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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


Thread Guidelines: This off-topic discussion thread is posted to be used as a place for discussion of topics not related to Fukushima and/or nuclear issues.

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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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52,813 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Scrolling through the nuclear news… Story after story, make more waste, more nukes, more money, more lies, more transport. Then there's the North Korea meme… Is that how we shut down nuke mountains? Hogwash. Go nuclear.

    Found this, though. Isn't that something.

    Of course, we can always find recent nuclear happenings @ … Funny that, it should be at the top of my search engine.. There's that, also.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    People? What people? I don't see any people.

    • slandermen slandermen

      Do you know what you see when you play starcraft and you've been fighting ancients, since like, forever?

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Really old people? Or is it like those video game thingys where you die a million times and just get new life's forever? Kinda like nuclear…?

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          These folks get one life. A lot have and will, lose it to nuclear. Let's not play games with their life-o-meters in the name of fake rumors and profit. Removing them to protect the tourists eyes from shameful nuclear explosions and fallout.

          Shhhhh. The games are gonna start.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Sex education, drug awareness and nuclear awareness.

    I wonder if there's an opt out.. No, wait, it's nuclear… Sorry little birdies… No nuke breaks for youuuuu

    Next up, plastics and oil industry awareness. Get used to it, kids. Lahf is haaaard.

    • slandermen slandermen

      Since motherfuckers are ignorant, maybe I should send a message, not just because I'm arrogant and narcissistic, but… occasionally a little bit of darkness is good in fostering light.

      It's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you, then, it'll hurt you more than it hurts me

      Oh wait, that's fucking stupid.

  • slandermen slandermen

    OH hey, I forgot to mention this, you just pissed off two of the three of people that isn't me, that you really shouldn't piss off, and even though I fucking hate them, that angers me.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Should be used to it by now. Ya think?

      That's the point.

      • slandermen slandermen

        Wait what? There's a point, what sort of degenerate view is that? Too far away, I guess.

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          If you're talking about the article, While that may apply, I would rather think the objective of a nuclear awareness campaign in public schools is akin to desensitizing. I doubt there is any graphics from Chernobyl families or Moyak. To be fair, nuclear decontamination and forever storage are a given for our children, already. There's that…

          Nuclear: So What!

  • slandermen slandermen

    Isn't that funny, they can't admit me to ICU.

  • slandermen slandermen

    More relevant than ever.

    And you're telling me where this is at? Fuck you and fuck that.

  • Southern California sets all-time heat records amid broiling conditions
    Jul 06, 2018

    Record Heat in Southern California, and an Ominous Start to Wildfire Season
    July 7, 2018

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is the road…

    Whale strandings off Washington-Oregon coast spike

    Splained away, all along the way…

  • Jebus Jebus

    The pollution study was carried out by Dr Michael Easton for Canada's David Suzuki Foundation, which supports green science.

    He examined farmed salmon and wild Pacific fish and analysed four types of food pellet. Chemicals levels were up to ten times higher in farmed fish.

    Farm salmon are fed on pellets made from the same small fish their wild cousins eat.

    But Dr Easton said the process of concentrating them into a high-protein food also concentrates the contaminants they have picked up through the ocean food chain.

    • slandermen slandermen

      I've read some really stupid shit on the dailymail which is definitely bullshit (local stuff), not suggesting that that article is stupid shit, but I keep on having to not click dailymail links because of the distractions.

      It's like, okay, maybe this article is bullshit, but wait, look at that ass over there. And that's the dailyfail. Can I block that somehow?

      • Jebus Jebus

        Ya, the same way stupid, and metal, music video's are blocked.

        Don't click on them…

        • slandermen slandermen

          I prefer the news to be news, not popularized, politicized and promoted for monetization, less bullshit, less advertizing, if possible. I'm an elitist like that.

          I did read some of that article btw, but I already forgot what it said, because the fucking monitor was covered with whores and shit.

          • slandermen slandermen

            Well, I say less advertizing, hypocritically. Since of course, I do advertize shit quite liberally. I get paid a fuckload for that.

            • Jebus Jebus

              I just use the autism given to me, by man fucking with food, taking meds, all into the ocean and back into my food, and my DNS server, to block it all out.

              • slandermen slandermen

                I'm too fucking lazy, like having spent all that time coding for fuckall, considering the saturation level of bullshit, I dubbo. Should I like really write or employ some sort of image filter because that fucking babylonion piece of shit over there, that I did not specifically visit for pornographic content or maybe just avoid it and visit the legitimate pornographic sites when I so desire? But then again, I don't like seeing a bunxh of dicks being advertized in porn, either. Fuck…I'm a puritan too.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Theres ready made distro's that give you DNS, NAT and a rules based firewall and a hosts file to bury shit into null.

                  Ya, a lot of sites don't like that as much as I like the blank spaces where they get paid to slip me a deceptive ad…

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    So, let me ask you, if you visit a dailymail link, how many images do you see?

