FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


Thread Guidelines: This off-topic discussion thread is posted to be used as a place for discussion of topics not related to Fukushima and/or nuclear issues.

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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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51,104 comments to FORUM: Off-Topic Discussion Thread (Non-Nuclear Issues) — New as of January 2017

  • DUDe DUDe

    The Senate is about to confirm a judge who would supercharge religious attacks on science
    Great, now we have to worry about creationism again

  • OT: I didn't lose my voice yet this year. So I'm singing in the Christmas concert this Friday and Saturday. I don't know the music very well because I missed so many rehearsals. Sigh. [I miss my shadow].

  • Although it took annoyingly long, it was great back in the day when I could lead a charge that would eventually have the trolls, aka socref et al, banned.

    It is pretty clear that Russia did it.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Did you actually have socref banned, or were "socref" comments simply stopped and replaced with another's, so as to to make it appear that ENE was a legit website with "some" moderation when the majority overwhelmingly protested the insults and harassment- so that anti-nukes would stay and continue to provide information on themselves to admin under the guise that they were "safe"?

      This theory fits well with your theory that ENE admin is a pro-nuke purchaser of the site, whom purposefully lures readers with misleading headlines, collecting comments and personal info sent directly to them via "reply", "report comment" and "suggestions", or even emails, by unknowing anti-nukes who have been framed to believe that admin and site are something they are not and whom has purposefully, knowingly and willingly conspired to shut the anti-nukes down, gathering intelligence information and acting accordingly (fraud and entrapment).

      Does it not?
      By your own admission, you were a victim of this fraud, yes?
      Your latest comments have pointed to you being "unsure" of your original theory about the sale of the site, AI, the fraud and entrapment, etc…

      Has your theory or opinions changed? Anything solid yet?

      Admin doesn't seem to mind legitimizing your theory- by default…

      Perhaps this is less of a joke than you report:
      stock March 22, 2016 at 5:57 pm Log in to Reply
      Hey admin sent me a PM and said "tone it down man, or I am going to have to Ban the…

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Hey, Hippie, over here.

        What if members were making monetary donations to ENE thinking they were donating to anti-nuke cause, when (according to some) the owner was a pro-nuke shill?

        You know what that is?

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          Tap. Tap. Tap.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            FEEL THE LOVE

            Hey, Anne said the exact same thing:

            Hippie: "Why don't you get to doing something constructive with your time like proving propaganda and outright lies on this site?

            Because you are one of the posters of propaganda and lies on this site…

            So just sling childish insults instead ya frickin man child…

            …Who would believe anything a fool says? Only another fool will give credence to a known lair and propaganda spreader…

            Those soap opera end of the world people eat your pitiful spouting up huh..

            You are part of the real problem at ENE and I'll bet you have never been part of a real solution to anything that mattered in your entire life…

            Whaaaaaaaaaaa Hilbilly has too much time on his man child hands to troll the internet and spread fake news and innuendo about people that is totally false…

            So sad…"

            No coincidence he has gone after the three other most prominent anti-nukes here with just as much hatred and contempt. Nope.

            Do you own this site, Hippie?

            • DUDe DUDe

              He is a fascist , they think they own everything..

            • Yea and here's another perfect example of who the fake info spreaders are…. I was talking to the fake conspiracy posters and you cut and pasted my comments in a attempt to create a another lie…

              I personally wrote this statement and you altered it by placing hippie in front of it and referencing another poster to make it seem that someone was talking to me? Pitiful attempt to misguide…

              If you don't want to be found out as a fake news poster, don't post faked news and comments about others…

              Fakers fake and have proved they will try to fake anything if it suits them…

              All the rest of these comments about anti nuke, pro nuke, troll and of phantom posters getting paid to discredit you? It's the same old smokescreen.

              Fact is fake posters discredit them selves slinging accusations and false facts made up from a mental illness and/or a overactive imagination / need for attention…

              And to think all this childish crap started because I PROVED a fake news story posted by heart of the rose…

              Ya should have been thanking me for exposing the truth but instead it was childish insults and more fake information, this time about me…

              And all ya have to do is go back to the start if this childish drama to see the truth.

              The "using lasers to start fires in cali" craziness is where to begin to see and prove for sure that these few posters aren't the least bit concerned with finding the truth or posting true fact…

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                You proved zip..HD..

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  Because you failed to prove..whatever it ME.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    Would you agree that AI is over analytical and lacks mental nuance…?


                  • Well honey luckily enough you don't have to believe something for it to be true…

                    And if you still can't discern that the so called fox news video was a TOTAL fake then you need a new hobby quick…

                    …You are only polluting your mind with lies if you still think there is any truth or fact in that total disinformation.

                    And please try to understand that I'm showing the real conspiracy here, that is the conspiracy to produce and spread fake information…

                    And it will ruin your mind and your attitude towards real life truth if you buy into that ridiculous fake information.

                    It's a real brainwashing through fake information that's the real threat to you…

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Since when did we not let the readers decide?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Back in the old days..folks called entities like you something like..pipsqueak.
                      Just saying..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Or ..let's pleasantly debate on old controversy.
                      And do it in good form..
                      Like say ..9/11. …lol.
                      Gotta go..
                      Have a good day..Enenews.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      'Round here, we call 'em Yellow bellied lizard cowards. Just saying…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      You shouldn't call women "honey" when you are degrading them, Hippie.

                      Makes you look like a yellow-bellied lizard.

                      Oh, wait….

                    • I am a reader, I did decide and then I posted the proof for other readers to see….

                      That's how this thing works in case you didn't know…

                      But instead of learning from it, it's a bash the hippie fest…

                      And if this is not a statement of a fake information conspirator I don't know what is…

                      Heart said: "Since when did we not let the readers decide?

                      So what of it? You wanted to see how many readers you could fool with a total lie?

                      Yea I guess I ruined that for ya huh…

                      Now there's a real Hummmmmmmmmm.

              • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                You should ban me, Hippie.

                Definitely. For pointing to you and hollerin' "Conspiring to degrade the site! Hacker! Your website sucks fuel rods!" If nothing else.

                But, if you want to just ban me for quoting you, that's good, too.

                See you over at gen nuke and Topic.

                Oh, wait…

                • And there it is again See? According to this poster it is me that is doing what they are in reality doing…

                  So hilbilly after accusing me of insulting the others who have attacked me relentlessly since showing proof of outright propaganda posted here…

                  Now hillbilly says: Your website sucks fuel rods! Talking about my website like a child eh?

                  Yea you don't need me to discredit you, you do a perfectly fine job of that all on your own…

                  Grow up child like posters….

                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    Or what, lil jockey man?

                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    I reported your website to Microsoft.

                    In my spare time.

                    Tee hee.

                    • You really are a idiot huh hillbilly…

                      Some one aught to report you to the nearest loonie bin…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      That's "an idiot", Hippie, "AN".

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      FYI, when a person is attacked relentlessly, finally gets up, brushes themselves off and reaches for a weapon, it's called self-defense. I don't know where you come from, but 'round here, you don't get to beat people up and then cry and whine and attempt to have them arrested for assault when they fight back.

                      My weapon is tort.

                      And YOU are so far in, you can't see out.

                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    If you could scroll up and address the real issues I have plainly set out for you and comment with some substance other than anti-nuke bullying and harassment, that would be great.

                    Do you own this site?
                    Have you ever had personal communication with ENE admin/owner or anyone who has?
                    What country are you in?
                    Why do you use a German co to power your site?
                    What is it called when a person donates money to an entity that has advertised itself as something it is not?
                    Etc. Etc.

                    • I don't have time to feed the animals…

                      But I will say this, the whole German website thing is a fake as that fox news video…

                      And it's just more proof of disinformation spread by the completely inept and immature intentionally by the disinformation spreaders that post here on ene…

                      …And you've all made it obvious who you are after this little totally inaccurate and fake slander campaign…

                      And you falsely reported my site to microsoft?

                      Well now we are onto something actionable in court and you apparently are too dumb to even know that you just admitted in writing that you've slandered my business…

                      Wow do we really want to get our information from people like you on life and death subjects?

