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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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51,104 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • Jebus Jebus

    There was no collusion, no rash, no leakage.

    It was all performed with slime lubricant. Purely.

    Putin didn't have to do anything.

    Like a banker collecting interest…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Note to self out loud.

    When trying to change American politics by "draining the swamp", do not choose Russia, China, or any other country to help you in any way…

  • Jebus Jebus

    This round will be interesting. 2020 more so.

    Hang on, and/or duck if necessary.

    Probably should just worry about the angle that we hit now…

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    The Arctic Is Burning: Wildfires Rage from Sweden to Alaska

    There are currently 11 wildfires blazing in the Arctic circle, The Guardian reported Wednesday.

    While fires are also raging in Russia, Norway and Finland, Sweden has seen the most extensive Arctic fires, which have forced four communities to evacuate, according to The Guardian.

    Two Italian water-bombing planes that answered Sweden's call for help will begin operating Wednesday, but Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency has requested even more planes and helicopters from the EU, The Local Sweden reported.

    "This is definitely the worst year in recent times for forest fires. Whilst we get them every year, 2018 is shaping up to be excessive," university researcher and Uppsula resident Mike Peacock told The Guardian.

    This year's fires in Sweden cover a much larger area than fires in past years, The Guardian reported.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Republicans block bid to extend election security grants

    The Republican-controlled House on Thursday eliminated new funding for states to strengthen election security, drawing protests from Democrats who said Republicans are not doing enough to prevent Russian meddling.

    "The Russians attacked our democracy. They will be back, and we are not ready," said Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill. "The president is unwilling to meet this challenge, but we must be willing to meet the challenge."

    • I was told to leave my patriotism at the door when I come here…

      This is above party and ideology, it is about country…

      The republicans are actively sabotaging our election processes…

      For an interesting view of the House floor in action, go here…

      • Ambiorix Ambiorix

        "This is above party and ideology, it is about country…"

        Hi Taffy , i'm equally scared at the other end of the dying ocean..its about the whole world..

        • Ambiorix…when we look around us do we see any system surviving? or thriving? All aspects to our being healthy is of question. It seems the that the only system thriving is the systematic collapse of Life. All life. We know the 6th extinction applies to Life and the Living so those systems we have created have a "life" of their own and are subject to the extinction as well. Are they not? If the food chain is in collapse and chaos, why not political systems as well? It burns, this fire of chaos. There is no "normalcy", only chaos and it is speeding up on a daily basis. With each sun rise I awaken to a new report of another crack or rip in the seam of what was life around me. I had forgotten "kiss", keep it simple stupid. I will try harder to not forget this wisdom while trying not to puke on my shoes at the next insult from the powers that be. Try not to be scared Ambiorix, maybe think of it all as being a play performed by the theater of the absurd. That's what I'll try to do.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      maybe its good the Russians hacked the election. Didnt they expose truth? I dont know, cant follow it too much

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        wrong finger

      • Yea obewn and today you don't even need ink, just put a common fingerprint scanner in the booth! After all, every law enforsement agency has been using them for a decade to record identity. They are also common with laptop computers and even cellphones everywhere and have been proven to be accurate for years…

        But there's a downside…

        First the government will have everyones fingerprint (not a problem for me) and many will scream invasion of privacy…

        Second no illegal alien or criminal will vote (kinda like the whole ID scam) and then some will no longer be able to pander to such groups for votes.

        I can't imagine a illegal alien being able to vote, but they do and it's obvious who targets these votes at election time.

        A natural borne American looses his or her voting rights if convicted of a felony but a stranger to this country can cast a vote? And they do, it's proven.

        So I'm in favor of ID to vote and I may even be in favor of fingerprint scanners (if used correctly) but many will go out of their way to strike that down for personal agenda. Be it political or simply because they have something to hide (even if they are simply afraid).

        Illegal aliens should not be allowed to vote!

        I'd rather see a natural borne American felon vote than a stranger to this country!

        All you'd have to do is promise them citizenship and effect a election.

        No matter how dishonest and game changing that move is, some will always stoop to it. Scanners?

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Many simple solutions to everything..if they wanted to solve anything.. we would see simple laws.

 writers.. are capitalistic pigs too!

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Great post HD.

          Even ass-backwards countries do better than we do. Disappointing
          And I do not mean they are that way, it was my home 1/2 the time

          But point this out to the average American? hahaha

          Read it and weep people.
          We are 3rd world.

          Scanners? why not?
          Federal ID? why not?

          Who is stopping progress?

          • Thanks man…

            I don't know about the new ID's. Are they saying they can't trust their own ID system? Well duh the bikers used to make big money in the 70's after they stole a ID machine but this goes much deeper.

            My drivers licence is not official ID anymore? Now I need a endorsement to prove it's a ID and it's really me? Really?

            I wonder why….

            Here's a good one to watch on that one….

            The Wendell Baker Story:


          • "But point this out to the average American? hahaha


            Well we already do the same thing man….

            Drivers licence?

            SS certificate?

            We (America) started it, we nationalized it and if you were caught driving without a license, it was a trip to jail…

            I just don't see any real distinction there.

            Same is same…

            I was even threatened with a trip to jail for a expired licence back in the late 90's so this is not a new thing, it's not a different thing, it's all the same thing.

            If you live in most places in America you have to drive, this place ain't set up to walk to work or even to the store.

            So a drivers licence and a social security card serves exactly the same function and America has been doing it for every bit as long (longer) as the Dominican republic…

            Just don't tell that to the sheeple… Panic ensues.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          who cares if illegal aliens vote? All the voters are indoctrinated and there is never a good candidate to vote for and the same shit keeps happening regardless who is 'commander'

          • "who cares if illegal aliens vote?"

            I do and you should too…

            So you think it's OK to put that power in the hands of people that either know virtually nothing about what they are voting on or get pandered to by certain unscrupulous politicians?

            What about if they orchestrate a group of strangers entry into the country just so they can get votes for themselves (the latest influx of refugees perhaps?).

            Please… You are kidding right?

            Voting is serious business, not to be opened up to those that only want citizenship or distorted to allow our system to be manipulated by other governments or some dishonest candidates in our own government.