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      You filter tvshowbiz, news and videos?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      I dunno. Some show some don't. There are way too many on that page. There are over 3000 url's in my hosts file. Chron and Script. I don't create the lists.

                      Primary content is not the issue here. You just don't click on that to block it.

                      There are many smart people in this world…

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      You reckon the shit I link to, in general, is more degenerate than a typical dailymail link, by default?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Is there a typical daily mail link?

                      They gotta keep the IT guys paid, or they leave.

                      Are any of your links typical?

                      Nothing wrong with that.

                      Only you can discern for yourself what you believe in, maybe while sharing your evidence for others to peer at.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Yes, there is a typical dailyfail link. Should I take screenshot on like a browser with default settings, representative of, basically, every article?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      How different is that from a whole page of single line posts?

                      Should I take a screenshot?

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Quite different, but of course, that depends on what you're shilling for.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      So it looks like we can't reconcile, it's too bad. Oh well. Have a nice day.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Sweet Dreams…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      There are always good things to watch..out here. Never ending it seems..


  • slanderman…thanks for the intro to Sixto…I remember the story but never listened/heard, now I know. There is a lot to admire and be joyful of, again, thanks.

  • Church of England threatens oil firm crackdown
    9 hours ago

    “The Church of England is to sell its shares in oil and gas firms that fail to do enough to tackle climate change.

    “It will pull its investment out of firms not on track to meet the Paris Agreement on climate change by 2023.

    “The General Synod, the church's parliament, voted 347 to four in favour of the symbolic move.

    “The Church of England said the vote made it clear that ‘the church must play a leading role on the urgent issue of climate change….”

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Excellent move.
      They could avoid direct 'scrutiny', maybe get some Berkshire Hathaway.

      Definitely will keep some entitlements flowing freely.

      Emphasis on 'free'.

      Certainly not the 'freedom' of the 41,000 employee/slaves.

      • I worked my ass off for those entitlements, weren't nuthin' free about 'em.

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          What's in a word?

          Offhand I would say most people 'work' for 'benefits'.

          One may or may not pay in all of what they receive, at some later date. Some may not pay anything at all, but, it almost always involves 'doing something' to 'get something'.

          Not so with entitlements. They are free, to the recipient.

          And like slavery to the provider.

          Even nature has benefits, a carcass left behind, a beaver dam.

          Entitlements? not so much, everyone is taking care of themselves.

          Maybe, that is the secret to their success?

          And I would agree, I too have worked my ass off for entitlements.
          Providing them.
          And feeling a bit skeptical on them achieving much of a goal.

          Know what I mean?

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Heat waves bother you? Under Trump climate policies, add another 12°F
    America faces monster 131°F heat waves in the coming decades.

    Extreme heat has smashed temperature records around the country and around the world in the past week alone.

    But if we fail to significantly curb emissions of carbon pollution — the path set forth by President Trump’s climate policies — then these severe and deadly heatwaves will become the normal summer weather over the next few decades.

    Typical five-day heat waves in the U.S. will be 12°F warmer by mid-century alone, according to the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA), which the White House itself reviewed and approved last November.

    For instance, America (and much of the world) will start seeing monster “humid heat waves” — where the heat index hits a fatal 131°F — every other year by century’s end.

    • In Phoenix this morning at 5:22 it was 111 degrees. That temp is taken at the airport, in mid-town it is on average 10 degrees hotter. When I lived in The Pit, in mid-town at the corner of 7th St and Camelback mid-august 2014 the Walgreens temp reading was 138. The old saw is, but it's dry heat. Well that ain't so any more, not with all those people, cars, buildings and asssfault. Here is a little story of what Phx is faced with.

      Phoenix Tries To Reverse Its 'Silent Storm' Of Heat Deaths

      We moved to Phx in 1959, population 20,000 and there were citrus groves everywhere. During the summer when the sun went down the temp. dropped a lot and by midnight it wasn't unusual to need a light jacket. It's hell to grow old and remember the good old daze.

      • Ambiorix Ambiorix

        I can't remember when was the first time humanity was compared/WARNED with a slowly boiling frog too stupid to notice in time he has to get out..reverse direction..all for naught..

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Phoenix 1,600,000+
          Metro area 4,700,000+

          More powerplants, moar air conditioning, mor of a good thing.

          More people, more money, more tax, more is more, gimmiesumore

          We are at 'Check'

          'Checkmate' looms.

        • My little webbed feet can't paddle much faster. What causes humans to not do the right thing(s) escapes me. Ants and bees cooperate for the common good, humans not at all. It is stupid.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            I don't believe we are 'of' this planet.
            We were put here, or arrived, or ?

            So we do not 'value' it, as the others do.
            It is ours to dominate; it, the others, even ourselves.

            We even believe we can escape, to something better.

            We believe we can change it all for the better, what is better being some sort of a fantasy, with greed as a guide.

            We believe there is a 'saving grace' to it all, because without that, we haven't a plan or a clue of our future.

            I'm not to sure about the ants and bees.



