Fox News Anchor: “What a fantastical incredible lie” gov’t told about Fukushima, and now it’s reached shores of North America — “We knew… and simply could not prove” it (VIDEO)

Published: March 1st, 2014 at 6:00 pm ET


Shepard Smith, Fox News, Feb. 25, 2014:

Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan has crossed the ocean and has landed close to North America — the gift from Japan that keeps on giving.

Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant has now reached the waters off North America’s west coast — that’s the word from the scientists. […] In 2011 a deadly earthquake followed by a tsunami killed 15,000 people and caused Fukushima power plant nuclear reactor to melt down. We stood in Tokyo, as they said “There is no meltdown, this is not happening”– as steam rose from the place. They allowed workers to continue, they allowed residents to stay — and said, “No, there’s no nuclear meltdown, it’s okay.” It’s now reached the shores of North America. What a fantastical incredible lie that we knew at the time we were getting, and simply could not prove.

Watch Smith reporting on Fukushima while in Japan here

Published: March 1st, 2014 at 6:00 pm ET


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144 comments to Fox News Anchor: “What a fantastical incredible lie” gov’t told about Fukushima, and now it’s reached shores of North America — “We knew… and simply could not prove” it (VIDEO)

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Well knock me down with a radioactive banana…

    Fox News actually telling the truth…

    Has planet Earth strayed into the Twilight Zone.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Same old planet. Either he has no education or still can't tell the whole truth. He said the radiation has "landed" in Canada. He said it was "near" North America. The last time I checked, Canada is part of the Continent of North America.

      They said they "knew" it, but could not prove it. I guess they could not say that because of possible lawsuits. No balls at all. How long has the news been out that there were three meltdowns? We have known about it for a long time.

      What, they just get permission to say so? Daddy Obama's handlers figure they have enough stockpiles of ammo and the total spy network to just go ahead and not give a damn?

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Well Murdoch isn't exactly a BIG fan of Americas current reigning [monarch / government], so maybe he and his 'sock-puppets' are just throwing a few spanners in the works.

        • atomicistheword

          Murdock interfered in the political process in Australia helping a one term government that couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery. (Australian colloquial term) Mass unemployment and deflated currency the result.

          The current leader of Australia denies climate change stating that it is crap. Very little is known about General Electric's atomic containment vessel disasters and nothing about new Mexico. One would think we're living in America part 2. Oh for the days when we had real news. Laments.

          Even "Aunty" ABC has been given the hard word. No more reporting about our concentration camps Christmas Island and Manus Island. People might get the impression we're cruel and evil.

          • Fall out man!

            The bogus threat of carbon destroying the planet through man made climate change is heavily promoted by the Nuke industry, and all that keeps it going now. Another excuse to fund it for "clean" energy.

            Climate researchers owe their living, their industry, to nuke money…

            Very often the truth lies 180 degrees from where the nuke industry is pointing. The ultimate irony is that Nuke Power really does cause climate change through the ionising radiation of Krypton 85 in the atmosphere, produced by normally operating Nuke Power plants in day to day operation.

            Note also that CERN has now done laboratory experiments to confirm what was proposed as the mechanism for heating and cooling of the earth prior to the global warming scam really took off. CERN cloud chambers showed that changes in the solar wind from sun spot activity affect how many cosmic rays hit the atmosphere, and that affects cloud formation , cloud cover and how much heat from the sun gets through. CERN were allowed to publish their results, but told they could not interpret them, or state their significance.

            Atomic is the word for genetic destruction. Most mutations cannot be selected out by natural selection, so that nuke power brings all life closer to extinction.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "Fox News actually telling the truth…"


          What we always feared, was when they start telling the truth, it is game over time. America is closer than ever to the crash, or some other type of isrealli sponsored false flag event to cause the martial law and foreign mercenary army takeover. Don't ever forget this apartheid country isreal is owned by the rothschild bankster industry. Isreal was ONLY created to start wars, be the bankster enforcer, and finally to instigate the third and the final world war to eliminate 95% of the world's populations.

          So far so good, and they have fooled the world into thinking they, as well as the American out of control govt puppets for this rothschild empire, are the good guys. Everybody in the world KNOWS that is not true. America is the new nazi germany and isreal the SS Wafen attack dogs. They all kiss the toes of the rothschild bankster empire and the money-god.

          Isn't it funny that the only brazen country in the world that professes at the merciless killing using these false flag events like 9/11, and only this country is the best at doing that kind of evil, are called god's people. Yeah, they are the money-god's people. A true abomination to Love, and Goodness.

          What is the latest distraction on TV? The truth??


          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "Even "Aunty" ABC has been given the hard word."

            Hey yo, Atomic.

            ABC is owned by murdock, right? What else needs to be known. That horrid babylonian is just another sock-puppet for the dirty evil rothschild bankster empire. As said above, when these clowns start ringing true, watch out!


            • atomicistheword

              No mate,

              ABC/SBS are owned by the people of Australia and are chartered to be independent. Well sort of. used to be. might be. Like BBC that's why we call it "Aunty"

              The Ten network is Murdoch. Rarely watch it.

              Australia does not have atomic radiation power, but is one of the largest exporters of uranium. So we're in with Babylon, our government is; not the people!!

          • Kashiko Kashiko

            'God love's America' but it surely doesn't love him.
            David Sylvian.

          • We Not They Finally

            James T., AGAIN please stop it the likes of "Israel was just started to make wars." You are an IGNORANT man, who believes a ton of destructive right-wing propaganda.