            Wowsers with election integrity and nefarious fake votes on top.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Trump Admin Quietly Deletes Anti-Discrimination Language From U.S. Government Website

    The Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been stealthily removing language on civil rights websites referring to a federal law which prohibits discrimination.

    A Thursday report by the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan and nonprofit watchdog dedicated to government transparency, highlights this shifting linguistic landscape and builds upon original research by the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC).

    The language in question is Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This provision is also referred to as the Health Care Rights Law. According to an NWLC fact sheet on the provision:

    The Health Care Rights Law prohibits discrimination in health care on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and sex including pregnancy, gender identity, and sex stereotyping. Health insurers, hospitals, clinics, and any other entities that receive federal funds are covered by this law.

    • "Trump Admin Quietly Deletes Anti-Discrimination Language"

      From your link.

      This task was somewhat complicated by a lawsuit filed on behalf of religious healthcare providers who felt the provision might be used to force them into providing insurance to people seeking “gender transitions and abortion.”

      So if I decide to not do something I have a problem? That's not freedom.

      So as a clergy since they are tax exempt they are compelled by the state to have to marry anyone that comes along?

      That's not freedom!

      When I got married there was a interview process, then and only then did the pastor make the decision to marry us (male female marriage). It was his decision because HE was the one doing the ceremony.

      This has nothing to do with healthcare, a real doctor will help anyone that comes along…

      And a real doctor will not cut someones peter off simply because they want it gone.

      And I damn sure don't want to help pay for it.

      So less law makes for better healthcare and makes it easy to spot those that need to find a new line of work (or a prison cell or a padded cell).

      Bashers bash out of some preconceived notion that has nothing to do with the actual issue, even when common sense would normally prevail.

      Tell me oh mighty state who I need to help get a sex change? Tell me oh ruleing government state when I need to cut someones peter off because I'm a stupid doctor and don't know any better?

      Sounds pretty red commie (and stupid…

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Fossil Fuel Industries Outspend Clean Energy Advocates On Climate Lobbying By 10 To 1
    That’s one reason why climate bills fail even though most Americans think global warming is happening.

    Fossil fuel producers, airlines and electrical utilities outspent environmental groups and the renewable energy industry 10 to 1 on lobbying related to climate change legislation between 2000 and 2016, according to a new analysis released Wednesday.

    The research, which will be published Thursday in the journal Climate Change, suggests that, at a time when the majority of Americans understand global warming and support government action to deal with it, industry lobbying still has far greater influence in Washington.

    “Public opinion is pretty much a minor factor in deciding what Congress is going to do,” said Robert Brulle, the study’s author and a sociologist at Drexel University.

    Money spent on lobbying, he said, is likely a much bigger determinant of whether federal legislation gets off the ground.

    “We seem to have a public opinion fetish where if we get public opinion to be supportive of climate change legislation, then it’ll happen,” Brulle said. “My answer to that is, gee, well, we should have gun control legislation then.”

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Trump Just Nominated A Pesticide Exec To Oversee Science At The USDA
    Of course he did.

    On Monday, while most media were still digesting President Donald Trump’s extraordinary travels abroad, the White House quietly named a long-time pesticide executive as chief scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    If approved by the Senate, Scott Hutchins will be the third major player from Dow Chemical’s pesticide/seed division — now known as Corteva, after Dow’s 2017 merger with DuPont — to hold a high post in Trump’s USDA. Back in April, the administration tapped Ken Isley, a 30-year Dow Agroscience/Corteva veteran, to lead the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. In October 2017, another former Dow man, Ted Mckinney, was confirmed by the Senate as undersecretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs. McKinney had served for 19 years on Dow Agroscience’s government affairs (read: lobbying) team.

    Hutchins, the USDA’s presumptive new chief scientist, has been with Dow Agrosciences and later Cortva since earning a Ph.D. in entomology from Iowa State University in 1987. His most recent title is global leader of integrated field sciences; before the DuPont merger, he served as global director for crop protection research and development at Dow AgroSciences. “Crop protection,” of course, means pesticides — a category that includes bug killers (pesticides), weed killers (herbicides), and fungus killers (fungicides).

    In his role as chief scientist — formally known…

    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

      In his role as chief scientist — formally known as undersecretary for research, education, and economics — Hutchins would set the agenda for the USDA’s $2.9 billion research budget.

    • GOM GOM

      'Trump' didn't elect anything. He goes along for the ride.

      Being a native New Yorker, I can assure you that he is 'on the take'. His background cements this idea. It is spoken about in corner bars & cellar poker games.

      He is the perfect Patsy. Balls & brains. And he cleverly overt. But don't be fooled, the wise-guys are watching.
      And this is genius in itself. As the Mob litterally runs Vegas, Chicago, NY & politics..having Trump as president is a mega fcking Christmas present.

      As for the 'politicos', most are heavy in stocks. Another win-win for the heavy hitters.

      I suspect that Trump's love of money & power corrupted him.

      His modus operandi is his "love for America". So as we speed toward that financial brick wall, as the masses dive further & further into oblivion, nothing will ever be 'his' fault.

      Trump will be remembered as the Superhero who tried to save us.


      • "'Trump' didn't elect anything. He goes along for the ride.

        Being a native New Yorker, I can assure you that he is 'on the take'. His background cements this idea. It is spoken about in corner bars & cellar poker games."

        President Trump has shown he's the kinda guy that would spit in your face and then laugh at you while many others have demonstrated they are thinking about votes and will play games to get elected.

        If I had to pick who to hang out with in real life as a friend? I'll take the spitter every time.

        He's who he is, the panderer is a snake in the grass that pretends he (or she) believes something and that's their goal, to look good.

        The panderer will eliminate you at the first sign of trouble and not loose a moments sleep.

        I like a guy that doesn't care what you think!

        And talk all the shit you want at the poker game…

        At least with the spitter you know where you stand.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Senate Confirms Trump Court Pick With Record Of Attacking Voting Rights
    More than 200 civil rights groups opposed Andrew Oldham, but every Republican voted to make him a lifetime federal judge.

