FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here

Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:00 am ET


Previous radiation monitoring thread here:

Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:00 am ET


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12,084 comments to FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here

  • vital1 vital1

    The Free Geiger Counter Guide has just had another update, with a couple suggestions on Geiger Counter kits costing $100, or under.

    I purchased and built the Theremino Geiger Counter kit that costs under $100 to try it out, and to see how hard it was to put together. If any of you here have other kits you think are worth a look at, let me know by placing the info in this forum.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a Geiger counter, or have just purchased one, here is a free resource to help you.This Basic Guide will provide you with information on how to protect your Geiger Counter from contamination, plus how get the best out of it.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Gross Beta Count Rate, Denver, CO
    334 Dec. 25
    351 Dec. 26
    437 Dec. 27
    365 Dec. 28
    Near-Real-Time Gross Gamma Count Rate Data

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Gross Beta Count Rate, Harrisonburg, Virginia
    453 Dec.22
    488 Dec. 23
    444 Dec. 24
    362 Dec. 25
    266 Dec. 26
    166 Dec. 27
    343 and 506 Dec. 28

  • vital1 vital1

    Alert level Fresno, CA, US

    Altitude 322 feet

    Geiger Counter Model Inspector EXP+

    Beginning time 12/28/12 01:09:33 PM
    Ending time 12/28/12 10:10:38 PM
    Elapsed Minutes 540

    Total Counts 45,445
    Average CPM 84
    Minimum CPM 25
    Maximum CPM 140

    Minimum CPM occurred 12/28/12 01:30:33 PM
    Maximum CPM occurred 12/28/12 05:53:56 PM

    Report from,

  • vital1 vital1

    Alert levels at Princeville Hawaii, US, continue

    Altitude 171 feet

    Geiger Counter Model Inspector+

    Beginning time 12/30/12 04:19:15 PM
    Ending time 12/30/12 07:23:24 PM
    Elapsed Minutes 179

    Total Counts 7,501
    Average CPM 41
    Minimum CPM 18
    Maximum CPM 103

    Minimum CPM occurred 12/30/12 07:11:13 PM
    Maximum CPM occurred 12/30/12 06:42:15 PM

    • jedi jedi

      Hello, I live in hawaii and today is 12-30-2012 6:18 pm?
      And you say in 30 min. from now is your high?
      it is like back to furture,why now say hawaii time?
      something is not right ?any way thanks

      • vital1 vital1

        These Alert Reports are from,

        I think this web site is administered by a person in Canada. I have no idea what time zone they are using for the reports.

        • jedi jedi

          thanks it is someone in canada telling everyone
          a lie!so this joker got stop it not true.hawaii
          is not getting hit with high radiation! the time diffent!
          what a jackass!!

          • vital1 vital1

            Comment to post query on time stamps system used at the Radwatch Dot Info site.

            "All alert times are in UTC time stamps, graph's are ALL EastCoast Daylight Savings time stamp."

            So the information would appear to be genuine.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          vital1, the "about" page on that site lists this link (and makes no mention of Canada):

          The server location for that link is in the USA.

          The link leads only to:

          which is also located in the USA (New England).

          Do you have any evidence for your suggestion that the administrator is in Canada?

          As a member of the radiation network, I have noticed that site tends to cherry pick information from the public radiation network data and post it with the apparent intent of causing alarm.

          The site includes this disclaimer: "As a formal Disclaimer this page is neither affiliated in any manner nor representative of the privately owned and operated Radiation Network."

          It is what it is. It's the Internet – handle with care.

          • If by 'cherry picking' you mean they post some of the higher readings and graphs then you would be correct.

            However, I would NOT infer that they are posting it with an 'apparent intent to do harm'.

            IMO – They are utilizing some (maybe, partially) accurate data and making people a bit more aware, which is a good thing.

            Here's the disclaimer from the Radiation Network site:

            "Disclaimer: Mineralab, LLC, the operator of this web site, can not independently verify that the Radiation Levels, or any Radiation Alerts, that are displayed on this Radiation Map are correct and valid. Among other possibilities, Geiger counter malfunctions or proximity of the counters to certain medical procedures or to radioactive items can cause high readings at a Monitoring Station."

            I find it interesting that Fallout from Fukushima is missing from the "Among other possibilities" list?

            If that were stated then some might infer that Radiation Network were 'fear mongering'. Certainly would want to avoid that image it seems. (for some reason?)

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              You're right, ChasAha – I have no way of knowing their motivation/intent or yours.

              • I'll be glad to make my intent as clear as possible.

                It's probably the same as yours and the same as most of us.

                That intent is to know and understand just 'how hard' we've all really been 'hit' with Fallout from Fukushima and what the future truly holds with respect to additional continuous accumulating fallout conditions.

                For those 'in the know' few would disagree that there has been Fallout from Fukushima.

                The hope is a desire to see accurate reliable data and statistics come from somewhere.

                Best advise: (so far)

                1. Own a Geiger counter, learn to use it.
                (credit aigeezer)

                2. Own a spectrometer, learn to use it.
                (paraphrased – comment from antiproton to potrblog on youtube)

                • aigeezer aigeezer

                  Elegantly put, ChasAha. I can't quibble with that.
                  Here's to truth, wherever it leads. Gulp!


