CNN: Fukushima Daiichi engineer says “we still don’t know what’s going on inside the reactors” — Cold shut down “wasn’t true then, and it’s still not true today”

Published: April 20th, 2012 at 9:00 pm ET


Title: Fukushima Daiichi: Inside the debacle
Source: Fortune via CNN
Authors: Bill Powell and Hideko Takayama
Date: April 20, 2012: 5:00 AM ET

[…] On December 16, Kan’s successor, Yoshihiko Noda, announced that the stricken reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station had reached “a state of cold shutdown.” Japan’s worst-ever nuclear accident, the Prime Minister said, had finally been brought under control. 

The moment was meant to be a calming milestone, psychological balm for a wounded country in the process of trying to heal. The only problem with it, as workers today at the nuclear power plant, will tell you, is this: it wasn’t true then, and it’s still not true today. “The coolant water is keeping the reactor temperatures at a certain level, but that’s not even near the goal [of a cold shut down,]” says an engineer working inside the plant. “The fact is, we still don’t know what’s going on inside the reactors.”

Read the report here

Published: April 20th, 2012 at 9:00 pm ET


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54 comments to CNN: Fukushima Daiichi engineer says “we still don’t know what’s going on inside the reactors” — Cold shut down “wasn’t true then, and it’s still not true today”

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    “The coolant water is keeping the reactor temperatures at a certain level, but that’s not even near the goal [of a cold shut down,]”

    That's unsettling.

  • arclight arclight


    "..Critics of the industry in Japan say there is a basic reason for that. Historically, the government and the power companies spent more time and energy trying to convince the public that nuclear energy was safe than it did actually trying to make nuclear energy safe. Says Sato: "we spent ten times more money for PR campaigns than we did for real safety measures. It's a terrible thing."…"


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Duh. This is all so horrific. How long ago did Noda say: We achieved Cold Shutdown"? Good grief.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Remember "Mission Accomplished"? TPTB all follow the same script, and his has zip to do with reality, only to do with corporate status quo increasing profit$$$.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Gee thanks dharmasyd,…Now I have the PIC of W. with that silly air force uniform on, (in my head)…with a bloody parachute on,…his 'junk' all bunched up,…."Mission Accomplished"? Yes,…mission accomplished–I just threw up! 🙁

        Time for a 'mind scrub'! 🙂

        Where's my lighter??? 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    "Yoshida's decision in the face of crisis speaks volumes as to just how desperate the situation was then. "It was exactly the right thing to do," says Sato, the consultant."

    a hero


    "..At roughly the same time, Goshi Hosono, who would become the Japanese government's point man during the nuclear crisis, called TEPCO's on site plant manager, Masao Yoshida, and asked if he too thought Fukushima Daiichi needed to be abandoned…"

    hosono gignt listen to yoshida then?? its not made clear in the article except for yoshida overiding the orders over the phone to stop injecting.. noy very cleraly put?

    • Bone Idle

      There are lot of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in that report. It's hard to believe some of it's assertions.

      Engineer Yoshida did disobey head office. He and on site staff new that meltdown had started occurring 10 hours after the tsunami.
      He also knew and what's not mentioned in the CNN article was that Reactor one was physically damaged in the earthquake.

      No mention is made of the 1923 Kanto quake in which 140,000 were killed in the Tokyo and areas around it – including the Fukashima area. There was a 10 metre tsunami generated in 1923 as well. The press keep ignoring this fact.
      Because of this it makes you actually wonder how much research went into the article.

      Engineer Yoshido is a genuine hero as well as his 50 staff who stayed behind.

      • CaptD CaptD

        I agree with you!

        Plus I'll add that we now know that the Yakuza are a much a larger part of the Fukushima Disaster that MSM gives them credit for…

        TEPCO had the time to "fiddle" with the Logs to make it look like the Quake was not the true cause of their Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster because it would put them and the entire nuclear Industry out of business Globally!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Washington Post: Japan's PM Noda The "Most Sensible" Leader | EXSKF
    ‎"Cold shutdown state" notwithstanding, Washington Post's Fred Hiatt wonders if Noda can pull it all off – taxing the already burdened taxpayers, restarting the nuclear power plants with threats of blackouts, resolving the disputes over the military bases in Okinawa
    LIAR!! LIAR!!

  • hbjon hbjon

    It's my unbirthday too. May I please have some tea?

