FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here (Dec. 17, 2011 – Present)

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:52 am ET


New thread here:

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:52 am ET


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  • arclight arclight

    this is a fukushima choir singing a hungarian folk song in 2010..


    Hungarian Folk Song Fukushima Kodály Choir ハンガリー民謡

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Double-barrel…line up for it now…something…

  • arclight arclight

    Persistance of Vision by wamdue project
    peaks down to every 40 minutes or so!

    15 minute reading timelapsed at double speed

    Persistance of Vision by wamdue project
    peaks down to every 40 minutes or so!

  • arclight arclight

    bulgaria with massive spike! and more…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Arc, what is being measured, and what do the levels mean? Thanks.

      • arclight arclight

        the measurements are in nanosieverts/hr

        80 nsievert/hr = 0.08 microsievert/hr

        1600 nsievert/hr = 1.6 microsieverts/hr

        also there are measurements in bq/m3, usually the beta and alpha..

        you will notice one graph has 140 bq/m3 peak! 10 bequerel is the notifiable amount.

        lots of different isotopes, with lots of high readings..

        lots of monitors switched off

        and eurdep is not allowing access to the full range of available isotope measurments!

        they have stations in japan measuring gamma but i am unable to access the graphs… eurdep is going to have a change soon.. its going global… will it remain public??

        if you have any specific questions about eurdep.. please sk and i will show you how in the next video!!

        • Estimating1 Estimating1

          Food For Thought;
          I am paying attention when i see those numbers. But, to my understanding there is a problem with only considering becquerels (or CPM, like I do so often) since that is like an equivelant rate of flow; (i.e.-the water is traveling at 10 feet per second [refering to the 140 bq/m3]), we need to cross reference to sieverts or beter yet, rem, and to get to that we need a size and proximity (i.e.- the water is traveling at 10 feet per second and the channel is 10′ wide by 2′ deep and is acting on 2 sqft of your body surface area, yeilding an pressure to the body of X psi and a resultant magnitude of X pounds) Equating the “X psi” to REM and “resultant magnitude of X” to your likely hood of illness from exposure. This is just a educated though open to criticisum and correction, but isnt this how we will know if the 4.7×10^5 bq/m3 that was recorded in North Caolina air monitoring station was actually harmful to us? Then dont forget that that monitoring station only considered the particulate and not the noble gasses that were also present, effectivel doubling that previous measurements and pushing our exposure to superceed EPA limits. We should be working to make these numbers practical, so we are only concerned when we should be aaaannnddd so we are not missing the boat if the super smog is really at our doors step! is there any way to realiable make these convertions with the info available to us? Thoughts?

          • arclight arclight

            the bequerel measurement is useful to quantify the amount of something in the air and is used in terms of beta and alpha as thier is little measurement in terms of gieger monitors.. thats the problem with plutonium and tritium, you cant measure them unless you test them for content in their sorroundings…

            cesium and iodine give large gamma and are easily measured by a gieger.. but you would still need a spectroanalysis to know how much of a material and what materiak is in their.. and that would be measured in bequerel too!

            thats my understanding..

            oh and do you know the equivalent for 1.6 microsieverts/hr into cpm.. it will be iodine 131 measured..?? got that measured in hungary and unknown isotopes in new zealand ….was just wondering

            • arclight arclight

              looking at annes post below.. 1.6 microsieverts is about 200 CPM .. anyone can confirm axactly?

              • Mack Mack

                I’m not positive this is right, but this is what I’ve read:

                The conversion coefficient from CPM to uSv/h is 0.00833

                Converting Factor: 0.00833 (Cs137)
                Converting Factor: 0.00926 (Co60)

  • Estimating1 Estimating1

    Nuclear power plant in Chicago land area is venting radiocactive starting about 14 hours ago (10am 1/30/12) outside rad readings in Albany NY area:6″ off ground w pancake probe wrapped with 1 layer of plastic wrap, 3 seperate 1 minute counts result in a average of 40 CPM, on ground (0 inches from ground) slightly down stream from roof gutter 68 CPM, lightly snowing, 32 degrees F.
    Please dont read any further if you are thin skinned, obtuse or close minded, I dont want to offend anyone.
    James T.,
    Your previous video post emulates the hope of many. we have messed this world up so much our illusion of control, now our only hope is Christ. Radiation has been allowed to contaminate DNA after leaving eden, and there has been a loss of genetic data since then. But we are accelerating the process with our desire to tamper with foundational building blocks and if we don’t stop it soon we will have trouble we cant handle. But our hope is in Christ’s return. He suffered so we dont have to. And you dont have to if you acccept his gift. Then you dont worry, just pray and study and spread the knowledge that saves others too. If the “BOOK” is wrong, you would have loved people and changed lives for the better for no good reason, if the “BOOK” is correct, your choice to accept the free gift will be the only one that really matters in the end, and your joy will be full.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Looks like Beta Gross Count Rate and Gamma readings have been shut down for Denver, CO:


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    It is 10:53 MST in Longmont, CO:

    LongmontRadMon Radiation Monitor
    186 CPM, 1.5103 uSv/h, 1.1879 AVG uSv/h, 4 time(s) over natural radiation
    1 minute ago

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Historical Graph show a huge spike today:

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Colorado Springs, CO, real-time radnet readings unavailable – technical difficulties:

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Breaking! Hot Gas products Kill!

    (Dedicated to my Enewser family here)

    Here is the ugliest truth Spirit has ever shown. Now we know why there is more background radiation in the world. Way more than would normally be.

    The gist of this report, they Frack the oils and gas from the earth destroying water tables like it has done ours and many others in this area whose water is so full of sulfuric chemicals the house is more or less useless. It is because the water even after filtering is so horrid and it makes life miserable in dealing with a tainted well water system that has had gas wells drilled on the square miles around. This used to be a nice place until they discovered oil and gas and drilled and destroyed the water tables around here.

    Fracking with radioactive “and carcinogenic materials” and then running it through everything that burns gas. Think about that. Is it contaminating the natural background with more and more and more accumulation of radiations every day? Is this how the US has been playing it’s part in the Population Reduction game? Imagine, every time you turn on your heater like ours that burns propane, you are getting higher readings of radiation and all that is actually gassing you all night as you sleep! OMG!! Say it aint true.

    No, it is not true, but that is a lie. Our tests have proven to our own disbelieving eyes that it is true as some of these pictures of back ground and heater readings show. We would put the counter on clean paper background and took ten minute Total Counts for the average back ground and then we put the counter in a baggie and did the same for the heater checks. Our results freaked us out. Been sitting and pondering this for awhile now.

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      First back ground check:

      First heater check:

      Second indoor background ck 46 CPM:

      Second Heater Check 79 CPM:

      Then last week we had checked the propane container and it was hot! OMG!! Not again? More pictures of back ground and the counter atop the 25 lb propane tank.

      Back ground 51 CPM:

      Tank 69 CPM:

      So today, the final of a series of tests, we bagged the counter and put it under the truck with a broken exhaust to be sure to get a good blast of what comes out. Again, shocked, not really hot, but hot at 66 CPM.

      We took a background test right thereafter, and the count was down to 50 CPM.

      • James Tekton James Tekton


        What is now apparent is the fossil fuels with the extra ADDED radioactive carcinogenic materials is adding to the radiation counts all around the planet.

        More horrible news that confirms the use of radioactive materials in the fracking of the gas and oil wells. It is in the entire system and of course, who else would be pushing this population reduction and people killing mechanism into play as a long term killer that also perpetuates the medical mafia, and big pharma, and all the rest that profit from sickness, death, and war? These are yes, the same ones that are in control of the iaea that is not admitting to the radioactive killing fallout that is coming from the three reactors that are still melting down and getting worse as each day goes by in Fukushima, Japan.

        All the while, these same evil things that own the companies like GE and others keep the media minions from telling the truth about their own deaths. The lame stream media people are dying like the rest of the nation and they still blindly obey the Orwellian agenda to kill them too. Stupid is as stupid does. Are you beginning to see how devious and sinister the evil plans behind plans are? There is always method in this madness. Strange, sad, and true. It is the “see no evil hear no evil” kind of situation:

        “I am outraged that state and federal regulators were evidently well aware of the risks that the wastewater might pose, but instead chose to adopt a ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ approach to regulation by ignoring them,” writes Markey, the top Democrat on the Natural Resources Committee.”

        • James Tekton James Tekton


          Read on Please:

          This is insane to think this has gone on so long and thanks to the bush/obama regime, it is also immune to any laws that protect people, watersheds, and aquifers. Read from this link below:

          “Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) involves the high-pressure injection of millions of gallons of salty, chemically laden water deep into underground fissures in the shale area to force natural gas to the surface. The wastewater that returns to the surface from fracking contains radioactive materials such as uranium and radium that occur naturally in deep rock formations.
          Natural gas drilling companies are exempt from many of the federal environmental laws written to protect air and drinking water from radioactive and hazardous chemicals.”

