Fukushima is already at or above Chernobyl levels and it continues to release significant amounts of radiation, says former U.S. Energy Dept. official

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 8:48 pm ET


Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks, Democracy Now, June 10, 2011:

[…] AMY GOODMAN: And you say Japan is equal to or worse than Chernobyl, the Fukushima Daiichi plant?

ROBERT ALVAREZ [former senior policy adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Energy]: That’s correct, because if—the Soviet Union and Russia basically have claimed that about 50 million curies of radioactivity were released to the environment—this is roughly comparable to what the Japanese government has currently admitted—and that this site continues to release significant amount of radiation in the atmosphere, nowhere near as large as it did during the first week or two, but it’s still quite significant. […]

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 8:48 pm ET


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72 comments to Fukushima is already at or above Chernobyl levels and it continues to release significant amounts of radiation, says former U.S. Energy Dept. official

  • Whoopie Whoopie


    • SteveMT

      You know the answer to that question. Who owns the MSM?

    • Every single person on this discussion board is going to have to start penning letters to political representatives.

      I’m going to start mine this weekend and have it ready by Monday morning. (I voted for a Green candidate – who won).

      Start ramping it up people!

      Hint: Too much vitriole, and they won’t listen – have to keep it level-headed. [I used to do ministerial correspondence for the Canadian government]. E.g. don’t use the term “pissed off”, use the term “concerned” instead (it’s diplomatic-speak for pissed off).

      Have to go to the political level to see anything – despite what we all think of politicians. [You have to try “something”.].

      I forgot the first step: get knowledgeable first and get your story straight, then write letters.

      [enenews.com is for the “get knowledgeable” part]

    • Anthony Anthony

      Fukushima already ten times worse than Chernobyl in ocean waters, suggests data

      Saturday, June 11, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

      Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032678_Fukushima_ocean.html#ixzz1P1ShowKB

      • Anthony Anthony

        Fukushima radiation 3 times higher than Chernobyl, West Coast at grave risk
        By moxnews.com (Arnold Gundersen)
        Saturday, Jun 11, 2011


        • Anthony Anthony

          Am women pay highest price for Fukushima cover-up: 35% more dead babies

          June 11, 2011 4:07 pm ET

          Deborah Dupre

          Human Rights Examiner

          Continue reading on Examiner.com Am women pay highest price for Fukushima cover-up: 35% more dead babies – National Human Rights | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/american-women-paying-highest-price-for-fukushima-cover-up-35-baby-death-rate#ixzz1P1TEQ7db

          • Anthony Anthony

            Iran Criticizes IAEA’s Poor Reaction to Fukushima Crisis
            June 11, 2011

            TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereidoon Abbasi blasted the UN nuclear watchdog’s poor response to the crisis which happened in Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March. Abbasi censured the UN nuclear watchdog for paying undue attention to the country’s nuclear program, and urged the agency to focus more on the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is …

          • Anthony Anthony

            Why Fukushima melted down

            ****I think an important clue is in unit 4; the unit that was not in operation at the time of the earthquake and tsunami but blew up anyway. The NRC maintains to this day that a breach of the primary containment is impossible even though we have three possible examples of it happening at Fukushima Daichi in units 1,2,3; we know that at least one of them is leaking core contamination through primary containment into the ground. The thing that is interesting about unit 4 is that they shutdown the reactor and took the partially used nuclear fuel out of the reactor vessel and primary containment and put it in the unprotected spent fuel pool. Now, why is that OK? We must conclude that primary containment is meant for fuel that is undergoing criticality and is unnecessary for fuel that is not critical. Fukushima introduces a number of contradictions to these operational processes. ****


          • Anthony Anthony

            Nuclear Reactions Continuing at Fukushima?

            You know that Fukushima reactors 1, 2 and 3 all melted down within hours of the Japanese earthquake.

            You also know that at least some of the subsequent explosions could have been caused by small-scale nuclear reactions called “prompt moderated criticalities”.

            But you might not know that nuclear reactions may still be ongoing.
            Specifically, it is well-known by nuclear scientists that the ratio of iodine 131 to cesium 137 tells a lot about when nuclear reactions have stopped. For example, on May 2nd, University of Tokyo physics professor Tetsuo Matsui published a scientific paper with the following summary:


          • Anthony Anthony

            NUCLEAR CRISIS: HOW IT HAPPENED / Government radiation data disclosure–too little, too late

            The Yomiuri Shimbun

            Three months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake triggered a nuclear crisis that shows little sign of ending any time soon.

