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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


Thread Guidelines: This off-topic discussion thread is posted to be used as a place for discussion of topics not related to Fukushima and/or nuclear issues.

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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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51,104 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    A warning ftom 2010…

    British Petroleum, Imagination and Nuclear Catastrophe

  • razzz razzz

    'Australia Hit With Coldest Spell in 26 Years'

    "The winter Downunder has already been the coldest in 26 years. Temperatures plummeted on the East Coast at Marangaroo to a low of -11.1C. It is amazing that the amount of money on the table to justify global warming which is all about raising taxes for carbon emissions is placing us at a greater risk for it is distracting everyone from the real threat – global cooling….

    …Japan, which is more prepared for earthquakes than typhoons… The word “Kamikaze” really means “Divine Wind” and it was the attempt by the Mongold to invaded Japan TWICE when a typhoon destroyed their fleets. It was then said that Japan was protected by the “Divine Wind” and that is why the pilots were named Kamikaze. Right now, the typhoons are hitting Japan killing at what may be more than 200 people while forcing millions to evacuate. This has been the WORST disaster from a typhoon is 36 years.."

    …In fact, it has been pointed out that the analysis that has been used for the entire theory of Global Warming makes no sense whatsoever. The basis for this entire theory claims that somehow nature treats human CO2 emissions differently than it treats nature’s CO2 emissions. Besides that, CO2 levels have been historically much higher in the past long before humans began the Industrial Revolution."

  • razzz razzz

    'Turkey the Poster Child of Emerging Market Crisis'

    "…Erdogan continues to try to consolidate power into a virtual dictatorship. He made his son-in-law Minister of Finance after the election and curtailed the independence of the central bank. He thinks he can simply manipulate the interest rates down, which is just going to blow up in his face. Erdogan has simply increased global investors’ fears with his attempt to control the central bank and interest rates. Erdogan has circumvented all democratic procedures and can appoint the president and vice president of the central bank without any other approval. We are looking at a politician who has become a dictator and we must question even the validity of any election in Turkey. Of even more concern, however, is that history warns this type of behavior typically is characterized by someone who will begin wars to distract the people and retain power at all costs."

  • razzz razzz

    'Currency Risk – The Great Unknown That Brings Down Governments'

    "…Third world countries have been borrowing in dollars extensively. As the dollar rises, we will see defaults BECAUSE of the currency risk. It would not matter if countries borrowed in dollars or SDRs, they will encounter the same currency risk. At the very least, countries must be prohibited from borrowing in foreign currencies, or preferably, governments should be prohibited from borrowing PERIOD! The Roman Empire lasted for nearly 1,000 years. They neither had a central bank nor a national debt. There are other ways to restructure the global financial system. I am preparing the full solution that we need to examine based upon history and what has worked and what has failed."

  • Axios: Trump was enraged by Putin's video showing missiles striking Florida
    Updated Sun July 15, 2018

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Getting energy straight from the sun (the body)
    "Sunlight is the most abundant energy source on this planet. However, the ability to convert sunlight into biological energy in the form of adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) is thought to be limited to chlorophyll-containing chloroplasts in photosynthetic organisms. Here we show that mammalian mitochondria can also capture light and synthesize ATP when mixed with a light-capturing metabolite of chlorophyll."
    Hira Manek said it long ago.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Fox: Florida beaches littered with ‘hundreds’ of dead fish, manatees and other marine life" They say 'agae bloom caused it'

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Chemically, artemisinin is a sesquiterpene lactone containing an unusual peroxide bridge. This peroxide is believed to be responsible for the drug's mechanism of action. Few other natural compounds with such a peroxide bridge are known." Wiki

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      artemisinin is in the liquor absinthe. Taste between vintners varies significantly. A good absinthe is a very nice alcoholic drink, if anybody is that indulgent. There are still restrictions on thujone content of wormwood in absinthe in the U.S. but this is not true for Europe. Regulations were relaxed in 2007, Im not sure if you can get 'real' absinthe or not. But you can buy it from europe. I bought a few bottles before 2007 and the european vendor would re-bottle it for shipment with a different label!

      One can get wormwood tincture and add it however which is what I did. Absinthe is a subtle, aromatic liquor with an infusion of several different field herbs. It was vilified on purpose by the wine industry for capitalist purposes

      • I understand it can be quite the drink but for some unknown reason I have fears. Are they justified? Is it a drink done with friends or alone? Jazz or Rock-n-Roll? Indoors or out? So many questions, got any answers?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Taffy, there is no hallucination or anything worse than any regular liquor. The story of madness is a fear campaign invented by the wine industry. The wine growers had a few bad years, which allowed absinthe to become more popular. When the grapes came back there was a market problem; how to get rid of the competition. Its just like reefer madness. Absinthe is subtle, with fragrant herbs that remind one of mountain valleys. The worst thing about it would be adding the traditional sugar. Fortunately this is not required as the taste is not too bitter

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Wormwood tincture being Artemesia annua or Artemesia absinthium?

        Wormwood is a general term.

  • David Rothkopf, CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy Magazine Dares Call It Treason.

    “David Rothkopf, CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy Magazine, takes the gloves off and puts a good old fashioned beat-down on the GOP in this powerful piece for The Daily Beast.

    “Rothkoph begins by considering the timing of The Special Prosecutor’s indictment of twelve Russian Military officers for their role in looting and disseminating, for Trump’s benefit, the contents of the DNC Server combined with the strong statement on continued Russian cyber attacks by The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats just ahead of Trump’s tête-à-tête with his handler Putin in Finland. Both were done just now, in his estimation, to inform the Russian tyrant (and I think other leaders of the GOP) that even though our idiot Resident is in his thrall, significant players in our nation’s leadership are not.

    “Then he gets to his meat.

    “’This is an extraordinary moment. It is without equal, not only in American history but in modern history. A hostile foreign power intervened in our election to help elect a man president who has since actively served their interests and has defended them at every turn.

    “’Trump may deny collusion. But given that this the attack continues, denying it is collusion, distracting from it is collusion, obstructing the investigation of it is collusion — because all these things enable it to go on.

    • [cont.]
      “’Trump may deny collusion. But given that this the attack continues, denying it is collusion, distracting from it is collusion, obstructing the investigation of it is collusion — because all these things enable it to go on.

      “’That the president is abetted in his aid for the Russians — again, in the midst of this ongoing attack — by the leadership of the Republican Party makes the situation all the more extraordinary and dangerous. As Republicans seek to undermine the investigation, they serve Russia as directly as if they were officers of the GRU. Some now reportedly seek to impeach Rosenstein on trumped up charges. To attack one of our national defense leaders as we are being attacked, and to do so to benefit our foreign adversary, is textbook treason.

      “’That is strong language. But consider this: If we updated our definitions of war to include cyberwar, then aiding a foreign power engaged in such a war against us would certainly meet the Constitutional definition: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

      “’When only semantics protect our president and our ruling party from the harsh sentences treason demands, we need to recognize the severity of the situation. …[cont.]


    Scientist today play a guesstimate game concerning ACS [abrupt climate shift]

    Or do they?

    If paleoclimatologist professors can literally predict weather related outcomes but mainstream science remains 'puzzled', well, that's government control.