          • James Tekton James Tekton



            “The documents, according to the Times, revealed that the wastewater from this process is often hauled to sewage plants not designed to treat it and is then discharged into rivers that supply drinking water. The Times stated that the wastewater “contains radioactivity at levels higher than previously known, and far higher than the level that federal regulators say is safe for these treatment plants to handle.”
            The Times found “never-reported studies by the EPA and a confidential study by the drilling industry that all concluded that radioactivity in drilling waste cannot be fully diluted in rivers and other waterways.”
            Wastewater from more than 116 wells had radiation levels 100 times federal drinking-water standards. Wastewater from 15 had more than 1,000 times the amount of acceptable radioactive elements. In 2009 and 2010, public sewage treatment plants upstream from drinking-water intake facilities accepted wastewater with radioactivity levels as high as 2,122 times acceptable standards.”

            How bad is it now people when we now know that all radioactive fossil fuel burning machines and devices, cars and heaters, BBQ’s and everything that burns gas is killing us faster and faster now that you also add in to that the fallout from fukushima. Can you say slow radiation poisoning planet wide?

            And if you think that was not enough, we have also recently discovered that electromagnetic energy propagates radon and causes radiation to be intensified around all things electric.

            We researched some and found the following after getting a Trimeter electromagnetic tester. OMG!

            • James Tekton James Tekton

              Here we go.

              So, we now have theses two horrible releases of radiation added to all the ancient historic radiation, and now find that electric fields also instigate higher levels of radiations. There is also a lot of evidence that points to large amounts of electromagnetic exposure causing cancers and leukemia and other assorted radiation sickness related diseases. Heart attacks! The revelation is, the oil and power industries are the same ones that are not only financially killing the world, they are physically killing everyone on it at the same time. Could be a synchronized plan to crash the world’s economy, and kill a lot of people at the same time. Whoduh thunk?

              Here is some more:

              Electromagnetic energy

              Background Paper on Power Line Fields and Public Health


              “Some city regulations seek to constrain B fields to less than 2 mG, a direction that is supported at the national level by those who believe there are harmful biological effects.”

              Our area is at 3 mG. : (

              Magnetic Fields in Biological Matter

              “Power line magnetic fields are often constrained by “prudent avoidance” to about 200 mG at the edge of a right-of-way, but in practice they are usually less than 2 mG for those living near power lines.”

              Hard to do when they build them on top of you.

              • James Tekton James Tekton


                Radon Near Power Lines

                “Henshaw, et al. (reference 38) report that naturally occurring
                radioactive daughters of radon are enhanced near power lines. After the daughters attach themselves to aerosols, the neutral aerosols are attracted by the gradient of the E-field towards the power line. Because the contaminated aerosols oscillate with the power frequency, they would tend to plate out more frequently on the skin. The aerosols containing the radioactive radon daughters would also be inhaled into the lungs in a strong enough concentration to cause cancer.”

                “Detractors of this theory respond as follows: Radon concentrations in open air near power lines are very slight. The half-lives of the radon daughters are relatively short, thus making the transition to humansat a distance problematical. Some epidemiology data shows an association with magnetic fields, but essentially none show an association with electric fields. Residences beyond the right-of-way of power lines do not have considerable elevated electric fields. One would expect enhanced lung cancer which is not reported in excess near power lines, rather than the usual suspects of leukemia and brain cancer. Lastly, one would expect the radioactive aerosols to plate out on the power lines or on the skin in comparison to lung deposition.”

                • James Tekton James Tekton


                  Cancer Mechanisms

                  “Chemicals, such as unburned carbon, and EM radiation at frequencies above the visible region have sufficient energy to directly initiate cancer.”

                  “Cancer can be initiated by direct damage to the genetic material of cells (genotoxicity), or it can be promoted by increasing the probability that a genotoxic exposure will cause cancer (epigenetic activity or promotion). Direct cancer effects are exemplified by the breaking of chemical bonds in DNA, while indirect effects could promote the likelihood, severity or speed that cancer might be caused once the DNA bonds had been broken. It is conjectured that ELF/EMF could supply currents, torques, or forces in the body that could enhance the risk of cancer, such as the reduction of melatonin from the pineal gland from the action of ELF/EMF on magnetite in the brain. Or, ELF/EMF could be part of a multistep biological process. In order to clearly establish these conjectures, it is necessary to demonstrate a meaningful combination of positive findings from epidemiology and biomedical-biophysical experiments, which are consistent with a theoretical biophysical mechanism. The stronger the evidence from epidemiology, the lesser the requirement to have a consistent theoretical mechanism in order to take a public policy position, but conversely, weak epidemiology evidence should be treated with great caution.”