            • danger kitty danger kitty

              AST, the way the local Indians put it—>

              "The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth."

              Corporate results may vary…

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Without Mother Earth we would not be here..period.

                Having our DNA tweaked by someone or something in the past is not out of the realm of possibility. Could be from some action here on this planet or from an outside source off planet.

                Based on our selfishness and our now constant terraforming of this planet.. most would think the tweak came from off planet. It appears we are building our human nest at the detriment of all other life present..on this speck of dust.

                The web of life is required for all life to flourish here..on this planet..break that web of life and the nest that the billions of humans are now building will eventually wither and die. Survival understanding 101.

                Somehow we humans have lost our spiritual connection with our Mother Earth.

                I blame it on some very bad books..taught by those that came before us…and a false monetary system promoting individual greed.. over abundant planetary life.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Lost one..poor woman.

        Postal worker and mother-of-two, 63, is found dead in her sweltering mail truck in 117-degree California heat

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    ACLU: Less Than Half of Child Reunions Will Meet Deadline

    The American Civil Liberties Union said it appears the Trump administration will miss a court-ordered deadline to reunite young children who were separated at the border with their parents in more than half of the cases.

    The ACLU said late Sunday the administration provided it with a list of 102 children under 5 years old and that “appears likely that less than half will be reunited” by Tuesday’s deadline.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Oh those beautifull baby's..fuck em for profit..

    Trump Administration’s Opposition to Breastfeeding Resolution Sparks Outrage

    Advocates for improved nutrition for babies have expressed outrage over reports that the Trump administration bullied other governments in an attempt to prevent the passage of an international resolution promoting breastfeeding.

    The US delegation to the World Health Assembly in Geneva reportedly deployed threats and other heavy-handed measures to try and browbeat nations into backing off the resolution.

    Under the terms of the original WHO text, countries would have encouraged their citizens to breastfeed on grounds that research overwhelmingly shows its health benefits, while warning parents to be alert to inaccurate marketing by formula milk firms.

    The New York Times first reported how the Trump administration reacted forcefully to the resolution, which otherwise had the consensus support of all other assembly members. It pushed to remove a phrase from the draft text that would exhort governments to “protect, promote and support breast-feeding”.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Government Drops Charges in Inauguration Protest Prosecution

    Defense attorney slams the attempt to prosecute for being part of the protest, which raised First Amendment concerns, for being a "waste of time and a waste of taxpayers' resources."

    Criminal charges against the 39 remaining Inauguration Day protesters still being prosecuted were all dropped today by federal prosecutors, as reported today in The Washington Post.

    Originally 234 people alleged to be part of a protest called "DisruptJ20" were arrested on that day, 21 of whom later pleaded guilty.

    A protest organizer, Lacy MacAuley, noted to the Post that in situations like this, justice delayed is in a real sense justice denied, since the defendants have had their lives disrupted merely waiting over a year enough under criminal charges. "How do you plan for your job and family and personal life when you are facing decades in prison?" MacAuley said.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    New Report Says Nearly 500,000 Kids at Risk For Toxic Pesticide Spraying Exposure in Iowa

    It’s been accepted among mainstream society that chemicals sprayed on our food are considered to be “conventional,” along with the Monsanto-originated lie that genetically engineered foods created in a laboratory are “functionally equivalent” to their non-GMO counterparts.

    But the truth of the matter is that there is nothing normal about what’s going on in America’s heartland, where GMO foods and pesticides reign supreme and hundreds of thousands of kids are now at risk for serious health problems resulting from pesticide exposure.

    It goes without saying that this is an issue of national security, and yet people continually choose to look the other way. When will we come to terms with the staggering health impact of using toxic chemicals and poisons to grow our food?

    According to a recent UN report which slammed the “dangerous and misleading” myths of the pesticide industry over the need of its products to supposedly “feed the world,” over 200,000 people die from acute pesticide exposure each year.

    Pesticides are no laughing matter, they really do kill, and perhaps no more evident is this threat than during the ongoing court battles between Monsanto and people like Dewayne Johnson, a terminally ill groundskeeper suing Monsanto alleging that the weedkiller gave him cancer.


  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Widely Used Chemical Formaldehyde Causes Leukemia, Suppressed EPA Report Finds. So What is It Doing in Childhood Vaccines?

    It goes without saying that evidence linking the chemicals in our air, food and water is being deliberately hidden from us.

    And yet despite this fact, people continue to consume and allow foods, vaccinations and destructive industries to poison their bodies without calling for improved safety standards and demanding that these industries clean up their acts.

    One of the most egregious examples of this is the question of formaldehyde and why it is continually found in everything from food samples (GMO soy is a big potential culprit and cumulative toxin) to the environment and even vaccines.

    Now, a suppressed EPA report is showing just how dangerous formaldehyde may be, linked to causing leukemia, one of the most threatening cancers on the planet.

    Suppressed EPA Report: Formaldehyde Causes Leukemia

    Much-maligned former EPA director Scott Pruitt was grilled by Ed Markey at a Senate hearing in January, during which Markey asked about an EPA link between leukemia and formaldehyde that was recently found.

