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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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Published: January 2nd, 2016 at 1:10 am ET


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  • DUDe DUDe

    Iceland Becomes First Country to Punish Companies for Paying Women Less Than Men

    Iceland began the new year by becoming the first country in the world to mandate that all its companies must pay men and women equally. Following years of passing legislation promoting equal pay, employers that fail to ensure pay parity will now be subject to fines, thanks to a law passed last spring that went into effect Monday.

    Under the new law, companies that employ more than 25 people will have to prove to the government that they're paying men and women equally. Officials hope the move will help Iceland to completely close its gender wage gap by 2020.

    Iceland has long been admired by progressives as a model of gender equality, filling nearly 50 percent of its parliament seats with women. Supporters of the new law say it couldn't have been put into action without the strong presence of female lawmakers.

  • FaunaLord q

    They gathered all possessions found, to consummate their plans, bleeding at their fingers from digging with their hands. All congratulate themselves, but nothing have they done. The vessels longed along the selves, empty everyone.

    In typical commoner communist/capitalist (it's so hard to tell) tradition. I thought, well then, let's burn it to the ground.

  • FaunaLord q

    I finally got some Nux vomica, somewhat inadvertently.

    Arnica montana, calcarea arsenicica, hamamelis virginiana, selenicereus grandiflorus, silybum marianum, strychnos nux-vomica, spag, vipera aspis.

    Surely none of that could be useful for anything, it's plant derived and not subject to typical alopathic ideology.

    Hisssssss. Hallelujah, at least it also comes with 57% alcohol.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      q if you really do alcohol, add niacin to the list.

      You might look up esophageal varices

      I witnessed a good friend vomit several liters of blood from this…the majority of his supply in fact. Unless you are into that sort of thing…and I know its kind of a death metal cool factor or something

      Say, Ive got a special T Shirt for you. Free because I dig your anti establishment swagger. On the back it says "fuckin end it all" On the front is a little pull string that plays five seconds of heavy metal in a little built in speaker before a little cyanide pill drops out. Three seconds later, Hydrofluoric acid squirts out the collar…so you really have no chance to second guess your decision.

      I will donate the acidified remains to a charity of your choice

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A 'sexstremist' tries to snag the statue of baby ..Jesus.
    New term..
    I'm never really sure a women's breasts are not a distraction more than a help towards a cause.
    It did however cover very well this ..

    A naked man steals the show in the Vatican’s new nativity scene rendition

    The naked fellow is well fleshed ..unlike the victims of abuse by the Church.

    • FaunaLord q

      "I'm never really sure a women's breasts are not a distraction more than a help towards a cause. It did however cover very well this .."

      Good point, I call on the "90% of everything is shit" rule.

      I was smoking weed, taking drugs and drinking alcohol earlier this day and because I'm a normal modern citizen, masturbating to some porn. It occurred to me that it's bullshit.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Seems to be working for you..
        Are you also gaming while picking your acne?

        • FaunaLord q

          You know what really fucked me up though? The climate. I passed out in the sun, complete memory loss, the heat was a bit much.

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            Can you or can't you. Just say no, just say yes. The cookie jar doesn't discriminate but the Cookie Monster does. Obey. Implanted. Words have always been implanted.Attachment. No repercussions just reverberation leading repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations leading to repercussions leading to reverberations….what's that word?

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Interesting but it just doesn't sit well.. Networks, monitoring, mineralization…..attraction, repulsion. Progress??? not at all. Entrapment yes.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Wow, these folks are quite the bullshit artists. 3 to 5 liters a day is enough for a family of 4…hahahaha. 3 to 5 Gallons maybe.
      Doing gods work they are.

      Oh ya.

      'ZMW will also deploy water systems to Syrian refugees in Jordan and to Jordanian families, affecting 100,000 households by the end of 2017.'

      • FaunaLord q

        Well, ignoring the bullshit in "state" water. 3-5 liters for a family?!?? Fuck that. I drink like 4 liters of fluid a day (I lie, I actually rely on the very obscure nitrogen in much larger quantities, mostly).

        • Many survive on less and use water from the river to clean their clothes and as a bathroom.

          The privacy to take a dump in the river is common practice in many of these countries.

          So upstream someone is taking a dump and washing their clothes and down stream someone is also defecating and cleaning their clothes in the river while moving upstream a short distance to gather drinking water.

          Problem is they are all downstream from someone else doing the same.

          So 3-5 liters of clean water for drinking/cooking is a real start.

          I was indirectly involved with building a water system in the Philippines and this simple thing (a water well) has saved many lives.

          Think about this one, the water well can only be used for hours a day to allow replenishment of the resource so the wells don't go dry or become contaminated from over use in a short period…

          That's how large the demand is in these places. If allowed to be used 24-7 the well(s) would run dry or become contaminated quickly from the usage demands.

          So 3 to 5 liters per family? Would save countless lives and eventually the goal would be to have a sufficient number of wells to operate 24-7.

          That's a step forward, or should we simply do nothing instead?

          Wowsers… Each step is a step, not a complete solution. Each step is one less step for later.

          I applaud anyone that cares enough to take actions on getting clean drinking water to these areas instead of just complaining about it.

  • FaunaLord q

    It may. This is kinda metaphysicoricalogicallogerical.

    In rhetorical terms, it did. "Do something", they said.

  • FaunaLord q

    I could sum modern thoughtforms, the egregore, the media, the mob ego, I don't fucking care what you call it, as such…

    Are you thinking what I say you're thinking?

    • FaunaLord q

      It's like, the opposite of intuition, imposition by tradition, quite the projection seeking perfection, but by inflection never having direction and suddenly subject to disposition.

  • razzz razzz

    This article is really about curcumin.

    'Woman, 67, who battled blood cancer for five years 'recovers after treating it with TURMERIC' in the first recorded case of its kind
    Dieneke Ferguson, 67, had given up on gruelling treatments and chemotherapy
    With her myeloma spreading she began taking 8g of curcumin a day
    The cancer stabilised in what doctors say was the first case of its kind'

    "…With her myeloma spreading rapidly after three rounds of chemotherapy and four stem cell transplants, the 67-year-old began taking 8g of curcumin a day – one of the main compounds in turmeric…"

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Curcumin, yes, possibly the best anti-inflammatory substance in the world. Some people eat tumeric daily with black pepper. The pepper is said to activate some substances in the tumeric to enhance its healing properties.

      Have studied alternative medicine for several years. Based on writings & studies done by clinicians, am convinced inflammatory processes in disease must be dealt with for a person to expect complete healing from any serious health condition.

      Dr. Axe says Asaxanthin is 6,000 times more potent than Vitamin C.

      "You may have heard of beta-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin and lutein, but have you heard of astaxanthin? Astaxanthin is found in wild caught salmon and krill and astaxanthin benefits are numerous especially when it comes to reducing age spots and boosting energy levels.

      Astaxanthin is an anti-oxidant in the carotenoid family that gives salmon it’s red-orange color. Research published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism suggests astaxanthin can reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and enhance the immune system! According to several studies when it comes to eliminating free radicals astaxanthin can be as much as:

      *550 times stronger than vitamin E
      *800 times more powerful than CoQ10
      *6000 times more potent than vitamin C Astaxanthin was even found to be more than 500 times more powerful than catechins found in green tea."

      Good nutritional support undergirds good health.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Not sure who this person is, but here's what he or she posted re: foods and leukemias, from a blog:

    "The University of Florida has done research with Lukemia and how it is affected by the acai berry. They found the acai reversed 4 differnt kinds of Lukemia. Don't know what happened to the other kinds. The place to get the VERY BEST acai is from a company named MonaVie. For information go to They have 5 different blends. The best blend for cancer support is called M(mun). It has medical research showing it helps support the immune system. 4 ounces of the beverage is equivalent to eating 13 servings of fruits and veggies a day. It is a blend of 19 fruits from the color spectrum plus wellmun, which has many patents on it. It is an easy way to get high plant sterols to fight all the free radicals created from the chemotherapy. It also helps prevent infection and it reduces inflammation. The best part is that it tastes DELICIOUS!!!! searchbu"

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Would avoid all grains except possibly quinoa, millet, amaranth. Wheat is highly inflammatory.