                  • James Tekton James Tekton


                    “Epidemiology examines disease and health in human populations by
                    identifying associations between the occurrence of human diseases and the possible causes of those disease. The scientific panels that have reviewed the ELF/EMF epidemiology data have separated the results by the type of cancer. For example, recently three studies of ELF/EMF on electrical workers have appeared. The 1993 California study reported no association with either leukemia or brain cancer. The 1993 Canadian-French study reported an association with leukemia and astrocytoma, out of the 32 cancer types studied.”

                    Astrocytoma – malignant brain tumor: a commonly occurring malignant brain tumor made up of star-shaped cells (astrocytes).

                    Can you say ZOMBIE!!!

                    • James Tekton James Tekton


                      Shake it all up.

                      In our hood, we have readings that are averages of 3 milli-Gauss (mG) and higher in and out around the house. A few ticks above the accepted level and still higher than normal.

                      We also checked the tall power lines out on the property and they are as high as 9 mG! and way to close to our house. The lowest reading next to the river away from the house and power lines was .5 mG. We did not want those lines anywhere near our land, but they were more determined than we could be to stop it and change it all at the time. We did not know how dangerous it was going to be and we even asked them about this very subject years ago and they said, oh don’t worry, it is OK. Knew he was lying, and now why.

                      So we have the electric fields stirring up the dusty radiation, all that mox-plutonium that hit in March and is still coming at us daily, all the ancient radiations, all the radiations for all radioactive-gas burning things, all the radon radiations, and then add all that up and what do you get? Population Reduction…slow radiation poisoning and an attack on the worlds people. Do you care?

                      Put some more pieces of the puzzle into this and you will have an even bigger picture to contemplate. Like for one, how will the Sun’s intensity and record setting radiations that are coming this spring and summer going to effect all that? And even worse, how would a few nuklear devices that were used to bomb an innocent country effect all that? Hummmmm…..

                      Sweet dreams.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Just to remind you all how special you all are:

    • James Tekton James Tekton


    • arclight arclight

      The half-lives of the radon daughters are relatively short, thus making the transition to humansat a distance problematical. Some epidemiology data shows an association with magnetic fields, but essentially none show an association with electric fields.


      dont electric fields generally always have magnetic fields?? then electric fields must show an association?? anuway great info jt!! they didnt mention plasma?? nor presume their might be a reasonably constant source of isotopes in the air…. think radon would mess with the immune system before cancer developing stage.. thought worth mentioning!

      ta mate!

  • GMOfood_RAD_Death

    Looks like a Tekton tumor growth of copy/paste frenzy.

  • What’s up with all the newbie site trolls? ^
    // \\

  • Hey GOaway_DON_LikeU…

    Aren’t there any other sites you might want to consider hanging out on?

    I think you’d really fit in well with the folks over at GodLikeProduction. YEP!! They aren’t at all interested in sharing knowledge or ideas and they seem to arguing just as much as you do!

    Sounds like fun, doesn’t it??
    Why do you go check them out?!

    • arclight arclight

      linda we love godlike now.. they are antinuke!!
      and they have been known to exert a sense of humour too!

      love you godlike!

      (hope i dont get banned again.. 🙂 )

  • 1/32/12 7 am pst eugene or area alt 500 ft 5 count avg .020 mcSv indoors .19 outdoors spiking to .32. This is about double “background” for us and so I presume we’re being plumed.

  • arclight arclight

    Analysis of the Nuremberg IPPNW and scholar Dr. Alfred Körblein show, have increased dramatically as the emissions at the beginning of this year’s revision in Gundremmingen. “The maximum is reached, the noble gas concentration is 500 times the normal value,” said Körblein.

