Fox News: “So many US sailors coming forward” with symptoms after mission near Fukushima; “Strange lumps all over… he’d been poisoned with radiation”; Hemorrhaging, cancers, leukemia, tumors — Another 50 service members may join lawsuit

Published: December 20th, 2013 at 5:25 pm ET


Fox News, Dec. 20, 2013: [Months after 3/11], while still serving aboard the [USS Ronald Reagan] aircraft carrier, [Quartermaster Maurice Enis] began to notice strange lumps all over his body. Testing revealed he’d been poisoned with radiation, and his illness would get worse. And his fiance and fellow Reagan quartermaster, Jamie Plym […] also began to develop frightening symptoms, including chronic bronchitis and hemorrhaging. They and 49 other U.S. Navy members who served aboard the Reagan and sister ship the USS Essex [report] illnesses including thyroid and testicular cancers, leukemia and brain tumors […] [They] wonder if their service to their country and to Japan has left them doomed. […] the number of plaintives has more than quadrupled [from the initial dozen] as more service members come forward with radiation-related illnesses, [attorney Charles Bonner] said. Nathan Piekutoski, 22, who served aboard the USS Essex […]i says he suffered from leukemia […] “Within a few months I started getting all these weird symptoms” […] Plym says she is prepared to have her symptoms question in court […] with so many U.S. sailors coming forward, she believes justice will prevail., Dec. 20, 2013: Charles Bonner, who represents 51 sailors who served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan during disaster relief operations after the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami, said he plans to amend and refile […] in part to include another 25 to 50 service members. […] His firm is also considering filing a separate suit involving contractors who were harmed in the incident, he said. […] [The] ship remained in the area for almost a month […]

See also: [intlink id=”fox-host-i-wasnt-aware-sickness-among-navy-sailors-was-so-widespread-after-fukushima-experts-say-there-was-dangerous-levels-of-radiation-in-the-air-and-ocean-tepco-didnt-give-u-s-radiation-r” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 20th, 2013 at 5:25 pm ET


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69 comments to Fox News: “So many US sailors coming forward” with symptoms after mission near Fukushima; “Strange lumps all over… he’d been poisoned with radiation”; Hemorrhaging, cancers, leukemia, tumors — Another 50 service members may join lawsuit

    • hogy

      Comments to the article are mostly sympathetic to those suffering sailors but amazingly ignorant of how the guys were exposed to the fallout. Seems they don't know that some of the sailors even went ashore to try to help out.

  • jec jec

    This was a nuclear carrier and sister ship. They can/did MEASURE radiation and had/have the equipment to measure to a high degree of precision. What does the data from that period of time show? Or is it missing? By data, not just someone saying "its normal and okay and safe"..but the actual data as collected/monitored..not manipulated or 'corrected." In addition, there were and continue to be satellite studies available showing the high level of radiation caused by Fukushima reactors exploding and in meltdown during that period as seen from high altitude. Most governments with satellites/spy satellites have a good idea of what radiation was released by the Japanese disaster. All this information should point to the damage done to the ship's crew..and also to the citizens in the plumes. Plumes in Japan, and in USA and Europe..all of the Northern Hemisphere.. Its getting harder and harder to hide the ongoing damages.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      have germainium scintiators and other hi quality scintilators all over the place. they not only know what the dosage and dosage rate was but what the proportion was from each of the radionuclides. the air filters will all have been run thru a mass spectrometer.

      the data will never be destroyed, they will keep it, stamp it Top Secret and use it to add to their ongoing epidemiological study of radiation effects on humans (ie men and women of the armed forces)


        @gottagetoffthegrid: given what we know from past revelations and the ongoing 311 coverup, I'd have to agree with all of your statements and speculations…

    • Shaker1

      "The lawsuit alleged the power company lied about how much radiation had leaked from the plant after it was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. The sailors said the Japanese government then used the figures released by Tepco and the U.S. Navy used those reports when calculating the safety of U.S. sailors in its relief effort."

      This is exactly what is wrong with the lawsuit and was the reason it was originally dismissed. I really can't believe that they are taking this tack and don't see the flaw in it. jec, you're correct, and I think the evidence of such can't be denied. To claim that the US, especially the military, would rely upon an organization like Tepco for their information is ludicrous.

