FORUM: Possible Fukushima-related Anomalies — Deformations, Yellow Rain, Metallic Taste in Mouth, etc.

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:18 am ET


Here are some links to reports that have been on this site, please provide more by commenting below:

  • [intlink id=”new-video-of-mutant-rabbit-born-near-fukushima-by-jana-press-video” type=”post”]Jana Press films “mutant rabbit” born near Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEO)[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”three-earless-rabbits-born-china-mother-give-normal-birth-only-time-newborns-different-video” type=”post”]Three earless rabbits born in China — Mother used to give normal birth, only this time the newborns were different (VIDEO)[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”japan-times-no-one-yet-wants-to-think-about-potential-effects-of-radiation-on-babies-born-around-this-autumn” type=”post”]Japan Times: No one yet wants to think about potential effects of radiation on babies born around this autumn — Zoology prof. says earless bunny may have been caused by Fukushima[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”yellow-rain-around-tokyo-caused-by-pollen-officials-say-residue-left-on-roofs-and-elsewhere-by-the-rain-may-have-contained-radioactivity” type=”post”]Yellow rain around Tokyo caused by pollen officials say – Rain may have contained radioactivity[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”2006-article-yellow-rain-reported-in-tokyo-happened-after-chernobyl-too-government-assured-residents-it-was-pollen” type=”post”]Yellow rain recently reported in Tokyo also happened after Chernobyl — Government assured residents it was pollen[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”report-yellow-powder-found-north-kanto-area-after-typhoon-rains-location-mistaken-newly-found-cesium-photo” type=”post”]Yellow powder reported in North Kanto area after rain, as happened in late March — Near location of newly found cesium ‘mistake’ (PHOTO)[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”expert-individuals-in-japan-report-metallic-taste-in-mouth-happened-after-chernobyl-video” type=”post”]Metallic taste in mouth now being reported in Japan and US west coast — Telltale sign of radiation exposure (VIDEO)[/intlink]
Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:18 am ET


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2,074 comments to FORUM: Possible Fukushima-related Anomalies — Deformations, Yellow Rain, Metallic Taste in Mouth, etc.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Bless’ed evening greetings to all.


    We have had a summer of those and are still recording and keeping records of this kind of stuff in our own back yard. Still ongoing for now.

    Lots of strangeness and here is some pictures from a few reports we studied after this question came up. What is interesting is how fast this showed up after the spring rains. 🙁

    From this link:

    “Following severe accidents, however, damage has been observed in
    individual organisms and populations, and long-term effects could develop in communities and ecosystems from the continuing increased chronic irradiation.”

    “For accident situations, experience has clearly demonstrated that initial dose rates can be high enough to allow accumulating lethal doses in relatively short periods (days).”

    Not sure if this has already been shared, but here are a few more documents well worth a read:

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      G’d evening! Before leaving for work yesterday morning I noticed the strangest and saddest occurrence, something that I have never seen. A small herd of whitetail deer (about 4 or so) were in the back wooded area and one younger deer was coughing nonstop, as if it had pneumonia or some type of lung disorder. The poor deer was still coughing when I left, which was about 15 minutes later. Could radiation already be affecting the wild animals?

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        terragnigma, where are you? When I hear these kinds of reports I always wonder where the person is reporting from.

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          I live in Ohio.

        • westcoastgirl,
          You havn’t checked in, in a while now ???

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            Hi xdrfox,

            Sorry about that; I am in the process of moving right now.

            Recently it rained very hard here in Marin. I tested a few paper towels soaked with rainwater,quite thoroughly. The levels were high, but not extremely high (still below 0.50 mcSV per hour).

            The highest reading was 0.49, and the average reading was 0.33…

            I took a bike ride one day; decided to strap my geiger counter on the front because it had rained recently. When I started the weather was nice, but it soon started pouring, and I got caught in the downpour! Nothing I could do…I had a scarf over my nose and mouth to protect me while I rode, but it too got soaked, so I had to take it off.

            And there was one area where it jumped up to 0.42 and warned of high radiation. At that time the scarf wasn’t soaked, anyway. But I never feel confident that things are totally safe, because I know I am not detecting alpha radiation, or plutonium.

            I can say I feel tired a lot, but the reality is that I can blame that on a lot of things other than radiation…my work has been very stressful and it has disrupted my sleep quite a bit, and I have turned to some bad habits to deal with the stress (too much alcohol,an occasional rolled cigarette, painkillers,etc.)

            This is the reason I moved, to get my life in a healthier place. I moved to one of the most beautiful, serene places in N. Ca, though. Sometimes riding here I can hardly imagine something like radiation affecting anything. All the foliage looks perfect, everyone looks healthy, etc. I plan on testing the area to see what’s under the surface, though…

          • westcoastgirl.
            Just “happy to hear you are OK” health wise, but moving can put as much stress on you as losing a spouse !
            Geological change in location can make things a bit nicer, but it rains there too I see you found that out, and always found myself there where ever I moved, lol !
            Try to relax with work, I’m sure you are great at it !
            I think we all have a few bad habits, just not to overdue them !
            Rad’s afraid it is everywhere, it is raining here and windy as a tropical storm since night before last, gust to 60 and raining sideways, will calm down a while, no rain them pick back up, suppose to last a couple more days, strange weather for here !
            Best be gone by Biketober Fest next week !(Autumn Biker Event)

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Okay, WCG. I found your report. Glad the rads didn’t register that high, although I realize all the non-recorded, “hidden” radioactivities. Even so, a fairly low CPM rad count is better than a high one, even though what doesn’t show can hurt us.

            Thanks so much. And I’m really glad you have been able to move away from the city stresses. Be well.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          I had eye surgery last Monday (relatibvely minor & came out fine), but I was unable to check whether or not you got geiger count readings on the SF Bay Area radioactive rain this past week.

          Let me know if you got any reading, whether you posted them, and where to find.

          Thanks so much.

          Sydney in Berkeley

  • I agree there is (and is going to be), a lot of bad stuff happening as a result of Fukushima, however, there is yellow powder in the rain EVERY SPRING IN JAPAN. I noticed it in my first Spring here in 2008 when the rain in March left everything completely filthy. It is an annual sign that spring is arriving when yellow sand from China gets blown over to Japan. Everyone who lives here knows about it, so it’s a bit excessive to start reporting this as a result of Fukushima. The rain may have had bad stuff from FUK in the rain too, but even as a MAJOR critic of Japan’s government and TEPCO, I have to say that the “yellow powder” in the rain is a natural event here and we should focus on the more legit issues such as how far from FUK radiation is detected and what is in our food.


    • acid Lab acid Lab


      the wikipedia entry labels it as “Asian Dust” and that the majority of it comes from the Mongolian Desert and its surrounding regions.

      additional industrial pollutants are also picked up along the way and contribute to its toxicity. it’s by no means good for you, but it’s also not “airborn fukushima yellowcake”.

    • Toadmac

      Hi Berry, just finishing my video of my latest counter tests in Melbourne, Australia. My findings are shocking? Rain from the north always shows much much higher readings! I don’t know if this is radiation from Fuku or something else? I have conducted many many test samples and have found some of them alarming! Hope to have this vid up soon and paste a link. I have much video evidence and will post more findings over time.



