Fukushima Boss: “Situation could lead to a so-called China syndrome” if Reactor 2 was left unattended — Hours later gives order to evacuate

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am ET


Report: Fukushima plant chief kept his cool in crisis, AJW by The Asahi Shimbun, December 29, 2011:

[…] On the evening of March 14, the cooling mechanism for the No. 2 reactor also began experiencing problems.

“Left unattended, melting of the core will proceed and the situation could lead to a so-called China syndrome,” Yoshida said.

He decided to have workers evacuate from the plant while leaving behind only those absolutely necessary. To prevent panic, Yoshida gave instructions to a limited number of individuals to arrange for buses to take the workers away.

On the morning of March 15, an explosion occurred at the No. 4 reactor. When Yoshida heard a report about an impact sound from the No. 2 reactor, he instructed the workers to evacuate. […]

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am ET


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22 comments to Fukushima Boss: “Situation could lead to a so-called China syndrome” if Reactor 2 was left unattended — Hours later gives order to evacuate

  • kx kx

    Funny way to say all reactors have melted out and are currently doing something not of public knowledge

    • Spectrometising

      Mr kx, what about the fuel pools. The reactor melt down was a zit/pimple in size with respect to the spent nuclear fuel pool Bins Laden with 40 years of a wide variety of fuel rod assemblies that on their own complete a single reactor….
      Chernobyl did not have a build up (40 years worth x 6 ) of nuclear puss in the sharps bin like this.

  • many moons

    They don’t have a clue of what has taken place never mind what might have happened. Isn’t Reactor 2 the one they are opening up to peek inside so they can find out what happened????…hmmmm They should go back to just saying nothing, they sounded more intelligent.

    • Toadmac

      “They don’t have a clue of what has taken place”
      I’m not and never have believed they don’t know! They have to my knowledge hidden at least two explosions and also much of the needed data to get a good understanding of what happened. In all the explosions and fires no one has died either? They know exactly what has happened and what may happen. The way the news seems to go round in circles is a good indication IMO that they intend on confusing the world about actual facts? It is without a doubt the biggest man made disaster EVER! The industry itself has used its riches, power and influence to confuse facts and take no responsibility. Where is the JUSTICE????

      • Toadmac

        I am still sticking to my theory that the worst happened (China syndrome within hours of system failure) and it happened so fast there was nothing anyone could do to stop it! Everyone knows there are many,many other ways of producing electricity without the extreme side effects of nuclear power production. They don’t want the world to know how fast it can happen because it proves how stupid and dangerous this technology really is. where is the justice for there crimes? Who is responsible for the misery and death of millions?

        • Spectrometising

          I disagree Toadmac, “China Syndrome” is just an island suburb without much significance in terms of scale. The real mess is the sheer cosmic vastness of the material which is going to keep burning/vaporising into the environment from the “spent fuel pool” Bins Laden with spent and new nuclear fuel.

          • Spectrometising

            It is actually pretty clever how the nuke industry has stunned everyone’s mullet into thinking the reactor is the problem…..marketing brilliance at its best.

            • Spectrometising

              Mulla Nassr Edin: “‘Everybody talks as if our learned know that half a hundred is fifty’.”

            • Toadmac

              Yes! Sorry I missed that part. What I mean is the worst possible happened (melt out) and it just gets worse from there on in. I did not mean to imply things will get better! This is a disaster off the scale of imagination and can only get worse with time. Who knows how much fuel is still on site or actually burning through the earth? But who knows, once the fuel leaves the building a couple of industrial mops and some polish might work wonders? 😉

              • Spectrometising

                I am no expert by a long shot (I was making conversation. Thanks for the reply.), but it sure is easy to talk as if one is which is why included the quote above.
                By the way Toadmac, the work on gamma spectrometry is going very well and there is heaps going on in the way of getting a home gamma spectrometry lab in the home.
                Ipods are more complicated.
                I post here (Link below.) and will keep you up to date. This is where i have been spending a lot of time including working in with some of the folk who are biting the home radiation lab bullet.
                I am doing checks on canned salmon and it doesn’t look good so far. The game changes when it is possible to verify nuclide’s privately/independently and it does not cost much in terms of money.

  • Attached is a list of Civilian and Military nuclear accidents that are HUGE.

    Nuke is not safe. Nuke is too dangerous for human beings. Stop all new nuclear plants….do this first… complain to your gov representatives. Seriously fn do it, OK?


  • arclight arclight

    “On the morning of March 15, an explosion occurred at the No. 4 reactor. When Yoshida heard a report about an impact sound from the No. 2 reactor, he instructed the workers to evacuate.

    About 650 were evacuated temporarily to the Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant, leaving about 50 workers at the crippled plant.

    Yoshida was relieved of his post in November to allow him to take sick leave. It was later disclosed that he had been diagnosed with esophagus cancer”

    link to above article doesnt work… here it is


  • micsam

    It is a privilege to be a human being on this beautiful creation Planet Earth.

    • Toadmac

      I totally agree!! But I think it should be “It was a privilege to be a human being on this beautiful creation Planet Earth”? I think those in power have lost all sense of direction! They only look to fill the pockets of very few and cause the poverty and misery of many. Are these few acceptable as rulers? Do they have you and your family’s well being in mind? Would they look after you with best intentions before a corrupt industries profits? The answers are very simple,NO! These greedy heartless pigs think you and I are worthless! A better question might be… are these few acceptable as human beings?

      • many moons

        If you set about the task of destroying the plant and all it’s inhabatants and made sure that future generations who may have escaped were not able to survive on the planet, it would be an very difficult task, yet Nuclear energy has done all that.

  • marks

    Mainichi: 16.8 uSv/hr at park in Tochigi — Crowded with families during holidays — 100 km from Fukushima


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Morning all…all kinds of Reports this a.m. LIKE THIS:
    Nuke questions may stall power projects, experts warn
    Then there’s this one:
    Federal researcher­s preparing report on accidental radiation exposure at Idaho National Lab
    Are you kidding me? More and more, these plant workers remind me of the 3 stooges. I mean WHY in the hell wouldn’t they put on their respirator gear!??! Shouldn’t that be A REQUIREMEN­T? Doesn’t anyone watch these guys, to make sure they are protected from the elements? Who’s in charge at these plants? Guess the workers are on their own, like the workers at Fukushima.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      “WHY in the hell wouldn’t they put on their respirator gear…”

      That’s an interesting question. Seriously! Among the possibilities that come to mind are:

      1. They get lulled into thinking everything is safe (much like the public does) by going day after day, year after year, without incident.

      2. The thing they are protecting against is invisible, odorless, and so on. Several people have posted opinions at Enenews that people would react differently if the radiation could be seen.

      3. They believe in their own industry. Generally people would not choose a career that they thought would kill them. I would guess they thought they were getting into a fairly glamorous line of work with little risk.

      Whatever their (false) perceptions are, they represent a point of weakness for the industry and a point of attack for us, so it’s worth thinking about.

  • Spectrometising

    Whoopie, terrestrial beings get paid to go and die in wars so that these can die without respiratory gear, even with what is called “honour” and what they themselves call “intelligence” on that ill fated planet.

  • No one knows, no one is talking, so around and around we go, on the radiation eternal suffering and death for everyone go round.