Fox Host: Most of Fukushima’s radioactive releases in ocean to hit our coast… “And there it is, moving toward us” — “Frankly scientists are being very careful about what they say about the radioactivity” — Official: Plume may already be in US (VIDEOS)

Published: March 4th, 2014 at 9:21 am ET


Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Feb. 21, 2014: “Projections show most of the radioactive ocean plume from Fukushima will hit our coast — the U.S. West Coast — sometime later this year. And there it is, moving toward us.”

Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, March 2, 2014: “A group of scientists is now estimating that the radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster 3 years ago could now reach our West Coast this April — and  frankly scientists are being very careful about what they say about the radioactivity.”

Mike Priddy, supervisor of Washington’s  Environmental Sciences Section, Feb. 25, 2014: “From now on out, there’s the possibility that the plume is here, but no one yet has a sample that says it’s here.”

Watch the first FOX segment here and the second one here

Published: March 4th, 2014 at 9:21 am ET


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73 comments to Fox Host: Most of Fukushima’s radioactive releases in ocean to hit our coast… “And there it is, moving toward us” — “Frankly scientists are being very careful about what they say about the radioactivity” — Official: Plume may already be in US (VIDEOS)

  • jec jec

    Dear MIKE PRIDDY, HAVE YOU TESTED? So far, wasn't the TESTED seafood number all of FOIR fish..4 (four, quatro, not much)?? And why does have to ask for crowd funding to test water samples? No US government systematic testing of water or air. In fact, air monitors were turned off..IF you really want to be helpful..list the actual tests done, ALL or few, of air and sea and soil performed for radiation-cesium, iodine, pultonium/alpha particles, all the mess coming out of Fukushima. Then say you piece with scientific backup! You are a degreed scientist in the field of oceanography, environmental studies, or similar..right? Or media only?

    • Cisco Cisco

      This is what you get when ideology and politics trump science and logic. Three government US agencies/departments say, it's not within their scope of their responsibility to do ocean testing. Instead of this absurdity being called out, the MSM continues to let these bastards stand on, a "no testing" evasion model; no data, no danger.

      These agencies, all with access to the FOIA/Fuku conversations and emails (that we have red), clearly knows bad shit is here and more is on the way, big time.

      They'll never come clean. They can't because what they have grown and managed is an international crime of the highest degree.

  • Sol Man

    "…scientists are being very careful about what they say about the radioactivity." Why? Are certain scientists worried about losing their industry support checks?

    If we ignore it, it won't exist.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Invisible, odorless and tasteless has worked nicely for the past 70 years, while they have raped the public government tax paying coffers and then raped our forced love of electricity wallets via billions of on demand rate payments. 🙁

      Now they will rape the entire world in unending worldwide radiation contamination cleanup costs. 🙁

      If the common man were any dumber he wouldn't know what to do with him/herself… 🙁

  • or-well

    A fox, a peacock
    a blue pill and an eye
    compete for attention
    from you and me
    along with a logo
    you could pronounce "sin" –
    that's five brands
    of nuclear spin,
    newstainment for all,
    sometimes Truth slips in
    but only if
    it's there for the win
    of what you believe
    and how you should think,
    visual Kool-Aid
    down the sink
    of attention spans
    that continue to shrink.

    • bo bo

      When attention shrinks too much
      It's time to see the shrink
      He'll feed you pills to keep your focus
      On the telly, and not at them

      Ouch I can't rhyme 🙁

  • "…scientists are being very careful about what they say about the radioactivity.” – Dobbs

    Scientists are being even more careful about ANYTHING which might throw a negative light on the Nuclear Industry and it's supporters. Things like proper testing, if any, and timely data results, if ever.

    3 years, 3 meltdowns, ongoing, accumulating and contaminating the entire globe. Multiple China Syndromes (basically) where no human or robot can go and our leaders say nothing or they pass the buck.

    Amazing that less than 30 seconds is devoted to a portion of a much lager overall topic.

    Such as… continuous radioactive contamination with no end in sight to our air and sea and what to do about it.

    I guess it's not as cute as dogs with cupcakes.
    19 seconds 😉

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Sadly Sol Man I feel that is their modus operandi….."if we ignore it, it won't exist"..I understand your thinking, it is their thinking that baffles.

