Fox News: “Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown… Trouble is looming” — Officials: “No idea when it can resume cooling system for spent fuel pool” (PHOTOS)

Published: July 7th, 2014 at 5:33 pm ET


NHK WORLD, Jul. 7, 2014: No prospect to resume cooling No.5 fuel pool — The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says it has no idea when it can resume the cooling system for one of the spent fuel pools. [TEPCO] halted the cooling system at the No.5 reactor on Sunday after workers found seawater leaking from a pipe. Seawater is used to lower the temperature of coolant water […] they are still considering how to repair the pipe. […] TEPCO says the temperature will reach the company’s safety limit of 65 degrees in a little over a week. The operator plans to channel seawater into the pool to curb the rise in temperature.

Fox News, Jul. 7, 2014: Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown — Trouble is looming at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, as a leak has forced the shutdown of a cooling system that could cause temperatures to exceed dangerous levels. […] If the system is not repaired within the next nine days, temperatures are expected to soar […] Sunday, the temperature in the pool that holds the rods was about 73 degrees Fahrenheit but started increasing by 0.193 degrees per hour, TEPCO says. If no new cold water is pumped in at this rate, it will reach the dangerous threshold of 149 degrees (F) in roughly the next week. Such temperatures would increase the possibility of dangerous reactions and more radiation leaks in the plant.

See photos of the leak here

Published: July 7th, 2014 at 5:33 pm ET


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134 comments to Fox News: “Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown… Trouble is looming” — Officials: “No idea when it can resume cooling system for spent fuel pool” (PHOTOS)

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    I'm kind of amazed that there is no such thing as a portable pump made specifically for Nuclear Power Plants that have lost power. Self Contained Diesel run Generator/pump complete with hoses and all. Perhaps there is?

    • Cisco Cisco

      US taxpayers spent/paid Bechtel 9.5 billion USD for a pumping system. How about that, or is it not compatible? Was it ever in use? SSDD!

      • Typhoon Neoguri on its way.

        Will TEPCO be able to maintain cooling of unit 5 using salt water during the typhoon if it hits Fukushima full force?

        • They could likely lose power during the storm. I'm not feeling good about this at all. Not just about one new leak at #5….about all the units.

          Plus we may see the typhoon smacking that reactor at the southern tip of Japan on it's way by.

          Full moon coming up, tides bigger, wind, rain, flood.

          I'm praying this isn't going to……
          Never mind. Breathe.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              Ht jumping in here ..
              PressTV – Japan’s Fukushima plant faces danger of overheating

              ON COVERAGE OF THIS STORY: TEPCO apparently held a news conference on-site on Sunday but has not published the news in English on its website yet. The story originally comes from the RT news network out of Russia, usually the first foreign correspondent to publish Japanese news. An Iranian news outlet quickly picked up the story, and at about 5pm EST on Monday Fox News published it in the US, referencing the RT article. Fox also reports in its headline that the situation “threatens dangerous meltdown.” Neither other US media nor the prominent Japanese media-— Kyodo News press agency, Japan Today (internet), or newspapers (Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei, Japan Times)—-had reported on the situation at time of publication here.

      • reaiege

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    • nedlifromvermont

      @Uranium mountain: of course there are such pumps; but they require a commitment to spend MONEY (hard currency) and GE, the company that designed this crappy Mark I containment and rickety spent fuel (fool) pool configuration, wants no part of spending money at F-Daichi! Why they are busy right now trying to line up more legal protections against lawsuits for their criminal and mendacious corporate behavior in forcing these flimsy contraptions on a (largely) unsuspecting population;

      Anyone who does not admit that the Challenger disaster perfectly predicted the Fukushima accident: where an engineer named Beausoleil refused to sign off on the cold weather launch, fearing a failure in crucially important o-ring seals in the solid rocket motor, and who changed his opinion only under intense pressure to "put his management hat on" and authorize (sign off) for the launch; which mirrors GE's insistence on proceeding with the sale and build-out of these Mark One contraptions, after an in-house engineering team had resigned over inherent flaws and dangers of the Mark One system, in order to do the "management thing" and force the continuance of the Mark One program … well … they are not paying attention …

      … maybe it's the radiation … maybe they are incapable of paying attention … we are being dumbed down by the byproducts of their toxic contraptions …

      Shame on GE … forever …

      Shame on all of us for letting this be …

      peace …

      • We Not They Finally

        I had thought that the back-up diesels and pumps went out quickly in the first place. They brought that back up, but that never guaranteed no repeat problems.