      Checking for hidden food allergies is a good idea, as well as hidden allergies such as mold allergy. Mold and food allergies can wreak havoc with health and the immune system.

      We have a retail water store with a treatment plant on site. We're now producing high pH (alkaline) water. Many people come to us because their oncologists suggest drinking alkaline water.

      So using nutritional methods to ensure blood pH is in a normal, slightly alkaline range is a good idea. Normal blood pH should be about 7.35. Urine pH can vary more – blood pH is a better measure of proper body alkalinity.

      • FaunaLord q

        Teff is pretty good too.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        acid alkaline. Complex!
        A big write up about acid alkyline and the ketone diet. My conclusion: ensure adequate levels of minerals like magnesium and potassium and calcium. Something like 'ecological formulas tri salts is one of the more inexpensive ones I found. I like powders more than pills.

        Dr Mercola is into intermittant ketone diet. This is by nature an acid diet. Explained by Dr Axe here

        the body has many different pH levels. Skin, vagina, muscles and saliva and of course the stomach are acidic

        blood levels are maintained to strict levels. breathing is a primary modulator

        You are more acidic at night…checking urine pH in the morning will be more acidic than later

        Dr. Watson discovered two metabolic types, first by using odor tests and later by using blood tests. He found that the blood pH of fast oxidizers was slightly more acidic than that of slow oxidizers. He discovered that certain foods and nutrients benefited each metabolic type.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Factors that can contribute to your risk of acidosis include:

          low mineral intake
          a high-fat diet that’s low in carbohydrates
          kidney failure
          aspirin or methanol poisoning (Q!)

          symptoms of respiratory acidosis

          fatigue or drowsiness
          becoming tired easily
          shortness of breath

          symptoms of metabolic acidosis include the following:

          rapid and shallow breathing
          lack of appetite
          increased heart rate
          breath that smells fruity, which is a sign of diabetic acidosis (ketoacidosis)

          • FaunaLord q

            "aspirin or methanol poisoning (Q!) "

            Is that directed at me? Codeine sure, maybe some paracetemol, fine, some ibuprofen, but aspirin? No. Methanol? No. Ethanol. Yes.

            • FaunaLord q

              I just made like some sort of slop. It's like garlic, onion, maca, coconut flour a bunch of herbs and spices.

              But I don't really want to eat it. Otoh, fuck the vampires.

        • razzz razzz

          Maintaining within the narrow margins of acidity controlled via body functions keeps a person in balance which is very important but testing a waste product like urine for pH is useless. A blood test is conclusive but not much you can do about changing your acidity since you body is on constant autopilot to maintain a strict level at all times.

          You can upset your acidity balance but a body will go to great length to correct it, fighting to maintain a proper level until the day you die. A balanced diet with a little exercise (get the heart rate up and break a sweat) will help the most.

          Curium, bromelain (usually extacted from pineapple stems), quercetin (plant polyphenol from the flavonoid group) plus bioperine (a black pepper exact) to aid absorption are all good at reducing inflammation.

          As to water, pure water does not exist in nature. Although it is nice to start with a pure water base (without contaminates via distillation or filtering) it is of little benefit or even harmful until you re-mineralize the pure water organically (tea, lemon, soups, steaming vegetables with it, etc.) i.e. not using inorganic minerals which might aid in taste but useless otherwise.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      phytochemicals are associated with color. Hibiscus has very dense color and has very good anti cancer anti inflammatory effects. Other plants high on the list of cancer fighting immune modulating, anti inflammatory, DNA protecting plants are black cumin and fenugreek. Niacin is also a big hit.

      All of the foods and herbs with dense color have powerful health benefit…purple cabbage, the berries.

      strongest plant antioxidant, dragons blood

      • You know it code…

        Foods that are bright in color get that brightness from somewhere.

        And if you pay attention to the source of these rich colors you will find a cure to most anything…

        Using caution of course…

        Here's a amusing (and amazing) thing that proves the truth about diet…

        How My Eyes Changed Color Eating FullyRaw:

    • Love it Hotaters…. REAL info that helps man…

      Stay the course and find the truth especially when it's hard to do…

      Saving lives is always hard (and doesn't ever pay well) if it really counts…

      "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts"

      I liked it…

  • FaunaLord q

    Never even heard of this shit until I randomly clicked it on that other site. Thanks stuart, your efforts are duly noted.

    • Sweet juice for cars and stuff…

      If we don't poison ourselves refining it huh…

      1 in? 1 out??? It's not a energy source…

      1 in 10 out? Now we're talkin…

      Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future:

      • FaunaLord q

        I am totally kickass at minimization, so I devised the 0th energy source of the future. Sometimes I feel the need to remind some people about nothing.

        • FaunaLord q

          This slop I made is pretty good. It reminds me of MSG, which of course, according to the FDA is just some other whatever, that's not important.

          It has just the right amount of electrolytic overload to be perfectly addictive. The maca gives it a nice down to earth sort of nutty flavour, with a bit of bitterness. The chia is like "I'm goin to fuck your fluid retention", but you laugh. The chilli is like a reminder. "Wassup bro, you fucked up". The sugar is like temptation, honey dearest. But the sulphur. Oh man. The vitriol.

  • Germany will stop all nuclear power production this year…

    Why? How?? LED's perhaps???

    Here's one reason…

    And what's the average cloud cover and rainfall there?

    And right now?

    Things that make ya go hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Well happy new year q…

    Try not to be too optimistic there man (sark)…

    And I'd love to actually teach you how to say…

    The chilli is like a reminder. "Wassup bro, you havin fun yet?"

    But the butox got in the way 🙂

  • DUDe DUDe

    2018: When Greed Meets Need

    As disgraced heiress Leona Helmsley once said before being prosecuted for not paying her contractors and federal taxes: “We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes.” And sure enough, if you have the money to hire the best accountants and lawyers in the nation, they will pry the tax loopholes open big enough to drive trucks full of money through without paying a dime to the government.

    Being so vastly displaced from the plight of the “common man” makes it difficult to identify with the realities those “little people” face on a daily basis. Thus, if you think you have to defund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) so you can give enormous tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy, you can do it without experiencing the impacts of your actions.

    But as Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France, found out when told the common people couldn’t afford bread — and supposedly haughtily replied, “Let them eat cake” — there can be real consequences for ignoring the needs of the many for the greed of the few.

    • And she was right when she said…

      “We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes”

      A new tax and rent free place for her to live? Only prob there is they tell you when to go to sleep huh… Lights out… Go to sleep now. Prison? Really?????


      John Fogerty – Blueboy:

        • DUDe DUDe

          I diddent even see your i suspect anticommunist post untill now..whatever but..

          What do you mean by this ? That it is a good and just thing or just the sad criminal overturn as soon as possible ?

          "And she was right when she said…

          “We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes”

      • DUDe DUDe

        How to Defend Voting Rights in 2018

        "The 2018 midterms are shaping up to be a historic moment in electoral history. As the GOP tries to maintain its majority, numerous people who never expected to run for office are plunging into politics. Meanwhile, a number of states are pushing through discriminatory voter suppression laws.

        In the US, where theoretically every person has a vote, it's critical to defend that right. Are you ready?"

        "Throughout US history, a widespread pattern of voter suppression has been used to disenfranchise marginalized groups. Initially, white women and all people of color couldn't vote, along with white men who didn't own property. Over time, the nation extended voting rights to more individuals, but some states used tactics like poll taxes and literacy taxes to keep people of color and other disadvantaged groups out of the polls.