            Many Jews do NOT support Israeli policies, but that has nothing to do with why Israel was founded, which goes back to Theodore Herzl (which I guess your mis-education never taught you), not to the Rothschilds. It also goes back 2,000 years to Jewish longings to return from out of the diaspora.

            You really should NOT be attacking other people for being zealots when you are apparently a zealot who follows zealots. Read some books! Get educated! You are IGNORANT!!!

            • We Not They Finally

              Again, James, we are Jews, we are NOT wealthy, we are humane, and you are turning people against a whole ethnicity. YOU NEED TO STOP!! Don't you ever learn ANYTHING?! You are a BIGOT, Sir. A destructive bigot.

              • Sparky Sparky

                We Not They Finally, 1,000,000+ Agree!!! I am fairly tolerant and open to diverse views and rarely call-out another Enenewser for his/her comments.(Twice, I think, one of which was to JT.)

                IMO, JT continues to make hateful comments that appear to encourage or incite people to rise-up against the "Babylonians"–which I take it is code for Jews–or anybody else not in his camp.

                I and other Enenewsers have asked repeatedly for him to explain who exactly are the "Babylonians" that he apparently believes are the forces of evil behind all governments, currency systems, disasters, etc. The term "Babylonians" appears to be malleable, as he uses it to immediately tarnish or blame anyone/group so labeled. Still waiting for an answer; meanwhile he migrates his hate-posts to yet another thread.

                Don't be fooled Enenewsers: IMO, JT is pushing destructive tribalism, even when packaged as information or words of encouragement to other Enenewsers. For a while I attributed this to ignorance (e.g., undermining NETC, a citizen early warning system) but now I see that he ratchets-up the hate-speak with each passing disaster event (for which there are many).

                Rein-in your hateful comments Mr. JT or take them to another site. They are unwelcome here on Enenews and I will not hesitate to report them.

                • Sparky Sparky

                  BTW, I think the common denominator to all these systems and events across the eons is MONEY and POWER, not race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.

                  Quite franky, I don't think that the PTB give a flying f*ck about someone's history, personal or group characteristics, or what their motivations or intentions are as long as they are aligned with MONEY and POWER–the GODS for which no sacrifice is too great. All the rest is convenient packing to help move the masses in the direction that furthers these all important end-goals.

                  Keep your "Babylonism", JT. Such tribalism is the hate-instrument of choice of the PTB, not the solution.

                • We Not They Finally

                  Thank you so very much, Sparky. And I'm really not out to "get" people. It just gets too lunatic-fringe. Like Alexander Backman (who is great on Fukushima — he really is!) recently speculated that it must be the Ashkenazi GENES that make Jews so evil. But my husband and I are Ashkenazi genes on all sides. So are we "the bad seed"? Will the peasants be rising up with pitchforks because of our very GENES when things get really bad?

                  As Jews, we are not even religious. We just speak up when it starts getting this whack-o.

                  • James Tekton James Tekton

                    [REMOVED… this is getting old quick]

                  • zogerke zogerke

                    Admittedly offtopic: If people were to judge all Americans by what US government does& has done, ignoring true accomplishments or kindness by the people of America…. the way Israelis and most Jews get cursed& hated for what the Israeli government has done& does, ignoring accomplishments or kindnesses of the people of Israel………If the history, the loooooong history of anti semitic anti Jewish arguments, forgeries, dispersions of Jewish people &culture were known, were seen….perhaps some of the rhetoric on this site would shift in a different, less hateful direction.

                    I agree, it is Moneyed powers that rule,the 'global corporatocracy'. Agree with JT & others that oil & power cos cal the shots; agree that there are real conspiracies of silence; agree that media is often (not entirely- look here) corrupt..Adamantly insist that it's not one religious or ethnic background that's to blame, or one 'cabal' responsible- it is a system of established moneyed pillage that interlocks….
                    I believe pointing to one group- making distinctions between the 'Good Jews; and the 'Bad Jews' assuming most are 'bad'…is divide &conquer anti-semitism acted out. JT I believe your heart and soul are in the right place. I also believe your repeated attributions of evil to people of Jewish descent is anti-Semitic. As though the Jewishness and the Evil were connected. It is repeatedly unpleasant to experience & read, though I appreciate many of your posts and contributions…

          • Jebus Jebus

            Hey guys, any chance we can take this off to the side before Admin deletes it?
            Fantastic views from everyone, but I'm afraid it will be gone tomorrow, which would make it moot.
            I wanna read more, so please, take it over to the OT thread and go at it…

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          They will tell us the truth at first , then trash it … Suck in the masses ..I'm sorry I just don't trust them

      • Max1 Max1

        This is the same station that doesn't know where Iraq and Egypt are…

        Surprised they think Canada is close to North America…

        • Kashiko Kashiko

          Max1, that is universal. I was once asked in Japan 'What part of America is England in>'. My answer? The East coast.

      • This is disinformation. Of course the U.S. government knew it. Furthermore, the radiation has been here since a few days after the disaster began in March, 2011. It was a lot worse then than it is now. Furthermore, he didn't do anything to clarify the difference between INTERNAL exposure ( from breathing or eating particles ) and EXTERNAL exposure and he didn't explain how radioactive particles bioaccumulate in the food chain. This is a news story without the depth to provide the audience with USEFUL understanding.

        • Several good points.

          However, I would differ on this statement.

          " It was a lot worse then than it is now. "
          – metamind

          Perhaps some of the initial releases of radiation were higher, I get that, but the overall global catastrophe consisting of 3 out of control coastal meltdowns gets worse everyday.