        • nedlifromvermont

          @WNTF … another precious quote from the be-freckled, white-haired-but-young nuclear engineering professor at MIT the other day … when I told him that the Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS)on the Mark One system had never been demonstrated to function under accident conditions … "Oh yes it has been tested," he answered, "at Fukushima, after the earthquake, the ECCS functioned perfectly for forty-two minutes, until the tsunami took away the back up power!" So there you math-challenged and silly anti-nuker!! It worked!!! Perfectly!!! Until it stopped working!!! Proof that General Electric is a kind sugar daddy and not trying to wipe out all life on this planet!!! I yawned and turned away, because it would have been out of character for me to slap this fellow. But he should have been slapped. Loss of off-site power led to the need for emergency on-site power, which worked perfectly until it was swamped, because even though these idiot-savants running the power company were told to move the back up diesel generators out of the basements … …. they decided that they didn't need to … these criminals probably now have cushy jobs at MIT or DOE or EPA where they grok away, just like us …

          it's really not so funny …

      • or-well

        Hey nedlifromvermont…Dan Simmons wrote a short story about a group of Challenger contractor corpy execs on a plane and…well…OMNI magazine, April, 1988…it's called "Two Minutes and Forty Five Seconds"…referring to life, remaining…

        • nedlifromvermont

          Thanks for the heads up Or-well … I forget where I read the story … but it is all available … The engineer's report from previous cold weather launches, (months before the Challenger Shot) where primary o-ring failure and secondary o-ring insult had occurred, was chillingly specific and read something like "cold weather launches risk failure of primary and secondary o-ring seals on the solid rocket motors, resulting in explosive conflagration and loss of vehicle and crew …"

          Kind of antiseptic … like Gofman telling us in "Poison Power" that build out of nuclear fission systems to power the civilian electric grid was tantamount to "pre-meditated mass murder."

          Just some more boring techno-talk. Now switch back to your "reality" programming. American Samauri is coming on … … NOW!!!

  • Nick

    (Nick from previous thread)
    July 7, 2014 at 2:39 pm Log in to Reply
    Number Five alive Stephanie…

    Seawater has contaminated SPF #5 at FD-NPP.

    Makes one feel all warm and cozy don't it?


    Weird how I posted before admin did re #5 or is it proper threadetiquitte on my part :-)?

    At any rate, wrap your collective heads around this; #5 sfp is not okay and on it's way to join it's brethren over at the cluster fuck that is 1,2,3, and 4 at FD-NPP, meanwhile a massive cat 5 typhoon approaches from the south and the sun is blasting us as we speak with immense magnetic and coronal energies (active sunspots at earth 7/7), AND the Japanese want to ship arms (with DU+ ammo) to hasten the demise of us all since their Island be fried already.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Too bad the roof on five isn't blown off like the others they could just let the rain pour in and using saltwater? Gee isn't that one of the culprits not to mention Wigner effect from high levels of radiation. Things that make ya go hmm

  • Nick

    Salt water is NOT okay for spent fool's pools (yup you read right), it corrodes the rod cladding and the dissolved ions do weird stuff to the fission sticks.

    I think this is a minor problem to deflect us from 1, 2, 3, and #4 down the coast. It still ain't okay.

    I suggest we all shop and party like there is no tomorrow, cause it's dwindling fast.

    Heck, for that matter, how about we all just act nice to each other and lay down our arms.?

    Gonna lay down my sword and sheild, down by the river side, ain't gonna study war no more.

    No point in hate no more. We have got to all just figure out how to get along as the earth spirals deeper toward an unimaginable abyss.

  • Speedy

    Hold it…that looks like epoxy, liquid steel or such..Why not tig weld it or just tap and screw it ?

    • Speedy

      That hole looks too perfect to me……

    • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

      I was thinking the same thing speedy.
      If the salt water already ate through the thick steel like that, can you imagine how corroded all the inside of the pipes must be? There are probably little holes about to surface all over the place!

    • dicko

      The way to repair an external leak on a pipe or valve on a ship when it is below the water line is to build a box around around the leaking area and fill it strong cement. This will last a few years between dry docks.

      So if that is the only problem, then that is not a problem. Now what aren't they telling us?
      The other point is, how long has the cooling system been off for if they are so close to their danger level now? If sounds like it must have been off for weeks!
      Surely they could afro engineer some air cooled heat exchanges if the water to water heat exchange system is shot?
      Tepco is a worry for sure!

    • RonM RonM

      It looks like JB Weld

      Any project, Any Surface, Anytime!

      I've used it on automobile gas tanks, plumbing lead bends, valve covers, and a bunch of things it works very well but………

      Nuclear power plant leaks?

      It must be a real emergency because no matter how well JB weld works I still consider it a temporary repair.

  • or-well

    There is no need to confuse this.
    Tepco is not using seawater to cool the #5 fuel pool.
    The seawater is used in the auxiliary system that cools the cooling water.
    The auxiliary system is where the leak is.
    Neither Tepco nor NHK have said #5 is being cooled with seawater.
    Neither Tepco nor NHK said the #5 pool is leaking.
    They have 9 – more like 8 now – days to either do what they consider a permanent repair on the valve or swap it out of the shutdown auxiliary system.

