French map of cesium-137 deposition from Fukushima shows the US more contaminated than Western Japan (MAP & VIDEO)

Published: September 1st, 2011 at 7:41 am ET


Map of Cesium-137 Deposition Across the Pacific by CEREA Shows the US More Contaminated Than Western Japan, EX-SKF, August 31, 2011:

[…] According to [France’s CEREA simulation map of ground deposition of cesium-137 after Fukushima], the US, particularly the West Coast and particularly California, may be more contaminated with radioactive cesium than the western half of Japan or Hokkaido. […]

Atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides from the Fukushima-Daichii nuclear power plant, CEREA:

The simulation was performed with a specific version of the numerical atmospheric chemistry and transport model Polyphemus/Polair3D. The parametrisations used for the transport and physical removal of the radionuclides are described in [1,2,3,4]. The magnitude of activity concentration field is uncertain and could be significantly different from the actual one. In particular, the source term remains uncertain. Therefore, these results should be seen as preliminary and they are likely to be revised as new information become available to better constrain the source term and when radionuclides data can be used to evaluate the model simulation results.



Published: September 1st, 2011 at 7:41 am ET


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140 comments to French map of cesium-137 deposition from Fukushima shows the US more contaminated than Western Japan (MAP & VIDEO)

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Funny how the percent increases in overall mortality over the last several months parallels rather nicely the color pattern on this predictive model.

    • many moons

      I think what’s even funnier is that certain people have known about this and have kept it hidden until now. I guess they think the sheeple can’t handle news that’s current, so they report ongoing situations months later????
      Why is that?

      • lam335 lam335

        If the info is current, people can use it to guide their actions re: how much time to spend outside, what food to buy, etc., but if it is released weeks or months later it’s like saying, “oh, by the way, you’ve already been exposed to all of this . . . too bad,” (as they think to themselves “. . . but at least your fear didn’t harm to economy,” which ultimately is what determines certain politicians’ reelection.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        I know, all this ater-the-fact information is pissing me off…

      • mikey

        they report ongoing situations months later????
        Why is that? Early 70s sci fi studies and later perfected by CIA and DARPA PSY OP MIND f-ers…That people generally dont want to be seen as being weak and hysterical– well if u spoon feed horrific news AFTER THE FACT–What can a person reasonably say except um OK?? Principle of ALICE IN WONDERLAND where the lady shrieks then cuts her finger…

    • bmurr bmurr

      And because it’s due to a tragic, uncontrollable, unpredictable, unavoidable event, (which people have been warning against for years) there will be no recourse. Right?

  • larry-andrew-nils


  • James2

    It’s not a secret to anybody who’s been paying attention. The problem is nobody is willing to pay attention.

    The thing I cannot for the life of me figure out is where are all the environmentalists at? Fuku is the largest environmental catastrophe in the history of man, and they are out protesting oil pipelines. It’s 1,000,000X more dangerous and immediate than global warming. They oughta be jumping up and down and screaming over this, and they are silent.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I dont understand that either James. WHY THE SILENCE?! They are getting away with outright MURDER!

      • Rosie

        Is there any way all these reports we’re reading are wrong? It’s a stupid question I know but I have to ask it. It’s totally beyond my understanding as to why this isn’t all over the news. I understand things can be covered up but surely not for this length of time? There was an article in one of the UK’s newspapers yesterday about the longevity of the Japanese……either reporters are completely useless these days or it’s something else. I’m totally and utterly baffled – also frustrated because it means 95% of the population don’t know what’s happening.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          There is nothing NEW on HP Front Page. Reporters only DUPLICATE each other. No one does any investigating anymore. And Yes, 95 do not know what’s going on at all. OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND. MSM FAILURE TOTALLY!

        • farawayfan farawayfan

          For a short period of time, there was some news on Fuku. Then it just ended, hence when many ended up on this site. Then active censorship began, I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes, with stories simply completely removed, not retracted, if they posed a negative light on Fuku.

          This is not passive silence. This is active censorship. Prepare for yourself and those you care for as much as possible (they won’t believe you either, but do what you can).

        • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

          Look at the corporate stakes in the networks. GE makes reactors and owns NBC. Westinghouse makes reactors and owns CBS. Fox is corporate propaganda. The nuclear industry decided long ago to buy the media to control info.

        • James2

          “Is there any way all these reports could be wrong”

          Not a stupid question at all. We all only know what we’ve heard from someone else. I’d venture to say that not one of the folks here has actually been to fukushima.

          My own personal observations are what I go on. I by chance observed some things at the outset of this catastrophe that indicated to me that all of the things we’re reading now were likely to come to pass. I was literally laughed at and called a crackpot when I tried to talk to others about it.

          The active censorship has been my signal that all of it is still true.

          It’s been a shocking revelation for me to come to realize that not only has our environment been polluted by a terrible disaster – but the “engineering” behind it, that was supposedly “safe” – was anything but safe. In addition it’s been more shocking and quite frankly disappointing, we have government agencies, or rather entire governments, that are willing to totally drop public safety and cover this thing up . In fact they have such a wanton disregard for safety, they are willing to break the law to cover it up.

          You may recall three months ago when this site was taken over by the shills. I knew exactly who they were at the time, and I was totally disappointed in what was happening. I called them murderers at the time and they threatened me with bodily harm.

          They were not successful in shutting enenews, which is probably a testament to the will of whoever runs this place, but they took over nearly every other message board.

          Of course, they are still here – commenting and monitoring. They’ve just gotten much less direct in their technique. My guess is they are responsible for more than 50% of the posts here.

          It’s been a real education process for me in how low human beings are willing to stoop.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          These reports are not wrong. You have seen the photos of the reactors. Reports have filtered out but very much after the fact. You only need to dig as deep as who owns the MSM in the USA. GE owns a big chunk of it. It is NOT a failure of the MSM in reporting it. It is a success in the way they have kept any reporting of it out of view. They ARE controlling the message. You must understand this is not your fathers, or grand fathers Fourth Estate. It is the Fourth Estate of the moneyed, greedy, controlling and murderous. And it IS just as simple as that.

      • I know what you’re staying. In NYC everyone was going on & on about the “tragedy” of Irene inconveniences. I realize that it’s a real drag for people, especially people with kids, to go without power, but…

      • With the exception of Greenpeace, this same silence still has a hold over the Gulf of Mexico. Easy explanation for the researcher in you…follow the ‘philanthropic’ money…….

      • With the exception of Greenpeace, this same silence still has a hold over the Gulf of Mexico. Easy explanation for the researcher in you…follow the ‘philanthropic’ and corporate money…….

