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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:00 am ET


Previous radiation monitoring thread here:

Published: January 1st, 2016 at 11:00 am ET


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  • Southern Hemisphere Background Report For October 2016. (22% above average)

    Station location

    This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation shows why we can get detections so far south.

    Caloundra day average chart for October 2016

    Caloundra October month average year comparisons.

    2016 22% above pre-Fukushima average
    2015 12% above pre-Fukushima average
    2014 14% above pre-Fukushima average
    2013 25% above pre-Fukushima average
    2012 19% above pre-Fukushima average


    There has been another up tick in background levels at this location for October 2016. This is the second highest October month average since the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

    At this location in the winter months, air flows tend to come from the Southern Ocean, rather than from the tropical North. When this happens, local background levels tend to drop significantly, so compared to the summer months, winter local background levels approach pre-Fukushima levels. You can clearly see this seasonal variation in the yearly average background report, link below.
    Yearly average background radiation levels

    Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error…

  • A lie is being perpetrated on the Internet that no significant radiation related fatalities have resulted from the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe. Anyone using any semblance of logic will know that this is fantasy! The evidence is overwhelming and clear, that large numbers of people have died, and more will die in the future as a result of this ongoing nuclear catastrophe!

    Please use the reports on this page to counter the lie, and educate people. Everyone is welcome to copy and use any of the information on this page.

  • IRAQ

    7th November 2016 – Fallujah 12 years on: Americans ‘last people to consider’ generations crippled by depleted uranium


    “We know it was exposure to uranium because we measured the uranium in our study. We spent a lot of money looking at the uranium levels at the hair of the parents of the children with congenital malformations. So, there’s no doubt about it being uranium,” Professor Busby said.

    “The people who control or try to control the understanding of the health effects of uranium are the people who are associated with the military and governments who need to show that they didn’t do anything wrong and can continue to use this stuff. So, yes, there is a cover-up, no question about it. And it’s at a very high level. It will have to stop because evidence that’s emerging in periodic literature is absolutely massive. It doesn’t only come from Iraq and from exposure to depleted uranium. It comes from exposure to uranium from uranium workers in France and from uranium miners in Namibia, and nuclear test veterans who were exposed to uranium,” Busby said.

    “It’s actually very difficult to decontaminate an area that’s been affected by depleted uranium, because it spreads so uniformly across the area and in the form of these very fine particles. So, it’s not a case of going somewhere and finding something that’s radioactive and removing it. You can do that, but the thing that are causing the problem is the inhalation of these dusts. And once the dust…

  • Yes, obewanspeaks and Hippie Dog, use of depleted uranium munitions is a crime against humanity! DU contamination will effect multiple generations. They know this, but will not stop using it. It is even killing their own troops who handle it, plus it causes birth defects in their solders children.

    Criminally evil!!!

  • Checkmate

    In south central WI. the average radiation on GMA-200 CPMs are 30% higher than last year and year before. And with this average it is not unusual to see on a quiet day it being up another 15% making a total of 45% from a year ago. So Fukie is still smoking and burning better as ever today as in the past.

    What we need is massive earthquakes to completely bury Japan, all other NPPs and dumps forever.

  • Alert Caloundra November 2016 – Seasonal local background increases have appeared again this year. Since Fukushima, local up ticks in background levels now occur in the warmer months when warm tropical air reaches this location. Occasional spikes in day background levels can reach 40% above average during these events. (See chart below) Most of these background up ticks early in the month occurred on hot, fine days. On the 12th and 13th of November in the afternoons, brief thunderstorms passed through. It is suggested to stay out of the rain during these up tick events, and have a shower if you get wet. What these local Alert level colour codes mean.

    The season background increases are based on local Southern Hemisphere long term data.

    If there is a season increase in local background levels here, it would suggest that locations in the Northern Hemisphere would have had more significant increases since Fukushima. Unfortunately there is a scarcity of publicly available day, month, and year, average pre and post Fukushima long term background level data available.

    These local seasonal increases appear to be atmospheric and related to wind direction.

    Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can…

  • Reads during Carolina wildfires???

    My livingroon GM counter is averaging 61CPM at this time…

    That's over double (almost triple) normal…

    These wildfires mobilize the pollution absorbed by the plant over the growing season (that why we should never burn leaves anymore)…

    Was hazy around here Sunday morning and very foggy Monday…

    Be careful of breathing this smoke, as we've seen (and proven) before, it's like smoking a whole pack of cigarettes in 1 hour…

    Average (GM-320Plus 4 inches from floor in living area) was 15 before fires, now averaging over 60cpm (11-15-16)…

    And I'm around 100 miles downwind… ;-(

    Wowsers… Scary stuff.

    Here's some news on these fires…

    Disturbing the counts changed (+ almost triple) here…

    • WoW!!!

      The awesome updraft from a fire feeding itself!!!!

      Lake Lure fire:

      And take a look at for elevated radiation readings in these areas too…

      I'm currently averaging 61.52cpm (GM 320+ inside in living area 4 inches from floor). Normal average is 15cpm…

      Typos on previous post? Oops changing keyboard batteries…

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      As of this morning readings remain high and have increased slightly over the last 24 hours, Average is 60.71CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      The air quality is also at "unhealthy" (danger) levels @ 156 PPM

      So small particle pollution is a little over 3 times normal outdoors.

      Almost exactly matches Percentage increase on my GM 320+ indoors.

      I have begun filtering my indoor air with activated charcoal/carbon filters.

      Started filtering the living room (approx 750 square feet) around 9:30 AM…

      …will post updated radiation reads tonight to see the changes (if any) filtering the air makes.

      Will also perform test on filter media after a few days…

      Compare the map at:

      To the map at:

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      Code orange air day today (code red yesterday).

      As of this morning readings remain high but have decreased slightly over the last 24 hours, Average reading is…

      59.34CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      …didn't get the filter going until this morning (too much in and out foot traffic here yesterday). Today the home will remain closed all day so we'll see after 24 hours in a closed living area if it (activated charcoal/carbon filter) makes a difference. Started filtering @ 9:20AM EST.

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      Current average reading is…

      58.49CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      Been running activated charcoal filter unit and (warm water) humidifier for 15+ hours…

      Getting a little relief from the haze by a surface wind change, now pushing air from the southeast…,35.62,672

      Still a very high average count here.