    • jec jec

      True, but in the middle of a typhoon. Not good for working environment. And what about the fuel from Reactor 4 which was shifted to storage at those 5 and 6 storage pools? Since the Common Fuel Pool had 'groundwater' coming in? Also,the frozen wall project is down the tubes..literally. I bet TEPCO will say the thypoon is the cause of all failures..pointing fingers everywhere but themselves..and the lack of Japanese government (like most world government's in disaster mode) oversight.

      • or-well

        jec, #6 was mentioned as a possible destination for #4's fuel, but I heard no mention of #5.
        Can you help out on that? Also, any word on if any fuel actually was moved to #6, or is it all still talk?

  • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

    Many different possibilities…

    One is that sfp 5 (and 6 for that matter) were lost sometime over the past three years and it is only a matter of strategic information control that they are now mentioning it as though it is a current issue.

    They could also be making up a fake story (and sfp5 is fine for now) so they can report in a few days that they were able to fix the problem, thus making it SEEM like they are on top of things.

    But it is completely likely that the situation is unfolding right now. In the event of a loss of cooling to the pool, I highly doubt it would take nine days to reach a point of no return…I'd say hours, to a few days at most (but that's just my conservative opinion).

    If sfp5 is heating up for real, and they have no way of fixing it (see how they mention using seawater for cooling) then everyone in the northern hemisphere needs to check their bags and emergency plans because a burnup of sfp5 could cause the entire site to be evacuated.

  • razzz razzz

    or-well has it right but Unit 5's pool was using saltwater for emergency cooling after the quake. Not sure if Unit 6's pool ever did or not. TEPCO has been running a saltwater filtering machine ever since for 5's pool.

    Typical saltwater corrosion from the inside out. Everything thing looks kinda normal except for that rusty pin hole. In reality, that metal is paper thin from saltwater corrosion. A whole section could pop right off when under pressure, epoxy patch and all. A wood plug in the hole would have done as much good. Wonder if the heat exchanger pipes are now leaking internally and contaminating the fresh cooling water with saltwater or maybe they have been leaking ever since the quake.

    At Fukus' Diary, TEPCO shows the weak points in a Mark-1 BWR reactor during a meltdown. Also, now you have to convert K to F or C degrees. Interesting is a 'top head' manhole is shown as a leak point beside all the other pass thru locations and hatches, big and small.

    I wonder if at Unit 3, the 'top head' manhole was the main venting point during its explosion? It points straight up. Not sure where the 'top head' manhole is located on Unit 3 but there are pics of contraptions sitting over one area of the sectional lid. Probably hiding a gaping hole where the manhole used to be. Wouldn't be surprised and would explain a lot during the explosion.

  • Situation not good at Fukushima. Then, I added in the approaching storm. I've looked at the odds, folks. There's about a 93.7% chance that we're 100% screwed.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    God Damn! FOX is so right on that story! Leading edge journalism, that's what that is…..

    /Sarc off

  • Ontological Ontological

    Awe common TEPCO you need the GREY duct tape, not that green packing crap.

  • We Not They Finally

    Reactor FIVE??!! Now suddenly after more than three years, we hear about reactor FIVE??!!

  • Dick Shenary

    I stand amazed that the Fox News Corp would even use the word meltdown. Now suddenly they begin to use that word. After several years of not knowing exactly where the coria might be hiding, we are given the forbidden word “meltdown”. If you want your news to be several years out of date and you want the corporate take on the news – Fox News is for you.

    • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

      It's okay for them to use it now because the campaign to re-associate the word "meltdown" is complete.

      Before 3/11, the word meltdown was almost exclusively used to refer to a specific type of nuclear incident…

      After 3/11 all the puppet companies (from media to pizza places to factory stores to cellphone companies) were all ordered to use the word "meltdown" to replace the word "breakdown".

      This type of programming is so effective that people of the general public started using the word "meltdown" almost immediately…and they never knew they were programmed to do so.

      This was most certainly done because the real meaning of the word, "meltdown" was very likely to be heard throughout the general public as a result of 3/11, and if the original meaning of the word was conveyed along with it…there would be a lot of angry mothers and fathers…

      And now the brainwashing is complete: The word meltdown is now understood by the general public to mean something along the lines of "a situation where a person freaks out, over-exaggerates, acts crazily, loses control, or becomes completely exasperated." Before 3/11, this was known as a person having a "breakdown", not a "meltdown".

      It makes me sick when I hear friends, family, and neighbors regurgitating their programming without even knowing it.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Love it! 🙂 They are all truly clueless as to what is really going on! 🙁
        "It makes me sick when I hear friends, family, and neighbors regurgitating their programming without even knowing it."

        This would be like a bunch of sheep coming into your back yard, building homes and nuclear power plants and not asking you for your permission. Pushing you out of the way and stating this is now mine and if you mess with us.. we will simply eliminate you, corral you, push you off out of the way, starve you or what ever it takes! We are the takers and we always want more!

        • hbjon hbjon

          At least their not extracting healthy eggs from the women and fertilizing them with their evil seeds to build a test tube baby army to destroy all of humanity 🙂 for Pete's sake.


        verify before you trust anything anymore, like you said we are mapped , directed and terminated at will now.

        this planet is zooming toward a complete extinction and the masses still obsess over celebrity constructs.

        watch the entire vid. discovering your manipulation will shake you though.

