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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 9:11 am ET


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Published: January 1st, 2016 at 9:11 am ET


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  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    8 Myths and Atrocities About #ChristopherColumbus and #ColumbusDay

    First up, Columbus never landed on American soil in the upper 48 states … not ever.

    This story was originally published October 14, 2013.

    On the second Monday of October each year, Native Americans cringe at the thought of honoring Christopher Columbus, a man who committed atrocities against Indigenous Peoples.

    Columbus Day was conceived by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Fraternal organization, in the 1930s because they wanted a Catholic hero. After President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the day into law as a federal holiday in 1937, the rest has been history.

  • LOL Trying to help one's "enemies"

    OK Battles 1 and 2 Have Been Won

    I am taking a break, spend some time in the Smoky Mountains and do some Hiking and Distilleries.

    I believe a major violent "distraction" even a Mini WW3 may occur soon, but could take months to roll out. The criminals that be are not as coordinated as one might think, and tend to be knee jerk reactionary rather than 3D Chess. So a mini-vacation seems "OK".

    What we were pretty sure of, suspected, is all playing out in spades. The general public will need more clear proof before they "come around". I believe that proof will come over the next month. Much may be exposed before the mid-term elections, with many of the Democrats "participants" and/or supporters exposed or at least thoroughly embarrassed, even dismayed, by the clear evidence against the higher ups (many of which are already fired, resigned, or removed from power).

    I have been "stocking up" funny thing for stock to do eh? For months. Basically would like to be ready for several months of "disruption" in which systems don't work, supplies can't be had. The operatives that have been exposed have been desperate the last few weeks, and that will ramp up to even higher extremes

    The cabal, and the Clinton machine's most ardent supporters are going to face a tough time. Coming to terms with how badly you have been hoodwinked, even in the face of clear evidence, is not going to be easy…

    • Dems and Libs used to have a real platform, but it has been co-opted by evil powers that be, twisted to their barely hidden agendas.

      In classic false flag fashion, distraction via a war is a likely outcome. Sorry a skirmish in Syria is not going to be enough, this needs to be a larger war, I haven't thought about it much, what that war could look like. Maybe a nuclear bomb in North Korea, and a broad skirmish in Korea / China. I don't know. Let's just say….China would love to see a war between USA and Russia. China would love to control Japan.

      Expect Fireworks

      Link has several videos that are full pro grade and explain where we are and how we got here, and the "Wizards" pulling the handles.

    • Ambiorix Ambiorix

      More time for the "man"..that wants to both control and destroy the world at the same time..

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      mountain top removal in the smoky mountains…a capitalist success story.
      mountaintop removal mining has already destroyed more than 500 mountains encompassing more than 1 million acres of Central and Southern Appalachia.

      Trump, save us daddy
      Trump administration halts research on mountaintop removal coal mining

      Broken mountains, broken hearts

      • Wallpapering a very important post. Your comments are irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Shame on you.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          shame on me for wallpapering? You start out this way
          "I am taking a break, spend some time in the Smoky Mountains and do some Hiking and Distilleries."

          Then go on to assert Trump victory. But the bigger problem of eco destruction cant be a victory for any side. Thus I thought you might like to contemplate the vast destruction of the once pristine smoky mountains on your vacation.

          Shame on you for not understanding

          • fucking rain on my well deserved parade. In stupid fashion you make everything out about Trump. and the vacuous rulalaw.

            The videos presented were a professional explanation of where we were and where we are now.

            This is a fight against the aristocracy/rich Cabal that tried to grab ultimate control….and there is ZERO future if that happens. If we don't win that battles, all the other side skirmishes (like saving the ecosystem) would be just dust in the wind.

            By ignorance, you can side with the criminals. Get ready for great cognitive dissonance.

            • Trump is "the aristocracy/rich Cabal". He has taken over $400 million from his father's estate. Putin has billions. Trump just appoints members of the insider aristocracy Cabal.

              • Anne, you pay so little attention to detail, it is beyond sad, its negligent.

                You, and your TDS, cast Trump in a negative light by saying he "took" from his father, shame on you for that. He received $66M which was converted to $400M in todays dollars to make it appear that he was not as good a businessman as say $4B would imply. Again shameful.

                Your stupid myopic world is negligent.

                Got banned from Twitter today after posting my article above.

            • slandermen slandermen

              Battles 1 and 2, what were those?

              Posing obviously corrupt shit as if it's…the opposite of that, when, you can see that it's not the opposite of that corrupt shit is quite impressive.

              Ignoring then, also, the larger problem of the related ecological/environmental damage related to that, is also quite impressive.

              I actually think you're more stupid than HD, in comparative terminology, you'd be SD.

              • slandermen slandermen

                "I actually think you're more stupid than HD…"

                Well, I have no choice but to retract that statement as HD almost immediately proved it to be incorrect.

              • hey slander fucking troll boy, fuck you.

                You too stupid to even read what I wrote and then repeat back the same argument that I had just body slammed?

                OK more simple for the feeble here.

                If we don't win the current, and about to accelerate battle against the Cabal that has been destroying USA and wants world control….then

                all the other shit you want to protest, protect, mean absolutely fucking nothing.

                But we what you are, sent to fuck up this website, and you succeeded. Great troll. One for the records. you all will need a new meme next time though. Fuck off!

                • slandermen slandermen

                  Hey stick dick sick sock dumb fuck, go suck more trump cock.

                  I don't read your shit, in general, because it supports and represents the stupid shit you bitch about and suggest your government is against.

                  The rather extensive list of examples corroborating that, is pretty much what I'm going with.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Stock, I hope you listened to those 44 pages and it was very comprehensive on what they were doing and how they were going to achieve their goals. There are laid out goals and whys. Not thinking anything has or will change. Hope is part and parcel of any control paradigm. Nose rings have been handed out by the billions.

                  Shock and awe has the advantage. Like sitting at an intersection and being rear ended by someone in a truck doing 60 MPH..the head snap is often painful, but is an expected reaction by the occupants of the car.

                  The play and dance are often graceful, but then, sometimes the head bangers show up and wreck the party.

                • unincredulous unincredulous

                  A while back, Slanderman said he gets paid every time someone replies to him/it. I don't anymore.

  • Follow anyone that agrees with you down to the river…

    Ya know just because some else agrees with your foolish trip, it doesn't maskle tit true…

    Look that up…

    Poor little fellers…

  • Ambiorix Ambiorix

    Fingers crossed noon hijack this conclusion and mold it in to a defense of the dumbing down of every litle

    What Have You Got? Reflections on Hubris

    The question that will hang over the last campfire of Earth will be, “what have we done?” And, perhaps even, “why?”