    “The IPPNW warned of the likely health consequences of such emission peaks. “Particularly at risk are unborn children in the womb. Pregnant women take during the operational phases with open reactor pressure vessel with the radioactive nuclides breathing more than usual, “said Reinhold Thiel, a board member of the IPPNW. “On the maternal bloodstream and the placenta, then the radiant substances reach the unborn child.” Certain radiation-sensitive tissues of the embryo or fetus can be “marked” absolutely radioactive at such times, according to Thiel (“labeling”). These include the embryonic stem cells of the hematopoietic system, which could later lead to leukemia.
    ““For a reasonable scientific analysis to protect unborn children, we need now of all nuclear power plants unaveraged values of all the radioactive half-hour readings,” Thiel calls. “These values have been treated by the regulators and the nuclear power plant operators as company property and despite repeated requests have been provided only in averaged form.”

    thanks mungo, bundb, hg, maidhaven and all of you loverly peeple! 🙂

  • Today, Jan 31, 10 am Pacific Standard Time, New Westminster, BC
    Close to Vancouver for those not familiar. Generally report as Vancouver, but actual location of measurement is New Westminster BC which is located besides the Fraser river. Even though I’m half hour drive from the ocean, the tide does affect the river. Also where I live is on top of the hill perhaps a couple of hundred feet above sea level. Walking down the hill effectively allows me to measure two elevations. I’m guestimating one level 10 to 20 ft above sea level and the other a couple of hundred ft above sea level. I have found that my measurements are higher at top of hill and lower when I get to the bottom of the hill. Today I am getting .13 to .16 µSv at top of hill and .09 to .11 µSv at bottom of hill. No spikes all yellow bar through 15 minute walk. Consistant lower readings in apartment which is a couple of stories high but located at the top of the hill. Was getting .07 last night in room with no hepa filter but windows always closed.

    I notice Risabee is getting higher readings then usual. I wonder if her higher elevation has something to do with it? My higher readings are at my higher elevation. Arclight, good investigation! Most people don’t have the time to dig through the info that is actually available to cut through the lies and deception. James Tekton, they say there is radiation in coal so there is probably radiation in gas and oil too they are all fossil fuels. These people have found their cash cows and they are not going to let go easily.

    God Bless

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    average .12 µSv/h /0.30 1/29/12 — 1/2″ above rain puddle

    average .11 µSv/h /0.30 1/30/12 — night time high winds

    average .12 µSv/h /0.30 1/31/12 — just now.

    location = Ft. Lauderdale. unit is a Quarta Radex. reading time is at least a full cycle, although sometimes when i stick it in the yard or in the fridge on top of new groceries, i forget about it and leave it there for 3 or 4 hours… the hottest reading i can find is in a special spot on my granite counter tops which is .24

  • arclight arclight

    “Fishing in romania!! 🙁

    With more than 160 species of game fish, the Danube Delta is truly a fisherman’s paradise. Trophy-size catfish, carp, pike, sturgeon and more thrive in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that dot the land of Romania. Fishing is permitted in any lake or river of Romania, year round, except from April 1 until May 31.” 🙁

    “This is another reference to pre-modern days when people believed that spirits of the deceased wandered the Earth between Christmas Eve and January 6. After young orators offered rhyming chants of welcome and good wishes for the new year, the mayor presented round braided loaves of bread, symbolizing abundance and rich harvests” 🙁

    “We were in Ács – covered in dust, but high in spirits. We stopped at a local grocery store and bought some ham, cheese, bread, fruit” 🙁

    “While eating our lunch we saw a group of 10 cyclists go by on rented bicycles. About one third of this group were on electric assist bicycles. We would eventually catch up with this group of Canadians in our destination town of Komárom.” 🙁

    3 microsiervertshr of dust!!, milk products, wheat products and locally grown berries!! , electrical assist??? sounds like torture 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    just saying!!

  • Bobby1

    Activities of γ-ray emitting isotopes in rainwater from Greater Sudbury, Canada following the Fukushima incident

    Iodine and cesium in April. More interestingly, Thorium-232 progeny again.

  • Phoenix Radnet up to 450 today. Evidence that data was censored or not available from Jan 27 through 29th or so.

    I’ve been waiting for the Fukushima spike. I wonder what the level was on those 2 days when data was not available.

    Gamma censored / not available across the board on those same days.

    Major problem with pneumonia in town. Students and staff down with it. Students discussing it on campus. Went to doctor’s office today for another issue and receptionist there was discussing it.

    • Bakersfield, Yuma, Fresno and Phoenix ALL HAVE DATA MISSING for both beta and gamma from Jan 27 to Jan 29.


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Hi majia. When I taught Friday, students were leaving the classroom to take a TB skin test. One student said he thought he had TB because he was coughing all the time. I couldn’t say much. I just said that I missed my 50th class reunion because I didn’t want to pay for a lot of expensive food that I thought was unsafe because it had radiation on it from Fukushima.