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      As of this morning readings remain high but have continued to fall, although very slowly, over the last 48 hours.

      Average is 55.61CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      The air quality is "Good" levels @ 30 PPM but expected to increase over the day back to "Code Orange" tomorrow…



      For the latest air quality forecasts…


      For the latest radiation readings.


      I and others I have talked to continue to experience symptoms including:

      Itchy skin, congestion, coughing, runny nose.

      You can definitely tell the difference when working outside and with the extra dry conditions lawnmowers almost disappear in the dust clouds when chopping leaves…

      If you live in these areas PLEASE lightly water your lawn before running the lawn mower.

      Not only will this help to reduce the dust you are stirring up and breathing, this action will also help to reduce the fire risk associated with creating these fine airborne particles.

      • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

        Just started to ventilate home (40+ min)…

        Current read 55.36 cpm average with a count of 16CPM at this time…

        + 20 min. after starting to vent home 11CPM and average 55.35

        As of this morning readings remained high but have continued to fall, although very slowly, over the last 48 hours.

        Average was 55.61CPM before venting…

        House was closed, filter and humidifier both running for around the last 24 hours (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor).

        The air quality is at "Good" levels, Currently @ 80 PPM That's +30 from just this morning already (early afternoon here), expected to increase over today and tonight then back to "Code Orange" levels tomorrow…

        If you live around here vent your home now…

        … we may not get another chance to vent (when air quality is in the green range) for a few days, maybe not even then…

        These fires aren't out (or even contained yet) by any stretch of the imagination…

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      Currently winds are calm 34 degrees with 65% humidity…

      Average is 54.86CPM Current count is 21CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      Here's current coverage of these fires…

      …lot's of info, updated daily.

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      As of this morning readings remain high but have decreased over the last 24 hours, Average is 53.30CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      Current CPM is 9 so we've gotten a break here in Charlotte for the time being…

      The air quality is currently at "green" levels @ 39 PPM

      Asheville NC is expected to reach 151 AQI (unhealthy for everyone) today so we may see elevated particle levels in the air here tomorrow…

  • Hippie Dog, thanks for your informative detail reports for your location, keep us posted.

  • Checkmate

    Thanks Vital1 and Hippie for your findings. It appears that the radiation is pretty well spread globally. People have to know that burning wood, leaves, etc. is very bad. Nov. 5, 2016 the people were out in the nice weather burning leaves so heavy that Milwaukee was completely covered in smoke all the way to Janesville which is approx. 50 miles to the West. Who knows how far North or South. Checked to see if any forest fires and not a one. Also there was no wind blowing this stuff. It was just hanging covering the whole area- no clear patches in between.

  • Checkmate

    Hippie, The best thing to do for yourself is like I have done- put a HEPA 15 filter (like all hospitals have) on your furnace for both heat and A.C. We have a Carrier "Infinity" air purifier connected to the furnace. Also we have taken HEPA filters and cut them and put them in the airflow ducts. I have a room filter and planned on running it day and night to see how much is still in the air.

    In a previous post I put my readings down when we changed out the furnace 15 filter after 6 months- the reading was over 1,200 CPMs on the intake side and 800 counts on the other side- a very dirty filter. The average inside the house background at the time was always 39.5 CPMs on an Inspector Alert. Also this location is in farm country.

    Another thing I do is not go anywhere outside without a 3M P100 Particulate face mask on. In fact, I wear it in stores, etc., because they have just regular filters (no HEPA 15)on their AC/Heat units.

    Many people all ages are dying at home unexpectedly- at least one every 2 days in say a 35 mile radius. Next multiply that by the size of the US and you can imagine the deaths. I believe most are caused from Beta particle inhalation. All though Gamma can give you heart attacks but this usually is not listed as an unexpected death.

  • Checkmate

    Just another note: Stay out of all rain and the worst of all is Fog. During Fog, I won't leave home if I can help it.

    It certainly is a shame that life has to be lived like this; I never imagined this when I was a kid. Your home is your jail….

    • Byrian420 Byrian420

      Bullshit, I go out all the time in the fog and i am just fine as with everyone else I know. "At least one every 2 deaths in a 35 mile radius" Where are your links to back this up. Yes radiation is bad and terrible but are you going to miss out on life hiding for the rest of your life? Nuclear technology is terrible but don't live in fear. Find Jesus Christ for he is the only truth, in this world of lies for your not promised tomorrow.

    • Carolina Wildfires and elevated radiation readings!

      Current average reading is…

      59.23CPM (gm-320+ indoors 4 inches from floor)

      Over 100 miles downwind…


      Thanks for the info Checkmate…

      Been saying allot of this same stuff since I found out about the Fuku releases!!!

      It truly has changed the world and with our nuclear power fleet in such poor condition and at the end of any real safety margin (with tons of spent fuel now accumulated onsite), we simply have to change the way that we live…

      Lawnmowers will be the death of many!!!! Both those that use them and those around them. I use a p-100 mask when cutting grass / chopping leaves and blowing.

      Most don't even think about stirring up all those particles…

      …people simply have NO idea what the danger is, and most don't even want to know. It seems to be too much trouble to simply pay attention and make some adjustments that can save lives.

      America is still in denial!!!!

  • (Video) 16th November 2016 – Giant radiation shield built to cap Chernobyl's damaged nuclear reactor


    A giant radiation shield is being manoevered over the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine, in the final phase of a €1.5 billion (US$1.6bn) project to prevent the leaking of further radioactive material from the damaged reactor.


    Look at the size of this structure that they are moving into place, it is 350 feet tall and more than 530 feet long. This very expensive temporary cover will also need to be replaced in a 100 years!

    Video of structure being moved

    Wikipedia extract:

    The total cost of the Shelter Implementation Plan, of which the New Safe Confinement is the most prominent element, is estimated to be around €2.15 billion (US$3.09 billion).

  • Checkmate

    Really glad to hear you are using a p100 mask outside. We use one inside also when cleaning the house- vac.,dust, etc. I hear a lot of landscapers were dying. Also a lot of auto repairmen are dying from changing out car air filters without a mask.

    Another thing we do is use Arm & Hammer in water to soak all vegetables before eating- raw or cooked. In an Army manual, they recommend using a small amount of bleach in water to rid food of some contamination.