      I'll pose this point again. While initially, the day of the event and shortly after, these people were a victim of circumstance, basically in the wrong place at the wrong time, the FOIA documents of the NRC from the first day prove knowledge of the severity of the situation, its discussion of the knowledge through other branches of government, the knowledge of the offshore wind pattern. Coupled with common public knowledge of the capabilities of US surveillance, it's a no-brainer here who is responsible for the ships and its crews remaining in the area. Now they mention expanding the class and refile, yet not addressing the problem that prompted the intial dismissal in court?

      They need some sane representation. Maybe we all do.

    • Jebus Jebus

      If pressed for the radiation information off the ship, me thinks it will be classified.
      Does that preclude the sitting judge from viewing it?
      Does anyone think that the radiation detectors, on the ship, were not turned on, with a carrier strike group, sailing in to help.
      At least after word of a nuclear plant explosion, they were turned on.
      That's the data that will provide the most accurate assessment of the volume and magnitude of this, Fukushima disaster…
      No more modelling and extropolation, that's the data…

    • The Reagan data is part of the NRC releases in response to FOIAs:

      March 13, 2011: Phone conference between Admiral Donald [Fleet] in Japan and NRC Op-Center.

      Contamination level on shoes of the helicopter crews measured at 10,000 CPM [particulate], and an observation that a member of the public would receive 100% thyroid dose limit of iodine-131 in 10 hours. The source for this level of contamination was a Japanese Navy ship closer in, at approx. 50 miles off Daiichi. This was shortly after the explosive destruction of unit-1, but a full day before unit-3 blew up.


      March 13, 2011: Phone conference between NRC principals about the Admiral's data.

      USS Reagan report on the plume from 130 miles distance – 0.6 mr/hr 'shine' direct gamma radiation from the plume at that distance, particulate air filter sample from the deck at 7.5 times ten to the minus nine pCi/ml.

      Again, prior to the explosion of unit-3, the MOX reactor.


      • Shaker1

        JoyB, I know this has been said before, but I wish to personally thank you for your posts. They are valuably informative, reasonably measure, your links are not fanciful and speculative, and without excessive rancor. It's refreshing.

        • Thanks, Shaker. I did a full analysis on these and related transcripts /emails from NRC Op-Center for Lucas a couple of years ago, but don't have the bandwidth right now to go looking for it in his FOIA archive. If we figure the Reagan group was offshore for these initial operations for ~48 hours prior to the order to re-deploy to the other side of Japan (plus another 12-18 to get clear of the N/NE plume if they went north instead of south) all within the 100-130 mile distance range, the potential for significant doses was certainly present. If they were still in the area when unit-3 blew the dangers rose accordingly. There was far more than just cesium, nobles and iodine in those plumes.

          Tricky lawsuit, but I wish them luck. If nothing else, perhaps the attempt will serve to get their health effects tied to their service, for medical care and disability.

          • flatsville

            JoyB, Just getting the nuclear registry opened to these sailors will be a major victory…which could take years.

  • name999 name999

    new territory indeed, a whole new landscape that is radioactive and can't be hidden…

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      There's been a LOT of unexplained animal attacks lately, all over the world, from kangaroo attacks to attacks by stray cats.

      • We Not They Finally

        Radiation can have A LOT of bad effects on people, including impaired judgment and loss of impulse control. Apparently the same for animals?

        A great way to stay calm by nutrition, is raw cold COCONUT OIL.

        We'll all be needing a lot more calm as things (double-entendre intended) "heat up."

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Animals are smarter than we give them credit for. I say that they are feeling the Fukushima radiation effects much quicker than us humans because they don't sleep inside or work inside or drive around in enclosed autos. Animals know that the balance of nature is off kilter and it must be humans fault. More animal attacks are happening every day, including shark attacks in Hawaii. I carry my 40 caliber everywhere I go these days, just in case. Enjoy your familys this holiday season, we may not have very many left. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FroM JAPAN>>>DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM JAPAN… Including autos. Nissan Auto parts are now banned in some countries because of radiation. Boycott anything JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOKYO2020!!!

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          I'm with the animals on this one, we have seriously messed up this planet. And I can't think of a single thing that man has done that has ever changed things for the better.

        • Ourself Ourself

          While I agree with your sentiment, I disagree with the reasoning.

          Animals can feel when something is wrong. There is no way to hide the truth from them.

          Humans, on the other hand, will do anything to escape reality. We distract ourselves and do little else.

          Humans definitely are feeling the effects, we just aren't aware of it. I don't think it has anything with do with the fact we live in man-caves.