          The initial fallout(s) continue to accumulate with each rotation and circle the planet about every 40 days with no end in sight.

          If they lied about 3 MELTDOWNS 3 years ago, then one can only imagine what untruths they are spewing now.

          It gets worse every day. 😉

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            ChasAha – I was going to mention the same point. Radiation exposure is also cumulative so the longer there are releases, and one gets exposed to them, the closer to radiation sickness one will get, if I understand this correctly.

            • Bones Bones

              Right, what is released, stays released, and anything further added is added to the total. No human species will outlive the contamination on a practical timeline.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "…USEFUL understanding."

          Howdy, Meta.

          Let's see…useful understanding.

          Is that anything like, useful idiots?



        • sentinelle sentinelle

          Metamind, I don't think this rant was intended to be information. I think this was personal.

          "We stood in Tokyo, as they said “There is no meltdown, this is not happening”– as steam rose from the place."

          I recall the videos of the reporters being taken on tour. I wonder what building the workers were posing from, and how much exposure they got, just for the purpose to create a display of everything is just fine for the news media.

          • Bones Bones

            I thought it was great what he said. He said they knew from the beginning but couldn't prove it. Just having the few professionals like Arnie and Dr. Caldicott won't be enough. If there had been many scientific studies like normal then they could show on their show what was happening and just how bad. Everyone through normal channels is now blackmailed. That is something to remember. Scientists and doctors are captured and blackmailed as well as newspaper editors, etc. If this announcer, of which he is the only one on MSM I think has a soul, could raise the alarm he would be disappeared or at least lose his life and family as he knows it. A child knows how stupid and dangerous radiation is in the simplest terms! lol

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          meta – Remember, any dispensing of news on FOX is strictly accidental and should not be taken as fact.

          • We Not They Finally

            That said (and it's true), Shepherd Smith does occasionally "step outside the lines." Should he actually do "the unthinkable" (namely, investigative reporting) we'll see what happens.

            But the Murdoch management itself may be "stuck." They would love to pound the Obama administration (which des bear guilt, for sure), but they will also support the corporate monsters who caused all this.

            There may be some twisting and turning ahead that will NOT be fun to watch.

        • invisible ELEphant in the room

          If you want to know how much these people care, consider the situation with air travel. Airplanes are contaminated from Fukushima in the air because the worldwide air column is contaminated. The contamination in the planes is cumulative and since we don't know where any particular plane has been, any particular plane could be an irradiated coffin.

          And to think that essentially no one's mentioning this and even BeautifulGirlbyDana was totally wrong about it (that made me lose a lot of faith in him), it says it all to me.

          Fukushima & Worldwide Air Column Contamination: BeautifulGirlByDana V. Leuren Moret MA, PhD (ABT)

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Russia has just invaded Ukraine – the Crimean Peninsula. Obama tells them to pull back. Hope no one resorts to nukes in this situation.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Well if they let em rip, then we surely will have a "bright flash" of anarchy, on all our hands.. 🙁

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        That's the big story for the day. Sigh, I knew it would come to this sooner or later. Too much saber rattling between the U.S. and Russia. Does anyone remember a few years ago when Russia invaded another country along it southern border, and the U.S. sent insurgents there to mount a resistance or counter-revolutionary effort? You can bet yer booties the CIA and the other black ops folks had boots on the ground.

        Sorry I'm tired today and can't remember the name of that small independent nation state. If memory serves, it was somewhere northeast (?) of Turkey.

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          And don't forget that japan is getting ready for a strike as well .

          • weegokiburi weegokiburi

            Really don't get a Japan connection with Russian invading Crimea and South Ossetia. Never mind issues in Chechnya.
            Are you suggesting Japan will be attacked by Russia?
            Or that Japan will launch an attack?
            Both seem unlikely.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              Russia is trying to take away islands from Japan for the rare earth metals and has been threatening Japan.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                One Russian claimed responsibility for the 9.0 earthquake and said they have the technology to cause more earthquakes.

              • We Not They Finally

                The rare earth metals are coveted by the electronic industries, which are of course big in Japan. (Also why the so-called "thorium reactors" are pushed by some contingents in the U.S. Thorium is found in abundance near where rare earth minerals are found.)

                One would HOPE that if Japan wanted the islands, it would be to evacuate their own dying people to, before they get fried to extinction. But not Shinzo Abe.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              I was saying that japan is gearing up for a conflict as well with china , sorry I didn't frame my comment better .

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "Russia has just invaded Ukraine"

        Hello, Arizona.

        All this is just a distraction from what is happening under the American Peoples noses. The preparations for the economic crash martial law lockdown continue. The foreign mercenary armies are preparing to go house to house to take guns and rape the women of America. The crash and fall of the banking system is at hand. Lots of possible triggers and lots of distractions. Chaos is their end game, ab ordo etc.

        Stay steady and stay alert to what is going on in your neighborhoods. Do not give any more energy to the distractions at all. Unite in community. Go tell your churches the anti-Christ murderers are coming dressed in UN blue, and it ain't going to be a rapture. It will be plain old murder, and mayhem. They have been practising in Syria chopping the heads off the Christians already. Or, what's coming to a theater near you soon.


        • We Not They Finally

          "Foreign mercenary armies going house to house to take guns and rape the women of America"?

          I think we are all clear that BAD things are coming. It's just incredibly UN-helpful if you keep going off the rails.