                      A true expose of stupidity followed by a childish "Tee hee" from a fool…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hippie, We all know you have waaay too much time on your hands. You're just afraid to answer hard questions.

                      And you don't scare me with court, as I would love to. Be my guest. You have my email and other personal info and I await… with cupcakes. In the mean-time, intimidation is more icing.

                      What I admitted to in writing, is that your website has been reported to Microsoft (by me). If that were actionable (it's not) it would be "libel", not slander. BUT you would have to prove that I knew whatever I said about you was a lie, when I said it. What did I say? Again, not actionable in this case, but good luck anyways.

                      Another problem there is, yellow-bellied lizard bully, every derogatory thing I say about you or your TRASH FLASH website, I believe to be true. 100%. In all earnest, I feel you to be one of the most creepy and threatening individuals I have ever encountered on the net. I propose a raise.

                      Have you ever had personal contact with ENE admin/owner or anyone who has?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      I'd like to set a record straight.

                      All the evidence that I have viewed so far shows that lamarsworldissosmall has nothing to do with except to scoot it's filthy butt all across ENENews's site.

                      LAMARS WORLD MALL is hosted by HOSTMONSTER.COM in Provo, Utah.

             is hosted by WestHost in Providence, UT.

                      With that said I'll just say eNom Inc. operates as a wholesale domain name registrar.

                      Drawing from that, my first guess is that admin had to protect his personal life, given the nature of the beast…

                    • And let's not forget who has too much time on his hands…


                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Your welcome HillbillyHoundDog.

                      Some do not like what this site has done for the specific awareness on nuclear issues.

                      I step back and look to see what has been accomplished by those who care more than others.

                      Thank you…

                  • DUDe DUDe

                    "who have attacked me relentlessly since showing proof of outright propaganda posted here…"

                    You are just a clone of Trump on about everything..your bullying , your positioning yourself as a victim , your dishonesty , your racisme , the hiding of your real agenda , your selfgloryfication , your despisement for anyone with a different opinion etc etc..

                    Your God = Zion controlled Matrix , and you are here to obstruct resistence..

                    Proof me otherwise or shutup , threats wont do..

                    • False info from a false info spreader.

                      Let's take a quick look at these fake statements in order shall we?

                      You are just a clone of Trump on about everything.

                      False I'm my own person with no political affiiations.

                      your bullying

                      So when you tell a provable lie and are called out on it and shown the proof of lie, that's bullying? And your own statements above and for the record shows nothing but child like bullying.

                      your positioning yourself as a victim

                      Not posisioning myself, getting harassed for showing proof of a fake video.

                      your dishonesty

                      So by showing the truth and proving lies that makes me dishonest, makes about as much sense as anything else you have falsely accused me of.

                      your racisme

                      Did you mean racism? Wow find one instance of a racist statement from me.

                      It's fools that I'm predigest against.

                      And everyone with a brain is too.

                      the hiding of your real agenda

                      My ajenda is to expose fools and propaganda spreaders. No secret there it's only a mystery for those that couldn't find a fact in a barrel of facts.

                      your selfgloryfication

                      Showing ones qualifications is selfgloryfication when challenged to prove? Wow you really are in trouble with your mind there son.

                      your despisement for anyone with a different opinion etc etc..

                      I despise a lie! I despise anyone that spreads lies and I despise anyone that will put someone down for showing the truth. So I guess you got one thing kinda right in those…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                      Is that like having someone chew your food for you before you eat it?


                    • So that's you argument in all that real factual information? A misspelling?

                      What a tell, I hope you are not a poker player

                      Hillbillie Hound Dog…

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      WHAT ? Not a word about the matrix installed over our heads , only made possible by all the enablers/obstructers of critic ? Thanks for showing me you are avoiding to answer..

                      "the hiding of your real agenda

                      My ajenda is to expose fools and propaganda spreaders. No secret there it's only a mystery for those that couldn't find a fact in a barrel of facts."

                      Yeye , those protecting authority and in favor of a policestate also have their mouth full of "order and respect"

                      This is a call to arms..


                    • "Not a word about the matrix installed over our heads , only made possible by all the enablers/obstructers of critic ? Thanks for showing me you are avoiding to answer.."

                      Let's get back to those that couldn't find a fact in a barrel full of facts…

                      look here's one now…

                      DuDe says:

                      "Yeye , those protecting authority and in favor of a policestate also have their mouth full of
                      order and respect"

                      Nope it's those that protect real fact and expose false information without backing away and has absolutely nothing to do with government or little green men from mars…

                      Although I'm sure you have some fake evidence for those false facts as well…

                      You people mandate intervention by your own actions and then blame it on others…

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      2017 showed the global clean energy revolution is unstoppable no matter what Trump does
                      The solar, wind, battery, and electric car “miracles” have gone mainstream.

                      The competition for the biggest clean energy story of 2017 is intense.

                      Building and running new renewable energy is now cheaper than just running old coal and nuclear plants. The lowest price for solar power last year is the highest price now. Battery prices were cut in half just since 2014.


                    • DUDe DUDe

                      "Nope it's those that protect real fact and expose false information without backing away and has absolutely nothing to do with government or little green men from mars…"

                      And always that superiority attitude , that claim of having a monopoly on the truth that gives you the right to namecalling and attacking other peoples post's..calling it exposing false truth's and what not..protecting powerabusers in the status quo..when you have been proven wrong like any other mortal or much more..

                      There is no point in debating dishonest people , especially when they have proven (and stated themselves) there is nothing they wouldent do to achieve their goals..

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "You people mandate intervention by your own actions and then blame it on others…"

                      Yeah. If we would just shut up, not link to nuclear catastrophe and allow you to bully activists or citizens without notice, everything would be going as planned, ey Hip?

                      Have you ever had personal communication with ENE admin/owner or anyone who has?

                    • OK I likethe idea of solar and think it should be implemented righ down to the closing and cooling of spent fuel rods at the current nuke plants.

                      But electric cars completely make that impossible.

                      Cars and goods transportation use over 1/3rd of all the energy expended on the planet…

                      Now where are we going to get this energy?

                      We aren't going to get it by reducing the output of electricity while burdening electricity with a 40 percent increase of usage…

                      And it's not dependable, think about that the next time you go to the grocery store looking for affordable food that it always there and in editable condition for you to purchase cheaply…

                      Electric cars and trucks used for dependable transportation of goods?

                      Now who's pro nuke…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "I likethe idea of solar and think it should be implemented righ down to the closing and cooling of spent fuel rods

                      ***But*** electric cars completely make that ***impossible***.

                      …Now who's pro nuke…"


                    • WoW here's a good one to ponder…

                      "If we would just shut up, not link to nuclear catastrophe and allow you to bully activists or citizens without notice, everything would be going as planned, ey Hip?"

                      Not talking about falsehoods that's a waste of time hillbilly (but you already knew that), talking about the child like attacks on the truth with on real quantifiable logic and the ridiculous false influences swallowed down into your brain as if it were true…

                      Fact? None there to even find…

                      Looking for a fact in a barrel full of lies?


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hippie: In the process of conspiring to degrade the site and the members of good standing, bullying, name-calling, harassment, wallpapering, hacking and deflection/derailing, have you ever had personal communications with ENE owner/admin or anyone who has?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Why are the facebook members to the right staying the same? They alternate, but are the very few same ones. They used to be random- now they stay the same.

                    • Wow what a insightful and well thought out comment there Hillbilly…


                      What was it? Reaction to truth? Without thinking? With NO solutions or even a fact to back a silly child like thought?

                      Don't quit your day job to become a researcher or anything…

                      Free advise…

                      And damn man, that's a terrifying thought…

                      …that's all you can come up with?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Yep. I got's nothin'. You?

                    • So I asked a simple question above and this is the well researched and thought out answer I got in return…

                      "Yep. I got's nothin'. You?"

                      Yep I (hippiedog) got's somethin…


                      And here's one from Germany (should help the fakers of fact here and give ya just enough ammunition to step on your own dick for being a dumb ass).

                      And that water is cold and deep too…


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      You asked a simple question and are whining about not getting an answer? LOL

                      Cyborg, much?

                      Yes, I do like poker.