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Environmentalists are as shackled to their causes and beliefs as anyone else. They believe what they are fed, and what they are fed is that oil is far more evil than nuclear, so forget about these little nuclear plants.

      It is no surprise, they are simply sheeple with a slightly different set of causes.

    • lam335 lam335

      Many of them seem to be so fixated on man-made climate change that they are willing to turn a blind eye to the negative environmental impacts of nuclear. They have bought into the ludicrous idea that nuclear is “clean” and “green.” Perhaps as more data comes out on the horrific toll that TEPCO’s water dumping has had on aquatic life in the Pacific, some of those environmentalists will wake up and see what they have been willing to ignore for the sake of a narrow focus on global warming. There are other significant environmental dangers, and nuclear is one of the worst.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Another VOICE missing? Al Gore. He KNOWS what this means to the planet How come he doesn’t even MENTION JAPAN?!!?

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          Whoopie, I hate to burst your bubble, but Al Gore is a complete jerk, besides the fact that he is a eugenicist and believes in population control, as do those in the Obama administration. Radiation slowly killing us is a clever way to control the world’s population and rid the U.S. of retirees receiving social security and medicare benefits.

          I used to respect and like Nancy Pelosi when she became speaker of the house, but now I feel nothing but hatred and complete betrayal by the dems.

          The “presstitutes” are a bunch of fraud reporters who worked for the government in one form or another (a government/media revolving door) and who just parrot the government’s talking points.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            The Democratic Party no longer represents the Democrats…and more importantly to our organization..they failed to carry the message of the Patriots….
            We KNOW the word of the people was delivered to Washington..
            They turned …like sly dogs…like two-bit thugs….

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Hey…. Nancy Pelosi….thanks…. ya dumb broad….

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi Iam335, I’m confused. You say there are people who call themselves environmentalists and at the same time embrace nuclear power??
        I thought everyone knew today that nuclear is not CO2 neutral….
        And I agree to what you say, the safety risks alone make it a no-go-alternative.

        • James2

          I think it’s important to clarify “safety risks” when you are talking about nuclear.

          By confusing this term, the industry has been able to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

          It’s easy to show the statistics that say that hundreds of nuke plants operate for years on end 24/7, under all kinds of conditions, and have no accidents. In fact, they might be thousands of times more reliable than an everyday object – your family car, for example.

          If you leave it at that, an ignorant person might buy into the “safety” of nuclear power. But that isn’t nearly enough of a definition.

          You see – when your car fails – you stop at the side of the road. In the very worst possible case, when your car fails a person or even a family might be killed – which is very bad if you are the unlucky family, but people do get killed in vehicles, so it is not unusual.

          Now think about when a nuclear plant fails. Economies crumble; large areas of land are rendered uninhabitable, towns and cities are evacuated, entire government fail, millions of people can die.

          The stakes are so much higher, that the safety comparison is useless.

          • lam335 lam335

            And then there’s the expert risk assessment of former Washington governor Dixie Lee Ray: “A nuclear power plant is infinitely safer than eating, because 300 people choke to death on food every year.”

            The nuke people’s claims that it is safer than wind by similar reasoning are only slightly less absurd.

          • Top Ten – Don’t be such a ‘fear monger’ because…

            10. Radiation is all around us.
            9. The sun is radioactive.
            8. Some rocks contain radiation.
            7. Even bananas and pistachios have radiation in them.
            6. It’s like riding on an airplane.
            5. It’s no more than an x-ray.
            4. Stress or ‘other’ industries kill more people.
            3. It’s not a genetic mutation, it’s evolution.
            2. The amounts are far below any level of concern.
            1. It has to be the natural radon. (yeah, that’s it!)

            These industries just use the following NRC/EPA/Political playbook ‘talk back’ guidelines. …and they ‘repeat’ it, over and over and over again!

            *(a re-post)

          • lam335 lam335

            @ ChasAha:

            Don’t forget the latest Japanese additions to the list:

            Radiation doesn’t hurt you if you smile at it.


            Plutonium is nearly as safe to eat as salt.

          • Irritated Kalifornian

            How are you this evening 2? Regarding your comment about “ignorant people” buying into the safety of nuclear power. Have you considered the possibility that there may be “ignorant people” that don’t buy into nuclear power? Also, Do you really believe that a person or family dying in a road accident is merely unlucky, or did I read that wrong? I may be wrong but those unlucky people that have lost someone may take exception to that statement. It appears you are saying that because a car wreck is usual it’s not as bad when someone dies as it is when something “unusual” happens.
            While I agree that a nuclear plant failure is frightening & I know what happened at Chernobyl, The only documented ‘commercial reactor failure” in the US was Three Mile Island & none of those things you mentioned happened except for some people being evacuated. Good night from the west coast. sincerely IK

          • James2

            Kalifornian I’m very fine this evening.

            The nuke plant in Virginit apparently hasn’t melted down yet, so I’m not looking for another place to live.

            You mistook my analogy. My point was that an auto accident -regardless of the cause – although it can be tragic and devastating for a family (believe me I’ve experienced it), is not often tragic for an entire town or city or country or region. I don’t know of any auto accidents that have bankrupted a leading country.

            I know of one that did (Gorby admitted that the cost of the Chernobyl cleanup bankrupted the Soviet Union) and I know of another that appears to be well on its way to taking Japan out of economic prominence.

            So it’s not a matter of safety, but a matter of risk that needs to be evaluated.

            While we in the US dodged a bullet with TMI (and despite all the praises for the system and the containment, it was certainly very close to a full scale disaster ), I wouldn’t exactly call us lucky. We are getting a pummeling with the fallout from Fukushima – and I’ve been asking but not getting any answers at all for six months about whether that includes some of the plutonium ejected in the #3 explosion.

            There likely are ignorant people who hate nuke power.

            I certainly hope I’m not one of them. I will tell you for all of my life up until six months ago I was one of the ignorant ones supporting nukes. As soon as I did a bit of study, I found out how wrong that position was.

          • mikey

            JAMES2– easy to show the statistics that say that hundreds of nuke plants operate for years on end 24/7, under all kinds of conditions, and have no accidents. DUDE U R A CRAFTY SHILL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats pure freakin BS AND U NO IT– All the accidents have been covered-up! 24/7 my ass!

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          BreadandButter, these so called “environmentalists” are frauds who support population control.

          Large human populations = global warming

          Watch Leuren Moret’s videos about depleted uranium and nuclear power.