        • zogerke zogerke

          (sarc) Love the baby monitor kindergarden music chiming behind the cloudera video…so reassuring, everything is taken care of and managed, big daddy has it covered.

        • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

          That was a joke right?

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Big data. Collecting signals from Facebook? WTF? They are getting no data from me… I don't use Facebook! I even block Facebook with no script app in Firefox. So… big data would show such a week signal from me. Oh, O forgot, I must have killed myself years ago! Big data guys are late sending me ads for a burial plot. They better get on the ball. They better collect more data!

          What if they find out that people are suiciding themselves because they are feeling spied on? What if they are suiciding themselves because of big data?

          I already HAVE big data. Fuku and more nuclear plants are killing our future. Typhoon on the way. I don't need to suicide myself, thank you. Tepco and the nuke folks are doing it for me!!! Oh, that's right, it's not suicide when they do it. It's called homicide.

          If this Cloudera guy applied his reasoning to the governments of the world, he would have already realized that they are suicidal, homicidal maniacs.

          Big data… from the article about the typhoon, the astronauts say the thing covers their whole field of view. Waves 46 feet high? Gee, who here at Enenews has been saying they need to build another Tsunami wall? Have the big data collectors collected that data? I am sure they have. They must have more data so they can claim they know it all. In reality all they do is collect data and ignore it. It's like collecting books and never reading them. I am sorry, I can't hold this rant together. Batten the hatches, guys. The…

          • or-well

            Batten the hatches
            and turn off light switches,
            fatten up rabbits
            and start raising chickens,
            if you can,sleep in snatches
            or feel your pulse quicken
            as Nukist fanatics
            get in the kitchen
            to cook up some rads
            and set cells to twitchin'
            with a bow "Sorry -my bad"
            in response to our bitchin'.

          • bo bo

            Uni rant → or-well poem.
            Perfect transition. Dream team !

      • papacares papacares

        @ MoonlightEmpire – you are so correct and very wise – now the enlightened must come up with appropriate tags to truthfully
        describe these massive death machines – however the human mind has a source disconnect when facing truth – how else could one continue to smoke a cancer stick or coffin nail – this is the problem "Everyone believes the problem to be somewhere else" there are 40 million people in Tokyo and where is the outrage those poor ignorant people believe they are safe yet only a few hundred miles away the greatest death machine to come against the planet is in full blown destruct mode, destroying the water, air and food supply – but hey never mind the lights are still on the internet is working and TV game shows more popular than ever

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Anyone know how much fuel is in that pool?

    • or-well

      946 spent fuel assemblies
      48 new fuel assemblies
      1 damaged fuel assembly

      • 4truth

        How many rods are in each assembly?

        • or-well

          It most likely ranges from 49 to 81, with the majority being 64 & 81 per assembly.

          • Sickputer

            8 by 8 (rod holes) assemblies in the Mark I reactor designs with 63 fuel rods and one boron control rod. The 12.5 foot skinny rods themselves are lightweight and easily held by a person. But the assembly holder is very heavy…hundreds of pounds.

      • Sickputer

        Spent fuel rods need 5-10 years in 20 foot circulating water to cool before they could be dry casked.

        A very long way to go at a very dangerous nuclear disaster for many of the rods.

        Some fuel assemblies are aged enough at Units 5 and 6 to be dry casked.

        Unit 5 is a Toshiba Mark I design and first went critical for energy production in 1977.

        Unit 6 is a GE Mark II design (only one at Daiichi) and it went critical in 1979.

        Usually an assembly is expended after 18 months in the reactor core and then retired to the spent fuel pond.

        I have no data (but Tepco does) on whether Unit 5 and 6 older assemblies were moved to the CSFP (Common Spent Fuel Pond). In any case…whether at the CSFP or at those two units there are assemblies that are cask candidates.

        If the Japanese politicians (and their science advisors) have delayed ordering Tepco to dry cask those older rod assemblies (because casks are million dollar pieces if equipment) then I judge them guilty of criminal negligence if the plant experiences any more weather or natural disturbances that cause a spent fuel pond fire.

        They have the opportunity now to reduce the risks at Daiichi. But as sure as we are sitting here they are dragging their heels. They learned those money saving stalling tactics from the American, French, and British nucleoapes. They are guilty of genocidal behavior at their Dr. Frankenstein facilities.

        Their families will die from spent fuel fires also. The Midas effect.

        • jec jec

          They will use the 60 year rule-taking the max time to dry cask the nuclear fuel which is what USA nuclear operators are doing. The thought being..the company will take its profits, management will sell their stocks at a profit and "get out of town" before company bankruptcy. Local governments and citizens will pay for the end result and cleanup as company repsonsible will be out of business. A giant shell game. Spent is a 'nice' term to cover up the danger of these radiation producing fuel cells.

