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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 9:11 am ET


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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 9:11 am ET


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  • Rape among teens is not common. I already posted an article with that information. Why do men secretly put rohypnol into someone's drink.

    The men who rape get drunk to avoid jail time

    No one has said that the assaulted women were drunk.

  • Evangelicals, and no doubt Catholic, consider the victim of sexual violence and rape the fault of the woman and don't blame the perpetrator who is the godly man.

    I Kissed Consent Goodbye

    Purity Culture and Sexual Violence on Evangelical Christian Campuses

    "…They also note that the programs 'reinforce gender stereotypes about female passivity and male …'…

    "Evangelical students are entering radicalized colleges ignorant of basic sexual concepts with rigid and damaging beliefs about gender, which include believing men are incapable of self-control and women must be both submissive and vigilant. aggressiveness,” highlighting a distinct similarity between purity culture and rape culture….

    "In radicalized communities where rigid gender roles and misogyny that might otherwise serve as red flags are idealized, it is even more difficult for survivors to recognize sexual violence, especially if the assailant is a member of the religious community….

    "Any purity violation—especially if that behavior broke the school’s codes of conduct regulating things like alcohol consumption, premarital sexual activity, unchaperoned interactions between opposite sex students, or modesty dress codes—is proof positive that the survivor participated in her assault….

    "characteristics that are problematic or even abusive are beknighted as virile and therefore godly. Purity culture is rape culture in its Sunday best. “



      Of course, this is the contradictory thinking of a patriarchy. How is a passive and submissive female equipped to resist a rape or to report it afterwards? The Catholic Church is even more patriarchal than evangelical or fundamentalist Protestant churches. And how is it Biblical to think that a dominant sexual violent man is created in God's image or following the example of Jesus?

      • One of the problems for the Christian Church is the misinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The apple that Eve gets Adam to eat has nothing to do with sex. But rather the fruit is from the tree of the Knowledge of Good And Evil. This means when anyone who eats of this fruit that that person thinks he/she knows more than God. In other words it is the sin of pride or hubris. This is the sin that creates nuclear bombs and nuclear energy and other environmental toxins. This is the sin that is destroying the whole earth which was created tp be the Garden of Eden. It has nothing to do with sex at all and certainly doesn’t make the victim responsible for the violence of rape or any other violence or bullying.

        This is especially the problem of an interpretation from a church that doesn’t allow priests to marry.

  • “Coons scolded Republican senators for wanting staff or outside counsel to question Ford.
    "If we have senators who can't conduct respectful questioning perhaps they should reconsider their service in the Senate. It's a pretty basic part of our job."

    We are hearing some of the answers as to why the Republicans are refusing other witnesses to testify, why they won't allow a FBI investigation, why they are in such a hurry to vote for confirmation, why there are still hundreds of thousands of documents that are hidden by the White House.

    What about the Freedom of Information Act? What about the right of the people to transparency?

    And for those who say that this is all made up, there have been a number of conservative justices confirmed to the Supreme Court without all these accusations.

    The saddest part of this nomination is that it is to a person who considers himself to be above the law and above the Constitution. Listening to his answers without considering all the lying, he believes in ignoring all the freedoms of the Constitution. Is he going to take away the right to vote from women? He certainly thinks he has the right to deny her any control over her own body. Is he going to call non-whites only 2/3 of a person? He will vote for unlimited money from foreign governments for elections and for officials. He is for bribery and corruption and for unbridled power…

    • Let's not forget the white supremacist hand signal from one of his aides behind him during his testimony in one of his hearings. How an Republicans be fore White Supremacists. It is not American, totally against ly the Constitution. And it is not Christian at all. All Christians who support Trump and Kavanaugh should realize that Trump lied to evangelical leaders that the law has not changed with regard to not being able to preach political opinions from the Pulpit. And Trump has initiated taxes for churches and non-profit organizations which provide safety nets. Voting for Trump and Kavanaugh (who would be the 6th Catholic on the Supreme Court) will not only take away healthcare safety nets, privatize social security but would also mean the loss of the separation between church and state, and the loss of religious freedom in the U.S. Kavanaugh is in favor of unlimited spying on US citizens without any warrants. Will that take away search and seizure at the whim of any official. It would be the end of Western civilization that has developed the last 2,000 years.

  • I got an email from an influential Christian who is in favor of Kavanaugh because he is an Originalist judge. But there are real problems with that interpretation of the Constitution and we already have Originalist judges on the Supreme Court. For example:

    “…7. Originalists lose sight of the forest because they pay too much attention to trees. The larger purpose–the animating spirit–of the Constitution was the protection of liberty, and we ought to focus on that.

    "8. Nazi Germany: Originalist German judges did not exercise the power they might have to prevent or slow down inhumane programs….”

    Theories of Constitutional Interpretation.

  • slandermen slandermen

    Here's something interesting. It relates to "civilized" society you've inherited much from.

    "The latest release of findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales shows more than 510,000 women – an estimated 3.1% of all women aged 16 to 59 – experienced some type of sexual assault in the past year."

    I would of course wager that most of the assaulted are on the younger side. If you consider that, you get some bleak shit. It could easily be >10% of all women in the 16-24 year old range, for instance. In one year. This is not civilized behaviour.

    Also, I would wager that there could be very many (perhaps even beyond those statistics shown) below the age of 16 that are assaulted.

    That link from this article:

    • slandermen slandermen

      And in that case, I would say it is because of their society's many many failings, including shit judicial systems, traditionalist/legacy/juvenile culture promoting misogyny and lack of effective means for women to defend themselves with.

      I am almost entirely certain (as in, miniscule amounts of reasonable doubt) that the people younger than 16 (not mentioned by those statistics) are even more affected than those statistics show.

  • slandermen slandermen

    And about the psycho/sociopathy relating to assaults. Isn't it strange that those are typically found in, say, managerial, government, corporate positions and such?

    Trying to whitewash that as being a republican-only problem, is bullshit.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      "about the psycho/sociopathy relating to assaults. Isn't it strange that those are typically found in, say, managerial, government, corporate positions and such?"

      dont forget the church.

      Its pretty obvious; mankind has taken the pecking order to a new level of sickness. People seeking power positions are usually the sicker ones and this is why overlords are historically psychopathic, narcissist asses.

      Simply said, nobody seeking leadership should be made a leader. For starters, the global village should read up on Eric Bernes transactional analysis, the parent, adult, child interpersonal dynamic. And the Karpman drama triangle of victim rescuer and persecutor. The narcissist, flying monkey, provincial triangle, the overlord, knight, peasant triangle. The capitalist elite/government/public triangle.

      Mankind is lost in delusion, drowning in social neurosis caused by distortions of natural animal drives. The social order and fabric of society will fray and rot like a moth and varmint eaten coat.

  • slandermen slandermen

    Related to something Ambiorix said about exposure to bugs and shit, which I know to be true to some extent (depends on the pathogens) and is essentially the fundamental basis of immune system function (and even for tainted vaccines).

    "Exposure to farmyard bugs reduces immune overreaction found in childhood asthma

    Treating new born mice with farmyard microbes reduces wheezing and inflammation in the airways, by 'taming' their immune systems."

    Alternatively, you could consider that as a form of immune system/lymphatic system hijacking (as with vaccines or some other things, such as tonsil removal).

  • slandermen slandermen

    Oh, a PAH mention.

    "Chlorophyllin (CHLN) is a semi-synthetic sodium/copper derivative of chlorophyll. Unlike chlorophyll, it is water-soluble, and like chlorophyll it has deodorizing activity. Chlorophyll and CHLN are antimutagenic in vitro in cultured cells exposed to mutagens such as BP, dibenzo(a,l) pyrene (DBP), 3-methylcholanthrene, N-methyl-N’-nitro-N’-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG), and aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) (Arimoto et al., 1993; Mata et al., 2004). Chlorophyll and CHLN also have anticarcinogenic effects in animal models exposed to carcinogens such as AFB1, 1,2-dimethylhydrazine, and DBP (Breinholt et al., 1995a; Breinholt et al., 1995b; Dashwood et al., 1998; Harttig and Bailey 1998; Hayashi et al., 1999). In China, where dietary AFB1 exposures are high and hepatocellular carcinoma is widespread, CHLN dietary supplementation was reported to substantially decrease AFB1-induced DNA damage (Egner et al., 2003)."

    Eat lots of spinach?

  • At least 600 Yale alumnae stand with new Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez in open letter

    “We have a shared experience of the environment,” the letter says.

    • “…Fifty-three percent of Americans said that they want the FBI to investigate, according to the CBS News Battleground Tracker poll, while 47 percent say there should not be an FBI investigation…”

    • slandermen slandermen

      Ok wait, let's say Kavanaugh is guilty of doing stupid shit. Does it occur to anyone that sort of response, the relating timing and shit is a bit odd? Also, I don't mean to point at the very fucking obvious thing here, but perhaps Yale had/has a problem.

      • He's guilty of crimes with no statute of limitations.

        • slandermen slandermen

          I dunno about that Anne, I can't say, it seems likely.

          But what I can say is it seems very unlikely that 600 people would suddenly mention that and the only problem was one person there. Wait, did he run the place too? So do you understand what I'm saying? Like, an institutional problem there?

          And I'm guessing, that could probably mean similar sort of accusations and shit about other people.

          • Republicans are worried about losing the votes of white suburban voters. Almost always the Congress changes with the midterms during a president's first term. Independent voters usually determine which party is elected.

            • slandermen slandermen

              Let me put it this way, if you get republicans or democrats with the same sort of bullshit, inherently corrupt garbage system you have? America will be gone before you'd be able to fathom it.

            • I meant to say women, that Republicans are worried about losing the votes of white suburban women voters.

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              True that. One of the fun things about being independent, is wondering if you can swing the vote on the two ignorant parties that incessantly bicker over mostly useless crap.

              Perhaps you could tell us the percentage of women that have consensual sex, and at some point in the future, regret it. Some of them even marry the person, and in the future, get a divorce.

              It is quite frustrating for the people that think further ahead, as it is they, the public at Large, the government so to speak, that ends up having to support them because of their bad decisions. Them, their children, and their miserable future.

              Bad thought process, leads to bad decisions.
              Perhaps it even works the other way around.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Enenews has become Dr. Anne's political agenda du jour website.

                Just a sideshow. Am also an independent – I hear ya' Air Sep.

                Meanwhile, aside from the political sideshow, any form of meaningful protest in the U.S. against globalist/multinationalist agendas is being characterized as "terrorism."


                9/24/18 Will Parrish: ‘Treating protest as terrorism’: US plans crackdown on Keystone XL activists

                Recent cases in point – viewing activism as terrorism: the Uranium One debacle in Eastern Oregon a few years ago, and the murder of Lavoy Finnicum. Now Standing Rock and "full speed ahead" for the Keystone Pipeline. Found article above by accident when researching water policy issues.