      • Toadmac

        P.S.No readings from before the disaster. But I will say this, readings over the last four months they are getting higher every time I test! This is getting very suspicious for me. When I get the video up I will invite anyone to a location of there choice (in Melbourne) and prove the counter and do a sample in front of them. Lets see how many real scientists take my offer up to debunk it on film. Only when rains come from the northern directions.

        • Toadmac

          Also note, I am anonymous at all times and will not give exact locations of tests for safety reasons. I would also like to point out I am not after fame, just facts and truths.

          • alasanon

            Thanks for sharing anything you find there! We get a lot of food exports from there… I wonder if you are getting the depleted Uranium from weapons testing??… Pick your disaster these days!…

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          Thank you for sharing whatever you can.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Hi Taodmac,

        I’d like to know what the numbers are…I still haven’t found any really shocking numbers, but I still have so much more to test. I want to get some car and house air filters next.

    • many moons

      Hi Wnillberry,
      You mention Yellow rain every year in Japan..It’s common in the spring…how about the rest of the year. I understand there are current reports of yellow rain and it’s not spring in Japan…You mention you see the pollen in SPRING.
      Yes pollen is a residual fact year round everywhere, but in the quantities that would cause a visiual event..that only happens in spring.
      If this yellow rain was pollen there would be a report in details describing the yellow powder as such. Given the fact that there is no data on the yellow powder and pollen doesn’t occur in quantities in autumn, I really doubt this powder is pollen.

      • fellfromthesun

        Common in Fall too. It’s not pollen, and the poster didn’t say it was. it’s sand from the Gobi desert. This has been happening for years and is well-documented.

        • many moons

          gobi desert sand described as yellow powder has never been well documented in Japan or in California and if it has…post the link…or shut up!

          • many moons

            This Gobi desert /yellow powder bullshit only started as the new excuse for yellow powder when the old one…pollen in fall wasn’t working….
            Troll away….
            I bet you are getting ready for the winter..yellow snow…there’s always been yellow snow…you’ve heard of yellow snow it’s well documented….dog piss…nothing to worry about!

          • fellfromthesun

            Who gave you the right to tell people to “shut up”? Any idiot who knows how to use a search engine could find plenty of documentation. But why bother to research if something is correct or not when you can just spread the rumors and panic instead?

            try this; with photos, from 2007, mind you. Look at that photo of Kyoto and then tell yourself to shut up, thanks.

          • fellfromthesun

            This “yellow sand ” phenomena is so common in Japan there’s even a Japanese word for it –“kousa” (黄砂)、which translates as, you guessed it, “yellow sand”. Of course I guess you people who don’t live in Japan know better than the rest of us –who actually live here. And most of whom have not reported any unusual yellow powder lately. This is a totally bogus rumor. You seem to think trying to figure out whether claims are actually factual or not is a form of “trolling” –I would say believeing every rumor that comes down the pike with no attempt to ascertain whether it’s true or not will do far more harm to the anti-nuke movement in the long run. The facts are bad enough, there’s no reason to make shit up, and that’s clearly what is happening here.

          • fellfromthesun

            And from March 2010:


            A low-pressure system on Sunday brought strong winds to many parts of Japan, affecting air and rail traffic, and also brought yellow sand from China. In parts of western Japan where the level of yellow sand was high, visibility was less than 2 kilometers.

          • fellfromthesun

            This is the Japan Meterological Agency’s website for tracking the Gobi desert “yellow dust”. You can see there’s a big cloud over Mongolia right now.



      Please provide 10 unique sources for the yellow rain in japan.

      If it happened frequently there would be sources available online, that address your claims.

      • fellfromthesun

        Please provide ten different sources for the mysterious yellow powder falling on Tokyo. I have seen exactly one un-sourced photo on a blog, but on the other hand I know dozens of people living in the Tokyo area, and no one claims to have seen ANY yellow powder lately. Please provide ten different sources documenting that the yellow powder is radioactive. Oh, that’s right, you can’t, but you are willing to believe that without documentation apparently.

        I have posted some links on the yellow rain, look for yourself.

        • fellfromthesun

          Nov. 29th, 2005:

          “On November 7, Asian dust (KOSA, meaning “yellow sand” in Japanese) was observed in various districts of Western Japan. This yellow sand was blown up from the Asian Continent by a frontal wind with low atmospheric pressure and was brought to Western Japan by the prevailing westerlies there.”

          Oh, and please note this happened in the FALL, not the Spring…

          • fellfromthesun

            If you do a search for “Asian dust” –which is what Kousa (yellow sand) seems to be referred to in English — you will get tons of hits.

            Here’s a paper from 2008 (!!) suggesting that cesium-137 deposition in Japan was on the rise due to the Kousa.

            The stuff is toxic, it seriously impacts people with allergies & asthma, that’s why it’s been in the news here for years now…

            “Wind blown dust originating from the arid deserts of Mongolia and China is a well-known springtime meteorological phenomenon throughout East Asia. In fact, “yellow sand” meteorological conditions are sufficiently common to have acquired local names: Huangsha in China, Whangsa in Korea, and Kosa in Japan.


          • Sickputer

            Chinese yellow dust storms do occur regularly. I have seen Texas dust storms that makes the Tokyo photo you posted look like a fair day in Scotland. Absolutely can’t see the end of the car hood for twenty minutes until the leading edge of the storm passed. Toxic dust, with pesticides, fertilizer, big city smog, and even sand from China.

            But yellow rain that is colored by radioactive isotopes does fall after massive nuclear releases and I would certainly think Japan has experienced (and will experience again) radioactive yellow rain. Not pollen, not Chinese dust. You think people can’t tell the difference? Only the liars for Tepco and the Japanese government will always deny
            everything. The same folks in Tokyo who can’t find the three Sarin Gas Gangsters in 15 years despite a $5 million reward. I certainly expect the coriums to elude them as well until they attack again. 😉

            Here’s a link on yellow rain at Chernobyl. When people get ill in Japan they will know yellow dust from China was not the culprit:


            But we knoe

          • many moons

            When I was a little kid I heard Jane Pauly on Good Morning America say..”It’s important to stay out of the rain” I went to the window, yup, it looked like rain. This was a week or so after Chernobyl nuclear accident….I find it interesting that if you look back at those old reports the media was more helpful and seemed more concerned…Well you got to wonder why they say stay out of the rain…OH I know it’s cause there is a concentration of radioactive material that gets washed out of the atmosphere. It collects in puddles and if the concentration is high enough, why can’t it appear as a color? A color that may be the color of the principle ingredient????? Uranium….Not to mention, none of the callers to the weather station in Japan were concerned about yellow sand, they called it yellow rain…Big difference there.

          • Steven Steven

            Nice link SP. I found this line particularly disturbing:

            ““What can people do? People tried to protect themselves for the first couple years, but then you just give up,” she said. “Nothing is ever normal; everything is just a little bit abnormal.”

  • guitargod92


  • SirHenriRisti


    I am from Finland and in the very first days of the Fukushima, my lungs hurted and metallic taste in my mouth! I knew it was Fukushima so I put message to couple of forums and asked, if anyone else had the symptoms.