    • slandermen slandermen

      Just a digressive reminder.

      "Processes in the upper atmosphere contribute up to 90% of the total formaldehyde in the environment. Formaldehyde is an intermediate in the oxidation (or combustion) of methane…"

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    The government officials who wrote the tax bill have new jobs as lobbyists
    Swamp check: still not drained.

    Six months after the Republican tax bill passed, the people who wrote it are cashing out — but not with new, higher tax savings. They’re leaving their government jobs and becoming lobbyists.

    Alan Rappeport at the New York Times reported on the high number of Trump administration officials and congressional lawmakers taking consulting and advisory jobs now that the tax bill has been passed. They’re not technically registered as lobbyists because they’re barred from doing so by an executive order meant to discourage the political revolving door, but it’s what they’re doing. And they’re making a lot of money in the process.

    More than a dozen people heavily involved in the drafting of the GOP tax bill — which slashed the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent and delivered across-the-board tax cuts that broadly favored the wealthy — have gotten into the lobbying business, the Times reports.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Was Anthony Bourdain Murdered for Humanizing Palestinians?

    [Editor’s note: They say Bourdain had been suffering depression since the death of his wife 13 years ago. However, color me suspicious whenever a critic of Israel and it’s genocidal policies towards the Palestinians dies unexpectedly.

    Yes, Israel would murder someone for sticking up for the Palestinians, they wouldn’t hesitate in fact. Ian]

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the Monstrously Cruel and Indifferent

    Americans seem to have a short fuse memory when it comes to remembering that one time we, all of us, were once immigrants to this country. Therefore, it is especially painful to watch America’s treatment of immigrants who have traveled to our country, legally or illegally, to seek asylum and/or find or make a better life, which is now on display for our whole world to see. Witnessing this most desperate lack of basic decency brings me to a point of both wanting to cry at the gut and vomit.

    As you read ahead I strongly encourage you to keep reminding yourself of these extremely wise words of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D..

    “We are very slow learners. We are continuing to destroy Mother Nature. We are involved in wars all over the globe. Each religious group believes it is the one and only one to teach the truth, and these groups persecute, kill and discriminate against all others. In the so-called civilized world, children are physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused; they are the leaders of our future.

    …When children are raised in such a hostile and violent environment, how can we hope for a harmonious future for all the people of this world? We are supposed to be the peacekeepers on this planet, but look what we are doing on a daily basis!

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    I tell ya it must be in the genes somewhere..

    Kentucky Governor Retaliates Against Poor After Court Rejects Medicaid Changes

    GOP cruelty is not new, but it seems to be reaching new depths. Case in point: In Kentucky, Gov. Matt Bevin is now using the lives of Medicaid patients like pieces on a chessboard in an act of revenge and political spectacle.

    Governor Bevin’s administration announced that he would deprive Medicaid patients of dental and vision benefits, effective immediately. This unilateral (and some say illegal) maneuver impacts 460,000 people in Kentucky. This occurred just hours after a federal court stopped his Kentucky Health plan, which would throw people off Medicaid with work requirements, deductibles and other administrative and economic obstacles.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    The psychopaths can have mars for all i enjoy what they are doing here with their own Mother..actually , we should send them there if they want or not..

    Mars covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal

    Discovery has major implications for hunt for alien life on the red planet as it means any evidence is likely to be buried deep underground

    The chances of anything coming from Mars have taken a downward turn with the finding that the surface of the red planet contains a “toxic cocktail” of chemicals that can wipe out living organisms.

    Experiments with compounds found in the Martian soil show that they are turned into potent bactericides by the ultraviolet light that bathes the planet, effectively sterilising the upper layers of the dusty landscape.

    The discovery has wide-ranging implications for the hunt for alien life on the fourth rock from the sun and suggests that missions will have to dig deep underground to find past or present life if it lurks there. The most hospitable environment may lie two or three metres beneath the surface where the soil and any organisms are shielded from intense radiation. “At those depths, it’s possible Martian life may survive,” said Jennifer Wadsworth, a postgraduate astrobiologist at Edinburgh University.

  • slandermen slandermen

    Who feels like telling me something about horseshoe crabs and aliens?

  • slandermen slandermen

    Say hello to the revisionist.

    American History Revised is probably kind funny.

    Yeah yeah.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Whale strandings off Washington-Oregon coast highest in nearly 2 decades

    Sixteen gray and humpback whales have been reported stranded off Washington and Oregon since April 3, the largest number in nearly two decades.

    Alaska and British Columbia Large Whale Unusual Mortality Event Summary Report

    August 17, 2017

    Unusual Mortality Events for Large Whales, Ice Seals closed

    June 26, 2018

    When there is a large die-off of marine mammals, experts from NOAA Fisheries and our partners try to identify the reasons for what's known as an Unusual Mortality Event, or UME. Unfortunately, in about half of UMEs, a cause is never determined.