          But if you really think that your wife and daughter (if you have them) are about to raped by Chinese or Russian or U.N. or WHATEVER soldiers, flee to your bunker now! Please! Maybe send us a postcard every now and then. Please. You won't be lonely — promise. You can talk to your arsenal of guns.

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            Hey WTF!

            You deny the babylonian foreign forces are getting ready to go house to house to rape and pillage in America? What happened in Iraq, is being planned to happen in America.

            You deny that the country is being set up to crash and that martial law is the end game? You want to defend them? Obviously they will not hurt you because you are such a good cooperative person, right?

            Most will not fare the same. Do some real research to see what is coming down the Pike. Do you think it will be nice, or that the foreign troops will be sweet to everyone they conflict with? You think there was not any raping and pillaging in Iraq, or Afghanistan? All that was just practice for what could come to the USA.

            Look you, no one is trying to be negative towards you personally, so please stop attacking what you do not understand. Also, do not attack anyone who does not understand, Sparky, or is it michael?

            No one is trying to war with you two puff balls. We all have the commonality of being irradiated by the babylonian banksters. The common ground is education and the freedom to speak our truth here, whether you agree with it or not. If you took the time to understand all that has been read and understood, sought to find the simple truth, then you may see the same light.

            If you are not familiar with Mr Dave Hodges and his work, and those who share information with him, you might listen in to hear what is planned to come to America.



        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          "The foreign mercenary armies are preparing to go house to house to take guns and rape the women of America. "

          You sir are out of your fucking mind……

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      david – FOX says, " What a fantastical incredible lie that we knew at the time we were getting, and simply could not prove.".

      This is a lie. They had no intention of trying to prove anything, and were part of the spreading of pure, unadulterated bull shit. Still are…..

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Agree StPaulScout..Funny how the people here at Enenews convinced me, why couldn't the station have done the same thing and just told/tell the truth.

    • whatamessa

      So why do we continue to allow our Governments to lie through their teeth to us…..there is more of us than THEM.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        They have bigger/badder guns… 🙁

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          The only way is for every citizen to grow their own food, make a solar cooker, use south facing windows, ride bikes and STARVE THEM OUT! Pro nukers should be branded with heavy metal tattoos but unfortunately its the homeless that they force into labor that are getting them.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Just ordered a couple pounds of micro greens seed for indoor growing ..collecting my wood growing containers now .
            I can get a weeks worth of salads within a month or so , it's different from cut and come again types and your soil usage is small .
            It's a bit hard to grow a crop indoors that require more time due to light conditions
            Johnnies selected seed and fedco has a catalogs I'm ordering from
            I have been doing business with them for years
            The prices can be up there in the mid range with johnnies so buy in bulk and keep the seed properly stored , could last for years .
            I am very curious to see the changes in outdoor plants this year with possible mutations and our heirlooms seed collection , that will be telling . Can anyone provide here any links that have agriculture changes and protections . I'm looking to incorporate measures into the classes I teach on urban small scale home growing operations .

        • atomicistheword

          Obe…. Don't forget LRAD sonic crowd control technology. Theyz got truck loads of them in NYC. You will be good American terrorists; uhmm citizens. Disregard that last comment. MOVE ALONG, in God we trust. All bow to Dollar the great.

          Time to sing our new anthem….

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "So why do we continue to allow our Governments to lie through their teeth to us…..there is more of us than THEM."

        So ah What, have you ever heard that sound chickens make all huddled together in a room just before the slaughter??

        This is what the majority of american people sound like now.

        The killer enemies are within the gates.

        No one cares.



      Well, here's some breaking news for Fox: it reached us a few days after it happened [in March 2011]:

      "After the Fukushima nuclear accident, Canadian health officials assured a nervous public that virtually no radioactive fallout had drifted to Canada.

      But last March, a Health Canada monitoring station in Calgary detected an average of 8.18 becquerels per litre of radioactive iodine (an isotope released by the nuclear accident) in rainwater, the data shows.

      The level easily exceeded the Canadian guideline of six becquerels of iodine per litre for drinking water, acknowledged Eric Pellerin, chief of Health Canada’s radiation-surveillance division.

      “It’s above the recommended level (for drinking water),” he said in an interview. “At any time you sample it, it should not exceed the guideline.”

      Canadian authorities didn’t disclose the high radiation reading at the time."

      "Simon Fraser University nuclear chemist Krzysztof Starosta found iodine levels in rainwater in Burnaby, B.C., spiked to 13 becquerels per litre in March – many times higher than the levels Health Canada detected in nearby Vancouver [March in Vancouver averaged only 0.69 becquerels per litre of I-131]…"

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Hey you, 239.

        Long time and good to see you here still. Almost a reunion amongst a lot of the originals. A few more and what next…a party??

        If our illustrious leader bird here has done as advised, most if not all of the posts that have been placed here on enenews are still available. And hopefully, as also well advised to do, all these files are backed up to the nth degree.

        All the future survivors need do is to review these long past files for these links like the one above to see all the proof they need that this was a well known ELE, and it was well covered up. The undercurrent of anger brings that light right-up to the surface.

        We should all be darn grateful that we have had this place to freely express our truths. We have the greatest library of information on the net when it comes to almost anything radiation. Every soul on board that has positively contributed to this forum should be proud to have been on board. Be congratulated for being part of something that will last throughout the interconnected universe.

