*Friday Protests in Tokyo and Osaka Start in 1 Hour* Warning about possible ‘agents provocateurs’ — Helicopters to film from air for attendance estimates (MAPS)

Published: June 29th, 2012 at 3:58 am ET


From @TwitNoNukes translated by EXSKF

Date: Friday, June 29, 2012
Time: from 6PM

  • Prime Minister’s Official Residence [東京都千代田区永田町2丁目3−1 2-3-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, google map]
  • Kansai Electric Power Company headquarters [大阪市北区中之島3丁目6番16号 3-6-16 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, google map]

Please refrain from carrying political signs not related to “anti-nuclear”.
Please follow the general guidance from the organizers.

“[…] someone (I think it is Yasumi Iwakami’s outfit) is flying a helicopter to capture the scene from the air. […] They will analyze the visual images from the helicopter and estimate the crowd size, I hear. For those of you who go, be safe. “Agents provocateurs” may be there, claiming to be anti-protest and pro-nuke right wing, talking trash, like this one last week.” –EXSKF

Published: June 29th, 2012 at 3:58 am ET


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61 comments to *Friday Protests in Tokyo and Osaka Start in 1 Hour* Warning about possible ‘agents provocateurs’ — Helicopters to film from air for attendance estimates (MAPS)

  • @ Japan Residents

    Wear: "Guy Fawkes Masks" during your protests..,
    Believe me, it will attract allies…

  • kintaman kintaman

    Guy Fawkes Masks, please do not wear these.

  • john lh john lh

    So, Japanese Government is just the same mafia gangster in nature, same and may be worse than CCP in China.

  • or-well

    One for the protest –

    Boiling mad and ready to spit
    Japans had enough of this nuclear…
    Solid as rock, good as gold
    by crooks decent people were getting corn-h…
    beef and hash.
    Bent right over and rammed up the…
    goes dangerous gas.
    They're told they're dependent on turbine halls,
    the Utilities have them by the…
    not to mention J-Gov alliances.
    But just as live chickens
    don't like to be plucked
    those folks are tired of being…
    Savvy politicos better have guts
    or next election they'll get kicked in the…
    polling booths
    for their callous untruths.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    June29-Anti-Ooi Protest in Tokyo will be covered by IWJ's all 9 channels-"Project to Visualize Citizen's Voices.


  • or-well

    another for the protesters:

    Decisions and Consequence, Science and Dance,
    The Led and the Leading, Death and Romance,
    Nature and People, Body and Mind –
    ONE HUMAN SPECIES emerged out of Time!
    Problems of global connected approach –
    to get out of trouble board the Unity coach!
    If enough get together and conquer the fear
    we'll not need tar and feathers or go all Tahrir
    on the asses of lessers who think they're our betters –
    the gung-ho promoters of division and tears.
    We could make 2012 the End of Nu-clear!

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Chicago Protest in Solidarity with Japanese Protesters

    Map of Fault lines under Ohi Nuclear Plant.

    More about Chicago Protest if you would like to attend:

  • [OFF TOPIC. Fukushima fallout forecasts?]

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Yep, keep up the protests. Radiation plants of the world must end.

    or-well says it best though.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    nucky copy and paste his own warning:

    as the one of the germans who had anylized all the privat taken videos from the love parade drama i can see on some pictures-on a first look-a number of heads per square meter that is over the limit for a mass-panic.
    okay, the peoples in japan are not so fat as we here,
    please don’t forget that the drama at the love parade was triggered by the german police.
    (and that as long now only one cop stays on the courts,one of 15.000)
    it would be need only one person who dies by no-breathe or something and bang, a mass-panic could be starting.
    and likeable how much the police is pissed of by the demonstrations are they still waiting for a situation to give the peoples some repressions, of curse they didn’t wanne kill somebody,
    but shit happens.

    and if shit will happens in such a mass of humens trapped in high street canyons….

    i was born in bonn, the ex-capital of germany.
    in a time as all the big demonstrations had started here,
    and so it was my playground on that days that was filled up with 300.000-500.000.
    but they were not in the streets,
    on 1-3 places they were splitted up on bigger city-parks and all the places were opened all-arounded.
    so it was a great fun as a five-year old nucky to drive into the crowd and out with my bike where i wanted.