    One of the scraggly, misshapen apes might, somehow, have enough capacity left to echo the conclusion arrived at by Ernst Mayr. Something catastrophic happened the moment a mind capable of asking such things emerged. Rather than being our most laudable attribute, intelligence has shown itself to be a lethal mutation.

    • So what solution have you come up with?

      Nothing huh…

      Wowsers, what a waste.

      • Ambiorix Ambiorix

        So what solution have you come up with?

        Nothing huh…

        Wowsers, what a waste."

        Hey HD , i just showed you that your beloved TPTshouldentB promote and gave special protection status to Monsanto in reply to a ignorant post (defending TPTB again) from you that was saturated with insults..maybe you dont understand humans to well but normally such a mistake you can only make ONCE..twice and you lose all validity forever..even when hitting the nail on the head once in a while..accidently or not does not matter anymore..nobody looks at a broken watch..

        You happen to be a serial offender..need a drawing to go with that ?

        • Well let's see here…

          Filter your water…

          Filter your brain…

          And filter your information…

          Just doesn't get any more supple or simple than that.

          Dane brammaged? A terrible disease that is communicable…

          Do nothing, get no education or hands on experience, understand nothing and then believe instead of knowing.


          • slandermen slandermen

            "Filter your brain…

            And filter your information…"

            Yeah, make sure it's a particularly pro-government, nationalist sort of racist, sexist information while ignoring any number of facts.

            They do say ignorance is bliss. You "seen" to been seen done that, I don't think anyone's doubting your experience in that sense.

            • "Yeah, make sure it's a particularly pro-government, nationalist sort of racist, sexist information while ignoring any number of facts"

              Back at my desk now (typing on phones is as dumbasses is to real food).

              Government? If you would get off your lazy ass and stop blaming others and depending on them there would be no need for government.

              So a lazy fool creates the need and then, even after they are taken care of decides it's not enough? How very usual.

              Wowsers for all those that have no life, but, hoe usual too huh…

              Whatever you do don't learn, that would just be somehow wrong…

              Must just be a bunch of lazy communists huh.

              You've been lucky so far, but you don't even know that.


              I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.


          • Ambiorix Ambiorix

            Grr had to log back in for that..

            Did a president of murica signed a special Monsanto protection act or not ?? Is that ultra-promotion of a genocidal/culling deadly industry against the will/life-expectancy of the electorate/taxpayer/common man/majority on the globe or not ?

            And do you not have the personal tradition to defend your criminal government with lots of poeha and contempt/insults without knowing what your talking about ??

            What fucking right/"drainbammage" you have then to constantly spout insults and think you can be taken serious ?

            Silly poor transparant obstructionist for all the wrong are simply IMPOSSIBLE to adapt to..

  • Proof of Female Abuse At Kavanaugh Hearing — Slam Dunk Evidence
    Please review this photo from this week.

    At first I didn't know who Feinstein on the left was berating. Later identified as Murkowski from Alaska. Murkowski ran on agenda of installing conservative judges.

    Murkowski is a republican — But voted today against Kavanaugh.

  • Brett Kavanaugh Cannot Have It Both Ways

    As the former dean of Yale Law School, I’m shocked by the judge’s partisan turn.

    October 06, 2018

    “Brett Kavanaugh and I differ on most fundamental questions of constitutional law. Nevertheless, as a former dean of the institution where he received his law degree, I have withheld comment on the merits of his appointment. I am proud of the rich diversity of views that Yale Law School has produced.

    “Over the past decade, Kavanaugh has been a casual acquaintance. He seemed a gentle, quiet, reserved man, always solicitous of the dignity of his position as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. It was therefore with something approaching unbelief that I heard his speech after Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.

    “With calculation and skill, Kavanaugh stoked the fires of partisan rage and male entitlement. He had apparently concluded that the only way he could rally Republican support only by painting himself as the victim of
    a political hit job. He therefore offered a witches’ brew of vicious unfounded charges, alleging that Democratic members of the Senate Judicial Committee were pursuing a vendetta on behalf of the Clintons. If we expect judges to reach conclusions based solely on reliable evidence, Kavanaugh’s savage and bitter attack demonstrated exactly the opposite sensibility.

    “I was shell-shocked. This was not the Brett Kavanaugh I thought I knew…

    • [cont.] Having come so close to confirmation, Kavanaugh apparently cared more about his promotion than about preserving the dignity of the Supreme Court to which he aspired to join. Even if he sought to defend his honor as a husband and father, his unbalanced rantings about political persecution were so utterly inconsistent with the dispassionate temperament we expect from judges that one had to conclude that he had chosen ambition over professionalism.

      “His performance is indelibly etched in the public mind. For as long as Kavanaugh sits on the court, he will remain a symbol of partisan anger, a haunting reminder that behind the smiling face of judicial benevolence lies the force of an urgent will to power. No one who felt the force of that anger could possibly believe that Kavanaugh might actually be a detached and impartial judge. Each and every Republican who votes for Kavanaugh, therefore, effectively announces that they care more about controlling the Supreme Court than they do about the legitimacy of the court itself. There will be hell to pay.

      “I was in the end prompted to write this essay because on Thursday Kavanaugh published a remarkable editorial in the Wall Street Journal in which he apologized for his rash words and attempted to reclaim for himself the “independence and impartiality” so necessary for judges. But judicial temperament is not like a mask that can be put on or taken off at will. Judicial temperament is more than skin-deep. It is part of…

      • [cont.] It is part of the DNA of person, as is well illustrated by Merrick Garland, who never once descended to the partisan rancor of Kavanaugh, despite the Senate’s refusal even to dignify his nomination with a hearing.

        “Judge Kavanaugh cannot have it both ways. He cannot gain confirmation by unleashing partisan fury while simultaneously claiming that he possesses a judicial and impartial temperament. If Kavanaugh really cared about the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court, he would even now withdraw from consideration.

        “But I see no evidence that he is about to withdraw. Kavanaugh will thus join the court as the black-robed embodiment of raw partisan power inconsistent with any ideal of an impartial judiciary. As the court moves to the right to accommodate Trump’s appointments, Kavanaugh will inevitably become the focus of distrust and mobilization. His very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy; it will damage the nation’s commitment to the rule of law. It will be an American tragedy.”

    • Maybe you should really be shocked by the foolishness you think is true, especially after not knowing due process and evidence…

      • It's obvious you didn't watch the entire day of testimony including Kavanaugh's speech and the interruption of prosecutor questions by all the Republican senators who recognized that their nominee was totally deranged.

        Relying on hearsay and greed are poor substitutes for first hand visible truth. No doubt you don't read any articles which might shed any truth on the situation.