                      "“A Nuclear Regulatory Commission official said Tuesday that a team of…reactor safety engineers would likely recommend that the commission continue working on replacing a portion of its inspections with a self-assessment regime for operators of commercial nuclear power plants.” RTO adds, “Tony Gody, NRC director of reactor safety in Region II (Southeast), said Dec. 12 that ‘the working group agrees that self-assessment, if implemented properly, can be very effective in finding latent conditions’ and probably will be recommending further exploration of how to get there via a pilot program.” Gody’s remarks came at the “end of the agency’s second public hearing in two months on the use of licensee self-assessments in the NRC engineering inspection program and other changes in the reactor oversight process.”"

                      Reminds me of you. Nobody to discipline you…except YOU.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "The Good and the Bad

                      “We need to collectively as an industry own our own licensing design basis and regulatory performance,” said Greg Halnon, vice president for regulatory affairs at FirstEnergy…"

                      Leak? WHAT leak? I don't see any leak? Hey, profiteer, do you see any leak? Me neither. Case closed.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "But the self-assessment concept is unpopular with some neighbors of Entergy’s Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts, one of three plants in the country classified in Column 4 — the worst performers in NRC’s grading system.

                      A citizens group, Pilgrim Watch, cited an email written by the leader of a federal inspection team, who wrote that “the plant seems overwhelmed just trying to run the station.” The internal email became public mistakenly.

                      “Pilgrim provides the perfect example why NRC nuclear safety inspections are necessary and why industry self-assessments would be dangerous,” the group wrote NRC. “Pilgrim cannot be counted on to conduct any complete or accurate self-assessment. The NRC’s own records prove that Pilgrim has regularly and consistently failed to follow established procedures, to report problems, or to take corrective actions even when the NRC tells it to do so.”"

                    • So here's one that exemplifies the recipe of total fake information.

                      After posting fake after fake after fake the poster now realized it's transparent and tries to evoke a smigin of fact for further credibility to continue a child like disinformation agenda.

                      "Wait. I found this. Does this count, Boss?


                      So now knowing in their knower they are discredited, it's a common practice to change the subject to something with some fact in it.

                      But I'm referred to as the boss, this will evoke a psychological reaction to the other misinformed to think I'm something to be disgusted by.

                      Just another simple ploy to get unfortunate folks sucked into by those that would prefer you will believe anything they say. To control you to believe a martian fairy tale.

                      But don't worry ole crazy ones, you are in the true minority of foolishness that most will not entertain.

                      This is something out of a nightmare sociological socialist play book and a practice that is soon to stop. Those that participate in these brain washing things will be accounted for. It's FAKE INFORMATION that damages everything it comes in contact with! Kinda like nuclear waste only worse. It allows it to continue.

                      And there ya have it. Fakers fake and true is true, even if it sounds good, fake is still fake, there is no good in it, just a juvenile or nefarious agenda.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hippie: "This is something out of a nightmare sociological socialist play book and a practice that is soon to stop. Those that participate in these brain washing things will be accounted for."

                      You don't scare me, ya fraud.

             Japan's TEPCO ordered for 2nd time to pay damages over Fukushima nuclear disaster, gov't found not liable

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      if a reputation was at stake…say if one was jousting with Ken Beusseler, he would have to respond rationally. But a common troll…you could joust forever. What good does it do?

                      the only solution is if the admin weeds them out. It aint happenin

                    • "And always that superiority attitude"

                      I'm not superior, the truth is…

                      Yep truth is, in fact and truth, superior to lies…

                      Another simple fact many seem to not have any idea of anymore…

                      If it seems to you that I'm superior for speaking the truth, maybe you should actually study it…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Better hurry and do something about this fake stuff, Hippie.


                      Experience after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station has shown that there is a need to establish radiation protection criteria for radioactive waste management consistent with the criteria adopted for the remediation of existing exposure situations.

                      …The dose criteria at each stage should be determined with relevant stakeholder involvement.


                      Nuclear disaster? I don't see any harm. Do you, profiteer?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hippie: "This is something out of a nightmare sociological socialist play book and a practice that is soon to stop. Those that participate in these brain washing things will be accounted for."

                      Sometimes, nightmares come true. "For real and true. Not fake fantasy fiction? Nopers. (sic) Wowsers. Yeppers."

                      A bedtime story for ya, Hippie.


                      And true, Code. Hippie doesn't "have time" for this anyways. LOL

                      Much love from the ol' hounddog fellow anti-nukes. Bye, bye.

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Dog gone. Hillbilly stands, unbowed, not whining.
                      Doncha just know it in yur knower?…

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Lottsa little people everywhere, drivel mutt. Size/mass doesn't matter.
                      It's The Light within that carries the weight.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Much love, Danger Kitty Kitty, much love.

                      Pat, pat.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Oh, and here is treat for the kitty…


                      Best batch ever this year. Only had that bottle of oak shine and as much grain, so I mixed 'em.


                    • OK to all of you…

                      First I'm not mad at anyone, I'm pointing out true…

                      If my writings bother you, look through the fun and jargon to see what I'm saying…

                      We need to really recognize truth first, people second and being cordial about it third…

                      Know what I mean Vern?


                      If I've wasted my time explaining it, so be it, at least I took the time to say it…

                      I ain't mad or angry, I'm tryin to get some facts (real facts) out (and learn some too)…

                      … And it's been informative (fun too).


                      Whatever you do…

                      …don't click on this insider information.

                      Ernest P Worrell:


                      And First Federal S ernd L scandal?

                      Ya gotta see this one…


                      Wowsers :=)

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      What is "predigest"? Um, is that like prejudice?

                      HD needs a spell checker.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "I'm not mad…I'm just trying to…promise this won't hurt…click on this…"

                      Don't click on Hippie's links or website. He is a hacker and pro-nuke troll who intends to discredit and turn away the anti-nukes here and control the website. He has offered ZERO useful information in hundreds of thousands of posts and has spent hundreds of hours targeting the anti-nukes with propaganda and harassment/name-calling/diversions.

                      But I didn't need to say that, now did I?

                      Sue me, creepshow.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Thank you, Hillbilly, for the comment re: having someone chew your food for you before you swallow it. Best belly laugh I've had for a really long time.

                      I ain't predigest, I prefers to eats and chews my own food afern' I swallers it.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      HHD, do you actually make the iodine and black walnut tincture?

                      Interesting, have been making some tinctures and herbal concoctions for the past several years.

                      Mostly things to prevent tick bites and to help with Lyme, like Teasel root tincture.

                      Did a lot of wildcrafting when we lived up in Humboldt County. Lots of herbs there, large supply, not much demand or population pressure.

                      Most people there considered teasel to be a weed.

                      Black walnut is great for parasite elimination.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HD is a predigestophile.

                    • "What is predigest? Um, is that like prejudice?"

                      From the latin "Pre" meaning "pay attention dumbass" and "digest" as in to take into your being…

                      So since mine has been predigested, I don't have to eat the poisons?

                      Really??? Go ahead and poison it for boredom…

                      So sad…

                      Poor little fellers….

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HD, heres a litmus test; see how long you last over at cafeRadLab with your incessant deriding of good posters and your thinly disguised pro nuke slant. Im putting truths over there and you cant touch it

                    • And highbillyhounddog (can't even spell hillbillie) says… Ya'll should not click on my stuff, and even evokes a fake threat to get his way… Don't click on my stuff?

                      Yea, guess what… I hope that guy never bothers me again… AND NEVER clicks on my stuff again…

                      Kinda scary?

                      Simply predictable….


                    • Are they tellin lies and spreadin rumors and falsehoods over there at cafeRadLab?

                      Didn't think so code…

                      …and try to keep that (totally fake crap) out of there if you can help it code…

                      Merry Christmas (and life)…

                      Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al:


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                      Yes and no. Iodine is naturally inherent to black walnuts.

                      To add it would iodize the juglone and other properties. For whatever reason, those properties work in synergy without cancelling each other out- in nature. Pretty neat how nature does things, ey?