                  • jedi jedi

                    Hello and thanks for your comments aigeezer and ChasAha,but that facebook page(radwatch-dot-info) is a scam! Kauai is not on any
                    public ratiation network!All they are doing is fear mongering!and look how they are getting people to change there trips to Hawaii and tell them not to come!I live here
                    they are 5 hours ahead it time.I have had my kids shelter in place for school break!
                    Because of these jack-asses ,Hawaii is not getting I talk to the Attorney General and I give them 24 hour and facebook will removed them !enenews is the best place to get good infor.aloha

                    • jedi jedi

                      happy new year,and let hope this will be better!forgot link?thyey live on the east cost?they place link

                    • I see Kauai right here.

                      "The station on Kauai also operates a higher count rate, pancake-tubed model, which is mounted outdoors as well." – from RadiationNetwork page.


                      What is the opposite of 'fear mongering'?

                      I think the more politically correct term nowadays should be 'awareness distributor' or something like that. 😉

                    • aigeezer aigeezer

                      jedi and ChasAha, yes, there is a radiation network station at Kauai, and it was firing several alerts the last few days, although not now.

                      I saw some chatter about it but don't remember the details. From memory… I think the operator had several units and only one of them was firing alerts. There is not presently any buzz about it in the chat group, if that's any comfort to you.

                      jedi, you can view several different maps at the radiation network site, not just the default "lower 48" one, so ChasAha is right – you should be able to see Hawaii station(s) there.

                      I remain very skeptical of the value of the radwatch FB site. On the one hand, it's good to get radiation info to members of the FB community. On the other hand, it's very selective in what it shows, and appears to be ill-informed about what anything represents.

                      ChasAha, I was hoping you'd say Santa had brought you a new GC. You'd make a lively addition to the radiation network chat group. No kidding – cut out the middlemen! 😉

  • vital1 vital1

    11x Background rain washout Devon England 29.12.2012

    27.9x (954cpm / 2.8μSv/hr @ 23:22hrs). December 22nd 2012

  • yogda yogda

    Started snowing here. I took a paper towel and wiped off half the hood on my truck and took a reading. It's .56 mcSv/h!!

    Inside it's 0.09 mcSv/h…

    Monday Dec 31st 2012 11:35 AM
    South West Washington

  • jedi jedi

    Yes and no, It more to do with facebook?
    only one in knoa about 200 mi.s/w of Kauai
    no nuke or new nuke or that may be the last thing
    japan will build?you'r right about the fear mongering
    me bad!

    • vital1 vital1


      "I talk to the Attorney General and I give them 24 hour and facebook will removed them!", from your post above.

      The Hawaii Kauai monitoring station appears to be reporting genuine information, that is important to the community. The last thing we want is to ask the authorizes to shut them down. These people are putting themselves out there, so people can protect themselves. They should be praised not vilified.

      aigeezer comment from above also confirms their detections.

      "jedi and ChasAha, yes, there is a radiation network station at Kauai, and it was firing several alerts the last few days, although not now."

      Otherwise it is like shooting the messenger, because they have brought you bad news. If it wasn't for their posting we would not know of this situation.

      Here is a copy of the reply to a posted query about what time stamp system they use, from the Radwatch Dot Info site.

      "All alert times are in UTC time stamps, graph's are ALL EastCoast Daylight Savings time stamp."

      • jedi jedi

        vital1 hi,the problem I have is f.b. radwatch-dot ,you have posted alot of his links ?I only go to radiation network 10x
        a day !he is not part of it. only one station is working in Hawaii not 5!I also use the state of hawaii web link below!What I don't like is telling everyone not come to Hawaii on fb,cancel your trip.why is he not part of he live in the east cost,5000mi from hawaii?last I order today a inspector exp $589.00 good deal? And I will try to be a station ? last I just want to say peace and hope for better news from fukushima?
        today all I hear is bad news! No nukes or new nukes!ahoha

        • vital1 vital1

          "And I will try to be a station?"

          Look forward to your input. If you need any assistance please feel free to ask. Remember this free Guide, it can help you to get the best out of your new Geiger Counter.

          Yes, we all want good news in the new year.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Good luck with your new GC, jedi and thanks for planning to share your data.

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            jedi, I wish I could remember more details about the Hawaii stations. They have been active in chat but I didn't pay a lot of attention because I live so far away from there.

            If my memory is right, one person owns three GCs and he sometimes lends them out, I think for use on farms, so they are not always in the same place even though they show as the same station. From time to time the different units show different results even when they are side by side and he reports on his findings and on how he fixes any problems. That's my (somewhat inattentive) memory of what he has said over the last few months. Anyone – feel free to correct me.

            Right now I'm seeing two Hawaii stations on the radiation network map, one from the person I've been talking about near Kauai and one near Kona. They read 45 and 35 at the moment, but of course the numbers bounce around.

  • vital1 vital1

    Sunshine Coast,
    1st, January, 2013

    Here is a chart for December 2012, plus this years monthly average chart.
    This December was 43% above the pre-Fukushima 4 year average for December, making it equal with the month high we had in January 2012.

    The average for the year of 2012 was 21% above the pre-Fukushima 4 year average, see the month average chart.

    I have incomplete data for December 2011, as the new Gamma Scout Geiger Counter had just arrived. It was a while before I set up data logging on this unit. Didn't realize how important data logging would be at the time.