        Today, those tactics are — in theory — illegal. But gerrymandering remains widespread, and states can still require voter identification, move polling places or change hours abruptly and engage in other activities that suppress the vote. There's an ongoing battle over how far states can take these activities, and voter suppression tends to favor Republicans."

        • "Today, those tactics are — in theory — illegal. But gerrymandering remains widespread, and states can still require voter identification, move polling places or change hours abruptly and engage in other activities that suppress the vote"

          Well? Then what do we do???

          It's time to suppress suppression by shining the light on these practices.

          "gerrymandering" is in fact illegal and punishable under current law if anyone would give a crap before the elections have already taken place…

          That's before, not after…

          But that's the problem and not the solution…

          Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO):

          • DUDe DUDe

            "It's time to suppress suppression by shining the light on these practices."

            Thats what i do , others do other pointing out the benefit of filtering drinking water..but boy..some are quit intolerant if you dont do it their way or dont stroke their ego when they talk rubbish to make it interesting..

            • Yep DUDe, truth is truth, all others pay cash, borrow money they know they can't pay back and complain instead of proving out and living it..

              Here's the truth, it's the real catchphrase, not waa waa the boo hoo or anything huh…



              • DUDe DUDe

                Ofcourse you forgot the title..

                "The Rules : Lending & Borrowing (or, give me my damn stuff back)"

                I'm not it part of the neurolinguistic programming against social security and stuff ?

                • "is it part of the neurolinguistic programming against social security and stuff"

                  Nahhh it's today's attitude toward others and the principle reason for most of our problems, especially pollution…

                  Lend gladly and never borrow…

                  If we do that, we will have more than enough and never have to borrow…

                  • FaunaLord q

                    I did lend things to people, I stole a bunch of stuff too (like most, or is that all people?).

                    The thing is, often, what I gave was returned broken or abused. At what point do you go, well, fuck off then?

                    • Never… That's the true beauty of beauty…

                      Not lookin for respect (although that would be nice).

                      Not lookin for recognition (although that would be cool).

                      Just lookin to be there, right there, right then…

                      Busted stuff? Just stuff…

                      Busted lives? Wowsers…

                      These are the days of our lives:


  • FaunaLord q

    Be very afraid of those who hold power over your killer refrigerrator. If you open you refrigator btw, and you analyzed the contents, you would notice concentrated death, dear citizen, but thou are not wisened nuf.

  • FaunaLord q

    You know what really pisses me off, as a proper satanist? These fucking posers like Taylor Swift (anagram, Ratty if slow). They're like cheap ass (but really expensive whores not worth bothering with) with very questionable "talents", but worshipped, nonetheless, by hundreds of millsions of morons.

    These fucktards have no clue about pain, dey is de dumb. So my pain is

    • Poor ole q…

      Just doesn't even seem to be able to tell a perfectly good lie without screwing it up…

      Robin Trower Live – Bridge of Sighs:

      • DUDe DUDe

        "Just doesn't even seem to be able to tell a perfectly good lie"

        You don't suffer that problem..? lol

        • "You don't suffer that problem..? lol"

          Not at all…

          First don't lie and the rest will follow…

          Tellin lies is the path to insanity, First you try to convince them and then you will eventually convince yourself, even if everyone else knows better…

          En Vogue – Free Your Mind (Official Video)

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            About how much water gets wasted with the average RO unit?

            You know you want to tell us.


            • Around 2 to 3 to one…

              3 gallons of waste water? For one gallon of water filtered that can save your life? Using no heat or energy?

              Wowsers, or should I say wosers if you are distilling at home…

              A pathway is a pathway, don't spend money and time getting exposed from cleanings, you've solved nothing.

              That's the problem, not the solution (no pun intended).


              • Jebus Jebus

                What is your water bill for then? Sewer water?

                You provide only a bandaid that consumes more water.

                The problem is humans are comfortably numb.

                Maybe you can guess the solution?

                The answer to the problem that requires everyone to answer it by ROing their water.

                • I personally use less that 1 ccf per month and infact, hold on, I have this months bill right here at my desk…

                  So 748 gallons last month for the entire home…

                  Showers, laundry and drinking water as well as the dish washer and humidifier…

                  Wowsers that's allot? I challenge you now to go and get your water bill and post your water usage right here right now…

                  That's real truth in action…

                  So tell us what your water usage was last month ole RO scared ones…

                  I can't wait to see the truth…

                  • Hurry up mr. water conservationist…

                    Waiting… Still waiting 🙂 And waiting somemore…

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    You miss the point entirely.

                    No one is afraid of buying a filter.

                    What the hell do you pay for in your water bill?

                    Do you pay your bill with the expectation that you have to clean that water you bought?

                    What do you pay taxes for that water treatment plant for? Dirty water?

                    That is the problem that puts contaminated water into peoples homes. Sure your pipes could be part of that. They are.

                    Do you carry your reverse osmosis with you when you drink somewhere else?

                    Fix the primary problem and most humans will be drinking clean water…

                    • "Do you pay your bill with the expectation that you have to clean that water you bought?"

                      Yep and without hesitation… It is what it is and pipes are pipes, especially old pipes.

                      Mat look good at the treatment plant miles away from your tap…

                      End point filtering is the ONLY way to ensure clean water…

                      Especially with older systems and homes.

                      No sense in whining about it, it is exactly what it is and nothing else…

                      That being said RO is by far the safest, best and most cost and health effective way to avoid contamination in many forms inexpensively any without any cleanings or maintenance.

                      And I know because I (and we) test the quality all the time.

                      Knowing or guessing? All the difference in the world.

                      How to test reverse osmosis drinking water quality with a TDS meter – APEC Water:


                      Wowsers, (knowlage) it's like everywhere if ya really care…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      That makes you the selfishly numb problem.

                      You accept the dirty water that you pay for and you don't give a damn about anyone or any other creature but you and yours.

                      That is the problem. Ignorant selfish humans that only think of themselves. My comfort.

                      God speed to the human race. They don't deserve an Earth…

                    • So what's the big suggestion Jeb? Do nothing instead? Or how about we bring a devise into our homes that can contaminate us further through maintenance and operation?

                      Speak up boy and then tell us how much water you used last month…

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      'That makes you the selfishly numb problem.'

                      'That is the problem. Ignorant selfish humans that only think of themselves.'

                      Amazing is it not? What a combo lazy/stupid make. Add in stubborn.

                      That the world is lost is no surprise, HD and his kind are the norm… and majority.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      It's what I imagine a conversation with Donald would be like…

                    • "That makes you the selfishly numb problem.

                      That is the problem. Ignorant selfish humans that only think of themselves"

                      This one is truly priceless, do any of you moes' actually read what you post?

                      So basically you are saying that since I took the time to filter my water and did the same for my family I've now done something wrong and am selfish for paying attention?

                      Makes about as much sense as anything else you fools bitch about continually.

                      How stupid are we? And it's apparently a communist plot to take over america to actually spend the money, study the problem and take the time to keep our people safer than they would be otherwise.

                      Go ahead and tell us how it's the government doing it when you won't lift a finger to help.

                      Tell us how nothing will work and we should all give up and die from pollution while crying like a child about everything and doing nothing to help.

                      Tell us how a water filter is bad and whine about having to get and use one while crying about how bad you feel.

                      Should I drop everything to babysit your full grown unempowered asses?

                      And who exactly unempowered you?

                      Are ya just a bunch of whimpering child like communists that think everything is someone else's responsibility?

                      What can you do? Whine like a baby…

                      What are the rest of us doing? Trying to help people.

                      I'm thoroughly disgusted just having seen this tripe.

                      That's your battle? Sounds more like the whining praddle of the dead to me…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      All that and you still don't get it?