    That’s the case with the Large Whale UME declared in 2015 for large whales in British Columbia and the Gulf of Alaska, as well as the 2011 Alaska Northern Pinniped UME, which impacted four species of ice-associated seals, and walruses. The Working Group on Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Events has closed both UMEs, although what caused those events remains a mystery.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Thousands of dead seabirds washing up along the Alaskan coast for the 4th year in a row confirms the West coast of the U.S. is dying – 6/29/18

    It is thought millions of the little birds have died since 2015 but the true number will never be known because the majority of birds are thought to die out at sea.
    The new die-off follows a massive loss of common murres in 2015, 2016 and 2017 the biggest murre die-off on record in Alaska, and a precursor to near-total reproductive failures for murres in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering.
    It also follows the deaths of thousands of puffins found last fall on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs and, prior to that, mass deaths of murres and auklets along the U.S. West Coast.

    Seabirds washing up dead in Western Alaska; scientists investigating – 6/25/18

    “The murre was tested for harmful algal blooms, tested for avian cholera, was tested for bird flu, and a full necropsy—or a little bird autopsy—was done, and the result was that the bird had starved to death,” Sheffield said.

    But Sheffield says knowing that a bird ultimately didn’t get enough food doesn’t answer the larger question of why it died.

    Old News!

  • slandermen slandermen

    Did you guys notice the coronol holes and shit? It's very unlikely…but, just look at how calm things are currently.

  • Jebus Jebus

    93 tons of dead fish wash up on Sakhalin Island, Russia – 6/19/18

    An estimated 93 tons of dead fish washed up on Sakhalin Island in Russia, north of Japan last week.

    "The death scale of the Pacific herring in Piltun Bay is enormous," a spokesman for the regional NGO Ecological Watch of Sakhalin said.

    "The death of such an amount of uneven-aged fish of the same species is an abnormal event, and it may be a question of the destruction of a large part of the population of the herring of the bay."

    Sakhalin Island, Russia —>

  • Jebus Jebus

    And finally, so to speak.

    This rare dolphin washed up on an Oregon beach — and scientists don’t know why – 6/24/18

    A rare northern right whale dolphin washed up on Manzanita Beach in Oregon on Saturday — and scientists don’t know why, according to a Facebook post from the Seaside Aquarium.

    The aquarium said they’ve only seen four of the dolphins since 1995.

    Nehalem Bay State Park staff reported the animal to the Northern Oregon and Southern Washington Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a group that works with stranded animals, the Oregonian reported.

    The mammal, a 5-foot 5-inch female, was taken to Portland State University for a necropsy, but the results were inconclusive, the aquarium said.

    This is the road…

  • slandermen slandermen

    I dunno if it makes sense, but I do think it's funny.

    "About The Game
    Hi guys, it's your humble developer.

    Here you see the game that:

    -costs less than 1 dollar
    -has a clickbait poster
    -a cringy title
    -and Anime ladies.

    Now you're thinking: "It's (the game of my dream!) just another indie trash".
    But I swear it's a nice game.
    And if you still don't believe me, then this description should convince you.

    Convincing indeed.

  • slandermen slandermen

    I tried to imitate jesus, but, it's like. How dude? That shit's too hard, you're fucking better than me. That why I got angry at him.

  • slandermen slandermen

    "Teriflunomide (trade name Aubagio, marketed by Sanofi) is the active metabolite of leflunomide.[1] Teriflunomide was investigated in the Phase III clinical trial TEMSO as a medication for multiple sclerosis (MS). The study was completed in July 2010.[2] 2-year results were positive.[3] However, the subsequent TENERE head-to-head comparison trial reported that "although permanent discontinuations [of therapy] were substantially less common among MS patients who received teriflunomide compared with interferon beta-1a, relapses were more common with teriflunomide."[4] The drug was approved by the FDA on September 13, 2012[5] and in the European Union on August 26, 2013.[6] "

    I was just wondering about that repart there. Totally random shit, but, if you don't discontinue "therapy" of bullshit that also has more relapse, that seems to imply a sort of dependence. Or, am I being particularly unscientific?

  • slandermen slandermen

    I'm going to lazily try and do absolutely nothing of particularly scientific value today.

  • Trump’s delusions are about to blow up in his own voters’ faces

    “…But Muro points out to me that, by targeting industries that are particularly important in their geographic areas, the tariffs could have outsize impact in concentrated localities. 'These counties rely pretty heavily on these industries,' Muro says. 'Certain places could be hit quite hard.' Red places, to be precise.

