FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here (Dec. 17, 2011 – Present)

Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:52 am ET


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Published: September 1st, 2012 at 12:52 am ET


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2,711 comments to FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here (Dec. 17, 2011 – Present)

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    Well looks like the entire continent is being bathed in high cpm's today. I am getting spikes of 57 cpm's here in British Columbia with an average of 30. The east coast of the U.S is also seems to be really active. Just lovely!

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    …in fact, the Pacific Northwest is unusually high today??

  • StillJill StillJill

    Unusually high? (I'm teasing). Seems to me the west coast is,….(sing it with me folks),…"UNUSUALLY HIGH!" ๐Ÿ™‚

  • arclight arclight

    still bad air quality here in the uk and indeed france spain and germany due to the unknown at caternom.. i will post a link to the videos i have done covering the coverup.. please feel free to download and use them if they are useful.. dont know how long they will be up for..

    this covers a radiological 30 days with forecasts and gieger readings to prove uk london levels!!

    eurdep has still been muffled but i hope now that the billion pound deal is done they might open it up properly again! maybe??

    • arclight arclight

      should add that i wet for a drive around london

      14 miles to surrey quays 08.10 to 09.05

      4 peaks in the 0.35 range
      overall range 0.08 to 0.21 microsieverts/hr
      south london including peckham and herne hill then to kensington

      about 15 miles in 35 minutes
      overall range 0.9 to 0.19 microieverts/hr
      3 peaks highest 0.50 microsieverts and staying high for a few cylces

      kensington to balham and then to hampton court in
      overall range 0.08 to 0.18 microsieverts/hr
      2 peaks ain the 0.30 microsievert/hr range
      about 18 miles in 35 minutes
      time finish 10.15 with about 45 minutes waiting around time!!

      the rain is drying off releasing the particles and the air has a new radiation cloud.. i think i measured the worst of it passing!
      thats an enenews first!!

      quite pleased with that.. i appeaer to becoming at one with the isotopes ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      ps i love you anne and frodo! come back soon!! oh and anyone else who got redacted!! anychance of making it a couple of weeks instead of a whole month admin?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ the word magnanamous comes to mind for some uknown reason!! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe!

      theres just so few of us for such a huge job!! and they are both pretty brainy types.. and they can spell toooooo! 2 errr two?

      love all here (and not all here, oh and anyone whos not all there either!)

  • goathead goathead

    Hey arclight!

    What sort of readings were you getting when the snow was around there?
    Was there a big difference compared to the usual rain?
    I imagine the snow pretty much becomes a physical snapshot of the heavens and brings it crashing down to earth!!

    • arclight arclight

      h goathead..

      i got normal readings in the snow, the rain has been more problematic recently because of the circulating fallout we are presently caught in! levels have lowered generally this morning with a peak every half hour or so.. inside
      will do a video later of a low reading hopefully!
      interestingly early one morning i got particulates from a clear sky drop on my hand and i did a video .. the bits were cold and i thought it was starting to snow.. but the sky was clear!! ๐Ÿ™

  • arclight arclight

    18 feb 2012 cattenom and la hague update alpha and beta evidence found!

  • arclight arclight

    0ne here from ichix

  • arclight arclight


    Keiser Report: Fat Cats Spy On You (E251)!

    interesting they bring this up! so many people complaining about the surviellance world and this explains why!! and they include thought crimes as well as actual "crimes"

    so its not just the anti nukers!! wow!

    • arclight arclight

      i wonder if they know they are on the "domestic extremist database" held by the mysterious APCO??

      • arclight arclight

        I HAVE BEEN DEFANGED …my email and facebook dont work .. could anyone email them to let them know??

        • Spectrometising

          You have probably been "de-fanged" to make you think you found out something important. ๐Ÿ™‚
          mAx&stAcy are not allowed to speak against nuclear power my dear,

          • arclight arclight

            i tried to contact them about it early into the disaster but the gold thing was their priority.. the reason for them being under observation is that they are very effective at what they do! and they have to keep on topic because of RT i suspect! max and stacy are fighting the good info fight and rarely mention fukushima.. but they do on occasion! well stacy does.. but there may come a time when the different activists might get together when the time is right.. thats my hope! thats what i will work towards! i understand your frustration though, i went into one initially but soon saw the possibilities of future strategy.. we will need the high web hitters working together to have a chance to mount a counter media to the MSM! i can see it happening once all these new activists get over the stress of falling into the surviellance culture.. its a tough one to get your head around… but given time for the "them and us" to solidify a bit and WE will have consensus especially as the surviellance state ramps up its "buisness"

            i can see it happening already in england, hence this kaiser show! they look cool and calm but how do they get around that stuff!! ACPO have carte blanch with the telephone exchange points.. no data is secure! they probably are unaware of APCO as it has become super secret since the high court case in review at the moment!!

            max and stacy will GET IT eventually as the anti nukes have to get what kaiser is saying too… and we will evolve into a stronger force.. we are fighting the same enenmy! greed!

            • Spectrometising

              Hmmm..arclight….i can see the basis of what you are saying i think, but in any case with or without radioactivity, the only demand for gold is mainly coming from central banks.

              They have completely failed to do the maths and incorporate this huge potential. The reality in my opinion (IMO) is that gold and silver only have value when everything is fine and people and everything is breeding and so on.

              I think it is a scam to pretend gold is going to have value and protect from evil. Bollox!! i say. Buying gold or silver to protect ones self was a fairy tale that might have worked in ancient times.

              A fairy tale based on greed.

              • arclight arclight

                a non isotopic brew
                for this crew
                is better than gold
                cos gold is OLD!

                non radioactive milk
                for our ilk
                is better than gold
                cos its so OLD!

                and non iodine soaked lettuce
                THATS if THEY`ll let us!! ๐Ÿ™‚
                is better than gold
                if i might be so BOLD!

            • Spectrometising

              As for surveillance….Hmm….works fine without solar flares.

        • Spectrometising

          The new password is something you would never guess. But i know…it's…..

      • arclight arclight

        typo ACPO (pronounced ackpooh)

    • Spectrometising

      Yes arclight!!….I used to love mAx&stAcy 2

      But rapidly de-coupled when the weighed in on the global warming lobotomy and the complete failure to look at the ramifications (economic or otherwise) of a world in which people have no use for gold (Precious metals.) due to the cost of things like clean food and clean water being the new gold.

      The only "thing" creating a demand for gold at this time in an imploding economy are central banks. The rest want clean water and food. Arable land and so on.

      I am afraid they lost me at that point. Good entertainment and a commercial break on real life.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Hi arc, I get NO data sheets of any stations on Eurdep? What's going on? They say server problems?
    Saw your last "AK47 lemming" video, thanks a lot…must catch up, was away for climate lessons again two days! Learnt all about power saving at schools and solar thermal power stations ๐Ÿ™‚

    • arclight arclight

      hi b and b

      cool course!!

      eurdep has withdrawn the data for the last week or so and have been "adapting to my videos, seemingly.. think it was because of this waste of time!!