            This is the third installment in a series that looks into what has given rise to the unprecedented crisis, dealing a fatal blow to myth of safety at nuclear power plants in this country.


        • Anthony Anthony

          Fukushima – The Elephant in the Room
          By lila york Promoted to Headline (H3) on 6/11/11:


  • Yes, that means bring back the readings.

    Even if they are low, we want to know how low.

    Health Canada, EPA – you listening?

    • War Is Peace

      Pu…They won’t do it. It’s a conspiracy. Not a “conspiracy theory” for those who believe in such things, but an actual CONSPIRACY! Yes, they really exist, and this is one of them! Check out the article posted by Anthony above:


      Why would the NILU hide the files of the fallout predictions under the code Zardoz, which was a B Sci-Fi movie about a post-nuclear-apocalypse world?

      THEY know what this is, and they’re deliberately hiding it. If this disaster was not created deliberately, which is questionable, it is certainly being used to further the agenda of population reduction. I have no doubt about that anymore. Even if they publicized the readings, would we be able to trust them? NOT!

      • extra knight

        i think you went over the edge there..

        Why would the NILU hide the files of the fallout predictions under the code Zardoz, which was a B Sci-Fi movie about a post-nuclear-apocalypse world?

        probably some twisted programmerspeak and/or noodle/gibberish, nothing else. Nuclear Boy is sick.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    It’s curious WHY we’re not seeing any smoke coming from the plants today. What, are they even working…trying to contain this sucker or what? Do they take weekends off? It’s been smokeless most of the day. I don’t get it. Also notice the wall they painted with that special paint the other day….is no longer grey. It’s BROWN. That sure didn’t take long to discolor with…you know what.

    • I’m guessing they’re not all down in Tokyo drinking green tea.

    • itstomd

      There was a small earth quake right before, this “stirs” up the stuff and it starts back up. Its not all “dead” at the bottm like 3 mile island. this stuff they have there goes and goes and goes

    • I’m wondering that also. One theory is that the smoke and steam were from them adding water to the spent fuel pool at #4.

      Another theory is the breathing idea, or temporary prompt criticality, that Gunderson mentioned.

      Another theory is that the videos are no longer authentic…

      • My theory.

        They add water every time its low.

        Its always critical. (they can’t turn it off).

        So eventually, it runs low, And damages the pool.
        creating huge plumes of smoke from the melting of the concrete in the pool, and the vaporization of the water.

        then they fill it back up, and it takes another 3 or so days, to go overboard again…

        Yet each time they do this the pool is more and more structurally weekend, the wall is tearing a seam from the weight of the water alone…

        Eventually it will all come crashing down.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    One evacution suggestion for Americans.. and one for the Japanese.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

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  • I’m a TEPCO man, and I’m all yucky
    While I cash my cheque and sip my sake
    The world is burning as the big boys fiddle
    It’s a major alert, but I think I’ll twiddle
    What matter the moms with babes in arm
    Our mandate is to do you maximum harm
    Reactor what? and reactor where?
    I think I shall urinate there

    Time out for poetic rejuvenation … I guess…

  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    I have heard that soon, authorities well address and, set forth measures.

    Only unhappy people disobey.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    WOW! It’s FINALLY starting
    No Nuke Actions on the Web
    sounds weird….but it’s about to begin guys!!
    You can hear people whispering … in Japanese though.
    Spread IT NOW!!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      SHIT!! you have to know Japanese to understand the USTREAM. What a dummy I am…thinking this would be good for Americans! Guess we’ll have to wait for the translation???

  • Noah

    Radiation Spikes @ 3-4x background in Princeville, Kauai, State of Hawaii

    Quote from “Radiation Network” Update

    Update: 6/11/11, 8:00 A.M. – Hawaii station detects Fukushima Radiation?

    Early yesterday (June 10, 2011) morning, at about 3:00 A.M. local time (Midnight Hawaii Time), one of our new Monitoring Stations in Hawaii broadcast a Radiation Alert over the network, reaching a sustained level of over 100 CPM (Counts per Minute) for a period of about 15 minutes, peaking as high as 141 CPM at one point. The readings then subsided to normal background levels of about 37 CPM for that station, but within less than 2 hours, trended quickly up again to over 100 CPM for another 5 minutes or so. The graph at right depicts this activity.