        In a court of law Mark Judge would have been served with a subpoena and his public testimony seen around the world. The evidence has been suppressed.

        You believe what you want to believe and refuse to even witness what the whole world has witnessed, and you refuse to read what the best legal minds have written on the subject.

        Why do you want the Constitution sullied and thrown away? Why do you think Harvard is refusing to allow him to teach there anymore and the students won't ever take his classes ever again?

        • Jury members aren't allowed to pass judgment when they take a vacation from a trial. They have to be present throughout the entire trial.

          If Kavanaugh cared about anything other than himself, he would withdraw his nomination. If Trump cared about anything other than himself, he would withdrawn Kavanaugh's nomination.

          There is still time before January to nominate and confirm a qualified conservative to the court.

          • Why didn't the Republicans insist that Kavanaugh's entire saved document be released to the Senate and the public and give time for the Senate to read them? Secrecy is not good government.

            Shy are you supporting someone who wants more nuclear energy and nuclear weapons? Either you care about the environment and your children or you don't. There is no middle ground.We already passed the tipping point in the 1940s. Either there is dignity with trying to correct the mistakes of the past, or there is just burying one's head in the sand and increasing the rapid destruction of the earthy and destroying all possibility of life.

            How can anyone be happy to watch people die from the death-propagating heat, hunger and disease?

            • Feinstein….wants a million documents released….but she can't even read the fucking FBI report on her so called abused woman, and then in the same week she brutally abuses this woman? See picture here….

              fuck you and your negligent myoptic view.


              • Feinstein gave the letter to the FBI which gave it to the White House. It was a Republican operative who leaked the information and hacked into Dr. Ford's linked in account. I think he is the same person responsible for the Swift Boat ads.

              • And pointing fingers at someone else doesn't make the Reublicans innocent.

                Kavanaugh demeanor his responsibility alone. He displayed all the characteristics which he has been accused of. This is what any tril tries to show is the display of characteristics of which the person is accused of.

                And Judge Kavanaugh didn't even know enough about the law to react with dignity and measured judgment. He must have used some kind of crutch (?drug) that rendered him incapable of trying to prove with his demeanor that he didn't consider women as punching bags and that he considers the country more important than his insane ambition. But being on the Court will not keep him safe, just as Trump as president won't keep all his crime from coming out.

                Corruption is punished in this country.

            • All the evidence could have been presented and 2 dozen of the numerous witnesses could have been presented. A sham when considering a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land is a slam to justice.

              There will be an investigation and more evidence will be made available. The ABA has opened up a new investigation. And there are millions in this country who care about their children and loved ones.

              The former dean of the Yale law school is correct. This is an American tragedy.

              And when a creepy old man tells a person who has suffered a sexual assault to grow up, that old man is totally immoral and a sociopath with absolutely no empathy or sense of right and wrong.

        • Because Harvard, and Yale, are fucking brain dead tools of the Cabal, installing a co-opted liberal (aka NWO) agenda into automotons that could think their way out of a fucking wet paper bag.

          • slandermen slandermen

            I thought a lot of your republican "leadership" comes from those sort of institutions, did I miss something?

            I mean, that bullshit anne just posted about that yale guy for instance suggesting he didn't know what was happening at yale? Well, I read that as defending the yale institution (and related shit), more than anything else.

        • It's a shaken baby syndrome hun…

          … not that addicts don't shake babies.

          Just het the neck breaks way before the brain damage occurs.

          We call that a fools folly and hell will overflow with em.

          Take a family that just lost a child and tie up our justice system with em?

          Over BS?

          Where's hell and who's going?


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I don't think I would be standing right next to this volcano
    0:36 Gamalama Volcano erupting. 4 October

    Popcatepetl Volcano Mexico 4 October

  • Hey, think that negitive works better than positive?

    Confused are we?

    One day you will see, no matter what…

    Nothing to do with me and everything to do with you…

    Can you say Creator? What about life and the pursuit of truth?

    That ain't got nothin to with happy boys. It has to do with truth.

    • slandermen slandermen

      Shit, this is gonna be difficult to explain.

      Ok wait, let's be positive about nuclear meltdowns and waste in america. I mean, I can see quite a few benefits from that. Let's be positive about bayer controlling your agriculture (with the blessing of your government).

      Let's be positive about you being lynched.

      • Hehehe yea
        I get it…

        The real question is do you…

        Build up people and guard the children and the next generations to come…

        Or everyone will be blinded dumbasses.

        But that's another story like positive and negitive…

        No link needed.

      • Nahh it's really simple SM…

        It ain't over till it's over and a fool will never know.

        That's by design for sure…

        So as soon as everything that could possibly happen has, it will be over…

        Short? Nahh that's a loooooooong way off.

        And no one will know.

        When the lions lay down with the lambs? Why would that be possible?

        Because they were dead beside each other dumb asses!!!!!!

        What a revelation for dumb asses readin a book they couldn't possibly understand.

        So tell us about agenda 32 stupid.

        Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem

    • slandermen slandermen

      "What about life and the pursuit of truth?"

      So, when you ignore truth, and spew untruths, I have negative feelings about your continued existence.

      • The pursuit of truth makes choosiness, the pursuit of bunk makes for fools that are unhappy no matter what the actual truth is…

        Wow what a mystery huh…

        Wowsers with fools ontop.

        Radioactive – Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling:

        • slandermen slandermen

          So are you saying, bayer doesn't basically control your agriculture?

            • slandermen slandermen

              "Bayer said Wednesday it faced some 8,700 plaintiffs across the U.S. as of late August — mainly cancer patients who claim to have fallen ill after being exposed to the glyphosate-containing Monsanto herbicides."

              And these plaintiffs are mostly, just civilians?

              " The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in September 2017 concluded a decades-long assessment of glyphosate risks and found the chemical not likely carcinogenic to humans."

              There's government though.

              "Bayer expects more lawsuits in the future. The next case is due to go to trial in St. Louis in late October. So far, the majority of cases were filed in Missouri, Delaware and California, Bayer said."

              See plowboy, that's what I meant.

              • Eating aspirin? Made from benzene.

                Eating gmo follishness? Made altered and not natural with what ever heavy metals they could find to alter it and produce more product.

                Acting a fool? I really wonder why.


                No title required.

                • slandermen slandermen

                  Good news, in a way.

                  After trump promised lower cancer drug prices or something, (you know, mostly related to bayer) and after passing that merger, cancer drug prices went up.

                  Maybe that would marginalize some of those drugs, but then again, considering the indoctrination related to the "healthcare" industry (hey, trump is also quite a novartis fan, from what I recall), it doesn't in a practical sense.

                  That's good news for bayer. Not so much for trump supporters or his credibility.