    Freedom of the internet allows guys like Paul Beckwith to publish how, when, and where articles pertaining to ACS.

    Why we will move into these frigid temps worldwide.

    The most stunning thing you will ever read.

    Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist:

    6 months ago..

    Last Gasp Arctic Sea Ice Death Rattle


    Peeps: A moment of clarity..

    Please bare with me while I attempt to explain a most disturbing internet trend concerning the lack of truthful 'news' and 'reporting'.

    I will use the CURRENT? life-threatening heatwave in the UK as an example.. although I believe that all events are involved.

    It dawned on me that Great Briton seemed to be undergoing tremendous heat 'recently', so why, in July, are we talking about it as 'new' or 'this weekend', again?

    So I punch in 'June, heatwave, UK,..then I do the same using 'May'..same keywords, backing up to April. The friggin 'heatwave' is constant. From April.

    Imagine that in Feb/March, the UK had "the beast from the east" freeze [like Razz posted about Australia] then they went into a hellish relentless heat state, leftover from 2017, 2016..

    I used to think that reports on floods, heat, freezes, fires, ect, were current. They are not. These events are ongoing tragedies cleverly marketed as 'one time wonders'.

    Try it sometime. Backup in time to see if the issue has been ongoing.

    Fool me once, shame on ME..


    The Harbinger & Your Heart

    New York City
    Feb 21st, 2018

    More than 30 degrees warmer than the average February high. Up and down the the East Coast, from Atlanta to Baltimore to Cleveland to Boston,.. broke temperature records.

    The 'news' reported an "unusual warm spell".

    ITemps fluctuated wildly from winter-like cold one day — which is normal for February — to summer-like hot the next day.

    Hedvig Andersson, a cardiology researcher at the University of Michigan.
    “Our study suggests that such fluctuations in outdoor temperature could potentially lead to an increased number of heart attacks and affect global cardiac health in the future.”

    "In the future". When exactly is "the future"? It appears that extremes are happening now since your talking about. Yes. Everything according to "science" is now 'the future' so people don't realize they are becoming extinct.

    Hitinder Gurm, professor of medicine and associate chief clinical officer at Michigan Medicine 
    Between 2010 and 2016

    30,000 heart attacks

    All of them had undergone percutaneous coronary intervention, a procedure used to open clogged arteries, after being diagnosed with ST-elevated myocardial infarction, the most serious form of heart attack.

    The researchers calculated the temperature fluctuation preceding each heart attack based on weather records for the hospital’s ZIP code, defining daily temperature fluctuation as the difference between the highest and lowest…

    • GOM GOM


      The researchers calculated the temperature fluctuation preceding each heart attack based on weather records for the hospital’s ZIP code, defining daily temperature fluctuation as the difference between the highest and lowest recorded on the day of the heart attack.

  • According to Putin himself, all the lies, slander, attacks I receive on this website are made by Putin troll, perhaps one troll with many alters.

    Thanks to Trump, Vladimir Putin is going to troll America non-stop.
    “He has hit a whole new level in recent days. On Thursday he denied that Russia was behind the 2016 election hacks, but waxed poetic about hackers who 'are like artists' in the way they choose their targets depending on how they feel ‘when they wake up in the morning.’ Putin continued, ‘If they are patriotically minded, they start making their contributions—which are right, from their point of view—to the fight against those who say bad things about Russia.’…”

    • GOM GOM

      The only fcking troll is your
      asinine postings..

    • My War With Russian Trolls
      by Paul R. Gregory
      Wednesday, March 21, 2018

      “…But a closer look at such trolls reveals a different picture. Over the past five years, Russian trolls have regularly attacked my articles at Given the number of attacks and their organized nature, I suspect most came directly from the IRA. The Kremlin clearly has not liked my posts on Russian domestic politics, the country’s faltering petro-economy, political assassinations, and foreign military intervention. What I encountered in the comments section of my pieces was an army of scripted trolls engaging in primitive invective and heavy doses of ad hominem blasts. These amateurs did not seem up to the monumental task for which they are now credited—of changing the course of American political history….

      “Troll ‘John’s’ tirade is a classic ad hominem smear: ‘Gregory’s inane, badly written propaganda articles never had one original thought, just parroting what he could grab on the Internet. Gregory is a pitiful Nazi moron.’…

      “Indeed, that Western democracies, American democracy especially, are rotten, corrupt, and hapless is a cornerstone of the Kremlin narrative. As the Mueller indictment concludes: The stated goal of the Russian operation was 'spreading distrust towards candidates and the political system in general.' The Russian trolls, according to the Mueller indictment, used a number of te'chniques to achieve this end. They encouraged fringe candidates. …[cont.]

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      What you do and have done to the folks here is a social crime.

      Your high horse makes you all the more visible.

      Are we to think that all little old lady Christian, American, doctors with degrees in literature and visiting the food bank weekly, are as anti-social, cruel, rude, hateful and dysfunctonal/delusional as this?

      How very American?

      I miss the anti-nukes that left because of your personal attacks and wallpaper extremism. Definition of Crime

      Crime has also been defined in social or non-legal terms. The social definition of crime is that it is behaviour or an activity that offends the social code of a particular community. Mower (1959) has defined it as "an anti-social act".

      Caldwell (1956: 114) has explained it as "an act or a failure to act that is considered to be so detrimental to the well-being of a society, as judged by its prevailing standards, that action against it cannot be entrusted to private initiative or to haphazard methods but must be taken by an organised society in accordance with tested procedures."

      Thorsten Sellin (1970: 6) has described crime as "violation of conduct norms of the normative groups".


    Sheriff Demands That ICE Stop Linking California Wildfires to Undocumented Immigrants

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Haha, the hills are alive, with the sound of…pot growers.

      Wake up Cali morons. Is anyone talking the reality. Nope.
      They are everywhere, and you better watch where you are.
      Even on your own land.
      Like getting shot at? Shit stolen? Burned out crop/property.
      Try being an 'citizen'-'illegal pot grower'. hahaha
      Hell, try being a 'legal' one, there, in a shithole of corruption.

      Now, whadya think it's like to be a 'illegal alien'-'illegal pot grower' just tryin' to get by in them thar hills.

      One idiot named Gonzales? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      'Sonoma County is believed to include 9,000 cannabis growers keeping 12,000 people employed in the medical marijuana industry. But the real rush, so to speak, is expected to begin soon with hundreds of entrepreneurs clamoring to retail the stuff for recreation.

      In fact, California’s move toward legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016 with a plan to merge medical and recreational permits kept its eyes on the prize of a projected $7 billion in sales expected within four years from the November vote—not bad. You can bet state officials want to have regulations and permits in order as soon as possible, since every product containing the magical Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will come with a 15% excise tax built into its price. California’s excise tax on wine and beer is far below that, just 0.20 cents a gallon. Of course, the increase in business adds to the 6% sales tax roll as well.'

      Lets bet? Programs for drug abusers. Poor children thereof?
      Free bus fares? Pot Inc. foodbarn? why not? Addict everyone, anyway.
      Free legal for illegal aliens.
      Elites do well, maybe better? haha
      Pelosi grins. Brown grins. Welldone!
      Blackmarket pot is the cost of doing business.
      Along with the forest. 🙁

      Sorry, Sherriff here is a putz. Paid.