    “As Paul Krugman points out, Trump’s trade escalation is built on a foundation of delusions: the idea that trade wars are easy to 'win' or that the country with the largest trade surplus has secured some sort of conquering status; the refusal to grasp that disrupting complex international supply chains hurts people on all sides, including U.S. companies and workers; the lie that the United States is getting 'ripped off' by punishingly high tariffs. We don’t know how far Trump’s trade war will go. But given how deeply entangled it has become with Trump’s own megalomania and with the simplistic, rage-addled vision he has nursed about international trade for decades, does anyone want to wager that Trump will find a way out anytime soon?…”

  • Remind me again who trump works for…

    Former Putin adviser has secret investment in US energy firm praised by Trump

    Exclusive: Alexander Voloshin has undisclosed stake in American Ethane – which has been hailed by Donald Trump

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Interesting folks, the connection to the BP Spill and this site is…

      Looks like a corp well endowed with russkie/china commies.
      haha, I can't even access the china site, haha

      One has to wonder, how much tax/program support these folks provide.

      • danger kitty danger kitty

        "One has to wonder, how much tax/program support these folks provide."

        And perhaps other "services"?

        I haven't had much luck finding a list of US BP Board of Directors.
        Division heads are important, too. Almost like things are being scrubbed…
        Any chance you could help a kitty? I'm all claws…

  • Trumps ace up his sleeve…remember when no one was above the law? except Kings…

    Will Kavanaugh Provide Cover for Trump?

    By Caroline Fredrickson and Norman L. Eisen

    Ms. Fredrickson is the president of the American Constitution Society. Mr. Eisen is the chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics.

  • slandermen slandermen

    Can I start having some fun now? Enter slanderman. It's time to get all artsy and fuckoff.

    Sand Frank's Disco, philistines.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Offshore wind farm Trump tried to kill generates first power

    Once fully commissioned, it is expected to produce the equivalent of more than 70 per cent of Aberdeen’s domestic electricity demand, sent ashore via 21km of undersea cabling connected to a substation at Blackdog.

    As we reported here in late 2015 – back when President Trump was still just a figment of his own imagination – the wind farm was fiercely opposed by the Donald, for reasons mostly to do with money and golf.

    That is, Trump maintained that the wind farm would ruin the view of a luxury golf course he owns nearby, and thereby damage its profitability.

    Not moved by this argument, the Scottish government approved plans for the wind farm in 2013. And when Trump took the decision to court, three times – twice in Scotland and once in Britain’s Supreme Court – his case was defeated each time.


    No, not inappropriate for someone that has limited mental capacity and who is ridiculously immature.

    Hense you will be known as Peter Panman. Now go be a good boy and change your rather PINK? avatar.

    From me to you, enjoy, Peter.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 16 Times Bigger Than Thought

    And it's growing by the day.

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an accumulated mass of trash in the ocean, is 16 times bigger than we once thought—and it's not getting smaller.

    According to research published today in Scientific Reports, the giant mass may be up to 46 percent fishing nets as well. The findings have big implications for marine life, as plastic particles in the patch of waste can break down and contaminate the ocean's food chain.

    Though often thought of as a mass of plastic, the researchers also reported glass, wood, rubber, tar, and other materials in the Garbage Patch. A large portion of the trash appeared to be refuse from the commercial fishing industry.

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of—you guessed it—trash that moves into a cyclic current of ocean running roughly between California and Japan, surrounding the Hawaiian islands. Due to the nature of the ocean current, or gyre, trash flows into the area, but it never moves out. Over time, the process has accumulated into a massive "colony" of garbage. The massive accumulation of human litter was first discovered in the 1980s, and it has continued to grow ever since.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Speaker at Israeli gov’t conference promotes genocide against Arabs and non-Jews

    A week ago, the Israeli Ministry of Education held a conference in Jerusalem for the state’s religious education sector (Ynet reports, Hebrew, English here). Education Minister Naftali Bennett was also present. The theme was “speaking about the values of the Jewish family in 2018, about education to healthy sexuality, modesty, feminism, values and Zionism.”

    On the stage was an aging terrorist, Moshe Zar, a former founding member of the Jewish-terrorist movement “Jewish Underground” (in 1980’s), who said the following:

    “I am known for saying ‘Build a house, it’s like you wiped out a hundred Arabs. Build a settlement, it’s like you wiped out tens of thousands of goyim [‘non-Jews’]’. That’s the truth”.

    His words were applauded by a considerable number of the public, including the settler standing beside him, Yael Shevach, the widow of rabbi Raziel Shevach, who was murdered in January on a road in the occupied West Bank outside the settlement he lived in.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Suicides in Gaza are on the rise

    A suicide in Gaza
    18 May 2018 The Guardian — Until recently suicide in Gaza had been rare, partly due to Palestinian resilience and strong clan networks, but mostly because killing oneself is forbidden in traditional Muslim societies. Since 2016, suicide rates have been rising, reflecting rising levels of despair and hopelessness in the population.

    • Gaza is a concentration camp. If I lived there I most likely would commit suicide too. I read a report this morning Israel is now blocking road traffic into Gaza as well as the sea ports and everything else in and out of Gaza. Humanitarian aide, food, medicine and other life saving things cannot in and the wares cannot get out. Israel is hell bent on starving Gaza. It is a disgrace, a boil on the ass of humanity and we support it with tons of money every single day. Their blood is on our hands, dripping.

      • Ambiorix Ambiorix

        So true Taffy..