    Many people answered yes, but those threads were removed.. So it here in Finland, the whole internet is kinda corrupted and no freedom of speach.

    And another thing that has nto been talked about, is that there were many chemical factories burning at the same time and the toxic chemicals mixed with the radiation. This kind of radiation cloud is superdangerous and never seen before.

    Well, thats about it. When I also went outside (I first sealed my house) but when I had to spend time outside, I got nose bleeding also. That is also radiation sickness symptom. So, the radiation has spread as far as Finland.. The whole world is contaminated of Fukushima radiation. Very sad, but we knew it coming..

    Any chance enews making a topic of this video?

    • Sir keekotin

      No ei helevetti, nytkö tätä arton sekoilua pitää täältäkin alkaa lukemaan. Ei jumalauta mitä pelleilyä.

    • Sir keekotin

      ..and same in english; oh no, more of this crap by famous finnish village idiot with mental disorders. Oh well, atleast the audience in this forum is already twisted enough to buy everything that fits into their a-priori “oh noes, teh world is doomed”- world view.
      Talk about group mentality without a selfcontrol and criticism.

      Oh and yeah, I’m prolly a government paid spy, a communist and all that other conspiracy stuff since I have the nerve to disagree and call above posting a total bullshit. I’m from Finland, there haven’t been any such cases, I haven’t had any symptoms (other than headache from reading retarded fearmongering postings with zero credibility, but hey, since it’s on enews it HAS to be true!).. besides, the radiation simply couldn’t have travelled around the world in few days after fukushima. Come on, don’t get suckered into this crap with “betatorches”, illuminati, vibrating crystals and all that.

      Jesus you people, get a grip. But I still know that you won’t, since this kind of stuff is what you people get your kicks out of.

      ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’ll go back lurking in the background.


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        You protest too much. How do we know you are from Finland? Instead of arguing scientific, as usual, you make inuendo, personal attacks, emotional diatribe and engage in behavior exactly like what you are criticizing. You sound exactly like a nuclear industry spokesperson. And we take note of the theory that you are focusing on. The theory you are most afraid of. By your continuing diatribe and attack you are giving credence to this theory.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Obviously, this forum is not your cup of tea. Why not? You are obviously threatened by data, actual phenomena of radiation sickness caused by nuclear power plants, mining, accidents, weapons, etc. And you are obviously trying to protect the markets over human health. Good luck (sarcastic, not sincere on my part).

      • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

        If we’re so full of it, why do you lurk here??

    • Sir keekotin

      Oh, and one more since I’m honestly pissed about this kind of crap stories being passed around;

      “Many people answered yes, but those threads were removed.. So it here in Finland, the whole internet is kinda corrupted and no freedom of speach.”

      and I say once again, bullshit. It’s not censorship, it’s common sense. You see, once you (I’m assuming you are Arto, or the guy who was filming those videos) begin to spam your stories around finnish forums, is it any wonder, that your rambling posts about fantasy physics gets removed from a forum that is dedicated for kites? Or cars? Or whatever offtopic forum which you’ve NOT been banned yet, you chose as your victim. See here;

      that’s the exactly same text being spammed everywhere, and then it becomes the national conspiracy against you when users and admins get fed up with your spamming bullshit on the totally offtopic forums with many user aliases?!.. the self proclaimed finnish top nuclear physicist, rrrright. Not a sacked electrician with diagnosed schizophrenia..

      • Steven Steven

        You guys won’t find a more balanced fence-sitter around these parts than my vacillating self – I’ve got a permanent wire crease in my butt – so here’s my take.

        This whole episode can be viewed like an experiment, because the quantity and mix of radioactive isotopes combined with saltwater and countless other variables means that there is no precedent. This is a fact, so any proper scientific evaluation MUST involve careful observation of the ongoing and developing impact without bias.

        Conjecture is another matter, but must be identified as such for clarity. This is correct scientific procedure. As much as you are offended by those who believe they know the results in advance, so others are similarly offended by your certainty in your own opinions.

        I have no idea how this will turn out. My own conjecture: it seems to have the potential to seriously impact the whole northern hemisphere, maybe the south as well. This is based on the staggering quantity of fuel exposed, and the possibility of the unique mix of isotopes etc producing some unforeseen outcome. But that’s just my worst case conjecture, it could also be that TEPCO will somehow contain the problem soon (although I don’t see how) and that the contamination thus far will be dealt with promptly and correctly to minimise the impact (no sign of this happening yet either).

        Your conjecture is as questionable as my own or anyone elses. Admittedly there have been some theories posted here as known facts, and clearly not everyone understands proper scientific rigour. Chipping in to the debate with insults and your own opinion – just conjecture disguised as fact – is simply unhelpful and inflamatory, although no doubt it makes you feel better 🙂 Much better surely to join in the discussion, and let reason dictate the progress of opinion.

        • Sir keekotin

          “This is a fact, so any proper scientific evaluation MUST involve careful observation of the ongoing and developing impact without bias.”

          Yes, this is obvious.

          “others are similarly offended by your certainty in your own opinions.”

          ..and what exactly would be my certainty? Where did I express my certainty, other than even all that amount of fuel couldn’t end the life on earth (perhaps humans, but LIFE on earth? no way, there are bacteria which can stand huuuuuge amounts of radiation, and some even use it as energy).

          “I have no idea how this will turn out. ”

          nobody does.

          “Chipping in to the debate with insults and your own opinion – just conjecture disguised as fact – is simply unhelpful and inflamatory”

          This part I really didn’t understand; which insults? if you were talking about the schizoprenic forum-flooding nut, it was a fact, not a opinion or insult. That’s the sad truth.

          Also, anyone with a degree in nature sciences can spot at least a dozen crazy things in Arto Lauri’s ramblings, so exposing a conman – which arto lauri is – spreading mindless FUD is in my humble opinion anything but unhelpful or inflamatory.

          • Rosie

            I think the offensive language you use to express yourself is inflamatory. Sentences that include “crap”, “bullshit” and then to be told “Jesus, get a grip” does not make for pleasant reading.

          • Steven Steven

            @ keeotin

            I thought you were making what you considered a statement of certainty when you said:

            “the radiation simply couldn’t have travelled around the world in few days after fukushima”

            The exact number that constitutes a ‘few days’ may be subjective but I think you will find that volcano ash circles the globe in a very short time.

            As to the reference to your insults, I quote them here to refresh your memory:

            “the audience in this forum is already twisted enough to buy everything that fits into their a-priori “oh noes, teh world is doomed”- world view.
            Talk about group mentality without a selfcontrol and criticism.”

            You might consider an approach to communicating with people other than confrontation, which infers in itself low self esteem and fear, not that you necessarily suffer those issues. I suspect that English is not your first language, in which case it can be difficult to make a point without making the mistake of conveying the wrong impression. If this is the case then some may respond to your posts with a measure of hostility. I therefore suggest the inclusion of an occassional ‘smiley face’.


          • admin

            “The substances were blown eastward by a jet stream traveling at a speed of some 3,000 kilometres a day”

            It’s about 8,000 km from Japan to Greenland. Then about 3,000 km from Greenland to Finland. 11,000 km from Japan to Finland… Around 4 days.