                  I mean there are many things that *could* have been done that would limit bayer's influence which the trump administration didn't do and in fact promulgated, by for instance promising that it won't result in american job losses. Because that's important, right? Not banning bayer shit, fining them, etc. Oh no, the best way to fight bayer? More corporate profits for bayer.

                  • And why do you care south African guy?

                    Maybe could be because you are full of shit…

                    And let's not forget what that means…

                    SHIT Ship high in transit.

                    Funny how that's absolutely true huh.


                    Don't click on this one either…

                    …it's not titled or anything.


                    • slandermen slandermen

                      "And why do you care south African guy?"

                      Well, bayer (and related shit) affects the environment negatively, damages people, animals, nature. Not even just in america. I have a problem with that.

                      And yeah, I am draconian.

                    • Amen brother, fools blabbing and shouting bullshit really means nothing.

                      True people that actually care means it all.

                      But then I'ma stupid huh…

                      Oh and for all the whiners?

                      Don't click on something that takes less than a second to understand…

                      What do we call that? Ignorance and whining like a child…


            • slandermen slandermen

              You understand that song is about the demise of patriarchy and mankind, used to sustain the earth, by death, right?

  • slandermen slandermen

    There is metaphysical shit going on here, where posters embody shit aspects of psyche? I'm right about that, right? You're not real people, are you?

    I mean it is like literal qlippoth due to being degenerate shells are incapable of reason, truth or admission.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "Good video"

    3:03 Typhoon King Kong gave South Korea hell. October 6

    4:05 Flooding Northeast of Santa Claus' house

    4:39 Flooding in Turkey north of Santa Claus' old house

    4:56 Flooding in Sicily. 5 October

    5:30 Pretty bad.

    6:00 River turns red

    6:37 Burning Bush in Vietnam — must be a Monsanto hybrid to put an end to the rumor that trees reduce carbon

    7:41 THREE EYED, THREE HORNED BULL in India (no surprise there)

    8:48 Mass fish death east coast Florida

    9:47 Mass fish death India

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Crack problem in Western Australia

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Soputan Volcano October 3 Celebes, Indonesia


    1:00 Turrialba Volcano Costa Rica Oct 2

    1:30 Krakatau Volcano Oct 2-3

    My new car has a sunroof, or an ashroof, or a radiation roof, whatever ya call it

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    WTF Those Palu Indonesia people have electric roads

    You don't need a car anymore

  • slandermen slandermen

    Full disclosure, I'm actually an israeli military operative/programmer (mostly specializing in subversion of important infrastructure), in an anthropological sense, we particularly focus on "alternative" social media and bots for narrative control. Disruption is very easy (as you can see), the important thing though is to keep you distracted from how we've hijacked much of your systemic operations.

    The best thing about it is, because I said that, you wouldn't believe me 🙂

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    First Those crazy landslides, and then this Palu shit just does not look like what I saw for the last 50 years. I think the old earth is just tired and can't take it anymore

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    God, then flooding in Cabo San Lucas

    …then a bunch of other fake stuff. All of it was faked in a studio on the moon.

    There is no bad news

  • Trump is now calling us "troublemakers", those of us who are victims of sexual assault and rape. What kind of justice is that? How does that make American great and who wants that kind of "freedom"?

  • Jebus Jebus

    It is interesting to see how each human has so much pride in figuring it all out.

    The joy of monkeys.

    If we could just incorporate all the creatures we could sue them for defective products…

    • fuck you too, presenting some important be unwelcome observations of huge importance, without a bit of "pride"

      meme of, if you present information here, you are prideful, and therefore unsuitable, etc.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Funny how The Judge does not sue for defamation. Seems odd.

        I find your site biased and repulsive…

        • Fucking stupid to think K would immediately file suit against Ford or 2 or CPL gang rape

          If a suit would come it would come after confirmation, DUH!

          LOL Biased…..I present opinion, but also sources, you dont even read my site. Because you gots TDS.

          • slandermen slandermen

            stock, but it's so much easier.

            Like, if it wasn't a hegelian shitshow, I would imagine a clever, reasonable, sincere non-puppet (and the non-puppet non-sheep supporters) would probably have figured out by now, that the timing of that shit is just slightly suspect.

            I mean, apart from all those supporters who really would have no fucking idea of what happened there (from either side).

            So basically, either side's narrative speaks of degenerate bullshit. Which seems to correlate with politics and bullshit institutions, as if it doesn't even need precedent.

            • slandermen slandermen

              I mean, when I get abused, I often wait like 30 years for a biased political party to approach me and try and leverage some sort of situation I may have been involved in (willingly even, even though I'm not saying the other party/parties didn't do fucked up shit, but I kinda liked it) to distract people from the more prevailing institutional fuckups.

              Doesn't seem like hegelian dialectics at all.

              • You should fuck off too. You are done in my book, even though once in a while you pander to me, fuck off.

                • slandermen slandermen

                  "You should fuck off too. You are done in my book, even though once in a while you pander to me, fuck off."

                  Wow you're delusional. I'm telling you all of that is bullshit, imo. I don't pander to you, personally I think you're scum.

              • Dr. Ford told her therapist about it in 2012 during couples' therapy and later in her own therapy. In a court of law or a fair hearing, her therapist would have been allowed to testify.

                I never told anyone about my rape for thirty years and I have never discussed it in therapy. In the US it is shameful to be raped and society blames the victim and besides the rapist is an extremely frightening peson and no one wants the rapist to attack them again.

                When I told my family, my father's only comment was "Di you fight back?" My father would have belted me if I ever cried or ever tried to give an explanation.

                I waited until after he died before I ever told anyone that I got a D in an honors calculus class because I couldn't afford to buy the book and I never told anyone that I didn't have a copy of the book. I was taught to put up and shut up. Those 2 incidents were in 1958 and 1959. Freedom for women has improved some since then. I am crying as I write these words and it is the biggest reason I will never let anyone near me ever again.

                • slandermen slandermen

                  "In the US it is shameful to be raped and society blames the victim and besides the rapist is an extremely frightening peson and no one wants the rapist to attack them again."

                  But then again, I have known sluts and shit too. It does happen hey, I would imagine especially at like all male/all female schools that sort of tension/repression could result in some bizarre things.

                  Anyway, this is why I continually try to mention your societal, institutional, judicial system, government fuckups related to that.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Yes, it does not take long to see the bias.

            That's ok, I know you are not thinking. You never do…

      • slandermen slandermen

        Well like I said, it'll start in Bhutan. That flag is really fucking important to boost morale for the inevitable conscription in america.

      • slandermen slandermen

        Hey stock, did you vote against hillary?