    The Senate voted on Wednesday to confirm another one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees, Andrew Oldham, despite more than 200 civil rights groups opposing him over his record of trying to restrict voting and civil rights.

    Every Republican voted to put Oldham, 39, into a lifetime seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, based in New Orleans. Every Democrat opposed him. The final tally was 50-49.

    Oldham, a former Texas deputy solicitor general who now serves as general counsel to Gov. Greg Abbott (R), in 2013 defended the state’s voter photo ID law, SB 14, which a federal judge later struck down as an “unconstitutional poll tax.” In his filing on behalf of the state, Oldham ripped the U.S. Justice Department’s civil rights division for refusing to preclear the law and argued that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act ― the heart of the historic federal civil rights law ― should be invalidated altogether.

    In 2014, Oldham argued that housing discrimination cases should not be brought based on disparate impacts on minority communities. The Supreme Court rejected his argument, saying that the Fair Housing Act “must play a part in avoiding the… grim prophecy that ‘[o]ur Nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white — separate and unequal…

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    World’s biggest climate villains team up to do more damage to the environment
    If Putin keeps swaying elections toward pro-pollution populists in America and Europe, climate action is doomed.

    The world’s increasingly desperate effort to preserve a livable climate just took another hit, now that the two biggest climate villains — Putin and Trump — have clearly teamed up.

    But not only do we now know Russia worked hard to elect climate science denier Donald Trump as president, we also know they have been working since 2004 to sway elections toward pro-Russian populists elsewhere — and most of those populists are also pro-fossil fuels and anti-clean energy.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Can a Cap Be Placed on the Incomes of the Super-Rich?

    Is there a means to eliminate the financial class of the super-rich? Would this help reduce income inequality were it come to pass? Sam Pizzigati makes the case that the answer is “yes” in his book, The Case for a Maximum Wage. The following is an excerpt from the book.

    Economists and epidemiologists, psychologists and political scientists: Researchers from multiple disciplines have detailed the high price we pay when we tolerate intense maldistributions of income and wealth. If we want a world more welcoming to the best humanity can be, the social science consensus holds, we need to narrow the gaps that divide us.

    But how? Here we have no clear consensus. We do have options. Societies can narrow the gaps in income that distance our most and least affluent in three basic ways. We can level up incomes at the bottom of our economic order. We can level down incomes at the top. Or we can do both.

    Those who sit atop our economic order — and those who seek their favor — typically do their best to confine us to the first of these options. To narrow our economic divides, friends of grand fortune advise, we need to work at lifting up the bottom. Fighting inequality, they maintain, need only involve attacking poverty, nothing more.

    Raising a society’s bottom-most incomes can certainly narrow a gap between rich and poor. But that gap can also widen — if incomes at the top rise more rapidly than incomes at the bottom…

    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

      ..China has witnessed this exact phenomenon over recent decades. Between 1978 and 2015, incomes for China’s poorest 50 percent saw a real increase of 401 percent. Incomes for China’s top 1 percent, in those same years, soared over four times faster, by 1,898 percent. China has become considerably more unequal.


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Excellent! Maximum wage! Perfect! 🙂

      • None of that is new…

        We started with Japan after the war and after making them rich and upping their technology to a unprecedented level we moved to Taiwan and S. Korea Modernizing their way of life and helping their GDP. Now it's China, nothing new there.

        The list of countries we have helped create wealth since WW2 is simply too long to get into one post.

        Now look at the communist states and the people they have helped…


        Take a look at this map of the earth (takes a moment to load)…,113.448006,3.5545173940875863z&data=$bWVsMg==&lang=en

        Check out korea…

        Notice the difference between north and south Korea?

        Guess who has running water and a stove and heat and AC and who's still drinking outta the creek.

        China was one of the many projects we endeavored to modernize with clean water and food and real shelter…

        …One of hundreds.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Do you know the definition of attrition and hegemony? The money men were sure to make money on Japan, and they did. Banks and big money men made a capitalist success story of the U.S. occupation of Japan. The public, both of the U.S. and Japan, paid for it. Make no mistake, you are reading propaganda. It goes like this;

          'The US provided $2.44 billion dollars in grants to rebuild Japan, ending in 1953. Man…the U.S. is SO GOOD and HOLY!'

          The U.S. players wanted military bases in Japan for global hegemony. But first, Japan relinquished all overseas assets approximately $23 billion. After WWII, it was estimated that that Japan had lost 42 percent of its national wealth.

          On top of losing their assets, Japan's government agreed to make a payment of $6.67 million to the International Red Cross. Occupation policy saddled the Japanese with "termination of war" expenditures. A complex set of reforms led to massive inflation. In order for military manufacturers to restructure, massive loans had to be taken. Massive loans mean massive debt and massive profit for the lenders! Who pays for it? As always, it the public.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Time for the 'patented' AST graduated fair consumption tax.

      No other taxes. 0.

      This is a beauty, simply place value on everything consumed.
      Figure the 'medians'.
      Have at it, no one can complain, it's fair, top to bottom.


      A loaf of bread, say $2, average, my area. maybe it is a slight discount.
      I, am in the say, 50 percentile income range.
      I, pay $2.

      My cousin, makes 1000% more than I.
      He, pays $2000 for the loaf o' bread.

      My aunt, who likes to do tiedye t-shirts and smoke a little weed, is at about 25% of the median.
      She pays $0.50 for the bread.

      See, fair.
      If your inclined to do well, you share the wealth.
      If your inclined to do poorly, you won't starve.
      If your in the middle, there is incentive, either direction.

      Chip everyone, a national 'wealthcard'(don't leave home without it or you cannot buy a thing), whatever works.

      Jeff Bezos, at $150bil wealth, is about at the top.
      I figure, he stops at McDonalds to get his kid a HappyMeal, and it is like $50,000..maybe $85,000, depending on location.

      Make more…PAY more! maybe a LOT more!
      Equality, evens out the playing field!

      Who can complain about that?

      • I like this, I like it a lot. May I use it on my poverty page on my web site?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        AST, missing from your tax plan is how and where to spend the taxes! Dont let the assholes decide!

