‘Fukushima cancer risk surges’ — Ongoing saga at nuclear plant ‘dangerously murkier’ — Over 10 times more workers suffered cancer-inducing radiation doses than Tepco admitted

Published: July 21st, 2013 at 10:18 am ET


Title: Fukushima cancer risk surges
Source: The Times of India
Author: Subodh Varma
Date: Jul 21, 2013

Fukushima cancer risk surges

The ongoing saga of Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan that suffered a triple meltdown in March 2011 just got dangerously murkier.

The number of workers who suffered cancer-inducing radiation doses is not 178, but 1,978, Asahi Shimbun reported on Friday. That’s eleven times more than admitted by Tepco, the owner of the plant last December.

[…] Very shaky records of radiation testing and results have been maintained.

The Fukushima plant continues to leak radiation in the sea and the groundwater and Tepco […] appears to have no clue as to what is happening. […]

Asahi Shimbun: Children are believed to be the highest at risk to thyroid gland doses. But a recent study showed the risk of cancer from thyroid gland doses rises even in people over 40, countering the previous belief that older people were far less susceptible to the cancer-inducing effects of radiation.

See also: [intlink id=”25-times-as-many-people-in-fukushima-area-have-developed-thyroid-cancer-after-disaster-japan-expert-my-heart-breaks-greatly-that-those-u-s-servicemembers-suffered-radiation-exposure” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 21st, 2013 at 10:18 am ET


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45 comments to ‘Fukushima cancer risk surges’ — Ongoing saga at nuclear plant ‘dangerously murkier’ — Over 10 times more workers suffered cancer-inducing radiation doses than Tepco admitted

  • No wonder the cancer risks are surging. 🙁

    This will 'most likely' NOT be on your Mainstream News tonight.

    "You can see a lot, by observing." – Yogi Berra

    Fire/Smoke/Colorful Emissions pouring out at Fukushima!
    (Credit user purewater for this one.)

    "Dangerously murkier", I agree with that one.

    IMO – I don't think that TEPCO is completely clueless, I think they're just not talking and they aren't going to say anything anytime soon either.

  • Just heard Prime minister Abe, who is pro nuke has gained control of the upper house thanks to the voting public of Japan. Expect many reactors to start up and MOX fuel to be used. Japan owns TEPCO.
    Totally agree with ChasAha, They are not clueless. Its a smart thing to not have detailed records of your workers cancer statistics if your goal is to save money by any means. Minimizing actual sickness statistics is way cheaper then actually minimizing sickness.
    "I don't know" seems to work well as Japanese voted pro nuclear.
    So sad.

    • We Not They Finally

      Mark, "thanks to the voting public of Japan" can be seen as a dicey statement. I mean that only 24.6% of Japan voted in the Abe election — not even 24.6% for Abe, but 24.6% total. Any survey there shows widespread distrust of government, and that 80% of the population thinks that some "new" nuclear catastrophe is likely to occur. So to say that THE POPULATION is pro-Abe and his policies would not be true at all.

      Yoichi Shimatsu (Japanese-American and he traveled to Japan recently) says that there is NO organized opposition to Abe and that the money flowing to Abe is from the likes of TEPCO, but that ordinary people have virtually STOPPED SPENDING, the economy is becoming so desperate. He thinks they are one step away from overt military dictatorship.

      Even here in the States, people will tell you that they don't vote out of distrust, not apathy, though personally I think that those lines get very blurred and that people are way too apathetic HERE.

      If there were any fair widespread referendum on nuclear power in Japan, it would go down with a thud! But that's not happening and no one seems to have the power or resources to stop the runwaway train.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      "Japanese media says LDP won the election by gaining 43% of votes and got 79% of legislative seats. However it should say LDP won the election and got 73% of legislative seats by only getting 16.4% of all voters and 27.7% of proportional representation…

      Peter L. Briger and Giancarlo Bruno have been directly implicated in electronic rigging of elections in Japan, Italy and Greece.