    As you can see from the data I did record for that month, the average for December 2011 was 26% percent above average. As you can see in that chart, there were more dynamic swings in background levels, compared to December 2012.

    The data is clearly showing increasing background levels of radiation over the last two years, at my location on the central east coast of Australia.

    Full historical data can be found here.

  • Sam Sam Radiation Zap Astronaut’s Brains During Deep Space Travel?

    There has been some recent articles tonight on the internet expressing concern that cosmic
    radiation in deep space exploration would bring deterioration in the brain similar to Alzheimers.
    The article quoted above speaks about stem cell deterioration from cosmic radiation.
    Is it fair to extrapolate from these studies to the effects of Fukushima on our brains and nervous
    systems? Hillary Clinton traveling a million miles up in the jet currents with all that radiation
    and now reported to have a blood clot from a fall? What are we to believe? Something to think
    about and do further research.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Gross Beta Count Rate, Denver, CO
    232 Dec. 31
    462 Jan. 1
    Near-Real-Time Gross Gamma Count Rate Data

  • * It's unfortunate that the Kauai Radiation Network station's periodic spikes (typically lasting a couple minutes, though sometimes with a slow build-up) have not been resolved, nor (to the best of my knowledge) matched against another local Geiger counter.

    Those of us in the Network see Kauai, but I believe that station has been off the public map for some while now. I'm not aware of any spikes at the other station in Hawaii (Kona).

    Sadly, there'll probably come a time when the (mostly gamma) CPMs at our 70-odd RN stations start going up. Let's hope that our credibility has not been eroded by sensationalism at that point.

    * My RN yellow dot is in the middle of the Oregon coast. My records through September of 2012 are here:


    Like the German network at:


    –I try to measure only gamma "background radiation" –unless some hard beta is able to get in. It's tracked on the single line or on the lower of two lines on my graphs. As you can see, there's been no increase.

    Nor have I been able to measure any residual gamma, beta, or alpha on the filters from my 10 cubic meter air draws –using a sensitive ("Inspector") Geiger Counter.

    I'm still logging CPMs here but I'm not posting. Few people find a statistically flat graph interesting. They'll spring instead for citing the wild hair stuff

  • vital1 vital1

    High levels of radiation in Tokyo

    English description of a Japanese language book release, on the extent of the Tokyo Fukushima fallout coverup, by Dr Busby. This video is an outline, and is followed up with a more detail video.

  • hbjon hbjon

    9:22 PM on 12/31/12, driving on a two lane hwy through rural area of the heartland. Outside temperature is 19 degrees F. with a steady freezing drizzle obscuring the windshield, though wipers on with a slight pause. Instrument clicking at appx. 18 counts pm at my side. With a clean paper towel, I reach around and take a wipe off the windshield and place it directly on the sensor, getting immediate spike of over 300. Within a few minutes there were spikes over 400 with one nearing 500 counts pm. No readings below 250 were observed. Placing a thick piece of plastic between the sample and sensor caused the power to diminish by appx. 80%. 8 hours later, being indoors and warm, the sample lost all its power to register a count on my instrument. The sample had nearly dried completely.

    • Good work, hbjon.

      That 80% reduction, the 8 hours decay to nearly nothing, and the fact that the radiation on your windshield didn't reach your Geiger counter –is evidence that you drove through a rain-out (or "rain up") of heavy radon contamination. Since radon emits alpha, we mostly detect it via short half-life, beta emitting, radon daughters. The two main half-lives (lead-214 and bismuth-214) average out to something like 39 minutes.

      Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. We should be concerned about it, where it's sourced, why and how it moves around.

      While heavier natural concentrations of radon are to be expected mid-continent ("heartland"), areas with large accumulations of nuclear industrial waste (like St. Louis) or uranium mine tailings can be the source of higher levels –but I see next to no concern about that in our monitoring community.

      Even though Fukushima Daiichi and nuclear power plants everywhere have the potential to create an extinction event (a major earthquake here or in Japan, or an "on-target" solar flare should do the job), right now the biggest source of death and morbidity is radon. It hurts our credibility that we don't seem to care or even be aware of it.

      • vital1 vital1

        Graig, I agree you. I often see comments it is just Radon. There appears to be increasing Radon levels in rain wash outs. Some of these are in the multi uSv/hr range.

        At my location most Radon washout events here, pre-Fukushima, were hard to detect because the levels where low. Now we regularly get Radon washout events in the high uSv/hr or multi uSv/hr range.

        If you, a child or pet got wet in it, even with a short half life, at these levels it can take hours to come down to normal background. Which means a lot of exposure to significant levels of radiation.

        • vital1 vital1

          Increasing Radon levels in rain washout events Theory One

          50 times more Uranium than normal was detected in air over Hawaii on the 21.03.2011.

          All this extra Uranium that has been aerosolized into the air from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster into the Northern Hemisphere atmosphere, is constantly releasing extra Radon gas. This would explain the increase in radioactive Radon gas coming across the equatorial boundary from the Northern hemisphere.

          Also, there are constant steam releases from the underground super heated melted Nuclear reactor cores, hitting ground water. This releases a lot of extra Radon that is in the cores and soil at Fukushima. Watch this video from the 30.10.2012 to see a live shot of ground venting at the Fukushima site, from the underground Nuclear reactor cores. This is a common occurrence there.