                We face total DEATH of ALL human rights in the US. Studying Agenda 21, Wildlands Project, all the buzzwords used in planning like "sustainability", "smart growth", etc. Eventually, if the folks running the U.N. and the likes of the Rockefellers and all the folks have their way – it will be the death of us, too. Their stated goal is to eliminate our control of property, and make us all property of the state.

                Suspect Dr. Anne is a plant and her function is to keep our attention diverted from the un-obvious threats to our collective welfare. Attract, distract, divert.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Remember Heart of the Rose? She used to mention the Tavistock Foundation a lot. Am now studying up on that, too.

                  We are very far down the road on the Agenda 21 road map. Have finally realized why the smart grid is being put in place, and how ALL the resources we need to survive will be rationed. It's all about creating scarcity and funneling resources and wealth into the pockets of elites.

                  The "smart grid" is a weaponized control grid. Smart meters will be used to ration power. I've already had them curtail my use of air conditioning here on blistering hot days. My thermostat mysteriously resets itself when my house gets too warm in the winter for the taste of TPTB. Sometimes I wonder if they're beta testing using me as a subject.

                  But I digress…. 5G is part of the control grid. When one begins to really study the smart grid, UN documents, how their plan has been executed down to the local level, use of the Delphi Technique to win our consent to their agendas, it's quite diabolical.

                  The problem is – all of the talk about the smart grid, smart cities, "stand and pack", making things clean and green, UN documents and all the crap coming out of the think tanks is…. It all looks good on the face of it. Sounds great, and if the intent were just to help move us in the direction of TRULY "sustainable development" then fine.

                  But it will be done without our consent. TPTB wanted it to be done largely w/o our knowledge and consent. A lot of us are catching…

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Clarification of the issues is provided in the full movie, "Take Back Your Power 2017" and review the statement by the former NSA official interviewed. (Movie made in 2013)

                  The smart grid and smart meters are effectively putting in place a surveillance grid. Per Thomas Drake (see below) it, 'raises the specter of soft tyranny" and "persistent universal wiretap."

                  Have gotten involved in opposition to some of this on the local level. Can tell you our local officials probably don't even know how they are implementing global agendas. The overall plan looks so innocuous on the face of it. Unless you know the character and intent of those at the top of this scheme, it's impossible to see it for what it is. That the environmental movement was co-opted by these people is unconscionable.

                  These statements:

                  Thomas Drake beginning at 24:00

                  16:38 James S. Turner, Esq. Rights Advocacy Lawyer
                  "This is a mandate. This is being pushed down your throat by a company that is not responsive, by a government that is not responsible, and it's being done by a collusion that is designed to undermine the individual rights of individual people across the country and in every country around the world."

                  18:22 Rafe Mair, former Minister of Environment, BC, Canada
                  "There is a worldwide privatization scheme" underway

                  (Note: The smart grid and sustainability masquerade as being for the public good. Their implementation essentially creates a Communnist style state where…

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  See, "The Future We Want"

                  Here's an example of a "Smart City" planner who probably doesn't grasp the implications of what he's working on:


                  All that brainpower used for intellectual masturbation (yeah, technological wet dream!) Such a classic case of not seeing the big picture:


                  IT professionals in my family. Do any of them understand the big picture, as viewed from their cubicles, I wonder?

                  Does this bother anyone besides me?


                  The imagery here just seemed really creepy and unsettling. "The City 2.0"

                  Want a better world here, for sure! Just don't like the path down which we are going. Like our Buckminster Fuller visions for a beautiful future were all co-opted by psychopathic and sociopathic monsters.

                  Population control? Yes, it would be a good thing. But not by the methods the elite currently envision, i.e., see Georgia Guidestones.

                  Ho out, rant over!

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    "The Future We Want"


                    "2. Eradicating poverty is the greatest global challenge facing the world today and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. In this regard we are committed to freeing humanity from poverty and hunger as a matter of urgency.

                    3. We therefore acknowledge the need to further mainstream sustainable development at all levels, integrating economic, social and environmental aspects and recognizing their interlinkages, so as to achieve sustainable development in all its dimensions.

                    4. We recognize that poverty eradication, changing unsustainable and promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production and protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development are the overarching objectives of and essential requirements for sustainable development. We also reaffirm the need to achieve sustainable development by promoting sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth, creating greater opportunities for all, reducing inequalities, raising basic standards of living, fostering equitable social development and inclusion, and promoting integrated and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems that supports, inter alia, economic, social and human development while facilitating ecosystem conservation, regeneration and restoration and resilience in the face of new and emerging challenges.

                    5. We reaffirm our commitment to…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    whats bad about the georgia guidestones again?

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      There needs to be consent of the governed. Informed consent. True respect for human rights.

                      Just not sure we can get there. So yes, Code, three pound ape brains at work.

                      Am inspired by a lot of the truly visionary thinking out there – but TPTB including corporate interests, big energy and telecomm, petro-industry, banks, governments, suppress the very technologies and ideas which could set us free….

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    UN on Human Settlements:


                    Interesting discussion of property rights….


                    In Utopia, perhaps we'd all have things in common and share them benevolently – as was historically the case in some societies. The Hopi come to mind….

                    Hmmn, seems we exist in an increasingly Dystopian world.

                    Wealth re-distribution? How about a different vision for creation and sharing of wealth? Must be a totally different paradigm than what we are now working with.

                    Maybe the focus should be shifted from tactical re-distribution of wealth to what would a "just society" actually be. Looks to me like the current focus is on creating social justice through implementing some Draconian "sustainability" measures. And I'd argue the way "sustainable development" is being implemented has created significant social injustice. I like what Nedelsky said on pg. 133 (see document above)

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Code, I'll get there….

                      Nedelsky, cont.

                      "Nedelsky’s alternative perspective was a radically instrumental vision: we need to take our traditional concepts like property and ask what patterns of relationship among people and the material world we want, what patterns seem true to both integrity and integration. Those
                      questions do not necessarily preclude a concept of property, but they imply a focus not on limits but on forms of interaction and responsibility for their consequences.

                      From this same theoretical framework, Nedelsky argued: Relationship, not separation makes autonomy possible. This recognition shifts the focus from protection against others to structuring relationships so that they foster autonomy…. Interdependence becomes the central fact of political life…. The whole conception of the relation betweenthe individual and the collective shifts: the collective is a source of autonomy as well as a threat to it."

                      Jennifer Nedelsky, Law, Boundaries, and the Bounded Self, REPRESENTATIONS, Spring 1990

                      Our industrial development has just not been compatible with our social institutions.

                      The verbiage of the UN Charter, the UN Habitat Programme, etc., even the Georgia Guidestones is, on its face, sound. The problem is the elites can and do exploit us. I just don't know how to explain this except to say they possess malevolent intent and we are now seeing how they are using benevolent sounding ideas to exploit us. Nothing new under…

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Needing to give this some context:

                    "The rules of property tell us who has to ask whom for what, and how much power or powerlessness they will have in their request.

                    In her (Jennifer Nedelsky's) view, the traditional concept of property rights under the U.S. Constitution wrongly treated property as 'the defining instance of the larger problem of securing justice and liberty in a republic.'

                    This elevated status of property rights produced a 'lasting and destructive legacy' that was 'inseparably tied to inequality.'

                    She explained the errant thinking in this way: The link to inequality was liberty. Property was important for the exercise of liberty, and liberty required the free exercise of property rights; this free exercise would inevitably lead in turn to an unequal distribution of property. Property thus posed a problem for popular government because this inequality required protection; those with property had to be protected from those who had less or none… [I]t was in the very nature of a productive system of private property that many, perhaps, most, would have none.

                    The core problem, Nedelsky concluded, was that this perspective 'makes
                    inequality rather than liberty, or individual autonomy, the central
                    problem of government.'

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    from serfdom so soon released to serfdom so soon delivered. Property rights is a ridiculous idea on a limited world of 8000 miles in diameter. Its so obvious as to be embarrassing to point it out; The end result of real estate is that only the rich will own it. The 'government' got their greedy hands in it too.

                    To make more real estate available, reduce the population

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Code, I do not disagree re: property rights. But we have no adequate and workable framework to support a different type of society right now.

                      Where we may differ is: my position is if we would allow forward thinking, truly "green" technologies to flourish, we could feed everyone and provide energy to all. Without trashing the planet.

                      We'd have TIME to work on population reduction – which would be more gradual. Developed countries already have (except mostly in the case of recent immigrants having high birthrates) declining populations.

                      I've never seen a well-articulated framework for "wealth redistribution" to under-developed nations that was equitable or adequately explained. There are great ideas out there – like the Fair Trade movement, creating community co-ops to help lift people in underdeveloped countries to get out of poverty.

                      But it's all working within the framework of a free market, capitalist system. Which isn't working. As I think you'd agree.

                      Just seems to me there have been NO examples of a different type of economic system or social justice system that has been more equitable – in modern history. If I'm mistaken, please feel free to correct me.

                      I see NO REASON people can't live in some degree of comfort, with their basic needs met. But it ain't happening now! Until and unless the corpocracy releases their stranglehold over the global economy, it won't happen. Innovation will be suppressed, we'll continue to have starvation,…

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Have gone on way too long here, and need to go to work. When trying to explain some of these concepts, the thought process has to be laid out. Not always simple or straightforward.

                  Just seeing the rise of a control state, corpocracy, control grid that will not benefit humans, civilization, or the environment. Looks like impending catastrophe to me on so many levels.

                  9/11 set a lot of things in motion.

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Perhaps you could outline what trial that was and what he was found guilty of?
          Funny I find you either a fascist or communist or I don't know what

    • slandermen slandermen

      "When Ford told the Washington Post that Kavanaugh held her down at a high school party in the 1980s and attempted to force himself on her, covering her mouth to quiet her protests, well over 1,000 women from Ford’s high school signed on to an open letter saying that they support her and believe her account."

      I have questions.

      Like, how fucking large is that school? I'd assume at best, only women who were roughly his age would have any sort of meaningful account of that.

      Besides that, not ALL of them could have known him and SURELY not ALL of them could accurately give any reliable input about that?

      I'm not saying he's innocent, just to be clear, but that's bullshit.

      • slandermen slandermen

        It's starting to sound more and more like some sluts were approached by the democratic party, basically. I know that sounds bad, I'm terrible with saying things in an appropriate way, but really.

        And again, I'm not saying he's innocent, but it does seem like consent and/or complicity is a possibility, at this point.

        I also find it interesting how people aren't really addressing the important shit here, like, the institutions themselves, social, cultural, judicial issues.

        • slandermen slandermen

          I mean I'd apologize if that's not the case, so I will preemptively apologize to those it may offend.

          I should do that more.

          • slandermen slandermen

            In particular, I am really fucking sorry I called them sluts of the democrat persuasion. I realize that they've since then graduated to become whores.