        Does it really takes a fellar occupied/abused one to recognize the trauma of another one..??? Are humanoids that cheap of a biological computer ? Ah the emptyness a full orange garbage can..Sigh..

        Israeli settlement boycott: Ireland eyes ban on imports from occupied territories (VIDEO)

        Ireland looks set to pass a landmark bill prohibiting the importation and sale of goods and services from illegal Israeli settlements, potentially setting a new precedent within the EU.

        The Control of Economic Activities (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018 seeks to prohibit the import and sale of goods, services and natural resources originating in illegal settlements in occupied territories.

        The proposed legislation has been slammed as “immoral” by Israel’s Mission in Dublin. The embassy claims that a boycott would “empower the Hamas terrorists as well as those Palestinians who refuse to come to the negotiating table.”

        • Ambiorix Ambiorix

          The way i was told..

          Psychopath : Defect conscious , missing capability for empathy or guilt , sees the living world as a bunch of meaningless objects and thus no reason not to exploit/abuse without remorse..many psychopaths have said they diddent understand all the fuss made about the horrors their victims experienced at their hands..

          That said , its a good rant about indeed , the psychopaths..

          Gaza and the Psychopaths



          1. Suffering from or constituting a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent behavior.

          This is Oxford’s best shot at describing a condition I feel quite comfortable framing within its succinct parameters the State of Israel, the vast majority of its population – if the analysis of Max Blumenthal and Norman Finkelstein mean anything – the disease of Zionism, a highly virulent form of theocratic nationalism, as well as that country’s primary enabler – the greatest purveyor of terror on earth – the United States.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            ive been reading some history of the european invasion of the americas. Ive come to think all races of humans are psychopathic by nature. Males especially. Empathetic individuals are the exception

            • Ambiorix Ambiorix

              Psychopathy is a part of defend when attacked…hunt..kill..then back to normal..

              But we humans made cultures that bring out this state of being ment for especial situations , and put it upfront all of the time..division by hatred..racisme..capitalisme being good two cents on a bloodsoaked Earth.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Ambiorix, its worse than this "Psychopathy is a part of defend when attacked…hunt..kill..then back to normal"

                Native american indians give us a clue of how savage the human species can be without being molded by the long story of western, or eastern civilization…

                I dont impose a moral judgement on it. Torture, killing, raping and stealing seem deeply embedded in the homo sapiens ape. The difference with the European invaders is they tended to lie more and have better weapons. I would go so far as to say violence is natural and normal for our species. I know they freak me out

                • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                  Yes i agree Code but , there exist peacefull "tribes" it must be cultural..biological computers following their peergroup thinking/cultural programming.

                  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                    On the puppetmasters strings..first they come for your resources..then banks..then everything else..schools politicians etc
                    Then they control you by steering the direction the culture goes..

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      And i once saw a docu where someone did research for a psychopathic gene and found indeed something..he had it too and hes family agreed he could be extreme indifferent and such sometimes but he was not criminal or violence..just did not want to go to the funeral of someone related but went partying instead..

                      Things changed statistically when someone carrying the gene was abused as a child for example , something that did not happen to him. It needs to be triggered to "blossom" iirc..can be 20 years ago that i saw it.

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Found him..The "pro-social" psychopath lol

                      The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath
                      While studying brain scans to search for patterns that correlated with psychopathic behavior, James Fallon found that his own brain fit the profile


                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Ambiorix, and what do you think happens when you inform society that it is sociopathic in general, with a tendency to idolize psychopathy (in a narccistic sense) while pandering to mob mentality in a sociopathic sense??

                    • "Found him..The "pro-social" psychopath lol

                      The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath"

                      That's a great one!

                      So think about this, he wouldn't have been disturbed by that if he was one…

                      He wouldn't have felt the need to study that either…

                      So all this PET scan Carbon dating and predictive behavior based on some witchcraft science observation machinery really doesn't mean anything in reality.

                      We evolved from apes? Why are they not turning into us now, surly there are old enough gene lines that if it ever happened it would be happening now too…

                      The earth is billions of years old by carbon dating?

                      Surly if that was true, we wouldn't have already proven time and again that carbon dating is also wrong…

                      So don't let em fool ya!!!

                      They are as blind as anyone and sometimes (more like most times) get even more blind when they follow assumption that is incorrect…

                      On the path, off the path would be the key with thinking. And the more mistakes you think are true the further from the real truth you get.



                      Know what I mean vern?


                    • And don't call me surely…


                      Ron White A Little Unprofessional:


                • danger kitty danger kitty

                  Code & Ambio, the 54 plus or minus tribes in California did not condone any of those things (Torture, killing, raping and stealing) nor were they engaged in the kind of wars of consolidation you see with the Aztecs and the New England Confederation of tribes.
                  Maybe small is beautiful. Small, individual work co-ops. And the work was fun, abundant food & medicine everywhere.
                  Shamans & elders guided important decisions. Not true in our world today.
                  Seems the danger is in getting big, consolidating The opportunities for petty personal enrichment abound the bigger things get. And then you have to hold that position. Then the violence comes…

                  The other big factor is that the men in charge are not connected to an important counterpart of the famous 3 lb ape man brain. That would be the heart. Obviously, by definition anyone that would knowingly kill mother earth for a profit is it a very low vibratory state of existence. All chakras shut down. Acupuncture meridians in gridlock. Apemen working with half of lifes provided codes. That'll bite them in the butt on the other side. Meanwhile we can only go onward.