      "No More Nukes?, (UK) February 17, 2012 by tomburke It is just David Cameronโ€™s bad luck to have chosen to back a nuclear future for Britain at a moment when it is becoming increasingly unlikely that it will happen. And it is entirely appropriate that he should find himself doing so in Paris since that is where the fate of DECCโ€™s nuclear policy will be determined.

      The idea of replacing Britainโ€™s aging AGRs with Arevaโ€™s EPR was always inspired by a French government seeking to close an emerging decades long gap in domestic nuclear orders. The justification for British homeowners and businesses being forced to pay for a French industrial policy was a supposed electricity generation gap.

      Without French nuclear power stations, Britons would be freezing in the dark by 2015 according to energy ministers. This was always nonsense but has been made totally ridiculous by several recent developments. EDF has now announced that it is going to extend the life of the AGRs. There are 30GW of new gas planned or under construction and the world is experiencing a โ€˜glutโ€™ of gas according to the IEA. So long generation gap.

      This is fortunate as it is now looking increasingly likely that there will be no new nuclear power stations in Britain anyway. For all their protestations to the contrary, it is clear that none of the non-French projects have much chance of going ahead…"


      wonder if they will tell the public about the dense fallout clouds??

      maybe even eurdep might be put back on…
      theyve just given a bonus to the nuke industry!!

      love what christina is doing on!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • arclight arclight

        go eva!!

        Green candidate Eva Joly launches struggle for anti-Sarkozy vote

        Eva Joly at the Roubaix rally
        Reuters/Charles Platiau

        By RFI

        Ecologist candidate for Franceโ€™s president Eva Joly called on the French to โ€œvote with their heartsโ€ at the first public meeting in her campaign for this yearโ€™s presidential election. She proposed ending nuclear power within 20 years and creating a million eco-jobs but her main challenge is to be taken seriously as a presidential contender.

        Credited with only two to three per cent in opinion polls, the Norwegian-born Green

        candidate has to convince left-leaning voters to back her in Aprilโ€™s first round of voting rather than rallying round Socialist Franรงois Hollande in the hope of kicking President Nicolas Sarkozyโ€™s out.

        At her first major public meeting in Roubaix, northern France, Joly accused Sarkozy of wanting to โ€œhumiliate the unemployedโ€ with a proposal for a referendum on changing the conditions for receiving benefits while โ€œgiving his mates, the richโ€ presentsโ€ in the form of tax cuts….."

  • CB CB

    Radiation monitor setup in NE Longmont, Colorado, USA, run by Joey Stanford. 150 CPM, 1.2180 uSv/h, 0.9222 AVG uSv/h, 3 time(s) over natural radiation.

  • arclight arclight

    20 feb 2012 -the cattenom effect?–iodine 131 cesium 137 134 cobalt 60 and more!

    heres some of my most favourite isotopes that come out of distressed nuclear reactors recently ! look back over the past 30 isotope ridden days..

    list of isotopes gleaned on the 20 feb 2012! post eurdep censorship!!

  • It's All Lies craigtaylor994

    Hey Arclight!Craig here..

    That's not surprising!! I was looking forward to seeing what the readings would be!

    That's true they don't want anyone to actually find anything!

    Typical that the only way to get this information again is either shut down or 'broken'!

    I won't make the geiger counter get in the way!

    I've softly touched on the info on here but I think it's not that she wont't listen, it scares her which is understandable!

    What does your family think of the work your doing? ๐Ÿ™‚


    • arclight arclight

      hi craig!

      im divorsed and 1200 miles driving from my daughters … they think im a bit excentric! cant think why? ๐Ÿ™‚

      since i saw that mox mushroom cloud they noticed a change in direction.. its so technical that they "switched off and when they saw how it had effected me.. the children of fukushima.. they at least understood my choice! they never saw me in tears before, a powerful statement that i didnt have the words to describe…

      i think they are now a bit proud of me.. especially as the news is creeping out.. i have been vindicated by this a bit!! and i have put alot of time in this.. no time for relationships of any sort.. a security risk for those that i do contact! i have had to adjust! been watching lots of bond films for tips!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      i have another video coming out later and i might as well tell you when i did tooltip and chose another isotope, with the setting at month.. i noticed when you get the pop up to work that it the reading you get is automatically the last reading.. i now this because the amount changed as i came off and went back on to the hover, the pop up came back but with a slightly higher number…

      however they have made sure that no incriminating evidence can be downloaded or even videoed.. you can check the up to date amounts this way though ๐Ÿ™‚ handy arc tip that might work from time to time!!

      i am going to marry a eurdep engineer, preferably female, preferably straight (mostly ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and maybe german (they are very feisty! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so, all is not lost!!

      oh and this

      20 feb 2012 — 12.00 gmt london radiation update.. the peaks are back!

      @ 6.40 a message to my "handler" and the eurodep staff!! keep up the sterling work chaps and chappesses! peace! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      this is the reading for12.00 gmt in west london
      thin cloud, mild wind, sun breaking through (sort of) dry…

  • chronic chronic

    Hi all,

    I have three measuring devices right now here in Seattle – A geiger counter (which I have to send back tomorrow, ) a TDS meter, which measures the dissolved ionizing solids in liquids, and myself. After having chronic radiation poisoning this spring, I can tell by just about whatever isotope I ingest what I ran into.

    Strontium will make my teeth ache and my joints and fingers sore.
    Cesium burns up my stomach
    Tritium in the water makes the lining of my heart burn
    Uranium/Plutonium leaves my mind unclear and my tear ducts infected

    For the last month I would triangulate these things and the worst reading I came up with –

    Steam off a double espresso – .368 micro sieverts
    The TDS number was just as alarming – 1,768 ppm ( off the charts )
    Coffee is done. ;(

    Lots of other sad faces. Later.

    • lam335 lam335

      what does TDS stand for?

    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      Bio-accumulation of radioactive isotopes in food and drink is the long term concern for certain. Very few people post enough about USA regional food and liquid measurements. How are these measurements best done, if someone cares to mention? Knowing the type of food, what shopping area (no brands or store names of course), background radiation, and geigerC reading/unit will be very useful information ongoing. Today I was wondering about imported and domestic beer, bottled water, and coffee measurements. Mon Dieu, I'm not going to make it without my coffee! Anyone else measured coffee or beverages lately?

      All the imports may be hotter than usual from gamma exposure during air flights, hot cargo ships, and individual product radiation in certain countries. There's simply no way of knowing what's hot without a geiger counter. Stores and growers will never tip their hand in order to maintain profit margins. Official inspections will be limited at best, given the scope of the problem.

      I've thought of using dosimeters (the reset type) that could used inside plastic for liquids (?) if put inside a microwave with the dosimeter (so to shield from outside radiation while testing, that is, if the microwave is normal background). Would this work? Maybe I'm being a little silly – it's late, LOL. I'm looking for a low tech, low cost (TDS?) way to check food and drink mostly to avoid food 'outrageous radiation' consumption. Any ideas?

