Fukushima Boss: “The worst-case scenario is a China syndrome” where fuels leaves containment — Top Gov’t Official: Strong possibility fuel outside containment

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 3:10 pm ET


NUCLEAR ACCIDENT INTERIM REPORT / Without water, reactor cores heated up, Yomiuri, Dec. 30, 2011:

[…] A remark by Masao Yoshida, then director of the plant, that, “The worst-case scenario is a China syndrome,” illustrates the panic that reigned at the plant while trying to deal with three out-of-control reactors. A China syndrome refers to a situation in which nuclear fuel in a reactor melts and goes through a containment vessel. Yoshida made this remark before dawn on March 15, after hydrogen explosions had rocked the Nos. 1, 3 and 4 reactor buildings. […]

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Goshi Hosono, Minister of State for the Nuclear Power Policy and Administration (Nuclear Accident Minister) with translator

Recorded Dec. 19, 2011

Transcript Summary

  • In regard to where the nuclear fuel might be there are 3 possibilities:
  • Possibility 1: In pressure vessel
  • Possibility 2: In containment vessel
  • “The third possibility is it [nuclear fuel] might have worked it’s way out through the containment vessel and be underneath it” […]
  • “In regard to that third possibility that some fuel may have worked its way out of the containment vessel and gone underneath it, I think there’s a very strong possibility…we think there is a strong possibility that some fuel is in that location as well.”

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 3:10 pm ET


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17 comments to Fukushima Boss: “The worst-case scenario is a China syndrome” where fuels leaves containment — Top Gov’t Official: Strong possibility fuel outside containment

  • Wheever Wheever

    Well! Who could have predicted? Oh, that’s right, WE DID BACK IN MARCH. Fucking idiots. Criminal idiots.

    What happened to the noble Japanese tradition of Seppukku? Something about not deserving to live because of dishonor? I think it needs to come back into fashion for Tepco officials and those government officials who were complicit in this ongoing, never-ending nightmare.

  • No one knows, no one is talking about what they really DO KNOW, so around and around we go, on the radiation eternal suffering and death for everyone go round.

    I just went in and tried to find the video on NPK where they admitted 29 BIllion Bq radiation in the basement water, but was that per liter, or for the whole basement or per cc or what?

  • Remarkable ! … eye’s roll

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    I’ll bet we see ALL scenarios played out before this is over, and some that nobody ever thought of.

    Is it me, or are others of you expecting another nuke plant somewhere melting down too. They say disasters come in threes, and Murphy’s law rules.

  • Kevin Kevin

    wow who would have thunk it, not these guys that is for sure.


    Have a listen and if you are interested look at the report they are discussing which is a blow by blow,timeline of the Fukushima disaster as recalled by TEPCO, the IAEA and supporting agencies.

    A remrakble piece of revisionist history, wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket of damage control.

    Truly remarkable.

  • James2

    They can all see that the buses are now rolling and they can’t hide it anymore.

    Now you’ll see a raft of announcements from the criminals about this or that “might have happened”.

    Those are all CYA statements by criminals.

    Pretty soon they will begin to express surprise and outrage and throw the underlings under the buses. Then they will direct the state police to go arrest and prosecute these criminals who have released the radiation and especially the ones who covered it up..

    I expect the only ones who will truly face criminal charges will be the professional misinformationalists – given that they will have failed in their job the leaders will have no more use for them, and they will be convenient ones to perp walk for the news and send up the river.

    This is all designed in advance, so that the leaders’ credibility and their jobs can be saved. We should not fall for it.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      You got that right. Bet these statements were prepared long ago, while ROME BURNED AND BURNS

    • Kevin Kevin

      Every damage control scenario has a fall guy or an array of them.

      Everything to do with Fukushima is micro managed, down to the minutia and will be for decades.

      A strong counter strategy is called for. Not simply reactionary action and language.

      A full court press to inform, expose and pressure all related agenices, governments and ENGOs, as well companies industry wide is what is required.

      A ceaseless campaign, more strategically designed then tactically motivated.

      A long time ago I suggested ENENEWS should consider developing an activist arm to do precisely this. However I understand the heistiation to do so. Nobody enters a campaign against the worlds most resourced, ruthless, self appointed rulers without a degree of hesitation. And most sensible types never do it all.


      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Again…where are BIG NAMES in all of this? And why are they so quiet? EVERYBODY IS SEEING WHAT WE’RE SEEING! ACTIVIST ARM sounds great Kevin.

        • Kevin Kevin

          Margaret Mead’s now famous quote applies.

          Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Yet so much of humankind is still residing in the first of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ 5 stages of grief: DENIAL!

      • jec jec

        TEPCO rewriting history..just like the German 1600 history rewrites in regards to several wars, battles and officers. And guess what..the revision of history is what people think happened!.

        • Kevin Kevin

          Revisionist history it written by the winners and is very affective.

          Its our job to ensure that those who consider themselves winners in writing this revisionist history soon discover thier self serving claim to be premature.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I’M IN LOVE (Mochizuki Photo) HERO!!!

  • dodge

    Had to do some reading about the health care system in Japan. Seems like their health care was first rate, but perhaps with the crisis from the earthquake, deaths, injuries, evacuations, as well as the nuclear situation, they are very short staffed. Don’t understand how that is causing the financial losses, unless they hare paying overtime wages that go beyond the limits of their fees. Seems like there should be a way to get the people needed, unless there are concerns about the safety of working in the area of these hospitals. This is a story that needs further development. If the crisis is being caused by staff health problems, and by an ever increasing amount of nuclear symptoms, then we are witnessing just the tip of the iceberg. This could go into crisis mode quickly.