    • Sol Man

      New thinking is required to get us out of the horrible/bad-awful mess that the old thinking has gotten us into. But, as you note, the old modes may be locked-in.

      Sad days for all, unless somehow there is an awakening.

  • bo bo

    I see it clearly now. They have made the collective decision to pick fukushima to escape the attention building up on WIPP and Hanford. It's like ontrolled release of radioactive steam. Why else would a major network suddenly start to bang pots and pans?

    At least with Fukushima you can just blame it on TEPCO.

    I'm not undermining the seriousness of Fukushima in any way, of course.

    Their plan will most likely backfire, and the masses will awaken to all 3 events ( and more) soon.

    • bo bo

      'on-trolled' information release… ahaha typo – 'controlled' is what I meant to say

    • sweet pea sweet pea

      like when the Iran Contra scandal was going on all the news would talk about was "baby Jessica fell in the well!"

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      bo, I love the pot and pan banging analogy…also Fukushima gives the NRC and EPA an out when everything and everyone is contaminated, they can claim it came from Fukushima not from Hanford, WIPP etc.

      Tepco will become the new "boogeyman" coming to get your children.

      The next rallying cry we'll hear is that Fukushima radiation can fly freely everywhere, especially Washington (by Hanford), and New Mexico (by Wipp) (and anywhere they find high readings).

      A message for Colin Powell, I just found all those "WMD's" you were looking for in 2001. 🙂

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      We are the T-Rex. Bang away, eventually we will eat you all, puny inhumans!

    • I fully agree with you Bo. I said the same thing basically a few days ago when NBC went live with their laughable "breaking news from Fukushima" story. They are just doing this to distract the public from what is happening on home soil; then when people start coming down with all of the terrible diseases/effects from WIPP they can blame it on Japan and wash their hands.
      I will be honest and say that until Fukushima I was naive enough to believe that the media was honest and reported the truth. Boy have my eyes been opened in the last 3 years. And what bothers me more then the lack of info from MSM is the fact that most people I talk to could care less about what is happening to our planet and are more interested in the latest news about the Kardashians and Justin Bieber. Uggggg!

      • sentinelle sentinelle

        I feel the same Rebeca! My earliest realizations were after 9/11, before that I assumed that I could live my life feeling safe that we had wise and concerned leaders along with watchdog groups in place to watch out for us. That last three years has allowed for me to see the mechanisms and the players more clearly. I do believe those who think they own and control this planet see most populations as worker bees and dispensable when no longer needed for their labor forces. I also want to believe that there are those of equal (and hopefully greater) powers counter acting the destructive power-tripping, greedy control freaks.

        I think that just making people aware, even though they resist and deny the information is very helpful. I've had people whom I finally convince of what is happening with 'see with your own eyes' info, say to me, "ok, so now that I see this and am worried, what can I do about it but worry? I'd rather not know, since I'm unable to stop it." I think common awareness exposes the emperors with no clothes and they have no where to hide. I read that security people are trained to just stare at a person they suspect are about to shop lift. They feel they are being watched and usually leave without taking anything. Perhaps making people aware of these things like those that are posted here operates on the same premise.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          the emperors have no place to hide except behind the most powerful and sophisticated military machine ever seen on earth, the best lawyers and judges money can buy, not to mention the majority opinion, which never seems to change much, probably because the emperors also own the media machine

      • bo bo

        Rebecca007 I just had another thought.. worst case scenario – if the dam breaks, there is no way public's attention can be 'distracted' to Fukushima. All eyes on Hanford. Then Tepco will jump at that golden opportunity to release contaminated water into the Pacific. 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      bo, that would be a great theory if only the MSM WAS eager to cover Hanford and the WIPP. They haven't been, And Fukushima may be stalled ongoing as well. That's why we should just look for ANY coverage and encourage more.

  • atomicistheword

    It's been moved to April, is this while we play WW3? Fox are always rescheduling. The scientist whores are waiting for permission from their pimp before they lie to us.

    World wars don't work anymore. You try getting the youth off their dumb phones, flappy birds and Facebook!