          • nedlifromvermont

            yep, jec, that's about how I see it … three card monty on a massive scale … corporate psy-ops … aren't we lucky we live in a 'free' country … free to get cancered by your favorite liability-free, corporo-fascist monster company of your choosing …

  • dunkilo

    I got the feeling Fox news wants folks to think the triple meltdown is done .Shucks,it was over three years ago!
    Want to see Judge Jeanine do something on this ,better yet Greta,hell anyone !The stories to hot for them.RT covers it best,but could do better.

  • Cooter

    The blown up picture on the left, is not a blow-up of the right hand picture. Paint is completely different, paint removed is square on the right and round on the left pix and the left pix appears to have a steel awl/punch, driven into the hole, that is held in place with the strapping. Very misleading.

    I don't believe these are cast/milled steel flanges but ductile iron (DI) with a small % of steel added for strength. For added strength and corrosion resistance manufactures add Cr or Ni which would be cost prohibitive, and was probably not used. Also these types of flanges are special order for the application and not available, which I believe is their dilemma. You can't weld DI but you can braze it, but this takes a professional with years of experience and the need to heat the flange to high temps prior to brazing, as this is not possible because the gaskets would burn up or degrade. Additionally DI requires a dielectric jumper when connecting two sections of pipe with gaskets. Lined DI pipe with PVC was not developed until 2004.

    Corrosion of DI with sea water;

    These pipes are probably paper thin with years of use and sea water under high pressure. NaCl and DI don't mix, any engineer knows this. This problem includes all the pipes.

    Furthermore is this SFP (common pool) at NPP#5 where they have placed the ghost rods from SFP #4? If so they have a really big problem.

  • razzz razzz

    I thought I read that saltwater was now found to be leaking into the common fuel pool. Probably stopped unloading Unit 4's pool because there is nowhere to put it. The common pool is filled to capacity and Unit 5&6 pools have their own troubles.

    After 3 plus years, you would think all spent fuel could go directly to air cooled casks, a majority of the older spent fuel anyway.

  • bo bo

    Looks like NHK article was removed…?

  • lucius.cornelius

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I don't know what else to do…

    A hammer head, a block of wood and a strap. On a spent fuel pool cooling system!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's like they have no idea what they're doing. Please, someone tell me there's still some professionals left in the Japanese Nuclear Power Industry.

    • papacares papacares

      LC you are correct any sane person upon viewing this fix would immediately recognize it could not work on the plumbing of a humble dwelling much less a line of such size and pressure as depicted – therein is the problem because this fix tells us those who are now at the facility are little less than the 3 stooges – my apology to the original 3 stooges who were only comedians whilst these nutjobs at FukuDi are criminal murderers

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Nope! All these guys have been running all these things (Nuclear Rattle Traps) for years by the seat of their pants…

    And they always need more money!

  • rogerthat

    …Uranium can fuel both nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons and it all becomes radioactive waste. Australia is home to around 40% of the worlds’ uranium, and the decisions we make matter. In the shadow of Fukushima, we need to review the costs and consequences of our uranium trade at home and abroad and act on the UN’s Inquiry call.
    If our political leaders continue to put the interests of a high risk, low return industrial sector before those of our nation and region, the consequence is that it is likely that Australia’s uranium sector will fuel future Fukushima’s.
    It is said that those who do not heed the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them – we must not allow this to happen. It is time for an independent assessment of the domestic and international costs and consequences of Australia’s uranium trade and it is time for our leaders to acknowledge the increasingly obvious – our shared energy future is renewable, not radioactive.

    Dave Sweeney is the Nuclear Free Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation.

  • rogerthat
    KEWAUNEE, Wis (WSAU-Wheeler News) Owners of the former Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant are speeding up a transfer of used fuel, to address concerns from local residents. Dominion Resources shut down the plant in the spring of last year. Under its latest plan, the spent fuel rods would be moved from a large storage pool in the reactor to two dozen concrete casks which stand 18-feet tall. The move is set to be completed by the end of 2016.
    The firm hired an Atlanta company to build the casks and fill them. Kewaunee has said it would take the full 60 years allowed by federal law to decommission the plant. Officials in the nearby town of Carlton are worried that it would hurt efforts to bring in new jobs…
    … The Kewaunee reactor operated for 39 years until the utilities which bought the plant's electricity found cheaper alternatives with plants that burn natural gas. Nuclear plants are hanging onto their spent fuel because the federal government has not found finalized a national plan to store them. Wisconsin reactors have an estimated 1,430 tons of spent fuel. That's around two-percent of the U-S total.