    • Lil

      @James, I completely agree. We need to use Twitter, YouTube, anything we can find to bring this to people’s attention! What has everyone else been using that has been working for them?

    • mikey

      NO MONEY IN THIS SO NO “enviromental interest” Who do u think pays for all those so called experts?? Now what would u do if ur ENERGY/WARLORD boss who signed ur checks told u to STFU?

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Me thinks Mikey doth protest too much…. I think Mikey is threatening all of us in his comment above. I think Mikey is full of shit……

  • Rosie

    So most people lack curiosity about the world, are really only interested in themselves and journalists are lazy individuals lacking the motivation to investigate. Hmmmm. There’s really no hope. Maybe all of us on Enenews are here for a purpose. There’s a thought.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Worse, people are actively conditioned to not question nuclear, and really, only a small group of TEPCO officials and within the Japanese government control all info on Fuku. Combined with only moderate collusion from IAEA, intl governments, it is almost trivial to eradicate this from conscious thought among 99% of the population.

    • Irritated Kalifornian

      @rosie Good Afternoon Rosie from Southern Ka.Regarding your post “So most people lack curiosity about the world.” It seems as though your comment could be an unfair generalization of many of us people. I am a curious person & have followed the news of the earthquake & tsunami & nuclear accident in Japan since March & this is what I have found. You can’t believe everything you hear. My confusion came from the question, Where is the nuclear fuel that was in the reactors? I read at least 5 different opinions of where it was. I couldn’t decide. Who was right? Were they sure? I didn’t know. I was directed to several websites saying where the fuel was. I still didn’t know. Then, being a curious person I asked myself the following: Could it be possible that nobody , including TEPCO, Japan, & everyone else doesn’t know???? Is it possible that the world won’t know for many years? To me, the idea that they don’t know is much more frightening than if they knew & were not telling. Now, I ask myself “Does the story make sense?” All I know for an absolute fact is,there was a large earthquake, tsunami, & meltdowns. Other than that much of the other stuff just doesn’t make sense. Have a nice afternoon. Sincerely IK

      • many moons

        Hi IK,
        I believe Arnie probably has the most reliable info to date….he says that they have found parts of the fuel rods off site (meaning they were thrown out of the reactor during the explosion) and then he says that the rest of the fuel has melted into a pancake form and is outside of the containment vessel.
        Have a nice evening.

        • Irritated Kalifornian

          @many moons. Good evening & thank-you for the response! I am also a fan of Arnie. I watch his video updates regularly. If you watch his August 21 update video you will hear him,in the start of the video, begin talking about the stories of radiation coming from cracks in the ground. He then says ,not his exact words, when asked about the where the fuel was, the he could not comment because there is not enough data.
          Now things may have changed by now, but as yet I haven’t received a notice of a newer video from Fairewinds that changes that. A very pleasant good night from The Golden State IK


          • mikey

            IR CALY things may have changed by now huh? Um yea the freakin ground around the TEPCO reactors is burpin and slurpin with nukeLAVA with readings so freakin hi they dont have machines to measure so underground rivers of molten DEATH workin its way down to the sea and we need to wait on ARNIE?? Why not just take DR. Kakus word on the “fact” that we dodged a bullet by pouring water on those reactors LOL- Yea boat load of good that did– SO TODAY the SHILL count so far…IS 2 U and Mr. 24/7

  • pure water

    May be we do not follow the MSM. I just gave up watching TV a couple of years ago. And it is really very difficult to explain the reality to someone who is tantalized by the idiots from the screen.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I only watch PBS. That’s it. It’s all a game on the News to see who can COPY EACH OTHER 1ST. No investigating, they just dupe the news.

    • Rosie

      Absolutely. Because of all this I’ve given up watching the tv news/buying newspapers because there’s no point. Most of the human race must be living in some sort of la la land. It’s very frustrating for the rest of us. I suppose I might as well give up on it hitting the MSM? I was hoping that at some point it would be global headlines but perhaps that will never happen. Gawd. Once you’ve been on Enenews it’s impossible to not follow it and go back to how life used to be.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi Rosie, I recently discovered, which I find a quite informative read from time to time (I’m trying to learn more about the US, as I’m in Europe).


      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I know what you mean. It’s like WAKE UP SHEEPLE! But it’s almost getting to be too late. We’re already seeing increase infant deaths. And the WORST IS YET TO COME according to Experts. Next year and beyond: WATCH OUT!

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        No, keep checking out the MSM, it’s a wonderful source of entertainment news and sports scores.

  • pure water

    Try to show pictures, this map for example. May be it will work with some people.
    The map of Chernobil`s fallout below seems correct. I am from Southeastern Europe and remember that time. Do not expect help from governments, media, or paid scientists. Help is between human and human, not between positions.

    • Rosie

      Yes – I thought about showing people the map. Have now decided not to as I simply don’t get anywhere and end up feeling slightly foolish and that I shouldn’t have bothered. I’m sure everyone thinks I’ve lost it.

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        In a sense, you have lost it, what you’ve lost though, is the veil on your eyes….yeah, the map won’t convince anyone who isn’t already convinced.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      This came through a Tweet just now. Might interest everyone
      Your right PW. We have to help each other.

  • “I don’t have to be careful, I’ve got a gun”
    Homer Simpson

  • many moons

    I think the sheeples reaction to FUKU is something like a school of fish…they just want to keep swimming and think they can dart away from danger when it finally appears. People react to their senses of smell, sight, sound….radiation is a silent killer and most people can’t think that abstractly. Coupled with the media silence…I think one would have an easier time talking about invisible space invaders.
    I ask people, you know there was a nuclear explosion.. right?, yes, you know that the Japanesse goverment has disclosed 3 nuclear meltdowns right?…yes. .don’t you think that there is going to be a problem with radiation from that? Silence.
    BP wouldn’t have been in the news if the cameras weren’t broadcasting the spill 24/7 from the gulf….I guess seeing is believing…..I’m hoping the geiger counter reports will be the noise and image to get people motivated.

  • James2

    I think the only thing that will get people to pay attention would be massive increase in illness, cancer and death.

    The only story I’ve seen hit the MSM radar since this thing started was the story about infant deaths suddenly increasing on the West Coast of the USA.

    I don’t know if the story was real or made up, but that story took off before it was crushed – it was claimed that the data was fabricated.