  • 'Shameful,' 'treasonous,' 'disgraceful': Trump slammed from all sides for news conference with Putin

    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Trump had "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory."

    “President Donald Trump was swiftly rebuked by lawmakers, TV anchors and pundits across the political spectrum Monday after his joint news conference in Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    “Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who has criticized the president's posture toward Russia in the past, called it ‘one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.’

    “The summit, which took place between Trump and Putin at Finland's presidential palace Monday in Helsinki, was a ‘tragic mistake,’ McCain said. But dismissing the news conference that followed as a ‘pathetic rout’ of a political novice is too generous, he added.

    "’President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin. He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the president made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world,’ McCain said.

    "’No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant,’ he added.

    “Former CIA director John Brennan, a Democrat and a frequent Trump critic, called Trump's performance at the news conference "nothing short of…

    • [cont.]
      “Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., called it ‘shameful.’

      "’I never thought I would see the day when our American President would stand on the stage with the Russian President and place blame on the United States for Russian aggression. This is shameful,’ Flake, another frequent critic of the president, said on Twitter.

      “At the news conference held after the summit, Trump downplayed the assessment of the U.S. intelligence community that Moscow mounted an effort to help him win the presidency in 2016.

      "’[Putin] just said it's not Russia, Trump said. ‘I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.’

      “House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., who rarely criticizes Trump publicly, contradicted Trump's equivocations about Moscow's election meddling and said ‘the president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally.’

      "’There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world,’ Ryan said in a statement.

      "There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals. The United States must be focused on holding Russia accountable and putting an end to its vile attacks on democracy," Ryan added.

      “Standing next to the Russian leader, Trump also bashed the Democratic Party, the FBI, special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian election meddling, Hillary Clinton and members of the news media.

    • razzz razzz

      McCain is a walking deadman. May not even be walking. I haven't seen a video with him talking in months. They probably ran a stick up his ass and use him like a muppet with someone else writing his press releases.

      Putin has to have their only remaining aircraft carrier towed around port to port because it can't stay running. Same contradiction with his promoting catholic beliefs for his homeland and at the sametime rigging elections in his favor and jailing or killing off perceived threats. The old school thinking is simple, you measure greatness by how big your empire is.

      With that, Putin could end life as we know on Earth with a press of a nuke launch button.

      That is the reality we live in. So, better to have a dialogue than none at all.

      'Trump calls off Cold War II'

      "…Trump has signaled a historic shift in U.S. foreign policy that may determine the future of this nation and the fate of his presidency.

      He has rejected the fundamental premises of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War and blamed our wretched relations with Russia not on Vladimir Putin, but squarely on the U.S. establishment…

      …Trump thereby repudiated the records and agendas of the neocons and their liberal interventionist allies, as well as the archipelago of War Party think tanks beavering away inside the Beltway…"

  • 5) A maximum of four short paragraphs (or ~25%, whichever is less) if copy and pasted from an external news source due to copyright reasons…

    The rules of the road. I am guilty at times of posting more than 25% but I do not wallpaper. Frankly I am sick of and from wallpapering. There was a time when these forums were monitored but that is no longer the case. So now we must self-govern. Is that possible? To those of you who love to wallpaper the hell outta this forum Please show respect for others and quit.

    Thank you.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      She is right where they want her..they want more money for themselves and less money for all of us.

      A true capitalistic success story!

      Bickering and bantering are only some of the rules required to maintain this very crooked game board.

      Divide, then conquer, and then tax and then fee and then fine.

      No health care for any of you!

    • I would suggest to those that do love to wallpaper this joint to move it over to a blog on wordpress. A blog on wordpress is free unless you want a fancy name, video and music files. All of which I have for about 100 bucks a year. It is very easy to use. Just Do It.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Never has it been Anne the Scam's to follow the rules.
        Repetitive to OCD levels, Masked downright hate, lies, false statements, weird fantasy, religion/zealotry, to name a few.

        No attack is too outrageous for the bluebomber.
        50-100 posts a page, no problem.

        Accuse you of stalking from 3000mi away—no problem.
        Claim she saw you, where you have never been–no problem.
        See you in a red sportscar, stealing her creditcard, with clownshoes,

        Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

        Known to me now as Dr. ALT-M…M for Maniac
        'destroyer of ENE credibility'
        It maybe works, how do we know?

        We could ask Bo, MeltingMermaid, HotR, plenty,,,dozens of others?

        She 'is' the psychopath/sociopath she can go on and on about.

        She doesn't care, hate, owns her.
        Along with Trump for the time being.

        Reminds me, I need to go check/water the wife's orange tomatoes
        She's the Trump fan, along with 90% of Ida-Hoe. hahaha

        • Ambiorix Ambiorix

          "We could ask Bo, MeltingMermaid, HotR, plenty,,,dozens of others?"

          To be fair..i think the blame for the absence of Miss Heart Of The totally on me.. 😥

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Ambiorix, youre wrong. Ene was down and she took it as a cue to go on with her life since this place had largely run its course. Thats my assumption. Im sure she liked you fine. Nothing wrong with the DUDe!

            • Ambiorix Ambiorix

              Thank you Code but nope..she was waiting..and waiting..and then some more..i let her down..period. And there can be no more elaboration about it here in public.

              But i wish she would come much..if possible without hating me..

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Look man, you, me, we don't see eye to eye every post.
            Who does?
            In addition to communication misunderstanding, screwy composition, just plain silly stuff everyone has happen when trying to hurry,,, think,,, and just trying to check some 'emotional baggage' at the curb.

            Dr. ALT-M ?

            Might as well take a short vacation, she'll be so riled up over all this she will post non-stop 24/7 til she overclocks and fries the cranial hard drive.

            Same Shit Different Day. 🙁

          • danger kitty danger kitty

            Bullshit, Ambio.
            The blame lies elsewhere
            Two guesses on real reason.
            Both right.
            Oops, just noticed…too late…posted.

      • danger kitty danger kitty

        There's a Twitter account that tweets out about Fukushima and links to a lot of old ene news topics. I came across this one and thought what the hell, I like seeing the archives. There's a few familiar names there. Here's a classic conversation between our own Dr. Maziar and Miss Heart of the Rose.
        2013 at 2:38 pm

        Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar
        { speaking about Hillary Clinton}

        If she doesn't support the anti-nuke movement completely, she is political toast.

        Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose
        January 2, 2013 at 2:44 pm


        Hillary Clinton pushes Westinghouse nuclear Czech bid
        Dec,4 2012

        Anti-nuke? ..
        End convo

        The comments leading to and following this snippet are quite Illuminating as well. There's only 67 comments on this whole thread. Most are good. Take a trip down memory lane…

        • danger kitty danger kitty

          Another insight from Dr. Maziar in the same thread–>

          A snippet from that same comment, again referring to Hillary–>

          "If she lives, expect her to support openly and publicly the anti-nuke movement and renewable energy."

          • danger kitty danger kitty

            Another insight from Dr. Maziar in the same thread–>


            A snippet from that same comment, again referring to Hillary–>

            "If she lives, expect her to support openly and publicly the anti-nuke movement and renewable energy."