        • James Tekton James Tekton


          The evidence of a free nation and a few real conscious caring thinkers is here for the world to learn from. Maybe they can find the few points of earth saving light here that might even stop the fukushima ELE. The question is, will the mass of people learn from the past, or will they continue on the careless distracted tracks to hell we are all on? Will the world wake up and stop the warmongering profiteers of war, or will we all fall? They are either with us, or against us.

          Wouldn't it be nice to slowly die of radiation poisioning, and live the best we can without the quick flases of radioactive light that could come from more war?

          Every soul on board is integral and every one has an important vote to give. Vote for ignorance, or vote for action. Follow through.


          • James Tekton James Tekton

            Wouldn't it be nice to slowly die of radiation poisioning, and live the best we can without the quick flashes of radioactive light that could come from more war?


        • Hi James,

          I'm trying to imagine what I'd do with a radioactively contaminated $4.3 billion aircraft carrier.

          1. swab the decks to make it look like you're doing something
          2. fight the million dollar lawsuits by denying everything
          3. dry-dock the carrier to do a proper decontamination and hide some of the evidence
          4. send it back to RadiationLand (Japan) after failing to decontaminate

          Seems it was sent to Bremerton, Washington for a year of "maintenance" then shipped off to Yokosuka, Japan:

          USS Ronald Reagan Leaving San Diego For New Homeport In Japan (Video)

          Maybe they could fit it with wind-turbines and just let it float around for a bit.

          • Too bad the fish can't sue, they'd have a solid case.

            They failed to decontaminate ships after Bikini Atoll as well.

            "US nuclear experiments in the Marshall Islands ended in 1958 after 67 tests. But a United Nations report in 2012 said the effects were long-lasting. Special rapporteur Calin Georgescu, in a report to the UN human rights council, said “near-irreversible environmental contamination” had led to the loss of livelihoods and many people continued to experience “indefinite displacement”."

            [reader comment]
            "scubadoc Suppressed
            02 March 2014 3:34pm

            When I visited Bikini all food was imported.
            The Americans learned at Bikini Atoll, even before the H-bomb tests, that ships were effectively rendered permanently radioactive by fallout."


            [reader comment]
            "After extensive ineffective decontamination many were sunk in deep water. Some still lie inside the lagoon at Bikini.
            In the early Twenty-first Century Americans weren't allowed to spend more than a few months on the atoll; the monitoring station was idle for several months each year.

            The islanders, evacuated "temporarily", then showered with fallout in their new home, and now their children, are justifiably aggrieved. They were lied to, then dumped, dependent upon US largesse, onto islands unable to support their population and are now ignored."

  • slayer454 slayer454

    [REMOVED: You've pasted the same 2 comments into each report published today. Check the rules and make sure to follow them from here on out.]

  • Jebus Jebus

    Look at that smirk, tells all…

    Crawl back down into your rabbit hole Shepard.

    Nothing can cover up your complicity to the lie.

    Children will perish because of your loyalty to the system.

    Your paid off kind will answer to the crime's someday.

    Your soul must be squirming with wretched remorse.

    How disgusting. May you someday grovel for mercy…

  • Cisco Cisco

    Something's up with Faux news, that's for sure. They are climate change deniers and promote numerous other unscientific perspectives. Faux may want to gain control of the "story" for their suitors.

    First a hint of truth to gain attention, but later they'll roll out the "official" position with their trademark model of making up the news.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Cisco…I is a set up…the next broadcast will be a report from Woods Hole "expert" Kenny B with the standard…every fish/sample/ fill in the blank checks out safe…nothing to see here folks "scientific (sarcasm) report" and then another year of silence until 3/11/2015

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Yes sir theys need to to keep them there wheels a spinning . Giddy on up!

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Obama looked at the public,and told us that no harmful radiation would come our way. It's his turn, to try to tell the truth. If he knows where North America is, that is. If he understands the toxicity of just the water stored in Daichi's water tanks, and can "imagine" the release of a tank a day or more into the Pacific, every day for three years straight. A river of isotopes are coming that will not stop for hundreds of years. If he doesn't tell us to not eat the fish, he needs to go get the free body scanner at WIPP. He might be the find another contaminated fish.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "Obama looked at the public,and told us that no harmful radiation would come our way."

          Hey, Un.

          Oh, he lied as usual.

          Obamasoetero knew perfectly well how toxic this event was after being well briefed about what was coming his way after the March 14th, 2011 nuklear explosion, and how bad it was. He immediately flew to South America with his whole family thus proving he knew where North America was because he ran from it leaving the people behind that he is the supposed leader of. All while lying to the American People about how bad this really is.

          You see, the agenda of keeping the attention off this ELE, and now the one in NM until the social collapse, is the game at hand. You can almost ask, what's next in the whacky bankster warmonger world of war-craft and their constant works toward everything to do with population reduction?

          It's all pretty darn simple really. When was the last time any govt or babylonian puppet leader did ANYTHING good for the people, or their country? When was the last time ANYONE did ANYTHING good for humanity, and the world? Trying to ponder that and nothing seems to come to the fore of the mind.

          Who is for life, and who is against it?


          • We Not They Finally

            We're in NM and we don't think that the WIPP accident is "an agenda." It was just mindless, reckless nuclear zeolotry to build that facility in the first place. They say it will last for 10,000 years, then admit that the storage tanks are only designed to last for 20??!!

            This may actually lead to more awareness about Fukushima, not less. It's just hard to call that a "good" thing under such dire circumstances. Like we "think" that northern New Mexico may be "saf-ER" for now, but no one really knows.

    • Ness Ness

      Climate change deniers… have you never noticed what a stupid expression that is, Cisco ? Was there ever a time the climate did not change ?? Who would deny that ???