                      I cover a stainless pot of GREEN black walnuts with grain alcohol, (just as they start to fall in autumn), cover with cellophane (touching the liquid and nuts), cover with stainless lid and leave in a dark place for three days. Drain liquid into your containers and freeze. Freezing keeps the tincture green, as opposed to turning brown and thereby less potent. Though, it stays liquid due to the alcohol content. Oxygen and sunlight degrade the strength/color. This recipe is extra-strength.

                      I take two tsp in a glass of water every once in awhile and give plenty away every year. Sometimes, the trees do not produce, but I usually have enough to last in the freezer. BW powder is cheap and available to those with alcohol issues.

                      There is a myriad of information to find if you look, other than parasites and radiation/iodine…

                      Truly, a gift of nature.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      And it's about $10.00 an ounce, otherwise!

                      Hippie, should I migrate over to the café so's I don't annoy you with my "fake" news, "lies" and "propaganda"?

                    • The simpler answer would be to stop lying, no matter where you are…

                      Complicated? Nahhhhhh…


                    • "Iodine is naturally inherent to black walnuts"

                      Really? Did you know that overheating causes failure in short order?

                      …and once a burnt up the motor doesn't work anymore with ANY efficiency? And after it has malfunctioned it's a pollution producer? Every (single) day after that point in time?

                      Wowsers hummmmmmmmmmmm and dumbass from real?



                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      The lie you speak of? Does this belong to you?

                      realovision dot org

                      Powered by CMSimple | Template by CMSimple

                      cmsimple dot org Germany

                      So, your advice is, wherever I go, do not state this as fact, because it is a "lie"?

                      You do not advise that I leave here, or leave you alone, just stop stating (above)?

                    • so the mis information (NOT dis information) is?

                      I used a old cms to prove something? And now I married it too? Ya really think I have ANY knowledge of the company (good or bad)? Really???

                      Tricks are for kids…

                      Apparently cornered the market of crap that doesn't matter huh…

                      Please show us some unprofitable and TOTALLY FAKE stuff about that too, after all, we have way too much time on our hands from not paying attention, to play kids games eh???

                      Wowsers son, when will we sing a new song…

                      P.O.D. – When Angels & Serpents Dance:


                      Genius has it's limits, stupidity knows no bounds..


                      How about that…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hippie: "…But I will say this, the whole German website thing is a fake as that fox news video…

                      And it's just more proof of disinformation spread by the completely inept and immature intentionally by the disinformation spreaders that post here on ene…

                      …And you've all made it obvious who you are after this little totally inaccurate and fake slander campaign… …

                      …so the mis information (NOT dis information) is?

                      I used a old cms to prove something?…"

                      <winky winky> 😉

                    • The truth? What we are supposed to be lookin for?

                      So sad….

                      Get with the real program…

                      We need you!!!!

                      We actually need people that pay attention!!!!


                      Wanna actually create? Really???


                      Eric Burdon…..


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      No. Never. Too bad.

                      The truth, my motive, intent and passion can be found @ 30:36.

                      Never forget. Never.

  • razzz razzz

    'Pending Tax Reform'

    "…This sets the stage for a vote next week. The U.S. corporate tax rate was changed upward moving to 21%. The top[ tax rate will be reduced marginally from 39.6% to 37%.

    The corporate alternative minimum tax will probably be repealed. The proposed $10,000 cap for state and local property tax deductions should survive and the cap on mortgage interest deductions will be set at $750,000 on home loans, and provide the owners of pass-through businesses with a tax rate of 20%.

    Of course, the criticism from Democrats is the typical Marxist slant that the Republican plan benefits the rich and corporations rather than the middle class. Small business employs 70% of the civil workforce and that is the engine that creates jobs. The top rate moves down from 39.6^ to just 36%, so that is nothing to write home about, yet the Democrats will do so anyway.
    The criticism from Democrats that the tax bill will benefit corporations is classic. What they fail to mention is that who is the biggest holder of corporate shares? PENSION FUNDS! So who gets the benefit? Predominantly the Middle Class – not the rich…

    …It was the Clintons who eliminated the right to go bankrupt on Student Loans, and then Obama put in the fine upon the youth if they refused to buy healthcare. The youth have been abused by the Democrats on a wholesale basis…"

    • This tax reform will be great won't it? Once it's in place they can the gut the safety net as planned which has been shown it will kill off 10 to 15 thousand a year. Less people means more for everyone else.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      creating more bitcoins does not make more sunshine, more oxygen or water. Cashing in bitcoins for 'profit' does not create oranges or apples

      The problem with money schemes is the mind of man; too dumb to realize cause and effect

  • razzz razzz

    'Why the Dollar is not Fiat'

    "…Only a floating exchange rate system ends the fiat. So yes – that means as long as the “paper” dollar floats in value on world markets, it is not actually fiat any more than Bitcoin trading. The term “fiat money” means an arbitrary order or decree declaring the value to be fixed. The dollar was “fiat” when it was arbitrarily established by Roosevelt at $35 to the ounce of gold. Since 1971, the dollar floats and it is no longer fiat because that is the definition of a fixed arbitrary value.
    Today. as long as a currency floats, it is not an arbitrary declaration of its value by the government and is therefore not “fiat” as popularly stated by the hard money crew. This mythical idea that a currency should be a store of wealth has NEVER existed even once in history from one decade to the next. Those who argue for such a system are incapable of comprehending the business cycle and like Karl Marx want to freeze the system because they cannot cope with it.
    Unfortunately, people call paper money fiat because they do not understand the meaning of the term. What they are doing is complaining money does not remain a constant value as Marx tried to create."

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      the idea of a floating value for money works in favor of the wealthy who 'make money on money'.

      Say I want delayed trading capability…today I sell beans, a week from now I want to buy oranges. If the money or IOU has a fixed value…say a shell is worth a pound of beans or a pound of oranges, then the trade remains equitable. This is how you would trade among friends and family.

      But now if I find a way to create a flux…so that a shell buys more beans one week than oranges, and more oranges than beans another week, I can parlay or jack up my wealth playing the flux. Note that no NEW actual wealth was created, i.e. beans or oranges. The result is always the same…more for me equals less for you

      But this simple bird of truth will not roost in the minds of money speculators

      I bet razzz has the potential to be smarter than armstrong, but he seems spellbound by his presentations and success in the money game

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi razzz, have you heard of the dirty float re: currency values?

      Central banks always intervene to change the money supply when it's deemed a currency's value is not performing to expectations or what is desired.

      This tampering with the float is called a "dirty float" and in actuality the value of the dollar is almost never allowed to reach equilibrium without interference.

      It's all a big shell game IMHO.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        From Investopedia:

        Central banks prefer to call it a managed float.

        What is a 'Dirty Float'

        "A dirty float is an exchange rate regime in which the country's central bank occasionally intervenes to change the direction or the pace of change of the country's currency value. In most instances, the intervention aspect of a dirty float system is meant to act as a buffer against an external economic shock before its effects become truly disruptive to the domestic economy. It's also known as a "managed float."!–break–From 1946 until 1971, many of the world's major industrialized nations participated in a fixed exchange rate system known as the Bretton Woods Agreement. This ended when President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard on Aug. 15, 1971; since then, most major industrialized economies feature floating exchange rates."

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        What is a 'Dirty Float'

        A dirty float is an exchange rate regime in which the country's central bank occasionally intervenes to change the direction or the pace of change of the country's currency value. In most instances, the intervention aspect of a dirty float system is meant to act as a buffer against an external economic shock before its effects become truly disruptive to the domestic economy. It's also known as a "managed float."!–break–From 1946 until 1971, many of the world's major industrialized nations participated in a fixed exchange rate system known as the Bretton Woods Agreement. This ended when President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard on Aug. 15, 1971; since then, most major industrialized economies feature floating exchange rates."

      • razzz razzz

        (Red)China does that as they pretend to allow their currency to float but panic and step in to try and support their yuan when it not priced to their liking. It is just to scary for them to really allow it to float (find its true value). Chinese are allowing their gold to be sold priced in yuan, that is an indirect way to see what the current value of yuan is, of course, after you do a conversion price of gold in current US$ then compare the current yuan price.

        US$ is still the only game in town as having about 5% of the world's population but consumes and keep the entire world in motion.