            • danger kitty danger kitty

              dang the double post gremlins!

            • Hi DK and AST…ya know, a while back I took a journey down memory lane and into the achieves…I saw names I sorely miss like Heart, Sickputer and Joy and so many others, I just had to say something today with all of the other news my head is spinning. Code had that post about that fancy drink and it made me wanna drink again, get drunk again and because of the oxycodone I don't dare but WTF we are faced with hard times and hard decisions. To drink or not to drink, that is the question of the hour. And ya, Obe's right, no healthcare for you. Slam 'em back 🙂 Peace

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                Easy does it there whippersnapper.

                Slow on the 'O' and no on the go.(juice/ethanol)

                Not a good mixer.

              • danger kitty danger kitty

                Damn, Taffy, I get down from working a tree and the whole place is going to hell. No! Don't. Think of the two-day hangover or possibly worse.
                MY liver been so messed up by detoxing rads, i cant even drink two beers a month.
                Don't, you'll just have to crawl back into the upright position, slowly and painfully. And for what- a transient buzz?

                • Hey…I didn't…I hid under the covers and fell asleep…it isn't everyday that our Commander in Chief turns his coat inside out…it blew me away, blows me away…let it known I stand w/John Brennan on this issue and in earlier years I called for his jailing for spying on the Senate, I am no fan of his but he is correct…I have contacted my Senator, Senator Flake and asked about our Commander, I have posted things on my site…what has happened is Treasonous, there, I took my shot and slammed it back…this is above party and ideology, it is defending our country against foreign and domestic terrorists…Those that stand with the Constitution are the ones I hold Dear to my heart…Peace 🙂

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    sheesh Taffy. Politics is just a big/rich boys game.

                    Acknowledge that the U.S. has spied on and influenced other countries and put the Russia thing into perspective.

                    We dont know what those guys are really talking about. Putin is one of the richest men in the world, Trump is all about wealth and prestige.

                    When was the U.S. soil and its inhabitants' welfare ever the prime objective of the so called leaders? You would have to go back to some pretty early presidents…you know, when they were exterminating the indians.

                    The constitution is a fine effort. Given time and effort you might be able to write a better one. Does it protect the environment? Does it have sound economic policy? Is it anti imperialist? Did it keep the country from going to hell and squandering its potential?

                    I say check your patriotism at your door and live freely in your mind. Theres more sincerity and righteousness in the quail running around than all the madmen in politics.

                    Carlos Castaneda wrote something good about nostalgia…it weighs you down. We are not long for this world, why adhere to the petty foibles of the corrupt? It appears your family history gives you more pain than pride. Just sayin

                    • "Carlos Castaneda wrote something good about nostalgia…it weighs you down. We are not long for this world, why adhere to the petty foibles of the corrupt? It appears your family history gives you more pain than pride. Just sayin"

                      I had not seen this before and now I'm not quite awake but you reference someone I have knowledge of and some respect for, even if didn't quite see all that his books showed.
                      I am like him. I do not see all that I portray. You see what I have hidden myself from. My family causes me great pain. More than the joy but they do inspire m to be and do better. We, my family, almost wiped a whole race of people. Did I do it?, no but my blood did and so, the pain. The pride comes from the fact that we have always stepped up to the task at hand and given our best. What other family has done this? The ying and yang of our blood is hard for others to fathom. There is pain in pride and pride in pain. But you are of course correct. I will try and leave my patriotism at the door, no one understands it, no one can feel it other than a family member. Understand this, Trump is a turn-coat, a traitor and it burns inside me, a fire like no other. Rich or poor means nothing to my blood.


    Someone said the dossier is much more than just about golden showers, so i decided to it, their link anyway. Apparently there are like 3 versions.

    Most notable, there are no names of information providers, no photos, no photocopies, no memos, no emails, no meat of any kind. And numerous completely implausible presentations, such as someone knowing the content of some of Putin's private meetings. Or a contingency plan for if the "plot" was ever found out, that some hackers would travel to another city and "lay low", like WTF difference would your physical location matter, one could certainly lay low of further hacking attempts but to pretend some old school meme of going to another city would apply to a modern day electronic communications situation, is pretty absurd on the face of it.

    Read it, see how much you believe it. It seems "they" paid $15M to $50M for this unbacked up trash.

  • Now if you wanted to see how a sociopath operated, how he controlled his wife while openly having an affair, with a jail term hanging over her dad…..and connections to Obama (including a last day in office pardon of the Dad — keep control as long as possible) and Clinton via Uranium One.

    Read about Strzok here — Its like a Q Drop that has been baked low and slow.

    Mission not accomplished "Destroy Trump"

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Our American partners are preforming flawlessly and all our combined operations are moving your by force taxes, fees and fines and then move along.

      There is "nothing" to see here. Look Away!

      Be fearful of all those terrorists out there, as they are very real, and we did not create any of them.

      • The word of the day…appeasement!

        "nothing" to see here…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        the bottom 40% of the public share 0.3% of the nations wealth. 1/3 of one percent.

        The median American estimated that the CEO-to-worker pay-ratio was 30-to-1, and that ideally, it’d be 7-to-1. The reality? 354-to-1.

        The reason people dont see the truth is that they are blinded by patriotism. They think Trump or Clinton is going to do something for them and make america great. The reality is that the money flows from the masses to the few. Presidents make sure of it. They all look like criminals because they are

        wealth inequality in America

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Lawmaker yells at Gowdy: This is not Benghazi! 12:34

    Embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok faced off with House Republicans Thursday at a fiery and raucous hearing where he forcefully defended his actions in the Hillary Clinton email and Russia investigations amid sharp attacks over the anti-Trump text messages he sent.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Was this done on purpose ?

    US Officials Robbed Of Plutonium And Dirty Bomb Materials

    We wish we could say this is from The Onion but it's a now viral story that's but the latest representation of extreme government incompetence in handling deadly radioactive materials. Two Department of Energy security officials tasked with transporting deadly substances left plutonium in the back of their Ford Expedition, where it was promptly stolen from a Marriott parking lot in San Antonio.

    And over a year later and after what appears to be a ham-handed investigation that was prematurely shut down perhaps for fear of public embarrassment, authorities still have no clue as to the whereabouts of what the government admits are "bomb-usable materials".

    An investigative report by the watchdog group, the Center for Public Integrity, details a March 2017 "sensitive mission" by two security experts from the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory to transport dangerous nuclear materials from a nonprofit lab in San Antionio back to a high-secure government facility in Idaho.

    This involved specialized equipment, which the report describes as "a plastic-covered disk of plutonium, a material that can be used to fuel nuclear weapons, and another of cesium, a highly radioactive isotope that could potentially be used in a so-called 'dirty' radioactive bomb."

    The moment where the theft is recounted is worth viewing in the original report, given how…

    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

      ..given how unbelievable the scenario:

      But when they stopped at a Marriott hotel just off Highway 410, in a high-crime neighborhood filled with temp agencies and ranch homes, they left those sensors on the back seat of their rented Ford Expedition. When they awoke the next morning, the window had been smashed and the special valises holding these sensors and nuclear materials had vanished.