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Hey Ness,

        The only constant in the Universe, is change.


        • Angela_R

          Hi James, "The only constant in the Universe, is change"
          well, in an evolving universe change must occur

          however, there is/are Constant/s, "the same yesterday, today and forever." 🙂 The singular/plural is ONE.

    • Sharpie

      Lots of respect for you Cisco, great commentary. But climate change is not so black & white as they make it out to be.

      Why are Goldman Sachs and GE leading the carbon-regulation/trading charge (a horribly flawed concept)?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    He who repeats lies for three years, then self righteously condemns the first liar, saying they knew all along but simply couldnt prove, becomes a hypocritical laughing stock…except in the U.S. where they buy it hook line and sinker, along with the next story about how its bad, but still safer than eating a banana

  • GQR2

    Smith has one to many face lifts tells amerika that we got a "fantastical lie" we knew we were getting it, but we could not prove. said in a tone of finality and resignation. BS! That was a sleeping pill. No worries peeeple low levels. Scientists say don't worry. We said the word "fantastical" see we're on the case with this unfolding catastrophe. They spent a whole minute and 11 seconds. Could be a propaganda record.

    Storm waves hit the California coast today, kids and thrill seekers were scooping up the kelp. All i could think of is bucky balls,Fukushiva debris.
    It's unconscionable the way they are lying too. Just the way the Japanese are. So that was a story about Japanese denial while reinforcing denial here.

    • GQR2

      Even more insidious is that he is basically saying the government was fooled by Japan?? Please.

  • I think it is to distract the masses from what is currently going on at home. This way when people start to show signs of radiation sickness and all of the horrible cancers that are surely coming they can blame it on Japan…Just saying.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Rebeca007

      All we needed was the Fukushima disaster to show us how bad this disaster is, we were all ready cooked.
      Sadly, we now just have added more to the cake, and we keep adding to it.

      There is more than one ingredient in this cake.
      Blame is wide spread with equal responsibility.

      They can spin it like they want, but the truth always pokes his head up.

      Thank you for pointing that out, they may be trying to do that.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "I think it is to distract the masses from what is currently going on at home."

      Hi, Rebeca.

      You are exactly right. The financial markets are teetering on collapse. The economic crash is the biggie they are trying to cover up. Watch tonights asian markets as well as the opening of tomorrows US market sell offs that will reflect the surreal changes from all this hooie-balooie.

      Ask, who profits from war?

      Ask, who owns the flame thrower media that fans the already created anger and fears?

      The biggest profiteers from war and the rantering are the oil companies and foreign banks. The price of oil always gos up just before some event happens. It is all planned and perfectly executed using computers.

      Watch the price of crude go up here just before the wars happen, or some false flag event is going to happen:

      We just watch the WTI price. Brent is babylon overpriced. None of this reflects the real market demands, and slowdowns. It's been said to everyone many times. The oil companies will be used to suck every single spare dime from the American people in the last days of America. If you ask anyone about the depression and what made it so bad, they will tell you it was because NO ONE HAD ANY MONEY! The same evil is doing it again to the American people. Consider Venezuela gives their people .30 cent a gallon gas. Try to imagine how much prosperity could happen if gas in America went back down to just .75 cents a gallon.


  • Ontological Ontological

    Faux News Flash for ya, 3 years too late is the screws, not the news. They figured out how to profit by it independently. Was this meant for the financials? Now they know what it feels like to be the girl reporting the fall of WTC7 1/2 hour ago, as it actually implodes and falls behind her.

  • If it is not a Conspiracy Theory, it cannot possibly be the Truth!

    stock TM 2014

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    🙂 You know it too!

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    It reached shores and mainland parts of North America long ago, Dumb-Shep, and our own government has been covering up the truth about this and many other releases of deadly radionuclides from U.S. sites.

    He should also be concerned about not only Fuku plant workers and residents, but also the broader Japanese population that has been lied to and is being exposed to dangerous aerosolized contamination (fallout). It ain't just in the ocean, and it ain't just the Japanese government that's lying.

  • I think we have a new troll on ENE, be aware.

    • ocifferdave

      Oh really! 😀

      What's the name? I just scrolled down and read your comment, stock.

      Point the way! hehe

    • Jacklab

      What is your definition of a troll? Someone who does not share your views that you out to admin? What is your agenda here? To keep ENE only for those that share your views? Its called a discussion. I am very aware of the "low level discussions" here.

      • Jebus Jebus

        We post proof of our "views".

        Your opinion means nothing without posting evidence.

        Show us your proof. Without it you are just spouting your opinion.

        Prove what comes out of your opinion. Post the evidence.

        • ocifferdave


          You get three-hundred and eleven forum ninja points for the deep cutting post.

          End of argument! *slice!*

    • SadieDog

      2009, not last year –
      Released were cesium-137, plutonium-239, and strontium-90, but DOE officials have contended there was no threat to public health. Contamination had spread to a 2.3-acre area and subsequent heavy rains washed radioactive water from the demolition site into the nearby Mohawk River.

  • ftlt

    FOX takes the racist slant naturally

  • "What a fantastical incredible lie that we knew at the time we were getting…" – Shepard Smith, Fox News

    If somebody lies to you and you know it, but you don't speak up at the time, then what does that say about you? 😉

    I know it's difficult to disagree with the 'experts', but their lies have been propagating far too long and should be squelched and transparently questioned at every opportunity.

    The total number of lies, when added up, have been 'fantastical' and 'incredible' for over 60 years now.