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          That is small details, it will work itself out, trust me.

          I can administrate it, for a small fee. 😉

          It's beautiful: Example

          I pay like $100 co-pay on the Dr., no other cost 0/zip/nada ever.
          My aunt, pays like $5
          Bezos, pays about $750,000-$1,500,000. Maybe 4x for him on Rx, incentive to do something about it.

          The doctor is going to get $50/$100 a head. Period. Time is money
          United Health Care will get the shaft, they may want some Rx K-Y
          And all their friends.

          Anything over, pays on the debt!
          And a very small .gov budget. very. small.
          All nuke warfare dismantled ASAP
          MIL to only USN 'policing sea lanes' as per law.
          Small active units, HUGE reserve, like everyone gets some duty.

          There is no tax collection/redistribution. Handled at the source.
          Just the 'profit' is sent in. Adjust as needed.

          Tax advisors/Attorneys may want to take advantage of a new 'career path training' program.
          Well funded I might add, from their co-worker partners in crime.

          Whats not to like?

      • So you are a communist? Really AST?

        Now how the hell is a smart man going to be able to afford to hire you if he gives all his money to the state for a loaf of bread?

        They tried that or haven't you heard, it was called the USSR and it failed miserably. Starvation and war after war until the average person could even afford a potato.

        And they had no practical skills because of state dependency.

        Then if you said anything bad about it they scooped you up and dropped you in the gulag…

        Boy are you lucky that crap isn't going on around you… A prime candidate if I've ever seen one.

        The Gulag Tales 1/3:

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Lemmie run the abacus here for a second.


          $—Bezos n/worth

          $1,000,000 co-pay for a doctor office visit

          150,000 visits he can do, 1 a day for 410 years.

          Defend that.

          If he pays $100 co-pay, much like you or I?

          1,500,000,000 visits, 1 a day for 4,100,000 years

          Defend that.


          I did not say anywhere, anyone should give 'most or all' of shit.

          What I said is simple, even for simple minds.

          Bill Gates buys a Big Mac = $10,000

          Donald Trump = $1000

          HippieDog = $6 just guessing

          Average Joe = MSRP…$3-$4

          Taffycat = $0.35-$0.50 still guessing

          0 other taxes… might even be possible.

          We will do something, or this country will fail


          It will make Russia's problem look like the last little bit of popsicle falling off the stick.

          Now, do I believe in my 'fantasy plan' or even if it is possible?

          No. We are not smart enough to solve the problem.

          That's why we have one.

          • Well allow me to retort the abacus here for a second…

            Work hard, filter your water, eat real foods, juice real veggies and stay off drugs (that's ANY drug, prescription or not) and let's put em outta business.

            That 100,0000 dollar crap won't be worth a pack of saltine crackers if we all do that.

            But instead people get insurance (they supposedly need it ya know) and go to the doctor for something to do instead and the doctor gives them a pill, soon they return because they need other pills to fix what the first pill did to them.

            Then dagnabit they have to go back and get more pills to fix what the last batch did and then suddenly, viola, a customer for life emerges… So yea don't change your diet and work hard or exercise, instead go to the doctor for a pill, it's much much easier ya know…

            Really? I have insurance, the only times I've used it was for stitches in the emergency room, then I tore up the prescription for pain pills and bought a bottle of whisky instead.

            Whiskey may have had something to do with me needing stitches in the first place so you see I'm helping to support the healthcare system without becoming ill from drugs, just falling down every now and then :-).

            Take 2 Viagra and call me in the morning after your peter won't stand up on it's own anymore…


  • razzz razzz

    'Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing Apprenticeship Programs with U.S. Companies for 3.8 Million Workers'

    "…On hand were executives from the following companies: Aerospace Industries Association, American Hotel and Lodging Association, American Trucking Associations, Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors of America, FedEx, Foxconn, General Motors, Home Depot, IBM, Internet Association, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, National Association of Homebuilders, National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation, North America's Building Trades Unions, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Society for Human Resource Management, Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance, UPS, and Wal-Mart.

    Altogether, they committed to training more than 3.8 million students and workers for new careers, the president said.

    “This is only day one, and we far exceeded our initial goal of 500,000 students and workers. We thought it was going to be 500,000, and it's close to 4 million. And by the time the day ends, it will probably be well over 4 million,” Trump said. “In the days and months ahead, we hope that hundreds of companies and organizations will join us in this effort.”…"

  • razzz razzz

    'The Media Complete Ignores Putin’s Request…'

    "…The entire subject of the Documentary film with additional footage is available on Amazon. This film on my case was all about the attempt to take over Russia by blackmailing Yeltsin and to stick in a puppet of the New York Bankers. The film was banned in the USA yet it has appeared on TV in Europe, Asia and even in Canada. Why did NetFlix refuse to show it? Because there was the entire question of Hermitage Capital which Safra controlled the majority and tried to get me to invest $10 billion. This is the entire center of Bill Browder’s political involvement behind Hermitage Capital for which he managed to get Congress to create the Maginsky Act to try to get his money back…

    …Now we have Democrats demanding to interrogate Trump’s translator to see what he said privately. Perhaps it is time for Trump to take Putin at his word and let him interrogate Americans in the USA and Mueller to go to Russia and let it all come out once and for all. To produce the Forecaster, they had to have INSURANCE against libel and slander. Before Loyd’s of London would write the insurance for the film, documentary proof of ALL ALLEGATIONS had to be submitted. You cannot make a documentary film without the proof these days, yet it was banned in the USA."

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      I can't be the only person that travels out of the country on biz.
      no, I know I'm not. Traveled with others, on a schedule, no other connection.

      Amazing what is in media, out of here. Amazing the opinions.
      I really was in shock, who we are, for some years. Avoided it mostly.

      The re-elect of BO was a lesson, wakeup. Comments, he is a token, not even black, on and on. Funny at times, as most of the people I was around, looked black to me, but they don't see it the way Americans do.
      They would say to me, 'what part of Africa is in USA? He is not black, he is mulatto, like the majority in the Americas, wake-up"

      Stranger yet, to me, was their offence?/offendedness? haha of US blacks hanging on to 'blackness'. They think we are childish race-warped dingbats. In the DR, 70% mixed, they are Dominicans. Period.
      No black/mestizo/indian/Spanish/Portuguese Dominicans. Dominicans!
      They are greatly offended to be….Divided! imagine that.
      Guess it takes 500+ yrs to overcome.