    I can't remember where I heard this stated (about a year ago) by an expert that California was so contaminated that if you go out on any type of day or night- it is recommended when you return inside to immediately remove and wash your clothes, place your outside shoes in an enclosed box, and immediately take a shower and put on fresh clothes. I believe the Beta is the main problem.

    This reminds me of another thing- 3 years ago and even today we have put plastic covering over every windows throughout the house and over the entire window and sill so there won't be too much leakage in from outside dust.

    Some may say you are afraid of dying- that is not the case. If I died fast, I don't have a problem. The thing I hate is to have a slow painful death caused by organ failure- kidney dia. is no fun.

    So different world and have to adapt- to hope tomorrow…this may somehow- all go away…

  • Checkmate

    Another thing I forgot to mention is when it is a heavy fog or very lite rain and my pants get wet or moist that my legs start burning. I don't know if it is acid rain or some element of radiation or both. Anyway, I immediately take a soapy shower and it is gone. Also learned to wash the pants, because if you just hang them to dry and wear them again a slight perspiration actives it again- whatever it is.

    Maybe should do CPM count of the wet fabric and another one after it is dry…

    • Yea dry would be the key on that test, water only shields the reading…

      What GM are you using to test with?

      And you know there is so much fallout (and even diesel soot from transportation) in the air today, nowhere (and noone) in america is immune to these problems…

      ..we used to play in the rain, not anymore.

      Don't forget that you can use baking soda in the shower to remove pollution of all kinds from your skin.

      A old arm and hammer fridge pak will do it, just place a little in your hands and scrub the itchier areas…

      Use with caution as this is a mineral based product (sparingly and not too often)…

      …if you have health problems consult your doctor before trying this remedy.

      Oh yea if your having kidney problems look into fresh juicing, gotta drink it right after you make it peel and all!!!

      Fresh "Granny Smith" apples should be the base juice for kidney problems…

      Add carrots, celery and pears for some interesting tastes and effects…

      …I like a little vodka with mine too. 🙂

  • Checkmate

    Thanks Hip…I didn't know you knew all that stuff. I use an INSPECTOR ALERT and usually measure both CPMs and SVs. Using one as a check against the other.

    As for the burning on skin, I remember Radchick saying that her daughter received radiation burns on her arms after but caught in the rain a few years ago. And that was around the Detroit area.

    I have registered rain here about a year ago which was 250% above BG.
    About 3 years ago in Oct. for a few days something happened some where and my GC registered 1,200 CPMs for aprox. 3 hours then dropped down to 800 to 600 the rest of the day and the next day it was at 500 then dropping back down to 100 after about 8 hours then down to normal 39.5 CPMs. Scared the hell out of me. Checked all the papers about an accident or something- nothing to be found. I probably live about 150 miles from closest NPP. And nothing was said on here about anything occurring, so still a mystery to me and you really don't know where to run. Unfortunately I don't have lead shielding to hid under. This happened only once in 3 years, before that I don't know as I didn't have a GC.
    Been thinking about moving out of the country, but where are you going to go??? To me its bad globally- even the S. Hemp.
    They say the best place is probably the jungle.

  • Checkmate

    Vital1, Have you ever thought of testing some of the essential oils that people use for health purposes? For instance, the eucalyptus leaves being picked and tested for radiation and then test the end product- steam distilled essential oil for radiation. It would be interesting to know the difference if any. Many people sniff, ingess and use tropically on their skin these products for health.

    I know a few years ago, some trees were tested in California and were found to be radioactive, then about a year later, it was announced that tree pollen was also found to be radioactive. When you think about it is mind blogging to consider any product from a tree which is not harvested annually or seasonally such as vegetables.

    Do you have any tests or thoughts on this??? Thanks…

    As I had mentioned to Probie: Maybe testing the same tree year after year would give a much better handle on the amount of radiation accumulated in an area, rather than the soil testing because soil is blown around.

    • Do you have any tests or thoughts on this?

      Checkmate, testing some eucalyptus oil right now.

    • You can bet they are contaminated to some degree!!!

      It's very difficult to test liquids without a lab but you can test leaves at home with your counter very easily…

      Take fresh leaves / pine needles and place them in a brown paper bag until dry.

      Crumble them up into a powder (don't do this inside).

      Then place your counter as close as possible without touching them and run both a short (20 min or so) and a long (24 hours or more).

      Simply divide the total count by the time you tested to get the results.


      There should be NOTHING between the ground up leaves and the counter.

      Make sure the sample (as fresh and green as possible) is as naturally dry as possible before starting the test. Moisture will block some rads and effect the count.

      Don't use plastic as it blocks Beta

      Don't place paper between the counter and the sample and don't try to test through a plastic bag.

      Best to use 4 hardware nuts (as in nuts and bolts) test for 24 hours empty (no sample) in the same location you plan to test the leaves with nothing else around the detector. Then test with the ground up leaves for 24 hours.

      Then subtract the total of the empty test from the total with the ground up leaves.

      This will give you the actual count total for the leaves in your yard.

      Let us know what you find…

  • Sam Sam

    Current NETC map of USA is missing so many reporting
    stations? How Come? Too damn hot? Can't alarm the
    people? Also how come no earthquakes being reported
    from Ca. border up the Coast to Washington state. Quiet
    zones do not last this long. Can't scare the people on the
    Cascade Fault Zone. There was no reporting of the undersea
    volcanic eruption 100 miles off of the coast of California in
    San Francisco region last week. Nothing new here—
    Sleep well folks BIG earth events are on their way!
    Lots of deep earthquakes occurring in South Pacific and Argentina now foreshadowing
    a multiplier effect of bigger shallower quakes all around the
    Pacific fault zones. (thanks Dutchinsense) Volcano's waking up!

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      From NETC:

      Q: Where are all the sites? just happen to check late last night and still offline? anyone know what happened or did I miss something? Just us members showing up. 😕

      A: Thanks for pointing this out. I know that each month the programmer has to go in an update a redirect or something like that. It's something the EPA changes each month and NETC has to make changes to follow their data again.

      I'll try to call Harlan right now and let him know so he can contact the programmer about it.