    • There were issues with how the numbers were derived, but the peer reviewer did it differently to see what would happen and the results were ever more terrifying than the original article. The Scientific American rebuttal was strictly a hatchet job, yes, infant mortality is up. Friends of mine here just had a baby, which I was worried about and they were so happy and la-la and now it turns out the child can’t make enough bone marrow and suddenly they are in crisis mode. 🙁

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    Last week was the worst yet up in Northern Canada. Average 629.30 CPM 1.25 mSv/h Wind: Variable 5 km/h
    Had 3-4 days of high readings, thought it was my equipment but another fellow here confirmed his Geiger went nuts too. The 28th is missing, readings were to high to go outside (835 CPM 2.07 mSv/h)in the early morning. Scary part is the wind was out of the W and SW, the populated areas. Wind changed to the N & NE and the readings dropped off within 3 hours. Freaky.

    • Bobby1

      Those are Fukushima prefecture-level readings. That is what is heading for the US when the jet stream dips south this winter.


    Maybe la la land is better if it is that bad. I am living with 2 lawyers and one of them has a 180 IQ and the other also has a PHD. I have talked about the radiation and the earthquakes (which are believable) and either they think I am crazy (which they do) or it is too much bad news to focus on given all the other sadness they are dealing with and trying to shut out just to have a life that is a little nice and a little happy and I don’t blame them. People work soo much, they come home and take care of a home and do the food and it is time consuming and to think that on top of it all is an invisible something that comes from the sky that is life threatening is too much. Also if I was already in my mid sixties and knew that it was a crap shoot and some but not all people were going to die I might consider that it was not something to pay to much attention to or go looking for bad news. I sort of hate being asked, “what about radiation?” I think it is a question to suss out my sanity and I am tired of answering it.


      How do you delete your post?

    • many moons

      I hear you! I’ve twisted these same thoughts around in my head to try and make peace with this. I live with a medical doctor who frequently says…”oh things are bad in Japan” he doesn’t connect the dots to realize it’s everyones problem.
      About the working and coming home and wanting peace.. I agree. We work too hard to even have time to think.
      So I think it’s going to either take a brilliant mind like Eienstein, to get us out of this or…I guess a few of us will be left to live underneath the earth like in the novel “time machine.”
      Some times I think of this situation as if the planet is our body and we have been told we have a terrible disease…there are some of us in denial, some hoping for a cure, other are resolved to die, others are angry….

      • pacificgirl

        you know who wrote time machine don’t you? HG Wells who is said to be one of the pioneers of One World Government.

  • pg

    Everyone in the states should be taking potassium iodide. One 85mg (NOT mcg) per day. In an 85mg of potassium iodide, around 50mg is actually iodine. If there is a disaster, double that.


    1) Potassium floods they thyroid and this is where most radiation accumulates before being released into the body.
    2) Americans are iodine deficient. This is because the FDA mandated boride be added to all dairy products. Boride is BANNED internationally.
    3) The thyroid is responsible to maintaining proper body organ and hormonal function. Being deprived of iodine creates all kinds of problems (research this).
    4) Putting iodine into your system decreases your chances of getting cancer by up to 30-40%. Being deprived increases your chances by 30-40%.
    5) Iodine intake helps cure many illnesses. To mention a few (cancers, obesity, diabetes, balding, ADD, depression, hyper/hypo thyroid issues, and many more.

    You will never learn this from your doctors. They make billions from all of the illnesses associated with iodine deficiency. So does big pharmacy. They would rather sell you thyroid meds instead of fixing the problem. The FDA needs to be shut down and completely investigated for these crimes plus many many more and this is no joke. They are in charge of mandated vaccines going into newborns as well.

    I take one 85mg per day, every day, for the last 4 months. I noticed many improvements in my health.

    • Irritated Kalifornian

      @PG Good evening I read your post about taking potassium iodide pills & I was very concerned. Have you done any research about taking potassium iodide? It does have side effects. One that jumped out at me was that it could cause a metallic taste in your mouth, like I have heard happens with radiation sickness. Also I hate to be a stickler but you really should not give out medical advice like that. Some people might think it’s o.k. & for them, it might not be. May your health continue to improve! Sincerely IK

      • mikey


        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Actually, I think IK is right. it’s alright to give advice basad on personal experience, but it should be marked as such. To say things like “Everybody should” and “You’ll never learn that from your doctors” is not helpful and might send some people into the wrong direction.

        • Irritated Kalifornian


          Good morning Mikey. regarding your post “SHILL SHILLY SHILL”, am I to take it that you are calling me a shill? Peace IK

        • kx kx

          Some people have iodine alergy so they should get some iodine disinfectant, put it over a small area of skin to check if becames red or worst.

          I sincerely hope iodine is as good as some paint it, anyway people should start really small and know the side effects of overdosing.

      • Bobby1

        I agree, potassium iodide is appropriate for huge short-term exposures, like when the initial plume from the explosions went over Japan (and most Japanese never got it). It’s not good for long-term use. Stick with uncontaminated kelp and high-iodine foods.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      pg, didn’t read the whole thing. Lot’s of good advice there though. I would advise people, additionally, to cease consuming dairy and meat products of any kind due to the extreme bioaccumulation of the diverse array of radionuclides. These, along with root crops are the most contaminated sources of radionuclides from FukuDai, and other fallout and emissions sources. It’s bad enough that we cannot escape absorbing tritium at all (cannot be filtered out of water and every biological organism needs water), or breathing in hot particles; but we CAN control highly concentrated, relative to breathed in radionuclide particulates, ingested radionuclide sources in foods: some seafood, all dairy, all other meats, as all will increasingly demonstrate very high levels of radionuclide contamination through time from now on until the emissions from FukuDai and other failing or melted down nuclear power and waste sources are properly divided and stored in inert gas in dry cask storage systems–the ONLY method of proper storage actually available to us in the present.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Those of us who read and are interested in information
    are already a minority. Educational systems make big
    lawyers out of folks who can’t handle Science at all.
    AIDS wasn’t fast-acting enough for the Evil Ones, so
    they had to keep “moving the project forward!”.
    If you don’t Know Zappa’s “Thingfish” album, it’s time
    you got a good dose of it, guided by a Zappa Geek.
    By the Way, the Zappa plays Zappa, Tour de Frank
    is happening, and Dweezil really whups ass like daddy.

  • HardLeft

    The date on the map is 4/6/11. A long time ago, but I remember the ZAMG modeling for that time period, an it showed the jetstream pushing exposure further north.

    It also seems like there are both more official and unofficial reports of high CPM counts where there is more rainfall.

    This is also consistent with vaporlock’s readings in Northern Canada– that’s exactly the area that looked like it was getting hammered before the ZAMG data was pulled offline.