    • nedlifromvermont

      and the nuclear 'pusher' utilities are reaping millions of dollars annually from the morally decrepit and bankrupt DOE for their 'costs' of 'managing' this spent nuclear poo — I mean fuel …

      What a country! We'd have all been better off buying the uranium mines back from Big Nuke at twice their invested dollar amount than trying and failing to deal with the 'waste' …. government sanctioned MY ASS … that weren't no government then … just scared little chickens writing blank checks to their private corporate Overlords ….. Thanks Be to GE …

  • rogerthat
    Sendai nuclear plant set to restart without off-site emergency center
    July 07, 2014
    The Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture could restart two reactors in autumn without a crucial emergency facility in place to deal with a possible nuclear accident and evacuations of host communities. The Sendai plant, operated by Kyushu Electric Power Co., is expected to be the first to resume operations among all plants that have applied for safety screenings by the Nuclear Regulation Authority.
    The Cabinet Office in September 2012 instructed all prefectures hosting nuclear power plants to ensure that off-site emergency centers be equipped with ventilation and other systems to prevent radiation contamination and be located between 5 and 30 kilometers from the nuclear plant.
    It also mandated host prefectures to designate multiple backup facilities in case the functions of the off-site centers are crippled by a disaster, which is what occurred during the Fukushima nuclear disaster that started in March 2011.
    The deadline for completion of the emergency off-site centers is September 2015.
    Kagoshima prefectural government officials said construction of the off-site emergency center for the Sendai plant has lagged behind schedule due to delays in discussions with the central government.
    “We know it is an issue to be resolved, and we plan to construct the facility at an early date,” an…

    • Sickputer

      roger typed these pixels of light:

      "The [Japanese] Cabinet Office in September 2012 instructed all prefectures hosting nuclear power plants to ensure that off-site emergency centers be equipped with ventilation and other systems to prevent radiation contamination and be located between 5 and 30 kilometers from the nuclear plant."

      SP: Aren't we so lucky that the American plants all have those offsite emergency centers. Good planning NRC!

      (What? We only have a single FEMA bus?)

      Sounds like an economical plan!

      I love BB. 🙂

  • rogerthat
    LONDON – Sixty-six traditional tumble dolls from Fukushima Prefecture are on display inside Britain’s Houses of Parliament, several of them the work of celebrity designers.
    The event was organized by a group of Fukushima expatriates living in Britain.
    They say the “okiagari-koboshi” dolls, which right themselves when tipped over, demonstrate the fortitude of the Fukushima people and illustrate Japan’s efforts to rebuild from the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
    Some of the dolls were painted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Shinji Kagawa, a member of Japan’s national soccer team, and Frances Osborne, the wife of the British finance minister.
    The display was unveiled Monday and will run until Friday. Later this month, the dolls will go on display at another Japan-related event in London and then sent to Fukushima for public display there.

    – epic. gorgeous. grotesque. speechless. icons of the age

    • Sickputer

      re: self-righting dolls

      SP: Brilliant! Certainly they need some Japanese artifacts to be safe in the UK when the whole island race of Honshu becomes extinct!

      Gotta love those smart-thinking colonialists! Saving the Japanese culture for viewing (or handling) by Future Shock mutant survivors. Reach up your three fingered webbed hands and handle those Japanese toys. Great fun and education for mutant children on field trips.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Sounds like they should design nuclear plants like that: giant weebles that wobble but don't fall down, and float in a tsunami. Shinzo can paint graffiti all over them.

  • rogerthat

    Top-notch Japanese grapes fetch a record $5,400: reports
    JUL 6, 2014
    A bridal couple at a wedding venue in Ishikawa Prefecture will have a special treat at their banquet: a bunch of fresh, juicy grapes that cost a record $5,400.
    A wedding hall operator bought the Ruby Roman grapes at auction for a whopping ¥550,000 ($5,400) on Saturday, the first day of the buying season in the prefecture, local media said.
    The bunch of around 30 grapes weighed some 800 grams (28 ounces), and individual grapes can reach 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) in diameter, according to public broadcaster NHK.
    The top-notch grapes — costing around $180 a pop — will be served at the wedding hall in the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa.
    “I was surprised to see a higher price than I had originally imagined, but I would like bridal couples to savor them and have a special memory” of the occasion, NHK reported the hall owner as saying.
    Around 30 bunches of the Ruby Romans were auctioned Saturday. Some 16,000 bunches are set to be sold this season in Ishikawa, which first put the grapes on the market in 2008.
    The first bunch reportedly went for ¥100,000 ($980).
    – still speechless.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    One wonders what the working environment is like at FD? Is management onsite and proactive? Are there widespread health issues with workers? From the outside it appears Tepco is nearly dysfunctional amidst the chaos. Not very different than Hanford or WIPP.

  • bo bo

    TEPCO handout with diagrams – on suspension of SFP 5 cooling system – whaaaaa….yes! It's in English!

    I'm just posting it for the nuts and bolts people here on this thread

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    You ENEnewsers are doing a pretty good job with your analysis of the SFP5 problem.
    Here is the latest from SimplyInfo:

    Some additional observations:
    The leak is in a valve assembly, rather than in a pipe.
    This is not an off-the-shelf piece of equipment.
    I'll bet the lead time to manufacture a new one of these is over 10 weeks.
    Hard to tell, but TEPCO seems to hint that they may have to bypass the heat exchangers entirely, and pump sea water directly into SFP5 to cool the spent fuel.
    The problem with doing so, is that the only way to keep SFP5 cool from that point on, would be to dump radioactive seawater from SFP5 back into the ocean, or store the water for decon in the ALPS system, adding to the stored water problem.