      Place was lit up like I never have seen a week or so ago.
      Someone was talking about Japan being high.
      It is always high here(USA)..higher than most of Japan. 🙁

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

        From your link, about Carrington event

        The #1 Risk To Earth
        Published on Apr 20, 2016
        “Ben Davidson explains how the sun can trigger the #1 risk to earth, based on severity and likelihood, and the current state of earth’s magnetic reversal, including how our protection from solar energy is weakening with it. In the second half of 2015 several minor solar upticks (100x weaker than ‘big’ ones) caused geomagnetic events we would expect from the only the largest flares every decade or so. This trend is expected to continue and it is not a pretty picture for the coming decades.

        Ben is the Director and Founder of Space Weather News, The Mobile Observatory Project, The Disaster Prediction App,,,,,, and the Suspicious0bservers YouTube Channel, with more than 260,000 minds alert to what the mainstream deems ‘unimportant’.

        • Yepper PJ most will never know and never care, and that's the truly scary part…

          Is Carrington right? And if so how many days before something happens and we can't actually cool the nuclear crap, that's VERY hot stuff (and will be for years while it, ya know the nuclear crap, makes NO power whatsoever) and these problems were made for a little (tiny) bit of electric power money and political power? This total vrap will kill millions and/or mame future generations beyond our recollection…

          …future generations will suffer for many years to come?

          Total BS in every respect???

          Yepper and best never forget that TOTAL (and proven) fact…

          …criminal problems past, present and future (to say the least) when it comes to nukes.

          Gotta roll now, talk to ya'll soon…

  • Checkmate

    Vital1, I don't have the equipment to test but I would do the following as collect the leaves and dry them as Hippie said. I would also do the following tests: 1- Take the green leaves and juice them and test the liquid. 2- Tap in to the tree and check the sap with a test. 3- Cut tree down and test the interior. 4- Test the water before using for steam distillation and boil water with green leaves in water purifier catching the steam into a small enclosed glass jar. Then re-boil it over and over catching the oil. You may find that you have to use 100 lb. of green leaves to get maybe a 1/2 lb. of oil, but you can be sure that the oil will evaporate much faster than the water. I don't know too much about oil distillation, you may have to look it up.

    • Checkmate, The power went down during the test of the eucalyptus oil, so I had to restart the test. The eucalyptus oil sample was taken out of a bottle that was in our first aid kit here. So it was probably manufactured here in Australia. It has been in the first aid kit for years.

      The test result is a the noise level of the equipment here, so if there is any contamination present it is below the sensitivity of the test equipment used here.

  • Checkmate

    The major point is how much radiation are in the leaves to start and how much is left after the distillation process.

    There are chemicals that some manufacturers use to distill but this isn't the true essence of the product and that method maybe bad for your health too (you know added chemical thing)…and certainly can not be taken internally even if you really cut it with a lot of coconut oil. If the oil says on the label not for internal use- You had better not use it at all internally. And my philosophy is if I can't eat than why would I put it on my skin!!! As your skin is a giant sponge.

  • 21st November 2016 – Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami


    The cooling system of the third reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has stopped circulating water following a powerful 7.3 offshore earthquake. TEPCO said it managed to restart the system some 90 minutes after the failure.

  • Checkmate

    As stated before, all countries in the world should bomb Japan off the map. Either we solve the problem with sinking the whole mess or we don't. What do we have to lose???


    22nd November 2016 – Marine radiation monitoring post down after M7.4


    In the evening of 11/22/2016, Tepco announced the radiation monitoring post in the sea has been suspended due to the quake. The post is situated at the end of the breakwater of Fukushima plant port. They cannot monitor the radioactive substance spreading to the Pacific with this monitoring post out of order.

    They also admitted the underwater fence was damaged, and also the coolant water got out of the common spent fuel pool due to the quake. It reportedly spread over 2m * 3m but the exact volume is not announced.

    Keep track of potential releases with this free community resource. There are a lots of Japanese radiation monitoring networks and stations listed there.

    List of International Radiation Monitoring Stations

  • Southern Hemisphere Background Report For November 2016. (32% above average)

    Station location

    This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation shows why we can get detections so far south.

    Caloundra day average chart for November 2016

    Caloundra November month average year comparisons.

    2016 32% above pre-Fukushima average
    2015 37% above pre-Fukushima average
    2014 29% above pre-Fukushima average
    2013 30% above pre-Fukushima average
    2012 31% above pre-Fukushima average


    November 2016 had the the second highest month average local background since Fukushima. At the beginning of the month warm tropical air flows reached this location, this created the initial spike in local background levels. Background levels dropped for the rest of the month, as more Southern air flows reached this location, from the Southern Ocean.
    Yearly average background radiation levels

    Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented here, without further research.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      vital1, thanks. Do you have an idea approximately how toxic the rise in radiation is? Is it 32% worse, or 3200%?

      • "Do you have an idea approximately how toxic the rise in radiation is?"

        Since Fukushima, the recorded local year average background increase has been approx. 20%. In the winter months we see background levels here go down to near 5% above pre-Fukushima levels. If we are seeing small increases here at this location in the Southern hemisphere, it would suggest there have been larger increases at locations in the Northern hemisphere.

        The data and charts here clearly show the local season variation.

        Over a year ago I did ask a local hospital doctor if there had been any increase in local illness levels since 2011. I did not refer to Fukushima when I asked this question. The answers he gave was that there had been an increase in some illnesses, but he put it down to better detection and improved local medical services. He did not quantify how much of an increase.

        I have not detected any Cesium in soil or water testing here. If it is present it is below the sensitivity of the equipment here. What has been detected in the local rain and soil testing was mainly Lead-210 and Berrylliun-7. I have a live radon monitor here, and have found that radon levels do increase with storm activity. Yes, we do get radon daughter washouts here.

        I have also kept a statistical analysis of day and night local background levels. Often, during the up ticks in background levels, day and night CPM averages are very close,…

        • Often, during the up ticks in background levels, day and night CPM averages are very close, which suggests that solar activity is not a major determinant for the increases. That would be expected, as the monitoring station here is virtually at sea level. Interestingly, often when there is a significant increase in local background levels, it is on hot fine days, when warm tropical air reaches this location. All this indicates that whatever is creating the increases in the warmer months, is in the tropical air.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            vital1, thank you. We saw the country wide tests of the U.S. from the wonderful group here…sorry I forget their name now, how bad of me…but anyway cesium seemed quite significant. Mangano did several epidemiological studies showing infant deaths, and hypothyroidism up in the western states by a significant amount.