      More than a year later, state and federal officials don’t know where the plutonium — one of the most valuable and dangerous substances on earth — is. Nor has the cesium been recovered.

  • I keep loosing my wifi…back later

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Trump and Putin are clearly in cahoots — over propping up fossil fuels

    Whether Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 is not up for serious debate — numerous intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic, concluded it did.

    During a joint press conference with President Donald Trump in Helsinki on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin went a long way toward answering why.

    “I did [want Trump to win] because he talked about bringing the U.S.-Russia relationship back to normal,” Putin said.

    That statement was widely covered, but I’m convinced something else Putin said during the press conference is more important.

    “I think that we as a major oil and gas power, and the United States as a major oil and gas power, as well, we could work together on regulation of international markets,” he said. “We do have space for cooperation here.”

    Some close observers have drawn this connection before, but it’s worth saying again explicitly: There’s no way to understand Trump’s relationship with Russia without putting oil and climate politics at its center. If you’re upset at Trump and Putin for undermining our democracy, just wait until you find out that they are likely colluding to destroy our planet’s climate system, too.

  • “He Should Have Defended Us”: Even Fox News Is Sick of Trump’s Putin Worship

    For a growing segment of the right, it appears pissing off liberals is not enough to make up for caving to Vlad.

  • I was stalked as usual last Friday as I walked to the food band. The person snuck up right behind me, passed me up and when half a block ahead of me turned around and looked at me for a while. In 100 degree weather he was wearing a hoody that covered most of his face.

    I think he was the same stalker in 2016 who did the same thing wearing a heavy pea jacket in very hot weather and the silicone head mask with a black face.

    He was taller than me. I am 5' 6.5". I could see his legs from the knee down.

    One day when I went to the food bank I was stalked by 5 people. One was the same as last Friday, two were together and 5' tall and one was 6' 6-8" tall.

    If I keep getting so much criticism on this website, I will record every stalking incident every time.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog



    • Stalking me every time I leave my yard is extremely excessively and has to stop–talk about not following the rules, in the case the rule of law.

      • TYPO: stalking me EVERY TIME I leave my yard FOR TWO YEARS….

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          Do you speak human?

          Yours is a foreign language:

          The anti-POTUS wallpapering makes the community hesitate to criticize policy for fear of aligning with you. They also fear ramification for supporting the POTUS, in any capacity, as that would result in punishment, namecalling, personal attacks and further wallpapering. One member equating the political atmosphere to "violence".

          Ownership is no excuse for civilian casualties.
          Rule of law.

          • Why do you consider every post that shows Russia attacking the Us as an anti-POTUS comment? Very interesting correlation.

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              I'm sorry, you misinterpreted and disinformed again in your attempt to pull a rabbit out of the hat and control the narrative. It is very clear I was considering the sum of the whole. As in thousands.

              What's more interesting is your obsession with plastering ENE with hundreds of links of "could, should, might, if, may, want, said, polls, opinions" and avoidance of energy policy, the decades old Russian bipartisanship (including nuclear) and big oil.

              :See Covert Agents graphs

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          An educated doctor, five language speaking (but not human), homeowner, taxpaying elderly citizen American woman living in the US- is being stalked every day at her home, yard, church, food bank, grocery, city bus and sidewalk and can't seem to get any help, from anyone, at all, for two years?

          Er nah.

          Call 911 dummy.

          • I do have help. The police send out patrols all the time. And I'm not usually stalked while in my yard.

            I didn't file charges. But I will get a restraining order if you keep harassing me. I've acted as a forgiving Christian so far. But you wouldn't understand that at all.

            And my church has also prayed for me. And if I need to I will join a church in Longmont. And there are also other people helping me, but you just can't see them.

            The worst is the stalking + threatening messages which always accompany stalking. The threatening messages are on and the record is very clear including the video showing someone strangulating a woman by a stalker and other threats.

            I prefer to not comment to people, but your threats are not a positive message, but reinforce the stalking.

            So I will report on enenews every incident in the future thanks to your inability to keep your trolling voice quiet.

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              We can do lunch after we have a little chit chat with the judge.

              • I have a person of authority to accompany me whom I already saw in 2016 to help me fill out the paper work. There won't be a chitchat or any lunch or any contact or any more stalking.

                Do you know what a protective order is?

                Do you know anything about elder abuse law?

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                  I also know what kind of paperwork you are threatening me with.

                  Victim or victimizer? The famous Anne…

                • danger kitty danger kitty

                  Dr. Maziar, as you know I have been here for years and read everything that gets posted here. I think a reasonable person would find your statement, which I quote below, to be an an inaccurate characterization of your fellow posters responses to you.

                  "The worst is the stalking + threatening messages which always accompany stalking. The threatening messages are on"

                  Dr. Maziar, your false accusations have always struck me as bizarre.
                  I have seen no threats directed towards you. And stalking? This is a website. It's not a physical reality.
                  I have seen you engaged in an apparent world class failure of reading comprehension.

                  • The stalking is when I'm outside walking with my walker. I'll just have to use my camera and my whistle. And then if I go to my psychiatrist, I'll have her take pictures if someone follows me there. Most of the stalking was a 5 foot person and I don't know the names of the two 5-foot persons involved and if they have mostly worn disguises I couldn't even say which is which on a given occasion.

                    Stalking is very weird. All I can think is that something is going on that somebody doesn't want me to see, and that is why my travels with my walker are kept track of. Now shadowing can be kept secret, but there is also shadowing that the person wants me to know about which is what always happens. Eventually someone will be caught. Please stop. I'll try taking call-n-ride for awhile so there is no more near contact.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Well its treading on sensitive ground, but one cant help notice Anne has classic symptoms of paranoia. Unless she addresses it, rather than retreat, she will encounter this diagnoses from caregivers.

                There is an interesting correlation between mental disorders and religion. I think this can be extended to politics as well, although I dont have supporting literature at hand. Cause and effect? Both biochemical and sociological conditioning are causative, as well as being possessed by the devil. (a little joke)

                "Various studies have found that the prevalence of religious delusions in schizophrenia is very high. Torrey found around half of sufferers in the U.S. experience religious delusions. Other studies in other parts of the world have found differently. Mohr and Huguelet in Switzerland found the prevalence to be around 21% and Rudaleviciene and his colleagues in Lithuania found it to be as high as 64% there"

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Ive pondered this over the years…what is the relationship between mental disorder and various cultural formative forces (religion politics social norms and more). One often hears this statement when there are dissenting views of politics "Youre crazy". There might be something to that.

                  "The main areas involved in hyperreligiosity
                  are the frontal lobes, the temporal lobes, and the limbic system.
                  The neurobiological basis of hyper-religiosity is discussed by comparing the
                  neurobiological substrates of the four disorders in which hyper-religiosity usually occurs.
                  These disorders are obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, temporal lobe
                  epilepsy (TLE), and mania."


                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    A study, published in the Journal of Religion & Health, showed that people who believe in an angry, vengeful god are more likely to suffer from social anxiety, paranoia, obsessional thinking, and compulsions. Symptoms of mental illness were more common among those in the punitive god group than in the deistic god or benevolent god groups.