          • Steven Steven

            Nice one Admin, TY. Knew I’d seen that somewhere but about the only thing I don’t lose these days is my temper.

  • Sickputer

    My son saw a mother with a small child with a massive nosebleed in the restaurant where he works. She said the doctors did not know what was causing it….

    Location: Texas. September 25, 2011

    I had bad sinus headache and the haze was terrible yesterday.. possibly the leading edge of the winds from the September spikes from Roke. Stay out of the rain.

    • Sir keekotin

      “My son saw a mother with a small child with a massive nosebleed in the restaurant where he works. She said the doctors did not know what was causing it…” it *must* be fukushima! Because, there isn’t any other explanation possible, right? That’s what you’re implying there quite heavily.

      “I had bad sinus headache and the haze was terrible yesterday.. possibly the leading edge of the winds from the September spikes from Roke.”

      ..Okay, now random headaches are symptoms of fukushima?

      To get radiation sickness you should be radiated quite heavily, and I’m very skeptical that you’d be the only one to notice that kind of radiation. Take some readings, don’t just play the “I feel like” -game. Get the facts and numbers. Other than that, saying things which you’ve just posted is kinda meaningless.

      • Blondie Blondie

        @Sir keekotin

        As I see it, the idea is to collect all different kind of reports and anomalies and then LATER see if they add to something. Yes, one nosebleed may be just that. Nothing special. But if all people report what they see or experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, then maybe all those little incidences of “nothing special” may add up to something and show a pattern that MAY indeed be significant.

        Please don’t discourage people from telling what they see and experience! Many little creeks a river may make. Just let people add their “creeks” in peace and we’ll sort it all out later. Let us collect the data, no matter how small and insignificant YOU may seem it to be, and then let’s see what comes out. It’s just plain ol’ statistics and data gathering. Okay? Do you understand? Good. Now let us get back to doing just that, in peace.

        Thank you for your time. 🙂

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Sir keekotin, This thread is to report things seen.
    If I was to give an honest Report, speak my truth, and
    then have you puff up with yer faggit wanna-be-authority,
    I would feel it my God-Given duty to thrash your stupid
    fucking Ass! In the Name of Truth and Jesus Christ!
    Get Out of here….git!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      * B&B looks around for the alien spacecraft

    • Sir keekotin

      Nah, I’m not going anywhere, sorry. For a while I just didn’t read the comment section here at the enews knowing your (well, not YOU personally, but everyone here knows the preacher-kind regulars) irrational, uneducated, aggressive and pretty much hostile reaction to everyone not sharing your religion-like-attitude would render any attempt to have a reasonably discussion pretty much void.

      That rambling of yours pretty much proves my point, so I suppose I should thank you for it.

    • Arizonan Arizonan


      I would ask, for the sake of a true progresive politics, that posters abstain from homophobic, sexist, racist or classist remarks. We don’t need them, and all they do is alienate you don’t know who.

      Thank you!

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        (bows), of course… Mr. Arizonan…
        That little non-PC choice of words I made should
        make a point. Which I admit I have been cryptic in
        expressing. We have been so programmed with
        a tailored-for-approval “Progressive” political
        In my field, we’re required to know “The Tragedy of
        The Commons”, which illustrates what happens
        when a “community” space or resource is left with
        no controls, when the “commons” gets TAKEN by
        somebody’s Selfish, Inconsiderate, Unfair abusive
        use of said resource.
        We are not, nor should be, a dumbass Democracy.
        Mob Rules….Ten Million Illiterate voters have
        approved a measure that stipulates “We’re All EQUAL”
        and therefore are entitled to benefits, reparations, Free
        Money, to be paid by all those Bad Guys who stole
        from Us all these years….That’s “Progressive”…
        There is , and there is going to be, a hierarchy for
        human tribal survival. A Chain of Command within
        the FAMILY, which “Progressives” have destroyed as much
        as possible….
        Did you know the Feminism was created by CIA
        communists to destroy
        the American strength of Family? It is true…might wanna
        look it up. Gloria Steinem admitted her involvement.
        But WE are supposed to BUY this shit as PROGRESSIVE.
        There is a Chain of Actual Deserving Authority among
        Men. Good luck trying to survive when you are in a crisis,
        and find yourself arguing with a woman who considers
        that there is No God, and that No Man has any authority,
        and she’s been taught by the communists that she
        possesses an Equal Mind, Integrity, and capabilities.
        Too Bad, she will follow whatever combination of
        Dick and Money and Gullibility she can manipulate in
        her quest for Lesbian Freedom. WHAT IS TRULY
        PROGRESSIVE is a return to Benevolent Patriarchy.
        Just check out the kids of the proud Anti-Christians.
        It is the End of Civilzation.

        • WorseThanChernobyl

          I cannot believe you actually believe what you just posted. Why don’t you try giving some back up for your feminism – CIA – Gloria Steinem claims. You don’t think women should have the right to vote??! You don’t believe that girls should be taught math and science?! Perhaps you should go live in the middle east. I think their views of women are similar to yours. I think your way of thinking is the entire reason behind this disaster. The lame “chain of command” amongst men where the most sociopathic of the lot gets to be the leader, and all the others mindlessly obey their “superiors”. It is definitely not time to go back to even more severe patriarchal leadership. That is what got the human race to where it is today. Try being more creative with your problem solving than actually believing that returning to giving women no education or rights and giving men all the power, education, property, etc. is the answer to *anything*!

  • Sir keekotin

    Dear rosie;
    “be told “Jesus, get a grip” does not make for pleasant reading.”

    why it should be pleasant reading? I’m not here to entertain with pleasant stories. Have you considered that instead of feeling hurt over details, you actually could take on the advice? Should I feel hurt when Elenin Velikosky threatened me with violence and called me names and ushered the flying spaghetti monster’s son to punish me?

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      Radiation from Fukushima was officially detected in Iceland, btw. If it’s in Iceland, why wouldn’t radiation be in Finland? As you know, the jet stream travels east. Let it be known that during March and April, but especially March, whenever I went outside, I would have a strange burning feeling in my nose and throat. I live in Ohio, about 6,000 miles or so from Fukushima. Strangely, if I just went in the car to run an errand and return home, I would still have that burning sensation. Could this be Xenon, Cesium, or Plutonium? We just don’t know!

      Like the Enenews poster, Noah, I decided to stay indoors as much as possible and turn on my HEPA air cleaners.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Peace and love and huggie wuggies to you Jack.
    We must really be pissing them off! Well done Brother! 🙂

    Even our own bread and butter was spoiled,….and I missed it completely!

    Everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ–be BLESSED this day,…for your reward is with Him,…Indeed, it is at the gate!

    I love you all!

  • catweazel

    for all the people mentioning metallic taste in mouth: amalgam inside?

  • many moons

    Catweazel (somehow seems appropriate) lets not confuse the issue. When cancer patients undergo radiation they are advised that they may experience a metalic taste in their mouth. This taste is a side effect of radiation. When you have a tooth filled at the dentist he may or may not say you will have a metalic taste for awhile but it will disappear.
    People report having a metalic taste not because they have bben to the dentist because they have been outside and have been exposed to the OBVIOUS radiadtion that undoubtable comes from a nuclear accident….