      • Anne that was a good way of “politely” suggesting the cause of their coughing…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          At the time, I just said that there could be any number of reasons why someone could be coughing. It was maybe half an hour later that I mentioned by class reunion and why I didn’t go.

          Bloggers got so mad at me for what I am saying on this website. In my real life I was never allowed to talk when I was growing up. This is my chance. Besides I can’t stand that my daughter has had so much pain from her cancer and the surgeries (4 already) which are just biopsies, chemo, and radiation that she chose to undergo. She is cancer free for now, but not pain free. Besides, her children and grandchildren need her to stay alive.

          Some old guy came by this afternoon selling house insulation. He remarked about all my greenhouses which are in front of my house. I told him I was keeping the radioactive rain from Fukushima off my food.

          He just gulped and looked horrified. The look on his face was, “don’t tell me that.” I think people know something is wrong. They just don’t want to think about all the food they are eating that is contaminated. I eat some food I shouldn’t every now and then. I get hungry. But there is a whole lot more that I avoid. I don’t know of any way to completely avoid all radiation. I just know which choices are better.

          • People do not want to know, I agree.

            Scary thought if your food is contaminated. Too scary to contemplate.

            Our minds are not evolved for handling invisible threats.

            I wish someone with knowledge about radnet could weigh in on the likelihood that the entire system would be missing data for 2 or 3 days.

            Is it a legitimate technical problem?

            Is it a Fukushima burp of poison being censored?

            Does radnet “go down” whenever nuke plants in the US have critical incidents?

            One wonders what is going on here…

            night all…

            • alexa

              Update from Toronto

              Today was a very bad day in Toronto. Starting early in the morning,I had continuous pain/pressure in my lungs until 12PM. Starting at 5 PM, I had and still have a terrible headache, some thyroid reaction as well as a little bit of pain in my lungs. I felt exhausted most of the day. There is definitely something going on at Fukushima and in Ilinois.

            • Bobby1

              “Is it a Fukushima burp of poison being censored?

              Does radnet “go down” whenever nuke plants in the US have critical incidents?”

              Yes, and yes.

              I have been using Radnet data in a (pre-Fuku) fibromyalgia project. The gross beta radiation data is a lab analysis of the same filters that are used in the hourly beta levels.

              They don’t match up well, in fact I had the sign of a correlation reversed for one city. So the hourly and daily data is not very trustworthy, even when they are not censoring it.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Dear Anne: I support you and apologize if you are attacked. You definitely work very hard here and I appreciate it.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Plus, your response, raising your food in greenhouses is going in the right direction. Getting water that is uncontaminated by radiation is the next step for everyone, whether or not they wish to hear it. We can learn by your example. BTW, and I know you’re sharp enough to already know this, there ARE solutions to getting relatively radionuclide free water if we can release the creativity of more people in this struggle.

          • jec jec

            My daughter too, Anne. Its just a waiting game to see where the monster shows up next…

            • Jec

              So sorry about your daughter.


            • alexa


              sorry about your daughter. radiation has terrile effects on children.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              @jec, I’m really sorry to hear about your children. Maybe you could move, but where? Hopefully there is some place further from a NPP or nuclear waste dumping place or weapons processing facility or that doesn’t receive a lot of rain out or snow out from the radiation in the jet stream.

  • mungo mungo

    europe rads up again, this is the highest….

    Strahlenbelastung 0.314839 µSv / h
    Datum: 1.2.12 : 9:0 Uhr
    Bern Bern Schweiz

  • mungo mungo

    can anyone get the RSOE EDIS to run? i get this message….

    Ön látogatása, vagy az oldalhoz kezdeményezett cselekménye biztonsági kockázatot jelent,
    ezért az oldalhoz történő hozzáférése megtagadva! IP címe naplózva!

    Considering the possible security risk of your visit the access has been restricted.
    Your IP address has been logged.

    • jec jec

      What link are you using? No problem to access. Of course, no problem in Japan except a tiny 4.8 earthquake symbol. The
      Fukuahima emergency is over. Smile and happy fixed it all.

    • lam335 lam335

      sorry–I didn’t notice you had already posted this.

    • US radnet down during immediately before these European spikes.

      Gotta wonder why?