        • Clinton Email Prove She Made a Shady Deal With Japan on Kissinger's Advice, Buying Fukushima Radiation Infested Food W/O Testing

          y;'all fuck off

          • slandermen slandermen

            Yeah, if you check the previous page (I think), I mentioned some clinton bullshit related to uranium one, I often bitch about democrat bullshit, if you haven't noticed. Anne has, I guess.

            But anyway, funny thing about uranium one is they're STILL involved with fraud in wyoming (at the least).

            Though, my question relates to something else entirely. I'll try to rephrase it, how many republicans do you think, would have voted against hillary, out of principle?

            • slandermen slandermen

              Ok wait, this should help you understand. How many democrats, do you think would've voted against trump, out of principle?

              • slandermen slandermen

                If you think about it. Many, if not most, suggest hillary is unfit, rather than trump being apprioriate. Conversely, many, if not most suggest trump is unfit rather than hillary being appropriate.

                This should be basis for saying fuckoff to both, if you consider their shit, the legacies of shit, the corporate involvements (from both) and the rather large non-voting (apart from those excluded from voting) populace. I mean, the indoctrination from both sides, the appeal to be so polarized and much of your society promoting that is also related.

                To me, it basically reaffirms the idea that you have a kakisocratic government, and perhaps society, predicated on hegelian dialects.

                Now if you follow the logic here, what you should have is the rejection of potential "leaders" from the start. Like inverting elections. I've mentioned it before.

                But anyway, you should have your candidates, and people should vote against potential candidates. Imagine how quickly hillary and trump would be eliminated as candidates, considering that people in many cases don't vote FOR someone, but AGAINST someone, practically.

                So when your selected candidates are shit, you have a problem because that elimination process should have been fundamentally part of your electoral process.

                You can tell by the random crap I just typed that I recently got wine again.

                • Good answer, but you can still fuck off, because Trump is a great candidate, personality flaws and all. for these reasons, this speech…and he didn't have to do it, give up a nice life to be viciously attacked relentlessly.

                  he is doing it for us, AND his own ego, but that is pretty understandable.


                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Hows that? Trumps speech was a hypocritical farce of low quality. Anyone can see that. Bragging about his military might then saying he believes in not interfering, then grossly putting down countries for their ways, and of course keeping up and ramping up multi national military aggression….imperialist wars. Thats just ONE thing.

                    Trump made the U.S. a laughing stock. Did you see those Germans laughing incredulously when he was putting them down for their business with Russia?

                    The world laughs at your hero. A hero that does all the wrong things, says all the wrong things in a non professional demeanor, but is upheld as the greatest president, despite all that. It is nothing short of amazing

                    a good question is why are people so blinded to this crude personality? And I can imagine that they grew up with similar types, maybe friends, father, teachers etc and this creates normalcy bias. The people in power are almost all grotesque caricatures. They are contorted, and that psychological contortion twists their facial expressions, their gestures, their bodies. Super easy to see on Trump, Kavanaugh, Hillary. Not as easy to see on Obama, even though his term was full of pandering to the rich corporations and bankers

                    • NWO fuck twits might be laughing, but results will only bring cog-dis to their sorry arses. May I say fuck off?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      stock, you can say fuckoff but that wont change global opinion on your hero

                      "Globally, there is low confidence in Putin and Trump on international affairs. A global median of 26% said they had confidence in the Russian leader to do the right thing internationally, while six-in-ten (60%) expressed no confidence, according to a spring 2017 survey. Trump was rated even more negatively: A global median of 74% said they had no confidence in the U.S. president’s global leadership, while 22% expressed confidence."

                      I can understand why more people would have confidence in Putin. He sounds a lot more well educated, thoughtful, uses greater decorum and of course has a lot of experience as a political leader. Conversely, Trump has none of that. Dont forget, they dont have confidence in Putin, just more than Trump


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Opinion of Trump in Europe is abysmal. Yet the world has relatively high opinion of the U.S. despite our leaders. I believe this is a dwindling momentum from the days when the U.S. public actually espoused freedom and contempt for war. That seems to be no longer, as we welcome the military tribunal, torture(!!!!), the unending war on terrorists, who btw later become our allies, and the in your face obvious economic coups of countries around the world.

                      "In Germany, where just 10% have confidence in Trump, three-in-four people say the U.S. is doing less these days to address global problems, and the share of the public who believe the U.S. respects personal freedoms is down 35 percentage points since 2008. In France, only 9% have confidence in Trump, while 81% think the U.S. doesn’t consider the interests of countries like France when making foreign policy decisions.

                      Critical views are also widespread among America’s closest neighbors. Only 25% of Canadians rate Trump positively,"


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Whatever ones opinion of Obama, its undeniable that he had a favorable view by the world, unlike Bush and Trump. They are held in a remarkably low light and it is easy to see why


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      to believe that the world shares your high opinion of Trump is to ignore reality. The only option besides abject denial is to say the world is stupid. This of course seems true, inasmuch as they all cower and cheer under their overlords.

                      "Support for U.S. leadership among Norwegians plummeted an astonishing 42 points between President Obama's final year in office and Trump's first. That was part of a catastrophic showing from European nations, particularly the United States' NATO allies. Approval fell by 10 points or more in 24 European countries, including 18 NATO members. In Portugal, it fell 51 points in a year."


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Why would the world have more confidence in Xi Jinping and Putin than Trump? I suspect it has something to do with what they say and do and how they deliver the message. Trump is truly a Murkin president, a president of and for the mentality of our aggressive, vacuously opinionated, insulated, indoctrinated and dumbed down populace. I suggest that is obvious.

                      "global opinion of U.S. President Donald Trump has sunk so low that the world now appears to have more confidence in the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of some 26,000 people across 25 countries."


                      The survey showcases the sharp decline in America’s image and standing abroad since Trump took office nearly two years ago

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      you called my ONE response to you before as wallpaper. That wasnt wallpaper, THIS is wallpaper. I know I could cite the failings of the Trump administration till the cows come home and it wouldnt change your faith based admiration of your politicial party and Bush.

                      The pitiful standing of the U.S. and Trump should be recognized, and there may be a few who will see it. We never hear directly from europeans for some reason. Actually I did once. A gentleman from Serbia wanted to know why my guys destroyed his place with bombs…that was a while ago

                      Trump, not even very charismatic, but certainly dangerous…

                      "Around the globe, people tend to associate the American leader with all of the negative characteristics tested: Most say he is arrogant, intolerant and dangerous, while relatively few think of him as well-qualified or as someone who cares about ordinary people. Describing Trump as charismatic is more common, though global publics on balance do not think of him as charismatic, either."

  • And damn someone has to give it away….