                    • Ya know, grandma used to say "sometimes it's better to not get it"…

                      And pappy said to wear 2 rubbers with that one…

                      So it may be something I shouldn't get.

                      And that's a good thing. 🙂 (real smile)

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Air that was a funny video…lucky monkey.

                      Why are you giving HD such a hard time?

                      He is correct about all his assertions..old pipes are old pipes and many are still galvanized in the ground for 40 years and are flaking in the lines.

                      The vitamin D that goes into products like milk etc. have no guidelines when that additive is added to the are we thinking that the water suppliers can not make a mistake in their additive chemical operations?

                      We are spending a fortune in water treatment and sewage treatment..these plants cost allot of money.

                      I am on a well and had sand in my filter I would be drinking and eating sand and what ever else being pumped out of the ground.

                      RO is a safe and effective system for water treatment and purification. Water does not go away the small amount of discharge can be used to water trees and landscaping if worried about water loss.

                      I have researched water extensively and discovered information that would make ones hair stand on end as to where this water we often drink originally comes from.

                    • Thanks obewan…

                      Sometimes it's easier to get water from a rock.

                      Speaking of rock…


                      It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) Official Video (City Park Version):


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      No one said 'don't clean up your water'.

                      You promote drinking 1, wasting 3.

                      A fools proposal. Dishonest as well.

                      "The real truth is that today’s professional R/O systems can produce upwards of 50 gallons of water per day, using only:
                      ""four or five gallons of water to produce one gallon"" of drinking water.
                      The units also now incorporate an automatic shut off that will turn off the water to the system when the tank fills."

                      To me, it is really kind of simple.
                      1 gallon of good water per person, per day.
                      40,000,000 people in California.
                      It should not be too hard to see some reality. And yes, one could plumb it up to run into the garden, I did that for years.
                      But 95% will run it down the drain, and I doubt it is 'in code' in Cali.

                      It comes down to who can/cannot do it. Can everyone in Cali do it? 150,000,000-200,000,000 gallons a day down the drain?

                      Maybe just 40,000,000 in the whole US?
                      Who should?
                      Who should not?
                      Waste water.
                      Pretty simple.


                      A little Pink Floyd

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      I agree protect yourself any way possible. Fix it if it is you and your pipes if possible financially. Does your food sources source their water that way? Putting a filter on your water system is nice, but does it really matter if the rest of life, besides you, is drinking poison. Can you fit a steak through that reverse osmosis device? Potatoes?

                      Never gonna win in a poisoned world.

                      As advertised, long ago…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I have RO systems and they do no use or discharge that kind of volume.

                      Now the last time I checked all the people in California pay for their water…and they pay allot of money for that water.

                      Not getting anything out here for free..nothing. I only pay for the pump but the NID is another story..water and pump.

                      I have seen people with 2" lines turn them on and let them run 24/7 out here on NID. Same with all the farmers out here that get water. The land is sinking based on all the pumping from wells in the central valley. Most of the aquifers had a good year last year with the record rains and recharged. This year is not so good so far. but then that might be our climate change in action.

                      Me.. I will use the RO system, since my water is from my owned well and any water loss I use for irrigation. I like it and trust it.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Sierra Nevada has just 3% of the expected snow as fears rise of drought's return to California

                      Read more:
                      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                    • Well obewan talking RO with flash people generally comes to the obvious fact that they know nothing about what they say…

                      Just repeating behavior like their poor choices of monkey videos…

                      And just like monkeys they repeat whatever they hear or see without any real experience or knowledge to back it up…

                      What the moe's haven't figured out yet is it only make waste water while filtering and shuts down automatically after the tank get's full..

                      They think is spews water all the time.

                      When I fill my coffee pot it (the ro system for the cheap seats) may only run for 5 or 10 minuets and then stops automatically and uses no water until the next time you draw water out of it…

                      And this kinda crap is either pure foolishness or has some other useless agenda.

                      Kinda like listening to a click on a GM counter and suddenly thinking you know what's actually there…

                      It's all bla bla bla with no real information…

                      Just bla for the sake of bla bla…

                      Very sad…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Our water we drink and the air we breath is about to get much cleaner! Chuckles! Enjoy!

                      No RO allowed for any of you..will be next!

                      A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment
                      The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy—and we’re tracking them here as they happen.

                    • Hehehe…

                      Yea whatever you do don't filter your water, that's just plain stupid huh… Just ask a monkey, they'll tell ya all about nothing all day…

                      ..with no real battle except to pleasure themselves as much as possible, it's just plain sad huh…

                      How unusual.

                      Radioactive Waste Disposal (USPHS, 1959):


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      As you should obe. 'You' are controlling use/loss.
                      The problem is the municipal users. The water is treated at cost/capacity, the waste goes to sewer upping the need for capacity. Loss/Loss.

                      So quality whole-house filters/distiller is my pick, easy on the mind/wallet/enviro.
                      Works for all the places, sewer, septic, cesspool. I've had RO where I could.
                      It was easier, but not really better.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Speaking of monkeys HD, shouldn't you be getting back to your 'all day lollipop'?

                      It's gonna dry out, and I hear there may be a shortage of chapstik. 😆

                      Send this guy an email, tell him he's a liar.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      you guys still on the water filtration thing? And I was solving lymphoma and sampling Norse heavy metal….how long does it take? I could have a two meter solar still working already

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      You know how it is code, you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make the jockey drink.

                      We'll see later on the cows gut/dirt/grass/hay/element conversion process to produce calcium. A winner.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Air..what are your thought on the Zero Water pitcher?

                      I have a Brita that we use from time to time, but me thinks I might pick one of these up.

                      Thinking it would cut down on the current RO usage…that as you know sometimes can not keep up with demand.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Hey Obe–Only good testing can weed out the claims.
                      I have used about everything a some point, but not Zero. I have used Pur, when travelling, a faucet/pitcher combo works good after a good boil/cooldown. Talking some very nasty water, 3rd world. Shitty living conditions/remote, we sometimes just make a stovetop distiller. Sometimes the mothership forgets who is making the $$



                      And don't panic, just a suggestion:


                      There are cheaper/sky is the limit units, mine are 'home engineered', I build, operate, live distillation. If it is a gas or liquid I can distill it. It works.
                      TDS will be effectively 0, done right, and sterile.
                      It is not the cheapest way, 3kw per gallon, for me about $0.25 vs $1@ the store
                      We use 10-12 gal a week.

                      Do some comparisons.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      obe, zero water pitcher had an acid taste. Counter top pitcher style filters are too small…always empty! I have a Berkely. Im not impressed with the filters and some rubber stoppers. Best would be DIY bulk carbon refill

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      I would entirely agree with that. Many DIY methods can kill the cost/improve the result.


                      Most all my junk is re-purposed industrial type housings/media/hardware. I had to do it at work, so I just employed the same crap. It saved me some money, works better, and filled up some winter hours.

                      Just was looking at some air filter junk. Have PO'ed tons of this stuff. Use some at home(heat recovery unit), AF's. Son wants to build an auto paint booth.


                      Just a primer…think out of the box.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      What makes commercial carbon filters special? Im in favor of DIY. Find the best DIY plans and post them here


                      …I like the old fashioned ones and the egg looking one, ova pure. Traditional technique seems to be sand then charcoal. You have to buy the activiated charcoal, not so easy to make, but its a heck of a lot cheaper in bulk, as AirSeps link shows. Im pissed at the Berkely design….fill water up to top of filter;…top filters zero, bottom 100%….uneven and inefficient way to use charcoal! Not rocket science…how could they get it wrong?