      • arclight arclight

        hi maja.. do you think they co-ordinate the releases? i mean the iaea has got to do something for its monet.. its obvious that the romanian and hungarian situation is being VERY ignored.. the article about finland and cs 137 got me thinking.. how do they seperate the chernobyl cs137 from daichi cs137 and other known and unknown releases.. this is the first time anyone has bothered to look.. and its not a pretty sight.. why no gieger counter citizens in illinois? the survivalist groups should have a gieger counter! its a bit of a must, post armeggeddon! reason is that people have been sidetracked…

        this euro contamination had me really puzzled but i think i am starting to see a bigger picture now.. multiple reactors leaking or giving off excesss isotopes (legally) the monitoring systems that give the end of year total are severely massaged to give an average well below the real average.. then the icrp steps in and announces an average amount per person and issues the all safe!! health and safety paperwork filed.. staistics gleaned for future funding and bullshit arguments… and the public is non the wiser.. will post another video of eurdep soon.. be7 has been taken off eurdep but i got it on video!! and thats a very short lived isotope i believe.. from a damaged reactor??

        so that also explains the mid atlantic monitor switch offs.. mainly from american coastal reactor/s? and sometimes european ones too maybe?

        eurdep is changing soon and i think its going to do the “nilu” and hide behind a password for the rich and famous.. 🙁

        and the iaea is talking bullshit if they cant trace the emmisions…

        oh and canada is so contaminated that the universities could not check the soil for the newspaper as the truth would have got out!! remember my radioactive canadian cherry? of course it got hit by fukushima but they dont know where the hot spots are! and they darent check.

        kinda all fits together doesnt it?

        any thoughts anyone? am i being too simple?

  • arclight arclight

    THIS MORNINGS READING… got lower as the day went on and now ticking away at a tight 0.13 microsievert/hr average.. some peaks but rare… the reactors in europe seem to have quitened down a bit.. so just the hotspots in the videos.. doesnt portblog watch them?? the spallation thing is more like a happens all the time thing!! every week in some cases and once or twice a day… ive put the info on the videos..
    the ratio from hungary/romania to sweden and finland corresponds with the higher level being in the south of finland and the lower isotopes readings are further in the north! CO 60, CS 137, IODINE 131 etc also you will find the signature BE 7, you might also notice a north south ratio in beta! not fuku!! just blamed on fuku!! and working ncely except for that darn evidence on eurdep!! 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    heres the video, as promised.. be7 not on the map today?? no be7 or switch off?

    loads of zeroes on the finish map (small amounts), i think correspond to the southerly releases of the same isotopes.. any real evidence of measurable daichi isotopes in europe? is it all from our own reactors… heres the rabbit hole….

  • arclight arclight

    “We learned on November 17 by an official statement from the IAEA that the Authority with Hungarian Atomic energy (HAEA) had informed the U.N. agency owing to the fact that the source of the iodine 131 rejections was most probably an institute of production of radioisotopes in Budapest. The rejections would have intervened of September 8 to November 16, 2011.”

    and cs 137 and 143 clearly shown on here with iodine 131

  • mungo mungo

    over 460cpm Hungary… here…Lat: 47.5ºN, Long: 19.1ºE


  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Measurement of Radiation Dose around the Metropolitan Airports in Japan. Looks like it is updated daily.

  • CB CB

    Remember the car air filter image?…well try leaves.

  • CB CB

    HEPA Air Filters in California Recorded Radiation Levels 538% Above Normal #radiation

  • vital1 vital1

    2nd January 2012
    I suggest we use the location convention above when posting background radiation levels here, Country, state, city or county. The date should be written out as well because we all use different methods of dating. It will make it so much easier to instantly tell where and when the background radiation data was recorded.

    The local background radiation is finally coming back down to nearly normal levels after a week of elevation. Dark blue line in this chart is about.13 uS/Hr.
    Average has been .10 uS/Hr for many years.

    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it, or email it. Put it everywhere, libraries, notice boards, web pages, forums, Facebook, and tweet! Think outside the box.

  • vital1 vital1

    Sorry, date above should be 2nd February 2012

  • NorCalOceanBluff

    Look at Virginia on RadiationNetwork. It is currently showing 113 CPM (was even higher a few minutes ago), and has been high for the last 5 minutes or so when I could finally get the site to work. I could not get their USA map to display earlier today, and I always worry that something new is up when the site goes down.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Longmont, CO having a snow storm. It is 10:56 PM MST

    LongmontRadMon Radiation Monitor
    192 CPM, 1.5590 uSv/h, 0.9781 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation
    1 hour ago

  • arclight arclight

    uk contamination update
    london uk
    2 january 2012
    06.00 GMT

    currently still moving from 0.09 to 0.15 average about 0.13 microsieverts/hr
    no peaks
    cold dry with light wind

    cycles from low to high about every ten minutes or so

  • Bobby1

    The Higgins EPA radiation site isn’t working here. This is the latest beta for Phoenix:;jsessionid=47CD0D3EBB4DEAE2306887C7B1F3DF50?img=156376709&width=600&height=500&iehack=.png

    The EPA stopped publishing gross beta numbers (lab analysis) in early October. Just before Fuku started emitting all that iodine.