    Why not me.

  • D.C. Circuit sent complaints about Kavanaugh’s testimony to Chief Justice Roberts

    • 3 Former Kavanaugh Clerks Want Thorough FBI Investigation

      “Three former Brett Kavanaugh clerks, who previously backed their former boss’ nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, told Senate Judiciary committee lawmakers Monday they’re 'deeply troubled' by the accusations against Kavanaugh….’

      • Anne you know why we need the option of military tribunals…

        Because of the huge amounts of liberal installed judges over decades by Soros et al.

        fuck them

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          dont forget; military tribunals will work the other way when the other side gets in power. Right now, Trump has the power as commander in chief concerning Guantanamo military tribunals as per the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and currently by the Military Commissions Act of 2009.

          Those prisoners, some of whom were/are U.S. citizens, dont have recourse to the normal due process and trial by jury. Trump is very outspoken about using severe forms of torture.

          So when the power shifts, you could see Trump in Guantanamo for say war crimes or any number of charges, and they could use severe torture to get admissions of guilt, and any military man with his own agenda could have Trump hanged. It appears that you folks only believe this is not possible because of your steadfast belief in your moral or righteous high ground.

          In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are the 'right' every bit as weird as the 'left' but history shows righteousness has nothing to do with the motives and actions of those in charge.

          • Watch the panic now. After the declassification first round.

            And on each batch there will be 100k or 300k people searching the internet, checking every family and work link and exposing the rat trails.

            The "matrix" they set up to control is going to be also the tool that dismantles the fuckers that be.

            I had an epiphany last year…"we need to use the machine to beat the machine". I really didn't know what it meant in reality….it was a vision during meditation.

            I know think I know what it means.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    We evolved from them, we should be able to sue them in Zeitgeist Matrix Court.

  • Sam Sam

    The polarization of this country is taking us all into a known unknown. The known is civil strife
    a breakdown of law and order, vigilantism, false flag operations leading to martial law and
    a civil war. The unknown is the timing of all this. Another known is that Putin and his comrades
    over here–Trump, Pence, the Republican Congress and all the "deplorables" who voted for
    Trump are in ecstasy over the disintegration of America….. The unknown is how the majority of
    Americans who did not vote for Trump will act and vote. What does a battered person do when
    enough is enough? What does a battered nation do when enough is enough?

    Recently two Supreme Court Justices have warned against the loss of a swing vote Justice.
    The court is now 5-4 conservative and rightwing. Does Chief Justice Roberts want his legacy
    to be known as the Chief Justice of a Supreme Court that is racist, bigoted, misogynist, polarized
    and beholden totally to Corporations and a captured Institution. Will he become the Swing Vote?
    Will he rise above the partisanship and become a wise voice guiding this broken country?
    Time will tell.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I am heavily biased because I only see two choices.

    Oil or Water…

    • slandermen slandermen

      Shit…oil has more carbon than water and that's needed for life. But then again, you can't fucking drink oil.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I'm still waiting for water to be on the ballot.

      • Obama stole my water resources (significant nexus bullshit) and Trump gave it back.

        Case closed.

        • slandermen slandermen

          Elaborate, and do remember to consider other environmental factors.

          Sure, obama made some water the state's and abused that, likely with corporate involvement.

          Now you're getting it back as swamp sludge, well, some of it, maybe. If you pay for it, likely with corporate involvement. Like saudia arabia, russia and china did with a bunch of american states/resources. Without you actually benefiting from that. I mean, unless you're actually associated with that sort of thing.

          • My land directly effected, my land is at a "significant nexus" as least as some asshole gov prick could decide AFTER I build a body of water….

            Elimination of the EPA water grab for controlling every water body within a "significant nexus" of any navigable body of water. Significant Nexus basically means we can make up anything we want and control anyone's water in any way including forcing them to spend money and time to manage that water the way WE see fit. navigable means that you could float a kayak on it on the rainiest day of the year. i.e. a large puddle.


            • slandermen slandermen

              I'm not trying to say obama was necessarily good. Just to clarify. However, I don't see the supposed good the trump administration is doing, regarding the environment.

              • Sam Sam

                Trump is directly responsible for more deaths from his environmental policies. He is gutting
                EPA regulations that have protected the public from harm. all to the benefit of the corporations
                whom are the polluters along with the US Military's degradation of environments.
                Behind Trumps policies is a cynical nihilism toward governing and most fatally against Life. This is a
                death cult hastening the coming end stages of life here on this Earth. They worship the Seven
                Deadly Sins.
                Trump is the destroyers messenger wrecking havoc to America.

                there is something deadly in the Inherent Character of this Country. From the founding DNA……
                Civil War was a war between two American Cultures. Now we have a Kavanaugh character
                on the Supreme Court. What is the message here. It is now acceptable to be a sexual predator and
                attempt rape as a teenage, deny it and attack the accuser and rage and rant about being a victim.
                This is sick….. Yet millions cheer Trump on.
                it is now acceptable to be misogynist openly, it is now acceptable for a Judge to be a hypocrite who
                lies and tampers with witnesses. We have a functioning Drunk and Molestor who has drunken
                amnesia on the Highest Court of the Land. Where now is the respect for this Institution. Thanks
                Trump and McConnell et al ilk for all this. Did you know that it was Kavanaugh who recommended
                to President Georgee Bush to appoint John Roberts to be the Chief Justice. How much more
                incestuous can this get…

                • slandermen slandermen

                  Well, I have been bitching about kakistocracy and related bullshit.

                  Also if you notice the bizarre timing of the sudden disinterest in pursuing those accusations, it seems almost as if what I said about this being hegelian horseshit is correct.

                  Hello Sam (hey, who knows what other accounts you use Anne).

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Trump didnt replace the trashing of the small water ways oversight with any safeguards against pollution. Pollution is a big problem on tributaries and small water ways, I have looked into it. So the question is, did Trump end protection of water so that you could have your personal stream use unimpeded by gov oversight, or did he do it to ease the restrictions on his corporate buddies, or possibly he did it out of sheer ignorance.

              Im pretty sure he didnt care about you and your stream, because after all, he is all about the art of the deal. The deal man, the deal

              One must wear powerful blinders not to see this

              • Fuck off. I have no stream I have ground water, and nearby is a "body of water you could float a boat on at the wettest time of the year" the definition of a navigable body of water. Thus giving THEM the control of MY LAND AND MY WATER. fuck them too, now I am in control of MY WATER again. If I want a pond, I can build it, if I want to pump to irrigate my microfarm, I can do it.

                Taking back gov overreach is a GOOD THING! This was never about polluting a stream, there are laws that apply to that. So fuck off, with all due respect.