        The US markets will continue to go higher since most US traders are still on the sidelines and have not yet joined the party. So far it has been foriegn investors buying in US markets to park and invest their money for safe keeping.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          The U.S., by consuming the resources and labors of the world, keeps the entire world in motion? So, if the U.S. population was magically wiped off the face of the earth, the world would stop. Interesting concept. Makes you wonder how the Indians, indeed the whole world was in motion before the U.S.

          Say I have an orchard and my family labors hard with it…but the neighbor consumes all my fruit, and pays my people pennies for labor. The neighbor says hes the only game in town, the only thing keeping me in motion. Now the neighbor family,..the Gambino family, they get wiped out by another mafia group. Now WE get to eat all the fruit and build houses for us instead of the crime family. Nobody is frozen in motion.

          Money speculators and organized crime always say they are the only game in town

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Toss back via religious delusion…lololol..peals of laughter.

    Roy Moore turns recount into religious crusade: ‘Immorality sweeps over the land’
    Dec 14 2017‘immorality-sweeps-over-the-land’/ar-BBGImsR?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp

    • DUDe DUDe

      I understand conservative evangelicals are his main fan base..and the only ones hypocrit and delussional enough to see good in that creep..he play's the cards he has..wont help..

  • DUDe DUDe

    Is that democracy hating coörporate fascist swamp monkey Ajit Pai still alive ? So i guess today is the last day..

    FCC Set to Roll Back Digital Civil Rights With Tomorrow's Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I know …an attention span issue.

    Massive California inferno keeps growing despite all-out battle
    Dec 14 2017

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The Santa Ynez mountains east of Santa Barbara are very tall, steep, and rugged. Not a great place to be hiking around with heavy firefighting gear, nor for fighting a fire.

      Santa Barbara and the small cities around there are lovely. It's a shame so much of the area is being destroyed. It has always seemed so peaceful when I've visited there.

    • This would be so nice for me. I'm in rural AZ at a senior living complex with wifi. I have to use an antenna to get an unreliable signal. It can really screw up posting on this and other sites. But I'd have to buy new hardware, that speed would fry what I have now. Ouch.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      taffycat, you should push for fiber optic installation in your area. Or a 4G rollout.

      What happened to using fiber optic cable? High speed internet, high bandwidth, without the concerns of small microwave repeaters installed everywhere.

      In California, there has been massive pushback against this 5-G network.

      The problem is, the network will run microwave frequencies at extremely high frequencies, at mHz levels known to cause harm – similar to frequencies used for military weaponry.

      There would be small microwave repeaters installed everywhere – on top of city streetlights, power poles, in places where you would not expect it.

      The potential risk is unacceptable. See this for more information:

      Installing a 5G network on public property also removes the ability of cities and counties to have jurisdiction over what is installed there. So if this potentially harmful technology is installed, local governments (and people) ostensibly have NO power to control it or regulate it.

      We fought SB 649 long and hard in California, and the battle is not over yet.

      Scientists for wired technology worldwide oppose SB 649

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        A Quote from the hardwired scientists:

        "We are asking you to vote NO on SB 649. There is a substantial body of evidence that this technology is harmful to humans and the environment. The 5G millimeter wave is known to heat the eyes, skin and testes, and the ubiquitous placement of these towers will expose California’s population 24/7. The most vulnerable among us — the unborn, children, the infirm, the elderly and the disabled will be affected. It is also expected that populations of bees and birds will drastically decline.

        Ironically, the strongest among us, the firefighters, received an exemption from SB 649. After years of their stations being targeted for cell tower placement, SPECT brain scan testing among a group of California firefighters revealed abnormalities that included cognitive impairment. This translated to firefighters occasionally getting lost while driving their emergency equipment through the streets in the same town they grew up in. Infertility and miscarriages plagued the department. Perhaps most shocking of all, the cell tower near the station was measured at 1/1000th of the allowed limit set by the FCC.

        We support the fire station exemption of SB 649. If the firefighters are impaired, we are all at risk. Yet this exemption protects the strongest of the strong and forces the most vulnerable among us to live with the greatest exposure. We find these well-documented health hazards both real and unacceptable."

      • Centurylink hasn't got anything in this area of AZ, no DSL. Wifi is it, at least here in the complex it's free.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          One way to protect yourself is to make sure you're not close to the WiFi router. And get an Ethernet connection for your apartment, so at least you're not being directly exposed to WiFi.

          The tech (if you have to pay one) will charge you to put in the Ethernet jack, but IMHO it would be worth it to avoid the WiFi exposure.

          Just sayin'


    Arctic Temperatures Are Rising So Fast Computers Don't Believe They're Real
    Dec 13, 2017

    National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) noticed something odd: They were missing data from Utqiaġvik [Alaska] for all of 2017, and some of 2016.

    ..reason for the cold down here. arctic warms, south freezes. Bet you didn't hear about the snowstorm down here.


    Arctic Temperatures Are Rising So Fast Computers Don't Believe They're Real

    Dec 13, 2017

    National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) noticed something odd: They were missing data from Utqiaġvik [Alaska] for all of 2017, and some of 2016.

    ..reason for the cold down here. arctic warms, south freezes. bet you didn't hear about the snowstorm down here.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom?

    A president who'd all but call a senator a whore is unfit to clean toilets in Obama's presidential library or to shine George W. Bush's shoes: Our view

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    forget DNA damage, protect your proteins. More info at CafeRadLab

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    did Kanye West, Keanu Reeves and Taylor Swift blow the lid on MK Ultra? The answer might be at Cafe RadLab

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Are pumpkin seeds the key to protecting yourself from nuke fallout? Explained in detail at CafeRadLab, a troll-free forum

    • GOM GOM

      I don't know if your being sarcastic or pimping some site on ENE.

      I see your not using a real link. Isn't ENE dead enough for you? Jerk.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        is Code really an 'alter' of 'Dr of Everything'? Did Code steal his/her own identity? Is the earth shaped like a ball or a dog bowl? What really went down; did HD, GOM and DR Anne really expose Code as a brain damaged pro nuke shill? Is vit C really good for nothing, or is it the secret to side effect free cancer treatment? Can you really cover the Sistine Chapel with ENEnews wallpaper? The truth to these and many other questions revealed for the first time at CafeRadLab

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        GOM, no its a real link (really reals). Im putting my researches and theories at CafeRadLab where they will be more cleanly accessed rather than smothered in drivel. Soon you will not be disturbed by my presence here. Indeed, Im transcending to the fourth dementia…

        Hormesis, or adaptive response is a problem for cancer victims, pumpkin seeds show promise for radiation protection, Woods Hole wears no clothes, yeast and fungus a radiological threat, how I plan to make a million playing the rise and fall of currency values and real estate and then parlay it into super wealth by charging rent and usury, how we can both become rich by lending each other money with high interest rates, and much much more

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          plus Im starting a band called CodeShutdown and the Bow Wowsers. We can shred, impersonate black R$B balads, play middle east hits in the phrygian mode and beam it directly into your brain with microwaves. In addition, all members of the band are the same person, a suspected hormesis pro nuke shill

    • Signed up last night for a good nights sleep but haven't gotten my password yet. I am soooo looking forward to it.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Country could not be any dumber..No Health Care for any of You!

    Pay me the 0.1% more….Pay us Now! Do it!

    The world's richest 0.1% have increased their wealth by as much as the poorest HALF since 1980

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • Still haven't had that good nights sleep even though they have now turned off the lights if the internet 🙁

    Makes me wonder how evil is the game plan? Everyday it is another chip outta the wall of us. Are we to be just a pile of broken bricks out in the bone-yard of history? I was kinda fond of that old piece of parchment with fancy scribbles and signatures. My bed is too small for my tiredness, make me a blanket of leaves, tuck a cloud under my chin, Lord blow the moon out please…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    One can clearly see when it all was Reagan and the Republicans that created the problem..they will do it over and over again.

    They must hate this country..and are simply a bunch of bullshitters..dragging ignorant religious Christians around with mental trigger sound their nose rings.

    11 Charts That Show Income Inequality Isn’t Getting Better Anytime Soon
    It’s no secret: More and more wealth is trickling up.