            You showed radiation readings, but not toxicity. That was my question. IF background radiation is set to null, then the additional radiation from fallout is in fact….infinitely more toxic, not a linear progression as suggested. This is no flippant hyperbole. As we found, no study shows toxicity of our primary natural source of internal radiation, whereas an equal amount from C-37 causes irreversible heart damage as shown by Bandazhevsky. What is the ratio of toxicity when an equal amount of radiation gives either zero known health impact or morbid heart damage? Well, Ive beaten that story in to the ground we know, even though it didnt take hold. Still, the point remains; What good is a figure of radiation if the level of toxicity is not ascribed to it?
            And do you have an idea what radionuclides are causing your increase?

            • "What good is a figure of radiation if the level of toxicity is not ascribed to it?"

              I agree, it's toxicity is greatly underestimated by the nuclear industry.

              I had approached other medical professionals here for statistical information, on pre and post Fukushima illness levels. They said they would find out, and get back to me, but never did.

              I only have anecdotal information on an increase in the number of young to middle aged men dieing suddenly of heart attacks in 2011 and 2012, and
              stories in the paper of local race horses suffering heart distress or death, after racing during the same period.

              I did detect traces of Uranium and Iodine-129 in rain water samples in 2012 and 2013. Thorium-232 and Lead-210 appear to be the most significant soil contaminants here.


  • Checkmate

    Great question Code!
    I had heard that an average of 500cpms for 2 1/2 years would cause almost everyone health problems. And at an average of 250cpms you would have a majority of people with in 5 years.

    Miami and the state of Montana have had these everyday averages since 2011. I do know a few Montana companies have relocated out there. In fact, one moved to Wis. with employees.

    But Shh! Don't say a word.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Hi Checkmate. We know that pre nuclear era background radiation is not very harmful at all. Somewhere close to zero harm, and the internal radiation may even have some biological function. The bomb test era added Cesium-137 and strontium-90 and other man made made radionuclides which became a new background level. Globally, not a huge rise in radiation READINGS, only a 5% rise, diminishing with time. But that was responsible for an estimated 60 million deaths. Busby gives a rough estimate of how much worse nuclear fallout is than what is assumed by the ICRP standard dose model; say 600X. That means that a 30% rise in radiation reading may be 190X worse, instead of 1.3X worse. Isnt that 19 thousand percent? To me, this means that the geiger counter readings are entirely misleading when comparing fallout to background radiation. Much depends on if it is ingested. Its the single biggest roadblock to busting nuclear; comparing fallout to background

  • Checkmate

    Code, the readings I gave about 500 for both Miami and Montana were taken from the U.S. Government Stations on Netc. And looking in their back charts it never fell below 500 on the graph and all trended up on about a 5% ascending line. If the monitoring stations are doing just Beta or with Gamma, I don't know. I know numbers were fudged around the U.S. at most all stations, but why weren't the numbers fudged at all in Miami or Montana???

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Checkmate, the collusion, or conspiracy factor of the human species is incredible. One can only wonder at the many sincere people where data is being falsified. More whistle blowing would help.
      Of course Michael does the great work of exposing this at Allegedly Apparent

      the world is composed of three groups; corrupt heartless bastards, their legions of enablers, and the duped, powerless, following herds of sheeple

  • Checkmate

    You are right. I reviewed a large number of past graph on Netc and everywhere they are off line for a while, the numbers are adjusted down and drift lower until they start rising again about a certain level then adjusted down. This from my observation throughout the last 3 years, but I do find if I add about 200 to 250 to 300 to all the current government readings, I am probably very close to actual readings that are occurring today.

    In regards to hypothyroidism (besides radiation),you have an Iodine deficient country- No iodine in bread (which was replaced with bromide)and iodine taken out of salt by decree. This is so the one big wheel of industry turns. Big Pharm pays the government who pay the doctors who write prescriptions to pay Big Pharm and the cycle goes on. The idea not to be personally crushed by this big wheel.

    It is a known fact, that if everyone stopped eating sugar that half the hospitals in the US would completely shut down. So if you love your hospital and your doctor then keep eating sugar…

  • Checkmate

    I had suggested awhile ago, that all readings on all GCs' CPMs could be compared if everyone used only percentages and not CPM counts…

  • 8th November 2016 – Tokyo increases Fukushima operator’s interest-free loan limit to $123bn


    The extra 5 trillion yen ($44 billion) loan on top of the original 9 trillion yen ($79 billion) is destined to cover the costs of compensation and decontaminating areas around the plant, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

    The government plans to have TEPCO and other utilities pay back the loans, Japan’s NHK World reported, as part of the cost will pass to consumers through higher electricity rates.

    Last month the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that the combined costs of paying compensation for the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the decommissioning of the plant will almost double the initial estimate and will cost over 20 trillion yen ($176 billion).


    The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe cleanup costs just keep skyrocketing, with no end in sight.

  • ricksimpson


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  • USA

    9th December 2016 – Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores


    The Oregon samples, marking the first time cesium-134 has been detected on U.S. shores, were taken in January and February of 2016 and later analyzed. They each measured 0.3 becquerels per cubic meter of cesium-134.

    Those results will become more important in tracking the radiation plume, Buesseler said, because the short half-life of cesium-134 makes it harder to detect as time goes on.


    In my opinion, the Fukushima catastrophic toxic and radioactive pollution of the Pacific Ocean is much more dynamic than this article’s simplistic scientific focus on Cesium contamination in sea water. There is no mention in this article of bio-accumulation, or the toxicity multiply effects.

    Multiple nuclear reactor cores are in China syndrome, and the ground water is continually following over these toxic cores into the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive Cesium 137 and 134 are just a couple of the very large number of heavy metal radioactive toxins that are continually following into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Catastrophe site.

    A single toxin in the environment can be a hazard, but maybe an organism’s natural biological defense system can deal with this effectively. If an organism has multiple new toxins present, radiological and chemical, to deal with at the same time, you get a biological toxicity multiplying effect. Human or animal defense systems become weaker the more toxins…


    17th April 2016 – Exiled scientist: ‘Chernobyl is not finished, it has only just begun’


    Several million people in Ukraine live on land contaminated by radiation, so we need to evaluate a very large number of people. But there are no such projects. You have to live among the people here to truly understand what is happening, because the problem is very complicated. I have even tried to send interested people to the cemetery in Ivankiv so they can see for themselves how many graves are there — many who died at a very young age. None of this is in the official statistics.

