the only unusual invention to facilitate them I have seen so far is a federal program that allows unemployed workers to take their unemployment compensation as a lump-sum to pool with others to create worker self directed enterprises.

            To me, this is not enough. The core ideology of value and materialism and mans place in earths small exosphere must change.
            I gave links showing almost 40% of your work life goes to paying usury fees,..the obvious interest on loans and the hidden fees of stocks and more.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Im going to ask stock to jet a fax over to Boeing asking them to hand control and profits over to the workers, explaining that worker self directed enterprises are all the rage now.

              The brief stints I had in the workplace taught me the rule of work; asses gravitated to management and the biggest asses became president. Thus I formulated Codes fourth law of economics; 'asses rise against the force of entropy'

              Wolffs worker cooperatives…and Im all for it…might reduce a few middle management types. I saw these greaseballs positively gloating over their outsourcing success, 30 years ago, while employees hit the unemployment line.

              another truth emerged; with outsourcing and transoceanic competition, global wages will tend to equalize. Water seeks its own level. It was clear thirty years ago and here you see it



              wage inequality is not to be confused with income inequality. 62 people have as much wealth as 3.5 billion peoples combined wealth


              questionable accuracy, but generally speaking, expect your household income to bottom out around $10,000/yr purchase capability

            • Code my takeaway is…don't focus on the components, like the fed, focus on the system and that the system is what's broken…China bought into the system of capitalism and changed their country in one generation but the price paid is eco-destruction. Because things have to be shipped back and forth across oceans now, capitalism is destroying the planet. It is the system that has destroyed the planet. In order to save the planet a new system has to emerge or revert back to a local banking base where private parties hold your monies. Which is hard to do because we are no longer paid in silver or gold. Removing the gold standard brought us here. So, in the end we have nada.
              That clip is just short of 36 min. There is a longer clip of over an hour that I haven't watched so I'm unsure whether he proposes a "new" system or refinements to an old "gold standard".
              I think he is right on the money, sorry for the cheap pun :-)))

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                The volume of gold, a scarce mineral, presents some 'visual' 'mental' challenges.

                1 billion- people and their 'stuff' has become 7 billion+.

                Getting what has strayed so far out, back, I don't know.

                People will be OK with a 1oz $500,000 gold coin?
                USA only, or world value?, we don't have most of the gold.
                Just a wild # for discussion.


                "At a price of US$1,250 per troy ounce, reached on 16 August 2017, one tonne of gold has a value of approximately US$40.2 million. The total value of all gold ever mined would exceed US$7.5 trillion at that valuation and using WGC 2017 estimates"


                USA debt alone is 3x that value.

                Something big will have to change, for it to work.

                Me thinks.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Taffy…you say "China bought into the system of capitalism and changed their country" This isnt quite right. China tried western democracy and capitalism and failed before trying communism. When communism failed, killing millions, they again tried a ground up incremental productivity model. Chinese government is a kind of western style communism


                but thats beside the point. I dont see the gold standard as important. In principle, it says your money is backed by something tangible. It doesnt matter, because wealth extraction and exploitation and eco destruction can still take place.

                The banking is in fact a huge problem. I dont agree with this; "In order to save the planet a new system has to emerge or revert back to a local banking base where private parties hold your monies."

                Wolff even described it; if you bust up big banks they will just grow again and do the same stuff.

                For me, Wolff uses too many words to say too little. Does he have a way forward? I would have to read his book to find out. Remember weve had slavery and continual war while having a metal standard behind money. The history of the metal standard is one trying to make a limited resource equal a shifting population, productivity and wealth


    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      The comments on both of those vids are interesting.

  • slandermen Deadboy

    4.7 in iceland, is it bardarbunga or whatever again?

  • slandermen Deadboy

    As you may know, I'm a fairly proficient liar. My REAL name is Ivan Tchutofukov. I am from soviet reality.

    • I thought you said you were Frank from Union of South Africa.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        I know Ivan Tchutofukov because we muzt liesten to you for many yeers while drink vodka together in homeland

      • slandermen Deadboy

        I have known federation, union you speak of is like industrial corporatism. We can call it democratic party.

        • slandermen Deadboy

          I have many theoretical skills, awards for genius. But, mechanically I am poor at implementation and manual labour. This is only a small problem of delegation, but because I am theoretical genius, you trust my design and policies.