            Holy shit that sounds gentlemanly. I'm getting better at this. No need to thank me, ladies.

            • None of them are whores. That is why they have come forward and why they need a completely investigation and a hearing with all the relevant witnesses.

              There will be a trial if they don't get that complete hearing. But Kavanaugh will withdraw long before then because he no longer has the votes to be confirmed.

              There is a walkout today nationwide of 80 organizations and supporters who are against confirming Kavanaugh. No Supreme Court nominee has ever been confirmed with so little support.

              There is still democracy in the US.

        • That is why the Democrats and the victims are calling for a complete investigation by the FBI and a complete hearing of by subpoena of all relevant witnesses. Notice it is the victims who want the complete investigation, not Kavanaugh or Trump.

          The majority of Americans 53% to 47% also want a complete investagation, and that poll was taken before the latest allegations.

          The investigation would prove your slander is false.

          Date rape drugs are illegal as is forced underage attempted and completed rape. It is called statutory rape. That means that it is criminal rape no matter the circumstances because the girl is underage and incapable of consent because of her age.

          In the case of Dr. Blasey Ford, she was forced by two older young men into the devil's triangle. She fought the whole time and screamed. That is why they had very loud music and forcing a hand over her mouth.

          Later on the two got more practiced and used date rape drugs so the allegations go and so the entries into their own individual yearbooks indicate.

          Just look at who is calling for the investigation and who is terrified of an invedtigation.

          As usual all the emotional ad hominem attacks are just a disraction and propaganda against all the facts and the truth.

          That's why no one comes to the website and no one posts anymore. This website has become worse than irrelevant apart from all the archived articles written by admin.

          • slandermen slandermen

            Sure, I didn't say it shouldn't be investigated.

            But then again, there's an awful lot of other shit that's possibly even more concerning (as difficult as that could be to understand) that I'd also investigate. Such as your useless judicial system, even with democrats involved.

            I seem to recall similar shit with some democrats, to the very same sort of evasive bullshit you mentioned, surprisingly.

      • slandermen slandermen

        "Ford graduated from Holton Arms, a private all-girls school in Bethesda, Maryland."

        See, that doesn't help the credibility of those "well over 1000" supporters.

        I could say stupid and fuckloads of people would believe me, this fucking happens often. Just look at voters and politicians.

  • “…Avenatti said the committee should also ask Kavanaugh about an entry in his yearbook that reads “FFFFFFFourth of July,” which he believes stands for “Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them.” He also mentioned the term “Devil’s Triangle,” a phrase that refers to sex between two men and one woman. The Daily Kos published a picture of references to both in Kavanaugh’s yearbook….”

  • slandermen slandermen

    As surprising and unintuitive as this may sound, I actually disagree with depopulation attempts/ideals.

    I mean, I do want to like, not wake up tomorrow morning, if you know what I mean. Shit, I wish for that basically every day, multiple times.

    But…I don't actually think those depopulation attempts and ideals are useful, for a number of reasons. I often see it as elitists projecting a psychopathic notion (more for them) and I think much of the problems relating to unstable population growth is related to that sort of thought.

    I consider far more fundamental problems related to industry, agriculture, elitist imposition and related social manipulation and such to be faaar more meaningful to address.

    I actually DO think the earth can easily sustain 10 billion people, but certainly not, considering their modern suggested "requirements".

    • slandermen slandermen

      "I actually DO think the earth can easily sustain 10 billion people, but certainly not, considering their modern suggested "requirements"."

      And methods, implementations.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        I guess the world could sustain 10 billion swine too. Or 10 billion cackling hyenas, 10 billion alligators or 10 billion murderous, monkey minded chimpanzees. Not 10 billion of each though

        Mans ideal; a sterile, human only spaceship with a climate and insect controlled zoo for curiously viewing the other species, adjacent to disneyland theme park and a McDonalds wont become a reality. I almost hate to break the bad news to them. They came so close!

        • slandermen slandermen

          Hey, it could.

          Don't blame me for people thinking they're smarter than they are doing stupid shit though.

        • slandermen slandermen

          In america alone, for instance, 10 billion chickens, 100 billion eggs. Not mentioning waste, either.

        • slandermen slandermen

          The greatest irony is and will be evidenced in the results for those who try and control population(s.)

          Ironically, they're the same sort of elitists that have…basically allowed and enabled the current bullshit situations, so of course, their ideas (for instance, bill gates' sort of ideology) is nothing like that and won't result in the same sort of shit, or worse, while peddling hypocritical sociopathic horseshit.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            "I'm saying that sort of elitist mentality of 'you're depriving me of my entitled eliteness of indulgence is why I will tell you how to fix things even though that sort of greed is a huge problem that results in the very sort of thing I need to fix on your behalf' is…well, fucking stupid and results in shit like, 10 billion people."

            Well, yes. Let's create vaccines to prevent disease. Oops, population explosion. But we made big $$. And the Green Revolution. Oops,too many people breeding now and not starving to death. But we made big $$! So now we're going to force you into our cities and at some point exterminate you. While we enjoy our Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's, Hermes, Rolls Royce Sweptails, and our 1995 Screaming Eagle Cabernet …. So just bugger off while you die, we're busy!

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              So have a good time dying in your smart cities, and never question the smartness!

            • slandermen slandermen

              My favourite wine, which I have posted pictures of, representing about 100 empty 5l boxes (that's how fucking great it is) is a local rose named carnival.

              Can you blame me? It's $8 for 5 liters, I mean, it's practically cheaper than bottled nestle or coca cola water (wow that sounds wrong).

              • slandermen slandermen

                But what's even better, for about the same price, I can buy a nigerian child slave…

                Now that's some indulgence.

                You're involved with child slavery? I'll probably make you go dead.

        • slandermen slandermen

          Oh yeah, I'm not trying to say there SHOULD be 10 billion people.

          I'm saying that sort of elitist mentality of "you're depriving me of my entitled eliteness of indulgence is why I will tell you how to fix things even though that sort of greed is a huge problem that results in the very sort of thing I need to fix on your behalf" is…well, fucking stupid and results in shit like, 10 billion people.

          • slandermen slandermen

            The reason being, I'm also an elitist, and I can bend the will of 10 billion people to do the shit I WANT.

            • slandermen slandermen

              "Far from being a pessimistic conclusion, however, it is precisely by cracking open the hard shell of ideological encasement that we can tap into the radical forces that have been suppressed by it. These forces—not those that have been deployed to destroy them—should be the ultimate source of our pride in the power of the people."

              From that article CS posted about america not having democracy, similar sentiment?

  • slandermen slandermen

    See, I dunno who gets decide this sort of shit, but in my reality, these sort of guys have precedent over typical scientists/politicians and such.

  • slandermen slandermen

    Here, let's do eugenicist math, like a game. Georgia Guidestone math. Come join me.

    This'll be fun as fuck.

    Basically, we have to kill about 14 of every 15 people mentioned. Pretty good right? Let's get some honesty out there.

    Feel free to mention any given name, and then we decide if that person should die. Really simple.

    I'll start with me. I should fucking die. Feel free to support that notion.

    I then randomly decided that donald trump should die, hillary clinton should die, bernie sanders should, bill clinton, george bush, george soros, shellenburger, uhm…elon musk, jeff bezos, a bunch of rockefellers and rothschilds, some token black guy and a few chinese.

    Considering the damage, the person I chose to get to live (that should be about 14 people to kill, right?) is a down syndrome person with health issues.

    Every time someone mentions I name now, I'll just arbitrarily reply with "kill", most likely. Fun game.

    • slandermen slandermen

      Everyone at stanford?. Kill.

      I can save a whole fucking classroom of children with that. Sounds worth it.

    • slandermen slandermen

      Do we actually have 15 different, actual people posting here? No we don't.

      Just saying hey, we can't even save one person, together.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      80 years of birth control is a total reset button. No death list required.

      An ideal way to deal with capitalists and elite and narcissist politicians; defund them. Why carry those mofos on your back your whole life?

      I havent investigated the allegation that vaccines are an intentional euthanasia program. I saw some suggestive articles insinuating man cultivated diseases, like AIDs. The problem there is the in-discriminant nature.

      I would preferentially like to see the most birth control with the populations that are breeding the most. Is there something morally wrong with that?

      I dont see that the governments want depopulation. They seem to love the big numbers.

      The guides I liked best about the Georgia guidestone are the first and last;

      Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

      Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

      although leaving room for nature is a little wimpy

      • slandermen slandermen

        An enlightened people, or race, even individuals would not need the imposition of some of those forms of birth control, the related manufacturing, industrial (and even genetic) damage. They generally wouldn't need to or support those means, either.

        Trying to control or enforce that won't work so well, imo. It's also tyrannical, particularly sociopathic and entirely full of shit.

        • slandermen slandermen

          So again, I'm suggesting you have more significant social and cultural issues, related to that sort of elitist mentality.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          imposed birth control is tyrannical, but I think it kinda worked (hideously because of cultural stupidity) in China. "by 2060 China's birth planning policies may have averted as many as 1 billion people in China." Better to not have them then to watch them starve to death

          • slandermen slandermen

            And yet they are starving to death, and they are exploited for slave labour, and environmental problems are increasing. Despite population control.

            Why? Because it doesn't address mechanisms, actions, ideology, etc.

            • slandermen slandermen

              And remember, it is also very much like a facade. Because chinese populations are expanding outside of china.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Keep the same mechanisms, actions, ideology and double the population and you have double the misery. Maybe, even probably much worse than twice the misery

              You seem surprisingly anthropocentric. Dont care about the animal habitat? What do you do about a cockroach infestation or a brood of snakes in the shed?

              • slandermen slandermen

                I'm anthropocentric in an optimistic sense, in a potential sense.

                • slandermen slandermen

                  But, I don't see worthy human societies, as if they're wasted potential. As if they're screaming for death.

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    See, I don't see how less, of this worthless shit you complain about, but only a certain amount of them, perhaps the worst of the worst of the worthless shit, considering, should be allowed to exist.

                    Who would be these elites you would allow to live? Because, they're an infestation, as you know. Do you think these population control measures would affect those degenerates who try to impose that? I don't.

                    It's a backwards logic that, where the most insecure try to argue or project importance.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      better 10 elite humans than 10 billion non elite. I see the elite as a byproduct of the total dynamic. If for example, hypothetically now, you got rid of all the people who support, who literally carry those elite, what would happen to them? Well they would have to farm and get healthy if they are going to survive. Where are all the babes they live for? The worker bees? Right…they would lose everything, their support their yachts their desired women and objects. They would change. Their children would probably look like forest dwelling aborigines. Well, its an extreme example

                      But it fits into your argument logic. In reality you arent going to end up with just elites. If there are too many rabbits in australia, you dont worry about the value of the psychology of the surviving ones, first you figure out how to decrease the numbers or pay the consequences.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            a million is very difficult to fathom. A thousand times that is impossible.