    "It's not acceptable to have ANY cesium in your soup or plutonium in your air!"
    – ChasAha

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes! You are very wise.. 🙂
      "I know it's difficult to disagree with the 'experts', but their lies have been propagating far too long and should be squelched and transparently questioned at every opportunity."

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "If somebody lies to you and you know it, but you don't speak up at the time, then what does that say about you?"

      Yodi yo, Chas.

      In this particular puppet clowns case, it says he was stupid enough to stand there and take in the death kool-aid that is slowly killing him for the sakes of his babylonic masters. He is pissed off.

      It is going to almost be entertaining as these liars and thieves of truth slowly show how they are all dying, and getting sick themselves. Those clowns back east will be especially hit hard after the years of high radiation that has been pumped in like air-conditioning. There have already been blatant cases where the media propagandists have fallen and died from cancers that were caused from radiation. How stupid were they, and what did they say before dying?

      For all those who do evil, you might seem to get away with it at first, you might even profit a little, you may even vanquish nations or planets with your evil, but sooner or later, you will be cut down and have to pay the Piper of Karmic Justice. It is the immutable inescapable Law. Liars die, and truth-tellers traverse.


  • Down-wind to the north-north west took a MASSIVE DOSE of radioactive content.. much of it Plutonium !

  • razzz razzz

    Wait until it dawns on the media that cancer rates are rising due to Fukushima, Daiichi. They well have plenty of time to consider it…for at least a century to come.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    QUOTE: Landed "close" to North America..It’s now reached the shores of North America.

    It's not close, it's here, and been here for quite some time.
    They need the link to Enenews.

    News people read what is given to them, it's the big wigs that are in arm and arm together.

    We are on the need to know list and we will be told if or when it is handy for them.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      We are *NOT* on the need to know list

      We should be though..

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Many of us find ourselves "in the know" via biopsies & oncology reports! 🙁 ….

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Unfortunately you are right Johnny Blade, and there will be more and more cancer, deformities, and deaths.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "Unfortunately you are right Johnny Blade, and there will be more and more cancer, deformities, and deaths."

          Yes, Wind.

          And there will also be our prayers for those who are suffering and will suffer in the future. Big love to you and yours Johnny.

          Death is everyone greatest fear. The evil babylonians know that and play the horrible card well. Always follow your heart because it only knows love. The mind is easily fooled or manipulated into being fearful.

          What's on TV?


  • Igmz Igmz

    Hey PattieB..i live just north of Fanta Se..NM….your link to the rad content here in the south west is freaking crazy bad to me..most family lives in Albuquerque, going there tomorrow..I want to get this info to friends and you have a link to it? Thanks…yeah we have our own fuku with Carlsbad now. I recall that "they" used to burn PU contaminated rags clothing etc in open pits up al Los alamos labs until just a few years ago..I will look for something on that to glad there's someone like Sheeperd Smith to let me know I been lied to… I guess if one is caught up in a moron-athon, last place is not so bad.

    To the tune of theme song from that old tv show "hereeeeHaaw"

    Where, or where has my cerium gone,
    Why did it leave its containment home?
    They searched the place over and said they found—nothin!
    There was a melt-through..and POOF it was gone…!

  • Igmz Igmz

    Oh duhh, never kind PattieB..i realized were you got that..been a long day..I'm a social worker and I was doing a foster parent training today..topic was being a "trauma informed" caregiver to better work with and help heal children traumatized by abuse and neglect…any way while on lunch break, one of the foster parents told us she was having a hard time, she had just been in Carlsbad on the 14th and is trying not to freak out wondering if she got dosed….several other people chimed in about how stupid the whole radioactive bananas and chest x ray analogies are, and that they know the difference between internal and external doses and how they just don't believe any of the lies about Carlsbad and fuku, and another fellow said he saw a rad dispersion map showing Texas taking a big was awesome to hear the spontaneous denouncing of the bullshit. Moving on, my wife and I have both been feeling…off, my heart has been thudding in my ears, mild vertigo, insomnia, wife can't sleep either, constant headaches and weird aftertaste in back of throat..WTF….I mean I love Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden being my fav, but damn not like this. Even the dogs seem out of sorts,lethargic, spooked, the chickens slowed way down on food intake, which they never seem to do….

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    P R O B L E M . I S . N U C L E A R

    Meltdowns happen: Simi Valley, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, and countless nuclear accidents.

    Nuclear radiation in every breath we take, regardless of anyone's lies.

    • GQR2

      Hang in there Igmz. It was heartening to hear in your post that the people you were educating spontaneously raised concern. This can tie into parenting. We have been lied to for so long. These things were pushed on us and became us,all the places where these plants are,they bought off the community with jobs and huge PR campaigns. It does rock one's world.
      Try little things like sprouting non GMO mung beans and alfalfa sprouts. Take steps if you haven't to have preparation stuff. ( i personally found this empowering) Research some vitamins and think good immune thoughts.
      Its devastating all of it but we are not alone at least not completely.
      Its not a rabbit hole, its an abyss,and a sink hole riddled with fracking fluid and quakes. Waay more than a rabbit hole my friend.