      Peter L. Briger Jr. of Forrest Asset Management is a former Goldman Sachs Partner

      Forrest Asset Management, through several paper companies, controls Musashi Engineering. Musashi Engineering voting machines have an exclusive contract to count votes in Japan. They rigged the election victory of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe so that he could order the Bank of Japan to provide funds to the cabal. Briger is to be taken into custody and questioned ASAP…"


    • oyamajin

      I do not think the "Japanese" voted pro-nuclear this time of year. I think they voted pro-air conditioner in the wake of gruesome heat/ humidity. And, TEPCO raising prices.
      The evil Bureaucracy hosts a secret ballot. That much is true. Jap. is all about timing (Just in Time Inventory).
      All pensions are intertwined with the National utility. The nation is a sick aging leviathan of elderly money grubbing lizards. They have no God. They only care about their pensions and servitude from their underemployed/impovershied progeny.
      They are vampires. If ever there were a time for geriatric-side in that country, it is now.
      These Jap. elders get a $1000 pension from WWII, if they served a day in that war. They get a private pension from working in industry during the great miracle, then they get Social Security after 65 (after most were retired off at 50). 30 years of leisure and they are hogging the hospital beds of mothers that need to give birth–grand kids born in ambulances/taxis.
      Don't even get me started…get me a bolt gun to kill little hirohito oldman bitches in the fashion farmers kill pigs.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Considering that their record keeping on exposure to beta and gamma is terribly faulty, and that they consider anyone with 99 mSv exposure to be at zero risk of cancer, they are still grossly underestimating the cancer risk of their workers.

    • We Not They Finally

      That's so true. And the do not test what people INGEST, which causes much cancer and other diseases.

      • We Not They Finally

        dosdos, about 99 mSv of exposure, even the plant operator who recently died of cancer (and he also went through a brain hemorrhage in the process and it wasn't even brain cancer!)– they only admitted 73 mSv for him. It used to be that ONE mSv a year for the general public and a maximum of 20 mSv for nuclear workers.

        But the nuclear industry has ALWAYS worked this way — that mysteriously more and more radiation is called "safe." The EPA has just done something GHASTLY to America — now 435 times as much as yesterday is "safe." And farmers can "safely" have 800% as much plutonium in their soil as will kill them. That's happening NOW. NOW. HERE.

  • AntonButler


    • All CAPS is hard to read and is considered poor netiquette.


      I periodically emphasize words by using caps on this site because BOLD does not seem to work.

      • AntonButler

        And you are offended by some capital letters?

        • nohobear nohobear

          Not to pile on AB, but you just made ChasAha point. Your first line stands out as a strong declarative statement and gets noticed. If everything is capitalized, it loses it's punch. Go lightly with the shift key and you will get your points across more forcefully and skillfully.

          And yes, Chernobyl is not a closed chapter by any means. Not only does the original contamination continue to poison and mutate, but at a little more than 25 years old, the original concrete sarcophogaus is degrading and will need X billions of dollars to be replaced. Rinse and Repeat for the next 100,000 years. An insane technology.


          • Exactly nohobear.

            I did not say I was offended.

            I said, "It is hard to read". I have old eyes.

            Some people may be new to comment forums and perhaps they are unaware. I was just trying to help.

            Either you will take the friendly constructive criticism for what it's worth or you won't. Don't matter to me.

            PEACE 🙂

          • AntonButler

            The cost of the second Chernobyl sarcophagus is 1.4billion Euros, paid by donors countries and the EU and expected next year, 2015. Mainly French nuclear companies built the sarcophagus.
            The sarcophagus is expected to last 100 years, which is the time needed to decommission reactor 4.
            Maintenance costs of this building are millions of Euros per year for 100+years.
            There is no technology which can decommission reactor 4.
            One aupair for my kids was severely affected by Chernobyl.
            Chernobyl Nuclear power is a black hole which sucks up all the Ukrainian and Belorussian economies` profits, basically all their money.
            Fukushima will possibly bankrupt Japan, regardless how much they cover up.
            Everyone, who has them should sell their Japanese shares etc.