          Look at awards and associates. 13 Scientists agree.

          I will know how to give you more dollars after you have given me your dollars for me to take some and leave you with much less, which I will then decide to spend on your behalf, thank you for your support comrade.

          Now for better future of more democracy, you listen to new union laws. For jobs creation and spending policy it is better to have more tax, tax on tax, for more money for better wages. If we tax tax, we can introduce new jobs for regulating tax oversight and better appropriation.

          Party laws may also be ignorant of damage as long as party association is secure. It is inherent benefit of progressive future and not like capitalism.

  • Children's Detention Center Tour Reveals Trump Mural That Would Look 'In Place In a Banana Republic'

    We are getting very ugly and the party is just starting.

  • I will claim this hypothesis as my own. Seems like it could be proven pretty well by looking at historical data, even geological data for long term evidence.

    GCRs Galactic Cosmic Rays (Gamma Rays) do nucleate cloud formation and greatly affect earth weather and temperature. Now it seems clear that they also affect volcanic processes, Magma, and also Earthquakes. Recent activity in Hawaii shows

    1) A quiet day re earthquakes

    2) A building day of swarms of EQ 100 to 200 over 2.5

    3) A large volcanic earthquake, or they like to call it volcanic eruption although I think that is mostly some type of excuse to down play scary "earthquakes" by the USGS. I haven't figure out the motivation yet.

    USGS 24H

    These 5.3 to 5.6 "Eruptions" all happen in the wee hours of the morning, and none of this is publicized by the USGS as a proper warning. Why is that?

    They are also downplaying the likelihood of the Hilina Slump. I can see why….. people would freak out. And if it happens, its pretty much game over for 90% of the island chain, maybe Kauai gets somewhat spared, but a 1000' Tsunani is a serious thing. Downplay the chances…..

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Global Carbon Emissions on the Rise Again Due to Coal Comeback

    Global carbon dioxide emissions from energy use increased 1.6 percent in 2017 following three years of stagnation, according to a new report from British oil giant BP.

    The analysis, published Wednesday, further emphasizes worldwide failure to meet the goals struck by the Paris agreement to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

    Spencer Dale, the BP's chief economist, told the Guardian that the globe's emissions rise was "slightly worrying" and a "pretty big backward step."

    "It suggests to me we are not on a path to the Paris climate goals," he added.

    • Well the whole Carbon dioxide emissions debate is simply a cover and is a convenient way to dodge the real ways that man is effecting the environment.

      The real poisons (and the real problems) are pollution's on a grand scale.

      But if we study that real problem directly we can point the finger at a very few, very powerful industries that are in fact killing our world.

      Carbon dioxide is a blanket excuse and distraction from that real problem.

      Then they can spread the blame to all industry and get funding through taxation to continue with the free grants and these few industries can continue to operate.

      Study the real pollution problem and many industries will be outta business overnight.

      So if you think C02 has anything to do with this problem just think about how much natural C02 is being emitted by the erupting volcano's all around the world right now… By the megaton.

      Nothing to do with real man made pollution. C02 is not the real cause of our problems…

      C02 numbers are a distraction, plants love C02 and will thrive and make more oxygen to balance out that situation.

      Deadly pollution is the real story and will kill the very plants that can fix that problem naturally.

      And Carbon (no dioxide involved) IS one of our problems.

      Carbon 14 is deadly to all life for 12 thousand years. And that's just one of thousands of deadly pollution's produced by industry that no one is talking about.

      It's all C02 and global warming in the news…

      • And global warming has nothing to do with C02 levels…

        The earth has been warming steadily since the last Ice Age.

        So ask 100 people about global warming and C02 and they will all try to repeat what they heard about it as if they know.

        Ask em about carbon 14 or PCB's or Sulphur Dioxide or Tetrachloroethylene or Mercury or fukushima and ya get a blank stare.

        Why? The C02 and global warming distraction.

        No mention of Global warming that has occurred from our orbit around the sun changing and sun activity variations over thousands of years after the last ice age.

        How convenient for the real polluters out there.

        Want to really know why the earth is warming and has been for a thousand years before the industrial age?

        Physics – Mechanics: Gravity (11 of 20) Eccentricity Of A Planet's Orbits:

        Wanna know what the real pollution problems are on this planet that we can fix quickly?