          Radon has a half life of 3.82 days so it is around for at lease 38 days. You multiply the half life of an isotope by 10 to get the effective life of it in the environment. If a sufficiently large enough extra amount of Radon is continually being produced in the Northern Hemisphere atmosphere, there is plenty of time for it to get here, and be detected, if the weather conditions are favourable.

          • yogda yogda

            I know it's from Japan. In 2011 I was getting spikes as high as 0.90 just walking to the chicken coop and back…
            Inside my basement it would feel like a cold mist would creep over my body and cause a sharp headache. I would notice the geiger counter would coincide with this.

            I never felt this before Mar 2011. I got the geiger in April 2011.

            Thank you.

            • vital1 vital1

              "I was getting spikes as high as 0.90 just walking to the chicken coop and back…"

              A 0.90 uSv/hr free air measurement, means there was a lot of radiation in that air.

            • hbjon hbjon

              I knew you guys in the coops were looking out for us big riggers. May I suggest a real-time display of current readings underneath our axle weights? So I know when to put the hammer down and the lead underwear on.

      • hbjon hbjon

        I am not totally convinced that I am not detecting some alpha with my metal GM tube based geiger counter. I recall the gold foil experiments where the majority of alpha is not deflected when it passes through the foil. One thing is for certain, there is something falling down in the rain, and it is massively radioactive. Be it alpha, beta, or gamma, we are getting hammered by it.

    • hbjon hbjon

      The effects of radioactive radon diminishes by the square of the distance as it moves away from the source. Like hot embers that fly out your chimney on a cold winter night. In about 4 days, half of all radon 222 decays into Po 218, within an hour, half of all the Po 218 has decayed to Pb 210 and on that journey it has emitted 2 alpha and 2 beta particles. The first at about 15k mps, the second at 100k mps. Imho, rn 222 is the vehicle for said isotopes to travel, and the real threat seems to be from the radioactive decay of po 214, 218 & 210. Something bonds to the H2O as it falls out of the sky. Is it rn or po? Remember, Po210 has a half life of over 4 months. Is it really rn 222?

  • hbjon hbjon

    On a positive note, weather systems seem to be moving right along with little stagnation, hopefully keeping exposure brief and at a minimum.

  • vital1 vital1

    Measurement of Radioactive Fallout from the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Incident

    • Yes, vital-1 –that appears to be the real deal on the original Fukushima Daiichi fall/rain-out –and per:


      –probably none of which was noticeable via normal background radiation monitoring with our Geiger counters.

      In the USGS and the NADP we seem to have agencies which, unlike the NRC and the "the air is safe to breath" EPA, have not yet been brought to heel (bless them).

      Some competent person might want to check NADP data against EPA RadNet data for the same times and locations.

      Those of us doing methodical^ monitoring in NADP hot spots (and logging the results) should also check their records.

      ^ That is to say: your Geiger counter is kept clean, dry, warm, and protected. You always read and log it in the same way (perhaps 100 minute averages or longer). You try not to change the Geiger counter's location, orientation, or the configuration of anything in the GC's immediate vicinity. My background readings are gamma only (so local radon shouldn't have an affect), but I do carefully analyze for alpha, beta and gamma when reading my 10 cubic meter air filters and other samples.



  • vital1 vital1

    Alert level +++ Kauai Hawaii hits 884 counts per minute. This Kauai station has been reporting high peaks for over a week now. Some of those previous reports are in this forum.

    This is the highest reported peak so far.

    Princeville, HI, US

    Altitude 171 feet

    Geiger Counter Model Inspector+

    Beginning time 01/04/13 08:40:34 PM
    Ending time 01/05/13 11:26:57 PM
    Elapsed Minutes 1,605

    Total Counts 86,248
    Average CPM 53
    Minimum CPM 17
    Maximum CPM 884
    Last Alert Level Set (CPM) 100

    Minimum CPM occurred 01/05/13 08:30:33 AM
    Maximum CPM occurred 01/05/13 11:21:33 PM
    Alert Level first exceeded 01/05/13 07:54:34 AM
    Alert Level last exceeded 01/05/13 11:26:35 PM

    Report from

    • vital1 vital1

      These peaks could be from a recent Fukushima event, but could also indicate a significant increase seismic activity in the seismically active Kauai Hawaii area. Large amounts of radioactive Radon gas can be released into the atmosphere as an indicator of a pending seismic or volcanic event.

    • Anthony Anthony

      OMG I think that is where a friend of mine is right now. Hes been in HI since wk two December. Either way hes in HI and I warned him before about going, I was thinking about going and dropped out. Oh well, I cant shadowbox his life for him ultimately but the level shocked me and I cant help but feel concerned for him.

      • vital1 vital1

        Certainly a level to be concerned about. It means there is a lot of radiation in the air at that location at times. The Radiation Network station on the Big Island is not indicating anything at present.

        A private Geiger Station just set up on the Big island, posted their first charts this morning. That chart showed some minor peaks, with one up to 0.33 uSv/hr.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      The Hawaii situation remains puzzling. Here is the latest announcement about it from the radiation network:

  • kunzen

    Hello from Sydney,
    I don't keep detailed records as vital1 does. But I can confirm that in general the background radiation in Sydney follows the same pattern as described by vital1. At this moment, my background is varying from 0.20uSv/h to 0.32uSv/h. These numbers are way higher than usual.