    My general feeling is that we got off kind of easy here in Los Angeles, with the exception of some very, very bad days in late March and a period of time in mid summer that was not good. However, Alexander Higgins’s RadNet page for L.A. (I don’t know where he links to, I can’t get the data from the EPA anymore, but he seems to know how to do it) looked pretty bad for mid August — CPM counts up to 350, and no rain here. Maybe it’s the fog, which we had plenty of in August.

    I really want accurate water readings so I can figure out when to stop surfing. Already, I avoid big surf days when I would be likely to wipe out and take a lot of water up my nose. The currents move slowly… some people say we’re fine through mid 2013, some people say bag it after 2012 or even this season.

    The modeling is nice, but I want more data. I work in public health, and I would like my agency to be better prepared.

    • lam335 lam335

      I think Higgins gets his info from here:

      The numbers yesterday and today in Indiana (where I am) and Toledo, OH, have ben pretty high. Something nasty seems to be passing over.

    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      Until the reactors are adequately smothered, fresh deposition will continue. Everyone wants to put an ‘end’ to the story in their mind. It’s over now right? It went thataway, right? What we don’t know hurts us: deposition from rain-outs and just breathing it from the jet stream, bioacumulation in water, soil, and absorbent materials, and evaporation when the radioactive water and debris actually reaches Hawaii and the West Coast. The simulation of water I saw shows the debris bouncing off of Hawaii and the southern west coast a couple of times. We might get some clues from marine mammals beaching or showing up dead in numbers, if we’re lucky and the marine life is not. Heck, the tuna might tell us soon, since they swam through the most radioactive water in the Pacific to the West Coast. Tuna are harvested on the west coast at the end of summer. The EPA said they were testing tuna but I haven’t heard any news about negative results. In their corporate charter apparently there aren’t any negative monitoring results. How many becquerels per kilogram of fish will be acceptable, LOL? I guess you could wear a wet suit and face mask while you surf although not too comfortable. Hmm, that’d make a good political cartoon for L.A.! Maybe you could wear a waterproof passive dosimeter on your body so, at least, you’ll know when you have to get out of the water. Pretty sure there are some sticky-patch waterproofed ones available.

      Here’s a link to an animated map that shows radioactive water coming across the Pacific back in March! (from LA times). I saw another one that showed a slower route but it looks like it’s already here. Where and how much depends on the currents. I hope I can find a better current map. There was another group that was tracking the currents by visual spotting of debris, however, it’s said that it’s difficult to track water dispersion of radiation (needs lots of monitors on the surface, let alone deeper). Leuren Moret states in one of her vids that within a year the radiation will be entirely dispersed in the global oceans.

      I grew up on the beaches in L.A. and love the ocean. It shouldn’t take a scientist or biologist or beach goer too long to figure out that everyone’s lives changed as of 3-11. Lawyers, corporate scientists, and politicians can comfortably say ‘not my bailiwick’ as their focus is not on practical biology concerns. They might argue hey, we are smarter than animals, we just need to do risky technologies better! To me, we’ve lost the bet that technology would be more helpful than harmful because human brains and social behavior are not integrated or evolved enough to handle the ‘bigger picture’ regarding identification of dangerous chemicals, gases, radiation and health effects, in ANY amounts. Procreation and alpha males are always given umbrage over practical science, it’s just the way humans are. I fear that our technology game is up, finito if cancer and generational DNA damage goes forward, if we don’t do damage control and stop nuclear. It’s not clean, it’s not safe and we won’t do it better. Meanwhile, I feel like we’re all in a ‘Flowers for Algernon’ rehearsal that becomes real, in the part where Algernon’s (the mouse) intelligence is about to decline and he dies. Our radiation experiment is not going well.

      Stay safe as best you can!

  • Bobby1

    I would like to see a strontium-90 dispersion map. It is likely that strontium travels farther, and the contamination would be more diffuse and cover the continent more evenly.

    The ratio of strontium-90 to cesium-137 is probably higher in North America than in Japan.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Hey Hard Left,
    You already know, as a Friend of the Bay,
    that you are probably among the best immune-systems
    in the County, when you routinely expose yourself to
    the sewage-outflow we call Santa Monica Bay.
    Did you know there are maps of the toxic dumps they
    used to drop offshore? DDT?
    It’s a classic photo, Joe Surf-Doods sittin’ out
    on their Boards, with the little white sign in the foreground
    Surf ON Dood,
    Damn the Torpedoes!

  • Usual pattern of reporting after the fact. I started taking iodine back in March before I discovered enenews but didn’t know about rain till after I found this site. Then I stopped riding my bike (sold it) bought an umbrella and now avoid rainy walks. Environmentalist here who has used public transit and bike by choice but I will be driving for the upcoming winter rain.

    No way of knowing whats going on at Fuki for sure as tepco controls site. No investigative reporter even if there is still such an animal left can sneak into that radio-active mess.
    Very few people really understand all the technical issues. Sadly modern people want short quick answers or they lose focus. Radiation is invisible so the Idiots in power are free to lie as they please.

    But from what I understand from enenews posters and stories the situation could get worse. Judging by the pattern of reporting from MSM we will get confirmation of full blown China system or spent fuel meltdown 6 months after the fact.
    Everybody (me included)should figure out how they are going to filter their water now as the Fuki crisis appears ongoing with no end in sight

  • bleep_hits_blades

    FIRST- thank you energy news! Excellent website and coverage. I tell everyone about this website.

    Comments in response to various remarks –

    YES yes yes about the high IQ idiots. My older son, a Ph.D. research scientist, alas, is one. More schooling = more state-of-the-art brain-washing. Plus these guys are now heavily invested in many ways in ‘da system.’ Realizing/admitting that they (with their big egos!)have been suckered would be a major blow psychologically and make them have to re-think EVERYTHING.

    I know a very bright lawyer (woman), also a nice person, I like her a lot — but she just can’t be bothered to pay attention to what I am trying to tell her – like:

    Look – it’s dangerous – right?
    It’s really happening – right?
    We are in the path of the danger (Hawaii) – right?
    It is a dynamic, changing situation, a DANGEROUS dynamic changing situation – right?

    ERGO — if anything is worth paying attention to, this is. Right?

    Well, wrong … I guess. She doesn’t even open most of the emails I send her about it.

    ‘Nother topic – You can’t trust NPR. think about it. The major info outlets are controlled. NPR is a major info outlet. It ‘poses’ as being non-MSM. Different outlets have different ‘target audiences.’

    Gore is a total insider. He knows anthropogenic global warming is a scam, a sham, and a fiction.