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Nothing makes the crap special. Packaging, benefits to employees, taxes, insurance…you pay for all that. Sometimes the shit doesn't even work. 🙁

                      So I have a 18" tube, Pyrex, off the distiller. Packed coconut char, SS screens 3" apart, like a yogurt cup of char/screen/char/screen etc. Works great.
                      Easy 'stand alone' mod for it. About a pound or so every couple months, couple $$.
                      Very useful for 'stored' water with some valves to redirect the flow.

                      I'll try to find some online references close to what I found useful. I have pool cartridges/yarn/char for the house. Have had sand/zeo/glass bead a bunch of stuff through the years. Some good, some not.

                      This stuff is used in gold mining, most people would not think about it much haha
                      Just donkey's and pickaxes. 🙂

                  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                    You can't be serious mutly.

                    748 for 1 person?

                    • You complain and provide no solutions as usual AST, just more and more complaining…

                      …and how many gallons of water did you use last month again? Don't even know? That's what I thought…

                      Do ya want to go down? Or is it more fun to poke holes in something, oops what I really meant was I really have observed you continually poking holes in real stuff after twisting it into fairy tale from true and into false nothing, repeatedly…

                      Pete and repeat were walking down the street, Pete got rundover, who was left?

                      But you ain't bona fide:


                      And ain't it the truth…


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech


                      706 gal-2 months,hottest time of year.
                      2 peeps & visitors

                      You wear your slippers to Walmart-dontcha.

                      Wasteful numb-nutz ya be.

                      Do yourself a favor:


                    • Wow a serious lie followed by another lie with insults included AST?

                      Ever stop to even look at the tripe you type out before hitting send?

                      Didn't think so…

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      When you get tired of 'lollygagging' yer lolly, go fix this shit, it makes you look like a f-in fool.

                      "Household reverse osmosis units use a lot of water because they have low back pressure. As a result, they recover only 5 to 15% of the water entering the system. The remainder is discharged as waste water. Because waste water carries with it the rejected contaminants, methods to recover this water are not practical for household systems. Wastewater is typically connected to the house drains and will add to the load on the household septic system. A reverse osmosis unit delivering five gallons (19 L) of treated water per day may discharge between 20 and 90 gallons (75–340 L) of waste water per day. This is having disastrous consequence for mega cities like Delhi where large-scale use of household R.O. devices has increased the total water demand of the already water parched National Capital Territory of India.
                      Landlocked reverse osmosis plants may require evaporation ponds or injection wells to avoid polluting groundwater or surface runoff."

                      Find the edit button huh.


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      correctness was never a priority…make that capacity…with this one. Hes getting his comeuppance yet this has no effect whatsoever on one who is disenfranchised from cognizance…

            • I'll say it one more time for the cheap seats (surely a waste of time but here goes)…

              Toxin risks?

              Ro? Washes the toxins in the waste water stream away sealed in the drain pipe producing no gasses or exposure…

              Home distillers? Release vocs, floride and even lead and nitrates into the air.

              Energy wasted or consumed?

              Additional electricity requirements for RO?

              None, zilch, zipo, nilch, nada…

              Home distilling?

              Additional kilowatts (and yes that's kilo) of electricity every month.

              Aren't we trying to conserve energy?

              Potential toxin pathways?

              RO? One to two times a year when changing the filters.

              And ro keeps the toxins confined in water (like a fuel pool keeps rads contained).

              Home distilling? Constant release of gasses while operating and weekly to monthly exposure from cleanings.



              Could produce a water leak if not installed and maintained properly.

              Home distilling?

              Electrical fire hazard from the large amounts of power used.

              Breathing hazard from gasses produced.

              Explosion hazards from pressures in the vessel.

              Toxic hazard from exposure of left behind solids when cleaning the unit regularly.

              And it you don't clean the unit as specified, all of the hazards mentioned above all at once.

              While I do believe in distilled water (I purchase 2 1/2 gallon containers for around a dollar a gallon) regularly,

              I do not use a home distiller do to the potential fire/explosive and…

              • Toxin exposure hazards…

                Here's what you are doing when distilling at home.

                Using copious amounts of electricity.

                Producing large amounts of heat and pressures.

                Allowing toxic gasses to enter the home while operating.

                Burn hazards, breathing hazards, cleaning hazards.

                Constant maintenance leading to a regular toxin exposure risk.

                Falling hazard as these units can weigh as much as 80 pounds when full.

                Supply hazards, these units generally take 24 hours to clean 8 gallons of water. (my personal ro makes up to 50 gallons a day if needed).

                So Distilling is a heat hazard, fire hazard, explosion hazard from pressure, additional toxic pathway from frequent maintenance, airborne hazard from toxic gasses produced, energy problem from a dead short electrical heater (imagine if everyone used one of these things, we would need a new power plant in every city to keep up with the additional electricity demand).

                Oh and they are very expensive if you actually get one that could produce enough clean water for any average family.

                So home distillers that expose them selves to added concentrated toxins constantly, use crazy amounts of power we need to be conserving if we ever want to get rid of nuclear power to make very little water over hours of operation and breath gasses and and toxins absorbed through operation and maintenance?

                Silly to think that would be a real safe or even doable solution for a average household.

                Antiscience and propaganda…

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                Apparently your scared shitless, that's kind of funny. 😆

                Switch hands on the lolly, go edit this one;

                3.Distillation involves boiling the water to produce water vapour. The vapour contacts a cool surface where it condenses as a liquid. Because the solutes are not normally vaporised, they remain in the boiling solution. Even distillation does not completely purify water, because of contaminants with similar boiling points and droplets of unvapourised liquid carried with the steam. However, 99.9% pure water can be obtained by distillation.
                4.Reverse osmosis: Mechanical pressure is applied to an impure solution to force pure water through a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis is theoretically the most thorough method of large scale water purification available, although perfect semi-permeable membranes are difficult to create. Unless membranes are well-maintained, algae and other life forms can colonize the membranes.


                It was a simple question:

                "Tellin lies is the path to insanity, First you try to convince them and then you will eventually convince yourself, even if everyone else knows better…"

                About how much water gets wasted with the average RO unit?

                You know you want to tell us.


                See how you work? Everyone else does. 😆

  • DUDe DUDe

    How to Build a Single-Payer Health System: Lessons From Taiwan's Turnaround

    There are obvious reasons why some people in the United States oppose the prospect of single-payer health care. Taking the profit out of health care — a moral imperative and the norm internationally — poses a major threat to the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and others. These interests spend millions donating to and lobbying powerful politicians in both parties. The goal is to do what corporations are designed to do: maximize profit regardless of its impact on outside stakeholders and the public at large.

    Capitulating to the donor class is never a good look for politicians, so lobbying and campaign finance are virtually never the stated reasons for opposition to a better health care system. The actual reasons for opposition are often quite separate from the explanations offered to the public.

    If these critics are sincere in their skepticism, they would benefit from a conversation with William Hsiao, a Harvard professor who knows as much about sweeping health reform and the implementation of single-payer as anyone in the US.

    He built such a system in Taiwan, with rapid and unambiguous success. Taiwan went from having about 43 percent of its people uninsured to universal coverage in just a few years, all while improving outcomes and keeping costs to just 6 percent of GDP.


  • DUDe DUDe

    50 Ways 100% Clean Energy Won In 2017

    We'd never argue that 2017 was a great year, but some really great things did happen!

    Here are 50 ways (yes, 50!) that clean energy kept winning in 2017 despite Trump's attempts to roll back the country's progress.

  • DUDe DUDe

    What Will It Really Take to Avoid Collapse?

    This second warning contains a series of charts showing how utterly the world's leaders ignored what they were told 25 years earlier. Whether it's CO2 emissions, temperature change, ocean dead zones, freshwater resources, vertebrate species or total forest cover, the grim charts virtually all point in the same dismal direction, indicating continued momentum toward doomsday. The chart for marine catch shows something even scarier: In 1996, the catch peaked at 130 million tonnes and in spite of massively increased industrial fishing, it's been declining ever since—a harbinger of the kind of overshoot that unsustainable exploitation threatens across the board.