          We may have a more developed thinking process than other animals, but we have become so attached to it that it's become our weakness. We are attached to our thoughts, and our thoughts are largely manipulated by those who control the flow of information. We are walking around in a perpetual trance, basically.

          If there is one thing that will wake humans up, it is a mega-disaster like Fukushima. If this can't even do it, I doubt anything will.

          The only animal intelligent enough to destroy the planet, is also the only animal dumb enough to. Isn't that interesting?

      • bozzy54

        There were reports of dogs attacks in Japan shorty after all the melt down there where more then three people.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Things must be bad that even Fox News is reporting it, without butchering it, or making a joke about it.

    Either that, or Murdoch is running scared.

  • We Not They Finally

    THIS is what CBS' "60 Minutes" needs to be running, instead of their planned nice-fest with the NRC to reassure America how safe radiation is.

    Veterans' groups need to be mobilized too.

    Most people would be appalled if this went high-profile in the press. Then maybe they would start to consider what is about to come upon the U.S.

  • jec jec

    Read this personal report from the sailors, they were told/forced to sign away liability.

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    what's really shocking is that most people are so afraid of iran getting nuclear weapons, or syria or anyone but the US, or they worry when cherynobl tanks and the US tells them to not eat leafy veges, yet, when japan has 3 complete melt-throughs, it's business as usual. the level of either ignorance, maturity or hubris blows me away. the governments/corporations are sooo worried about future lawsuits and keep denying responsibility, when in fact, if they would offer to pay all medical bills of these people and pick up the tab for finding a solution, most would probably feel satisfied. we know it's outta control, stop the bullshit and man up.

  • USS Ronald Reagan Sailors/Crew Exposed To High Doses Of Fukushima Radiation; via A Green Road

    Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons; via @AGreenRoad

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    How we treat our service-people is despicable:

    "Enis said the enlisted sailors were never offered any iodine. He said he later learned the “higher ups” — officers and pilots — had received the tablets to protect their thyroids from radiation damage. Enis said no one collected samples of sailors’ blood or urine for tests. Neither Enis nor Plym have been fully evaluated by a doctor."

    (from: )

    • We Not They Finally

      You see, THAT'S where I think they should go with a lawsuit. That the officers KNEW the dangers and protected themselves, but not those under them.

      The military isn't supposed to look kindly on officers who deliberately and willfully and PREVENTABLY endanger those in their command. Even in wartime, that would be considered negligent command. All the more so when you've wantonly caused disease and death for your own troops.

  • bozzy54

    Symptoms developing in 5,10,15 years my ass. Very low dose has same affect. 1 hot particle will tear your DNA to pieces. I just read 1000 page on radiation effects on humans and its not going to be very nice. I also watched a video from UC Berkeley on the effect to humans from the best scientists there and they say low dose kills and the knuckle heads even radiated there own campus and surroundings the council meeting in the video expressed their concerns about where the kids are playing on the schools grounds. The "Scientists" including Oppi in the 40's have unleased a monster that man will never control. "Son of a Bitches"

    • We Not They Finally

      Correct. Helen Caldicott (pediatrician as well as anti-nuke activist) says that the so-called "solid can cers" (I guess that means tumors, not blood cancers, like leukemia) take a little longer to develop. But with this kind of a massive ongoing wallop, that may not turn out to be true. And so-called "hot particles" are disastrous if they lodge in the lung, like plutonium hot particles. Then it becomes an "internal emitter" and buzz-buzz-buzzes you right into cancer.

      One of our closest friends recently was diagnosed with TWO cancers, which may either be of separate origin, or metastasized at some fantastically rapid rate. They said they are "both lymphoma" but of respectively different types.

      So in 2-1/2 years, she got either two separate simultaneous cancers (which is very rare) or almost instant metastasis. And she doesn't even live on the West Coast.

      A scary new world out there…

  • jec jec

    US military personnel are going to start looking at their benefits..the loss of salary and retirement amounts, the many many hours of work above 40 hours uncompensated, the lack of care for injury/illness during service(retirees have to PROVE disabilty), lack of care from the Veterans Administration (huge backlog to get into the system for care!–years of wait for service related medical services via VA), and work/military service in dangerous areas of the world(high death.injury rate compared to other areas of US government employment). A person will be patriotic and go into the military, be given promises for care for themselves and families. If the promises are not kept..retention will drop significantly. Many US military families in lower ranks, do not make enough money from military service. Many actually quality for FOOD STAMPS! So now you have sailors and soldiers facing severe health issues, most have been released from service — and they face a life with illness, loss of employment, and lack of health care from the military. Just why would someone want to become a soldier or sailor if this is the treatment. Dont get me wrong, I come from a military family, and I would give my life for my country..BUT US government needs to take care of their service members, keep promises made…and be honest when they make a mistake. Am sure no one realized the danger of the nuclear explosions as TEPCO/Japanese government certainly conducted a coverup.