    Personally, TEPCO guys, I like the wood patch held in place with the strips, as pictured.
    Fire them pumps up, and let's give this a try. 😉

    (I suppose a stainless steel welded patch would be out of the question.)

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Why in hell haven't the damn contents of SFP5&6 been moved to the CSFP before now?
      Why hasn't a second ground-level CSFP been built to handle fuel assemblies removed from SFP1-4?

      Used a wood plug to patch that valve, did ja TEPCO? 😉

      • hbjon hbjon

        Moved to the CSFP? If the contents of the CSFP and all accessible fuel at FDNPP's hasn't been relocated to a more stable environment by now it's a crime against humanity. Jail them all.

    • Shaker1

      Phillip, I hope my remarks help.

      Yes, the lead time in a part like this will be well beyond 9 days to cast, machine, and to make new internals.

      The hammer seen in the picture is one common to boilermakers. Notice the tapered ends? They're meant to temporarily plug leaks, more commonly in leaking tube shell and tube heat exchangers, be they return-bend type or straight tube. The taper is driven into the hole. The fact that they could use such a thing might imply to me that, at least in presure-down, there is material surrounding the hole that has some integrity. Being cast it might not have the ductility of say the tube sheets and tubes of the exchanger, but it's a common method for leaks to drive in tapered plug. The epoxy one might laugh at, but it's also something is common to castings, some with metal particles a portion of the mixture. If it were allowed to be introduced into the hole through that hole it would take advantage of the natural porosity and/or irregular edges and actually work well.

      I've welded and brazed cast materials, both decades old and new. The material is not homogenous, especially in older castings as they do age and even if the carbon content isn't high what is there will segregate and form brittle areas that lead to cracking. And then they don't have a coherent grain structure that rolled or forged material might have, in some cases more like styrofoam made of spheroids.

      • Shaker1

        Castings, stated simply, are prone to imperfections. Those can be aggravated through time by erosion, corrosion and galvanic actions. The thing I think beyond just dealing with this specific problem to me is that so many of these plants are reaching the end of their intended design lives. Approaching what Cooter said about about casting with the additions of Ni and Cr, that's been common for years (more Ni than Cr, as Cr will under the right circumstances form chromium carbides which are hard like cutting tools and I believe without looking it up Cr is used more as a grain refiner than for its corrosion resistence) I don't think it's about the alloy particularly but the alloy in light of design life. The material was chosen according to design life, and though it may not lived up to it, it's more likely a manufacture flaw than a design flaw.

        What this should be telling us, though, is that extending the licences of older nuke plants beyond their design intentions is damned crazy, and it's not just the reactor or containment vessels. There are crazy miles of piping and electrical elements. Tehy may have built in some redundancy (it's not the space shuttle) but they are industrial machines run by an industrial mindset to industrial models. Does the NRC require internal inspection of piping? Visual may mean nothing. I've no doubts that piping went at Fukushima before the tsunami. They're old. We should be resisting in public comment at least these extensions.

        • Shaker1

          And, one last thing…Scavaging parts from shut-downs I believe is common and accepted practice. Despite the danger of the radioactivity and the fact that this may not be too easily handled in its assembled configuration, they have shut down plants right there on-site. Might something from those be similar enough to be used? They may not even have to be 'nice' to it in removal as I would wonder how much of the existing systems are actually operable. They could cut the pipe itself above and below the valve body, even cut off the drive portion of the valve to make it easy and do disassembly of the damaged parts outside. Just a thought…

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            Many thanks, Shaker1, for a great discussion.
            TEPCO may, indeed, scavenge a similar valve from another location.
            Anyway, they put the cooling system back on line with the epoxy patch.
            Great discussion.

            Stainless steel castings are highly weldable.

            "All the casting alloys have equal or better weldability than the corresponding
            wrought alloys, but there are variations from grade to grade in the ease with which
            satisfactory welds are obtained."

            IMO, this leak was never an issue.
            The real issue is the 3 operating rogue nuclear reactors lost in the mudrock and sandstone somewhere below Fukushima.
            Water cannot cool those reactors.
            There are no control rods.
            There is no cold shutdown.

  • rogerthat
    "The notion that nuclear power plants should be designed to prevent radiation releases in the event of an accident, which is a dramatic new vision of nuclear safety, seems to be a post-Fukushima theme."

    -scary stuff from the heart of the beast

    • Another post-Fukushima theme developing (retiring nuclear plants):

      Wisconsin Reactor’s Demise Shows Nuclear Towns’ Plight
      By Tim Jones Jul 7, 2014 9:01 PM PT

      The Wisconsin facility is part of what Moody’s Investors Service describes as the largest wave of U.S.-based nuclear and coal electric-plant retirements in the past 35 years. The closings stem from abundant supplies of cheaper natural gas and changes in environmental policies. The consequences can be sudden and drastic, affecting school funding, real-estate values and economic development that were linked to the facilities.