    Along with their warning, the scientists list a dozen or so examples of the kind of actions that could turn humanity's trajectory around. These include indisputably necessary strategies such as halting the conversion of native habitats into farmland; restoring and rewilding ecologies; phasing out fossil fuel subsidies; and promoting dietary shifts toward plant-based foods. With the future of humanity at stake, why aren't we already doing these things? What will it really take for our civilization to change course and save itself from destruction?

  • DUDe DUDe

    Trump Administration to Roll Back Fines for Nursing Home Abuse

    The nursing home industry, which has long been awash in claims of health violations and neglect, may soon be freed from the kinds of penalties it has paid in the past. A new Trump administration policy will roll back fines against nursing homes cited for mistreatment or abuse.

    The American Health Care Association and the nursing home industry are largely in favor of the move, having requested the change to Medicare’s penalty protocols in 2016. The Hill reports:

    The American Health Care Association had argued that inspectors were too focused on finding wrongdoings at nursing homes instead of assisting the facilities.

    “It is critical that we have relief,” Mark Parkinson, the group’s president, wrote in a letter to Donald Trump, then president-elect, in December 2016.

    According to the [New York] Times, nearly 6,500 nursing homes have received at least one citation for a serious violation since 2013 and about two-thirds of those have been fined by Medicare.

    Under the new rules, regulators are now discouraged from giving nursing homes fines, in some cases. Fines for some homes may also be decreased as a result of the new guidelines.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "When There Are No More Fish
    Climate change, drought, and development have devastated Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake, which feeds millions across Southeast Asia
    Talk to a fisherman anywhere in the world and it won’t be long before you’ll hear the tales: the first catch, the one that got away, the really big one. On Tonle Sap Lake, the largest body of freshwater in Southeast Asia, the fish stories are divided into then and now. "

    • FaunaLord q

      Interesting video.

      Couple of thoughts though, if I had to choose between salt from the ocean, (that is sea salt, vaguely), or who kkows, salt from industrial mining, processing, including bleaching and shit. I'm probably gonna be choosing the sea salt, well, assuming it's not sourced near Hanford or the English Channel.

      At least the ocean is large, rivers and mining sites, not so much. Dilution is the solution, in this case, like homeopathy.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Obe….I put out a deluge of good info about turning around or slowing down lymphoma. Use the comment archive button, under the recent comment list to find my posts and scoop it up. You may not care today, or tomorrow, but…yadda yada yada

    Niacin, vit C, black cumin, fenugreek, dragons blood, phytonutrients like hibiscus…cancer is a metabolic cascade, DIM, paw paw…..thats a really good start, add to your knowledge of curcumin, detox, juicing etc

    Ive noticed…if I dont use them, they dont do much good

  • Yep sea salt became huge in the last decade or two and people sing it's praises repeated after million dollar marketing but is it really a clean choice anymore?


    Ocean disposal of radioactive waste:

    Sailors Talk of Dumping Radioactive Waste at Sea:

    Yea, eat ya some sea salt, eat ya a bunch of sea weed too…

    • FaunaLord q

      Have you compared it to your typical "iodized" table salt though?

      • FaunaLord q

        A couple of my choices. It's probably loaded with plutonium.

        Desert salt:

        Aquifer salt:

      • Yepper Table salt is actually cleaner than sea salt by a site….

        Think mercury and lead and rads in the sea water versus underground…

        No mercury or man made pollution in mined salts and in fact the biggest problem would be totally natural uranium contamination and that is screened for by law…

        Ocean water distilled and sea salt coming to your table from those operations of purification? Insane potential danger.

        Ever used a pot on the stove in the winter time to make steam?

        See that crust that builds up? That distilling and that's where sea salt comes from…

        All it takes is a good add campaign and everybody suddenly thinks sea salt is the greatest thing since the strawberry douche (seedless version) when in fact there is a huge pathway to pollution with sea salts that does not exist with mined salt sequestered underground.

        Me? Mined salt only… Nothing from the sea anymore, especially byproducts of desalinization. Sea salt from desalinization is the fluoride of salts…

        Mercury, lead, radioactive wastes, pesticides, oil spills and marine pollution?

        So roll the dice? I'll take mined salt every time.

        That's more than 200 to 1 not even stopping to add it all up…

        So I just say no to sea salts.

        And you should too…

        Happy new year!

        Here's a good one…

        Larry the cable guy on deaf people 🙂

        • FaunaLord q

          "Yepper Table salt is actually cleaner than sea salt by a site…."

          Lol. It's like sodium chloride, with maybe some aluminium, from industrial process.

          Go drink bleach, dumbass.

          • FaunaLord q

            Funny facts.

            "Iodized" table salt, from industrial processessing and mining has added iodine right? For your thyroid health, right? RIGHT?!?!

            Oh, it so happens that there's actually virtually no iodine availability associated with table salt.

          • So you actually think the most polluted water on earth is cleaner than something underground unaffected by air quality or coal or industry spewing all kinds of chemicals and radiation into the outside world 24-7?

            Ever heard of shellfish allergies? It's actually a sensitivity to mercury and other man made toxins that cause the so called shellfish allergies…

            Sodium chloride? What about mercury from coal fired power plants? How about cesium from nuclear accidents… The deep water horizon accident? Exxon Valdez oil spill? Dumping of nuclear wastes in barrels over 60 years ago that have long rusted out and been mixed with the tides and currents?

            But somehow I'm stupid to think that a underground salt supply has less man made wastes and pollution in it?

            Wow commercials are a amazing thing on the human brain…

            A good cartoon to tell a lie and I'm stupid for knowing that a underground source won't contain all the deadly pollution released into our air and oceans?

            Ever heard of Fukushima? Chernobyl? Off shore chemical and radioactive waste dumping for 70 years documented?

            Wowsers I hate it when I'm so stupid…

            Educate me ole polluted ones…

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            As the bleach drinking HD/DF goes to spice bin, yanks his trusty Morton 'table' salt shaker out and screams, mine it!


            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              It began in the late 1930s, when three American brothers, the Ericksons, came to the island and built a mechanized salt operation. Known for seawater salt recovery, the Morton Salt Company bought the facility from the Erickson brothers in 1954. This site, comprising 300,000 acres on Great Inagua, produces about a million pounds of salt per year—the second largest saline operation in North America.

              The sun and wind provide the energy that evaporates the water and produces concentrated brine. Impurities are removed by controlled movement of the brine through reservoirs. The process contributes to the growth of an algal mat on the bottom of the reservoirs and prevents the seawater from drying up. Brine shrimp eat the algae, which helps keep the water clean, and flamingos and other shorebirds eat the shrimp, thus producing an ongoing cycle of man and nature working together.

              WoWsers huh

            • You really are a total goofus huh AST…

              No real info to add huh…

              A salt mine is a dirty place huh…

              Trollin trollin trollin, keep them trollers trollin…

              …trollin trollin trollin dumbaaaaaaaaass.

              • Yea once the salt is cleared it's air tight so we know that it (the salt) is not contaminated by modern poisons.

                Just look at the wipp salt mines…

                Most of the wipp salt was used for animal feed and road salts, after they started bringing in the rads…

                So that salt formation is presumably capable of storing nuclear waste for thousands of years.

                Ya know then by proxy the salt was pure and untouched by modern pollution when it was originally removed right?

                That's mined salt…

                Sea salt is a hazard, mined salt is clean.

                Be carefull to know the difference…

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  Stumble much?

                  Table salt = solution process.

                  SO-LU-SHUN Process. Like most Uranium mining.

                  In SITU:

                  Drill a hole.

                  Inject fluid, dissolve/dislodge.

                  Pump it out.