      We are sheltered and censored.
      Like bag over head/sound @ 0 aware.
      And amazingly arrogant and ignorant visitors to our neighbors.

      But we are excellent entertainment for them.

      • 2 memes that disgust me:

        1) African American, next time someone tells me that, I will welcome them to America as a Luxembourgian American.

        2) People of color. Very insulting to say that white people "have no color" much less even a soul.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          everything is a manipulation. The reason people are offended by a name is from the social injustice of pigeonholing an individual. Its a form of the cast system. Thats the obvious. Others go further. They worth their perceived subjugation to manipulate the other way. Jews are the classic example. Not all jews…but you have to call them something!

          Soulless whitey is discriminating just like nigga I suppose. On the other hand, people have to get over hoping and pushing the idea that everyone is the same. "all are equal" is demonstrably false

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            typo,, They WORK their perceived subjugation.

          • Code I figured you would likely be the only person to even want to touch that comment of mine. LOL

            Indeed, Jews as the "victim race", lol, are they are race or just the unbroken tribe.

            bo left this site in large part due to her "discovery" of important facts that she thought would degrade the message at ENE. Maybe she will come back since there is no longer a "message" of anti nuke and radiation protection.

  • razzz razzz

    'New Jersey To Now Tax Water Supply as Well – Creative Greed of Taxes'

    "…In Philadelphia, they also adopted the Window Tax. You see row housing in the old city to avoid the Window Tax. They did not stop there. The term taking a “step up in life” came about because they also began to tax the number of steps you had into your house. The more steps, the higher the tax. So if you had more steps, that meant you were rich….

    …Hence, to somehow reduce global warming, they claim that storing thousands of cows in one location creates large clouds of methane. To somehow make global warming OK as long as you pay a tax, Ireland, and Denmark, along with other EU nations, have begun taxing cattle owners on cow flatulence. The argument is that cows are responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gases causing global warming. Now Ireland is taxing farmers $18 per cow while Danish farmers pay $110 per cow. None of this reduces global warming, it just creates more revenue for the politicians."

    • GOM GOM

      Please show this to Plowgirl. It was an integral part of my healing process and remains in my truck CD player.

      One does not need to be 'religious' to reap the benefits of ancient music.

      Their Christmas CD [2008] is outstanding, but Chant remains a soul soother.

      The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos

      Original 1994: I believe the track listings are playable.

      Chant ll 1995

      Someday, I will trek here..

      Take care

    • "$4.69 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder"

      Praise the lord!

      Knowingly distribute radioactive talcum powder to smear on a baby butt and for everyone in the home to breathe?

      $4.69 billion?

      Not nearly enough as far as I'm concerned.

      Just goes to show we need to discover these things quicker!

      If the original perps weren't very old or dead, someone would be going to jail over that one (and they should).

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        $4.69 billion, the article says for 22 women. Hard to believe. Looks like there might be a lot more cases.

        • "$4.69 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder"

          22 women? Truth? Tens of thousands… Many have already died and all that falls under the "we don't know what causes it" story…

          We do know what causes it! Things like this cause it…

          And I'll bet the money will (should) go to stopping this kinda thing.

          If you lost a child or a wife or a mother or a husband or a father I'll bet you'd want to stop it from happening again, at least I hope so…

          We all post the obvious causes of these diseases all the time but no one seems to understand or pay attention…

          A few billion will help that truth get out…

          …let's all work (and hope) to see that happen.

          A major victory for all that suffered for a measly buck of profit.

          Get your counters (and air filters and water filters) out, test everything and know and educate even in the face of criticism.

          Ya can't see it smell it or taste it and once exposed the damage is done.

          And never let em use the old excuses like "she smoked" or "he smoked" to weasel out of the obvious. Radiation kills.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    A lot of job openings here.
    Find them in several states by doing some clicking.

  • slandermen slandermen

    "Hale's observations revealed that the complete magnetic cycle spans two solar cycles, or 22 years, before returning to its original state. However, because nearly all manifestations are insensitive to polarity, the "11-year solar cycle" remains the focus of research.

    In 1961 the father-and-son team of Harold and Horace Babcock established that the solar cycle is a spatiotemporal magnetic process unfolding over the Sun as a whole. They observed that the solar surface is magnetized outside of sunspots; that this (weaker) magnetic field is to first order a dipole; and that this dipole undergoes polarity reversals with the same period as the sunspot cycle. Horace's Babcock model described the Sun's oscillatory magnetic field, with a quasi-steady periodicity of 22 years.[4][2] It covered the oscillatory exchange of energy between poloidal and toroidal solar magnetic field ingredients. The two halves of the 22-year cycle are not identical, typically alternating cycles show higher (lower) sunspot counts (the Gnevyshev-Ohl rule.[5])"

    What is this shit, why does it mean something relative to the current solar cycle and can you fuckoff?

    • I know, I "discovered" that the 11 year cycle was a false belief that few even knowledgeable people got past.

      Its the sun stupid, well that and GCR's, which are incidentally a primary cause of the volcanic craziness we are now in and should get quite a bit worse.

      1000' tsunami anyone?

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Carbon Tax the sob, it is most of the problem.
        There would not be a problem, without its menacing over reach.

        Of course the sun has no 'money', tax everyone getting a benefit from it.
        Obviously, they have the money!

        Use the loot to move everyone to higher ground, not to high, this is a cash cow we can milk for a long, long time, done right.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          the simplest tax yet. Cover the nose and mouth of the rich and everytime they want to take a breath, charge them a dollar. If they want to see the light of day, its extra


    The Motely Fool

    A Major Social Security Change Is Coming in 2022

    *The SS 'system' can, & will, go bankrupt.

    • It doesn't have to but republicans want to kill off the safety-net and the last remains of the New Deal. Making amurika grate again.

