Freelance Journalist in Japan: Fukushima gov’t dumping tons of radioactive mud from decontamination into river at night

Published: February 8th, 2012 at 9:56 pm ET


@chummiboy description (Google translation): […] studied international relations in NZ, have returned to Japan six months, an intern in the local newspaper, a freelance journalist, currently a student in the Erasmus Mundus Master-Journalism course in Denmark. Always, always preoccupied with that of Japan. Want to leave a better future than now.

Tweet by @chummiboy on Feb. 5, translated by Fukushima Diary:

A Fukushima citizen watched lots of trucks go to Abukuma river at night. They came to the river to dump tones of the radioactive mud made from decontamination. He was terrified to think he has to drink the water from the river, decided to evacuate Fukushima.

Published: February 8th, 2012 at 9:56 pm ET


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32 comments to Freelance Journalist in Japan: Fukushima gov’t dumping tons of radioactive mud from decontamination into river at night

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    They are completely stark raving barking mad over there! We are all going to pay for it one way or another…..

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I’m amazed at all the info we have and the MSM is SILENT trinty!!
      This is a global catastrophe of epic proportions. Posted to hp

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yep, un-be-freakin’ – lievable! Do these people realize they are becoming THE OBJECT OF RIDICULE ALL OVER THE WORLD?

      Logic has left the building, along with the coriums …

      • rooks rooks

        No they do not because the WW community is enabling them. This problem is not just Japan’s problem.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Yes, rooks, unfortunately I think you are right. They are delusionally enabled to persist whatever beliefs are enabling this kind of behavior because most people are “asleep” and the MSM keeps most discussion nice and tidy. Among the “awake” they are the object of scorn and ridicule.

    • Spectrometising

      Hardly centralized to Japan Mr HoTaters.

      Sleep and hypnosis is a global thingie.
      ‘Conscience’ may keep one from a good night sleep from time to time, but it is not entirely absent. Fair enough it is completely atrophied in certain kinds of leaders, but in general It is still there in the terrestrial mammals, and nothing to get despondent and/or excited about.

    • kx kx

      F.Hell drinking water from there would be stomach/bowels cancer in 6 months or less FFS

      • rooks rooks

        I used to live two minutes from this river and no one drinks from it. This is why they ate doing this. It goes directly into the ocean. It was a great river though and now they are killing it.

  • Sickputer

    One day the PTB will kill their own children… Maybe even the royal progeny. The Japanese Midas touch, with the same theme of greed but invisible radioactive poison instead of gold.

    Dead men and women walking in Japan. Get away if you can, because death from radiation is very painful.

  • Room101 Room101

    More disgusting behavior from the Japanese. There is no end in sight.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yeah, unfortunately it’s human nature at work, and not just the kind of behavior one is finding in Japan!

      A friend of mine told me years ago man is the only animal who fouls his own nest.

      Well, birds do too, but that’s a bird thing.

    • rooks rooks

      Blanket statements like this are uncalled for. Before making such an absurd statement you should understand what you are saying. Sorry, just calling it like it is.

  • Replacant Replacant

    IS there any tracking from Korea or China about the radiation in the ocean? All these rivers drain into the ocean and they have been essentially dumping the cooling water into the ocean via “leaks” and now this blatant crime. At what point does the ocean cease to be able to support life from plankton to whales? There is no word on the seals that are sick in Alaska, no word on the whales that were arcing their migration path away from Japan.

    So frustrating not to be able to find out whats happening and when its reported MSM doesnt even care to pass on those reports, but if some starlet in hollywood falls over drunk thats news, this is crazy making.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      We learned many years after the fact, sadly, our oceans were not able to sustain life once they were contaminated by radiation. Our leaders and scientists had reasoned the contamination would be dispersed and diluted by the ocean currents. We thought there would not be much harm because the contamination would be found in small amounts in any one place. Or so we thought ….

      Sadly, we were wrong. These places you see on the map, here, here, and here, son, they are what we once Korea, Japan, coastal China. There was also Thailand, and there were many other places where people once lived and loved the sea. There were once people here and here in the islands. Now they are all gone. You know of these other places, because I have spoken of them before. These, too, were countries where people lived along the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. All gone.

      The tiny plankton died, the small sea creatures died, the fish died, the seals and birds died. All gone. The people died, too, along with them.