      Thanks for your comments on radio-sensitivity! It's good to know that some people are radio-sensitive, that with hard evidence of radiation in food, they can observe how they feel after eating and get an idea about ingestion of radioactivity based solely on their reaction to the substance. Of course, it's much better to know ahead of time to avoid the food or drink in the first place- ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Craig-123

    1) Does someone know how to get in touch with POTRblog? (Please don't post his contact information here โ€“just forward this message if you do –and thanks.)

    My lame attempts to post a comment to Mr. Potr (for lack of a name) via his blog or his YouTube appearances give an "Error" message โ€“or my words simply evaporate when I hit "Post" and "Publish". (Perhaps that's an obscure issue with my computer's security settings.)

    I've posted a letter to Mr. Potr on my own page:


    2) My location (Oregon coast) and my methods (methodical, 5 cubic meter air sampling from August 14th, and ambient/background readings from March 17th) produced some unusual (apparent) radon daughter highs some months back, but nothing at all special since February 6th. My interior ambients run from about 9 to 12 uR/hr here. I've yet to see a correlation between high radon daughter readings and any other factor. I've only done one check using 32 of my oldest filters and wipes (using Fairewinds lab style film methods), finding but 4 doubtful "hot particle" suspects. This agrees with Arnie Gundersen's opinion that we've had no significant incursions of such particles since April.

    * For our mental health and credibility, let's try to post/publish, understand and deal (as much as possible) with consistent and real numbers.

    * I wish we had a network of air filter monitoring stations we could trust.

    * I believe "Radiation Network" is honest, but like Germany's 1800(an astounding number!) publicly accessible stations, I understand that the situation is going to be pretty damned bad if those numbers start going up. Unfortunately, and unlike Germany, Radiation Network posts in ambiguous CPM levels & there are no accessible station histories without paying money and doing a proprietary software installation.

    * Pray for the Japanese, that SFP-4 doesn't fall, and that the ocean somehow inters the vast flow of…

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Hey arclight, just wanted to say hi and this:
    for almost a week now, I can't get any Eurdep data! No matter on which station on the map I click, the small box would load for a minute and then say "server problems – working on in – check back later".
    I see you manage to make videos still – is there a way to get the data? This is annoying beyond words-
    and on top – unit 1 in Cattenom had fuel changed on the weekend -> open RPV -> watch out!

    *I'll check later if you found my message…. peace crazy lemming

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      P.S. Cattenom unit 2 down since this morning as well – again.
      I'm really scared. SHUT IT DOWN!

      ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

      • arclight arclight

        hi bandb

        thanksa for the heads up! eurdep data is being pulled since before sarkosy and cameroons nuke fest!! my phone doesnt work very well.. especially to the guy that WAS going to help me with the documentary..

        eurdep is now as useless as radnet etc

        obvious cover up… and not reported ANYWHERE!
        apart from this conversation… was thinking of contacting eva french greens, but still no email and facebook.. cant mailshot anyone..

        last comment on enenews got moderated too!!

        feeling kettled in

        you tube videos phase coming to a end!! ๐Ÿ™

        what to do next??

        peace bandb!!
        take care!

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Arc – good to see you. PLEASE answer this – CAN YOU get the data from the stations?? Or is it just me??
          Is your email hacked? What's up with you?

          *bring out the pumpgun lemming

          • arclight arclight

            no data for t-gamma

            sometimes the other isotope stations in slovenia and finland come on but every time i post a trick it gets taken down…

            the last was explained in my last eurdep video…

            email cannot be accessed nor can facebook, phone cuts out alot during "illegal" conversations.. ?? they dont want me to do the documentary… they suspect that with the enenews data that was posted over the last months.. it provides a pretty damming bit of evidence of manipulation.. cant believe the anti nukers are missing this…. reckon i get more hits from the pro nukes who know whats happening with the activity bar (top left) on the gieger readings… ALOT of beta and looking at criirad i suspect alpha too!

            reactor lid off! suppoes the releases might ease up now they have done the big clean out..

            the pollution is circulating around europe!! actually getting the stuff come to england on a return.. with the peaks getting lower! think that is the half life of some of the isotopes..

            think hg might have got a hit from a wind pattern that might be drawing some pollution the northern germany while the rest heads into west france then back up to switzerland.. think the iodine 131 data on eurdep showed live in slovenia! so it is making its way there too! heavy concentrarions in france, spain north africa ! no readings from ireland but i have documented the whole thing with the trusty soeks!

            would be nice to hear busby on this.. did email richeard bramhall of the llrc (busby mate) but no reply that i am aware of..
            suspect the surviellance/intrusion/harrasment will be the same for him, if not worse!! the uk is not a good place for the antinukers!!

            will detach from the system this year.. need to see what the security establishment is going to do with all the london activists during the olympics..

            personally i am going to do a radiation in the air in the olympics with a view of working out the dose for the heavy breathing athletes during the festivities…

            • mungo mungo

              arclight, i can get eurdep right at this moment…

              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                @mungo, I checked this minute. I get the map with the dots, but as I click on one station, it won't show the detailed sheet ("server problem blah blah").
                Conspiracy is not my cup of tea, but…you know.

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              Hey arc, you're doing a fantastic job and I'm a bit worried for you. Was just watching your latest vid (Massive Attack?), and it hit me again: WHAT are we doing? Are we really watching radiation measuring videos nowadays? This is insane! Where did they take us? Damn – let's not stop fighting them.
              please show up here every now and then arc – i want to know you're alright.

              *feisty engineer here today, lol ๐Ÿ™‚

              • arclight arclight

                i havent forgotten the children of fukushima! and enenews is one of the few websites that support the campaign..

                i will not be going very far!

                you dont work for eurdep by any chance
                *fiesty anglo-irish engineer here today,LOL!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • HamburgGeiger

              Hi Arclight,

              nothing unusual here in Hamburg. I got around 22 cpm in my 1-hour-averages of the last days. That unfortunately is our new normal. My 24-hour-averages in uSv/hr spiked heavily on 07.02. and 15.02.

              Got a little lazy and frustrated recently. Can`t spend all my time here reading. Try to keep up with all those bad news without thinking about it all the time. Don`t know how to prepare. Don`t know when is the perfect time to panic. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just feel tired and exhausted, so I slow down a little.

              I use two Venta air-washers in our home since two weeks or so. Great devices. But they don`t seem to lower the radiation I measure. Maybe because they just filter particles bigger then 10 micrometers.

              • arclight arclight

                considering the air quality in europe the filter has to help! asthma can caused by vehicle emmissions and some of the heavier particles asociated..

                the wether system from cattenom is generally southward bound but you might get the odd cloud passing by in hamburg.. lookin at the wind charts it seems to hook up to denmark.. wish we had some gieger readings from there! that would be interesting..

                pollution generally in a tight circle of travel, clockwise over france and uk… ๐Ÿ™

                good to hear you are breathing better air! thanks for the report.. it helps to build a more accurate picture!!