    The truth (gangsta govts. in control of gangsta mega-corporations) has been around all of us for a long time. We have all been in various stages/degrees of DENIAL.

    Consider this – just ONE unnecessary war PROVES that the elites DO NOT care about the people. How many unnecessary wars/invasions is ‘our’ country currently engaged in?

    • mikael

      I cal them Idiot Servants, after decades of “corporate” runn education, we have a population of highly narow minded and “specialized” into fitting corporate religion.
      Beside their work or feild of knowledge, they are blanck.
      And beside, IQ is and was intentionaly created for a kind of messurment of what a peoprson have leared on school. Thats it, it dont messure anything else, its completly useless to defind anything else then exactly that.
      True intelegence is the ability to conect dots and events.
      I firmly belive that the education system is rotten in its core, we dont educate people, we produsess moulded figures and with a mindsett, ready for use as a robot.
      The main difference is perhaps, the realitys we all defind as Life. I dont live to work, I work only for living.
      To day the education is marginaliced to indoctrinating and even worse, learning by reproducing.

      And my consern is that people will not wake up before its becoming so ugly and the nombers so obvious that there is infact a serious situation.
      Timefraim, is also a matter of dose and what Isotops involved. But this is by faar worse that Tjernobyl, so I belive its going to manifest itself wery soon, and I talk about the high contaminated areas. And the nomber given by some of the reades from the States, is alarming.
      The other aspect is that, when it ocures, its probably to late for many people, spesialy in Japan, but the Nother Pasific rimstates, incl Mexico(dont forgett the miriade of islands in that same area).
      This one is becoming the Nightamare we all are afraid of. And the future looks even grimer.

      Scearmongering, no no, this is not the worst case senario at all, this is only the first steps into it. I am afraid when the evacs and the dying starts to pile and safe food is scears, voilece and plunderings will ocure.
      The real, survival of the fitest, or best armed. Then we are going to be closer to a Nightmare senario.
      This is just a prelude.
      The silence before the storm, it may take a while(another 6 months and what then), if not anything is done, be shore, it will come. You can almoust smell it.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Correction – I meant to say that the governments today are the sock puppets of the mega-corporations. Actually the distinction is in many ways spurious. The govts are the mega corporations/banks are the govts. etc.

    Visit and also, read THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. The whole money issue is at the base of the gangsta take-over.

    Another hugely enlightening book is HAMILTON’S CURSE by Thos. DiLorenzo. Majorly important, and not a difficult read.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Does anyone know if the kangen alkaline water is good enough?

  • socal stukncali

    This map isn’t accurate. its obviously going to be biased so europe won’t worry about anything

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Japan seems to be one of the worst if not the worst place for a radioactive dumping ground. There are so many faults, earthquakes, volcanos, etc. that the island is sinking into the sea. No way it will hold raioactive waste for 100,000 years.

    Somebody wake up!

  • lam335 lam335

    What does the -0.8 mean at the bottom of the scale? There can’t be a negative quantity of contamination.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    As I had deduced, the highest deposition concentrations, at least of Cesium shown here over a large area outside of Japan are found in the United States in California in the Sierra Nevada watershed (a distance of about 350 miles north to south and 80 miles west to east) that supplies drinking water to 80% of Californians and about the same percentage of water for CA state agriculture, which products are shipped all year round to the rest of the country and around the world. I would recommend not buying CA products irrigated with this water. California post the Tohoku event, in particular, had weeks upon weeks of long days and nights of rains, with overhead jet stream as well, over California through much of May. A delightfully wet year, but apparently no good thing goes unpunished in these times. Our snowpack is RECORD big!!! uh, except, that what it’s record in, most importantly, is in radioactive fallout deposition, which continues to the present due to prevailing winds and jetstream (more effecting CA in mid-Fall through mid-Spring) due to the burning of radioactive waste of various hazard levels on Honshu, daily apparently, and as we speak, and due to fallout added by a probable meltdown at the FukuDai CSFP on August 22. I do not think it was merely a fire or the light reflecting from incineration, or lightning–puh leeeze. I also believe there have been other partial meltdown/fire events involving spent fuel and other high-level radioactive waste on earlier dates at the FukuDai CSFP and R4 SFP, if not continuing to the present but information unavailable as the images we get from FukuDai are, increasingly likely, blocked and manipulated before arriving at our laptops, desktops and other distracting technology.

  • Irritated Kalifornian

    @ Many Moons
    Good evening from Kalifornia, regarding your statement ” I ask people, you know there was a nuclear explosion ..right? ” Which “nuclear”
    explosion are you referring to? Nagasaki? Hiroshima? or was there a more recent ‘nuclear’ explosion I have not heard about? I know you are not referring to Fukushima, as that was not a “nuclear explosion”

    @ Mikael
    Your statement ” education system is rotten in its core” I will have to agree with you. They obviously failed in trying to teach you spelling . Maybe you should get a computer that checks your spelling? Just a suggestion. Have a pleasant evening. Sincerely IK

  • many moons

    My understanding is, at first the explosions that occured at Fuku were thought to be hydrogen explosions, later they descovered that the actual vessel that contained the fuel rods exploded (in one of the reactors)perhaps that was not a nuclear bomb as was dropped on Japan but it was an explosion of nuclear materials.
    What’s your understanding of the matter?

  • Blown Camaro

    Well, I guess this explains the nose bleeds and malaise I suffered from in late March, early April. The doctor took 7 vials of blood, gave me chest X-rays and a full physical and couldn’t find anything abnormal. I had worked outside in the rain right after the accident and got very sick 2 weeks later. I was waking up in the morning with blood on my pillow and I NEVER have nosebleeds. Also, I had a sore throat that lasted 30 days! They even checked me for strep and EVERY test was negative.

    • Sickputer

      The wind projections explain it, but it wasn’t the cesium. Radioactive iodine explodes sensitive blood vessels in the lining of the nose. I just had one big nose gusher in late March, but we didn’t have any rain. I have never had a nosebleed and I was born right after Eisenhower assumed the throne (first term).

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Blown Camaro, where are you located? If you are in the U.S. that’s pretty alarming!

  • Sickputer

    Random thought; Cary Grant would be about 107 if he hadn’t died 7 months after Chernobyl blew its brains out.

    Chile is looking better and better…my Spanish would get awesome very fast. I’ll take a volcano anyday over the hellhole in Japan. An “inextinquishable fire” in three runaway coriums certainly gives new meaning to that adjective and is much more deadly to human existence even compared with a Krakatoa-type volcano.