            How many people should live on the earth, compared to other mammals of similar size? 10 people for every one dolphin? Lion? How about a thousand people for each elephant…that sounds good right? that would be about 700 million people.

            If there are too many dogs, or rats or rabbits, what do you propose the solution is? There is an infestation of humans on a mind boggling scale. I suggest either human size rat traps or birth control. Maybe electrocution? Yeah, something humanitarian

            • slandermen slandermen

              My proposals are generally fairly fucking simple, less imposition.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                I dig it…dont impose a non birth control ideology then

              • slandermen slandermen

                It is that control notion, that greed or need for indulgence that I find elitists so often are entirely clueless about.

                If, fundamentally, societies weren't as greedy, egocentric (and as a result expansionist, remember, mostly attributed to "clever" people, industry, that sort of thing) perhaps it wouldn't be such a big problem.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  I bet the drive of the imperialist or industrial expansionist is very similar to the drive of procreation. Sex drive, and cultural procreation drives are absolutely overpowering. Do you think by letting them free to procreate it will be any different than it is? I think your ideal is already in progress!

                  They say when women are educated, cut loose of cultural impositions and given choice and birth control then have less babies. I have another idea…install a switchable vasectomy. Like a sink faucest…I could even see a porcelain handle and everything. Install it in the off position. Now the hard part…liberate women from global subjugation, liberate both sexes from cultural impositions, and let them turn that faucet of semen on when they want to have a baby. Bing botta boom

                  I suspect we would still have too many people. Alas, I will have to let disease, war, starvation and global ecocide reduce the population. Looks like we have to do it your way

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    "Do you think by letting them free to procreate it will be any different than it is? I think your ideal is already in progress!"

                    Oh sorry I didn't read this comment earlier.

                    I've noticed a difference between societies, surprisingly, there are cultures and people that kept fairly low population levels (for some reason or another). Such as (biased mention here) the san, strikingly they never had these conolialist, expansionist ideals, weren't industrial, had low requirements…and yet, they're marginalized and are considered sort of, inferior.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      The people who often talk about population control, climate change, welfare and so on, who most often try to influence, in education, healthcare etc, are generally the most insecure and hypocritical.

      • slandermen slandermen

        "I would preferentially like to see the most birth control with the populations that are breeding the most. Is there something morally wrong with that?"

        Yes, because it doesn't factor in exploitation, legacy, social and cultural heritage, religion, support, systems, etc.

        Nor does it factor in potential and it is generally the sort of suggestion promoted by hypocrites who value themselves above others.

        Well, I gotta tell you, I'm a bit mort important than you.

  • Two Kavanaugh Allies Withdraw From Statement Disputing New Yorker Allegation

    “Two people who signed onto a statement sowing doubt about the New Yorker’s recent report of a second allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh withdrew their names from that statement on Monday, emphasizing that they were “not present” when the alleged incident occurred and therefore “cannot dispute” allegations from Deborah Ramirez….

    “asked that their names be removed from the statement, saying that they did not wish to dispute Ramirez’s claims.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I just watched "The Burbs."

    Then, I came here.

    I don't know what happened to this place. It's like a bomb went off.

    The pizza is coming.

    I'm keeping an eye on the place.

    Next up, "The Great outdoors."

    It will be time well spent.

  • slandermen slandermen

    It's 1:21 am, right. Walk into my dad's room, he's sleeping.

    This song is playing:

  • slandermen slandermen

    Anne, did you know hillary clinton supports a number of child trafficking foundations that I can easily prove with FBI evidence?

    • debunked:

      The guy who ran the Swift Boat ads is now on a leave of absence for falsely claiming that someone else committed Kavanaugh's attempted rape.

      I notice that your FBI evidence has to real link or any link at all.

      The guy on the one month leave of absence from the company he founded is the best Republican for creating false stories about Democratic candidates.

      • slandermen slandermen

        But Anne, there are so many different situations and institutions, coincidences, associates to look at when analyzing that shit.

        For instance, what does the most recent hillary clinton supported foundation's logo look like? Perhaps the FBI can mention something about symbolism related to that? Yes?

        • slandermen slandermen

          As a king james approved witch hunter (just kidding, that guy learned his shit from motherfuckers like me) I have no issue pointing out this rather peculiar coincidence.

          As such, I must present to you another video of a fellow white supremacist such as I. Our basic goal is to make you look POES KAK.

        • slandermen slandermen

          Maybe you remember shit like…

          Your favourite.

          Or, perhaps CPS, Haiti related stuff?

          • slandermen slandermen

            "Anthony David Weiner (/ˈwiːnər/;[1] born September 4, 1964) is an American former Democratic congressman who represented New York's 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011. He won seven terms as a Democrat, never receiving less than 60% of the vote. Weiner resigned from Congress in June 2011 after an incident in which a sexually suggestive photo that he sent to an adult woman via Twitter was captured and publicized.

            On May 19, 2017, Weiner pled guilty to a sexting charge of transferring obscene material to a minor,[2][3] and was sentenced to 21 months in prison, ordered to pay a $10,000 fine,[4] and was required to permanently register as a sex offender.[5] Weiner began serving his federal prison sentence in November 2017. "

            Good judgment there, democrats. Remember to vote for another piece of shit next time!

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Weiner? Did someone say Weiner?

              Been a great deal of talk about Weiners these past couple of days.

              What is all this fascination about a male animal's Weiner?

              Male animals must have and need their Weiner.

              • slandermen slandermen

                That's not untrue, but the extent to which anne is polarizing and propagandizing, is very much like a cunt who wants to get fucked.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  You know an idiot does not have to be stupid…

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    In some cases, yes, I do.

                    I also know that supposedly clever people can be both idiots and stupid, without any acting involved.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Remember, we're going to need more actual people posting here (hopefully with no sort of particular associative bias such as to a political party, or corporate allegiance) to justify saving at least one of us (and I mean, we'll need a fucking lot of bullshit argumentation to make that case, even).

                      It's not looking good so far.

                • I wrote a very long answer and then lost it. I got a protective order and threw my husband in jail. All my posts on Kavanaugh are to prove that when a woman says no she means it.

                  If you get anywhere near me the least you could hope for is jail time.

                  Stay away and keep your filthy mind and filthy mouth and diseased body away from me. Old Christian women do not ever want to have casual sex. I don't know anyone or trust anyone enough to marry anyone, and at this stage I'll never agree to take orders from any one in my personal life.

                  If you need to take this post to your shrink, do so. Men leave me along and women also because I always make clear that that is what I want.

                  The whole news cycle about Dr. Ford is that rape is criminal and no means no. And perpetraters belong in jail. Kavanaugh belongs in jail and I sincerely hope that is where he winds up. And I will never tolerate anyone who hurts another human being including me.

                  Stop the slander and leave me alone.

                  You don't understand women at all and you do not understand 96% of the human race. They do not think like you do. You are extremely cruel. At least try to act with some compassion. I have no more pity for you. When I read your posts all I see is extreme danger. I'm never going to have sex with another person because I do not want atypical cells or ancer again or any other disease. My breasts were not beautiful when they were diseased with cancer, so I had them cut off in favor…

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    "You don't understand women at all and you do not understand 96% of the human race. They do not think like you do."

                    Yeah I know, Jesus had the same problem.

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    "The whole news cycle about Dr. Ford is that rape is criminal and no means no. And perpetraters belong in jail."

                    I'll agree with that, at the least.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Pity that throughout the history of your republican/democratic false dichotomic society, regardless of the supposed administration, with huge amounts of deflection, ignorance, denial…currently…6/1000 rape cases (estimated) result in incarceration.

                  • [cont.] of life.

                    I will never be co-dependent, or an enabler, or self-destructive.

                    I will never associate with anyone who drinks alcohol at all, uses marijuana or other drugs,

                    Women are extremely rational about sex and if someone tries to defame me or I consider to be a danger to me I will fight back.

                    Vengeance belong to God, but my self-defense and the defense of my children and family belongs to me. I have very good medical reasons for never having sex again and very good psychological reasons to never share my life with someone. Casual sex is an anathema to me and I will never trust anyone enough to marry again. It is just not worth the effort. I don't want help from anyone.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      "Women are extremely rational about sex and if someone tries to defame me or I consider to be a danger to me I will fight back."

                      Yes, such as when practising prostitution, modern pornography (hey not just the shit that is classifed pornography, just go look at some pop music video).

                      Shit, there's actually some psychological evidence statistics that show women consider physical sexual cheating less important than men. Of course, that has a counter to it, but the point is…it contradicts what you're saying.

                      The reason being that you generalize and polarize far too much, claim to speak for christians as a whole, democrats, women, etc. Really, you are not representative of some of the women I've known.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      I mean, it's like you have no idea how cheap women can be. I'm not saying that to be a dick, it's a fucking fact. Teenagers, doesn't matter.

                      I mean, as like a 4-5 year old I regularly played "doctor" with a 12 year old girl. What does that say?

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      I mean, she had a younger sister too. It was a lot like that triangle thing you mentioned, but with two girls instead of two guys. It seemed far more divine to me, like the trinity.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      And supposedly, I'm the one with psychological problem, you know, being that underaged white male subverting the older female and her younger sister.

                      I was born with a beard on my penis, apparently.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Wish I was making this shit up. Well, not really, it was kinda fun. But I was bit too young for that sort of shit, the older girl, I'm guessing due to puberty had some sort of demands I just couldn't fulfill at the time.

                    • I would never tolerate a husband who was cheating on me.

                      I decided decades ago that I was never going to get married again.

                      I have 3 wonderful children, 5 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. I ask my son for advice all the time and mostly follow his advice.

                      I'm happy with my freedom and am never disappointed and never have any conflict just peace and joy I love my garden, my pets, and learning languages, etc.

                      I have lived my life and if there is time I will finish writing all the books I have started. I have been richly blessed an thank God multiple times every day.

                      God bless.

                  • AirSepTech AirSepTech



                    No one was raped.

                    Except us, our minds, by Anne the Scam.

                    • I was answering slandermen's insult to me. And when I answer then I have to get your insult. What gives you the right to insult me. I have to defend myself. I'm not asking to be laid or raped, just to be treated like a person instead of something to be ground into the earth. How many 100s of times have you insulted me?

                      September 24, 2018 at 9:22 pm Log in to Reply
                      That's not untrue, but the extent to which anne is polarizing and propagandizing, is very much like a cunt who wants to get fucked.

                    • Do I need to make a list of all the terrible things you have said to me? It would probably take me a year or more to collect all of them.

                      And slandermen has told me ore than once that he hates me, he stalkts me, he wants to kill me, he puts up a video for me of a stalker killing a woman, etc.

                      Constant stalking plus many threats is extremely serious. No sane prson would do that. I think you told me totally destroyed me. But I won't repeat it, it was totally destructive to me.

                      So pat yourself on the back, but don't expect me to forget it.