  • It's All Lies craigtaylor994

    Hey Arclight!

    Haha me neither! Can't see any reason why they would lol!

    1200 miles? Wow that's alot of driving, they in Europe somewhere?

    I can imagine how upset you must of been..
    For me at the time I was still watching BBC at the time, until someone left a comment about 'real news'on Newsblok, found Enenews on there and the rest is history!
    After a while it settled in how bad it was and well, I can't really describe it! As you can probably understand!
    The poor people have been lied to and abandoned and its horrific!

    I'm only 23 so I missed Chernobyl by months.. I always hoped something like it would never happen in my lifetime but it did..

    It's good there proud of you, and they understand, must feel alot better knowing there on board.You've done very good work.
    And if you combine the Bond with Spooks you might find yourself very prepared!

    I'll have a go with that tip thanks! Very sneaky of them but I'm not surprised they do..

    A German engineer.. could be interesting!Didn't realise they were fiesty haha.. good luck ๐Ÿ˜€

    • StillJill StillJill

      Wow, craigtaylor,…for 23 you are one informed, intelligent, and caring young soul! An 'old soul' to be sure!

      Good feedback too for our Arclight! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • arclight arclight

      hi craig

      the kids live on the west coast of norway.. the ferry to bergen from newcastle was stopped a couple of years ago and now i have to drive through europe via germany and denmark to get there.. when i get to kristiansand i have a choice to drive 240 miles over the mountains (dependent on snow) or take the longer coastal route..

      best time to london from near bergen

      cant talk about the norwegian times as they have strcict speeding rules ๐Ÿ™‚

      but getting onto the ferry at kristiansand at 09.00 gmt got me back in the west london via another ferry (calais to dover) with a nice cup of tea in my hand and a quick post to tell enenewsers of the 140 odd windmills i counted in germany and a count of there opporation… something like 97 percent working.. ๐Ÿ™‚ 1000 miles in a day..

      was a bit knackered though!! ๐Ÿ™‚ thank heavens for dodgy german service station coffee!!

      and the ex-wife said "we are not far away" .. not by aussie standards maybe!

      • HamburgGeiger

        Hi Arclight,

        it is off-topic, but if you take the ferry from Hirtshals, DK please greet the lighthouse, the sea and the harbour from me. We spend our holidays near that town and love that part of the country soo much.

        Sitting silently on the wooden terrace of a nice danish holiday home with a view over the sea, one could almost forget all those sorrows for a short moment.

        • arclight arclight

          i loved the harbour area.. and im sure i could see norway if i looooked hard enough! the people are cool! really friendly!

    • CB CB

      Could Pollen cause this Gamma Gross Count Rate increase?

      • arclight arclight

        thats interesting cb

        sounds like an interesting investigation.. different pollens will come out at different times throughout the year!! think i will try to check the buds before they open with the gieger!! thanks for the pointer..
        get back with your findings… that would be cool!

      • ruth

        That is along Rt 44. Lots of trees and rolling countryside with vegetation. Not flat prairie like Iowa, Illinois, most of Indiana. It is probably all of those spring tree buds.

  • arclight arclight

    21 feb 2012 – 05.00 gmt london radiation

    yesterday i went for a drive on the motorbike.. from the morning to about 16.00 gmt my range was

    0.09 to 0.15 microsievert/hr with few peaks

    at 16.00 gmt i was heading south over biggin hill the winds were coming in from the west.. as i got to the top of the north side of the hill i noticed a slow and steady drop to 0.06 mcSv/h , i stopped the bike and was deciding if housing prices were low in the area. after about five minutes though the gieger peaked at 0.21 microsieverts/hr and held.. i got on my bike and headed south over the hill.. for 15 minutes (about 10 miles or 15 km(approx) the gieger kept hitting 0.21 mcSv/h with a final peak at 0.37 mcSv/h!! then the readings returned to a more normal 0.10 to 0.13 range but with small peaks about every half hour…

    i headed west down the old A25 to riegate hill and the values remained normal but with the peaks..

    last night i went out and got a range of 0.09 to 0.19 microsieverts/hr..

    this morning i got what you see on the video but also got a 0.37 peak soon after stopping the video..

    seems like some sort of signature for these isotopes/fallout clouds.. a low peak followed by a higher peak to fininsh?? about six minutes apart.. but with variation between.. so maybe the fallout is breaking up more? there is more on the way possibly if the circular wind pattern in northwest europe doesnt change!!

    hope you like the mix.. i will endevour to improove the music editing but ive been busy! hope you like this piece as it matches the "pace" quite well!

  • It's All Lies craigtaylor994

    Hi Arclight

    Norway wow..! Do they like it there?

    That's some travelling to do! Shame those Bond films you've been watching can't teach you how to be a pilot! Be alot easier then..

    Haha is the German coffee not to our standards of Costa and Starbucks?

    Aussie standards would be like 18 hours away on a plane!

    She must be mad!

    • arclight arclight

      norways a lovely place with lovely (if uninformed) people… life is based around the family and the norwegians have a strong social service ethos, that is presently being destroyed by the norwegaan power brokers…

      american mining interests have norway mapped and the plans to have norway fracked.. so the corporations need to depress the economy so the norwegians will be happy for jobs!! same old story… they seem to be falling for it! ๐Ÿ™

      and they have to eat glow in the dark lamb!! but the kids love norway and the extended family are brilliant..

  • Bobby1

    The 160 Bq/kg of iodine-131 in Gunma prefecture sludge, as of Feb. 7, is the highest amount of iodine since they started measuring it on May 1. (Japanese)

    • arclight arclight

      they got to get them kids out of there.. its a crime!!
      thanks for the post bobby!! 131 nasty! make sure admin catches that one!!

  • vital1 vital1


    22 February 2012

    Arclight, thanks for the London radiation cloud info. I have past it on to friends who have family there.

    Spikes above .30 uS/Hr at around 9am in the morning. Dark blue line in the 24 hour chart is the daily average, .13 uS/Hr

    A couple tips for those new to using a Geiger Counter.

    If you do ground or external measurements on snow or wet surfaces make sure your Geiger counter in a sealed zip lock plastic bag. This is to protect it from contamination, and the elements. After out door use wash your hands and put on a pair of surgical gloves to remove it from the bag.

    Use one hand to hold the bag and the other to remove the Geiger Counter carefully. Then throw the plastic bag away and remove the gloves. Otherwise you could contaminated the Geiger counter. This is particularly important if your outside environment is becoming contaminated.

    Some of you use your Geiger counter to test food. Don't place it directly against fruit and vegetables etc., the surface contact could also contaminate your Geiger counter and prevent it from providing accurate measurements in the future. Put food for testing in a plastic bag first.

    Geiger Counters are not sensitive enough to be of much use testing food or liquids unless the food or liquid is badly contaminated it won't show anything above your background level.