    For context, this is the Kauai station, and within the Hawaiin archipelago, Kauai is the main island at the far northwest end of the chain, actually 300 miles from the Big Island of Hawaii, placing it closest to Japan about 3,500 miles away. And to boot, the Kauai station is located on the north shore of the island, in Princeville. You can see the station on the map – the yellow, numbered circle at top left.

    The station is operating a traditional Geiger counter, affixed with an external probe built around the same ultra-sensitive, oversized pancake tube as in the Inspector line of instruments, so it is capable of detecting low levels of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation.

    Data output is through the headphone jack of the survey meter. The Geiger counter is set up for outdoor monitoring, protected from the elements under the eaves of the structure, with the thin mica end window of the Geiger-Mueller tube oriented downward to prevent contamination from possible fallout.

    So those are the facts of the case. The question now is, “Did the Kauai station detect radiation emanating from Fukushima?”

    To answer that, let’s review these points:

    First of all, the detection was not just a momentary spike in radiation which could be explained by an instantaneous background surge, a software glitch, or a connection aberration, all circumstances that have triggered false alerts before.
    bullet The level of detection was three times higher than normal background radiation for that station, and sustained for periods as long as 15 minutes, which rules out random spikes in background.

    The sustained levels of high readings, not once but twice, and separated by subsistence to normal levels, tend to rule out a malfunctioning instrument. Having said that, we have a knowledgeable person in Geiger counter design looking into the validity of the data output.

    The station reports that “the Geiger counter’s integrity was not compromised in any way that we can tell. Safe, dry, under the eaves.” and knows of no local explanation for the high readings.

    Speculation was of a radiation burst from solar flares, but the recent sunspot activity reported in the news was already over, according to one source. And in the 7 years that I have been continuously monitoring, I have never seen a sustained, elevated radiation level like this from any solar flare activity.

    I asked the Kauai station if the elevated radiation detection correlated with any rainfall at that time? Well, Kauai being the “Garden Isle”, the predictable response was, “Hard to say, it rains all the time here.”, and besides, he was sleeping at 3:00 in the morning. We know that rainfall can contain naturally occurring radioactive contaminants, as even my own tests have confirmed. But my detection was slight, and the Kauai readings were quite significant. And if his radiation hit was rainfall related, why was this the first time his station triggered an alert, given frequent rainfall during the last week he has been monitoring?

    Unfortunately, our Monitoring Stations on Maui and the Big Island were not operating at the same time, so we lack confirmation of readings. However, the Big Island station is run by a sailor with extensive experience in meteorology, and a few days ago, he essentially predicted these events, i.e. what he believes to be weather patterns steering radiation fallout from Fukushima to Hawaii.

    And with that, my tentative conclusion is that the Kauai station did in fact detect radiation from Fukushima – it looks like it, it smells like it, and it feels like it.

    • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet


      I think we all have that much under our belt.

      Thanks for the reminder though.

      Have a nice day.

    • Noah

      Spikes Predicted

      The Fukushima Nuclear Volcano continues to emit radiation measurable 3,500 away. These spikes indicate that variables in weather and wind patterns need to be considered when planning outdoor excursions.

      “…the Big Island station is run by a sailor with extensive experience in meteorology, and a few days ago, he essentially predicted these events, i.e. what he believes to be weather patterns steering radiation fallout from Fukushima to Hawaii…”

      These spikes of radioactive fallout follow meteorological principles, which serve to allow predictive forecasts.

      Danger days need to become part of the weather news. Perhaps just as the UV warning days are now apart of the weather forecast.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The activity between one and two ..at a disatnce seems to be coming from Fukushima 2

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    heck ya…something is up…

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    This might be an interesting site for the ones of us who are in Germany:
    A map showing readings from 1800 official reading stations all over the country, updated every 6 hours.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Ooops, unit 1 at 251 Sv/h again!

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Radioactive water treatment “likely to be delayed”
    So – that means? Overflowing water. I remember them saying that if these facilities were not up and running on the 15th of June, the water will overflow into the ocean. Great.

  • nomade

    That radiation spike wouldn’t have anything to do with all that smoke a couple of days back would it? What are the readings in Tokyo since?