    • jec jec

      And the service member families who were provided a TRIP on the USS Reagan as it arrived in Hawaii..a fun vacation for children and spouses…the military by then should have realized the issues!! Why did they allow non-military persons on a potentially contaminated and radioactive vessel?

    • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

      I regret to inform you, but in order for any of the world's governments to lconsider the humanity of their armed forces, they have to drop the mentality that these soldiers are mere cannon fodder; a means to an end, and as such a dispensable resource to gain more power and to threaten othe nations, all the while
      That's it in a nutshell. The U.S. is just spinning the age-old propaganda that serving in the military will make you a patriot and a hero. It borders on the USSR's/Chinese soc-realism campaigns, where the military were seen as heroes (an attitude that is still heavily prevelant today). It may be noble, but you're far from a hero to those fat old man that have never picked up a rifle themselves. To them, each new recruit is another dumb kid that got sold the lie.

  • name999 name999

    there is a huge history of this human "unwitting" experimentation. Truly, it is sickening with lots of supporting documents from research and info. that have been declassified. Much of this info. is there for the public to see but folks don't often look at Senate records for fun…one reason to get rid of the journalists. Plenty of documentation of those efforts also, and just a tip of the iceberg, a fragment of remaining info from a clandestine government agency that we all fund, but can't know what it is doing and how much it is costing our nation.
    We have to make the case for stopping this omnicide, it is not up to Obama. With this level of elite, I am sure Obama is left out of as much as possible. With constant disinformation to blame Obama. How about stupid lazy Americans who don't want to hear about anything "political". Americans can blame themselves on this one. And also do something about it…good report on Fox surprisingly, must be the beginning of trying to blame guess who…

    • We Not They Finally

      OF COURSE Obama (whatever he thinks his ego may merit — that's delusional) is left out of the loop. Not excusing lack of conscience in the slightest, just that he's in "the Vichy France slot," not "the Nazi slot," like Cheney (and Bush Sr.)

      We've had a string of puppet Presidents. JFK did his very best to be genuinely independent, and look where it got him. RFK (who surely would have been elected if he weren't killed) would have likely done the same. LBJ had some good independent instincts but got twisted into the military exploits.

      Note that Eisenhower (a five-star General, to boot!) thought that HE was a puppet — hence the "beware the military-industrial complex" speech.

      And yeah, Fox is undoubtedly out to get Obama and ignore the other, real, powerful, primary players. But it's still good that this is being reported.

  • name999 name999

    …and the American soldiers in Iraq fighting along side a very highly paid US funded militia, paramilitary corp. I participated in sending care packages to some of the military I knew in Iraq. Sending food not for treats, but because soldiers did not have sufficient supplies, or food to eat…we do need to stand up for our brothers and sisters in the military and stop US funding paramilitary forces…

    • We Not They Finally

      Well said, though probably MUCH of the military as a whole is being used to bad purpose. It's just when something like the tragedy of the USS Ronald Reagan happens, we suddenly realize that these kids (many of whom are very brave — not dissing them at all) are just being used for cannon fodder.

  • Daisy207

    Start watching all pets on the west coast – the rain out of contamination early on and continuing today is in the soil and grass. A geiger counter at your head level will not show much, but at ground level will click away. These little guys are right down there breathing it all in. Soon you will hear about lots and lots of pets coming down sick or with cancer and dying – if its not already happening and not being reported. People will be next.

    • Shaker1

      Daisy, I believe that's already been talked about here, pet's with sudden problems, and I personally believe that it's part of the problem with mine. It's quite disconcerting, living here in the city in the Pacific NW, the well manicured lawns that one knows is a chemical garden, and then the rain that can't be avoided.