    *damn word limit makes me split my comment*

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    *damn second part of my damny comment:

    what is about my spontaneous idea that i got now?
    to build blocks?
    on bigger street-crossings?
    and or to keep the nodal points free?
    well self organized?
    to defuse self the danger of mass-demonstrations,
    to give the police no possibility to ….whatever…

    there are many ways to involte a group as some guards/stewards verry quickly,
    not only the hell angels like the stones had done it ’69.
    but they would be better then nothing to keep some points free and clear.
    whats about sport-clubs?
    300 karate street fighters will keep the police right back to the point where they have to stay, don’t they?

    that all must be readen a bitly strange and crazy but much better then to get died by no breathe in a mass panic while the police is standing around and doe nothing.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    as long i "hear" once a time that germany and japan got "so many" commons
    here are some pictures as an german example for the police violence against its own citizens.
    enjoy 🙁 :

    • or-well

      Wow nuckelchen, being 5, playing in mass demos!
      Maybe a thing Japanese kids only dream…
      We had G7 Elite here. Triple XXX Street CONTROL!
      Innocent people hurt, arrested, Police ID hidden, very bad.
      Smelled like USA, the Canadian beaver showed its' teeth…
      Well, if a crowd panics, there must be a way out!
      Not "kettling", not sheep in a pen.
      Maybe, if Japan protests get bigger, the STATE will use a hammer.
      I worry about the STATE using troublemakers –
      Japanese version of Iranian Basiji, Egyptian Baltegaya etc.
      I HOPE Japanese civility will help the protesters look after each other,…but not make them too obedient!

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    well said my little german,
    but whats that at all what you do here?

    *FEAR-MONGERCIUM* (si claro, fearmongercium is my trademarkino too and free to use in any kind of any non-commercial-conversations) 😉

    i'm outside,
    will taking some deep breathe of air before the next radio-update will be reaching my mountain…

  • johnnyo

    i dont think anyone is going to "get died". From the helicopter video it seems a lot closer to Reuters reporting of 15,000 than the organizers 100,000.

    But it is a start! to borrow someone's phrase from a few days back: (clean) Power to the People!

    i'm torn between feeling very positive, encouraging, supportive………….and thinking, damn…..if they cant even shut down a street, how will they ever shut down NP?

    i mean, they are just sooo well behaved. staying obediently all packed on their little sidewalks. Traffic flowing normally. WTF? Traffic? i understand it is their culture in large part but if they want to have any real future they must evolve. Learn a little civil disobedience. Risk a little prison time, make the cops bloody up some grandmas for the cameras. "Whose Streets? Our Streets"

    evil will not be defeated by asking it politely to please cease existing, if you dont mind.

    But…….IT IS a beginning. Sadly it will take further deterioration of the situation but we all know that is inevitable. So, more and bigger and more effective protests are in store.

    • Sickputer

      Hey Johnnyo… you're a teacher correct?….I am a retired teacher. I hope you treat your students at school a little better.

      Really insensitive comment about a person posting in a non-native second language. You owe the list and Nuck an apology. Maybe you were too quick on the keyboard today, eh?

      Don't sulk, but make it right. I can forgive a lot of mistakes because I make plenty myself.

      • johnnyo

        SP, insensitive? knowing he's an ESL, i found it kind of charming and endearing turn of phrase and said or implied nothing to insult, at least intentionally.

        But with all due respect, as i am fairly new at posting here and consider it a huge honor to be among such wisdom and humane passion……Dear List: i am truly sorry if my comment came off in any way rude, flippant, disrespectful or condescending.

        Dear Nuckles: Who loves ya brother? Me. I really do not think you took any offense, but if so i sincerely apologize.

        No worries about sulking. Not in my makeup. I am, however, constantly correcting my students grammar but they are not ESL(English as a Second Language) unless u were to count Ebonics.

        Thanks for the feedback SP

      • johnnyo

        another mea culpa is in order. Richard, sorry for using your line w/o proper credit given. Loved it. Also for butchering it.

        w/your permission i would like to use a combination of my hatchet job and your original gem as my sign-off

        Clean Renewable Power to the People= CRPttP

        Again, I am extremely humbled, honored and lucky to be a small part of this magnificent assemblage.


  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    a private heli wouldn't become a "fly-free" for that part and time.

    you don't wanne believes the hype i think?

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    also i should better said "could get died".
    sorry for having a different languagxXxdes as you.
    vielleicht scheice ich ja auch drauf und schreibe ab sofort nur noch in deutsch.

  • charlie3

    nuckelchen bitte stay with us and please do not be offended, we need you here. Vielen dank.