    You really need a scintillator or spectrometer to do food and liquid testing properly, and the skills to work this equipment properly. Then again Geiger counter testing of food, or liquids before consumption is better than nothing.

    • arclight arclight

      hi vital
      glad it was of use..

      23 feb 2011 over two days worst yet!!

      i have travelled through two measurable radiation clouds.. took this over the last two days.. mostly 0.13 microsieverts/hr or most definately more
      worst today 0.42 microsieverts/hr !!
      seems like less slow rises to 0.21 mcSv/h last night the slow rise got to 0.29 mcSv/h!! my camera battery was flat!! arghh! but there will be more..

      strong definate pulses and distinct large clouds.. at 30 miles an hour heading into the wind it took me 25 minutes to get to the other side of the cloud.. 15 minutes more than my biggin hill experience!

      might point out i went to oxford today and outside of the towns the level is about 0.12 mcSv/h but with peaks and rises to 0.15 mcSv/h..

      last night was a minger!! ugh!
      sore throat today anyone??

      this is definately from la hague!! and its heading in to europe!

      notice the shaftsbury avenue sign!! i am so getting banned from london during the olympics!!

      message to handler… any chance of a cash payment to get me out of the country for the olympics?? .. about ยฃ2000.00 should do it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      save you data mining my butthole to buggery! just a thought??

  • Sue

    Yeah, did have a dodgy throat this morning funnily enough – Thames Valley.

  • arclight arclight

    hi sue
    we got hit by at least one big cloud with the reading rising to 0.29 microsieverts/hr last night at about 23.00 hrs if you were further up the valley towards henley/oxford i found that as i went into the towns the levels began to rise and on the country sections i got lower values! clouds are drifting over the country still as i got multiples of peaks in countryside or urban environments!

    think this is because the fallout gets trapped in the towns after a fallout flyby!! its worse in london as the london basin seeems to trap smaller more condensed clouds!

    this afternoon i saw lower values ignoring the half hour (approx) peaks

    the range this afternoon was 0.08 to 0.17 microsieverts/hr with most hits above 0.11.. the highest recorded peak was 0.37 mcSv/h

    • arclight arclight

      oh and to clarify for you sue

      the normal range would be 0.03 to 0.15 microsieverts/hr
      with most hits under 0.08 mcSv/h

      the peaks are writ off as electrical static, so i count the amount of spikes per hour and note if it is in an area that has wi-fi coverage.. in my experience the peaks are more likely to happen after increased fallout .. and the peaks can be of the same amount and clustered..

      since the european relaeases the level has gone above most of japan!! we have only a vague idea of the isotopes and the scientists and universities are set to deny knowledge of any health effect releases..

      we cant prove anything.. i know of alot of people in norway with cancer and think that the nuclear lobby in scandinavia are trying to hide the increased levels from the norwegians.. tried to post some info on the "foriegner" newspaper website but was moderated.. only 2 other comments?? but quite interesting!!

      i mentioned the other european releases and i didnt think they would go THERE! ๐Ÿ™‚

      if there is any change i will post here.. will be doing another video soon..over the weekend to try and summarise "a month on the isotope"

      ive turned into a geek and im 50!! i hate nukes!! ๐Ÿ™

      should be planning my retirement not becoming an activist?? but individual actions are the hardest for the security services to keep track off as there is no data to forewarn possible actions!! the more that do there own thing by contacting officials universities charities even the media, you would be suprised how many people are not aware of 350,000 children living in 4 times the evacuation standard of chernobyl, the japanese are giving very false (too false to be true) figures for contamination of food.. thats why they came down on busby and anyone who does testing including the chinese!!

      i really dont trust these people with these highly dangerous materials..

      they are too cavalier in their…

  • Sue

    Thanks Arclight.
    I have been on this site since last March after moving my children back from Los Angeles within days of the meltdowns and I am horrified to learn that European levels are now above Japanese levels. If this is true, it looks like I may have made the wrong decision to return and I could have saved my family and myself a lot of stress and heartache. Everyone thinks I'm crazy of course but I just wanted to keep my kids safe. Totally agree with you regarding individual actions and like you, I am now finding myself actively trying to turn the tide and confronting bad journalists with their true responsibilities. Don't really want to go down to Hinkley, wish there was something happening to commemorate in London. Good luck.

    • arclight arclight

      hi sue
      dont be despondent if you dont get the reply that you want! give good main stream links and the stronger arguments put up by the anti nuke scientists!

      but the love of the ICRP model is strong! and incredibly naive! developed by mathematicians with no common sense..

      the way i look at t, every time you contact someone, it is likely that others will find out.. so if you want to contact a scientist in a university, dont contact them directly, go through another department..

      that means that others get to see the point you are making and may become alerted..

      it has suprised me how often i surprise others when i do this type of contact.. use the phone for those you think might be sympathetic and letters or emails for those less sympathetic..

      sorry about the out of the frying pan and into the fire scenario you have found yourself in!! i cant tell the isotopes but they are heavy in beta and not so in gamma, but it is hard to gauge the deposition.. the fallout clouds seem smaller than from the last two days.and the peaks are less intense.

      i think that the reactors are the same! they turned off fad net because the daichi contamination has put the allowed annual release from the local reactors over the top.. its pretty funny when you see the lengths they are going to to keep this secret! the moves they are making are so obvious a child could spot them!!

      well the alternative media knows know and so do loads of other people.. some secret! ๐Ÿ™‚

      good luck with contacting the press!! the more the merrier!!
      wellcome to enenews!!
      take care sue

  • CB CB

    3 pages of radiation Mapping & participating: Fukushima radiation maps.

  • arclight arclight

    0.15 microsieverts/hr relates to about 13 millisieverts/year

    Smoking 1.5 packs a day: 13 mSv per year (tobacco leaves absorb isotopes as they grow)(arc they also readily absorb the isotopes released from nuclear plants to clarify the forbes err research)

    hmm so the nuclear industry does the same damage as say making a beagle smoke 20 cigarettes a day!

    isnt passive smoking banned in most public places?? but not the equivalent isotopic gas/particulate version? hmmm?

    just leaving this bit here a minute.. and thought someone might concur with this fact! cheers ๐Ÿ™‚ in advance!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • CB CB

      Yes, I read an article that internal radiation exposure is however 1 Trillion times more damaging than external exposure. No reference on the study of tobacco given from Forbes Staff. Likely the study would have to be from various tobacco farms. Tobacco farms likely downwind or down stream of a NNP would in my opinion be more likely to have higher mSv per pack of cigarettes. Wouldn't that study if ever was one be outdated with the fallout from Japan?

        • CB CB

          Center for Disease Control – Radiation Measurement
          One chest x-ray 10 mrem 0.1 mSv
          Forbes study –
          Chest x-ray: .04 mSv single dose

          • arclight arclight

            thats about 2 x-rays a week nearly from the power plants in europe pro rata since august (budapest and mercoule etc)

            for every man woman and child..

            thanks for the tobbaco link!