        • We Not They Finally

          AB, no one is offended by your capital letters. It's just a readability thing. On the other hand, since many of us want to just SCREAM by now, ALL CAPS get ever more tempting…..

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Mmmn, SCREAM, yes.

            We could all use more PEACE and less to scream about, IMO.

            Wish it were getting better, but it's not. Each new revelation brings a SCREAM inside my head.

            "The Scream," ah yes, the painting by Edvard Munch comes to mind. Kind of looks like Fuku Dai in the background, non?


      • We Not They Finally

        Poor "netiquette"? Love it.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation is emanating from Fukushima Daiichi, and traveling very far.

    • hbjon hbjon

      Like far America? Well, one thing is for certain, northern Japan is toast. Not a hundred. Not a thousand. Not a million. But tens of millions have been exposed. How many will get cancer? Even the most conservative estimates fear it will be in the millions. Not 20 years from now. Not 10 years from now. But within 5 years. It is a horrible thing to contemplate. Taking drastic steps in caution may only buy one a year or two. People are constantly enduring the suppressing forces that the emissions carry with them. No way to stop it. No way to slow it. Relatively speaking.

  • We Not They Finally

    About the "very shaky records of radiation": Yes, that has clearly been true and it gets lowballed exponentially — like ten times as much or a thousand times as much, not ever just "a little more." HOWEVER, with melt-through coriums and (likely) re-criticalities, if they just tested NOW, no one would be in the dark as to the danger. Because the levels are going UP.

  • We Not They Finally

    It is interesting that this article was in a paper in India. (Where they are also apparently recklessly irresponsible for their own nuclear plants.) The more countries report it, the better. It's never been any less than an international crisis — the Japanese just get hit harder and first.

  • Passive McMutagens Passive McMutagens

    A Systematic cover up of deadly proportions by these contractors. Nobody including TEPCO crime syndicate benefited from the obfuscation. Japan is already walking dead and we are all going down with the ship.

    These particles will surely outlast humans and sadly the innocent plant and animal life will also suffer mutation and genetic disease. At what point does the mutagenic load on dna become too much and tip the scale towards extinction?

    • We Not They Finally

      The "when" that tipping point to extinction happened may have been yesterday. This weaves out into time and the next generation is WORSE than the one before and so on. Like you think you have a normal child but the grandchild is deformed. Or you think you have a normal grandchild but the great-grandchild is deformed. And it's not just genes, of course. It's a heavy load of pain and suffering.

      Monstrously bad people finally did the feat of alchemy: All the dangerous radionuclides also have "daughters" — technically different elements but just as deadly. One radionuclide mutates into another and so on.

      There was actually research done, apparently, by a now-deceased scientist named Radha Roy. Said he could change plutonium into non-radioactive lead. It's outlandish that we ever would have NEEDED such research. But possibly it is only the likes of that with any chance of saving us. (Well, save for Divine intervention. Just not holding my breath with that.)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hey, are you that guy in the fake Cowichan sweater? The acrylic one?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The extinction scale was tipped over in 1945 and we are witnessing and compounding these effects today…

    Know anyone with cancer and/or whom has died from cancer?

    Cancer "is" the ongoing mutation/result and its speeding up ..not slowing down.

    We shall soon all be waiting in line…A, B or C


    • We Not They Finally

      It's cancer PLUS. Cancer is bad but there are scores of other diseases caused by radiation. Cancer is almost like if any of the other diseases hasn't already killed you, you could wind up with cancer. Like heart attacks from cesium, and strontium-90 degrades into a nuclide that wrecks the pancreas. That's why a of May 2012, 60% of children under the age of 12 over there, already had diabetes. And where is the mass treatment? Untreated diabetes kills. Likewise, every bodily system is degraded by radiation depending on the nuclides that attack.

      obewan, you do great posts without a doubt. But DON'T narrow this to just cancer. Then all anyone has to do is manipulate cancer statistics, or look at what killed people before they even COULD contract the cancer. Or just look at cancer death rates instead of cancer contraction rates. Or ignore birth defects or mental retardation or degenerative diseases, etc., etc.