  • StillJill StillJill

    “the hellhole in Japan”-Sickputer, if this thread is for real, the west coast is even more of a ‘hellhole’ than bloody Japan! For cesium anyway!
    I know cesium is more a muscle seeker, than strontium is bone, right? Must go do more research! 🙁

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Oh no, I absolutely love the San Francisco Bay Area. It looks like I have to get my daughter out of here, and my Spanish sucks. The rains are coming soon. I hate these people, all of them. If my daughter gets leukemia I will hunt them down.

  • Stlouieishot

    hey all, new poster, but ive been following ENENEWS almost daily since the Fuku accident.
    i have a couple questions.

    where do i send my air filter for testing? i remember reading about someone (Busby?) who is asking people to send in thier air filters, and i cannot find an address to send mine to. i live in the St. louis area, and due to my job i was driving up to 150 miles per day back and forth across the st louis metro area. i installed the current filter back in august last year so mine will have a complete record from the beginning of the accident to the day i remove and ship it.

    what is a decent radiation detector that doesnt cost a small fortune? i relly like the Soeks that ive seen in a couple vids, but that is out of my price range, (anyone intersted in doing a group buy perhaps?) looking for something around $100 or so that will give fairly accurate readings on a digital readout ( no analog needles please!) in Seiverts.

    if i were to construct a rain collector that measures 1 meter square, where could i send the captured rain water for testing? if there is a place in or around st louis that can and will do this id like to know, otherwise i can ship it.

    i was reading above about the “high IQ people” i myself happen to be one of those but i never went to college, i did tech school and work on cars. i know what you guys are saying, these people have massive ammounts of “book smarts” but little to no common sense.

    every time it rain here, i make a point to stay out of it as much as possible. i litterally run from the house to my truck or vice versa because i know whats in that rain. every day i look at my truck and wonder how much of the dirt thats left on it after it rains is cesium, strontium, plutonium etc etc.

    my water supply comes from a very deep well so i feel confident that my drinking water is safe for the time being. i was going to plant a really big garden next year but i probably wont now or at least until fuku emissions have stopped and i can remove the top 6″-10″ of topsoil. that may not even be enough. sigh.

    ive tried to let coworkers and family and freinds know whats really going on but most wont listen. most have very young kids and they guzzle milk like its going out of style blissfully unaware of the danger they are feeding their kids every day.

    i want a radiation meter, but i almost dont. i like to walk around barefoot outside when the weather is nice, but may never do that again if i end up scanning my yard.

    • It was Arnie Gundersen asking for air filters.

      You can get contact info from his site, and email him as well.

      I feel about the same as you do about rain, gardening and the walking dead who treat you like a mental patient when you mention the R word. (I’m on Vancouver Island).

      Should have seen the looks on the salmon fisherman after I advised him all the fish were radioactive.

      I agree with Sickputer – it’s much worse than even the map above, which only gives Cesium-137.

      We still have hot particles to consider, the rain, bioaccumulation, biomagnification, and the 250 or so other isotopes we’re not hearing about.

      As for Obama and our Prime Minister Harper, they can live in their fairy world for only so long until this information reaches critical mass and then they’ll have to deal with it.

      I would hate to be in the position of national leader having to advise the people never to go in the rain, not eat fish, or mushrooms, or meat, or shellfish, or seaweed or drink milk ever again.

      It’s a horrible thought, but the truth hurts, and in this case it’s going to hurt a lot.

      My feeling is: we finally did it, we nuked ourselves to death.

      We’ll chatter on the airwaves for a while until people start dropping and the civil infrastructure starts to collapse.

      Then everything will go silent, for billions of years.

    • Ken31ONCA

      Contact Us
      Maggie Gundersen, President
      Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer

      Fairewinds Associates, Inc. Burlington, VT 05408
      Office (802) 865 9955

      I dont know if they would take your filter or not they would take a damp cloth that you wiped rain off a 3 foot square area. I dont think they would take actual rain water samples unless wiped onto a cloth. Send them a letter saying what you wanna send they will give u some stuff to package it in and proper steps to do so. Best of luck hope it works out for ya and you can find yourself a geiger counter.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I wish these maps would not assume that the Western USA is where this poison stops. Show the whole country, please.
    Then again, it’s all in the past…
    Maybe someone extremely cruel is showing some of us what has already happened and what we can no longer do anything about.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Things are happening much faster than we were told…what about the poor kids in Japan who fell ill about three months after the event? What timeframe does that give us? Some of us have the metallic tastes and the nosebleeds, right now. how many people have them and do not know that they are caused by radioactive poisoning?

    • alexa

      Milk and cheese,

      If you are on the west coast of US/ Canada you should move, at least to the east coast – however, at least 100 miles from ocean or large lake. I live in Toronto – here it is not as bad if you limit outside trips – about 1/3 of the total days we have some radioactivity comming in (however less than April, May most of the time).

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        Alexa, I live just outside Toronto on Lake Ontario. Can’t move 100 miles inland, sorry (and that Geiger reading taken recently was much farther North than Toronto, so it would make no difference anyway.) Maybe we should meet up and compare notes.

  • bigisland bigisland

    A few nights ago I started doubting my own self when I went to lay down and go to sleep and noticed a metallic taste in my mouth…thinking, I know all this is really getting to me, am I imagining that I have this taste or am I experiencing the real thing fo’ sure?! I live in Hawaii, so this frightens me, the NOT knowing. Some folks I know here are also experiencing faking skin, while this climate in Puna has been that of moisture, dampness, mold, mildew in the rainforest. A Kuhuna I know got rid of his long-time facial goatee because he said his skin was flaking, and folks here slather on coconut oil in hair, body, cook with it, etc. Is dandruff part of this? I swear my hair and scalp are not the same anymore as most wash in rainwater from our catchments here. Experiencing flaking in eyebrows, around ears, scalp…am I developing something psychological or something real here? There’s only two skin docs in Hilo-town and they tend to focus on skin-cancers and cutting ( not really good with haole skin rot). It’s difficult to avoid rain here in the rainforest, especially when we have water catchments and wash in such. I think what’s really getting to me is the melt-thru and melt-out and knowing it’s not stopping any time soon and I have no way of knowing measurements on the island or in my area of Puna here except that there were three spikes in Hawaii on July 6, 7, and 14th according to radiation network numbers. I thought I was improving my life by going green, living off solar, rainwater catchment, composting, in open-tropical style house. Now I feel most vulnerable and how could I be so naivee!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hey bigisland, I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Is there maybe a possibility to join in on the Geiger-counter swap list that Larry-andrew-Nils, officerdave and westcoastgirl set up? So you could do your own readings and at least KNOW what’s going on around you.