      • arclight arclight

        good point cb

        they give an external dose measurement for an internal dose…

        bit of an obvious con when you look at it that way!!

        and that is a dose measured against a 33 year old male is the standard i believe, so the dose for a young girl would be seven times the effect (love ian goddard!)according to the BEIR 7 report!

        might be oversimplifying here but that would mean an equivalent dose to a young girl of 91 millisieverts?? hmm need to see that video again!!

        lots of food for thought there cb.. i need to get to grips with this dose equivalent buisness…

        thanks for the input.. going to crash now, i will return!!
        peace light and love to you all!

  • It's All Lies craigtaylor994

    Hi Arclight,

    It sounds very nice that Norway is built around the family, as you don't see any of that in the UK! Speaking to family and stuff I can't believe how much has changed in like 20 years, and how different people are!

    If USA has Norway in their crosshairs for fracking, they'll irradiated in groundwater if they havent't already anyway ๐Ÿ™

    Typical foreign interesting destroying an economy! That's sad ๐Ÿ™

    Glow in the dark lamb! I never!
    That's good they like it and to be honest I'd get out of the UK if I could..

    • arclight arclight

      the uk has always been a hotbed of activism.. looks like the boom years have dampened peoples enthusiasm for life! but they will GET IT!! eventually..

      we need change and whether the powers that be want it or not they are going to get it too!!

      radiation knows no borders and there is a heavy deposition in places thought safe like new zealand! the nuke lobby is a sharing crowd! when the uk gets a decent rad network going (maybe we might be able to organise some testing! and find out the true state of affairs! europe needs to do this now! for the future generations…

      but one step at a time? eh?

      the only reason to move if, like in japan, there is heavy and fixed surface contamination… basically at 1 meter above ground i get more than most japanese geigers.. however if i put it on the ground i get no change or maybe lower because its in the wind… in alot of japan if you did that , the gieger reading would increase.. especially if there is a hotspot underfoot! thats my take..

      in the uk the serious deposition is off the coast ie dounray,, and on the mountain tops again!! so the permissable levels in lamb are more likely to be met!

      no warning on the mushrooms!! and berries! didnt pick the english wild blueberries in liegth hill near dorking!! ๐Ÿ™ they are really sweet and nice ๐Ÿ™

      and the levels in milk over the past year?? seems like few want to go there!!

      heres the gieger reading for last night and this morning

      at lunch time i got lowis levels but by 16.00 hrs gmt the rises becane longer and reached 0.21 mcSv/h again?? now im geting suspicious that hinkley (upwind) might be putting out emmissions in the early evening/afternoon!! these pulses over the last few days have been very strong and i can actually measure the length or width of the fallout cloud .. i believe that they are pulsing the releases in the hope of it mixing down.. i think that the clouds attract particles from within and without so they fail …..

      • arclight arclight

        to hide the contamination… the averaging out the dose per head of population is shown to be faulty when you consider that

        a) thick clouds of isotopes are directed narrowly at a small target.. anything outside that narrow band gets no dose and the target gets a much higher dose!

        b the fact that these doses per head are based on external dose not internal..

        c) no effect on the biosphere is taken into account.. i think the fish etc get the external dose equation treatment!!

        thanks for giving me the opertunity to muse.. some of this might come in handy for any project that i might do in the future!! thats why i like enenews.. truly inspiring (in a geeky sort of way!)


  • selfsovereign

    Hi all,
    Would someone mind testing their gold wedding band with your geiger counter?

    "If you had a wedding ring made out of those flakes you'd be getting twice as much radiation in an hour as most people get in a year," said Joseph R. Egan, a lawyer representing the employees.
    "the possibility that [the plant] may have contaminated the nation's gold supply" at Fort Knox, he said.

    In the decommissioning of nuclear warheads, the workers scavenged all the gold parts they could, melted them down onsite into ingots, and sold them on the commercial market. Nickel and aluminum ingots as well were found to emit 500 millirems/twice a yearly dose, PER HOUR!
    Radioactive gold is up over $1700.00/oz, crazy flippin world……….
    Time to switch out to a braided wedding band. And no more stainless steel teapot, I'm going back to clay.

  • arclight arclight

    24 feb 2012 – 06.00 hrs gmt and some footage of last night to begin

    since about 11.00 hrs gmt the values have lowered to 0.11 mcSv/h with rises to 0.15 mcSv/h with few peaks… the rises are further apart and sporadic..

    maybe some good news? though la hague and catternom are still emmitting isotopes.. on the case to find out! what? will be posting a video about this soon!

    i wouldnt rule out night emmissions at hinkley uk either!!

    since 16.00 hrs gmt the levels have risen with small clouds drifting around the reading is currently reaching 0.21 microsieverts/hr with odd peaks in the 0.37 mcSv/h range

  • CB CB

    North Carolina comes in with the highest count of 91 taday on this map.

    • wideawake wideawake

      Hmmmm…Brunswick NC plant.. Power failure forces reactor shutdown..Two GE BWRsโ€ฆ

    • Net

      Hi CB, I check Radiation Network regularly and never see the readings go up. Did you see the 91 posted on that site? I wish someone would post reading from the Bay Area, CA. Also, hope James from Colorado is doing ok. I haven't seen him posting lately. I haven't seen Westcoastgirl post lately either.

      • CB CB

        Hi Net, yes I posted the link above and it immediately changed at that location making a liar out of me.

        • Net

          CB: I believe you. I think the Radiation Network is not accurate- I mean I am suspicious that the readings are monitored or changed if they show a high reading.??? I noticed a lot of people are not posting their readings. Anne used to post a lot and I haven't seen her. I will stick to the topic of radiation readings so I don't get banned for being off topic. Did she leave the site? thanks

          • CB CB

            I'm sure she's here. She's probably taking a break. I think the monitoring data is being manipulated myself also. We can only utilize the tools at our disposal.

          • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

            Net, it's not a matter of being "changed" or "taken down" after a high reading on radiation network. They are 1 minute averages and they can change that quickly..62 one minute, 32 the next etc. Oftentimes, as was the case earlier this week, one spiked to over several hundred cpm due to someone walking by who had just received cancer treatment. Oftentimes it's someone testing something and forgetting to disconnect their geiger from the network before doing so. All I can tell you is I've never seen any manipulation happen and I am certain mine isn't. Why not get your own and join!?:)

            CB, it's been a refreshing beginning of a forced 30 day period of no namecalling, link-bombing and ignoring in my opinion.