    I am very much afraid that in one or two generations from now, the (descendants) of the population of Belarus and Ukraine that were affected by Chernobyl will vanish. I am afraid of that very much. I don’t want my countrymen to perish. It’s possible that help from the international community to understand what is going on is needed now, just as much as it was immediately after the accident.

  • Jebus Jebus

    FDA alert on food from Japan

    The United States recently tightened restrictions of food imports from Japan. According to Import Alert 99-33 issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a list of Japanese food will be banned unless they pass physical examination. This list includes milk, butter, milk-based infant formula, other milk products, vegetables and vegetable products, rice and whole grain, fish, meat and poultry, venus clams, sea urchins, yuzu fruit, and Kiwi fruit.

    The FDA indicates that revision to this import alert is due to radionuclide contamination.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Little late

    • Jebus, the update to FDA Alert # 99-33 is lifting of bans on the distribution of a number of Japanese food products, not an increase in restrictions as the article indicates. Go to the bottom of the FDA alert page to see the list of lifted food restrictions.

      Import Alert # 99-33
      Published Date: 10/07/2016
      Type: DWPE
      Import Alert Name:
      Detention Without Physical Examination of Products from Japan Due to Radionuclide Contamination

      Reason for Alert:
      NOTE: Revision to this Import Alert dated October 7, 2016 removes products from the list of products restricted by the Government of Japan. The format of the product listing has also been amended. Changes are noted and bracketed by three asterisks (***).

      • JAPAN

        13th December 2016 – Fukushima Fish Still Contaminated


        Asahi Shimbun published a fairly misleading article last week where they claimed radiation in Fukushima fish was not detected.

        The tests from the prefecture do not have a test date. They only include a sample collection date and the date the data was released. Fish collected and tested with both dates within this date range cited in the article do show detected radioactive (cesium) contamination. These include fish hauled to the towns of Iwaki, Hirono and Okuma, all three are Pacific fishing ports. The contaminated fish include flounder, kurodai (black sea bream), kanagashira and kurosoi (black rock fish) all saltwater fish.

        We also found a story released around the same time that documented a civic radiation testing group found 14.6 bq/kg of cesium in a sample of olive flounder that was caught about 2 km from Fukushima Daiichi.


    11th December 2016 – Mutated Blood Found In Humans In Japan — From Fukushima Radiation


    New blood types called Langereis and Junior, to distinguish them from traditional classifications. According to scientists, this phenomenon is associated with the leakage of radioactive substances resulting from the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

    According to doctors, is to be expected in the near future to see additional changes. What scientists are saying in the future there will be at least another 15 new blood groups.


    22nd December -2016 – Thane police seize 9 kg of radioactive depleted uranium


    "We have confirmed that the substance seized is depleted uranium. It is radioactive and extremely dangerous… DU is used in weapons and armaments all over the world," Thane Police Commissioner Parambir Singh told IANS of the unexpected haul.

    Following a tip-off, Anti-Chain Snatching Squad Senior Police Inspector Ravindra Doiphode and his team recently laid a trap at a location on the desolate Ghodbunder Road connecting Mumbai and Thane.


    18th December 2016 – 8 firms to be fined for importing food from radiation-affected areas


    Taipei, Dec. 18 (CNA) Fines will be imposed on eight companies which have been found to have imported foods from Japan’s radiation-affected areas, Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Sunday.

    As of Sunday, a total of 39 Japanese food products and nearly 60,000 items have been pulled from store shelves in Taiwan, with many of them being soy sauce and wasabi packets that go with Japanese natto, or fermented soybeans.

  • USA

    29th December 2016 – Diablo Canyon reactor cooling backup offline for 1.5 years


    What happens when Diablo Canyon is found to be without an emergency core cooling system that is inoperable for over a year? Not much. This was sent today to by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. To the NRC’s credit, this incident ranked higher than a green ‘no problem’ designation but demonstrates that despite the future shutdown of these poorly situated nuclear reactors they are still online and can melt down especially when the reactor operator sees fit to have one of its reactors operating with a backup core cooling system working.

  • 25th December 2016 – Taiwan hearing on Japan food ban canceled after erupting in chaos


    She also argued the administration is in no position to talk about the government’s plan to ease the ban because it cannot ensure food safety, citing the recent discovery that packets of soy sauce subject to the ban entered the country illegally.

    Following the discovery, the Executive Yuan, or Cabinet, said before a mechanism is established to ensure the safety of food products imported from the five prefectures and public confidence in the government is restored, easing the ban is not an option.

  • Southern Hemisphere Year Background Report For 2016.

    Station location

    This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation, shows why we can get detections so far south.

    Caloundra day average chart for December 2016. (36% above average)

    Caloundra December month average year comparisons.

    2016 36% above pre-Fukushima average
    2015 35% above pre-Fukushima average
    2014 32% above pre-Fukushima average
    2013 36% above pre-Fukushima average
    2012 43% above pre-Fukushima average


    Even thought December 2016 had a lower December month average background compared to December 2012, the 2016 year average background level was the highest recorded here since Fukushima. The 2016 year average was 25% above pre-Fukushima recorded year average. At this Southern Hemisphere location, the local year average background has seen an increase in local background levels since Fukushima (see chart below). If we are seeing a steady increase in year averages here in the Southern Hemisphere, it suggests that locations in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing much greater yearly increases.

    Year and month average,…

  • Year and month average, local background radiation levels

    Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented here, without further research.

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  • Checkmate

    Radiation reading yesterday- Jan. 9, 2017 from Midwest average 10' ct.
    5:23pm – 35.5 CPM
    5:34pm – 36.1 CPM
    Average count in past years 39.5 CPM on Inspector Alert GC. Previously, it was higher readings (20% on uSv/hr) but within the last month the averages have dropped a lot by 10 to 15%. The CPMs and even the uSv/hr. There had been a large increase of Chem-trails, especially over Chicago. So maybe the Gov is lowering the amount of Fuku atmospheric radiation or stop putting nuke waste in chem-trails which they claimed to be starting last Feb.2016. I don't know which is now happening- unless Fuku is starting to slow down a little.