      *peace & hi to the geckos

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Got my geiger counter yesterday…so far it has measured dangerous background radiation (0.49) 3 times, although it wasn’t sustained for a long period. I am not sure if it’s normal or not for it to say that occasionally. I’m just playing with it for now, haven’t had much chance to use it yet…

        • Au Au

          I got my Inspector GC yesterday. So far the 12 hour averages are between 32 and 40CPM inside the house on the dining room table and in the bedroom. Right now, I have it at the back door entrance, inside the house, propped on the ground. (Midwest)

          Now I just need to sort out my understanding of the mR/hr uSv/hr measurement which was .099 earlier today.

          Big Island, can you change you location and get away from Hawaii?

          Is our govt. doing anything along the lines of telling Japan to not burn their crapping radioactive sludge?

    • alexa

      You should get out of Hawai and move to east coast US at least (100 miles from ocean though). Your chances of survival are very reduced where you are. I can feel radiation in the air in Toronto once it is above a certain level – there’s stuff still comming from Japan, though less iodine.

      I am a human radiation detector. Last week was bad over here – a lot of people got flu like symptoms & red eyes at teh end of last week. I was just very very tired.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        I had friends in L.A. reporting flu like symptoms. Once again, I’m in the Toronto area…and I had red, inflamed eyes last week. Took eye drops. Today was no picnic, by the way; I stayed indoors for most of it with the air filters on.

      • alasanon

        What is your theory on being 100 miles from the coast or lakes? The Eurad maps of Cesium deposition showed nothing on the edge of the eastern coasts..I thought it might have to do with the ionization of the large water bodies? Thanks…always want to improve the odds! 😉

  • StillJill StillJill

    Both of my roommates have been trying to SHOW ME there’s nothing wrong, by eating local produce, riding the horses in the rain, quad rides, softball in the dirt and dust, boating, camping,…a real doozie of a summer! “See Jill, nothings happening, you’re CRAZY!” Well, they are both school teachers and they have been home sick all week, seeing Dr’s for the darned sore throats, and swollen glands! “Must be all the kids with their germs!” Well, their necks look like Umpa Loompas (sp),…and they LOOK and sound BAD!

    This one’s gonna hurt!
    Like someone here said,…No, “I told you so”, will not be in our hearts, or on our tongues, me thinks! 🙁

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      A lot of people at work have been out sick lately. I can’t say for sure why because I haven’t looked into it, but it made me wonder.

    • pacificgirl

      are you in Canada? I am feeling much like you only i am a mother. My sister is a teacher and she has a one year old baby and despite what I tell her, she feeds her cesium laden strawberries and lets her eat dirt at the beach. I can’t handle watching it. I love my little neice so much and I really resent my own sister rejecting my advice.

      • pacificgirl

        her advice to me is ‘stay away from that stupid internet its not good for you’…I don’t know how someone who has gone to university can be so naive.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Hey, pacificgirl, haven’t seen you here before…welcome!

        No I am in the SF bay area in California.

        I’m sure this must be distressing having children…mt sister has children and is concerned about their exposure. The difficulty is that she is so busy it’s hard to keep up with any kind of protection/prevention for them. Kids have their own preferences and sometimes it’s hard to get them to take stuff, or eat (or not eat) certain things.

        But here are a few things that I would recommend- simple stuff like have them wear hats outside, stay out of the rain, and on occasion clean your house using a baking soda and water soluution. Cleaning shoes occasionally is good, too.

        For supplements, see if you can get them to drink water with just a small amount of baking soda in it; that’s supposed to help. I bought a bunch of zeolite and take it regularly. The liquid stuff I bought has no flavor, it’s just a dark color.

        I also make and drink kombucha. It’s a fermented drink usually found in health food stores and is very tasy, like a natural soda. I don’t know if they have it in Canada, but you can look. Both zeolite and kombucha were effective in the Chernobyl for detoxification, and protection from radiation.

        Hope that helps!

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          I’ve also cut back on milk, substituting with soy, almond or coconut milk, and try to buy cheese imported from Europe, which I hope is less contaminated. Oh yes, and kelp or other seaweed, while it’s still safe anyway. Probably less drastic than iodine supplements.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Bigisland,…you were not naive–you set yourself up in the 100% perfect way,…for before 3/11.
    I had done the same things in a way. I went vegetarian the month before the BLOW! In a year,…I learned how to change EVERYTHING about my eating/health habits. Now, 90% of those very same lifesaving things I’ve just learned,….could now kill me. And, just getting over cancer on 4/5/2011,….I think we are ALL getting caught with our ,…well, unprepared!
    Creator knows where we are,…individually and collectively. His outstretched hands will catch ALL of His children! 🙂

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    I was just down in my garden and found a tomato hiding that is the biggest tomato I’ve ever seen! I know big tomatoes, but this is at least 3 times bigger than the biggest I’ve ever seen, and about 6 times bigger than any of the others in my yard. Part of it is chewed through – I imagine the local skunk has been getting a belly full every night. I guess I’ll just leave it out there for him to finish off.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Hi Hot Tuna
      How strange, I posted a similar post yesterday… and ran across this one of yours today. This is crazy and obviously NOT OUR IMAGINATION. I am in Van BC – whereabouts are you located?

  • bfly

    Bigisland, my heart goes out to you.I read an article on Hawaiinewsdaily by ,Tom Burnett, he is on the big Island .He is inventing water filtering systems

  • bfly

    rather, figuring out ways deal with the situation.

  • bigisland bigisland

    Mahalos for the article. Have a water filtration system for “drinking water” that brought home fm office in Hilo-town. This was gifted from an astrophysics friend before he left the island a few years ago. Taking action feels better. Feel the fear and do it anyhow. Thanks everyone for your responses.

  • pure water

    One more thing – physical activity is really important! Our body is able to eliminate and replace damaged cells to some extend and while forced it is more active. Just be careful with
    the air intake – do it indoors,or outside in calm weather, without wind and rain. And try to sleep enough. Good night sleep provides strong immune system.
    We are the ones to prevent some of the problems. Look at TEPCO`s representatives
    Do you really believe such people are capable of telling the truth, or doing something meaningful?

  • jonjon

    This comes as no surprise. South West Japan rarely gets sustained northerly winds for very long after March. Winter time though is another story! Damn, they need to plug these reactors or all of Japan will be screwed within the next 6 months!