      • GOM GOM

        Hi Taff
        Why Republicans? Does politics not have a central core?

        Ahhh, 'The New Deal'. Most don't know about this. And Obama's playlists.

        Clever Kitty

        • GOM GOM

          Ya know, my biggest knowledge base is politics & US politics regarding financial matters. Yet I never talk about it. Fear? Maybe..

          • What is there to fear? What aspect of our lives isn't political? You read my posts here and maybe my website, do I fear something? Maybe I can't see it and you do, please advise? I kinda agree with you assessment of Trump stated below but disagree that it is bullying. I can see the intent of the agenda. It does give rise the the left which is sorely needed. It may produce the effect of reversing the "failed state" and abridge what we have.

            You should share your knowledge. I'd really like to read what you have to say, if it is your biggest knowledge base. Let it out of it's cage. You can do it here or I extend an invite as a guest on my site. I was told as a child, speak up or forever hold your peace, 🙂



    For the record, Trump is not 'political'. He would be classified as an 'agenda'.

    So attacking him makes sense. Americans were trained to do this, the minute he was 'elected'.

    Donald Trump was not elected. He was put into office. An unskilled Joe the Plumber type was needed by the establishment to further their various agendas.

    Ask yourself why. Why was an ordinary citizen put into office? He has no skills, litterally. And he is well aware of it I'm sure. As we all are.

    So what is going on? On a national level. Something the real players don't want the masses to know about or figure out, yet.

    You see, Hillary would have put politics in the limelight. The US is a failing state, so Trump comes in as Captain America. To save us from evil,.. hell, maybe he can leap his own tall buildings.. 😉

    The Donald is a highly intelligent real estate investor who attended Military Academy in New York. Nothing more.
    The attacks against him are bullying, and an embarrassment on a national level. Third world countries act out on this level.

    And THAT, is part of 'the agenda'.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech


      What group of 'elites', bankers, pols, big biz, blowhards in general:

      Would want to parade out their finest shitbag, to a giant state FAIL?

      Let a common citizen, with the common vote electing them, FAIL!

      The 'I told you so' will be the saving grace,,,for the NWO, DeepState, whatever despicable name you favor personally.

      Like things have gotten better in 100yrs, in actual income, security, and general positive outlook from the average citizen.
      And no one had a hand in it, perfect plans/decisions/no consequences.

      Trump done it. All of it. In 18 months. End of the world.

      We are the laughing stock of the world.
      It ain't about Trump.
      It's about us, the government of, by, and for the people.
      We don't care about the right things to do, we do the easy things.
      We, are the failure.

      How could it be any other way?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        "We don't care about the right things to do, we do the easy things.
        We, are the failure.

        How could it be any other way?"

        The public is busy trying to make ends meet. They are not given alternatives. If they were, they might take them.

        Usury free capital
        Public run manufacturing
        local energy, rather than oil/coal grid
        passive solar housing
        streamlined vehicles with better gas milage. Cheat electric cars
        local farms, yard farms
        choice on how to use taxes
        legalize all plants
        coop profit free health insurance
        alternative medicine covered
        Free use real estate (complicated, but do-able)
        Neighborhood non profit house building
        better civic and town/city planning
        composting toilets
        minimal or no corporate -profit-margin solar for everyone
        individual or neighborhood builder workshops….make your stuff
        good education.
        Open source as much as possible
        reduced, even eliminated military
        No nuclear anything
        reduction of industrial pollutants
        More parks….a LOT more
        re-invest rich peoples wealth in public works rather than bequeath it all to rich kids. oooo, the evil socialism! really though, the rich only sequestered the wealth from the masses…give it back
        Civilization experimentation…like law free zones

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        The people were complicit in the downfall of the globe insofar as they allowed assholes to rule them. True in Neros time, true today

        Everyone wants a ruler…go figure. So Ive started a company; I will rule your household in exchange for taxes. If you dont follow my law, you get fined or worse.

    • Funny thing and a different perspective on that whole President Trump thing…

      Ya know this guy doesn't owe anybody in politics right?

      Ran on his own and is a outsider… A loose cannon that makes decisions without owing any party or affiliation.

      So they are scared of him, hence the slander campaign to keep him under some fake pressure…

      The gravy train? Here's a guy with bar none credit and can do well for the business of this country, wither he will or not has yet to be seen…

      But in my opinion, a outsider business man is what we need at this time in history…

      I wonder why all the fuss if none of that is true…

      The bash Trump campaign kinda proves it to me.

      Impeach a sitting president that hasn't done anything wrong?

      I don't care about his personal life, I'm not looking for stains on a dress.

      I wanna see a loose cannon that threatens the establishment and changes it, isn't that what we have here?

      That's just my opinion, but I'm not the only one… He got elected…

      And the Clinton reign? Proven bad…

      A law should be passed that no family member is even eligible to run for the presidency after another has served, unless you want to live in a good ole monarchy…


    As I see it, American has gone 'Blind Man's Bluff'

    This about sums it up

    To play the standard game of blindman's buff, one player is blindfolded and then disoriented by being spun around several times. The other players, who are not blindfolded, amuse themselves by calling out to the “blind man” and dodging away from him.

    Or this old version:

    One player, designated It, wears a blindfold and spins in place five times while the rest of the players disperse in search of a good hiding place. When finished spinning, It yells "Stop," and all the players must freeze in place. It's now up to It to use his keen sense of hearing to track down the players, who may dodge It without moving their feet or deceive It by making misleading noises. Once It discovers all the players, it's time for the next It to don the blindfold. Be careful: This game is best played inside within a confined space, otherwise It risks injury.

    Confusing the blindfolded person makes for the funniest moments.

    A Metaphor

    ..a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.


    • Madison's Federalist Paper Number 10 points to those hiding from the blind folded. They are the factions he writes about. Your metaphor is apt.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      hmmmmm, when I was a kid, they called this 'Hide and go Seek'…no?

      What we have today, in politics, is hide and go fuck yourself.

      Sorry to be so blunt, just using terms that I commonly hear. haha

      Am I that far off?