  • slandermen slandermen

    That storm in the pacific is like, uh…I would say somewhat threatening.

    If that thing moves…

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    It's the edge of the world. Proof the world is flat. I knew it.

  • razzz razzz

    'Monsanto's global weedkiller harms honeybees, research finds'

    "Glyphosate – the most used pesticide ever – damages the good bacteria in honeybee guts, making them more prone to deadly infections…"

    • slandermen slandermen

      Good news razzz, glyphosate does the same to america. Proudly american bayer-monsanto self-deception supported by great making presidents.

      Something I actually know quite well considering my successful suicidal endeavours.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    We used to tlk about Enenews mascot and theme songs… n stuff

    Look! An Enenews bird!

    Is it dead?

  • Avenatti issues warning to Trump, Kavanaugh

    I think he said that his cliet has different kinds of security clearance and that she was both a victim and a witness.

    He said that he would announce everything within 48 hours.

    I'm just posting news. I don't read everything others post and it is just posted for a reader who is interested.

    For me, it is extremely news, and also for me personally it is liberating.

    One article said that at least the media is reporting what is going on. The victims have wonderful lawyers and much national support, much more than happened in the past.

  • slandermen slandermen

    I wonder, if you asked people if they would like other people, but particularly media and politicians, insititutions to shut the fuck up about democrat and republican shit in some sort of referendum and instead (and inherently by telling them to stfu), focus on some actual useful shit if it'd could work.

  • slandermen slandermen

    I dunno I need to furiously delegate my typing to someone else at the moment. Where's HD when you need extra distractions?

  • Jebus Jebus

    That would not be so funny if this country didn't run on politics.

    With that and pissing off all the, insert cause here, supporters, keeps it at the surface.

    The masses are responding. Revenue. Bread and circus.

    Well played Donald. Hey, look, Mr. K is the sexual predator, now.

    Cept all the Women. The person. They all see it. Very bad karma.

    That's not how one leads, but hey, it's just politics…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Being a member, of the diminishing group who still like women, and have the wisdom to respect them equally, I'm with her…

  • Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale Roommate Says Nominee Was ‘Capable’ of Sexual Misconduct, Was ‘Aggressive’ When Drunk

  • Ted Cruz forced from restaurant amid Kavanaugh drama


    “Fascists not welcome! #CancelKavanugh”

    There is always take out, or live like the poor and learn to cook your own food.

  • 65 supporters minus 1.

    Kavanaugh’s High School Yearbook Page Appears to Make Sexual Reference to Female Friend

    “’I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago,’ Dolphin said in a statement to Times about the yearbook. ‘I don’t know what “Renate Alumnus” actually means. I can’t begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters are never treated this way.’”

  • Life expectancy progress in UK 'stops for first time'

    “In some parts of the UK, life expectancy has even decreased.”

    Get rid of nuclear and other toxins. Nuclear is not green or helpful for climate change. Nuclear technology increases climate warming.

  • Nuclear startup to fold after failing to deliver reactor that ran on spent fuel

    Transatomic Power, an MIT spinout that drew wide attention and millions in funding, is shutting down almost two years after the firm backtracked on bold claims for its molten-salt reactor designs.

  • Future of Last U.S. Nuclear Plant Remains Uncertain Amid Talks

    Major owners of Georgia’s Vogtle nuclear plant postpone vote until Tuesday after one seeks to set conditions

  • slandermen slandermen

    "Feasibility Study "confirms robust economics" of change to acid leach scheme at Lance/Ross in situ leach uranium mine: On Sep. 17, 2018, Peninsula Energy Limited presented the results of a feasibility study confirming the viability of acid leaching at the Lance uranium project for a uranium sales price of US$ 48 per lb U3O8.
    [However, the figures shown in the Indicated Resource category contain a major unexplained inconsistency. If these guys can't add one and one together, how reliable will their whole study be"

    For $200 I can get a kilogram of u3o8? Wtf didn't anyone tell me about this earlier?

  • Why the Kavanaugh accusations matter so much to teen girls like me

    To those dismissing the Kavanaugh allegations: Teen girls are listening.

    “Here’s how some of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former classmates described him and his friends when they attended Yale in the ’80s:

    “’Kavanaugh became a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, or ‘DKE,’ which several students said was known for its wild and, in the view of some critics, misogynistic parties,” wrote Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer in the New Yorker’s recent investigation into a second accusation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh. “Kavanaugh was also a member of an all-male secret society, Truth and Courage, which was popularly known by the nickname ‘Tit and Clit.’” In another interview in the article, a former classmate described Kavanaugh and his friends as a “wolfy group of guys.’

    “I’m 18 years old, only six months older than Brett Kavanaugh was when he allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. (Kavanaugh denies the allegations.) I know boys that matched the descriptions of him and his friends — belligerent, abusive, and entitled — because they can be. They know they are destined for high places in society simply because they were born into privilege. Now that I’ve been in college for a few weeks, I’m getting the sense these kinds of boys are here too.

    “Most high schools girls know that boys like this are the norm — they are a dangerous anomaly. And now our country is telling…

    • [cont.]
      “Most high school girls know these boys. At parties, we learn to be vigilant when they’re around. In college, we’re taught how to distract potential attackers. We learn to keep an eye on our friends and intervene in situations that seem dangerous.

      “But that doesn’t mean that boys like this are the norm — they are a dangerous anomaly. And now our country is telling them not only that sexual assault as a teenager is forgivable, but that if the allegations are true, it would not even disqualify a person from the highest court in America. As a teenage girl, it terrifies me. Even if a teenage boy’s age might save him from consequences, our age does not save us from the trauma of assault.

      “Sexual assault is not typical ‘risky teen behavior’…”

    • slandermen slandermen

      " They know they are destined for high places in society simply because they were born into privilege. Now that I’ve been in college for a few weeks, I’m getting the sense these kinds of boys are here too."

      THIS is what I meant when I pointed out the Yale/institutional/societal problems.

      • slandermen slandermen

        Like, I don't know how old you people are. But even considering I'm not that young the shit that happened at like even high school pretty much made me avoid EVERYONE.

        Also, since I have a younger brother, who only a couple of years ago still had a friend, due to financial problems, stayed here for a while, he regularly invited his friends over, that has not improved…with the focus on like gymming and steroids and shit (like sports coaches basically pushing steroids and shit to like 14 year olds), I dunno…

        It's a pretty prevalent thing, and I gotta tell you (not trying to whitewash this shit), the girls are not responding very well either, they're fucking around quite a bit.

        • I graduated from high school in 1957. Nothing like that ever happened in my high school. I never went to a single party in high school. There were dances once a year. No one drank, no one used drugs. And this was just a public high school in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles School District.

          There was no cable TV and no internet and regular TV was extremely tame. I saw about 3 movies: On the Waterfront, Ben Hur. Maybe I only saw 2 movies.

          When I went to Stanford in 1959 there were no soroties because a girl had years before drowned herself in Lake Lagunita when she didn't et the sorority she wanted. I went to 3 parties total. One was on campus and had no drinking. One was a fraternity party with drinking. But I didn't drink because I was only 16 years old. No one used drugs at all.

          People were mostly nice to each other. Except for one incident every one was really respectful. I found university very challenging, and I had to study all the time.

          • slandermen slandermen

            Well here, drugs, alcohol, people fucking around. At like, 14. Some even younger. Kids on steroids and all kinds of shit.

            • slandermen slandermen

              And it's quite a bit worse than it was when I was school (there were still drugs, alcohol and people fucking around), but in 20 years, it has definitely not improved.

              • slandermen slandermen

                Way more pharmaceutical shit and synthetic crap too, related not only to sports and recreation, studying aids and shit too.

                • Why so many new drugs and synthetic products all of the sudden?

                  That's a easy one….

                  The patent scams made by those that wish to get rich quick is the answer.

                  They will reinvent something by altering it just enough to get a patent, then market it as the latest greatest thing even though there are cheap and proven things that do that job effectively and safely already, just can't own then and control the money flow ya know?

                  So a drug that is off it's patent and it's a proven and effective material for the job at hand won't help a patent scammer.

                  You can't get shit rich quick off of that so create a slightly, even dangerous and/or less effective alternative, rush it to the patent office and market it under the guise of 21st century technology and you'll be stinkin rich no matter who or what it hurts.

                  Wow simple but outta control stuff huh.

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    Why hasn't your government addressed that?

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Of course, I mean that in a general sense, this government too.

                    • Why?

                      Because the people won't stand up for the truth anymore!

                      Busy working and watching some ballgame or studying aliens or some other he said she said style propaganda distraction.

                      And it will never change anywhere until that stops. Pay attention to nothing and nothing good results. It's only free reign empowerment for the greedy that are paying attention.

                      There is a ancient African proverb that says (I'm paraphrasing here)…

                      If you think you are too small to effect things spend the night in a room full of mosquitoes.

                      Think about that ole complaining and insulting ones.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      Dude, in about 2 years, I don't think you've posed even one question that I wasn't familiar with or needed to think about.

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      "Because the people won't stand up for the truth anymore!"

                      I know, I've seen you posting.

                    • So basically sling insults and unproven (can't be proven) innuendos without proving a single thing other that you like to bitch and curse…

                      You sound like every dirty politician's campaign I've ever seen, only no commercials on TV huh…

                      Not fighting the problem, just fighting (and slinging accusations) for something to do huh….

                      How very sad.

          • "I graduated from high school in 1957. Nothing like that ever happened in my high school. I never went to a single party in high school. There were dances once a year. No one drank, no one used drugs"

            Yea post WW2 there was a time of true prosperity… Day schools were fairly new and most lived a rural farm style life with horses and cows and goats and chickens.

            EVERYONE worked from the time they were able (12/13 years old) for a common goal for their families. Got up at 5 am, 7 days a week, Christmas, Sunday and Easter.

            Because your true friends were animals that had to be taken care of EVERYDAY!!!

            The only time they had to get into trouble was when they were asleep and dreaming and the real threat was Dad whipping your ass for screwing up, jail wasn't the punishment, your parents were!

            Now kids are coddled and people are punished for working them. Ever wonder why they get into drugs and alcohol so young? Ever wonder why so many are addicted and incapable of working for a living after graduating high school? I don't…

            My grandfather went to school at night and rode the plow mule he walked behind in the field all day to get there. Lived a productive live and retired in his late 80's. Lived to be almost 101.

            The child like cartoon video game was plowing fields and taking care of the mule.

            He was also one of the first Uber drivers on the planet after he bought a car in his early 20's and earned money driving others around town in the evenings…

            • I wonder why he refused to take any drugs or go to the doctor his whole life…

              Nothing a little whiskey or other natural product couldn't cure…

              A truly lost art…

            • slandermen slandermen

              "Now kids are coddled and people are punished for working them."

              You're one of the dumbest cunts I've ever met.

              • Really Slandermen?