    Next cover up try?

  • Sol Man

    Please enjoy this brief interlude from John and Beverly Martyn's,
    Road to Ruin, 1970., I put it up long time ago, please excuse my OT.

  • combomelt combomelt


  • Rufus

    Testing the water, the air, even the fish is one thing, but they don't, or won't admit that all bets are off once cesium (and friends)enters the human body.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Radiation from Fukushima is in soil, water supply, and every breath we take.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Great … we got Lou Dobbs, the crazy "Know Nothing" from Fox via CNN reporting on the plume …

    They gave the assignment for the world's most important story to a "whack job" …

    Herr Goebbels is smiling from the wings …

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Leaders of nations are generally fairly representative of the people. The last two presidents of the USA should give us a good idea of the American mentality at this time. Just imagine George W. and Barack H. in the various crucial engineering and scientific roles . . . George W. checking out the damn on the Columbia and Barack H. checking radiation levels in the Pacific.

    After all to be fair, if you're doing as good a job as the President would do that ought to be good enough, right?

    Shoddy workmanship is now common in the USA. And the imports from China are often sub-standard.

    If you had a business of some sort and had to hire Congress persons would you be inspired or despair.

    Conscientiousness is out of style. So are honesty and honor. We have a technology that demands very high quality people–but these are increasingly rare!

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "Leaders of nations are generally fairly representative of the people."

      Not chosen by the people,though. And certainly not representative of the general morality of the population.

      • We Not They Finally

        If only the people picked who runs. By now, it's too often money who picks who runs.

        If we had better choices, we would have taken them.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      The world is run by not initiated, and therefore highly dangerous alpha males. I am not stating my opinion. The information about the necessity of male initiation – the how and why – are all encoded in the male body. As long as men are not initiated anymore we are globally doomed. End of story. If you keep asking why and who you will find out that the whole western industrial dysfunctional societies are created by males. As long as they are not initiated all the typical behaviors and structures like hierarchies, goal orientation, competitiveness, aggression, territoriality, forming exclusive, highly hierarchically organized clubs, experiencing the world as a dangerous place to arm against, being exploitative and most important of it all being disconnected from life which keeps a male unempathetic and off reality- all that is what a not initiated alpha male is. After an initiation – where a near death experience is at the center, a man is being reconnected with life and never ever can turn against life in his actions,. feelings and thinking – imagine that – problem globally solved. Just think it through – consequently and see where you go. I am interested in the root causes of a problem and the disaster we are in is because our alpha males are not initiated. Everybody who wants to know the details please mail; me at – Love to everybody here

      • sentinelle sentinelle

        This rings as a truth to me in the sense that we as people have moved away from the tribe mentality to every person for themselves. Everyone gets a trophy for nothing. You can purchase being a celebrity. Greed and dishonesty is rewarded.

        Women also struggle. Struggle for freedom from suppression and oppression.

  • Nick

    Test not what your country won't test for you.

    Testing…one…two…three….anybody testing?

    From 2016 memo:

    In 2014 the NRC and IEAA and all other nuclear lover's groups reset the background level for radiation.

    In 2013 it was 25cps for beta 30cps for gamma and 15cps for alpha.

    In 2014 it was decided after many a discussion and email chain that instead of cps the counts would be in minutes.

    In 2015 all of these same groups discovered that magically the counts for all these wayward atoms had fallen below the 2014 benchmark. At this point the disasters at Hanford, WIPP and Fukushima were declared to be IMPROVING, diminishing the need for the main stream media to pay anymore attention to the matter.


    I wish I were joking.

    present their new album

    "…It's understood in Hollywood
    as Califoradiation…"

  • Yulek

    Well, I have to say, that almost all media reports on that radioactive "plume" are a bad joke, as if all people were too dumb to be unable to figure out that if releases from Fukushima are ongoing, then instead of a plume, there will be a radioactive stream.

