French Gov’t: Fukushima to make Pacific TWICE as radioacitve as after atmospheric nuclear testing in ’60s — “Significant” releases could persist

Published: October 27th, 2011 at 10:47 am ET


PARIS, Oct. 27 — “This is the biggest single outflow of man-made radionuclides to the marine environment ever observed,” the Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) said in a press release, reports the AFP.

The IRSN said that, for the Pacific generally, cesium levels would ultimately stabilize at “twice the concentration that prevailed during atmospheric nuclear testing in the 1960s.”

“Significant pollution of seawater on the coast near the damaged plant could persist,” because of continuing runoff of contaminated rainwater from the land, it said.

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Published: October 27th, 2011 at 10:47 am ET


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13 comments to French Gov’t: Fukushima to make Pacific TWICE as radioacitve as after atmospheric nuclear testing in ’60s — “Significant” releases could persist

  • “stabilize” ????
    And it continue to release it’s deadly cocktail up through the earth into the air and sea !

    • arclight arclight

      stabilization will occour…

      the run off from land to sea will be “stabilized” by the sea to land contamination (posted here on enenews recently)and within one or two millenia the natural spreading effect will errr, make it all go away…and the reactor corium/sfp4 assemblies and all, will be put safe…somewhere!! . there stabilization!! easy!!

      go looong on nuke power!!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Good morning everyone,

    One can only wonder how much longer it will be before we see even more sea life that washes up onto the western shores dead. And then, who will pick it all up? Who will check for radiation?

    There will be no stabilization for many years if ever at all. This is an ongoing catastrophic world disaster and the end of the tunnel is no where in site. Humanity is on a train to extinction. It would be hard to have a child in this times environment seeing that there is no healthy future. It’s akin to just throwing your child off a bridge.

    If only we had a fighting chance of knowing where this stuff is and when to hide inside if it is a really heavy fallout day like we used to. Maybe we should all try to petition the french and german organizations nilu and zmag to start putting out the maps of plume dispersal again. What is really hard to believe is that of all those who could do this kind of thing(mapping), none are doing it for fear of the babalonians that told them not to. All those know-nothing scientists and so called “experts” must have all graduated from that famous institution CPU…Chicken Poo-poo University.

    • americancommntr

      Genesis 8:22; (KJV); “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” A promise from God.

      Fukushima is another major radionuclide pollution of the planet, the worst yet, but Japan is the nation that’s going to hurt the most due to this one. Fukushima will certainly kill a lot of people eventually, but it’s not going to kill everyone.

      When the earth does end, everyone left on it will know for sure it’s happening.

  • Morning James and others. Never mind the dead fish who is checking the living creatures for radiation? Sushi anyone? The radiation is going to travel up the food chain. This is most unlike the bomb tests. Radio-active Groundwater, waste cooling water and radioactive steam are continually being released around Fukushima into the Pacific. While radiation levels off the coast of Japan will be higher then Pacific North America what about that fish that migrated to central Pacific and then got eaten by a Pacific Salmon or Tuna. I think Japan has irradiated the Pacific ocean food chain. Cross seafood off my diet. It won’t stabilize. Radiation will always be higher around Japan. The nuclear fuel is melted into a blob outside of containment and groundwater will be irradiated and make its way to the sea forever. Kudos to all the experts who said nuclear is safe. Let me buy you a Sushi dinner.

  • OlympicLight OlympicLight

    I posted this on a thread before along with other links, but I believe these “viruses” are a direct result of radiation poisoning from fukushima. Poor creatures have bleeding lesions and keep going onshore

    Walrus virus:
    Countries affected: US
    Cause: Unknown

    Seal virus:
    Countries affected: US, UK
    Cause: Unknown

  • My favorite part, “could persist”, as if they have a magical remdedy to this rad mess they are not telling us. No more eating seafood, everyone. Ever again.

  • *2053 nuclear tests and explosions between 1945 – 1998. Many above ground and over the Pacific.

    So, if this is TWICE the atmospheric tests of the 60’s then we’re talking about a super ‘mega’ amount of radioactivity and contamination in a much shorter time span. …and that’s IF it stabilizes, which it’s obvious it’s not going to any time soon.

    * Nuclear Detonation Timeline: (in case you haven’t seen it)

    This seems contradictory to me…
    from article:
    1. “levels would ultimately stabilize…”
    (define ultimately. years, decades, ? )
    2. “the damaged plant could persist…”
    (‘could’ persist infers that it could stop. Instead, what it should say, is that contamination will accelerate and continue to spread and accumulate. )

    It does make me sad to think that our animal friends, like the gorgeous creatures in my avatar, may no longer exist in the very near future. I hope and I pray for them.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes,…ChasAha,….I remember the first xdrfox animal death video I saw,…small sharks trying DESPERATELY to get OUT OF THE WATER! They were ‘gill-gasping’,…for lack of better way to explain. They looked somewhat like the birds and sea life in the gulf spill. It is more than I can take some days,…this is one.