    • Blondie Blondie

      Indeed. There is also ample anecdotal evidence available that radiation exposure can cause people to get a metallic taste in their mouth and I’ve read that the metallic taste does not come from the radiation itself, but that radiation causes tiny hemorrhages in the gums and it’s the iron in the red blood cells leaking into the oral cavity, that people can actually taste when exposed to radiation.

    • fellfromthesun

      Completely false. It has happened so frequently there is even a Japanese language word for it, 黄砂、which means, you guessed it, “yellow sand”. There are dozens of news areports on this available on line for anyone who takes even a little time to check the facts. Here’s one (with photos) from 2007.

      • NONO NONO

        You failed at posting a link…

        Please give 10 unique sources of your yellow sand claim. ‘To validate your claims’.

        • NONO NONO

          September 3, 2011 at 12:18 pm · Reply
          It’s moving out to the Sea of Japan side. Tokyo has not seen heavy rain, it will not reach Fukushima.

          >Address of large red blob approx but with a bit of common sense too! Tōkyō-to Minato-ku元赤坂2丁目1−1
          I’m sorry, but this is wrong, wrong, wrong. Even a quick glance at the above map shows that the red dot is in Saitama on the border with Chiba, i.e. in the ‘burbs, NOT Tokyo proper. It’s quite likely that the red spot is the town of Kashiwa, which is indeed a hot spot, much much higher levels than any surrounding areas. This is hardly breaking news, though, and has been identified as hot since late May or so. Minato-ku is clearly in the green on this map, and that is probably correct, since the foreign embassy monitoring (in Minato-ku) has only detected quite low levels of radiation for the past few months. The orange spot on the map would seem to be Edogawa-ku, which again has been in the news for a while.
          The real story with this map is that fortunately most of the capital seems to be ok; there are some troubling hot spots、though, and the potential for the shit to get spread around more certainly exists. Kashiwa is quite hot, and should probably be evacuated, but my guess is that ain’t gonna happen.

          September 29, 2011 at 11:50 am · Reply
          Completely false. It has happened so frequently there is even a Japanese language word for it, 黄砂、which means, you guessed it, “yellow sand”. There are dozens of news areports on this available on line for anyone who takes even a little time to check the facts. Here’s one (with photos) from 2007.

  • catweazel

    yes, agree. but please: even that radiation is distributed and jetstreamed and all that ….
    b4 someone in US has metallic taste by fuku emissions in mouth Fuku itself has to be a burning mountain of radioactivity. the total mass of a complete US yellow dustfilm of 0,1 mm is more mass than fuku and 20 km around pulverized completely.

    • many moons

      Catweasel, you sound like you are making this up as you go along. Quite frankly the world has never had a 3 reator nuclear melt through-out frought with lies from here to hell, so I find your ability reference this scenario you depict a little unlikely.

  • Bobby1

    I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity. From where I stand, all US-produced meat is grossly contaminated.

    Obviously I cannot try everything. But if I didn’t cut all US meat out of my diet, I would be drooling constantly with overwhelming metal taste in the mouth.

    Do not eat US and Canada produced meat.

  • A personal observation: I was standing on my porch this morning (Aug 3rd, 2011)and I saw a bird fall from above, right out of the sky. At the same time there was a cat about 10 feet away from where the tiny bird landed. The feral momma cat then went over curiously and touched the bird. Yep, it was dead. Then, she picked it up and started eating it. The cat then went back to feed her kitten. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “this is an exposure pathway, this is how the chain of life gets destroyed and I may be witnessing it before my very eyes”.

    In the first weeks of May of this year we were experiencing heavy rainfall on the western slope of the mountains in California. I observed several lady bugs on a wet metal fence poll on my front porch. The two of them were ‘kissing’ so to speak, and I remember thinking to myself, “if the rain is radioactive then those poor little bugs must be really getting hit”.

    So today, (Aug 3rd) after I saw the bird hit the ground, I also noticed the lady bugs. Still there. They had become frozen in time on the poll where I initially observed them. They were still ‘kissing’. Their shells have now started to decay. I could be wrong but I don’t think lady bugs die while ‘kissing’.

    I thought this observation was worth noting for possible future historical purposes. This is what I saw and this is when I first saw it. For whatever it’s worth, I can’t help but wonder. hmmm…?

    from EnviroReporter August 3, 2011 at 8:22 pm

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Thank You ChasAha, In Albuquerque, this is years ago now,
    a whole flock of maybe ten birdies fell to Earth all together in
    a Northeast Neighborhood, seen by folks on a bus-bench
    corner. Lots of talk went toward the real Microwave beams which
    criss-cross communications towers in the city, and various
    military things going on, laser experiments, etc.
    Wouldn’t that be something to get the bird carcasse remains
    and see if they read hot.
    That’s a thing that strikes me about bugs eating smaller bugs,
    who eat the PARTICLES. Talk about Asymmetrical Bioaccumulation!
    A Bug might get more concentration than a Cow munching
    cesium grass! So the Birds might really be a Super-Concentrator,
    and Bats! they eat a lot! Too Bad we don’t have any real folks
    with real detectors running around the country by the thousands,
    doing their duty for the People of The United States of America
    seeing to it that our health is protected. Nope. Instead we got
    guys real proud of their military criminal career, thinking they are
    going to spout off among real people. Make sure you got it,
    all you Code-of-Silence mafiosi. You aint anybody in My Country.
    Thank You Jill. God Bless You.
    By His stripes we are Healed!

  • lam335 lam335

    I have seen a lot of people on this website say they experienced the metallic taste after Fukushima. I can’t say that I experienced an actual metallic taste, but I did experience a strange, irritated feeling in the back of my mouth/throat on two days during the week of March 21 when I had to go out and walk a fairly significant distance outside.

    It felt similar to the irritated feeling you get when a cold with throat symptoms is just beginning, but it was in a different location. The irritated feeling extended in a line all the way across the back of my mouth, far in the back where the roof of my mouth begins. I have never felt anything exactly like it before or since. I was not on the West Coast, but in the MIdwest at the time. Did any body else experience this sort of irritation at the back of their mouth/throat?

    • alasanon

      I noticed throat irritation several times in the spring with the Jet stream overhead, on the East Coast. I never had a bloody nose or metallic taste.. But, I did feel sick/nauseous after a cross-country flight in late April… hmmmm?

      I wonder about many folks who had pre-existing illnesses or vulnerabilities. I’ve noticed that several elderly family friends in the U.S. SW and Midwest either have developed cancer or succumbed to it since Fukushima. It’s kind of shocking… and the numbers do not seem so coincidental. 🙁

      I even wonder about Kim Kardashian announcing that she now has a autoimmune disease of the skin (appeared just a few months after the Fukushima exposure), while living in CA/West Coast. It’s not like she has any economic stress to impair her health!!…hmmm?…..

      • alasanon

        It’s probably better for Kim Kardashian to stay out East with her new hubby!…

        I have friends who got sick after a stay in Hawaii…they had a great time though!!