                  Dry it out, high vacuum is good.

                  See. Simple. Easy. Fast.

                  • Mumble much?

                    Table salt that is dug up from the ground goes through a evaporation process…

                    Sea salt that is evaporated from sea water also goes through this process…

                    The question is, do you finally know the difference between the two?

                  • Nothing? Really?? Finally gettin the fact that evaporated seawater is not where you want to get your sodium intake from?

                    Why? Because it (the seawater) could (yea right) be contaminated? Wouldn't you rather get your salt from a closed container? Like a ancient container in the ground instead?


                    Nahhh, makes no sense at all huh…

                    Let's just drink the seawater instead and we won't even need a salt shaker…

                    • FaunaLord q

                      You're absolutely right, I should get mined byproduct sodium, bleached (it looks nicer that way). It's not like that mining process is dirty or anything.

                      I did some math here, and it was like, mining cite water vs the ocean. I wonder which is more contaminated? But hey, then again, fukushima probably had "pure" mined uranium concentrated for that plutonnium. Forget about the sodium fluoride, while you're at it, dear citizen.

                • FaunaLord q

                  "Sea salt is a hazard, mined salt is clean."

                  Fucking gems dude, keep it up.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    see, to each his own. I hook up my sled to a team of naked virgins, take a ride down the beach then lick the salt off their quivering nubile bodies. This vivifies the spirit enlivens the mind and fortifies the sanguine humors. Typically I will leave my geiger back in the tent

  • FaunaLord q

    I heard a guy saying somethnig like "I don't want to administer pain if it doesn't result in progress".

    With that, I lost faith in leftists and probably the concept of humanity too.

  • Does this sound like the first family is living in la la land?: “His daughter, Ivanka, had a plan with her husband, Jared Kushner, that she would be ‘the first woman president’"

  • FaunaLord q

    As a piece of shit, I like almosy nothing more than a loyal sycophant, regardless of morality. Yeah I see you. And I'll raise you, only because I still hold the nuts. Check.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Science, wait religion, wait science, hold on religion, but science, oh that religion, the Bible said, science has proven, religion right, wait for us science, don't go yet religion, help I need someone to tell me…is it you science, wait religion, Oh lord what is your science….did the Bible forget to mention robots?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A Call to Action Concerning videos that are allowed or perhaps even placed by youtube.

    Your child knows how to access them.
    The call itself flagged as perhaps inappropriate for some viewers..

    Elsagate – A Call to Action (Top Ten Worst #Elsagate Channels)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They want to pervert them when they are young.
    There will be no chance of the masses looking at the situation in the clear light of innocence.

    Elsagate – Exclusive w/ Dr. Judith Reisman

  • FaunaLord q

    This man, is in my opinion (which is not very humble at all), one of the most underrated mathematicians/theorists in modernity. Most people have no clue. I mention it because of his dying day, somewhat early, but I won't be around, so.

    His death, my birth. My death, what the fuck?


    Aliens & the fucking Kardashians? How far can website fall?

    Geezus Cripes

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    No want superstition via the Kardashians?
    Millions do..
    Now the alien thing.. Enenews is an aggregate ,.
    Plus, the military said so..

    • DUDe DUDe

      SpaceX Will Launch Mysterious Project Zuma On Thursday

      Though the project is top secret, and it’s unclear which government agency commissioned it, or if the satellite is for military or reconnaissance purposes.

      SpaceX is preparing to send into space a satellite for the US government that is so secret the public cannot know even which branch of the administration commissioned the launch.

      A weather report ahead of the launch released on Tuesday described the conditions as excellent.

      Unlike the private aerospace company's previous classified launches for the military's National Reconnaissance Office and the super-secret space-plane it took into orbit for the Air Force, there is almost no information available about the "Zuma" payload.

      Zuma is known to be a low Earth orbit satellite (orbiting within 2,000km) which is an orbit necessary both for spy and military communication satellites.

    • GOM GOM

      That's the problem Heart, "millions do".
      My opinion of ENE posters has become very 'jaded'.

      One would assume that a major ELE event like Fukushima would bring out the best in people who post here. That is not the case.

      In case you haven't noticed, the climate in N. America is abruptly shifting. That major shift started in earnest 2014.

      Now what the hell do you think caused it? Although I can't prove it, one can bet their ass Japan had & has, a major part in it.
      Also, 'something' has happened in Russia or China on a nuclear level.

      Speaking of Russia, one has to assume that it has huge role in destabilizing the Arctic..methane is pouring out of the permafrost in Siberia coastlines.

      The "Climate Change" was invented to cover up damage to our planet on all levels from the MILITARY-NUCLEAR INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

      NOW is the time to be talking about survival after 2 ELE's..

      Any further posting by me is being directed to the lurkers and those who care about surviving.

  • “The only button on Trump's Oval Office desk summons a valet who most often comes bearing a Diet Coke.”

    So sad. Trump's vision of greatness is definitely not mine.

  • FaunaLord q

    Dont't worry, just vote "democrat". No hypocrisy to be f(o)und there.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    Migrant slavery in Libya: Nigerians tell of being used as slaves

    We came, we saw, he died. Made a few dollars on the side.

    Truly a success story.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Brazil Announces End to Amazon Mega-Dam Building Policy

    In a surprise move, the Brazilian government has announced that the era of building big hydroelectric dams in the Amazon basin, long criticized by environmentalists and indigenous groups, is ending. "We are not prejudiced against big [hydroelectric] projects, but we have to respect the views of society, which views them with restrictions," Paulo Pedrosa, the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, told O Globo newspaper.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Trump Announces Massive Expansion In Offshore Drilling; Environmentalists Outraged

    Speaking to reporters, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said that "the Trump administration is proposing to make more than 90 percent of the U.S. outer continental shelf available for oil leasing" adding that he is "proposing 25 of 26 planning areas on the Outer Continental Shelf be considered for responsible and regulated leasing" and that "nearly all of the nation’s outer continental shelf is being considered for drilling, including areas off the coasts of Maine, California, Florida and Alaska" in the first major step toward the administration’s promised expansion of offshore drilling.

    The proposal, which environmentalists immediately panned as an environmental disaster and giveaway to the fossil fuel industry, is far larger than what was envisioned in President Trump’s executive order last year seeking a new plan for the future of auctions of offshore drilling rights. That order asked Zinke to consider drilling expansions in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, according to The Hill.

    The plan is part of Trump’s agenda to boost domestic oil and natural gas production to create “energy dominance” and unlock the nation’s “great energy wealth.”

    • SadieDog

      "WASHINGTON — In enacting the biggest overhaul of the tax code in 30 years, the Republican-controlled Congress also opened the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development. But already environmentalists are moving to shut it down.


      Board decides to suspend play by symphony 2018 High School Soccer Preview: Players to Watch Hit by a drunk driver, Southside teacher gives sixth-graders a… Spurs’ short-term pain still has a purpose Spurs notebook: Rookie Paul owes Sixers a debt
      Within hours of the Senate passing the bill, environmental groups swore to fight to block the drilling provisions.

      The National Audubon Society released a statement that it would “do whatever it takes to prevent drilling in America’s bird nursery.”

      “This tax bill trades away a national treasure — for what — oil we don’t need and the fiction that oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will serve as a bank to offset tax cuts?” said David Yarnold, president of the National Audubon Society. “This is the biggest threat the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has ever seen.”

  • DUDe DUDe

    Inside YouTube’s Nuclear War on Climate Change Science
    Why did they Really terminate Climate State?