    In the case you have a counter in Australia, please turn it on and share your monitoring data.

  • vital1 vital1

    Alert levels ++ at the Kauai Hawaii private monitoring station are still being detected.

    In the last 24 hrs 6 small earthquakes have hit the Big Island, 4.4 being the largest.

    So there is the possibility, as I mentioned in a post above, that these detections could be from an uptick in local seismic activity, and not necessarily from a recent Fukushima event.

    Also, a buoy has been showing significant motion for 48 hrs off the west coast of the Big Island since that 7.5 earthquake off Alaska.

  • jedi jedi

    oy-vey this again!Could this be a person with a hard-on
    to tell everyone not to travel to Hawaii?Maybe he had a bad trip last time?Truth will set you free.Nothing on Kona ? I will say
    I live on catchment system for water,5 diffent filters before
    I drink it too? and I check for radiation? We live on a volcano yes we get some earthquakes?31 last two weeks,it from a big part
    of the island that is falling in the ocean ,and if this chunk of land fall a tsunami will be 500+ feet high and will hit all around
    the ring of fire!This is one more reason not to have NNP!anywhere!
    Glad to see them back to workn in japan 10 days off? that sucks!

  • Just south of Vancouver, on an island in the Mighty Fraser river, tidal at this location soclose to sea level. Full minute of .04 mcSv and generally lower levels then the usual .11 I generally experience. Full ten minute count. At some point they say Van will get the big one. A hot spring stopped flowing after a recent earthquake on the Heida Gwai. Indian legend says this happened before. But heightened activity may be a precursur to the Big One. Happy to be farther from Japan then Hawaii. Concern is always prudent. I diss no one. God Bless All. Oh yeah, using a Soeks 01M. Measurements taken 2ish pm today Pacific time outside in the only patch of sunlight in the lower mainland. Cheers

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Gross Beta Count Rate, Denver, CO
    232 Dec. 31
    462 Jan. 1
    Jan 2 238
    Jan. 3 212
    Jan 4 412
    Jan 5 268
    Jan. 6 199
    Jan 7 230 and 237
    Near-Real-Time Gross Gamma Count Rate Data

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Some readings in the last 6 hours in Longmont, CO:
    4890 cpm, 5460 cpm 630 cpm 4272 cpm,0.9744 mSv/hr, 1.023 mSv/h, 1.0231 mSv/h, 0.877 mSv/h
    averages (last 6 hours) .8 mSv/h, 50.86 mSv/h, 18 mSv/h, 8 mSv/h.
    Times background radiation: 196x, 60x, 154x.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    An hour or so ago the radiation reading was increasing in northern Minnesota. But now the monitor has been taken down.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The monitor which shows alerts in Hawaii has also been taken down.

      • Anne based on your observations do you think radiation from Fukushima is on the increase as compared to the last 6 months or do you think this is

        a. typical

        b. an increase from some other source(s)

        I'm interested in your opinion

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I don't really know if the radiation levels are more now than at other times since 3/11 or not. It is definitely way too much. I haven't seen any yellow gunk in my yard on my greenhouses as there was shortly after 3/11/11. I am quite worried specifically about the radiation releases in Iran, the Fort Calhoun NPP, the NPPs in California, the NPPs on the East Coast and the incineration of radioactive materials on the East Coast.

          The increases in northern Minnesota have as one source the neutron beams that are sent up there from Illinois underground to an old mining shaft which is open to the air.

  • Sickputer

    I will chime in… I think the emissions from Japan have significantly increased from six months ago. Several things stick out…the visuals at Fukushima seem worse even without a lot of visible fires. Just the glimmer effects of heat waves rising and that heat is radioactive.

    People (my family also) are starting to get intestinal sicknesses symptomatic of radiation poison (often mistaken for flu).

    Last… The jetstream is just a flat mess across the northern Hemisphere:

    • Interesting observations Sickputer

      I am sorry for your family's illness

      yes I think the radiation is affecting the atmospheric patterns as well…

      This virus that is rampant is not so bad in symptoms compared to H1N1, but people are having trouble recovering and are getting secondary bacterial infections

      It is a plague right now….

      Nice hearing from you

      good night all

    • I concur with SP 100%.

      Sooner or latter 'accumulation' adds up.
      (sounds like something Yogi Berra would say)

      People are sicker than normal here in central California too. No doubt in my mind.
      (ear aches, infections, intestinal… all of the above and more)

  • norbu norbu

    Good news, it is raining.
    Bad News,
    10 minute timed count on rain water sample.

    1,293 counts

    max data point 250 CPM

    average 129.30 CPM

    Nevada city, California
    5:50 pm after 1 hour of rain. yesterday the average outside air was 38.7 CPM.

  • norbu norbu

    welcome, yes hot rain no good. I ran the sample twice got similar #'s. Second time, a little higher #'s.