      • Bobby1

        The CDC mortality data suggest that people aged 65 and over have the highest increase in deaths, followed closely by ages 45-64. It would seem that these age groups have a higher rate of pre-existing illnesses and vulnerabilities to begin with. The way cesium binds to heart muscle leads one to believe that anyone that has heart disease already would be at a higher risk than a healthy person.

        Also thyroid cancer and leukemia develop sooner than other cancers, we will be seeing more of these. Damage to the immune system means that we will see more pneumonia and infectious disease.

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      Definitely. Burning feeling in throat and nose whenever I went outside. Maybe I was lucky that it didn’t lead to a nosebleed.

    • midwestern midwestern

      Dear lam, there’s a strong wind blowing intense fuku through here tonight…I can feel it in my throat. Posting to tell you that since this summer I have had weird throat irritation on and off. Also had an experience of extremely dry mouth one night even though I was drinking (actually it seemed like it may even have started after I drank water out of a certain bottle of distilled)lots of water. It felt like my mouth was being vacuumed dry of any moisture.
      Two girls, ages 12 and 13, that are close to my family have developed asthma since March, neither ever showed any symptoms of developing asthma prior to this. The thirteen year old developed a persistent cough last week that her inhaler did nothing to abate. A visit to the pediatrician and lung specialist has gotten her a prednisone prescription and three increasingly more intensive inhalers. All of this has done nothing to help her cough–she coughs about every two seconds. She and her mom feel that she’s gotten worse on the steroid. The lung specialist tossed around the idea of “reactive airway disease”. Last night her symptoms worsened again and her mom kept her home from school since she was exhausted from coughing all night. The specialist wouldn’t see her today, but prescribed a new med over the phone and had her go to get a lung x-ray. They told mom that they would call her on Monday to discuss.
      Will continue to observe and report from my neck of the about to be harvested radiation-infested cornfields. Romantic, eh?
      I’m also very excited about neighbors with fireplaces that have kept stacks of wood outside all spring and summer and now come fall are in the mood to burn (little fukushima incinerators all over the country, I imagine) that pile down.

      • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

        Luckily, we’ve kept our firewood in the garage.

        • midwestern midwestern

          Me too, Terra. But I see a lot of stacks outside. A little bit of serious, honest MSM news would have gone a long way towards preventing that kind of additional re-fukuing of the fallout.
          In July, I went to one of the common quick oil and lube places to have my air filter replaced…the technician or whatever took the filter out of the car and held it up to show me. I was standing behind one of those glass walls watching and then he ripped it open and tons of dirt, dust, and you know what else flew all over him and scattered around. He did it so quickly, and it was so unexpected (I mean I would think they would know better than that even without the extra rads around) that I didn’t even have a chance to stop him…
          but that news blackout, the media refusal to communicate the facts about fukushima and its fallout seems to me to implicate them also in the web of crimes against humanity.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        I am watching my cat like a hawk. she has had asthma attacks more frequently, but replacing the two huge HEPA air filters seems to have helped. I am no longer leaving the window open for fresh air. The cat’s attacks became more frequent when I did.

    • I will put it here also, Ride a motorcycle, tasted my share of what I beleive to be nuke fleas, At stop lights felt on arms, tiny burning spots untill I wipe them off, Have tasted in mouth metal taste, bit like battery scid found on battery post, (lots of machanic work in past) would spread qickly in mouth from tiny source, I suspect when it would find moister in my mouth, often as I would enter house and go to sink to start to drink water, right before most times, in March and April !

    • Anthony Anthony

      Exact same experience, about the week it happened. Am on west coast and it was like a sore throat starting up, never developed into a cold. What stood out was it felt as though something was irritating my nasal cavity above the back of the roof of my mouth. It felt like something was in there and it hurt a bit, was irritating for about 4 days then stopped.

      • lam335 lam335

        Yes–that sounds very similar to what I felt–like the beginning of a sore throat without a cold ever developing. And it was during the first week of the plume’s passing (March 22-24). I hope there’s no long-term damage or problems that will develop later as a result.

        I wish I had just refused to go to work that week, but, unfortunately, circumstances made that seem impossible at the time. In retrospect, nothing was so important that we should have felt obliged to go out and get exposed to what was in the air. But at the time, EVERY “expert’ was claiming that it was safe, including a guy from the Health Physics Soc whom I emailed. And of course not one person said little bits of alpha emitters might be floating in the air–they all said those were too heavy to travel so far.

        The so-called “experts” betrayed us all with their over-confidence in their own expertise (or worse). But they won’t have to live with the consequences that their pat assurances may have had on the health of the rest of us.

  • chaossquared

    My cousin in hawaii mentioned her baby was throwing up a lot. She is breast fed, i thought it was strange that she would projectile vomit everything. It cleared up about a month ago. The baby is not even 6 months old.

    Of course there are lots of possible explanations, but it came to mind.

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    I posted this in a comment section somewhere but here it is again:


    “Leona Baldwin’s husband saw it first, and she got on the marine radio to alert others in the remote Alaska village of Kivalina that a strange orange goo was sitting on top of the town’s harbor.

    “The news attracted all the townspeople, anxious to get a gander of the phenomenon that covered much of the harbor and then began washing ashore Wednesday.

    “The next day it rained, and residents found the orange matter floating on top of the rain buckets they use to collect drinking water. It was also found on one roof, leading them to believe whatever it was, it was airborne, too.

    “By Friday, the orange substance in the lagoon had dissipated or washed out to sea, and what was left on ground had dried to a powdery substance. Samples of the orange matter were collected in canning jars and sent to a lab in Anchorage for analysis.”

    WELL… first “the EXPERTS” said it was crustacean eggs “from an unknown species of crustacean”:

    THEN they said it was fungus spores “from an unknown species of fungus”:



  • Sickputer

    My daughter just texted me from southern Missouri. My 22-month-old grandson is sick, throwing up and diarrhea. I have been trying to get her to stop feeding him milk, but he likes his bottle. So this time I asked her to stop the milk for awhile(like 300 years) and see if he does better.

    I texted her the news out of San Francisco about cesium in the milk. Also a reminder that this information is not best shared with doctors as virtually all of them are ignorant just like the masses and they will recommend complainers to the mental ward. I have had a killer headache for three days myself and I think this headache is haze-related. The big spike from Roke is rolling in the slower winds across America for the next few days…soon to see you next week BnB in Deutschland! Sorry! Keep your kiddies safe.

    Stormsurf forecast: “A solid gale formed in the Northeastern Gulf Sunday (9/25) lifting northeast into British Columbia Tuesday AM with 45 kt winds and up to 34 ft seas but most fetch was aimed at the Pacific Northwest. A mix of unshadowed and shadowed energy is to pushing into Central CA with most size arriving well before sunrise Wednesday. Beyond a weaker pattern is forecast but not totally quiet, but most energy is to be in the windswell category and again aimed best at the Pacific Northwest. There’s rumors of a stronger local storm off Oregon early next week, but not believable.”

    Their flash models were Fukooed for some reason.

    • Bobby1

      Your daughter might try the Nestle Nido powdered formula (product of Mexico). You can find it in Walmart and other stores. I tried it and it seemed ok (no metal taste or thyroid tweaking) (and yes I am old).