      • Daisy207

        Sorry about your little guy. Every night I hug my puppies (permanent puppies as they are maltese) and hope that I do not see symptoms in them. I am so careful about the source of their food and water – I limit their dog food to less than 1/4 of a cup a day (Blue variety of dog food) and cook up a chicken/rice/carrot/potato concoction for them so that I know what they are eating (no onions as it makes dogs sick) – and I buy local produce – from the North East Maine farms. Can't figure out why all celery has to come from California – which I will not buy. Our water up here is from well which is known for radon – but we have evolved with that – these man made radioactive particles are frightening. We don't worry about lawns up here – weeds are green so we live with that. People frown on fertilizers because of all the wells. I know people on the West Coast and have sent e-mails pleading with them to leave – but they believe the government would tell them if they were in danger. Fat chance. Hold your little pet tight and let him (her) know they are loved.

        • nohobear nohobear

          I too am a pet lover. I would add to your excellent points, to avoid and seafood based pet food. You can bet that any seafood actually caught as unfit for human consumption, would not have been destroyed but sent along to pet food processors. The almighty buck reigns supreme.

          Between corexit in the gulf and radioisotopes in the Pacific, seafood is just too big a gamble if you love your pet. I've reluctantly and with great sadness given up seafood. I sure as hell am not going to feed it to my beloved animals.

  • ftlt

    Remember we have a nuclear navy…. The Aircraft carriers are nuclear… And how much nuclear weaponry are these hands exposed to..

    All this in addition to FUFU exposure…

    They may have had less further to go than others???

    Anything here???

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's interesting that, there are a few interesting parts in this, ("story"?)

    All Rights Reserved ©2013 Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.
    Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Roadmap for Decommissioning

    A TEPCO Nuclear Engineer’s Perspective

  • Jebus Jebus

    Tepco has a global lawyer/lobby firm at their disposal.

    Any other global law firm picking up these obvious industrial and civil crime's against the planet, would do so, knowing the scale of the task…

    I think that it could be proven, if there were a global law firm on the planet with the balls to make a difference and who's mantra gave a shit about anything other than money…

    • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

      I can't believe these lawyers. Note that if these guys just rejected their employers, the entire company would come down.

      Lawyers around the world, unite for ethics!

      Alas, the things people will do for a paycheck.

  • name999 name999

    that TEPCO document is amazing to look at. It kind of staggers the mind that in the TEPCO Internal Investigation Committee Report, they come to 2 important conclusions:
    1 Recognize large uncertainty in external events (!)

    2 Prepare for the unexpected (!) (the exclamation point is mine)

    The frozen soil wall thing they are doing is, I believe, effecting the weather in U.S. Refrigerants in inconceivable volumes, freezer plants, freezer pipes.
    Anyone ever hear of The Society Of Human Ecology? Big lineage with human experimentation. And this is what it looks like…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Last point, I'm out…

    View this and think, about how this is any different, or is it the same, as what Tepco and it's consultants, have been doing to the planet, for the last 1015 days?

    Somebody step up and hold them accountable, please…

    BTW, Tepco, this is what happens to ya here…

  • name999 name999

    …happening for a long time…

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Fox who?

  • If you live anywhere near the affected areas, including the entire northern hemisphere and pacific rim, you might want to check out this guide to help prevent (and detox, in case you do come in contact with any) radiation exposure:

  • paschn

    Remember, (Monsanto's), Agent Orange? How many friends/family did you lose from it? recall the big controversy over who allowed "our boys" to wallow in it? Fast forward to the 1st phony invasion of Iraq. they called it "Gulf War Syndrome". It was exposure to Depleted Uranium munitions. Fast forward again to the 2nd phony invasion of Iraq. Same troops, same sickness but still using (illegal) D.U. munitions. The only constant in these is the lies, rotting veterans and the same corporations making billions. There's no money in serving vets, not as long as you have a never ending supply of ignorant ones ready to kill/die without questioning why or whether or not it's the truth. You seriously think those navy boys will be compensated appropriately? All I can remember is the stone-walling, lies etc. Like Kissinger says, all us "useless eaters" are great cannon fodder, nothing more. "Mom and apple pie" is bullshit, the pie's imported from China and the bakers are all unemployed.

  • name999 name999

    …thou has said it…

  • Tiza Tiza

    I'm posting at WND. Please read this mess and respond to the ignorant responses if you can. I can understand if you can't.

    Just trying to make them aware.


  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    here is our new webcam-forum:

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    In Christmas tradition, Obama honors US military
    Dec 26 2013

    Gee.. a word from the Commander-in-Chief.

    Honoring the military in Hawaii?.
    Why not take a 'few' of them to the shoreline for some radiation levels.

    On holiday ..huh?..may he relax..and breathe in deeply.