                    Its interesting we just read a classic post that said one who does not fear God cant have respect for oneself or others….my impulse reaction was 'thats crazy' but a closer examination of the roll of the frontal, temporal lobes and limbic system elucidates the the point with greater coherence.

                    Patriotism may well fit into the etiology of paranoia dysfunction, having a similar root. Not that one shouldnt feel protective of ones home, neighborhood, state, country, continent, and above all, the global ecosphere and its life energy; the sun

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      You may have a point HillBilly. Ive noticed some uncharacteristic phraseology slip through. But if so, the restrained, dead pan humor is very good

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      non intended double post above…sorry.

                      Delusions are culturally specific.
                      "Religion and schizophrenia
                      Trans-cultural studies have found that delusional religious beliefs, such as the belief one is a profit, or that God is talking to them, or being posessed by the devil, are much more common in patients with schizophrenia who identify as Christian and/or reside in predominately Christian areas such as Europe or North America. By comparison, patients in Japan much more commonly have delusions surrounding matters of shame and slander, and in Pakistan matters of paranoia regarding relatives and neighbors"


                      One could imagine someone believing Trump is a great savior in the U.S. while across the world, someone is feeling great power from a recently cut off and shrunken head in Borneo

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                    • Just tell your friends to stop stalking me.

                      And please stop the attacks. I can see that there is a huge amount of anxiety if I were to ask for a protective order. That is why I have not gone that route.

                      However, all the attacks and slander are extremely mean and look as if people are obsessed with politics.

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Dr Maziar. Your words–> "I can see that there is a huge amount of anxiety if I were to ask for a protective order"

                      Really? You see a huge amount of anxiety over that?

                      Where? I don't think any reasonable person here sees it that way at all.

                    • I tend to feel sorry for people and to try to look at the world from someone else's point of view.

                      My intention was to not answer all these attacks ever again. I'll try to avoid answers in the future.

                  • This is very interesting, thank you Code. NAC, N-Acetyl-Cysteine has been shown to be effective in treating OCD and epilepsy. It has a broad range of uses. I had a link that showed what NAC is effective in treating but I can't find it right now, damn. 🙂 never fear, I use it daily 🙂

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Taffy, glad you brought up the NAC. Also, niacin.

                      I take it obsessively every day to combat OCD. Call me crazy but without my vitamins I would be VERY susceptible to demonic possession.

                    • It hasn't helped my possession, maybe it's not demonic? maybe it angelic? 🙂

                  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                    Timing issue as well, seasonal, maybe traumatic-PTSD. Seems about time for the wig out.
                    Sooner or later she will have pushed all of the LPD/Paramedics buttons, and they will show up with the long-sleeved buckle up blazer and she will be doing the thorazine shuffle.
                    She is a little to wacky to go to a dementia ward.

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  It's character design.

                  An act.

                  Pretty good one, according to her fans. Too good, in fact.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    You may have a point HillBilly. Ive noticed some uncharacteristic phraseology slip through. But if so, the restrained, dead pan humor is very good

                • m a x l i

                  "Religious delusions" is a strange term. Usually nobody says "dinner meal" or "cow animal" or "tree plant" or "table furniture" or "Mars planet" or "Bible book".

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Code, it looks like Lewy Body dementia to me. Had a family member who had it. The stories sound eerily similar to what we were subjected to over the years. I would not wish that on anyone.

                • You notice, I've only contacted the police 3 times in 2 years, and seen my psychiatrist only once in 2 years. So no one is going to call me paranoid.

                  All anyone has to do is stop the attacks and slander on the internet and stay away from me as if a protective order already exists.

                  Why is there no sanity on the part of my attackers?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    "Why is there no sanity on the part of my attackers?"

                    Have you suggested to the two five foot attackers who drive midget MG sports cars that they take NAC and Niacin?

            • HoTaters HoTaters


              and the beat goes on with annabanana

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              "So I will report on enenews every incident in the future thanks to your inability to keep your trolling voice quiet."

              We know. Reporting to The Hippie Mafia. Cheers.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Not sure what they mean with "GMO"

    New Self-Cloning ‘GMO’ Tick Invades USA, Spreading Human Diseases

    The Longhorned tick, normally native to east Asia, was discovered in western North Carolina along the South Carolina border. reports: Details of the discovery were not released, but a warning was issued Wednesday for the state’s veterinarians to be on the lookout for a rapid spread.

    Longhorned ticks are capable of spreading disease, and the females reproduce without a male, says the N.C. Department of Agriculture. That means a single female can create a colony anywhere in the state, officials say.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Kushner Cos. Allegedly Did Some Horrific Shit to Force Out Rent Stabilized Tenants

    Jared Kushner’s former real estate company may have exposed children to toxic dust as part of a campaign to push out rent-controlled tenants, according to a new lawsuit.

    The lawsuit was filed by nineteen tenants of 184 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and alleged that Kushner Cos., starting in June 2015, used unsafe construction as a technique to oust tenants in an attempt to convert the building into luxury condos. The tenants are asking for $10 million in damages.

    The Daily News reports:

    “The intentional and negligent actions of (Kushner Cos.) have caused plaintiffs, and young children, to be exposed to a constant cloud of toxic smoke and dust, illegal noise, unsafe conditions, unregulated and unsupervised workmen performing construction activity,” said the suit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, which was dated July 15.

    The dust included toxins such as “lead, crystalline silicates, gypsum and other poisonous and carcinogenic substances,” the lawsuit alleged. […]

    The construction has also led to a “chronic rodent infestation, illegal noise, sporadic flooding, loss of hot water, broken windows, holes in the walls, lack of security (and) accumulation of mold,” the suit said.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    And the Pope wants more babies..

    The Limits of Green Energy Under Capitalism

    Renewable energy is expanding rapidly all around the world. The energy capacity of newly installed solar projects in 2017, for instance, exceeded the combined increases from coal, gas and nuclear plants. During the past eight years alone, global investment in renewables was $2.2 trillion, and optimism has soared along with investments.

    But can renewable energy grow fast enough in the market economy to pinch off the use of fossil fuels and help fend off climate catastrophe? Unfortunately, it’s not likely. Even as the percentage of global energy generation from renewables increases, so too does global energy consumption, which means that fossil fuel emissions are also increasing.

    The world’s energy-related carbon emissions rose by 1.7 percent in 2017 and energy consumption grew by 2.2 percent, the fastest rate since 2013. For the past decade, primary energy consumption increased worldwide at an average rate of 1.7 percent per year. Power generation rose last year by 2.8 percent with renewable energy providing 49 percent of that increase and most of the rest (44 percent) coming from coal. Globally, oil consumption grew by 1.8 percent, natural gas by 3 percent and coal consumption increased by 1 percent. The key point is that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are increasing even as renewable energy use is growing.