  • vital1 vital1

    Alert level + Grand Rapids Minnesota…not michigan..Federal Alert Limit Exceeded

    Grand Rapids, MN, US

    Altitude 1,319 feet

    Geiger Counter Model PRM-9000

    Beginning time 01/09/13 11:54:53 PM
    Ending time 01/10/13 04:12:14 PM
    Elapsed Minutes 977

    Total Counts 51,571
    Average CPM 52
    Minimum CPM 25
    Maximum CPM 102
    Last Alert Level Set (CPM) 100

    Minimum CPM occurred 01/10/13 06:05:54 AM
    Maximum CPM occurred 01/10/13 02:36:32 PM

    Report from

  • norbu norbu

    Inspector w/observer software

  • nomoretrust

    Agreed levels are rising slowly. Inspector exp been running since August 2011 Background has been 6-68 cpm More often now in the 40's than before. Highest rain wipe off glass 1500cpm 2.5 months ago. Seen 1000cpm 3X last fall/winter. All that shit is swirling around and moving everywhere. a distance of 5km can be the difference between 600cpm and 100cpm.
    Southern Vancouver Island. Hundreds of tests done over a 75 square kilometer area. Only 2 rain samples were seemingly background whatever that is. 39 Min half life. *****2 samples were dry and responded the exact same way, can I even wipe radon in a dry state or is it gas and gone? Is the contamination diluted or suspended in the rain. is it BISMUTH 213 made from uranium with a global sized particle accelerator? Hmm. Tones of question. Vital 1 You seem driven to help create a monitoring movement, Great Plan.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Black Rain??!! 1,597 CPM~Midway Airport-Chicago,IL 11:14PM CDT 01/12/2012
    AQ-22 Strahz Monitor (same pancake GM tube as Blue RADEX unit)

  • GlowingRainSeattle

    I know we are talking about fuku however…can anyone tell me why Yaita is at 744 2 days ago and today it's at 755? This according to my rad tracker app on m phone. I took snapshots but I don't know how to upload them to here to show you guys. Any thoughts as to what the crap that means?!
    (Posted this question in 2 places just FYI)

  • vital1 vital1

    From my observations over the last few weeks, there has been increasing levels in radiation detections from all around the world.

    Look through recent posts in this forum, you will find lots of alert level reports, Hawaii, Colorado, Grand Rapids Minnesota, report by Johnny Blade for Chicago 1,595 CPM in his post above yesterday, and Devon England etc.

    Plus here in the Southern hemisphere, our local background radiation levels have been over 40% above average for 29 out of 30 days now. I could go on, you get the picture.

    Look at the January 2013 and December 2012 charts, at the local monitoring site.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    NE NSW Australia
    Brief light rain this morning. Took a swab from the car windscreen and measured over 3uSv/h – 2 minute count, LND 7317 GM tube.

    • vital1 vital1

      2.27 uSv/hr detection on single dog paw, after walk in Tokyo. (Sorry for all typos)

      • Mack Mack

        @vital 1 – hi, what is the exact gem or stone that's in the earrings that tested higher in rads? Thank you.

        • vital1 vital1

          Here are the scintillator and Geiger test charts results for the earrings. These earrings were purchased as a gift for a friend from the USA. The main isotopes detected were Thorium Th-234 and Uranium U-235.

          The Thorium Th-234 is from Uranium U-238 decay. U-238 puts out hardly any gamma but the Thorium Th-234 puts out enough for the scintillator equipment to detect it. The presents of Thorium indicates the presents of Uranium U-238, as Thorium Th-234 is a decay daughter of Uranium U-238.

          Scintillator test Chart of earrings

          This explains why I was getting so much beta detection with the Geiger test. Couldn't work out why at first. Thorium Th-234 puts out a lot of beta, and a small amount of gamma radiation.

          Geiger Counter test chart using a Russian SBT-10 pancake tube.

          Thorium Th-234 info

          The conclusion;

          The small yellowy/green stones on the earrings are Uranium glass made from purified Uranium ore, because there are no decay daughters of Lead Pb-214 or Bismuth Bi-214 isotopes present. It would appear that someone is supplying Uranium glass stones to the jewelry industry.

          • vital1 vital1

            Most of the radiation is beta radiation with a small gamma component. This is manly from the Thorium 234 decay. Most of the beta radiation body exposure is blocked by the glass stone metal mountings, in this particular earring jewelry design.

            Using the Geiger Counter with the SBT-10 tube I detected around 40% above background from rear of the earrings, as opposed to 0.90 uSv/hr from the front.

            The Alpha output by Uranium U-238 and U-235 isotopes would be locked into the glass.

            Do these earrings pose a health hazard? Probably not in this design, as the wearer is protected from most of the radiation by the metal mountings during use.

            Do the stones themselves pose a health hazard? Maybe in these, or some other unforeseen circumstances.

            Listed in order of possible risk.

            A. At a manufacturer site or jewelry store, where these stones could be stored in bulk. Being exposed to the dust from cutting or polishing this type of glass, in these environments, could pose the greatest health risk.

            B. People spending long hours close up to the jewelry during assembly.

            C. A person who had collected a lot of this type of jewelry, and stored it close to where they sleep.

            Anyone have any commentary, corrections or suggestions, as to the correctness of this conclusions.

            I am not a professional at this type of work, so take all this information under that advisement.

            • vital1 vital1

              D. Different types of jewelry design using these stones, could be potentially hazardous in these circumstances

              1. The piece used larger stones, or more stones.

              2. Thinner metal mountings were used.

              3. If a piece was worn close to the body. The more proximity and surface area touching the body, means more radiation exposure.