      • Sickputer

        Thanks Bobby… I will tell my daughter. I have been buying lots of food and drink from Mexico and farther south. Walmart sells three types of Chile apples and another store has Chile oranges.

        Hate to hear about the listeria outbreak… I bought a nice-looking cantaloupe a few weeks ago and it was perfect density, but cut open it smelled so strange I threw it away immediately… Did not hesitate. Not sure where it came from… unbranded.

    • My Daughter had her second birth to a boy 4 months ago, first girl vhild 4 years earlier, baby turned blue twice in the first few minutes of life, ran him out of the room for further checks, baby now has eye focus problems and a very week neck, fat and heathy other them these problems !
      I was in the room, and said nothing, but was well informed of the still born rise in this country of late !

    • livelife

      chaossquared & Sickputer: Powdered probiotics in the refrigerator section of any health food store will help your babies/kids with the stomach issues. Mix it right in with whatever they are drinking, or for the nursing mom, right on her breast where baby nurses, or syringe with water. A healthy gut will help their developing immune systems. There are flavored chewables for older kids too. It really helps!

    • Sickputer,
      How is he doing now, “22-month-old grandson”

      • Sickputer

        Doing better, but his daddy and his parents are now sick with stomach flu and headache. I got out today to mow my lawn before the approaching rain storm. First rain we have had in months and it was a big one…2-3 inches and now blowing across Dallas halting the Texas Rangers baseball game with the Detroit Tigers tonight for the second time.

        Reason for the rain in Texas? Two hurricanes (well, one now downgraded to a tropical storm) are pushing a band of wind and moisture ahead of them as the storms blows into the west coast of Mexico. Hurricane Jova and Tropical Storm Irwin are blowing into Mexico pushing rain storms up into the central parts of the USA.

  • Earless rabbit for sale – free! Santa Rosa, California, USA 2011
    Description This little sweetheart’s mother ate the ears off her litter because she was a nervous first time mom.
    He loves to cuddle and is very interactive, clean and quiet.
    He comes with cage and supplies. …

    : (

  • 9/23/2011 On Aug. 31, a woman in Sanford, Fla., first encountered the little dog when she spotted a squirming garbage bag. … a puppy so deformed that it couldn’t walk or hold up its head.

  • Help-puppies born deformed-anyone heard of this

    by missyfly96 on 09 May 2011 – 20:05


    Post: 99 of 122
    Joined: Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:10 am

    I co own this bitch with my breeder. She just had a litter of 6 German Shepherd puppies this morning. He said he has never seen this or heard of this. Two of the puppies (male) have both of their front legs deformed. From what he is describing to me, both of their front feet (at what we would call our wrist) are limp and turn outward(left foot turns out to the left and the right out to the right)
    The puppies can not use their front feet at all. They can use and scoot around on their back feet but just go in circles.

  • Sickputer

    My son and I saw a humongous blackbird yesterday drinking gutter water. We know what crows and ravens look like. This was a blackbird. But really huge. We kidded a bit about gigantism, but will leave that weird thought for Hollywood.

    More plausible event… Did you remember about the birds that dropped dead in Arkansas? 5,000 redwing blackbirds dropped dead in Beebee, Arkansas New Years day 2011. A few days later 100,000 fish died in an Arkansa river. Necropsy results were never released. Certainly we wouldn’t blame the 37-year old Entergy nuclear plant 35 miles from Beebe?

    Although they did turn out to have some really sleepy guards on duty.

    But one I am sure of… Mortality rates of humans close to nuclear plants are higj when the plants are active and the death rates are much lower when the plants finally close:

    We know nuclear plants in normal operations leak radioactivity, tremendous amounts. Yes, that clean energy that they always brag never kills anyone… Actually kills a lot of people. But proving a direct link has always been their ace in the hole… It’s damn hard to track murderers who use invisible gas. It’s almost the perfect crime… But not this time in Japan. The data will be much harder to disprove this time. No murderers will go to jail, but they will be labeled as murderers by millions of affected victims.

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      I’ve been trying to fill an outside birdbath with fresh water daily, especially since it’s been raining so much here in Ohio. Whenever you go outside you have to put on boots and sometimes rain gear as you slosh around in the yard which is really annoying. Our Ohio bluejays just love that gutter water! I don’t know why, but the jays will pass on the clean birdbath and drink out of the gutter.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      The victims will simply die and their deaths will be reported as ‘other causes’. This is already happening.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Wow now you really got me thinking all the hush hush dead bird and fish mania the last year and half might be from a leaky nuke. At least that makes some sense – i remember all the blackbirds just dropping dead.

  • Rommel

    Plaudits NONO… Methinks the same.

  • Last week my son came over from going to the 7/11 about 11 at night, started raining lightly, came in tearing off his T-shirt over his head saying his back was burning from the rain !!!!!!
    Said it was strangest thing he every exsperianced from rain !
    I noticed nothing in color change on his back, when he ask me to look, but I looked from my seat !!

  • midwestern midwestern

    What are you all doing about letting your dogs out on rainy days? I hate letting them out!! I make them hold it as long as possible and am trying to toilet train both. Is that possible? I wish… Mine have gotten scrubbed more since March than in all of the years before probably…I’m surprised they have any hair left–both from being down in the trenches and the scrubbings.

    • Cesium that has fallen and been disturbed from the ground surface- 10 times more internal exposure compared to direct inhalation – JAEA Analysis

      Japan Atomic Energy Agency [JAEA] (Toukai Village, Ibaragi Prefecture) compiled analyses showing that the amount of internal exposure to radioactive cesium from particles that had landed on the ground once and then been disturbed and re-floated was 10 times larger than that of inhaling the airborne particles directly. [This study] will be presented on September 22nd at the Japan Atomic Power Conference …

  • The recent Typhoon may have cause rise in contaminations here as did following storm in Japan !

    Stired up and into the jet stream !

  • New Prim Ministers nose is growing as the last Prim Ministers !

    27th Sept 2011
    A PUPPY born with eight legs and two bodies is to be studied – after vets put it down because it was too deformed to survive.

    The French bulldog pup is believed to have been born with a partially formed twin attached to his body.

    “It’s a grim sight but there is no way the animal could have survived,” one researcher told the Austrian Times.

    ABOVE: The puppy was put down because it was too deformed to survive / Europics

  • many moons

    Chernobyl was bad enough to make us believe that nuclear power is an evil in the world….fast forward 25 years to Fuku, almost completely swept under the carpet…good job, kudos to the sweepers I’m impressed. For me the cat is really out of the bag….I will never feel like the lettice I’m eating is healthy, I’ll always run from the rain…and wait for the next big one to come along….another fuku somewhere else I will never visit again, or perhaps in my own backyard.
    I would LOVE to know…plea if someone knows…what kind of a profit does the average reactor provide for the stockholders…I’d really like to put a price on clean water, fresh air, since that’s what I am being forced to give up.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Buffalo, New York: Sept. 30. much younger friend reporting feeling of ‘tiredeness’ and much lower energy levels than formerly.
    I told them the truth, that we were being irradiated, and that we had received a heavy ‘dose’ of Fukushima byproducts in this area. I was believed.