      Soon we too will be gone because you see, without the tiny creatures called krill, there can be no air. I must stop speaking now because I can no longer breathe and talk with you. Let us think now of more pleasant things. You say you saw a bird today? That is extraordinary!

  • CB CB

    The currents, evaporation, and rain will soon be at your door step. The new platomic ocean body will make its way into your water table. Nothing is sacred, no man or women exempt from consequence.

  • jonjon

    THis news doesn’t surprise me one bit and I doubt the average Japanese person even cares. On a collective level the Japanese are the worst when it comes to secretly burning their trash in a hole, in their own backyard. Anywhere you go in Japan, except the big cities, you’ll see people burning all kind of trash in their own garden. Even the Shinto shrines are doing it, except it’s not so secret because no one even notices or dares complain if they do.

    Those big trucks dumping radioactive wastes in the rivers or in tokyo bay are just an extension of this collective level of consciousness. And the level is very low in Japan, similar to those of 3rd rate developing countries. Sad but that’s the reality I’ve been seeing everyday in my 10 years in Japan.

    • Spectrometising

      Thanks for the eyewitness insight jonjon. Yes, the collective level is like that. It is not a criticism, it wold be good that the collective could all join hands and form a supercomputer, but that is not very likely.

      From the site:
      “The Evil Magician in the story hypnotized the Sheep to believe they are not really sheep, but that they are in fact Lions, Eagles, Tigers and Men;”
      if they observed other sheep being eaten, then that was perfectly normal and acceptable, for sheep are to be used and consumed. But those hypnotized, always believe that they themselves are not sheep.

      Gurdjieff saw that Human Beings;

      – Follow each other mechanically.
      – Are easily manipulated to be moved in a certain direction or vector.
      – Have little awareness of their surroundings or the predicament they are born into. ”

    • rooks rooks

      The average Japanese does not care for the most part as they do not want to know. There are 10 percent or so that do care. If you see it, state it. Just because you are not Japanese doesn’t mean you cannot voice your concern. If you have lived 10 years here you would know that burning trash in their own yards has been common practice for decades.

      • jonjon

        It’s been common practice and the government went as far as subsidize the cost of installing an incinerator in everyone’s yard. This practice has been abolished thanks to NGOs and NPOs that started a campaign against dioxin in the mid 90s.
        Unfortunately that campaign hasn’t reached the country side. Plastic and all its derivative are considered “burnable trash” (moeru gomi)so people burn it, even though it’s illegal. The police couldn’t care less unless you call them and explain the problem.. they can double check their rule book and reluctantly give a warning to the person concerned.

  • Let this be a lesson for all the statist worshipers out there who think government is our savior. The US government and others would do the exact same thing.

    Governments are the worst polluters on earth. They will literally tax us into a primitive post-industrial world under the guise of environmentalism, while they get away with dumping toxic waste in the sea, dumping hundreds of tons of depleted uranium munitions over battlefields around the globe, etc.

  • Jeffromoki

    I have been following posts on this page for close to a year and it breaks my heart everytime time i read them, no being should suffer like this, ever! I just registered today so i can add my $.02
    I live about 5 miles from the Brunswick Nuclear Plant in North Carolina, which had problems back in November and no telling how long it’s been burping radioactive crap; type name into Google maps and check out the stream running out of the plant – right into the ocean. It’s happening all over the planet. We’re being radiated by EVERYTHING! Phones, microwaves, now air/water/food. Why?? I’m having a hard time believing its just for greed and power, is there something bigger at play here we don’t know about on a cosmic level? yeah, i know sounds crazy but hey, it’s psycotic behavior by the PTB right now and no one is doing anything about. We can protest until the cows come home but wait, they’re killing them too!
    Letters to my congressman don’t seem to be doing the trick. Anyone have any ideas, i’m all ears.
    May all beings be free from suffering. Live with compassion, kindness and respect. Peace everyone.

  • someone

    Decontamination is a fiction. You can only wait for it to go away for years or move it from one place to another. There is no other option.

    • or-well

      We need new words, or old words truthfully used.
      Decontamination – alt-tamination?
      – plu-tamination?
      Spent – charged fuel rods?
      – hyper-fuel rods?
      – Xtreme-fuel rods?

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        or we could do like flammable and make it inflammable again;) Over time no one notices they mean the same. “incontamination”, “settled fuel rods”

        • or-well

          Yes LetThem, you’re very correct to point out we lose sight of how the meaning of words gets distorted.
          “Primary containment” – last containment before things get even uglier.