            • Sickputer

              Vital1: See my two comments on hot jewelry stones November 26 in this thread:


              Excerpt: "I learned the hard way. Despite having read about irradiated gemstones several years ago I had forgotten about the hazards. My wife gave me a ring for our August anniversary and it is a large lab-created deep blue sapphire ring which is obviously created by the deadly scumbag jewelers. I wore it about five times before I noticed my skin on the ring finger was developing radiation burns. Needless to say I was pissed at myself for being so stupid. Now several months later my finger is still callused from the burns. Future Shock hits us in so many ways."

            • Sickputer

              See October 19 postings for more information on this deadly new method of creating radioactive gemstones:


              Excerpt: "I also didn't realize our non-tax paying goliath GE was also in the diamond enhancement business:
              Never one to pass up a quick buck: "A small number of otherwise gem-quality stones that possess a brown body color can have their color significantly lightened or altogether removed by HPHT treatment, or, depending on the type of diamond, improve existing color to a more desirable saturation. The process was introduced by General Electric in 1999."
              Diamonds treated to remove their color by General Electric are given laser inscriptions on their girdles: these inscriptions read "GE POL", with "POL" standing for Pegasus Overseas Ltd, a partnered firm. It is possible to polish this inscription away, so its absence cannot be a trusted sign of natural color."

              SP: hmmm… Would be funnier if they inscribed them: GE POS >;->"

            • lam335 lam335

              re: "Most of the beta radiation body exposure is blocked by the glass stone metal mountings, in this particular earring jewelry design.

              … Do these earrings pose a health hazard? Probably not in this design, as the wearer is protected from most of the radiation by the metal mountings during use."

              I'm not a physicist, but are you familiar with this:


              "… bremsstrahlung is a type of "secondary radiation", in that it is produced as a result of stopping (or slowing) the primary radiation (beta particles). It is very similar to X-rays produced by bombarding metal targets with electrons in X-ray machines (as above) only it is produced by high speed electrons from beta radiation….

              Radiation safety
              In some cases, e.g. 32P, the bremsstrahlung produced by shielding the beta radiation with the normally used dense materials (e.g. lead) is itself dangerous; in such cases, shielding must be accomplished with low density materials, e.g. Plexiglass (lucite), plastic, wood, or water;[11] because the rate of deceleration of the electron is slower, the radiation given off has a longer wavelength and is therefore less penetrating."

              Also called "braking radiation," it is a "secondary radiation" (X-ray) that results from a beta particle slamming into a very dense material. It's safer to use less dense materials–in labs they use acrylic–to shield it to minimize the likelihood of generating…

              • vital1 vital1

                Very good point lam335

                The scintillator test chamber I did the testing in is mainly lead. It also has a layer of copper and aluminum, to filter out as much as possible these secondary X-ray artifacts.

                I will try a test, using the back of the earrings facing the scintillator, to see what can be detected.

    • Radioactive DOG PAWS in Tokyo.

      – The transport vectors of radiation contamination are beyond numerous and insidious.

      Ingestion or inhalation increases the risk!

      How do you stop a dog from licking it's paws?

      If it's on the dog's paws it's also on the human's shoes.
      It will also be kicked up as dust. etc…

      How long will the IGNORance continue?

      Washing it off only moves the contamination somewhere else, where it will then accumulate and 'wait' until the next innocent living thing passes by. That 'living thing', could be a child, will then get contaminated and become the next transport vector.

  • vital1 vital1

    Sunshine Coast,
    18th, January, 2013

    Since the 16th December 2012, 31 days out of 32 have been 40% above the local background radiation 4 year pre-Fukushima average.

    See the charts for December 2012 and January 2013, a chart yellow bar means it is 40% + above average, and a green bar is below 40%, meaning levels are average or slightly elevated.

    Full historic info can be found here,

    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
    quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf. (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    NE NSW, Australia
    There's been rain on and off for the last 24hrs in which time I've taken half a dozen swabs off the car windscreen. In all but the last swab I measured ~2.2uSv/h(average). In the last swab, taken about 15mins ago I measured ~6.0uSv/h. Currently, if I hold my GC near to the ground anywhere outside it measures +0.3uSv/h. with the usual being less than 0.2

  • lam335 lam335

    I just looked at the Radiation Network map, and one of the locations in Maine is colored red, though the number doesn't seem especially high (at 19 cpm, it is lower than many of the other numbers on the map). I think the red color might mean it has been trending higher, but I don't know what it normally should be there; it's not the alert symbol, which is red outlined in black, however. Does anyone know what the red means here?

    Actually–I just looked again and it has changed back to orange. But why should 19 cpm cause it to turn red when so many sites on the map have readings in the 30s and 40s and there are some even higher, yet those are just yellow or orange?

    • lam335 lam335

      Actually, know there are two red sites in Maine–one 18 and one 24. The latter one looks like there is some kind of nuclear facility in the vicinity.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Good eye, lam335. It's been going on for a few days at least, for various locations (not just Maine). In network chat discussion a day or so ago, the root cause was thought to be anomalies with Firefox distorting the colors, and the issue was reported to Firefox. If you're seeing it on a different browser, please post it here – that would be useful information.

      I think Tim (the network owner) has also been testing some changes, so perhaps he'll comment on it at the site.

      On the members' map, the color anomalies don't show up. I only spotted it by chance when I happened to have the public map and the private map open at the same moment a day or two ago. Back then the anomalous circles were in the West, and they would blink from color to color with no apparent change in the numeric value.