    Not one word of explanation about it anywhere yet Tepco must know a lot of people saw it.

    Oh and I see the water decontamination thing doesn’t work… something is blocking the pipes …radioactive sludge perhaps? Just a hunch.


  • blackmoon

    A Weaponized World!

    PLEASE VIEW THIS VIDEO, and pass the info on to your family & friends. Go to the websites listed and PUSH BACK, by signing the petitions.

    We are in A WAR FOR OUR LIVES:


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      We are in a war for our lives..I joined this blog…to say so.
      Please consider joining one of the resistance movements..
      To what end? ..who knows….
      There will be CHAOS.

  • egkanek

    anybody please explain why Fukushima incident is comparable or even worst than Chernobyl. Because up to now, I don’t see people die from serious exposure to radiation burn or sickness as compare to the case of Chernobyl where hundreds or thousands of Russian Liquidators die from radiation. This is crucial for understanding the developing situation of Fukushima incident where IAEA said that it is far different from Chernobyl because there is the Containment in Fukushima case.

    • charlie3

      Patience, patience. There will be sufficient horror and suffering from this, just a little way down the road.

    • charlie3

      If you are still looking to the IAEA for answers or truth, you have some way to go in your journey – they are dedicated to expanding the use of nuclear power, not examining its dangers.

    • blackmoon

      That’s because the Russians were ACTIVELY trying to control the situation AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. They sent in hundreds of thousands of men (with little protection) to stop the disaster. There was frantic activity with masses of people as opposed to what we see (or don’t see) at FUKUSHIMA.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Chernobyl was one reactor….Fukushima ..6.
    As far as I’m concerned no comparison at all.The entire area was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami.
    If there are people in the area..are suffering this way…we will never hear about it.
    The corpses are radioactive.

    • extra knight

      there is no comparison, from the amounts of fuel in the reactor cores, the types of fuel being used, the reactor designs, and the filled nearly to capacity spent fuel rod pools. this is an ecological, planetary and radiation contamination disaster bar none. this idea of the destroyed reactors at fukushima dai-ichi being a “chernobly on steroids” type event is turning out to be an humongous understatement.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Pretty clean kill…..right Sarg?

  • egkanek

    Thanks. But what about the difference that Chernobyl Reactor’s design has no containment vessel and it blew off while operating. Fukushima was shut down when hit by earthquake and it has containment vessel eventhough it needs several weeks before cooing down and safe from meltdown and criticality to occur.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Only 5 and 6 were …supposedly non-operating.
    It doesn’t matter much..they all went boom and spilled their radioactive cookies.
    Add nuclear weapons..all that plutonium ..and no weapons? ya…sure

  • egkanek

    When will there be the case that people die of radiation sickness from Fukushima incident so that the world can compare the case with Chernobyl. We just heard the only comparible information of Fukushima radiation release approx. 700,000 terrabecquarel while Chernobyl released more than 2,000,000 terrabecquarel or something right? So that ordinary people can understand the seriosness of the situation.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I’m afraid “ordinary people” have not the slightest bit of interest to understand the seriousness of the situation.
      Are you waiting to see people dieing? I could do without these kind of comments..

  • charlie3

    egkanek, fukushima has lost is conatinment vessels, it won’t cool down in years, and eventually a lot of people are going to get sick and die.
    But “ordinary people” don’t want to know the seriousness of the situation. If they want to know, they can know. They choose to believe that everything is ok. Until they get sick, and then it will be impossible to prove that fukushima made them ill.

    • egkanek

      thanks a lot charlie3. My heart pounds every time I see the update from the experts that Fukushima is gonna be far worst than Chernobyl, but it still contradict to the horror that I’ve seen in the film of Chernobyl. So what should I believe? the experts or the common sense?

      • charlie3

        The japanese are breathing poison air, drinking poison water, eating poison food, every day, more and more. They have no where to escape to, no where to run.
        After December we will see the first fukushima babies, like the chernobyl children. it’s terrible.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        The intended victims..were prekilled by earthquake and tsunami…..
        That puts the census off a bit.

  • egkanek

    As of now, the picture of Fukushima is much different from what I saw in the film of Chernobyl.

  • charlie3

    egkanek, the fukushima situation is much, much worse than chernobyl.