  • I have stopped posting because given the equipment I have, what I report is misleading. I'm using a Soeks detector which is better then nothing and at least will tell me if something really bad is happening. Would recommend spending more money and doing more research if you are thinking about buying such equipment. But if your on a budget get a water filter first. Here in Vancouver BC, I haven't found any abnormal readings, which doesn't mean that everything is good. Internal radiation in small quantities is more dangerous then detectable doses of external exposure. My equipment doesn't detect alpha radiation (plutonium ) hot particles, iodine, cesium etc in water and food etc etc. I have a whole bunch of issues and problems in my life I have to deal with immediately so I don't have the time to scour the surrounding mountains for hot spots. I research and participate here when I can. Any high readings in Europe or USA could be from local reactors or MOX factories or from the army. Maybe not Fukushima. Bottom line, me continually reporting normal readings will give others a false sense of security. My educated opinion, honestly is I don't know what exposure level I have experienced. No doubt the information presented here at Enenews is accurate and further it is clear Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is purposely under reported by mainstream. The very real concern is that the situation is worse then reported and therefore the possibility increases that the spent fuel pools will go. That and the plutonium are the two main things "they" the nebulous they that dick around with our lives, don't talk about.
    I try to avoid certain foods, run a hepa filter, stay out of the rain etc etc. and I just pray my 2 and 3 year old will have a long healthy life.

    Going to church and praying more these days. And staying away from booze etc so if things really get bad I will have a clear head to deal with any emergency. what else can you do?

    • Net

      Mark, thanks. Me too…I just try to do my best.

    • arclight arclight

      hi mark

      "I have stopped posting because given the equipment I have, what I report is misleading"

      in what way?

      "My equipment doesn't detect alpha radiation (plutonium ) hot particles, iodine, cesium etc in water and food etc etc"

      the soeks is excellent for air readings and for rain monitoring.
      although it doesnt detect alpha particles it does beta.. low readings with very strong activity in the activity bar.. i use that more than the digital figure readout…

      as to food the soeks can tell if a product is strongly contaminated.. more than 500 bq/m3 , i believe…

      as to the different isotopes of gamma i believe that iodine or xenon 131 particles, will give of the higher range peaks 0.50 mcSv/h while the cesium 134 and 137 give of lesser 0.33 mcSv/h for example.. and if i generalise in my theory.. beta will show aloy of yellow but will peak in the 0.29 range.. both in short flyby particle bursts and large dense fallout clouds.. watch my videos.. all is further explained..

      if you are getting low readings post them.. i do, and now there is an incident i am ready to monitor it.. do 2 5 minute readings a day and make 1 post.. if it gets heavy, you will want to monitor it closely anyway..

      the details will help us build up a picture of the edges of contamination, i hope you will see my point on this, even if you dont agree with my other posits!! even a once a week post would help alot for any other canadian monitors..

      i have proven a fukushima effect mainly with the hol annual graph from norway using radnet..

      there is alot of evidence to show mountainous areas becoming hotter spots because of the aging reactors that they have extended….

      take care mark

  • arclight arclight

    ive posted the gieger reading for london on the bbc documentary

    its a wild ride here in london.. hinkley is playing up and the winds are bringing it to london in very little time.. the clouds are very condensed up to 0.29 mcSv/h the levels have dropped today a bit hovering around 0.15 mcSv/h but with multiple peaks and drops.. the activity bar top left supports the idea of beta .. as does the isotope evidence i found on eurdep! ive posted a 2 part analysis and recording of the data under the gieger reading and a couple of articles!!

  • selfsovereign

    Did someone ban Anne? After all she has done for this site?!!!!!
    SO……..The reason the most interesting beings on this site – Anne and Tacomagroove – are not posting is because some megalamaniac @ enenews has BANNED THEM?!!!!!!!!

    WTF ENENEWS? Just when you THINK you find a group of humans whom are intelligent, mature and aware enough that I actually give a hoot about their views……… flippin BAN THEM……………………….Bad form enenews, bad form……………

    Seriously, I'd like to know.

  • James2

    Enenews is privately owned. The owner can pick and choose who he/she wants.

    If Anne got banned, don't worrry, she's still here with another 10 or so names as always.

    Tacoma has been posting recently.

    • James2

      BTW – I think the owner of Enenews has been very generous with allowing all kinds of folks with every opinion to continue on this site – I'm not aware of anyone that has been banned, but if they are it would take something really egregious – I recall one shill last summer that started posting random pornographic descriptions in order to keep people from reading the threads, and even then the admin didn't ban him for awhile, if ever.

      • selfsovereign

        Thankyou James,
        Obviously I'm over-reacting. But with the high traffic volume and numerous ads here, I would never accept the cognative dissonance required to ban one of the silver bullets in the only weapon we have against the werewolf that is the nuclear industry on this planet. I do not understand the porno/shill correlation at all.Apples to oranges, context wise.Tolerance is a pre-requisite for creativity, learning and idea exchange………you know, that thing called life.LOL
        If anyone should have been banned, it was me, 7 months ago. Just saying………..If anyone (enenews) or anything (their ability to censor) thinks they are more important than the ACTUAL FIGHT to maybe, JUST maybe, stop nuclear energy, then of course I will just get my news 2 days sooner, elsewhere.

        None of the bickering, mud slinging or dissagrement matters. It's just growing pains, baby!
        All that matters is that we GET THERE one day. We GET THERE and end nuclear energy.

        • James2

          It's well known that my opinion is that Anne was a shill. Several disagreed with me on that.

          If you looked at her numerous posts, they were almost always off-topic and came in barrages just after someone posted something really significant. They were always loaded with references to conspiracies and religion. She also sometimes gave links to very suspicious spyware sites.

          Not saying all of it was garbage – but in relation to the topic at hand, most was irrelevant.

          At various times Anne claimed to have wildly different backgrounds and educations levels. Sometimes she was a grandmotherly substitute teacher who couldn't find work, later on she was a PHD nuclear researcher.

          All indicative of Anne not being one person, but a crew of professional message board "handlers".

          That crew is still here with similar, but different tactics, names and personas.

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    USGS Measures Fallout from Fukushima in US NADP Precipitation Samples

    • Wheever Wheever

      Crap. One of the sampling points was EXACTLY where I am, and radionuclides WERE detected. Not surprised, just hoping it somehow magically wasn't the case.

  • Mack Mack


    Has anyone here measured radiation in southwest Florida (Tampa and south of Tampa) โ€”> the sand or the beach or the air coming off the Gulf of Mexico of southwest Florida?

    Because the NOAA hypersplit map on this link shows the plume touching the southwest Florida coast.

  • sonnen.blum.239 sonnen.blum.239

    I dunno bout Florida; I'm in Missouri. But whereever jet stream goes, higher readings. Snow here last week (Feb 13-14) was 13x background. Attempting to get new background baseline inside/outside house 950' above sea level in woods south of urban area, weather wise, track in the same band sw-ne along I-44. Will post St. louis area readings in next few days. I travel Anna Maria and Marco often)

  • CB CB

    How sea water could corrode nuclear fuel "UC Davis researchers have found a mechanism where the sodium in sea water can cause uranium nano-particles to be released from nuclear reactor fuel rods. Normally the uranium oxide compounds composing the rods are very resistant to leaching into water. This could have serious consequences for the Fukushima disaster, since sea water was used for emergency cooling."

  • vital1 vital1


    25 February 2012

    24 hour chart – one minute sampling.