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes hbjon,……you may have a cup of unbirthday tea. We'll even let you drink it! 🙂

    Just not green tea from Japan,…sorry,…we love you too much for THAT! 🙂

  • hbjon hbjon

    Contemplating Tepco's "mad clock" and having tea with my good buddies here. What a delightful unbirthday party for me.

    • StillJill StillJill

      It is a lovely night for an unbirthday party. I'm so glad to have been invited as well, hbjon! 🙂

  • Hilarious but off topic methinks…hey if we didn't laugh we would have to cry. I would rather laugh and make dandelion wine…..

    Dandelion Bull Market!

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Night Guys. I'm beat. Tomorrow is another BAD NEWS DAY FROM JAPAN
    #Fukushima: Think this does not matter? Think again! Koch Brothers Exposed: the Film: via @youtube

    #Fukushima: WatchOut! Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet In July via @huffingtonpost

  • billyedtimmy

    "Mission Accomplished"….

    same ole bullsh!t. it'll never end b/c they think we're all too stupid.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @ billyedtimmy…I posted a very similar comment later than yours, but upthread before I saw yours. I guess great minds just think alike, or the same thoughts, or hello my dear.

    • Shammalammadingdong

      Yeah, there you go Timmy. Make this a left/right arguement.

      Do you have any idea how many right wing activists are viewing this site with concern?

      Trust me, it's substantial.

      Now, here comes Timmy and his partisan bullshit.

      Where you think that's going to go?

      Quit being a typical Democrat dumbass. This is beyond that.

      • richard richard

        For some one outside of the USA (me) and when I saw "mission accomplished", I didn't know it was left or right, I just knew it was BS.

        Bush was a farce and possibly a war criminal, I really don't care from what side he came from. I care that justice has not been dealt.

        Been the same old story since at least 2000.

  • dosdos dosdos

    That article was so laced with CNN "established facts" that I wanted to scream. I wish they'd bring their heads out into the sunshine every now and then.

  • markww markww

    japan if you do not know what is going on it has and was time for you to ask for professional engineers and help from specialized fire fighters like some of us that worked for NASA and have understandings as to things. it is time to wake up over in japan,and ask for help world wide so you can get a grip or what we call a handle on the situation instead of sitting on your hands and unable to not do things

    • dka

      why is the IAEA playing the austrich? The US leads the IAEA and the IAEA rules Japan. Should easy to pressure Japan isn't it?
      The IAEA knows everything about the situation, why are they (including the US) plyaing the austrich (does not hear, see nor say anything).

  • jec jec

    DRIP DRIP DRIP of information. Sadly, does anyone have any ideas on how to STOP the reactions and the emissions? But slowly the governments are letting out information on how BAD it really is. We are all in a "world" of hurt from this man-made disaster.

    No word on evacuations of the Fukushima area or Japanese areas of contamination. Now, in populated areas of Japan with the fallout, people are also facing internal contamination — no other countries will want to allow migration. About all that could be done is evacuate the NON-EXPOSED Japanese out of country..and let the exposed citizens move to the areas of lesser contamination until they meet criteria for migration (no danger of internal radiation to others). Note I use the word –MIGRATION. Its a permanent status..40 Million people..not sure how possible this is.

    • jec,
      What ever much did mange to get stuck in the reactor vessels surely they are putting out millions of bqc per hour combined. we saw fission with the cam inserted and this will be going on as long as the vessels will not hold water as to cover the fission products !
      The curiums are long gone and sending their deadly products and daughters into the and sea as well !

      We don't need their annalists after 3/12 do we !

  • arclight arclight

    Distribution map of radioactivity concentration in the
    marine soil around TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP

    looks like the contamination is heading south in the sea sediment.. towards a beutiful wildlife sanctuary!! the values futher north are lower.. and lead me to suspect the tidal flow of the sediment will be clockwise around the southern tip of honshu island.. wonder how fast it is travelling.. wonder what the isotopic makeup is

    heres the pdf with the soil sample data (mext derived 🙁 )

    more here

    Monitoring information
    of environmental radioactivity level

  • dear jones

    "Mission Accomplished"….

    Mission of cold shutdown the world are accomplished….

  • Chelsea_

    Interesting that they put this on the Fortune part of their page, which has no commenting. What's the matter, CNN? You can't place this on your front page and allow commenting? Still covering up. This is like placing an article on the back page of the newspaper.