Fukushima Daiichi power blackout is top story on Japan news sites (VIDEO)

Published: March 18th, 2013 at 10:43 am ET





Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: March 18th, 2013 at 10:43 am ET


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7 comments to Fukushima Daiichi power blackout is top story on Japan news sites (VIDEO)

  • patb2009

    they have a day before these boil, given the pools are cooler maybe 36 hours.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    SFP cooling in #4 would be easier if they took these plastic sheets off the top.


    Hey, isn't that part of the containment on the top floor? That shouldn't be there. Chunks of the dry well walls belong… well, you know… around the dry well.

  • pcjensen

    downwinders be prepared – perhaps six days for a plume to reach West Coast North America?

    • Thanks for that pcjensen.

      I was operating on a 3-day window to scoot outta here.

      Grab the cats (and the wife), and run like the wind.

      I think I've bioaccumulated enough already – even before the whole show blows up.

  • We Not They Finally

    We get alarmed when they tell us NOTHING. But we get REALLY alarmed when they tell us SOMETHING. Because a problem has to be huge and looming before they even admit to it. Is it possible (I'm not an engineer, I just don't know) that radioactivity has eaten through any CONDUIT for electricity to the plant?

  • We Not They Finally

    No has even addressed the corrosive effects of SEAWATER on the plant. Has that affected the electrical circuitry?

  • japan guinea pig

    "Fukushima Daiichi power blackout is top story on Japan news sites"…REALLY !! ?. Apparently the "Yomiuri Shimbun is the most widely circulated newspaper in Japan. The English edition of this Newspaper is delivered to my house every morning. I have Monday the 18th and, Tuesday the 19th March in front of me as I write this comment and there is NO….I repeat NO mention of this recent incident at the Fukushima Plant !!. To my thinking this is "FRONT PAGE " news, however the people at this shit newspaper obviously dont think its even worth mentioning in the WHOLE newspaper. The Yomuri Shimbun is not a newspaper…its a SNOOZE paper!!. The only thing that it is good for is as a Piss absorber in my Guinea pigs cage !!. Why would the most circulated Newspaper in Japan NOT run a piece about this situation in their English edition ??. THE GOMI-URI SHITBUM. (Gomi is a japanese word meaning Garbage) !!. Its nothing more than a Government controlled "Manga".