    We have all been scammed…

  • freebywill

    Net Neutrality Killed as FCC 'Hands Keys to Internet to Handful of Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations'

    by Julia Conley, staff writer

    The nonpartisan First Amendment advocacy group Free Press vowed to take the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to court Thursday after the Republican-controlled panel moved to gut net neutrality protections that prohibit internet service providers (ISPs) from charging for and discriminating against content, in a 3-2 vote along party lines.

    [ just great, the smirking little creep got his vote. ]

    • razzz razzz

      Congress caused the internet to be fundamentally flawed when it setup and gave monopolies to cable companies. If you have Comcast in your area, it is not like you can call, say, Cox and check their prices for cable. You have only one cable service provider in your area by design.

      Internet through power lines would create a competing service.

  • DUDe DUDe

    I wonder how much they mean of it..and how long before their filters clutter up when they increase pollution on the other hand..

    EPA seeks input to rework rule on lead in drinking water

    The move is part of the Trump administration's policy of consulting with state and local officials, or national organizations that represent them, when developing regulations. While the administration is focused on reducing regulations on mining and drilling and other industries, Pruitt says he is focusing on what he calls the core duties of the EPA, which includes water pollution.

    The EPA is considering long-term and short-term revisions to the rule including replacement of lead pipes, improving corrosion control treatment requirements, and the role of filters where water is consumed.

    Lead is a neurotoxin that can damage brains and cause behavior and stomach problems. There is no safe level of lead in drinking water and children are particularly vulnerable, the Centers for Disease Control says.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Exclusive: Tracing ISIS’ Weapons Supply Chain—Back to the US" long read, not proven yet.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Deadly bugs on the loose: Federal monitors scramble to keep track of dangerous bioterror research" these are little 'bugs'

  • DUDe DUDe

    The Deep State's Christmas Present To America: Surveillance That Never Ends

    Section 702 has been used as an end-run around the Constitution to allow the government to collect the actual content of Americans’ emails, phone calls, text messages and other electronic communication without a warrant.

    Under Section 702, the government collects and analyzes over 250 million internet communications every year. There are estimates that at least half of these contain information about U.S. residents, many of whom have done nothing wrong. This information is then shared with law enforcement and “routinely used for purposes unrelated to national security.”

    Mind you, Section 702 gives the government access to the very content of your conversations (phone calls, text messages, video chats), your photographs, your emails.

    So beware of what you say, what you read, what you write, where you go, and with whom you communicate, because it will all be recorded, stored and used against you eventually, at a time and place of the government’s choosing. Privacy, as we have known it, is dead

    On any given day, the average American is now monitored, surveilled, spied on and tracked in more than 20 different ways by both government and corporate eyes and ears.

    • I have pages dating back to 2014/2015 of 702 being used against me. Of being censored, hacked and a fisa issued against me. All documented with screen shots and computer logs. Should I repost them? Do I wanna be a disappeared. It was once posted under Mr "O" and he used it to his advantage but now? My advice is use open source, use Linux Mint, use Tor, use a VPN and still worry about it because they can now bridge even air-gap machines.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Government watchdog: Trump administration illegally withheld funds for innovative energy research
    The program, which fosters emerging energy technologies, is a target for elimination by President Trump.

    The Department of Energy (DOE) instructed its officials to withhold $91 million from an energy program that the Trump administration had targeted for elimination, a clear and deliberate violation of a law that requires already-appropriated funds to be released, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

    The fiscal-year 2017 funds were illegally withheld from Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E), a program founded in 2009 during the Obama administration that provides funds to early-stage energy technologies. The program was created to make sure that the United States maintained a competitive advantage in developing emerging energy technologies.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Read what ARPA-E has accomplished since 2009.

      Donald, souring the seeds of great change…

      • DUDe DUDe

        Greed , racisme and personal orange trash..

        • DUDe DUDe

          Trump wants to cut federal regulations ‘below the 1960 level.’ Here is what that would look like.
          No Clean Air Act. No Clean Water Act.

          Before cutting a red ribbon with oversized scissors Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump touted his administration’s progress in cutting regulations, saying he wants to return the federal government to the level of regulations that existed in 1960.

          If policymakers had stopped in 1960, pollution would have kept the nation’s rivers and streams unsafe for fishing or swimming. It was a time when Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River caught on fire due to decades of pollution from industrial waste. Acid rain was destroying New England forests. Homes had been built on toxic sites. Cities were smothered in smog.

          As a result of one environmental crises after another, the federal government implemented several important environmental regulations in the post-1960 era, including:

        • Jebus Jebus

          In a profitable nuclear way…

          Federal nuclear watchdog says licensing advanced power plants will get 'expensive'

          Sinister Miniature Reactors…

          • DUDe DUDe

            "He said nuclear power plants produce no greenhouse gas emissions, which many scientists blame for raising the Earth's temperature. Whitehouse said the closure of the plants should be prevented to keep U.S. carbon emissions low."

            Filthy genocidal liars..and when will there be put MASSIVE resources aside to develop methods to get the waste of the planet without ever coming back to bite us , or anything else , again..

            Any business that can NOT put forward a Full Cycle plan..from mining/resource-gathering to production to waste..that is a netto beneficial or at least neutral to the planet has no right to exist..and weaseling mouthpieces should be taken out of the conversation on sight..they are so sick their existence is malevolent to life and there is no more time to let them outgrow their dissorders "on their own page" whilest killing everything that stands for life..

      • DUDe DUDe

        Btw Jebus , ARPA-E looks like really something good indeed..a fine effort..

        • Jebus Jebus

          Question everything.

          It does look like if any one agency knows the damage results, it's the doe.

          So far, ARPA-E looks like a clean jumble of

          Never can tell, but it's no wonder it doesn't fit the meme…

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


            ARPA-E Announces $20 Million Program
            To Lower Advanced Reactor Costs

            Oct. 26, 2017—The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) this week announced up to $20 million in funding opportunities for innovative projects that can lower the cost to develop advanced nuclear reactors.

            The new ARPA-E program is called Modeling-Enhanced Innovations Trailblazing Nuclear Energy Reinvigoration (MEITNER) and was developed in close cooperation of DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. MEITNER projects will support the advanced reactor design community by developing technologies to accelerate fabrication and testing, make construction cheaper, and integrate high levels of automation and built-in safety measures across the plant to reduce operational costs, ARPA-E Acting Director Eric Rohlfing said.

            ARPA-E’s funding opportunity is encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration for its projects, calling on scientists, engineers, and practitioners from different organizations, scientific fields and technology sectors to form diverse and experienced project teams.

  • freebywill

    Operation Virus Hunter

    Sea Shepherd's research vessel, Martin Sheen returns to the west coast of Canada for a second year as part of Operation Virus Hunter II — to study the impact that farmed salmon has on wild salmon populations in British Columbia. Working in collaboration with biologist Alexandra Morton, and indigenous peoples along the coast, Operation Virus Hunter puts a spotlight on a secretive industry with devastating impact.

    Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

    The purpose of Operation Virus Hunter II, is to investigate open net salmon farms that are carelessly contaminating coastal waters and infecting wild fish. Salmon farms operate along the migration routes of wild salmon and herring, disrupting their lifecycle; these farms occupy the territories of First Nation peoples who are fighting for the survival of wild salmon. Farmed salmon are unsustainable, and a serious threat to coastlines around the world.

  • DUDe DUDe

    UPDATE: This provision was stripped out via a Democratic amendment prior to final passage early Saturday morning.

    GOP sneaks provision into tax bill to benefit one college favored by Republican billionaires

    Tucked away on page 289 is a provision that would exempt certain colleges from a special tax on university endowments. It would only apply to colleges that: 1. Did not accept federal funds, and 2. Had an endowment of at least $500,000 per student.

    There appears to be only one educational institution in the entire country that would benefit: Hillsdale College.

    What’s so special about Hillsdale?

    The school has deep ties to Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education secretary, and her family. The DeVos clan founded Amway, which made them billionaires, and are large Republican donors. The Hillsdale student paper details the connections.