    Similar to a nuclear bomb explosion, wiping out parts of the planet’s surface, metaphorically speaking, just with pressing a button, Climate State has been nuked off of the largest video platform. YouTube is the monopoly for video distribution on the internet, ranks second most trafficked website on the Internet, after Hence, a very serious impact for someone not allowed to access or possess a YouTube account. Effectively a ban for the busiest parts of the internet, and on top the real reason remains shrouded with YouTube declining any further communication. We have been notified by YouTube

  • DUDe DUDe

    Science of the Nasty Future

    Warming underestimated! Our current path heads to worst 5 degree warming. Patrick Brown from Carnegie Institute with breaking science. From Lawrence Livermore, Ivana Cvijanovic explains retreating Arctic sea ice means more drought for California. Alex on disappearing climate info. Radio Ecoshock 171213

    Terrible fires hit California (see this Guardian article on California’s hot Christmas future). I’ve lived there, in Los Angeles, and I feel for my many Californian listeners, and everybody in that state. Our two scientists in this show hit this dead on. The first explains how those climate models showing the darkest future, can most accurately show the past 25 years as well. This was tested against data from space. Our second guest explains why California is likely to get more droughts, and more severe droughts than already experienced. No wonder fires burn there. But the culprit is surprising, and the mechanism new to me, and probably to you too.

  • FaunaLord q

    I cried, I laffed, I died.

    Souveenirs d'un autre monde sounds like a good idea, fuck this shit.

    • DUDe DUDe

      Good lyrics q..

      1. Pain That Binds Us

      I'm puzzled everyday to see the world is upside down
      Punished honesty, while crooks rejoice in wealth
      Meeting ends has become a living nightmare
      Stripped of dignity, survival's all that matters

      In silence the system will devour you
      Your stillness is destined to desert you
      We're losing our minds but not our souls
      On the brink of desperation
      I cry out for hope

      Awaken now
      Join me brothers and resist
      I promise you tonight we'll make a difference

      Relieve us all from the injustice borne within
      Together we are strong
      This can't go on, we must resist

      Bred like rats by shepherds
      Scourging underground
      Living off the scraps which they provide

      Sentenced to oblivion
      Shouting at the walls
      Seeking out the knowledge they deny

      In silence the system will corrupt you
      Your stillness will certainly allow you
      We're losing our minds but not our souls
      On the brink of desperation
      We hold on to hope

      Awaken now
      Join me brothers and resist
      I promise you tonight we'll make a difference

      Relieve us all from the injustice borne within
      Together we are strong
      We can't go on living like this

      Come with me
      Don't let me down
      We've come too far to turn around
      We fight for something beautiful, you see
      The pain that binds us will set us free

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "New Study: Here's Why Life Speeds Up as You Get Older (and How to Slow It Back Down)" I'm so speeded up that I don't have time to read it.

  • razzz razzz

    'Theresa May FINALLY apologises for 55,000 cancelled operations after denying NHS was in crisis'

    "Theresa May has apologised for delays to NHS operations, saying she knows it's "difficult", "frustrating" and "disappointing".

    The Prime Minister had previously denied the NHS was in crisis saying it was “better prepared for this winter than ever before”.

    The NHS was forced to enact emergency measures after hospitals failed to keep up with the high demand.

    This included cancelling an estimated 55,000 operations such as hip replacements were axed until February.

    Jeremy Corbyn said it was not 'good enough' when the 'Tory Government has caused this crisis'.

    He tweeted: "Nurses, doctors and patients are pleading with her to properly fund our health service, but she is ignoring them."…"

  • razzz razzz

    Drip, drip, drip as information oozes out but no one yet knows where the radiation came from. If it came from a reactor, it must have been a working reactor to produce so much I-129.

    'Europe or something else?
    Levels of iodine-129 in capital of Shaanxi province peaked two days after hydrogen bomb test 2,000km away'

    "…The team also calculated that in order to generate enough fallout to boost the amount of iodine-129 in Xian by so much, the bomb detonated in North Korea would have had to have been “many, many times” larger than reported estimates, Zhang said.

    The team now suspected the fallout might have come from western Europe, because two of the world’s largest spent nuclear fuel recycling plants, in France and Britain, had released more than six tonnes of iodine-129 into the environment since the 1960s, more than 100 times the amount produced by all the nuclear weapons tests conducted in the atmosphere.

    But that suggestion came under fire from many people in the research community, who pointed out that Xian was more than 8,000km from France and Britain.

    Professor Guo Qiuju, a nuclear physicist leading the research programme on nuclear hazard monitoring at Peking University, said that if Europe was to blame, there must have been a very large, very serious accident that had not been disclosed…"

  • razzz razzz

    'Morons are obsessed with ‘raw water’ that will probably make them sick'

    "…As Business Insider reports, raw water is catching fire in California’s tech hubs, selling for nearly $30 per gallon. That’s pretty funny considering the fact that it takes more work to produce the clean, disease-free water lining the shelves of your local 7-11 for $1 per bottle than it does to funnel unfiltered dirty water into a glass jug and sell it for ten times the price.

    Proponents of raw water suggest that the filtering and sterilization process that most bottled water goes through actually kills off good bacteria that our bodies may benefit from. You’ll have a hard time finding any studies that support that notion, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that, even if drinking sterile, pure water doesn’t contain “good” bacteria, that’s a small price to pay for not contracting cholera, Giardia, or E. coli.

    The best (or worst) part about this whole raw water trend is that it actually leads to water that expires just like other foods. Even the most vocal raw water proponents admit that you have to drink any raw water you obtain within a couple months of its bottling or it’ll turn its bottle green with algae, like the inside of a fish tank…"

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Have had giardiasis, a protozoan infection, from accidentally consuming some contaminated water that got on my hand one day while gardening.

      A clueless fellow gardener had dumped a load of uncompposted manure on their garden beds. The bacteria and protozoans from the poop washed out in the rain and into the walkways between the beds. I put my hands down to steady myself, then used the back of my hand to wipe rainwater from my face. Some contaminated water got into my mouth.

      Five days later (or so) I got so sick I lost 14 pounds. Giardiasis nearly killed me. It's very concerning to see people taking such chances on their good health.

      My response: WOW in all caps. It astonishes me to see people are so incredibly ignorant they can be sold on an idea like "raw water."

      This is no joke and it's very upsetting to see people are falling for the latest marketing trend du jour w/o asking any serious questions.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Have had giardiasis, a protozoan infection, from accidentally consuming some contaminated water that got on my hand one day while gardening.

      A clueless fellow gardener had dumped a load of uncompposted manure on their garden beds. The bacteria and protozoans from the poop washed out in the rain and into the walkways between the beds. I put my hands down to steady myself, then used the back of my hand to wipe rainwater from my face. Some contaminated water got into my mouth.

      Five days later (or so) I got so sick I could barely function. Lost about 20 percent of my body weight in less than two weeks post-infection. Giardiasis nearly killed me. It's very concerning to see people taking such chances on their good health.

      My response: WOW in all caps. It astonishes me to see people are so incredibly ignorant they can be sold on an idea like "raw water."

      This is no joke and it's very upsetting to see people are falling for the latest marketing trend du jour w/o asking any serious questions.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      That is hilarious. Wwwow is right.

      In my book, rain/snow is raw, depending. Hits the ground,gutter water.

      HoT, I know you have seen black 'specks' in relatively new/clean containers.Mold? Haha

      Raw water. Haitian hooch. Idiots.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You know I am thinking we really do not need any stinking oceans or any stinking fish!

    The fish just clog up the billionaires yachts water intakes anyways right?

    What we do more oil and more oil spills very deep in all the oceans!

    Yep that is the ticket! Just like Trump and his rich buddies running the white house want.

    Crap Donny Boy only eats Big Macs anyways!

    What like 12 people on a rig or something. Dat some real job creation right there.

    The ocean 'is losing its breath': Number of 'dead zones' with no oxygen in open seas has quadrupled in just half a century due to global warming

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Brain dead is a real condition…greed is another one.

    A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment
    The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy—and we’re tracking them here as they happen.

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