  • Igmz Igmz

    ThAnk you GQR2..!! Wife and I take iodine and diatomaceous earth plus have big organic garden.. We're trying..For me I think it's a one-two punch of bio and socio accumulation..this does tie into parenting for sure!..perhaps in regards to the intergenerational transmission of various versions of the truth, of violence, poverty, love, you name it..then add GMOs, radiation, lead ,mercury and voila!! Huge numbers of children epigenetically changed, born predisposed, adapted, to a world of violence and agression. .i so agree with you about the "rabbit hole", guess the analogy needs updating

    • Sparky Sparky

      Hi Igmz, I agree with GQR2, and offer encouragement to you and your wife, and appreciation for you helping anxious parents and area residents talk openly about their concerns. I've also found putting my anxious energy into "prepping" (now a way of life, just ratcheted up exponentially) is empowering to some degree. Maybe you can share what you've learned and are doing about prepping with others.

      Good that you're already growing your own organic produce. This year, I'm trying to grow (organic) produce under cover for additional protection from rad fall-out. I'm also building a modest aquaponics (fish and plants grown in water, closed loop) system in my garage. (It's not that difficult or expensive, and there's tons of information on YouTube/the Internet.) I'm also learning and doing more about food preservation and water storage, w/redundancies and back-up plans to the back-up plans on everything.

      However, all this is tempered by the realization that if Fuku, WIPP, SONGS, Hanford, or…have a (more) serious nuclear release, then I may need to leave all behind to avoid/limit rad exposures and ingestion. Plans and supplies for possible quick evacuation, however cobbled together, need to be a part of everyone's prep package–because we're all just one event away from a dibilitating, life-threatening disaster.

      Unfortunately, these happen very quickly and the government and responsible industries cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Stick w/Enenews for…

  • rogerthat

    Hey, today's news today — three years later.

  • FXofTruth


    Funny how it took THREE YEARS for these press-titutes to "prove the lie was a lie" but, this website was constantly raising issues, questions, and stating FACTS that were simply ignored by these "beacons of truth seekers"! Unbelievable….

    He even says, "We stood in Tokyo, as they said “There is no meltdown, this is not happening”– as steam rose from the place."

    ANYONE with a rudimentary understanding of nuclear science – and that's a common sense understanding of it – when you see reactor buildings blowing up: no fire but lots of smoke(steam); criticalities in the darkness; and paid attention to what ensued when Chernobyl blew up – only a complete moron would ignore the facts that were slapping them in the face.

  • jec jec

    And from our State Department on Japan situation as of Jan24/2014, "The radiation level in Tokyo is similar to that of NEW YORK CITY." Boy does that give everyone a sigh of relief??? If that is true, and why would the State Department lie about that(sarcasm)–NYC has more to worry about than snow removal! All info as provided by Japan..who we NOW can trust to be telling the truth???

    • jec jec

      Anyone want to see what the various measurements do towards illness..type in one number, the number, say .06 micrograys..or microsievers and it lays it all out!! Good stuff!

    • jec jec

      And on the figure for NYC for radiation( .094 microsievers/hr), while they list every other world wide major city as late as end of February 2014, NYC is only shown as tested in May 31, 2011!! May of 2011. So bet that is a bit higher now!!! Authorities in Japan and USA are not publishing THAT info!!

      By the way..that means a background radiation level per hour of .4087. Compare that to a dental xray which is .0188 or a GI xray diagnostic 0.000006714. So each hour a person would be getting the same as 22 dental xrays. In a day, thats 523 dental xrays. Now I am not a math whiz…if the figures from RUC site are correct..someone needs to take a good hard look at 2014 data.

  • soundmind

    Okay. . .my understanding is that if you breathe in ONE particle of plutonium it will evolve into cancer. If, you ingest plutonium, or other radioactive particles, such as strontium you will develop cancer. My question is. .how could you know something, but not prove it. Isn't that ambiguous?? If, you can't prove it, you don't know it. Haven't we been breathing and eating radioactive particles for three years now???? Or, did I miss something while I was off planet?

  • We Not They Finally

    Shepherd Smith apparently does get "maverick-y" every now and then. I think that FOX News itself probably has a conundrum: They would love to use a scandal to wreck the Obama administration, yet they also protect the corporate monsters perpetuating the cover-ups about radiation and protecting their own assets.

    It will eventually catch up that their kids get irradiated like everyone else's kids. But by then "the blame game" may turn into a diversion-fest and dangerous for us all. Don't know exactly what will happen, but not looking forward to it.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Another conundrum is Fox News's drive to get high ratings for ad profits, vs. major stockholder preference not to pub news that might compromise their other investments. What it boils down to is, let the commentators squeak out a few nasties for entertainment value, but keep the worst dirt under wraps.

  • Thanksforplaying

    Sparky, thanks for that. I stand corrected on this particlar episode!
    Must say to you James, STFU and patronising put -downs like "cutie pie" do you no favours. Bad manners and insults to those that disagree come from the same deep primal feral reactionary place that bred the whole greedy bankster-cum-uranium-snorter "Babylonians" in the first place. Primal instincts to survive, enrich, bash someone else's beliefs if they invalidate our own etc are all baked in our cake, as it were. The ( highly unlikely) solution to all our subsequent problems, which are ultimately and fatally ( in my view) manifest by FUKU, is for humanity on mass to somehow recognise, acknowledge, accept and then move away from being driven by our hidden baser instincts. So, ain't gonna happen.

  • Doc Lemm

    Do like me and take your radiation detector down to the beach and do some readings… So far, nothing except background here in Ocean Shores, Wa…

    • Mack Mack

      Thanks Doc. What exactly were your readings?

      • ocifferdave

        Doc Lemm, that is great news.

        I'm glad you were able to get a 'baseline' reading before that shore does get hit.

        But I hope it never invites the plume from Fukushima.

        I hope.