        Here is a short list of REAL global pollution problems:

        1. Lead-Acid Battery Recycling

        2. Mercury and Lead Pollution from Mining

        3. Coal Mining (Sulphur Dioxide and Mercury Pollution)

        4. Artisanal Gold Mining (Mercury Pollution)

        5. Lead Smelting

        6. Pesticides Pollution from Agriculture and Storage

        7. Arsenic in Ground Water

        8. Industrial Waste Water

        9. Chromium Pollution

        And that's just to name a few.

        We are not the cause of…

        • We are not the cause of global warming, we are the cause of man made toxins and radioactive fallout spewed into our environment…

          No C02 studies or trips to Mars necessary to prove those simple facts…

    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

      Can't acces article , but e good title. link via ecowatch

      While Trump promotes coal, other countries are turning to cheap … ›

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Americans Think Climate Change Should Be NASA's Top Priority, Not Sending Astronauts to Mars

    We chose to go the Moon because it was hard, but it turns out difficulty might not be a compelling enough argument to sway Americans these days.

    That's according to a new poll released by the Pew Research Center, a non-partisan polling group that studies a range of fields including science and U.S. government policy. Perhaps the most interesting set of results came when the researchers asked how NASA should prioritize the suite of tasks the agency oversees.

    The top two priorities out of the list given were to watch Earth's climate and to keep an eye on asteroids that could theoretically slam into the planet. Each of those tasks was ranked as a top priority by almost two-thirds of the survey respondents, with another quarter considering it an important but somewhat lower priority.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      NASA could prove their worth, engineering, advanced concepts, proof of ability of 'satellite colonization' right here on earth.

      Take 100,000 people from select inner 'urban nightmare' cities.
      Go to Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, ??. Lots of desolate locations.
      Create a self-made, self-directed, independent of society success story.
      Like they were not on this planet. Let them create the next colony.

      Self-funded for the most part, considering the useless waste to continue the status quo.

      Maybe try another planet, after we master this one.

      Humans on Mars tomorrow will have less value than the moon shot 50yrs ago. We know how to get there and land. Maybe even return.

      We are struggling with survival…here.

      • Ambiorix Ambiorix

        Its sure is a strugle to survive being locked up with "ourself" on a finite planet..sorta long as we are a sub-bubble..we are get to be internally polluted like "The Bubble" is getting saturated and collapsing..Its hard to survive with this species for sure..filter whats usefull on a personal level ..i have not much in common with many personal bubblestructure and stuff views..did not check the movies but it start of the wrong foot for me..but he writes well and sharp..about humanity as a whole..not only are we stupid..but also a superior way..stupid and mean..

        Humanity is a “suicide cult” that deliberately poisons the food supply feeding its own children

        It’s interesting that 15,000 scientists have just signed a new warning letter that explains humanity is committing suicide by destroying planet Earth with toxic chemicals, resource depletion, deforestation, ocean life depletion and more. This follows my own designation of humanity as a “suicide cult” that seems sure to destroy itself through the mass chemical poisoning of the planet.

        • Yea the finite resources of this planet are dwindling and the population explosion hampers things even more but think about this…

          If we can't survive on a planet that has everything you would ever need.

          And then turn around and make it a polluted and overall screwed up mess to be slowly killed by greed over a piece of paper (money) that isn't even real…

          Who would think for a moment we could survive on mars…

          Just another glitzy pipe dream that eats money like dog wolfs down a bowl of food for nothing while our planet that we can live on suffers and dies a slow and obvious death…

          So waste money like a child in a toy shop but at the end of the day just won't clean up his own room…

          Then tell us another bed time story like "our trip to mars" or "the global warming from C02" story dad (corporate news agencies).

          How advanced and mature of a species are we?

          Wowsers with a fairy tale on top.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Hawaii’s volcano has spewed billions of tons of molten rock for the last 40 days – and it’s spewing green gems onto the island.

    Residents have even reported green gems falling from the sky.

    They’re not valuable, sadly: the mineral is olivine, magnesium iron silicate, and is commonly to be found around volcanic hotspots.

    On Hawaii, it’s so common that there are ‘green sand’ beaches like Mahana Beach on Hawaii’s Papakolea coast."

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