      That's all I know about it at this stage.

      • lam335 lam335

        Hi, thanks for your response. I am actually viewing it with Safari, the Mac browser, so I guess FireFox is not the cause.

        I didn't realize they had different maps for members and non-members.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          lam335 – thanks for that info. I've just posted it to the network chat site. I've posted a link to your comment also, so you may hear further here.

          Bedtime in my part of the world now, so I probably will be out of the loop for a few hours.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          lam335 – I noticed your implied question about the two different maps but I was too tired to answer at the time. It's morning where I am now, so I'll give it a shot.

          Members have GeigerGraph software installed on their own machines, and part of the functionality is a map display. It's in the form of a globe, so we can, if we want, set it spinning and watch stations all over the world. In a similar vein, we can zoom in on an area of personal interest, such as a single state in the US. I set mine to show my own area but I keep it zoomed out to see western Europe at the same time (even though there are very few stations there to date).

          On the public site, the map is static and defaults to the continental US, but you can select other static views.

          I'm guessing the main reason for the different versions is bandwidth-related, but I'm not sure. It could be as simple as giving the members a fancier version so they "get more" than with the free version.

          The station-feeds – the actual data numbers that appear in the little circles – are always identical, as far as I know. I don't watch the two maps hour after hour looking for differences, but the odd time I've had both up at the same time they have shown the same numbers.

          Hope that helps, and of course other members or Tim (the owner) might want to expand or correct my impressions.

          • lam335 lam335

            Thank you for the explanation. I just noticed last night for the first time that there are links for locations (Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.) at the bottom of the page–but I was surprised how few monitors there were in most of those other places. I hope more people in those places join the network.

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              Me too, lam335, and/or that the existing small networks all find a way to pool their data. A network of a million nodes would be a wonderful thing to help figure out what is actually going on the the world. I wouldn't want to be the sysop for such a beast though. It's all evolving – early days and growing pains.

              Hey everyone – reflect on your priorities – should you buy an iPad or a GC? Should you collect rumors or data?

              Oops, soapbox moment.

  • Check out the Radiation Network map legend plate (lower left) and the "*Readings not Equalized means the –" explanation immediately below. You might have a little difficulty if you're "red-green" color blind, but I think it's it's otherwise fairly clear.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks, Craig-123. I'm thinking the issue is not a red/green color blindness phenomenon but I'm a bad judge of that because I have that very condition. In my case it takes the form of having to stare carefully at two things in that spectrum in order to decide whether they are the same color.

      A lightbulb just went on for me though (sorry!). I now think the behavior is exactly what it is supposed to be, thanks to your reminder to look at the Legend Plate.

      I had thoughtlessly assumed that the split-circle trend item would show up as a split circle for stations on the map. Doh – dumb assumption – that wouldn't show the trend at all. However displaying the single trend up/down color would do it, and would have the effect of making some of the stations blink different colors.

      I'm embarrassed.

      I think the issue of some of the stations showing the alarm color (deep red?) now and then without alarm-level numeric values is still being checked out. I haven't seen it happen for a while though.


    As a current station operator on, I have seen this red circle no alert issue too on the websites main page. I understand there is a newer version of members software currently being developed for the network but it is not yet available. One of the new features I believe is the trending colors that is currently being seen on the networks main website page, available to anyone with internet access. At first I too thought the problem was a Firefox issue, but clearly it seems it is not since other browsers are having the same problem. I look forward to the new version of GeigerGraph and all the new features that will be available to the station operators. With that said, I also understand that with all new software some bugs might surface from time to time.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks, WWJD. I think we inadvertently had two separate phenomena under discussion.

      One is the yellow/orange(?) blinking effect that people are seeing on the public map, which I now realize is the "trending" signal correctly doing its thing. My apologies for muddying the waters over that phenomenon.

      The other issue is the "red circle no alert" that you, I and others have seen of late and which lam335 also reports seeing with a Mac using Safari. It is still unresolved for the moment, I think.

      Like you, I think various new features are coming shortly. We comment as users though – we're not in on the precise details of the development plans, in case anyone is wondering. Whatever the new features turn out to be… somebody won't like it (maybe me). Software development is a thankless game. 😉

  • mungo mungo

    SimplyInfo » The Latest » Multiple Highly Radioactive Fish Found At Fukushima Daiichi
    Multiple Highly Radioactive Fish Found At Fukushima Daiichi
    January 23rd, 2013 | Add a Comment
    It wasn’t just Mike the Murasai found to be highly radioactive. Other fish tested by TEPCO from the plant area were found to be very radioactive.

    Other fish found in the harbor had high contamination:
    Rockfish 140,000 bq/kg combined cesium.
    Rockfish 49,000 bq/kg combined cesium.
    Rockfish 15,500 bq/kg combined cesium.
    Jacopever 101,000 bq/kg combined cesium.
    Greenling20.300 bq/kg combined cesium.
    Greenling 40,000 bq/kg combined cesium.
    The lowest fish found in the harbor was 770 bq/kg combined cesium.
    There were also a variety of over limit species found around the region where TEPCO is testing.
    TEPCO’s report:

    This article would not be possible without the extensive efforts of the SimplyInfo research team

  • yogda yogda

    88cpm Seattle via radiationnetwork

    0.16 to 0.42mcSv/h at my house

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