    • nuckelchen nuckelchen

      easy, a punch per day keeps the psycologicdoctors away.
      we are living here in a great virtual symbiose, so who needs who more isn't allready cleared. 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    (Group for Zero Nuclear Power), made up of nine politicians from seven political parties

    The lawmakers’ group plans to campaign for a phased scrapping of nuclear reactors, similar to the policy adopted by Germany.

    "..Experts advising Japan’s nuclear industry had underestimated the
    seismic threat, Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a tectonic geomorphology professor
    at Tokyo University, said at the same news conference.

    “The expertise and neutrality of experts advising Japan’s Nuclear
    Industrial Safety Agency are highly questionable,” said Watanabe,
    according to Reuters. …."


    hope the protest goes well

    "August 30 & 31, 2012

    The March 11, 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster showed the tragic consequences that may occur when nuclear technology gets out of control….but some people associated with the nuclear power industry continue to promulgate the nuclear safety myth. Arguing that the Fukushima accident was the result of lax management and a larger-than-predicted tsunami, they blithely claim that as long as nuclear power plants are properly managed they can be operated safely.
    From a scientific and technical perspective, and to the extent currently possible, this international symposium will attempt to get to the bottom of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.


  • nedlifromvermont

    Thank you Arclight … may the sanity of truth revealed shine some light on this nuclear nightmare we have all been consigned to …

    Why doesn't someone important ask Jeffy Immelt of GE point blank, "How do you assess your company's technological contribution to Japanese society?" Or maybe brother Barack, freshly energized from his big health care "win" would care to share his thoughts on the matter? The silence from those responsible is deafening.

    To Nucky!! War auch 'mal in Bonn. viele Gruesse aus Vermont. Did you catch my earlier drift about Germany's march toward sanity in matters nucleaire … Germans have a history which has taught them well about the danger which confronts a society where the State becomes the direct sponsor of a lie …. in the U. S. of Cancer, this lie is: "Nuclear power is safe."

    And we are all in the gas chamber together …

    No Nukes.


  • jahdesm jahdesm

    4.reactor protest against demonstration and steaming very heavily

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    please lets don't go ballistic together.
    and yoJo was right,
    it will be make a clearly big dif if i say "get died" or "would get died".

    that all reminds me on a situation in a tekkno-club 20 years ago.
    someone said to me until we had talked for a while:
    and as i asked him whats up he said:
    "do you know that if you think faster than you can say?"
    that was the first time my brain generated *LOEL*-fckng years before internet had started…

    i know it too that i'm a bitly hypering with my warnings in the case of fukushima.
    but i wrote it in the fukudiary some days ago like this:
    if he and i will be wrong with our visual warnings sometimes, so what?
    that will nobody hurts.
    but an unspoken warning could cook ur balls and much more.
    to write something that could be is verry unthankfull and if the could went to a couldn't all the shame will be boomeranging back into your/mine face.

    and one thing you must believes me:
    if i didn't had made the video analyzises from the love parade here would be no one for the courts right now.
    but to create such minds for yourself is hard,to post them is much harder. to stay by them until you will be critizised for them, seams to be unpossible.

    to knowing that you're might be right, and to let the others that knowing it too,
    are two pairs of shoes.

    on the way to connect both together you *could* be gona lost or gona tuff.

    nucky say thank you to you all for making me…

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen


    (thanks murphey again, thankyou for splitting my post perfectly in the way of dramatics..)

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    mr yo van johnny had fight me back until i wrote that he was right?
    that seams to me more like some devil-out-off-the-body actions, well done by some voodoo.
    as long that will be happens i will teache you too my little john-boy 🙂 :

    Aecht Schlekerla

    hm, difficult you know?
    because what you mean is absolut unclear.
    we got a german word "echt" what means real.
    we had in the past a big drogeria named "schlecker" but its gone.
    your word schlekerla is more away from any german word as i would be ever with my crappy english.

    but you goes much harder, little john-boy.

    you create a Schlenkerla.

    hm, muchy more difficult.
    because a "schlenker" is german slang to make a curve in whatever you do.
    and a schlenkerla is from our shitfuckeria more away as you will be it too to feeling yourself better with posting "echte scheisse" "die noch nicht einmal spinner wie ich verstehen können.
    immerhin bin ich auch ein ausgebildeter erzieher,kindergärtner. und somit ausgebildet in dem erkennen früh-kindlicher lautsprache."

    so john-boy, its up on to you if you wanne go on with feeling yourself small and stupid.

    but your last comments are ugly and shamefull for you.

    als erzieher arbeite ich übrigens nicht, weil mir die bezahlung nicht der verantwortung angemessen scheint.
    habe deswegen soziologie studiert.
    bin trotzdem arbeitslos.
    johnboy teaching sucks too

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hey nuck. Let's calm down a little bit, ok?
      I think you're overreacting slightly….