  • Stacy

    Does anyone have a clue how good (or bad) it looks in Western PA today? I’m having a hell of a time getting clear information / readings & am wondering if its prudent to go outside walking. ? (And thanks if anyone has any input) It looks like the jet stream is is possibly dragging crap over this area….

  • Stacy

    Thanks, Bobby!

  • Finally, I’ve got my act together, I guess! I got back from Okinawa on January 23rd. Had some jet lag, and then just felt kinda down, missing my kids. I was visiting my youngest son and my 4 month old grandson.

    OK, I took my geiger counter, and was able to get some readings, off my sons balcony (7th floor, facing East, I think); on grassy field, about a 100 yards from the ocean, not far from my sons apartment (on a marine base). Each reading ranged between 20 and 50 CPM, on the lowest setting (1X). I do not have an averager program yet, so I just sit and watch the meter for a few minutes. Most readings were between 20 and 40 CPM, actually, the same readings I get here in Bellingham.

    Thats it for now.

  • arclight arclight

    radiation from hungary hits london

    pink floyd- pigs

    slightly timelapsed 15 minute reading to match the song…

    21.00 gmt london west uk

    cold dry slightly cloudy..

    5 or 6 minute pulses to 0.18 microsievert/hr with spikes (ignored)
    took about 30 hours to get here.. been waiting have been getting odd rises since 16.00 gmt

    • arclight arclight

      apparently.. pink floyd is only allowed to be played in these err countries..

      Aland Islands
      Isle of Man J
      Saint Barthelemy
      Saint Martin
      West Bank

      you could always proxy through the west bank 🙂

      normally, you have to put up with adverts.. whats going on ?? do pink floyd know??

      can anybody access it
      ive had 2 views anyway.. west bank?? lol shukran my brothers!!

      • arclight arclight

        breaking 0.5 microsievert/hr peak lasting 5 seconds!!

        anyway it got worse and its the worse video i will put up..
        it has a peak of 0.5 microsieverts/hr that held for 5 seconds (seemed like an eternity.. there had been two peaks before but not to that hight and not for that time length.. normally the peaks are pretty quick to return..

        unfortunately the video auto shut at 15 minutes and i was .. distracted to say the least.. any way here it is

        • arclight arclight

          i only got a second of the video with the 0.5mcSv/h before the camera cut off! oops! if you dont want to watch it all the action is in the last five minutes…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne
    is up again. Some missing monitors.

  • vital1 vital1

    Hi everyone, we have to stop this one upmanship.

    My local spike in Local Background Radiation is larger than yours. 🙂

  • vital1 vital1

    I know it is getting worse and it is serious, but we have to have a laugh every
    know and then to stay sane.

    • arclight arclight

      hi vital

      well mines shrunk.. and im relieved! 🙂

      getting an average of about 0.11 microsievert/hr with some rises to 0.15 microsieverts/hr .. it would seem the gaseous/particulate cloud has passed, though it will linger in the more built up and sheltered areas..

      i noticed this at 08.00 gmt so it lasted as long as the budapest “spike” of 207E+08 nanosieverts/hr .. that raps that up nicely.. now im off to put it on the other thread to fininsh that!!

  • Traveling. 5 min. avgs 1 meter height, at gas ups or rest areas. SOEKS-1M, YMMV. 3 Feb 12

    Eugene, OR .17 mcSv.

    Ashland, OR, .20

    Dunsmuir, CA .17

    Redding, CA .15

    Stockton, CA .12

    • Traveling. 5 min. avgs 1 meter height, at gas ups or rest areas. SOEKS-1M, YMMV. 4 Feb 12

      Tejon Pass, CA .22 mcSv, peaking to .29

      Pasadena, CA .15

      San Bernardino .12

      Indio .19

      Phoenix .15

      Tucson .16

  • arclight arclight

    2 peaks of 0.6 mcSv/h at stienfort luxemborg…

    this morning!! note that CRIIRADS monitoring shows all levels dropping due to the snow and cold conditions throughout eirope.. so the average and peaks should be even higher!