    Why does Hillsdale reject federal funds? For one thing, it allows them to ignore “federal regulations governing how to respond to sexual assault and banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.” (Notably, these are the same kind of regulations Betsy DeVos is seeking to undermine as education secretary.)

    The campus chaplain at Hillsdale once sent an all-school email calling for prayer against the “evil” of same-sex marriage. The president of the college, Arnn, referred to minority students as “dark ones” in a state legislative hearing.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Excerpt from "Protocol for Intravenous Ascorbate Therapy for Cancer Treatment For Oriental Medicine Practitioners" by permission "In response to the success of the Cameron/Pauling studies the NIH funded a study at the Mayo Clinic on Vitamin C that did not even remotely follow the same patient selection protocol or the same treatment protocol. Of course since they made no attempt to replicate the Cameron and Pauling study, they did not get the same results. It has been suggested that the main purpose of the study was to discredit Cameron and Pauling because they advocated a "non-traditional" treatment that did not profit the pharmaceutical industry."

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    …The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission named …
    …Duane M. DesParte, who will serve as board members, the SEC said in a statement.

    …The announcement follows months of SEC wrangling over who would snag the coveted PCAOB posts, some of the highest-paying jobs in financial regulation. As board members, Brown, Hamm, Kaiser and DesParte will be paid $547,000 a year.

    …The new leadership also may revisit some of the tough strictures imposed when the PCAOB was created by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act in response to accounting scandals at Enron Corp. and WorldCom Inc.

    …DesParte, who is retiring from Exelon Corp., was previously an audit partner at Deloitte. Prior to that he was at Arthur Andersen, the firm that cratered in the wake of a federal indictment involving its audit work for Enron.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Meet scumbag millionaire.

    Watch: Trump’s FCC chair mocks woman commissioner’s impassioned plea to save the internet

    • Jebus Jebus

      In the eighties I remember setting up bulletin boards.

      Telnet, xmodem, ymodem, and zmodem.

      The zmodem protocol was written here local in the NW.

      Anybody could be a part of this new technology.

      Ones who carried on are some that are giants today.

      It was a completely level playing field. Equal opportunity.

      Now, if I wanted to open an online mall, that people went to, anybody can, I would be faced with those giants and if amazon does not like my now popular online mall, they can pay google or verizon, to not like me too.

      No one will see my mall, and it will crawl…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      From Electronic Freedom Foundation (

      A Lump of Coal in the Internet’s Stocking: FCC Poised to Gut Net Neutrality Rules
      By Corynne McSherry, Kit Walsh, Mitch Stoltz, and Ernesto Falcon
      November 27, 2017

      In a new proposal issued last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set out a plan to eliminate net neutrality protections, ignoring the voices of millions of Internet users who weighed in to support those protections. The new rule would reclassify high-speed broadband as an “information service” rather than a “telecommunications service” (remember, the FCC is forbidden from imposing neutrality obligations on information services). It would then eliminate the bright-line rules against blocking, throttling, and pay-to-play (as well as the more nebulous general conduct standard) in favor of a simplistic transparency requirement. In other words, your ISP would be free to set itself up as an Internet gatekeeper, as long as it is honest about it.

      This is a bad idea for many, many reasons. Here are a few.
      Net Neutrality Has Been a Pillar of the Open Internet

      The FCC’s decision to gut net neutrality protections isn’t just partisan business as usual; it’s a withdrawal from over a decade of work to protect Internet users from unfair practices by Internet service providers. While the FCC’s approach has changed over the years, its goal of promoting net neutrality did not.

      • HoTaters HoTaters


        Two years ago, it finally adopted legally enforceable rules, most prominently bright-line prohibiting ISPs from blocking, throttling, and creating Internet “fast lanes” that would favor some sites and content over others. But, as the saying goes, “elections have consequences.” One consequence of the 2016 election is that the FCC has new leadership that feels free not just to change the rules, but to get rid of them altogether.

        Because the draft order repeals net neutrality rules altogether, it allows ISPs to block or throttle lawful content, or give the highest-paying websites and apps a better ability to reach customers’ devices, or to favor Internet traffic from the ISPs’ own subsidiaries and business partners, all without any legal repercussions. It paves the way for an Internet that works more like cable television, where wealthy insiders decide which speakers can reach a broad audience. A pay-to-play Internet means that smaller sites and apps, or startups without major funding, will be forced to negotiate with multiple ISPs to avoid their content being buried, degraded, or even blocked.

        The draft order claims that “latency-sensitive” applications will benefit from paying to connect to you faster and more reliably, while other apps and sites will continue to work as they do today….

        • HoTaters HoTaters


          But without rules, nothing will require ISPs to give the same quality of service even to apps that pay the same amount, let alone those that can’t afford it. Content from an ISP’s business affiliates or favored partners will be able to get a fast lane no matter how much another website or app is willing to pay. The order justifies its conclusions by cherry-picking some economic analyses that support them, while ignoring the harms to free speech that flow from paid prioritization.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

    • Jebus Jebus

      Read the Dissenting Opinions of the Only Two FCC Commissioners Trying to Save Net Neutrality [Updated]

      "Net neutrality is internet freedom. I support that freedom. I dissent from this rash decision to roll back net neutrality rules. I dissent from the corrupt process that has brought us to this point. And I dissent from the contempt this agency has shown our citizens in pursuing this path today. This decision puts the Federal Communications Commission on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of the American public.

      The future of the internet is the future of everything. That is because there is nothing in our commercial, social, and civic lives that has been untouched by its influence or unmoved by its power. And here in the United States our internet economy is the envy of the world. This is because it rests on a foundation of openness…"

  • Jebus Jebus

    AI gives hint to scientists.

    Hello? World?

    This city in Alaska is warming so fast, algorithms removed the data because it seemed unreal

    • I was in Fairbanks the winter of 75/76 and had friends from Barrow. When I saw the photo of Barrow with bare ground I went into shock. Was amazed at the changes. I guess my experience is something to be treasured now more than before. Like…I saw 80 degrees below zero for 3 straight days.It never got above 80 below. I got dressed and went out in it. Amazing feeling(s). Now the big melt is almost year around instead of late spring.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      This fellow thinks we will all be OK! Not!

      He understands things clearly..and why we are all here.

      Overview Of Abrupt Anthropogenic Climate Change

      Me thinks he has the timeline a little off though…but then..if we do not shout from the rooftops now..when?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Aren't these just plants?

      PICTURED: Drugs 'Queenpin' behind multi-million dollar weed 'fortress' is busted 'netting a fortune and using it to fund lavish lifestyle' as a respected mom in upscale California neighborhood

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      • Yepper, those are just plants in a very altered environment…in my case, wonderful plants that relieve the pain if a bad spine and the pain of PTSD.

        Face it folk's, the country is in the throws of a revolt/revolution, it's is being converted right before our very eyes. There are many labels to apply to it if one wants but it is no longer a Republic w/democratic institutions. There are politicians that speak to issues but not to the grand picture. The political class is being destroyed. For instance I saw that some 700 people have left the EPA. They just leave and with them go our protections. I do not have the link, sorry, you can find it. For years now I have claimed that this started with the coup of 1999/2000 vote. So what we are seeing today is the final product of this coup. If you read my site with care and if you read the links provided you might see what I feel. I feel sick and want to puke on someone's shoes.
        It is over, the Grand Experiment is Finished. What is left is the cleaning out of the cupboards. This house is no longer a home.

        • DUDe DUDe

          Welcome to our new home..ready or not..
          Buy and delete cute..what do you think the governments full of ego-dissordered machiavellian narcissist's let loose in a cookiestore will do from a distance with that capability..idiots..cementing themselves in the matrix..what demons posses you to seek such a fate..and drag everybody with you..

          AI brain chips will 'evolve' humanity into a 'community of ZOMBIES' who are indistinguishable from robots, expert claims

          Those implanting microcomputers into their mind risk merging with machines
          Brain implants could mean that machines start to take on or imitate human traits
          This could mean humans and androids become indistinguishable, expert claims

          It was recently revealed that a tech company backed by Elon Musk is developing a 'brain-computer interface'
          The chips will allow people to buy and delete memories, and will soon be as popular as smartphones, according to Bryan Johnson, an expert working on such a device.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      It works both ways..and it all boils down to one the destruction of this Earth moves forward at break neck speed.

