French presidential candidate proposes massive cuts to nuclear industry — Holds large lead in polls over Sarkozy

Published: November 7th, 2011 at 4:37 pm ET


Nov. 7 — “François Hollande, the socialist candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections who has a hefty lead over Nicolas Sarkozy, the incumbent, has proposed cutting the nuclear sector’s share of electricity provision to just half by 2030 from 82 per cent today,” reports the Financial Times.

Hollande’s political party says, “France could replace much of its nuclear power supply from renewable sources such as wind farms and solar panels and a reduction in energy use,” according to the article.

According to Financial Times, the proposal is “to cut France’s reliance on nuclear energy for its electricity supply to 50 per cent within the next two decades would cost about €60bn ($82bn) to deliver, according to an influential industry lobby group representing EDF and GDF Suez.”

Senior nuclear executives accused Hollande of being “dictated to by his emotions,” said the report.

Published: November 7th, 2011 at 4:37 pm ET


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19 comments to French presidential candidate proposes massive cuts to nuclear industry — Holds large lead in polls over Sarkozy

  • Sun Rising

    Sorry to say that i have the proof here that ENENEWS throw bunch of bullshit on the face of people( that are most likely willing to swallow seems to be).
    I am French, i live in Paris and the news are QUITE DIFFERENT:
    French article today:
    “PARIS – Nucléaire: Hollande “préservera la construction d’un EPR”

    PARIS – Le candidat PS à l’élection présidentielle François Hollande s’est engagé, lundi soir, en matière nucléaire à “préserver la construction d’un EPR” (réacteur nucléaire de troisième génération).

    “Je suis pour une diminution de la part du nucléaire dans la production d’électricité. 75% de nucléaire, c’est trop élevé par rapport à ce que nous devons faire en matière de diversification des sources d’énergie mais je préserverai la construction d’un EPR, à la condition bien sûr que toutes les règles de sécurité soient respectées”, a déclaré François Hollande sur France 2, en réponse à une question sur l’avenir de l’EPR à Flamanville en cours de construction.

    [MODERATOR: For copyright reasons, the rest of article can now be seen here

  • Sun Rising

    PARIS – The PS candidate for president Francois Hollande pledged on Monday night in the nuclear field to “preserve the construction of an EPR” (third-generation nuclear reactor).

    “I am for a declining share of nuclear in electricity generation. 75% nuclear is too high compared to what we should do in terms of diversification of energy sources but I will preserve the building of an EPR, provided of course that all safety rules are followed, “said François Hollande on France 2 in response to a question about the future of the EPR at Flamanville in construction.

    François Hollande has also promised to “the principle of accountability, justice and consistency in the heart of (its) commitments.”
    PARIS – Nuclear: Holland “preserve the construction of an EPR” (nuclear power plant of third generation)

    “If Francois Hollande said no to stop the Flamanville, there will be no agreement” between Europe Ecologie-Les Verts and the PS in preparation for the 2002 elections, warned Sunday Eva Joly, candidate for EELV the presidential election.

    Cécile Duflot, national secretary of Ecology-The Greens Europe (EE-LV), had already warned last weekend that his party could not find “a point of compromise” with the PS “if we continue to build power plants ruinous as the EPR “Flamanville.

  • Sun Rising

    So… We are quite far from the headlines of ene”news”…

  • Sun Rising

    I would love to believe in it, but i am more of a pragmatic…

    French election are next April, and F. Holland is looking toward an association with the green party, against Marine Lepen which is the favorite by now.

    Read again the translate speak he made, and just detect the nuances…

    He wants to reduce the 75% of nuclear energy (to what ? 74% ?) but in the same he supports the building of new nuclear power plants of third generation…

    Pre-electoral cognitive dissonance ???

    But most importantly, 80% all the law in France (as the other country in Europe) are direct order form Bruxelles lobbyist… Actually since the European Union, governments have no legislative power anymore.
    This is the sad true, and the people who think those guy will do what they intend to do, will be quite upset…

    And i even don’t speak about the MES, that was voted this summer in Bruxelles..


  • oscar419

    yay for less nukes…whatever it takes.

  • grumly

    Hollande doesn’t want massive cuts to the nuclear industry. Decreasing it by 1/3 in 25 years isn’t a hard cut. On sunday the ecologist candidate Eva Joly said she wouldn’t pair with him because he was for the construction of the new nuclear plant (EPR) in Flamanville.

  • Avril

    Don’t expect anything from François Holland. He is a candidate of the system.

    Holland will promess ANYTHING to the sheeps to win the elections in 2012. He is as corrupted as Sarkozy is.

    In fact, nobody can be elected in France without the nuclear power lobby approbal. The French nuclear industry will not stop because it is one of the few industrial sectors that still brings money to the country.

  • Sickputer

    +100 You are so right…politicians come and go, but the real leaders remain faceless behind boardroom doors.