  • johnnyo

    ok, i get it. It's hate on John day, that's cool. I'm the new kid in school. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier is a smoky beer they sell here. Delicious. I thought it was German.

    Next you will tell me Beck's is Polish for horse piss, what do I know.

    I tried my best to make nice. The online English to German translator told me that "Friede sei mit euch" meant "Peace be with you".

    Let me just stick w/English. I loved your comments on huge crowds and how it is much better to assemble in large open park areas with escape routes on all sides as opposed to being confined in tight spots. I have been in both situations many times. Been roughed up by the cops for "trying to incite a riot" and have protested in the streets here in the DC area often.

    Much love to all, especially those brave Japanese. Not sure if my 2 nieces (15 & 17) were there. Pretty sure my sister, brother-in-law and 8 year old nephew were not.

    i'm not the best teacher and i dont suck. One thing I do teach my students is that love is a real physical force like gravity or electricity. You cant see it but u sure can feel it and u can observe and measure its effect on everything it comes in contact with.


    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      No johnnyo, you surely don't suck. Some skins are wearing thin from time to time, let's try to be a bit gentle to each other…please let us know how things are going in Japan…

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Skins aren't wearing thin..its just that some of us aren't going to take any guff.

  • freedomwv

    I attended the protest and while it did get a little heated no violence broke out. There were plenty of police and helicopters around.

    • ENENews

      Thanks for the info and the great videos. Will you be uploading anything from Friday's event?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    This whole thread seems to me to have gotten way off-topic and to reflect poorly on enenews.com

    I've been recommending enenews to people as a good site, but it this keeps up, I won't be in future.

    All of this off-topic bickering, in-fighting, personal attacks – in a thread about these poor Japanese people, with their backs against the wall, being poisoned and thrown to the wolves by their own (or they thought it was theirs) government… seems incredibly petty and out of place.

    Re fractured English: some non-native English speaker on this site was reproached for that just the other day, and I wondered at that, becaue Nukelchen has been playing the clown here with his 'cutsie' fractured English for ever so long, and he has somehow gotten all kinds of strokes and admiration, because or in spite of it, I don't know.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @ I am sorry on the the thread went off track,myself..on the other hand… I dont think it pays to be insulting to the gentleman that provides the majority of the visual data.

    • johnnyo

      the funny thing is…..nothing was ever intended to be insulting AT ALL, EVER. In any way shape or form. One love.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen


    i didn' readen all your last comments in that thread here.
    for that i love me too much and i think when i jump from a roof it would help nobody.


    u carma is @ ur ass for the next two weeks…

    for the next time you will see a comment from the user *nuckelchenblogde* it would be helpfull to think first and to write then.

    the starting-up of the dissens in that thread here had crashed my weekend before it had starts.
    and deep-deep in myself i had wished me to be wrong and that you would be right.

    but nope,
    after a shitty weekend i starts into the new week with deep depressions about what happens in japan RIGHT NOW.
    germany local time 02:39
    JST 09:39

    much better then to starts with depression and a carma @ ass.

    to fight against mine and your depressions i will learn a new english word:

    (my "eselsbrücke" for better reminding on "superfluous" is:
    what was mr ******* and the following shittalk?)

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    aber ich muss leider noch etwas loswerden:

    verstehe ich hier irgend etwas nicht richtig?
    wurde ich nicht grade plump verarscht und das zudem auch noch falsch, weil mit völlig frei erfundenen fantasie-wörtern?
    und dein "ok?" ist nicht ok, sondern vermittelt mir noch mehr miese stimmung, die ich von dem einzigen hier im thread, der deutsch versteht, ganz bestimmt nicht erwartet hätte.

    playing the clown?
    all kinds of strokes and admiration?

    about someone who understand only every third word?

    nope, you will?
    and please explain me what is uploading?
    i use the way to post a link from a video.
    the directly uploading would be great because then we could lifes without youtube.

    and if you want say to me:
    hey nucky, shut up or you're going down for the count,
    it would be better to say it.
    talkings through the flowers are not the best way of conversations to a foreigner who was angered by native commons.