      Female Democratic Congress candidate drops out of race after she was accused of sexual harassment by a male colleague who 'rejected her advances' – but she insists he was a 'vindictive' employee

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    AT&T didn’t wait even a day before beginning to interfere with Dutchsinse.
    I got repeated timeouts as the video spooled just now.
    (First time ever.)
    Net Neutrality rules were just suspended yesterday.
    Meaning they had the memos already out, and were ready to pounce when the NN rules were suspended.
    I suspose that soon, they will interfere with YouTube uploads.
    Trump Trumps everything! Again.

  • razzz razzz

    'The Dow & Trump Tax Reform'

    "…The Trump Tax Reform reducing the corporate tax to 21% and taking effect January 1st, 2018 rather than being delayed until 2019, will be one of the biggest positive catalysts for US equities in decades. This is very interesting because it is now fundamentally validating what our computer has been projecting for highs going up to the 40,000 level on the Dow back in 2009.

    Many of the domestic and institutional investors overseas are NOT in this market. They will now be forced to reposition their portfolios once the bill is passed. How to Trade a Vertical Market is absolutely critical at this point in time. This is by no means going to be easy.

    We are already above the top of the Upward Channel and this will be 21,017.30. Our projections for 2017 stood at 25,648.40 and this rises to 28,045.71 for 2018. This is the next area of resistance. Once we push through that projection, the market will come back to test it. That will be the start of the slingshot upward.

    …NOBODY could have forecast this back in 2009. Barron’s though we were crazy back in 2011 forecasting the Dow was off to new record highs. Socrates can beat anyone, even me. So why will mainstream media not report our model’s success? Because it is not in the self-interest of themselves or government…"

  • razzz razzz

    Notice the political bias, Trump is not even referred to as 'President Trump'. Surprise the headline doesn't say they are 'colluding'.

    'Putin, Trump discuss N Korea in phone call'

    "Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump discussed the crisis over North Korea's nuclear program in a phone call Thursday, in which the US president took the unusual step of thanking his Russian counterpart for praising America's economy.

    The two heads of state discussed "the situation in several crisis zones, with a focus on solving the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula," the Kremlin said in a statement, without elaborating.

    The White House said the two "discussed working together to resolve the very dangerous situation in North Korea."

    But Trump's thanks to Putin took top billing in the US statement.

    "President Trump thanked President Putin for acknowledging America's strong economic performance in his annual press conference," it said.

    Earlier in the day, Putin told his press conference: "Look at how the markets are reacting, they are growing. This shows confidence in the American economy. With all due respect to (Trump's) opponents, these are objective facts…"

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      after they solve the nuclear issue in korea, they can solve the nuclear issue in the U.S. and Israel.

      Q; what country has actually used nuclear weapons on men women and children indiscriminately?

      last week we learned this word; the U.S. is shineholy

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    I follow up on manganese, the powerful radioprotectant.

    tired of log on issues, posting issues, jousting trolls? None of that over at CafeRadLab

  • freebywill

    Residents Outraged as DHS Spraying Town With Chemicals—Using Them as Human Guinea Pigs

    Newkirk, OK – A planned chemical/biological test by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has residents of a small Oklahoma town in fear that they are being used as human guinea pigs, as the federal government prepares to carry out plans for biological testing in the area next month.

    DHS announced plans to conduct chemical and biological testing near the border between Kansas and Oklahoma in January and February, and again in June and July, to determine how much protection people would receive from being inside a house or an apartment in the event of a biological terrorist attack, according to a statement on the Homeland Security website.

    The chemical agents DHS plans to use in the testing are titanium dioxide, fluorescent brightener, urea, and Dipel, an insecticide.

    [ one glaring concern ]

    Wineinger disputes the idea that these substances are harmless, noting that she’s allergic to urea and could be hospitalized if she’s exposed to it. She also expressed concern about individuals with asthma and fears the area’s crops could be contaminated by the chemicals.

    [ it is unknown how many people in the test area may be allergic to the agents proposed to be released ]

    [ more at the link ]

  • razzz razzz

    'Net Neutrality Is Dead — And Not a Moment Too Soon!'

    "…To illustrate that, let’s take a moment to remember that the architects and supporters of Net Neutrality promised that there would be no rate regulation (similar enough to Obama’s promises of no premium increases with the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). And yet, in April 2016, Wheeler testified before Congress that a bill to keep the FCC from regulating Internet rates would kill Net Neutrality and prevent the commission from enforcing its rules. Because the power to set rates was part of the plan all along, just like with ObamaCare…"

  • DUDe DUDe

    The EPA Hired a Major Republican Opposition Research Firm to Track Press Activity
    It promises “war room” style media monitoring.

  • Follow the others blindly or get yourself to the "big time" under your own power…

    …effort every day.

    Peter Gabriel – "Big Time"

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    From your link, Hippie…Irrelevant as it is…

    …Tucked away on the second floor of a renovated industrial building in the central Mitte area of Berlin, a handful of Correctiv fact-checkers now uses the tool to work through a list of flagged Facebook posts. The Echtjetzt project got a €100,000 grant from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations…

    … Jacques Pezet, a journalist who worked with the tool for the newspaper…. “most fake news is about [traditional right-wing topics like] immigrants, refugees and security. It’s rare we have fake news about nuclear energy.”

    …Zuckerberg "…In a free society, it’s important that people have the power to share their opinion, even if others think they’re wrong.”

  • Jebus Jebus

    Scott says, "It's gonna be fine. It is well within the acceptable limits imposed…"

    Black sewage came spewing out of multiple water fountains at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) headquarters on Thursday morning.

  • DUDe DUDe

    The Koch Brothers Think It's Time to Enter the Media Arena Watch out for more right-wing shaping of the media narrative.

    "However, Time remains a valuable asset. In an age when — under pressure from right-wing politicians and corporate interests — there is a battle in the media over what is factual, Time still plays a significant role in dispensing news. Furthermore, it is still read by many influencers over other media outlets."

    "The Koch brothers have not been the least bit aloof about working to influence the thinking of the American public. Their support of think tanks and advocacy groups, such as Americans for Prosperity — which they founded — indicate that they are keenly aware of the importance of shaping public perception about issues. This applies to the battle over facts and ideas, which ultimately influence elections and public policies."

    "So, given their combined wealth of nearly $100 billion, it is worth keeping a watchful eye on the Koch brothers' investment in Time and the evolving editorial content of the publication."

  • Just a few things about stuff…
    Years ago I posted here as onedman, I looked into being a monitor here, the site is hosted in UT but the owner lived in FL…I came back on in 2015 and things had changed but a lot of the posters from the past were still active…I recently returned to find what? A bunch of drivel from wacko's and it makes me wonder how much they are being paid, is it by post? is it by the word? or by the letter? or by links to youtube? It is very sad to have to click down a page full of crap to try and find anything of value here. There will always be trolls but without a admin/monitor this site has been trashed. There are old news-papers scattered everywhere and yet that damn dog still pisses all over the rug.

    • So who in the He88 would pay a fool to spout lies here?

      Seem paranoid to ya? Damn sure does to me…

      Look people that can actually do stuff…

      Oh but don't click on it, you don't really want to know…

      Daft Punk – 'Aerodynamic':

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Pay "to spout lies".

        Pretty sure the commenter didn't mention that, but yeah, that works.

        Really well, actually. A simple, concise description of the activity. Good work.

        Sorry to Taffy… That's how it's been going for some time. Put up with the abuse and then get a lashing when you speak out about it… then they leave. Mission accomplished, ey Dog?

        Not gettin' paid? Just doin' it out of the kindness of your heart, Dog?

        Hey admin, I will moderate your site for free. I pledge to use the delete member button recklessly and with prejudice. It would be nice to have some moderation and see what can be accomplished.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Additional 27 Million Trees Have Died In California In The Last Year

    A new U.S. Forest Service survey found that another 27 million trees died since November 2016. That brings the total number of dead trees to a record 129 million since 2010.

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