      What happened to black lives matter/Ferguson/dude with the smokes in NYC.

      Is it all better now?

      • GOM GOM

        "hide and go fuck yourself".

        I can't stop laughing as my warped sense of humor pictured the title on a game box a-la-Mag

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Tell me it is not true, and I will also stop laughing.

          About 4 yrs ago Ferguson was on fire.
          Went on for months, years really.
          AG Holder went there, every black person in USA was outraged.
          Even some crackers like me were pissed, at best, you look bad.
          Shit had to change.

          Enter H&GFY. Get a bag over your head, get in the closet and spin wildly for 2 years, now,,, what is the result?

          GFY. There is no result. Nothing has changed, as if nothing happened.
          Everyone made a fool of themselves, now, GFY and forget it.
          They did.

          IMO this really gained momentum in the 60's.
          Sadly, probably a 'babyboomer' syndrome of some sort.
          Sadder yet, I am involved, included, witness, stuck in it all.

          Something to do with 0 connection to actually being able to support ones self,,, 100%, only family/friends to rely upon.
          Something my parents/their generation, would never allow.

          A giant overinflated dependency on the .gov, when indeed, it is just a game of GFY.


    "And no one had a hand in it"

    Sometimes, a just a half-sentence, can sum a countries woes.

    This is a great post.

    *Please let us bury any hachet we may have had. We have common thoughts.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Hatchet is in the closet, waiting for a need.

      I simply do not like panic, people get creepy and crazy acting.

      When animals do that, they end up on the plate much easier.

      I'm trying to stay off the plate, with as many as possible.

      The hunt has begun, all that is left is to run….


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    When the US Invaded Russia. A century ago.


    'Social Security' Is Lying Out It's Ass As The U.S. Reels From A Budget Deficit Crisis

    1) *Note: SS is the Dept of the Treasury aka the IRS.

    SS has 'invested' funds. 'The *Treasury securities that the trust funds hold are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government'. Blah, blah, blah

    The Social Security trust funds are invested entirely in U.S. Treasury securities. Like the Treasury bills, notes, and bonds purchased by private investors around the world.


    2) The U.S. Treasury this morning reported a Federal Budget Deficit for the month of March 2018 of $208.74 billion, the largest ever deficit for the month of March in history.

    For the last two months, the U.S. has reported a total Federal Budget Deficit of $423.99 billion, its second largest deficit for any two month period in history.

    US Budget Deficit EcCONomist Witch Hunters:

    "The primary drivers of the deficit increase over the next decade are the higher cost of benefits for middle-class older individuals. More specifically, spending on Social Security".
    This is an absolute lie.

    "In the long run, we are likely to be owned by foreigners"

    Peter Navarro
    White House->National Trade Council


    Hey…this is the fun stuff, I hope you read it and just the headline…you gotta laugh, it's so bizzzaarrreeeee 🙂

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    Of course there's no reason to panic, it's a little too f****** late for that.
    The only concern, is that it continues, and that it's continuous.
    Why worry, be happy!
    Bottoms Up!

    • Just like so many other things, the MSM never fully explained what happened or what will happen until the end of time. We have a fake sun melting and oozing crap into the planet that will never be "cleaned up". It's outta the news cycle. Now we start to see the results of not paying attention. Next it will be the almonds, lettuce, milk, babies and well, everything. We who are still here know how poor the actual reporting has been, the planet doesn't. More reporting from the Far-side soon.


    Trump: “You know it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young, beautiful
    piece of ass”

    John Miller?

    John Baron?

    Donald Trump's Long, Strange History of Using Fake Names

  • slandermen slandermen

    Something behind Jupiter? I don't fucking know what this means, I think I know Dionysus but…

    What's at this site?

    I don't even know if that song is good, still though, fuckoff.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    How to use taxmoney to screw and destroy whistleblowers.. the last standing guy's in defense for democracy..

    Ecuador Agrees To Hand Assange Over To Police ‘Within Days’

    Ecuador is just days away from handing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to UK authorities, where he faces deportation to America and likely imprisonment.

    According to RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, police sources have told her that necessary preparations are being made to hand Assange over to the metropolitan police. reports: “My sources tell [Julian] Assange will be handed over to Britain in the coming weeks or even days,” Simonyan wrote in a recent tweet which was reposted by WikiLeaks. “Like never before, I wish my sources were wrong,” she continued.

    Simonyan’s message comes, as speculations Ecuador is in talks with the UK over the future of Assange are back again in British press. Earlier this week, the Times reported Britain is locked in top-tier discussions with the Ecuadorians in a bid to remove Assange from their London embassy.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    How to use taxmoney to protect pieces of SHIT payed with taxmoney to screw and destroy us !

    British MPs Grant Themselves Full Anonymity If Accused Of Child Rape

    British MPs have voted to grant themselves full anonymity if accused of child rape, child abuse, or expenses fraud.

    Just minutes after the decision, the list of politicians under investigation for crimes against children was purged from Parliament’s own website. reports: One of the deleted cases was that of Labour’s Keith Vaz, who is accused of bringing the House of Commons into disrepute by buying cocaine for male escorts.

    Seventy-nine MPs voted against an amendment that would have ensured that the names of suspects in expenses cases would be published. The 22 who supported it accused their colleagues of a cover-up.

    The vote was over a motion to bring in a new code of conduct aimed at preventing a repeat of the sexual harassment scandal that shook Westminster last year. The code increases the punishments for abusing staff, volunteers or members of the public.

    But the vote means that MPs being probed for misconduct of any nature will not now be identified. They will remain anonymous while being investigated – and might not be named even if they are judged guilty.

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Is humanity alive at all ?? Dont we have the biological duty to KILL every motherfucker directly or indirectly at war with life itself ????????????????????????????

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    You Can’t Vote Out Fascism… You Have to Drive It From Power!

    night all..cant deal with any of it today..i'm starting to really HATE..dumb sitting ducks we all are..

  • slandermen slandermen

    Really? And if I start adding endocrine disruptors? Maybe some hGH (I do mean hGH shit) Clothing/cosmetics, I dunno, shit like sunscreen, those wonderful wheat and maize, roundup diets? Maybe some fucking undertaker DDT?