      • slandermen slandermen

        I went with wine.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I still have hope though, as there will be many, many, more women on the ballot this cycle of bullshit, because of the nature of the beast…

      • You can continue to fuck off, but I agree that more women are probably a good thing….just not the totally corrupt ladder climbing, sleep to the top, then complain about men, uraNIUM humping pedophile lesbian Clintons and types like that….

        You know like Tulsi Gabbard….women seem to have clean environment pretty hard wired into their thinking, more than men anyway.

        I still get goaded for thinking that GMO is inherently wrong.

        • slandermen slandermen

          Did you miss all the bayer/agriculture/environmental shit that the trump administration didn't do anything but propagate?

          • First we fuck the NWO and the lib fags that think they are being liberal, but actually following propaganda that has taken them away from true liberal ideals….research it.

            Sad now, but I was good with 75% of the old liberal ideas. Now its a fucking farce, a joke, and they can't see how they were bamboozled.

            • slandermen slandermen

              Sorry stock, that argument or reply is unfortunately not good enough when I specifically mention the bayer/agriculture/environmental shit related to the trump administration.

              • fuck off, I am not playing the bayer meme, until we have the country back, then that battle may be fought…

                but the courts are already full of good guy combatants on the issue you mention….thousands of cases filed.

                We don't need to waste our time just now.

                BTW glyphosate causes asthma….seriously….and an inhaler used to be $7 now it is $65.

                Joust that shite

        • Jebus Jebus

          Vote or run. Women are intelligent. They see that's all you get.

          • Women are no more intelligent than men and probably a little less than men based on the STEM type questions that fill most IQ tests.

            • slandermen slandermen

              Nice one stock, you know bayer is big on that sort of thing, right? In fact, quite a lot of the corrupt science and government, funnily enough.

              But I was just wondering, those tests, do you think perhaps they could be biased, considering patriarchal institutions, legacy and definitions of intelligence?

            • slandermen slandermen

              Okay wait, so you're saying, women have in general a better idea of being conservative about the environment. But they're not smarter than men, so, that's why you need trump to fix the environment.

              It's so obvious.

              • Watch for it.

                Trump to announce planting of 500,000,000 trees.

                It will be good for environment, economy, and really fuck with lib heads, free rent, LOL

                • slandermen slandermen

                  Hey, I've considered shit like that. I don't think it's likely, possible, but not likely. That better happen soon. None of this "oh but we'll start implementing that in 2035" shit.

                • slandermen slandermen

                  But yeah, you're gonna need MUCH more than just that. 500,000,000 trees sounds okay, if it's like, monthly.

                  Including better pollution regulations, not expanding industry and giving them more leeway to pollute, not selling out states to multinationals.

                  • slandermen slandermen

                    Related to that, would of course be bayer and the vast majority of the american agriculture (and significant influence in nuclear as well as other "healthcare").

                    Meaning, you actually have to diversify, revert from that corporate monopolization and reject much if not most of it (say, dow/dupont and bayer/monsanto) and normalize environmental conditions.

                    I haven't seen much other than opposite of that from trump administration so far.

                    • Well, 500,000,000 just for America, MATFA!

                      other than that, fuck off

                    • slandermen slandermen

                      But will those 500 million trees offset the pollution, corruption and expanding industry (say, bayer, dowdupont, herbicides, pesticides, GMOs), fracking, nuclear industry shit, coal mining shit, etc? Will it rehabilitate the oceanic conditions, reduce trawling and consumerism? Will it lower military waste? When corporations are allowed to pollute more, that also seems counter to the supposed benevolence.

                      Perhaps CS would like to mention something about those trees, btw.

  • Excuses excuses…

    WaaWaaaWaa while some get up and go to work for the good of the world…

    Not just for themselves or for their profit or for something to do while bored for nothing to do…

    But don't click on it and understand it, that would somehow (somewow) be wrong huh…

  • NEW: Christine Blasey Ford has no further plans to pursue her sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, according to her attorneys – ABC

    hmmmm, seconds after confirmation of K, which just happened.

    I guess she wants to slink off to history with the 524,000 bribe she got to testify.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Any way you look at the human condition, water, shut's it all down…

  • slandermen slandermen

    Apparently, the energy it provides actually planets grow. Fucking bizarro.

  • Reality…

    The halves and the have nots….

    Which one are you?

  • With AI and robot soldiers and drones, there won't be any militias running around conducting military tribunals.

    Save your life. Don't throw it away.

    The next election will be well attended. The midterms always go to the party in the minority now. This is because it is the independents who determine the winners, and they just throw out the majority party.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Now they can make tiny lenses really cheap and excellent quality. They will be everywhere. Soon, a trip to the doctor for a few more eyes and a switch. no one will notice. A wi-fi camera in every alarm clock you buy.

    "The Matrix has you, Neo"

  • Does anyone here believe that Kava will not make ruling based on the Constitution?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Constitution? We have a constitution? Show me how it operates yours and my world.

      • Obe, it should, it has been subverted.

        But Ill Be Back

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        several of the features of the constitution are not manifest in reality and neither party has a plan to overcome this.

        Popular Sovereignty. The idea that the government's authority comes from the people; the people are given uber rich usually uber connected insiders who always lie in their campaign promises which revolve around the same talking points. This is not the power of the people to decide on their governance.

        Limited Government. The government is limited in the way they can act by the Constitution. …this doesnt work because there are so many laws that leaders can create or invoke. We have nearly total surveilance and virtual police state. The government does what big corporations want. Government has no intention of reducing its power

        Separation of Powers. …a great idea until you realize those boys are corrupt and dance to the tune of the corporate or oligarch piper.

        Checks and Balances. …same problem there. If the check and balances always lead to the same status quo, the one that makes the public indentured servants and destroys the ecosystem, then what value is it to the people? Nobody talks about this failing

        Federalism. What if you dont like the laws and taxes of the state as much as you dont like the laws and taxes of the country? People arent free to choose the laws that restrict them. They are not free to decide how their money is spent. IS that freedom? Is that a government by and for the people? No, it isnt. The standard line is…

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          the standard line…a bit nauseatingly predictable, is that you are free to choose the leader who will then make your wishes come true. That is supposed to be your freedom. Yet we still never have the choice on which laws confine us or imprison us, and how our taxes are spent. And as we have seen, dont even have the choice between great candidates who will keep their pledges, and of course are kept in the loop of political rhetoric, reducing our emotional intelligence to a kind of game of football or something. That is not freedom at all.