  • Two elevated radioactive locations in Washington DC showing up on the Safecast radiation monitoring network. Local investigation would be needed to determine the sources of these elevated local detections.

    One location is near the corner of Church St NW and 17th St NW. The detection appears to be around 0.6 uSv/hr

    The other elevated location appears to be near or in Seaton Section Park, which is east of the Tidal Basin. It is also showing a detection around 0.6 uSv/hr.

    If these detections are not false alarms that were recorded by the Safecast car Geiger counters, then they are significant detections, when you take into account the distance the Geiger counters would be from the sources.

  • Checkmate

    Thanks for updated Vital; I'll keep a watch for any risings here.
    I did get 2 headaches traveling into Chicago last Fri. but I believe it was from some 2 clutters of cell-towers.
    Can you imagine- 3 cell towers placed about 5 blocks away from each other?
    I saw 2 sets of these along the route and started getting headaches just before seeing them and they went away after some distance travelled beyond them. EMF allergies.

    • "I did get 2 headaches traveling into Chicago last Fri."

      Someone else suffering the same symptoms here, as a result of high signal WiFi exposure.

      1st July 2016 – Headache Cure!


      Then the penny dropped, he realized that since the modem had been with me, his headaches had disappeared. He explained that for the last 6 months or more, he had every conceivable medical test you can imagine to ascertain what was causing him to have severe headaches! He immediately informed me he did not want this modem back. We established that he didn't even need a Wifi modem. I suggested I set up a standard ADSL 2+ modem and have it connect to his laptop via a physical cable. I explained this set up would provide a much faster and safer Internet connection, compared to the Wifi Modem.

      He ended up with a great outcome, a headache cure, plus a faster and safer Internet connection!

      Download your free two page WiFi safety chart,


  • Checkmate

    Southern Wisconsin Update: Jan. 18, 2017 on Inspector Alert in 10'average.
    6:48 am 374 Cpm
    7:00 am 341 "
    7:45 am 397 "
    8:05 am 347 "
    8:21 am 395 "
    8:45 am 395 "
    Averaging above at 374.8. Previous averages over the last 2 years was 395 Cpm, so it is still a little lower. Really can't account for it.

    • Checkmate,

      Those are lower, but well within the natural variability. So something might be better, but that could only be stated with a low confidence interval. If you knew the standard deviation (or sent me a spreadsheet of data and I'll do it) you could state with a good degree of confidence, what your level of confidence was.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        what good is radiation monitoring if the toxicity per becquerel or CPM varies by 5000 times depending on source?

        • still useful, some info better than no info. At least you would know to GTF out or to get more information, or maybe to mitigate with Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Baking soda, all easy enough to do

          • Pretty well wrote what I was going to say.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            stock & vital1, you could reconsider; hundreds of students went to Fukushima to measure radiation. CONCLUSION from MEASUREMENT; "NO DANGER". You should really consider what it means when you rely on a measurement that gives false security. If a measurement system is off by 100 or 200% its value is questionable. When it is off 500,000% its more harm than good. What say you?


            • CodeShutdown, Geiger counters are definitely flawed as testing devices! They're only tuned to detected one Isotope with any accuracy. No natural environment has only one isotope in it, and fallout increases the number of dangerous isotopes dramatically. Geiger counters can't even detect a lot of radioactive contaminants!

              Even though Geiger counters are a very crude devices, they are at present the only early warning system that is available to the average person, so it is better than nothing!

              Any increase in background increases the risk of a future illness, and internal ingestions is a huge risk, which is not even mentioned in the Forbes article.

              You, Stock, and I, already know that, so my comment is mainly aimed at those who are new here.

              • Vital, I think you have a misunderstanding on Geiger tubes. They are tuned to calculate mSv from assuming that what they are detecting is one isotope, usually Cs 137. I prefer to just stick with CPM, then you are not pretending to have more information than you really have.

                However, most decent tubes/pancakes will detect all Gamma, Beta, and Alpha to some extent with a lower cutoff on the energy range.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Stock, a geiger muller tube, or ionization chamber, as invented, is tuned for sensitivity of a decay by a voltage adjustment. Even an alpha tube is voltage dependent. They have voltage pumps in them that converts the supply to the tube voltage. It can be from 250V to upwards of 600v, to set them to what is determined as their most effecient voltage and to tune the sensitivity to the isotope.

                  It is just a counter. Keep the voltage constant and it will give a better result.

                  The derived fractional sievert result is performed by math in the firmware of the modern version.

                  The counter can be just that, a logging counter, and then that data can be input to a computer software to get the conversion, or one can just sit and do the math on paper.

                  Yes, for the average user, for calculating the highs and lows over time, it is a very good tool for a specific location. Or for initial survey of an area.

                  Not trying to dog, just trying to clear up what a geiger muller tube is.

                  Just a counter.

                • "They are tuned to calculate mSv from assuming that what they are detecting is one isotope, usually Cs 137."

                  That is what I was basically stating. Western Geiger counters tend to be tuned for Cesium, while Russian Geiger counters can to be tuned to a different isotope.

                  Whether you reading your Geiger Counter in CPM or uSv/hr doesn't change that fact.

                  CPM verses uSv/hr for environmental measurement is basically the same thing, because they use a standard conversion factor to convert from CPM to uSv/hr measurement for the type of tube the Geiger counter is using.

                  My opinion is if you are seeing and increase in local background in uSv/hr or CPM, you have a problem.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Agreed. Mostly.

                    The count of the decays, assuming the tube never saturates and misses counts, hence the tuning, is a physical count. One two three…

                    The sievert is a dose equivalent, energy, joules, calculated/derived from that physical count of decays by man's assumptions.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Point being that the difference in energy of each decay, is an unknown variable that makes the sievert part, man's assumption…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      To put that in perspective, if every decay's energy is truly unknown, how far off is a fractional sievert at 500 cpm?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Even the counter part of the equation of sieverts is flawed by the many instances of saturation and by the inability to catch simultaneous decays that triggers the tube…

                      You can have five simultaneous decays and trigger the tube once…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      The best thing about a geiger counter is that whatever the result it produces, the actual true result, is never less than that…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      conversion of gieger counts to sieverts is not an assumed energy deposition, it is an assumed HEALTH EFFECT AS IF it were an energy deposition of some known radiation source. This officially varies by a factor of about 20, which itself is huge.