                So you think teaching kids to lay around on their asses throughout there formative years and then expecting then to somehow suddenly get off their asses and go to work is the way?

                And I'm a what?

                Come on kratom eater, I thought you were smarter than that. But then if you really were you could converse without slinging a bunch of unnecessary and immature insulting and offensive memes huh…

                Babble on babbler…

                I'm not talking about slave labor, I'm talking about responsibilities!

                Doing a page of homework and emptying the dishwasher between video games while your parents are somewhere else working just ain't it son.

                The proof is in the pudding ain't it?

                • slandermen slandermen

                  "So you think teaching kids to lay around on their asses throughout there formative years and then expecting then to somehow suddenly get off their asses and go to work is the way?"

                  No, I don't.

                • slandermen slandermen

                  HD, I dunno if you've realized this, but you're basically insulting with most of your replies. A lot of them are quite fucking stupid and incorrect, fairly often, too.

                  • OK taken to heart…

                    Now let me ask you this and you can insult me on reply all ya want…

                    If you don't know something and someone tells it to you but you just don't believe it or don't want to know because you may have to change somehow or actually take action and you don't want to what's the excuse?

                    Oh yea he said or she said something I didn't like so now I have a excuse to not understand and take any actions I don't want to take.

                    Sounds like pure BS politics to me…

                    And insults? From the biggest foul mouthed insulting poster here? That's a good one…. Hang on a second, laughing too hard to type…

                    We call that stupid…

                    Drug companies call it learning disability or ADD or HDD…

                    And hey they just got 5 patents for new drugs to go with the diagnosis they themselves created.

                    Wake up sheeple!!!!

                • slandermen slandermen

                  I have to ask, for instance, who produce the stupid shit that people so often then use to try and demonize children. Who give them that shit, who "worked" for that shit. Who fucked too much? Who supported bullshit wars and garbage politicians?

                  I'm really fucking tired of people just saying "oh the kids are fucked up", bullshit, you are fucked up.

                  Evidenced by absolutely moronic replies such as "…punished for working them".

                  • Well more insults from the insulted innosent guy huh… Hehehe 🙂

                    If you would pull your head outta your ass you would realize first it's about training, then it's about the real education of "you can't just sit around and take up space and eat Doritos all day".

                    Why is drug addiction running rampant? Too much time on your hands. If you were working you wouldn't have time to even learn that shit at a young formative age! And I say shit because it's total shit taken into your body that produces a total shit life!!!!!

                    Crap in? CRAP OUT!

                    Working for a better world? Or simply getting high and studying your own addictive needs…

                    I Wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand basket….

    • TYPO: This is not correct "VMost high schools girls know that boys like this are the norm". Somehow a lot in the middle got left out.

      [These boys are NOT the norm]

      • You are absolutely correct Doc!!!

        After these day schools were used for a short time it was proven that the older kids that were not trained correctly were effecting the opportunities and lives of the younger children that still had a chance to learn how to contribute positive things to their world…

        The phrase one bad apple was the key as the younger children were sheep among the wolf of a older spoiled and/or rotten child…

        Then came the division of age groups like elementary, jr. high and high school students (used to all be in the same building)…

        So you only need one drug/alcohol addicted child to effect the rest (not 100% of course all are not going to choose that error).

        The separation used to be work on the family farm, now there is no real separation unless given by the teachers.

        Fathers aren't home, mothers aren't home, they are working for the cash to keep their home leaving the child's future up to someone else.

        Perfectly fine with a great teacher and environment…

        But, how often does that happen.

          • Spot on obewan!

            So the parents complained and voted her out by proxy, what does that say?

            I'd say that making your kid do their homework isn't easy…

            …especially if ya just can't be bothered with raising them.

            Here's one example…

            I once witnessed first hand a 12 year old child run up to her mother with her report card and showed it to her (mother) who didn't even look at it…

            The child dropped her shoulders and her head and was very disappointed…

            I was working on the computer that day and just happened to be walking through there and see that…

            Feeling sorry for the child (12 years old) I said let me see it…

            All F's…

            I looked at the 12 year old girl and she was elated that I took the time to actually look at her report card.

            I immediately knew she couldn't even understand her own report card…

            I then got a "see spot run book" (2nd grade level) from the bookcase and asked to read.

            The waaaaaaa that followed was obvious. This 12 year old person could not even read a 2nd grade level see spot run book that was for her sister who was getting straight A's.

            I then found out this child was not doing any work at school whatsoever.

            Humm I wondered, what is wrong with this picture…

            A real experience, two different people (sisters) from the same mother and father? One is a straight A student the other a straight F illiterate student.

            I turned her around by getting a hooked on phonics package and helping…

  • slandermen slandermen

    "Positive results of Pre-Feasibility Study announced for Wheeler River uranium mine project; in situ leach mining involving freeze cap selected for Phoenix high grade deposit
    On Sep. 24, 2018, Denison Mines announced the results of the Pre-Feasibility Study for the Wheeler River uranium mine project. The study assumes underground mining for the Gryphon deposit and in situ leach mining for the Phoenix high grade deposit. To contain the in situ leach mining solution within the ore zones, an artificial freeze cap is planned to encapsulate the deposit, as impermeable layers are present at the bottom of the deposit only. "

    And that is a technological marvel, I'm starting to see why shillingberger is such a fan, just look at the innovation.

    How do I contact them for investment?

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Earth’s climate-change liposuction: Sucking carbon from the air

    Removing CO2 from the air can be done a few different ways, including planting trees that naturally soak up carbon dioxide. A leading line of research is backing technology capturing far more CO2 faster than trees ever could. A small handful of companies around the world are pursuing this. Two examples:

    Last year, Switzerland-based Climeworks opened its first commercial-scale plant that captures CO2 from the air.
    Canada-based Carbon Engineering, whose investors include Bill Gates, is planning to build its first commercial plant by early next year. Its CEO Steve Oldham told me recently to stay tuned for potential news soon on new partnerships, including possibly with oil and gas companies, though he wouldn’t disclose any more details.

    Two of the biggest considerations with capturing carbon are the cost to do it, and then what to do with it once you’ve caught it.

    • slandermen slandermen

      "Removing CO2 from the air can be done a few different ways, including planting trees that naturally soak up carbon dioxide. A leading line of research is backing technology capturing far more CO2 faster than trees ever could. A small handful of companies around the world are pursuing this."

      Dynamics diagram:
      1. Too much carbon, not enough trees, mostly due to commercialization and industry.

      2. Produce more commercialized shit, resulting in more carbon and additional pollution, inflation, at the expense of trees. Resulting in less carbon, less trees.

      3. Return to point 1.

      • Ambiorix Ambiorix

        Its good to be able to rely 100% on you to render everyones post worthless and push long time users away.. why dont you turn that highpowered twisted cynisme for the sake of cynisme on your own selfgloryfying spam/troll fest your having at the expense of everyone else..whatever.

        Its too late to rely on trees alone. There is not even serious global talk about that incredible urgent yesterday needed reforestation..
        And if the imbeciles in charge have only the capitalist system/mind to start working with untill they see the light before all eyes are shut..i would not mind if the carbontax is used in a way like this.

        The less carbon in the air..the more the oceans can release their surplus..

        • Well think about this…

          C02? Carbon 14? Is C02 Carbon 14?

          You've been distracted by the great distractions created by distractors to distract you.

          Plants flourish in a C02 rich environment and re balance the atmosphere and they have been doing that for millennia, long before industry or cars or gasoline.

          Carbon 14 is a unstable compound produced by industry that has NEVER existed in our atmosphere in these quantities before. EVER!!!!

          Why? Because it's man made carbon 14 that's why!

          Slandermen bitches but really does nothing. Now what are you going to do? Buy into the lie that C02 has anything to do with carbon 14 or any of this completely new problem?

          Recon how much C02 that (any) volcano produced on it's last eruption?

          More than ALL the cars and factories ever could or ever will.

          C02 is some coverup problem you heard about somewhere?


          From some grant seeking body with a agenda? Taxing billions?

          Yepper again…

          So then C02 is the problem? It wouldn't really be Carbon 14 huh…

          The blind (intentional or not) leading the blind to more distraction.

          What was the score of the football game? Bet you know the difference in numbers there.

          New Radicals – You Get What You Give:

        • "And if the imbeciles in charge have only the capitalist system/mind to start working with untill they see the light before all eyes are shut"

          Hey… Here's a news flash…

          ALL mercury vapor lights are being replaced free of charge across america today as we speak (so to speak) and are being replaced with LED.

          That's by law, it is illegal to even manufacture replacement parts or import them because of the mercury they contain and the disposal into the landfills that sinks into our water supply.

          Did you know about that legislation and did you personally help support it? Or were you distracted by the bullshit when that very hard thing (law now) was fought for and passed through congress…

          No huh…

          It's kinda like looking for abused kids in the basement at comet pizza.

          Your'e looking in the wrong place, there is no basement at comet pizza, it's a concrete slab building. So spend your time on a fairy tale that never existed and never see the real problem?

          That IS (and will be) the real problem.

          C02 is a problem?

          Wake up and fight for the real problems sheeple!!!!

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          "Its too late to rely on trees alone. "

          ambio, why do you say that? You mean there isnt enough time for reforestation, or reforestation alone is not enough? By my estimate, Co2 sequestration loss from deforestation is much greater than mans Co2 input

          • If C02 was a real problem trees and plants would fix it…

            The fairytale revealed….

            Guess what folks, it has nothing to do with C02 and EVERYTHING to do with deadly man made pollution. If it (not C02) kills the trees they ain't gonna be around to help at all.

            Study Carbon(C14 for sure) and forget C02!

          • Ambiorix Ambiorix

            "Its too late to rely on trees alone. "

            ambio, why do you say that? You mean there isnt enough time for reforestation, or reforestation alone is not enough?

            By my estimate, Co2 sequestration loss from deforestation is much greater than mans Co2 input

            (Long post(s) warning..a day work..sry typos/misplacement etc exhausted now to see them..)


            Hi Code , Yes , Yes and indeed..and i think the puzzle looks a bit like least in my eyes

            There is so litle plantlife left and shrinking (plus the onslaught/exponential stress of everything else we keep unloading on them) that it has been observed responding opposite to what we expect/claimwithcertaintyperiod! to the oversaturation of CO2 in the air..iirc it starts taking in LESS CO2 or something then it would if the rest of the composition of its total diet would be in balance for the task of neutralizing that surplus..

            There is not the slightest sign on the sterilised by man horizon that there is a global effort underway to
            Planet-RE-forest in quantity's/quality that can be called reasonable honest "we tried our best" given the urgency/size of the problem..

            Everyones criminally wasted time by a few imbeciles= no almost every aspect of our "overshooting trajectory" response to this multyfaced "great" extinction..