          So the constitution isnt that great, sorry to be the one to break it to you. It had some core ideas that resonate…freedom, a government for the people etc, but the constitution didnt make it happen, cant make it happen. We need a different system. For starters, the public should have the power to decide how its money is spent, at least to a large degree. We should have an influence on the laws. The stage of politics should expand to expose the real issues going on, instead of the public coddling and rhetoric that keeps the us cheering for war and thirsting for protection. Yes, we need an anti patriotic sentiment, and instead on based on true civility, higher logic, dialogue, philosophy, support of nature and more…

          Even the mentally challenged can tell there is something wrong with whats going on

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            See these directly over head every other day.. thinking HD would not get along with this guy either…he would say this is fake news and not part of the matrix we are trapped in. I do not remember voting for any of this shit…just saying. He tells it like it is..and not what some goofy youtube song spews out.

            Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 6, 2018, #165 ( Dane Wigington )

  • Code sayeth
    stock, you can say fuckoff but that wont change global opinion on your hero

    "Globally, there is low confidence in Putin and Trump on international affairs. A global median of 26% said they had confidence in the Russian leader to do the right thing internationally, while six-in-ten (60%) expressed no confidence, according to a spring 2017 survey. Trump was rated even more negatively: A global median of 74% said they had no confidence in the U.S. president’s global leadership, while 22% expressed confidence."

    thats a really positive thing….when the "whole word" including the EU, Soros, NYT and left wingers think that Trump and Putin are the biggest problems, when in fact, the Ashkenazi and China (linked much) are the real problems….then we are a tipping point of absurdity.


    to this link Code went full apeshit (no offense to apes) wallpapering….

    LOL Of course Obama had a favorable view by the world…let them plunder USA, promote the NWO agenda, push the Islam philosophy….working out awesome in Europe by the way….pushback in full view.

    Sheesh. How can the smart be SO stupid?

  • CSD sayeth—to believe that the world shares your high opinion of Trump is to ignore reality. The only option besides abject denial is to say the world is stupid. This of course seems true, inasmuch as they all cower and cheer under their overlords.

    "Support for U.S. leadership among Norwegians plummeted an astonishing 42 points between President Obama's final year in office and Trump's first.
    Frankly my dear, I don't give a fuck what the world thinks including their NWO fucktwits and the socialist state of Norway based on oil deposits.

    I care about my homeland, my family, my tribe, and my earth whilst others fuck it up more. Fuck the EU and their globalist bullshit that is clearly not working even though a global economic boom. Fuck off

  • LOL CSD sayeth
    October 6, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    you called my ONE response to you before as wallpaper. That wasnt wallpaper, THIS is wallpaper. I know I could cite the failings of the Trump administration till the cows come home and it wouldnt change your faith based admiration of your politicial party and Bush.
    not one response, like 8 to a single comment….i.e. wallpaper

    How About Code Anne Paper…..

    We dont want a likeable president, we want an effective one. And he has been very effective even in the face of CIA spying, complete adversity.

    Patriots are in control for the most part.

  • Dems and Libs used to have a real platform, but it has been co-opted by evil powers that be, twisted to their barely hidden agendas.

    In classic false flag fashion, distraction via a war is a likely outcome. Sorry a skirmish in Syria is not going to be enough, this needs to be a larger war, I haven't thought about it much, what that war could look like. Maybe a nuclear bomb in North Korea, and a broad skirmish in Korea / China. I don't know. Let's just say….China would love to see a war between USA and Russia. China would love to control Japan.

    Expect Fireworks

    Link has several videos that are full pro grade and explain where we are and how we got here, and the "Wizards" pulling the handles.

    • slandermen slandermen

      So, what about that 200+ year legacy of your country being governed by a bunch of cunts, regardless of the ruling political party?

      I seem to recall quite a lot of bullshit in the reagan and bush (obviously the current trump) administrations too.

      For instance, I like to point out your debt and I mention clinton administration (and democrats voting for shit like OTC derivatives and leveraging shit…oh wait, republicans too). In fact, if you look closely, much of that was started by another fuckhead that was unfit to be president, named reagan.

  • Damn another untitled one..

    And anoyer (i meant another)..


    And another…

    Wowser with some truth ontop…

  • slandermen slandermen

    Some interesting locations for those recent moderately strong earthquakes.

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is the righteous capitalism the boofers are fighting for.

    Making 'Fringe' Scientist Who Argues Exposure Good for People a Key Witness, Trump's EPA Moves to Roll Back Radiation Safety Rules

    "The agency is ignoring scientific evidence by instead claiming a little radiation is good for you. This is clearly an attempt to save industry money at the expense of women and children's health."

    Looks like boofers are pro nuclear…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Jebus, you just dont get it. Trump HAS to roll back environmental protections, radiation exposure regulations, he must sell out U.S. lands and oceans to multinational oil corps, solidify the Palestinian extermination and alienate the world….etc because at some point he is going to save us. Its so obvious. So fucking obvious, but now that we have Kavanaugh, you will have to eat your shorts. I mean you lefty pinko commie nutjobs are getting so crazy its high time we roll out the military tribunals and up the torture. Sheesh

      • Jebus Jebus

        Ya, I only get that it is very bad karma to scorn those who have born you as they are much stronger than you will ever know…

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          "Ya, I only get that it is very bad karma to scorn those who have born you as they are much stronger than you will ever know…"

          I suppose you are drawing a parallel between mens mistreatment of women and mankinds mistreatment of mother nature.

          In fact this invalidates mens assumed authority. What right do men who subjugate their female partners (global phenomenon) and destroy mother earth have to rule? Men are not qualified to be overlords of the masses and overlords of nature. They simply are not. And while there is no evidence or proof that men have this native right to be rulers, there is stark evidence they are not qualified; they are destroying mother nature and making our lives and the lives of other species miserable.

          So people really need to question giving some group of rich dudes power over their lives, as if this is natural and good. I look at those politicians and I sure as hell dont want a single one to decide my fate

  • slandermen slandermen

    Here's a really easy one for stock, hd, razzz, whatever.

    List even just three good measures taken to preserver or protect the environment in the trump administration. And I don't want vague bullshit, hopeful crap. I want some actual effectual examples. I mean his administration has had some time, right.

    Also do consider just how much could be mentioned in terms of environmental damage.

    Come on, try.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I'm thinking it's pretty tough to base this administrations success on past administrations identical failures…

  • Jebus Jebus

    I also find it humorous that there is no argument without a party…

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    DutchsinseOfficial on Twitch.

    The live stream was cut in the middle of the video.

    They probably sent in the Men in Black, like they did for the administrator here.

    Tomorrow Dutch's cat will do the show.

    At least he had a cat.

    Poor Dutch


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Dutch says he had a big storm and power and/or internet got off.

    He lives.

    His followers, at least one of them said get on the tinfoil hat and panic.

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