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Robert Kennedy Jr. launches first lawsuit of thousands against Monsanto alleging herbicide Roundup causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma"

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Opiods-I ate some wheat bread today and got sleepy. I cooked a small 'loaf' which I had made, against the judgement of Plowgirl. It was sourdough which had been fermenting about a week. Turned out to be hardtack when cooked. Hard as a rock. Tasted pretty good though. 🙂

    • PGU…have you been tested for allergies? If wheat made you sleepy it is an allergic reaction. I have that problem. I have to be careful eating grains of any kind, they are all a form of grass. If you are allergic to grasses then you are most likely allergic to most grains.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Turning Trump’s Trade War Into a Tool to Fight Climate Change
    What if countries responded to Trump’s tariffs by taxing imports based on their carbon footprint instead?

    As the Trump administration's trade war heats up, a group of experts is proposing a new way to counter protectionism—and prod the United States back into climate action at the same time.

    In a commentary in the journal Nature, the team of trade and climate policy experts called for a global punitive tax on imports based on their carbon footprint.

    It's an idea that was invented to address the problem of "free riders"—nations that refuse to join the global practice of putting a price on carbon, such as a tax or a cap-and-trade market mechanism. To avoid giving the free riders a competitive advantage in world trade, the carbon price would be collected on their products as an import tariff at the border.

    The border tax would "level the emissions playing field by imposing the same economic burden on domestic and external manufacturers," the team writes in the article, published online Monday.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Imagining an Economy That Serves the 99%

    Those who benefit most from the status quo spend a lot of money to persuade the rest of us that this – an economy that serves the top 1% — is good for us and, in fact, the best we can do

    Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer, and US corporate profits continue to break records. In 1965 the typical CEO earned about 20 times as much as the average worker. In 2016, the ratio was 270.

  • Maria Butina was accused of trying to influence the Republican Party at Russia’s behest.

    “Just hours after President Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin, the Justice Department announced the arrest of a Russian national — Maria Butina — for secretly trying to influence US politics at Russia’s behest.

    “An affidavit filed by an FBI agent asserts that Butina tried to cozy up to a gun rights organization so she could influence a major political party, all the while working for a top Russian central bank official and trying to advance the interests of the Russian state — and not registering as a foreign agent.

    “Though the affidavit does not name many of the people and groups involved, previous reporting and context clues make it clear that the gun rights group is the National Rifle Association, the party is the Republican Party, and the Russian official is Alexander Torshin….”

    • razzz razzz

      Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar: But selling Russians US uranium is okay? Along with hillary forcing Ukrainian reactor operators to purchase specific manufacturer's fuel rods.

      'How Washington Is Fighting For Russia's Old Europe Energy Market'

      "…Energy security in Eastern Europe is a thermo-nuclear reactor war that mainly pits Westinghouse Electric (WEC) against Russian Rosatom. It’s a drawn-out and extremely costly energy game the U.S. is trying desperately to win. State Department chief Hillary Clinton even "lobbied" for Westinghouse in Prague in 2012.

      It's not a secret…"

      With the clintons, it doesn't matter if they played their scam foundation 'contributors' against each other as long as there was money to be made. Losing to Trump wrecked their money making schemes.

  • razzz razzz

    'When We will Be Truthful About Bureaucratic Intervention into Foreign Elections?'

    "…This selective memory is really absurd. We have to be honest and call the shots straight up. Even Obama came out and was desperate to blame Russia for hacking DNC files that exposed internal corruption. Nobody ever said that the emails that were hacked had been altered. They were real. Nevertheless, Obama’s Administration plainly said: “We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

    So if the emails were real and the voting machines were not hacked, then the issue boils down to whoever hacked simply released emails that were self-damning and the election outcome was not altered by any hacking. The Bureaucracy has the media on its side to constantly portray Russia as the enemy. I have been in meetings asking why is Russia our enemy? Nobody can give me an answer. I state they are no longer communist. That was what the cold war was all about. They look at me with a blank look in their eyes and finally just say: “Well they are Russian!” The entire Crimera thing is absurd…"

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    We are SO hosed!

    US Congress readies bill to advance 5G networks

    The House of Representatives will vote on Tuesday on a bill that works on identifying more spectrum for private sector use, as well as reducing the red tape associated with building wireless networks.
    Stephanie Condon

    By Stephanie Condon for Between the Lines | March 2, 2018 — 19:59 GMT (11:59 PST) | Topic: Mobility

    Read: removes control of local and state governments to have control or oversight on 5G deployment.

    This is the technology from Hell (Nuke's evil twin?)

    The info. I've read on 5G is enough to make my hair stand on end. We are from a telecomm family, so I don't say this lightly.

    Please consider opposing the rollout of 5G. It will blanket entire nations with an inescapable blanket of non-ionizing radiation in the Gigahertz (GHz) frequency sprectrum.

    Milimeter wave technology, the same as used for directed energy weapons. Not pretty. The military uses this in part for "denial of access" weapons.

    It's pretty obvious by now WE THE PEOPLE are the enemy.

    Is this the ultimate control grid, a "kill grid" as some assert?

    Scares the spit out of me, personally.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      spectrum that is

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Sorry, wrong link.

      "A bipartisan Senate bill introduced in late June would expedite placement of 5G infrastructure but limit state and local authority in negotiating application fees with mobile carriers.

      Already the proposed legislation has earned the praise of the wireless industry, with trade association CTIA stating S. 3157 'will help America win the global 5G race by accelerating deployment of next-generation wireless infrastructure while preserving local authority.'

      But Christopher Mitchell, director of community broadband networks for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, said the legislation is wrongheaded. He argued timely rollout of 5G, or fifth-generation wireless, technology will happen regardless of federal action, and carriers should agree to a fair price for using public rights of way.

      'If we don’t immediately steamroll localities’ decision making, then we will miss out on new technology? If China deploys 5G more rapidly than us, then we’re going to lose?' Mitchell told Route Fifty. 'China has more roads than us. China has more people than us.'

      'I don’t see how we lose a single job if China has more 5G than we do,' he continued."

      Thursday, April 26, 2018
      Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G
      Apr 26, 2018

      International Society of Doctors for the Environment…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Thursday, April 26, 2018
        Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G
        Apr 26, 2018

        International Society of Doctors for the Environment Support 5G Moratorium

        Has anyone else noticed a virtual EXPLOSION in the number of cell phone towers all over the place in the US? I could swear some areas have 4-5 times as many as there were a year ago. I drove into Sacramento yesterday, and they were literally placed every couple of blocks in some areas. I don't remember seeing that before.

        Fry on….

        • Driving in towards Phoenix I see more and more of them. For a while there they were trying to hide them, making them look like palm trees. Not any more, they are bigger and way uglier. So far I'm kinda safe where I am against the mountains in no-where land.

  • razzz razzz

    'Bureaucracy & the Collapse of Empires, Nation, City-States & Corporations'

    "…Corporations also fail when the board replaces the creators, abandon imagination, and proceed to comply with all the rules so they are run by the lawyers and accountants. I have found it very frustrating getting called in when they have a crisis that they create by mismanagement. The profit margins have to expand to cover the costs of waste by mismanagement. The Deep State is indeed the bureaucracy. Just look at Brussels. They are waging a fight against anything that would undermine the euro, not to further the living standards or expand the economy of Europe. It has now turned all around and the primary goal is to preserve the EU bureaucracy. They now are defending their jobs. People think there is some global conspiracy. These people cannot even run their own state no less agree to hand power to yet some other mythical super group lurking behind the curtain.

