Fukushima Blackout: Cooling at SPF No. 3 stopped for 5 hours, still on backup power — TEPCO says no ‘major’ change in temp

Published: July 22nd, 2011 at 9:36 am ET


TEPCO probes Fukushima blackout, NHK, July 22, 2011:

[…] The blackout halted the cooling of [No. 3] spent fuel pool for 5 hours.

The trouble occurred at around 7:10 AM on Friday, when a circuit breaker malfunctioned on the power feed to the No. 3 and 4 reactors. […]

Cooling was restored around 5 hours later by means of an alternative power source.

The utility says there has been no major change in the pool’s temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. […]

The utility says that although it has installed several external power sources, their automatic switchover functions were not available.  […]

Published: July 22nd, 2011 at 9:36 am ET


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23 comments to Fukushima Blackout: Cooling at SPF No. 3 stopped for 5 hours, still on backup power — TEPCO says no ‘major’ change in temp

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Posting to HP. Thank you Enenews!

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    I enjoy how they focus on the pool with the functioning cooling system and ignore the three melted through reactors in all reports.

    “Why yes, the garage is in great shape, never mind the burning wreck that was your home….”

  • http://atmc.jp/plant/rad/

    Still no data…


    I guess thats not all they aren’t blacking out… Fuel with no cooling for 5 hours had no affect on temperature???

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      THAT IS CRIMINAL!! I DEMAND A NEW REPORT!! Why is our own Gov so quiet about this COVERUP? Hey D.C.? They all should be screaming their heads off – instead all we get is bullshit.

    • ConceptRat

      That’s not what I’m getting. Although I’m getting my data from behind the curtain so to speak.

      Interesting that those tables only show up to 2011/07/03 whereas the stuff I’ve got shows up to the present. Plus the CSV data I’mk getting is also up to the present.

  • Sickputer

    So they are running on diesel generators now. The low temp of 30 degrees even after hours of no cooling at the spent fuel pond means there’s not a lot of radioactive rods in the pool as we had guessed. The other debris in the rubble and the Blob is what makes Unit 3 still extremely hazardous.

  • arclight arclight

    while were waiting did anyone else notice daichi and diani are airbrushed out of google earth and in the rsoe site linked to google maps they have replaced it with 4 nice shiny new reactors…so everything is a ok theve fixed or airbrushed them out of history…so we are all delusional! still waiting…..

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Your kidding!?!? I haven’t opened my EARTH in ages. Wowzer! I’ll check it out today.

    • Misitu

      @arclight @Whoopie:

      They can be located. Nobody has yet tampered with the satellite images.

      Google Earth:

      Fukushima Dai-ichi
      37°25’16.01″N 141° 2’0.76″E

      Fukushima Dai-ini
      37°19’18.15″N 141° 1’41.29″E

      I can supply a .kml file if required.

      Google Maps:

      My search did not work. But I located the NPP by eye, right click context menu item somewhere on the site (Harbour OR grey land area) CENTER MAP HERE, then right click again WHAT’S HERE and you will see some photos in the sidebar, click on one that looks like a NPP and you will get all the detail you need. The difficulty in searching may be that Google Maps place names are in Japanese Script. But I agree, I seem to recall finding them directly at an earlier time.

      • Misitu

        Google Maps will find:
        Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant
        (for Dai-ini) but for:

        Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant
        (for Dai-ichi) it gives 5 search results the first 4 for Dai-ini and the last one for Dai-ichi in Japanese script only but it does locate the site properly.

        There were some Google Earth albums of the overflight High Res photos which I used for the Geology analysis but these definitely seem to have disappeared.

        • arclight arclight

          thanks for your work on that misitu…everything is being tightened down….have you noticed the traffic on enenews recently….it has reduced just as more info is getting out…coincidence? i think not! busby has stirred a hornets nest, we just gotta see which direction they fly in! peace

  • Jon_NY Jon_NY

    TEPCO press release states that cooloing also stopped at the common spent fuel pool.


    At 7:10 am on July 22, the circuit breaker for the bus from Okuma line 2L which supplies electricity to a part of power network in the power station opened the circuit due to overload, resulting in the power off of the following facilities: the alternative cooling facility for spent fuel pool at Unit 3, water treatment facilities, the cooling facility of common pool, monitoring gauges in the reactor of Unit 3 & 4, and Main Anti-Earthquake Building.

  • pg

    Last I knew there was no cooling pool at #3…nor was there active rods to be cooled. They all burned through. So, does this mean the fire truck hoses stopped spraying on the chunks of mox laying around?