    • rogerthat

      Yup, the new scientific method. Never test for anything. Always point in the wrong direction. The first rule is mislead. It's all far away, so it's harmless. When it arrives, turn off the monitors. In the meantime, radically increase ''safe'' limits, redefine cancer to eliminate large numbers of future cases from the count, get companies and the government off the hook for medical costs. Fund crackpot studies to prove that radiation is good for you. Stuff peoples ears full of bananas so they can't hear the truth. Never test for anything. Learn to say ''within safe limits'', ''no immediate health effects'', ''too low to measure'', ''well below naturally occurring background levels'', ''hydrogen explosion'', ''greatly diluted'', ''no measurable effects'', ''too low to monitor'' , ''mystified'', ''flummoxed'', ''baffled'', ''radiation can be ruled out as the cause'', ''no data to show'', and remember at all times, never test, never measure. Tell people it's not here because there are no measurements showing it is here. It will arrive, next year maybe, and when next year comes, maybe it will be the following year, but it will be diluted, too low to measure, so we are not going to measure, and anyway it's no-ones job to measure and there is no money for it.
      Then when people die and life becomes deformed they will be able to say it can't be the radiation, there is no data to support such a crazy hypothesis, what are…

      • rogerthat

        you, crazy or something?

        • We Not They Finally

          Maybe. I keep doing Freudian slips. Like I first read your "no measurable effects" as "no measurable ETHICS"!

          Then again, maybe NOT so crazy….

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        rogerthat…yes it seems the current scientific method is don't test for anything you don't want to find. 🙂

        • rogerthat

          Yes, also dont test if you already know what you will find but don't want anyone else to know. And you really, really don't want them to know that you know. Because if they know that you knew all along, they will ask why you didnt tell them, why you didnt stop it, why you didnt protect them, and especially why you continue to subsidise the nuclear industry using their money.

  • Ontological Ontological

    I see Faux News is acting like this happened yesterday, and we are not supposed to notice? How stupid they think we are! It is fascinating that anyone could be so bloody stupid themselves!

  • weeman

    Why are scientist being very careful what they say?
    Not enough data points for them to come to a educated answer, scientist are cautious by nature and put on top off that the lack off definitive peer papers on radiation, standards and effects they don't have anything to base facts on.
    I compare it to Eisenstein trying to find a unified theory, good luck with that, but keep thinking.

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, either all that or they don't want to cross their corporate donors and lose their grants.

  • Nick

    The Plume is one thing, then there is the wee bit of data from the FALLOUT all over the globe that would be nice to see…in real time.

    Problem is, it is overlaid with releases from all the other "operating nuclear power plants", the weapons factories and the waste sites.

    So don't expect this info anytime soon…only in bits and drabs.

    Meanwhile, the world's ecosystem will manifest radiological stress in all manner of ways.

    Right now I am not so sure scientists mean much anymore if DATA is withheld from us all.

    What is the point if politics can alter the picture?

    No, it is time for a citizen observational databank, compiling weirdness everywhere.

    Who knows, we might even be able to peg depression on radiation!!!

  • Nick

    An example of weirdness:

    Today a woman said that she had seen 100s of robins in a tree.

    Officials: It's the cold

    Nick: It's something else.

    All we have to do is figure out how to compile this data/observations in a coherent form that can be overlain with known radioactive releases and sources.

    The CDC should already have a weirdness link!

  • Nick

    Don't think so,… she didn't see them eating just flocked en mass.

  • Nick

    When the Fukushima waters pound against the West Coast, minute particles will go airborne, adding to the FALLOUT in the atmosphere.

    I sure hope someone is testing the SNOW in the mountains.

    But guess what? Our government wants to reduce sulfur in gasoline. Seems like they just ignore Fukushima anything.

  • GQR2

    The impetus to reduce sulfur in gasoline is not for the improvement of the health of the people and all that breaths this atmosphere. It has to be a scheme to create a new chemical process, or create some kind a subsidy for the wicked wicked oil and gas corporations,LLCs and all the death cult hell they probably spinning a process to use more chemicals – replace sulfur with god knows what. Or take that sulfur and dump it into the sky. These people are smoking the crack pipe of power and the ability to act by Fiat.
    They never act in the interest of the people's health. They want us to think they do,but they don't.
    Between the awful web-site changes on c-span making following the clown show even more difficult. and this just today ? Proof the congress has imploded long ago. Completely hopelessly deeply corrupt in every aspect. In plain sight. on every level.