    • slandermen slandermen

      Anyway, somethiing about a parade people should avoid, some airport blowing up, wheat industry shit, I don't fucking remember. I'm gonna fuckoff again.

  • razzz razzz

    '10 Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World!'

  • razzz razzz

    'Peter Strzok's "insurance policy" is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who has blocked the FBI's probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting'

    "…Peter Strzok's "insurance policy" is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who has blocked the FBI's probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting Jul 19 Peter Strzok's "insurance policy" is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who has blocked the FBI's probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting Melissa Hodgman-Strzok (Strock) was put in charge of the Clinton Foundation investigation three weeks before the last Presidential election. She has been blocking it ever since…"

  • slandermen slandermen

    Hey since I know you're all lying cunts, how about fuckoff? Surely that should get me banned, come on.


    Online Quote of the Day

    "While we're on the subject of ridiculous radiation fears: if you ingest uranium, you'll die of heavy metal poisoning long before the radiation gets to you".


    Something Wicked In The Cloud

    R3- Fukushima Pyrocumulus Mushroom

    Pyrocumulonimbus clouds are an extreme manifestation of the pyrocumulus clouds —sometimes called “fire clouds”— which are tall, cauliflower-shaped, and appear as opaque bright white clouds hovering over darker smoke in satellite imagery.

    Pyrocumulus clouds are similar to cumulus clouds, but the heat that forces the air to rise (which leads to cooling and condensation of water vapor) comes from fire instead of sun-warmed ground.

    Under certain circumstances such as this one, pyrocumulus clouds can produce full-fledged thunderstorms,turning them into the pyrocumulonimbus clouds.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      That is what happened here yesterday. Clouds were amazing boiling columns. From my location in Owensboro, Ky. I was looking at a huge cloud to the northeast, just across the Ohio river. That was about 6 pm. Later, when it was dark, the lightening was very unusual. I took movies and a few pictures. Very disappointing images, my camera was not up to the task.

      What was so unusual was the frequency and duration of flashing, and the flashes were everywhere with repeated flashes concentrated more heavily in fixed positions.

      For the first hour after dark, an area Northeast of here did not stop flashing for more than a two seconds. The scene looked more like a war in a sci-fi movie on the horizon. There was only one extremely loud crack of thunder all night. Mostly it was low rumbling. It was the visual light that was unusual. Like an aurora light moving in waves but quicker.

      Later still, a second line of storms was on the radar map coming straight for Owensboro. I unplugged everything. I usually don't. We got alot of electrical energy but it wasn't bad. At one point I looked up and a concentrated repeating flash came from a small cloud straight over my head. Then, right in a clear spot between clouds, a short bright streak in the shape of an "@" but squared off in shape happened.

      For this area I have lived most of my life, I'd say it was unusual. Looking around for news/images this morning, you'd think not much happened.

      Oh, as the first big late afternoon…

      • Just a side-note…

        My ex-wife was from Newport and we lived in Russell Springs. Kinda liked KY, would have been great with someone else 🙂

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Strange clouds, my buddy was fixated yesterday on a small white cloud which didn't move. A bright something kept coming out of the cloud and going back in. At some point a fighter jet came by…East Texas woods.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    … towering column of cloud building a strangely shaped aircraft flew by. That's when I ran to get my camera but I missed the shot.

    The plane was very long with short wings set toward the tail end. It reminds me of the body of a fishing spinner lure. Actually it was like a plane that had normal tail and missing it's wings. Like a short pencil with a bulge in the middle.

    Photography Pisses me off. A voice command camera would be sweet.

    "Alexa – focus at infinity!" "All other settings auto! Find, Follow aircraft!" "Take photo"

    "Alexa – "Lightening storm! Sick 'em girl"

    I'd like to have an F 1.0 or less camera. In my dreams.


    Rocky Flats vs Fukushima

    Nuclear safety and other twisted mythologies.

    The connection between Fukushima and Rocky Flats was made explicit when recent soil tests for offsite plutonium at Rocky Flats found cesium — from Fukushima.

    I GREW up in Arvada, Colo., in the shadow of a nuclear bomb factory, so I read the just-released report on the Fukushima meltdown in Japan with special interest. Coinciding with the first anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the 400-page report details the extensive misinformation supplied to the public by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) in collusion with Japanese officials.

    Nuclear Fallout

    Fallout at a Former Nuclear Weapon Plant – The New York Times

    *Outstanding article


    Kristen Iversen is the director of the M.F.A. program at the University of Memphis, and author of the forthcoming “Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats.


    I had posted recently concerning thunder, lighting & little to no rain. Our clouds remain cumulous, big giant 'thunderheads'. Lightening appears delayed as you say.

    But the sky is yellow on most days, as most 'look' like rain. Yellow sunsets like watercolor. Muted & ugly. We know what THAT is.

    So how is the heat there? Any significant changes?

    Anyway. What started me on this 'cloud hunt' was an article posted by Fairewinds that denied R3 explosion [not in words] and stating that R3- steam was not hot. ?.

    "Not physically hot".

    Then it led to looking at the cloud formation of R1 & R3. Vertical vs Mushroom, or Pyrocumulus.

    Maybe I didn't understand fully. But it did lead to a good info on these clouds.

    Here is Fairewinds Facebook post in December, 2013

  • Dick Bove: Trump poised to take control of the Federal Reserve

    How many bankruptcies? Trade Wars and control of the Fed…what could possibly go wrong? OH SHIT!!!


    President Wilson did it. You better pray Trump runs interference.

    Didn't I say it? The rising interest rates will lead to hyperinflation? Looks like Trump knows it too. This will drive down the dollar.

    If he doesn't control it, the interest rates, well, do you like to eat?

    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are nominated by the President and confirmed by Congress.

    The Fed is a 'bankers bank' in a central banking system. Rules & regs.

    Fed's Powell: "Gradual rate hikes likely" Yeah, 4 in 2018!
    And trade fights are starting to hurt the economy.

    6 years ago



  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Hey NASA! Hello-o? NASA? got a shortcut fer ya:


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