    The highest recorded peak was .34 uS/Hr at 7.33 am. More spikes of .30 uS/Hr between 7am to 8am in the morning. Dark blue line in the 24 hour chart is the daily average, .146 uS/Hr. This all happened at the end of a significant local rain event. Some local areas received 340 mm of rain in 24 hours.

    I looked at the local weather radar at the time and the rain event came in off the ocean from the north north east. The same direction as the radiation cloud that I detected passing over the east coast of Australia on January 8th 2012.

  • vital1 vital1

    New Zealand,
    1st February 2012

    Another radiation cloud, this time a massive 4.5 uS/Hr recorded passing over Dunedin New Zealand on the 1st February 2012 at 2am in the morning, during a rain event! I have just been given permission to publish it by my contact in New Zealand. It shocked everyone, so the owner of the Geiger counter needed to make sure the equipment was working correctly and spoke to the manufacturer, and was assured it was working correctly.

    Previous article on another radiation cloud passing over New Zealand is here.

    I have just added this chart to that article.

  • radegan

    Volusia County, FL
    Mazur PRM 8000

    Something's up over the last few days. Background radiation no longer stable, oscillating wildly between high and low measurements that are far outside of the pattern that's been established for months. Don't know what to make of it yet. Background has not risen in 24 hour averages beyond error capacity +/-15% but in the year of doing this, I have never seen oscillations like this. Seems more concentrated in gamma. I have two geiger counters, both are detecting the same short oscillations. Any ideas?

    • vital1 vital1


      I have seen this happen when radiation clouds are passing through.

      What peaks are you getting?

      What is your average normal local background level?

      If they is a significant difference it is probably a radiative cloud passing through.

    • arclight arclight

      at radegan
      i noticed a southerly wind pattern from slightly north.. is it a local reactor? maybe plymouth?? which i believe is having problems? the majority of the wind seems to be heading west except for the sounthern area of the states coast?

    • Mack Mack


      Make sure to check this map every day. Something is blowing in over Florida. Some areas were in the "RED" Unhealthy recently, and much of the state was in and out of the "YELLOW" the last few days.

  • vital1 vital1

    It will make more sense minus the typos.

    I have seen this happen when radiation clouds are passing through.

    What peaks are you getting?

    What is your average normal local background level?

    If there is a significant difference between the two it is probably a radioactive cloud passing through.

  • radegan

    For many months now my average daily has been 11cpm. It reached 44cpm during April 2011. As you watch the device take its averages, the current display most often read 8cpm, 11cpm, 15cpm, 17cpm and perhaps 3% of the readings were above or below that going as low as 2cpm and as high as 32cpm – all averaging out to 11cpm, a very low reading. What I see now might look like this in current readings: 0 cpm, 23 cpm, 35 cpm, 5 cpm, 2cpm. It looks clumped up. It's a Taco type question – do airborne radioactive particles attract each other into clumps? Can that attraction be artificially increased?

  • arclight arclight

    26 feb 2012 12.00 hrs gmt london radiation reading

    put an audio on this.. sorry about the quality as im trying to get to grips with the software etc.. i ve added some cut and paste artistry but the link tot the full podcast is here
    and ive commented on updated information since last april.. they were a bit quick to jump on the "everything is alright" brigade.. it does the nuclear victims of fukushima and sorrounds a diservice in my view..
    the truth is that the evacuees were sent into the strongest part of the fallout cloud… and no iodine as reported here! bad show williams and monibot, in my opinion.. you can make your own minds up by following the guardian link!

    Guardian Focus podcast: The nuclear debate after Fukushima and Chernobyl

    George Monbiot, Helen Caldicott and Laurence Williams join host James Randerson to debate the future of the UK's nuclear programme following Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant disaster

    Presented by James Randerson and produced by Peter Sale, Thursday 21 April 2011 12.19 BST

    • ruth

      Thanks for this podcast! There is so much to admire in Helen Caldicott. She supports everything she says with research and she tells it straight. She does not allow others to derail or diminish her facts!

  • CB CB

    Daiichi Reactor Radiation Maps – Simply Info

  • It's All Lies craigtaylor994

    Hi Arclight,

    I'm sure everyone here will get it! A change is badly needed, and maybe (only maybe) since Chernobyl people might pay more attention to nuclear things..

    So you theres not much ground contamination here, just in the air?

    It's always the poor lambs and sheep that get the radiation!! As if they weren't glow in the dark enough from Chernobyl!

    I'm going to be weary of all the nice looking strawberries and cherries this year! Are they really good in Liegth Hill?

    Milks one good point I've not even considered! How would you measure it?

    In relation to readings, I watch 'After the apocalypse' last night, and it was about this town where they tested bombs very close, and they monitored all the people to see how radiation affected them.. Was absolutely shocking!
    The CPM in one of the creaters went up to 300, and the normal was 15! :O I don't know alot about readings but seemed scary! ๐Ÿ™

    With readings (Sorry if I sound stupid), what is the average for background compared to yours?


    So what's the deal with the Rad Net info stopping on Feb 20th for the entire US??? It should have been updated by now???

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Arclight, crazy lemming, if you come along here, please find this note:
    I contakted the user helpdesk at EURDEP (Mr Kalkas) to find out how they're doing with their ongoing server problem. Kindly asking if / when the station's details would be online again. Told him I was asking also on behalf of a UK-based lemming.

    He said all is fine and sent me today's Lux. data sheet as a screenshot (well we knew THEY didn't have a problem, don't we)

    And he wrote:
    "As the application seems to work from my computer, I will have to ask our technical experts what might cause the problem at your end.

    We will return to your problem soonest โ€“ and please rest assured that there is no conspiracy to hide information from the public.

    Yours truly, blah blah"

    (He was really friendly though, this Kalkas dude). Wonder if he falls in a rabbit hole while talking to the tech guy….

    *just wanted to let you know, hope all is good where you are

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Morning all. EURDEP works again!! E-mail I got this morning:
    "I have been informed by our technical team that the problem
    you have detected has been rectified โ€“ after running some tests
    it really seems to be so.

    Please try EURDEP again at your convenience.
    In case it still does not work properly, do not hesitate to contact us again."


  • arclight arclight

    hi guys and gals

    sorry i havent been about but ive been ill..
    still am

    eurdep bavck on after the worst of catternom and hinckley.. and maybe one or two others!! pretty convenient b ans b!! lol!

    its good that your contact was so nice!

    is mr kamas one of my regular viewers? it would be interesting to get some feedback from him on the "tutorials"

    promoting eurdep keeps him and others in a job! and a very important one!!

    b and b! WELL DONE! now heres a uk london update and im back off to bed ๐Ÿ™ not well!! pb210 poisoning… ?? got a really bad headache and a massive coughing fit yesterday…yuk! i hate hinkley!!

    28th feb 2012 london radiation

    tarting to get some lower values and less peaks!
    but we still have small roaming clouds. the continuing strength of t ereadings lead me to still suspect hinkley.. but they have lessened the emmissons!!.