      Unlike abandoned industrial plants, which can be retooled for use by another manufacturer, nuclear plants leave another legacy: radioactive waste, which at the Kewaunee site sits in concrete canisters about 100 yards (91 meters) from Lake Michigan.

      “The challenge that local officials have to face is large,” Julie Beglin, one of the report’s co-authors, said in an interview.

  • rogerthat

    … this is worth reading. europe appears to be paying serious attention to the concept of limiting releases of radiation, and this appears to be causing some alarm and despondency among these lunatics.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Which witch is which? Thought they all melted and covered with black gooey substance already.

  • rogerthat

    …At a regular press conference on July 2, NRA Chairman Tanaka criticized power companies, saying, "They lack awareness and fail to take seriously the fact that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has happened," …

    -Well, why should they take it seriously? Tanaka is their man, bought and paid for, and the histrionics are just for show; he will approve all their restarts in due course, that's why abe appointed him

  • rogerthat
    European Council Adopts New Nuclear Safety Directive
    7/8/2014 8:22 AM ET
    The European Union's new Nuclear Safety Directive was adopted on Tuesday by the European Council.
    It provides more power and independence for national regulatory authorities, a high-level EU-wide safety objective, and a European system of peer reviews. It will also introduce periodic national safety assessments and on-site emergency preparedness and response arrangements.
    In addition, it increases transparency and improve education and training. The 2014 directive amends the one in force since 2009. It provides a stronger framework for EU nuclear safety, as called for by the EU Heads of State or Government following the 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima.
    Member States will have to transpose the provisions of the directive in national law within three years.
    by RTT Staff Writer
    For comments and feedback:

    – the bare bones, but from the nucleocrat's reaction, it may be a big deal

  • rogerthat

    – what to do with the hot potato. fascinating. nobody knows what to do with nuclear waste. nobody knows what do with nuclear waste. nobody knows what to do with nuclear waste. nobody knows what to do with nuclear waste…

  • rogerthat

    ….Greenpeace nuclear expert Heinz Smital said shipping the fuel would be too risky and would undermine a cross-party consensus turned into law in January that Germany must find its own geologically suitable disposal site rather than using one abroad.
    The order to vacate the interim storage site [at Jülich] was an unlawful attempt by Germany to "discard its responsibility," Smital said.
    US watchdog rejects Jülich leftovers
    DPA quoted Tom Clements of the Organization Savannah River Site Watch as saying that it did not want foreign atomic waste in South Carolina. The "correct way for Germany" was to use its law to find its own local means of disposal, he said.
    In 2010, former German environment minister Norbert Röttgen stopped the transfer of 951 fuel rods from a former East German research reactor to Majak in Russia. Those rods remain at another NRW interim storage site, Ahaus.

  • rogerthat
    EDITORIAL: Nuclear watchdog should stick to strict personnel rules
    July 08, 2014
    Two key individuals of the nation’s nuclear safety watchdog were in the news last weekend. Neither matter should be overlooked.
    One is the revelation that Satoru Tanaka, a University of Tokyo professor slated to become a Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) commissioner in September, received payments from Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd., operator of a nuclear fuel recycling program, and Mitsubishi FBR Systems Inc., a nuclear plant manufacturer, up until March and June, respectively.
    The other cause of concern is the personnel affairs decision to transfer Hideka Morimoto, deputy secretary-general of the NRA Secretariat, back to the Environment Ministry, where he worked before his stint at the NRA. Morimoto, the No. 2 bureaucrat at the NRA, assumed the post of minister’s secretariat chief July 8.
    These two developments raise questions of consistency with certain rules that were established upon lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. …

    – blatant. they just don't care. come hell or high water, restarts will happen. they are not safe, they will never be safe, but they will be restarted, come hell or high water.

  • or-well

    "Cooling Resumes at No.5 Reactor"

  • rogerthat

    – apologies to all for the disruption of the thread.

  • or-well

    As if the tsunami wasn't enough –
    whole towns and villages wiped from the earth
    and the people of the Sanriku Coast
    losing jobs, fishing boats, homes,
    their land swept clean of even bones
    to remind them that, once, here they loved –
    from even eating fish they've been shoved
    having to trawl now for the truth
    amidst the words of those who'd prove
    nuclear disasters don't remove
    all reasons to stay where once one lived.
    Net consumption of energy, nothing to give –
    nuclear robbery, failure, and death.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    All of that…and much, much more. 🙁

  • califnative califnative

    Cooling resumes at No.5 reactor

    The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says it has restarted the cooling system for a pool that contains spent fuel. The system had been suspended for 2 days due to a mechanical problem.

    Notice they show the pristine building 5 before it blew up.

  • reaiege

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