    I have been called in to probably more central banks than anyone. The ONLY reason I am called in because they UNDERSTAND we are INDEPENDENT and our computer is not biased. They want real live forecasts, not politically correct forecasts they pay to publish as propaganda. If they were 100% in
    absolute command, they would NEVER call us in to begin with."

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I have been called in to probably more central banks than anyone. So how can Armstrong also make that claim?

      • razzz razzz

        Wikipedia is not the definitive answer.

        Armstrong is an on-call adviser on a global scale. If a central bank is having problems it calls him. If a government is in financial trouble they call him. If a State wants their investment fund(s) reviewed for advice they call him. If a company if floundering, they call him. If you are an individual investor, you can sign up for $10 to get limited access to his computer programs. If you are a government or a bank, starting at $250,000 a year you can get access and advice on all aspects of his computer programs.

        His record is good and data base so extensive, when warning of global cooling, pending debt disasters, foreign currency meltdowns or sees warning signs of possible unrest or war rumblings, people stand up and take notice. Not always the parties involved but mainly investors looking to avoid risk.

        He was the largest fund manager in the world a couple of times but with that comes suspicions and accusations so he no longer handles funds but only advises. Well known in the halls of Congress for decades. When in jail 7+ years for contempt of court, people around the world offered to pay any fines to free him but the US wanted his computer program more than anything else. He never gave it up.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          razzz I question this "Armstrong is an on-call adviser on a global scale. If a central bank is having problems it calls him."

          Do you hear this alleged fact from anyone other than Armstrong? Sounds like a sales pitch to me. International banks have predictive algorithms. Super computers are now using the parallel processing power of graphic cards in huge rooms full of computer modules. Teams of people would create algorythms to utilize the processing power. Armstrong couldnt hope to equal that investment and power.

          • razzz razzz

            You'd have to read his history even if he is recalling his own events. He is pretty much ignored by main stream media which is more like an endorsement. Smart money knows exactly who is he. He has posted letters to administrations warning of pending decisions that would have bad results. Testified before congress and called into meetings to interview presidential candidates and judge for comprehension abilities.

            Large investment funds ex. a State employee retirement funds take special handling or go broke since purchases and selling have to be finessed. Only a few talented enough to handle billions of dollars for investments.

            True dat about computer power, but you need a database to crunch numbers. He sends teams in for a year at a time to gather data from newspaper archives adding to his database. He claims he uses the stock markets like an ATM anytime he needs money so there is no telling what kind of computing power he is using since he keeps it off the grid and isolated. He is a programmer and front runner of artificial intelligence as his program can be asked verbal questions by clients and answers verbally including generating reports at the sametime. His worldwide company is private so he can keep things secret. Later on he plans to go public with a stock offering.

            There are many stories about him interacting with central banks and governments. He told Euroland their plan would never workout. Said be a trade union instead.


    July 16 Hanford

    Feds say it can’t wait. High-risk radioactive Hanford tunnel needs filling NOW

    Hanford Tunnel Collapse: Take 2?

    "While not an indication of imminent collapse, the fact that some components are stressed above design capacity and are also corroding is a concern,” DOE said.

    Article with video of highly corrided tunnel.

  • Interesting. I post two articles about how Russian trolls operate on the internet, and I get 50 abusive answers here, proving my point.

    If and when I decide to get a protective order, it is a psychiatrist who will help me. I pass all my psych evaluations. The better part of wisdom would be to stop threatening me and stop the stalking. You are hurting youself(ves), not me, and showing that you are really not nice people at all. No wonder SadieDog outed you.


    March, 2018
    St. Louis Landfill

    EPA wants to do partial excavation of contaminants at radioactive West Lake Landfill Superfund site

    EPA Selects “Excavation Plus” as Proposed …

    Due to pressure from a bunch of Teamsters who live there? Who don't understand the massive 'legacy waste' that is apparently smoldering? Is this a joke? Ha Ha Bill Gates?

    I personally studied & researched the site. I've seen photos of the 18 wheelers driving into massive excavation areas where they were buried with some kind of nuclear who-knows-what. Yes, they buried the trucks. In the middle of the night. For a reason.

    This is not a fire. It's a subsurface smoldering event involving radioactive waste beyond comprehension. Infared shows 'hotspots' but introducing oxygen is incomprehensible.

    Since the people involved have lost their minds, I've checked my distance: 750 miles. For a full-blown fire at that site, it is not enough.

    EPA looking for comments on this. Have at it peeps. I will respond in the morning, after the nightmares. And the headache.

    Just Moms STL | St. Louis Rad Waste Legacy, West Lake Landfilling

  • Time to catch some zzzzzzz's while I can. Nite all.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
    You guys already linked to this. Interesting, the surfacing details about nuclear transport and the risks involved. Terrorist spin detracts from the exposure risks of our own operations. Fukushima is a prime example, not to mention everyday releases and contamination. And where is this plutonium left in a parking lot in a rental car? Wow.

    The US is shaking hands with anyone willing to support the nuclear profit trainwreck, giving ourselves a record breaking budget to play war and foster illusions of war to justify investing in enough nuclear weapons to power the galaxy. Forever. And they can't figure out how to stop it or store it yet.


    Great place you got here. Lab.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
      Castro asked Perry a series of questions pertaining to the danger the materials pose and frequency of occurrence.

      Castro shared a list of questions he posed to Perry following the report:
      Considering the significant danger to the public of loose radioactive material, why was the public not notified of this incident immediately after it occurred?
      What is the Department of Energy’s disclosure and notification procedure after any such loss of radioactive material?
      How much plutonium and cesium are missing from the March 2017 incident?
      What information do you have about the March 2017 incident and the following incident?
      What elements of the Department of Energy or other federal or local agencies are involved in the recovery of the MUF? If so, what progress has been made to date with their attempts at recovering the MUF?
      Please list all incidents in the last five years that detail the loss of radioactive materials controlled or owned by the Department of Energy in Texas that has not been reported to Congress?
      In the event of MUF involving radioactive material, how did you notify members of Congress whose districts or states were at risk?
      What assistance is the Department of Energy providing local law enforcement, the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies tasked with the recovery of such radioactive material unaccounted for with their investigations?

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    These would need to be carried out taking related risks into account, they emphasized, adding that international organizations, including the IAEA, can provide an overall umbrella for information exchange, cooperative research, databases, standards and guides and expert services.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    GE Hitachi Selected by U.S. Department of Energy to Lead Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Project for BWRX-300 with Exelon, Bechtel, HGNE and MIT

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech


    I hadn't seen the Helsinki meet.

    So I google it. 58,000,000 hits.
    1st page headlines seth myers.
    Does this rank in order of interest, hits, propaganda, what?
    The only 'non-opinion' clip is RT. No Shit?

    Starts at 1:09 about.

    American media-entertainment are childish, embarrassing goofnuts.
    Whoever follows much of their opinion is goofnut sheep.
    But entertained. Snowflake questions for the snowflake crowd.

    Do I like what I see and hear on this vid?
    Not really, but it is better than the recent past blowhard bullshitters.

    I imagine HRC at that podium.
    With her goofy reset button.
    Alone, in her ChairmanMao coat.

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