            All army's should be mobilised for this asap..hey why not even let them all coöporate where mandatory needed for some enlighted change..can't be worse then…

            • Ambiorix Ambiorix

              And civillians least a team with spectrum range of "forest's and their mutual connections , as above so below , "whisperers" from people with knowledge like Danger Kitty to tribes in jungles savana's and what not still around and dissapeared but some knowledge prserved/still alive, toxicated starving and severely depressed but still alive and retrievably if respectfully asked/rewarded/appreciated like all.., antropologist climatologist , biologist , bio-farmers , systemthinkers , ecologist , astro/terra/biowhatevers.. , soil microlife experts , diversity dynamics experts , quantum ci and la etc etc except anything addicted to the algoritmeofgreed/inequallity/psychopathy..

              Globally house/land owners could be asked to lend a few spare squeer yards to cultivate divers and specifickly needed for symbioses on target location growlings to be picked up by said peacefully coöperating army's..reward them with a proportionally to effort/capability related DECENT pricecut/taxcut on their solarpanels or something..

              Our part of the CO2 problem from Fossil burning is not just whats manmade in the air at any given time but that plus
              the MASSIVE saturated 260 years exponentially manfed buffer in the ocean..(might rethink the trustworthyness of those
              percentages you like to trow around against the significance of our insanity to interfere without second thought
              with our 5 billion year old and wise Earth's gas and temp selfregulating dynamics btw.

              If they for…

              • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                If they for example base those numbers on what they can meassure in the air , how much do they miss because the oceans suck it up , and there might even be some more Earthcycles we dont know about yet, playing hide consequence and capitalist human flee pretend to seek , just a thought)

                It seems logical to me that to rescue the oceans/life/algae-for-worlds-oxigen..apart from equally important takling Fukushima , it is extremely important to lower the CO2 in Earth's atmosphere as fast as exponentially possible so the ocean can start spitting it back out and reverse acifidication at the highest possible might still take
                thousands of years before its PH is back to normal optimal for abundant life and oxigen creation..same temperature wise..

                There seems to be a pattern with most things between the time one needs to break/kill it and then the time needed to fixifpossible/bring back to life..especially with living things to put it mildly..all living things except a few deep frozen or somethings that where not really dead, but the more complex seem the more difficult and timeconsuming and if that sounds too easy to be alarmed of what MANDATORY lightspeed breaking accomplishment lies ahead of us all when we finally can no longer sit still from the saturation of awareness finally reached..We are talking about a LIVING
                PLANET here..our only host..once ( the time of ONE lightening geological speaking ago since our "appetite for destruction/progress" became…

                • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                  became visible from space ) abundant with always evolving diversity , beauty and intelligence and even selfawareness , at least some form of intelligent functioning collectif conscience like an antnest..regulating the climate..humming/spinning/enjoying itself in balance with itself and what the interconnected Universe takes
                  and gives at it..combined perfect like a swiss clock whilest evolving..

                  At the moment we/Solarsystem are supposedly flying tru some "hot" spot in the Milkyway..
                  So the bigger cardhouse of bio-balances/Mother Earth it (it= all the things we broke) original had its micro balancing tasked-place in in exchange for , again balance seeking , nurturing feedback..then suddenly gone with many others here and there and everywhere in the living/balancing for life cardhouse/planetary bio-matrix..cardhouse tries to rebalance life/energies while we waste time sightseeing the inside of our own colon in surch for more taxcuts and inequality aka the new "progress" in our subspecies we have to try to restore the changed/transformed/"new" cardhouse to our old memory by pushing something resembling the previous component back..and hope its works..

                  Thanks to our damned omni-despicable suicidal addicted Kochroaches and the likes/minions controlled humanity's "overshooting strategy" aka forced postpone strategy , the permafrost is melting exponentially , releasing CO2 , Methane and what not..maybe already or close to surpassing our contribution…

                  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                    This must be STOPPED AND REVERSED ……..!!!!! (can't find the suitable-word-for-extreme-urgent-mandatory-immediatly-here , it does not exist yet…). There is two to five times more greenhouse gas waiting in the soil/ice to be released by deforestation/melting then we have in total on our paradise karma lol

                    This all suggests to me the NEEDED sweet spot for our and all survival might very well be in a mandatory NEGATIVE of
                    both CO2 levels AND global TEMP..the permafrost MUST be refrozen..

                    Though task ahead..we have no idea how far the slur of already activated , interconnected like everything else in
                    circular fashion , feedbackloops have already bound in synergy and may no longer back down no matter what we poor
                    malevolent dellusional flee effort we can trow at it if we dont recognise and see them sharply in their interconnectivity.., and what unknow feedbacks are still waiting latent in the pipeline of catastrophic events from the exponentially degrading/collapsing Bio-Matrix

                    And besides refreezing big chuncks of the planets surface..we need to compensate longterm for the loss of oxigen producing ocean algae/microbes etc..the Earth's MAIN buy us the time the ocean will need , with our all or nothing help , to recover..

                    No matter how majestic a three..and how unspeakable mandatory NEEDED its restored presence EN INTERCONNECTED

                    SYMBIOTIC MASS in the bio-matrix,..unlike a machine it is limited in what it can do by its DNA..

                    I'm sure…

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      I'm sure there is more to it but..yeah..its too late to relay on reforestation alone , that MUST be done asap in a
                      multyleveled smooth civillian/military CO^^operation bigger in scale then all warprofiteering&peaceprotest "activity"
                      previous and current combined..

                  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                    correction/completement two

                    "At the moment we/Solarsystem are supposedly flying tru some "hot" spot in the Milkyway..and without us the Planetlife would be busy happily adapting/even "being stimulated" by that..we made that quit difficult for her and ourself diddent put it mildly..

            • Ambiorix Ambiorix

              "All army's should be mobilised for this asap..hey why not even let them all coöporate where mandatory needed for some enlighted change..can't be worse then exchanging massmurder and regimechange imo.."

              Is the correct ending of post


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                ambio, did you see the long term Co2?

                We were hitting rock bottom for a while. The earth is toward 'lower' levels, not 'higher'. Thats not to say there isnt a problem.

                Spain reforested. Sure, its a little funny looking, but it was a good effort.

                The carbon issue does not disturb me. I know the earth can balance it. What is disturbing is the destruction of the living earth. Reforestation and ending the constant deluge of chemical toxins is the only way. Trying to scoop up the carbon is a loosing battle if we keep destroying the earth at the same time.

                If we got into a methane runaway effect and the oceans go up 20 meters, or 40 meters, it would devastate civilization. But civilization will already be devastated by that time. I would welcome rising oceans and a purging of coastal civilization. It wont be good with all the toxins. But earth has time.

                The big factor in the equation is the amount of people and what they are doing to the planet. I dont see the 3% anthropogenic Co2 as a big factor in the ecocide. Instead of focusing on Co2, we should try to reduce the population, re forest, and stop polluting. There IS time to repair the desertification, but man may not do it. Europe made great strides though.

                Civilizations are the scourge, not only for all the animals and life, but man too.

                • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                  "ambio, did you see the long term Co2?

                  Yes Code but how can we possible know for sure what that means when including the dynamics of life ? What does back then proves about our insanely hubris saturated burning of fossil fuel on a living being in its own certain stage Today ? A whole whopping 3% of that specific chemical compound of its own circulating bio-chemistry according to you..and i believe say it does not matter..i say it does.. allow me a thought experiment that resonates in least to me..could be my meds but i see the world mostly the same when sober too..

                  Everything is always composed by something smaller and part of something bigger..

                  Things/energy transform..nothing stay's the same..Living things just the same but way more complex..

                  They grow/evolve/transform tru different timebound stages each with its own specifick spectrum of needs and capabilities , dynamics , like chemistry , liquidity/mobility , temp , shapes , pathways for energy , synergetic characteristix and mandatory specifick feedback conditions to loop with/in/nurture the momentum/spark from..and even some form of function/duty being always composed of smaller needs and building part of some bigger need..and stuff like that..why not Earth ?

                  It seems to me because we would prefer not to torn on our addiction if possible and therefore there can be no "larve/pop/butterfly"…

                  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                    there can be no "larve/pop/butterfly" planetary process going on over billions of years ?? Having different , maybe even opposit needs of dynamics then today tru every stage..from submerged to airborn..from methane or whatever to make it possible to spark/nurture the first lifelike loops of energy&matter in enviromental shapes like micro-holes in rock with lots of compatible fluid interacting/energy to loop from at first before it could create and maintain its own membrane to oxigen to diversify/evolve/sense more,symbiose , cooperation , colonies , multycellular..etc..

                    What kind of SuperFlee are we to think we can declare where the DNA-"function" begins and end in the possible infinte Multyverse..our visible spectrum says the flee about everything on a planet in symbiose with itself and space/time as above so below lol..

                    There are many simularities and semi-constante truout Earth's "bio-process" , but also many things or combinations of things&dynamics that only where desirable/worked in that specifick combination/timeframe..what worked back then would be catastrophic now and vicaversa..depending what components in Earth's evolution in what timeframes you try to compare and what for..what base to make what point has been sought after by what kind of flee that came up with that image..

                    Me , i stopped comparing too much too far back..we are both sensing and more that the current collapse of the living thing we call home is reaching a very high ,…

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      we call home is reaching a very high , multyleveled , some irreversible , unbearable inner pitch..and that our existence is extremely onesided responsible for infinite obstruction towards everything Earth/Host-Life tries/was ment/patway to accomplish/follow..terminal stage cancer we caused/are..battle and collapse on the local level..cell and organ level collapse and spreading..50% diversity gone in 40 years..much more to come tomorrow before 2020..and we have tried almost nothing united..

                      I see and feel myself close to a sick very precious one , its appropiet to me..
                      She also happens to be provider of absolutely everything we need to exist so far..could have lasted forever but we chose to savagely rape , pillage and consume and foul to death her carefully crafted/balanced/protected bio-matrix in totallity whilest letting our genes explode..despite that we happen to have/had , if we would chose to use it right , a potential mutual saying/big influence in her wellbeing aswell..

                      Her potential as is = 100% given , thanked with a zillion triljon vital balances cut big and small from the inside started small at least..suddenly a few different mutations aka humanoids somewhere , something was radically new , running criscross tru the same space and on eachothers meal and made it..the rest is history..

                      Our steward potential = 100% latent , not found yet how to give a crap or two.. still dwelling/looping the same evil in the demonic controlled…

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Our steward potential = 100% latent , not found yet how to give a crap or two.. still dwelling/looping the same evil in the demonic controlled "progress" dream..or should i say psychopathic sleepwalking..

                      Relativating that semi-hypothetical sized 3% specifick chemical disbalance injected in a few of her bloodstreams on top of how miserable the stretched out but still holding on Earth's lifeweb/bio-matrix, trying to renew itself for the better against all odds because its in the "DNA" duty , with what it has left , full of scares/shotholes/acid/scalping/nuclear attack from its "children"..whilest flying tru a hotspot..whilest no longer being able to contain the greenhouse gasses she had life helped storage..seems somehow inapropiet to me..that or any of the independent Life-ending destructions we humans cummulated on top , below , left or right or behind like domino blocks of eachter and refuse to wake up..