                  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                    "That would be the heart. Obviously, by definition anyone that would knowingly kill mother earth for a profit is it a very low vibratory state of existence. All chakras shut down. Acupuncture meridians in gridlock."

                    The first thing i thought when watching jacob rotschild hanging in his chair was
                    "he is suffocating his heartchakra"

                  • Perhaps the actual truth would be that you have to earn it.

                    If you are sitting on the couch all day eating chips and watching TV you haven't done it.

                    If you sit around and complain all day and put down everything else while playing on the computer without ever having done anything for anybody, you just didn't do it.

                    If you promote lies instead of truth because it suits your lifestyle you just missed it.

                    If you ignore facts for convenience and then bash the facts in life that promote a solid brain and a solid body that people need to survive, you not only missed it, you helped others to miss it too…

                    Now I'd guess they think they need a limo as well…

            • It is a very painful existence. Personally, I have to limit my exposure. At times in the past I haven't and the crash and burn from having a full sponge takes a long time to heal. So I hide, sometimes under the sheets for daze. I wouldn't wish this hell on anyone. I have read papers stating that empathy comes from trauma. The more empathetic, the more severe the trauma. The end result is wisdom. I do not claim to be wise. But all I can feel is pain coming from everywhere/everyone. Having said all this in deep earnest, I will go and smoke tobacco, drink cawfee and hide wishing the whole time I were numb.

              Ya fuckoff

            • It is a very painful existence. Personally, I have to limit my exposure. At times in the past I haven't and the crash and burn from having a full sponge takes a long time to heal. So I hide, sometimes under the sheets for daze. I wouldn't wish this hell on anyone. I have read papers stating that empathy comes from trauma. The more empathetic, the more severe the trauma. The end result is wisdom. I do not claim to be wise. But all I can feel is pain coming from everywhere/everyone. Having said all this in deep earnest, I will go and smoke tobacco, drink cawfee and hide wishing the whole time I were numb.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    One in three fish caught never makes it to the plate – UN report

    Global fish production is at record levels thanks to fish farming, says the UN FAO, but much is wasted and many species are worryingly overfished

    One in three fish caught around the world never makes it to the plate, either being thrown back overboard or rotting before it can be eaten, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

    Its biannual report on the state of the world’s fisheries, released on Monday, also shows that total fish production has reached a record high thanks to more fish farming, particularly in China, with over half the fish eaten in the world now coming from aquaculture.

    In contrast, the amount of wild caught fish has barely changed since the late 1980s and a third of commercial fish species are overfished, the FAO says. Fish farms will continue to expand and the FAO projects that almost 20% more fish will be eaten by 2030, helping sustain the growing global population. However, farmed fish can harm wild populations because often their feed, made from wild fish such as sardines and anchovies, is caught at sea and they can cause pollution.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    'He's a political prisoner': Standing Rock activists face years in jail

    The extraordinary Native American resistance effort may have faded from the headlines but the US government continues to prosecute activists, who say it is destroying lives

    Standing Rock saved Little Feather’s life. Then the US government took it from him.

    Little Feather was one of thousands of Native Americans who traveled to North Dakota in 2016 to fight the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. The 45-year-old member of the Chumash Nation was battling drug addiction at the time, said his wife, Leoyla Cowboy. But the “water protector” movement gave him a sense of purpose, a renewed connection to indigenous elders, and sobriety.

    But last year as the oil pipeline began operations, authorities jailed him and charged him with felonies stemming from his involvement in the demonstrations. Little Feather’s case and the prosecution of hundreds of others is part of what activists say is an aggressive campaign by US law enforcement to suppress indigenous and environmental movements, using drawn-out criminal cases and lengthy prison sentences.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    The US has failed to pass anti-lynching laws 240 times. This is all of them.

    The US Congress has failed to enact anti-lynching legislation at least 240 times. Now, more than 100 years since the first attempt, senators Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and Tim Scott are hoping to right this historic wrong, and make lynching a federal hate crime.

    We found every bill and resolution containing the word “lynching” that have ever been introduced to congress.

    Many of the bills were summarized in the same way, “for the better assurance of the protection of persons within the several States from mob violence and lynching.”

    Almost 5,000 people were victims of lynching in the United States between 1882 and 1968, seventy percent of whom were black, according to the NAACP. Many of these mob deaths occurred during the decades congress failed to pass preventative or punitive measures. While the last attempt to pass an anti-lynching bill was in 1965, the Senate issued an apology in 2005 for its past legislative failures.

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