      Someone who has done a lot of research on OVERALL health affects of radiation is Leuren Moret. Check it out. There is no "cancer IS…" It's just one of the most transparent. Peace.

      • hbjon hbjon

        Dementia will be the real debilitating symptom of exposure imo. The facts regarding that will never reach foreign shores. The insidious nature of the substances involved makes information so manipulateable regarding causation. Apologies for the big words.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Majia here has also developed a lot of expertise on the subject of radiation exposure and health. Check out her historical posts on this subject.

        • hbjon hbjon

          It's always an honor to compare notes and touch base with the experts. It is hard to believe that the same people who expose folks to ionizing radiation are also some of the same ones who write the book on the effects of radiation. Anyone else see a conflict of interest there? Majia has put down some interesting things, I have read them. On the subject of internal radiation, one must take into consideration the various aspects of alpha, beta and spectra, but also not to overlook the chemical effects of newly formed isotopes. How is it that a selfish desire to see inside somebodies body is reason enough to expose them to carcinogenic material? Be free thinkers and always try to help and care for the needy. G'day.

  • More nuclear lies being uncovered
    And busby has been moving to uncober more lies here


    And still more truth here

    TEPCO worker’s Mum, Mrs. Setsuko Kida, a candidate of Greens Japan Party reports radiation related deaths before and after the Daichi nuclear disaster

    *Daughter of her friend has been suffering from blood in urine and nose bleeding. Lots of report of deformed babies, no brain babies, One baby she saw had only one eye. It’s so painful to talk about them all. There is no report on premature death in the main media.

    *Her son told her that his co-worker heard an alarm before Tsunami came. That alarm meant that there was dangerous level of ionizing radiation that leaked from the pipes after they got damaged by the big earthquakes.


    heres the lies/manipulations of data

    Radioactive cesium in human placenta – New released study after Fukushima nuclear accident


  • ftlt

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZzzzz

    Tepco and the nukies are winning the attention game..

    While, we are all losing the planet

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    Of course its "CANCER PLUS" and until the medical community informs the dumb downed masses that its not Big Macs and french fries and or obesity then the masses will remain in the dark about the "Plus Factors" created by radiation contamination.

    Its all pretty creepy and the extinction protocol/triggers have begun and it will only get worse…

  • oyamajin

    I spoke with sum guy, who said that radionuclides are spawned from heavy elements that easily sink to the oceans' bottom. Sum guy said that, "unless we were to build an 'Atlantis' down there, there should be NO worries". He then went on to say that he had seen decommissioned reactors that still glow today in the waters off Sumatra, very deep in the abyss.
    Sum guy said that, "gas born radionuclides actually funnel there way out of the earth through the 2 ozone holes like all other radionuclides born of volcanic activity and sun born reflective radiation.
    Sum guy made me worry less about Fukushima. So, please interrupt my sleep and sum guys' logic please.

    • razzz razzz

      When they stop raising the background levels and allowed dose rates then Sum guy and you can sleep easier.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Creepy. Sounds like another ghoulie hypothesis along the lines of radiation hormesis.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I bet he's that Sum Tin Wong guy everyone is talking about…

    • The oceans circulate water from top to bottom and then do it all over again. The cycle takes about 1,000 years.

      The radioactive water at the bottom of the trenches flowing past those glowing reactors will reach the surface about 1,000 years later, where it will contaminate all life, through bio concentration and bio magnification processes.

      Nuclear isotopes mimic life giving minerals, but spell death.

      Nuclear energy is death energy.

      Nuclear energy will cause the extinction of the human race and potentially all life on the planet if not stopped.

  • oyamajin

    Now I am awake all night. Thanks Razzz.

  • Sol Man

    Love of money and death above love of their(the nuke-crats)own children and secure future created this evil industry and deadly-repeating, situation.
    Use less and use alternatives. Every business, educational, and sports venue should do all it can to generate its own power supply.
    Wouldn't a "Make It Where You Use It" policy be wise- when possible?

  • Annie

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