                      I agree and made my position clear more then once , with all your points , except that "i know Earth can balance it"
                      as i just explained we dont know , we assume with a selective logic and think its an educated guess..

                      And that she has time..

                      Sure when sterilised she has still a long time being a planet..but the joy off life will not sense itself any longer there..Nuclear disasters in the extreme weather mixer will sterilise the planet and the Sun is finished shining in the narrow life-as-we-know-itself-nurturing spectrum , in 1 biljon year iirc…

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      So , there wont be much time for selforganizing recovery behind maybe some litle twisted all complexity missing radioactif micro-loop of chemical energy..if any..

                      If we keep denying our children any effort to save them protect the few imbeciles by coldness haveitalls untill the end instead..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Ambio…well I read your thoughts on this. I agree that mankind needs to put earth first. Put earth before profit, put earth before human population desires, put earth before countries and politics.

                      The question is where to best put the focus. Somehow stopping the oil/coal burning would be great. Probably more so for the many toxic pollutants than the carbon dioxide. It wont be easy to stop.

                      There could be better filtration at the point of burning…the exhaust. Lots of different ways to reduce the pollution, like less shipping, less military, streamlined cars and passive solar homes.

                      But in our intuitive grasping of the co2 issue, think of this; they have found a 120 million year old bee (in amber). There was over 1000 ppm then (according to science). Over 2000 ppm during the Jurassic.

                      Life was booming, and in many ways, life was the same. heres a 120 million year old lacewing

                      Could there be a flux in the natural emitters of c02 by 3%, equal to mans input? Razzz mentioned a volcano…animals and plants come and go, so certainly there were big variations in co2 emission yet the earth and life kept going. This is why Im certain the earth can handle mankinds co2. The pollution is another story.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Carbon credits were chosen because pollution credits are not profitable…

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Typo , not "you" Code , that should have been "one"

                      " you try to compare and what for.."

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Many simularities between the larve and the musquito and the needed environment too , same life..same planet ,radical different medium..radical different steps of same shortlived individual evolution.. different balances..put an egg around a chicken i bet it suffocates..but its been there will adapt lol j/k

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      I agree Jebus , my insight in the way's they been supposedly trying to tackle any of it is limited , i'm sure there is way better action/approach then anything so far on our capitalist bipedal side..i hope a evolution there is also near even tho i have not much to propose about that except my explained basic cap on poverty and richness..locked in a legal determined symbiotic ratio aiming at Earth's carrying humans&diversity sustainable..

                      I'm more perceptive of the living dynamics..looping in why the world is sick and batting the mobster who gets off on it all..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      ambio, what do you mean radically different medium?
                      "Many simularities between the larve and the musquito and the needed environment too , same life..same planet ,radical different medium."

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      I'm losing coherence Code , if i try to produce from deduction one more sentence defendable connected to all i said sofar today , i die..can we continue maybe later..i would like to lose myself now..

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      My brain-eyes are not sure if this is a screen or a twilightzone..:P

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Something about the balancing adaptations Earth-Life or Earth&Life danced in previous conditions in different time-fazes and reached succesfull cardhouse re-emerging was because the potential of all dynamics was there togheter in that timeframe..from planetary geological music to biological potential for fitting fractal like genes..for those is not the same anymore..and the changes coming are way to fast for adaptation without reset..we are no butterfly's , no time for biological adaptation , and then no time for reset..especially with the nuclear oumpf we provide in our thank you and goodbye , i wish i could have raped some attitude or something..

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Night all..sry

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Correct..the current life present can not adapt fast/quick enough to the 24/7 human onslaught of everything.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      ambio…the reason i pursue this subject is that the urgency,…the mainstream narrative on carbon dioxide seems myopic, tunnel vision, even misplaced and screwy. I cant think of an analogy, but what if scientists declared the sun as the cause of all cancer? And nations imposed sweeping solar tax. Not a good analogy because Co2 is increasing.

                      ".life is not the same anymore..and the changes coming are way to fast for adaptation without reset..we are no butterfly's , no time for biological adaptation…"

                      That is actually why I posted the prehistoric bee and butterfly. That life which was incredibly similar to the insects of today did survive, even thrive in Co2 levels three times higher than today. If you increased our Co2 to those levels, todays insects would survive as well. And instead of a runaway Venus effect, the Co2 gradually diminished

                      Compare to what is happening with our insects…40 to 80% die off in a few decades. Media and science tries to blame Co2! How frustrating, how unscientific, whats the word…criminal..insane…that science does not raise the danger of poison industry gone global. The immanent threat of extinction in the blink of an eye.

                      I can see the carbon dioxide went up, and it may produce climate change, but its a maddening, insulting fixation on one small part, a non toxic trace gas. Like I said, if they solve the carbon dioxide problem, they will surely lose the world for allowing toxic business as usual

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Frequencies and chemical bonds…. some think we are done, some think we are just beginning. It's both. The eternal paradox….or is it paradise. The incredible intricate simplicity of it all seems ironic but it is that only because we think we need to know what we already do.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      hi earthsmith. Its been a while

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Hi code, been hanging out with nature.

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      "I can see the carbon dioxide went up, and it may produce climate change, but its a maddening, insulting fixation on one small part, a non toxic trace gas. Like I said, if they solve the carbon dioxide problem, they will surely lose the world for allowing toxic business as usual"

                      Disagree again my friend , its the introduction of the climate problem that caused the "explosion" of Earth related the collectif..
                      7 years ago interconnectedness for example was still a novel thought provocing concept..look how the spectrum of Earth's manmade problems has broadened since then..and i expect that process to lockstep..

             the end..covering all that is needed to know for even the hardenest "lala i cant here you" to understand the need to re-arrange some priorities..

                      But if you have a way to speed up the process by dimishing the one that drags them all behind itself out in the open..i wont stand in your way.. 😐

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      And offcourse Fukushima also delivered a big alarming shock..but thats mostly shrubbed by TPTB out the collectif again..and thats a terrifying problem..

                      Until the collectif makes a full circle of empathic bio-matrix understanding and lands there itself..imho

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      ambio, Im one of the ancient ones. I remember dire warnings about ecology, pollution and overpopulation 50 years ago.

                      "Disagree again my friend , its the introduction of the climate problem that caused the "explosion" of Earth related the collectif..
                      7 years ago interconnectedness for example was still a novel thought provocing concept"

                      Back then, it was all the important stuff, now CO2 is all you hear. They blame everything on it, its ridiculous.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Twenty-five years ago, the Union of Concerned Scientists and more than 1700 independent scientists penned the 1992 “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity”

                      “a great change in our stewardship of
                      the Earth and the life on it is required,
                      if vast human misery is to be avoided.”

                      ozone depletion, freshwater
                      availability, marine life depletion,
                      ocean dead zones, forest loss, biodiversity
                      destruction, climate change, and
                      continued human population growth.


                      since the publication of the first letter, there has been
                      a 35% increase in the human population, the single biggest problem. Also a
                      75% increase in the number of ocean dead zones
                      all species of wild seafood could collapse within the next 50 years if more isn't done to protect these populations.
                      UNESCO predicts that the world will face a 40% global water deficit by 2030.
                      There will be nearly 10 billion people living on Earth by 2050
                      There has been a nearly 29% collective reduction in the number of animals in the world

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      "I remember dire warnings about ecology, pollution and overpopulation 50 years ago."

                      I dont remember that "dire" Code , when i started question adults about the incompatibility "civilization versus planet"..first i received some progress nonsense accompanied with a shrug and a joke and then i was simply ordered to not dare mention it again when i used too much common sense..against their dogma..

                      One could stumble upon an warning article tucked awayonce in a while..but it was all in the future..never a sense of real panic/urgency/threat..

                      That is changing now..and with every threat that finally becomes visible..the mind opens up to others previous impossible to see with the brainwashed eyes..

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      But offcourse there is no way to tell how much a hardcore capitalist needs to be hammered before he is prepared to let go of his own mind and its way's bitterlol

                      Especially as long as they are not held accountable..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      ambio, you dont remember the dire overpopulation message? In 1968, the book "The Population Bomb" came out and had a major impact on the world.

                      Now you dont hear about the biggest problem …population…instead, every problem known to mankind is blamed on carbon dioxide.

                      Anyway, I posted the paper from 25 years ago, and the terrible increase of problems since, and that is sufficient to rest my case

                      and no, capitalists wont change, they care about profit and believe in a hidden hand, a kind of social darwinism that will make everything alright. We lost half the planets life and they are still going full on

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

                      Not really no , can't remember that title Code..but i confess its not before Fuku and ENE that i became part of the "activist" collectif..and made "contact" with its articles/literature..before that it was just personal observations and combining what i picked up here and there..

                      "..they care about profit and believe in a hidden hand, a kind of social darwinism that will make everything alright.."

                      With/under Gawd's blessing the logical consequences of rape and pillage capitalisme on a finite planet will not be allowed to materialise in to a real life-experience..and otherwise there is always still the rapture to fix that..oh my..

                      Who , i wonder , protects me from the suffering to be locked up here a lifetime with those dangerous lobotomized by brainwashing and greed fellow bipedals..having to be a witness of all kinds of massmurder accompanied by intolerable BS resulting in planetary murder..

                    • Ambiorix Ambiorix


    • Who's crazy now?

      I once heard a real teacher say "the world needs trash men too"…

      He did it to motivate students, he was a real teacher…

      Truth? No shame in picking up the garbage…

      Funny thing though most didn't even hear him, only those that cared and were paying attention at that time.

      So if you took those South Carolina girs (thaat's girls with a accent) and left them on the farm, made sure they had clean air, water and soil without influence of dope or politics, will they will grow and take care of their surrounds, cook their own food and live? Happy too?

      Grandma can teach em how do deal with the rest of it.

      Recon that'll work?

      Or we can do some other way…

      Did it work for those women in the van?


      Spin Doctors – Two Princes:

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They should rename this typhoon "Hollywood",22.32,1029/loc=136.438,12.369

    ABOUT THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND FEET – Typhoon Trami all geared up

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    When I was in Saudi I got really sick of that wailing. I could tell they hated us and they were praying for us to die

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I bought some and still have some. Maybe you should consult a doctor first so they can fry your ass with radiation and chemicals. Who do doctors consult? After all, "the effect of this herb on blood sugar in humans is unknown." Well, gee, who do they call? Seems like an impossible task to find out, yes?

      Seriously "The UMMC notes that an allergy to dandelion, as with many other herbs, could lead to a dangerous anaphylactic reaction."

      I drank some a few times, it didn't kill me.

      Man, that would suck to worry about nuclear contamination for eight years and die from a dandelion tea.

      I'd miss Malakas two

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