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

    In this one case, TEPCO, is possibly not lying about the temperature, radiation, or about other fundamentals. The #3 Fukushima Dai ichi spent fuel pool either itself blue in a nuclear reaction or the MOX reactor, less likely, did and there are not many identifiable fuel rods left in that pool. So, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the temperature of coolant water at Reactor #3 SPF is low and no heating or CHANGE (doesn’t mean it’s ever been low) in radiation in that pool, specifically, has taken place.

    • arclight arclight

      so they have been pouring water on it for four months causing loads of extra contamination and particle spread and they didnt need to if im hearing you right! nice one tepco …oops!

      • Sickputer

        No, I think the water has been needed to travel down into the basement. This MOX reactor is a special case compared to the uranium reactors… it is very hot and they stay away from it as much as possible.

  • The great Fukushima blackhole
    They started from 1950. They built reactors and nuclear power programmes mushroomed in Japan, USA,France,UK, Germany,USSR..They thought every increment of nuclear power would be available to meet the load demand. They were mistaken. All the power went to feed the nuclear industry itself. 445 nuclear reactors in the world 400 GW. Not a watt available to the society outside of the nuke industry.
    See http://energyauditofnuclearfuelcycles.blogspot.com/
    After Fukushima manmade n disaster, Germany backed out and wants to phase out, Japan appears to back out,France?!?
    My analysis of the Indian situation, pre nuclear and post makes the most disturbing revelation: Fukushima is an extinction event.
    With Fukushima exposed to the biosphere through the groundwater, air,solid earth and ocean, the source radiation from the fission products may be enough to cause enough infant mortalities in India alone to make India’s human population unstable. See http://indiapopulation.blogspot.com/
    Nuclear major accident probability was claimed at 1 in 1 million per reactor year. Little did they realise that human fallibility combined with ignorance of the cumulative effects of modern civilisation would home in and cause major accidents at 10 per 20000 reactor years or 1 in every 2000 reactor years- there are some 400 reactors- which means a major accident every five years! And more as we see great earthquakes occurring when dam contents surge in cumulative fashion: See http://glaringlacuna.blogspot.com/
    People the world over must come to grips with the potential holocaust and take over the reins to check the rot. The time for business as usual is over. Nuclear deal makers open your brains and have a heart!
    The problem is so acute that the cumulative effects of modern civilisation are striking at the very roots of survival of all life. Please act nations wake up. Heed for example BUSBY’S finding that it is 1000 times the radlevel at Fukushima compared to the atmospheric test fallout and act NOW. Isolate the nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools as quickly as possible from the biosphere. SOS SOS

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal

    It all makes sence. We just dont want to accept it. Do u really think the government wud tell us if there was too much radiation? Wut wud that do to society? Anarchy. U have to accept wut u believe. Not wut ur told. Wut wud we do? evacuate to another planet? There is no solution. Radiation is bad enough. Imagine wut the bad people wud do. The people with the biggest guns wud rule. Wud u rather have that and the truth, or lies and peace? I dont agree with either, but this is the lesser of the two evils. Dont ever think God is going to let the world get destroyed. He spent some time on it. This is just so we learn not to stand by and watch bad stuff happen. We’ve allowed ourselves to become devided. This is all just a test. Patient is the way to be.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    But the people ‘with the biggest guns’ DO rule.

    • How right you are milk and cheese. So attractive the milk and the cheese but inedible! Who are the people with the biggest guns? Living Energy. The people. Now I will show you in a simple way how infinitely more powerful are we compared to the rulers and the MIC(Military Industrial Business Govt Complex). The West has given us the ballet. The East is yogic generically. And when the soldiers go marching on a bridge the bridge collapses when certain resonant conditions are fulfilled. Now consider a billion human beings synchronously performing yoga(talasan) or ballet. In talasan each of the billion beings raises his 70 kgs on the toe tips to cause a pressure surge on the small area of the toe tips( say .001 square centimeter) in 0.1 second, to give a pressure surge of 700000 tons/sq.meter or a water pressure head of 700 km in .1 sec or at the rate of 7000 km per sec! Thats each of the billion human beings simultaneously. And 100 to 1000 km per sec water head pressure at the centers of gravity of clusters of dams resulted in the great 9 MM Fukushima followed by a deadly tsunami and in 2004 26 Dec at the Andaman Sumatra area! And it is generically via the fusion nuclear energy of the sun situated safely 150 million kms from Mother Earth!
      The Gita says explicitly:
      Yogins renouncing all attachment, do work only by the body, by the mind, by the Reason, even by the senses, for the purification of the self.
      Rise up ye folks, we in cooperation shall change our fate back to normal!