                      The energy from nuclear fallout required to kill is extremely small. Thinking in terms of energy is the mainstream way and misses the true action of destruction.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      You are correct.

                      But I felt that the measurement of an incorrectly assumed dose naturaly led to incorrect health effects from that incorrect dose measurement by default.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    There is no doubt that measuring Fukushima radiation gives the official conclusion that all is safe, as excruciatingly shown by the student study. Even for people that are aware, the subconscious tendency to quantify is there. If the readings go up 50% they feel it is 50% more dangerous, and so on.

                    What if you had a counter that measured the insects that entered the house. Most of the time its crickets and ants. But the big company bioengineered deadly scorpions and they are on the loose. Your measurement would tell you almost nothing about whether you have a deadly scorpion or not in the house.

                    Lets put real numbers to the analogy;
                    TESTED toxicity of K-40, the biggest internal radiation source = 0 or even a health effect. A major study in India showed INVERSE ratio of cancer to background radiation. Even radon gives ambiguous results at lower levels. Your geiger is reading all this. Hang a balloon and rub it for a static charge. measure. DANGEROUS LEVELS!
                    So what exactly is the dose coefficient per becquerel? from 0 to no more than say 10 to 20 nSv/bq
                    Now compare to fallout
                    Sr-90 – ECRR: 9,000 nSv/Bq
                    U-238 – ECRR: 84,000 nSv/Bq (ingestion)
                    U-238 – ECRR: 840,000 nSv/Bq (inhalation)

                    That means that background need increase a mere 0.0022 times, say from 30 CPM to 30.06 CPM to completely mask a dangerous whisp of strontium. If the counts go up from 30 to 35 CPM, the danger may be anywhere from 100 times more dangerous to infinitely more dangerous. What about…

              • Geiger Counter testing has made use aware of those elevated background locations in Washington DC, indicated by the links in my post above.

                Now if I lived in Washington DC I would want an investigation into what the sources of these significant elevated detections were.

                Without further local investigation we don't know if these are false readings, or something to be really concerned about!

            • Ah the Forbes pimp job

              “The results help prove how the Caesium 134, which was a major source of radiation contamination in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, is disappearing. It has a half-life of two years, and while the clean-up efforts have certainly had some effect, the natural decay is likely the biggest factor,” Professor Hayano says.

              Aiyaiyai! And no discussion about radiation becoming internal!

  • Checkmate

    Sorry Stock, Don't have that, but radiation headaches have taken a break. So yes it is lower but not low enough. Noticed the bark on some Oak trees starting to split and peel. So maybe humans get a slight break, but the vegetables and trees are growing worst.
    Code you are right…but anything easing up slightly is a very small help and a little welcomed.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Checkmate…but if some background radiation went down 5% and fallout went up 1% you would be worse off than before, not better. This is true even for radon, but could be dusts, atmospheric electrostatic effects on the geiger or environment and who knows what until the source is truly identified. Then there is the tendency to quantify. If the dose goes down 5% you feel the danger has decreased 5%. But if the decrease is from I-131 or C-137, then the health situation might not be 5% better but 100% or thousands of times better.

  • Checkmate

    Great reply Code! And you are absolutely right, but the Inspector GC does not tell you those things. Even though the BG drops slightly, I still shutter each time it snows or rains knowing that the radiation is still coming down on us and is accumulating more into the soil and ground water wrecking the food supply and drinking water.

    I try to buy organic from South America or Africa and nothing from the American west coast or Canada. In US- try to buy selectively from states east of the Mississippi although at different times their stuff is bad too.

    Yesterday- I read in the paper that Cesium 137 was detected on the skin of Florida oranges. They finally found it…lol. Advise soaking for 20' in baking soda then peeling before eating or juicing. Talk about a 6 year delay in the news! One of the same- fake news or delayed news.

    And Japan is having a record tourist year if you want to believe Abe. Of course most were Orientals…with smiley faces. And 2020 Sports are still on schedule with a venue to be built in Fukushima Prefecture… Stay tuned…

    Also heard comments from travelers going to and from Europe that on some flights all the cabin staff (both male and female) had sores located on both sides of their mouth. The radiation must be horrendous up there working in it everyday. Things are definitely changing…

    • Checkmate, Report from the Northwoods. I am in Washington County.

      My vegetables were all good this year, no misshapen ones to speak of, no early rot.

      But my arbor vitae seem pretty hard hit with something. The center branch is damaged or missing, allowing the snow to further widen the remaining portions and damaging them.

      Usually around 30 CPM with an Inspector, never seen a large spike

      A neighbor tried bees this last year, he said they were "lazy" and didn't produce much wax and honey. Then some disease hit them in fall, and a rival bee gang came in and cleaned out all their honey and wax.

      I started 2 Mason bee hives, they were $20 each on Ebay. Only took a few weeks for the Mason bees to find them. They are small bees, sometimes black, sometimes bee colored (lol) EVERYTHING in the garden this year was pollinated. Last year, tons of flowers, but maybe only 30 percent got pollinated and went to "fruit".

      The "Prarie" that surrounds the gardens had its first really successful year, I helped by pulling about 8 pickups full of dandelions and thistle. Maybe 100,000 perennial flowers and lots of grasses, a real food forest for the critters. We had tons of small butterflies, moths, a few Monarchs and the "purple blue" Monarchs. Not too much honey bees. There is wide scale farming in the area, and use of Round Up (Glyphophate)

      Bottom line, the mason bees are hard workers, some say they pollinate 50 t0 100 times more than…

  • I noticed there has been a slight increase in background radiation levels showing up on the Japanese ATMC monitoring system radiation monitors, around the Maizuru area, which is near the location of the Takahama power station. Have no idea if the local background increase is related to this accident?

    Click on the monitoring station locations to see charts. Here is one.

    Here is a chart of a monitoring station closer to the Takahama power station.

    List of International Radiation Monitoring Stations

    Under the "Helpful Tools and Services" item at the top of the page you will find a link to the Nullschool 3D Earth wind map service.

    This service allows you to see location wind direction at different highs. You can rotate the map by holding down your mouse on the map, and dragging. If you use your mouse scroll wheel you can zoom the map in and out.

    If you click on the "Earth" item at the lower left corner of the Nullschool map page, a menu will pop up, that allows you to select the wind height.

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