    • I have repeatedly heard this throughout threads here including having myself for several months of feeling of ‘tiredness’ and much lower energy levels, mine has gotten a bit better, but noticed when I am out and about for much of the day then for days afterwords having these symptom’s then feeling stronger then going out again in the outside air and sun and these symptom’s hit me again for days ! Much of this time out is riding my motorcycle doing errand’s or enjoyment !

  • Crooked front legs don’t slow this little guy down
    Sat Sept 24, 2011 *PHOTO*
    A vet technician at Just Cats in Guilderland examines 8-week-old stray kitten Sugar Ray before putting his deformed front paws in splints. (AnimaLovers)

  • In the remote Guatemalan village of Santa Cruz El Chol near La Cienaga, a black piglet has been born with an odd-shaped head that bears seemingly human characteristics.
    *VIDEO* Sep 4, 2011

  • pure water

    A teenager dies suddenly in California.
    There will be an autopsy. I hope it is not radiation, but it resembles some Japanese tweets about sudden deaths of strong young people.Those who live there, please be careful, an if it is possible to learn something more – share with the rest of us.

  • midwestern midwestern

    Fukushima Diary: more deformed creatures found

  • Plants are dying

    In the previous post Column of the Day: brine damage? I reported evergreen plants are dying for some reason.

    Anyway, today I noticed a thing around the plant. On the way to the 4th reactor, a pine tree was dead.

    Summer’s over..NOT ! Pine doesn’t wither in Autumn!

    • brine damage?

      Sept 25th, 2011

      Since this spring ,I often see dead street plants around in Yokohama and Tokyo.

      Most of them are evergreen.

      Especially after the typhoon 15th of last week,I find lots of withering plants here and there.

      Some people say it’s brine damage ,but typhoon comes every year.

      The condition must be the same.

      Is it because I’m being too nervous or..?

  • Children have started to get thyroid disease

    10 children from Fukushima had a medical check at Shinshu University Hospital to see if there are any changes in their thyroid gland function.

    The medical investigation was conducted on 130 children from Fukushima prefecture, at the Shinshu Uniiversity Hospital on the expense of an authorized NPO (nonprofit organization) named “Japan Chernobyl Foundation (or JCF)”.

    From the results of the medical investigation, gathered on September 4, it became clear that in case of 10 children there was a …

  • Radiation invades cycle of life through fallen leaves

    … the ongoing crisis at the tsunami-hit Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, radioactive substances have invaded the cycle of life through fallen leaves. The contamination of leaf soil used for gardening has become a major social problem, and high levels of radiation have been detected in areas where there are concentrations of fallen leaves, causing concern among local residents.

    At the same time, some experts …

  • StillJill StillJill

    That cheerleader death sure sounds like her heart, doesn’t it! Just a hunch,….and what we’re hearing.

  • Steven Steven

    Posting this unproven hypothesis mainly so that other smokers get a ‘heads up’ just in case:

    Been smoking over 30 years, no problems (other than dirty looks and occassional abuse of late). Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had sudden appearance of small blind spots, specific to each eye, during or just after smoking, which seem to be permanent. Had full eye health check today with no indication of problems. Eyecare professional was stumped.

    It occurs to me that about now, if my tobacco was grown overseas (which I thought it wasn’t – stupid but I fell for the advertising spin and didn’t read the packet) it could have come from a radiated area, and this could possibly explain the blind spots… some sort of undetectable damage to the receptors or optic nerves or whatever.

    Anyway I’ve changed brands to something supposedly grown more locally (I’m in Australia) and I’ll see how it goes (or not see how it goes lol). Might be nothing related, but smokers – heads up and check for little blind spots, smoking is a quick way to get bad stuff into your system and we rely on the producers not to sell us bad stuff, more fool us eh?

    • Steven Steven

      Just had another thought – if it is radiation causing this maybe I could hire myself out as a biological Geiger counter…

      “here Steve smoke this…”

      “cough-cough… wheeeeeeez – damn, what was that?”

      “spinach… can you still see?”

      “….. yeah, mostly. Since that Japanese cabbage the other day it’s hard to tell.”

      “goodo, let’s eat.”

      hehe I still got it 🙂

    • matina matina

      Dear Steven since of this October tobacco companies in Europe have to put flame retardants in their cigarette papers to prevent people from burning down their homes when they fall asleep with a fag in their mouth…….yep, it sounds damn scary, I’m anti smoke, but i know people who have been growing tobacco and smoking since they were only 10-12 years old and they are all ok

  • DaughterProduct

    @ Steven: heeheeha that’s funny 🙂
    …and sad, and scary…so many reports, so obviously and ominously similar to flora & fauna of Chernobyl (and beyond).

    This is the most beyond. By the time enough people, everywhere, realize what’s going on, won’t it be, well…beyond too late? I’m thinking we ain’t standing in the crossroads no more: we chose to go down the Shadow Man’s road…for sweeties and shiny things.

    I’ve also had the weird spots happen when smoking, Steven, and exactly what xdrfox described on his skin- driving 75 past Oak Ridge, TN.
    And, in this spring, whole family was throwing up, diarrhea, tired…

    Noticed pines of all kinds with rusty dead needles, and I’ll post a photo of my friends shrub- an arborist didn’t recognize it “pesticide posioning?”…

    Furchtbar we are.

  • The bird had a deformed beak that required it to tilt its head to pick up seeds, …

  • StillJill StillJill

    Poor thing probably got lost,…..made a louie, instread of a ralph! Like me,…some days can’t find the right bus to even get downtown! (metaphor,…I still drive!)

  • StillJill StillJill

    I sure don’t like to share this,….just got off the phone with my spiritual Mom,…her granddaughter is 5.5 months pregnant,….and there’s A PROBLEM. My spiritual Mom’s daughter is flying down to the LA area,…to be with her daughter. I will keep all informed what I know. Please pray if you’re so inclined–Thank you.

  • Paul di Resta is battling against a throat virus and fever ahead of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix.

    Di Resta caught the bug before flying out for the race at Suzuka and has steadily been getting worse as the week has progressed.
    The 25-year-old Scot, though, is refusing to make that an excuse, either today in qualifying 12th, one place and a third of a second behind Force India team-mate Adrian Sutil, or ahead of the grand prix.
    “I’m not 100%,” Di Resta told Press Association Sport, with a very croaky voice.
    “It’s something in my throat, my tonsils, and I’m going through …

  • Luckily I can report no abnormal symptoms. Metalic taste in mouth, nosebleeds, heart attacks etc. etc. have many causes and may not be from radiation. Having said that, the shoddy way governments have reported or rather not reported radiation testing leaves many in doubt. Check Canada’s report on food tested from Japan. They don’t report actual company name so whats the point of them even reporting? Lip service.

    Think I’m buying any Japanese food? Not even going to Sushi restaurants any more, something I used to do at least once a week.

    We’ve all been lied to so many times by big business and government its impossible to know when they are telling the truth or not.

  • Plants’ mutation, Do you still ignore the fact?
    Plants’ mutation are observed everywhere, and the cases are increasing. …

  • WorseThanChernobyl

    Here is a video of mutated dandelions in Alberta Canada. (This is not my video)